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'SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1863.
War and other Items.
The Ninety days Militia, according to
ran order, are to rendezvous at the fol
lowing places : 3,000 at Huntingdon,
11,000 at Harrisburg, and 20,000 at
Iteading, being the quota for the De
)partment of the Susquehanna. Of this
'number 3,000 should be mounted ride
men, who would furnish their own her
see—to be paid 40 cents per day by the
Government for the rise of the horses.
'Twenty companies of sharpshooters,
-each 100 strong, should be chosen
ramong the mountain people. Twenty
companies of artillery, of 100 each, with
a battery of 4 pieces.
The Adorns Express Company at
-Baltimore have, since the late battles,
•established an ambulance corps for the
accommodation of the wounded, and on
Sunday they sent up to Gettysburg
-horses and wagons with supplies of deli
cacies and wines for the use' of the sick
-soldiers. A wagon load of like refresh
-ments, to be contributed by the citizens
of Baltimore will be dispatched daily to
the scene of the late battles.
In two weeks' time, .without military
organization and without martial law,
:the citizens of Pittsburg have, with pick
and shovel, constructed a line of en
trenchments around that city, reaching
fifteen miles in extent.
The neice of Oliver Goldsmith, says
en exchange, is now living in Hoboken,
New Jersey, in somewhat reduced cir
camstances. She is the daughter of his
-youngest sister, Kate Goldsmith, of
- whom Washington Irving, in his life of
the poet, asks : " What has become of
14 his sister Kate 4"
Dr. John Thomas, of Marlborough,
who is 40 years of age and has a wife and
.4hree children, recently eloped with
Mary Jane Wheeler, a romantic miss of
twenty, while his wife had gone on a vis
it to Connecticut.
There is an el fi n tree 013 the Green, in
Wethersfield, Conn., known to be one
hundred and five years old. Two feet
teem the ground the girth is 25 feet, and
the spread of the branches is 145 feet 8
inches. They think it is the largest
one in New England.
A Dr. Sinteanis, of Cincinnati, owner
of the Cincinnati Union, and an habitu
al opium eater, came to his death, a few
days since, by eating an unusual quanti
ty of the drug.
As a man was riding in West Charles
ton, Vermont, a match with which he
had 14, a cigar set fire to the fOot mat
in the buggy, and his horse took fright,
sod beforp it . could be stopped the bug
gy was pretty much burned up;
A letter from Gettysburg saps : The
prisoners express a hope to see this
trouble : ended.- The prisoners were
frank, communicative, and to all spear
anus without an unkind feeling toward
Northern men.
While Mr. DaVid J. Cathcart, the
enrolling officer from Knox township,
Clearfield county, Pa., was riding along
a road, he was twice fired at and severe
ly wounded in tho foot by some person
concealed in a thicket. His horse was
also shot in tho
The New York Post has the follow
ing : Capt. Ryerson, of the 13th New
Jirsei Regiment, who reached his home
at Newark, this morning, (July 8,) says
that before he left his regiment General
Meade made an address to the army, in
which he stated that the rebel loss was
35,000. Gen. Meade had captured in
all 60 pieces of artillery.
News reached Harrisburg on Wed
onisday by telegraph, by the way of
London and Bedford, shows that the
main body of Lee's army is between
South Blountain and Hagerstown. lle
will probably select a place between
Hagerstown and the Potomac, to give
Gen. Meade battle, as it is considered
utterly impossible for him to reach 'Vir
Major Gen. Meade is described at a
tall, slim, .gray-bearded man, wearing
glasses, an old slouched hat, a blue
blouse, with corduroy pants tucked into
his lung jack boots. lle is ungainly in
looks and actions, plain of speech and
' familiar and free in conversation when
not occupied with business. The whole
'etYlly of the man is unassuming and
''plain even to severity.
The Rt. Rev, Francis Patrick Ken
rick, D. D., Catholic Archbishop of
Baltimore, died suddenly on the morn
intoqf the Bth inst., at bis residence in
thit , city, in the sixty-sixth year of his
age ., ae.wiii born in Dublin, and edu
cated for,the,Obnrch at Rome, and came
to the Unjted States in 1821. He was
Riehop from 1841 to
Bhl, when he vfne.e g zpointed 4rchbish
.Of Baltinini:e4t
The Battles near Gettysburg.
The great battles fought near Gettys
burg on Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day, July Ist, 2d' and 3d, will never be
forgotten. A correspondent writing
from the field says "the-sun of Auster
litz is not more memorable than that
which is just flinging its dying rays over
the field•of this, the third days success
ful battle. The victory won by General
Meade is now so decisive that no one in
this army pretends to question the rout
and demoralization of the rebel army
under General Lee._ The battles of the
first and second days were sufficiently
terrible, but in that which has raged to
day, the fighting done, not only by our
troops, but those of Lee's army, will
rank in heroism, in perseverance, and in
savage energy, with that of Waterloo.
The position of Lee at the close of
Tuesday was such that he was forced to
reduce all his energies on the next day
into one grand desperate and centrali
zing attempt to , break through our army.
His divisions were 'so much cut up as to
render a pitched battle from wing to
wing one of awfnl hazzard, Until near
ly noon the battle raged without inter
mission when the firing slackened, but
at ono o'clock, was renewed at different
points along the line with a fierceness
premonitory of the terrific engagement
that ensued. The engagement began in
earnest; the firing became a continuous
roar. It appeared at one time as though
not a foot of air Was free from the hail
of missile that tore over and through
our ranks. Our men stood the shock
with a- courage sublime. The carnage
of this assault among the rebels was so
fearful that even the unionists who rested
on their arms triumphant, after the foe
had retreated beyond their fire, as they
cast their eyes downward upon the pan
orama of death and wounds illuminated
'by the sun that shone upon the slope
between them, where seen to shudder
and sicken and tarn away.
It was said by rebel prisoners who
were taken after the battle, that the last
frightful and desperate charge was led
by Gen. Leo in person, so desperate did
he regard the conflict, but back as read
ily as,a girl hurls the shettlecock, did
the soldiers of our gallant army hurl into
chaotic retreat the hosts that come on
and on, over stones and ditches, over
the bodies of fallen comrades, piling its
dead in heaps and making the soil over
which it trod, ghastly and alive with
struggling wounded. The mountains in
the neighborhood are fall of rebel ani
diem, fleeing they know not wither.
The Friday's battle was, unquestiona
bly, the bloodiest of the war, and the
victory the most complete.
In the town of Gettysburg, when we
drove the enemy out of it,
.we' captured
a large number of Union prisoners, re
ported by some as high as 1500, many
of wbom were wounded. There were
also several thousand wounded rebels,
every house being filled with them.
During Saturday thousands of prison
ers and straggling rebels were entering
Gettysburg with captured wagons and
cannon. In short, there was every evi
dence that our victory was as decisive
as it was glorious—that the enemy was
in disorganized flight, getting back to.
Virginia as rapidly as his wore oat
limbs and shattered horse flesh could
could carts him.
The distance from Gettysburg to the
Potomac is fully forty miles, and, with
the assistance of General French and
the old garrison of .Harper's Ferry,
numbering about fift , en thousand men,
including most of the Maryland regi
ments, who are understood to be prop
erly posted to check his flight, we
strong hopes of being able to so operate
on the fleeing rebel column as to send
it across the Potomac a demoralized
and disorganized mob.
Parties leaving the battle ground on
Saturday at noon say the enemy was in
full retreat, leaving in our hands many
thousand of their killed and wounded.
Our men all felt that they had whipped
the enemy, and •the joy was great. The
shouts of victory could be heard for
many miles when the enemy retreated,
and was kept up to a late hour in the
night. A shoot in one division was re
echoed from the next, and so went the
rounds of the field, and was.renewed as
fresh evidences of victory reached them.
On Friday evening a flag of truce
arrived from General Lee, proposing in
his hypocritical manner a truce of forty
eight hours as a measure of humanity,
to afford time to bury the dead and at
tend to the wounded. It was evident
that the enemy must at once retreat,
and the proposition was regarded lsy
Gen. Meade as a mere ruse to obtain
time to push forward his trains towards
the river and secure a line of escape;
the proposition was promptly rejected
and an advance immediately ordered
on the town of Gettysburg. The enemy
slowly retired before our cavalry and
infantry, and by midnight we 'were in
full possession of the town and the bat
tle-field without opposition.
itr The horrors of war can be greatly
mitigated by that sovereign remedy,
Holloway's Ointment, as it will cure any
would, however desperate, if it be well
rubbed around the wounded parts, and
they be kept thoroughly' covered with
it. A pot of ointment shogld be in
every.marce kpapAaek, Only Z 5 cents
per pot,
FIENDISH MURDER.-A most fiendish
murder was committed on the Delaware
and. Raritan canal on Wednesday of
last week. A pedlar was seen to get
on board a canal boat at Millstone, .to
go to Rocky Hill. A farmer who was
driving a pair of horses not far off, saw
two men on board struggling with the
jeweler, and saw the latter thrown over
board. The farmer tied his horses and
proceeded to the spot to see what was
the matter. He found the dead body
of the jeweler in the water, with his
throat cut. He went to the lock at
Griggstown, and gave the alarm. When
the boat arrived it was examined, and
the jewelry of the pedlar was found in
the hold of the vessel. The men were
arrested and confined in the SOmerset
county jail.
ar Gen. Delarue, who married the
only daughter of Baumarchais, author
of the "Marriage of Figaro," has just
died, at the age of ninety-six. He was
aid-de-camp to General Lafayette, colo
nel of the Eighth legion of the National
Guard, and was by the side of Louis
Philippe when Fieschi's infercal ma
chine was fired off. His lieutenant
colonel, M. de Mousses, was killed be
hind him, with Marshal Mortier, Duke
de Trevise, and several. other persons.
In 1848, M. Delarue was general of a
brigade in the National Guard, and, al
though eighty years'of age, remained on
horseback the whole day on the memo
rable 24th of February.
ogr The Girard Will case, which has
caused so much litigation between the
city and the heirs of Girard, came up a
short time ago before the Supreme
Court, on an appeal from the decision
of the Schuylkill County Court, in a
suit brought by these heirs to recover
some coal lands belonging to the Girard
estate, held in trust by the city of
Philadelphia fbr the benefit
,of the Gi
rard College. The Supreine Court
gave its decision a few - cloys since, in
favor of the city, reversing the decree
of the Schuylkill Co. Court.
Sir To view of several cases of resist
ance of the enrollment in Newark, a no
tice was read on Sunday last in all the
Catholic churches of that city, by order
of Bishop Bayley, advising the people
of that denomination, with whom most
of the difficulty has arisern„ not to make
any resistance whatever to the work ;
that it was the law of the land, and
must Ise obeyed ; and that the people
should give a ready acquiesenee to
and answer promptly and trupthfilly
Maj, Gen. Sigel, who reported
himself for any duty 'Sy hich might be as
signed to him at this critical moment,
has been directed by the Secretary of
War to report at Harrisburg to aid
General Couch in the defence of Penn
.65 - The Washington correspoaidient
of the New York Herald says the main
reason for the removal of Gen.- Hooker
from the command of the Army of the
Potomac was a radical difference of
opinion between him and Gen. Halleck
as to the value of Maryland flights as a
military position during the present ac
tive operations.
It is said that the main point in
the President's reply to the Vallandig
ham Committee is that they shall agree
in writing to support and obey all the
laws, and that they shall pledge Vallen
dighttm to do the same, when he shall
be allowed to return end remain at lab
gir Gen. Meade, the new leader of
the Army of the Potomac, is the grand
son of George Meade, of Philadelphia,
an eminent Irish-American merchant,
whose firm (Meade and Fitzsimmons)
contributed in 1781 $lO.OOO to a fund
for the relief of the famishing army of
Gen. Washington.
Victoria Balfe, daughter of Balfe,
the composer, has petitioned for a dec
laration of nullity of marriage. She
was married in 1860 to Sir John Cramp
ton, once England's representative to
this country. Sir John is at present
neish Ambassador at the Court of
sr A woman was stung to death by
bees, at Unity, Potumble county, Ohio,
on the Bth ult. Her children bad tor
mented the bees with a stick, and they
flew at the mother in such numbers, and
stung her so fiercely that she lived only
fifteen minutes.
sr Some persons, said to be. Knights
of the Golden Circle, broke open the
depot, at Hantiagton, Indiana, at about
midnight, on Sunday last. They opened
two or three boxes of guns and muni
tion and distributed it among them
fir It is Certain that the great Trede
gar Iron Worka of Richmond were de
stroyed by fire on the 17th ult. All the
fine machinery and sixteen cannon,
nearly perfect, were lost.
The sum of 132,066 has been for
warded to the Bishop of Boston, who is
now in Europe, for the relief of the suf
fering poor of Ireland.
or It is said that our postal currency
is circulating. freely ae shapele"l4 the
Rebel capitaL . • • c
A Touctrma INCIDENT.-A few days
since, when a carload of sick and woun
ded soldiers arrived at the Baltimore
depot, Philadelphia, and while waiting
for transportation to the hospitals, sev
eral little boys came into the cars and
gratuitously furnished a number of the
brave fellows with fruit, ice, etc. One
of the soldiers, a member of C0.13,154th
New York. Volunteers, insisted on pay
ing the lads for their most acceptable
gifts, but the little fellows most strenu
ously declined taking one cent. As
they turned to gave, the soldier called
them back, and :aid : "My dear boys, if
you will take nothing else, won't you
accept a soldier's thanks and a soldier's
blessing ?" Thesb few words were said
with such feeling and kindness as to
bring tears to the eyes of those who
witnessed the pleasing incident.
W hat two annimals had the least
luggage in the ark ? The fox and the
cock, for they only had a brush u s ed a
comb between them. •
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consisting in put of Getman, French and Eng.
pesfusnenlc,. Sliiiicing Soaps and Creams,
Moth and Nail Brushesdloilido and othez
Hair Comae, Altar Oils, Pomades,ac..
Pal Monies, Pocket Books, Puff
w ad, Powder Boa es, 4-e.,
The celebrated, Botchylon's HAIR DYIF:'„,
DaCost.a'sandoldienTooth Washes,lndia Cola -
gogue-, BalLx's.Tnienporous, for the hair, Bay
Ruin, Arno Lnk,large and small sized bot
tles, Balm of. a. Thousand Flowers, Flour 01
Rice, Corn Starch:, Idiesket's Farina, all kinds
of pure Ground Spines, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, or Chemical tpe4, an excellent az
mai for crouic dysnevnia and a tonic in Con
.amptive cases, Itennati„Lis coagulating milk,.
au excellent paeperatioa.fos the table ;liable
fute--bottles in two sizes. Pure Coat
Liver Oil. Allot liaePspesfurnery,pomades„
soa p s , & c ., pa s /Cat ..irse or flair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged the best.
Old Port, Sharpy and Aladeira \Vines and
Brandten. for rentileal purposes.
Dr. L. will/himself see that every precaution
be taken in Um compounding of Physician's
The Doctor can be prolsssiouaHy consudts d
at toe store altos not engaged elsewnere.
Mit.:ietta, August 24, 1564,-1Y
lr 'Wee condessions and experience of a
nocuous' young man,—published as a warning;
am& los the especial bet.efit of young men, ati.b
those 'mho starer with Nervous Debility, loss
of Memory, Pretaature Decay, tic:, by one
who has cured himself by simple mans, after:
being put to great expense and inconvenience.
tbrougn. the use of worthless medicines pre
scribed by learned Doctors- Single copies.
may be bad (free)jof the author, C. A. LAM
satyr, Esq., Greenpoint, Long Island, by en
closing an addressed envelope. Address ems 3.
A. LA BLIT ER; Grcenpoint, bong Island, New
rilHe American Watches are among the-best
I timekeepers now in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass any other
watch made in' the world.
11. L. ar E. J. ZAH iI
Corner of North Queeu-st i and Centre Square.
Lancaster, Pa., have them for salami •..ha zerl,
lowest rates—every watch accompanied! wits
the manufacturers snarriustee to ensure its gen
131 LATED I.l"Aatil: A Large and hne stock
ot Plated ware at 11. L. & E. J. ZAnst'a.
Corner of North queen street & Center Square
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts, in variety, Coffee
Urns,. Pttcha►s Goblets, Batt Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card. Baskets, Spoons, Forks., I/olives._
Caatem,&a.„&m.,M manufacturers pnc.eaz7
RICPLATLNG attended to at moderate rates.
Ready-Olade Clothing
J. It. DIFFENBSiCE) having laid in a very
serviceable stock of strong and well-made-
such as. coats, Pants and rests, which will be:
sold at w tower figure. than cam be bought tsar
where else. Come and hear the. prices.
PRIME GROCE 1 E'S;—Rio, Java and
Laguira Coffee; Cr zshed, Pulvetized and
Brown Sugar; Superior Green-aunt Btack Tea,
Rice, Cheese and Spices; Syrup and prime ha;
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley at
BUFFALO ROBES, Horie Blankets,
Harness, Saddles, Whips, &c.,
A tine assortment now on hand at
Market street, Marietta.' Call and see before
purchasing elsewhere. 17-3 tn
A A General Assortment of all kinds of
qj Hinges, Strews, Dolts, Cellar Grates,,
Oils, Glass and Putty, very cheap.
VANILLA BEANS. We have just re-.
ceived a very superior lot of VANILLA,
BEANS, new crop just imported, which w..
offer for sale at a fair price.
CHAMPAGNE and other Table Wineae
guarranteed to be pure, anal-sold as low as,
can be bought in Philadelphia or New-York.
H. D. BENJAMIN Picot Building.
Very pla,in style each one Warranted
to perform to the entire satisfaction of
the purchaser. •
P. , trrramorr & Co.
A CHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indiatructable Pleasure Books ; School am ,
Paper Books, Stationary, Pens,Pen holder..
For bale by Dr. ndit.
200' S PO U r K s S alel .. he S a A p L aT Diffenbach2s.
D RIED FRUIT now Belling cheap al
BRANDIES --all brands—guarranted
genuine. H. D. Benjamin.
B OBLEN'S long celebrated GIN,
tus culinary purposes, warrantedgpilir