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after November 17th the several Passenger
trains will leave " Upper-station," Marietta,
as follows: Marietta Accommodation Train
East at 7:16 in the morning. The. Mail Train
West at 1209—moth The lianiabw
co mmodatlon Train East at th the after
noon; the same train West at 6416 in the eve
oing‘ Thell Mail Train East at 6:26 in the
air Dr. Russel T. Trail, of the Laight
street New York Hygienic College, has
taken a "country cure" in Berks county,
this state. • In his circular, the Doctor
says that after an extensive correspon
dence and many journeys to prominent
places, he has selected the "Living
Springs Health Institution" of Doctor
Smith, at Wernersville, Pa., as possess.
ing greater advantages for a country
"cure," than any other place with which
ha is acquainted. It is situated on the
eastern slope of "Cushion Mountain,"
near the beautiful city of Reading. over
looking the great Lebanon Valley ;
called the "Cupboard of Pennsylvania,"
and in the midst of as magnificent moun
tain and valley scenery, perhaps, as can
be found on the earth. The Dr. pro
poses to spend three days in each week
at this "country cure," and the balance
of the week in New York,
it ' A concert for the benefit of the
Presbyterian Sunday School will be giv".
en in the Town Hall on Thursday and
Friday evenings next, March sth and
6th, tinder the direction of Mr, Alfred
A. Rickert. This will be the most in
teresting entertainment our citizens will
have the good fertune to enjoy for a long
time to come, and the object for which
the funds are intended, should induce
"every body and the r3st of mankind" to
go. Go and be amused, benefited and
er The ball for the benefit of the S.
B. Thomas Rifles, at fleckrothe's White
Swett Hotel oa Monday evening last,
was a ;'bumper." The hotel was crowd
ad and dancing room difficult to bbtaiu.
Columbia, York, Mountjoy, Illanheim,
Elizabethtown, and_ Harrisburg were
represented, to say nothing of the crowd
from our own place. The sleighing be
•iug good Gorge diii a spirited business
at the bar ; upon the whole, the bail was
a complete suceese.
gar- A public entertainment will be
held by the Good Templars, on Monday
uvening noii, March 2d, in Teipperence
Hall. 1t will consist of 4atrietic and
sentimental music vocal and instrumen
tal—by the Giv,94 Brothers and others ;
Recitations by Mr. J. P.. Walter, and a Barr Spangler, esq. An ad
mission fee of ten cents will be charged
for the purpose of refurnishing the Hall
with lamps.
fir The spring election will take place
on the third Friday in March—the day
is fast approaching—and we have not
hoard anything of a Borough ticket. A
meeting should be held soon and nom
inate such a Borough ticket as will
concentrate all the Loyal votes of the
Borough. Lot an evening bo named
for nominating a ticket.
ifir We are told that quite a pleasant
cotillion party dame off at Appold's
Pert, flouse, on W.etlnesday evening, of
last week. Who dare say our llowo is
no spi3 of the denciog ones, for almost
every week, this viatet:, chronates one
of these "shakings of Ihe light fantastic
sir Corporal Lewis Martin, who has
been in the Union service ever since
the breaking out of the rebellion, has
been sick at the Finley hospital, Wash
ington, for some time, but is now in
Philadelphia, at one of the hospitals
there. The Corporal is said to be in a
critical condition.
gar Last Monday night the barn of
Mr: Geo. Lefevre, in West Lampetre
townsbip, was destroyed by fire and ten
.head of cattle were burned in it,. The
fire had made such rapid headway before
it was discovered and assistance could
be rendered that it was impossible to
rescue them.
akir Capt. S. S. Rathvon acknowledg
es 'through the Lancaster Express the
receiptof a fine collection of insects from
Lieut. John M. Johnson of Col. rlam
briglit'e regiment.
'Er The Pennsylvania Canal is under
going repairs; quite a string of work
men are engaged in digging out the bot
tom and filling up the towing path. An
immense trade will be carried on on this
canal the coming season.
air Jay Cadwell, of Lancaster, was
amongst the confirmations of the Sen- .
ate, a fow days since, for assistant quar
termaster, with the rank of captain.
rWe had very fine sleighing for
several days during the past week, but
now rani has taken the place of the
f The Patriotic Circle will meet on
Friday evening next at Mrs William
A Letter from Washington.
TVaskington, Feb'y. 18, 1863
211 r. Baker, Sir :—As the 135th Regi
ment, I'. V. has left this city to join the
"Army of the Potomac," and as the
"Marietta Braves" belong to that regi
ment, I think it may be of some interest
to the readers of "The Mariettiate_to
hear a word in regard to them. I think
there must, be some persons at home
who are very willing to send unwelcome
and untruthful news to the boys, in or
der to prejudice them against certain
citizens. While on a visit to them a
few days since, I learned that they had
received word from home that certain
influential citizens had circulated a pe
tition and even went so far as to go "to
Harrisburg to endeavor to have the
company removed from provost duty
and have them sent to the front of bat
tle. Now Idp think this is a mistake,
for I think every citizen of Marietta
must feel toward the "Braves" as I do
—that is a feeling of pride—fox I am
proud to say I know they did perform
the duty assigned them here, highly
creditable to themselves and to the en
tire satisfaction of the citizens of the
District, so much so, indeed, that com
plaint was made when the word came
that the 135th was to be sent forward.
Moreover, their duties as provost guard,
were not as trifling as some may sup
pose ; true, they had comfortable quar
ters when off duty. They were in good
spirits and ready to go ; on learning the
order to pack up—l did not heara mur
mur, save at those at home, who, from
selfish motives, wished them sent to the
field, and the unfitness of the arms they
had, deeming them unequal to cope with
the enemy, but their Colonel is using
every effort to have them replaced by
better ones, which I hope he may suc
ceed in doing. I stood on the corner of
7th street and Pennsylvania Avenue as
the regiment passed out to the wharf,
and as the "Braves," which was the last
company, passed me, bid good bye, and
many shook me by the hand ; with their
knapsacks on their backs, they traveled
along like veterans, and should they be
called into battle, I feel certain that a
good account will be heard from them.
I would here remark, friend 8., that
our army has been more injured by the
brave and courageous citizens who sit
behind a good warm stove and fight all
our battles with that formidable weapon
—the tongue—and comment upon the
heroism of this and that General, and
pretend to know how each and every
battle should have been fought, I have
often wished that some of them could
only visit our 'noble army and see them
in their tents and the life they are com
pelled to live and with what feeling
most of them endure the hardships, and
then to visit the hospitals and see the
thousands prostrated with disease, and
the maimed who have passed through
the battles, and see the uncomplaining
patience with which they endure all. I
visited one of the hospitals in this city,
with a lady and gentleman of your vicin
ity, a few days since, and the lady re
marked that it was truly wonderful to
find so much suffering and hear no mar
muring—not even a groan ; we passed
hundreds lying upon clean and comfor
table beds and in the 'midst of them,
there was WOMAN that ministering
angel—gliding along attending to the
wants of the poor sick soldier. Hospi
tals have their dread, but Uncle Sam
does . all in his power to alleviate the
sufferidg of his children ; that many are
robbed of some of the luxuries• kind
friends ,have sent, there is no doubt,—
all cannot be watched—but if Uncle
Sam has not an Aft-seeing Eye, there is
one above who has, and those who have
robbed the poor soldier of his comforts,
I fear, will, some day, reap his reward ;
but r have digressed—and will close
with the lope that every "Marietta
Brave" will return at the expiration of
his enlistment, and, if required, be ready
to re-enter the service to _do battle nn•
til this accursed rebellion shall have
been put down, and that they may find
many of these rumors from home to be
false, as I believe them to be.
Yours, &c.,
SHOCKING '' . ACCIDENT.- On Saturday
afternoon last, Mrs. Benjamin Heiser,
of Providence township, came to her
death under the following distressing
circumstances : She had gene to visit a
sick neighbor, Mrs. Jacob Finefrock,
and while there took a seat in or near
the fire hearth, in which there was appa
rently no fire. It seems, however, that
the fire was not entirely out, and com
municated with the skirt of Mrs. Heis
er's dress. When she arose and found
her dress on fire, and before those in
the room had an opportunity to extin
guish it, she rushed out of the room and
ran two or three times around the house,
the draft thus created of course adding
intensity to the flames. The clothes
were not only burned off her body bat
her flesh was so terribly burned that she
died in a few hours. Dr. Raub who was
called in describes it as one of the most
shocking cases of death by - burning
which ever came under his observation.
The solemnity and sorrow of the occa
sion were intensified, by the death of
Mrs, Finefrock, which took place an
hour after the decease of her friend and
neighbor. The funeral of Mrs. Hiester
took place on Sunday ; Mrs. Finefrock's
on the following day.
r - x-f&THE M_A_RIETTIA.NRc-1-
respondent of the Harrisburg Patriot
writing from York, Pa., under date of
the 21st inst., says that Alexandria
Harris, Esq., a member of the Lancas
ter bar, who was in that town on busi
ness,was arrested by a detachment of the
Provest Guard, on Friday last. The
arrest was made at the instance of Da
vid Hays. Rev. Thomas Street, pastor
of the Presbyterian Church, and Capt.
McGowan of the Independent Potapsco
Guard, a company detailed for duty at
the U. S. General Hopital at York.—
The offence with which Mr. Harris is
stated by the correspondent to -be
"treasonable language." Harris was con
fined in the Headquarters of Capt. Mc-
Gowan, and application for a writ of
habeas c9rpus was immediately made,
Judge Fisher granted the writ return
able at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning,
but when that hour arrived, a request
was made to be allowed until 1 o'clock
to produce the body of Harris. We
have not learned what disposition was
made in the case. We suppose, howev
er, that the matter amounted to nothing
for here where Mr. H. is well known as
a blustering politician whose opinion
change very often, all that he might - say
would be regarded as the mere ranting
of one who means nothing. He has re
turned home.—Lancasler paper.
Dear Sir :—With your permission I wish
to say to the readers of your paper that I will
send by return mail to all who wish it, (free)
a Recipe, with full directions for making and
using a simple Vegetable Balm, that will ef
fectual'y remove, in 10 days, Pimples, Blotch
es, Tan, Freckles, and all Irruptions of the
Skin, leaving the same soft, clear, smooth and
I will also mail free to those having Bald
Heads or Bare Faces, simple directions and
information that will enable them to start a
full growth of Luxuriant Hair, Whiskers, or a
Moustache, in less than 30 days. All appli
cations aziswered by return mail without
charge. Respectfully youri, -
Trios. F. CHAPMAN,
No. 831 Broadway, New York.
HALT! HALT ! ! lIALT ! I !-A Cry from
Whose husbands, sons and brothers are ser
ving in the Army, cannot put into their knap
sacks a more necessary or valuable gift than a
few boxes of
They insure health even under the exposure
of a Soldier's life. Only 25 cents a Box or
Do your duty to yourselves ! Protect your
Health !
Read the following, just received this
day from Washington :
Dr.-4R Sxn :—I avail myself of this oppor
tunity to express my gratitude for your kind
ness in being so prompt in sending me your
valuable Pills and Ointment. Hundreds of
poor soldiers have been made comfortable and
well by the use of your medicines, and they
all can testify to their healing powers and ca
pability of giving instant relief. ft has, with
in my own observation, saved many a poor
soldier from long sickness and much suffering.
Yours truly,
D. G. VOSE, Washington, D. C.
November 4, 1862. [2O-12t
On the 19th instant, at Falmouth, Lancaster
county, by Rev. Dr. Hodgson, Rev. JoxN
M. WirEnten, of the Philadelphia Annual
Conferbnce, to MARY COLLINS, daughter of
Abraham Collins, Esq.
On Saturday last, at the residence of her uncle,
Rev. A. 13. Grosh, Hiennir.rza, wife of P.
Weitzel, of Middletown, Ohio, and only
daughter of C. C. P. Grosh, of this borough,
aged 22 years, 2 months and 4 days.
In East Donegal township, on the 16th inst.,
DAVID HESS, aged 30 years.
His soul has gone aloft,.
No more the cutting blast
Shall toss him on life's stormy wave;
He's safe in port at last.
We laid him where sweet violets
Shall blown in early spring,
There happy birds' sweet melody
Above his grave shall sing.
'Tis not our Heavenly Father's will
That we should be distressed,
And when He took him up to heaven,
He knew 'twas for the best.
Be comforted and trust in Him,
He doeth all things well,
He's only gone with Christ to live,
Where happy angels dwell. T.
FEBRUARY 17, 1363.
WE are now paying the following it IG 11
raicEs for Shipplus. Furs:
For Mink, according to size and
color, from $2.00 to $4.00
For Muskrat, .25 to .28
For Red Fox, 1.25 to 1.75
For. Grey Fox, .30 to .50
For Raccoon, .25 to .50
For Opossum, . .20 to .40
For Rabbit, .04
For Skunk, (dark.) .25 to .50
. -
The above prices are subject to the fluctua
tions of the Market, but as long as the above
figures are advertised, that is what we will
give for all good spring skins.
Hatters, No. 20. N. Queen st., Lancaster.
1863, I Philadelphia } 1863,
paper Hangings.
Ti r AVE now in stock, a fine variety of
Window Paper of every grade.
To which they invite the attention of
In their Retail Department, will be found
the choicest styles of the season.
February 1363-3 m.
IVives, Mothers and Sisters,
At, DifTerCbacla's_
esAVING just received another lot of win
ter goods, which he is now selling at as
low a figure as can be bought outside of Phil
adelphia. Jist eall and see the cheap
For Men's Ladies and Children's Wear
Such as Cloaking Cloths,
Silks, Poplins, DeLanes, Prints,
Bleached and unbleached Muslins at nearly
Crapes, Veils, Collars, and Notions of all kinds:
Fancy and Plain Cassimeres,
Black and Fancy Cloths,
Cashmeretts, Tweeds,
Kentucky Jeans, Carpeting,
Oil Cloths, Window Blinds,
Buff Holland, for Curtains,
Curtain Fixtures, .&e.,
All of the above goods having been bought
FOR CASH, will be sold cheap as the cheapest.
Ten Hhds. Extra Syrup at 50 cents per gallon;
Fresh Soda and Wine Cup Biscuit; Sugars.
Coffees, Teas, &c., at the lowest market prices,
Five Hhds. Sugar House Molasses at 31
cents per gallon.
Brandies, Gins, Superior Old Rye, Pure Port,
Sherry and Madiera Wines, all of which will,
be sold at the lowest price rOR
China, Glass and Queensware,
r.r The highest price paid for produce
Merchant Tailor, and Clothier,
At R J. Eramples Old Stand, on the Cor
ner of North Queen and Orange
Streets, Lancaster, Penn'a.
GR AT E F U L to the Citizens of Marietta
and vicinity, for the liberal , patronage
heretofore extended, the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance of the same; as
suring them, that under all circumstances, no
efforts will be spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivalent for every act of confidence reposed.
such other seasonable material as fashion and
the market furnishes, constantly kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly, and rea
sonably, as taste or style may suggest.
Gentlemen's Furnishing Gooods
and such articles as usually belong to a Mer
chant Tailoring and Clothing establishment.
Having removed to the Rooms formerly occupied
by Dr. Swentzel, adjoining. Spangler r Pat
terson's Store, Market Street, where he is now
prepared to wait on all who may feel
f ug = disposed to patronize him. .
Dentistry in all its branches car
ried on. TEETH inserted on the most approved
principles of Dental science. ail operations
on the mouth performed ir. a skillful and
workmanlike manner—on fair principles and
Having determined upon a permanent loca
tion at this place, would ask a continuation
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended
to him, for which he will render every possi
ble satisfaction.
Ether administered to proper persons._
Formerly Keesey's
The undersigned having leased the above
named old established Ferry and Hotel, in
Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta, where he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table with
the best - the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained
First Class Ferry Boats,
and efficient ferrymen, and is now fully prepa
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
without delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
Coal Oil Lamps and Lanterns
every patern,
suitable for the Parlor, the
kitchen and tbeChamber ; Hanging and Side
Lamps for Halls, Churches, Stores and Offices.
Having purchased. them from the manufactu
rers in large quantities at the lowest cash rates,
we can sell them much under the usual retail
prices, although every other description of
goods are advancing.
Ready-Made Clothing
J. P.. DIFFENBACH having laid in a very
serviceable stock of strong and well-made
such as Coats, Pants and Vests, which will be
sold at a lower figure than can be bought any
where else. Come and hear the prices.
pornLATED WARE :" A Large and fine stock
of Plated ware at H. L. & E. J. ZA um's.
Corner of North Queen street & Center Square
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts, In variety, Coffee
Urns. Pitchers, Goblets, Batt Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card Baskets, Spoons, Forks, Knives,
Casters, &c., &c., at manufacturers prices.
REPLA TIN a attended to at moderate rates
JEWELRY.-A large and selected stock of
fine jewelry of the latest patterns from the
best factories in the country can be found at
H. L. & E. J. ZAUM'S.
Cor. North Queen st. and Centre Square, Lan
caster, Pa. Our prices are moderate and all
goods warranted to be as represented.
can be had of H. L. & E. J. ZAHM, Col
North Queen-st., and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers—
the best article of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price than any watoh
of equal quality andi ust as true for timekeeping
SPECTACLES to suit all whoOldatek .
can be aided with glasses,
can be bought at H. L. ¢ E. .1. ZAHM'S, Cor
ner of North Queen-st., and Center Square,
Lancaster. New glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. [v6-ly
oAssortment A General of all kinds of
Hinges, Screws, Bolts, Cellar Grates,
Oils, Glass and Patty, very cheap.
Very plain style, each one warranted
to perform to the entire satisfaction of
the purchaser.
NEW CROP. New Orleans Molasses.
This is the only kind of Molasses that
is good for Cake-Baking.
Justreceived at -
THE Largest and beat assortment of Fancy
Cloth Sr CaSsimeres and vesting ever offered
in this market and will be sold at prices which
defy competition by J. R. Diffenbach.
beautiful Photograph Albums, for Card
De isitta, at DELLINGER'S.
will be received at the cheap store of
MO LANDLORDS! Just received, Scotch
and Irish WHISKIES, warran
pure,-at H. D. Benjamain's.
BUY — one - of those beautiful S 0 F Tit
HATS at Cavr.r.'s, 92 Market-st.
CONSTANTLY on hand, Monopgahela rec.
rifted -Whiskey. Beniamm el -Co
OHLEN'S long celebrated GIN,
On the Physiological Views of Marriage!
Price only 25 cents. Sent free of postage to
all parts of the Union. On the infirmities of
youth and maturity, disclosing the secret fol
lies of both sexes of ages, causing debility,
nervousness, depression of spirit, palpitation
of the heart, suicidal imaginings, involuntary
emissions, blushings, defective memory, indi
gestion and lassitude, with confessions of
thrilling interest of a Boarding School Miss,
a College Student, and a Youug Married Lady,
tic. It is a truthful adviser to the married
and those contemplatieg mairiage, who enter
tain secret doubts of their physical condition,
and who are conscious of having hazarded the
health, happiness, and privileges to which
ever• human being is entitled.
YOUNG MEN who are troubled with
weakness, generally caused by a bad habit in
youth, the effects of which are dizziness,
pains, forgetfulness, sometimes a ringing in
the . ears, weal: eyes, weakness of the back
and lower extremities, confusion of ideas, loss
of memory, with melancholy, may be cured
by the author's new Parts and London Treat
We have, recently devoted much of ow
time in visiting the European Hospitals, avail
ing ourselves or the knowledge and researches
of the most skillful Physicians and Surgeons
in Europe and the Continent. Those who
place themselves under our care will now
have the full benefit of the many new and ef
ficacious Remedies which we are enabled to
introduce into our practice, and the public
may rest assured of the same zeal, assiduity,
SECRECY and attention being paid to their
cases, which has so successfully distinguished
us heretofore, as a Physician in our PECULIAx
department of professional Practice, for the
past twenty-five years.
FRENCH FEMALE PlLLS.—Ladles who wish
for Medicines, the efficacy of which has been
tested in thousands of cases, and never faileo
to effect speedy cures without any bad re
sults, will use none but Dr. fheLaney's Fe
male Periodical Pills. The only precaution
necessary to be observed is, ladies should not
take them if they have reason to believe they
are in certain situations (the particulars of
which will be found on the wrapper accom
panying each box,) though always safe and
healthy, so gentle, yet so active are they.
Price $1 per box. They can be mailed to
any pact of the United States'or Canada.
To TLIE LADIES—Who need a confidential
medical adviser with regard to any of these
interesting complaints to which their delicate
organization ruiaers them liable, are paitieu-
Jerky hivited to consult us.
For mauled ladies whose health will not ad
mit, or who have no desire to Increase their
families, may be obtained as above. It is a
perfectly safe preventive to cohception, and
has been extensively used during the last 20
years. Pricy reduced to $lO.
A Treatise on the Cause of Premature De
•ay— A solemn warning. Just published, a
book showing the insidious progress and pre
valence among schools, [both male and fe
male.l of this fatal habit, pointing out the
fatality that invariably attends its victims, and
developing the whole progress of the disease,
from the commencement to the end.
It will be sent by Mail on receipt of two [3
cent Stamps.
Attendance daily, from S in the morning til
9 at night, and on Sundays from 2 till
Medicines with full directions sent to any
part of the United States or Canada; by pa-
tients communicating their symptoms by letter.
Business correspondence strictly confidential.
¢ Dr. L's Office is still located as establish ,
ed under the name of DR. LACROIX, at
No. 13 Maiden Lan; Albany, N. Y.
Winter G-c)c)cl. I
E have lately received a thorough as
sortment of Woolens and all other
Embracing the best styles of
Coaling Cloths, Cassimeies S Vestings
Youth's Cassimeres
Superior Fancy and other Dress Silks; every
shade of French Merino ; plain and wool
DeLaines in colors; beautiful designs of
Mixed De LaMes, Coburgs, Alpaccas and
Lavellas ; Cloak and Sack Cloths ; Rich and
Grave Colored Balmoral Shirts,
Latest Improved Spring Skirts; Fine, Medium
and Common Shawls, Nubia Scarfs, Son
tags and Hoods ; Gauntletts, Gloves,
and Hosiery; Muslins, Counter
panes and Tickings; Checks, •
Flannels and Linens.
Floor amd Table Oil Cloths,
Ingrain, Venetian and Rag Carpet, Wall Pa
per, Linen, Cotton, and Woolen Carpet chain.
New Macke re I in small and
large packages.. All of which
we are now selling at prices below the present
City rates. _ _ _
PorDRNETT'S Cocoaine. A compound of
Cocoa-nut Oil, &c., for dressing the Hair.
efficacy and agreeableness, it is without
an equal. It prevents the hair from falling off.
It promotes its healthy and yigerousgrowth.
It is riot greasy or sticky.
itleaves no disagreeable odor.
It softens the hair when hard and dry.
It soothes the irritated scalp skin.
It affords the i ichest lustre. .
It remains longest in effect. For sale by
Successors to Dr. Grove.
CHAPPED Hands, Face, Lips, Sunburn
&c. Certain and Immediate Cure. liege
man & Co.'s Camphor Ice with Glycerine, if
used according to the directions, will keep the
hands soft in the coldest weather. Price 25
cents. Sold by Druggists. Sent by mail on
eceipt of 30 cents.
Chemists & Druggists, New York.
opposite the Court House, where he will at
tend to the practice of his profession in all its
various branches. [Nov. 4, '59,-ly
BUFFALO ROBES, Horse Blankets,
Harness, Saddles, Whips, &c.,
A fine assortment now on hand at
S. L.
Market street, Marietta. Call and see before
purchasing elsewhere. 17-3 m
A GENERAL Assortment- of Hammered
AL • and ROLLED IRON, H. S. Bars,
Norway, Lail Rods, American and Gel
man Spring and Cast Steel, Wagon Box- •
es, Iron Axles, Springs, &c., for Smiths.
For sale ,by pATTERSON & CO.
A CHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indistructable Pleasure Books; School and
other Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
&c., &c. For sale by Dr. Landii.
RAMP AGNE and other Table Wines,
guarranteed to be pure, and sold as low as
can be boughtin Philadelphia or New-York.
H. D. BENJAMIN Picot Building.
ATOTICE. All persons in Marietta know
ing theroselvesindebted to the undersign
ed are requested to call upon HARRISON Rork'
and settle their accounts. H. WEST.
November 8,186 g. 15-tf
ft ICRJRY & Oak Wood, 50 Cords each
Hickory and Oak Wood. Orders must
be accompanied with thy cash when they will
be promptly fillet'. Spangler & Patterson.
BRANDIES --all brand s---:guarranted•
genuine. H. D. Benjamin
D RIED FRUIT now selling cheap at
The Early Physical Degeneracy of
Physician to the Troy Lung and Hygienic
ATREATISE on the causes of early . Phys
ical decline of American people : The
cause of Nervous Debility, Consumption and
klarasmus. This work is one of high moral
tone, written in chaste, yet thrtlling latiguag - c,
and appeals direct to Me moral consciousness of
ALL, P4RENTS and guardians especially. de
tailing, scieitific and reliable aids and treat
ment for cure.
It will be sent by mail on the receipt of two
three cent postage stamps.
lE3 Parents and Guardians! Fail not to
send and obtain this book.
Young men ! Fail not to send and get
this book. Ladies you should at once secure a
copy of this book.
A word of solemn conscientious advice to
those who will reflect.
A class of maladies prevail to a fearful ex
tent in the community, dooming at least 100,-
000 youth of both sexes annually, to an early
grave. Those diseases are very imperfectly
understood. Their external manifestation, or
symptoms are Nervous Debility Relaxation
and Exhaustion ; Marasmus or wasting and
consumption of the tissues of the whole body ;
shortness of breathing or hurried breathing on
ascending a kill or flight of stairs ; great pal
pitation of the Heart; Asthma, Bronchitis and
sore Throat ; shaking of the Hands and Limbs ;
aversion to society and to business or study ;
dimness of eyesight, loss of Memory, dizziness
of the Head, Neuralgia, Pain in various parts
of the body ; Pains in the back or limbs, Lum
bago, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, irregularity of
the bowels, deranged secretions of the Kid
neys and other glands of the body, as Leuchor
rhcer of Fleur Albus, &c. Likewise Epilepsy,
Hysteria and Nervous Spasms.
Now in ninety-nine cases out of every one
hundred, all the above named disorders, and a
host of others not named, as Consumption of
the Lungs and that most insidious and wily
form of Consumption of the Spinal Nerves,
known as Tabes Dorsaies, and Tabes mesen
teries, have their seat and origin in diseases
of the Pelvic Viscera. Hence the want of
success on the part of old school practice in
treating symptoms only.
Dr. Andrew Stone, Physician to the Troy
Lung and Hygienic Institution, is now en
gaged in treating this class of modern insta
l:ties with the most astonishing &tureen:. The
treatment adopted by the institution is new ;
it is based upon scientific principles, with new
discovered remedies, without minerals or poi
sons. The facilities of cure are such that pa
tients can be cured at their homes, in any part
of the country, from accurate descriptions of
their case, by letter ; and have the medicines
sent by mail or express. Printet interrogato
ries will be forwarded on application.
V. 4 - --• Consumption, Catarrh and diseases of
the throat cured as well at the Home of the
Patients as at the Institution, by sending the
Cold Medicated Inhaling Balsamic Vapors,
with inhaler and ample directions for their
use, and direct correspondence.
- 11:3- Patients applying for interrogatives or
advice, must enclose return stamps, to meet
11 - The attending Physician will be found
at the Institution for consultation, from 9 a.
m. to 9 p. m., each day.
Sunday in the forenoon.
Physician to the Troy Lung and Hygienic In
stitute, and Physician for Diseases of the
Heart, Throat and Lungs, 96 Fifth Street,
Troy, N. Y.
Friends & Relatives of the Soldiers & Sailors.
-11-1 MENT.—AII who have Friends and
lielalives in the Army or Navy, should take
special care, that they be amply supplied with
these Pills and Ointment; and where the
brave Soldiers and Sailors have neglected to
provide themselves with them, no better pres
ent can be sent them by their friends. They
have been proved to be the Soldier's never
failing-friend in the hour of need.
Will be speedily relieved and effectually
cured by using these admirable medicines, and
by paying proper attention to the Directions
which are attached to each Pot or Box.
Sick Headache and want of Appetite Incidental
to Soldiers !
Those feelings which so sadden us, usually
arise from trouble or annoyances, obstructed
prespiration, or eating and drinking whatever
is unwholesome, thus disturbing - the healthful
action of the liver and stomach. These organs
must be relieved, if you desire to do well.—
The Pills, taking according to the printed
instructions, will quickly produce a healthy ac
tion in both liver and stomach, and as a natu
ral consequence a clear head and good appeiite.
Weakness and debility Whited by over Fatigue.
Will soon disappear by the use of these in
valuable Pills, and the Soldier will quickly
acquire additional strength. Never let the
bowels be either confined or unduly acted
upon. It may seem strange that Holloway's
Pills should be recommended for Dysentery
and Flux, many persons supposing that thee
would increase the relaxation. This is a
great inisfake, foi these PULS will correct the
liver and stomach and thus remove all the
acrid humours from the system. This medi
cine will give tone and vigor to the whole
organic system hoWev'er deranged, while
health and strength follow as a matter of
course. Nothing Will stop the relaxation of
the Bowels so sure as this famous medicine.
Sores and Ulcers, Bldtc.hes and Swellings
can with certainty be radically cured if the
Pills are taken night and morning, and the
Ointment be freely used as stated in the printed
nstructions. if treated in any other manner
they dry up in one part to break nut in another.
Whereas this 0 i trhe n t will remove the
former frim the system and leave the Patients
in vigorous and healthy man. It will require
as little perseveranci in bad cases to insure a
lasthg, cure.
For Wounds either occasioned by the Bayonet,
Sabre or the Bultet, Sores or Bruises,
To which every Soldier and Sailor are lishlc,
there are no medicines so safe, sure and con
venient as Rollo Way's Pills and Ointment
The poor wounded and almost dying sufferer
might have his Wounds dressed immediately,
if he would only provide himself with this
matchless Ointment, which should be thruss
into the wound arid smeared all around it, then
cover with a piece of linen from his Knapsack
and compressed with a handkerchief. Taking
night and morning 6 or 8 Pills, to cool the
system and prevent inflamation.
Every Soldier's Knapsack and Seaman's
Chest should be provided with these valuable
IMPORTANT CAUTION !—None are genuine
unless the words " HOLLOWAY, NEW YORK
and LONDiN," are discernible as a Watei -
mark in every leaf of the book of directions,
around each pot or box ; the same may be
plainly seen by holding the leaf to Me light.—
A handsome reward will be given to any one
rendering such information as may lead to the
detection of any party or parties counterfeiting
the_medicines or vending the same, knowing
them to be spurious.
* * *Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York,
and by all respectable Drugglsts and Dealers
in Medicine throughout the civilized world,
in pots, at 25c. 62c. and $1 each.
N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patents
in every disorder are affixed to each pot.
xr There is considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes. [Dec 20=1y
Ncintkepfs, ffeAo slopes, Rx.
MICHAEL GABLE, Marble Mason,
Opposite the Thum hall Park,
Marietta, Pa,
THE Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town Hall and opposite Funk's Cross Keys
Tavern, where every descriptiot of marble
work will be kept on band or made to order al
short notice`and at very reasonable prices.
Marietta, June 29, 1361. 49-1 y