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    Etc Yotal Waricitin.
MA RI ETTA CAR TIME.—The several pas
*anger trains leave "Upper-station" as follows:
the morning train east at 7:15. The mail train,
West at 11:23. The afternoon train east at
, The evening train west at 6:55.
Saturday, July 12,1862
co- Through the exertions of Mr.
Johnstin, of the "Lower Station" Ho
tel, the mail train west—which passes
through this borough at 11.23 ft. m.-
will stop at that station to take on and
let off passengers, from and after Mon
day next, the 14th instant. This is cer
tainly a great convenience to our lower
end folks and is another evidence of the
willingness of the great Pennsylvania
Railroad .Company to gratify the wishes
of the traveling public. All that is ne
cessary to obtain any reasonable demand
from this company is to get up a peti
tion.respectfully signed, in order to show
the officers that it is the wish of the pa
trons of the road, and success is sure to
cir We are glad to learn that Dr.
Grove, who returned from Pittsburg
Landing, two weeks since, quite ill, is
slowly recovering. The Doctor left
here in October last the very personifi
• cation of health, weighing at least two
hundred pounds and now looks— al
. though recovering—greatly emaciated
and does not , weigh, we think, over 100.
We have not seen a greater evidence of
• " worse for the wear," since the war has
broken oat.
lair We have received a letter from
hi r. ,Fulks, dated Bucyrus, 0., July let,
"which place is two huodred miles from
Pittsburg and 267 from Chicago ; it is
the county town of Crawford county and
hiss a popnlation of 3000; it has a Pres
byterian, Methodist, Episcopal, Lntheri
an,o,nd two Baptist churches—also an
Abolition church, and foundries, flour
steam saw mills and is in fact quite
•a businras Nitre ; is beautifully lit up
.with gas and has a splendid court house
Alta population is principally from New The crops—froit and grain
'with; the exception of corn—have looked
.all along the route I - have traveled to be
, very i pnanising. This is a great graizng
section, bundled& and thousands of cat
sheep and hogs can here be seen
:herded together. Excellent land can
ire bought here at from $2O to $45 per
acre, which is very low considering the
prices paid io_Lancaster county. Wheat
is worth from 85 to 95c ; corn 50 ; oats 2 ;
rye 50; cattle from 2 to 3c. green weight,
Dogs 2 ; sheep from $l. to .2.1. a
bay $5 a ton ; eggs 50 ; butter 8 ; Wood,
delivered, sl,so,isiate everything' in pro
portion. I will leave this place to-mor
row and•spend my fourth in Chicago ;
alter spending a few days there I will
'either go to St. Louis or to St. Paul. 1
u•aw a very distressing accident*. Saw
days since; as an old lady was chasing
her pigs from before au approaching
railroad train, was caught liBrself and
ilistant4 killed.
/ Just us we were going to press we re-
Ateived soother, wailed from Chicago.
Cr A boy dA st*oa4 L 5 years of age
vas found in the canal on Tuesdiiy more
log, in front of Ehrisman's steam saw
mill. The boy is said to hive fallea
from the'dook of the boat Robert F.
Clark, while lying at anchor during
bunday,night r at the-upper end of this.
plane.. 'lle is said to be the only son of a
poor widow living near Espytown—name
unknown. The captain of the boat said
this was the boy's first trip as driver and
on finding him gonein the morning did
sot know wbether he had ran away or
had fallen into the canal; he however
procured a seine and did all he could to
recover the body, but in vain, when he
passed on, on his way to Baltimore. A
passing boat on Tuesday morning
brought the body to the surface. The
boy's shoes were found on the deck of
the boat in the morning. Esquire Auxer
held an inquest—verdict, " accidental
drowning." The squire had the poor
boy decently buried in the L. E.-church'
eir Whilst a son of Mr. John Bell,
tailor, aged about 8 years, was swimming
in the river on Thursday of last week,
he caught hold of a skiff, which was be
ing rowed across the river, the man lit
the skiff urged the boy' to let go—that
he was getting out too far—the boy re
plied he could easily swim to shore. He
l ot out too far, however, and was drown-
ed. • After a long search, with a seine he
was found a short distance below where
c he went down.
new counterfeit $2 on thd Col-
Bank has appeared. It is got
it was a new plate, to take the,
the old Twos, which have been
counterfeited that they can ,
distinguished from the genuine.
Detector describes the new
as follows : "Vignette, train
dge on ono side, Godduess of
gure 2 . ; bust of Washington
\ Ot
hil r
f the te.4
es of this)
to announce the
.Geo, 11. Etc's., of
ent of the Adams'
etween this point
: E. will be found
N. and obliging at
Richards of the first Pennsylvania Ca
paid a flying visit to his family in
Reading, on Wednesday last, after an
absence of nearly six months, and left
again next morning. As connected with
his experience of military life, the Major
relates the following incident of
General Fremont's batteries of eight
Parrot guns, supported by a squadron of
horse, commanded by the Major, was in
a sharp conflict with a battery of the
enemy near at hand, and shells and shot
were flying thick and fast, when the com
mander of the battery, a German, one of
Fremont's staff', rode suddenly up to the
cavalry, exclaiming in loud and excited
tones, " Prieg up de shackasses, pring up
de shackasses, for -Cot sake, hurry up de
shackasses," The neces
sity of this order, though.not quite appa
rent to our readers, will be more obvious
when we mention that the " shackesses"
are mules carrying mountain howitzers,
which are fired from the Backs of that
much abused but valuable animal, and
the immediate occasion for the " shack
asses" was that two reglments of Rebel
infantry were at that moment discovered
descending a bill immediately; behind our
batteries. The " shackasses . ," with the
howitzers loaded with grape and canie
ter, were soon on the ground. The
mules squared themselves, as they well
knew bow, for the shock. A terrific vol
ley was poured into the advancing col
umn, which immediately broke and re
treated. Two hundred and seventy
eight dead bodies were found in the ra
vine next day, piled closely together as
they fell, the effects of that volley from
the backs of the " shackasses."
The above named Richards' is the
" Tom Richards " late of the Shawnee
Iron Works, Columbia, and is said to
be a daring officer.—Ed 11/ariettian.
set down as a maxim which cannot be
disputed, very truthfully says , the " Lo-
CAL I of the Harrisburg nlegraph, that
it is the duty of every citizen, to encour
age the mechanics and business men of
his own community. By so doing he
builds up trade at home, and helps to
make himself and his neighbors prosper
ous. The man, who, in order to save a
few pennies, goes abroad to get his work
done, or purchase his necessaries, may
not be aware of it, but he is'really doing
that much to retard the progress of the
place in which he resides. We urge
upon all our readers the importance of
patronizing their own mechanics and
business men. If you have printing to
be done ; clothing to purchase ; furni
ture to be made; provisions to buy—
whatever you need,—get it at home—
bettei pay a little more for it, if need be,
—the extra- expense will eventually
come back into your own pockets. We
are led to those remarks, by noticing a
too prominent disposition amongst some
of our eitizens to obtain their articles
the large cities—a habit which if gener
ally practiced, would completely ruin the
trade of our community, and which we
htipe to see avoided in the future.
¢,` The Columbia, Spy of Saturday
last says: "Among our returned v'olun-•
Leers is Mr. Byron Fryberger, who en
listed nearly a year ago -with Captain
(then Lieutenant] Haldeman, under
whom he has served faithfully in Co. I,
23(1 Peoria. Volunteers until a few days
since, when he was honorably discharged,
his health giving way from exposure, &c.
He was in the battle f Fair Oaks and
fought well, with al/ the rest of our gal
lant boys. He has done his duty nobly,
and we sincerely regret the cause of his
discharge from the band of heroes who
are so nobly battling with McClellan be
fore Richmond!' Byron is a son of the
late John • Fryberger, formerly of this
borough, and is himself a native pf this
place, although for some years a Colum
bian. The same paper speaks of a
handsome sword having been presented
by the members of Captain Daniel Herr's
Cavalry company, to their Captain.—
The " Old Columbia" Fire company are
about to get a steamfire engine. The
brothers Supple° are now at it, and
will, beyond doubt, turn out something
creditable to the town and themselves.
ca- We are glad to learn the report
of the death of Scott Patterson to be
incorrect, George L. Mackley having
received a ietter from him' a few days
since, dated Hilttm Head, South Caro
lina, June 30, in which he says be suf
fers from nothing but the heat. Amongst
items of• general news he mentions the
arrival of a number of wounded soldiers
from the battle of James Tsland-500 in
number—one of whom was Daniel Licht
enberger, step-son of Mr. Noel, of the
Glatz Ferry, who was severely wounded
in the left leg and arm, at the battle of
James Island, and was sent be thinks to
New York. Scott has been ill in the
hospital for several •weeks but bad re
Qa" The Manheim Sentinel of Friday
last came out quite patriotically ; hav
ing the outside printed in red ink and
the inside in blue, with the declaration
of independence, Star Spangled Banner,
Hail Columbia and Gem of the Ocean,
on th . e first page. The editor says as
the Borough authorities made no ar
rangements to celebrate the •Fourth,
that some evidence of patriotism was
necessary, and hence the adoption of
the " red white and blue." It looks well
and was, quite appropriate.
CORPORAL Maa.rix.—We received a
letter from Corporal Lewis 3lartin, just
before going to press, from whi
make the following extracts : We are
now on James Island,ls miles northof
Otter Island, and 4 from'Charleston, and
it is one of the most beautiful Islands I
ever saw; some very handsome man
sions, one in particular, belonging to a
rich planter named Sea Brook, which
General Wright took for his head quar
ters and run up the stars and stripes.—
These fifteen miles were the worst I
ever traveled ; 'it rained nearly all the
time and the mud was alinost knee deep.
Our Colonel (WEtszi) took ",pot-luck "
with us, for unfortunately he left his
horse at Otter Island to be shipped, but
we were ordered off in so short a time
after, that he started with us a-foot ; he
suffered very much, too, from his lame
leg—from the wound he received at
Benne Vista—and the soldiers all sym
pathized with him. On the 10th of
of June about 500 men were placed on
picket duty and very shortly after they.
were attacked by 1500 rebels, who tho't
to capture our men, but they were some
what mistaken ) for the 45th made a good
blow at them and mowed them down
like grass ; after an engagement of
about two hours, they retreated leaying
dead and won - lied behiod ; our loss was
two killed and four wounded—theirs,lso
killed and 350 wounded ; we buried
. ,
nineteen of theirs in one grave ; the
woods where the battle occurred was
covered with dead bodies. Amongst
the wounded was a Georgia captain, who
said all he asked for .was to have good
care taken of him, which our Doctor
said he should have ; he was brought to
our hospital, but died the same night,
having had nine balls in him. This
same captain tried to deceive us ;"when
we were coining together he cried out
lustily " don't shoot at; us, we belong to
your army," but one of our Lieutenants
knew bettei and told our boys to "fire
away—they are traitors," so the liar met .
the just punishment of a traitor. The
corporal gives au, account of •a fight
which occurred on the 16th of June in
which the federals were repulsed with a
loss of 300 killed and 400 wounded and
missing, although he says their loss was
much heavier. At this battle the Cor
poral says as Adjutant Calvin S. Bud
ding, (who is from Wrightsville) was
dismounting fur some purpose, his horse
was struck oivith., a shell and instantly
killed, the same ball killing an engineer
and taking off the leg of another poor
fellow. Ile says the most painful sight
he ever saw was the - Coining, after the
battle on going over the ground, where
some lay with heads, others legs and
, •
arms off—soine'yet 'alive going on pite
ouslyeoy and calling for water. All the un
injured ones went to work to help and
do for the wounded. The'Marietta`boys
escaped unhurt, The Corporal says
Welsh is Acting Brigadier General,
Capt. Haines, acting Colonel and Lieut.
Kline filed 'Capt: Haines' place in Co.
8., and that the Marietta oys oys are wAill
and in fine spirits. eirl' L"
# 1 " ,
gar Late news trom the, Western de
pertinent announce the promotion of
Lie.ut. Sterret M. Curran, of this place,
to the Captaincy of Company " - 8,,"
First Nebraska Regiment. The Capt.
was in all the important engagements in
Missouri--he was at Forts Donelson and
Henry, Pittsburg Landing, &c.
sir The Columbia Bank does not now
pay out any Two. Dollar Notes. Hold.
ers of the GENUINE "twos" .should take
steps to have them returned to the Bank,
in order that the public may be protected
from fraud. It is safest to refuse all s2s
on this Bank.
The Lancaster Daily Inquirer has
made its appealance. It looks ,very
On the 49th ultimo, by Rev. P. S. Timlow,
a this Borough.
On the sth instant, CLAYTON, eldest son of
Amhara and Annie Cassel, of this place,
aged 4 years, S months and 15 days.
Musical Academy,
At Lancaster City, Penna
Mrs. Graves and Daughter, from Phila.,
Teachers of the Piano, !'sitar and Vocal
Music. TERMS, Five Dollars for three months.
Particular attention paid to the Rudiments.
N. B. Agents for the sale of. CONRA.D
MYERS' world renowned PIANOS. Ladies
desirous of purchasing a good PIANO, are
respectfully invited to call at the subscribers
residence' where they can be seen; also good
Second-hand Pianos, from $25 and upwards.
Music Stools, $5. All the new Music received
as soon as published, for sale at city prites, by
June 14-3m] No. 15, East Orange St.
Late of East Donegal Township, Dec'd.
Letters of administration on said estate having
been granted to foe undersigned, all persons
indebted thereto are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mands against the same will present them - for
settlement to the undersigned, residing in said
township. JOHN M. WHITEHILL.
May 31, 1862-6times.]
Superior Old Brandy, Old Rye Whiskey,
Holland Gin, Old Maderia„ Lisbon, Sherry and
Pert Wines.
Pittsburg Whiskey always on hand at the
lowest market prides. Very Fine Brandy at
a very low figure, by the barrel.
J. R. DIFFENBACH. Market-st.
Hammered and Rolled Iron, H
S. liars. Norway. Nail Rods, American,
and German Spring and Cast steel, Wagon
'loxes, Iron Axles, Springs, &c., for smiths. .
For sale at PATTED SON er CO'S.
LIST OF LETTERS.Bentaining in the Post
Office at Marietta, Pa., July 10, 1862.
Barton George W. Laws S. L.
Bunn Martin A. .Esq. Lehr Andrew B.
Bertsch Peter Litzenberger Adam
Burk, William M'Farlan Miss E.
Boice Evan McClure John
Bosworth Wells & Co. Neido David
Byroad Esq. Nissly Miss Kate H.
Brunner F.dmiind E. Ohmit Mrs. Benjamin
Biooks Miss RosannaliOberdorf John F.
Cold Grier O'Bryan John
Carter Henry Philip & Moser
Dewier Miss Mary. Pennell Thos. W.
Dorsey . Mrs. Airy A. Porter J. S.
De Louis Miss Jinney Peters Mrs. Susanna:
Easton B. Samuel Roop Albert
Enggle Miss Jane Ropp Albert
Fulmer John 2 Rosencrance Dan
Farley Henry Ridbocb Mrs. Ruth
Fols Mrs. Elizubeth Refine Frank
Geesy John F. 2 . Solchbauch John
Gingle Joseph sanders Miss Margarett
Grayer William ,Schilling Mrs. John
Gorner Fhilip . Smith Miss Caroline
HUNS- T,., Saylor VGWain.
Hippie Perry ' Smith D. F.
Heins Abraham Simmerman ,& Sesgurs
Haines 'Frederick Sherbon Miss Fannie
Hirsh Christian Shireman Mrs. Fanny
Harman George Smuck William
Hoopes Mra. LydianneShields Benjamin
Ingell Henry Thompson Jefferson
Jones George Esq. Thum Mies-Emma-A.
Jason Rosanna Tyson Miss Mary A.
Kerstater Frederick Walped John
Kirkum Samuel Wright Miss Francis
Kinken Chrstian White Franklin
Kauffman MisCarolineWye & Hungtingdon
Persons. calling for letters on the above list
will 'please say " advertised."
ahrlbe, best ig the, itloriD,
Insuring Fine Teeth and a Sweet Breath;
TV 0:U wish to be blessed with and ad
jj mired for pearly Witte and sound TEETH?
Use Dr. WM. B. Hurd's Unrivalled Tooth
P ow der, warranted free from acid, alkali
• ri • •
or any injuous substance. Price 25e a box.
Bewate of the ordinary cheap '.Tooth
Powders, which whiten but distroy.
Do you wish to be certain that , your breath
is pure,•sweet and agreeable to husband or
wife, lover or friends '3 Use Dr. Huao's cel
ebrated Mouth Wash. Price 37c a bottle.
This astringent wash is also tho beat remedy
in "the world for . Canker,, Bad Breath, Bleeding
Gums, Sore Mouth, etc. It has cured hundreds.
Do you, or your children suffer from Tooth
ache? Get Dr. HURD'S Magic Toothache
Drops. Price 15 cents per bottle.
Are you afflicted with Neuralgia.? Get Dr.
HU R D'S Neuralgia Plasters. The most ef
fective and delightful remedy known.
They do not adhere nor blister, but soothe
and charm pain away. Try them. Price, a
and 3 4 7 cents ; mailed on receipt of price.
Do you wish a complete set of Dental Reme
dies and a Treatise on Preserving the Teeth ?
Get Dr. William B. Hurd's Dental Treasury,
the'neateat and 'most valuable present that one
friend can mike to another. Price Sent
by Express on receipt of price.
For sale at all the best stores throughout the
UTION.: — As there are dealers who take
advantage of our advertisements to impose
upoo their customers inferior preparations, it
is necessary to insist,upon having what. you
call for, and you will gerthe best, thoroughly
tested ; and prepared by an experienced and
scientific. Dentist, Treasurer of the New York
State Dentist's naseciation, and Vice President
of the New York City Dental Society.
WM B. KURD si CO., Niw-Yonx
New Summer -Goods.
We have just received a full and
Is very large and contains many styles of rare
beauty, adapte4 to the wants of the plaint and
' gay Our line of
n Yo is Passimeres
Hosiery, /
Mittl;.and Notions of all
kinds in full supply; Sun
Umbrellas, Worked Collars, Shawls
Ingrain, Yenitian and Rag
Transparent, • • -
Oil Cloth and-Taper ,
Window Blinds, Wall
Paper in styles suitable for
Parlors, Chambers and Halls.
Marietta, May 17, 1862.
Merchant' Tailor, and Clothier, '
At F. J. ICramples Old Stand. °mike Cor
ner of North Queen and Orange
Streets, Lancaster, Penn'a.
Glt A. TEE UL to the Citizens of Marietta
and vicinity, for the liberal patronage.
heretofore extender, the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance of the same; as
suring them, that under all circumstances, no
efforts will be spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivilent for every act of confiaence reposed.
such other seasonable material as fashion and
the market furnishes,,constantly. kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly - , and rea
sonably, as taste or style may suggest.
Gentlemen's Furnishing Gooods
and such articles as usually belong to a Mer
chant Tailoring and Clothing establishment.
Dealer in Hardware,.
• Cedarware, Paints, Oils, Glass,
Cook, 01 - 0 stobes, Sec.,
WOULD take this means of informing the
citizens of Marietta and vicinity that he
is prepared to furnish anything in his line,
consistingin Part, of Table Cutlery of ah
kinds ; Building an d Housekeeping Hard
ware, in all Styles, Cutlery, Tools, Paints, Oils,
Glass, Varnishes, Cedarware, Tube, Buckets,
Churns, Knives, Forks, Spoons,Shovels, Po
kers, Tongs, Candlesticks, Pans Waiters, Cop
per and Brass Kettles; Door; Desk, Pad and
all other kind of Locks, Nails, Spikes and
in fact everything usually kept in a well regula
ied Hardware establishment.
TEWELRX.-A large and selected stock a
g) fine jewelry of the latest patterns from the
best factories in the country can be found at,
H. L. & E. J. ZAHM'S.
Cor. North Queen st. and Centre Square, Lan
caster, Pa. Our prices are ,moderate and all
goods warranted to be as represented.
SPECTACLES to suit all who
can be aided with 'glasses,
can be bought at .4. L. 4- F. J. ZAHN'S, Cor
ner of North Queen-st., and Center Square,
Lancaster. Near glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. - r [v6-1v
OFFICE: Front street, fourth door
froin Locust, over Saylor Br. McDon-!lfifill=
'aid's Book Store. Columbia. Entrance be
weep the Drug and 8004. Stores..,[3-1"
For sale cheap at Diffenbach's.
? i olAtibes of fly, bilbe soiOiets
MENT.—AII who have Friends and
Relatives in the Army or Navy, should take
special care, that they be amply supplied with
these Pills and Ointment; and where the
brave Soldiers and Sailors have neglected to
provide themselves with them, no better pres
ent can be sent them by their friends. They
have been proved to be the Soldier's never
failing-fliend in the hour of need.
Coug'ls and Colds afeeting Troops.
Will be speedily relieved and effectually
cured by using these admiraMe medicines, and
by paying proper attention to the Directions
which are attached to each Pot or Box.
Sick Headache and Want of Appetite
Incidental to Soldiers
Those feelings which so sadden us, usually
arise from trouble or annoyances, obstructed
prespiration, or eating and drinking Whatever
is amwholesome, thus disturbing the healthful
action of the liver and stomach. These organs
must be relieved, if you desire to de. well.—
The Pills, taking according to the printed
instructions, will quickly produce a healthy
action in both liver and stomach, and as a
natural consequence a clear head and goad
Weakness or Debility Induced by over
Will soon disappear by the use of these in
valuable Pins, and the Soldier will quickly
acquire_additional strength. Never let the
bowels be either confined or unduly acted
upon— It may seem strange that Hollowara
Pills should be feeommended for Dysentery
and Flux, many persons supposing that they
would increase the relaxation. This is a
great mistake,-for these Pills will correct the
liver ,and stomach.. and..thus remove all the
acrid humours from the system. This medi
cine will give tone and vigor to the whole
organic system however derange& while.
health and strength follow as a matter of
course. Nothing will stop the relaxation of
the Bowels so, sure as this famous medicine.
Volunteers Attention ! Indiscretion of
Sores and Ulcers, Blotches and. Swellings'
can with certainty be radically cured if the
Pills are taken night and morning, and the
Ointment be freely used as stated in the printed
instructions. If treated 'in any other manner
they dry up in one part to break out in another.
Whereas this Ointment will remove the
former from' the system and leave the Patients
in vigorous and healthy man. It will require
as little perseverance in bad cases to insure a
lasting cure.
For Wounds either occasioned by the
Bayonet, Sabre or the Bullet,
Sores or Bruises.
To which every Soldier and Sailor are liable,
there are no medicines so safe, sure and con
venient as Holloway's Pills and Ointment.—
The poor wounded and.almost dying sufferer
might have his wounds dressed immediately,
if he would only provide himself with this
matchless Ointment, which should be thruss
into the wound and smeared all around it, then
cover with a piece of linen from his Knapsack
and Compressed with a handkerchief. Taking
night and
,rnorning . 6 (?r S Pills, ,to cool the
system and prevent intimation.
Every Soldier's Knapsack , and Seaman's
Chest should be provided With these valuable
IMPORTANT CAUTION!—None are, genuine
unless the words " HoLLowes, Maw YORK
and Lor;non," are discernible as a Wale 7,
mark in every leaf of the book of directions,
around each pot or. box ; the same may, be
plainly seen by holding the leaf to the light.—
A handsome reward will be given to any one
rendering such information, as may , lead to the
detection of any party or parties countrrfeiting
the medicines or vending UN' same, knowing
them to be spurious. - ' -
*,*Sold'at the Manufactory of Professor
HolLoway, SO Maiden Lane, New York,
and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers
in Medicine throughout the civilized world,
in pots, at 25c. 62c. and each.
111:r There is considerable saving by.taking
the larger sizes.
N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients
in every disorder are affixed' to each pot.
December 14, 1861.—N0. 20-Iy.
Another Lot of New Summer
For Men's Ladies and Children7s Wear.
No. 61 Market Street Marietta, Pa.
The best Merrimac - Prints at 124 cents;
" " Ainerican" "
" Chalice "..123 "
" Sprague "' 1% "
6 ' cc. Mourning 64 J2y cc
The best Domestic. Ginghams, at 124 cents
Bleached and unbleached Muslim; at nearly
Such as English ana French Chintzes, '
French Challies,
• ' French Poplins;
• , • White and• Colored
Crapes, Veils? Collars, and pTotiensof all kinds,
Spring Cloaking Cloths;
Fancy and Plnin Caisitheres, •
Black and Fancy Cloth,
Cashmeretts, Tweeds,
Kentucky Jeans, Carpeting ?
Oil Cloths, 'Window Blinds,
Buff Holland, for Curtains,
Curtain Fixtures, &c., &c.,
All of the above goods having been bought
Port easii. will be sold cheap as the.cheapest ;.
the attention of persons waiting for low prices
are respectfully invited to this notice.
Ten Hhds. Extra Syrup at 50 cents per gallon ;
Exe.elsior llama and Dried.Beef,,said to be the
best in the world: ' ' -
Fresh Soda and Wine Cup. Biscuit; Sugars,
Coffees, Teas, &c., at the lowest market , prices.
Five Mids. Sugar House Molasses• at 25
cents per gallon. '
Brandies, Gins; Superior Old Rye Pure Port,
Sherry and Madiera Wines, all of which will,
be sold at the lowest price FOR CASH.
China, Glass and .Queristoare,"
lr:3 — The highest price paid for produce.
Prepared from an improved recipe by the pro
prietor of
" The Brother•_ Jonathan Polish,"
is certified by all the leading New York Fur
niture Dealers and Piano Forte makers to be
the best in the world for removing scralches,
marks and dirt, and restoring a high and last
ing gloss to all kinds of Varnished Work, from
Furniture to Leather. lt is cheaper and bet
ter than varnish, dries immediately, and is ea
sily applied. With. a piece of canton'flannel•
and a bottle or two of this
• New 'Furniture Polish,
a housekeeper can work magic in the furniture
of a house and keep it lookinglike new., Now
is the time to "shine up" your tables, chairs,
desks, pianos, picture frames, carriages, etc.,
and make , them look fifty per pentum better.
This is true economy. For sale by FurnAure
Dealers and Storekeepers generally. Price 25
.and 50 cents a bottle. Depot No. : 1 Spruce
:Street New York. Special Agents Wanted.
Address, Box 1972, New York P. 0.
.oery p/ain
each 'one warranted to per
to the entitle satisfaction ofthe-pur, •
chaser. PATTERSON & CO.
Booqgil *OO4l
Situate on the South East Corner of Maria
ket Square and Gay Street, known as the
Built expressly for a public house, with all the
modern improvements. A large Brick Stable
with convenient Stalls is attached; two excel
lent Pumps—one front, the other at the Kitch
en door;
a Cistern, &c., &c.
The Lot adjoining the Hotel will be sold
with it if desired.
NO. 2. LOT NO. 76, Fronting on Market
Street and adjoining residence of the Misses
Haines on the North, an Alley on the South
and Lot No. 77 on the East. On this Lot are
Each Two-Stories high; the one occupied by
James M. Anderson, and almost entirely new.
There is a pump_and cistern in the yard. The
other is occupied by Jacob A. Wisner.
. .
NO. 3. LOT NO. 77, adjoining No. 76 on
the west, an alley on the south and Lot No.
73 on the east, on which is erected
Frame Dwelling House,
now occupied by John Sultzbach
Fronting on Fairvieyv Street.on the South
_ -
NO.. 5. Six and one-half LIM of Ground,
ronting on Fairview Street on the North and
John Ruth on the West and an alley on the
No. 6. Five . aeres and three quarters of
land situated in East Donegal Township, join
ing land 01 John W. Clark on the North and
the Borough line on the Run anl a Street an
the Sonth. There is an excellent
on the land.
All the above property will be sold in pay
ments. The one half of the purchase money
to be paid when the title is executed and the
other half payable one year after, with Inter
est and approved security.
N. B. AU rents now due Charles Kelly or
coming due must be paid to the subscriber.
Marietta, June 21, 15(32-tf.
• Formerly Keesey's
The undersigned having leased . the above
named old established Ferry and Hotel, in
Hellam Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta, where he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table wrth
the best the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained
First Class' Ferry Boats,
and efficient ferrymen, and is now fully preps
red to accommodate persons wishing to craw.
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
without delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
The undersigned having leased the old "Stack
house" stand, at the corner of Front street
and Elbow Lane, would most respectfully
inform Watermen and the traveling. public
generally that nothing shall be left undone
to make it deserving of a liberal support.
Marietta, March 1, 1862.
The undersigned having again leased this old
and popular hotel, takes this method of in
forming his old friends and the publicaener
ally, that nothing shall be spared to keep up
the reputation of the house, and make it
worthy of the support of the traveling pub
lic. Gro: W. klEcrstorar.
rilllE American Watches are among the best
timekeepers now in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity, far surpass any other
watch made in the world.
H. L. Er E.. J. Z A 11 !If
Corner of North Queeo-st., and Centre Square
Lancaster, Pa., have them tor sale at the verb
lowest rates—every watch accompanied with
the 11l an ufactu rers guarrantee to ensure its gen
113 LATED WARE : • A Large and line stock
I of Plated ware at H. L. &E. J. ZAHN%
Corner of North Queen street & Center Square,
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts, in variety, Coffee
Urns. Pitcheis, Goblets, Salt Stands, .Cake
Baskets, Card Baskets, Spoons, Forks, Knives,
Casters, &c., &c., at manufacturers prices.
Rari.ariNG attended to at-moderate rates.
Twenty Dozen
NVI L C XtS Celebrated Imperial Elt,
tension Steel Spring Skeleton Skirt, with
self-adjustible Bustle. The latest and best in
use, just received at
and twill be sold at considerable belOw the
usual prices.
Kolloek's Dandelion Coffee.
THIS preparation, made from the beat Java
.1 Coffee, is recommended by physicians as a
superior Nutritious Beverage, for. General ps
bility, Dyspepsia, and all bilious diiordors.—
Thousands who have been compelled to aban
don the use of Coffee will use this without in
jurious effects. One'can contains the btivigth
of two pounds of ordinary coffee. Price 25
cents. For sale at J. R. Diffehbach's.' ;
can be had of ILL. & E. T. &tun, qr.
orth Queen-st., and Center 'Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers—
the best article of Swiss levers nowirkthe mar
ket. They are lower in. price than, any watch
of equal quality and j ust as true for timekeeping
1 - ) RIME GROCERIES Jav a and
r Laguira Coffee ; iCrushed, 'Pulverized and
Brown Sugar; Superior Green and Black Tea ;
Cheese and Spices; Syrup and Prime ba
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley at •
ffAMPAGNE and other Table Win9a.
guarranteed to be Ode, endmiens lo* as
can, be bought in Philadelphia , or New-York,
H. D. BENJAMIN, Picot Building.
TEE Largest and bestassertment of Fancy
Cloth & Cassimeres and mating ever offered
in this market and will be sold at prices which
defy competition by J. R. Differibach.,
Syrup, for children and, adults has just
been put up at my store, which should be ;in
very family this cold weather.. Da. ; LANDIS.
A GAIN REDIJCEC.—The beat Coal Oil at.
1 - 140 cents per gallon , or 10 cents : per quart,
at the Hardware of
P 22, 8 A T 3 TE 6
2. R S 0 N CO.
Marietta, Fqbary
-F NINES Si 'FORlCS;ltritainia and Silver
plated Spoons,, Brass, Copper,:'Plaiii and
`nameled Iron Settles, and Housekeiping
goods generally. ' Pattirson 4r 'ect -
50 . BAll'ALiirt:Tolillial‘rskeY
market' rates by the barrel or gallon, at
J. R. Diffenbach , s Cheap ,Stoie.
10 BAI F tgLiMg V G
Per Sale at DIETENBACH'S Cheap Cash ig
J will be received at the cbeap stor
0 for culinary, purposei, warrant enili,
H. D. Benjamin $.• Co's.
ALT! SALT I l—lf youiwa
Call at the store of. SPANGLER
TAYOttS,..fianging and S
For Sule,at WEST )