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    'he it' , PO 11Sed to being over the hot stove
that she don't mind it much."
Just then a woman, with a baby in her
arms, came to the window of another
cottage, and called Archie.
"Ay, ay !" said Archie, springing up,
and swinging his hat toward the house.
"Don't go yet, Archie," said Willie
....Fist wait till we finish this paper; it
won't make any difference."
"I'm learning to obey orders," said
Archie ; "besides, know mother wants
me to take care of the baby while she
gets dinner."
"I do hate baby-tending ; it's girl's
work," said Willie.
"So is cooking and washing clothes,
but soldiers have to do both. Right
about face !" said he, shouldering his
fishing pole, and starting for home, "my
company has received marching orders."
"Just in time, Archie," said his mother
placing the baby in his arms. "I see my
volunteer means to be on hand whenever
his ordsrs come."
"Now, Archie really disliked tending
the baby very much, especially on such
a warm day, when it took all patience
and ingenuity to amuse his little brother,
made unusally fretful by the heated
kitchen, where his mother was busy over
the glowing stove, made him think him
self very fortunaate to be able to remain
in the sitting-room, with closed blinds
and open windows. But baby was not
at all pleased with the darken'd room; he
would not sit on the floor and roll Ar
chie's ball ; he would not laugh a all
Archie's antics and grimaces ; he wanted
to be carried, and carried he must be.
"Come on, then," said Archie, tossing
him on to his shoulders. "Now, I'm on
a forced march from Washington to Tex
as, and this is my knapsack and blanket
Heavy load r hot weather—mercury up
to five hundred degrees in the shade—
whole army of secessioners running away
from us—bound to get there before
morning—band strike up Yankee Doo
dle and he commenced rapidly pac . ng
the Yankee Doodle, to baby's great sat
Just as he was beginning to find it
pretty hard work, the door opened, and
his sister Sarah came in from school..
"Turn ' out and relieve guard," said
Archie, dropping the baby in her lap,
and throwing himself at full length on
the carpet
" - You're full of war nonsense," said
Sarah, laughing.
"Oh, well," said Archie, "anything to
amuse the baby, and keep a fellow good
natured this hot weather.'
- WHALES AGROUND.-A shoal of whales
ran ashore lately at Whitness, on the
Isle Shetland, and getting into shallow
water immense numbers—four hundred,
it is said—were captured by the iland
ers. They were attacked both by sea
and land. Some escape, but were woun
ded, sank, and afterwards •rose to the
surface, and floated to shore, so that
almost the entire shoal was captured.
People came from miles around, and a
number of. riflemen hurried to the spot
to enjoy the novel sport of whale shoot-
Gen. McClellan was recently ri
ding along the lines of his army, examin
ing the condition of the men. A young
Pennsylvanian was on guard when the
Gelieral rode up. He demanded the
countersign. "I am the Commander-in_
Chief, George B. McClellan," vas an
swer. "Well, then, Commander-in-Chief,
Gen. George B. McClellan, get down
from your horse and give the conetersign
or I will see what kind of a hole the
musket which J. K. Moorehead procur
ed for us will make in the body of Corn_
mander-in-Chief, George B. McClellan."
The General dism Quoted, gave the word
and praised the young soldier for his
conduct, and told him whenesier he wan'
Led a favor to let him know.
Er The War Department has called
for no definite number of troops, but has
re-opened the recruiting stations lately
closed by order. Some new regiments
will be raised for special service, as in
Kentucky for the military commandant
appointed there. Beyond this, no formal
call has been made on States for volun
teers ; the main object is obtain a reserve
to fill up existing regiments.
itir The brave Col. Corcoran, who
has been so long a prisoner in rebels
hands, and whose exchange, on account
of rebel spite toward him was refused, is
about to be released, and exchanged for
the rebel colonel, W. F. Baldwin, of
Virginia. His return will be. hailed
with the liveli est satisfaction by his
hosts of friends.
er Mrs. Jeff. Davis and children are
surrounded by a sort of " court" at.Ra_
leigh, North Carolina. Among the pre_
clans harpies there doing homage is the
true hailed, loyal, ex• Senator William
M. Gwin of California, who, after giving
his parole of honor, stole into Dixie.
.er The James river is navigable for
sea-going steamers, drawingoleven feet
of water, quite up to the city of Rich
mond ; so that, if unobstructed, most of
our gunboats can run up to the head
quarters of, rebeldotn.
Dr. Bomar, who was concerned
in the Orsini plot, has been confined in
Wandsworth (England) Lunatic Asy
ar:hr 14atiettian.
F. L. E.:1,7.m-, Editoi
JLcu~LPLLa, a.
SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1862.
Messrs. MATHER & ABBOTT, No. 335
Broadway, New-York, are duly authorized to
act for us in soliciting advertisments, gr.c.
VERY SAD.—Three outspoken Union
men have been found in Norfolk by our
troops. One of them was worth $30,-
000 a year ago, every dollar which the
rebel government confiscated. He took
to the woods and swamps south of Nor
folk ; but upon, hearing that the old flag
waved once more over his native city, he .
returned. Meetibg an old Northern
friend on the streets, he threw himself
into his arms and fell to the ground a
shrieking maniac. The co nvulsion of
joy was too much for mind and body
enfeebled by starving in the woods, and
he is now a lunatic.
aged eighteen years, committed suicide
at Frederick, Md., on Monday night., by
taking laudanum. It appears she was
the betrothed bride of a young man
named Dennis Stull, a soldier in the
Federal army. who died a few days since
from wounds received in battle. The
Examiner says that at the funeral of her
lover she placed her likeness under' his
head, and remarked that she would not
long survive him, and when . her own
death was discovered, the photograph of
her betrothed was found under her head
signifying the wish that it should be in
terred with her remains.
Orange Judd of the Agriculturist,
starts for Europe to day in the Great
Eastern to attend the Meeting of the
Royal Agricultural Society in connection
with the World's Exhibition at London
to look into the operation of two or three
of the leading Agricultural Colleges in
Great Britain, France, and Germany,
and especially to provide for future re
ports of the crops of the Old World,
upon the condition of which so much de
pends the value of Breadstuff in this
country. Ample provission is of course
made for carrying on the Agriculturist
with undiminshed vigor during the two or
three months absence of Mr. Judd.
ra Lieutenant Warden, of the Mon.
itor, can at present'see with only one eye
but he can see more with that one than
any rebel commodore, captain, or lieu
tenant can see with a pair. The Louis
ville Democrat says that if the rebels see
him coming with one eye shut, they will
be sure to xun, thinking he is taking aim
at them.
43" A little girl named Addie Nutt
ing, aged two and a half years, daughter
of Leander Nutting of Mason Village,
N, FL died on Saturday Jast,trom eating
matches two days before. The phospho
rus, as it issued from her mouth, resem
bled a stream of fire, very much like that
caused by lighting matches on a wall in
the dark.
- Martin locker, Sr., who died at
his homestead, at Hockersville, Dauphin
county, on the 25th ultimo, was born
near Ephrata, Lancaster county, Octo
ber 21st, 1768, and at the time of his
death was consequently 93 years, 9 mon
ths and 4 days old. •
Cr Every Traitor who utters a disloy
al sentiment on the streets of Baltimore
is at once knocked down by a loyal man,
The same practice would have a benefic
ial effect in other localities north of
11Er Gen. Sickles has been ordered to re
sume command of the Excelsior brigade
attached to the army of the Potomac.
This we trust, terminates the "Sickles
or A Ballon Reconnoissance was
made from the Head Quarters of Gen.
MaClellon on Saturday, which disclosed
the fact that the rebel army was then
evacuating Richmond.
cr An Irishman, in recommending
a cow, remarked, she will give milk year
after year without having calves—be
cause she came of a cow that never had
a calf. •
cir Mew his is said to be overrun by
gamblers, garroters and murderers. An
old man a cigar dealer, was recently
strangled and robbed of $15,000 in specie
during a . thunder storm at night.
Cr A letter from Batavia, dated
March 31, reports a Confederate priva
teer steamer, mounted with eight rifled
guns, in the China sea. She has been
by an English man.of-war.
C - The office of the Richmond :Exam
iner has been rem oved to Petersburg
twenty-four miles distant, "in anticipa
tion of movements of the U. S. Army.
ow The Grandfather of Gen. Halleck
is living in Utica, N, Y and is ono hun
dred years old.
A negro, a very desperate character,
was hung at West Point, on Friday last,
for the cold-blooded murder of two Mass
fachusetts soldiers. He caught them
asleep alone, and murdered them for their
money. He was caught the next day
and was made to jump off the limb of a
tree, with a rope around his neck.
Andrew J. Vallandigham, who repre
sents himself as a brother of the Congress
man of that name, has been arrested at
Clinton, Missouri, for marauding upon
Union citizens, horse stealing, robbery,
bushwhacking and jayhawking generally.
The Vallandighams are a bad breed.
A number of years ago a free black
man of Washington raised sufficient
money to purchase a black woman. By
her he has since raised a family of six. or
seven children. As by the law of the
District the child follows the condition
of the mother, of course these children
are his slaves. He has therefore, filed
his claim and asked payment from the
GOvernment, valuing his "piccaninnies"
at $3OO each.
A Bill bas been introduced in Congres
to reduce letter postage to a uniform
rate of two cents for any distance within
the United States.
The women of Poland have a watchful
eye over their daughters, and make them
wear little bells on their persons, to de
note where they are and what they are
Mr. Crittenden, of Kentucky, in a
recent speech in the House, said of the
President : "There is a niche in the
temple of fame—a niche near to Wash
ington—which should be occupied by
the state of him who shall save his
country. Mr. Lincoln has a mighty des
tiny. It is for him to be but a Presi
dent of the people of the United States,
and there will his statue be. It is in
his power to occupy a place next to
Washington, the founder and preserver,
side by side.
Alfred Stanly, a brother of Hon. Edw.
Stanly, Provisional Governor of N. Car.
aline., was captured near Washington
N. C., on the 14th inst., by a party of
Union cavalry. He hoped that North
Carolina would open and swallow np
his brother if he should set foot upon
her soil as its Governor, under the au
thority of the United States.
A woman in New Jersey took to
wearing the bloomer costume, a short
time since, which so mortified her son—
a fine young man about twenty years
old—that he has become insane.
A female dromedary, belonging to a
menagerie exhibiting at Stirling, Scot
land ; has lately given birth to a promis
ing infant dromedary, the first ever born
on English soil.
Jeff. Davis has sent Mrs. Davis south
from Richmond, to find retreat and re
pose in an obscure town in North Car
olina. This is a cruel disappointment
to Mrs. D., remembering that she was
promised a residence in the White
House at Washington more than a year
The First N. Y. Fire Zonaves, form
erly Ellsworth Regiment, have arrived
at New York. They were mustered out
of service, it being impossible to discip
line them.
Quite a breeze has arisen in Charles
and Prince George counties, Maryland,
by the alleged discovery of a plot for a
negro insurrection.
The Secretary War writes that, owing
to' want of transportation, it is iniposible
at present to grant permission to remove
the bodies of soldiers killed in battle.
The decided of a large and pow
erful party in France towards the Union
cause, dates from the admission of the
Orleans Princes into the Federal service.
At Winooski, New Jersey, a little
girl named Mary Stewart, fell down a
precipice of sixty-five feet, and was pick
ed up uninjured..
A. number of choice horses and sheep
have been shipped from Boston within
the last week, to the order of parties in
They are casting at Pittsburg, for our
Government, a monster coanon, to throw
a ball of 1000 pounds..
The loyal States, at an intimation that
100,000 more soldiers will be needed, are
already offering their quotas.
The Supreme Court of this State has
declared the army vote to have been un
A four-inch plank, 107 feet in length,
was recently turned out at a saw-mill in
The French army is marching npon
Mexico and is meeting with little oppo
"Where will Davis Stop ?" asks a cot
emporary. Where Beauregard said he
would water his horse, probably.
George W. Randolph, the new rebel
Secretary of War is a grandson of Thom
as Jefferson.
It has been discovered that coal oil is
a destroyer of bed bugs.
Cr E. P. Christy, of the Minstrels,
died on the 20th instant from the effects
of jumping out of a 2d story window.
A TROUT FACTORY.—Messrs. Dunham
& Ives of Hartford, have a large factory
in operation in Glastenbery, Ct., where
trout are hatched by artificial means.—
The number now in the pond is between
forty and fifty thousand, and rapidly in
creasing. When the stock reaches the
number of half a million, they estimate
a yield of 50,000 lbs. per annum. The
fishes are fed regularly, and have a man
in constant attendance. Their food con
sists of small fish and shad-spawn. Mil
lions of Sackers are raised to feed the
hungry beauties of the pond.
W A German woman at Winsted,
Conn., thinks that "we in this country
don't know anything about war yet"
During the existence of a war in Ger
many, she was compelled to work in a
blacksmith's shop for three years, so.
scarce were men.
In this Borough, on Thursday evening last,
On the same evening, after a protracted illness,
ELY HAYNES, of Lycoming county, at an
advanced age. •
On the same evening, WILLIAM SHIELDS, Of
this Borough, aged about 45 years.
To CONSUMPTIVES : The advertiser having
been restored to health in a few weeks, by a
very simple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral years with a severe lung affection, and
that dread disease, Consumption—is anxious to
make known to his fellow-sufferers the means
of cure. To all who desire it, he will send a
copy of the prescription used (free of charge)
with the directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will find a sure cure for Con
sumption Asthma, Bronchitis, &c. The only
object of the advertiser in sending the prescrip
tion is to benefit the afflicted, and spread infor
mation which he conceives is invaluable, and
he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as
it will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the prescription will
please address Rey. E. A. Wilson,
3mj Williamsburg, Rings eu , N. Y.
A Cann To Young Ladies and Gentle
men.—The sub Scriber will send, free of charge
to all who desire it, the recipe and directions
for making a simple Vegetable Balm, that will,
in from two to eight days, remove Pimples,
Blotches, Tan, Freckles, Sallowness, and all
impurities and roughness of the skin, leaving
the same as nature intended it should be—soft
clear, smooth and beautiful. Those desiring the
recipe, with full instructions, directions and ad
vice, will please call on or address, (with post
age stamp) Trios. F. CHAPMAN,
Practical Chemist, 831 Broadway, N. Y.
READ ! READ ! ! The confessions and ex
perience of a Sufferer. Published as a warn
ing, and for the especial benefit of Young Men,
and those who suffer with Nervous Debility,
Loss of Memory, Premature Decay, &c., by
one who has cured himself by simple means,
after being put to great expense and inconve
nience, through the use of worthless medicines
prescribed by learned doctors. Single copies
may be had of the author, C. A. LA AI BERT,
Esq., Greenpoint, Long Island, N. Y., or by
addressing the same enclosing 2c. stamp.
rangement of the system incidental to the
change of diet, wounds, eruptions and erup
tions and exposures, which every volunteer is
liable to, there are no remedies so safe, conve
nient and reliable as Holloway's _Pals 4. Oint
ment, only 25 c. per box. (209
to yourselves, protect your health, use Hollo
way's Pills g• Ointment. For wounds, sores,
bowel complaints and fevers, they are a per
fect safeguard. Full directions how to use
them with every box. Price 25 c. (210
31:3 Wives, Mothers and Sisters, whose
husbands, sons and brothers are serving in the
Army, can not put into their knapsacks a
more necessary or valuable gift than a few
They insure health even under the exposure
of a soldier's life. Only 25 cents a Box or
Pot. 219.
Torrey's New Arctic Freezer.
Fxosc its peculiar construction, can be confi
dently relied on to freeze Cream or make
Water Ices of a superior quality, in
from 2 to 4 minutes by the watch.
We have already proved, by several public ex
periments, its ability to freeze cream in less
than one-half the time of any other Freezer
in the market.
3quarts, - - $3:00,)3 " - - 6:00
4 " - - 4:00N " - - 8:00
6 " - - 6:0000 " - - 12:000
E. S. 3• J. TORREY, Manufacturers,
72 Maiden Lane, N. y
Note : Superior Cream can be made in one
of these Freezers at a cost of less than IS cts,
per quart. ir:3 - Several good receipts accom
pany each Freezer. [lm
and Fancy Bonnets,
Ribbons, Flowers, &c., at reduced prices
for cash, at her establishment,
Locust Street, next door above the Columbia
May 24, 1862-Im]
Late of East Donegal Township, Dee'd.
Letters of administration on said estate having
been granted to the undersigned, all persons
indebted thereto are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mands against the same will present them for
settlement to the undersigned ; residing in said
township. 'JOHN M. WHITEIIILL.
May 31, 1862-6times.]
Finely flavored Ice Cream can be had
WOLFE'S every day and evening, Sunday's
Market-st., Marietta.
S ALT ! SALT !—lf youwant to buy
Call at the store Of SPANGLER & PATTERSON
200 S gr K s S ale O Le S a A n at LT Diffenbach's
Blf. -
01ILEN'S long celebrated GIN,
New Summer Goods
We hare just receircd a full and
MFRS 'wind
Is very large and contains many styles o f rare
beauty, adapted to the wants of the plain a nd
gay. Our line of
Men's and Youth's Cassinieres
Gloves, Rosiery,
Mitts, and Notions of all
kinds in full supply ; Sun
' Umbrellas, Worked Collars, Shawls,
Veils, Etc. Ingrain, Venitian and Rag
Oil Cloth and Paper
Window Blinds, Wall
Paper in styles suitable for
Parlors, Chambers and Halls.
Marietta, May 17, 1562.
WE have the pleasure of informing the
VV public that we are now prepared to offer
at our Old Stand,
Nos. 103, 105 5. 107 North Second St.,
above Arch, Philadelphia. -
In every variety, of the LATEST IMPORTA-
Tunis, and of the newest and most fashionable
Will comprise every variety of Bonnets, Hats,
and Trimmings to be found in that line, of the
latest and most approved shapes and styles.
ar,22j H. WARD.
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, '
Would most respecttully inform the citizens
of this Borough and neighborhood that he has
the largest assortment of City made work in
his line of business in this Borough, and be
ing a practical BOOT AND SHOE MAKER
himself,is enablea to select with more judgment
than those who are not. He continues to man
ufacture in the very best manlier everything
in the BOOT AND SHOE LINE, which he
will warrant for neatness and good fit.
Call and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger.
WOULD most respectfully inform the cit
izens of Marietta and the public gener
ally that he is prepared to do
Douse Painting,
China Glossing,
Paper flanging, (3-c.,
At very short notice and at places to suit the
tithes. He can be found at his inotner's resi
dence on the corner of Chesnut and Second
streets, a few doors below the Al. E. Church,
and immediately opposite the old Oberlin
Coach Works. [Aug. 3-Iy.
4)lositherifs, ileo iStmes, &e.
MICHAEL GABLE, Marble Mason,
Opposite the Thwn Hall Park,
Marietta, Pa.
THE Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town Hall and opposite Funk's Cross Keys
Tavern, where every description of marble
work will be kept on hand or made to order at
short notice and at very reasonable prices.
Marietta, June 29, 1861. 49-ly
PLATED WARE : A Large and line stock
of Plated ware at EL L. & E. J. ZAtiar's,
nerof North Queen street & Center Square,
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts, in variety, Coffee
Urns. Pitchers, Goblets, Salt Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card Baskets, Spoons, Forks, Knives,
Casters, &c., &c., at manufacturers prices.
REPLATING attended to at moderate rates
OFFICE: Front street, fourth door arm "
from Locust, over Saylor & McDon
ald's Book Store ; Columbia. Entrance be
ween the Drug and Book Stores. [3-1
Superior Old Brandy, Old Rye Whiskey,
Holland Gin, Old Madoria, Lisbon, Sherry and
Port \Vines.
Pittsburg Whiskey always on hand at the
lowest market prices. Very Fine Brandy at
a very low figure, by the barrel.
J. It. DIFFENBACH. Market-st.
MICHENRIVS Excelsior Hams. These
celebrated Sugar-euied HAMS are put
up expressly for Family use. They are of de
licious flavor, free from the unpleasant taste
of salt and pronounced by epicures the best in
the world. For sale at
1 1 can be had of H. L. & E. J. ZAIIM, Cm.
North Queen-st., and Center Square, Lanbas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers—
the best article of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price than any watch
of equal quality andj list as true for timekeeping
Hammered and Rolled Iron, H.
S. Bars, Norway, Nail Rods, American
and German Spring and Cast Steel, Wagon
Boxes, Iron Axles, Springs, &e., for smiths.
For sale at PATTERSON 4- CO'S.
AGAIN REDUCED.—The best Coal Oil at
40 cents per gallon, or 10 cents per quart,
at the Hardware of •
Marietta, February 22, 1862.
wTLC 0 S Celebrated Imperial Ex
tension Steel Spring Skeleton Skirt, With
self-adjustible Bustle. The latest and best in
use, for sale cheap at Difenbach's.
A CHOICE Lot of Books for children called
±lindistructable Pleasure Books; School and
' then Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
c., &c. For sale by Dr. Landis.
WOLFE'S Celebrated Spring and Clasp
The best in the world—made and sold at
Price, 6 cents.) WOLFE'S
TO LANDLORDS! Just received, Scotch
and Irish WHISKIES, warrau
ted pure, at H. D. Benjamain,s.
TORE ROOM TO LET.—The Room lately
occupied by Miss Margaret Trainer as a
Millinery. Apply to BARR SPANGLER.
TUST RECEIVED at the "Enterprise Wine
ej and Liquor Store," Mount Soy, a supenca
article of Champagne and German Wines.
for culinary purposes, warrantedgenuine
H. D. Benjamin Co's.
BUGGY and Sleigh BLANKETS of various
styles and at much lower prices than the
same sold last fall. Spangler k Patterson.
For Sale at DIFT.ENBACH'S Cheap Cash Wirt:,
i spf;og of 150.2.
£111:3t1 F;fT
No. 61 Market Street, Marietta, Pa
17,e best Arerrimac Prints at 12 cents,
" American " 12.;: "
" " Cocheco " 14 "
~, " Sprague ,z 13q
" " Mourning " loi: tC
Tbe best Domestic Ginghams al 12-:, cents.
Bleached and unbleached Muslins at nessly
Such as English and French Chintzes,
French Ch allies,
French Poplins,
White and Colored
Crapes, Veils, Collars, and Notions of all kinds.
Spring Cloaking Cloths,
Fancy and Plain Cassinzeres,
Black and lima!, Cloths,
Cashmcretts, Tweeds,
Kentucky Jeans, Carpeting,
Oil Cloths,Window Blinds,
Buff olland, for Curtains,
Curtain Fixtures, &c., &c.,
All of the above goods having been bought
FOR CASH, will be sold cheap as the cheapest;
the attention of persons waiting for low prices
are respectfully invited to this notice.
Ten Hhils. Extra Syrup at 50 cents per gallon ;
Excelsior Hams and Dried Beef, said to be the
best in the world.
Fresh Soda and Wine Oup Biscuit ; Sugars,
Coffees, Teas, &c., at the lowest market prices.
Five Hhds. Sugar House Molasses at 25
cents per gallon.
Brandies, Gins, Superior Old Rye, Pure Port,
Sherry and Mediera Wines, all of which will,
be sold at the lowest price ion CASH.
China, Glass and Queensware,
E The highest price paid for produce.
Marietta, April 5, 1862. •
Greqf ipi);ap Fel
This Celebrated Female Medicine possesses
virtue unkno'vn of anything else of the kind,
and prooving effectual after all others have
failed ; it is prepared Loin an " Indian Herb"
peculiar to Northern Mexico, and Texas, and
is used by the Natives in producing the moNin-
LY SICKNESS. It is designed for both ,married
and single ladies, and is the very best thing
known for the purpose, as it will remove all
obstructions after other remedies have been
tried in vain. It is a pleasant tea, containing
nothing injurious to health, and u cure can bo
relied upon in all cas.s.
Prolapsus Uteri, or failing of the Womb
Flows ilbus, or Whites; Chronic lnilamation,
or Ulceration of the Womb; Incidental Hem
rage or Flooding ' • and disease of the Spine.
Ladies in the early stage of pregnancy
are cautioned against the use of this tea, ust t
will produce miscarriage.
Prepared and Sold by
DR. G. W. ENG LISH, N 0.129 Rice -ST.,
Price $l.OO per package, (with full directions
for use) sent by Express or Alail
to any address.
Dr. E. can be consulted in all obstinate
Female Complaints, in person cr by letter,
and will furnish the Gutta-percha Female
Syringe—highly recommended by the Faculty
0 married ladies for special purpw,es.
Also Radical Cure and other Trusses—lm
proved Rotary and Spine Abdominal Support
ers—Shoulder Braces—Elastic and Lace Stock
ings—Spinal Apparatus, for Weak and Curved
Spine—and Instruments for all Deformities.—
A large Stock of the above articles constantly
on hand, and will be furnished at lowest rates
by sending order with measurement and full
All communications strictly confiden
tial. For further particulars please adthess i
I have no Agents.
'e Physiological Views of Marriage!
Price only 25 cents. Sent free of postage to
all parts of the Union. On the infirmities at
'youth and maturity, disclosing the secret fol
lies of both sexes of ages, causing debility,
nervousness, depression of spirit, palpitation
of the heart, suicidal imaginings, involuntary
emissions, blushings, defective memory, indi
gestion and lassitude, with confessions of
thrilling interest of a Boarding School Miss,
a College Student, and a Youug Married Lady,
4•C., ,tc. It is a truthful adviser to the married
and those contemplating mai riage, who enter
tain secret doubts of their physical condition,
and who are conscious of having hazarded the
health, happiness, and privileges to which
every human being is entitled.
YOUNG MEN who are troubled with
weakness, generally caused by a bad habit in
youth, the effects of which are dizziness,
pains, fometfulness, sometimes a ringing in
the cars, weak eyes, weakness of the buck
and lower extremities, confusion of ideas, loss
of memory,
with melancholy, may be cured
by the author's new Parts and London Treat
We have recently devoted much of stirtime in visiting the European Hospitals, avail
in ourselves of the knowledge and researches
of 'the most skillful Physicians and Surgeons
in Europe and the Continent. Those who
place themselves under our care will now
have the full benefit of the many new and er
ficacious Remedies which we are enabled to
introduce into our practice, and the public
may rest assured of the same zeal, assiduity,
SECRECY and attention being paid to their
cases, which has so successfully distinguished
us heretofore, as a Physician in our PECULI A R.
department of professional Practice, for the
past twenty-five years.
FRENCH FEMALE PlLLS.—Ladies who wish
for Medicines, the efficacy of which has beets
tested in thousands of cases, and never failed
to effect speedy cures without any bad re
sults, will use none but Dr. DeLaney's Fe
male Periodical Pills. • The only precaution
necessary to be observed is, ladies should not
take them if they have reason to believe they
are in certain situations (the particulars of
which will be found on the wrapper accom
panying each box,) though always safe and
healthy, so gentle, yet so active are they.
Price $1 per box. They can be mailed to
any pint of the United States or Canada.
To TILE LAnizs—Who need a confidential
medical adviser with regard to any of those
interesting complaints to which their delicate
organization renders them liable., are particu
larly invited to consult us.
For married ladies whose health will not ad
mit, or who have no desire to increase their
families, may be obtained as above. It is a
perfectly safe preventive to conception, and
has been extensively used during the last 20
years. Pries reduced to .S Id.
A Treatise on the Cause of Premature De,
cay— A solemn warning. Just published, a
book showing the insidious progress and pre,
valence among schools, [both male and fe.,
male.] of this fatal habit, pointing out the
fatality that invariably attends its victims, and
developing the whole progress of the disease,
from the commencement to the end. •
It will be sent by Mail on receipt of two [3l
cent Stamps.
Attendance daily, from S in the morning till
9 at night, and on Sundays from 2 till 5 P. sr.
Medicines with full ditections sent to any
part of the United States or. Canadas, by pa
tients communicating their symptoms by letter.
Business correspondence strictly confidential,
Dr. L's Office is still located as establish..
ed, under the name of DR. LA CROIX, a t
31 Maiden tame, Albany, N. I r . Fly •