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F. L. Faker, Editor
.. / Itaigiztia, Olcr..
SATURDAY, It AY 17, 1862.
Dom' Messrs. MATHER & ABBOTT, No. 335
ltroadway, New-York, are dull , authorized to
act for us in soliciting advertisments, &c.
NW Few could have expected, very
truthfully says Forney's Press, two short
months ago, when the Merrimac commit
ted such frightful havoc among our wood.
ed vessels in Hampton Roads, and when
Northern cities were threatened by her
exultant officers, that in a brief period
she would be destroyed by her own crew
to prevent from falling into the possess
ion of a fleet to which she was no long
er an object of dread. In nothing has
the superior power of the North been
more apparent than in the readiness with
which measures were devised to compel
this monste,r of the deep to shrink from
a test of her boasted invincibility.
Or Lovejoy's bill to secure Freedom,
which passed Congress a few days since,
is as follows: "That Slavery, or invol
untary servitude, in all cases whatsoever
except in punishment for crime, (where
of the person shall be duly convicted,)
shall henceforth cease, and be prohibited
forever, in all the territories of the Uni
ted States now exhisting, or hereafter to
be formed or acquired in any way.
WirGovernor Andy Johnson of Tenn
essee, has issued a proclamation to the
effect that, for every Union man captur
ed or ill-treated by the rebel marauders,
five prominent rebels shell be. made to
suffer, and that ample remuneration shall
be made to all loyalists who may be dis
poiled of, out of the pro
perty of such parties as have given aid
and comfort to the, enemy; •
, gr,Gen. Pope's official report of the
cpptnre of Island No. 10, which is just
published, says that he captured there 3
generals, .273 field and company officers
6700 . privates, 123 pieces of heavy ar
tillery, 30 field guns, 700 stand of arms,
several wharf boats, immense quantities
of provisions, ammunition, harness, wag
ons, horses, mules, &c.
GB - The wife of George Smith, an em
ployee on the Pennsylvania Rail road at
Harrisburg, recently presented her hus
band with three children at one birth.
His fellow workmen have had made and
presented to her, a beautiful littlecrib,
with mattress, pillows, &c., in which to
deposit the infants Smith.
itir Gov. Curtin has issued his proc
lamation filing the 24th day of May
for the election of a member of Congress
in the district composed of the counties
of Bucks and Lehigh, in place of Dr.
Coorsa deceased.
Cr The Spanish troops on the Island
of St. Domingo bad attacked the Hayti
ens, and a force of several batteries, and
a number of troops, had been sent there.
The Spanish claim the title to certain
lands which the Haytians will not yield.
gir The Prussian Minister of the In
terior has decided that Organ Grinders,
like Pedlars, must take out the annual
license for the exercise of their vocation.
This may have a tendency to drive the
indolent vagabonds to this country.
Ur Harper's Weekly threatens to
prosecute General Wool if he seizes the
paper again at Fortress Monroe. -The
paper containing this announcement
WAS seized and now we are curious to
know the "up-shot" of the fight.
sfir,Lieutenant Governor Alward Sol
omon, who succeded to the gubernatorial
chair of Wisconsin on the death .of Gov.
liarvy, is the first German who had oc
cupied the gubernatorial chair of any
State in the Union.
A secret, organization exists at
Dubuque, lowa, to resist the collection
of Federal taxes. The ringleaders in
this movement are all rebel sympathis
ers, known ito the Government, and its
eye is upon them.
oar Barney Williams has been offered
$30,000 and his expenses, to play 75
consecutive nights at the principal cities
of California. Declined at present on
account of the ill-health of Mrs. Will-
Ikr Samuel S. Mills and Thomas S.
l'iggot, formly editors of a rebel news
paper in Baltimore, called the South,
have been released from Fort Henry
ou their good behavior.
no largest shipowner in Great
Britain, and in fact in the world, is. Ralph
feeklebank, vice president of the Royal
I uslitance Company, who has afloat
nearly six hundred sail of vessels.
ore The city authorities of Boston
lsova already wade a contract for, display
ui fire-works on the Fourth of July.
SUICIDE FOR LovF.—A young woman
by the name of Mary Dunham, drowned
herself on Saturday last, at Union Mills,
near Calais, Me., all for love, it is said.
She walked from the house where she
was living, which stands on the bank of
the river, first informing the inmates that
she was going to..drown herself, which
elicited from them only a laugh of
derision,—went down to the river; took
off her hoop skirts, walked into the
rushing current about up to her waist,
in the presence of several of her com
panions, male and female, who stood
looking on, and took the fatal plunge
and was soon carried beyond human aid,
One of the spectators, when he saw she
was in earnest, rushed in to rescue her,
but was too bite, and came near being
drowned hithselt.
originator of " Christy's Minstrels," at
tempted to, commit suicide at his resi
dence in New-York, on Friday afternoon
last while laboring under mental aberra
tion; he had appeared perfectly rational
during the day and was sitting at the
time with his wife in the back parlor on ,
the second floor. Upon the plea of be
ing too warm, he divested himself' of
coat and boots and seated himself near
the window. Mrs. C. turned and left a
moment and in the interium he dashed
through the window, fracturing his skull,
breaking one of his lower limbs and in
juring his spine so as to cause paralysis
of the legs. He was alive on Sunday ;
is about 40 years of age. About Six
teen years ago he opened the negro b%
siness on Broadway and in the meantime
'has amassed a fortune of $200,000.
ar A careful analysis of the appoint
ments of Major-Generals and Brigadiers
show that out of 22 Major-generals ap
pointed, seventeen either belonged to
the Regular Army, or have perform
ed military service in previous wars
here or in Europe, or had military edu
cations. Only five have been taken from
civil life. Banks, Butler, Dix and Mor
gan are four of these. Of two hundred
Brigadiers appointed, one hundred and
twenty-three were either taken from the
regulararmr or had military experience
in the field here or in Europe, or had
military educations. It is maintained
that our army is officeredoss a whole,
most ably. The . effective force is given
by Senator Wilson, Chairman of the
Military Committee, at -520;000.
Sr Gen. Hunter and Commodore Du
pont, his now evident, are about to pay
their respects to the city of Charleston
before the year grows much older. The
capture of Ball's Bay, to the north of
Charleston, and the taking of batteries
just below that city, which took place
the other day, are signific ant of what is
about to be done. It is quite time this
pestilent place was made to feel some of
the misery it has brought upon the
other cities of the South. The capture
of Sumter would be a fitting finale to
this war.
or In a banking house in Cincinnati,
there is a messenger named Glynne, who
is a model of fidelity. During a quarter
of a century he has never been off duty
for a single day, either because of sick
ness or for pleasure. Although a mar
ried man, and poisessor of a comfortable
home, be always slept in the bank; at
tending as scrupulously to all the duties
pertaining to his situation as he did
when he first assumed them.
ear Sarni. B. Todd, a brothel. of Mrs.
Lincoln, who is • the rebels
as among •their killed at.the battle of
Shiloh, is probably the Lieutenant Todd
who had charge of our prisoners in Rich
mond last summer, and who treated them
with barbarous cruelty. They will hard
ly be able to replace him as a jailor after
his own heart.;
igir Mr. Henry BedwCll, residing in
Wilniingtos, caught, in the Delaware,
in his Rein, on Saturday the 12th, the
largest:shad that perhaps has ever been
caught in the river; . it weighed 10
pounds fairly, was two feet nine inches
long, measured seventeen inches around
the body, and was four inches thick on
the back.,
it is remarkable that in propbrtion
as thb . engineiy of war is improved, the
destruction of life is, diminished. To
have taken Fort Pulaski by the old meth
od would have involved the slaughter of
hundreds ; to take it by means of the
improvements' in artillety cost
the life of but one man !
Imo' Hon. Wm. H. Polk, went through
Nashville ten days since, on his- return
home from Washington ; he expressed
firm conadenee in the ability of the Fed
eral government to go triumphantly on
and through the rebellion and restore
the Union in all its parts.
fr General Fremont has hung two
guerillas in Western Virginia, Good
news, that; treason is beginnig to be
punished according to its . deserts at
last, and Gen. Fremont is just the man
to see such a rule carried out.
cir Eleven hundred dollars have been
collected in St. Louis and seat to John
Davis. "the- man who eat on the pow
der," onlifonday..
Gov. - Latetie r , of-, Virginia, esti
mates the , loss - t o, that: state ip slayes—
"contrabands" at Foray-Flys millions of
dollars. ' '
The French journals announce the
death at Strasbourg, at the age of 32, of
M. Charles Michelet, son of the celebra
ted historian.
A. letter from Turin says Kossuth has
just lost his second daughter, aged 18.
Murphy, the Irish giant, has just died
of small pox, at Marseilles,
Victoria has sent lithographic copies
of a portrait of herself and Albert, exe
cuted shortly after their marriage, to ev
ery member of her Majesty's household.
A month or two ago the captain of a
steamer of Hull, England, lost his hat
overboard. A few days afterward he
captured a. shark eleven feet long, on
opening which the lost hat was found in
its maw.
Richmond papers declare that the re
bels will stand and give the federalists
fight, two miles from that city. The
same journals also state that " the Yan
kees are to be driven from Virginia." If
we can judge, we have no„notion that
our armies are to be "driven" from that
state, as they pass through in pursuit of
the Hying traitors.
The tax of 20 cents a gallon on whis
ky and 20 cents a pound on tobacco, it
is estimated will yield $40,000,000.
The Ohio Legislature refused to pass
a law, allowing the troops of that State
to vote while at the seat of war.
In Buffalo, on Thursday of last week,
Moses Menard, a Frenchman, accident
ally shot his wife, under the supposition
that she was a burglar who had entered
the room.
Hon. Samuel F. Vinton, M. C. from
Ohio; died in Washington, a few days
since, of erysipelas. He was for many
years a Congressman, and was recently
appointed one of the Commissioners un
der the District of Columbia emancipa
tion act.
The Assistant Secretary of War Wat
son, contradicts point blank several
statements in Russell's account, publish
ed in the London Times, with regard to
his intercourse with our War Depart
The Detroit Press announce that the
famous Burch Di Volvo ease came to a
final close and the tables turned on the
Original plaintiff, Burch, and a divorce
granted to Mrs. Burch.
Mr. John F. hitmroe, the Mayor of
New Orleans, the Boston Transcript
learns,watt formeily engaged in the cloth
ing trade in New York, and afterwards
conducted the same business in New Or
leans. About two years since he was
suspected of sympathy with the North,
and at that time published a card indig
nantly repudiating the charge.
A letter from Paris says : I inquired
of a very intelligent Japanese after
"Tommy," who , has been reported to be
dead ; and it will be gratifying to the
many admirers of thetawwyouth to know
that he ..was alive and well when the
embassy took its departure, but he says
"he left his heart in America." Let its
fortunate possessors rejoice.
The Troy Whig is informed by an
employee of the Harmony Mills, at
Cohen, that a curious discovery was
made on opening a bale of cotton in one
of the mills there last week. It was the
finding of the remains of a` negro child
in a cotton bale—part of supply of that
article recently received from England,
The remains, the informant states, were
found in the centre of the'bale.
Over nine thousand shells were thrown
by the fleet in the bombardment of the
forts below New Orleans, most of them
were 13-inch shells, which cost, with
their filling, nearly $2O each.
Boston papers announce the death of
the wife of Charles Sprague. the banker
p9et. Mrs. Sprague was seventy-four
years of age.
One reason, says Parson Brownlow,
why the rebels keep up their spirit so
well, is because of the unblushing lies of
the leaders and newspapers. The latter
.copy_bogus extracts said to be from. New
York papers, stating that we are here
on the verge of famine ; that mob law
and bread riots prevail in the north ;
that Chase and Seward resigned a week
or two ago, because President Lincoln
would perist in his undue love for the
bottle, • and was always to drunk to do
anything ; that the federal government
was drafting troops from Maine and
Massachusetts and New York, whereat
there was great dissatisfaction in those
The fact of the destroying by the re.
bele of their terrible steamer Merrimac
looks 'as if they did not expect to win a
battle before Richmond. She could not
have wanted for coal, as there is plenty
at Richmond, and she might have waited
some time below Norfolk.
Hon. Jacob Thomson, ex-Secretary
of the Interior, was on Gen. Beanregard's
staff at the battle of Shiloh.
The proprietors of the Worsham
House, at• :Memphis, published the fol
lowing card. We have to advance our
prices to the- following rates: Board
and lodging per *esk $2O ; board per,
day and lodging, $3; dinner, ; break
fast, 75 cents ; supper, 7,5 cents ; board
per month, without lodging, $3O,
queer people in the world ; people with
the most absurd, unreasonable, and inde
fensible prejudices. For example, we
have met with individuals who had a
morbid antipathy to anything that was
extensively advertised, no matter what
might be its actual claims to the confi
dence of the public. These eccentrics
looked with especial disfavor on adver
tised medicines. They could not see, for
example, in Dr. Holloway's magnificent
system of advertising, covering as it
does, all the mediums of publicity which
the world affords, anything. but a gigan
tic scheme of mere speculation. True,
they could not gainsay the testimony
pouring in spontaneously from the high
est sources, in favor of his incomparable
Pills and Ointment, but still they shook
their heads and muttered " humbug."
Of course their is no possibility of argu
ing with men who won't reason. The
best way is to let them alone. Fortu
nately such specimens of stupidity are
"few and far between" in this enlighten
ed era.. The general feeling is that if a
thing is in itself excellent, its .virtues
should be proclaimed to the four winds
of heaven for the general benefit of man
kind. Hence the proclamations made
by Dr. Holloway through the entire
newspaper press of the world, of the
properties and operation of its remedies,
meets with the cordial Approval of think
ing men. The value of the preparations
as specifics for the various internal and
external complaints peculiar to different
climates, or common to the world at
large, is conceded not only by the mass
es, but by governments, men of science,
and candid observers in every walk of
life. Can such remedies be too widely
known? Impossible.
RAPID PROMOTION : In the battle at'
Pittsburg Landing, young Martin Beem
of Alton, Illinois, scarce 18 years old,
was a Sergeant in the 13th. Missouri,
having entered the regiment as a private.
On the fatal Sunday the color' bearer was
shot down at his side ; he caught up the
flag and carried it through the day, and
slept that night with its folds around him.
The next morning his Captain appoint
ed him a 2nd lieutenant pro tern. The
first volley killed the first lieutenant and
Martin took his place. Soon after the
Lieutenant Colonel fell, and the Captain
of Martin's company acted as Major,
leaving this young hero to cary the Co.
through the battle, which he did most
gallantly, and escaped unharmed. This
young man was in a printing office when
the war broke out ; he went to St. Louis
and enlisted among the three month's
volunteers ; at the expiration of which
be enlisted for the war.
from the Jonesborough . Union that the
wife of Lewis Cates was killed recently.
in Carter county. Tennessee, by one
Powell Philips, under extraordinary
circumstances. Philips was going to
see a Miss Brett, who resided with Mrs.
Cates, her sister. To annoy the young
man, Mrs. Cates put on men's clothing
and pretended to be courting the young
lady, which exasperated Philips so much
that he drew a pistol and fired it, taking
effect upon the breast of Mrs. Cates,
who lived but twenty minutes after
being shot.
SIGN OF A Goon Ox :—You should
stand before him and be sure be has a
fine hazel eye, large nostrils broad at
and above the eyes, rather slim horns,
toes straight out before him, straight in
the knees, bosom full, back straight, and
wide hips. If you find these points you
need not ask of what breed he is, but if
you want one buy hirn. A. black-eyed
Ox is not to be depended on, as he will
kick and be ugly, while a short headed
Ox will start from the whip, but will
soon forget it.
Tan IRON BUSINESS.—It is stated that
the recent change in the construction of
war vessels from wooden to iron-clad
ships has given a strong impetuous to
the iron business. It is recovering from
the depression of the 'past year, and
many furnaces throughout the country,
heretofore closed for want of a market
for the manufaCtured stobk on hand, are
again at work, and others preparing to
omene Hildebrand, who formerly re
sided with her parents in Brooklyn, has
brought a suit for breach of promise of
marriage and seduction against Mr. Wm
Lill, a wealthy brewer of Chicago. The
damages are laid at $50,000, and Mr..
Lill has been held to bail in $20,000.
NEW MEXICO.—The Union cause is
reviving, Gen. Canby and Col. Slough
have united their forces end think they
can capture the Rebels under Gen. Sibly,
who have abandoned Santa Fe.
Cr It is stated that Beanregard is in
sore want of money. Prentice considers
that 'this is strange when we consider
what a big check Buell and Grant lately
gave him on the bank of Tenn'essee.
r The banks and businessmen of the
city of Philadelphia, on Wednesday of
last week, exchanged one million.of dol
lars in gold for U. S. Treasury notes.
Or The French Court has gone into
morning in consequence of the death of
the death of the Princess Marie-Sidone
Dutchess - of Saxopy.
In Lancaster, on Wednesday last, by Father
Keenan, Mr. &now S. NAGLE., of this Bo
rough, to Miss B. E. MALO NE, of Lancaster.
On Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. P. J.
Timlow, Mr. L. T. MOORE, to HARRIET,
daughter of Mr. John Kline, of this Borough.
On the 7th instant, EMILY, daughter of David
and Eliza Cassel, aged 8 years and 19 days.
Dearest sister thou haelleft us ;
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tie God that hath bereft us;
He can all our sorrows heal.
Yet again we hope to meet thee,.
When the day of life is Red ;
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell tear is shed.
On —th instant, HmtnizrrA, wife of Henry
Paules, of this borough.
In Baltimore, JAMES, only son of John Barr,
formerly of this borough, aged 21 years.
Wives, Mothers and Sisters, whose
husbands, sons and brothers are serving in the
Army, can not put into their knapsacks a
more necessary or valuable gift than a few
boxes of HoranwAv's PILLs St OINTMENT:—
They insure health even under the exposure
of a soldier's life. Only 25 cents a Box or
Pot. 219.
It 3 What an amount of suffering and dis
ease among the Volunteers would be pre
vented by the free use of Holloway's Pills $
Ointment. For Wounds, Sores and Scurvy
the Ointment is a certain cure, and for Bowel
Complaints, Fevers, Small Pox, &., the Pills
are the best medicine in the world. Only 25
cents per Box or Pot.
DR. LA cßoirs
.The Physiological Views of Marriage!
Price only 25 cents. Sent free of postage to
all parts of the Union. On the infirmities of
youth and maturity, disclosing the secret fol
lies of both sexes of ages, causing debility,
nervousness, depression of spirit, palpitation
of the heart, suicidal imaginings, involuntary
emissions, blushings, defective memory, indi
gestion and lassitude 3 with confessions of
thrilling interest of aßoarding School Miss,
a College Student, and a Youug Married Lady,
4-c., 4c. It is a truthful adviser to the married
and those contemplating mai riage, who enter
tain secret doubts of their physical condition,
and who are conscious of having hazarded the
health, happiness, and privileges to which
every human being is entitled.
YOUNG IeI.F.N who are .troubled with
Weakness, generally caused by a bad habit in
youth, the effects •of which are dizziness,
pains, forgetfulness, sometimes a ringing in
the ears, weak eyes, weakness of the back
and lower extremities, confusion of ideas, loss
of memory, with melancholy, may be cured
by the author's new _Paris and London Treat
We have, recently devoted much of our
time in visiting the European Hospitals, avail
ing ourselves of the knowledge and researches
of the most skillful Physicians and Surgeons
in Europe and the Continent. Those who
place themselves under our care will now
have the full benefit of the many new and ef
ficacious Remedies which we are enabled to.
introduce into our practice, and the public
may rest assured of the same zeal, assiduity,
SECRECY and attention being paid to their
cases, which has so successfully distinguished
us heretofore, as a Physician in our PECULIAR
department of professional Practice, )or the
past twenty-five years.
FRENCH FEMALE PlLLS.—Ladies who wish
for Medicines, the efficacy of which has been
tested in thousands of cases, and never failea
to effect speedy cures without any bad re
sults, will use none but Dr. DeLaney's Fe
male Periodical Pills. The only precaution
necessary to be observed is, ladies should not
take them if they have reason to believe they
are in certain situations (the particulars of
which will be found on the wrapper accom
panying each box,) though always safe and
healthy, so gentle, yet so active are they.
Price $1 per box. They can be mailed to
any part of the United States or• Canada.
To THE LADIES—Who need a confidential
medical adviser with regard to any of those
interesting complaints to which their delicate
organization renders them liable, are paiticu
larly invited to consult us.
For mauled ladies whose health will not ad
mit, or who have no desire to increase their
families, may be obtained as above. It is a
perfectly sale preventive to conception, and
has been extensively used during the last 20
years. Prica reduced to $lll.
A Treatise on the Cause of ,Piemature De
cay— A solemn warning. Juit published, a
book showing the insidious progress and pre
valence smug schools, [both male and fe
male.] of this fatal habit, pointing out the
fatality that invariably attends its victims, and
developing the whole progress of the disease,
from the commencement to the end.
It will be sent by Mail on receipt of two [3
cent Stamps.
Attendance daily, from 8 in the morning til
9 at night, and on Sundays from 2 till 5 P. M
Medicines with full directions sent to any
part of the United States 'or Canadas, by pa
tients communicating their symptoms by letter.
Business correspondence strictly confidential.
c r
11:3-• Dr. L's ce is still located as establish
ed, under the me of DR. LA CROIX, a t
31 Maiden Lan , Albany, N. Y. [ly
T—in'goodd condition—will be sold 0
at the low price of $1 each and delivered any
where in or near Marietta free of charge. Be
ing in want of cellar room, if taken from the
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lot of excellent
very cheap. For sale at DIFFENBACWS.
L PAPERS.—We have Just received
VV another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purhcaseis can
rely upon the newest styles, wheih will be
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For sale sale at Wo/fes. Four cents a quart,
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style, each one Warranted to per
form to the entire satisfaction of the pur
chaser. . PITTEason &,Co.
T - TICKORY & Oak Wood, 60 Cords 'each,
.Hickory and Oak Wood. Orders must
be accompanied with the cash when they will
be promptly fillet. Spangler & Patterson.
50 - DARELS Monongahela Whiskey
j which will be sold at the lowest
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T. R. Diffenbach's Cheap Store.
Syrup, .for children and adults has just
been put up at my store, which should be in
very family this cold weather. Dx. LANDIS
MADERIA WINES, full bodied aud fruity
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A. D. REESE, Mount Joy.
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EVOTT'S Hanging and Side Lamps,
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SEGA.RS and Chewing Tobacco. A large
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BIIY one of those beautiful S 0 F T 11.
HATS at CituLes, 92 Market-st.
The Bugle Calls! The War has Begun ,
A War of Extermination against Bad
Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseased Gums,
'toothache, Earache, and Neuralgia.
Purifying the Breath and Mouth,
and Curing Toothache and Neuralgia.
Dr. Hurd's Celebrated ItIOOTH wemrt, on
Dr. Hurd's Unequalled Toorsa roworm,
one box.
bottle. •
Dr. Hurd's MANUAL on the Best Means
of Preserving the Teeth, including Directions.
for the Proper Treatment of Children's Teeh-
FLOSS SILK for Cleaning between Ike-
TOOTH PICKS, etc., etc.
Prepared at Dr. Hurd's Dental Office, TI
Fourth St., Brooklyn, (E. D.)
Prucx, ONE DOLL t R ; or, SIX for $5.
The Dental Treasury mikes a package
eight inches by five, and is sent by express.
ZrEul diredien for use is en each article.
The following articles we can send sepa
rately, by mail, viz :
The Treatise on Preserving the Teeth sent,
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The Neuralgia .Plaster, for Neuralgia in
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sent, post-Paid, on receipt of IS cents, or six
PLASTER, (large size), for Pains in the
Chest, Shoulders, Back, or any part of the
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Address,WM. B. HURB & CO.,
ribune Buildings, NEW YORK.
not be sent by mail, but they can probably
be obtained at your Drug or Periodical Stores.
It they cannot, send to us for the DENTAL
Treasury, Price, $l, which contains them.
Dr. Hurd's Preparations Good?
The best evidence that they are is, that their
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Hurd is an eminent Dentist of Brooklyn,
Treasurer of the New York State -Dentists'
Association, and these preparations have
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and no leading citizen of Brooklyn or Wil
liamsburg, questions their excellence; .while
eminent Dentists of New York recommend
them as the best known to the profession.—
Without the aid of advertising, dealers have
sold them by the gross.
The Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Times
sa) s :—"We are happy to know that our friend
Dr. Hurd, is succeeding beyond all expecta
tions with his Mouth Wash and Tooth Pow
der. The great secret of his success rests
with the fact that his articles are precisely
what they are represented to, be, as we can
testify from their long use." •
The well known v. T. Barnum writes :
" I found your Tooth Powder se good that my
family have used it all up. We find it the
best Powder for the Teeth that we ever used.
1 shall tee' obliged if you will send me another
supply at the Museum at your convenience,
with bill."
But their cost is so small that every one
may test the matter for himself.
la - Beware of the ordinary Tooth Powders.
Dr. Hurd's Tooth Powder contains no acid,
nor alkali, nor charcoal, and polishes without
wearing the enamel. Use no other.
What will Dr. Hurd's Remedies Effect?
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tooth Powder
will give young ladies that. finest charm in
woman—a sweet breath and pearly teeth.—
Try theth lathes.
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tooth Pow
der will cleanse the mouth from all foul* 'ex
halations, and if used in the morning, will
make the breakfast taste sweeter and the day
begin more pleasantly. Hundreds of persons
can testify to this. Try them, gentlemen.
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tooth Pow
der are the best preparations in the world for
curing bad Breath and giving firmness and
health to the gums. Hundreds of cases of
Diseased Bleeding Gums, Sore Mouth, Canker,
etc., have been cured by Dr. Hurd's astringent
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tooth Pow
der give an additional charm to courtship, and
make husbands more agreeable to their wives
and wives to their husbands. They Should
be used by every person having
which are liable to impart a taint to the mouth.
Toothache arising from exposed nerves, and
are the best friends that parents can have in
the house to save their children from torture
and themselves from loss of sleep and sympa
thetic suffering.
Farmers and Mechanics! you cannot well
afford to neglect your teeth. For a trifling
sum, you can now get preservatives, than
which Rothschild or Astor can get nothing
better. Remember that DYSPEPSIA and
originate in Neglect of Teeth. Send for the
Treatise on Teeth, and read Dr. Fitch's ob
servations on this subject. If too lute to
arrest decay in your own teeth, save your
children's teeth.
Neuralgia Plasters.
Dr. Hurd's Neuralgia' Non-Adhesive Plas
ters are the most pleasant and successful reme
dies ever prescribed for this painful disease.
The patient applies one, soon becomes drowsy,
falls asleep, and awakes free from pain, and
no blister or other unpleasant or injurious
consequences ensue. For Earache and Nerv
ous Headache, apply according to directions,
and relief will surely follow. Nothing can be
obtained equal to Dr. Hurd's Compress for
Neuralgia. Try them. They are entirely a
novel, curious, and original preparations, and
wonderfully successful. They are of -two
sizes, one small, for the face, price l 5 cents,
and the other large, for application to the body,
price 37 cents. Will be mailed on receipt of
price and one stamp.
What are the People Doing?
The American,people are intelligent enough
to appreciate preparations that contribute so
much to the happiness of those using then),
and they want them. Every mail brings us
letters, some ordering the 'Treatise on Teeth,
some the Neuralgio Plaster, and not a few
enclosing 37 cents for the Mouth Mesh, to be
sent by mail ; but to these we are compelled
to rooky that it is impossible to send a half
pint bottle by mail. The people want these
Remedies. Who will supply there?
Shrewd agents can make a small fortune in
carrying these articles around to families,—
The Dental Treasury is the neatest article that
a man or weman can carry around. Sendlor
one and see, or, better, a dozen, which we
will sell, us samples, for $7. Agents supplied
liberally with Circulars. la" Now is the time
to go into the business, to do good, and make
a profit. We are spending thousands foi the
benefit of agents. New England men or
women herb is something vice, and a chance
to take the tide at its flood. . Address,
WM. B. HURD k CO.,
Tribune Buildings,
That remittances Inv be made with confi
dence, W. B. 11. & Co. refer to the Mayor of
Brooklyn ; to G. W. Griffith, President of
Farmers' and Citizens' Bank, Brooklyn; to
Joy, Coe, St Co., New. York,: to P. T. Barnum,
Esq., New York, etc., ete.
- ,
AA DERSON'3 ! Attentiun But,thers.
and Houskeeper.§. Having's, great demand fpr.
our famed • SP/CES, I haVe concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant supplyof Ground Pep
per, Ground Corriander, and Alegi Marjoram.
undersigned has received another lot of
and Coal Oil Lamps, and Lamp Shades.
every variety and price-- Call :And see them
the Ding Store of Dr- Mary tattclis.
something very tine, in store anti for,sale
At the c'Enteryri-ve S!are," Mount Joy.