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    Cte 'focal Blarititian.
MARIETTA CAR Tim E.—The several pas
senger trains leave "Upper-station" all follows:
The morning train east at 7:50. The mail train
West at 12:09. The afternoon train east at
3:06. The evening train west at 6:55. The
evening mail train east 7:06.
Saturday, Maroh 15,1882.
lII' The box sometime since sent to
Dr. GROVE. at St. Louis, by the " Pa
triot Circle of Marietta," has thus hand
somely been acknowledged by the Sec
retary of the Sanitary Commission.--
"The Cittle" is still progressing In the
good work. It this week acknowledges
the receipt of , two excellent pillows
from Mrs. Inhoif.
Alm s.lVistirn &Mimic Commission,
Saint Louis, Mo., Feb. 15' 1862.
To the Ladies of Marietta, Pa: The
Western Sani tory Commission take
pleasure in acknowledgitig the receipt
of a box of valuable flospitat Stores, in
excellent condition, from the Ladies of
Marietta, Pa., directed to Dr. Grove,
who was preneut, and assisted in the
opening of the box. The goods will be
most useful, And do great good to •our
sick and wounde4 soldiers.
The Commission send their warm
'Very respectfully,
- -
are pleased to notice among the promo
etions by the ( Pritsidemt " for . gallantry
end good conduct .during the engage
,of November 224 and 23d, be
tween Fort.Pickena and Rebel batteries,"
the memo of our gallant townsman, Lieut.
A tetanderoN.l4hipley.. The President
has conferred Upon hliti a brevet Captain
cy for hiaflallant conduct during the
fierce engage : teen tt between CoLßrown's
forces, and the rebel batteries. At the
time we published the full particulars,
in which the commanding officer made.
special notice of Oar brave and accom
plished toWnsmaa,.,pnd the efficient ser
vices be- reedered in that terrible en-
counter. Wiwce gratified to see that
the President has rewarded a merito
rious officer, and hie to record the
Lieutenant's Airtime progress up the
ladder of fame.—Hewrisiparg Telegraph.
Lieut. S. was, for a short time, a resi
dent of this borough, and his friends in
this vicinity will IWO with pleasure the
above good tidings.
ear We are informed by the Superin
tendent of the Canal, Oa the water will
be let into it •on. MOnday next. The
Eastern Division in a state of thor
ough repair, and only requires the com
pletion of a winding bridge east des to
be ready for the opening, and that will
be finished before this week is ended.—
the Juniata Division, however, having
been so badly damaged by the floods of
last simmer, Is nut yet fully repaired,
but a large force of workmen is engaged,
and it is thought they will have all com
pleted by Monday next.—Harriaburg
The winding bridge spoken of above
is at the "lower-station" of this borough,
and will not, in all probability, be com
pleted for a week or ten days hence,
although a full force of workmen are
busily at work. A new and beautiful
acqueduct has also been built at Chikies
—half-mile below town—which is just in
course of completion. The boat yards
iu our vicinity are very active and, boat
men are bringing their teams from the
country / ithlre they were wintered, and
everything looks businesslike along the
or The Laneaster Unitin in speaking
oldie importance of the coming Friday
electicin,very truthfully says:, The elec
tions for township officers, throughout
this Counoosrealth, take place on Friday
tbe 21st lost. It is to be hoped that
these elections may be well attended;
and that'good men luny be chosen to fill
the, various offices. The wellbeing and
good order of a' toivu or neighborhood
depend, very considerably on having
really honest and upright men as Jun
tices of the P eace, School Directors,
Roid SlltierVjigoirs, - Ccinstables, &c., and,
those mho do not attend the election
or who' use thetr inlinebce in 'favor of
incompetent men, for theee positions, do
the community in which they live a seri
ous wrong.
ifir We received a few days since, from
WILLIAM id.STßaotrart, of Albuquerque,
New Meiio,lbibletly of,tble plitoe, con
taining a remittance for The Mariettiam
He ears Ui Ibis 'letter, anrciigsi other
things, that about 6,000 volunteers and
regulars have gituie' .down the Rio Grande
for-the purpose of retaking Fort, Fill :
more and repairing" the .damage done
by the surrender of that point. Be says
they are bound tddrive the rebels from
the territory of New Mexico.
sr Mrs. Samuel Johnson will rent a
front room on the first , floor and one on
the second, together with the carriage
house and stable attached to her resi
dence, on Market Square. This would
be an excellent location for a physician.
Mr. Stehman also offers a very pleasant
residence, located at the lower station,
for rent.
Or We are very sorry to learn that
Lieut. Ober, "Ben" of the Lancaster
Express, is lying very ill at Nashville,
Tenn. -
tended on Monday evening last, although
a rain storm prevailed at the hour of
aesembling. Mr. floffmier answered the
referred question, " What is the cause
of the existence of Coal Oil beneath the
Earth's surface." He traced its origin
to the Carboniferous period, when the
coal beds were formed ; substances were
submerged from which the oil issues by
the action of internal heat, and other,
unknown causes, although the oil wells
of the State are of recent discovery,
Lyetl was quoted to show that valuable
fountains of oil have been running in
other portions of the earth for many
Rev. Mr. Wheeler lectured Upon the
following subject : " Can man viobitb
the laws of Nature," he argued in a
comprehensive and logical meaner,
man's inability to vidate nature's laws,
defining law to be the principles of
action, by which the (owes of nature are
governed "by the great first cause," pad
the violation thereof, to bitsre, eject,
or blunt the force of the law , And, by a
lucid train 'of reasoning demonstrated
that, although Mankind used the term,
it was clearly incorrect, ae in each Acid
every case spoken of, the laws remained
in full force and virtne, and were never
injured, although the individual who
would attempt to do them Violence,
might suffer injury kir his temerity r7 -
Man's' Violation enables him to place
himself under the laminae' of Mich of
nature's forces,"er aid` in the
development of health and happiness'
and also brines him in contact with
those that oppose' his vital poWerd With
suffering and diseaak and in sithet case
he is stirronnki4li *bj! ligivs'tbottlie''haa
no power to suspend, annul or tweak,
The lecturer toaAe,.apparent, the Sn=
premacy of the Divine colitrol of the
universe, and the . thetbr iniidffisted
toward man in the puniahnieit that fol
lows the disobediatic'e th laTat, or-
dained for the government of his physi
cal and moral donstittitioh. The lectere
was followed by an animated discussion,
in which the phrafiesand expreisiena of
society, chillfiy, were adducid at
meats agaiast the opinion . .. of le leo:
On Monday evening next, Mr. Isaac
S. I.4iest, will answer the following re
ferred question : " Does the Water of
the Mississippi River flow up hill r
Dr. John Cameron will deliver s
Lecture, entitled "An hoer nmonP the
beauties of Burns." La the Dociaria a
native of the hind that gave birth to the
" Immortal Bard," a rare entertainment
may be expected.
We have been requested to give
notice, that a public meeting will be
held at the Town Hall, on Thursday
evening next, at half past 7 o'clock, ler
the purpose of settling &Boro ugh Ticket,
to be supported the day following,
(Friday 21st). Whilst in this connec
tion we may be permitted to say
that the truth of the old addage, " let
well enough alone" has never been deL
nied. The borough has never been
under better management. than now, and
as street lamps are being put up and
other borough improvements in embryo
'Mould be well to let the present
"Fathers" continue the good work be
gan. At least, let there be an harmo
nious meeting, without regard to any
political prediOtione, and present such
a ticket as will please " the most hard
ar Our neighbors at. Maytown have
received acknowledgements from BS;
Louis, for the receipt of the following
articles for the sick soldiers : 20 prs.
woolen socks; 2l prs. woolen mittens;
,conffortables ; 6 feather pillows; 6
pilloiv cases ; ; 6 under shirts . ; 9 prs. of
drawers; 3 towels; sheet; 4 rolls
bandaged ; lot of dried fruit ; 3 pkti,
tracts ; bag& ,hops ; 3 pound, corn
starch ; 2 dos. nutmegs ; 6 crocks apple
butter ; lot of dried corn ; 1 jar graim
jam ; lot of jellies and preserves ;.jr
raspberryjam ; 2 pounds farina; peek,
age of tea. The receipt of articles-#(0
aiii) acknowledged by .f) x . J..s. Groyei
to whose care they were sent.
oir Waunderstand an effort is being
made Omagh the leeslattice, to luaro
a supplement to the :Marietta and May.
town Turnpike Oharter, pneted l low
ing , said company to 4dc.tkdamizeo the
river rdad, as iltr west en Mflier &
ser's saw mill. This, to 011, does at
all appear - leceitsarY.:-it ti4 - tiro gi‘c
points *bre thus. ao. be :Dille Seceisilfe
in bad weather, the. might be some {
reason for it. Will most Mandrel' ate
movement give as some argamant in i)s
favor ?
A new eoluiteribit On 1 04' two
dollar notes thellelambialisiiilillie
made appearance. .here, and is' cal
culated to deceit's the very beetjadpi
or paper money. eiguature of 001.
Stioclo s 's so - wellexecuted that the etadi
ier hrilada =IAA be at a lola to detect
it. The "impress/On" is heavier then
the genuine, and the plate is also a
trifle shorter. Oar seshnowill do well
to have any such notes that may be
offered carefully examined by a good
judge of money.
liir Counterfeit $3 bills on the Col
umbia Bank, Pa., are in circulation.--
There are no genuine bills of this de
nomination issnekby this Bank.
FOR "Tux MARzErray."
Maeda 11, 11362.
Col. F. L. Baker: As many of my
friends are anxious to know about myself
and company, I will give you no acount
of our departure from " Oamp Ourtia,"
if you will do me the favor to publish it.
Oa last Saturday we received the order
to draw three days rations and have them
prepared for our departure on Staiday
morning at 8 o'clock, of course all things
were prepared /accordingly in due seas
on, and all was •in medium" at the proper
time ; it war* busy time ; et:tidier" were
rejoicing that they were now to start
Air " dials;" Sunday morning came but
"no transportation until ationtlo . o'clock,
when; he order wasgivair to fun* Bus—
all were ready—mitwithstaading the
mud overabotrisp—abent 11-o'clock our
gallant Colonel made his appeirence to
lead the colourn— . and toward was the
move of the 107th. In passing along the,
streets of Harrisburg such waving of
handkerchiefs by the ladies You can
batter immaginethan I can thistribe,-and
all Meng the . road Wks the eipmi cheering
from the Windows and-porches of farm
houses. Company E..capgein for o I %l ' l
share, and richly. did they deserveit for
their mealy.conduct, pit being Babbitt
it appears the 107th Wragexpected, as we
neared Baltimore alone, 71.2 o'clock
in . the evening, (at tome feriale Semi
nary) there was 0 •fibe display, a large
Er°!'P of young lOiso ko4.ofofflab!Afli:io
front of the bedding...and displayed the
Stars and . Stripes inteiteled with wrl i tatlis
end properly illuminated, the Yagi
grand. We ratichrfd about
o'clock, when We.tOrmed line and march
ed through Uhl etreebriciiil the saving
of she ears and 84i'lp:lie had Itolies
Iterchieftx-•in PlisSing t oldiig I rn94o4t-',
fj , heard a *Vet keiiiiile:titiout,. Aim?
parry EP r4hfkkg \geptremen, &c.,"
which .mistra bOys •lbel • tioniewhat
'Sat' miiiirtaY4arlftittliftj
little 'gal, Minis Xiang the tiddr3l, of
Company L. and laid gebt-Ilye lfilth;
bring back' (tielictid r of" 314 for
featball, the Men' promised 11W, 111: 4 .1
have my detilke WHethortlibreall fulfil
their proniise.
We were stopped in front of the Sol
dier' Relief AritdCiatitot budding
there we were, supplied with Slipper and '
Lodging for 44. few hours. The Relief
Associative is entirely kept'up to feed
toldiere by the State and Union citizens
of Baltimore, at they, pass-through. I
was informed we wive the fourth regi
ment they fed that day, and , expected
the 'fifth before daylight. On Monday
morning we left fur Washington ; as we
etarted it begairie rain, which put rather
I' gloom to our expectations, and, all
thought we Would have rather a rough
time of it, in getting our tents pitched,
for the report was we had to' march a
bout 8 miles ; when we arrived it began
to clear off which gave all things a more
°bolting aspect. After standing awhile
in the mud as tough as rsorter, we were
marched to the SOldieri test and got
dinner' about 2 o'clock, when orders
Were giveri to fall in and march to tha
place of oar encampment; by this time
we found out where we were going.—
We lay about If miles from the Capital
on a fine elevation and one of the•most
beautiful locations for an encampment
Its the whole neighborhood and the boys
are all well pleased with their. leFtil4Olt.
it being ow an elevated spotand you can
see,for miles . ,oround yon.. The men are
allivell "except, one man. I had to leave
.. 3 , P a li fe r r t—P j oi T it .4; ,g) PF ha v e
miles but tortinty ;,the.meriore
all pleased with their
,ColotreL and
Lieut. Cel t My °coupon) br i coniposed
of 41 1 olottOr, Ferry
and York COuntiew, and men of which I
fell proud'; in consequence pf .severe
counties being represented welitivelitin2-
edit Voi4 iiefOgi)
leaving Comp Curtin, I requested my
men, that , in *sing along ihe road:they
should behave thmitselyes like men and
Soldiers worthy 011ie' cause, (and they
did.) I alito iskeehotr many in _the ialks
were willing to follow me as their Cap
tain to the laliti4itideariveut all hats,
mid With pledgibg to Stand
by me tattle lasi inch.' Having the con
fiatinalr df My men, I feel the more en
couraged-for duty. The troops tare etill
iiiOVinglint *hire, I cannot tell req.
lag the restrictions of CorreaPenden trend
you will thus excuse rife fetiiiitgiviiig a
detailofthia more , had y,
io i 6; i skirikkaiiiiio wound send yo u
a fall 4 4 ' ol y ion; but io my next I will
dOjo. ,ffani t wish :to write to my 'ctim
pailyitherireit: riddreee=Coinpany Et
14),*.tAliofilitt• tiNt r teOhitlitoth
0 ...• ,Oov ol o. l lpt i t T.D. Reath. -• •
Aliti Pilisideni of the l i entis
viktdau•gentral -Railroad has served a
notice ' utia'n keiistanf ltar Sedetaii
Seottio-resing-hie duties-as ' Wee 1 3. res
ident of the line, 'or
, to - '4ffice.
The, rend needs his services or those of
some competent took If one can
be :wind. . .
14eport that the United 13fit,es
fivedcillar Treasury lintel has been coun
terfeited is said to be untrue. tis fir;
ther said that It •was raked by persona
interested in bridging said notes into
lar The adusinistratort of the lite
Judge Groah's estate,,will sell his .hoeue
hold effects thia afternoon. Sel,
D I F. D
At Milli:tort, near Litiz, on the 6th instant,
Col. Cartruvriirr Wisn, aged 68 years.
On the evening of the 6th instant, JOSEPTS
Rirstaivrtrznt of-Lancaster, aged 79 .yearn.
Laumuster, on Saturday last, JOHN A. LAN
. am, founder of the old "Lancaster Museum,"
aged 85 years.
rangements of the system, incidental to the
ehange . of diet, Wounds, Eruptions, and ex
posures, which every Volunteer is liable to.—
There 15410 remedies so safe, convenient, and
reliable as Holloway's Pius Ointment, 25
cents per box.
to yourselves, protect your health, 'use Hollo
way's Ping 4. Oiritment. For' Wounds, Sores,
Bowel Cnmplaipts and FeVers, they are a
perfect safegard.. .Fuld. directions bow to use
them with every box. Only-25 cents.
Will be sold by public saleiat the late residence
of Jacob . .Grosh, deceased, in the lower end
of Marietta, on SATURDAY,
'MARCH 15TH, '1562; '
The Household e ,
2 4 5, Bebaingl 5. 1 . 1 1 13 q451:' • ' •
14bVe; •eotiet•s; . •
`,,• • TBLE ,LINEN,,
Book C A.
ases, & etOry, Desk,
~tArcp ,of
ChoiOe 'Books,
Cape% StOves with Pipe, Cooking !Aeneas,
"Kitchen wares, &c.
, . .
41,1:80.--LAI'Buggy and Harness , ) , a one-horse
fiardeas anti Many other
I. , oltrtiditte too nunierbus , to, medtion' i-
Sale ici'ehrdinence l'o'clock in 'the afternoon,
When ' etmdror conditions will beingde ItnoWn
by • A: B. Gansu,
C. C.- - 1 ) ..-Gibs'ir,
March 151 - • Adniiiiistraiorf.
-N 0FF1G.A.410.4 F.O4VREN'I‘. Ono of
thelnoef debirable"locatione ii this place
eor an office, and' ateepingliyoni innnefilately
aboi , e,•tiogetliteetvithea carkiage house and - fine
- stable.".JUdivie`dit War Matket equaYe:' ltbiut
4.erylanknial7,e. ,•I•6p,ldithigr
k. • • . 4 ,
" '-• • '
' • ~a , , j .,
• j• 4 '
A very dekirable Dtvelling House, two 1.
• 4°9.9,!: `. , Tht... l AVrrckit4C. M 9.04 9,71
towerrpyition.,,Abriett,s,,:st proseq, occupied
Y,fßWßi . cALe}n ' aenA se l squabl. Jo quire
of , .' W. ST.y.'I 4 I4IAH,
. 4
Ticket Cflire; "Upppr-Station,?,,
p. members of Marietta
F.neanizinent 1 , 16: 76, ,1.
,O. O. F. are
requiltedlio meet at :he hall on THURSDAY
Evening nex-ti:March 20th, et oclock, as
busineaeof great Nip - int:ince will be laid be
fore the "Catoto." By order of the C. P.
gieot Building. Marietta, Pa.
BEGS leave to inform the public that be
will continue tho.WINEISrI4QUOR busi
nesi,"in al! . its branpAes. lie will constantly
keep on hind all kinds of
Bratidies, Wities, Gins, Irish and Scotch
Whisky, CordiaL; Bitters, c,,
Asa? Celebrated Rose `
A very surerior OLD RYE• If'IIISETY
ust received, which is warranted pnre.
' Air now' asks of the, public
is a careful' examinittinn of' his stock and pri
ces, which will, he is confident, result in 110.
tel keepers and' others finding it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases 'from rim.
For Sale' Cheap for Cash.
jTIE undefsigited being anxious to close out
the'presentStock, Will sell at the folluUring
tlow prices, viz
.: :
• ...
• Ealnmnrn Company, Egg and
*Stove size,-at $3.30..
helnokin; Rea Ash, ' • - -.: 3.25.
Shamokin, White Ash,
Lykens }alley, broken, 3.10.
Lykeng: Valley,-Stove, ' • . 3.25.
MititleAo.2 , 49t)i ~ ' .. t- . • . %O.',
TH9S. ZELL, Age.
Marietta February 15, 1562. • - ,
C . 1!" 14'
Agl E OP...§ l !!' l or •
Coal Oil lamps and Lanterns
of „every 4patern s suitable for, the Parlor,:the
Kitchen &al tkee,beraber ;,:tialiging and Side
Lamps for Halls, elturchee, Stores ,aud Offices.
Hang pure/teased .them from the manufactu
rers injailueluailtitiesatrthe kivrest oaith rates,
yf.qick...l:ol,thellk.inlacti....vadqr the usual retail
pi:teem(' although every other • description..Af
TVit 1111' 1 8%414 &fit: ""ji
pc SPXT SZliti t .E7l ATARIETTA.
The undersigned haufitg again leased thisaeld
and popular hotel, ,takea Ahle method of in
forrnidgt,hi4 of tfriend&and the publitgouer
,, 4,11,
...Olaf liotpir444llol.lhe.spared;to lreup up
the rOV(ati.. oll Of 3 1 PuPg , = 1 , 13 * l*lfte
*to) , Afij!pbrt, of the traxelhig gob
-I.Ea: W. liaciacmgm.
Marietta Felliqap; IS62 e 29:510
' If. L. &E. J. ZAHM ' : •
-------- ,spi„,c.l . FULLY;` inform, Itieil
e ..,“••. •••.., .
R. ,
.siitlei Lad
, the putthc tp .. et. o rx
5„... : ,..," 6 lvo'nfinue the IP"Al'ell, CLO,OK
4.141) JA'NfrALlit Y luisiiraa at the A la
• . . staiid;:gorth,West Coinei or IqOAt .. fi .
gileefr . t
e 'anittelifellqiiiie; tail:ciatek, Pa,
A, fall. a/1411 . 01'ml af, gag@ iii,.oai• kiaepf,jmai
iwas 611waya on tutk alia'NF sale at the 4itoes;
caili 'ratfit. " lI:Y.' itegfiiii . ,a,yh+ilid tp o p:sr :
ilAttilifbrthi PAin'it'i&it.• " ' - •
N oL4TEDwA A E: 4.l.arge,Aastinl i klyck
ISt Pritecf.*lfe at it - r. t i - E. J. ZA.garts,
. rier,9SAoktli tb.teee,ette6t &,-,CentdrSquexe,
Lancaster, Tit. 'Teti, Setts, i n v a riety , Coffee
Milk `Piteliiil," Collets; v Biitt - stit'llas,:Viii
Baskets, •Card Beskets, Spoons,.Forks k linivfee . ,
Capteke, 804 4., at faalauriteteferii pre-es. _
itarkerneoatteridellAci.pikrilerate tam' I,ll,X
1 . .e zend,eMeM,e .
' . .d stock`
'fine jewi.likef the latest pfitteir!9. from the
1 A.'im
eif Mi. - foil& IV tli'e ott r titirditi•be foant it '
If.. L. & E. J. ZAHM'S.
Cor. North Queen st. and Centre Square, Lan
caster, PA. 0111 1 .priCeE1 'utodirate , and •all
goods warranted to be as represented.
_ . .. _
e4I...O.Igtik.RokrisASSORTMENT -OF
Hamrpemi_and Pilled ,Iron, U. ._
. Ears, Norway. 'Nail 'Rods American
and German • • Sprinciiiiii — dift Steel. Wagon
Boxes, 'lron Airitisi-Siiringtii , dic.; - for smiths. ''
..1 ) .421T8.R50N $r CO.
r-awnig G B. 0 Java and
rAguira Cdffae 41veriaed, , and
Sugar ; Superior Green and Black Tea ;
Rice, Cheeae - alidliirdeAr . Bytuti
'Excellerit'Pearl Barley at
'AEA Dearer in Drugs, Perfumery, 6-c
1 - 1 - LANDIS having purchased the entire
interest and good will of Dr. F. Hinkle's
Drug Store, would take this opportunity to in
form the citizens of Marietta and the public
generally, that having just received from Phil
adelphia a large addition to the old stock, he
will spare no pains to keep constantly on hand
the best and most complete assortment of eTe
rything in the drug line.
/L o f of FAitcli
consisting in part of German, French and Eng
lish perfumery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail Brushes, Buffalo and other
Hair Combs, Hair Oils, Pomades,eic.
Port Monies, Pocket Books, Puff it 7
and Powder Boxes, dic., Sic
The celebrated Batchelor's HAIR DYE,
DeCosta's and other Tooth Washes,lndia Cola •
gogue, Barry's Tricoperous, fox the hair, Bay
Rum, Arnold's Ink, large and small sized bot-
Balm of a Thouiend Flowers,"Flour of
Rice, Corn. Starch, Hecker's Farina, all kinds
of pure dround Spices, Compound Syrup of
Phosphite, or ChemiCal Mod; an excellent ar.
_oral for crank. dyspepaia and a tonic in Con
_umptiVe cases, Rennet, for coagulating milk,
an excellent preperation for the table ; Table
Oil—very fine—bottles in two sizes. Pure Cod
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumery,pomades,
soaps, &c. His Kathairon or Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged the best.
Old" Port, Sherry. and Madeira Wines and
Brandies for medical purposes.
,Dr.l l . - 011 himself see that every precaution
be taken in the compipnding of Physician's
55 the poctor can be pipiessionally consulted
at the store when not engaged elsewnere.
Marietta, August 24, 1861.-Jy
_ifixutietta - 61'eLect '""el Lad.
THE undersigned will open a select school.
commencing on Monday, May sth, and
continue 12 weeks. The course of instruction
*Ml:pc.' thorough and practical—well &titil
lated to prepare the young for the active
dutieh of life. The developement of the in
tellectual and moral faculties, the 'formation
of eoriect habits of thought and the communi
cation 'of ti§efol Inibivledge, will 'be the three
peittneinikt objette of' every recitotiton and
exercise in the salvor: •
"1' ~"
. . .
?drib bf PrifriallY-dtipnitni.ofit;" , ' 02.00
. 6 .6 Secondary . ; 3.00
`kin "dedifclioli r exce p t in cases of protracted
flint:net:4l' " f
Maiiethe, 'Aerterch'S; 1862.. r a
fII:F_ENS his professionat services, to the
kjertiiens ofigarietta sir;d2yiespi.ty
Cis}, be fpuad of hio Elteg tore fOrzneriy
it all
,not ie ei‘ewni
pinfeeidonady engaged.
- 1:To Brv:,:FAlErplt --Tlaviog,,been_ called to
,a position in the U. S. ,Navy, I hereby resign
my profession to the care and attention of Dr.
Henry Landis, in whom I have every cow
ndence2 having hati ample opportunity of as
certaining his ability to fill my place.
biontkees, siollo, &C.
MICHAEL GABLE, Marble Mason,
Opposite the Town Hall Park,
.Marietta, Pa.
THE Marblebusiness in all its branches,
I will be continued at the old place,,near
the Town Hall and opposite Funk's ems keys
'yeArern, where every description of marble
Work' will be kept on hand or made to order at
short notice and at very. reasonable prices.
*emits, June 29, NO. 49-ly
The Infallible Corn Ar. Bunion Cure I
D. S. DARLING'S. . .
, tj a ll oft bl en
softens the Corn THOuT orPA IN
Bunion l)R1 1: 4 1id w
nY ti . wastes
- t "excrescence by' exhalation, leaving the
c e
flesh and skin soft and natural.
When used according to directions, it never
fails to cure. Try' it! Satisfaction Guaranteed.
- ' gent by Mail on receipt of the prite, and
six cents in stamps to pay postage.
Price 2.5 Cents a Box. D. S. DARLING,
102 Nassau Street, New York.
Feb:22-3m.] Sold by Druggists.
. .
The Piles Cure!
Reduces the inflamation and dispel pro
truding Piles by exhalation, so that ;lie parts
may be returned to their place, without pain
or injury, in a.few days.
It is also a superior remedy , for tumours, of
any kind wherever it can be applied with the
finger or a camel's hair brush. Sent by
Mail on receipt of letter enclosing a 25 Cent
piece, and six cents in stamps. Address
Prige.2s, Cents a Box. D. S. , DAR L I fiG 7
feb22-3m] 102 Nassau Street, N.. Y.
4. —in good condition—will be sold
at the low price of $1 each and delivered',ny
where u , or npar. Marietta free of charge. lik
ing in want of cellar room, if taken trom•the
store soon, a trifle less will be laken. Also, a
lot of excellent
very cheap. For sale at DAPFENBAE
11k TICE] ENER'S Excelsior Hams. These
ill celebrated SUgar-ctued HAMS are piit
up expressly for Family use. Theyare of de
licious 1 14:Y5!.T.i h r ep,,froin the unpleasant taste
Of salt and pronohnced, by epicures the tiestln
YYPr I 4, , l E9T Dale:at
'March 8, 1862. . • • •
. .
RESIN HOME 013.0.17N.p- sPNKS
AATERON' ! 4ttent,ign Attaers
and Having a great demand for
Igt ir, fk ikr 4 e4 MCES, kl44.Xe.conglusled cOor
lime to keep a conatant simply of f3roun¢ Pep:
per: Ground Cpiegeneier, and sweet Marjoram.
T 4
' 'AVP'S ! tilki t §l . 'WAD
,' Mt,
Aftileraigned . has received '
'another,- lot of
FOM and . Coal Oil Lamps, and Lamp. liades
of every variety, and,pkiye. call.and see them
lhoeActif. e Stin:e'cif Dr. .1-AnA'Li'ntlia. T
: 0 , lArliS`;thsito, CA.OSPirgASI — A 'verY i st -
. „a -p s e , r, ar t a r tl i ig et in io ri:Afi . F 6 re i ' l ry y fh arie a ti. pd af G b e e rp: ku a t ii? ..
fill . .Veitings, a ve*,*ltfilVtatitirog)able lot;jiiiit
'rived Ed-Direnbach's th'euip Sig . ,
.• WIVITT.,VediI 6 H l mi. up f--.L'A. Cobgh
- Pyiup, ifiir children and adu l ts bap, just
nen put ulp!ai:' diir %hire, - intiCh'aboftild be in
- JB - 1
very family this cold 74ib.Fher. ' Da. ' LANDIS.
HAM PAGIC P. and other Table Wines,
guarranteed-to-be-pure,-and-sold is low as
Can , bobought in. Philadelphia aro Neiv-Voik„l
H. D. BENJAMIN, ?%0t- Building. .
•• IL) Z.. 0C K S—Good Time
Keepers, for One. Dollar.,
Clocks, WatcheS and Jewelry carefully re
paired:and Charges moderate, st WOLFE'S.
5 -.. A w lt h ttL w B ii 'itt b o e no oo ng:th a e t la th W e . j h o i w sk e e4
mallet rates by the barrel ci gallon, at
J. R. Diffenbach's Cheap Store.
For sale Sale= Tko Font cents a quart,
or 13 cents a gallon.
lUGLY and Sleigh BLANKETS (if various
Stile ' s and at much lower prices thad" the
same sold last fall. Spangter Patterson.
CI for culinary purposes . , warranted genuine
t H. D. Benjamin Preo's..
RitAgDlE§-4al_brands- , -gaarreittid to be
genuine. Ben/omits ff__ Co.
During the past year we have introduced to
the notice of the mediesl profession of this
country the Pure Crystalized Chloride of Pro-
pyiamine, as a
and having received from manly sources, both
from physicians of the highest standing and
Flattering testimonials of At real value
from patients, the most
In the treatment of this painful and obstinate
disease, we are induced to present it to the
which we hope will commend itself to those
who are suffering with this afflicting complaint,
and to the pi:whim' practitioner who may feel
disposed .to test the powers of rhisi valuable
ELIXIR PRO"PYLABMIL 3 id the form above
spoken of, bas recently been extensively ex-
perimeuted with in the
Pennsylvania Hospital,
and with marked success (as will appear from
he published accounts in the medical journals.)
liz3— It is carefully put up ready for immedi
ate use, with full directions!, mai can be ob-
tallied from all the druggists at 75 cents per
bottle, and at wholesale of
Druggists and Masai,gating Chemists,
111tEN0I2'S . •
The most minplOpittbitalandvenient and end
n Dinka] frirlhe purpose.
Will do the waspiog of •lin ordinary family
beforo before 'breakfast, not duly saving time
but Clothes.
By strictly-following the printed .directions,
which are simple and easy, it will wash, at one
time, %shirtrib or two kozen small articles,
in tabout.six or ; seven rotSatites,.or their equiva
lent. By, Al the orniitary methods of cleaning
.fabrics,,sucli as laces, the greatest
care is required, while with this machine the
most dektcartik arlipleacan be washed without
the,possibility 91. damage.
These results are produced by the constant
reaction of ths sp,da while the machine is ilk
Families, laundries, lofels, boarding houses,
hospitals, aisylums; boarding schools; on ships
and on steamers, and in the army, who have
machines in hse, hive seht in their testimoni
als viltintlitily, knd the enconinms of the pose
are very numerous, some of which I have pus
lishelin a neat pamphet form.
All I ask of the pubiic is a careful examina
tion of this machine before purchasing of others.
General Pep0t,,419 13rqadway, corner of
' Canal street; New-York. '
N. B.—A liberal discount to the Trade.
Agents wanted. Send for a Circular.
Address Box 21393 Netv-s"ork City.
PHILIP FRENCH, Paorsurroa.
Dec. 21 3m.]
A First-Cbuir gamily Newspaper
She Rellia of i'l'ogi'eSs•
An independantJournal of. Health, Progress,
it'd Reform's, pledged to the discovery and ail-.
plication of Truth—devoted to no sect, be
longing to no party, not given to one idea.
Tnis well-established Family Journal is
commended to - the attention of all reformatory,
progressive, and aspiring minds, as affording
the broadest and freest platform for human
thought and effort, of any newspaper in the
The columns of the Herald of Progress are
open to candid and intelligent articles upon
every question of human interest, embracing
new investigations and discoreties in . Sell ace
and art, and all important movements in phy
sical,-educational, social, political, an 'theo
logical" reform. isio subject is tabooed, ani
theory, clique, or creed, exempt from criticism,
whenever the cause of truth deMands
Among the regular departments of the paper
Questions and Answers, and Medecal,whis
pers, and Prescriptions, by the editor,
Voices from the People,
Teachings of Nature,
Spirit's Myateries,
Doings of thew Moral Police,"
Pulpit and Rostrum,
• Laws and Systems,
Tidings from the Inner Life,
The Editor seeks to preserve the columns of
the paper 'free from the bitterness of party
strife, sectarian bigotry, or fanatical zeal,
avoiding captions;eriticisrn, seeking rather to
discover the noble,lenerous, and maNy trait);
of human character,io impart healthfAgvJgex
ous, and spirittnd tetic..l l tPuglit, and
inspire hionitne, Ailiooferipp4, 2
throptc action. '
The Herald of Progress is'intilished weekly
on a doutheftllio-of tight pages; liar $2 per
annum, or $1 for six months, payable iu ad-
Vince. To Clubs, three. copies, $o; ten ciapiti,
$l6-; twenty copies, -$3O, •
IiZZ•-.Specitneu- copies sent fineen. .-Address,
: - DAVIS- it , CO., . . •
274 Canal St. ( (LA'.
'A: gOOk for ,overy koto. o
• ' -- lhe; ffk.,(l4l4ef. 6 fillhAt
contalai *
BY , Andrew Tooltatfaclilassia,
(Formerly known • hi'' , a l'eupil.faste
Cl` iticiA4 an
Just. . t.
4444, 1.111"4 II
addpted In r.usy in the
,t „ ay,
Glfil ' Tht WOOL; contains more rs‘ n
THREE 111.JisiDiti15PiEgthilPfitikg.
for the treatment anikauve etpvet nay Nand
red direrfmk .4/Awes spa Lorna of , dit4ge
incident to iiiimprpalix t
•4.4.*fOritgitia 01C.Kiittnfin
Oa tight ort4e!9: Bl tiPPriar Corisnittoit, , ? a gate
in which tvewritrEttaftid,fcgiotioiloi iitOntrna
system is transparently disdose4,mithAe most
appropriate remedy. rAite .grotest variety of
The Harbinger of jealth cannot fail to
awaken inteniteintetes - in the ,minds of tine
moat inteftelit o /.04 . Poret?4llliod
will prove invaluable to,lthe,general Nader,
containing, gait doee,„iliformottoa zoncerning
methods of treatinent.hitherto unknown to the
world,r and. iWP.etrtilig. ittiPortalit 1314ggeSti9fid
respacting the
which are better thin inedicine. '
lt is a plain, Simple guide to health, witio rio
quackery, no humbug, no universal panacea.
Sent by Mail for One Daher.
Published and, for, dale at the otEce of the
Herald of Progress, 274 Canal Street, N-X. •
Four hundred and twenty:eight pages, Itnos
good paper, and well booed. Prig, ells (tug
Dollar !. A liberal'aiscount to the ,tr'san• 4 ,"
Single .copies mailed free on receipt orpzma. ,
Eighteen cents salditional required, if sent to
California and Oregon. Address,
A. J. DAVIS & C. 0., Publishers.,
274 Canal St., New York.
THELartat and beat aseortakent of Fancy
Cloth & sahnerea and vesting ever offend
in this market and will be sold at prices. whtch
defy ocumpetitinn by R. Diffrabach.