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    eke Yotal Darititian.
Whlelrrtli CAR Traz.—The several pas
wengtt trains leave "Upper-station" as follows:
The townitre train east at 700. The mail train
welt at 12.129. The afterneon train east at
. 3:6t. 'The le veni ag train west at 6ths. The
e'Veratnik Thal train east 7:08.
Saturday, Mar& 8, 1862.
I t 9l l our first plittetsoilt.!:ie fOnti6 'the
t i
oily3 . A..l4.u(iii.h, I,refatin g
the . of Washington's Farewell
iiii the 2,2 d nliinio.
Ito ••!!!"...".•"."""
Somitthree or. four months , since E.
D. Rooth ; Esq.,. of this borough, com
menced raising a company of infantry
for the war. Though he bad some repu
tation as a drill officer, having emu
'mended. a volunteer companyisome Tears
ago, let from the few left it home Who
Were likely to volunteer, the 'undertak
ing was considered dhuttifhl"ot'sie4ess.
But having learned that .the Captain
Would succeed, some of ditr l i adiestin der
took to present him asword sae editable
approval of his energy and peradverinee
and a token of their wishes for his
Mere Welfare. Misses Susan 't•alcer
and liarrief, Kline, collected the neces
sary fuhds, and en Tuesday last, by their
appointment, Messrs. Kline, Geist and
the Editor as a committee of purchascs
and Rev. A.. 1.1. Groh as speaker, ire
teeded to Harrisburg. A good and
handsome sword, with exzellent belt,
bash and dip ornament were procured,
and at aboht 4 o'clock, P. 111., the pro
sentatiob took place id due form in front
of the Cdptaih'e 'marquee and the Com
pany's barracks; at Camp Curtin, in the
presence of all the conuny who were
not on duty, and a titimhpr of spectators.
The speeches Will be found below;
and it mill be seen `that the Captain ac
quitted himself well in speech .(as he
has done in action) hpiwithstanding the
short time allowed him fur peeparation.
After the presen,tStion; the cotaa u ittee •
mod speakers visited the barrackS, add
ass aspper was alkoqt, being , nerved; had
autioes served out to them and shared
the ennuis% meal of the Camp. Ooirae,
Aimed sad meat were •excellent, and the
(table ware neat,andSubit,anlial.
We connote/eta without commending
the liberality and gallantry of our
:netts in responding so readily to the
-calls of the fair collectors 'on their
,purses; und.the gracbful and persever
ing persuasions al the:Tonal; ladies who
lbw nobly volunteered to Over onward
, 1 he Captain , and his brave area_ The
three vousing, cheers of the Corapafiy
!or " the Ladles of Marietta." follotved
.by three more for "the. Committee." and
these by three more for "Captain Roath,"
told the grateful appreciation his compa
ny and the spectators placed uptin the
hole eirair.
4CAPTAIX H. I). Rokru—The Ladies
4of Alarietta (at whose request these
; gentleman and myself are , here,) are
prompt and active in every *good- word
and work, whether of religion, patriot
ism or general or special benevolence.
They participate eu'rnestly in whatever
concerns theirfellow citizens, and, with
the ready sympathy of their sex, wait
not for solicitations to manifest their
interest and give their aid.
Before the fall of Sumpter—yes, wh.en
fort after fort was wrested froni the
Union—before our flag on the unarmed
" Star of the, West" was basely Bred
upon—they awaited in fear, and would
have averted that dread culmination,
'could prayers acrd indignant patriotism
have availed., They beheld, with pain
ful shame ouriong-suffering and great
ly forbearing government receive the
tirst rebellious bldtv on the smitten
cheek, and Larn .the °diet. to the stutter;
and, what) that too was smitten, turn
Again and again cheeks glowing with
feelings of sorrowing affection, as if yet
uncertain !bather the vetted audSny9r
ed South. Aould really mean laballion
and war. They -saw our good Mother
gather up liar starry robes, so basely and
wantonly trampled 9u, and slowly. pre-
pare to crush ,the s,ertieat breod,atreas
on under her fact, and chastise bar chil
dren , wholad dared , displace otir Eagle
and our stars wig —44 0 1 8 4 P and .the
palmetto. ' -2
But when Sumpter fell—wheruit cow
ardly 10,000 (Abseiled , 01 , 49hie0/17 9 " &im
pelled IeSS ttiko 109 upproililoped . ,A
‘merican Soldiers. kit stistender mini& suf
:focatlng smoke • and Acorciiing. dame,
.dread, shame, dotilit, all.fledliajnqoyal
woman's heart. Then ,the ,stmosit pa
tience and most Ohristian fOrtrearance
.could no longer doubt what duty and
:aelf-preservation demanded . : The whole
Free North. dashed an electric , fiaare of
'patriotism, and the atrk of armed d,e
ifence,and retribution , commenced which
is yet `proceeding ell aroggdd
Among. the foremost in,doirig what
sbey could to_ incite and cheer . ,teen ,"to
noble deede of self-sacrifice and glory,
and to•comfort and sustain the 'families
left nehind, , the-women of Marietta were
found atavury. opportunity.
the swift needle _Olathe .the soldiers,
and with - busy. feet, apd Cull hands visit
ed and cheered their families. Later,
when wintry cams called for hose and
OlitteUs to 40*-4.911144i15ndv tind4let,
their handa supplied the/shiiering Alt&
needed 'warmth. And when the cry of
suGrinir, came out from our hospitals, no
hands were more ready than theirs, in
sending delicacies to stimulate the dead
ened appetite, or in providing dressings
for wounded limbs, or in making up
garments for the sick and enfeebled
frame. From the hospitals in and
around Washington—from-those in this
place—and from those in and around
far off St. Louis, the grateful prayers of
our sick and wounded soldiers have
celled for the blessings of God oh the
heikda, heartl and hands of the womtn of
Such, Captain 'Eolith, as yoh, efell
know, are the ladies-who- have ' , sent -us
here at this lithe—apd from ,;such as
they what can you expect but a mission
of patriotism and of kindness?
When our three months Volunteers
went forth last April, :4pany regreilid
that_ yoor business and farnily-affairs
did net perm it yap commandtakilip:
and lead our "Ohmeron:Guirddr 4n-their
inakeVto-defepd. our coftuery.— •
An dA Then, st‘ erlatei season, you- com-•
menced Enlist : cling a, company from a
neighborhood nearly depleted of soldier 2
material, nearly all douhted the possibili
ty of success. • But though we-looked on
in doubt, we did not look oaiti indiffer
ence.—And when, at last, those -doubts
were dispersed by assiihnces of t . Your
success under difficulties that fully test
ed your energy and perseverance, the
Ladies' of Marietta resolved that your
patriotic sacrifices and labors should-re
ceive a substantial .token of public 'ap
provrl; ' Though 'the means of our pe , 3-
ple have been pretty heavily taxed, and
must be, again and again, while this
wicked rebellion endures—and probably
will be,veler it is ended, in supplying the
wants of the ',South, desolated- by - the
swords and torches of her, own sons I—
yet these ladies knew that "where thVe
is a will there is a way," and 'many
tightly closed pulse opened at the mag
ic "open,'Sesame" of iheir sunny smiles
and persuasive wards:- 6-Thanks to the
liberality of alt,. they have,succeeded,
and we are here to represent them.
Captaie Roath, you isodi have been
associated for years in a fraternal benev
olent association for prolooting,"Friend
skip Love and Truth ;" and I can testify
to your long continued, earnest and en
cleat iabors there. And I have been
associated 'llth you in directing the
Public. Schools of our borough, and
thew well how faithfully and judicious
ly,YOu have labored there. From this,
we hope-indeed, your perseverance and
success thus far gives us assurance, that
you will be no less zealous, prudent and
successful ib command of a company of
our citizen-soldiery, wheresoever the
fortunes of war may callyou and them..—.
If you—and these,,our fellow citizens
and your fellow soldiers, will but re
member (and we feel trustful that nu
will not forget)` /4 Cause that calla you
from your families and homes--the Gov
ernment, the Union, the great "rights
of human nature," itself, in whose de
fence you are to battle—sure are we that
you will not fail nor falter in a single
duly to your country, yourse:ves or your
country's foes.
Remember —all of you—that the eyes
of your country aed,the world are upon
you—that the harts ofloved ones at
home hang trembling over your footsteps,
as their prayers constantly :rise to
Heaven for year welfare, your safety,
your success, and your welcome return
home in triumph and honor. Remem
ber that "the spirits of just'men made
perfect"—of Washington and the mar
tyred and sainted heroes and sages of
"olden time"—of Eli-worth, Winthrop
and Greble, df Lyisn'ilad'Bak4r, of LA
der,and countless others of rank and
Who hire:ascended ed high from -battle
fields,of the present, ime—all bend from
heaven, and look "approvalof your re
solves and, deeds food for for
Liberty! 4 ."
And now, Captain Routh, accept. this
S word, 'and its dppendages of Belt;'Sistr,
and Bugle, from the Ladies of Marietta,
as a When of aßpreval for your past
exertions, .a`ad of hopes and irayersllfOr
your future labors and success. Wear
them wort,bily--usti them boldly, justly
and freely ; and , lay them aside 'only
when Virtory crowns the banner of our
country—when the starry .and striped
lag,waves over an entire Union of the
free, and the brain. And' may God
grant that , •this estord iffay eve! be in
yotielfandi, arid , fo all under yourdehin
mend; the Sword of the,. Lord . and- of .
Fr'ee'doms; I t
Reply by Oaylab; S. U. F4patiti,
MIL GROSH AND Oommirrca-Through
you I receive from 'the of my
native.,borouih , and vicinity, tii.tesil
monild of theit,.fiigh regard and eenem
towardsme. - And while receiving this
gift,'l must say that there are
associations corineetild antli these pro
procaedingiy•sihieli make 'thorn •duOubly
interesting iddileasi g. First :—Be
mauseethevLadies = atere the fret 'to - act.
Sedent:•:=-Becaiiie fried adziniiteh
to accomplish their, desire: And, Third
ly :—Throegh the aniious ' solicitations
of my mery(tinknownito , ineJto. our lady
friends - A - A(92n,', 0'94., Alice rtion
to'get . thisTift , for me, these proceedings
also fully _gratify diem.
'• Many . -Vrordn are dmiticeisifyyjci
,fee9.l;irf lifwe
Jet wardr firefffifititt' br a - ATM
throtiili - yon 'Cliatialar a ge. 7 4
-give-to-Ihr tadies-of-M•arrettal3roltigh
and vicinity (including - 'all` friends at'.
home) my warm and heartfelt thanks fpr )
this beautiful Sword, iielk and Sash;
with which' I have just been presented.
I most cheerfully aceept
shall become a family relic, and,. ;
mento of friendship. 'While
these beautiful military emblem's. in.,tbe .
service of my country, I will aver hold
in remembrance, that they were placed
in my hands for a certain purpose,
that purpose is, that I draw-the =swortdo
only for the 'preservation tirthe
and Constitutional rights. this I will
d - o. And if surrounded On the
field •with the clangor of. armsy and the
cannon's roar of the enemy, my 'duty
y , s . r
will be -onward to victory..
We die inforrnesl History, that in,
Creep, wshen, in thiezesuith,of heroglory,
Rome, during the petted of her
fairest, , ,,reno.wn, when their „Jwomen . in-,
teresked themselVei in behalf df thei r .
country„al l f th in prospered: in our
cage. Knowing-thejustice of ourtcatise,
the Union Ladies-ot tlieslantilmve, with
brave hearts and a determined will,
concluded to act their part,in the s grand
dram's, of their country-faithfully. With
such encouragement, the strongarms of
our troops will be nerved, and manfully
will they charge, when the command is
given "Fonwinn," and overthrow the
thankless hosts of the South, and bring
them to a sense of duty,•so that they
may acknowledge the supremacy of the
laws, and gather once more arcaind the
altar of the Union in peace and , harmony.
Again I thank the Ladies, (especially
those that interested themselves the
most in my hehalf,) and all thosefriends
who assisted in procuring this•gettering
testimonal, of..thelr high, regard and es
teem towards me. W bather lam worthy
of their confidence, to wear the
est emblem of my country, with which
I have just been intrusted, through you,
remains ;for the future to answer i • hat
in conclusion, I' give you the assurance
that' my feelings aim--"yon s rieekne7er,
be ashamed of your fellow citizen."
day evening - .Nathan Miles, colored;
with his wife and another woman, return
ing from a •funeral- in Marietta; were
met on the Pennsylvania Railroad just
below the tunnel by theaarrisburg Ac
commodation Crain. The Wind' Was
blowing a gale—so strongthat the party
had been afraid to venture down the
tow-path--which prevented the ap
proaching train heingheard; and it was
only by the light of the reflector on. the.
engine that:the women who were iri ad
vance discovered it when close upon
them. They screamed and sprang from
the track, and just cleared the train.—
Miles,' who was an'eld mail, also strug
gled off the track, but probably stum
bled forward, for he was struck by the
train in the head and knocked down
beside the'rails. The train Wadstekpped
and the injured man with, his companions
taken aboard'afid brought back to town.
Miles was carried into the, - switCh-tenders
office where 'he died in about 'fifteen
minutes. Miles was a quiet and indus
trious man—one'of (he "best' otOur
inhabitanti, Much sympathy is ex
pressed for his family.—Columbia '.Spy.
gig' The COliimbla Spy in speaking of
ReV. Mr. Clawges' school celebration in
that borough on the 22d ultimo, says :
"The most . delightful observance,. of
Washington's Birth:day, in Columbia,
was=undoubtedly that participated in by
Mr. Clawges and his scholars. As atr
nounced. the proceeds ,of the sale of
tickets furnished a dinner foi ; the
school. At 1 o'clock,,the dinner await
ed them. A bountiful spread it was
Of,every thing—roast Lucas, bread
pies, , cakes, custards, with all the et
cetera iUcluding at least a wash kettle
of:coffee. • Some — one hundred' and fifty
shared in the feas', and there was eiiiingit
to afford a welcome treat to a number
of poor little follows who were on. hand
outside:- 'Although thik was an occasio'n
to, be delightfilly remembered by ;all
who participated: • In projecting( car
rying ferwod,and perfecting this pleig
ing • little celebration -WI Olawges. has
no doubt found his own reward ; for he
Vellsdoinlind hishol4; has
been in this 'Work tor the pleasutiAnd
benafltof &is pipits. But he has cer
tainly . earned' be.gides a general tic
knowltufgemett of his worth as 'a man
and usefulneasllit i t eagher Be always
bas‘the love:of his .scholarscafid surely
deserves the - pApeCat'And seem or the
°attire •cominunity.." •
(Coltimbiw Spy of' Saturday
last says Capt. C. C. Iraldehan v. ;Paid
tha.ttoroirgh alying tliat 'delis
remarkably well and hearfy:
paid , our place 'a pop visit on tFritlit'y
°vanila n mae"thiprfirr'ldrA ie
(awhile. No doubt of . his being a . favor
i'te",ameseget the boys,and
rate officer. May belive4to return-again
iiißo,ng4, us
tirlarg. Lydia 'Jane Pierson, a well
known authoress, died-at her, residence,
near #le 4ll l l -7..1 siPV•
She was A a‘native of—Middletown,444-
nekrout. Mrs. Pierson resided ',a . ,fea ,
years since and .edited paper t
in an-
sir The .i.Liadies.Patriotmack
now ledge Lrld:pj Ar..4oji.tririVos
pital 14EppYi ra-J 11,:,?.latiry ' o o . 6re,
tf * :2,:ilaktre t rittalkaltiali iseEtnAa
Eagle;) !Thelma to'oiniTdeniitoryd:o.
zone were-very : highly en
tertained-at Terriperaace ;:Wed
nesday evening last, by Atraritr. York..
who lectured , oiltlie , mittitislhf4htfvfietilth
Reformer" to a,ver'Y traivded house. At
the condi risibit . of this lectit i fe, r.
Cheany, commonly called the "boy -lec
turer" gave therandiencea-few "Gough
dashes" on tedifiemuce. - Thevlicile was
quite a literary treat
. or, 44. 1
illat_ntr. wy
Saer „proposes opening, a
summer schoollbir thtfirstrArondati in
May. See his card in another colnAn
la- Messrs Geist and Idiestand will
open a select , school, commencing on
Moiiday,..April 25th. tiee card:
nay. Ar. Wheeler itAftgi of Dr
Cameron, lectures on Monday eveuing:
Car E.,xtra rine hameifol nib at Biffen
baehls. ,
13 I+l D-.
On YlPA r t eo 47. ,, nigV , .4. l !" 4 2 , 7 s fSlcsf I i 1-
~bias.Stehmanporthis borough, aged 47 ycora.
atl O'clock, Wit (Satuidly] afiernoon.
0111.1ier=.'ultilfro * ,' Pelt. MICH AEL
of Gonoy towosfiip, aged 58, years. ,
.7...181`1 , 40.11 -BETTERS; Remaiiiing'n in the
_Li Post Office, at Marietta, Pa., March.6th.,
Armold, Mitiaßetieccia.KiTneser, Samuel
Blensinger Miss .IVlarg.Keller ; Kasper v
Bucher; Christian-Sr. Xilyan, John '
Beck-, Mra. Sarah J.- • Miller; Mrs. Margaret
Brien, Miss -Adeline Machen, Mrs. ,Louisa
Bollacki John Esq., McMullen, John. •
Bell; MissiSsrah Jane McCann.; James
Bristle, Jeho 2 Max. George.. ,
Burhker, Benjamin.- Marlin, Miss
Buchanan, E. O'Brian, John
Crider, Saeot!ez Leman,Pierson, Samuel L.
Conner, Robert Pierce, Mrs. Mary
Creider Joieph Peck, John .Esq. •
Crum, Miss Rebecca Park, Miss Mettle. D.
Cook, Miss Hallie Roberts, Joseph
Detwiler, Lizzie Rutledge, •
Eyster, G. M. Esq. Rowley Henry -
Erwicht, Mrs. Sophia..Rosh, George G. Esq.
Fisher, Miss Sarah Sheign,:riani
FleiCher, Henry Egq. 'Sheetz,
Hengst„Jonathan. Todd, Mrst Mary,.
Jones Miss Sally Watson, Johnson 4-Co
Persons calling'for any of the above letters;
will please say advertised.
March Sth 1862. A. CASSEL P. M.'
I'iNICHENER'S Excelsior Ham s These
celsktrttcd Sugar : cuiecc.HAll3 are put
up expressly for FEirnilx . use. • They are of de
licious flavor, free frorethe unpleasant taste
of sill and pronounced by epicures i the best in
th'e tv•orle For sale ist
March 8 1362; ' -
V'e.iect geelz.cai. •
rtfiE Undersigned will open a select school.
• _ . ,
commencing on Monda,. May sth, and
continue 12 weeks. ,The course of iastruction
will be thorough am; practical,-well calqu
laled to prepare 'the' . yoUnk: for the active
d'nkies,,pf 140. The ,developement of the in
tellectual andmorak. faculties, ,the formatio'n
coriect 'IOUS of thour g ht and the comrnpni
caticui of useful kn:owledge, will be the thiee
paramovut. objects ~of eyery, recitation and
exercise in the school.
Pupils of Primary departnactlt t X 2.00
" " SccondfirY, • 3.00
No deduction except . in, cltscs of pro tracted
H. H. `§A.WIEIt...
Marietta, Match S., 1862. "
Brav,e Sadieis and, Stains.
0 LLOWArY'S 124,'S' AkINTEri- OWT
ort -MENT.=-Aft who have Friends and
Itelativesin'the-Artny or Navy, • - shbold' tale
special care, ' that= they be amply supplied With
these .Pills and Ointment; and where the
brave Soldiers and Sailors rthave neglected to
provide themselves with them, ncrbeiter pres
ent can be sent them by their friends.- They
have been proved to be the' Soldier's never
failink-flienit in-the hour lof need..
Cotighi and ,Collis affe.ctEng 7rocips.
Will , be speedily relieved and effectually
cured by using.these.admirable:medicinesiond
by paying -proper-attention to the Directions
whiclvare attachedqo each Potorßox.
Sick Headache and • Wdnt 'Appetite,
Incidental,to Soldiors.
Those feelings/which sosadderr us, 'usually
arise from trouble or annoyances,- obstructed
prespiraticn, or eating and drinking irhatever
is oh wholisome,.thus Aisturbing the 'healthful
action oft-the liver arid' stomach'. These mints
must be: relieved, if you desire to do well.—L
The Pills, taking according to the printed
instructions, will quickly produce a healthy
action in both liver and otomach, and as a
natural conseouence a- elem. head and - good
Weakness or Debility Indubed by over
Futigue o
Will soon the neater, these in.
valuable Pals,_ and , the-Soldier will quickly
Kan ire. additional ; strength. Never the
bowels be either confuted or unduly, acted
upun. It may seem Atrange that liolloway's
.Pills,should,,be reenmmendedefor =Dysentery
add Flux, many persons supposing that they
Would increase the, relaxatton. This) is a
great mtstajte,,for Kilq9e Pillarwill correct:the
liver and stomach and thus remove all the
acrid boornourarfkor . n, the,reyptem. .This medi
cine will give 4onia,,artk- vigor ; ••to the whole
organic , system hpw,ever _deranged; while
.health and strength follow as a ; matter, of
course. Nothing will stop the relaxation of
the Bowels so sure as this famMis medicine.
Volunteers, Attention ! Indiscretion of
Sores and Ulcers, Blotches and Swellings
can with 'certainty be radically cured _ikthe
Pills are taken 'nighl tied morning, 7/I , lhe
Ointment beireely usettas stated inthe , Printed
instructions. If treated in any otheAidiffer
they ilty up one part to break, out another.
Whereas this < ll intm e n t will remove, the
fOrtrio . fr?n i the.syitem and leave the Patimfts
in vigorous and'hEaltbY man: It will require
a Attie. peraeverance sn bad Cadets to instire a
bastAgliurta • •-t
For Wounds either occaeione&by .the
Bayon'et. Sabre or the Bullet:
„Spres or Bruises.
'ITo Which every Soldier and SailOr ba l listic,
there are no medicines so eafe, sure•and„ con
venient as Soilowars Pills and, Ointment.—
The poor wounted,anthelinust.dyirtgonifFprer
miot have ,his wounds dressed immediately,
isiir'wmild OW provide 'hinrsel&Withi 'this
iiiirehlese Ointment, which .should, be . thriist
into the : sound, and, arrkeafed all around it, then
cover vi Ali a piec4 Of linen enim tis Knapsack
thidcZogiiireasedmithirtythandherchief.-- Taking
nisht 4 and imorniiig 6•. ors S. Pilla j t• the
systennind'prevent intiamatiocr. .4. • . ,
iEvecys Soldiekles Relapse:eh ?Mod , liteannittls”
Chest should - be provided with these.yaluable
Retriedies."••,, • ; , q•. t
liiteolerntv Cpurrast 1,•,-None are -genuihe
- unless the words "liont.ows.v,. NEW YORK
'gni& ,Losnotr,Piltrte.4liseerhible cat Lt.:Ott:et -
rifark in 'eves:pled bithe-book of , directions,
arMindtfath p6t of+ box.firtpe same may be
.plainir'seetrbpholding.the , leaf to the
,Ikluendsome.reWand te givensti any one'
Icendening.sucifinformaticurtfa may lead to.the
defection oLany.paityorsparties.cp.unttrfeiting
.the rtmrdiernes oeveriding the, same; :Knowing
them to be spurious r. e -1t!:?
the,- ,Matuffactpw infc-Brefasor
.flontow!tia 80,31aidenutisatief:
and by all respectable DruggistseafltmDegets..l
iirciVfedicinpltilmiughout Tiiii6la3;
ru potsitat466.l-6 4 2c., atatitteak etc ,„•, . 4
ill- There con,lideniblei saying ,irg ; takin g ,•
- N.l3r , ÷pireetilinsifor-titagnidantalot.palipies
iin.eVerY" diso4der artilitExWto midi - Tot.
lioAutrat W prs IMBOZ , r• ROTH
WEST Sr. ROTH, . .
the entire stonk, good will and fixtures of the
Druilore -#..•5Mr.41 . .. H. GroTte; take thir me
tho iittotWlngt patrons of this establish
men and the iillb . in., general, that nothing
shall be wantilni to insure a' all times a fresh
and copliete russertment of
Drugs, Chet/ieAls, Tequilietg; loitet
Soaps, :Hair. and „Tooth Brushes, eoliths,
Thoth Washes and Powders, flair
Dyes, Parent Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Whitelead, Varnisht's,
Dye-Stuff'' s, Glass, ,
and everything usuatry kept in a well regula
ted apothecary.
A new and fancy lot of COAL Oh; Lamps—
the finest in the llorough—at,prices to snit fire
tames. ,Lamp ,Tops• attached to old LathPs at
short notice. Globs,
always on hand.. •
A very-convenient -Kliarin La*" forcar
rYiPgeattUt•tikeiOlionse,•just received. _
A,nicely sejected lot of all. kinds 6f qtation r ,
ary, knvelopea, PenspPea-holders t frittr,f4.,
of all grades all prices. .
An endless variety of Fancy and Toilet as;.
Just received, tfu e*ollerit ailicle of Co a
Oil now sciting at I.s . ce&tii_a q uart,
Marietta, 1 4 iciveatber 9';T861. ""ly
/PM itaetie4l-.Batter,
1 - 11A , KE.S' this ni r ethdd otinfoririihl 4 hlstildk
fri)nds arid the publfc getrerallyrthat he
hue re' skein EA 018 stand (re6eidly ixtupiea
by Georke L. bitickleyDlind nOw :Serena-:
neatly fixed'-to prosecute the Batting business
Having just returned from the e.ily,w ‘ kr . e he
selected a.largt. varied and fashionableassoft
inent of everything in t,h , • -
and now only asks an examination of his,
stock' and Pricesf beforethare'hisinglelsewhere.
Having also laid is a r.tock of Flatting materi ,
al, he Will be enittied,lit , ,shorfrmitiCe to man
ufacture, aN qualities—from , the common. Soft,
to the most. FaAionabic o 44,4 Hat.,
Employing none but thetiest of workmen,
and,,manufacturing good Aoods,nt t loiv"
lae.hopes to, merit and 4Fceive„a:libgral i shomof
public patronage, .11:4-„TSke,tii,oi.k.prtcc paid
for Eurs.. 7 —in trade oc.cailf.•
Marictia, March 9,4861. ;
A.F.U4..L assortment of .& re sh, Winter
Goods of the most desirable styles.
Tadies, Gentlemen's; Misses and Youtlck
If`A. W 11,
Eft t leir QUALITY,
French Mcripoeicat a great bargain,
FanCy WoolDeLaines belOw'the cost'
of importation, Cclburis, Thibite, Prints
and Gin hams in great variety:
Cloths, Cassimares and Vestings
ver, chap, Cloaking Cloths in alPtolors, lit a
deckled bargain,' libods, Rabies, Glovea
and•riotions generally, as cheap as ever.
A Job lot of extra-fine ;
at , less than half the usual cost -
Flannels,. Mnalips, t e becks, Shsetings,and all
other,kind pf DRY GOOD, , t_egether
with Groceries, Fish, Btc . 4141
his Company is authorized by-its. charter
to insure in the county, of in horiughs,ageinst
loss or damage by fire, on ,the-mutlial plan, for
angierigth pfliine,l4r4teli or perpetual, either
for a cash premium,.or, Proxima ngt . e.
PREMIUM Ntrrffsls4rE,m.
Those who insure for a 'preminm note will
be insured for five - yors, and subject to assess
ments in Oise of lostes.
Those who'insure _ fore alb premium wBl
oe hisdred for any 'term not e4ceeding 5 years,
and s not subject to any assessments. One per
centum premium will tie clleed,on farm pro
perty for the 'tea Of 'Aye years.
Figni mperty, will
,oe4nsurpd for,the.terrn
of ten years,
,for a deposit of three percent. of
the ampunt.insu'red, th ' e Whore amount of the
premium no:?te to re r itt . o„4o4 tb ' e,:expination
of the policy without liiteleat, or the policy
will be renewed for ten Nah,wittiout any. ex
pense;`aithe oftion"of
RALIFFR A Pa ksiSir.k
GEORGE Yan4 - 3'i.; k Serfitir7 l '
Directors : • "-
-14.• M. STRICKLER, Treaswer.
-.HENRY E.:Konr. _
Columbia, Lancaster. county,,
1 13 — J. S. ROATH, AGENT,MaytO
March.3o„.o6l-IY, • .
itITT ER'S Celebrated Truss, Surgical Ban
diges, • Shbulder Braces; Inltfultients for
formit3., &c. These ardcleaare .. d , -- zIV
very highly recommended by , piore-- . --,...-
em's Paneoast and Grossof-the_Jeffursotr Med
ical College. of , Philadelphia, and the under.
signed knows. them to be the. bestarticles v ol
the kind in use. F. Hinkle, lif. D.
A fie assortment of Flavoring Extracts for
Cooking-something very . nice. '
Liquid - Rennet for making delicious desserts.
poncine, Hon et finit otlia 'fifie Soaps.
yrkngipantiie and - otherlihrtracte.
For, sale by IA: If. LANDIS.':
,‘14 . 1"0.6 7 .1.F1ER ,SAP,O;NTITER I
The Family Soapmaker. - •
, AlE:Kitchen grolse can-be madi intom9d.
s'o A IiSAA G
ri—Directlons•accompanyirag each box
Soap,is as easily made, with it, as making a cup
'MaiKaotrel ox”r b e y the
Ikm-A,127 Walnut-sty
Fe1ynary,45,,1862-1y.% ,„
A c A . , •D':' ~'
HAl.etqc Thxsiciattot 4,0-intatur,
• Corner" Eroni4ind 'Gay( Strd"
/ . h
ARO:MT,4 ''
I ti '' 13.
RANI i .
BMKEIL-, =1 ..ver
0 ,, -).. , .0..)
15414CASTEati PA. j
OFFICE. :- 1 -1 ( 1 . 6. 2eNoWni DUKE STREKT 3
oppopiie the , Court ;rouse, where he will at.
tend to the. practice of /dB p'rofeiiiot' 2 its
variauetifinclies« . 1[24:tiv.4,,559.-1y
A- Genosoi,l4o3 OrPtlifilt of uji..01, 11 1 9 Pt:
4 .BU XIDI Nfik. aIkILDW A Ri, LOC K S
s 4 )
,ilElusges,r,Strewst ,10 40, 1 CUltal gratiga
0 1- '- - Oils, , Glass aild Putty, very, cheap ;
, -r S4IeIPPEISDN 84 O.
Books . ailed
ilidiStruetabli Pies:Sure boiikr; . SChal and
other Boolit, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
&c., For fele - bg Di' Landis:
11.7tirQUAIN . G , EXTRACTS:
r-ra c tilla,,• ", piral
Almond - , " - Lemon;
eistN-'eivived'aita'fii :eat/ at' WEsr &
Adim SETERIOR''COOK STOVE; 'tier'Y Piriin
' . stge,' Oact. oluelvarianted to per , i . - k
' to the entire sidiefitetioli or theliur.4
'clialeY, ',, ' it thPATEkdot34r Co As
o.op _stsom:4l , , p,* I pm 1
44 PAile
dir k vett : Tip? . 47,3esti . n - tht
w ITVA.42-
0,..T0rt.E opm AUT.- 7 1* 440i11i
occupiemmlsa l -
,Kargio3._ asis
hitiliner"Ap. to BB:WS NG 2
Q.Al‘r! you'optirit to buy 4
Ow% SALT. CHltte ' - .
Vat it the store of' SPANGLZR4II: PATTERSOi
The Bugle Galls I.he4rardsalakegrisn I
A War of Extermination.against Bad
Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseased Gums,
Toothache, Earache, and' Neuralgia
Wm. -B. Kurb's.
Purifiing 'ETW Blvdlsh." &id Mouth,
and Caring Tdathathe and Neuratein
Dr. H C,lebrapq nOUTII ; W.4LSEI, one
Dr: Honl'e ithetinalled Too'rsi
one, hox.
Dr. Hurd'sliraglifitetrrflativE DiOn t one
bottle. ,
Hu'rd's tiervirstiyaeleztVo tau rt.As
IfuriPs MANUAL oa the Best Means
of Preserving the Teeth, includiiug Directions
for_theProper Treatmett of Children's Teeth.
f.Ciss * SILIC for t)eahing bertteen the
TOOTH PICKS, etc., etc:
'Prepared at,'Dr.
_Hurnf Now Ofte, 71
Fourth St., Brooklyn; (F..: D'.) .
, Pomo, ONN DoLL, It; SIN for $5.
I? The. Dental Tfeasirry males a package
,eight inches by five,tand is sept irt express.
21114 - '"Puti direction for. use is Oil Oa article.
The follotiiiit lirticla we can send' sopa
The Treatise on Preserving the Teeth: sent,
post-paid, on receipt of 12 cents,or fotir storaps.
TM" Neuralgia, Plaster, for Neuralgia in
the Face, Nervoua, Headache, and_ &troche,
sent, postpaid, on receipt' of 18 cents, or six
PLASTER, (Jargi: Rot), foe Pains It the
Chest," Sbonldeisflfacks of airy poet of the
body, sent; pOstlatitt, on receipt-ef 25 Cents.
4ddreas, WM. D. DUN I'& CO.,
'Triburte'Bfrildiiigri Now Yotter.
. • . . • . ,
{Cr Dr, Burt's MO,U,TII WASIII3..?OOTH
PO WDER', and TOUTII A qH - P .. eau
not be *sent by.mail, but .the7y,.. can .ttiOably
ur obtained at your Drug or Poriodleal Simres.
It they cannot, send to us lorlye . DE/TAL
Tiesiwyl,Price,ll, which conta ins them.
Are :11:und'o .g.ileparatigna Gored
I lis
The best evidence that,they, are,,is, tt their
firmest friends and. best
. patriniaa_re :t . sp who
have used them iiingbit Dr. NV" z m B.
Hurd is an. eminent, Dentist' of rooklyn,
Treasurer oflo New Silk *lke Dentists'
Associate,,,,, idna ,theAe 'eberations hate
been iiied inn - hts Viivite "'needed' foi. Asia,
and no leading citiibit of - Brooklyn or Wil
liamsburg, questions 'their "eircellence, while
eunnentADenithitittof New ybrkereemimund
them aslthe , bestirnown, to they processioin,-.
Withinitlfid - ilid ` of'-advertising, dealtrs have
.soldithemsby•the -gross. , e. , o‘ •
The Anitiir of the Drookilni .Daily Time*
say s:--64 We are happy to know that our friend
Dr. Hurd, is succeeding beyond pH expects
tions with his Mouth W asand Tent,h- -•
der. The great secret his success restswith, Abe i fait th , at o lia.a clig are, preariely
what they are` - fePresented tirlie, as- Weittri
testify from their long - lie' , ', ' -' -
Thezell knof o wn. Z. T.,,Barnnw witettl—
c. I found your olh•Powdei lazood tfuit my
family have ;:ifeantrititi Up. ewe' find it the
best Powderlos_th_eiteth that ! we ever used.
I shall Ml o
_you wilt lead me another
supply at tlte IVlusetim tit fotir'emiveitietneep
with balls- ' •
But 114 r. cost is -so swalllthat..Try suns
tnit'sthe tiattistfor *hunsef. - 4 -
43.Vem,raKe , of : Abe or nary Toot* Rowans.,
Dr—aiurdl.,:fooths Powanr, ;ontoins u 9 .acid,
nor alkt<lit &Sr chirkcouli nativolisties „without
wearing timenaropl. Van no- other. .
What wilt Dr, ilafira,lierneifieb . RifiSet
. .
Pr. llualle , Moutil Waildt'and,tootlrflii*ef
yyungladies that finest Chard'in
woman a sweet bieath -- and Vearli
Try thetnjadies. ,
Dr. fitlriVS Mouth Wash and Toutk Ptiw
d'er will'
cleanse the mouth fr n talltuliii
kalations, and if used' in Bhp morniiwirill
mac the breakfast taste sweeter and tlte,±lay
begin nitirelileshantly. Hundred's elus ions
eaa.testify M this, Try them, entianten.
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tiroat_ 'Pow
der are the best rreparatitillirrißO'l:,
e i virtug..bad Breath and giying,:firisinaja...and
health; to the gums.flundreds of eases of
Diseased Bleeding Gums; 'Sore mouth, WO*,
etc. s have been cured by Pr. Hard'ittaiOn g ird.
Dr: Hurd'k Mouth Wash' and 'll4iti — Poor.6
der give, an , additional charm to courtship, and
Make husbands more agreeable to their wives
and' wives to their hUsbands. 'They should
be used by every person having
which are liable to impart a taint„to the month.
D. k E Durd's 'TOOTHACHHOPS cure
Toothache arising from exposed nervA, and
are the best friends that parents can ,have to
the house to save their'childiqn froth " torture
and, themselves from loss of steel" , and visit:-
.Farmers and Mechepics you .espruit .well vglee,s your tet r ir. Force trilling
SUM, 'ybu can now got prerierVatiVe's, than
which PlOthstikild rie , *.ekor elth get nothing
better.. , Itemornber that , DYSPEPSIA and
originate iveNeglect cif Teeth, Send for the
Treatise ou Teeth, and .readt.:Hr, -Fitch'sob
leivutions on this subject: Ho too. „late to
arrest decay 4irt your own, teeth, save' your
children's , teett4 •
Neuralgia Fastest.
DrAlluTo'6._Nturalg:ta A r ofie.4.dneittg Alma.
tiis are the most pleasant and successful Temer
dies ever prescritiad forithis , pairiful disease.
The patiehtapplies one, soon becomes drowsy,
fella asleep, ari,awayes free , from.,pl4%,,and
no blister'. or, other unpleatstrit or-,ttppriouti
consequences ensite• EPr FPawit., 94/4iNint
ous Headache. apply according to directions
and relief will surely folloW. Nothingceettlit;
obtained _equal to ,Ht.,,Hures..Coptpmilf for
Neuralgia.. Try them.^ They are euttely.s.
noval, curious t and eriginalsoreptrafionaAm4
wonderfully succqesful, .They.otttek pt... 4 31p
sizes, one small, for the face, pcme mute,
and the ottier - large,'- - foi application - to flfeltrody.
price w.,emts.
..waN6 mailed, or
price and one
• What are the People
'Tlie,"/LMeridan'peopreare,t - titelligeit enough
to4pleciate firePtrationa that cbhtiibiiief - so
.ikuch to the happiness of,!Nitta,
andtliBP Irak' `them. Eve mail Anis tis
some the ,Neuralgic Plaster,74d.not4Jair
enclasing 37 ce . gis for the Mokilli , Wsilblp, - he
Sent byTuail t; but to theiie we -are. Cednyegell
to y reply„ that it is
, impossible to . .seitd, r i o
pint bottle ' by Irian. The peo p l e want . ,fh . i . s.ab
Remedies. Who will supply Meat-
Shrewd . t4enfs can make a small (ornate hi
car/lying thise afticielik.tirtitintr=tigitidllie,—
me Digital Titasury isl hole/fest akti'Mlihi
'a man=or *email cab a 14; 41 `drodeAr r
one and sae, or, -„linttf -* ' z v eitf, ,, whiole*e
will ai.iii'Mpres 10l , Agents supplied
liberally,,witkCicculliM4. de - Now lathe time
to go.into ,the businelia,dpolonstiit 4100 x ; - mp e
a' profit: We are lag 110 - Tide fill ithe
benefit , of - agents. - - ' d animal*
women I here is something. - r and a chance
to take the Udell': ihrligpd.; 4.9.lldress,
2 ~ 1 141,41.,.s a 7 2 , 11 449,
.. .4,.. Ms,. .41‘,.• - , TISWINISRMIdiffigav,
C - , ~ .,-',%1 . ;,-; ' ''.. NEM YORK.
'l7/Mitt TIARA P 435 •be. made with
refer to the Ar ' f
sy n
aiir,o4%t a il s 7, ritrlth, ' .fty k sjaen!, , f
eng; Bank, -Brooklyni to ße ork
.hg r kstb o:, ,
e t., eta.
Xott to,P. T. Banpaln,
.... ,
. . 11,22a1y.1. ...., _ .t. ,
*U%l'. at.t i .VlAbliirt's 'Drugite
alitoittheatloV Coal Gil j ai
iiifertrtrain thig boroegß.
Now 'etilliag the beet alley Atoa 13 to 1.0
centa per quart.