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MARIETTA Can TIME.—The Several pas
senger trains leave "Upper-station" as follows:
The morning train east at 7:59. The mail train
west at 12:09. The afternoon train east at
3:06. The evening train west at 6:55. The
evening mail train east 7:06.
Saturday, 'February 8, 1862
Understand that tbe Directors of the
•Gounty A lma.House and Hospital, are
in a quandary respecting the medical
/appointments to those Institutions.--
The Board,. consisting of the following
gentlemen, viz : Simon Grob, Martin
Fry; Ablii:Metzler, David Styers, and
Wm..S. Martin, at their first meeting,
on the 27th ultimo, appointed Drs. J. L.
Atlee2.l. A. Ehler, and J. C 3. Station,
when, disagreeing about a fourth physi
cien,,his appointment was deferred until
another time. In the meantithe, bow
eVer, two of the physicians• who are
Allopaths, resigned thir,appoiptltents,
Vacuase - the Directors had the assurance,
forsooth! to associate. these with Dr.
fitehman, who is a ltomeopathist„ It
rhaiains to belee'n Whether the Directors
have babk-bOpe',enOugh to enable them
to sustain . their positiim as. •MRN, or
whether they, tvililield their manhood,
and submit to he mere tools in the hands
of a, few
,doct Ore ? 'whose resignations are
intended to coerce the Board to give an
unqualified' and exclUsive Support to
their peculiar Peaty. in iti V eintiag a
Heinevpiithic physician to this office,
the Dimmers have simply done' their
'l‘,lm,HOtneopothic practice is now
patronized by a large proportion of our
4Cititens; it Was, therefore, due to them,
ws.weilas to the Directors themselves,
Chat .partiality Should ,be shown in
rime matter, to any particular lathy or
plcents. We have known Dr. Stehman
for a. long time, and are happy in being
able to say that he is,' in every respect,
worthy of tire appointment conferred on
him ; and niortoVer, we feel, satisfied
that the public , will *lnstall) the Directors
in the manlY and .ksdependent course
Mhiclr they have pursued in this matter.
likr The f.ollOtving,i.s!a correct list of
tthe Officers attached to the U. S. Sloop
.or War :Tannest own, ordered to, the coast
.of North Carolina, and belonging to the
:North Atlantic glackading Squadron,
cinder taro command 'of Flag Officer J.
311. Go44arborouch.:----
iVenve. Pate,
Charles Greg m, Conn.
guides L. Caton, Do.
J. Young, Ohio.
R. L. Prythinn, gen'y,
Aurgoon, J. Ruilenstein,
.Ass't. Surgeon, J. C. Cleborn, Pa.
icaptain's Cletk-
ILicutc aupt,
iPayinoster., ins. It..Wsde, Ohio.
Wityinitsiers C.Feck, A. If. M aloney,
.Acting Ilatatt, Win, Witty, Man.
Do Do. Geo. M. lisehe, Pa.
divot. Motives, (1- P. Houston, Ps..
Herbert Tyson, Pa.
Do. Geo. A.. Crall, Ohio.
Win. Long, Mast.
fail nunker, Robert Hunter, N. V.
ot;unner,. . Lampbough, P.
.Csrponter, II. GritEtb, Pa.
Psty m 7 O Stewart; Can. liarnholtz, Pa.
:fuigean'a.ll4 , 644., incndaniag, N.Y
The "joineftHAAll" is a first class Sloop
AVar of 0410414 tons, OareieS , B sixty four
4ind l 4 tlrirty Oro pound guns, . making
At—has a krooppilittent of no men, and
:Failed from liampton. Roads, Va.., on
.111011 day, dikilaitary 15th. 1862.
spg" In 'Lisa itlt/Ve list will he found
the name of .A.brahany B; Maloney, late
.or this buNstgls,. Wim is ..i'ayiaa . ater's
clerk. l'heolalst heard Ite're of A. B.
, was 'tone to " sese ell," and
%was fightinr Uncle sern, .
gar Captain Barton, of the' ;"Union
Guards . ," pfrbt - Regiment, P. R. V. C.,
whe.huit ;been ,dangerously ill with ty
pheiil fever for several weeks, is now in
Lancitapnroon a neccuiiinitvist—not,
ei for
men but for, physical strengt.:
r t aio: ;if oche r
Th r t3oll .laafrffir i the Arst,time,in seyer
w494 i
11.-dtlife,"9;?4,lo:irt,ifi is
again established , he will resume his
;c-0 1 (414; ; • • •
Since the above is din type :we learn
that Cpkitak tt hiS . 'reth l rib4 'tei Wash ' -
sz ;•
CaptttlitiSeniateb, commanding
the ..rebbll tattier:Air Sumter} calla. Cap
tain Pooreedflthiroitty,,"a harmless and
.14 will be re
,colectiAtitifiktr:VoUre all'oWea
;to eseniftlilifre,'sornbtauding-the Brcrok
kya for teht4A06.i9.40. be, o w4s Qourt
eartialee, titif6bittnately for the
.Coantry, nuOiitt4.l.-14qpgaster Examin
'8,41,04k A9rql444,Gp . t. h
;lama Charibetßutirl'er,,kwhiY. ha& been
iftiteV'ivrityor, f6(,wpgtittioy,
. coinmiEled cniltpittetti saioido by baiiging himself
in bis p . 411,*441i tcooritOitaufbthtured out
.olltripoti or higted;elbtiiiiig.: His time
Ivouldtave eipired,
' y~ny~rl•'vrW
sr On Saturday evening a traveling
04rnuiti named , )dicfael Wiuter;artuthild
been lut short time in this , country,
was killed . on the railroad at Columbia.
Pe was crossing the traek at the time of
the accident.
eir Gov. Curtin has appointed Dr.
Atiee, sr., one of Trustees
of the state LnpatiO Asylu m. The
11,-.Aination was cOatirinad unanimously
Communicated. ]
kir The Marietta Literary Society
met in the High School Room on Mon
day evening last. Mr. Barr Spangler
in a very able manner, answered the
following referred question:--" What is
the cause of the explosion of steam
boilers," giving several very plausible
"How can the presence of vast quan
tities of Coal Oil beneath the surface
of the earth be accounted for," was re
ferred to Mr. T. F. Hoffmeier.
A very spirited discussion followed,
on the following subject: "Have the
rebellious States forfeited all their state
rights." Prof. Sawyer compared the
United States to a well regulated fami
ly ; he contended that should any one
of the family violate all the rules and
regulations of that family, that individu
al would loose all claims to the protec
tion of the same, and hence, the States
have lost all their rights and protections
guarranteed by the Constitution of the
United States. Mr. Clark followed on
the Negative ; he reviewed the events
which gave rise to the Constitution,
and claimed as it was ratified by the
rnori.s: of the United States, she should
protect those in every state Who are
loyal; that she has no right to punish
the large majority of the people in the
Southern States who'are loyal, in order
to secure the just punishment of the
small minority, Mr. Spangler, contend
ed that since the people of the.Secessiou
States had the privilege of rAising•their
„against the ordinances of seces
sion nod (ma; r»;, and did not, they all
have lost their rights guarranteedr to
them by the Constitution.' The dis
cussion' was continued by .Messrs . .. Cam
eron, Geist and Cassel.
The' President anriounced" ME% 8. S..
.11krnvoN, of Lancaster, us lecturer for
next Monday evening. Subject: "Hu
man/ labor, its dignity, its uses, and its
CONTRACTS NN171.151). Vail Wycles
Investigating Committee is in poSsession
of about thirty contracts with the signa
ture of Simon Clainerom SecretatYfof
War, attached to them, This is at di
rect variance with his statement to Con
gress, that all centr:.cts were given out
by tho proper bureaus of his department.
It will be difficult to reconcile the de
liberate assertion of the late Secretary,
with the startling facts that are being
daily brought to light. These contracts
it is , understood, are countermanded,
and will be held in abeyance until thor
oughly sifted and examined.
We clip the above from the Washing-
ton correspondence of The Philadelphia
inquirer: This information will surprise
no (me, but how the general will get
out of makinv a !liar of himself" will be
enough to puzzle a Philadelphia lawyer,
DOG Tax Petitions for a dog tax of
not less than one dollar, are in circula
tion in various parts of the state. They
Garay the legislature to impose this tax
for the purpose of aiding in the support
of thd poor in such locations where there
are no poor houses, and in every instance
where the tax thus raised is not absorb
ed for the support of paupers, it shall be
devoted to school and road'purposes.--
The idea is,truly a good one.. Our town
a t Ante i m a more dugs than• would 611 the
"qia'ker'City Dog Pool." We do hope
something. - l^ he done to rid the State
orthe dog nuisance. Tax 'em.
tnT gem,—every Keeper of a Dog Ken
•nel—one &Maris:llot enough to exter-
Initiate Abe canines.
Cousve , Linartrxt..—At , a ,meeting of
the- of ,1) recters o t.thei Pdo'r on
Saturday,Dr: Bowman, of iSietsville, wasl
elected One of the Physicians,',44- i,
man, of Millersville, withdrawing, in 'his
favor. In conseqiience`ortheliCarilhar
ing elected. a , Ilormeopathie practitioner
of Pr, A.tlee, Jr., and
Dr. Ebler reeigned,their, positions as
Physicians;.the_resignations to take ef
fect oa tke
. Ist of April next. Without
. taking any further action the Board ad
journed natil the 6rstSaturday in March.
or Lieut. Samuel Evans, Quarter
master of ,the .Fifth Reserve, arrived
here On Wednesday on-'a visit to his
Ha looks as if the fog and ruin
and slush and mull, surrounding and fall
ing upon ,and - composing the sacred soil,
agreed, ith. his,,heulth. He bears the
marks of e7posure but they are only im
proving matks. lie reports the boys of
Company K as well and full of life.—
He complains of ,the long delay in an
akdYance , for tv,hich a i ll-hands are ready
at any mcment.--thiumbia Spy.
es - J. HOlfman Hershey, Reuben
Gerber, John M. Bear, Jacoh M. Sta4ff
er and others, give notice in the illoant
Joy Yearly, that they have funned an
Association for the purpose of establish.
ing a bank 9f Issue, Discount and' De
posits, under the Free Banking law, to
be called "The Farmers' Bank of., Mouht
air Cadwell ha's been re-elected Keep
er of the County prison. At the meet
ing of the Board of Inspectors on Mon
day forty-eight. ineffectual ballots were
had, and on the forty-ninth Cadwell . vias
elected. On the last ballot Housekeep
er, Gara; Brubaker and Samson vothd
for CadUrell.
stir H. H. Fry, Esq., the Postmaster
at Columbia died of Typhoid fever on
Saturday last. His body was taken to
York for interment.-
The officers of the Susquehanna
Lodge of Good Templars for the current
quarter are Dr. Cameron W. C. T., K.
Walters W. V. T., C. C. P. Grosh W.
S., S. Child W. A. S., W. Girod W. F.
S., A. Rainier H. IL S., 11. H. Taylor
L. 11. S., J. P. Walters W. C., H. Kline
W. T., S. Thuma W. M., J.Peck W. D.
M., C. Walters W. I. G., W. Shireman
W. G. G. B. Spangler is the P. W.
C. T. This we believe is the only Tem
perance Society that has really an exis
tence in Marietta, and such being the
case we heartily wish them success, for
when the war is over we shall be much
mistaken if they do not find a greatly
enlarged field for their benevolent en
terprise. Some time ago we were pro
niised a Band of Hope. Is it not to be
forth coming ?
Car Judge Vondersmith, of Lancaster,
who had been confined to the Eastern
Penitentiary, for several years, for forg
ingland wiirants has been set at liberty
having beerillipnrdoned by President
Lincoln. One of the *last official acts
of Mr. Buchanan was to commute his
punishment, and the term of his imprison
ment would have terminated in May.—
The pardon of President Lincoln, ro
heves Judge J. of the fine of $5,000
imposed upon him at the time of his
Cr Geo. B. Porter, of Lancaster city,
a brother of provost marshal Andrew
Porter, and clerk in Chief Assistant
Quartermaster Rucker's office, was found
dead in his room at WasVington, on
Tuesday evening of Wt. week. When
discovered he Was on hisitnieS;Paititilly ,
undressed, with his head' reclining on
the bed. A physician was called, who
decided that he had died in a fit.
Or Our former townsman, Capt. S. S.
P....vi01...e5, will lecture before our- Liter
ary Society on I)l,onday evening next,
'in the Idigh School room. SUBJECT:
"Labor.". We bespeak for, our valued
friend an appreciating audience. Our
" Glee Club," composed of Messrs. Dr.
Worrell, harry Wolf and the Girod
brothers, will enliven the occasion with
their songs. Mules will be charged Jive
cents—ladis free.
Cr Mr. Thomas Zell is now selling
Coal at a very low 6grire. Advertisinent
in our next.
A. First-Class Family Newspaper
Sib!, behtlo. of 'Procjws.
An independan t Journal of Health, Progress,
and Reform, pledged to the discovery . and ,ap
plication of Truth—devoted to no sect, be
longing to no party, not given to one idea.
Puffs well-established Family Journal is
commended to the attention of 01 reformatory,
progreshive, and aspiring minds, as alfdrding
the broadest and freest platform, for human
thought and effort, of any newspaper in the
The columns of the Herald of Progress are
open' to candid and intelligent articles upon
every queqion of human interest, embracing
new investigations and discoveries in science
and art, and all important movements in phy
sical, educational, social, political, and theo
logical reform. ISo subject is tabooed, no
theory, clique, or creed, exempt from criticism,
whenever the cause of truth demands it.
Among the regular department of the paper
Questions and Answeis, and Medical whis
pers, and Prescriptions, by the edativ,
Voices from the veople,
Teachincrs of Nature,
Spirit's Mysteries,
Doings tlf the •• Moral Police,"
Pulpit and Rostrum,
Laws and sYsteths,
Tidings from the Inner L:fo
The Editor seeks to prezertc the ciilinans of
the paper free from the 'bitterness of party
strife, sectarian fanatical 'zeal,
a voidingcalAggis'eritieism, seeking rather to
disco,vir„t#e pople:,,ge.nerous, and manly traits
Eof tinnan-Oariteter, to impart healthful, vigor
pua;zand spiritual tendencies of thought, and.
inspire humane, disinterested, and philan
thropic action.
. The •Herald of Progress is published weekly
on a double folio of eight pages, ibr .42 per
annum, or $1 for six months, payable in ad
vance. To Clubs, three copies, sn; ten copies,
Iti J twenty copies, tin.
dpecitnen nopies sent free; Address,
274 Canal St., N. Y
A Book for every Household:
.1 - hrbingei• of
Containing Medical Prescriptions,
By Andrew Jackson Davis.
[Formerly knO4 , n as "The Poughkeepsie
Clairyoyant and Seer.] . ,
Just puhlished, a new and rare volume,
designed as a popular Handbook of Health,
adapted for use in the Family, Hospital, and
Camp. The work contains more than •
for the treatment and cure of over one hund
red different diseases and forms of disease
inciden,t to this climate.
rr The Author's Proscriptions are given in
the light of the Superior Condition,” a state
in which every organ andfunction of
,the /suntan
system is transparently disclosed, with the most
approprsate remedy for the greatest variety of
cases. ,4_71
The Harbinger of Health cannot fail to
awaken intense interest in the minds of the
most intelligent of the Medical Profession; and
will we've invaluable to the general reader,
containing, as itdoes, information concerning
methods of_ treatment hitherto unknown to the
wfirld; and ithpartiog important suggestions
respecting the
which are better thin medicine.
. .
It is a plain, simple guide to health, IVA no
duackery, rio humbug, no universal panacea
Se4l by Mail for One Dollar
Published aid fur sale at the office of the
Herald of Progress, 274 Canal Street, N. Y.
Four hundred and twenty.eight pages, 12mo,
good.paper, and well bound. Price only, One
Dollar! A liberal discount to the trade.
. . . .
Single copies mailed tree on receipt of price.
Eighteen cents additional required, if serwto
Caiifornia and Oregon. Address,
A. J. DAVIS a CO., Publishers,
274 Canal St., New York.
ri i l GOOD & BRO's. Plantation fine
cut Chewing Tobacco. The 'beat in the
uprid. For sale at WOLFE'S.
9 - 10 LANDLORDS! Just received, Scotch
. 1 and Irish WHISKIES ? warm)
fed pure, at H. D. Bcnjantain's.
the entire stock, good will and fixtures of the
Thug Store of Dr. J. 11. Grove . , take this me
thod of informing the patrons of tnis establish
ment and the public in general, that nothing
shall be wanting to insure at all times a fresh
and complete asssortment of
Soaps, Hair and Thoth Brushes, Combs,
Tooth Washes and Powders, Hair
Dyes, Patent Medicines, Paints,
Oils, IVhitelearl, Varnishes,
Dye-Stuffs, Glass,
and everything usually kept in a well regula
ted apothecary.
A new and fancy lot of COAL OIL LAMPS—
the finest in the Borough—at prices to suit the
times. Lamp Tops attached to old Lamps at
short notice. Globes, Wicks, Chimneys, Sc.,
always on hand.
A very convenient "HAL LAMP" for car
rying about the house, just received.
A nicely selected lot of all kinds of Station
ary, Envelopes, Pens, Pen-holders, Inks,
of all 'grades aed at all prices.
An endlers variety of Fancy and Toilet ar
ticles on hand.
Just received, an excellent article jf Co a 1
0 r 1 now selling at 15 cents a quart.
Marietta, November 9, 1861. ly
'I -•
elltla, Bliffet,
TAKES this , method of informing his old
friends and the public generally, that he
has re-taken his old stand (recently occupied
by. George L. Mackley,) and is now perma
nently fixed to prosecute the Hutting business
'Having just returned from the city where he
selected a large. varik d and fashionable assort
ment of everything in the
and now only asks an examination of his
stock and prices, before purchasing. elsewhere.
Having also laid in .11, stock of flatting materi
al, be will be enabledOtt short notice, to man
ufacture all qualitiesfrom the common So.ll,
to the most Eashionable Silk Hat.
Employing none but the best of workmen,
and manufacturing good goods at low prices,
he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of
public patronage. Kr The highest price paid
for Furs„—no trade or cash.
Marietta, March 9;1861.
A FULL assortment of Fresh Winter
Goods of The most desirable styles.
Ladies, Geatlemen's, Misses and Youths
S A W S ,
French Merifines at a great bargain,
Fancy .Wool De Laines below the cost
of importation, Cobyrgs, Thibits, Prints
and Ginghams in great irariety.
Cassimares and Vestings
very cheap, Cloaking Cloth Sin all colors, at a
decided bargain, floods, Nubias, Gloves
and notions generally, as cheap as ever.
A Job lot of extra-fine
at less than half the usual cost,
Flannels, Muslins, Checks, Meetings and all
other kind of DRY GOODS, together
with Groceries, Fish, &c,, in full supply.
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer,
Would most respectfully inform the citizens
of this Bdrough and neighborhood that he has
the largest assortment of City made work in
his line of business in this Borough, and be
ing a practical. BOOT AND SHOE MAKER
himself,is ettableo to select with more judgment
than those who are not. Ile continues to man
ic/at:We in the very best manner everything
in the BOOT AND SHOE LINE, which be
will warrant for neatness and good lit.
!ErCall and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Saw Mill and Lumber Yard,
CONSTANTLY on hand a full assortmen
of all kinds of Seasoned Lumber, which he
oilers at reasonable prices.
- Boards, Plank, Joist, Scantling,
Rafters, Laths, Shingles,
Pails, 6- c ., 1 5. c ., 6.c.
All orders attended to with dispatch.
97yrietta, April l ltf.
13L1 IINE1"1"8 'Cueoaine. A compound of
Cocoa-nut Oil, &c., for dressing the flair.
-For efficacy and agreeableness, it is without
an equal. It prevents the'hair from. falling, off.
It promotes' its hcalthy and vigcrousgroWth
It is not greasy or sticky. •
It leaves no disagreeable odor.
It softens the hair when hard and dry.
It soothes the irritated scalp skin. • .
It affords the richest lustre.
It remains longest in effect. For sale by
WEST '& ROTH, Successors to Dr. Grove.
H. L. Rz E. J. ZAH AI
RESPECTPULLY inform then
(4114 friends and the public that they
still continue the WATCH, CLOCK
ANn JEWELRY business at the Old
stand, North-west Corner of North
Queen street and Center Square,.Lancaster, Pa
A full assortment of goods in our line of bust
nesS'always on hand and for sale at the lowest
cash rates. Repairing attended to per
simalty by the proprietors.
A delightful beverageonapufactured and sold
in pound, ill). and fib. packages. Price TEN
CENTS a pound, WOLFS Market-et.
TUST, received at J. J. Libhart's Drug store
ti the largest assortment of Coal Oil Lamps
ever offered in this borough.
Now selling the best Oils, from 13 to 15
tents per quart.
k j parlor selection'of French and German
Cloths, and Casshners, and a variety of beauti
ful Vestings, a new and fashionable lot, just
arrived. at DifTenbach's Cheap Store.
Hygienic Physician & Accoucheur,
Corner of Front and Gay Streets,
OFFICE.: Front street, fourth door
from Locust, over Saylor ar McDon-qtaasaa
ald's Book Store. Columbia. Entrance ;be
ween the Drug and Book Stores. [3-1
.AIVDER.SOIPS I. . Attention Butchers
and Houskeepers. Having a great demand for
our famed SPICES, I have concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant supply of Ground Pep
per, Ground Corriander, and Slime! Marjoram.
ACHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indistruclable Pleasure Books; School and
other Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
&c., &e. For sate by Dr. Landis.
TTICKORY & Oak Wood, 50 Cords each,
ri Hickory and Oak Wood. Orders must
be accompanied with the cash when they will
be promptly fine?. Spangler & Patterson.
for culinary purposes, warranted genuine
at H. D. Benjamin 4 - CV's.
;3i l T-HE
Brave Soldiers and Sailors.
MENT.—AII who have Friends and
Relatives in the Army or Navy . , should take
special care, that they be amply supplied with
these Pills and Ointment; and where the
brave Soldiers and Sailors have neglected to
provide themselves with them, no better pres
ent can be sent them by their friends. They
have been proved to he the Soldier's ; never
failings-friend in the hour of need.
adfilts and Colds affecting Troops.
Wilt be speedily relieved and effectually
sliced by using these admirable medicines; and
by paying proper attention to the Directions
- Which are attached to each Pot or Box.
Sick Headache and Want of Appetite,
Incidental to Soldiers
Those feelings which so sadden us, usually
arise from trouble. or annoyances, obstructed
prespiratien, or eating and drinking whatever
is unwholesome, thus 'disturbing the healthful
action of the liver antistomach. These organs
must be relieved, if yam desire to do well.—
The Pills, taking according to the printed
instructions, will quickly produce a healthy
action in both liver and stomach, and as a
natural consequence a clear head and good
Weakness or Debility Induced by over
Will soon disappear by the use of these in
valuable Pills, and the Soldier will quickly
acquire additional strength. Never let the
bowels be either confined or unduly, acted
upon. It may seem strange that Holloway's
Pills should' be recommended for Dysentery
and Flux, many persons supposing that they
would increase the relaxation. This is a
great mistake, for these Pills ,will correct , the
liver and stomach and thus remove all the
acrid humours from the system. This medi
cine will give tone and vigor to the whole
organic system however deranged, while
health and , strength follow as a matter of
course. Nothing_ will stop, the.relaxation of
the ;Bowels so sure as this famous medicine.
Trdunteers Attention ! Indiscretion of
Sores and Ulcers, Blotches and Swellings
can - with •certainty be radically cured if the
Pills are taken night and morning, and the
Ointment be freely used as stated in the printed
instructions. - If treated in any other manner
they eiy up in one part to break out in another.
Whereas this U in tment will remove the
formor from the system and leave the Patients
in v ; igorous.and healthy man. It will require
a l ittle perseverance in bad cases to insure a
lasting cure.
For Wounds either occasioned by t ! he
Buyonet, Sabre or the Bullet, .7
Sores or Bruises.
To which every Soldier and Sailor are liable,
there are no medicines so safe, sure and con—
venient as Holloway's Pills and Ointinent.,—
The poor wounded and almost dying sufferer
might have his wounds dressed immediately,
if he would only provide hirrself with this
matchless Ointment, which should be thrust
into the-wound 040 smeared all around it, then
cover VI ith a piece of linen from his Knapsack
and compressed with a handkerchief. 'Taking
night andinoniing 6 or S Pills, to cool the
system and prevent intimation..
Every Soldier's Knapsack and. Seaman's
Chest should be provided with these valuable
IMPORTANT CALIT-ION!--None are genufbe
unless the words " HOLLOWAY, NEW YORK
and LONDON," are discernible as a Water-
mark in every leaf of the book of directions,
around each pot or -box ; the same may be
plainly seen by holding- the leaf to the light.—
A handsome reward will be given -to anyone
rendering such information as may lead to the
detection of any party or parties counterfeiting
the medicines or vending the sum% knowing
them to be spurious.
- *.*Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New YOrk,
and by. all respectable Druggists and -Dealers
in Medicine thiongliout the civilized world,
in pots, at 25c. 62c. and $1 each.
There is considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes.
N.l3.—Directions for the guidance of patients
in every disorder are attixed to each pot. •
1)-comber 14, 1661.—N0. 20-Iy.
Beautiful Complexion
TAR. THOMAs F. CHAPMAN will send to all
_UV who wish it (free of charge), the Recipe
and full directions for making and using a
beautiful vegetable Balm, that will effectually
remove Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freck/es,
tc., leaving the skin smooth, clean, and
beautiful; also full directions for using, Pela
treau's celebrated Stimulant, warranted start
a'full growth of :Whisker:, or a Mustache, in
less than thirty days. Either of the above
can be obtained by return mail, by addressing
(with stamps for return postage) Da.,T nOM A s
F. CHAPMAN Practical Chenust. 831 -Broad
way, New York. [jam 11-2 m.
Coal Oil Lamps and Lanterns
oC,e.very patern ' suitable • for the- Parlor, Abe
Kitchen and the Chamber ; Hanging and Side
Lamps for Halls, Churches, Stores and Offices.
Having, purchased them from the •manufact ft
rers in large quantities at the lowest cash rates,
we can sell them much under the usual retail
prices, although every other. description of
goods are advancing.
Located on Chestnut Street, cipposite the
and in close proximity to the principal Jobbing
and Importing Houses, Banks, Cirshom House,
and places of amusements. The City Cars
can be taken at the.door (or within, a square)
for any depot in the City. The House has
been renovated and, refitted, and
WYATT & HEULINGS 3 P riotmr crone.
of a SUFFERER-Published as a warning
and for the especial. benefit of- Young Men
and those who suffer with Nervous Debility,
Loss of Memory, Premature Decay, &h., &c.,
by one who has cured himself by simple
means, after being, put to great expense and
inconveniencei through the uie of worthless
medicines PrCSeribedlty learned Doctors..
Single copies may be had of the author,
C. A. Lamncar, F.sq., Greenpoint,;Long
island, by enclosing a post-paid addressed
envelope. Address, 'CHARLES- A. LAMBERT,
Esq., Greenpoint, Long Island, N. Y.
Jan 11-2m.]
Superior Old Brandy, Old Rye Whiskey,
Holland Gin, Old Modena - , Lisbon, Sheity and
Pert Wines.
. Pittsburg Whiskey always on hand at the
lowest market prices. Very Fine Brandy at
a 'very low figure, by the barrel.
J. R. DIFFENI3ACH. Market-se
rRIME GROCERIES :—Rio, Java and
Laguira Coffee; Crushed-, Pulverized and
lit min Sugar ; , Superior Green and Black, Tea ;
Rice, Cheese and Spices; 'Skrup aild prime 'ba
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley ,at
• gned has received another lot of
Fluid and Coal Oil Lamps, and . Lamp Shades
of 'every variety and price. Cal and sec them
at the Drug Store of Dr- Henry Landis.
131AMILY C O U G H SYRUP :—A Cough
_U Syrup, for children' and tedults bas just
been put up at my store, which should be in
very family this cold weather. Dn. LANDIS.
CLIAM PAGN hl and other Table Wines,
guarrantePd to be pure, and sold as low as
can be bought in Philadelphia or sew-York.
H. D. IlEruAmln, Picot Buildiag.
t7 -'t- ' . 7 ' Dealer in Hard Ware";
. .Z-Ni Cc dune are, Paints, Oils, GI as:
i ) 4110, Coal;; tali ad' oi NI. Stobes,&:::.,
WOLT LD take this means of informing. the
citizens of Aratietta' gravid : nil) , that lir
is prepared to furnish. anything in Ms lin••••
consisting in part, of T bI e Cost eryof a
kinds ; Ituil lin and tibusekeening hamf
'Safe, ih styl'es, Ciitlefy, TOON; Paints,
Glass; Varnrslies., Cedarviare, "rubs, Bucker-i v
Churns, itni:es; Forks, Spoons; Shovels,
kers, Tong,a, Candlbsticks, Pana; Waiters, Cop
per and Irrhss Xettlbs, Door, Obbir, Pad ant
all °theft nit of Locks, Nails, Spikes and
in fact , everything-usually kept ill ao well regula
ted" I Da sdskite'establisliTnent.
lINT OF LE.TTERs remaining in the Fo,-1
trice. ut 3litrietta, , January 23;.1862.
browns Elizabeth .MissMudgehan,, A. S.-2.
Brubaker, Henry Miller, tiara'].
HiHitt, George Mohn Ire r, George'
Bowers, James Mayling, G. A.
Babaliock, Martha MokiS•leCes., Itebecets
Cook, Adam Millery George
Dennison, David Mither, Wkliarrvltfrw.
Ely, Micheal Mahliiitr;•Selina , Miss ,
Antler, Sol. 13. ithincha s Geow .
Fell, George F. Miller, Jacob.
Fisher, Sair Miss Parks, ittattie Dt Miser
Grosh, George G. Peck,, Hanle Miss -
LI tuner, idar'gt Mrs.„2 Root,.Wm.
hunter, Harriet Mrs. Reinhold,-Nancy
Houston, Sarah Rudisell,Mbry Mrs:.
Haines, Henry F. • Roth, Tillie Miss
Helfer, Ginnie Miss • Ruthe, Arbartll , l4l.,
Hahn, Nicholas 2 Ryan, James
Hosteto, Christian Rollin, Elizzie Miss
Keetli Few Smith, Mary Miss!
Langdon, John N. Stambaugh, Kate Aro. , i ,
Lichtenberger, .Magp r '„ie Slachter, L.
Murray, M. E. Miss Weaver, Emanuea
Marietta Safety Fund Zaun John
Lottery 'Look : John
Persons calling for any of the above Lefirerif,
will please say advertised. ABM. CASSEL,
Marietta, January 23d, 1862. P. M
H E Co-partnership heretofore exhistin
, z -
Tunder the firms of Ste rrett & Co., and
Spa4ler & Patterson, was this day dissolvea
by S. P. Sterrett withdrawing from the business.
The accounts, notes, &c., due the firma will
be collected .by S..P. Sterrett, on. wham those
indebted will cu Al-tad make settlemeab.
111arietta,:January 16, 1562.
or.r•Phe business will be continued under tli.
firrate 03f Patterson & Co , „ and Spangler
• Commission' Lula-LT .21fereleant,
West Falls Attentte. Baltimore, Md.
ES PECTFULLY offers hip-services flor file
ale of Lu m B ir a every deseniption
his tritowledge oP itte teofsiness •hir ke.
confident of being able to obtain tha highe t
market rates for everything entritoe4 to Bing.
HIS old and well-establshed tavern hone,
located on Pront street; Marietta,
oltered torrent, for one, or a term of ;veins,
Apply to PA,VID HARRY, or"
S'.l4 L 111PPLX.
Marietta, Janaary 1362.4 t:,
.4C4.1 1 .15$ HANELk.
Late-at the. Borough of...Mariettsis- Decd.
Letters of,Admonstratiop on said estate havin.:
beewgran , e4 to the undersigned, all perwo.•
indebted thesetw are.segneged, to make imam.
diate payment, and those having claims os de
mands against thirmime will present them for
settlement to the , undePsigned, Lor
said 13orough ot Marietta.
.1,01).14 , -11; BANELRA I :
Jan'y 16, 3862. . 25-0 times.
PLATRD WARE: A Lase and linestew;
of Plated ware at it. IA & E.. 3. ZARMAVIC:,
Corner of North Queen street 4 Center Sq,uar, ,
Lancaster, Pa. 'rem Setts. l Variety, Loire*:
Urns. ..Pit.chets, Goblets; Sit .Stands, Cu
Baskets, Card Basketa, Spoons, cairks,Knive.,
Casters, &e.,,Sce., at manafaelasersprwes.
Iti:PLATII , G attended to at nowlerate rates.
EWELRY.—A large and selected Ascii
efr fine, ewelry of the latest pittteinks train the
bestfactories in the country qui he Moral al
H. 1.. & E...J. ZAIIM'S.
Cor. North Queen st. and Centre Square,. Lan
caster, Pa. Our prices are moderate and-ail
goods warranted to be as represented.
ror j
F. 7,
1 can be. liad-of ,H. L.& E. 3. ZA LIM, CM.
th Queen-st., and Center Square, TAIDth , -
ter, fa., ill the shapeof 'Equilibrium Levers , —
the bestarticle 'ofSwiss , levera now in the mat
ket. They' 4rg lower in. price than any wati...l
of equal quality andj ust as true for timekeeping,
opposite the Court House, wi ,
lere he. will tv
tend to the practiee.of his proressioniu all it,
various branches. ' [-Nov. 3, '59.- ly
A LL. PA P Eft S.—Weinive Just recei .1
V another ;supply from .the liew York an
Philadelphia manufactories. Purheaseis can
sely upon the newest styles. whcih will 1..
roll unusually low at J. it, Diffenbach's.
50 B A „ R t i g .L . S il l l tenusnosrdth.etiathWellotk•(7i
.inarket rates by the bar,rekor, gallpn, at
J.J. Diffeobacit's Clteap Store.
H 1 Largest and best assortment of Fahe.w.
1. Cloth &. CassimeriisAindh&stinir eier offerl,l
is thismarket and will be sold at priemwhich
i''flefy'noropetition by Dlfeitbach.
... .
. ,
±l._ ILamtnered and Roiled lron . , s IL)
S. Liars, Norway . Nail . Rods, American/ ,
and German. Spring, and Cast 'Sleet, Wage
lioxes,,lron Axlns,.Sp . rings, gre„,,for smiths.
Ano. , . ir% SUPER - COOK. very plat,, RIO
Atyle, each nne Avarraiaed'A.) per- 4,
tuna to the entire optiofoctiott of the r---ft
. .. ...
purchaser. lIM- v 't
Jan, 25.] -
A General Assortment pf 41iiinds of
..1 1 : Hini. B .e l e; ' , lL k r ie a ws ilA to D l7: l l7elltr Ocics, .Grate
Paints, Oils, Glass and Putty, yerf eimap.
P AITE.II:SOist -..*. CO.
PRICE REDUCED:—The best - Coal 0
. Alfat
50 cents per gallon, or '4 `cents per gnat t,
at the Hardware of
Marietta, January 2.5, 1862.
_FORKS, lkitainia . and
platedSpotins, Brass, Copper' Plain an.
Enameled Iron Kettles, and Honsekeepim,2.
goods generally. Patter.o7l , 4 •CO.
For sale sale at Wolfe's.. :Four coats a quart
or 13 cents a gallon.
`V tension Steel Spring a leyou I :stto‘
r is ail: l,
self:adjustible Bustle. Wise latestAsal „ hest in
use, for sale cheap at DilreatOcV l -
isv - -... --J— .4,11 :- .roto,
something very . tne, in. stoxe and..toisni
Al the "Entergnse, Stare," Mount 44,
ADVAIA folk bodieO,
111. at the " Enterprise Stoke."
A. D. .REEVE, Mg p+2
D RIED I , 'lttllT now aleap at
C 0 N STANTL.Y on humid, Monongahela re,
tified Whiskey. Benjamin ry. Co.