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,_,„• • • •• • • •
L..T• Messrs. IVlAtrrErt ar, ABBOTT, No. 335
Broadway, New-York, are duly authorized to
act for Oa in sotiCiling advertisments, &c.
WiiiiiNbioN:lihms.—The patrol have
been busily at W . ' orl; in visiting the dif
ferent taverns where whisky was, sold to
soldiers. In every place where there
was prima fade evidence that the sol
cliersMiad bought li4uor, the .decanters
and barrels wereUrrceremoniously empti
ed into street, mach to the delight
of the passers,b.y.
The new order of the Secretary or the
War in regard to contractors has caused
a grea l flettering: It is reported that
there . ace Over three millions of dollars
of contracts now held by parties in Penn
sylvania, who.will not be able to conform
to the new. rules.
General Camerbn and his family have
left kir • his iesidence, LOchiel,, near
llarrisburg;' to:king with them their
honsehohleffe cl,s, • ,
The Military Committee has decided
to report% bill fora railway on Perin
salvanla c aVerile,: . to be built in sixty
days, aMinaming Certain corporators.
It is reported at the navy yard, that
a short time since, while one of our
vessels was firing at a rebel battery, one
of the guns could ' not be discharged,
when die fccid withdrawn'was and the
• WI , •
cartridgefoand,to,be filled with sand.
Gen. Frenionrt ie. still quietly domicil
ed here. The charge's against him and
the reqtigit, Oat he' b'a court' Marshalled
have nof:so. far as can be ascertained,
been definitefy, „acted ,qpen, by, the Gov
ernment, and thekefore it is - not. known
what course will , be , pursued towards
that gentlnntan. ' • •
Cr No -adt•Of the riew Secrelary of
‘Var will liribtEigratefdlly appreciated
by the s i rplyuid, ,Ration than his or
der appoipling„ c.ernolissionors to the
Southern w.acAprisona, ; ;and: .declaring
that oui air prisoners or nidr,
shall receive7chilitirthiiiiinOatceration,
pay and l 'falttair tigltiollol their' weitz,
active service. y Ot‘r rkoble fejlo , ks at
tail service. Destiny has detailed them
On ' dqtrietillikUkYriiriltioll and "R*3 t
—and t! i ntliffi?iini t i. 'of that
shoufil ii,9UStrARgA4 gi
ieniiro„eiir syr9-
pathy and' succor.,. ,spirit
an imating .our Secrotaryq. and action
will her gri apprsoiatedvlly durloldierslin
the line Or'ttie 'eraiips; 'end
in the prisons " - I . th
o . „ the enemy. ,
Titti'nbutbiwortrobps 'Pennsylva
nia has In Ike' field, 'entitles 4r to' Ai°
major-geberals an'd twenty-four briga
diers, yet, sh 9 iaa. pot a, singla major
general-and,4only four, brigadiers of vol
unteers. New YOrk, with a mach small.
er force in the field, has some fifteen or
sixteen t)tigadietqaifeials: We hai:e
now in thiS Atate. Otganized and drilled,
volunteers •enough At. a formidable e,x
pedition. : ,
illar General /Lintel. bas issued an or
der which tins created a great sensation
out west.. v tle ,announces his intention
to take command in person of the great
southern expedition which is styled in
the newspapers G-erieral Lane's expedi
tion ; and he goes on in his order to
state his arrangemements. He will take
DO baggage of.any kind. He wants six
brigadiers lo take-the subordinate com
tar The contracts for snbsisting the
New York volunteerq, entered into his
own name by Gov.llorgan, in disregard
of an order from the War Department
assigning an army officer' especially to
this duty,' have been annulled in the
proper bureau, as the shortest method
of bringing this business to an end, not
only in New York, but in other States
where it 'hawbegriti, l nr the itching to be
gin it painfully
'Accounts frollVFortTickens says
that the'rebels - have Witlidratan part of
their forces from that vicinity to Mobile,
which point they consider in (ranger:—
About 6000 Men' are "Opposite Pickens.
Fugitive seek refuge
at the fort.
T 1 Oise Military Committee
has dncilleg to report a bill for a rail
way on Pennsylvania avenue, Washing
ton, to be built in sixty days. Tbis is
an improvement which, when completed,
will bn hailed with delight by all.
rrh'erels no prospect of the army
orthti Pottiinac making a forward move
ment, unlesi cold, freezing weather sets
in, or the. rebel forces at Centreville ad
vance upon
Tligie. who heed not God's writ,
are oftea loreed toheed the sheriff's
THAT Cummissios.—Secretary Stanton
having appointed a con - mission to go
and see after the condition of the Fed
eral prisoners amongst the rebels-and
to take means to have them comfortably
cared for, Bishop Ames and Ex-Gov.
Fish compose this commission. We .
find the following sketch of-rtlie above
named gentlemen in an exchange paper:
Bishop Edward Ames, of the Method
ist Episcopal Church, was born at
Athens, Ohio, in 1806 After receiving
his education in the Ohio University, he
was for three years an instructor in a
college in Illinois. Ile was licensed to
preach in 1830, was soon after assigned
t> the Indiana Conference, and ordained
successively a Dehaoriltid Elder. He'
took part in the •.General Conference of
the .111ethodisis Weld in Baltimore in
144,0 .an d ir...lB4.2,,officiated-as chaplain
to a council of Choctaws, being the first
chaplain, ever elected by an assembly of
Indians. From 1844 until 1852, when
he was made a .Bishop, he, traveled as
Presiding Elder through various .dis
tricts of Indiana. ,
Hon. Ilamilton Fish; •one of the Com
missioners to the South, is a nian well
known throughout the country. He is
the son of the late. Col. Nicholas * Fish,
and was born io New-York city, in .the
year 1808, and is,. therefore in the fifty
fourth year of his age. On his mother's
side he is descended from Governor
Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch 'Gov.
ernor of New Amsterdam. His: educa
tion was principally derived at old Col
umbia College, where he graduated with,
.distinction, and- subsequently. studied
law but.the management of his immense
family estate .has monopolized• most of
his business time. in 1843 the Whig
party.,elected him ,as a member of, the
Twenty-eight Congress. In 1847 ,he
'was chosen Lieutenant-Governor of New
York State. His next appearance on
the political stage was as United States
Senator for New York, which office he
assumed in 1851, and held for six years.
He is exceedingly mild, urbane . and
polished in, manners, possessing a fine
figure; and gifted with powers of per
suasion in' a degree.
17. ‘yatson and, John :fucker have e
ceived the appointments of Assfatant
Secretaries of Alrar„u.n.der the act. passed
by Congress; allowing two, additional
Assistants at a fiakary of;thrizie thousand
dollars a year each: litionma .A.
Scott, Assistant under Cameron, retains
Watson is a citizen of Wash
ingten, a AiStiniiiialie'd' J patentla'Wyer,
and-:exWelleiti ttil'siness 'fucker is
a , Masisac%set'tls'inla'n,''' l tfi
bet; bf=tIii : .NeWLYISI4 'fibiise; •erlifts,
Steiteueklneger`;`anct lagtlY-OT Phila.-
'd e 11) ' Preside •Ci i'ag
Railroad.' Tlfe in;w l 'AsSiStaiiti are 'Old
anti confidential fridn cid of - Arr: t. tanion
YE, (3 qAL ()tu.---,, To asoartain
whatner:eoal piii,e44A:pl,eqiNe,peet. : a small
quantity ;into , sauger;• and, bring a
lighted !IktlCll , ql9ll l Y( l it. .Itex
plosive, the oil will-blaze and Hash up;
will not barn at all. hit
ter birlyibrsitTe*,hir nie. `Aluny acchients
having' 'frOin the use `of an inn-
proper rtiele, - this experiment is mirth
trying.' ' ' '1...
„11„omaiwaray..--liy.;desire of the Em
peror ; Napoleon, the foundation. of a
chair of homccopathic medicine,at the
faculty of. Paris has,again.been brought
forward., ; The, medical corps :has, -how
ever, so energetically,proc o.unceinitself'
several.times .against this system, that
it is hardly, likely, the Government will
dare to oppose that.body very strenous-
notice has been issued by the Post
master General that treasury. notes will
not be received in payment for stamps
unless they are purchased in sums
amounting to two dollars and fifty cents.
ear Col. • Ilarvy BroWn, the gallant
commander'at Fort Pickens, being sink
with dropsy, his second in 'command,
Major Lewis ArnOld, of Ic:ew Jersey,
has been appointed and confirmed a
brigadier-general,.fOr gallant service-in
the three fights at Pickens.
eir General Crittenden, who com'-
nanded the rebel army in Kentucky, was
not wohhded. The enemy admit 300
killed. • General Crittenden ordered the
attack upon Monies; belieVing, 'from
informatintrhe had `received, tliat Thom
as` only had 1500 . '1161 Witli hint
eir The Secretary of War directs that
the officers and soldiers Of.the United
StateS Nv d'are; or may be'prisoners of
war, shall during their imprisonment, be
conSidere'd entitred 'to receive the `same pay as if they were doing, active'duty.
Cr Seven bridge-burners have >been
arrested in Missouri, and are under sen
, of death, General lialleck having
ordered their execution. This - will hel
terriblirbut`a ust . example, and, in Nis's
ouri, it will have-a most salbtary
455 - The different, Pongressional'com
mittees,,are • gradually .:unfolding some
very singular l and startling Government
contracts. The information is from ap
pe.aranCe,AeriVed.froin'inities whb hEive
been disaripointed. - '
ar Why is . a ,married man
.like a
candle.? Because he
, sometimes goes
out at night when.he ought not to.
Cassius M. Clay has been confirmed
as Major-,General_ of Volunteers, and
Abner Doubleday as Brigadier-General.
The friends of Hon. Thomas E. Coch
ran, 'AuditOr General, are moving for
Lis re-election. He has been an, able
and honest officer, and nothing can be
gained by making a change.
The city. government-of Bangor has
decided to furnish no further supplies to
the families of such soldiers who refuse
to allow at least ten dollars of their pay
toward the support of their families.
The Congress of Rebeldorn have by
law - prohibited - the publishing of - war
intelligence ; in the newspapers, . i The
Nonfolliljay Book approvesEof WO
course,, remarkteg- 7 ".qod_knows, we
have trouble enough, without .trying to
create a panic."
The cotton thus far sent from Port
Royal, to New York, and sold by the
U. S. Government, 'is estimated in'value
at $250,000 ;• and- it is supposed that'
$1,000,000 worth remains to be forward
The New York :Tribune's Baltimore
correspondent, says, " there is nodoubt
. •
that the .condition, of this, city is a de
plorable one. The amount of secession
corruption in the social veins, is vast,
and by no 'neaps decreasing, and it will
be sure to have another eruption before
the, thing is done with.", ,
The'Virginia Republican of the 18th'
inst., expects,by the next (Matt steamer,
European news 'cif the recognition of
Itebeldom... It, "asserts that • the last'
dollar iu the' 'creasiiry' at "'Washington
will be exhausted in a' week.
Senator Bright was expelled from the
United States Senate by a rote of 32
yeas to 14 nays.
The Tree Press, a political paper„ of
London,-professes to•.believe, by virtue
of a large number . of concurrent eireuni
stances, that Prince" Albert Was a vfe
tim of poison, atiministered'at the: insti
gation of the English 'Premier,
.whO re:
palled the Prince as Stitudii4, -in his
firm support of thh Queen, in the way'e:pOlitical designs of the ministry..
The „Prince of Wales reropips at Os
borne with the, Que,en..until after the
arriyal •of his, brother, Prince Alfred,
wh,o„ is , e.xpectpd 4ngland. in the
course ,of the -present month,. .Shortly
arte,r hip, arrival, the .Prince of Wales
will make atuur„in the Holy Land and
th,roa,gb q!.fier, Wst t orie 4 l_ localities of
the, East.
`. 4 1. gentleman iu New York, recently
• •
took the trouble to add up the number
•„ , • • .•,.
of rebels killed in the various engage
ments since the commencement of the
war, as reported in a New York paper.
Th'ii grand total anfounted qo 1,200,000.
The Adjutant Ueneral of Connecticut
has,o,rdered,the selectmen of the several
towns to proceed to draft men for the
State militia.. This not to recruit
the army service, but,to,filt up the active
militia force of.the State.
The niunbei. of Sprinifield rifled mus
kets contracted Said"to be large
en - oughwitit the Musket's frOm Spring
field and those imported—to give a
weapon to every luau in the Northern
John C. Breckinridge died in Balti
more on Suuday ,morning, lust. Un
fortunately for the cause of humanity
and, truth, ,it was' EEO the -traitor and
ingrate byname, but a poor slave whose
emancipation was thus. achieved by the
sudden influence of death.
It is now established at Washington,
upon high authority, thai it was original
ly intended that Geneial Huntershonld
command the great western e . .xPedition,
an'd not Gen. Jim Lane.
A released prisoner from Richmond
reports that Beauregard has left for Ken
tucky, taking with him 15;000' men from
Manassas, and that Jeff Davis is to take
command at Manassas in person after
his inauguration, on tho 22d.
There is reason to believe that Gen.
Butler was assured, before he left Wash
ington, that he should have a Major
General's command as well - as
Secretary Stanton insisted that General
Batler should have what he wanted.
Roanoke island Ivhich ex- -
pedition has gone to •attack, has - been
fortified by the rebels, who have estab--
lished an entrenched oarnp•in thci centre,'
and erected five forts, around the'lsland.,
The Ilartftird papers brink us long
accounts whiCh - shOw"thatthe selectrnen
of the verions , towds in that state are
drafting the militia, •to raiie a force for'
immediate useratlhe south!
It is stated that : ,the .United States
government will ,grant ,tbe i•equest.
the Gov,erpor, and Legislature to send,
an expedition south from. Philadelphia,,
to. be' composed of Pennsylvania regi
ments, and that Gen. Heiptzelman will
command it,
Ninety-Dine divine - es were granted at
chambers Of the Sdpretne Court of New
York, dUrihgthe year 1861; add to i trteen
at the Cornmon Pleas..
In the South, are pressed
into the service; none are left behind
to press the women into . service.
THE ii AI:BINGER 01' 11 - Perhaps
our readers will be surprised when they
read this our declaration—that this is
the most sensible medical work that
has been published for the past quarter
of a century. We Are well aware that
many persons willrefuse to open the
volume and persue its pages, because it
written by Andrew Jackson Davis.—
Such persons will of course be governed
by their prejudices. But those who
seek the truth, no matter from what
quarter it may come—whose minds are
free to accept the principles founded in
Nature—will not hesitate to study the
work and appropriate its advice, when
ever they have cause to believe it will
' prove beneficial to them * * The vol
nine;reiilly prOpeSes <to '''minister to It
mind diSeaged, and even pled: from the
memory rooted. sorrow," and we think
with clearness of diagnosis which will
commend its teachings to the many.--
We believe that by the circulation of
this kindly moniter—this "Harbinger of
Health"—urfich good will be done, both
mentally and physically, to the sous and
daughters'of men. Sent post-paid, for
One dollar, by the publishers, A. J. Davis
& Co., 274 Canal street;—JV. Y. Sunday
GIN. ANDERSON.—We understand that
thOthealth of General Anderson is any - -
thing but satisfactory. Ifis physicians
have ordered him for the present—to
avpid all undue mental exerciselie is
not ,allowed to engage in any of the
public,plans,com business even of the
simplest nature possible ; consequently
he is living, with his family in the utmost
quiet at the Fifth Avenue klotel,. New
York,.occnpying rooms in the most. re
tired part of the building. Notwith
standing the 'best medical advice dud
care which the hero of Sumter:receives,
he-still' bears with him a careworn.look,
and it- is feared that he may never re
cover from the strain. which Has made
on his vital energies during his defence
of the flag of his country.
ARMY CONFRACITOIiS.- I t is stated
that secretary Stanton, in an interview
with the Congressional Military Com
mittees, said that a full and complete
list of all-the contracts Made by or for
the Wee `Department' since the nom
meneethebt'of the War, with the name of
every contractor, was in preparation,
and that o further contract, or pitratitse
should be'made before the firt, of Feb
ruary, or until full investigation be
Cr Col. Schuyler, who purchased
arms in Europe for the Government has
reported at Washington. The , entire
purchase ofarms abroad amounts to near
three , hundred thousand stand. The
arms ought to be goon as the highest
price was paid—averaging, it is said,
sl6'a gun—Making about live millions
of dollars' worth.
Vl' Secretary Stanton has despatched
written instructions to General Lane,
authorizing him, as a final resort, to arm
the, slaves, and ebiploy them in military
operations against the enemy. Such is
one of the rumors of the federal capital.
W . A Floating- Battery, 240 feet long,
and 013,000 tons biirden, iron-plated to
the thickness' of 5 inches, i 3 nearly com
pleted .in The battery
has 75 feet on the gun deck and 50 feet
on the main.44eck.
ErVeterson's Alagezine.fur February
maintains its longi•eputation , as one • of
the best and cheapest magazines pub-
listed. > Its engravings and reading mat
ter connot be excallail:
i;1W: • Besides, the culture of sugar., and
and, cotton,.the agriculturists of Illinois
are, turning, ,their, attention to coffee,
which is •said to have been grown there
successfully. ,
lir The widow of the late Col. Sam
furtherafflicte'd, in the loss
of an infant daughter, who died lately
of diptheria. '
- Cr General Fremont is to have a reg
ajar, trial, at his own request.
. „
The Minima and foul i , apors generated
by the hot Sun, will be far more deadly to our
Volunteers than 'the enerny , s bayonets. In
the Indian and Crimean Campaigns, Hot..Lo-
NVA.V&Pat.i.'s were used in. enerrpous quanti
ties. They kept the Troops in perfect health:
Only 25 cents per Box, Soldiers supply your
—Young men be warn,ed in time, supply
yourselves with , frior,Lowzir's •PrLLS 01A
DIENT. They are guaranteed to cure :the
worst cases of,SOres, Ulcers, Scurvy, Fevers
& Bowel,Compfaints.' Only 4 . 5 cents per Box
or Pot: • • •
iCY' We have heard of some. astonishing,
cures being made by Prof. De Grath's Electric.
Oil. Itseems to act on the diseasea paris with
remarkable effects and `iii a 'short space of time
health regains its sway.
Yor sale by.all Druggists and Dealers in the
United States and Canada. • price,2s cents, o 0
cents,.and $1 per,bottle.
€CP See advertisement.
..Burough of „.11farietta, , Deceased.=
totters of Adminigtration on said estate
having been granted to 'the undersigned, all
persons knowing, themselves indebted will
come forward and settle, without tdelay, and
those, having, claims<will preserit the- smile'
duly authenticated for settlement.
Residing in tile - Borough of Marietta
.• East tiernpfield Township
Febivary S;
cRiFiENT)F\ - ::
corn,:r r f -.111
This Institution, which was rs'ardi ,, hed
1844. and is now consequently in lb , : vizi; t
eenth year of its existence, nuinlirr..
its graduates, hundreds of the ' most
Merchants and Business Men in our
The Object of the Institution is solely to
afford young men facilities fur thorough prepa
rations for business.
The Branches taught are, Book-keeping, as
applicable to the various departments of trade ;
Pennmanship, both plain and ornamental ;
Commercial Law, Mathematics, Navigation,
Civil Engineering, Drawing, Phonography,
and Modern Languages.
The System of Instruction is peculiar; no
classes or set lessons are made use of, but each
student is taught individually, so that he may
commence at any time, and attend at what
ever hours are mosf convenient.
Catalogues are issued annually after the 15th
of April, containing names of the students for
the year, and full particulars of terms, &C.,
and may be obtained at any time by address
ing the Principah
In extensive accommodations, wide-spread
reputation, and the lengthy expeticuce of the
Principal, this Institution offers facilities su
perior to any other in the country, for young
men wishing to prepare for business, and, to
obtain A DIPLOMA, which will prove'a recom
mendation for them to any Mercantile House.,
fC Crittenden's Series of Treatises on Book-
Keeping, now mord widely circulated than
any other work on the subject, are for sale at
the College.
Jan. IS, '62-131 Perircrea
8; S. RATIiV.ON,
Merchant, Tailor, and Clothier,
At F. J. Kramph's Old Stand. on the Or . -
ner of North Queen and Orange
Streets, Lancaster, .l'enn'a.
GRATEFUL to the Citizens of Marietta
and vicinity, for the • liberal patronage
beietofore extender', the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance of the seine; as
suring them, that under all circumstances, no
efforts will he spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivalent for every' act of confidence reposed.
CLOTIIS, CA 55.1 . 31 EKES A a D VEST/ NOS, and
such other seasonable - material as fashion and
the market furnishes; constantly kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly, and rea
sonably, as taste or style 'may suggest.
A LSO,-READ Y-DIA DE twe'rttlycy
Gentlemen's Eurniskin- , Gooods
and such articles as usually belong to a Mex . -
chaut Tailoring and Clothing establishment.
Iron Masters look to your Interests!
The Improved Black Hawk,
Marietta . , Lancaster Count, Pa.
The Undersigned will constan'ly keep, on
hand and make le older at 'short notice the
above celebrated rnachine, the beat in the (Jol
ted Stab's! They will warrant their machines
to run lighter; last longer and wean elt atter and
with less water [owl any other machine now
in use. They can be easily put together un the
bank-. Ail orders addressed to either of the
undersigned, will meet with prompt attention.
31 'they are also prepared to sell individu
al, County and State Rights.
Haring reninuedlo the Rooms formerly occupied
by Dr. ..Swentzel, adjoining ..Npungfer a Alt-
lerson. illarkd :street, where he is now
prepared to wait on all who may feel
il i rlp disposed to patronize him.
Dentistry in all :ts branches car
ried on. TEETI4 inserted on the Most approved
principles of Dental science. All operations
on the mouth performed in a skillful and
workmanlike manner—on fair principles and
Having determined upo'n a permanent Inca-
How at this place, would ask a continuation
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended
to him, for which he will render every possi
ble satisfaction:
IC. :T" Ether administered to proper persons
JOHN BELL. Merchant Tailor,
Con of Market-st., and Elbow Ldne, Marietta.
ItA.TEFUL for past favors I would retury
my thanks to illy numerous friends and pa
trons and inform them that 1 still continue the
old business at the Ltd stand. where 1 will be
pleased to see them at all times, and having a
full and splendid assortment of
which will hr made up to order at the shortest
notice by the best of workmen, and on reasona
ble terms, 1 would be pleased, therefore, to wait
upon my old customers and all who see proper
o patronize me hereafter. rOct.`l9-'56.
Painter, Glazier and Payer Range)
D o f s a t ri r e c t s t p a e
d u 1
6 hZ n e e l
r t:
i ° 2 e U o L s
dily that he is 'prepared to do
House Painting,'
china Glossing
Paper lianginv,
At very short notice and at price's to suit the
times. Ile can be fouhd at hismtottier's rest=
deuce on the corner of Chesnut and Second
streets, a few doors below the M. E. Church,
and immediately opposite the old 'Oberlin
Coach Works. . [Auir..34y. ,
Arch Street, above 7hird, , Philadelphia,.
• •
• • •
This Hotel is'.eentral eenveriient; , by.
Passenger Cars to nil parts of the City,.and in
every particular' adapted to the eomfork 'and'
wants of public. :
lE3 Terms $1.50 per day.
i HE. American Watches are among the. best
1 timekeepers now in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass' any other
watch made in the world.. • • -
H. L. (.E. J.ZAH,iII
Corner of North Queen-St., and Ceiltr'a Square
Lancaster, .Pa., have theM tor salelit the veil:
lowest rates—every watch, accompanied. with,
the Manufacturers guarrantee to ensure its gen
uineness. • ' . : ,
I —in good condition—wilt: be Sold
at the low price of $1 each and deliyeied any
where in or near Marietta free'orcharge. Be.
log, iny, , ant of ,cellar „room, g taken froni the
store soon; a trifle less will be taken. Also, a
let of es cellent 4 ; •
very cbpap. .For oale at ,DIFFENBACH7S.
T . ADIES - AND.:C(ENTS =Anderson ' has , juif
received an ,elcgik4 as.prtmci4 of feo4.
mery, consisting' of Tdiliet Soaps, Nair Oils;
Extractsisnd COlognes atcprice& muWlielow
the usuaTrates, also some very handsome Canes
for gentlemen, Portmonies, Btc.
. .
MBROIDERIES—Jµst received the largest
111 and mokdesirablehit of Embroideries eve
°tiered for sale here, consisting in part of beau:
tiful French Worked Callers, , Undersleeves,
Spencers, Swiss and JaCkonett Edging ' and In
ening, Flouncing, &c., selling, verylow..
4. it...-DirrENBA6R
QX.E.CTAC,LES to, suit all who' i lik . '
ca - ii he aided with glasses,
can be. bolight at H. L. 4..1 7 .. J. 2 .4/3710S,'Cor:
ner of North queen-st.,and Center, Square,
Laricastar. New glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. ' [v6-ly
S ALT ! SALT ! ! 7 -1f you want to buy
Call at the store Of SPANtiLER PATTERSON
DE. lIENEN - I. k:\:I
1i sTcrEssoß To
(Yrc. .g. ,yi;aide.
--,----.2 . 1 , Ifrairr i, lii Perfwno7/„S(
- - -
LA Nl/1:4 ing purchasvil the rut I rt.
Intere , 4t :10,1 srom) will of Dr. F. ”inkle'..
lnlig more, ly [mid take this opportoalty to do
forin the citizens of 'Marietta and the pill
generally, that liavin,iiist received front Phil
adelphia a large rultlitton to the old stock, ho
kill spare ne pains to keep constantly on hand
the best and most complete assortment a ese
rything in the drug line.
2. 1 . 1 .0 of Dyrcti ( 1, -- ciki cat-2a,
consisting in port of German, French and Eng
lish perfamery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nati nnishes, Buffalo and other
flair Combs,. flair Oils; Pomades,eic.*
Port :Ironies, Pociref Backs, Prff
and Powder Done*, #•c.. s•e.
The celebrated Batchelor's BAIR DVE:•
DeConta's.and other Too** Wsribes,l waist Cola
gogue, Barty's Tricopolots , for the hair, flay
Rum, Arnold's Ink, large ands:nall gift bot
tles, Balm of a Thousand FletWbri4-1 11 1Our •
Rice, Corn Starch,Hec.iter's Paidatiyail kin of pure Ground Spices', Co „d` Syrup of;
Phosphate, or Chemical tood, arierseltent er
ica' for cronic dyspepsia and a tonic in Con-
_umptive cases, Rennet, for coagulating milt •
an excellent preperation for thelabie; 7atlle '
Oil—very fine—bottles in two sizes. Pitnt'Coe. l
Liver Oil. All of Haers perfumery,pomaneßs,
soaps, &c. His Kathairon or Hair Resiorativa
is now everywhere acknowledged the best.
Old Port, Sherry and Madeira Wines and
Brandies for medical' purpoies. •
Dr. L. will himself see that every precaution
be taken in the compounding of Physician's
prescrim lens.
The Doctor can be professionally consulted
at the store when not engei,vd clsewnere.
Marietta; August 24, - 1861.-ty -
This Company is authorized by es charter
to insure in the county, or in bor.ughs, against
loss or damage by fire, on' the inuttmV plan, for
any length of time, limited or perpetual, either
for a cash premium, or a premium note.
. •
Those ivlio insole for a premium dote will
be insured for five years, and sunject to siseess,
moots in case of losses.
Those who insure for a cash premiumwlll
oc insured for any term not exceeding .5 years,
and not subject to any assessments. (Inc per
centum premium will be charged on farm pro
perty for the term of five years.
Farm property will oe insured for the term
of ten veers, for a deposit of three per cent. of
the amount insured, the whole amount of the
premium note to he,rettirned . at the expiration
of the policy without interest, or the policy
will he renewed for ten years, without any ex
pense, at the option of the insurer.
C. S. KA U N, PEEitt DENT.
GEORGE ICail4G, JR:, Necretary.
Directors :
MICHAEL H. MOORE,' Vice President,
M. M. STRIr.i LER, TrCaStlfef.
liErtay E. WoLF..
Golumpia, Lancaslfr coupity,P4.
March 30, Mil- ly • • •
HAVING just received a large and nicely
selected stock ul all kinds of - - •
Ladies' and Gentleman's eWear,
which wilt be sold at very moderate rates for
silks, a fall line at old prices,
Extra gyality Muslins, all prices,
Best•niake of Flannels, do
A large stock of Stiawls:
Plain and Barred Sack'd Fannels.
White Goods, INlitts, Linens, Embroideries,.
Dress Trimmings, Lace& Gloves, ilosiiits,
Very large stook of •Domestic goods.
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings,
Bleached and Unbleached Ivlnslins.
Delaines, Calicos and Ginghams,
slhemings and Checks, .`
Pant Stuff, Hickory and"Fickings,
Embossed Paper Co/ars, tin for a Quarter,
Paper Neck-Ties—something new, cheap and
Linen and Woolen Table covers.
Plain, Ornamental and Oiled Window Minds
and Patent Fixturem
Wall Papers, Carpets ; Plnur
Cuntun Matting, Ste.
Tull and Window Paper,
Transparent Winds.
Glass, Queensware and Cedarware.
The above goods have been purchased,
and will be sold at correspondingly low , wins.
fur cash.
of kinds 'and prices, constantly on haw,—
Monongahela Winsky by the barrel at L'itts
burg p 1 Ices, the freight-added.: -
. ,
And Gel/o.d/ Machinists, Second street,
Below Union, Columbia; PA: -
They are make all kinds of Iron
Castings for Rulliug Mills and Blast ,Rurnaces,
Pipes, for Steam, Water and Gas ; Columns,
Fronts, Cellar Doors; Weights, &e:, for Buil
dings; and castings of every description •
Pumps, Brick Presses, and
Pulleys, Mill Gearilig,'Taps,'Diek'Mklifitery
for Mining and Tanning t. , Bross Bearings,
Steam Bz. Biast Gauges, Lubricators, Oil Cocks,
Valves for' Steam, Gas, and Water ; Brass Fit
tings in all their variety;.Boilers,,Tanks, Flues,
Heaters, Stack% Bolts, Nut.% Intuit Doorp,
Washers, &c. ' •
From long experience in building machinery we
flatter ourselves that we can give geieral satis
faction to those why 'airy favor us with their
orders, -113Refiairtiak peoitifitti /Wended -4 k
Orders tily,np t il sti,tire . sseA aq afioye, wilLtneet
With 'prompt attention. Prices to suit the times.
• • - .2"; I SCPPB KB, ' '
~ „ ,
Colurnhia....:October 20, 1860. l4-.lf
g .12 ; 7 = W /US, AND. Llitti Olt*,
-. 4 •
. Ale;andet p.
.11: 7 1NE, AND LIQUOR
Mail' Street; '4'tir Alcaunt Jou ) .
Lam:clew / County, Vt. • •
HE undersigned ,vgotild. most respectfolly .
bi,g , 'pave to infmtp the pultrlc 4 l.hat hake(
in t ened Wi.I 4 ;eAND 744 V b lebTelßEin inrits
branches. Lcortstantilyilkdevoiiijuifick
all kinds of ,
73'rdnities, arier.liy"44
COr dlia 4 ; - .Bittefit,krs.`..‘',
Also l a very superior Old. itze.Wlthe.A4uA
reCeiVed;ivhiefi' ig Warriirttid pure. '
A choice article .df Gennan•W'sne . i... Vasioua
hrapda of Champagne. Wlneg. ••••,.
All A. D: ildw askOtittlie public is a
cardt'ut- examination, of hisstonk 4istii prices,
wi!ich will, he i$ quiteoong e n i t,i 4
esolt in 01
treepo'rs and othertfi
etiding'it to thiii ackvan,
tage to make, their, purchaSeamtliini:
ALSO—Kerosene, or.. Coal Oil, Pine Oil and
Fluid at reduced prices, at the -. Entsrpriss
Wine ti• Liquoi Stiffs."' • Range.
Mount JO . , June 22,•,1861.1y„.,„
YOTT'S Hanging and Side lamps,
For Sok at WEST&
. _ •
Y one of those' beatitiful S Q
B. 'HATS,at Market,st.
14011 LEN'S long celebrated
.;t :':j