The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, January 11, 1862, Image 4

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The Ftronzest Glue in the World.
'pie cot:Ape:4 Glue in the World.
The moat durable Gluein the Worn
The only relotble Moe in the World.
The heat Glue in the World.
/.1 the only article of the kind ever produced
IT7// Withstand Water
IT 'WILL MEND WOOD, Save livlr broken.
Ilothemi, 'Arm's, Belts; Tiookl, gze.
rr WILL. MEND •GLASS, 'Save the pieces
of tliht expensive Cut Glass Bottle.
IT .'4W1.1.11 MEND 'IVORY, Dtet throw
atetik.thaftralten'lvary` Fan;*it is easily re,
gaited.: •
IT'lWltit - MEND ''CIFIINA, Tout brol.en
CI - dila cups and Saucers can he made as g,oulf
as tatni. ..a•••
11' WILL MEND MARBLE, Thar - piece
knock et.l\ ou,t. GA your. Muitott Mant l , be
put on s strong as ever.
if, t4t4:itllrsitert., Welter did ~,burp: co 4 ,hut' a
u,sitiiling savetl
IT WI LL MEN D AL. AI3AI.E It. That cost-.
ly 4./a4itt4erqViuie tokelvu,m) you, atuOt
loatSl l it, Ole ticl. potter . show whe,a
put together. ,
,Wll4 , 1- , 11 944 113, 0 ,N Fe g 0 Ag. LAY* and
in faletly . crytAking,,tmt Alekaie. „
Any artmje. Cemented with , • AMERIVAIV
CI . 4 10.4.,,n0t. show -4,
• . iwhero , 4 is. mended.`
' '
cg'grery boeielteereFellopid hove = a iuppii`
9f Joim* gr.,Cro 9ley'a Arne ricailtenient dlue
—Nett , yorit Tents.
"It ig coti*ellierit
2.4rtess. t ti :ittul I
"It is always ready,i this commends it to
every body."—N. Yflnd;liendent.
"AVe ,taied , itoatitt hi.l3 , nsefoliin
our, house ! jir,9 vt Mar .31.--Wititsh4piritt of the
Tittles.:;( ` , +0 , 1 ,
slotoll viir4year saved ih every , ft?rnily
•A" "' tir
: vilw a 1 y I rt% • r It
Sj.e 2n e,:nt ; e
Price Meetits per Bottl'e. , ""
.1 4 sicel5iketlis pet. Bottle • "
Pike 25 cents per Bottle.."‘l • '
k rl 0% 25 :N 4, 1 6 .M
Price 2.5 cents per Bottle.
rery Jiiiterat-UehaFtiorie
..46,..•zu.yers.'-''.. •
.• ••kg; • TERM* CASH,. t'
lek Fox •ottle bypal+. Drugg•ists• and- Storeg
kee,peatigeberlikly. 111114110191 n the tiountey.
(Sale, Mannfictirrera.) ati- Mt Lisa 111 g'atE ETj
(Corner/of bilkeetty Street),
Important -to. House ;Owners 'A*-
important to 'Builders. ' • • '
Important to 401 ~.:404 .gb494,litigs t c:,
importantf,t i o Varnlqrs. .2
all wkoirt , thi's 'rimy cOncerri;`antrit" c
;10,f1N6 & OROSLETS,
1A) -, '(1 ,- liT '1 0 :k
• ' 02/1/EITI n iIrOOPJNG. •
Tbq LllCapdst,and Mosta uyafile Roodog usp..
IT F 7 it r AS ` D ;VAT .GOOF:
It ' eari be apiaied to' new Alf rd Ithati u1:1
kiods, steep or flit, filid to :Ihio%;:e lido .
without the
/7/; , Cbkt Lift! y' itbinit 014 e!
an.l if is durabla.
This artrplebt,priAlroroughly tcr.ted
New ' yeti and all' parts u f the Vnitcd
Mates, Wed' and Cdtitraf
and ....Cm thniet;toa, of ,buildings.ok,al) kinus„
Elhil as euticiri, Foundries. Clcurches, Rail'
crad 4 l)4ool.4i! 4: aril] ;In'. `Pki til thhilifiks
generally, Go' ernment tirthe
prithapal, .duilders, Architects and othefs,
during the past il2lllr yearseand .11a.5., proved atoi
be the I..lll.lAp.e>l',.asid Pi.(l4l'; bURASLE
Fl NG in use; it is in every respect a
Fire, Water, Woarber i and .;.11m,e. - Proof cover-,
ing'lnerjols of oil
This is the only't,tterial manufaclitreftiff. L
the United Sifiteßiril!ieli copa„pkoes.tdp very de
sh abirA..pifipert ws,of 4city 5,41
which are u l tihns'esatty'' 0)M - edged' to be
posseaseil tri 14 El 'l"Pr A 1 4 2 RC II A ma MID IA
heut is reguired itt ?nuking applic a tion.
The expelisd , aPplyinsg tiartrig,"ai'll'
ordinary - 1164. can be- covered arid finish&
the same day. • '
It'eall'bg'ttppli'e?l brany'otre; '
and fi
,when, tlisho r.
forms a pet.feetly — Fru'
utrfaCe, o ' with UP elaatx bodi, hien
cannot "bd i ihjiired cod. or stunt's,
Shrinking hi Roof Boards, nor any eXternal
action ynalever.
For Lloatin ,, ;Metals of all kinds when
eroiosed,tO the Action orthe - Whilth:.
er, antl,for•Pieseryfng and:Reptir,
ing .M,etii.l , lluok of all Kinds.
Thisla.the only Composition known which
will successfully resist extreme chan4es of all
cliinatesitf* any length nf -time, when applied
to metal, to whielvit.achcies firmly., ;forming
a body equal to thine coats of ordinary paint,
costs inucit less, and, holes as
long ; vrfa 'kohl id eiiisticitytis'-not injured 'uy
m(0/ rvo 8, eimse uent ~ ujiolisuiNen,
ortheaveather. ' 1
URA Una iold , in warm.
weal till :IVOT'I , O I OII% OFF.' '
1 e4l4 , iffiet.4 other trtitatcltoofsicalibq read i
ll repaired- With- Guta iAttetta . &Kea, tef id
proveutdkill tudlffecorypClllMtlityWilag,
thefebyAusapng a , poi - 1'441y „warcr WM roof
for Many 1 / 2 /elirs. '
This,Cepient is pee,uliarlradaYted tor the
prese,rvatigo‘of,ron,./Zadiaf `4o4s, iienges,
jt1.813 for
geneKal mann:mu:Sl4c use.'
G •t t a e.. 11 ar e t.'„.
For preserving and -repairin4 'Fin't'ond other
Iviiji.VL Vein Ps , of , 'every descriptlon;:Ttoni
grudt . eliistit4jyis notisjured by ltib contrEic
tam -and ~ e xplinbion vloyletils; Itna ;will. not
CitAUIC invetild ot , HON in , t#hinr. 'weather.
'these material, are: itilapted to all climates,
are'mrepared •to.-aupply orildrs tidal
any part of the country, at ahort notice f for
t;tirtlrA Piathein ifiauFi en in roils, ready pre-;
pared for use, and Gotta Pertita l'eliont in
tmrrels, difettions fur appti
Aria ,make„iihetal, t aattckatisfacto'ry ari
iaogemils re,sponsible parp . ,'s who
}~tbd,lll[~:ifieStµbinh!'tLetna6ls{Ers ad ragp.. !
tire Lug! . per4 . lll 4,busulqAs. .
o%lr lerrits ore' Ctisle
We-,cantitiveshandant.prodfAi ail - we. elaiw •
in favor.of , our •liiipcoveli. itooSiag
bavipg : Atini;ipd 'them 'to .
Roof., Wi'Wdliolic, kyati.d.vigiriiiy.,
~„:. t SOLE' filittrXeruitErtss-
Whalethile , Wareneuge 78 VI , illisttn-st4
Y?uilid'ascriktive oitculttrs uud prices bo
furtithlied%ceappliclitiotieo't— E ()alb I- iy
4el . .
is .'A , c0N6L304
A TT (lull 7.1... A NV,
Opposite the rrsulence of Col. -Ilan W. Clark,:
Mat't;Ft'st ,= illarcitlfr,-Pa. 1
kuinigitiol;iin'n'=y•eu r tti securing. Coll
1 {
es,tqlt:Ctlini.s, ti 4. Ali:pi Lim: ' (Quit bu4i- i
nos gZAtirip,),.. Will attend to bustnes3 in
tetneaVer afnlraill,in:ining„ colntir:s,
Conveyant.ii:g.upd: opierAvlitiiigl'proinrittk• ,
ItgitCiVE.D' TO
No. 139 SOUTH FIFTH Snail',
JIN of - IN
the c.,unth el under fr U r rtist time oireTed .solei to
pahlfe Dr./..,...Livik.Oorts idieigt4A Whig
Bittirir, a ridin 414 fterliityegiN
such sitistie. -ttqtteiituny• thou
sands of persons who Ihtve fried them that it is
note an established tilt!cle. amount of
bodily and mental !nisei.) arising s.:pply from
a neglect of small romp mins surplistit.f. and
it is titerefcro of the utmost impottance that a
street nth ntlo/1 to the lea,t and moat tilling
btWilY ?.amPut should be had; for d seases oi
the body must invatiably at•lect the mild.
The subscribers now o:,ty nal; a [OA of
Dr. J, borPe Duds' IniverigilVinell.tierg!
Priozi all who have not used them. We ehai
lem4e the world to produce Litt. - equal.
'these Bitters. for the cure of Weak Stomachs,
encral Debility, and for Purifying anti .I.,:in
richinr, the Blond, are absolutely unsiirpassed
toy any 'other remedy unearth: earth: To be assured
of this, it is only necessary to mate the trial.
The Wine itgelfis - Ol'a very superior quili
being about one third stronger the other wines ;
I warming mud invigorating, tide whole system
front the - heed to tlieTeet. As lllese bitters are
I tonic and, atterative in their character, so they
streng,l bet) and invigorate the whole sy Stem
ahrd give , a'fiffc hbie 'and heaftkil (titian tO alt
• its. , by, r _ g l.ala zpa ,the
moving obstructions, and proilaring a y,endral
warmth. They are also excellent fur Idraeases
1 and Wea)ruess.peculttit to Female", :where a
thit itis'iVciitri - t.d tWateinkiAeh adbileee'the'sPs
tem. eNo,datly. j .whods ; . subject toilassitude.and
faintgess, should be without them, as they ate
revivifying m their actithit "- •'• ' "
ThtewilyAwy,lout preventdisca.qe. a I<rifil"thi.i respect LITC eldubly valua
ble, tp Atnrookhq th ern. I
.„I:l , 2,;„As o llfeak Lungs, I}f 3 (..,19vtlymtion.„
-op tire tigertiouatzsystbn;
1) I r 1.),4),
tEtnfai i .flt 'l2i.TT`gllg u
„ ! 1 '”
For SOrE , :Throat, apSOllllll9l amtc!tit7„,the
Clergy, they are villiftible. • •
For,the :aged orid 211Grriii add; fur persons of
a weak copititutioptor ,kkit ) ister.s. of the
pelr4law3-4ri Apeiikei , iL—for
ItorOkAteepet , ;. Tailors, beanistresses,Studen'is,
Artists, and all persons leading a sedentary
life, they will prove truly bent ficinL".!:'
Lieve?sige; 4.ll`4Y , Luis w7,ulekomc; ins{
cent, and delicious to the taste. They prodtsse
all'thedlitlaratin g e of 'l.3iniidy or Wine,
attain in gi Itioevafti dre'rein
edy 'for perSoris`atillieted , to - tlie' use' of exel•s-
AlVe . strung drink, and.'Whti wish' to iefraiii
from it. They are pure and entire', Tree frolit
the poisons contained in the adulterated Wines
and Liquor§ With which the'eciiintryfi'lloode'd:
Th'dse blitVreight•DiSit:
etise,lnd'Slitipld , b6iiied by all ,w4o live 1z
ddintfr'Y Where"itter'Witir Is bag" ' where'
eliillS'itleFeveis° tire "pi evareilt: "Beim Fre
innucthit and' esi, they 'play Ice
en freely =to ' (ifildren and Idfsiut , 'With inipuuity a., t^ ='
, Ph - Yll6idris t 'dlereS , inen, , ?. and tetnperaneirtid
lOctilteli, as'"an air ofhufnanrityy. should asSist
in spreading these truly vaiiiiibir Uitttr.l aver`
the hinilraao thereby essentiallY 'aid hi blip
rshing Diurnkenriess and -
its ell 'effictionglit the Ittead,',:ele
Niriwus Heciduche,l):-.'Duits"lh,fivial Wtne
will . be found to' be nitast'sittitur3( and'
I" .1: - ..1"M A :
O .Fh6 arif!eeftiheatei•Whielrlitivedbeeri:44ll-
deitd , r4, - Vifil-the lette 'which' we': are ' , daily
receiving;'are priiof thatt. , riu aft, Inc
women t4ebe , Bilter4jittye grr iee a-satisitaion
whic:i VI 't:ver
tea nAri itilittalaridtalsould• itliout•tihdin
and taoae , Wlio once use them w!11 ii'dt fail , to
keep a supply, ti • •
Dr?U. vee DcPlevihi'pgriitlt.Bitters
Ate prepared by an eminent and e..
physician who has tined them successfully tit
practife2ktllielast t4i,enty-tige years. The
proprtetor, before purenestott the ele:luOve
o.4ntentrfaes,nre- and sellT Dry- Ileyee,
l'illd'eTJte6ft&d Iteberfal 'IN' fee /3ftiftig'Etidt
them .tcaled bY two distto t ttlishvd stiedietir
T r tittcAtiotieisl whit jiriiciutteedettielb a vaiutkle
ierne ( l44 l l )l llo ll 4 4 i'').it
Although the tuesticat xnen of the c 6 imulY,
aPok vpocal disap,ttuve ol 4).-tteni ,tliitl
iemtes,;yet Ne:flo,p9p,liekkev,e that a.lespectabl4
IlltAaNatt e49,be 4oukatitt the. United Statt4:
aequattited with their otedtput prppeit4.:.?,.
v t ill not highly aßpreve tr. Bove pdti".l:
Impe4irl 3ine' B thrA"..; , .
In 101 : ipwlp@vnie.4' piacps,,,where there is
always alarge pautux .of ing tia.ber
froth which a puiihnids 4 miaima is erea[i it,
these o,ktkeisiliouidlie'.used4e.verpmdrailig be
fore breat:fabt.
th's -43()Ijed'PAilfi Imperial Wine Bitters
• Arb coninbseil bf ti , pure and unaiitifiefat%ll
conibitikr "iittir•
Sesti'Comt ley, `Wild i 6 tit.rry ree Ba e -
Chamomile Flik'Cf3, and '6eiitain.--
TheY e l inanuitteritr'ell br Dr. boa., , briiiterr; •
who is an exPerienceetind aut!,esSind
ciao, and - hende should tmehe. i_hissed itinong
life quad: .nOstroms.tvltieli flood the country„ ,
and again§iitv hien -theiliklietil protession,aie
so ,rushy-prejudiced.. , • i
These. truly , valuable Bitters hitrggernto
ilmrotigik` tested b,} l all diasses of the COIIIIIIU/li
ty for almost every variety of diseaS'e incident
to the human system, that that they aie now
(limited. indispensable as a
'Tank,' .31 e icing and a B4ver age unc I/ASE
^ ONE POTTL). BUJ; 1./ !
• kilrif l y 4 4he BThod tohe to the
24 - unzach !-- Itenointte tae' '
'and Prulutvr Life.
PRICE 's . l PEI. BOTTL'E; 6 FOR $5.
4. CO.;
No. 7s,),kiiiiata:st.,,New Yoi . k.
*VllVFor'satey deuggists geuer:
rdly imotigSoUt cdulary. jly.
A SAN t Po,,iq t 4.l.c.T .91SCOVE,11.,Y; !
• FOR 'IIIE Ctitt, OF
Cwistimptimb BrOl C 014.9114 6: Colds.
I:ll§CuV Ektkb . .BY A XfpSIONARV,
All who ^a're surfering tom covsoluotign
shoulil use the DIA N.OIA ARADICA, discovered
by a missionary iu
flibso - w_b Hie tlireatelicd
vruu are threat.— ith Corisuinp..
tiou should use the Makota Arabicd, diseover•
ed by a missionary in, Arabia,. L, F
A.I who are sufferingfiom i3rohchitis simuld`,
the Tvitt ko ra Arab/ea, discovered
siouary j e t/ Aritbia.
All' Who'aresbffe'rlherdni Sore ,T h ro at
Coughs ; and, coAs,,. shuuld ~use the. Maltura
Arahica, discovered 'by a Mishionary id Arabia.
All who are suffering from Atithina,lieroftt-`
la and ttopurities of the „Wood; sikuu/d.use,the
51akora Arabica, discoyered by a missionaryin Arabia.' ' ' „
Ft cured- Chnsumption, '
It cures atonctitis, ,
It cures Sore TVost 4 Coughs and :golds.
It CIII Asthma, 'and hppilules of
the.-Blood. • 1 • 4. , , •
Tiiiy `u `unequ a lled remedy is uo~v ,'lur the - firA
time ii.findiicelf to the'
It was prutidentifilly tsabvered by mis
sionary, while traveling, in Arabia: , 'l4 . .ewas
cure 1 Cunsumptign, by :its use alter iii6Lcase
wa*Euro kie PrAnouP.ced 4 0 1'ekq4 te ,, ri , e4PhYLiciatl,
.I . l.elniiforwarth.d to n's;in wilting, a Dili
couitt 01 his, own extraordinary cure, :(0 'af of Otlidt hate nit Ter
liis obtlervatioa cad a 136 fail aCcutiiit crk the
medicine. '
his by' a desir4 to ;
extend'a li.iiidtC , lckie of this.retnedy to the 'Ph - b
hitii Ins Uonininication" printed in
painplidet form for tree distribution.,
cat r 3 cliftaneed by an account teiiiefflie. Dives
of soma, of, the_scenes in the 5 . 4 - riau niassaBl.o6,•
which he obtained faint those who suitered iu
that aWidt traAedy.
Xhis.,pp.Papialet may be obtained at our office,
or it 1011 bt , s4t,lreu by mail to all
for ii.;,,,NV,wignikort Abp ./1/0/0;a liru7ticy. direct
from Smyrna through the liouse of Cleou and .
Gylippu4„ andlwe tutv.e:always on baud a mil
supply put uminsbottles,teady for, use with full
directions.. ,Price rhaf, polio' per twine.
Sent by mail-on receipt of price, and 24 cents
for postage. For sale wholesale 'or . ,
Importers 0.1.1)) 1 4gs and Medicines,
'March N. 3 61 Liberty-st., N. F.
.41.50,, DRUCiGUIt 4 CiEN'gRALLY,
t , 0 t•At.
.L 1 I- r. 1
A"pure vegetable They .cure
all eihous (14,unjetz or .11 , littlitan ,:yhtem.
hey regulate and invigoiate the liver and
kidneys; they give tone to the di.:eslive organs;
they gegulate the secretions, excretions and
elan:alums, equalize tLe ewe,' and puri
fy. the blood. initons compla;nts—
wine of which um lloleid Liver, :ICI. ilchti
a_be, Dyspepsia, Piles, al d Fevers,
Costiveness or Looseness—arc entirely Con
trolled and cure.. L.) these teintrlies.
Darling's Liver L i ef/ ulator
Removes the morbid al.d tr thous deposiis from
the sunnach aid [Am( Is, iegutates the livet
and t.idnecs, removing every obtruetion, re
stores a natural and healthy action in the vital
oigans. It is a cupt•t,ur
Much better than pins, a,al much easier to
Is a superior who: and -hurette ; :exeetieut -in
cases of loss of app,vitu, thstuleticy, female
weatinebs, irrrgulatews, pain ti, the side and
bowels, blind; protruding 41d bleeding piles,
and general
Ja.s..,,Eu.ffeLeint, 1.3-k ,Fultvu et.,
New, Yuri:, w.ritesi A.ugyst. 1•660 : " I.fidve
been .attlicted with leredoweeemeanie'd with
Dieethng; the lust.tt4rqe,y.eal!,;,l..used
• Darliny'A' Liver 'Regidatar and '
Life •
And now :consider :I'v:se:l:entirely cured:"
March 15, IbtiO. lu tad spking,of,K4l,d.l9 ; 4 s
stivere .wnida .11 yiotert
I tooli 'two R7.7At".; LIVER
tit 4LAiO;t. .tit
. Inil ty r.o up lay cold and
feyily !Veriutis 4 tu this aitack, I.had
hedn:tioubled with d)stioi.l3!ai several. months;
Lhaye l tpit no:al:1g Of 11,i i Ne2."
ti mid 1.1 . 0 i a,t T>th .qtrPet, N.
V., 1:1, hail a
rutty itp llonylatid time years,
iritli constant pan: small of iny , back. 7 -
I.hail inosi aII kii:ds Of turdiuiiies,,, but
found uo peal:anent usint
Darling's Liver lagulator„ and Life Bitters
-I passeti.clotted.Moodhy the urethra .1 am
now bultrely'cuted, , and takC pteasure inrre
commending these remedies,P) .
M. C. Tebow, 'Clitisto;kher Strect,'N.Y.,
wrttea r 't F4t.e.:414 1 -18bd2 , 4-1 nave been subject
to attacks oftAstotua the last twenty yeara. , ,,
I have never found -anything equal to
DA rti)iiials l ,7Afiii.' Racoi`A ox,
in •affordifig'imniediate
Liver andknlibu4 ;
Mrs: llMlng;' , of 'Brooklyn, - :writeT: •" Feb.]
28, 1860. May 14.4t11: had a• seveev , attack
of :Piled; vlueli milituitcpme 400111 e ,hou.te,
took one bottle 'of , liikit.LlNG's LITE BIT
TERS,,aIid wii4 , outirei9^cuied: 'I have titsd. , l
nofattack stage.". • • • - •
-I.le Wager/cit. of Sonth :oth, near Bth
Street; WilliantabuttyLt. I , dug.
ti,.in6o..llavitigtneeir rrounied Willi , . -dith-,;
aunty in the atoi etitjent 'to bilious
attaciti, l lies4nietate& :1 1 1.1 rend-to-try , -,
LI NtI'S , LI V Kit 'Et te.ti.l.l4.lATOill'
I did'6o, antl.totind it' to , operate tlinitably,'
removing the hi le and afetist rig • the tirer. to:
itetivity - t I tave aftio listd it 'as u ; ;
FAM1L21, 4 11E134111712.
• +
Ny,bln pip; ch,daten are , out o: s orts, lose,'
them u nrpo and u sels thrai ICJ right—
I 1104 it we... 1.1 atilt+ aumat:h
au. tymyela woen7thbirilereil."
Ittrailer netu both of these.
inoat.eacOeek.,P,;;n - i.14108, piquilt4,,fot,,tttorg at
the stoilo; A yOl,t
; do . not, 'them, take. no
other, butt a use. One paltair in a Leiter, a..n . tt
ot ; Inc
. money, the ,Remedy or.
lteutedies will be aedt aecording 'to .
.i'uur di,
bp.ttian. or Exprbas, pi, [-paid. '
Attjre46,-, U—Nll4.:*. Li NG,.
10.1 Voax :
-.Put up tit bo•crlit Bottles
D R.. BIttiNU . NES
I:. I. A'rED it - Of - EDI ES !
Np. Tut; GREAT REviven.—Speedily
lalicates ale thf, ev.LI e,16.(; . 1.j, of self a use,
Ls lox, of. memory,. Omrtneps of breath,
ol the ,beari,:dirbues of \Js
ioß,rthy cous9thliurral4Ourtgemeot
aj-siesu broughr by the kthrestrathe'd indaf
geuee of the . Act. althe.ou either sex .
Price one ththar.
.Nu. 2.cure in from 491.
to 'MAYS; au'
t alto tit Itt.4te 'tt'r s at; mut:'ityulreo
min ornetion or ; ,tor (tither; price $1
WO: •I'ffit'''Pritztu" cu'r
e tlYee'r in the
shortest [Mi•S'rtle id blioe'rtiti
mites; or m
tbis,remetty, tt her'
cit of 'NO to to Ur smell .
fie' ' ' '
, swen 4...91140 only k nown
eniliry that H ritirgni ely cute strietures pf
the urethra; 00 maker of ntt‘r long br
neglected, kite tr,ay he. ljrvie„
NO. 5, l'un t , ;(4l.l , tpit will_ , rare any - case
pet spbeatly. terno4,
all disettze,s frwil the-bladder and
Price One dullul . ,
Ta:S;•l?.iiitil;ivroit is, a :sufc preven
tion ags:inSt - tilecbn:l'action br 'any. 01...Ctlae,
less expensive
iu use, ''AAttoOf'd
Nu '7.. Tii k. AMA hill calla the whites
radically and lii teas tithe than they cap tie ef
fectually: Leintit'eti 'by tiny Mk& t reataiciat; in
tact till, retriedy that will really
cure this tiaseaBe i talt-alizalat to ittice; Nice
NO.'S. 'PH e I. Idsix Lx• dre -cer-•
tail); safe and ,pet : dy /n producinr , RI ejstrult
tion or col ecting- a nV.' Irregutarn tex of' the
inulAbii periods. o, dollars.
o. 9. Tki LE, i!c I/ A ID
,or Olfz
spriiig : Regulator it' al last it hTetinie. S
'L.)! nor qteLnedle:S•vtill•bk soil - free' by
mail on'retkpt of, in tit annexed. Cire'uJ
elatiE)(l. %ha ithc with' fill`
de.e.” pet oil 61 s 'eae 11',W6 e dY,' kity be'ub tat ned
enelo.iiii tine `ph'2l Add/ usx
PIC F#l.l.V /tux. 99,
' "
These fß.eule - diesureAiarrtta-oply by
JOll3 ',IA C 1 it A . ll.'l', 11' , 1t6?e ettdithi4 con
ati i fun dex'dtiptielt bskeach. awe'. can
obtained glut/ t ow api4,tepAktort. '
Genera/ Depot, North ,East Corner of York
Avenue and Ceilowidit st/eet;Pliiladelphia, Pa.
Lt coplidic4;ed;epses J- 1 01111,1w cp,iiquited
by Letter, or n entrance
poisoally at 'LIS , office;,No. 491. YorkAve s
uue. , " 110.
F. , Jliiuvo.,fi
Au,2,:u.t 27 , 155t3.-1
HAVING purchased, in connection with
licit'. Pr.,Ve'S Drug Store
Harrison • .
uou Mowed iu; the' Fo.endgh Maiietta,ifor
the practice the medical profession,, would
offer his seriliee 'to public
He Can beinunkar the office formerly occupied
by Dr. Gicie&
Thp undeysil.ned takes pleasure in recona
metuibw-Dy..Wt s,,jo atid
Dr. W. has bite t ractsCag.ip ihiavrcrility.rOt
mill psyozillutifit,
give emu e salisfactiiit tu `an IS hi) will.4iVe
11)0 LI lINETI"S - Cocoa ine. ..k.. , eentpolund ,0 t
D cCy6coa=aut l ;; &e., fordressing the, Dais-
Porteitioaey;:aad..iigrecablelless,t, 4110 Itt,)
an equal.. prem.ents.the.hairfrom,falling,otr..
It pretnoles its . a;thy end- vigerous growth
It i 3, riatieett:sy kir
, It leaeszno Idisd.gieeah le odor.
t softens thelhair %%41001'11rd and dry. •
it , stibtlees life irritated 'calp 43. k
It ittlotds file i ii•liest lustre
It it,letrect. Forsale by
E51.7.,,&,...R0TH, t-uctessor;i to Dr. Grove.
'c..,6..T1...U:GY AR E :A.; Large and lake Steels
of Platdd . ware'ac H. Si ga's,
Corner of Nortti Queer street &' Center:Square,
Lant.?aster,, Pa: Tea Setts, Sri variety, Coffee
Urns. Piteheis, Goblets, Salt • Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card liaakels. Spoond, Forks, Knifes,
tasters, 3;c'., Sze., al manufacturers prxei. -
ltoiLArt'NG 2ittendedle mOderate'rates:.
faE. WE LR'l7.—A large and selected stock of
fine jewelry of the latest patterns from the
best factories ip the,country can be found at
IL .L. & E. J. ZAHM'S.
Cor. North Queen-st..and Centre Square, Lan
caster, Pa. Our prices are moderate and all
goods scm - ra.r.tnd to be as represented.
R r Ll.l Al 111. I NSli tA:\ C .t 1 Y.
Tnis Company is by its charter
to insure in the county, or in bor. ughs, against
loss or damage by fire, on the mutual plan. for
any length of tune, limit , d or perpetual, either
for a cash premium, or a prenuunrnote.
,::t n . i
Those who insole for a premium note will
be insured for five year, and stiajeFt to atess
melts in case of loses. ••
Those who insure for,wcash premium will
be insured fin sny term not exceeding' 5 years,
and' not:subject to any assessments: One per
eentum premium will be charged on farm pro
perty tof the 'thin of five ;years:
Farm rtropeity will :me insured for the term
of len y.taxs,,ior a deposit of three per cent. of
the - amount ihAred, the whole amount of the
premium - note to be returned at the expiration
of the policy, without interest, or the, policy
will be rent wed for ten years, without any
pe se? ati the :option! e the 'newer, ,
C. S. K AUFFI'd AN, _PuEsinEx . r.
GEbifeh Setrelary.
:NlIcriAEL 1.1. Mower., Vice President
LE R, l'reasizfer:
.JAC./11 1 8.1 Ski N . •
4 ih.:4 4 R•S' 11. KiarcVE:LL, 1
..-• AB RA FLAB iittU Cr• Eat.,. . • • .
111. N FLY E. ;, ;-.
C.'ditimffid, covnty, Pa':*
tr• 4 44'.j. S. 'LOA Tll, AG1.11•1, - LiStla t yCown4 ,
March,3o, 18b I- ty v 1 . •
11)ROFESSOlt D.E.GI2.A.III'S • . .
Wonderful Kure :on: a,n Beast !
• • ,
PROPOSE lto cure, alm osl :instantaneously,l
;Thiry iduala allketed aim liealnis, Head
ache, Neuvalia, ague, itheuina
timn, anti all SatesAtud,
1 pripose to,
.clieck; and effectually dissipate
more ache and pain, dritl'tVeccomplish nearer
and. more perf&t cquiderium of all the ch cola
ling fluids in the human system, than can be
effected by ally 0: er or all outer methods of
medical ;aid in ; the,same epace of time, the
masses Weinselyes ,henig judges.
" I do not'plopoae to cure every' disease, but
all such a's:arc'eurable` by- any coMuination of
medical uppliances.t..qVly, £tectr.c Oil•ciperates
on ch9nical aid „eleCiric,•principles,. !
tberefote,, applicable: Jo the cure or natural 1
residratiOn t bf nib deiangc theta . ,
ingdroodatnAmproper..cirquiatiou of NerVeue
vital fluid.
I want the masses to pin in this matter— .
the•welkas.tho sicaslbecause if :these I.litugs
arc a t., are,alike,inteleated.
N. ft. Agisi! it;f6ini Ot'any case of fail::
ure to cure, in troth half hour to - thtee weeks;`
as I , wiah to cure>eaelfaegemothing.
The Co unt Stip, re inapt s, on Saturday,..
an_ old gee - Din au pained Rm, C. Osborne,
in our city, `i - -11`0; tiolii iffehmatic
atlectionsiihasmot beeti , abie. , tfoiiiwalio • . or •iise'
his hands sufficient to feed himself, for more,l
then ten years, was brought to Prof. Do Grath
oir the sheet, Miele ih the presence of a large
ass( FIPPIFaiDe-GYth's
Electric Oil to use arm and shoulder. He was
inirtfediAlY'entiffit'il td hand" to
hrad • and. scratch it,,a thing he 'said he had
not done twelve years.,
Tid! Newflanipshirs Patriot says: During
the presetA wee than Six of our
ft - wilds, - Who have been' ibauced• to try Prof.
De Grath',.§ Electric c Oil- for •Itifeumatism and
1 eaiiwas, j ia,cousequence Of ,having seen. this
prearation adVertised iii our colenffis, have
called orlon tis'io state the itsifleof expert - -
mews. These persons aS.tire us that their
Rheumatic pains have been entirely cured by
a few applicilions of lie Otath's Electric Oil,
and tney reconimend its use to all n Ito are
afflicted - with any of Ole diseases Aihich it is
(leagued tocure. •- ,
It seems.that ljheumittism, ,Dcafoess iNeu,
rallies, ~Swo]Yen and . Still`Jffint;, slid - other
CoinrilalntS [C. Winch we - are subject, have
lost their terrors. , Prof.; De-Grates Electric
'Oil is warranted to i relieve any . case a short
space oitime, and with a triffing.expense. It
always . cUre's Scratches, - Sprains, Galls, and
Splints on horses. _l
None'-genuirie withodt , sighaiure of Prof)
C. pt:, GK. TH.- Labels
I'rLnetio.l Depot No. 217 South Eistith St.
Pluladeiphia. country' Aid 'thugg.igib'
can' be supplied iirtiuleside 'and retiiit. Piike
2.s.cents,„Uttuents, and baue._ -
Try everythinicelse give .this : one shnple
UTI 0 —lie careful to ask for and get •DE
t it .ITH:S EiectiTa tfh :LS WO.l till CSS 11Jiltati0/19
'There are numerous Unitarians sprang up on
the reputation my ;Article nal acquired. ,
public !nest bewate. They, are waithlesS.
'.WIT:UTC 4 T,r7. MiTreVranirdlii7r2Trlnifit
ci pa I office:4l7 Suutp.S.ii str enr,
- To Disabled Soldiers ,
Seainen and itiGnities, and Widows, or other
Heirs o I those • who have , died' ior been
", - Isytied in file Service.
Cl-1 A 11I': "o.“'l'lJCtZ ER,
Atiorney for Clciiniunte, Bounty Land and
Pension 'Agent ,
D EDDSIONS procured for - Soldiers; Seamen'
. "and Marines of the present lia'r ' 'Who are'
disabled br_rea!on of receiyed;,or;
cuae 6 - ontraelell'iriire in service PeOgidos,
Bounty Woney aid arrpai.4
,i 1" Pay übtain9d ; fog
wldowsor otherfhP.iis l of A j c!tie. who 11 #AYS'4 4 0 :1
or been kilicd while in smyleo...
oil ty'Eand ilfattred se'rtieein.any of
thcotnet wars...- ' ,C)- 1 C-," 1 :rrro: fin,
IVashington, D. O. -.
R S Al . A N' s
Saw Pitill-and Luraber Yard,
C NTL V citiqa:nd, full sso rt n
• of 'all kiid'sof Seitietidtl i Liiiiibif;'wliiel 'he
oilers at reasonable 'prices.'
,Boar4s, Scaling;
Rafters,;Laths, Shingles,
Pails, >6.c.1,%.6.T.,:60c...--
All order's attended to-with dispatch.
I - 'T. lrf. EIUSWIAN,
Marietta, April I Id. ,1854.- •
Iron Nesters to your interests!.
me' Improved ,Block Hawk
OIBR VA:Zf.'kz 110 P ti
Marietta, Latte,aster, County, Pa.
The Undersigned, will constant 4 .keep.on
hand and make, to order at short hoticellig .
above celeblated 4 tnichine,'the best in Nectrni
ted States! h'ey•wi lI warrant their machines
tp. run tighter, last !mixer and.wash elf aner and
with less water Lan any other .
in usc. They cap :b;e,eapily pgt, togel he ro r. the
hank. All orders addressed, to., either of the
undersigned I ' , Meet' with firotript attention.
They are also prepared to.sell individu
al,—Ceunty.and State Rights.
BERN A RD. 0'.13 illr AN.
faEu4 L.
can be had of FL L. Sz. E. J. - Z. : Arm, 01.
North Iteen-at., and Center :Square, Lancai ,
ter., "a., in the "Ahape of Equiliprium Lerers—;.
the best article Of Swiss levers :now in the mar
ket. They are lower, in n :price:than any *watch
of equal q yarn} , aria; ust as true for timekeeping
L 9 C'K'S—Good Time
Keepers, fat` One
Clocks;, lAratches and Jewelry carefully- re
paired and , charges moderate, "at WOLFK'S."
. . ••
Laguira Coffee; Crusheff," PUlverized and
inownlugai ; Superior Green , and Black .Teas';
Rice; Cheese and Spices; Syrup
kinr Molasses: Excellent Pearl Barley at
;Si: ON'
Plig..ioloyiecil View $ of JEarriarie:
Price only 25 cents. Sent tree of postage to
all parts of the Union On the initimitiesrd
youth and maturity, disclosing the secret .
hes of both .sows of ages, causing
nervousness., dep esm on of spiin 7 palpitation
of the heart, silwidat imagi n ings, invo untary
em.ssions, , lAusti.up, detective memory, nide
gentiun anti Inssiiudi, with corfcoums
thrilling 7ntencst of a Nordin.; School Miss,
a College &Went. and a Youdw Married Lady,
4.c. It is a truthful adviser to the ;named
and . those COMM vlatihr, runt ring,e, who enter
tain secret doubts of their physical conoition,
and who are conscious of haviag hazarded the
health, happiness, and privileges to which
every human being is entitled.
Y DA; MEN woo are troubled with
weakness, generaily caused by a bad habit in
youth, the etlects 01 which are dizziness,.
pains, fardetfuluess, sometimes a ringing in
the ears, weak eyes, wenkuesl'of the Bark
and lower extretnities, confusion yf ideas, loss •
of memory, With melancholy, may be cured
by*the author's nests • Parth and , toiiddit That- ' 4
I.\ e have, recently devote_
time in Cisithig . the , Htircipean
log ourselves of the leifuirledg,caddpesearultts
of the must skillful Physicians and .Siligeons
in Europe and Contineitt.'
place ;themselves ; , wider_ Nyr: , ,,,r.arcl.wtii 4391 w
hive th- full benefit of the many mu: and et
fietitious sife'!aie 'eriabfttilte
intreduce , into. v uur practice,,,and r ,the publie s ,
may lest assured of the salve
h:Cit ECY. and 'attention' being flatil their
cases,-,which has, so successfully distinguishedus heretofore, as a Physician rn our eti - nLIA
di.partnieni of i.nOfeaste'filir Vraetiee, for 'the
pust,tw my j:ve, . - •
Fat:NEIL FEMALE PlLLS.—Ladies Who wish
far Medicinei,..ihe; etFiedeg' of *Melt 13ti'S 15eeti
tested in.thousandept caacal and:never failed :
to elleet S telly, clued without any bad re
stilts, will use mine but , Or. Delaney's Fe
male oply, precaution
necessaly to be observelcis;fadies shhuld not
take them if they haie• reagtrd to -believe' they
are 'in certain cituationc (alie i f9rtieulars 4.T
which will be found oil the wrapper accom
panying each tio , x;,-thdtigh always Safe tild
healthy, so gentle;.yet so active, are, they.
Price $1 per boa. They can be Mailed to
any pal t of the United Slate's or Canada.
To THE LADIES-Who , ileed, -comfident!al
medical adviser with regard to any of those
interesting coiiiplaintSl6 which therr-delicate
mgani?.ation readers .theri „inkige, , are I,LELL -
lady invited COIISUI,Y us. ,
"Til E "lEI,E6TaeLGICLiira 4: PridiectrVE'"
lior mai ried lainea wlAusethea.titt.wilt not ad
mit, Or wh6 have no desire to increase their
fatitilia, may be'obtilliWCtiwative.::' It .is
Rerfeutlyl sate. preyentiy,e „to,,coliceptiou,
has been xxiensively used during the'lase - .20
years: kfea to '"..
TitE Sk:Oßbi.T 4 4 OF.:Y.O,UTikutitiVlLkEl
A. Trettll, , e on the Canso, of Pifitintote, Dc
cliy‘--- A solemn ptitifilted, 'a
book sLowing,• tlte*lsidious fitct,T,reAs 'and pre
valeoce amoug schools, [Loth male, aod fe-
Milet] of This fatal habit, pointing' out the
fatality 'that invariably attends its Itotims,-and
det eloping the whole progress of the .disease,
from the comnitinCemeht* ttrthe d. '
• 1t...wi1l be sent, by Mail ou receipt of two [3]
.cent Stamps.
Attendance daily, Horn . S'ill - the'itiorning till -
9 at night, and ou , Stuidays from 2 till 5.e. m.
Aledtonts With, full directions .sent to- any
part ortlie • United State's or Cahhdas, by pa
tleata COM 11111()/ call]g theirtheirsympton>abY letter
-IfOsiheas cutiesponueuce steictly c.m.ll4litial.
L's Other , is kill located as estiblisli
under the name of DR. LA CittaX, at
M.iden Lane, Albany, N. V. [ly
arvAt improtie , Me's 7iPiebiftes.
Empire Shuttle -Machine
Patenteg I'rliruury 1111„1S60.
Salesroom, . oli)..l6roadmay 4 New tYork.•
9IHIS Machine i 3 construefed on att entirely
I 11CW pringipal of pokSessing•
many rare and .vainable improvements, havin,l,
been exiininedby the mOst profound experts,
and pronounced to be Simplicity am i l, Per A.c.-
lion: Combined
The latioFipgarc the prtnc!pal oljectiOns
urged aqtiitzt Sewing
fafignc•iwthe iiperitori ' •
to gqt
3.—Expenbe, trouble" and loss of tine in re 7
Reaps city ,to= spiv. every Jiseeigtign; xof
s='Diaateexhle noise vrbile in oPOt:ifion.
'../Tie Empire Seteing . .iLlaeliirie, is exempt
has a stim , rht needle erpet,illcular ec
nialices '14173 ;'rciric di 4 ¢ ET
atn,l l i¢ o.ike v
on loth' siaes; perlmms pertect sewing on
every dee eitititiit orrolitOtial, froiit I:titttet to
rite iv l l44iiP)-ivit!irC-Mtml+ - linqn
silk thread, from the coarsest to the fiuhst
liavii.g or .0:1G I N V II EEL,
anal the least possible
,friction, it runs as smooth
1414,10171C4LLY noWess. G
It 1144,11 - Fes fifty cant. leispower to
drive, it thaivaiirotherSla'eimei in the market
A. girl of twelve years of, age can
,_wprk it
steadily ; without fatigue or injury to health.
4 '14 strength Und'icurtizt!eiftii-sirttiiiiritil of eon
stwetion, render it ,aintclat itppossihle ta, get
oat of order, :aid is euaranteed by mpacy
to.give entire '" ' • •
,We : iespecti,olly invite, all those. v. - lio may
desire' tJ supply themselves with a superior
driiele; to: mill and - examine tliis unrivalled
IklacAme , •,.l • ' .:,. •
liut in a more special Manner d'O'Vve .
the a.fronage of . z , .•• , 3....1 . ;: .
M •
,erchaot,Tailors, , , I ~.
:Dress, .linkers, ,
Coach Mailers, ' — Ccirsel'MalierS,
V.r:st .Makers; • . • '''': .'Gaitet , Fifters;:
P,aistlsliamt Makers, .' Shoe Binders,
Shirt a'n'd: Rosin - it Masers,
. . , •;Hoop Sliirt•Mamifacturers,
..,,-.. Relj.g„tous.aud Charitable Lustitutians will
'be H1;1.14113% dealt •i , trith'-...
", Trice rif:I4I.ACHINES,' Complete:. :. .
',\p. 1,9 r 1 4; 1 14/Yliqacbjne0434004f ) - ''P - .Pt 2 ,
Small 'sized. Manufacturing, $.60.00, Nu. 3,
.I]arge size Matinfacttiring7s.oo.'
Cabinets: in every, Ifariepj.
mant 4geks„ . f.yr ellopwn. intim TjnitecA,
States, whei - e aglincikg are 'llO t al tieiaty estab.4 -
lisbed;.to i.vhbrn
but welike no eon igluneut
"'7 i t . giC. l A
, eo ; .
slotißßohamEx i !sew Tack—
D'it:WEIV I R:I".E.-1:1\ 7 1)1S'
OFtE'lkS' tir&fe.4s s mill 'ser,iceslci the
titizens of P.daridtia,:anitt
,Can he
,io,und at hia,,Drug Store, formerly
Ur. 1-11f7kle'3; When matelseci 4 liere
professionally engaged.
.Dl. I ta9 . *: . been eall0; to
a position in the U. S. Navy, I Hereby resign
nty professfori to diet care aind.attentainf ofi Dr,s
Henry La /1.44, 1:11, ;whop. .I ; ever cot, :
naenee, having had ample opportuhity of as
ceitaitong hia ability tCe 011 iny.plado.:
, „ , .11 : D.
rrMEA ri YVICAY; 14
;Irtio.urLdersignecb having-, leased:oe above
natoe.4l. NIA g44ll. l )oliP4,.FikrY. M°A.O. , l in
,Townspip,•York 'county, opposae.ilie,
tioiough of 'ltlariett.4, *herel.lie ii i prepatsedi. to
a . 9 . 'tertaia the' bile ' at his -bar and table- w
the' ehf-the , mark . eit affords: He wott.ldimetyl
respectfully inform the!
having .
4 , A First Ziass3 Rerry tova(4, t,..-
anti efficient ferrymen, end istnowfully.preps
reiLto acconanotiatet persons wishing to cross
the. Susquettantui l .w4tl - by l ehilisof otherwise
iyit4ont, delitY or irete,ntion:‘,' JqWN
y 0 . ,“ I tillgalg4 Alf,l:
D R rINDi ESzt - 11 . Austral teed gen
uine.! tai Aleaa,adei ..1). 'Reese— , ,
rifled Whiskey, - Benjaritin et
XCELLEINT Cooking and Eating App!
s• . r"-" —. 6
I)ezzi'cr i:z 1)1-11
p i R• LAN Dr!-:;r:z reAalsl
:1:1,1 ;,, 1•:: .r
form the ett;tens of
generally , that he: imr ja,t
adelphia a large :,nlll , .1
t 5 itT spate no yaitt9 to keep ennetarktry baud
the best and tried comp(eto ur eye
r) titter. in the druz tine.
1,:ot cf
coi,siAtine in part at German. trench ..ral
fish per lathery, Shaving Jt•s;, an.:
Tooth and Nati liruzlies. be lain alt',
Bair Comb: , , flair OPs, l'Elia ft,
Port .11onies, l'acket 800 n.,,
and Powder Boxem:, S c., S•
Th., celebrated Batchelor's HAIR Dr
DeCosta'3 and other Tooth' Washea,l ndia Co:a •
gogue, Bariv's I:mope - tons, col the .hair. Nay
ltum, Arnold's Ink, large and . ;:11 . 111
ties, - 13alm of - a `Thousand Floxieray Flour of
Bacot Corn Starch,4leckees Fat :pa, all kinds
of •pure .Ground Spices, Compound Sy rbp at
Phosphate, or Chemical total, an eicenent az
letii for cronic dyspepsia and a tonic, pi Coo, Iteupet, for coagulating milt:,
au'exdeflent preperation forthe table
011--very fine—bottles its t:vo size*. Pure C o .;
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumerv.pointles ,
soaps. & - c:' ifii'KetAtifroti or Hair - Restorative
is now every Where acknowledged t,e be s t.
Old . Port,' gnerry and AfaAletra NV•iti:S• and
Brandies for naedical.purposes.•
Dr. L. wiklliiinseif SET that every precaution
bertakenin , the 'CorriPoodding , ': of Physician's,
PrescrlPli494 , .
The Doctor can be professionally
at the stbri. n Orem. trded•elsewoore.
Iklp,iettai August .
d much of oui
The Great Indian Herbal - Tea
F4CGI , IS/I * S 4. 2 C-PL".
A 131.8 'hs:Nl.l l ,ll. - :.N A C‘o6' UT!
This Celebrated Female 'lVledieiri Tiossesooo
virt s ue,unkuown.ufiatt)thtaxt.lae,-ta: tito ! kiPs#:.l
and prooving el:fecal:lL atter nll othe.s have
faiti•ti; it Piepured.f nin ari " Undsitekieet"'
peeulihr to Northern .11extco, anal .TEKts, nod
is used by the Natives in prodneing the
SWE sESS. It IS'designe , l for blth ma:l%e.]
and, and is the thing
known tor the purpose, as it wilt sit
obstructiotiffqtfter other relhodies hive
tried tu,vain. It is a pleasant. tea, condai.,ir.g.
no thing i-jurions to health, and a cut,: cad he
reliod: , utton in" all Ca3.9._ • •
Pfolapsus, Uteri, 9r failing of, the.,y,*.),n;
Flo•tes !bus, r ; Chronic a ;tun l•n , „
or Uiceration of the Womb ; Ihroiorihlk
rage or Flooding,; di. ease ui arle
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West Falls. Avenue,. 13a:ainare,.
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T. LOUIS 110T.E1,
C.n. ES rz; VT-RT.,' ADQVE TFrIRD,
In the iminediate- neighborhood istf4l4 Jobbing;
Houses on Market, Third and Ch..stnut-sts.,
Banks, Post Hitice, Merchants' lachatv.e,
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BO•IRD PF.R DAY -- gl.'o.
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July 20 7 1y.] ' *Take. n.
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THOMAS C. CHILD, Aor 7 has : constantly
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Pales, ghin,gting -Lath, Floor -Boards. Weather
lipmligo White Pine,Shirtgles; or Lumber
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