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    13t "Yotat Riaritttian.
4 11,a Ri ETTA (A it Mts.—The several pas
sowzyr trains leave "Upper-station" as follows:
The i „„ m i n g train east at 7:20. The mail train
writ at 12:17. The evening. train east at 5:06.
T!ie evening train west at 7:00.
Saturday, December 21, 1861
OUR FIRST PAGE On our first page
will be found an interesting local legend,
entitled "The Dark Christmas," which
we copy from and old number of "The
Mariettain." Als ) a very feeling and
melancholy stanzas from the pen of our
esteemed f. fend Capt. RATUVON, on the
drowning of his son Franklin ; and an
essay read before the late meeting of the
Lancaster County Teachers' Institute.
Cr Our patriotic circle have set in in
downright earnest. There is much to
be done, however—work and room for
all who can find heart and time thus to
labor in the cause of humanity. ,Let
those noble hearted women of our coin
munity who can meet with their sewing
implements, prepare to make their nee
dles as potent, in their sphere, as the
sword and the bayonet, in putting down
rebellion and sustaining the defenders of
the Union, now come forth, as they did
in Revolutionary times. We are in
formed that mittens made of good cloth
are very servicable and desirable. We
would suggest that cloth' of those por
tiuns of garments that are very little
worn—as inside of coats,
answer this purpose. tlave the ladios
considered thismatter ? If so, tell the
men to ldok up their cast off garments—
let there be no waste in these days.
We are also requested to state that soft
hats are much needed to furnish soles
for hospital slippers. Every gehtlemen,
therefore, young, old and middle-aged,
will please look after all his cast off
" tiles," and hand them Over. The silk
hat will not do so well—it needs a stout,
well felted Let all the wen
take due notice and have the article
hunted up and handed over—the sooner
the better. The last attendance at Mrs.
Grove's was quite lull, but room—ample
room for more. Conte : - one, come all, to
Mrs. Timlow's, on Thursday evening
nest, at six :o'clock, Now that the
good work is begun ; let ,none be behind
her neighbor.
Wr The developement pr• the Van
Wyck investigating committee, tell an
awful tale against the management of
the War Department. This does nut at
hall surprise'us knowing the grand head
and front—the old diet . " himseif—
to be ready for anything that may "turn
up" to make a nimble shilling—and then
—and then—his camp followers—such
41 horde or leeches would damn any Ad
ministration. The sooner the President
re-constructs his cabinet the better, and
particularly the removal of the port
folio of the War Department to more
competent' and more honest guardian
By the way, that dinner to the
" Chief" did not come off, for reasons
best known to the " select ring•" Our
rerorter regrets exceedingly not being
able to furnish us - an account of the
display of " muscle, flesh and wine," and
now learns, with regret, that when it
does come ott, he will be unable to get
into the sanctum sanctorum, having for
gotten the "Kickapoo" 'countersign.—
This we also truly regret for something
spicy was expected.
crip—hf r Shaeffer, the Bookseller, has
:Fist received a lot of Holiday goeds.—
See his advertisment. Ile keeps pace
with the times ; his stock will be found
large and varied ; a little of every thing
in the Holiday present way. This is one
of the most extensive book establish
ments west of Philadelphia.
co- Further particulars have been re
ceived of the great tire at Charleston,
which show that the extent of the dam
age was but little exaggerated. The
loss is estimated at from $5.000,000 to
$7.000,000. The flames swept over
nearly all portions of the city.
eir The County Commissioners hav
ing exhausted the fund of $20,000 for
the families of the volunteers, now pro
pose ming ONCH in, two weeks, until ten
thousand dollars more are exhausted.
lir William D. Reitzel. of Landis
vill, this county, has been authorized by
Gov. Curtin to raise an Infantry com
pany to serve three years or during the
giar IL L.:& E. J. Zahm, Lancaster,
have just received a large assortment of
beautiful jewelry and fancy articles,
suitable for holiday presents.
Sterrett Sr. Co., have just received
a new lot of Coal Oil Lanipa; which for
beauty and price exceeds anything we
have yet seen.
gir The Christmas Exhibition at the
M. B. church, premises to be something
veiiki. Soil. card In another column.
ar French's Conical Wash Machine
—read the.. advertisement.: Also the
new " Hemmer and Shield."
...„ ...... ,
cr' A. few more recruits wanted in
Col. WELSH'S Regiment. See Major
Kilbourne's ,card.
....... ........ .
!kr The mail train west does,_not
rive here until 12.17 instead of 12.11 as
Col. Baker: —A few weeks ago you
designated the preaching of our preach
ers in this borough, as abolitionism; and
though you commended their views, yet
the word is of such horrible import to
some of our people, that I think a
little explanation may be useful.
An editor in this county, who proba
bly does not differ from the views you
commend, lately said that be was in
favor of putting the secessionists down
with the bullet ; and, when•the rebellion
was subdued, he would then go for put
ting dowu the abolitionists with the bal
lot. (Hope he will have a good time of
it" if ho is not himself put down
by the preponderance of abolition bal
lots ;—for "that is a game two can play
at.") It is evident that you and he do
not use the. word to express the same
meaning—and "who shall decide when"
Editors "disagree ?"
This word, "abolitionist," is yet a ter
rible war club among demagogues,
wherewith to "floor" an opponent, when
reason and logic fail. Even here, at the
north, it has not lost its fearful power
over ignorant and misinformed people;
as is evident about election times, and
from the columns of some of our news
papers who see editors act on the max
im, "only throw plenty of dirt ; some of
it will stick !" And at the south—all
through Secessia, especially—its appli
cation to any individual endangerS rep
utation property, liberty and life. Bet
ter be called Atheist, Anarchist, or any
ether 'most odious and horrible name,
than be brs.nded as an Abolitionist in
most of the Southern states. Why ?
Because the further south you go, the
more horrible and awful and abominable
is the meaning attached to the word, In
short, so many changes have been rung
upon the word—so many and such bad
meanings have been attached to it at
different periods, in different localities,
and by different parties, that it has lest
all definiteness. and precision of mean
ing ; and is taken by its sound only," as
sociated with every evil remembrance.
We have beard of "a deed without a
name ;" this has become "a name with
out"a deed" to Match it in horror`—used
equally to scare the master and the
Last fall—l give the story as it was
told me—aman objected to a.eandidate,
that he was - "an abolitionist." "Abo
litionist!" said a friend, "what is that ?"
As the ma was unable to give's clear
definition, the friend continued—" Well,
what is-it like? Is it most like a male,
or like a wheelbarrow,T"l'hi objeCtcr,
thought it was something most like a
u•lteelharrow 1 Now as there are not a
fr,w blethering demagogues, even in
Pennsylvania, who freely apply the word
to every man they wish to render.odious,
and 'who could `not, prObably, - give any
clearer definition, is it not time that
editors stop it from being "trundled
around," by defining clearly what they
mean by the word When they use it 7
I have been repeatedly stigmatised as an
abolitionist, and been urged by friends
to deny it ; but what shall I deny? In
the sense in which Franklin, Washing
ton, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other
revolutionary sages were abolitioniits,
I, too, am one. But certairdy, as..mean
ing that I would violate all constitution
and law, and urge slaves to cut their
master's throats, I arc not an abolitionist.
In the same degree that our leading
Union Democrats, the President and his
Cabinet, are abolitionists; I am one ;
but as meaning a man who declares
that the negro is socially or politically
the equal of the white man (taking the
average of the races in this country and
age,) I would but write myself an ass to
say I were one. And stupid ass that
must any man be, who would pron Ounce
me Buell, .after hearing my public ad
dresses last summer, and reading my
articles within the year past published
in your paper..
But, to a few definitions of the terms.
In the rebel states, all Republicans and
nearly all northern Democrats are called
Abolitionists. Any opposition to slave
ry—to its extension or perpetuity—to
its aggressions, or to it as an evil of any
character or degree, is Abolitionism.—
In the border slave states, where many
yet consider slavery an evil and oppose
its supremacy so government, and its
unlimited extension or perpetual con
tinuance, this meaning is denied. An
abolitionist means one who would "run
off slaves," or otherwise illegally, or un
constitutionally, or violently , interfere
with the institution. But this definition
has so many shades ,and degrees of mean
ing, that it is very vague and indistinct
in most minds. In the border free states
the same vagueness, as we, have seen,
prevails. One means by it, merely in
terfering with slavery in the slave states
by, writing or speaking against, it—while
another means, inciting the slaves to in
surrection, robbery and murder to ob
tain their liberty—and others mean all
or any shades of meaning between or
beyond these . definitions! As we ad
vance Nort t h,and East' the terms are con
fined mainly to, -the organized associa
tions of anti-slavery •men and women,
and lose nearly all odium when applied
even to these people.
But as wrong . information has been
widely spread in regard to the views of
derritt Smith and his followers, and Gar
rison, Wendell. Philips and their follckw
ers, a few words more, as •regards their
views, may not be amiss.
Gerritt Smith holds that slavery has
no constitutional or legal existence, is
simply a nsurpatied and . outrage on all
government, human • and divine. Not
being named in the U. S. ConstituNn,
it "line ;118 7 e.iiilere,theft, and ic6nie
• - ;01'
quently no , "compranse l.o
"In its favor.—
And hence, were all constitution and
law construed literally, and according to
the principles of "Common law," slavery
would not be ; and freedom would at
once be the recognized right and inheri
tance of every human being who had
not lost it by crime.
Wm. Lloyd Garrison and his friends
hold that slavery exists only by power
of the U. S. Constitution—against all
right, human and divine, moral, social
and political—so that Were the govern;
meet changed aright, and the Union
dissolved, .slavery would die, Hence
they will not vote, held office, or own
allegiance, or in any wise countenance
our government, lest they become par
takers in its iniquity; and in all peace
able ways and proper means they feel
bound to free every slave, break every
yoke, and set all the oppressed free.
Up to the outbreak of the rebellion,
(for I know not what changes, if any,
the war may have made in their opinions
and feelings) both these Anti-slavery
parties were non-resistants—opposed to
the use of brute force, and especially to
shedding blood, to advance their opinions
or to free the slave. Hence much of the
horror mistakenly felt and expressed
against the latter especially, may safely
be abated, except by those who suppose
our Union to be "a bag of cotton at one
end, and a negro slave at the other."
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The Great National Nuttier , ofthitellect %for i
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.^ , THZ 4
A New 5 yew' with dna' ()Id Friend
- -
(Y New Year's day of 1362, - tliat world=
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jourii skein, 'the +peerledd' "New !York' Merpury;
will enter upon,tbe P.Ve4y-ftiurth "year,of,the
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During the past year it has ,bben teacher;
story-Wier, mentor, and oracle of.two hundied
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old, rich and poor, have revettled,in'its enL
chanting, stores ofmisdom,,,romance.., arp;poel
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A‘Farailiar in their inotiths.ashous.ehold words.,
The noble patriot,soldier la, hie ,teuti :too t ,
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; Absorbing-review. of its .
Forty Brilliant Columns ;
finding in them a fascinating mental discipline
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In commencing a Yew Year, the propyiefors
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The editorial tone and National departments
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t'i that lofty spirit of patriotism which has
made it a necessity of the people since the
War began, and kept it in enthusiastic demand
when other sheets were dying all around it for
want a popular support.'"
,Already the largest Literary Journal in the
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cedent. The most celebrated , pens of this
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Our story, initiary of the New Year, is a
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the New York Mercury•of Saturday, January
4th, 1862, and entitled
The Rebel Privateer.
A Tale of the Present nine.
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'the inarket furrifslies; elitiktipt lk-kept" on , hind
and - ritaiinfactured to order; pibniiiitly, and rea
' soliatilY, tastedr '
Gerittemeies'Eurnishing , Gooimis
stieli Wit - PC) ek Rlbilig to Vol'et
chaiirTiildringitnd Cidthin4 eatitiliShnientt
. .
7CIBACCEY '.olGilt Sr; tNlliit
Opposite the 'Cross
IVlARltrnik; ' •
jHE undersigned world respectfullyinforn.
Jim public th[at he still con.tjnues, at ;the
ofd stand, corner Of Setad and Walnut streets,'
directly upßqsite the Cross Keys Hotel, to keep
on hand
,and for sale, kinds of Cigars frcm
Ffalt SPaniAlibp, rn prices Mira $6, s7ss2o to
sbo per.thousand. .Tomiccia.,--Natuyal Leaf,
Eiicelsior Cavendish, Oianosm . , Con-
gress'Fine . Si:Mu Ladtel TWigt, Coarse Spun
Twlst, Eldorado, Jeysel. of.Ophir tobacco; An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of tine Ci
gars manufactured of,imPhrted stock. SIXES
HALF SPANISH. Eappee Snuff and all kinds
Fancy P Smoking Tobacco. Scented'snuffs,
Fine-cutipes, Cigar rubes, sc. [ 302515
"211 E. UNION."
Arch Street, above 1 hied, Philadelphia,
Ur 701% S. ,r.wcontr.B.
B3=° This Hotel is central convenient by
Passenger Cars to all parts of the City, and in
every particular adapted to the comfort and
wants of the business public.
Terms $l.OO per day.
J4AWES AND GENTS Anderson has just
received an elegant assortment of Perfu
mery, consisting of Toilik 'Sdaps, Hair
Extracts and Colognes at prices much below,
the usual rates, also some very handsome Canes
for gentlemen, Portmouies, &c.
EMBROIDERIES—Just received the largest
and most desirable lot of Embroideries eve
uttered for sale here, consisting in part of beau
tiful French Worked Collers, Undersleeves
Spencers, Swiss and Jackrinett, Edging and in
erting, Flouncing . , &c., selling very low.
Hammered and Rolled Iron,
-S. liars. Norway, Nail Rods,American
and German Spring and Cast Steel, Wagon
80xe5,..1 - ron Axles, Springs &c., for smiths.
PECTACLES to suit all who„gt.
0 can be aided with glasses.
can he bought at IL L. 4. J. ZAHMIS; Cor
ner of North Queen-st., and Center Square,
Lancaster. New glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. [v6-11r
NIVES & FOR.KS, , Britainia and Silver
i% 'plated Spoons, Brass; Copper, Plain and
Enameled Iron Kettles, and llouseseeping
goods generally. • • , Sterrett If Co.
1.3 ": Paper Neck' Ties; beautiful, fashionabk
and cheap, at Diffenbach,s.
perior to any now in use, can be had at the
Cheap Store `of' Diffeobarh. - -. •
k_ for Culinary purposes, warranted genuine
at 11. D. ,Benjamin. ip Co's.,
U ADF.IRIA E.% WIN bodied and fruity, at the " Enterpriagr,St.ore.r
, •
A..D. ...qg Minna Jay.
ALT 1 SALT I A—af you v.mot to buy
SAyr • .
Cell at the gore Of SPANGLY...a PIaTTER.SON
_ . . .
IGOODWI.IOB ilk :PlontatiOn Ine
/• Chewing Topacco , The bee; in the
RiF ea/a at WOLF.F.IS.
mo LANDLORDS! Just- received, Scotch
and Irish WHISJ lES, vrarrau
ted pure, at H• D. Belajamain's.
AFULL assortment of Fresh Winter
Goods of the most desirable styles.
Ladies, Gentlemen's, - Misses and Youth&
French Merinoes at a great bargain,
Fancy Wool DeLaines below the cost
of importatic,m,,Qohurgs,,Thibits, Prints.
and Ginghams in 'great variety.
aoths, -Comineves and Trcsting.
very cheap, Cloaking. Cloths in all colors, at a
decided barglin, Hoods, Nubias; Gloves
and notions generally, as cheap as CWT.
A Job. lot of. extra-fine-
at less than halt the usual' eog,
Flannels, Maslins, (,becks,. Sheetings and all ,
other king:Lae DRY" GOODS, together
with 'Groceries, Fish, '&c., in kill supply.
The Great Indian Herbal Tea.!
1 - IR. N G USN'S lasi DI WI
- .
Celethatedi Female. Medicine possesses.
virtue unknOwn of anything else of the kind,
and prooving effectual after all others have
failed F. it is'prepared tom an ^ Indian Herb --
peculiar to Northern Mexico, and Texas, am'.
is used by the Natives in prOducing.the EIONT.O -
LT, LtICXN.F.Si. ft" is designed for both. marnec
n single ladies; and'id. the vent best thin, , .
known for the purpose; as it will remove ai6
olistrUctiOnS after other remedies have beet,
tried in vain. Ilia a pleasant tea, containing
nothing Nur-ions to betelth r lind a care awl be
relied until' in all caw's.
Prolapsiii Uteri, or failing of the Womb -,.
Perms Albirs, or Whites; Chronic Itillamatiom
or Ulceiation of the Womb; Incidental Ilem
ra.e or Flooding ; and disease of the Spine.
Ladies in the early stake of pregnancy
are cautioned against the use of this. tea, as it
will prod'uce'itlisearriage.
Prepttred and Sold by
Phi4 — delphia, Pa.
Prier $l.OO 'per package, (teithltiLl
for usc) sent by Expreak or Mail
' td any addreas.
Dr. E.' calrhe' denetilted in all obstinate
Female Complaints, in person ti by letter,
and whir furniSh the Gotta-perelia. Female
Syie recominended by the Faculty
ta'rharriel labiegfor special - Purpoes.
Also Radical. 'Cure and Other Trusses—lm
proved Rotary and Spine Ab‘fominal Support
ers—Shoulder ]traces—Elastk and Lace Stock-
Appisrati* fit Weak and Curved
Spine—and Instrunients for all Deformities.—
'Yniiigh Steak of the aboye'artieles constantly
'oiiliand,taad'ivill` be furnished at lowest rates
by sending order with measurement and full
113 —, A i ll' : cninniunictitions strictly confiden
tial. For further particulars please address,
6. W. English,
216 'Smith SecorieStreet, iklow Dock.
11:3 =. 1 have nO - . ents.
_ Dft. HENRY
„Jr/ Il k/ 4
Redvin Avg§ Per Amery,
, Tnit . .I , LA.NIDIS-liauing purchased the entire
,c-jr interest and.:g,ondtwill of Dr. F. Hinkle's
Drug Storey: ould .thke this opportunity to in
-forint' the.-eltizens .Marietta and the pub] ic
:generally; that ,havingjust , receilted from Phil
adelphia a large addition to the old stock, he
will spare no .pains,tnikeep constantly on, hand
Aheibestandanost.complete assortment of eve;
, the drug liee...
ttrdfldeir 40' 'cad ntECIOS,
consistrigin pat ofiGelman, French and Eng-
Aish ~perfnmory,, , ,Shnying, Soaps and Cream',
IToptkand,Nnibßrushesilinffalo and other
ttiriCdnitie; Tiazr Oit,3;Pomades,etc.
.1 ) ort EQq.ket Books,
cid Botes;
,;r4c celebgated , ATE,
Pe n cpapetapij.ptilier,ToothilY,ashes,lndia Cola •
gogne, Trteoperousjor the I)av
Atutn„Arpoldjs largc :s andstnal...l sized bo -
tles, Halmqt. a Thopsand,_FloA . ers„ Flour "I
Ittce,, Corn Starch, lieekeris Farttta, all kind
ak pure: Ground 4picgs,, Comp,43ip . ll Syrup of
phosPhate,,pr e3ifellentar
'cal for cronic dyspepsia and a to l nie in Cot , -
.oraptive eases,aennet,,forreoagulating niil
I ~s4exeellen,l, pre peratipu i for tOle ; Table
Qil—ver`y, fine--I,oities sizes. Pure Co•l
of,„1-fael 3 s perfultiery,pOmades,
soaps &e .His,Kothaircm or .1 - fair Restoratilo
is now exerywbere acknowledgefi the, best.
.. : UM Port, Sherry and Madeira
. Winzs and
Brandies , for,, inedtgal.
_purposes, ,
. .
, Dr. L. will himself,see that every precaution
,be taken in, the compounding of Physiciat,'s
prescpptions., ,
The Doctor can ; be professionally consultt d
at the store when_ not engaged elsewhere,
~Marietta, August 24, 1861.-ly
Having just returned from the city with
a nicely selected lot of Roark-made Clothing,
which the undersigned is prepared to furnish at
reduced prices;, having laid in a general assort
ment of men and boys' clothing, which he is
determined to sell Low, Fan CASH. His stuck
consists of fivan-COATS, FROCK A N
GLOVES, SUSPENDERS, SI.C. EVerylbial& in the
Furnishing Goods line. Call and examine b..-
fore purchasing elsewhere. Everything sold at
prices to suit the times. JOHN BELL.
Garner of Elbow Lane and Maqzet
next door to atssel's Store
Marietta, October 29, 1856.
bi° llo J o4, jAlk ifea3 Islooes, Su.
MIUHAEL_ GABLE, Marble - Maso e,
Opposite the Town Hall Park,
, Narietta, Pa.
THE Marble business in all its brancue,,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town 1101 and opposite Funk's Cross Jiffs
Tavern, where e Very description of inertia.
work will be kept on hand or made to order at
short notice very reasonable prices.
Marietta, J one 29,.1861. 49-ly
. - A O.A
• JOHN CA ftlE4Olt X 3X
•- , ,-•
Hygienic Physiciin & Aceoiichenr,
Corner,of Front ,and Gay. Streets,
ANDERSON' S . ! Affention Butchers
and Houskapers. Having a great demand for
our famed SPICES, I have concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant supply of Ground
per. Groutt4 .Corriander,, , and '.. , 4eet Marjoram.
yITOLF.E'e .
C 0 t
A. delightful beverage, manufacture st. -
in pound, ilk. and Vb. packages. Price i ►.N
CENTS a pound. WOLFE, Market-st.
reeetv . ed,e J...l.4hhart',s Drug store
thp'larg,est . iissorteient of. Coal Oil Lamps
eiret Offered this INitoiigh,
Om best Oils from 1.1. to 15
cent:, per quart.
iIiTOLEVA Pelebnited Spring and Clasp
.. . .
Ir V . SELAWL ..r.r.N.S.
. , .., . . . •
:The best in the .world—niade ard sold at
F - Priee, 6 cents.] , . ~. WOLFE ',S.,
. .
TIIST RECEIVED at the "Enterprise Trine
an&Liqiirii.,Store," :Mount Joy, wen [Aran
article of Champagne and German Wines.
• .
BUGGY• and- SIeigh*BLANIKETS of various
jjlo styles and at rnueh lower prices than the
same sold last . fall. Spangler 4. Pattevan.
Co STANTLY odhand, Monongahela rQc
k tified Whiskey. Bettjarain sk Co.