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MA RIETTA CAR Trait.—The several pas
senger trains leave "Upper-station" as follows:
The morning train east at 7:20. The mail train
west at 12:11. 'The evening, train east at 5:06.
The evening train West at 7:00.
. _
Saturday, December 14, 1861.
PROF, McCoy's LT.:cruet : Professor
Amasa McCoy delivered on Monday
evening last, his justly celebrated Ora
tion on the " London Times and the
Rebellion," before, quite a large number
of the citizens of Marietta, assembled
in the Presbyterian church. • After en
earnest prayer by Rev. Geo. M. Clawges
and an " ode to Washington" sung by
Ike young ladies attached to the Nigh
School, the speaker was gracefully pre
sented by Rev. A. B. GROSH, President
of the Marietta Literary Society.
The oration, in subject matter, grace
and force of delivery,, was all that has
been claimed for it. The Professor is
truly master of the•subject, and finished
in his profession. During the delivery,
which occupied fully two hours, the
audience were fixed by the power. of his
eloquence; and upon the close of his
apostrophe to the "Flag of our Union,"
the depth of feeling, and intense sympa
thy he had called forth from the audience
was told by the murmer of their sighs.—
" Washington's Grave" wits then sung
by the young ladies, when, on motion,
the President appointed Barr Spangler,
.T. W, Clark and John J. Libhart a
committee to prepare resolutions ex
pressive of the sence of the audience,
and have them published. The com
mittee furnished the following: •
WrimitEAs, Prof. A. McCoy, has de
voted much of his time, his talents, and
his oratory, to repel the slanderous at
tacks of the enemies of our Country,
both at home and abroad ; and augment
the confidence of the friends of our
Union in its ability to maintain itself
against all enemies; and dispence the
feeling of abiding faith in our Republi
can Institutions,
Resolved, that the citizens of Mariet
ta and vicinity, will ever cherish for
Prof. A. McCoy, a lively sense of the
, obligattous they owe.him for his efforts
as belief e• our distracted country, and
beg .leave , tio ogee. this token, not as a
neasuse 'of praise or adulation, but as
he wilding tribute of greatful hearts for
the magniticeat treat furnished us.
w - The Ladies of our Borough who
have been operatitg, through a Commit
tee only, for the aid and relief of our
soldiers, met on- Thursday evening last,
and organized in due form under the ti
-liti of the " Ladies Patriotic G'irck of
ilarietta," and appointed
M Ts. P. J., President
:Mrs. A. B. Grog', Vice President.; Mrs.
Geo. W. Mehaffey, Secretary, and Mrs.
S. P. Sterrett, Treasurer. Executive
Committee, Madames Benjamin,
Icaham Cassel, S. P. Eagle, Rudisill,
Moyle, Zell, Grove, Grout and Theo .
llientivad. The Ea. Committee were in
structed Ito panchase materials for work,
and liay.e the same ready for operations
-by Thursday evening next.
A pressing cordial invitation is hereby
«extended by the Ladies of the Associa
tion to all rife Ladiei of the- Itorough
and vicinity, to meetiabdtanitie -ovit them
in their patriotic and irasianne labors, at
the residence of Mre. Grove r on
Thursday evening next, at &Clock. '
We understand that the young ladies
ere also moving iu the patriotic labor of
tarnishing , mittins, &c., for oar soldiers
in the field. We have not received in
formation of the particulars of their or
ganization, or plans of operation, but
will be pleased to publish them,
The death`of Mr. Frederick Meh
ling, one of the Town Council, on Thurs
day last,, drew together that body when
the following resolutions of condolence
weme passed:
Wunanke, a vacancy has occured in
our board, by the death of our much
esteemed friend and 'fellow Councilman,
Fredeoick Melding, we would therefore,
whilst bowing submissively to the laws
of life and death, wisely instituted by
the Divine Ruler of the earth, give ex
pression to our high estimation of the
deceased, in his official relation with us,
and as a citizen, be it therefore
resolved, That we shall feel crreatly
his loss in oar deliberations; and' j as the
affliction falls still awe heavily upon
his bereaved family, we beg to extend
to them our condolence in this their
period of affliction.
Resolved, That we will attend the
funeral of the deceased, and wear the
penal badge 'of mourning.
Resolved, That copies of the forego
ing revolutions be sent the family, and
also furnished the Mariettian for publi
Cr A large and highly respectable
meetiry was held at Bainbridge, in this
count . -n Saturday last, to take the Pe
,cessary teps to compel the Tide. Water
Canal company to so alter the Columbia
Dp.m as to permit fish to ascend the Sus
quehanna river. Mr. Emanuel Nagle
wa s called to the chair, and General A.
Biestand gr latz, of York co., appointed
secretary. Committees of Correspond
ence for 7-i*custer, York and Dauphin
counties NR
(in appointed by the chair
man. Thetb appears to be no doubt
bo gist a gigorOus effort will now be
made to compel the company to con
form to the law of 14351. requiring pla c p s
to be made in the, dam. So, it should be.
.. .
or We .are ena?PiflaiikS PARAIN4 40.
defer until.oar newt, several articles in
tended for this week's paper.
Professor McCoy's Oration.
Mn. EDITOR: I went with the crowd
on Monday evening last, to hear the cel
ebrated lecture of Professor McCoy,
and was, I confess, somewhat disappoint
ed. The lecture, as a piece of composi - -
tion, was certainly good, and was de
livered, I presume, according to the
most rigid rules of rhetoric, and there
was in it some good and close reason
ing. Still, it was not, by any means, the
best specimen of consecutive thinking
that one could wish. It was not in this
respect however, that it came short of
my expectations. The Lancaster com
mittee who wished to have the Lecture
repeated in other towns and cities, de
sired by it, to excite the patriotism of
the people, to a more generous support
of the Government. Did it not occur
to them, that higher motives might be
presented, than mere 'veneration for a
constitution, that was written in the
time of our, immortal Wasnington, and'
which, in some respects has long since,
served its day and generation ?
The hydra-headed monster SLAVERS . ,
that is to day preying on the vitals of
our country, and like an 'insatiate ;Vam
pire, is struggling to extract the very
life blood from the nation's heart, has
been nurtured and raised to its present
hideous proportions tinder the fostering
care of this very Constitution, which, to
preserve, we are called on by Professor
McCoy, to offer our Sons, as so many
sacrifices on the altar—of Liberty?—
Nay verily, but on the bloody altar of
Slavery I
This Constitution, which first went
into operation more than Seventy years
ago, is a striking evidence of the liberal.
ity of our Revolutionary Fathers. The
mere incidental recognitiou of Slavery,
shows that it v;as simply tolerated in
1789, and when we remember that this
was forty years before it was abolished
in the British colonies, we may well be
proud of our ancestors, while,at the same
time,we cannot but blush for the degen
eracy of their sons, who, from mere
mercenary motives, should have perpet
uated an " Institution" that, every day
of its existence ,gives the lie to our pro
fessions of liberty.
True, it is asserted by some, that the
Constitution gives no countenance nor
encouragement to Slavery, and yet:the
highest judicial authority of the country,
construed the third clause of Sec. 11.
Art. •IV. of this self same Constitution
into a Fugitive Slave Law, thereby
making the Northern States, a Consti
tutional hunting ground, and Northern
men Constitutional Slave catchers to
Southern masters. lam aware that there
are differences of oninion regarding
Judge Taney's version of Constitutional
law, but why should there be any dubiety
about a matter of such paramount im
portnnce ? All men of intelligence are
agreed that the present war is the fruit
of slavery, under the old constitution.--
How long then is this crying sin to be
endured ? It is sheer political quackery
to say, that the preservation of the con
stitution will prove a sufficient panacea
for the political evils under which we
suffer, and it is astonishing to think thitt
there are so many men of intelligence,
and undoubted loyalty, in the same
questionable category with Professor
McCoy, and the Lancaster Committee.
I might instance the case -of an old and
very highly respected citizen of Mariet
ta, now of Lancaster, who sports the fol
lowing motto over his business adver
tisemeot in the. Express, " Our whole
Country as it was." Yes, "As it was"
Slavery and all, with the antiquated
Conititution into the bargain. Is the
Union that we enjoyed bat yesterday,
under our venerable Constitution,so very
desirable, that rather than lose it we
would again become the brothers and
bosotn friends of Southern Slaveholders,
and continue to cherish the viper whose
envenomed fangs have laid so many
of our noblest citizens cold in death,
and which at no distant day, might de
mand another and a still greater sacri
fice ? No Sir, let the Constitution be
so amended that under its icgis, slavery
cannot exist. Let the property of the
rebels be confiscated, and their slaves
set at liberty. Let Congress provide
for the immediate emancipation of
slavery throughout the whole land. Let
the negroes be colonized, or otherwise
disposed of, so that they may enjoy per
sonal liberty. Then—and not till then
—will we have any sure guarantee of a
permanent and desirable peace. If
Professor M'Coy would only incorpor
ate these wholesome doctrines in his
otherwise magnificent lecture, he might
assist materially in leading the people
to prepare for the higher, and better
state of national existence that awaits
them when slavery—American slavery
shall be numbered with the things that
N. N.
ar Gormley, Constable
.of Lancaster township, died suddenly at
his residence of apoplexy. On Mon.
day Mr. G. attended to the duties of his
office, enjoying his' usual good health,
and in a few hours afterwards was strick
en down by death.
air Captain A. J, Neff Lieutenants
O'Rourke and Hook, have been reinsta
ted to their former pesitions, and are
now on duty with their respective com
panies in the First Pennsylvania Re
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Scurvy, heal safely and quickly under the
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It heals to the bone, so that the wound never
opens again. Soldiers supply yourselves.—
Only 25 cents per Pot.
To Coxsom Frivr-s: The advertiser having
been restored to health in a very few weeks by
a very simple remedy after having suffered sev
mai years with a severe lung affectinn, and
that dread disease, Consumption—is anxious
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means of cure. To all who desire it, he will
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lE3 See advertisement.
See i.dvertisment . of Prof. L. Miller's
Bair Invigorator, and Liquid Hair Dye, in an
other part of this paper. ,
Marietta and Maytown Turnpike.
rp.HE STOCKHOLDERS of the Marietta
I and Maytown Turnpike Road Company,
are requested to meet at the Toll House, at
I o'clock, P. M., on Friday the 27th MEL, to
take into consideration important business, in
relation to the road. By order of the Board.
.T. W. CLARK, 88C.
(Marietta, Dec. 14th, Ib6l.
Located on Chestnut Street, opposite the
and in cloSe proximity to the principal Jobbing
and Importing Houses, Banks, Custom House,
and places of amusements. The City Cars
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H. L. &K. J. ZA.HM
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Feb. 2-Iy]
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Marietta, August 24, 1561.-1 y -
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Prolapsus Uteri, or failing, of the Womb;
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11 Ladies in the early stage of pregnancy
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A large Stock of the above articles constantly
on hand, and will be furnished at lowest rates
by sending order with measurement and full
lid All communications strictly confiden
tial. For further particulars please addresS,
Dr. G. W. Eiiglish,
216 South Second Street, Below Dock.
lli I have no Agents.
Having just returned from the city with
R nicely selected lot of Ready-made Clothing,
which the undersigned is prepared to furnish at
reduced prices; havinglaid in a general assort
ment of men and boys' clothing, which he is
determined to sell Lovv, von cash. His stock
GLOVES, Sus'exrrnrms,.&c. Everything in the
Furnishing 9oods line. Call and examine be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Everything sold at
prices to suit the blues. . JOHN BELL.
torner of Elbow Lane and Market ~57.
next door to Cassel's Store.
Marietta, October 29, 1856.
WootkenfF, ToNtv, eat sfoos, &e.
MICHAEL GABLE, Marble Mason,
Opposite the Town Hall Park,
Marietta, Pa
Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town Hall and opposite Funk's Cross Keys
Tavern, where every description of marble
work will be kept on hand or made to order at
short notice and at very reasonable prices.
Marietta, June 29,1861. 49-ly
Formerly Keesees.
The undersigned having leased the above
named old established Ferry and' Hotel, in
Hallam Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta,'where he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table with
the best the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained ' '
First. Class Ferry Boats,
and efficient ferrymen, and is now fully prepa
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
with Out delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
Horace West, X. D.
AVING purchased, in connection with
Harrison Roth, Dr. Grove's Drug Store
an located in the Borough of Marietta, for
the practice of the medical profession, would
respectfully offer his service to the public.—
lie can be found at the office formerly occupied
by Dr: Grove.
The undersigned takes pleasure in recom
mending Dr. West to his friends and patrans.
Dr. W. has been promising in this vicinity ,for
the past S or 9 years, and will, beyond doubt s
give entire satisfaction to all who will give
him a trial. , J. H. GROVE:.
JOHN 049.31F 1 R0N, X. D.,
Hygienic Physician & Accaraohenr,
Carrier or Front and Gay ;st r e e rs,
_u ANUERSON'S ! Attention Butchers
and RouskcoPers. Havi , sg s greats eMand for
our Skirted SPICES, I 'gave concluded to con
tinue to keep a constr.nt supply of 'Ground Pep
pm'. Ground Corria Aar, and Abeet Marjoram.
A de'lightfUl beverage manufactured and sold
in pound, ilb. and lib ' . packages. Vrice Taw
CENTS a pound. tr,o - at, Market-at,
TUST received at 3.4. Libhort',s Drug store
the largest assortment of Veal Oil Lamps
everoffereil in this tiorcingh.
Now selling the beg Oils, from 13 to 15
cents per Inert.
wOLFE , S Celebrated Spring and Clasp
The best in the world made and sold at
Price, 6 cents..] WOLFE-IS.
- 4 1 -
, •
11 '8 e
Lai •,,
which will be.
Silks, a full li
Estra quality
' - Beat 'Mak-e of
Marge stack o
• Plain and Heir ••••
White Goods, Mitts, Linens;•A
Dress 'Trimmings, Laeesil6leves, -
'very large Mock of Domesti'or goad.
Cloths, Cassimeres, tiestings;
Bleached and Unbleached Mualitts.
Delaines. Calicos and. Ginghams,
Slreerings• mid Checks,
Pant Stull, Hickory and• Pickings,
Embossed Paper Calms, ten fora Quarter,
Paper Neck-Ties—something new, cheap and
Linen and Viroolen`Tal?le etireia.
Plain. Ornamental and Oiled Window. Blind'
and Patent Fixtures,
Wall Papers, Carpets, Floor Oil. Cloths
Canton IVlatting,
Wall one Window Paper,
Thiniparrent Blinds.
Glass, Queenswase and Cedarware.
The übove goods have been purchased
and will be sold at correspondingly lbw prices,
kir cash.
all kiddy anttruiees; conathotly on Ninth--
Monongahela Wiiisky bar the'barrel at Pitts
burg prices, the freight lidded. •
WEST & ROTH, '• -
• NA VIRG- PVltell A SRI>
the-entire - stock, geed , vvitt 'mita liyiures of the
Drug-Store of Dr: J. H. Grove, take• this, meit
thod of informing the petseesetthiliestetdish ,
meet and - the public to
shall be wanting to insure stall •titnesai-fresh
and complete assortment of • ;
• •
33rugs, ~ebeißso`gis,
Soaps, Hair, and Tooth Brushes, Condo,
Tooth Waske.r ant; Powders; Hair .
Dyes, Patent Medieinek,,Paints,
Oils Oils. lelead, Trgraishes
Dye-Stufft, Glass,.
and everything usually kept ; ina
. W4l.
upothecal y .
A new and' fancy lot of 'COAL OIL LAMPS—
the. diciest in the limrcu3 . giv—ot prliei'Sp', the
times. Lamp Tops attached to,Ohl.,l,Ampe
short notice. Globes, Wielts, &e.,
always on hand.
very _ ...*
A conveikiellt "11.earni..artio'. tor car
rying about'the house, iusl
A nicely selected:let pt all kidds of Station-
Knvelopes, PO:Amadei§ 10k§8z.e,...,
of all grades ar.d at all prices.
An, endless veriety of .Fary,oroTcOlet
ttcles on fiend.;
Just received, an,eireollent indlele "Co al
0t; now selling et 15 ceete
Marietta, November 6, , ix
(VHF, subscriber havillß purchased the Tiro
l'. perry latelroccupled-br
would most respectfully call tht
attention of his
to the fact that he is now prepared to a 11
at the very lowest figures by dkuit-load, Car ,
load, or otherwise. • ' '
, His Stock Of thinker Will be selecited fro*
one of thntest ma.nufatories- rulecannaliril
to give satisfaction. ' "
He is alsoinepareoo'abliplytgl3ll.i(griurl,
at short notice and lit kiwipriees'. -
will consist of Shamokinpited And 'A , Vkite
Baltimore Company, Lykeha
ad of which he sell by :the
load, Car-load., or . "-hy the': •
He will els continue the receiving of Coil at
very low figures. - • •
Tlio,g* ZELL.
Dealer, in Hardware.
• ----' Cedarware, Peals, OiT3, eilais,
Cook, dip* robes; &e.,
WOULD take this means of informing the
VI , citizens of .Marietta and vicinity that he
is prepared to furnish anything in his line,
consisting in part, of TAk hie Cutlery of all
kinds; Building a n d Housekeeping hard
ware, in all styles,. Cutlery, To-As, Paints, Oibs,
Glass, Varnishes, Cedarware, Tubs, Buckets,
Churns, Knives, forks, Sponns, Shovels, Po--
kers, Tongs, Candlesticks, Pans, Waiters, Cop
per and Brass Kettlfes, Door, 'Doak, •Pad and
all other kith of Locks, Distils * Spikes awl
in fact everything usually kept in swell
ted hardware estatilishment. •
Nerchaat. Tailor, and Clothier,
dt R l'irarzph' s Old Standon the Cor
ner of North• Queen one -Orange
Streets, Lancaster,. Penn'q.
T E L to the Citizens of Marietta
G and viciniiy, for the liberal patronage
heretofore extended, the undersigned respect
fully solicits a'continuance' of the same; as
suring them, ;bat
. under all Mreumatinemno
efforts will be spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivalent for every`' act of ccinfidelice reposed.
such Either seasonable material as fashionncrat,
the market furnishes, constantly kept on haiol
and manufactured to order; promptly, and rea
sonably, as taste or style may suggst.
GeZie?nen'sFarnisAirlir..4 9 9.oB
Lad such articles as usually balaag tag' Mer
chant Tailoring and , Clothing establishment.
FULL assortment Fresh Winter
A r
Goods of :ti:ie most desiraMe'Stylea.,
Ladies, Goefiemea's, Misids and Youths
French l'ilerioes at a great bargainj
Fancy Wool DeLaines heloii the Cost
of importation, Coliaigii, Thlifita, Pirate
and Ginghams an grent:ylirieti,
Cloths, Cassimeres. and lestings..
very cheap, Cloaking Cloths inail color 4 pt.&
decided `bargain, goods, - Thiblis,'GliSvow
and`netions'generally, as chealtaseildri
A Job lot of eitru;ftne' • '
at less than half the usual cost,
Flannels, Muslin, Checks, Sheetings and all
other kind of DRY GOODS, together
with Groceries, Fish, &c., .an full supply',
"THE UNION. - • c.
Arch &Net, above 2 kird, , Phiiddetfihia;
• , 11- This Hotel is central ebrivanierit by
Passenger Cal 3 to all parts of he,City; and in
every Partir4AZ allaPted. to the coAfgrt!aP4
wants of the business public._
Terms SLSO per da'.
JUST RECEIVED at the "Entcri 'trim* Wine
and Liquor 'Store," Mount JO, a supermu
article of Ctiampape and - German Wines.
BY and Sleigh BLANK.V.ol3.firarious
.'styles•and at ninehlbiketiisiitietetliin the
tante sold last fall. ,S)angter .I‘..Patterspa.
nor'! STAN PLY ou laud, Monopgahela rec
‘j tified Whiakey. -14C42 . 41M1L zir CO.