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    De, f 6-00.$ of P ace, fu) of 311111'.
Card sire, on Bristol Board, suitable for Al
burns. Published and sold by
E. Anthony, 501 Brnibray, Xew
By special arrangement We publish in addi
tion to other portraits TB E CELEBRATED COL
LECTION well known both in Europe and
America as
Brady's National Photographic Portrait
Brady's collection of Imperial Photographs
is justly considered one of the lions of New
York, and in the Photographic reproductions
of these every centre table can now have an
additional attraction in a miniature Brady's
Among our publications are
Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis,
Hannibal Hamlin, Lady Davis,
Wm. H. Seward, Alex. 11. Stephens,
Salmon P. Chase, Robt. J. Toombs,
Simon Cameron, Howell Cobb,
Montgomery Blair, Henry A. Wise,
Edward Bates, John Tylor,
Gideon ! Wells Gen'l Beauregard,
Caleb F. Smith, Gen'l Lee,
Gen'l Scott, John B. Floyd,
C4l. Rob't Anderson, Jacob Thompson,
Major Sommer, P. F. Thomas,
Col. Elsworth, John Bell,
Gen'l Butler, Gen'l Mansfield, Col. Lander,
Col. Fremont, Stephen A. Douglas,Maj. Gen.
John A. Dix, Maj. Gen'l N. P. anks, John
C. Breckenridge, Gov. John Letcher, John C.
Calhoun, Herschel V. Johnson, L. G. Wigfall,
Ben. McCullough, Lieut. Maury, Henry Ward
Beecher, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Prof. Morse,
Horace Greely, N. P. Willis, James Gordon
Bennett, William C. Bryant, Henry Clay,
Washington Irving, Andrew Jackson, Dr. E.
K. Kane, Commodore Perry, Mrs. Sigourney,
John J. AndubonaMrs. Gen'l Gaines, Charles
Sumner, Gov. Andrew, T. 3. Crittenden, Duke
of IS ewcastle, Prince of Wales, Zachary Tay
lor, George Bancroft, Lathrop L. Motly, Sam
Houston, J. Q. Adams, Emerson Etheridge,
Andrew Johnson. Parson Brownlow, Brown
low's heroic daughter.
Together with about 500 others. to which
additions are daily made. Catalogue sent on
receipt of stamp.
Price of Portraits $3 Per Dozen. Can be
sent by mail. Remittance may be made in
postage stamps.
Also a large collection of Photographs of
distinguished Europeans, Emperors, Kings,
Queens, I,larshalls, Generals, Dukes, Lords,
Authors, Actors, Politicians and Clergy.—
Price, from 25 to 50 cents each, according to
Our establishment is also headquarters for
both as Agent of the best French manufac
turer, and as manufacturer under a patent of
our own.
We have a large assortment, varying in
price from 90 cents to $5O, and holding front
12 portraits up to 600.
Also folding cases of morrocco or cloth- for
the pocket, and hold 2,4, 6, 8 or 12 portraits.
Also various Styles of Ironing card portraits,
of carved wood, metal, paper, composition,
arc., of elegant and tasteful designs.
Our Photographers now in the field are
daily sending us
Camp Scenes of the Present War.
and views of points and thingsk 'interest, both
card size, for Albums, and Sfreoscopie form.
For instance, the ie Seventh .kegiment at
Camp Cameron—ln the trenchee- r -Cooking their
Meals-s.-The Gymnasts-- The 'ltinction—Del
monico's—Laura Keene's—General street view
of the Comp; etc. HARPER'S FFRRY before
and after the scenes of destructio4.
Together with Various other.places of Note.
Card size 25 cents each; 6teteoscopic 33
Parties who would like a lot of these camp
scenes to select from—the balance to be re
turned in good order at their own expense, and
without delay—can be accommodated on giv
ing proper New York reference.
Our establishment is the great Empori i rn
for everything in the, Stereoscopic line, and
our assortment is the most complete probably
of any in the world.
The Stereoscope in the most instructive, in
teresting, entertaining, amusing, and exciting
of modern inventions.
None are too young, none too old, none too
intelligent, none too uneducated, to acknowl
edge its worth and beauty. •
No home as complete without it, and it must
and will penetrate everywhere.
It presents to your view every part of the
world, in all the relief boldness, perspective,
and sharpness of detail, as if you were on the
We have an immense variety of Views of
Scenes in Paris, London, England, Scotland,
Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland,
Switzerland, Spain, The Rhine, Versailles,
St. Cloud, Fontainebleau, Tuilleries, Turkey,
Italy, Egypt, Athens, the Holy Land, China,
India, Crystal Palace, also Groups Historical,
Amusing, marriage scenes, breakfast scenes,
Pic-nica, statuary, etc., eti.. An exquisite
assortment of Illustrated Interiors, of Palaces,
Churches, and Cathedrals of France, Italy,
etc., etc. The effect of these illuminated
views is most remarkable.
Anthony's Instantaneous Stereoscope Views
are the latest Photographic wonder. They
are taken in the PORTrETH PART Or A SECOND,
and everything, no matter how rapidly it may
be moving, is depicted as sharply and distinct
ly as if it had been perfectly at rest. This
gives an additional value , for to the beauties
of inanimate nature it adds the , charm of life
and motion. The process is a discovery of
our own, and being unknown in Europe, we
received from London and Paris large orders
for Anthony's Instantaneous Views of Ameri
can life and scenery.
Our Catalogue of subjects and prices will be
forwarded to any address on receipt of a
Parties at a distance sendingus $3, $5, $lO,
$l5, $2O, or $25, can have a good instrument
and such pictures as they may request, sent
by Express.
Views alone (without instrument) can be
sent by mail. E. ANTHOiNd Y,
(3 doors south of St. Nicholas , Hotel,)
Importers and Manufacturer of Photographic
Mate rial s, Stereoscopes and. Stereoscopic
Merchants from every section of the
country are respectfully invited to make an
exatutnation of our stock.
To Photographers. Our Bulletin of Photo
graphic Invention and Improvement will be
bent to any address on application.
[Cut this out for future reference.]
July 13-&no].
lIRTME G R 0•C ERIE B:—Rio, Java and
Laguira Coffee; Crushed, Pulverized and
Brown Sugar; Superior. Green and Black Tea;
Cheese and Spices; Syrup and prime ba
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley at
52 ANDERSON'S! Attention Butchers
and Houskeepers. Having a great demand for
our famed SPICES, I have concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant supply of Ground Pep
per. Ground Corriander, and Sweet Marjoram.
Tv ALL PAPERS.—We have Just received
VV .
another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purchase's can
rely upon the newest styles, which will be
sold unusually low at T. E. Diffenbach's.
0 BARRELS Ildpineogahela Whisky jus
,(,dit./ received, whieff will be sold at the low
est rnatket rates by the barrel or gallon at the
Enterprise Wine ik Liquor Store.
A. D. REESE, Naiad Joy.
) LOCKS--Good Time
• Keepers, for One Dollar.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry carefully re
p ired and charges moderate,, at WOLFE'S.
perior to .any now in use, can be had at the
C ap Store of Diffenbarlt.
I just received and will be sold below the
old orices, by J. R. DIFFENBACH.
BRANDlES—allbrande—guarranted to be
genuine. Benjamin 4- Co,
Nervous Disorders.
What is more fearful than the breaking
down of the nervous system? To be excitea-
Me or nervous in a small degree is most dis
tressing, for where ran a remedy he found't
'i'liere is one:—drink but little wine, beer, or
spirits, or far better, none ; take no coffee,—
weak tea being preferable; get all the fresh
air you can ; take tree or four Pills every night;
eat plenty of solids, avoiding the use of slops ;
and if these goldon rules are followed, you
will he happy in mind and strong in body, and
forget you have any nerves.
.11Iothers and Daughters.
if there is one thing more than another for
wl.ich these Pills are so famous it is their puri
fying properties, especialty their power of
cleansing the blood from all impurities, and
removing dangerous and suspended secretions.
Universally adopted as the one grand remedy
for female complaints, they never fail, never
weaken the system, and always bring about
what is required.
Sick Headaches and want of Appetite.
These feelings which so sadden us, most fr-e
quently arise from annoyances or trouble, from
obstructed perspiration, or from eating and
drinking what is unfit for us, thus disordering
the liver and stomach. These (irons must be
regulated if you wish to be well. The Pills, if
taken according to the printed instruc.icns,
will quickly restore a healthy action to loth
liver and stomach, whence follow as a nattral
consequence, a good appetite and a clear head.
In the East and West Indies scarcely any other
medicine is ever used for these disorders.
Disorders of the Kidneys.
In all diseases affecting these organs, when
er they secrete too much or too little water ;
or whether they be afflicted with stone or gravel
or with aches and pains settled in the loins
over the regions of the kidneys, these Pills
should be taken according to the printed direc
tions, and the Ointment should be well rubbed
into the small of the back at bed time. This
treatment will give almost immediate rebel
when all other means have failed.
Stomachs out of order.
7No medicine will so effectually improve the
tone of-the stomach as these Pills • they remove
all acidity, occasioned either by intemperance
or improper diet. They reach the liver
and reduce it to a healthy action ; they are
wonderfully efficacious in case of spasm,—in
fact they never fail in curing all disorders of
the liver and Stomach.
Holloway's Pills arethebestremedyknown
in the world for the following diseases.
Ague, Dropsy, . Inflammation,
Asthma. Dysentery, Jaundice,
Bilious Complaints, Erysipelas, Liver Corn-
Blotches on the Female Ir- plaints,
Skin, regularities,Lumbago,
Bowel Complaints, Fevers of al Piles,
Colics, kinds, Rheumatism ,
Constipation of the Fits, Retention of
Bowels, Gout, Urine,
Consumption, Head-ache, Scrofula, or
Debility, Indigestion, Ring's Evil,
Stone and Gravel, Tumours, ' Sore Throats,
Secondary Symp- Ulcers, Venereal A'.-
toms, Worms of all fections,
Tic-Douloureux, kinds, Weakness,&c.
CAUTION:—None are genuine unless the
words -4 11oLLownx, NEw YORK AND LON
DON," are discernible as a Water-mark in every
leaf of the book - of directions around each pot
or box; the same may be plainly seen by hold
ing the leaf to the light. A handsome reward
will be given to any one rendering such infor
mation as may lead to the detection of any
party or parties counterfeitin tithe medicines or
vending the same ; knowing them to be spu
Sold at the Manufactory of Professor HOL
LOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and by
all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medi
cine, throughout the civilized world, in boxes
at 25 cents, 62 cents and $1 each.
ll:There is considerable saving by taking
the huger sizes.
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients
n every disorder are affixed to each box.
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Sares and Ulcers
.411 description of sores are remediable by the
proper and diligent use of this inestimable
preparation. To attempt to cure bad legs by
plastering the edges of the wound together is a
folly ; for should the skin unite, a boggy dis
eased condition remains underneath to break
out with tenfold fury in a few days. The only
rational and successful treatment, as indicated
by nature, is to reduce the inflammation in and
about the wound and to soothe the neighboring
parts by rubbing in plenty of the Ointment as
salt is forced into meat.
J)iptheria, Ulcerated Sore Throat, and
Scarlet and other Fevers
• .
- -
Any of the above diseases may be cured by
well rubbing the Ointment three times a day
into the chest, throat and neck of the patient;
it will soon penetrate, and give immediate re
lief. Medicine taken by the mouth must oper
ate upon the whole system ere its influence can
be felt in any local part, whereas the Oint
ment will do its work at once. Whoever tries
the unguelit in the above manner for the dis
eases named, or any similar disorders affecting
the chest and throat, will find themselves re
lieved as by a charm.
Piles, Fistulas, Strictures
The above class of complaints will be remove
by nightly fomenting the parts with warm
water, and then by most effectually rubbing in
the Ointment. Persons suffering from these
direful complaints should lose not a moment in
arresting their frogress It should be under
stood that it is not sufficient merely to smear
the Ointment on the affected parts, but it must
be well rubbed in for some considerable time
two of three times a day, that it maybe taken
into the system, whence it will remove any
hidden sore or wound as effectually as though
palpable to the eye. There again bread and
water poultices, after the rubbing in of the
Ointment, will do great service. This is the
only sure treatment for female cases of cancer
in the stomach, or where there may be a gen
eral bearing down.
Indiscretions of Youth; Sores and Ulcers.
Blotches, as also swellings, can, with cer
tainty, be radically cured ii the Ointment be
used freely, and the Pills be taken night and
morning as recommended in the printed in
structions. When treated in any othor way
they only dry up in one place to break out in
another; whereas this Ointment will remove
the humour from the system, and leave the pa
tient a vigorous and healthy being. It will
require time with the use of the Pills to ensure
a lasting cure.
Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis and Stiff
Although the above complaints differ widely
iu their origin and nature, yet they all require
local treatment. Many of the worst cases, of
such diseases, will yield in a comparatively
short space' of time when this Ointment is dili
gently rubbed into the parts affected, even after
every other means have failed. In all serious
maladies the Pills should be taken according
to the printed directions accompanying each
Both the Ointment and Pills should be used
in the following cases :
Bad Legs, Chiego-foot, Fistulas,
Bad Breasts, Chilblains, Gout,
Burns, Chapped Hands,Glandular
Bunions, Corns (Soft) Swellings,
Bite of Mos- Cancers, Lumbago,
chetoes and Contracted and Piles.
Sand-Flies, Stiff Joints, Rheumatism
Coco bay, Elephantiasis, Scalds,
Skin Diseases, Scurvy, Sore Nipples,
Tumors, Ulcers, Sore- tb roates,
Wounds, Yaws, Sore-heads.
CA UTION !—None are genuine unless the
DON," are discernable as a Water -mar/. in
every leaf of the book of directions, around
each pot or box ; the same may be plainly
seen by holding the !eaf to the light. A hand
some reward will be given to any one rendering
such information as may lead to the detection
of any party or parties counterfeiting the med
icines or vending the same, knowing them to
be spurious.
Sold at the Manufactory of Professor HOL
LOWAY, SO Maiden Lane, New York and by
all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medi
cine throughout the civilized world, in pots, at
25e., 62c. and $1 each.
iCrThere is a considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes.
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of pa
tients, in every disorder, are affixed to each box.
To 11)e, ?cope, of fha Nte6 51af
TN the month of December, 1355, the under
signed." for the first time offered for sale to
the public Dr. J. Bovee Dods Imperial Wine
Bitters, awl in this short period they have given
such universal satisfaction to the many thou
sands of persons who have tried them that it is
now an established article. The amount of
bodily and mental misery arising simply from
a neglect of small complaints is surprising, and
t is therefore of the utmost importance that a
strict attention to the least and most trifling
bodily ailment should be had; for diseases of
the body must invariably affect the mind.
The subscribers now only ask a trial of
Dr. J. Donee Dods' linverial Wine Bitters!
From all who have not used them. We chal
lenge the world to produce their equal.
These Bitters for the cure of Weak Stomachs,
General Debility, and for Purifying and Em
riching the Blood, are absolutely unsurpassed
by any other remedy on earth. To be assured
of this, it is only necessary to make the trial.
The Wine itself is of a very superior quality,
being about one-third stronger the other wines;
warming and invigorating the whole system
from the head to the feet. As these bitters are
tonic and alterative in their character, so they
strengthen and invigorate the whole system
and give a fine tone and healthy action to all
its parts, by equalizing the circulation, re
moving obstructions, and producing a general
warmth. They are also excellent for Diseases
and Weakness peculair to Females, where a
tonic is required to strengt hen and brace the sys
tem. No lady, who is subject to lassitude and
faintness, should be without them, as they are
revivifying in their action.
These Bitters will not only cure, but prevent
disease, and in this respect are doubly valua
ble to the person who may use them.
For incipient Consumption,
Weak Lungs, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Diseases
of the Nervous System, Paralysis, Piles,
For Sore Throat, so common among the
Clergy, they are truly valuable.
For the aged and infirm, and for persons of
a weak constitution—for Ministers of the Gos
pel, Lawyers, and all public speakers—for
Book-Keepers, Tailors, Seamstresses,Students,
Artists, and all persons leading a sedentary
life, they will prove truly beneficial.
As a Beverage, they ale wholesome, inno
cent, and delicious to the taste. They produce
all the exhilarating effects of Brandy or Wine,
without intoxicating ; and are a valuable rem
edy for persons addicted to the use of exces
sive strong drink, and who wish to refrain
from it. They are pure and entirely free from
the poisons contained in the adulterated Wines
and Liquors with which the country Is flooded.
These Bitters not only cure, but prevent Dis
ease, and should be used by all who live in a
country where the water Is bad, or where
Chills and Fevers are prevalent. Being en
tirely innocent and harmless they may be giv
en freely to Children and Infants with im
Physicians, Clergymen, and temperance ad
vocates, as an act of humanity, should assist
in spreading these truly valuable Bitters over
the land, and thereby essentially aid in ban
ishing Drunkenness and Disease.
In all affections of the Head, Sick Headache, or
Nervous Headache, Dr. Dods' Imperial Wine
Bitters will be found to be most salutary and
The many certificates which have been ten
dered us, and the letters which we are daily
receiving, are conclusive proof that among the
women these Bitters have given a satisfaction
which no others have ever done before. No
woman in the land should be without them,
and those who once use them will not fail to
keep a supply.
Dr. J. Bauee Dods' Imperial Wine Bitters
Are prepared by an eminent and skillful
physician who has used them successfully in
his practice for the last twenty-five years. The
proprietor, before purchasing the exclusive
right to manufacture and sell Dr_ J. Boyce
Dod's Celebrated Imperial Wine Bitters; had
them tested by two distinguished medical
practitioners, who pronounced them a valuable
remedy for disease.
Although the medical men of the country,
as a general thing, disapprove of Patent Med
icines, yet we do not believe that a respectable
Physician can be found in the United States,
acquainted with their medical properties, who
will not highly approve Dr. .T. Boyce Dods
Imperial Wine Bitten.
In all newly settled places, where there is
always a large quantity of decaying timber
from which a poisonous miasma is created,
these bitters should be used every morning be
fore breakfast.
Dr. J. Boyce Dods' Imperial Wine Bitters
Are composed of a pure and unadulterated
Wine, combined with Barberry, Solomon's
Seal, Comfiey, Wild Cherry Tree Bark, Spike
nard, Chamomile Flowers, and Gentian.—
They are manufactured by Dr. Dods himself,
who is an experienced and successful Physi
cian, and hence should not be classed among
the quack nostrum which flood the country,
and against which the medical profession are
so justly prejudiced.
These truly valuable Bitters have been so
thorougly tested by all classes of the communi
ty for almost every variety of disease incident
to the human system, that chat they are now
deemed indispensable as a
Tonic, Medicine and a Beverage.—PuncllasE
Purify the Blood '—Give tone to the
Stomach I—Renovate the system
and Prolong Life.
No. 78 William-st., New - York.
it:For sale by druggists an grocers goner
elly throughout the country.
Trunk 'Manufactory,
Between Spangler §• Patterson's Store.
and TVolfe's Notion House,
Market Street.
- - -
WO UL D most respectfully inform the
public that he continues the above bus , -
ness in all its branches. Anything not on
hand will be manufactured at short notice and
warranted to give satisfaction in workmanship
and price. lie will always endeavor to keep
on hand an assortment of
Wagon, Carriage and Riding Whips, Fly-nets
Horse Cove's, Collars, Trunks, Valieces,
Carpet Bags and in fact everything in his line
of business, all of which will be of the best
material and workmanship, and at prices in
keeping with the times. Come and see. .
Marietta, August 25, 1860. rju 11'56
rOR RENT. A dwelling house in Gay-st
and A BASEMENT ROOM, between the
White Swan and the Perry House, Front-st.,
Marietta, admirably adopted for a restaurant or
a barber shop, for rent. Apply to
Syrup, for children and adults has just
been put up at my store, which should be in
every family this cold weather: DR. LAiIDIS.
I,3UGGY and Sleigh BLANKETS of various
styles and at much lower prices thanthe
same sold last fall. .Spangler & Patterson.
ATADEIIIA WlNES r full bodied and fruity,
j_u_ at the "Enterprise Store."
A. D. REESE, Mount Joy.
92 Market Street, Marietta, Pa. 111
DRIED FRUIT now selling• cheap at
SUPERIOR COAL OIL-25 cents a plait
at Dr. Grove's Drug Store.
Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs Colds
All 'who are suffering from Consumption
should use the NA KORA ARA DICA, discovered
by a missionary in Arabia.
All those who are threatened with Consump
tion should use the Atakora .4m'abiru, discover
ed by a missionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering from Bronchitis should
use the Makora Arabica, discovered by a mis
sionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering from Sore Thro at
Coughs ; and Colds, should use the Makora
Arabica, discovered by a missionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering from Asthma, Scrofu
la and impurities of the blood should use the
Makora Arabica, discovered by a missionary
in Arabia.
It cures Consumption,
It cures Bionchitis,
It cures Sore Throat, Coughs and Colds.
It cures Asthma, Scrofula and impurities of
the Blood.
This unequalled remedy is now for the first
time introduced to the pupae.
It was providentially dtscovered by a mis
sionary while traveling in Arabia. He was
cured of Consumption by its use after his case
was pronounced hopeless by learned physicialis
in Europe.
He has forwarded to us in writing, a full ac
count of his own extraordinary cure, and of a
number of other cures which have come under
his observation and also a full account of the
At his request, and impelled by a desire to
extend a knowledge of this remedy to the pub
lic, we have had his communication printed in
pamphlet form for tree distribution. Its inter
est is enhanced by an account which he gives
of some of the scenes of the Syrian massacres,
which he obtained from those who suffered in
that awful tragedy.
This pamphlet may be obtained at our office,
or it will be sent free by mail to all who apply
for it. We import the Mokora Arabica direct
from Smyrna through the house of Cleou and
Gylippus, and we have always on hand a full
supply put up in bottles ready for use with full
directions. Price One Dollar per bottle.
Sent by mail on receipt of price, and 24 cents
for postage. For sale wholesale or retail, by
Importers of Drugs and Medicines,
March 30.3 GI Liberty-st., N. Y.
NO. 1. THE GREAT REVlVER.—Speedily
eradicates all the evil elects of self aLuse,
as loss of memory, shortness of breath, giddi
ness, palpitation of the heart, dimness of vis
ion, or any constitutional derangement of the
system brought on by the unrestrained indul
gence of the passions. Acts alike on either sex.
Price one dollar.
No. 2. Tun 13arot.—Will cure in from two
to eight days, any case of Gonorrhoea,(clap)is
without taste or smell and requires no restric
tion of action or diet; for either sex ; price *l.
NO. 3. Tun TEREIS will cure Gleet in the
shortest possible time, and I can show certifi
cates of cures effected by this remedy, wher
all others have failed. No taste or smell.—
Price one dollar.
NO. 4. THE PUICITER is the only known
remedy that will positively cure strictures of
the urethra, no matter of how long standing or
neglected the case may be. Price one dollar.
NO. 5. THE SOLUTOK will cure any case
of Gravel permanently and speedily remove
all diseases from the bladder and kidneys.—
Price one dollar. •
No. 6. 'rign PREVENTOR is a sure preven
tion against the contraction of any disease, is
less expensive and far preferable to anything
in use. Adapted to either sex. Price
NO 7. THE AMARIE% will cure the whites
radically and in less time than they can be ef
fectually removed by any other treatment; in
fact this is the only remedy that will really
cure this disease; pleasant to take. Price SI.
tain, safe and speedy in producing menstrua
tion or correcting any irre.Oarities of the
monthly periods. Price two dollars.
spring Regulator will last a lifetime. Price $5.
Either of the Remedies will be sent free by
mail on receipt of the price annexed. Circu
lars containing valuable information with full
description of each Remedy, may be obtained
by enclosing one post stamp. Address
Philadelphia, Pa.
These Remedies are sold in Marietta only by
JOHN JAY LIBHART, where circulars con
Mining a full description of each case can be
obtained gratis, on application.
General Depot, North East Corner of York
Avenue and Callovrhill street,PbiLsdelphia, Pa.
111 - ' In complicated cases I can be consulted
by letter, or peisonally at nay office ; entrance,
No. 401 York Avenue. Da. F. Ilausioa.
August 27, 1859.-hc
Saw BIM and Lumber Yard,
ONSTANTLY on hand a full assortmen
jof all kinds of Seasoned Lumber, which he
otters at reasonable pnces.
Boards, Plank, Joist, Scantling,
Rafters, Laths, Shingles,
Pails, tc., 3 c,, tc.
All orders attended to withdispateh.
Marietta, April l ltf. ,1854.-
Marietta, Lancaster Co., Pa.
'THOMAS C. CHILD, Acr., has constantly
on band, or Manufactured to order, all
kinds of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, Shutters,
h - c. All orders addressed to MEMAYEEY 7
Hourz & CO, for any of the above articles, of
for Bill Stuff, Timber Girders, Lath, Pickets,
Pales, Shingling Lath, Floor Boards, Weather
Boarding, White Pine Shingles, or Lumber will
elways meet with prom pt attention, and be sup
plied on as favorable terms as from any other
astablishment in the country.
Formerly Keesey's
The undersigned having leased the above
named old established Ferry and Hotel, in
Hellam Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta, where he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table with
the best the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained
First Class Ferry Boats,
and e.fficient ferrymen, and is now fully prepa
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
without delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
Commission Lumber Merchant,
West Falls Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
RESPECTFULLY offers his services for the
sale of Lunzß a. a of every description
From his knowledge of the business he feel
confident of being able to obtain the highest
market rates for everything entrusted to him.
T have made a discovery of the utmost im
lportance to every married person of either
sex, and will send the full particulars concern
ing it to any one on receipt of a stamp to pay
return postage, Address
7-39-iswly.] Alfred, Maine.
undersigned has received another lot of
Muhl and Coal Oil Lamps, and Lamp Shades
of every variety and price. Call and see them
at Dr. Hinkle's Drug. Store.
OLD BOURBON WHISKY in qt. bottles,
something very fine, in store and for sale
At the ( "Enterprise Sim," Mount Toy.
A liberal discount off for cash
Great Discovery
An Aperient and Stomachic limp:in:lion el
e ro n purified of Oxer , ifin and Carbon by
I ;110,11,11cm in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the
IligheA Medical Authorities, both in tiorepe
and the United States, and prescribed in thud
The experience of thousands daily proves
that no preparation of Iron can be coMpare . l
with it. Impurities of the blood, tlepresein
of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly
complexions, indicate its necessity in almost
every conceivable case.
Immaions is all maladies in which it has
been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in
each of the following complaints, viz
In Debility, Nervous ,•111 eetions, Emaciation,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dysente
ry, Incipient Consumption, Scrofulous Tuhur
ctuosis, Salt Rheum, Mismenstruation, Chic
rosis, Whites,Liver Complaints, Chronic Head
aches, Rheumatism, Intermittent Fevers, Pine-
pies on the face, 4-c.
In cases of General Debility, whether the re
sult of acute disease, or of the continued dim
inution of nervous and muscular energy from
chronic complaints, one trial of this restorative
has proved successful to an extent which no
description nor written attestation would rend
er credible. Invalids so long bed-ridden as to
have become forgotten in their own neighbor
hoods, have suddenly re-appeared in the busy
world as if just returned from protracted travel
in a distant land. Some very signal instances
of this kind are attested of female Sufferers,
emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sane
guineous exhaustion, crittical changes, and
that complication of nervous and dyspepti
aversion to air and exercise for which the phy
sician has no name.
In Nervous Affections - of all kinds, and for
reasons familiar to medical men, the operation
of this preparation of iron must necessarily be
salutary, tor, unlike the old oxides, it is vigo
rously tonic, without being exciting and over
heating ; and gently, regularly aperient, even
in the most obstinate cases of costiveness with
out ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting
a disagreeable sensation.
It is this latter property, among others,
which makes it so remarkably effectual and
permanent a remedy for Piles, upon which it
also appears to exert a distinct and specific
action, by dispersing the local tendency which
forms them.
la Dl spepsia, innumerable as are its causes,
a single box of these Cbalybeate Pills has often
sufficed far the most habitual cases, including
the attendent Costiveness.
In unchecked Diarrhea, even when ad
vanced to Dysentery, confirmed, emaciating,
and apparently malignant, the effects have
been equally decisive and astonishing.
In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength,
debilitating cough, and remitters,hectic, which
generally indicate Incipient Coautption, this
remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and
physicians, in several very gratifying and in
teresting instances.
In Scrofulous 'Tuberculosis, this medicated
iron has had far more than the good effect of
the most cautiously balanced preparations of
iodine, without any of their well known lia
The attention of females cannot be tno con
&len tly invited to this rt.-rood"- and restotuti
in the cases peculiarly affecting them_
Inßheumatism, both chronic and inflamma
tory—in the latter, however, more decidedly—
it has been invariably well reported, both as
alleviating pain and reducing the swellings
and stillness of the joints and muscles.
In Intermittent Fevers it mutt necessarily be
a great remedy and energetic retnorative j and
its progress in the new settlements of the Wildest,
will probably be one of high renown and nee
No remedy bas ever been discovered in the
whole history of medicine, which exerts such
prompt, happy, and fully restorative effects.—
Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acqui
sition of strength, with an unusual disposition
for active and cheerful exercise, immediately
follow its use.
Put up in neat Sat metal boxes containing
50 pills, price 50 cents per box; for sale by
druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to
any address on receipt of the price. All let
ters, orders, etc., should be addressed to
K. B. LUCKS & CO., General Agents,
20 Cedar-st., ii. Y"
Prof Miller's hair Invigorator
An Effective, Safe and Economical Compound.
For restoring Gray Hair to its original color
without dyeing, and preventing the hair from
For Preventing Baldness, and curing it, when
there is the least particle of vitality or recuper
ative energy remaining.
For Removing- Scurf and Dandruff; and all
cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
For Beautifying Me Hair, imparting to itan
unequalled gloss and brillaney, making it raft
and silky in its texture and causing it to curl
The great celebrity and the increasing de
mand for this unequalled preparation, convince
the proprietor that one trial is only necessary
to satisfy a discerning public of its superior
qualities over another preparation at present in
use. It cleanses the head and scalp from dand
ruff and other cutaneous diseases. Causes the
hair to grow luxuriantly, and gives it a rich,
soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and also
where the hair is loosening and thinning, it will
give strength and vigor to the roots, and rector~
the growth to those parts which have become
bald. causing it to yield a fresh covering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen
in New York . who have had their hair restored
by the use of this Invigorator, when all other
preparations had failed. L. M. has in kis poi
session letters innumerable testifyir , to the
above facts, from persons of the highesfrespee
tibility. It will effectually prevent the bait
from turning gray until the latest period of life -
and in cases where the hair has al ready cha itgod
its color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original fine, giving its
dark, glossy anpearance. As a perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is particularly rec
ommended, having an agreeable. fragrance;
and the great facilities it affords in dressing
the hair, which, when moist with the Invigo
rator can be dressed in any requiredlerm soma
to preserve its place. wheth-r plain or in curia
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as a standard toilet article which none ou t law
be without, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being
per bottle, to be had at all respectable druggists
and perfumers.
L. Miller would call the attention of Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the childrene Hair inclines to be
weak. The use of it lays the foundation fora
good head of hair, as it removes any impurities
that ma} have become connected with the
scalp, the removal of which is necessary both
for the health of the child, and the future ap
pearance of its Hair.
CATITION.—None genuine without the fac
simile Lours MILLER being on the outerwrap
N. Y. blown in the glass.
Whslesale Depot,s6 Dey St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
ourthe world.
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
I also desire to present to the American
Public my
New If Improved Instantanieus B air Dye
which after years of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection. It dyes Black or
Brown instantly without injury to the Hair or
Skin, warranted the best arttcle of the kind irk
existence. ,
Depot, 56 Dey Street, New York.
Opposite the Cross Keys Hotel,
rITHE undersigned would rospectfully inform
I the public :that he still continues, at the
old stand, corner of Second and Walnut streets,
directly opposite the Cross Keys Hotel, to keep
on hand and for sale, all kinds of cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from $6, $7 $2O to
SSO per thousand. TOBACCO.—Natural Leaf,
Excelsior Cavendish, Oranoko Virginia , Con
gress Fine Spun Ladies Twist, Cootie Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel of Ophir tobacco, An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of fine Ci
gars manufactured of imported stock: ' SIXES
HALF SPANISH. Rappee Snuff and all kinds
Fancy P Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs,
Fine-cutipes, Cigar Tubes, 4T. jan. 3025 S
, 5 7 - k- zi . IRON AND BRASS
I.' () N I )
i'ol (7( /7, rat ,tr: •
.1;(101 1. COlinbia, Pa.
They :,re prepaTe , i to make all kinds of Iron
Castings for Rollin! , Mills and Blast FurnaeN , ,
l'ipes, for Steam, Water and Gas ;lumni,
Fronts, Cellar Doors. Weidtts, &c., for Buil
dings, and castings of every description ;
Manner; Pumps. Brick Presses. Shafting and
Pulleys, Mill Gearing, Taps, Dies, !Machinery
for Mining and Tanning : Brass Bearings,
Steam it Blast Gauges, Lubricators, Oil Cocks,
Valves for Steam, Gas, and Water; Brass Fit
tings in all their variety; Boilers, Tanks, Flues,
Heaters, Stacks, Bolts, Nuts, Vault Doors,
Washers, &c.
From long experience in building machinery we
flatter ourselves that we can give geieral satis
faction to those why may favor us with their
orders. IC,Repairing promptly attended to.
Orders by mail addressed as above, will meet
with prompt attention. Prices to snit the times.
Columbia, October 20, 1860. 14-tf
MAKES this method of Informing his old
friends and the public generally, that he
has re-taken his old stand (recently occupied
by George L. Mackley,) and is now perma
nently fixed to prosecute
Having just returned from the city where he
selected a large,•varird and fashionable assort
ment of everything in the
and now only asks an examination of his
stock and prices, before purchasing elsewhere.
Having also laid in a Mock of Hattmg materi
al, he will be enabled, at short notice, to man
ufacture all qualities—from the common Soft,
to the most Fashionable Silk Kat.
Employing none but the best of workmen,
and manufacturing good goods at low prices,
he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of
public patronage. lam" The highest price paid
for Furs.—in trade or cash.
Marietta, March 9, 1861.
Myer's World's Fair Prize Medal
Attentionis called to The recent improve
ments, in which the greatest possible
has been obtained, without sacrificing any of
the well known sweetness and brilliancy of
these Instruments. This, with an improved
touch and action, renders the Pianos unequal
ed._ The annelid mailed or metallic wiery
t one is entirely avoided. All Instruments
warranted to stand all climates.
Wareronms, 722 ARCH street, Put-LAPEL
MIA, Pa.
PIANOS and MELODEONS for sale and
to Tent.
Reparing, in all its branches ; carefully at
tended to.
[Seat. 1,3 mo.
biossovetits, iambs, IWO &t.
MICI3AEL GABLE, Marble Mason,
Opposite the Town Hail Park,
illarietta, Pa..
MITE Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town Ball and opposite Riuk's Cross Key 4
Tavern, where every description of inarble .
work will be kept on hand or made to order sat
abort notice and at very reasonable prices..
Marietta, June `9,1861. 49-ly
Boot and Shoe Ifanvfacturer,
Would most respectfully inform the citizens
of this Borough and neighborhood that he has
the largest assortment of City made work in
his lino of business in this Borough, and be
ings practical BOOT AND SUOE MAKER
hinaself,is enablea to select with more icdgraelit
than those who are not. Be continues to man
ufadure in the very best mariner everything
in the BOOT AND SHOE LINE, which he
ivii/ warrant for neatness and rood St.
...43 - Call and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
gat: W. IVOR...RA Li,
tin; remora to the Roe= formerly oetupiect
by Dr. Sweetzei, , 111 joining Spungkr Ar Pat
terson's Store, Market Street, where he as now
prepared to wait on all who .may feel
" 4- disposed-to patronize him.
Dentistry in all as branches car
ried on. TEETH inserted on the most approved
principles of Dental science. All operations
on the month performed ic a skillful ant
workmanlike manner—on fair principles and
OH TERM 1t.F.9.5021A8LE TERM&
Ilwritu,r determined upon a permanent low.-
tion at this piece, would ask a continuation
of the liberal patronage heretofore extendeit
to him, for which he will render every possi
ble sansfaelien.
Ether admin is tered to properpersons
Baying just Returned from the city with
a nicely selected lot of Reedy-made Clothing,
which the undersigned is prepared to furnish al
reduced prices; haviragloid in a general assort
ment of men and boss' clothing, which be is
determined to sell tow, FOR CASH. His stock
consists of Oven-Co/Lys, Degas, Pacers AND ,
GLOVES, Saseerroxas, &c. Ever7thing in the
Furnishing Goods line. Call and examine be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Everything sold at ,
prices to suit the times., JOHN BELL.
torner of Elbow Lane and Market Si.
next door to CassePs Store.
Marietta, October 29,1856.
This , Company is authorized by its charter
to insure in the county, or in boroughs,against
loss or damage by fire, on the mutual plan, for
any length of time, limited or perpetual, either
for a cash premium, or a premium note.
Those who inmate for a plotnittm note vviti l
be insured for five years, and subject to assesi-:
vnents in case of losses..
Those who insure for a cash premium will,
be insured for any term not exceeding 5 yeirs;
and not subject to any assessments. One per
centum premium will be chimed on farm
perty for the term of five years.
Farm property will be insured for the term
of ten rears, for a deposit of three pet cent. tof
the amount masted, the whole amount of the
premium note to be returned at the expiration
of the policy, without inteftt, or the policy
will be renewed for ten yeassosithout any et
peuse, at the option of the insurer.
C. S. KAUFFMAN,' PaiarnErrr.
GEORGE YOUNG, JR, Setretary. ' •
MICHAEL H. Mount, Vice President*
Wys.rr W. MILLER,
Columbia, Lancaster county, Pa.
J. S. BOATEL, AGENT, May - town.
March 30, 1860 y
Paper Neck Ties, beautiful, 141i0n019
and cheap, at Diffenbach's.