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A TTA C.\ n 11 ,- I•Ls : The 1 - (llo)..viry , is
A s.g time I IbiS Ce, I'D) and
T.:AsT 2
Ma. Accranumdati , ffi, at 7.20 a. m.
arrisbug4 Accommodation, 2.16 p. m.
Mail TNtiitt, 6.21 p. m.
IVIE)ii Train,
liarrisbutt 'Accom mod a tio n ,
gaton on Saturday last, resulted
wedas by all who were aware that
for sOteral Weeks previous, voters were
being secured by certain pot house poli
ticians through the persuasive power of
lager beer. Every devise that could be
thought of was used to prejudice the
minds or the unthinking portion of the
community against Mr. Grosh. His Ur
telligence and honesty could not be
successfully assailed, as those traits of
, character would have only become more
I `l
. illiant by contcusi. hence his politi
kprinciples were contorted into great
', ts, whilst there is not at honest
• , nion. twin y man in the community. who
. .does pot fully endorse his views on the
great.questions of the day. the defeat
4his delegates was caused by the poll
, ins of illegal votes—those of boys and
*ourresidents. An omnibus was run by
54 , --
tifkopponent with a demijohn of liquor
itt,it, and the chance of getting as much
,strychnine whiskey as they could goggle
down on the way to the polls, aided
. iiitterially in securing a large vote. It
is a shameful fact that our primary elec
lions can be carried by such demorali
i-zing inflhences ; young men are thus
-started on the highway to vice and crime,
-and by the early abuse of that greatest
.of Freemen's privileges—the elective
franchise—soon learn to disrespect all
law, and from the position of the inde
pendent voter,-soon sink to the degreda
lion of the besotted menial. If, howev
er the determined rally of the great body
-of our best citizens in opposition to this
demonstration of rowdy and blackguard-
ism failed to be attended with the success
it merited, the Convention at Lancaster
_gave it a marked . rebuke, by summarily
-rejecting the aspirant for legislative
honors, not even the boasted `•live hun
drod dollars to spend for a seat'in the
ligislature7 availed, although it may
have - done akueb tAsecuics the delegates.
a characteristic of qualification, we
y refer :to the, assault made upon
. our, oldest citizens,-Capt. Samuel
t itler who was attacked.atniOit on
way home Prom• the pens, and thrust
of the side walk and shamefully
abased by .this same celnclidate. Had
the old Captain been armed, there pro
bably would have been one candidate
loss before the Convention on WedneF
41ey last., Harry McCulley wasTassing
the time and protected tile Captain
from further abuse.
tes'A letter in the Lancaster Express,
from our former townsman, Captain
ILvlnvox, we extract the following: If
"Cotton is King," there is some proba
bility that it may, in future, extend its
kingdom, rt least as far north as Penn
sylvania, where it may be free from the
everlas.,ing negro contingency. Allow
nor t make an extract from a letter
which 1 to-day received from Dr. J. C.
Reinhardt, of Sorocabo, Province ofSt.
Paul, in Brazil, S. A., than whom I de
sire no better authority in its Botany
and vegetable productions generally.—
The Doctor says, under date of July sth,
1801, "I send to-day to your brother-in
law, Joseph Windolph, of Marietta, two
kinds, of cotton, that I am certain can
he cultivated in the State of Pennsyl
vania, and I think will be of great advan
tage: One is Nankin or yellow cotton,
and the other is white. The frosts, un
til the 20th of Octobe, 1 think will not
hurt it."
Dr. Reinhardt is a Mariettian=he
was the Brat to teach us the use of
the "Comly Spelling Book"--hut has
been a resident of Brazil for the past
ten or twelve years. No man in all pro
bability, knows tl:e flora, and climate of
l'enasylvania, better than he.
Sohn Jacob Kellar formerly of
Warwicl,Waship, this county, and at
one tinteMlector.of tolls at Lancaster,
but who several years since removed to
Virginia, was pressed into the rebel
service in that State, and was present
at the battle of Bull's Run. A short
time ago he managed to. escape and tr
rived in Lancaster. on Friday of lust
ek. , 13,e gives a terrible account . of
Bull Run affair, and says, that the
is must have lost six thousand mon,
ki what he heard in the rebel camp,
persuaded that had the Federal
maintained their position, Beau
is army would have retreated, as,
; standing their , reinforcervnts,
s was so severe that retreat was
to necessity. Mr. Keller leaves
Le property in . Virginia, which
the rebels will confiscate to
.. v .i4
... ... - . ,
3 Hoo and William AL
nave been appoint
il . i.S.,Arm.y. Rock
oP • mile of :the Flx•ani
4 , has been made a
, ;Asniy.
11 i NTS TO P
;IA the, privilege of communicating, to
piirentis a few thoughts in view of the
opening or the Public Schools of this
Borough, which takes place on Monday
nest, the Ilith
It is to be regretted that parents can
not see the great advantage of having
their children present on the rery first
day of the school. Much is dependent
upon the organization of the school,
upon that day—We have no faith in the
old addage, " a good I , llinning makes a
bad end," but would rather believe in the
truth of the assertion, a good beginning
makes a good end. Every one who has
had any experience in teaching well
knows, that the organization of the
school must be incomplete, so long as
he or she receives new "RECRUITS, " if
the Teacher has formed his classes prop
erly for the first week, the second by
ten or twenty new comers—they will be
entirely disarranged, almost compelling
him to start anew. Thus he must either
delay the progress of some, or pass the
other by imperfectly taught in the ele
merits passed over, hence parents should
know and feel too, that every hour any
scholar delays attending during the
school session, is not only so much time
Lost and worse than lost to him, but that
lie actually inflicts a wound upon the
school, this is seldom looked at by parents,
they seem to think that the first day
not much will be clone, while it is a no
torious fact that there is no other day,
in which the 'Teacher will do as much
work, during his term of teaching.
What would you think,of a communi
ty that had passed ti law allowing no one
to wash or scrub, until every other one
was willing and ready to Commence, and
that if some few had in pleasant weather,
done a part g their work, that they
because their lazy neighbors were not
ready must unu;ash and unscrub, that
which their industry secured ? Yet this
is but too apt a type of many of our
schools, disturbed and distressed by a
fresh arrival every few weeks. The
sooner parents see this evil in its true
light the better for their children and
the schools. Again, would it not be
well, for parents, nay ! is it not their
duty to frequently visit the school-room,
and notice whether the pale, sallow
countenance, headache, languor, fretful
ness and bad temper on the part of the
child, is not the result fo breathing the
vitiated air of the ill ventilated school
room ?
11.3 G a. m
7.00 p. m
Is it not the duty of parents to often
visit the school, (as often at least as they
do the kennel of their favorite dog,) and
see whether the 'readier is perforiniog
his duties faithfully, and if not, acquaint
him of the fact. If parents manifest a
proper interest and exercise sufficient
co-operation in the way, of frequently
visiting the school, we bespeak for the
pupils rapid Progress the ensuing term,
Let us then have full schools on next
Al on day, with the assurance of regular
attendance throughout the whole term.
Eorron :—When I stated a sim
ple fact to show how the patriotism of
"an almost lone woman'.' was made sub
servient to her penuriousness, I little ex
pected to rouse the indignation of the
Secretary of the Relief Committee, nor
did I for a moment dream that he would
lend himself to any one, as a tool to re
tail such gossip, as that to which he
treated your readers in your last week's
paper. It is certainly not the fittest po
sition for a cultivated gentleman to Oc
cupy. "lle is not the first great man
however that has been fooled by a wo
man, for, if report be correct, the, same
worthy (Solomon) in his old age, whose
authority he quotes for administering
the open rebuke, was also ensnared by
the sex, and paid dearly for it.. Mr.
Grosh no doubt thoughtlessly undertook
the defence of the " almost lone woman"
(will no one have pity upon her) and
found, as he says, when his hand was in,
that nothing less than a column and 'a
half of rubbish—or gossip, if he likes it
better—would please his patron, and
hence the sensation sentences, "Shall I
write it?" &c., &c. But Mr. Secretary,
murder will out. According to your
own showing, the Committee are suffer
ing from " cold neglect," as "no kind
notices, no expressions of praise and
gratitude have been bestowed on them
by our public." This humiliating con
fession is a fitting accompaniment to the
wailings of the " almost 'lone woman"
whose patriotism (I repeat it) helped
her so effectually to collect the rent,
from the wife of a soldier who was serv
ing his Country in the field, and whose
wife and family the citizens of Marietta
promised to succour in his absence. I
shall not, Mr; Editor, trouble you with
any further particulars, for in doing so
I might unwillingly hurt the' feelings of
some parties that I would willingly
N. B. We could not close our columns
against a reply from " A Returned Vol
unteer," but indeed this shall be the
last of it. These controversys, often
playfully. begun, end in vile personalities,
which should not be.—Edi or Marietti n.
casr " The - Onion," under the control
of Mr. Newcomer is one of the finest
hotels in the Quaker City. Located in
that quiet part of the city, Arch street,
enables the' traveler to be free from the
annoyances of the more moving part and
yet only a few stops from the business
and pleasure portion of it,
Er.litor : We
publican Convention met in Fulton
Mill, Lancaster, on Wednesday last,
with the following officers:
Vicr: PiIEsIDEsT.; :
Amos S. Henderson, City.
Simon S. Grob, Marietta;
Henry C. Dickenson, Sadsbury;
W. M. Dannel, Mount Joy;
Henry B. Becker, Brecknock
E. Billingfelt, Adamstown;,
Dana Graham, City.
Geo. H. - Markley, City;
R. W. Shenk, City ; •
Roland Kinzer, City;
Mercer Whitson, Sadsbury
After the completion of the organi
zation the following County Ticket was
placed in nomination
Judge—Alexander IL Hood, City.
Associate Judge— Day Wood, Fulton:
Legislature—Jno. M. Stehman, Penh;
Henry C. Lehman, East Hempfield
Nathaniel Mayer, Drumore ; Joseph
Hood, Bart.
Treasurer—John Denlinger, Manor.
Commissioner—D. Kemper, Ephrata,
Directors of the Poor—Martin 11. I'ry,
East Cocalico ; Conrad Gast, City.
Prison Inspectors—Peter Johns, East
Lampeter ; Frances M. Rauch, Litiz.
Auditor—Jacob Kurtz,Upper Leacock.
Cr The store of Benjamin Grosh, in
Centreville, Mountjoy township, was
Toned on Tuesday night of a large
quantity of fine clothes and other goods.
Mr. Grosh was absent from home at the
time, and the burglars seemed to have
made their way through the cellar door.
They, were apparently well acquainted
with the premises. •
1 The largest and finest Tomatoes
that we have seen this season, was a bas
ket full sent us by our neighbor, "'Ors.
John 'Coyle, a few days since.
Arch Street, above third, Philadelphia,
! This Hotel is central convenient by
Passenger Cars to ail parts of the City, and in
every particular adapted to the comfort and
wants of the business public.
l Terms $1.5.0 per day.
' III-nide,
Dealer in Drugs, Perfumery, i.S.c
')l2. LANDIS having purchased.the entire
interest awl good will of Dr. F. Hinkle's
brug . Store, would take this opportunity.,to in
form the citizens of Marietta' and the public
generally, that having just received from Phil
adelphia a large addition to the old stock, he
will spare no pains to keep constantly on hand
the best and most complete assortment of eve•
rything in the drug line.
?Lot of `Fuel) .
tlO Toiie4
consisting in part of German, French and Eng
lish perfumery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail Brushes, Buffalo and other
Hair Combs, Hair Oils, Ponzades,etc.
Port Monies, Pocket Books, Puff '1
The celebrated Batchelor's lIAIR DYE,
De Costa's and other Tooth Washes,ludia Cola
gogue, Barry's Tricoperous, for the hair, I3ay
Rum, Arnold's Ink, large and small sized bot
tles, Balm of a Thousand Flowers," Flour or
Rice, Corn Starch, Hecker's Farina, all kinds
of pure Ground Spices, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, or Chemical food, an excellent ar
seal for cronic dyspepsia and a tonic in Con
_oniptive cases, Rennet, for coagulating milk,
an excellent preperation for the table ; Table
Oil—very fine—bottles in two sizes. Pure Cod'
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumery,pomades,
soaps, &c. His Kathairon or Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged the 'best.
Old Port, Sherry and Madeira Wines and
Brandies for medical purposes.
Dr. L. will himself see that every precaution
be taken m the compo-mding of Physician's
prescriptions, Laving retained Dr. Hinkle's
pharmacheutist, Mr. Ross.
The Doctor can be professionally consulted
at the store when not enzaged elsewnere.
Marietta, August 24, 1861,1 y
TN pursuance of au order of the Ondians
Court of Lancaster county, the undersigned
administrator of the estate of MARY DONER,
deceasad, will sell at public sale or out-cry,
at the public house of GEORGE W. HECK
ROTHE, in the Borough of Alarietta. All
that certain TWO STORY BRICK ---r
and piece of ground whereon the Bathe is
appurtenant thereto, situated in said Borough
of Marietta in that part thereof laid out by
DAVID COOKE, fronting on Front street, and.
adjoining property of DAVID nanny and
other ground of said deceased on the east,
property of THOMAS STENCE on the North,
,and an alley en the West, being purpart No. 2.
Also purpart No. 1. consisting of a piece or
strip of ground along the eastern side 'of pur
part No. 2. and adjoining property of DAVI6
HARRY' on the East; containing three feet and
'extending eighty-five in depth northward.
Persons desirous of viewing the property
before the day of sale, will please call on
JAMES PARK residing thereon, or the under
signed residing second door east.
Sale to commence at 6 o'clock, p. m., of
said day, when attendance will be given and
terms made known by JOHN AUXER.
Myer's World's Fair Prize Medal
Attention is called to the recent improve
ments, in which the greatest possible
- - - -
has been obtained, withobt sacrificing any of
the 'well known sweetness and brilliancy of
these Instruments. This, with an improved
touch and action, renders the Pianos unequ oil
ed. The dull and muffled or matellic wiery
t one is entirely avoided. All Instruments
warranted to stand all climates.
Warcrooms, 722 ARCH Street, PHILADEL
vnuk, Pa.
PIANOS and. MELODEONS for sale and
to rent.
Reparing, in all its branches, carefully at
tended to.
[Sept. '7, 3mo.
—in good condition—will be sold t
at the low price of $1 each and delivered any
where in or near Marietta free of charge. Be
ing in want of cellar room, if taken from the
store soon, a trifle less will be taken. Also, a
lot of excellent
very cheap. For sine at DIFFENBAC IPS
and Powder Boxes, c., S•c
NO. 92 mARIN 11.
MAKES this method of informing his old
friends and the public generally, that he
has re-taken his old stand (recently occupied
by George L. Itlackley,) and is now perma
nently fixed to prosecute _
Having just returned from the city whore he
selected a large, varit d and fashionable assort
ment of everything in the
and now only asks an examination of his
stock and prices, before purchasing elsewhere.
Having also laid in a stock of Batting materi
al, he will be enabled, at short notice, to man
ufacture all qualities—from the common soft,.
to the most Fashionable Silk Hat.'
Employing none but the best of workmen,
and manufacturing good goods at low prices,
he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of
public patronage. The highest price paid
for Furs,--m trade or cash.
Marietta, March 9, 186.1.
One of the largest and most complete Galleries
in the United States, where the best Pic
tures, known to the Photographic art,
at prices no higher than are paid
for miserable caricatures.
The Proprietor, a practical Photographer, at
tends personally, every sitting—and allows no
picture to leave the Gallery unless it gives per
feet satisfaction..
Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of absent
or deceased friends, photographed to any de
sired size, or taken on Canvass; life size, and
painted in Oil by the best Artists.
At this Gallery pictures can be taken in any
weatheras perfect in cloudy days as when
the sun shines.
Persons visiting the city are respectfully in
vited to examine our specimens, which for
price and quality defy competition.
Instructions given in the art of Photog
raphy. R. NEWELL,
Gallery of Art, 744 Arch St., Philadelphia.
From Han. Lewis p. Campbell, M. C., Ohio.
My family and friends all concur in the opin
ion that the (Newell) Picture is more lifp-like
than-anything they ever saw. My likeness
has been repeatedly taken by artists in various
ways, but I have never yet had one which pre
sents so true to nature, all the features and ex
pressions of countenance as this.
From lion. E. Joy Morris, late Minister to
The exquisite finish, beauty and softness of
your portraits, conjoined with their durability
of color and faithfulness as likenessses, cannot
fail to commend them to the attention and pa
tronage of all who appreciate true art.
From Col. James Page.
Having occasion for a portrait, I procured
one from Mr. Robert Newell, of the city of
Philadelphia, a miniature in Oil Colors, under
the flea: process discovered by him,
and take
great pleasure in expressing the satisfaction giv
en me, not only by the accuracy of the likeness,
but its artistic finish in all respects, and recom
mend him to the patronage of those disposed to
encourage the beautiful art.
Nov. 2-1, 1860.-Iy]
tteb) 7.41111)0 glio Coat 1140.
1 UT?, sub Scriber having purchased the Ore
perry lately occupied by
would most respectfully call the=-
attention of his old friends and. customers to
to the fact that he is now prepared to sell
at the very lowest figures by Lout-load, Car
load, or otherwise:
His Stock of Lumber will be selected from
one of the best manufactories and cannot fail
to give satisfaction:
He is also prepared to supply "BILL STUFF"
at short notice and at low prices.
will consist of Shamokin, Red and White Ash
Baltimore Company, Lykens Valley, &c.,
all of which he will sell by the Boat
load, Car-load, or by the
He will als continue the receiving of Coal a ,
- very low figuics
Alexander D. Reese,
Main Street, [EAsT 1V Ann] Mount Toy,
Lancaster County, Pa. •
MHE undersigned - would most respectfully
big leave to inform the public that he has
opened a WINE AND lagoon. STORE in all its
branches.. Ile will constantly-keep on hand
all kinds of
Brandies, W,nes, ,Gins, Irish and Scotch
Whisky, Cordials, Bitters, 4.c. •
Also, a very superior Old Rye Whisky just
received, which is warranted pure. •
A choice article of German Wine.' Various
brands of Champagne Wines.
.10:r All A..D. It. now asks of the public is a
careful examination of his stock and prices,
which will, he is quite confident, result in Ho
tel keepers and others finding it to their advan-:
tage to make their purchases of him.
ALSO—Kerosene,•or Coal Oil, Pine Oil and
Fluid at reduced prices, at the "Enterprise
Wine .%; Liquor Store." A. D. REESE.
Mount Joy, June 22, 1861-Iy.
3killote-souleo tNiop Oijtein• & Etifoig
Between Heekrotles and Johnstin's Hotels.
THE Undersigned would inform the public
that he is prepared to furnish all kinds of
such as Oysters, Fraits, Cakes, &c. Thankful
for the patronage already bestowed,. hopes to
merit a continuation. Russac A. Cain).
I)3 —, Also selling a variety cf ROady-made
Clothing, on commission. Selling at Cost.
Marietta, May 18, 1861.
Gratefully acknowledges the very liberal
patronage that has been extended to him du
riqg the short time that he has been in Mariet
ta, and has much pleasure in announcing to
the ladies in this vicinity that he has good
prospects of being able soon to seeure the
services of a thoroughly qualified and experi
enced female physician, who, lie feels assured
will supply a want that has been long felt in
this community.
Marietta, July 20, 1861.
Selling out. Summer
At a very low figure to make room for
Call at Diffenbach r s and see how cheap you
can buy all kinds of sunimer goods just now—
being determined to close out his summer goods
to make room fora Fall stock. Great induce
ments now to buy at DIFFENI3ACti'S.'
July 20, 1861.
OFFICE: Front street, fourth door","_
from Locust, over Saylor &111cDon- I llitaim
aid's Book Store. Columbia. Enirance tie
ween the Drug and. Book Stores. [3-ly
rORTABLE L A all P 5 . ., A lICWaul most
convenient and perfectly safe lam called
the "Portable Goal (Xi Lamp," sale elleap
ut Grove §• Roth's 1)rog titar-4
S A T. t) 0:1\1.
Dr. Cameron
,e.Kiner's Hair
_ trews
tale an",rr
Gra nd n(
''.:l l ,Yeir' a Y 'fair to
I g, and
• cutane - c... Preventi
For Beilk,,p,
unequalled gro . ,l n " B , an,
and silky in vit
The great celebrity ai
mend for this unequalled
the proprietor that one ti
to satisfy a discerning
qualities over another pi
use. It cleanses the bozo
ruff and other cutaneous
I hair to grow luxuriantl2
soft, glossy and flexible
where the hair is loosenii
give strength and vigor I
the growth to those part
bald, causing it to yield:
These are hundreds of
in New York who have
by the use of thialnvigt
preparations had failed.
session letters innumel
above facts, from person:
tibility. It will etfectu:
from turning gray until'
and in cases where the M
ils color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original hue, giving it a
dark, glossy appearance. As , a perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is particularly rec
ommended, having an agreeable fragrance;
and the great facilities it affords in dressing
the hair, which, when_ moist with the Invigo
rator can be dressed in any required ferm so as
to preserve its place. wheth"r. plain or in curls
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as a standard toilet article which none ought to
be without, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being
per bottle, to be had at all respectable druggists
and perfumers.
L. Miller would call the attention of Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the ehildrens' I-lair inclines to be
weak. The use of it lays the foundation foe a
good head of hair, as it removes any impurities
that map have become connected with the
scalp, the removal of which is necessary both
for the health of the child, and the future ap
pearance of its Hair.
CALITION.—None genuine without the fac
simile Louis MILLER being on the outer wrap
N. Y. blown in the glass.
Wirilisale Depot, 56 Dey St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
out the woild.
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
I also desire to ptesent to the American
Public my
New k Improved Instantanious Hair Dye
which after years of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection. L dyes Black or
Brown instantly without injury to the Hair or
Skin, warranted the best article of the kind in
Depot, 56 Dey Street, New York
le i DR. J. 11. GROVE. s i
ebelpiols, soqp, &e,
WOULD hereby inform the public that
he is constantly receiving fresh addi
tions to his drug stock, and stall tunes keep
on hand a cotnplcte asssertment of
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals ; Paints,
Oils, Varnishes; Dye-Staffs, Glass,
Whitelead,Brushei of all kinds,
and everything usually kept by druggists and
An assortment of all kind of LAMPS, for
nurning Fluid, Pine Oil or Coal Oil. Lamp
Tops, ,Wicks and-Oils constantly on hand.
A nicely selected lot - of -all kinds-of STA
TIONARY, Envelopes, Pens, Teri-Mars,.
Inks, &c., of all grades acd at all prices.
Perfumery, Pomades, Soaps, Tooth Washes
and an endless variety of Panay and Toilet ar
ticles, all of which will be sold at reasonable
prices. • [Jan S-35-ly
Opposite the restdenee of Got. John W. Clark ;, Marietta, a.
prompt attention given to sec ing and col
lecting Claims, aid Orph, E' Court busi
ness gonerally. Will Mien to business. in
Lancaster and adjoining counties.
Conveyancing and other writings promptly
t.i. c,„.
:el ~ i gi, ,I .
&•:,... , "" 4 ... ..:.? e -, :.. m 5. 0
t.,4- g. 3 it ill P 5 . , 7 , , ......
0 .... ~ Fr ...., 3 V, P .... ' , -6,
E 'T. ,„3 ,: R , 2 , Aa , o ... -
6 - , .5 az; . , , 3 ,' 1 ,
~--a ,7 . : :.i. . 2 E . .
4 P : ' w . -''-' N E t ri, ,
F, PI ~.-. gr, ... 0 r. 0 - m p..
t .-., 0 , .. y .- -1. P. 3 $.. y . I" b '• 4
t'l F 4 ' .I . ° 4: p 1 g 2 0 , Z , imi
ii c,- ''''
0 ` 4 q.l l ds R °
' - ' 4 .. .. 2 -----.....-' 41:, II -: 0g 1 t,-,:r ::: n.
• c: p, --E4 5 , - , --t t. . i - 0
Q, •;.? 2 .'; , . r T: 4- 'B r 4 c.. -
z , c ,.. g ';'-'-::4 FP , Z ,I
r) • ' ?.' Za. 41 , ,c. ~
5, .., F" c- 8 0 .:, w z .- b , ,t , i ~e+'
G* 2 Cr 3 ie. 0 , ''''' 4 ,7>. M s -4 M - 6
on ..-. -p 8 P 0 S',.) w 0 0 Pi
97 •.`' 1 7 . ? •- ' 4' • , S: 'I I- 1 ' 1 Cil • •
c' • ti - x r
.:.- 14 0 0 s m i•e" -
..,,, p g" \- - .
L. & 7,AHM
-ftESPECIOILLT: inform their
friends and the poillieithat they
still continue the W.A;TC'O- CLOCK
AND JEWELRY lnisinegslat' the old
stand, North-west Gilmer eif,, North
Queen street and Center kuare, Laneitsfer l ya
A full assortment of goods in our line of.buSi
ness always en hand and for sale at the latest
cash rates. D• Repairing attended to pet-,
sonally by the proprietors.
ADIES AND GENTS Anderson has just
_IA received an elegant assortment of Perfu
mery, consisting of Toiliet Soaps, 'Karr One,
Extracts and Colognes at prices much below
the usual rates, also some very handsome Canes
for gentlemen, Portmonies, tkc. .
I-I:Hammered and Rolled iron, H.
S. Bars, Norway, Nail Rods, American
and German Spring and Cast Steel, Wagon
Boxes 3 Iron Axles, Springs &c., for smiths.
ST.E RIM T2l - 1 , CO:
KNpllllTS B tpoEonOaßiera' and s E s, ri f; a o i p n P a er, i
Enameled Iron Kettles, and .1-lousekeepl*
goods generally. Sterrett & Co.
style, each one warranted to Per
iorin to the-entire satisfaction of the .17. -
purchaser. STERRETT & CO,
JUST RECEIVED at the "Enterprise Wine
and Liquor Stoie,r Mount Joy, a •saperun
article of Champagne and German Wines.
OLD BOURBON WHISKS( in qt. bottles,
something very'fine, in store and for sale
At the "Enterprise Store," Mount By.
Patio' . Neck Ties, beatitiful, *fashion:llia
and cheap; at Diffenbach's..
oNsTANTLY on band, :Monongahela:Tee
tified \Vliiskcy. Benjamitv Co.
Tavern; where every description of inarb.
work will be kept on hand or dude to order at
short notice and at very reasonable prices,
Marietta, Jun-e 29, 1361. 49-1 y
Boot and Shoe kanufactitrer, ,
Would most respectfully inform the citizens
of this Borough and neighborhood that he he,
the largest assortment of City made work in
his line of business in this .Borough, and be
ing a practical BOOT AND. SHOE. MAKE':
himself l is enable-a to select with more judgment
than those who are not. . - He continues to man
ufacture in the very' best manner evcrythin f
in the BOOT AND SHOe LINE, which
will warrant for neatness and good fit.
a•Call and examine'his stock before pi
chasing elsewhere.
In the immediate neighborhood of the Jobbing
Houses on Market, Third and Chestnut-st.,
Banks, Post Ottme,: Merchants , Exchange,
&c., &c.
BOARD PER DAY, $1.50. ,
Accommodation when required on the EURO
PEAN PLAN : Rooms from 50 cents and up
wards, per day, and 'Mealiat a fiAst-c/as::
Restaurant attached . to .the Hotel. Prices
according to the Bills of Fare.
The City Cars take passengers from any station
TO or CLOSE TO the Hotel.
Dz - English, French, German and Spanish.
July 20-Iy.] spoken.
Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger.
WOULD most respectfully inform the cit
izens of Marietta and the public gener
ally that he. is prepared to do
House- Painting,
• China - Glossing,
Paper Hanging; gc., ,
At very short notice'and at prices to suit th
times. lie can be 'wind at his mother's re,
dence on the corner of Cheinut and Seco, ;
streets, a few. doors below the M. E. •Churi:
and immediately .oppOsite the old Oberli
Coach Works. [Aug'. 3-Iy.
Superior Old. Brandy, Old Rye Whiskey,
Holland Gin, Old Maderia, Lisbon, Sherry and .
Pert Wines.
Pittsburg - Whiskey,always on 'hand at iiTth
lowest market prices. Very Vine Brandy at
a very low figure, by; the barrel. •
J. R. PIFFENBACkI. Market-s
opposite the Court House, where he will iv
tend to the practice of his profession in all it,
various branches. [Nov. 4, '69.- ly
Hygienic Physician 4 Accoucheur,
Corner of Front 'and Guy Streets,
JEWELRY.-A large and selected stock o C
fine jewelry of the latest patterns from tho
best factories in the country can be
H. L. & li. J. ZAHIVPS.
Cor. North Queen st. and Centre Square, Lan -
caster, Pa. Our prices are moderate and all
goods warranted to be as represented.
The undersigned, Attorney for Dr. Tllnitl •,
hereby notifies allpersons indebteb to him,
come forward and make immediate settlerneni,
and those having claims againsf him to present
the same. JOHN M. WHITEHILL.
MARIETTA, Aug 51, 1861.
Great Discover's,
have made a discovery or the Aitmost im-
Iportance to every, married person .of pith. r
sex, an d• thelull particulars concern
ing it to any one on receipt of a stamp to pay
return postage, Address
• Alfred, Maine.
executed in tne best style known in the ads.,
I. 532 arch-st., east of Sixth, Philadelphia.
€l,ife size in. Oil and Pastil, Stereoseop c
Portraits, Araorotypes, Daguerreotypes, 4-c.,1:.r
Cases, Medalions, Pins, Rings, &c. LIY
Ice Cream of various flavors will be served
every day and evenina . —Sundays excepted
- Anderson's, Market street.
:111FICKORY & Oak" Virood, 50 Cords each,
Ilickory and Oak Wood. Orders mu,c
bekpc‘companied with the cash when they wiii
he promptly fined. ISpangler & Patterson.
A i t elit/icgLot of Books for children called
. A.indiatiOctable Pleasure Books; School and
other Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
&c:, Ike. For sale al Dr.
STORE ROOM TO LET.—The Room lately
occupied by Miss Margaret Trainer as a
Millinery, Apply to BARR SPANGLER..
BU Y one of those beautiful S 0 F T
. HATS at Catria.'s,SP.. Market-a.
rl "
i XCELLENT Cooking and Eating Appl • ,
Anderson's.U always on hand at
BRANDIES—aR brands--gularrantee4 gen
uine- Alexander D. _Reese:,
BOHLEN'S llongcelebrated
BOXES Sweet Me4sini Oraiage s, just
;‘,,,i_ja.rui torsi& at Waite's.
EGEIRS and Chewing Tobacco. 'A Mtge
0 and good variety at J. M. Anderson's.
UPERIOR COAL ASIL-2.5 cents a qua
13 at Dr. Grove's Drug &ore.
DOYS Spring Caps, at
CItULL'S, No. b Market-a
D MED ilturK now sellin g cheap