The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, August 24, 1861, Image 4

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SINT 4 . (!i - it cor,umNs!
The first aliTober of the ❑ew volume of'the
favorite family
ifottuioo, lotthr4i,
is now unproved and enlarged. to ti 4 columns
weekly, for the purpose:of 'enabling its propri
etors to open up new sources of pleasure and
instruction, such as cannot fail to command the
approbation of all lovers of an intelligent, re
fined, and wholesome family paper.
The list number of the new volume is now
ready. For sale by all news-agents.
Published weekly,at Four Cents, and also
in monthly parts with covers, price 17 cents,
or $2 dollars a year.
Publishers, A. HARTHILL k CO.,
No. 20 North \Villiam-st., N. Y.
Or, The Ranumce of Royalty;
This is the title of a new historical romance
written expressly for
The Household Journal,
by Mrs. Marian M. Pollan, the accomplished
authoress of the " Regeot's Soo," and other
first class works of acknowledged merit which
will be found to be a fitting sios.] to Thacka
ray's admirable history of the Four Georges,'
commences with the first number of the en
larged volume of the Household Journal, now
ready. Sixty-four columns, Four cents.
A Double-page Map of the World,
On Mercator's Projection, will be given free
along with the first number of the new volume
of the Household Journal, now ready.
The very instructive, interesting and valua
ble lecture on the "World's Highway," as de
livered by Dr. Solger, before the New-York
Historical and Geographical Society, published
In the Household Journal, No. 1, Vol. 2, now
ready, price Four cents, along with a double
page Map of the World, engraved expressly for
the Household Journal, under Dr. &tiger's su
The newest and best Music,
both Vocal and Instrumental, by the best
American and European composers, appears
regularly every week in the Household Jour
nal, price Fora• cents. A nziv song by Stephen
Glover, appears in no. 1 vol. 2.
Popular T.ectures by Popular men
Every week a lecture by same distinguished
man appears in the Household Journal—non
soetra•iau and non-political.
Those published in the first volume are as
Sallows—(any of which can be bad, price 3 eta
each, from any news-agent, or from the pub
lishers direct on the receipt of stamps:
London Street Life, by J. 11. Gough, in no. 26
Mahometanism, by Rev. Dr. Hamlin, in no. 25
The Sultan and his Government, by Rev. Dr.
Hamlin, in no. 24
The Turkish Empire, by Dr. Hamlin, no. 23
The Policy of Honesty, Geo. W Curtis, no. 22
A Day in the Alps, Rev. T. L. Cuyler, no. 21
Man and Climate, Bayard Taylor, no 20
Little Things, Rev. Dr. Stoors, no 19
Equatorial Regions of Africa, M. Du Chaffin,
in number 18
Life in the Arlie Regions, Bayard Taylor, 16
The Electric Light, Prof. Farrada, no 13
Social Responsibilities, J. B. Gough, no 12
Young America, Henry Ward Beecher, no 11
Brazil and the Brazillians, Ray. S. C. Fletch
er, in number 10
The Correlation of the Physical Forces, Prof.
Farrada, no 9
Magnetism, Prof. Farrada, no S
Heat, Prof. Farrada, no 7
Chemical Affinity, Prof. Farrada, no 6
Gravitation and Cohesion, Prof. Farad'', nos
Ciravitation. Prof. Farada, no 4
Professor Farada's lectures are illustrated
with fifty-one engravings.
The Great Historical Picture of
Webster in the Senate
Delivering his great speech on March 7, 1559.
No picture equal to it in size has ever be-
Sore been sold for less than from $5 to $lO,
and the first copies of the work, no better than
the present ones (as we are no w militia. - '
from renewed plates), sold rapidly at $lO per
copy. It is nearly, three by four feet in size,
and represents WEBSTER on an occasion
when the whole nation, agitated, was waiting
to hear him, standing in the midst of his com
and a whole galaxy of the chosen statesmen of
the day. Every Engraving is accompanied
with an outline key, Willing out by numbers
the name and location of each person repre
sented. To every Subscriber to the Household
Journal, who forwarwards us $2, we will mail
the Household Journal for one year, and also
one copy of the above engraving—mailed free,
and carefully put up with roller to preserve it-
Address A. Haithill & Co., 20 North William
street, New York.
The Empire City at one View, In a splendid
Colored Engraving of THE CITY OF NEW
YORK, Showing the entire city, and forming
a complete Bird'seye view of it (on a sheet of
superfine drawing paper), 24 by 26 inches, all
carefully colored by baud. This fine picture
has just been published at Three Donuts per
copy, but by an arrangement effected we aret
enabled to offer it to every Subscriber to the
Housrhold Journal, who fowards us $2, in re
turn for which we will mail free, a copy of the
above engraving (done up with roller to pre
serve it), and also the Household Journal for
one year.
Sample Copies of the Engravings can be
seen at our ()thee. All good country - bills, or
postage stamps, taken'at par us remittances.—
Address all communications to the Publishers
and Proprietors of the Household Journal, A.
Harthill Sr Co., 20 North William street, New
Sewing Machines Given Away !
Waging Machines" Given Away!
Musical Works Giten Away !
Parties desirpus of procuring a Sewing
Machine of - Wheeler & %Wilson's Grover Sr-
Baker's or Finkle & Lyon's manufacture, or
one of Johnson's Union Washing Machines,
can do so by subscribing to the Household
Journal, at the rate of Two Dollars a year.
Full particulars of the .above, as well as of
the popular Musical and Illustrated publica-'
tions to be given away as premiums, will be
found in the first number of the new volume
of the Household Journal, a copy of which will
he sent free to any address. By sending a
three-cent stamp, a copy of the d ou bl e p age
Map of-the World will be sent along with it.
Address the Publishers of the Household
Journal, A; Harthill ti-. Co., 20 North William
street, New York.
Ir 0 CONSUMPTIVES.. The subscriber
will cheerfully send, free of charge, to all
who desire it, the copy of a simple recipe by
which he was cured of that dire disease Cote
sumnxrocr. Suffererswith Consumption, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, or any lung affection, he sin
cerely hopes will try this Recipe, well satisfied
that if they do so they will be more than satis
fied with the result. Thankful for his own
complete restoration, he is anxious to place in
the hands of every sufferer the means of cure.
Those wishing the Recipe with full directions,
&c., will pleas call on or address
mylB-3m] No. 66 John St., New York.
BUGGY and Sleigh BLANKETS of various
styles and at much lower prices than the
saline suld last fall. Spangler 4 Patterson.
I 0
00j use
v Ol ai
w GROUND jbe .t B I. O L I
SALT the
•44d prices, by J. It..DIFFENBACIL
CHOICE Lot of Hooks for children called
I indistructable Pleasure Books ; School and
other Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders,
&c., For sale al Dr. Hinkle's.
It i I,RAIN'S Concentrated Wheat Cetree,
For sate at WOLFE'S.
1:1301.11—Ell'S long celebrated (PIN,
BOXES Sweet Messina Oranges, just
ja.ud tot sole ut Wolfe's..
ffl w
AtiKR EA I NES, full bodied arigfepity,
1. 'at tbn 4 " , Enterprise Store."
A. V. REESZ, Afou4oy
- ,i - fh:jfei'oe.s. '<io of 111#
Card size, on 'Bristol Board, suitable for Al
b u Pub:l.klted and ~ z oN Ly
E. Antkonif, 51)1 Erni-bray, _Yew York
By special arranAernent we publish in addi
tion ID other portraits Tice CELEBRATED COL
LECTION well known both in Europe and
America as
Brady's National Photorraphic Portrait
Brady's collection of imperial Photographs
is justly considered one of the lions of New
- York, and in the Photographic reproductions
of these every centre table can now have an
additional attraction in a miniature Brady's
Gal lerv.
Among our publications are
Abraham Lincoln : Jefferson Davis,
Hannibal Hamlin, Lady Davis,
Wm. H. Seward, Alex. H. Stephens,
Salmon P. Chase, Bohr. J. Toombs,
Simon Cameron, Howell Cobb,
Montgomery Blair, Henry A. Wise,
Edward Bates, John Tylor,
Gideon Wells, Gen'l Beauregard,
Caleb F. Smith, Gen'l Lee,
Gen'l Scott, ' John B. Floyd,
Cot. Rob't Anderson, Jacob Thompson,
Major Slemmer, P. F. Thomas,
Col. Elsworth, John Bell,
Gen'l Butler, Gen'l Mansfield, Col. Landet,
Col. Fremont, Stephen A. Douglas, Maj. Gen.
John A. Dix. Maj. Gets'! N. P. Banks, John
C. Breckenridge, Gov. John Letcher, John C.
Calhoun, Herschel V. Johnson, L. G. Wig&ll,
Ben. McCullough, Lieut. Maury, Henry Ward
Beecher, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Prof. Morse,
Horace Greely. N. P. Willis, James Gordon
Bennett, William C. Bryant, Henry Clay,
Washington Irving, Andrew Jackson, Dr. E.
K. Kane, Commodore Perry, Mrs. Sigourney,
John J. Andubon, Mrs. Gen'l Gaines, Charles
Sumner, Gov. Andrew, J. J. Crittenden, Duke
of Aewcastle, Prince of Wales, Zachary Tay
lor, George Bancroft, Lathrop L. Motly, Sam
Houston, J. Q. Adams, Emerson Etheridge,
Andrew Johnson, Parson Brownlow, Brown
low's heroic daughter.
Together with about 500 others, to which
additions are daily made. Catalogue sent on
receipt of stump.
' Price of Portraits $.3 Per Dozen. Can be
sent by mail. Remittance may be made in
postage stamps.
Also a large collection of Photographs of
distinguished Europeans, Emperors, Kings,
Queens, MarshaNs, Generals, Dukes, Lords,
Authors, Actors, Politicians and Clergy.—
Price, from 25 to 50 cents each, according to
Our establishment is also headquarters for
both as Agent of the best French manufac
turer, and us manufaatarer under a patent Of
OUT own.
We have a large assortment, varying in
price horn 90 cents to $5O, and holding from
12 portraits up to 600.
Also folding cases of morrocco or cloth for
the pocket, and hold 2,4, 6, S or 12 portraits.
Also various 'styles of framing card portraits,
of carved wood; metal, paper, composition,
etc., of elegant and tasteful designs.
Our Pbotograph - ers now in the field are
daily sendinff 6 us
Camp Scenes of The Present War.
and views of points and things of tnterest, both
card size, for Albums, and Stereoscopic form.
For instance, the the Seventh Regiment at
Camp Cameron—ln the trenches—Cooking their
Meals—The Gymnasts-- me Junction—Del
monieo's—Laura Keene's—General street view
of the Camp, etc. HARPER'S FERRY before
and after the scenes of destruction.
Together with various other illaces of Note.
Card size 25 cents each; Stereoscopic 33
Parties who would like a lot of these camp
scenes to select frum—the balance to be re
turned in good order at their own expense, and
without delay--can be accommodated on giv
ing proper New York reference.
Our establishment is the great Emporium
for everything in the Stereoscopic line, and
our assortment is the most complete probably
of any in the world.
The Stereoscope in the most instructive, in
teresting, entertaining, amusing, and exciting
of modern inventions.
None are too young, none tuo old, none too
intelligent, none too uneducated, to acknowl
edge its worth and beauty.
No home is complete without it, and it must
and will penetrate everywlere.
It presents to your view' every part of the
world, in all the relief boldness, perspective,
and sharpness of detail, as if you were on the
We have an immense variety of Views of
Scenes in Paris, London, England, Scotland,
Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland,
Switzerland, Spain, The Rhine, VeLsailles,
St. Cloud, Fontainebleau, Tuilleries, Turkey,
Italy, Egypt, Athens, the Holy Land, China,
India, Crystal Pitt:ice, also Groups Historical,
Amusing, marriage scenes, breakfast scenes,
Pic-nics, statuary, etc. '
etc.. An exquisite
assortment of Illustrated interiors, of Palaces,
Churches, and Cathedrals of France, Italy,
etc., etc. The effect of these illuminated
views is most remarkable.
Anthony's Instantaneous Stereoscope Views
are the latest Photographic wonder. They
are taken in the FORTrETH PART OF A SECOND,
and everything, no matter how rapidly it may
be moving, is depicted as sharply and distinct
ly at if it had been perfectly at rest. This
gives an additional value, for to the beauties
of inanimate nature it adds the charm of life
and motion. The process is a discovery of
our own, and being unknown in Europe, we
received from London and Paris large orders
for Anthony's instantaneous Views of Ameri
can life and scenery.
Our Catalogue of subjects and prices will be
forwarded to any address on receipt of a
Parties at a distance sending us $3, $5, $lO,
$l5, $2O; or $25, can have a good instrument
and such pictures as they may request, sent
by Express.
Views alone (without instrument) can be
sent by mail. I E. ANTHOIV Y,
(3 doors smith of St. Nicholas' Ifolet,)
501 lbtosowaY, Naw YORK,
Importers and IVlanufacturer of Photographic
Mat eri a 1 s, Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic
irr Merchants from every section of the
country are respectfully invited to make an
examination of our stock. •
To Photographers. Our Bulletin of Photo
graphic Invention and Improvement will be
sent to any address on application..
[Cut this out for future reference.]
July 13-Gmol.
the Borough of Marietta, Lancaster Co.
Letters testamentary having been granted to
the undersigned, Executor of the Last Will
and testament of Lambert Hess, deceased, all
persons indebted, to the said estate, are reques
ted to make immediate payment, and those
having claims against the same will present
them duly authenticated for settlement, to the
the undersigned. CHRISTIAN H ESS,
Aug. 3, IS6I-6t.j Executor.
TALL PAPERS.—We have just received
VI another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purchase's can
rely upon the newest a.tyles, which will be
sold unusually low ut J. R Diffenbach's.
Syrup, for children and adults has just
been put up at my store, which should be in
every family this cold weather. F. Hinkle.
COODWIN'S & BRO's. Plantation fine
1). cut Chewing Tobacco. The hest in the
world. For sale at WOLFE'S.
Wfleil:siCoPt S X te ' el S Sp9r Spring Skeleton iebratedln4 S 'er : a t i
self-uejust ble Bustle. The latest and best in
use, for sale, cheap at Diffenbach's.
D YOTT'S Hanging and Side Lamps,
Far Sale at DR. 'GROVE'S.
fl UM DROPS: Stewart's New-York Gum
1,31 - Drops, 8 varieties, at Wolfe's.
B UYS Spring Gaps, at
C 1.125, No. 92 Market-s
DRIED FRUIT now selling cheap at
NE l .\ - 1-.LL'S
One of the largest and most complete Galleries
in the United states, where the best Pic
tares, known to the PhotograpliM art,
at prices no higher than are paid
for miserabie caricatures
The Proprietor, a practical Photographer, at%
tends personall), every sitting—and allows no
picture to leave the Gallery ux& so it gives per
fect satisfaction.
Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of absent
or deceased friends, photographed to any de
sired size, or taken on Canvass, life size, and
painted in Oil by the best Artists.
At this Gallery pictures can be taken in any
weather—as perfect in cloudy days as when
the sun shines.
Persons visiting the city are respectfully in
vited to examine our specimens, which for
price and quality defy competition.
L" Instructions given in the art of Photog
raphy. R. NEWELL,
Gallery of Art, 724 Arch St., Philadelphia.
From lion. Lewis D. Campbell, M. C., Ohio.
My family and friends all concurin the opin
ion that the (Newell) Picture is More life-like
than anything they ever saw. My likeness
has been repeatedly taken by artists in various
ways, but I have never yet had one which pre
sents so true to nature, all the features and ex
pressions of countenance as this.
From Lion. E. Joy Morris, late Minister to
The exquisite finish, beauty and softness of
your portraits, conjoined with their durability
of color and faithfulness as likenessses, cannot
hill to commend them to the attention and pa
tronage of all who appreciate true art.
Front Col. James Page.
Having occasion far a portrait, I procured
one,from Mr. Robert Newell, of the city of
Philadelphia, a miniature in Oil Colors, under
the new process discovered by ham, and take
great pleasure in expressing the satisfaction giv
en me, not only by the accuracy of the likeness,
but its artistic finish in all respects, and recom
mend him to the patronage of these disposed to
encourage the beautiful art.
Nov. 24, 1560.-ly]
DANK NOTlCE—Notice is hereby given
_JD that the undersigned have formed an as
sociation and prepaid a certificate for the pur
pose of Establishing a bank of issue discount
and deposit, under the provisions of the act en—
titled " an act to establish a system of free
bankng in Pennsylvania, and to secure the
publio against loss from insolvent Banks" ap
proved the 31st day of Match 1.-60.
The Bunk to be calit , tl Bank of Marietta to
be located in the borough of Marietta and Coun
ty of Lancaster, to consist of a Capital Stock
of One Hundred Thoutand Dollars in Shares of
Fifty Dollars each, and it is contemplated to
increase the Capital Stock to the amount of
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.
James L. Shultz, Henry Musselman,
John Kline, John Miller,
John W. Clark, S. F. Eagle,
Aaron Gable, Doc. J. H. Grove,
James Mehatrey, B. P. Hiestand,
John R. Diffenbach, David Barry,
Thomas Zell, A. N. Cassel.
John Becker, Barr Spangler,
The Harrisburg Telegraph and Bears'
German paper insert S months and send bill to
this office, or S. F. Eagle, for collection.
Iron _Masters look to your interests !
The linproved Black; hawk
Marietta, Lancaster County, Pa.
The Undersigned will constantly keep on
hand and make to older at. short notice the
above celebrated machine, the best in the Uni
ted States! They will warrant their machines
to run lighter, last longer and wash clr aner and
with less water than any other machine now
in use. They can be easily put together on the
bank. All orders addressed to either of the
undersigned will meet with prompt attention.
1r.3- They are also prepared to sell individu
al, County and State Rights.
October 13, 1860. Iy
NO. 1. THE GREAT 11Evivon..—Speedily
eradicates all the evil effects of self a use,
as loss of memory, shortness of breath, giddi
ness, palpitation of the heart, dimness of vis
ion, or any constitutional derangement of the
system brought on by the unrestrained indul
gence of the passions. Acts alike on either sex.
Price one dollar.
. No. 2. E BALM.—WiII cure in front two
to eight days, any case of Gonorrhoea,(clap)is
without taste or smell and requires no restric
tion of action or diet; fur either sex; price $l.
NO. 3. THE TE RED will cure Meet in the
shortest possible time, and 1 can show certift
rates of cures effected by this remedy, wher
all others have failed. No taste or smell.—
Price ono dollar.
NO. 4. THE PUNITER is the only known
remedy that will positively cure strictures of
the urethra, no mutter of how longstanding or
neglected the case may be. Price one dollar.
NO. d. THE SoLteron will cure any case
of Gravel permanently and speedily remove
all diseases from the bladder and kidneys.—
Price one dollar..
No. 6.. THE PREVENTOR is a surc preven
tion against the contraction of any disease, is
less expensive and far preferable to anything
in use. Adapted to either sex. Price $l.
NO 7. THE AMARIA will cure the whites
radically and in Jess time than they can be ef
fectually removed by any other treatment ; in
fact this 'is the only remedy thut will really
cure this disease;
pleasant to take. Price $l.
tain, safe and speedy in producing menstrua
tion or correcting any _irregularities of the
monthly periods. Price two dollars.
spring Regulator will last a lifetime. Price $5.
Either of the Remedies will be sent free by
mail on receipt of the price annexed. Circu
lars containing valuable information with full
description of each Remedy, may be obtained
by enclosing one post stamp. Address
Dk. FELIX BR UNON, Box 99,
Philadelphia, Pa.
These Remedies are sold in Marietta only by
JOHN JAY LIBHART, where citenlars con
taining a full description of each case can be
obtained gratis, on application. '
General Depot, North East Corner of York
Avenue and Callowhill street, Philadelphia,Pu.
;Cr In complicated cases 1 can be consulted
by letter, or peisonally at my office ; entrance,
No. 401 York Avenue. Da. F. Erturiort.
August 27, 1859.-IY.
FOR RENT. A dwelling house in Gay-st.
andA.-BASEMENT ROOM, between the
White Siiian and the Perry House, Front-st.,
Marietta, admirably adopted for a restaurant or
a barber shop, for rent. Apply to
can be had of H. L. Sr." E. J. ZAHN, Col.
North Queen-st., and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers—
the best article of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price than any watch
of equal quality andj ust as true for timekeeping
SPECTACLES to suitall who.
can .be aided with glasses,
can be bought at H. L. 8^ le. J. ZAHM'S, Cor
ner of North Queen-st., and Center Square,
Lanctiater. New glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. [v6 -1y
A. General Assortment of all^ kinds of
Hinges, Screws, Bolts, Cellar Grates,
Fulfils, Oils, Glass and Putty, very cheap.
i.ll for culinary purposes, warranted genuine
at 11. D. Benjamin $• Co's.
9rkCoun l Oa ilcslt y.;lle hundredor single poun'tl; or sale . at WOLFE'S.
O UPERIOR COAL OIL-25 cents a quait
at Dr. Grove's Drug Store.
Prof. Miller's Hair Invigorator
An Effective, Sale and Econtmical Compound
For restating Gray .Hair to its original color
without dyeing, and preventing the hair from
turning gray.
For Preventing Baldness, and curing it, when
there is the least particle of vitality or recuper
ative energy remaining.
For ReMoving Scurf and Dandruff, and all
cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
For Beautifying the Hair, imparting to it an
unequalled gloss and brillancy, making it roft
and silky in its texture and causing it to curl
The great celebrity and the increasing de
mand for this unequalled preparation, convince
the proprietor that one trial is only necessary
to satisfy a discerning public of its superior
qualities over another preparation at present in
use. It cleanses the head and scalp from dand
ruff and other cutaneous diseases. Causes the
hair to grow luxuriantly, and gives it a rich,
soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and also
where the hair is loosening and thinning, it will
give strength and vigor to the roots, and restore
the growth to those parts which have become
bald, causing it to yield a fresh covering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen
in New York who have had their hair restored
by the use of this Invigorator, when all other
preparations had failed. L. M. has in his pos
session letters innumerable testifying to the
above facts, from persons of the highest respec
tibility. It will effectually prevent the hair
from turning gray until the latest period of life
and in cases where the hair has already changed
its color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original hue, o rriving it a
dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is particularly rec
ommended, having an agreeable fragrance;
and the great facilities it affords in dressing
the hair, which, when moist with the Inv,igo
rator can be dressed in any required farm so as
to preserve its place. wheth-r plain or in curls
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as a standard toilet article which none ought to
be without, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being
per bottle, to be bad at all respectable druggists
and perfumers.
L. Miller would call the attention of Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the childrens' Hair inclines to be
weak. The use of it lays the foundation for a
good head of hair, as it removes any impurities
that ma) have become connected with the
scalp, the removal of which is necessary both
for the health of the child, and the future ap
pearance of its Hair.
CAUTION.—None genuine without the fac
simile Louis MILLER being on the outer , wrap
N. Y. blown in the glass.
WhAesale Depot,s6 Dey St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
out the world.
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
I also desire to present to the American
Public my
New Af' Improved Instantaniaus Hair Dye
which after years of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection. IL dyes Black or
Brown instantly without injury to the Bair or
Skin, warranted the best article of the kind in
HE is placing on his shelves and ready for
examination and sale, the largest and best
selected stock of fashionabie Selwyn GOODS
ever offered in this borough, to which he now
invites the attention of the public.
New Styles Fancy Dress Goods,
Superior makes of Silks,
A large assortment of Calicos
Extra quality Muslins, all prices,
Best make of Flannels, do
A large stock of Shawls,
Plain and Barred Sac k'd Flannels.
White Goods, Mitts, Linens, Embroideries,
Dress Trimmings, Laces, Gloves, 'Joshes,
Very large stock of Domestic goods.
Spring Satinetts and Cassieneres,
Bleached and Unbleached Muslins.
Deluines, Calicos and Ginghams,
Drillings, Sheetings and Checks,
Pant Stud; Hickory and Tickings,
Splendid Calicos for six cents,
Good quality Muslin, six cents,
Heavy Unbleached Muslins, six cents.
Embossed Paper Colars, ten for a Quarter,
Paper Neck-Ties—something new, cheap and
Linen and Woolen Table covers.
Plain, Ornamental and Oiled Window Blinds
and Patent Fixtures,
'Wall Papers, Carpets, Floor Oil Cloths.
Canton Matting, &c.
Wall and Window Paper,
Transparent Blinds.
Glass, Queensware and Cedurware.
Gaiters, Slippers, Boots, Shoes, Brogans, lk . c.
rr:::- -- Vary superior Syrup at 50 cents a gallon.
fill kinds of Liquors wholesale or retail.
The highest price given/or Country produce.
ket street, Marietta, Pa.. are now supplied
With a fu❑ stock of every description of Dip
Goods, Groceries, etc., which were hought at
reduced prices under the pressure of the times,
and will be sold either Wholesale or Retail, at
a small advance.
Below we enumerate a few of the articles
in our Line:
Dry Goods. Notions,*Etc.' Groceries.
Fancy and Black Silks, Gloves, Sugars,
Shaileis, Hosiery - , Coffees,
Lavellas, Hand kerchiefs, Rice,
Mouse De Laines, Collars, Sleeves, Mackerel,
Silk Poplins, Cravats, White Fish,
Lawns, Suspenders, Herring,
Ginghams, Hats, Cod Fish,
Cassimers, Umbrellas, Syrups,
Cloths, Parasols, Cheese,
Velvet Cords, Shirt Breasts, Tea,
Cottonades, Dress Trimmings, Rice,
Kentucky Jeans, Tideys, Dried Fruit,
Shawls, Head Nets, Spices,
Dusters, Belts, Starch.
Decorative Wall and Window Papers, Gilt,
Bootie and Landscape , TRANSPARENT
Bmigns, Sheetings, Cheeks, Tickings,
Shirtings, Crash, Diaper and Da
. MUSK Table Cloths, Table, Floor
and Window. Oil Cloths, Blank
ets, Counterpanes and Mar
seilles Quilts.
At from 5 to 10 cents per yard.
Formerly Keesey's.
The undersigned having leased the above
named old established Ferry and Hotel, in
Hellam Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta, where he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table with
the best the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained
• First Class Ferry Boats,
and efficient ferrymen, and is now fully prepa
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
without delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
Marietta, August 3, Ib6l-1y
L 0 C K S—Good Time
.• Keepers, for One Dollar.
Clocks, Watches and 'Jewelry carefully re
p ired and charges moderate, at WOLMS.
Sugar; Superior Green and Black Tea;
Rice, Cheese and Spices; Syrup and prime ba
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley at
s 2 AN DERSON'S! Attention Butchers
and Bousheepers. Having a great demand fdr
Ittr famed SPICES, I have concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant supply of Ground Pep
r. Ground Corriander, and Sweet Marjoram.
Depot, 56 Deb Street, New York
Ingrain, Rag; Three-Ply and
Compound Washing and Toilet Soap
THIS SOAP, Patented in March, 1860, is
decidedly the cheapest and best soap that
has ever been made, and at the same time the
mode of manufacturing the simplist that has
ever been discovered. ' lt can be made in ten
minutes. Any one can heat over the fire a
quantity of water and turn the same into the
best Toilet Soap, at a cost of 3 cents a pound,
or into the best Washing Soap at the low cost
of a quarter, one half, or one cent per pound,
It is made without any offensive smell there
isno lye or grease used, being made entirely
from chemicals. It has been maids sed by some
of the best chemists and found to contain no
thing that will injure the. most delicate fibres,
or the skin.
This Soap has been used by thousand of fam
ilies, for the last six months, and it is univer
sally preferred to any other, wherever it is
known, both for its superior quality as a wash
ing and toilet soap and for the great economy
there is in using it, being cheaper by several
hundred per cent than any other soap kno en.
Every family should possess it. and needs only
to beknown to be sought after by every house
hold and laundress in the land.
"Economy is Wealth."
This Soap is now manufactured by the under
signed, in Marietta, and has already met
with very flattering success thus far. It is
certainly a great money-saving labor-saving
necessary for every 'household. It can he
had at my residence adjoining Mr. Chasles
Kelly's, on Market Street,
Marietta, July 13, IS6I-tf.
The Strongest Glue in the World
For Cementing IVood, Leather, Glass
Ivory, China, Marble, Porcelain, Conti,
Alabaster, Bone . , tic., 4.c., 4c.
The only article of the kind ever produced
which will withstand Water.
" Every housekeeper should have a supply
of Johns & Grosley's American Cement Glue."
—New York Times.
"it is so convenient to have in the house."
—New York
" It is always ready; this commends it to
every body."—N. Y. independent.
" We have tried it, and find it as useful in
our house as water."— Wilkes' Spirit of the
Price 25 Cents per Bottle
Very Liberal Reductions to Wholesale
l For sale by all Druggists and Store
keepers generally throughout the country.
(Sole Manufacturers,) 73 WILLIAM STREET,
(Corner of Liberty Street,) NEW YORK.
July 13-1 year].
4, 1, c‘ MOLE, HARMS, &IS
Trunk alanufactory,
Bet toee4 Spangler 6^ Patterson's Store.
and Wolfe's Notion House,
Market Street.
WO U L D most respectfully inform the
public that he continues the above bus—
ness in all its branches. Anything not on
hand will be inanufactured at short notice and
warranted to give satisfaction in workmanship
and price. He will always endeavor to keep
on hand an assortment of
Wagon, Carriage and Riding Whips, Fly-nets
Horse Covers, Collars, Trunks, Valieces,
Carpet Bags and in fact everything iu his line
of business, all of which will be of the best
material and workmanship, and at prices iu
keeping with the times. Come and see.
Marietta, August2s, 1850. Liu '56
419 1% CLOCKS,
kit WATOM.S.
Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware.
Importer of Clocks, Watches and JeweWy.
Invites special attention to his full supply of
Watches, of American : English and Geneva
Manufacture. Jewelry of elegant designs,
Silver 6. Plated Ware of the best quality,
With au extensive assortment of Superior
Time-keeping Clocks,
In style and price adapted to the wants of
Good goods and fair prices is my principle.
irAlso, to his Patent Shin Studs, being of
novel construction, possessing advantages over
any other invention.
Philadelphia, March 23, 1861-Iy.
J. R. no
Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Conveyancer
and Draughtsman,
Main-st., lifountfoy, Lancaster Co., Pa.
A LL kinds of land surveying and dividing
lilevelling of water courses, roads, &c. Ac
curate and neat plain and ornamental Mapping
and draughting of town plans, large landed es
tates, &c. Mechanics', Quarriers' and Earth
work measures and estimated. Deeds, Hales
see, Powers of attorney and other legal instru
ments neatly and accurately drawn. Execu
tors', Administrators', Assignees' and Guar
dians accounts stated.
11:3 He is also Agent for the sale of the
Ridgeway Farm and Land Company's Lands
in Elk County ; Pa. Communications by letter
4omptly attended to.
T UST RECEIVED at Anderson's Confec
t, tionary and Variety Store, in Market-st., a
tine assortment of children's -gigs„ baskets
wagons, perambulators, wheelbarrows, toys
rocking .horses, wagons, drums, Children's
Gigs, Wheel Burrows, Sleighs, Hobby Horses,
China and Paper Toys, Dolls of every size
material Black and White. Animals of all
kinds and an endless variety of Holiday gifts.
J. M. Anderson's, Market-st.
FIVIBROWEHIES-Just received the largest
and moat desirable lot of Embroideries eve..
°tiered for sale here, consisting input of beau
tiful French Worked Collers, Undersleevea
Spencers, Swiss and Jackonett Edging and In
serting, Flouncing, &c., which will be sold at
prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction by
J. R. - Diffenbaeh,* Market street.
prLATED WARE : A Large and line stock
of Plated ware at H. L. & E. J. ZA res,
' ner of North Queen street & Center Square,
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts,• in variety, Coffee
Urns. Pitchers, Goblets, Salt Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card Baskets, Spoons, Forks, Knives,
Casters, &e., &c., at manufacturers prices.
REPLATIN a attended to at moderate rates.
Commission Lumber Merchant,
West Falls Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
'romAESPECTFULLY offers his services for the
sale of Loin B£ it of every description
his knowledge of the business he feel
confident of being able to obtain the highest
market rates for everything entrusted to him.
LADIES AND GENTS Anderson has just
received an elegant assortment of Perfu
mery, consisting of Toiliet Soaps, Hair Oils,
Extracts and Colognes at prices much below
the usual rates, also some very handsome Canes
far gentlemen, Portmonies, &c.
Vanilla, Strawberry, Pine Apple,
Almond, Rose, Lemon,
Just received and for sale at Grave 4- Roth's.
Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs 13- Colds.
- All who are suffering from Consumption
should use the .Id_vaorix ARABICA., discovered
by a m issionary in Arabia.
All those who are threatened with Consump
tion-should use the Malcom Arabica, discover
ed by a missionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering from Bronchitis should
use the Makora Arabica, discovered by a mis
sionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering from Sore T h ro at
Coughs, and Colds, should use the Makora
At:Jules, discovered by a missionary in Arabia.
All who are suffering, from Asthma, Scrofu
la and impurities of the blood should use the
Makora Arabica, discovered by.a missionary
in Arabia.
It cures Consumption,
It cures Bronchitis,
It cures Sore Throat, Coughs and Colds.
It cures Asthma, Scrofula and impurities of
the Blood.
This unequalled remedy is now for the first
time introduced to the public.
It was providentially discovered by a mis
sionary while traveling in Arabia. He was.
cured of Consumption by its use after his case
was pronounced hopeless by lea rned physiciaus
in Europe.
He has forwarded to us in writing, a full sc.-
count of his own extraordinary eure,sind of a
number of other cures which have came under
his observation and also a full account of the
At his request, and in:Spelled by a desire to
extend a knowledge of this remedy to the pub
lic, we have had his communication printed in
pamphlet form for tree distribution. Its inter
est is enhanced by an account which he gives
of some of the scenes of the Syrian massacres,
which he obtained from those who antlered iu
that awful tragedy.
This pamphlet may be obtained at our office,
or it will be sent free by mail to all who apply
for it. We import the Mokora Arabica direct
from Smyrna through the house of Cleou and
Gylippus, and we have always on hand •a full
supply put up in bottles ready for use with full
directions. Price One Dollar per bottle.
Sent by mail on receipt of priceolud-2.l.centa
for postage. For sale wholesale or retail, by
Importers of _thugs and Medicines,
March 30.3 61 Liberty-st., N. Y.
Opposite the Cross Keys Hotel,
THE undersigned would rospectfully inform
the public that he still continues, at the
old stand, corner of Second,ared Walnut streets,
directly *opposite the Cross Keys lintel, to keep
on hand and fur sale, all kinds of cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from $6, $7 $2O to
$BO per thousand. TonAcco.—Natural Leaf,
Excelsior Cavendish, Oranoko Virginia, Con
grpss Fine Spun Ladies Twist, Coarse Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel of Ophir tobacco, An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of fine Ci
gars manufactured of imported stack. Sixxs
Ham , SPA ?usu. itappee Snuff and all kinds
Fine-cut Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs
Fancy Pipes, Cigar TtOes,4v.
Saw lain and Lumber Yards
ONSTANTLY on hand a full asscirtmen
of all kinds of Seasoned Lumber, which he
o ers at reasonable prices.
Boards, Plank, Joist, Scantling,
. Rafters, Laths, Shingles,
Pails, 6-c.,
.4-c.., 6-a.
All prderaattendedto with dispatch.
Marietta, April 11tf. ,1854.-
Marietta, Lancaster Co., Pa.
TI:TOMAS C.. CII ILD, ACT., has constantly
on hand, or Manufactured to order, all
kinds of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, Shutters,
&c., tee. All orders addressed to MenAFFEY,
Hourz & Co., for any of theabeve articles, or
for Bill Stuff s Timber Girders, Lath; Pickets,
Pales, Shingling Lath, Floor Boards, Weather
Boarding, White Pine Shingles, or Lumber wilt
el ways meet with prompt attention, and be sup
plied on as favorable terms as from any other
astablishment in the country.
A liberal discount offor cash.
JOHN BELL. Merchant Thilor,
Cor. of Market-st., and Elbow Lane, Marietta
RATEFUL for past favors I would return
k_Tmy thanks to my II umerousfrieuds and pa
trons and inform them that I still continue the
old business at the old stand, where I will he
pleased to see them at all tunes, and having ti
full and splendid assortment of
which will be made up to order at the shortest
notice by the best of workmen, and on reasona
ble terms, I would be pleased, therefore, to wait
upon my old customers and all who see proper
to patronize me hereafter. fOct.29-2.56.
1) ITT WS Celebrated Truss, Surgical n,Ban
dages, Shoulder Braces, instruments for
Deformit3, &c. These articles am -rg 4..
very highly recommended by Profes
sors Pancoast and Gross of the Jefthrson Ithd
ical College of Philadelphia ; and the under
signed knows them to be the best articles, of
the kind in use. F. Hinkle, M. D.
A fine assortment of Flavoring Extracts for
Cooking—something very nice.
Liquid Rennet for making delicious desserts.
Poncine, Honey and othe fine Soaps.
Frangipannie and other Extracts.
For sale at HINKLE'S.
—in good condition—will be sold
at the low price of $1 each and delivered any
where in or near Marietta free of charge. Be
ing in want of cellar room, if taken from the
store soon, a trifle less will be taken. Also, a
lot of excellent
very ehettp. For late at DIFFENBAC EPS
BURNETT'S Cocoaine.— A compound of
Cocoa-nut Oil, &c., for dressing-the Bair.
For efficacy and agreeableness, it is without
an equal. It prevents the hair from falling
It promotes its healthy and vigerous growlll4
It is not greasy or sticky.
Jt leaves no disagreeable odor.
It softens the hair when hard and dry.
It soothes the irritated scalp skin.
It affords the richest lustre.
It remains longest in effect. For sale at
Drug 4. Perfumery Store, Market street.
undersigned has received another lot of
}laid and Coal Oil Lamps, and Lamp Shmies
of every variety and price. Call and see thin
at. Dr- illnkle , s Drug Store.
parlor selection of French and Gerinan
Cloths, and Cassimers, and a variety of beauti
ful Veatings, a new and fashionable lot, just
arrived at Direnbach's Cheap Store.
50 13 will
Monongahela Whiskey
which will be sold at the lowest
market ratesiby th- barrel or gallon, at
Diffenbach's Cheap Store.
'CHAMPAGNE and other Table Wines,
guarrantepd to be pure, and sold as km as
can be bought in Philadelphia or New-York.
H. D. BENJAMIN Picot Building.
THE Largest and beat assortment of Fancy
Cloth & Cassimeres and vesting ever offered
in this market and will be sold at priteswhich
defy competition by T. R. Diffenback.
k jpetior to any now in use, can be had at the
Uncap Store of Diffenbach.
and Chewing Tobacco. A law , -
and good variety at J. M. Anderson/a.