Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, June 27, 1862, Image 2

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    VILL.A.GE RECOltit
000, 4-a IOW: says thit tliesalsetaburg
W.4-4,1r - Zifittia-111!Wv rthntit i *eat* rota at tile - 1101itiii 00 it eer
test Yousttet!,:pear.lettot taps!, lately
tam, }trig: Vt. travtiotil'a !sead.
liViditio Sui►e WV, LSO* `:
Forever fine►
Where bleo
With ?Teeth—
And Freeitoirt9i. bittitief affil IthWK O'er vs?
Post Office - = T-Titrts. 'G. PlDltiNti-
ToSI,T. M., has Mooted the l'oat ()Atte to
the Store of Welsh & Sari ; whore it was for
merly kepi(
Tht &olses to 6c C7oseck—We have been
14111.164ttd to state that the atoms in this
fihite, *ill be dosVd on. Friday next, the 4th
bititena of Wayne - shore' and Vicinity will be
held at the Town Hall ; on to-Mbrtotk (Battir.
day) evening ; at 8 o'clock, to make arrange-
Minh; his celebrating the 4th of July. A
tundra! Attendance is desired:
tilts intention is ; we believe ; to hats et ftiget
tar old-fashioned Part of my Cdhilifation :
We understand that Prof. W. T: BtkRNII2
bit ti S. NE *C61,34 , , Etiq:j fine consen
ied to deliver °redone lifter the reading of
`the Declafittitifi Of itidtpendeuce.
tnan who gave his name as
.I.ISINS, was arrested, in this place, on
Wednesday Morning, by • Constuble Brit=
tREAK, for stealing a lot of clothing at the
house of Mr. NxemitiAs BONEAREAIti near
this OW. It appears the came individual
atteltipted to break mutt! the hou'se of Mt.
WM. Homitu, adjoining the Borough, on
Priday night last, but was overheard by Mr.
eon, and put to flight, taking with him ;
however, a garment left over night in. the
'ard. On being searched the pfoperty . of
to a a . - ;
his bundles: Whilst;Thstice STONER was
iktititig the commitment ho' atteMpted to
Make his escape, and succeeded in ' getting
terhaps a mile from town where he \Va.% reta
ken by a number of boys, who Owned him
thtottgli several grain gelth: fl is note iti
. the Chambersburg Jail awaiting his trial,
ba}li few 4trek4 since *ti stated upon the
Not reliable authority, that the minister of
a certain congregation, in this county, had
beep notified not to pray for the President ;
and that a reihister who was assisting the
?astof.oft Cotiltinltliott tltta6ioh, was hissed
for doieg so by the ladies in the congrega
tied. 'rite following from the Repository and
7fanscript would seem to put at rest all
doubts as to the truthfulness of the first
ktetenteitt i—;
STAtE ttAr., /dim lath, 1802.
Enitott Ttit THA:wsdittrT:Dear
tln the fifteenth- a eittlinistarice occurred in
this place, to ithich,l wish to call your at
tention. There was' a communion held here
on that day; and while the Rev. Mil Brideri
ballet Was -praying for the preservation of
the Union, and for the success of the admin
istration and the prosecution of the war, some
Tde and men, indignantly left the church.—
hese people pitfess to be good Unionists ;
yet I have no doubt they Would rather listen
to a preacher praying for the devil than far
the Administration, or the success of the
ttfai. Thdy all amittise the Valley Spirit,
and every one knows how loyal• that is.—
Doubtless such loyilty is far more pleasing
to the rebels now in arms and of far more
service to them too, than to the loyal North.
fit ATE /ANN.
2214a/on.—ity uretsnce to otir eater
tieing coldnitts it will be seen that Itti exhibi
tion of the "Waynesboro Classieul and Conl•
Menial Institute" will-be held in this place,
Pride and Saturday everting, the 4th, and
bdi of July. Ware glad to learn that the
*Siltation 'is now in a flourishing oondition.
The Sterilises iiill certainly prove highly in
teracting. The_servioes of Constables Coop
er, atagreak and Crewe has been seed
,talstiseive order:
tiosiittal .at Winchester is to tic
,ditieontintted, and its 500 sick and worindel
,soldieri &rite he transfered to • Frederick,
where it .umber or public buildinge are be,
„Big ppared for their accommodatide. The
htmber in the V. S. Hospital at Frederick,
Wan 425, list week. The Winchester in•
mates will swell the number to a very large
Anothe Outbreak.--On Tileaday-zigtt
• ,01 lest *sok - another outbreak occurred in
'this during Web Ilestorst:lt i
wasattathedstnidemolished, and the preptio
,Lter :Ili -Son" d4ven, • off. p r i the Sable
aigbt the Savers** shop of GIORCht faittr r •
,16141 ‘.lllBO . ,dtiedaitiodA tomment • :upon
guise :,sishies'st . preelnit tint,e is aiither
iao. ll o* not I k l o!°°•rati , thises,
"104, - ( :**ibbrkellish rebel ion, inanimate&
44:-.iton 44;m:ow - of , GU4erunaent k eAd .
)00144tO r ii4 1 toi°S to see 'a:id - IQ-jig !mast:
ISot!Oki',t4(4, *mu ;.
well. slid Alt
ithenoPo4s.ll4l44lllM su Ottadant her-
-41110111:13BontERT 0 Bs vas Stem— ,
Ittsive at• of clrellel o , ackythiei Inekids
quarters- Ve o•tame• e
Froth the hinds or Lient. MdLeod
and made the cops ontsehtesi
DANIEL DEdittitr, nix/Mrit*
Ca bee of the ./lageilitovYo Mail."
lIAGERsTonN, April 31 i 18131.'
Dr. Futtaten, Dear" Sir:- -- --4 hid* dropped
on. Harper a note,
i RUED II I M A - 11 A I.' OF 0U R
The "Ilffidtl Stitiehers," of Repub
licans here ; are gaining off the fears of the
people. Maity good Southern Rights men
ate no* *arefing, W these' excited
apprehettAlotta, end ottr Noise is daily losing
stfength. • I still hope the lower portion of
die State still relimitt aria, and, in the end;
tire eseape ffotti the chains that bind us
to Blitek Reptiblicanistn.
You will do me a great kindness, and one
that f will not be like! soon, if you
interest ..ottifielfh (en. Harper In pro
curing the a guctd weapon_of defense. Only
yesterthty I Was threatened with a mob, who
said they *Odd compel me to hang out the
"Stafs.and Stripes." Very truly yours.
eetin: of the
Tills letter speaks for itself.- This man
Deehert, raised in this town, and obtainirig
all the education he possesses' tit our free
schools, and at the time the letter was Writ ,
ten residing at Hagerstocrn, Within the AA- ,
eral linos, is not only eentent to pttrte a trait
tor to his country, 4 .-nt lutist heeds play the
spy, and convey ; secretly, to the enemy a
map of the County which was supplying the
the bread be put into his mouth, and a map
of his native county where hls friends and
felatites reside—a map that would vide a
teurderons rebel horde ids their invasive g:
our peaceful firesides; and not only this ; but
promises to Ruttish the rebel Gen. Harper
"all the information he may deSifei" in his
contemplated invasion of Ptanklin County.—
Ought such a dangerous and unprincipled
man be &tilted to run at large ? Is he not . at
&tee a trititot and a spy, and should he not
be dealt with accordingly ? In all probabili
0f thy, ince ;
tion he has been guilty of sending to the en
emy. After this development, we can scarce
ly wonder that the people of 'Hagerstown
felt outraged at having a neWspaper pub
lished ill theit thitst by such a man as This.
SieVDechert was formerly eormectecl with
the office of the Valley ,9pirit i published in
Chambersbnrg, and although a regular nc
gro‘shrieker and mouth-piece ofsneli wrAches
da • the Ohio Traitor, Vallandigham, h e
made professions of &yotty to the last. Even
after an incensed community had "gu'tod"
his tory office. This shows how much con
fidence can be placed in "professions" when
"actions" d o not correspond. This man
Dechert is a fain specimen of northern trai
tors, who call themselves Union men, and
who are at the 'same time exerting all their
powers to prejudice the loyal masses against
the government, and by thus weakening its
hold upon the confluence of the people, aid the
cause of the rebellion. And yet these vile
conspirators proclaim themselves Union men
as Dechert did
fterThe 61st Pennsylvania Regiment,
(Col. Rippey), had 68 killed at the battle of
Fait Oaks ; 152 wotinded ; 'and 43 missing—
total V% I The 2sd i 17 killed, 103 woun
ded, 9 missing—total 129. The 53c1' had
14 killed, and 65 wounded. The 93d, prin.
cipally from Lebanon county, was over 1,000
strong, and cannot now muster over one..
third of that number!, The Adjutant is the
only field officer left ! ,The men fought like
tigers at the battle of Fair Oaks.
tiffirOn Wednesday' host, the noose of.
Representatires of the United States passed
a bill, by a vote of 88 to 43, confiscating the
slave property of all, civil, naval, and army
officers of the Rebel Confederacy, or rather
of all who•shall hereafter hold any such offi
ces, from the President down to municipal
officers. It declares that all the slaves be
longing to such "shall be forever discharged
from such service or labor, and be freemen."
The Wings' Institution at Manches
ter, Carroll aeunty, Md., was broken into on
the night of the 6th• inst., and robbed of
$1,700 in specie, and about $2,000 in paper.
A rewardof $6OO has been offered for the
appnlensioft of the thief.
Cket Book lost.—A pocket , book was
lost between this place an d Punkatown,
abont - ten - dirys since, eoutaing $8.31 cents.—
The finder will be- liberally rewarded by
leaving the book at this alike, or br giving
such information as will lead toita rewrap,.
/fir Congres s has passed a bill securing
freedom in slillte present Territories of the
United States, as well as the future. The
President has'Approved„it, and it Is a law.—
This Will , init stop.te air Veber . legislation
and trouble on *a - question: •
afore 'Rebel riBintels.-4-1::/n kindaY even
ing hat scene. eaveity-litnver eighty more
rebels prisoners were hiongiti - to thin town
au -rout for Horsialump - ,Thoy Were confined
tie Jail Iva nosily vioraii% and thdni: - ,
%kali to -Vies of destination, Comp
'etrtin-nce* fiknisintrk They were nn
irapiks,--stiecliona mid-'togged, looking in
every, "800 'its did thous who pmeeded
thehtt'.."Arog. ireiwa
IfilrGoa. Mitchell =recently. "tilted of the
-War Department for authority , to hang some
gifiri:aod:bridga-buroera his pos.
(11 V e inatiry Stouton.apitio, ~*Ong
-41.141 i
&Ethiopia, oity itrescirming Vvith etusiifCipii= r ;
tad bint ;- They ; art Oily, .rakerek,
teeg ' kmet : waters, re-
AEA to etopir , y - .. Thii poor
and jail ate en:oh - de - a 4rith therm. There
-h-noilreda_of_free neeroea t. tying , and tinem
played, as Well as poor Whites. The • min
istration has rented from Duff Oreen,libliyik
of fine brick dwellings, in Which froikone
hundred and -fifty to two hundred emancipa
ted slaves are fed, lodged, and clothect at the
expense .of the 'Government.: .Y.very Aboli
tioni4 in the Union ought to e his proper
ty "confiliCated" for their support. Verily,
the wickedness of the present Congress is
without parallel in alL•fornier Ones, They
have copious tears for ihOir colored krethreh,
but pone for the deceived and betrayed\•-hite
man, • whose wife and children this scours •
Abolition war has sent begging their bread.
No sympathy for the people who hate to pay
taxes •to support these' eP:gis , es in idleness-
Beware; despoV,! The people are but sleep
ing lions. When the outraged people are
called upon to pay these testes, thssar4l pay
them "in powder and lead." Alio this com
plexion they are hastening the country.—
Greentburg (th.) Argus,
We copy ttre abOte as a toff; Specimen of
the operations of th.-sen in this states who
• u ..used to the' Got • ment and the war.
A felt days ago . tote of the tdoi `qtinguish
ed Democrats of Indiana e • •d a secret
Conspiracy in that State for the purpose of
resisting the payment of "the tot necessary
to the pr mention of hostilities against the
rebels, a it will be perceived from the fore
going ettr that this plan is to be enforced
with "poir er add lead." ThitSe wretched
traitors, in their complaints on the increase
of contrabands in Washinton and elsewhere,
boldly lay the responsibility for this evil
upon . the present COngress, thus eenvieting
themselves of a shameless falsehood. The
fugitive slaves in Washington have rim off
from rebels who precipitated
War, ii?d
are now engaged in aiding and comforting
the enemy. All that the Goitrumeut has
done is td see that these friendless and
hattueless onteastsare dot permitted to starve,
and for diseharging this holy and imperative
duty, it is made the target of, calumny and
abuse. The 'white men who are engaged
fighting for the Republic are deeply commis
erated by domestic traitors, while they are
shot down in cold blood by the-banditti of
the rebellion; but so inconsistent is treason
in t e roe 'ta •s t a men whr
e very
- express the most -sympathy for -our-gallant
soldiers ate preparing to resist, with "powder
and lead," the payment of the taxes necessa
ry to the maintenance and support of the
army.—Phila. Press,
Some Truth for Dough Pacer.— The
Louisville Courier, once the 4 organ o f the
Breckinridge Democracy of Kentucky, re
moved first to Bowling Green, then to Nash
ville, and seemed to,have "gone up" when
the traitors evacuated the latter, city. It
was there that it put forth the following
philosophy of the rebellion, to which we
invite the special attention of northern
Sympathisers with the Traitors generaly.-- 7
Were not all patriotism, all self-respect en
tirely dead in these craven creatures they
could not helpe but rise in their manhood
and stand side by side with the administra
tion and demand that this rebellion shall "he
put down if it wiped every traitor from the
face of the Continent, But hear the Courier:
"This has been called a fratricidal warty
'some, by others an irrepressible conflict be
tween Freedom and Slavery. We respect
fully take issue with the authors of both
these ideas. We are not the brothers of
the Yankees, and the Slavery question is
merely the pretext, not the cause of the war.
The true irrepressible Confilot lies funda
mentally in the sacred animosity, the eternal
antarmnism, between the two races engaged.
"fhe Norman cavalier cannot brook the
vulgar familiarity of the Saxon Yankee,
while the latter is continually devising 'some
plan to bring down his aristocratic' neighbor
to his own detested level. Thus , was the
contest. waged in the old United States. So
long act Diokinson_doughfaces_were_to_be '
bought, and Cochrane cowards to be fright
ened, so long wan the Union tolerable to
Southern men; but when, owing to divisions
in our ranks, the Yankee hirelings placed
one of their own spawn over us, political
connection became unendurable, and separa
tion necessary to preserve our self-respect.
"As oar Norman. friends in England, al
ways a minority, have ruled their Saxon
countrymen is political vassalage up to the
present day, so have we, 'the slave oligarchs,'
governed the Yankees till within a 12th
month. We framed the' Constitution, for
70 years moulded the policy of the govern
ment, and placed our own men, or 'Northern
men with Southern principles,' in power.
"On the 6th of November, 1860 the Pur
itans emancipated themselves, and are now
in violent insurrection against their former
owners. This insane holiday freak will
not last long, however, for, dastards in fight,
and incapable of self- government, they will
inevitably again fall under the control of
the superior race. A 'few more Bull Run
thrastuisgs will bring them once under the
yoake, as docile as the most loyal of our
Ethiopian gahattles,T
Broken and Doubtful Anat.-The pub.
lio are cautioned against taking bills of the
following banks: •
northwestern Bank, Warren, Pa.; Consol
idasioOlank, Philadelphia; Bank of Law
rent* county,, Pa.; Northwealern Bank, Pa.,
Pittston Bank, Pa.; Pranklin Bank, Pa.;
Tioga county Bank, Pa.; Real Estate Bank,
Delaware; Beverly Bank, N. J.
"Serpi* our latest dater: nil, : was Toot
is iron, of Itiebinood; • '
I:10Sed or the.glittflouts StAbeht i rltietititoni
COnestoge, and - hfeend with
carrying th 6 494
_obit inth togi.
Iteuts;: Amain itehte
ionic since to retool% the Obetrifetioho
than t , cr. 7 l7nrer: •
On the 17th, thi expeditton reac e .
Charles. titi miles isboye: th e niontViiiif the
river, Where the:rebes bad ernoted*Tattery.
An engagenient ensued, lasting isiid hour
and a hitie 'While ' the gtinbiiati engaged
the . bniteriei, .the ttooTa, under . Coh Fitch
landed a short
_distatee ; and proceeded to
nin the place. •
During the eanonading, a ball entered ,the
bo er of the Mound City i eansing a fearful
e . Josion and loss of life. - •
The crew consisted of 175 of whorl
were killed and Wounded
'WASHINGTON, June 21.—The following
was received itethe War Department today:
Sr. White River Ark, June 17 I
Via Cairo, Jitney 21
To lion: E. M. Stanton, Sfecr'y of War:
Cu arriv ilea below here last eve
ning, we aseerta . ed that the' enemy had
two batteries here, supported by tt force
(number unknown) of infantry.
• ( tack_was_made_at 7A. M.
to-day. The regiment under my command,
the .46th Indiana, landed two and a half
miles below the battery ; and skirmishers
were thrown out, who drove in the enemy's
pickets.. The gunboats then moved up and
opened on their battery. A rifle shot from
one of the batteries 'penetrated the steam
drum o f the - Mound City, disabling, by
scalding most of her grew.
Apprehensive that some similar accident
might happen to the other gunboats, and
thus leave my small force without their sup
port, I signalled the. gunboats . to cease firing
and we Would smith the battery. They
ceased exactly at the right moment; and my
men entlied the battery gallantly. The in
tbutry were driven from the support of the
guns, the gunners shot at their posts,and
their commanding officer, Frye, formerly of
the United Mates Navy, wounded and taken .
prisoner. Eight brass and iron guns, with
ammunition, were captured.
The enemy's loss is unknown. We have
buried 7 or 8 of their dead, and other dead
and wounded are being brought in.
The casualities among my command are
small, the Only real loss being from the es•
caping stream in the Mound City. She will
probably' he repaired and ready to proceed
with us up the river to-morrow.
A full report will be made as early as pos
Col; commanding 46th - Indiarfa Vela,
The foliowingjespatch was received at
the Navy Department:
MEmPuis, June 19; via Cairo, June 21
}ion. Gideon Welles, Seer'y of the NoCy:
The gunpoat Conestoga, returning from
the White River, reports the capture of tlo
batteries, mounting 7 guns, at St, Charles,
80 miles from the mouth.
The.attack.was commenced by Capt Kel
ty in the gunboats, who silenced the first
battery, The second battery was gallantly
carried by Col. Fitch, at the head of the
46th Indiana Volunteers. A shot caused
the explosion of the steam-drum of the
Mound City, by which a part of her.officers
and crew were killed and wounded. I write
by to•day's mail.
• Flag-Officer.
Prom San Pranoisoo.
Reported Capitulation. of the French Army
in Mexico
SAN FitANCrseo, June 10.—A letter re.
ceived in this city from (Joy. Alvorea, to
Guerrer, Mexico, states that on the 20th of
May he received news from the city of Mex
ico that the French army had capitulated.
• SAN FRANCISCO, June l 9.—Arrived
steamer Sonora, ship Storm King, 49 days
from Hong Kong; bark Peter Clinton from
Glasgow. Sailed ship Romance of the sea
for Hong Kong.
Advices from Oregon to the (Rh state that
an election took place on the 2d inst. But
two tickets were run—namely, a fusion of
the Douglas - Democracy, - called the Union
ticket, and the Breckinridge ticket, called
the Regular Democratic ticket. The entire
Union ticket was elected by nearly 3,000
majority, making the relative vote about 2
to- 2 1.--for-the Unioni—Addison-C-Giblisthe-
Gov. elected, is a Douglas Democrat, who
emigrated to Oregon from Central N. York.
John Moßridt, elected member of Congress,
is a Republican, formerly of Missouri.
From :Wapitis,
NEW YORK, June 24.—The Tribune has
received the folloviing special despatch:
MEMPHIS ) June 22.—u Over 200 merchants
have taken the oath of allegiance.
Preaching the Gospel of treason has been
stopped by Gen. Wallace. The rector of
the Episcopal church, who offered prayers
for the Southern Confederacy, last Sunday,
h a been effectually admonished.
The cititens of Brownville, Hayward Co.,
raised the stars and stripes y sterday.
Gen. Coles, ottlie rebel,military, original
ly a Secessionist of Hayviard county, sends
word to Gen. Wallace . thit since his cotton
was burned he wants to take the oath of al
legiance. -' • -,AO
The tax Bill as Passer*
Washington; June 23.—There were in all
315 amendments to the international reve
nue or tax bill, The House having through
its committee of conference, receded from
258, and the Senate, through its managers,
from 16 of them, the remainder became a
subject of compromise as embodied in their
joint report, which was unanimously adop
ted by the Senate,, while in the House the
following-named membi - tat it:
Messrs Allen of Illir ;hods
Island, Johnson,'Nori leton,
Shiel, Styles, White and
The bill noir only
approval to become a
feet on the. let of Aul
The Commissioner
to receive a Wary of
New York, June and
Oen. Pope Ye stated :ed at
West Pomt early this morning, and atopped
at the hotel at which Gen. Scott is a guest.
Rebel Accotivit
• ITharlesto*.,
FottlitEßß,Moi4l'o2; : ittiffet A, it.
The ',Another' MittaMora arrived tri# . City .
Point ;taut flight,' - hilt too - late. to gaud it des=
patch through. -
The Richmond pa)
on Monday last between 5 .Federal regiments
and a battery of. Parrot gtins, and parts of 4
. euts and a battery. The
battle lasted fti.
all day, with a heavy loss on
both aides,
The Charleston _Mercury feared that the
battle would .be renewed the next d.ay;
and expressed apprehensions for the safety
of the city in consequence of the great ex=
halation of the Southern troops and'. the loss
of many,othcers. lions. Evans knd Pember
ton compliment the troops for their bravery
in standing under the shells of our gunboats
and batteries.
The fight took place within 4 miles of
Charleston, and from the tone of an editorial
of the Mercury, I should think that th e reb
els ha*e_ been 'eut'off from a retreat by our
gunboats. If this be so ! Charleston must
soon fall,
The Dispatch says it can no longer be de
nied that Jackson - has been reinforced lately,
and that the U. S. columns must either com
bine or fall back across the Potomac.
is contained in the Grenada ...Apperd of the.
18th: •
The Charleston Mercury of the 17th Bays:
"The Confederate loss at Seeessionrville yes
terday was.4o killed and 100 wounded. 'We
buried on the field 140 Federnia, and took
100 prisoners:"
Special despatches to the Augusta, Ga.,
papers, dated Charleston, the 16th say: "A
severe battle toot place this morning on
James . lid, 4 miles from the city. Five
regiments of erals, with artillery, attack
ed our batteries at SeeessiOnville.lCol. La
mar cointnanded the Confederates, and, with
a few hundred troops, repulsed the enemy 3
times, with great slaughter. The enemy
fought bravely, but were defeated. Our
victory was complete. The enemy's loss is
supposed to have been about 400 including.
30 prisoners. Our loss is estimated at.from
50 to 100. Col. Lamar was wounded. Capt.
Reed and King and Lieut. Edwards were
killed. The attack will soon 'be renewed.
The Confederates are much exhausted by
the previous shelling of the enemy, -which
has been continued day and night for a
week. • •
The Suppression of Guerillas.
Secessionists to pay Damages.
S•r. Louis. June 22.—Gen. Schofield,
commanding the United States forces in
r I •
rebels and rebel sympathizers responsible in
.their property, and, - if need be; in their
persons, for damages hereafter committed by
guerillas or maurading parties in that State.
Five thousand dollars will be enforced for
every soldier or Union. citizen killed; from
one to five thousand for every one wounded;
and 'the full value of all property destroyed
or stolen by the guerillas will be collected
from the class of persons'above mentioned,
residing in the vicinity of the place where
the act i s committed.
The sum thus collected will be paid to the
legal heirs of the soldiers or citizen killed, or
to the persons wounded, or to the rightful
owner of the property destroyed or stolen.
This order is very stringent, and abundant
machinery is provided to carry it into speedy
JEFF DAVIS' EARLY IllsToßY.- , --- Jelf
Davis' father lived for a number of years in
a log cabin situated ittivhat is now Fairview,
twelve milse from liclikinsville, Ky. The
house is now weatherboarded, and used as a
tavern. Old Davis was a man of bad char
acter, a horse trader and•swindler, and of
every low habit's. A finwhorse *AA .rniasing
on one ocoa•ion in the neighborhood, tinder
such ativiciotts'Oiretlmstances that he found•
it safest to leave the county immediately and
fly to Mississippi. Jeff Davis is his illegiti.
mate son, born some distance from his father's
leonse, and takbn home by him when several
years of age. These are notorious facts.
Some of Davis' relatives still live in that part
of Kentucky. We would never have allud
ed to this sinister bar on Jeff's escutcheon
were not his friends continually- prating
about Southern gentility and the low bread
ing of Union people,—Our own opinion is
that Jeff's birth dose him more credit than
any portion if his subsequent life.—.Arn shville
preaching elections, tliere will be • put two
parties—the loyal and the disloyal. The
loyal party, which will support the adminis
tration, will be composed of the Republican
party in mass, and all others who are in fa
vor of the principles" and policy which have
governed the President so far in his success
ful career. This loyal party will unite on a
platform of principles similar• to that laid
down by the New York members, which is
one that every traly,loyal man can tsupport.
The disloyal party will call itself Democratic,
and its great leader will be Vallandigham,
and assisted by Cox, Bright, Fernando. Wood,
and men of that stripe, of whom in New
Jersey we have plenty. The result, we can
doubt, will be 'the overwhelming over
throw of the. secession sympathisers in
loyal States.—Newurk Mercury.
Massacre of Contrabant .y the Rebels.
WASHINGTON, June 9. .—Flag officer DO.-
poot writes to the Na.K Department that
the refJactlfrottgb info , • ation given by a
negro who had been en iloyed by our, army,
became aware of the abence of onr 'troops
from Hutehinnon's Is !nd. They made , a
decent upon Mrs. Ma, h's plantation, our.
r Mnded the house, a ,1, with the ferocity
characteristic at all-events of that part of
the South, murdered, in cold blood, a large
number of contrabands, who were awakened
from their slumbers only to the hands
of the infuriated rebels:
WASHINGTON, Jane 24:—The following
despatch was received to-day from Gem Hal
Coau Mize. June - 28-8.15 P. H.
tiseq..r -- E. Stanton Seeley of
Unofficial- information has been received
that the White river has been opened for
170 Milea,,and that Gov: Regan and the reb
el Government , have fled from Little Rock,
on a flat-boat, towards' Fort Smith.
H. W. A LLECK , .
yMaj. General.
Ohitt Pt*
era ef.Saturday c
. . -..iikowiti
A iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTtinsiAi :
. .
• • .111 7 M.
Eei6lir—v>illanJ➢ghetu iunoUndea 1i s,
that now onieuies out •
Natitni's fie : will et be hi
Avenging stone 'ue 3e"
Electors! and 'sheathe filet nußliiiiiiitsWotiti .
Deep in the festering hearts• , .
(Ghost of John G. Osihrinit:'.iiiir,ic
• Cal. Frientia:—itiothia
Val. My lord • • • • „
Ca/. Noble—Ohivalrieriatefulliiiitei
Oh! bubbles of the ocean wise
did stir froth the-great deep,
A partial calm bath given their
The proper strength to tihist 'the • ',
Chains that long have 'chafed 'thy ,
Bleeding limbs; now rind themas ••
The Basen,cords— • - •
Vu!., With which they hope to
Strangle us=•
Cal. Yea, ismi we will &Orr
A government's4h rup °Sir Ntirtharit.
FrienOs ' - - •
Val.—Thy will is law, shrink not t
Cal, Then we will trend the laborer
Down in the vile slough of. ignorance
Where he in truth belongs -7 • •
val. Aye, my Mid. . •
Cal. And live upon unrattuited toil
Val. Aye, aye;
Cal. And make our glom:rue
President a sceptered King in - fact, .
-With brilliant courtiers gliding like
Val. ImmOrkri matt i gnorlgb, enough I ,
We'll follow thee and ans. unto
Thy deist ;Mesas the fond mother
i'rease* her fiat•lityi' anti kisses -
ha enconneciotia brow to leave her
Sotil, imprinted there.
((Moat of Stephen A. Doirgbta rises.>
Douglas. ' Oh God! a conspinmy !.
Cat. Away ! thou traitor!
No mudsi/k enter here— • •
Douglas. Thins Catalina !eternal vengeance
Is in store—
Cal. For thee (He stabs &vials. when he fully
to the grou n d...)
Douglas. (In the agonies of
Beware, beware my Countrymen. -
Beware. The storm has burst and
See!. they drag a patriot to his grave
Via. Well dune my lord, see
The vile wretch quivers in •
The stinging threes of a well-earned deaths
(Jefferson Davis enters.)
Cal. Illustrious King ! Ohl mighty
Ruler! Here is our all ! •
Val. All, Hail! Heroic Chief
Dorris. DV calm my friends— . •
But that body—
Val. 'l'is a traitor:
Davia. 'Tis well that he should sulk
For his Crimea. But we must flee,
A thousand horse are in...pursuit
And we must fly or meeWy
Die in that deep consecrated
"Ditelt(A pause.) -
Davis. Bark! hark! they come
I hear the clattering of their honk
Oh ! Country ! !Gavel' God (
F:411 • and 6i he e . )
Val. Oh my lord ! we are here.
Fear not ; fur though the torreaug-peakis—
Should red upon thy bristling ranks ..
And Nuture'2 , i elenunti, of wrath should
Wnge u lam crusade upondby
Thorny crown, still wa shalt prime the
Trusty allies 01 our honored King
Courage my lord! Oh driPe those eliadows
rfolll thy brow! thy VIIMIDA aro here.
Oh ! my South, my South, my
Own, my dear, thy cherished
South! The wortd's best hope
Thou.itomortal umpire I and - -
Wilt thou itlttl Oh God
tury Chase's agents are enforcing the play.
which is already working so satisfactorily itr
Nashville, of granting permits for shipping
or receiving goods only to men known to be
/ord. The missionary powers of trade thus
receive a new development, and wag a. man
begins to feel a yearning after the old flag—
in his pocket, Persons of doubtful loyalty
are required to take the oath of allegiance
before they can make a shipment, and, as
every application for a permit brings their
character for loyalty under fresh' examina
tion, there is no chance for backsliding.
NEW YORK, June .. 2 2. The . Newbern,
Progress reports that one hundred rebel dra-.
goons had given themselves up at Washing. :
ton. N. C.
The same paper says that six North Caro
lint regiments'had been disbanded at Rich
mond, and- placed under a guard, previous
to which they hung their brigudier general.
.The bill for making a railroad to the
Pacific, passed ,the Semite of the United
States, on Friday last, 35 to 5. The sec
tion for four broth lines at the eastern ter
hinds was strick out, 2510 15. -
Pi 0 0 L _H A T
CA P.S,, (te..
larStraw -Hats all colors and styles, for Men and
Boys, Children's Fancy Straws, great variety, com
mon Straws, &c., Wu have just returned from the
Easti.rit Cites and believe we have the most com
plete. best selecold, and heapest stock of PAM!.
lONA DIX far Men, Boys and Children,
to be found Sutside of the Cities.
UPLiEti RA rFs, Hat Makers,
Qpposite Washington House,
agere4raen, Md.
SW-Before "Basting" we have visited the
Eastern Cities, and just returned with a MILLION
STRA W HATS, more or, less, rather less however,
than mure,and an equal pioporelon of Eastern made
PELT HATS, all of which we intend to sell fi)a
rirCASH at "bustitig" rates. U you would save'
mom • bay at the Fountain Head, HPL.IEGRAFF'S
•^, • ha are realty made by busting hands, in a
harstiog Inc try, and a orating se.ale, and sold at
ouch prices • will **bust" all those who 101 to buy
at the Venturi' Heed.
Dr.GRAFFS, Hat Makers,
Opposite Washington
apr4s ' Hagerstowi , Md.
dition to our usual stock of home-made and WOOL
HATS, we havillipst added fifteen cases of Eastern
made-ELT HATS, comprising all the styles pop.
War in the trade. These goods have been purchase
ed from the largest and best eastern -factorMe his
cash, and at the same rates as the lar gest . city job.
hers, and we are now prepared to offer them us
cuuutry merchants at as low prices as city jobbers.
Opplte Washington House.
ste - e an ,ts
er la 'ember that we have
just udOgga, first els— r HOLESAIA DEPART
MENT Wiwi S ',and will Hell you in email lola
and eizra yott ay want, any of the toisillsr
styles of the day, and always at us low prices as
.eityjobbers. IMDEURA - PFS, Hat Makers
Sign of the Red Hitt,
Hagerstown, Md..
*is." BUSTED."--Don't b e Alarmed,,
friends, we're got enough-of, - money to' keep the
stock, and couhroue'esiling tit"busted* prices unul
utter harvest, at the - SAT STORE,
Opposite Washington' ilouNee -
Hagerstown, MoL.
rt few