Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, April 11, 1862, Image 2

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Wator *mos neg.
"do r* AP,
Boat that standard shaft !
Wham hnatims 'the foe hut falls lisfurs us,
Whh F'reedom's soil Genital' out feet,
Anti Preetluin's banner streaming o'or
.Dentidry.--I , We direct attention to the
card of W. D. LBCIIILiIt, Simeon Dentist,
published-in another column or to-day's pa
Removal. : —Dr. T.l), Elksztcu has removed
his office to the dwelling huuae edj,i ling the
residence of, Mr. Lewis' Deatrich, en East
Main Street.
announce that Mr.. Joseph Miller expects to
receive his fiat [supply of new . GPQ(Is 014
Monday next, .
Nem Coods—The attention of the public
la directed to the. adrertiaement of Mr. PEO,
STOVER, iri 111)0theriCOIMUne
?Veto Goods for Gentlemen.—T. J. FIL
BERT, Merehatat Tailor, has received his first
supply of new 'goods for Geutletnea's weir.
Family Sewittg 41fachine.—Mr. Fn.-
SLUT has been appointed agent for the halo
of I. Ifl. Singer's Family Sewing Machines,
in this Vnee. Versons wishing to examine
the machine can do so by calling on Mr. F.,
who will give all necessary information iu e
gsrd to working it, terms, etc,
Soos• Starm.—Tlke greatest Snow storm
of the reason prevailed in this Fection during
a Twit of _ Tuesday, on, and
Wednesday night, covering the ground oti
Thursday morning to the depth of ten or
twolva:ifiebea, At this time (Thursday noon)
rapidly diewrearing. Some damage from
high waters, ina t y bet anticipated.
- Valuable Noel Estate for &le.—To-mor
row the raleable Real Estate, near this place,
Belonging to the heirs of Tobias Funk, dee'4l,
wilt he **hi at - public sale.
Wesieru Virginia:—The vote at Wheel
ies on Friday last gives 646 majority for the
lam Constitution, and majority of 588 for
gradual emancipation. The interior Ctn.**
ties,•as far as be st from; give the swam
.raterttiev Station* Closed.—An order has
been leaned abolishiig recruiting stations in
the darent Stutes, and the officers thus en
gated are instructed to join their . respective
Regiments. The order has created quite a
stir-in military circles. There will bo no
effort made, it is believed on the Score of "e
- .eonon3y, to ma
! ially . reduoc the army.- - -
Allis - order do Tip one hundred and seven
ty five recruiting stations in rennsylvania
Yankee iivenuity.—Since the naval fight
, In Hampton 'Roads some 1300 different
4sehomes fbr sinking or otherwise disposing
• of the Merrimac have been• offered to the
- ,Navy Department by Yankee inventors.
-Abolition of Slavery its the Pistrict.—
Last IRA the Senate of tho United States
*wed finally, by a vote of 29 to 14, the bill
for the abolition of Slavery in the District of
Columbia. There is a section in the bill ap
propriating $lOO,OOO to aid in the voluntary
emigration of the persona liberated by the
bill, and other persons of color in the Dis
trict, to Hayti; Liberia, or some other coup
le'''. 'When the result of the vote was an
nounced in the Senate, there was much ap
, use from the _ lleries.
Sharp Shooting.—Lieut. O'Niel, of Lan
caster, commanded 22 men of Company C,
84th Regt. P. V., at the battle of Winches
ter; and out of the 22, but 4 came. out un
itarnted-4 being killed 'and 14 wounded ! Ho
-oaf IL narrow escape, having received a
bridge from a piece shell on the right
thigh, Sand also a slight flesh wound on the
other. His blanket was shot from his shoul
der, and his cap from his head—pretty close
work I •
Zee Truth.-3ir. Etheridga raid in bia
'WeeMille, that more negroel have
speech at
J e ff. Davis -
been etolen under the reign
everthan abducted by the fre Th e at !tates t.
1" li Unice as a Union. 3 / 1
!%7.1030 4411, 4„,,m1, -,47 77.:t k pSoutlilias by her
d madness .t
erreg.--I,r • \ll.-)--,' re Aim abolitions
ialdlM* century.**44lu
Sin*-2011?s,, rnveanal Yankee is alway'sji to
..,TiteAsPtilioations hoe been monde to
' floien:ment , for.licesses to open 'hotels at
% 41411
.- alinnind,mbe WE"n , • ,
, 7
, , 7 4 4,4—Hcintrima, of Green
- naPtk),• ' t.:ajaii Olis floe' on,Satnrday of
Friday . with ?mark with -Thoth Fisk 'dining
Ala imam.
_ : .4 4 ,414*• 1 0 1 the eenetry ',arab%
ifrit'liaii!eis#oo an:letri their trials**
Voix:P4l pulled Are U.S.
too-126, nays T ,
' • -
, r4vw:AVA`c • '
1 il, fs2..
usted to
0 have be
' - i' - -'" ' .N. ,*F: - ...•: -
/I talisiV (int'"i7:l l li l 6: . ~,. 4A 4 - 'y no
t o
niesiii44oi,ltiCit'4l; , t4tiink -t; '. - . ; ;;:tits uoi
Ot,4iteil r . "*tti, iiii it4iidnolitl'-oif* -. led
ales hart and , iiiiiigg*leOiraitol i fLlo avert
Its fete; hitt it IS groWiiig-weak and thin. It
iirshririkiiriti - its - propoitionsi ----- It - iii - ihiling
siviity, at-it : troubled -with 4.13440 * and be
gins to .count its own. deatkpillses in the
more and,thrre sloW beatingi of its heart.'
Tbo ?onapiraters who sought to effect, by
the cannou'i roar, a fltssolution of thit -Union
umst be sadly enough eonvineed, by this
time; of tho frightful delusion under which
they labored. They must, itt their reflect
ing moments, ,NrieW iritii- horror :thomiiieal
,e4latiou they . indulged in as to the -gigantic
'might; the invincible bravery, the exhaust.
less resources of the South, and the equally
erroneous estimate they had hugged. to their
bosom of the cowardice and powerlessness of
the. North: of the inability of the " Yankees"
to do aught but make money; of - the want of
allegiance to The Federal Union felt by the
20 millions of people who insisted upon
maintaining inviolate the national law. and
Constitution, and Of their willingness to bear
taxation as well as arms, to sustain the dor
To all' loyal men, this dying out of the re
bellion must be a source of satisfaction.. We
cannot hope to see it expire at once. It may
be months before we witness its last gasp.—
But it is cheering to know, that its strength
is gefic, and its capacity to injure over. We
may look' forward with confidence to a res
toration of peace. Business, so longbr
ed stagnant by the natural timidity of capital
in a state of war, must revive. Enterprise
must revive. Enterprise must awaken from
its lethargy. Activity will once more in
spire the heart of trade; and oven if the boom
of a cannon be occasionally beard, it will be
at each a distance as not to disturb the hust
ling evidences of life in'the channels of com
merce and manufitcture. -
Aiclew That Nhouhl be Taxed.—As a
means of raising additional revenue to meet
the expenses of the war, it is . suggested that
Congress impose a tart of one dollar upon
every man under sixty who carries a cane; a
tax of two dollarii upon lad ies owning poodles;
• C-one--dollaar--u•Fan--geutloma • •
thirty who wekr eye glasses; a tax of three
shillings upon ladies . who wear three floun
ces, and for every additional flounce above
three, two shillings; a tax of three dollars
upon ladies who wear hoops More than ten
feet in diameter, a tax of five dollars upon
all pretty ladies who wear veils, and ten dollars
upon ugly ones that don't; a. tax of twenty
five cents upon every lady who wears more
than a dozen finger rings; a tax of fifty cents
upon everyjvly who borrows his neighbor's
newspaper and don't subscribe for one him
self, and a tax of two dollars upon every
body who subscribes for a newspaper and
don't pay for it in advance; also a tax of one
- dollar upon every man who takes more than
twenty-five - drinks per diem, doesn't get
drunk, and a tax of seventy-five cents upon
every cigar which a man smokes a day, over
one hundred.
Scrimshaw's Patent_amcreiefor_Paving..
—This compound for paving side-walks, gar
den walks, streets, Ice., ie highly spoken of
by the press. It is said that it can be laid
at half the ert of any . othei material. The
Lock /raven Press, of March 12th says
• Upon examination of "Scrimshaw's Pa
tent Concrete Paving" lay'd at various points
in this place, it will be found the cold freez
ing weather of the past winter only Ind the
effect to consolidate, and make it as durable
as stone.
It is a singular fact, that snow and ice will
not lay upon it any length of time; whilst
all other pavements were cover'd a with snow
and ice, this was entirely free from anything
of the kind.
From the fact that its surface is smooth,
clean, and at ail times impervious to frost
and water, its pre-eminence over all other
paving material, is apparent to the mind of
the/most careless observer.
Getting their Rights:—The great cry of
the confeds, in bringing on this rebellion, was
that there was danger ahead for their negroes,
by the election of Lincoln; - therefore they
were going out of thi: Union to enable them
to secure "their rights." The consequence
has beerN,that greater losses of slaves have
taken place than
,would have occurred With
in the Union for a hundred years, and those
which remain are becoming valueless. A sale
is reported by the Frederick (Md.) Exami
ner, of a likely, sound, and healthy negro wo
man, aged_Bo yea , er 2 children, a boy of
4 and a girl of years, oth well conditioned;
they wore sold in for $200; also a likely
boy, aged 10 yea', for $105; and a very like
ly. mulatto girl, aged 15, was offered and
withdrawnat $O5. Less than 2 years ago,
servants of this description would readily
have commanded $2,500 dollars; now they
feteh $4OO.
• litrThe news from Gen. McClellan's army
is meagre, but,snongh is known to warrant
the belief that a ;desperate battle is impend
ing, Shipping Point, and a number of oth
er places not named in the telegraph have
been occupied by our forces. Several skir-.
miShee • have lately taken place; in which
three of our roan have been
r killed, and six
wounded.:.All of our - men are represented
to he in good spit:ita-4*A eager foethe earn-
, .
trtioironeilAt*of Tenooro, thinks
moans enpogh to rebuild tired Ikiridgis;
wititit 'Abe potpie the ifoolt-iiioluitaliotot-a
•- r , . • -7,
.IthkAWFOO fOr artitie b
outio§ old hero 4i*eiiipbe cally dedllV
ett that'llhe tn'on Must and'. shall be pre.
ervedy' l 4i-ariny-eorrespondent - oftite - In - - -
Maiming's-Journal writes, front Camp, An
drew Jackson, March 18th, as fbllows:
nYesterday eleueraVNelion-made a region.
nniganee in force toWards Lebanon. He
took with hint the ISSootid Cavalry, throb
*tortes 'of artillery and' five, regiments of in
fantry. Our regiment led the advant2,
Company F. being the advance guard; I'm
ware ob liged to leave two batteries about
four miles froM camp, in consequence of the
bridges being too rickety to risk"their going
over in safety. 'Weswent as far m the 'Her
initage,'-. the former residence of Andrew
Jackson, As we approached thesacred
spot, the band of .the Thirty-sixth Indiana
played a National air. Gen. Nelson halted,
the _column, and 'the Stars and Stripes. were
planted over the tomb of Jackson, and liar
rtl3attery fi red a salute of sixteen guns.—
' o comment on the.ceremonies of the occa
sion would be useless; as all who know the
history of the 'Hero of New Orleans': can
readily Imagine• the feelings of the troops
while standing before the tomb of Jai,kson.
Gen. Ndlson and stiff were invited into the
mansion and 'remaincd-some-iiin'
_ important Notece.—The Chatubersburg
Times says--There will be no Court on the
aseond . week of the April• term.- The -,eases
put down are those inWhiehlutige Nill was
concerned as counsel: and, therefore, they
could not be tried before him; and no other
Judge could, We understand,lbe,:obtained
from the adjoining Districts to try the caus
es on that week. The following order has
consequently, been issued
CERN.—The muses for trial at the second
week of - thelApril Term of Court,nre:enntin
ued, and the Jurors summoned for that week
are hereby notified not to attend. By or
der of
Sheyiff's Office, March 81st 1802.
Va• The official despatch about the occu
pation of Washington, ;North Carolina, has
been received.' The expedition consispd-of
two gunboats and eight hundred one from
a Massachusetts regiment, but no opposition
was Made to their taking of the place. Na-
icy of t e an a iitants wore found to be loyal
and large numbers expressed a Willingness
to enlist and fight for the Stars and Stripes.
Verlho Navy Department has received
intelligence that; when the Merrimac retired
from the, contest with the .Monitor, she had
seven feet of:water in her hold., One shot
from the Cumberland riddled her, while one
from the Monitor entered one of her port
holes, dismounting two guns.
tarlheivbels prefer drawing up their
forces on the highest ground they can find,
so that:when the running time comes it shall
be all the way down hill.
The Advance on Vorktourn.
Capture of Ship Point—Skirmishing on the
Outposts. _
WASIIINGTON, April 7.—The Fortress
Monroe boat to Baltimore brings information
from the neighborhood of, Yorktown up to
Saturday afternoon.
Ship Point has boon taken by our troops,
and other places on the route formerly occu
pied by the rebels.
Some skirmishing and cannonading had
taken place between the outposts of the one
my and our forceS, in which a number of
casualities are said to have occurred.
The following is a general summary of the
intelligence received by the War Department
up to 10 o'clock this Monday night:
First—Operations at Yorktown and For
tress Monroe. 'Yesterday the enemy's works
were, carefully examined by Gen. McClellan,
and were found to be very ' strong, and Hie
approaches difficult. The enemy were in
force, and the water batteries at York and
Gloucester are said to be much increased.—
There was Rharpo firing in the night; 13
harm was done.
Our forces were receiving from
Ship Point, repairing roads and getting up
large trains. It seemed plain that mortars
and siege trains must be used before assault
ing the place.
`Another dispatch was received at 10.89
this A. M., states that.. YorktoWn ° will fall,
-but-not-without-a-siette of t,vo utihree
A0tr,....c 0 0 _
Some of the outer works were taken.
A dispatch from Gen.' Wool states that
_Gen. Magruder had thirty thousand men 'at
Another dispatch to the - Secretary of. War,
states that a new rebel camp was discoVoiod
on the , beach opposite the Rip Raps, and
were shelled out by Col. Holliday. Several
of the enemy's infkntry' were seen from the
Rip Raps during the day.
There were no signs from the Merrimac.
A rebel tug was seen making a reconnois
sance off Sewall's Point, on the afternoon of
Operations in the Department of the She-
No material change is reported in the po,
aition of the enemy.. Jackson is near New
Market and Johnston at Gordonsville.
A refugee, who came in to-day, reports
that - Wthousand Union men .in Rockingham
county had taken to the menntainw at oo Elk
Run, on the Blue Ridge, with the determin
ation toiresisf with arms theii impressment
by the rebels. This statement is believed.
Jackson threatens to subdue them by force,
Which they are determined to resist.
The forces in front of Gen. Fremont are
reheating towards the Shenandoah moun- .
tains. - ' - N. P. BANKS,
Since the occupaticin of Savannah, Tenn.,
by our troops; the place has been visited by
a. great number of,women from the surroun
ding cinuttry, who seem to be -delighted at
the presence of our-boys. This is one of the
hopeful f4turei that has atten dk!of our
itnityiitwo it loft Cairo; but it can easily -be
,tascouitted for by the natural curiosity of the
.40X 10 so, men -fief the that time.
, _ - 111t1041
.:: ii,'.',-,•,,i
. •
~.. et.... .::, 4 .,„..
,-- _ •_) • ,_.- -,,-
~..... , , ...._
. .. .
-LOUIRVIILLE, April B.The Nashville
Patriot of this morning says:" A gentleman
who left the neighborhood of the Confeder
ate Army of the West last Thursday, reports
that Bettureord' left Corinth on that tiny,
with his eoulTutind, fur Purdy, Tennessee,
and Sidney Johnston left with a force on the
same day, fur the same destination, via Ham
burg. " •
It was expected that they, would bring on
a battle on Friday or Saturday if their march
was►peded by rain.
made to-night, Gen. Haileck said that Beim
regard,. with an immense army, advanced
from Corinth, and attacked the combined
forces of Gen. Grant and Buell.
The . battle began at daybreak yesterday,
and continued till late in the afternoon, with
terrible loss on both sides. -•
We have gained' a complete victory. and
driven the enemy back within his fortifica
Gen. Haßeek also announced his depart
ure fur th'e, s field to-morrow morning. ,
Official advices from Gem Grunt's com
mand say the enemy attacked our forces at
Pittsburg, Tennessee, yesterday, but were re-
pulsed with heavy lass.
The partieulari3 of the battle have not yet
boon received.
CHICAGO, April B.—A private despatch
received in this city to-night, front one of
Gent Grint's strilf, says: •' lle luu•e Aught
anctu•nn the lauded battle ever, fouyht on
this c•ontinent."
The despatch is dated Pittsburg Landing
April 6..
CAM), April B,—lnformation was reeoiv
here to-night that, on the 6th, rebel-forces
under Gen. Beauregard attacked our forces
under Gen. Grant. -
The battle lasted all day.
tack, hilt as our reserve was brought into
action the lost ground was regained,
The rebels were repulsed. with great
Our very heavy. •
No particulars arc known as yet.
Six Thousand Prisoners Taken,
• _special__despatch
from Cairo to the Tribune says: "Despatch
es from New Madrid say that the gunboats
ll an d. Corm/e/et yesterday shellpd
and silenced the batteries on the o pc site
shores when Gen. Pope ordered tl e tru s
across, which was accomplished without t c
loss of a man.
The rebels fled toward Tipton, sinking
several of their transports and gunboats.
Their floating battery, mounting ten guns.
drifted down the river last night, and is now
agroUnd near Point Pleasant and will be re
covered with its armamenti The Ohio 13, , 11e
will also he recovered. Oen. Popo took the
'Pittsburg and Carom-MN, and with a part of
his army marched to Tipton and attacked
the enemy this morning. He- took 2,000
prisoners. He will probably get as, many
more before night:
The rebels fled to the swamps In grout
Great quantities of stores,- cannon, and
ammunition have fallen into our hands. Al
all the baggage
The rebel, Adjutant General Makall is a
c oun ,
Th 6 try between Island No. 10 and
N. Madrid, on the east side of the river is
beit , seourod• b sur
The entire rebel force, at and about Island
No 10, are either ,taken prisoners or utterly
routed and denier:tilted.
Colonel Bissell BM been ordered to Tipton
which is 12 miles below N. Madrid, with n
transport, to bring up the -cannon and other
property taken-
The Chicago Times' special despatch says:
'A messenger arrived on the Benton at 9
o'clock last night, with a letter from the
commanding officer of the Island, proposing
a capitulation. Commodore Foote replied
that he would accept of no terms other than
an unconditional surrender.
At 1 o'clock this morning the surrender
was made.-
Further adviees from N. Madrid represent
that Gen. Pope has taken 3,000 prisoners.
• In their retreat -the rebels abandoned ev
The Spoil* Captured. _ _
ST. LOUIS, A . .pril.General Pope has cap
turecrthreievenerals, six thousand prisoners
of fear, one hundred Siege mats. several field
batteries, an immense stuantitg of smallarms.
tents, icagoni, horses, and provisions. In ae
complishing all this ho has not lost a single
man. -
CINCINNATI, April 6.—A despatch dated
Nashville, April 7, says :" Gen. Dumont is
just now bringing in two steamboats loaded
with meat weighing 160,000 pounds, captur
ed by Colonel Hazard,' fifty mild above here,
on the Cumbarlind river.
Major General
YosterilttiPlonol Du ffi eld, ,at , Nuttier*,
boro;.captinro4s4mil direit from Corinth,
with' 141)PiCkiti hondrad and fifty lot
tiro iniforotg., Taloa* - information
regiirdilith and position of filo
enemy._ :
bvanee of Getterei Ocanregtira acid John-
ED Fonisze
batumeralde Cannon and Small Arms.
Stores, Camp Equipage, tte., (te.
Spies akrestecl at Nashville.
g~~ tY c i is 'r."
- Wi,ypt e viputhkil , g
fiu,)oeO -,- t udi
thifittlies or!iiioitio*nitii Orusfkio tiny
orreiVagoi6lueiiii;'Pfito."....-?:' -rili'li*
wo eve the nalues'of, the , following peitiouo
with the";----'4-thett-iikriiiii*--
A. J. HAAN. •
artintluengrave - t.urribove cu
fur a double , purpose, to be used with the
publication of thosewhu defraud us. out of
our hard earnings, and atolso apptopriate
for use whenlVe shall feel called upon to ex
pose some of the more loud-mouthed, villain
ous Rebel sympathisers. Another .batch
will appear shortly.
Conviction and sentence of a Newspaper pub
ishe r.
WAstivurox, April h.—Edmund
publisher of the Boone County Standard, w
tried before a military commission at Colum
bia, Missouri, on two charges:
First charge—The publication of inforina
tion for the benefit of the enemy, and etie.iur,
aging resist nee to the Government and lawki
of the Uniim ‘-itutes.
Second cha violation of the laws of war
by the, publi tion within the lines te the
troops orthe ~niteti States, in public newi ,
papers, of arti les and , intimmation intended
and designed ti , mnfort the enemy and'invite
persons to rebellion against the Ouvermnent
of the United States. One of the criminal
publications was styled "Letters from the
Army," another "linte Abe or I)ie," and the
third..!.!,Diews from lion.' Price."'
I , ,
of the charges and specifications, and sentenc
ed him to be placed-and kept outside the
lines of the State of Missouri during' the war,
and that the press, types, furniture and
material of the printing office of the Boone
County Standard be confiscated and sold for
the use of the United States."
Gen. HaHoek approved thy finding and sen
tence, and directed the printing office to re
main in charge of the Quartermaster until
further orders, and that the prisoner be placed
outside of the State of Missouri, and that if
he returned during the war, without permis
sion, that arrested and placed i n-- clone
confinement in the Alton military prison.
The proceedings being returned to the war
Department,they weie approved by the Sec
retary and an order - issued that the form of
procedure shimild be adopted in like eases by
the commanders of all the military depart
EES.-It has been a:ken:tined that the rebel
`Tenders-are -grievously disco,ncertel: by_ the
change in the disposition of the army of the
Potomac. They had early information of
the preparations fbr the transportation of
Gen. McClellan's army, and, supposing that
the whole army of the Potomac was to be
withdrawn from the vicinity of Washington,
had iirtinged a programme for a bold dash
across the . Potomac above Washington, and
a foray upon the capital through Maryland.
Gen.,Jackson's command was to lead this en
terprise, and to be supported by Smith and
Johnston's fbrces. It was expected that the
rebel sympathisers in Maryland would raise
the standard of rerblt there, and aid the ex
ecution of the project, by the destruction of
railroads and bridges, and the isolation of
Washington from reinforcements of Union
TROOPIL-A private letter, found in the en
trenchments at .NeWbern, N. C., after the
flight of the rebels, lets more light than these
productions usually do upon the state of
feeling in the rebel camps. The document
is dated "Camp Lee, Newborn, Craven coun
ty, N., C., Mar. 10th and the writer. say.e.
"We have got the Raleigh Register here,
and it says the Northern and Southern Con-
gross are lof s . rymg fsfir — peace, and that
Col. Charles Lee has orders not to pay any
more $59 bounty to regulars until further
orders. I also heard a man belonging to a
cavalry Co.. say yesterday that he believed by
the Ist of July two thirds of the Southern
people would be back in the Union aid peace
would be made.
There are plenty of Yankees here. We
have two bridges to guard, and they have
both been set on fire, but the guard discover
ed it in time .to present damage. Seven
Yankees were arrested near hear yesterday,
and second others we Ikea this morning.
Our troops also lutd a de brush. near High
feint, and kille&right an of fiat; Cnion
me:: prisoners.
If peace can't 1 made shortly, i think
we will he the whrst :chipped men you ever
saw; for I see no chance for us to - , whip the
Yankees. Drafting has been going on here."
The Connecticut Election
HARTFOD, Apia 7.—At the State election
held to=day, Governor Buckingham was. re-
elected by ulargely increased majority over
that receifed by him last , year, which was
2,086 vote.,
NE* HAVEN, •April 7.-'--Thc't election in
this State today was overwhelmingly . Unio
n- Iwo-thirds of the Legislature
arq cf that party, and the whole State ticket
was elected , by 5,000-majority.
al'li=fl . = 4l :aoma 3 3. -
On SundaYnitiast„ at his .nsidenee
ntai this'plaee,lltr. Je;:tinioh. *Fewer, aged
- 42 Mears,7 months 24 dap.
Antrim township; on the - 24th nit.,
f #fis, Carbaugh, ago() 76 yeah, 10 ruonths
a40i114 days.
. t Vat , lie, 11,40 . 'i
t r t "PI BY To
Wheli*lth folded wino the
/Ohio 'Death erliMmto glottis !live')
A tut tits irmitier i is •Jfitening
Dim the 'hieing fare of &t it
-Olit frapartiattind - ligtene'`"'°' "
To the higtif•win,lo rdd.on I tette.
Al thq titurtntit
la a bait anti gintle tdue.
Tben't time to beiiritie chureli•Letia;
' Chiming wormbipers to sorePri
While the.tnuste breithed,by hirpliting4
Steals upon ate etfitning eh '
All thiiiiesigorrell
Vibrate (leer within the hearti-,
• And at every sound Cumigae r
They to treidier, being start.. ,
Oft. when iniudni on Ike /shahs or
01 ibis transitory Jiro, "- .7 - ' : •
I hoiv ponderol o'il hi willows,
With he round of eixistint
Then my soul ky faith'ifinntinett, - .
Looks bryotill the segues of night,
And my enrailturvil vision calcites '
.01 itnrses of those /intim of light.
Oh!. bleat promise, that the Writ. .
Fainting, weary, and distressed;
shall nt ho anehored . safely
Il the hav,en, of the Weld,
2 To t heland wh en neither nulTuring s
Puin nor grief can ening more—
Let us still • rem on wi cove.
To ibe dent one' gone before.
„v, - 39
WAYNERNO4tOt. Apyil.; 1.1. MC%
Burrica 15, WAgimeta. Wont, - SO,
EGOS 10 UNIVAC/1D " 20.
Ibmin 7 ethvgis Smith
BACON (lentils) 10 Nieto BLUM.
BACON (rtitieN) 71 UttrAitgo. s*
Bacus (slinatilprg) 7 I Dpum Arll4lll
'Arm, 8,1861.
There were offered at the Maryland Cat
tle Scales this morning 75U head Beef Cat
tle, and Sold at 0 1 1(0.
The supply of hogs was Lime, causing a
decrease in prices. We quote at $4.75095.75
per IUU lbs.
Tke demand for Sheep this week was lim
ited,-.4ales being made at titan $4.50®5.5t)
'per 100 lbs.
• .
Prom, Me Wiper of Tuesday last.
FLOP 11.—We have no sales to report t o
day. Howard Street Super $5.12;
' • r • -
City Mills, good to - Fancy:beds Sup. - 0.25;
Shipping brawls Extra do. $(i.25.
LIRSES.—The offerings for grain at both
Exchanges were quite light. The receipt
at the. Maryland Corn and Flour .141xchango
Wed tip 5,000 bushels, and at the Balti
more ExChange 211,00 bushels. Wheat was
in active demand. We quote admitted to
medium white at 1200035 eta.; fltir to good
do. at 1-10 1.15 atm.; prime to strictly choice
tinnily flour do. at 150@135 cts.; maim
to fair red 12:30_031i ets.; aria good to prime
d0.126@128. CartilWe quote fair to prime
at 510 . 942_ct5. and white _at_ Gati. , 6s cts:—
Oats were dull. ' We quells good .to prime
Pennsylvania at 118(1y40 eta.; Maryland do.
at 211 i (y)3B ets. Rye—We quote goad and
prime Pennsylvania Rye at flobitfai eta. per
bushel; Maryland attil eta. per bushel.
• WIIIBK EY.—Whiskey ( t,4 very dull.—
Holders or Ohio whiskey are asking 24 ets.
per gallon. City 24 ets. j gallon.
A iss M. C. RESKIi inform; the Ladies or
I'l J Waynerthoro' lin ' vicinity that she has re
moved her Millinery Store to the dwelling bows On
v C ....t
Mein Street, adjoining A residence of Mr. liteols
Wolf. end has pat re wed (rain the Eastern Cit.
les a full sasortinent o
• -
Bpigkets. itats,_l3o net -Trimminge s -
- Flowers. _ -
and other articles noisily kept by Milliners. Tho
Ladies are requested to call and examine her stock.
A Aril l 1.'62 . ,
11 1 . D. LECHLER
to his friends and the 'pithlio
generall. that he is now in possession of all
the bite and most improved instruments,andls well
prepared to perform all DENTAL. operations;'' He
will be happy to.wait upon those whemay_require
the services of an experienced Dentist. MI opera=
tions upon the mouth . and teeth performed m a
scientific manner. Teeth inserted a ecording to the
latest -improvements . in_the_art, and at moderate
Office in his fraidence on the South. Corner of
the Diamond. •
.- •
April 11,'62
vault.l WAILS
TILE subscriber i ltending to iliseontinne filming
will sell at public wile at his residence 3 mites„;,
north of Waynesboro, on the solid leading frinee:
Tontitown to flopewell, Mills, on FRIPAY the 24ish
day of Arun., MU. the following property ) In Witt,.
2 of which are good leaders; 3 first-rate Mulch Cows,
one of which is fresh with a calf by her side;
among which is ono extra Bull; I Breeding Bowl
with Pig, .11) head of stuck Hogs.
a Lp_oemdi
with bed and bows, 1 PLANTATION WAGOIii.'
1 Spring Wagon, I Carriage, 1 Sleigh and belly,
pair Hay Carriages, 1 pair, Wood,,Lisolders. nr.
solving grain - Rake , ! Thr eating Machine, I Seinerar.
1 Windmill, t Grindstone. 2 sets Breeehbanchr r a •
se t s front Gesrs,•s Housens, 5 Collars, 5 Bridles.:
six horse line, 1 filth. Chain and spreader: L.log
Chain. single, double. and trebble trees, I %raw
Plow (Moats' make, 1 taro t horse Plow:2 Harroimi=
butt charn, breast chains, halters„ forka,rakes,bottes;
barrels, mowing - scythes, cradles, sick lea. &a, dtc,„
2 fly.nets. 2 setajfioullie Harness. b'; Parlor Stottet:S;'
1 sink. 1 table, chest, bad and bedding:Sad. many
other articles fix) numerous .0 mention. Sale toe .
commence at 10 o'clock on said day, whew a ere
of six'montlui will be given on all Anna 14'415 iind
and apwards, purchasers giving their . antes-with
approved security. - _DAVID A. MENT7ieR.
TT you want the eheapcia and !latest style of Hat,
'Apr4 Plucks. '
IITICON can by had at
ova .29
.11Trk •AN Ahrianiet_it