Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, April 04, 1862, Image 1

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    • • , 7'
• ••,•:-'•-•••••
*-• •
, r.•
,-•- , -
• •
~. . ~..••
The dead leaVes" strew my daily paths,
. ' And 'dead 'tripes Strew .my heart, •..:
v: Alas! that 'aultnun. Storms must 'come,
, :itlld artromer's joYir 'depart; , ,
Ain! that prospects bright as morn ~
Should fide like•Elity,wherE,evel, cor ne a on.
, ,
,The cheiisAfed i 4 early ~eair,
„, • - Too bright formirto• hold,
".• 'The glad,ges, orozoioe of 1*
glad,gey pi dime iy_ yt
the flower that
4Now,'Nvitherecl like the eutunin leaves,.
No frOsfiiiiirfogi4o49ll:7
I Walk hencefoith beneath the cloud
• My heart is shrtietleittiqw,
- .•...
•. •
Yet meekly, Fathervto,Thy will,
That aching:Xi:art Wonl&bow;
Sunshine, they&O , Jdrii-eit:mY
Sines only earttilYliepes stiitteml4.
What though formSl'lovitil so well
ATe sleeping 'heath We Oaf: •
What though the spirits ,on'eof with me
Are walking now with " (30d, - : 1 , ,
In that bright land where'aitgebi - sing, -
And bloom the flowers of endless spring!
There comes a day Any soul shall know,
When all Illoped,fothere,'
Forever fresh, for ever ;bright,
Shall be my portion-there;
All that "the }lither gives the Son
Shall Share the joys by ingele known.
The float leaves in my daily.paths, .
Will mie day disappear,
And vernal beauty clothe the earth;
And summer's joys draw near,—
So will my heed, of earth's hopes riv'n.
Bloom with th' unfading hopes of heaVn.
The loveliest eye is that of faith,
Which upward looks to God;
Tho path of virtue trod.
The sweetest lips are those that no'er
A ,word of guile have spoken;
The richest voice is that of prayer,
One nu et a vow has broken.
The prettiest heir is thnt which Time
Has silvered o'er with g ray,
Or covered o'er an honest head—
Its beauties mil' 'decay.
The fhirest hand is ono that oft •
In deeds of kindness-given; -
The purest heart is one that Christ
Has sanctified for Heaven.
"Out again to-night?" said Mrs. Hayes,
frequently, us her husband rose from the tea
table and donned his great coat.
‘Yes,,X. have an engagement with Mr.
.Moore, I shall be early; leave a light in the•
ibrar " -
"Ahrs theyay," murmured Lizzie Haynes
sinking back upon the sofa ' 'out overynight.
I don't think he - cares one bit about me now
rind yet we've 'been married but two years.
No man can have • more orderly 'house, I am
sure; and I never go any where; I am note bit
extravagant; and yet I don't believe he loveii
me any more. 'Oh ! dear why is it ? wasn't
rich—he didn't marry me for my money, and
ho must have loved me then—why does he
treat me 'with so-much neglect ?" And with
her mind filled with such fretful 4norios,
Lizzie Haynes fell asleop•on the sofa.
Let me paint her picture as she lay there.
She was a blonde, with a small, graceful
figure, and a very pretty, face. The }lair
_ __ which _showed_hy-its_rioh-__ waves, its natural
tendney to ottrl, was brushed smoothly back,
and gathered:into 'a - rich knot behiid.
"It was such-a bother to curl it," she said.
Her cheek was pale and her whole face wore
A. discontented expression. Her dress was
a neat chintz wrapper; but she-wore neither
collar or eleeveshat's the use of dress
ing up for William," said she.
Lizzie slept soundly for two . hours, and
then awoke suddenly. She sat •.nd
--ed - at - the 'look, and-sifpie
proapeet of the long interval still to be spent.
alone before bedtime. .
The library was just over the room in
which she sat,' and ' down the Surnace flue
through the resisters, Voice came to -the
young wife's ears; it was the voice of her has
_ _
hand: • • •
"Well, :31oore, what's a man to 'dci
was disappointed, and I must have pleasure,
somewhere. Who' would have fancied that
Lizzie erarvis,so pretty, sprightly, and so
loving, could change to the fretful dowdy
she is now. Whowanta to stay at home antis
"tear his wife whining all the evening about
hertioublesome servants,-and her headache,-
and all sorts-of - bother*? - She's get, -the neck
of that-drowling .w.hinesoliati , -.,that I don't
behove she can- speak iiitaCtiaiiitly:"
Liziie Sates if stunied. Was - this true ?
She inathe exactly doiv
dy, her costume was-netsiltable for au eve--
ning, with only 'William In , admire. She
rose and softly ' wet:AAoiler' own room, with.-
..bitter sorrowful thoughts, anda..firm
tion to Win - baok,lir. 'husband's heart .atl
:theti,- :his alive reeinA -10 p
. • The - nexkmorzung-AVilliantwent - into ..the
:liet,ebittai:tirg* - 44.
saw Jaz
tlar mud ifkinteitjaran . 974sl4iwah.)4',:*44::
.100ft:fall- Out* , .4eitinterpheseiF
# 1 . 4 *"' 1 4 1 4-i
"44el i tiVir i tiOnj
r• • '
, 041 13 9 g,
„ -
.;.Cfl~Vi"y S
:;.:~ :•,
i4Oini t e'Vttiotni'ynut. • bitnitilnK*Ciii:'
.atone told," * isn't' Lizzie in a elnel,:g#ll4*,
must cool till :lon avreeten - •,f(2 : With.
kise,'replied her husband;Vresaing the TOM tci_
her side,' and Lizaie's heare„b'oixitaed lie An
-recognised old.lover'i3: One and :tnannei.l..
Not a fretful . apeeett, nc,ii 'one- complaint
fell upon Willlem)r ear 'through the Meal.- 7
Thite*Taper';,his visual solace at •that hour
lay untilnelled; Lizsia k chatted , gayly on
every pleasant"-subject ire could think of,
warming_ by his gratified , interest and cordial
mariner. - ' • t ,
" - Vett *lll be home to dinner ?" she Said
ashet t trent out. ,- ' „
"Can't to-day,.Lizzie; I have businesS out
of town, but will be horde early to tea. 'Have
'something Substantial; for I don't , expect to
dine. Good bye 1" and the smiling look,
_Warm:ltiss t _mullivoly—whiattle. were marked
eontrpt to lounging; eareleskiiicOtthi
previous evening.
"I am in the right path ) " Said Lizzie in a
low whisper. "Qh ! what a fool I have been
for two long :years ! 'A fretful. dowdy
William you •shall never say that again.
Lizzie loviS , her husband with real wifely
_ devotion, and her lip would quiver . ,as she
thought of his confidence to his friend Moore;
but like a bravelittle woman she stifled back
the bitter fe_elinm,, and tripped o ff to perfect
her plans. The.. grand piano, .silent fcir
months was opened and the linen 'covers' ta
ken from the furniture,. Line thinking, "He
shan't find any parloi's more, attractive than
his own, I. am
. deterMined.' l % . .
Tea time calite, and,Willit came with it
A little figure,' in a:tasty, bright silk dress;
sinooth'eurls, and,oh! SuchlOvely blush and
smile, stood =ready to ‘Volconie William; as he'
came in, and tea time paVsed as the morning
meal had done.
After tea there was no movement as usual
toward the hat-rack.
--William- stood- up beside the table, linger
ing, chatting, till Lizzie rose. She led him
to he light,warm parlors in their pretty glow
of tasteful arrangement, and drew him down
big over-again, as he watched her fingers bu
sy with some fancy needle work, and li.s'ten
ed to the cheerful voice he had loved so dear
ly two years before.
"What are you making, Lizzie?'"
"A pair of slippers. Don't you remember
how lunch you admired the pair I worked fOr
you ever so long ago?"
"I remember them; black velvet with flow
ers on.them. I used to put them upon the
fender and dream of blue eaTs ¶nd bright
curls, and wish time would move faster M the
day whoa I could bring my bdunie wife home
to make music in my house."
Liizie's face;saddened for a moment, av she
thought of the last two years, and how little
mimic she "hadruittlO fnr. hits lorinci__ heart'
gradually weaning it from its allegiance—thr
she said:
"I wonder if you love music as much as
you did then!"
"•Of course I do; I often amp in to Miss
Smith's for nothing else than to hear the
"I can play and sing better
. than :Mina
Smith," said Lizzie, half pouting.
"Bul -- 3roiralways - say — that-youre-out-of
practice; whl ask you."
"I had the,- Li
'an° tuned this morning.—
Now let us open i and hear how it sounds!"
William obeyed joyfully, and tossing_a:Side.
her sewing, Lizzie took the piano stout She
had,a very sweet voice, not powerful, but
mostquusical, and was a very fair perfOrmer
on the piano.
. .
.'Ballads, Lizzie."
"Oh! ybs I know you dislike music in the
parlor:" '
One son; a.fter another, with anoctuzne,
or lively instrumental piece, occasionally, be
tween, filled up the hour pfeasantly„
The little mantle clock struck eleven.,
"Ileven! - I thought it 'was but nine. I
ought to apologize, Lizzie, as I used - to do,
for staying so late; and I can say truly, as I
did then, that the time passed so pleasantly,
I can scarcely believe-it is so‘late.
The piar4; was closed; Lizzie's work put
in the basket, and William was ready • to go
up stairs:, but glancing back he saw his wife
near the fire-place, her hands clasped, her
head bent, and large tears falling from her
e es. lie was beside her in an instant.
"Oh! willitthA, I farce been such.a bad
wife! I heard you . tell Mr. Moore, last even
ing, how I bad disappointed you; but I will
try to make your itotne pleasant, and indeed
I will, if you will only forgive and love me."
"Love you! Oh! Liazie, you cannot guess
how clearly!"
As the little wife lay down - that night she
thonght, "I have won him back again!' Bet
ter than that, I have learned how to KEEP
HIM." •
days-ago, as -Gen. Buell was riding on I
back through the streets of Nash ille, an
aristocratic lady, a Mrs. W., living • a fine •
large house, stood at an open window, wav
e rebel flag toward him and cried, '‘.l.lurrall
for Jeff. Davis and the S. Confederacy!"
The:Gen. reined in his hosre,. turned toward
the lady, toneked his . hat with the courte-•
j .. ay and suavity for which he is reMarltable, -
.ana;surveyiug the fine house from - topto
_bottom with the connoissuer, quiet:
ly remarked, "Au -.excellent hozu3e for leaf:-
tar •In less •than two hours every ro . out m
the house -was full of -sick .soldiers; Mrs.
W., Was politely • requested to take . ..vre of
them., We heartily corkgratulate her, *ism.
her hleased privilege of lidukinigtpritc46. 4 -dmic
iteed:lyr !tifferiug.paqicitik - •
< lt is to' stick 3rti.fingierni: 'The ,
- : - ..4034:1A14f1C-40;.130oli -ft* .*A 9 4);,-it : in...4 ) . ,
I.4W4*. , *littpiix44l4a, 3ioweverYJai a_
• •-•-• •
-, ,, jtil-iiii;j[gt;;i'llhiTilif' - ilf lief ' . ' - €4A - J ,
- 16f4thd; , :ic, -6,:iii..ketigi*P ' „)// ilvsoo - , 44)
~.,,k 4, 1 , - - .• ~.„..,,,,,,:v . ,:a 2, -.; , ..e , ,,,,,, ~,,,,,,.,,,,,,,-,.;,4 , ,,,,,,,,wi
- :,._........„,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,z-,,,....,7,,r.7.V,-71+1;4' 1 4.:,?4,- •=l.- : , ,..x.„+1 , ,i7,.., •• • • , ...-...7r..".4+k .IP:
..-..., + . --,., , , , „ - , f -. :.`-:+;_., , , f. - 7^,t.,,kp-,,1*7::ti , , - *.. i.4„4 rkf:;.. ,•:', .., - ...,q' + '-1 t .,:;g2.'•!.. 'nfr.f.,
...,?..,-.;', ;' . , .• • ~,, . ~.... ~...,. ,' . - 7„..%., ,,, %+.+ , : ,- ++ , " 5 „..'`5 ,. .t.e1', 7 . 4,4 " t.',.t.'.+•e . : -. " - ' '''; PO*.'+ 4 '' ,, f•elgk ' *'ri
,--, ,-,,,,,.. ..14,, , , I 1+.!.T.,. , a , .."+.;.:;',,t zn;:+•'" ' , "4* -; , ' , . 11,^44. 7'i , .:ti:t..-'++;.+l r +t 4 - . 1., , :-.1+,„,,-,.:•: , t r ,
4, , ~,.,. 7 , ..,...,,,,,..,,,,,- +., . ,..!.... , ,,......1., , , f 1:.„,..+'...,,,qi ,1.,,,e,i,;5,1 0.•.-o:•"!+,„l.lf,'",re'Ati".•-%+,, „,^74.4‘,
r ' r :,'+'"•-.:-.. • ,:,,,'--,; .- i,.,;/. -, +; ..-,,:i,-;,r,f.-,-i.l`Ner?ir'+:•,..9W.--,4??.4.:.,,,,3,,,,,..:,,;:,,,.,,,..,„,9.1,4,,1„ , ,f,,,,t,,q7,...p.,r,4, ~,
-'+ - .': '' ~,,,'-,+ '-_ -,.., ,+ i„,... , ..- + :;+ i, " ,,, 74, , ,,tfi;..,.;+,..4 . ).' -i - 7 -' `.4ii+ .- ti E '' V P7i 3 ' . z ''''' ; ' l ‘ :, '
' - '''+, 0 , . . •:'N - -.' .. .' . ' -.• .. 4 1:: . ~...;'' . - ‘: , = , : - 4.':%*,l 4o A ' ltant" , - 7.g‘ )' ; '' '. ' ' , 'A •ek' ,,, 4. 'X i,
~, ..,,, Zi ~ r - •:;..:3'4 4 ; , •'.7.....,1,.,.170 , ,-" • ....,,....-..44.-4...e.g 6 .1i1ie...0( . .in. — ''''' ' • . 1 .- - -.
...- .';',!!.'.. f .. 4 .-.71,... ::''''re''.: e . ":.'::, , j''.l:L.-\ ,,, ..- : ,t`^';''*....'''.. - 3 , 7:::.X.Zi. - 7 . :;<'Zg . ;.:N. - 171.4, 7 ',fAvg.V: 1, f...t .--ti - :0: ,: :
„,, ::
otoo th i tio ap e ,
;.~ ...:.
1111'-41W mad WZ=S r illitari
, ioof the* OWAtOk:'lliteita- 1
gives" the:
the eharge , af
battle raf Fort:bonelion The o,oll4oin*
Captain tinyet fitairtea , io , o-fin4
Grant,-who had been, inAlit Ad; siiieOtalf
past foiir o'clock in the *ern
near ~nlO o re„. ._11111.yer!'" , ; d - thiP ,Cicht - grat
coming hack from the tianspeirts;,, and jeiii;
Oniiicated to , hirii the feet, that
had .been attacked and' compelled to fall 140)(
bit had rallied and regaincd his. position- - -,
Gen, Grant immediately-rodeupon the kid
.beink then,half past one
there - learned the status. of th - e-'ari4i A
,body of from ten to twelve thousand 4 - the
enemy had 'cut-through-our right flank;-and
escaped. This Was the attack npoii‘Meeler - 7 ,
nand. - A galling':fil*,Was - behig kept up:upi
bn=oar left and tentie - fibia - heavy ,stege ,An
field artillery, and our force were. being fast_
decimated. To remairein this position would_
surely prove our ruin; to fall - back lout - :ef
the range of the enemy's gulls weald deirtei--
-alize the army, and no alternative .. was,biit to
haiard everything upon a united charge up
on.the whole enemy's works: Though offi
cers clamored- and men - were inamtient to
make the assault, still the General hesitated,
and it was not until half past two - that the
order to assault the works was-given. Then
Captain Billyer rode down to General Smith
to communicate the order when the old
General's visage gleamed with a new light.
Said Captain Hillyer': "General Sinith ; Gen.
Grant orders you to assault and take the en
emy's works in your front, atallhatards." -
9Better late than never,"'saittSmith, "but
I'll do it Tell Gen. Grant•l'll+) it!" And
turning to his- men he said : "Soldiers, we
are ordered to take those -works by, assault.
Areqou reedy ?'' 4
"Aye, aye, sir, ready ! Hurrah !" Arid
a shout came 'from that phalanx. of brute,
men, such - as comes only from patriots 'upon
areat occasions.
"Ready! Close ranks! Charge bayonets!
`s •- ;". rfe i
march they did in close order; the advancing .
brigade . looking More like a blue porcupine;
with its quills turning forward, than aught
else r Can compare - it to, light up to the 'reb
el works. Though the enemy kept up an
incessant fire from howitzer, field piece, and
musket,'of shells, solid shot, and lead, still
that brigade marched on, nothing daunted,
terthe enemy's earthworks, which reached,
over it went, right into the midst of the but
ternut colored devils who had so savagely
welcomed them inside the entrenchments.,- 7
When the blue coats appeared inside the
_breastworks, the old- ,veteran,; Charles
Smith, at their head, brandishing his sword
and looking for, all the world like a dozen
i•Atommfts_of:ropirdars:_h_pred . down and :quint.:
esceneed into one man, ilk. - - fehers took to
their heels and left for the next line of 'en
_ enchments as though the devil or some,
o her justice of the peace was after them
with a warrant for treason: Our boys fired
one volley after them as thefie.treated,' then
planted the stmt. and stipes,upon the walls,
garct three times three cheers when it swelled
to the breeze, and settled down fur further
-orders. -This - wasc - the - turuiag wiut of—the
fight. When it was discovered that the. na
tional ensign had been planted within the
enemy's .entrenclormat3, Captains Hillyer and
Rawlings.rode-along the: - linos
,And waving
their swords, announced it to the.despodent
troops of )fcClerliancl's and Wallace's ,divi
sions, who gained, new courage mykollie.d to
the assault upon the right. The** 'charge
was made all along the etkenty',e fraht, lie
was forced back to his earthworks, louring
the open field to our troops; andoecurinttO,
us an easy victory on the marrow: -
A Brain, Boy.
A St. Louis correspondent of thn
relates the following incident .of Yort,
Henry btonbardment
An example of almost-`superhuman endur
ance, and spirit; is:related -to me, by Dr.
Voorhies, of Missouri '
a - gentleman': far ; :too
intelligent and skillfu 11 to be: engaged' in
such a cause otherwise than in alleviating
miseries. is as follows : , , ,
‘Vhen at the bombardment of Port- Pfeary
a young Wisconsin boy,"Who had by - :some;
means, been made a prisoner, •liad his - arta,:
shattered by a ball from.gatib_atits_, rid
was taken to one of' the huts, Acre Doctor
Voorhies attended to-him. '''„ge,l4o.ju3i ba
red-the bone when an enormens• oatne
crashing-through the hut. The little fellow
without movinli a muscle; talked with, firm=
ness during the operation 'olsawing the bone,
when another came plunging close. by' them:
The doctor remarked that it was getting 'too..
hot for him, and picked the-bity.tip into
arms and carried, him' into one of the Utah
proofs, where the operation Wes' loOtepleted.
The only answerof.the Northernef,w,as "If_
yetithink ,this too - hot, it-will be ngeoci deal
too hot for you bY-and,by."
,‘And," nay&
he doctor, sholild like to scothet boy: a=
gahr; he is the br,avest7 little follow I .6rer
saw." „ „.
What is the
How 11/IJCIIVAS'APEN2O A DAT.--takluot
better-wages tl:4o:souruis . to - -its.' An avi
cultural paperaa:Mbit, in the time of C hrist
a penny , was - abosit '4)41'4 ti 1 7 1 of 'onz":-Insits,:
and money waelibon.t r tin au- valnible
as now; thepenaka'ilay was abeut
as 41 cents; so that the man Whit.wored`- • in
the vineyard fokluksoklutrext T.V:agik- as
_Food men no*.geinnill_ Plain tiliarsecskii*
i'be'gift of this gatafßnani CitaiivSaftwispenq,
to the landlord foiilikilskikethis Min whoa
the 01 1 -0 1 444 1 ** • - vulent so boat
48:43t0/*ould ftlmbr
psi; ;tok - U;# •
, taivoo l . Olgireric# 4 ' . tlfii 4 Cll l s.4 l iesnk`
' :
c;_. , l`+J£'
r • ,•>.l.
A-entrespondents 'of7a :Cincinnati paper,.
speaking, or the aptitte . of :-Foit
says : : ,Pnionel Kinhey,Cof the. NA-sixth
Ohio, related to ine one 'of those strange Mid
Melancholy incidents bf
war sometimes bring to 'pasks : As ,Ite wan,
riding along the breastworks a day 'or twii
after the sutrend'er, and while many of the
d ead were still unburied, he observed before
yifiVate in his cmn 'regiment named
13iiwnian, strolling along: . he came...up,
he noticed the latter suddenly Start back- ,as
if transfixed at,the sight "..of =a body before
. . „
---• . _ -
. ; . - - ...,•:. • ,:-..-:', :.'::::'tki'-i'td'aji-4'..(::'',;kt-'.'.
-:,r, -,...,:-. ,:r1.,,••;;. - - - 4-, , ,....4.- • ~ ,,-,...,:':-,...1 .
iiii valtiviut IP • iNtictot. , •- P-:•-•
‘,. 0 •z• : : ..,. ~r , -•.4., ~-:-..
•:.•:- :•.:- ,-4 : 4 4::,, , ,,, 4-,: :1 ,.. : ,.,4, , ,,., , ,,: : ,• ,- 4 ...:;_,,,,,,..! 4,
i i , , ,, ,, ~--,4,..-•,,,,,,!.ii42.,,,,•*f.,,,,,,4,t.
- hav6 you heiir 't eflificityo *elm , •
uPetitifilikoo":-*ith'llteildisittliiii,. ,, ,, ,
4 flltieJOhn) - :!
=rb'Caging 'those be itoiet dwily.- • '
• . _
• .'„nf Have_ yoOot en's.w niti
Wherik.telvfe, keep
: the, 2 choTOWit - ittniiir,..: •
Whileni"rt.e:twon 4 ' iitttiktkithshi Coutsittit • -
"ot e'eFy ittidt; -
Of coittn6 ` jib;
t;dTititl► 'tottz;AtithAqiitiir,'„ . • •
• 'Front ytituNlttlikeihit: Wise,
-Mid with tritiit
. . _
-%Or else potholes, 'sorne•blitomitiinillit
cures the ilik,.that yent
*rid hlteiii!lire. 'Other woi-li things, -
Fozgw g' Leto' poignant stings. '
- • Ana verse with o ut ihe least illigakse;
Hite red and clothed youllahtlyour birth '
Anti seeks your halijanesS on earth.' - •
Bat,..if you turn nitli 'Bich "disdain,
Upon "(We fiuti , of •
And, tifto to or ibis trinp;o dovirn,
You'll meet a Nation's angry freiwriz
P !iv will place your name
Baltic of Arnold's, black with, slinme,„
Aid 'though Jour *coke is till , for "Peace"
Eternity "Won% Wing:release.
AnAtioiaiiit at Donelson.
. .
'him what mrprised-hita, and added - that he
mil)posed he wouhl - ltae become accustomed
seeing dead-bodiei b y , this time.. Tur
ning to his inquirer, with tin . expression on
his face such as only..S. 'discovery like this
could produce, and pointing to to the body,
he replied, "Colonel ! Thais my brother!"
Ms brother bad been a. resident of Tennes
see, and had joined the Rebel army, but. he
had no knowledge of his whereabOuts, or
thought of his being
one et the victims: of
the blocidyeonflict,until lie thus accidental
ly stAdhled across his awlProcur
inett--blanket,—and-Abe-Issistance -of some
,comtades,. he-wiapped-lim in ; it ,11,114 buried
hint on the spot Where
r: •
Pioran — -
----lioClicharie county there olives a man
whose addiction to iwcaring is such that his
name-hag 4moine,a by-word and a reproach,
but by ixttettnil therniometer; he On
graduates,. his oaths to Marca,:thein - apply tci
the 'pebilliai,case on hand, the :greater ,the'
mishap :or cause of angi>r,i , ,the Stroller ,and
more frequent his
nessis that of a gatth'rer of ashes,T which he
collettain small cluitntitiPia and transports 'in
an orvart: - Upon a recent .occt‘sion; haring
by dint ofgreat labor succeeded in' filling
- the - vehiciche starts girl,. eh --7 . 7 .115 - Wry - , — *ltieh
stands at the brow of - ii 'steep .Lill; and it
was not Until'he reached =the - door, that het
notiepd, winding its tortorous - 'course, down
the .Bing declivity, a line of white ashes;
leaving something short of a pack in the
cart. dwellers by the ;wayside_ and
4 - 14 00, tttarried-A11eA1e. , '44. , 0 8 1.019d in
great JAL* . ' oltpecting an unusiiat ititbitiar
display: Turning, however to -the' crowd,
the heaved a sigh, and sim
fi'ly remarked,: ""Neighbors , it's no use.; r
Milt do, juol,te 4.6-- 14e -s t t ec t -!"—K-71 c
lockm '" • ' '
A curiens - "'ease, or domestic- trouble has
jmt transpire in Om
.V-41-10do; circles - of ti
Chicago. The wife of ex-Alderman .11arria,,
being desirous of procuringg-a divorce frorp. , ,
shim, sought aaniel: . woman named Mi.
Bellows, ln
nd agreed; to pay her between 43206 1
and s4_; if she would entice; the above'blt•
Harris .to crier 'rontil under' circumstances
_Which_wonhtc.nahle-lierrMrs. Harris-to - pr .
cure a aiiorce., 3lrs. Bellows nominally
'consented; While i\ ra. irarris, paid hq, $l,Ol/
cut,the bargain. Mr. Harris went - to''-the
room of 31raJlelloWN where, as .concerted,
alfrierid was:-,..concealed, and Mrs.,-Bellows
_81404 '' night Ares, overber other clothing, :
ii.reparatory to rotirilig, when : the. door
..was. the intrig,aing.wife burst into the
apartikient;fe - Confoluid- her erring . husband.
:Pal:We polieetnerwere: also
,present, who
immidintely arrested, kin' on charge .of con
"Spiriiey.,_, • •'.
....__ • - . •
• .
Vii24.p .
r. , ;--If vie look, tor peifection in
humeri netnreAire ii , hall to 'disappointed.—
Where, liv..akt• the man who sinnpth, Rol ' lie:
_ltiko7dp_nennees iniether &mined . lie lies, diii-,
: Ftted Ir . * die iiiithl of . strict rectitude; Alas
yet o.learn the filltiprinCiple-,,fir ieligic
wo'titst.o:Bl44o47-thosniin who is loud lii
his 4e.nnneuttlow4:44o4 - :*lw imorfy boon
.gniity 'of •
tellipati*af fiiiiibit'Of(lPClCW/ Xli
tiPaq:Orßltin) 040/Slklini .liii : -'41#01," .b.e.,- a .
fiiit:i4tft:tell. - inilieits . linlyi':, it - .lin., Ilia .iii e !
*li:hitt& irie ' eliiiestirniity . L'iti: , liii',`'hinnVlie
. - wo)iki ler . eirealt4i3itt.oo4l42Adal*
ir i
40, - Vsait:oll.344*rpttfi
iott;*iiitua: wi04004."
. lAffiff WroritAint*** 1 10' .
~-. ~x'
- *Tea
_leg *,- fonf
Tutu 0344 .
WlLlitreA*7 - -,Yklikittk-ot *01 ) 0 , _
4 4 14*Atil',
Pasattrita - SW ,44 *
pr . vei , V tliq tgreat vAlttnfiihd-:WilihAtt
thtibisoillis*id theik4hildohy,fiTteiko* - O,S.
;Hy - nv~what -u duoem~iit r¢
i3tron4er. . in, parents - to ; :plantorchaidsttlS;.'
.serve foioti . afitl;htilltteonifkidietis . And.
ratio-Iw%; ~ `*:, : — . :'';olll4hii..4lfitisp, o o`that, theft
wil4 be Itf,it:66ltin
tient% inherit. bloo4 , jiOtt
`;ainef "They.6ii . affeld'efA4trattlVery:
APTeregATßOWitatitith 4 o l Altilt 4 : 16 40Ak
is t .eltYiihti,thiiii; on staid*
life for% thentsehteg, if limy hate nit.-been
4 1 PaZle, ao by. inhotitance, to becalm Treeholdi
ars, through itidititry and economy/ They.
are fot;;;*.h-e corn
fortyof ilieli - bOrsee. and, cattl§.l:
it is thOit invariable- - cnstotni:kietiling,
a new 'tract o 1 land s 'firai Olio:vide late And'
'suitable ttecoiranodation's their dumb.
beasts, even be,fore alikli expenflimeh money
iitbuilding houses for Ihentselves. Vat let
it not be inferred their dwellings_ are hence;
defidieittin Comfort.: ' The 'reverse' is true,
for Many:of them live in true palatial style.
is a great deal of sound
Ailetsotikt n, z tjto : naOtto of Davy'groekett—
"Re sure - nniteiiglit; sheadr”_:
The only. 4
world ) 10 ,to;be
*governed by this, -, of;e4ljukiiiit,uoitb?:—lrou
''Uist ; htne,n way, and. mind of
Yo*ipay.hear but it will
,no!.'do to.) :keed,,,the'
advice otif every one whuniny:ehooSn'to
eel you. This arable of advice is a: chest
commodity ; and .yen_will more_personi
nro . .wdling:*
tiusutities,* give idf even.
- ere oru or
you tito take yotirrgetiii- bourse,. pro4iding
have LIM tiglittAno,-Whieh'yeit,,sliottlitimitire:
to .get:fit'starting.'-
.C4apeeitilly if you right' this=
should hot, discourage you; - So long a.siltefe
aro more bad than' gotta people in the world
those who do right will have More opiiiiSitison
,than those -who . do *r_ong.. 11e-firm, then ,and.
having• carefully marked out your lattliptead
ily and faithfully purstie and- do nOt;
yourself to he coaxed or driten_
Press ON. it'in - arbe --- a - long-and : witiry lout
-114; buttieter fear that •yoalitive heed
'faithful - 461a tro;:that , you Willlie - ...slactigarit;
ly Satisfied:with ,the: rewardiVhich'wil.
:mtide.ont for
7 - 77- 4411. k. - • • e - =
41 , -.2-143re114cc"'
be economical; for will not many a woman
rather, run in debt for a honnet, than wear
her old one a year behind the mode?—give.a .
'..ball;:itutStint.theltimily.,dinritir for a month - .11ige::1040-Aiiitt.-fttruisly hand*,
.:'Eatinia• - feeeptiMl:rooMs; 4 witilelier, CuSehold;is
itudtileditege.theisan 'howl:- the •refit *,
ti hutitCretti:tiMes - to - Stating 'plaiOtby-,,word
ot-Mattu4,Ptity incotitti- - srifiifeit-, a
AOrti-Mitti:Whil.knoWs net:
tO . liye beyond a certaitt:rate.,.it,..,
teip,conifortable bath myttutilytinij, -- tliii — vfore excuse any preferring the
etitefort of.iny family to theentertaiiiimitit'Oti
...iet,..acquaintatades:: - •And,'-`seeiett;;; 1 - 1. You.'
. Choose to look.in4,upon us , you iiitist - jOst-takO
us-as we are, without any. pretence, of- arty
bid, or you may shut tho. thlkottiaittrOay
good-bye!" • _
preacher, ' whoie heaters were :in_ the
going, to sleep: over-his proaeling,-,,got.,ktin=
whistle,?,and 0n,.-Sundat, when . , its •saW
rit : nttinber --under-the—eotnnolsacent-inr
nonce, - he; Whistle and blew
a shriek: . 'r. instant the-wholiccmgrega."J
tion WAS: twit staringsnti
the minTstet,.at one. -another; :end : wondering:
What in the 'tie* :of:nature 'was to, cell's,
next: oYoe're get: of aldirt speciiiims - Of
hunianti,; -ion 7. 811(1 - the divtne whistler .
as he Slowly:gastid'around on the astonished
assemblage. . , -
oWiten rpreach the *saspel -to ,
all go to, sltTe•Wbet the moment 171
ing the devil you:rent *RI? .:atiL
coming, like a rush Of 'hornets grit
in their nest.
11 ! 1 E'PE4tett CROP. ,-= ' - , 7l **lFk''!lie iiilleh I
4 haa
-interested;. eelePet 4) , te 'kid?
in such ' matters; ' prediepti,lazigue arOade -
ea 'the 'comingseascia..:' , The Winter ' leen.
most fiierable, and thearida peri4' ?4, is said.
.to be;:passed.: _One; Tar: exchanges 5ayi;,..... ,
Wear°. .tertala •Thak it Wilf.paz farmeri*-
raiie:- fru% Dad .the better the; 4git..446 better
the,- pay..-? 'NO'. portion a. fl, =3'4 faiin is .
quite sa FOAta L SIo as a well eared fOr oreharC
The NI as certain aain3i*other;.o4
7 requirei;thadt - less , hard work to -
~, ,...r aiad, ,.- itl :,.
~ .r
ranaeres.Aheald erg alittla earliatteid
to theirlruit trees.,
PACTS.—Ttiousiilds are liataiituiftitati*
are everlofied without
mailable aloha can ba Wo — *
4 - Merth:e cons9loultddiirbt # 641 :4*
I)aatribi,bl and'oirrfir!xte* . .
laglulthedtiaf l " M ll 9$
; srVijidc-Ano
I%_ r arlir
.1 101/
Stater:4 4 , - -4-
1 0)11 , MOM WA
' Broglie - 4 s ';
tard-arifis. • - t •
Children afe tlio : boits 4 o4o4l
bait fasten a loan to
The scarcity of salt at the
ble. The, children are•aetu4ti , P#ll,t
cry with fres)lwater tears.
If. is by troubleslles 4 ecudtms t 4 to 410
If you IroUldn't hare' tionbh4 din't
•If yoit ao pot to out r tlfts,6fit t i
times, you will proliably tttO
they are. A
Trhat,"is that
qually - pretty,„?-ratting the caudlos fl s.•.
No are -prisoners so often as F 6
diWrs ' egiles as often al WO tratel t lttk
as often`as wg3 sleet).
Things Mat never
will become belter, and t .,,,1„„ •
. 4 ”
tor virtue, tice, gad
. why is aloinoly,„,
-Ipather npronl'
Ant, lletatise it keeps'og , il4oliM6o7-E4....
. Why is a kandsotria,*cititan_iikeeWeitli: - %,..
• -- • -
printing press . ,
Ans. Beoause she !hakestiftionoltqtri=;',
= •
ittitgli..js hitt ft!' Ir 3 111 ,1 11 3.T' ,
• - •
- :47.4ttratxitEnta4X-.0,*%,
13 - 611: - M4 '
Dcnels9p..l l a64..l4!=t - ';-o. : *-4,41
sit iun•
~-IJet omq:hitt-EVe ji
j itgt. Protideticli will'
, ipght4.o have, --,
Q. , Pia#
3 1 4.7.1000
A. A-Cloriini,n;
SO!' Aar
Ifearful scarcity of corn an
reti if tbe,rebta ean Eta Oil
460; ret-tlietiiiiid.!heck,'.tifitte
• - -
T-he New Orfeliaie, 61,t*.
wdal,th ' atiylbtlg ho 430
• `:
• •
•-• Oar seldlere . ofton have
tunas: , roach, to travel-Oa4
=ld theiveattee,are,alvtlOL
- •," • -
Aptivretaan aipthf
- eau jor4illigiaesalKthls- -
both alrilahited:.ili f ,
„ 7
J . * 13t0e .. ,4r"
Zit:Cid:for 'turdit sou
It mai per ape
ciao which 1 8:41k--
ivA - "Ik )