Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, January 31, 1862, Image 4

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death a *Ted palmetto, mSouth viler eat,
A tiO - alitq,diri band olf hie Pomona tit,
4 1 1.‘10 !!!)iinc lighttathin mind of i n
Uy humming the word ' s of the fol oac
• 'OM for a-nigger, atril 'at for ti.whip;
Oh! for a cocktail, and ohlr fora dim.. •
Oh! for a crack al 'old (freely add Ile'ocber
rek-at a Yankro-attllOol-tenclutr;
ptn n, and oh! for ship; •
Oh! fbr u ca
OM far a cargo of tiiggers each nip., -
And no ho keptbh•ing for all he hod not,
Not - eoziteiifed pith owing for all thathe'd got,'
From the flu. Evening News'. -
General McClellan's
• A
:I . lloUgh on last- New Year's day the
horizon o• our cotfotry's happiness was
somewhat darkened by the rising clouds
of disunion, yet those were comparatively
the minority who did not believe that;
'spring had ripened into Summer. the
threatened storm would be averted. Rut
this belief, this hope. proved
and sominer was not here before the furl
ous•tempest seemed to be Nit eeping aunt'.
the very fotindations of our Liberties.' Al
most up to this tirike, the (i'ovcrnmeni,
relying on the justice of its cause,,nd a
knowledge of its real 'superiority In power
over its enemies, refrained from any vigor
ous vindication of itself until the belching
batteries of Cciarleston Harbor rainedtheir
iron hail on Fort Sumter to its reduction.
On th'e 1311, of . April last, the Nation
he'd tts breath is the lightning flashed in
ail directions the dire intelligence that the
Charleston batteris had opened • fire upon
Major Anderson and his lit le band of he
roes. ' And the Nations heart thrilled
',roundly as the wires kept telling from
time to time, that Niajor Anderson, amidst
showers of shot and shell, was still brave
ly battling at his post. and that above the
lurid flashes of his cannon. could still be
seen floating the bright flag of our fathers.
But the hope thus awakened was graduallt
quenched, as word presently- came that
sonic of &niters guns were silenced; then
that tie Fort was an fire; then that the
walls had been breeched; and, finally, that
Ole "Banner, of th,e. Stara" had been- pulled
down, and the post surrendered. Soldiers,
on that eventful (lay you• were citizens,
pursuing the various arts and occupations
ol pete4; but; as the flag of Washington, of
1776, 01 tour own hearts. came fluttering
from its staff, amidst the smoke and flames
of Fort Sumter. you became heroes. A
few hOurs later came the call for Seventy•
live thousand 'free Months' Volumeers,
a id nobly left hie and dear ones be
fond, to r
coed Capital, Borne ni yeit cOrninp, even
wittiout•arrns, corns nt if •iinly our dead
homes [should hinder for a moment the ad
Wice of the feenvn.
AE, the . 6111 extent of the peril to which
our country was exposed became known,
'lower( r, this number was tumid inadequate
t-) the -accomplish:mkt of the great end
aimed at, More brave hearts and sturdy
arms were wanted, and regiment after erg
itoe•it was speedily 'added to your ranks,
until you now number over FIVE HUNDRED
' 'liousioin MEN! The length of the en
listment was, also, ton short, Ind tt was
armounced that perhaps service for three
hears instead of three months, would be
re-gnieed from you: But, this only in
creased you ardor, and you. have deter•
mined tba,t your breast shall be bared for
the protection of your country as tong as
she shall'need,
ticii.olass, when summoned from the
nvou rrtain-s—fr-Wes tern—Virg-ioa—to—la k e-,
command of the army ol the Potomac 1 j
telt overwhelmed with mingled surprise
and gratitude ..or the •signal honor thus
moth rred upon me; but the pleasant burden
was doubly increased when. upon tl.e re
tiyement of Gen. Scott—the warworn war•
nor ,of our Country's battles—the full com•
/ nand 01 the armies of the United States
was_de_volved—upon me. Hesitation and
si n distrust might well accompany the as.
sqmption of so vast a respon..ibility,
placing my trust in God, and for the rest
o.infiding to your loyalty, discipline and
courage, I put my handl!, the plough_, and
tlesiten helping me. 1 will never look back
until our Country's flag floats triumphant
ly over every foot of her soil, or my body
lies stiffened - upon tlie ol strife.
For some months past you have., by
constant drills, skirmishes. reviews and
other means, been prepared for the 'grand
contt st, the opening of which now-depends
entirely upon the movements or designs
of the enemy. and mob therefore come at
any moment; h e inexperience and
treachery that in the opening id the pres•
ent campaign caused your reverses, have
.een, so lar as human judgement could di
r t. successfully combatted; the first by
continual practiCe, and the last by contin
ual vigilance.
SoLotsus. our cause is just, "and God is
on our side. The decisive moment is
rapidly approaching, the notes of the bu•
_le ma soon — ring in your ears.--Ant.
rfferzreferr — T — ifiihugle dries call you to
action, 'then let every man. taking his
comuktle's hand, swear by the days of '76,
and 'by the dear °hi s at home, TO VRESS ON
otravc! Remember: also, even 'amidst the
darkest carnage of the battle field, fur what
you are fighting; remember that. you are
-trg mere executioners. but generous, fin
-ble•hearted warriors, battling only for the
laws of the laud, and not for gain or con-
SOLDIERS. when you have accomplished
all that is required of you, when your bay •
onets have enforced obedience to the Cony
atitution and laws throughout• - the length
anu breauth of the land, and have rescued
your brethren• from the deeplaid plans,
altd,artfiti machination's of a few designing
traitors, then-you will feel the proud•-saris
factionef having, faithfully preserved the
hallowed Ark of the Covenant. left to us,
as a precionninheritanee, by 'Washington
and hisillustrious •compeers.. Aml. in fu,
turerimxii, when chance or ,fortune may .throughout_ your,own and -nth.
er youtand•ea):
'lie is a brave - man; he was , at Toe 4 11 .
0:1;PI . 1 6i311 A D Lila Vs-saidon augh t .;
ie I • pantai you.,you re ;bra ve.
, . .
-41 K,
44 4- .4
.„ ..
faAl. 4 F.Npti,.rot4o - 2 -
. .... „...............,,...........,
co n,
• = sa=' g
. —,
a' ' • ~%. z,.. • & a • -o:;.. • r,, ,
. .
••• 11, ... 4 . 4 . ...ex cpx—,,r,. -....e ~ m.
%a. r 4 • . t.., 151
,_ ,
20 21
27 - 28
- 1 7
March 1
2 3 4 -Q 6 -7,
• 9 10 •11 12 I'B' . 14 15.
. 1-0 17 18 19 20 21 2Z
23 24 25 2U 27 '2B 29
30 31 -
1 2 3: 4 5
• 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 ~24 25 +•26
27 2a 20 " 30
May , 1 2 3
5 0 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 10 'l7
18 19 20 •21 22 23 29
25 20 .27. 28 29 30 31
,Lune ; 3 4 5 0 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 . 20 . 21
22 23 24 524 29 27 28
.29 30
J,tily 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 10
20 21 22 . 23 _24 25 56
21 28 29 .33 31
Auguak 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
• 10 11 12 13, 14 15 10
17 18 18 20 21 .22 23
24 25 20 27 28 29 30
• al
Septimber 2 3 4 5 6,
7 8 9 10 I I 12 13
I 15 16 17 18 • 19 20
23 24 o
I, 22
28 49
5 6 7
12 13 14
19 20 21
26 271"2S
2 3
9 10
10. 17
23 24
Dece In ben,
8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 - 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 2:7
28 29 30 31
, 5. 0 ,
'flas returned from the Cities with a large
arid well selected stork of 440 - Rds
He now offrrs Jur sale at IoW, prices:
Nails, - Aces,,
. Rope ; ' Robes,
(A superior kind;)
. Knives, Forks, Spoons, &c.
cE) tn. la CM tva. aaasEr as
On-a new and improved plan, at low prlces.
He invites his old customers and the trade gener
erally to examine-his stock before purchasing else
where. 11. STONEHO USE.
Noir. 1. 1860
.1111 ES, lEEE, HEIR
Confectionery, Fruits, .4., &C.
THE sub Scriber takes this method of announcing
to the people that he has received at his 'Drug
store,' a large and carefully selected stock of
Midicines, Painti Oils, Dye
Stuffs, window - Utiles, Putty, Tobacco, Snuff, and
Segura, &c.,;which he is now__prepared to sell as
cheap"as Old, cheapest and will assure his custoin
ers that-in regard to quality which is of the .4rst. im
portance, his goods will compare with any in the
lie has also a splendid assortment of Pcrfumeiy.
Soaps and
Toilet Articles.
of all kinds, consisting in part of the following, viz
Amber and . Bears! Oil
Pottraets for the Handkerchief,
.Lyon's Kathairon, •
Purnet's - Cocoaine,
4. Harrison's Ladies' Soap,
Honey soap,
Hotel soap,
Diamond White Soap, .
Raisins, Figs, Frtmes; Currants,
Dates, Citron,Oranges,Lemons, Nuts of all kinds,
and Candies of every variety.
Kerosene Lamps, Lamp globes, and Brushes,
Kerosene Oil. Camphine, AleOhol, Burning - Fluid,
and in Gist anything and everything that is usually
fdirdd in a drug store. • - -
Tbankfµ) for kind Awn; and ratron'ige hereto.
fine beetomad n poa Mtn, hevoliejta a continuance of
the same. etitl napes ,itiat endeavoring:to please,
he inia9 Win,the confidence:of the people. •
• I,'ltyaiciane preeetiptiene Tromptly and cavrefutly
compounded at al!. tioara t ' KWtZ'Z. •
nor .290800 •
1 .
~.,. •
, ..
, 4 -
. FA ' • 1
Dealer in 411-(110 imriely of .nru g .93 ,31eili•
iines, - Iriink,e.Nolions.i4er I tniiiiii;
' a - :4
22 23 24 25
'2O • •
VOULP tender his-thanks tolhe communify:
and still solicit the rtmnage of a generous
public who want-anything in his line. Inasmuch
as ho has enlarged his stock, so as to be enabled to
answer all calls for anYthing:and everything usual,
ly found in a ••Dnig,Store, and; has a•thorotigh ac
quaintance withtlia•business,:ho hop es , to gain the
confidence of the 'Croininutiity." He fat pay par
ticular attention to filling , physicians' Precriptions,
and more ,care and precaution used hi waiting up
on. chldren" than adults. "" '
2 1 0 3
Choice Wines and Liquors, for medicinal - Ind
sacramental purposes,'Patent Medicines are endleas
in variety, inclullirig all thht haiti'lteen tiititie up to
this date and some that arelet in embryo. Also
White Lead, Zinc, Paint, Whiting and Varnishes
thy hotise building or inside work., besides all sizes
of Glass. - Commercial, Note, Fool; Cup and Lkter
Paper always on hand,. with a variety of Envelopes
of different sizes and - colorit. Swishes, Combs
Pomade, Fancy Soap, Hair "Oil; Colognes, Essei .
ces, Flavoring Extracts; ,and numerous articles • it
the Fancy line on hand and offered for sale, cheap
er than ever offered before .
Also a larye assortment of Kerosene Oil Lamps,
Chimneys, Shades and Wicks, and Kerosene Oil to
fist' then A yellersl misOrtinent of Fruits and
Confectionaries; Tobacco and Cigars.
Qc%. 11.
Should yoU ask me, should you wonder,
Where to buy your Stoves and Tinware;
I would answer, I would tell you—
"Go unto the fine new store Loom
Where the Big Red Horn, the sign is;
There's the best Cook Stoves and Tan-ware,
All sold cheap by D. B. Russell." -
[Prom the Sunkof Hiawatha.
llig undersigned informs the public in genera
mid especially those of his customers in want of
anything in his lino of, business, that ho has com
pleted and is now occupying his, new and extensive
ly enlarged establishmeiit for the
TVlanufactutO and Sale
3 -4
10 1 - 1
17 - 1$
24 25
7 8
14 .15
21 . 22
28 21)
He is now prepared to supply any dgmand for his
cook Stores, general Housekeeping Goods and
Kitchen Ware, on such terms as must give entire
offiqed are of the best and most improved kinds,an4l
having been tried are acknovldeliged to be all that
can be desired as good cookers and bakers, and arc
cagily kips clean.
His own MANUFACTURED WARE is all made wit .
view to the wants of customers from the best mar to
rial and is warranted in all cases to he. good/ lie
also keeps a large assortment offailey articles.
la"6pecial attention is given to putting up
SPOUTING, made of the best tin, for houses and
barns, in which he haslad a long and extensive ex
Remember the of the Bio: Red Horn.
Aug 9, 1860 11. B RUSSELL.
MBE undersigned having leased the well-known
Con chmaking Establishment of Alex. Hamilton.
on Mechanics street, Wayftesbasel, respectfully an
nounce to their friends and the public gene,rally, that
they- purpose carrying on the business in all ito
bmiichea, and are now prepared to manufacture to
order all kinds of
Carriages, Buggies, Barouclies,
ping agoas; &e &e., of - the - trestirmterial, an
made oy superior workmen.
kinds done at reasonable rates, promptly and to the,
satisfaction of customers.
COUNTRY PRODUCE taken in exchange for
work at market prices.
la - Persons desiring articles or work in the Coach
makingline-are-resp-ectfully invited to give them a
Mar. 8
l' it
-AND 0:'
BrmcsZin and Sheet iron
factoryr -- -\_ ,
On Main Street, one door West of Troxera Dry
WHERE he keeps constantly on hand, an ex
tensive assortment of Housekeepers' Arti
cles of every description.
Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and brass Ware, Japan
ed Ware, Wooden Ware, Sad-irons, all sizes of
Iron Kettles, Pans, &c.
Also—a large assortment of Cooking Stoves,
Parlor and Ten-plate Stoves. Persons who are in
want of a good cook stove, will do well to call and
see his assortment, as be is prepared to offer great
inducements, not. only in Stoves, but in all the above
articles. You will find a large and splendid assort
ment of Tin Ware of his own.inartufacture—at low
prices. All those desirous of getting bargains would
o well at W. A. TRITLE'S Housekeepers'
Emporium, opposite Dr. Brotheiton l a
house Spouting tlouo at, the shortest notice, and
of the best Tin.
Feeling thankhil for Past favors, he' invites his
frieads and; she public generally to call and examine
his stock. W., A. TRITLE.
March 22 DAN/EL Tams, Agent.
• • Breech-Loading Repeater.,'
1 HIS Pistol , for.siniplicity of construction, cora
pactnoss and durability, is superior to all oth
, yet oflerekrto the public. It can be loaded as
quickly as other pistols are capped. The load may
remain in the Pistol ,any length of time' without
itij.iry. It is the light6t pistol manufactured that
has force and is safe to carry., It . will force a ball
through a ono inch board at• the distance of one
hundred yards. Weight only eight and ozs.
Fur sale at • •- DROTHERTON'S
May. 2 Hardware Store.
NO LABOR, • • NO {Won
• FU
,RB C AR,0,11,R liT OF IRON •
The cliespost article in the world. Unrivalled
in Economy. Permanently Lustrous. The only
place to'get it last .1i flLk KI'ON'S.
lvliarch V.
Elf4N 101: ac* at
nov ;11
-'-IN Toys for solo at
X)040 '6o •
- .4olleBand Misses!! coped skirts of
1 . 4'0434 - - Jlmionei
pwwse,s, Us,
4r.c ,
.; •
uaia avliu a,
GEO. 8., .K .A WKVIR
Goode Slope.
1 1 100:0i*ili s iLthi - 0 00?
tirH iiiitifieiiiiiriietip •
rcera an 4 thew pubtkalienoliy,,tlss4; i lie,b,aii to=
tentlyiipionisheil liis indck of FrUit and Vonfeel
ionnikini, audinli, now Ale (inewassortiniinfof
: :4 , , • h
, ;'ever biOifiti ttY : 11, 7 ain.trobol•k: witlf•
t. •e
CAK,ES -Of FVERY upooßxprioN, ¢.l
- %
- "0,..Y .S. T•E Ft S., !.
has able' oh hanitat , all timeg the.finest:Oyetere
be served
eustetherit Fried,.ltuaste4 or Stewed; • • •
AYE - AND oxprtaiA,
ho isdikeilse furnish'. bah `.Vir.asha.
bough's and Ludwig's ALE, and a superior article
of Sco‘ch Ale antiPle Cider, with ii•Prirrici
article of Bologn4 Sausage, Boiled Eggs, and. all
other articles wsually kept in Ant class Restaurants
A genuine Snide" of. Vinegar always for sale.
ITIHE undersigned respectfully announces to the
.L public generally that he is still at the old
stand on Church Street, Wayneabers' , Pd.; vitiere
he continues the manufacturing of Family
da r ilail4lala 040
Buggies, Barouches,, Wagons, and every species
of vehicles usually inada in such establishinenti.'.:-==
His work, is warranted to be composed, of the
best an most durable material, and noti but
the most eXperieneed %Workmen are employed:—
lie bus now un Kona a number of Cpiriages, Bug
gies, &c., &c., which he will positively sell at
greatly reduced prices for, cash, or upon a short
credit. By keeping a good-steel at all times, and
always holding
t hump* ready to supply the , de.
mantis of the people Ike lkopes,to retain and secure
s liberal Share of patronage. -
.Repairing, Trimming, and Pniriting done, in the
best manner, and ut the sliorteil, nonee.
Lumber, Country Produce, &c., will be taken in
exchange for work.. , .JADijit ADAMS. ,
N. B. The Books of Hie: firm of JJ. A. S. Ad
mits, are hi the hands of the' undersigned; • Persons
knowing th"einselveS indebted 'are requested to ins&
immediate payment. J. A.
Nov' I. Is6l. • • .._„
on in the spcc
outhcast corner of the Ditnnond
their second supply of
Q traaa,ao
for Gentlemen's .ware.' Their
stock embraces Blue, Black and
Fancy Poths, Plain, Fancy. Cassiineres, Silk and
Satin Vestings, and all other goods fur coaxe s pants.;
and vests, of the most fashionable styles. Also—
Gloves, Cravats, - shirts, collars, &c. &c.;
With an as
sortment of READY-MADE I. OTHI NG. '
Gentlemen are invited to call and examine their
stock of new goods. •
I.V'The latest Fashions iegvlarly received:
May 23 tB6l.
Detbnce of Arinaggedon.
THIS is acknowledged to be one of the most re
makable of human productions that has ever
been offered to the AmeriCan people. The style is
chaste and truly eloquent. The subject treated of
is of the most inspirhgL,"The United States in
Prophecy. Fur sale by .1. F. KUR I'Z.
Lumber Lumber IL -
te - b ..-- I.tru:lersigned — oPltra — at his Lumber—Yardt
Way nesboro'bethe following variety of wel.
seasoned Limber, at reasonalde rates:.
Worked Flooring Hoards; 4, and 1 inch yellow
Pine; inch, bed billing; 1, 1.5 and 2 inch White
Pine; inch white pine Weatherboarding: Spruce
Pine Joke and Segialing; a, and 1 inch Poplar,
Poplar Scantling;. and li t _ Cherry, Cherry Taal
Legs ; Pine Lath and Chestnut Shingles, and
Chestnut Posts and Rails. Also, Turned Chair
Stull' by the Stand; Turned Chair Legs, Bent Chair
Bads, and turned Broom Handles.
ALSO, For Sale, by the bushel or quantity, Corn
on the ear, or shelled,. Oats aral Potatoes by the
bushel. ALBX. HAMILTON. tt
.nnstantk gale VI 31 of k4l?
etas constantly for sale a fall assortment of f 4 l l
GOODS for Gentlemen's ware. Pt
rirLatost City Fashions always on hand.
M Waynesboro', Pa. • 1
ESPECTFULLY offers his services to the cit.
It,izens of Waynesboro' and surrounding country.
Ho is prepared to perform all
,operations in Dental
-Surgery in-a-superior manneri -Teeth-inserted frbm
one to on entire sot in the most approved and sub•
stantisl manner, and warranted not to be surpassed
for beauty and durability. Charges moderate and
all work warranted as represented.
N. B. Will visit residences when requested.—
Office, on Mechanics Street, opposite the residence
of .1. R. Welsh, up stairs. .
To . CapitaliSts.
Vl l Society will pay the following rates of in.
terest por annum,on all sums deposited in the In.
stitntion. For 3 months, 2 per cent.; from 3 to 6
months, 3 per cent.; from 9 io 113- months, 4 per
cent; and over rI6 months, 45' per cent:. Fu: a
shorter period than :3 mentos the terms will be
made kown by the Treasurer. -
Notes for disCountshoold be handed to the freas
ureron Tuesday, as the Board of Directors Meet
rgularly on Wednesday of each week:atVo'elock
A.M., - order of the Board, ,
Juno - 1-V5B MO. PHILIPS. Treasurer,
The bestin •use Fur sale by
. S. IOXBL.. Agt.
. .
UtHESH Mackere at .-.
1. 1 Mar 28 A IMEMSON, BSSSOIOT dr. CO's.
E' CHES.--Dtiedi'edCho .... .s pared and unpar-
It - ed at , MIBUSOS, USISDIOT . 434 CO'S.
-`II,OTH -- ,Tlat,liair; Tooth andNail - Briislie,
joat received and for sale' very' law by M. M
'LINER. .' • 'May 13.: ..: .
tiII!IE,I3EiT COOK - ,BTOVE - " --7 ----
' '
A in the market to' be had tiethe sign of the
Iffig lieo Herm . •:- ~- 1.)11. Itesovad,!.,
2 " CATSUP BOTTLES • ~, •4,
-POr ■do at the i3toidat W. H. iIItOIIIIIITON
. Aleps
. ..pmpost.b..
; VerAY
: no '.1 4 :P f 651,11i:N.
Ldee inipiYmed Threahei• aiidTripie Leas
id Boise l!ottier, ifrivtng either by ge t &
I or Pell, aU furnished itimptete,
,46 o:4,n7a4t*llti
I', the tinderriigiteli; desiretcie all
Fanners oad Thresheritten of Frangiittg,and ail oiit
ing , counties to it. -This Machine has been before.
theiniblie fel which time it
haft given igenerithiatisfactiou, and the p.atentee
havinerrynde seine ices important' improvementt
which render it still more complete, both for , dead•
separating and cleaning. and also for -ease of
draught and fast threshing. • 1 take pleasure in re
commending ittollorpnblic, knowing that it will
give the best of Satisfactions I run inarufsctuting
three different sites, as 15IGovvs:
- No: lis 8 horse Power,will three& arid clean from
-200 td 500 bushels per day: ' • '
No. 2,is 5 to 8 horse power, will.thresh and Clean,
froth 150 -to 300 bushels per thiy
No. 3 Is 4 to 8 horse power; will thresh and clean.
Irom 100 to 200 1 .419he1e per day.
These Machines - Me warrauted_to do the abcWit,
and do it much better in every res&ct than any.
other machine in use.. • _
Groin having much light filth in it cleaned on this
Machine is worth from 2 to 3 cents per bush
el than when cleaned on any other separator, or the_
common way of cleaning on hand fans'. 'this
reason there is not the eighth part of light Matter ih
the g 'et as when chmniiion ' the riddle frineiple.
The blas Ms freely on all the grain' as it leaves the
shues, who as, when cleaned- wild:- riddle that ad
vantage is lot
This ma !line' does not return. the tailerids as
most of the separatOrs do. ldy returning filthy tail
ends alteinately it is impossible to make merchants
grain, Another important feature in this machine
that others of the:tuna have not, is the Self-acting
Blast !Aug Match in the fan, which remedies all *dif
ficulties in bad cleaning, blowing grain in the chaff
in high; speed or irregular drl hg, ; which cannot be
avoided-in cleaning grain' fi'y horse power
This Machine I! also more durable and less tedious,
to manage than any-other Beparator and elearier,ox
the common machine with,shaker.
Orders to insure their being filled until harvest
sbuold'be lent in immediately.
prepared to make to,order and on short
notice Portable and ;Stationed
Stoves and Plow castings,alse cast iron and wrought
Iron pike for steam, of water,, and Bruss,custings of
every' description; in a word, I, am prepared to do
everything usuallrilune in a - foundry- and machine,
shop. Having supplied myself 'With the latest
proved machinery, such as Lathes, Boring, Planing'
n llrilling Machines, preens, can rely on having
eir V,o* dune MAIM Mirst satisfactory manner,--.'
I m also prepared to manufacture to order ma
chiller for wood, such as Tonging and Gpving
machines fir flooring, surface, Terniul and Mould
ing Machines, &c.
I also oiler to the public a new and . Valu
able improvement in my steam engineii, made
within the last year, viz:. for the economizing of
fuel, and the. regulation 'of spOed,which readers Any
new engines far superior to the old engines.
All my machines are sold under. warrantee. My:
hant.soare all experienced workmen in this line of
business, and I use all good material., so that I sin
perfectly sate in warranting all nay work.
I am also prepared to do repairing in workman•
like manner, on the shortest notice. Orders solicit
ed and promptly attended to. All orders sent in
or - repairiirmust - berateritirrmicd - with-the-cas
Fur particulars and circulars descriptive of ma
chine, address ' GEORGE: FRICK,
(Jr Oman GEISER, Proprietor of, Territory and so
lice tor of orders, Warnesttoro' Franklin Co. Pa.
April 18—tf
%MID subscriber respectfully informs the public
that he will continue the Smithing business
at the old stand, until recently. conducted under
the firm of'Hawker & Cline. fie ie now prepared
to make to order Buggies, Ca rringes,thaing Wagons,
with all work belonging to the
businesii, at short notice and upon reasonable terms.
He ieturhs his thanks for,the very lilMral phtromige
extended to the Into limo:old hopes by prompt at
tention to business to merit a continuance or the
. March 22. .
Pictures, Pictures.
' •
THE undersigned takes this method of inform.
ing the citizens of Waynesboro' anti vicinity,
that he has purchased the Daguereianapparatus of
of Mr .1. B. ltesser, and is now prepared to take - all
kinds of Pictures at the very lowest 'prices, wnich
are guaranteed to be as truthful and as any
offered to the public. He has just received a new
stock of common and fancy cases of all sizes and
styles, which Wean sell very cheap. Picturee ta•
ken for 25 cents which can be sent through the
mail to any P. O. in the U. S. for six cents. Call
and examine for yourself-whether_yott_wan t_work_
or not; ha charges nothing for showing. Ho will
be happy to see you. •
Room in the New Building, next door to Sib Set's
Hotel, (up stain.) : • J. H. W.E/L4H•
Nov 22 .
Ready-Made Clothing:
AB. ADAMS would respectf illy inform his
. patrons and the public generally that heat&
returned from the Eastern cities with a general'aii•
sortment-of Ready-Made
embracing all the latest styles of,Coats„Pants,Vests,
Shirts, Collars, blecties,,suspend a e rty ra,.. etc., etc., all o'
which are well made. The public are cordially •
%ivied to 'call and examine his goods , as lie s is toi7
tennined to sell It short profits. , ' . . .
lie will" continuo to ( carry on the b siness
of Tailoring as heretofore. - Persons desk
' g gar
menucut out or made up are invited to•gi a him a
Latest fashions received - rigid . ---- '
0ct25. - , A. S. A.
....... _.. .
Important ! t A's.iii. - me — is
rFIRE subscriber takes t s method of announcing
3 1. of the Fenner& and others, that he has on hand
a tut of DWARF BROOM CORN seed, along with
some specimens of the corn. This' is en excellent
'stale of Broom Corn, and should be raised h,y , ev
ery, one.. • A Me hes also a full assortment of treoh
flings, M7dicines, Chemicals, dtc. , ' -
' • ' • .. . . , •J. - F. "mutt.
P. B._l am selling Cranberries at 11 conniver
qmi 4, . . . Mar. 14-3
'~ r .~.
_' ~ ~]
1 3- 1 7 • 4 1 V" •
lit € 1 Ottle if Oddity idilesti‘vbt.ttiithiii
thieo monituotll24lo *nein. 446tre.iiiiiiiatiottiopthrep
b `•ti• , q , ll
i -x,tbrz;
iiid dffiii eity;Weithigi
be piittilit itivet.l66/7
. 4 jl % . 1 f •Lt :a !'.- f
• 421.8r 0 11 1 41 1 9 . 71 !# "fiqr.lN4r# an ~-;
Paint • • " ' l' ';
• ,
• ' i
take ibis: method- (if intoiming t the phi e t at*
Ilave just received, front Philadelphht n i hwiettnd
:carchilly selected stock of , •
Iron" -
f. Peint'Y
'• elitlery •
011 'UO4, ,
' • - Shoe Pindihge,',.
_Agricultural liiiPteniehte, -
all of Weide/ desiresez - or 4,ileViT-io snit
thelimes. Try me, and bv-an examination ofirty
stock convince
.yourst# that i mean just what I' say;
1 take rdeasurein allowing gocids ,vehintier sales eke
effected:or not. :To' 'persons About •tolbuild, Bain
prepared to offer extraordinary inducements both: in
Hardware and Paints. Thankful toffrlendi tempest
favors, a continuance 'of the same is respectfully so
licited—promising to• 110 all in •ni9 s Potvet to tender'
satisfaction to sill Whirmay Itiviorsnie 'With their par;
tronage. • W.ll. BROTHERTON.
April 11.'
HE subieriber.
,would 'idrill lafe,"-iiiiithi of
Waknestoiro' and coney
togneed thO.Sheem'aking business in the BaSemeirp
of Kurtz's Hotel, where he - well at all times be in
readiness to accommodate those who,mayagive, hitt;
a call. •
ROOTS, A N b°3l-1.0E8!
made to,prder, oh short • notice, of the best- material ' ,
and upon) the id OA reasonable terms. ' f E
Oct 25. THOfil. BY.INOMAN:a/"
P - les of the fittest Spring styles can
n, in that Ralik Store at the;
flail. Receiving paper directly from, thn.Manirfac...
turers, the subscriber is prepared lo at.ttie vorY ) .-
lowest prices: I —it
April '
. . - s • • • z, •
p.E NT,I,STA:"
R. WM. D. LECHLER tilt& this optedunity
IV to return tan • o- 3 10 pu tc or e t era
patronage he has received during the pail, end
hopes by strict attention to biisiness to merit a
continuance of the same.. Ali operations in the
dental line will be performed in the most substantial
and satisfactory manner. He keeps posted on all
the advancements antlimproymerits.of the,profess
ton' and fishers hithself that ss — • — gtiod work , can be
had at his office as atrmy other in the State , Arti
fieial teeth inserted limn a single tooth to a, full sot,
and in allycases warranted .to perform satisfaetorily
or no pay. 'Terms reasonable. ,
July '5, 18606
Recommendations from Me Faculty of Princeton,
. • College. N. J.
Pluses Ton, N. J., Feb. 26th, 1861.
"The undersigned are happy to testify that pupils,
of the Faleiteville Adeles/by, have.maintaifteff
a high standing among the recent ,graduates of the
College 'of New Jersey',.," . ,
President of, the College.
Professor of Week... • •
Professor of Latin.
Dr. JarmigirilarbaugiL. & Cols
Celebrated Anieritan Liniment
, , ,
" For, Man,, x - 01", Man, a t xut
. ..licast2.,,
Tieregreatest and best external -. remedy (+icicle'
dto the public. For sale by r... 1. Kraig'
Druggist:, Waynesboro' and by Druggists in the.
county genefally. 14 P Price 25 cenisper bottle.
December 13, !60—ly , ,
New Millinery Entablishment.
THE and rsigned would 'inform the ,citizens of
Wayneeboro' and vicinity that she hastorn
men'ectrtlie Milliner business, in Church street, a
few doors south of the Diamond. • She expects to
receive her goods in a few days. - The ladies,ara
most respectfully invited to give her a call. No,
pains will be spared to suit the taste of all.
,BY close
application audit determination to ,persevere, ahek
hopes to gain the confidence, as well'as the support'
of the, community. I.3he has made arrangements so
that she can receive new goods weekly if necessary:.
Please give 'her a call M. U. RESSER, •
Way nes boro, May 2, '6l.
B. PRICE infarms his customers•and the
Ur • public generally Abet he has removed.his
bather Shop to tho Basement of Mr. Kurtz's Hotel,
formerly occupied by him as a Barber Shop, where
he will Shave,Cut, and, Dress Hair as heretofore.
llive' - him a cal. Nov. 22—t(
EN and Boi's heavy loots and Shoegint -
Octetl., - . Basomea.
11.711.TA12S Fixtures at
j__ Mar 28 _ ,A ta 2 11 . 4og.'Ilerignier & Cof
AtV excellent article of Syrup - fur SIY eta. per gall
at (ocl4 - • iliraowea :1
I..iguors.auld only aaMedicins
tVand by special.directions of a Physician, b,
M. sTus ISIC. Druggist - May 13:
4P,FER and-COrriander, ground & ungmun
nov 29 at KURTZ'S.
15 - EPEtli - SAIJCE
nov. 29'
LARD•CAXS, at the sip: of the' Big Red Horn
dealt , _ D. EL-Miriam
Stove. Apply at PRICE'S StAite
OetlS' . ,
1, - Stl.WDllX,Embruitlarjsil gooLbs'at
TEEL Shovels, , Spades, Hoes, Forks, Rakes
Drugs, &c., &c., at prices that will defy
competition. , Vail ind see for yourselves,'at • -
aprt 1 • • BILOTURUTOeII •
Light Lights!!'' ' • •
011 HE 'cheapest Light use cm be had
STODIEHLMSkrit Hardware Store
i RIME Colli;e7,i3ultaiii,Teas-aad`9L
_ Oct 4 • -
RUNES at Ili' awl 23 cents per pound at
nov 29 '• . galaTelh
is. Arctic Wrappers,, atutotier
kTcoinibrinitle axing for cold weather ' '
t 'co 13;ionali. • a
SWool anti Vottun wader dbirtg and Draw,
0 era at J. W.r k iJuea.,
keg anything in,the' "drug.
bed /
DY war
au be sup)
- 'i
-.•:• • "--;.7
~..~ ~ '.