Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, January 17, 1862, Image 4

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    South Carolina— Her Slam,
dig n►rful &rainy impending.
'ruse entire coast from - Warsaw Sound,
Ibrly miles ludo* Port Royal, et least,to
North Elkton Inlet, forty miles kitty - elite
pew ;niter. is deserted 'ay hi - White Inheb•
icatttit; the slairse aire everywhere preeti.
mill) fret; the batt'e'ries, Sri ereeted'
at every point tvhere ingress ciinld be kid
by an invading force, ;rest undoubtedly ali
abandoned withiti a_ vek alter Viet fight at
Ililtith Head.' and tie guns:removed. This
state of straws esi•tts inwards (or a distance
at the least of teat miles, and in many pia , .
ces of thirty. • Half the cotton hodiesin
tots region must have ...beett Ittirned, in a
rcy of instances by troops, not by.
their ins Hers: The on .r.. f9Atices where fir •
img of any importance has oocurred against
our forces are the (Issalrow Soorido-nud a
bout seven' mi cc -up Warsaw River. At
these two placeis batteries have still been
retained. These - ap both in Georgia, but
unless en Some Inlet, there ii ito piace in
South Carolina below Charleston where
the rebel (lag flaunts: At no place in S.
Caroti4as Isere th e reltels slinwed tight
since their deleat on the 7th of November.
Montfort was at once abandoned, and our
reconnoitering parties- 'ha ye now here en- .
vountereil an enemy. .The slaves have, in
various instances. assisted in the capture
ni their masters, have also several - tinges of
late asked tic be armed, which nes not 0-
rigistally the ca. , e„ COlonies of them have
been estalished. not only at Hilton Head.
but on Otter Island in St. Helena Sound,
and 'at tlie in..iitli Inlet. At 1)oth
these plaresv they are proteeted either by
gunboats or by the ;pins of thebaneties put
up by the rebe.s. bin now nentipieit by the
Union Ittrees. ..t.eltottitere belonging to the
rebels have been el aired in three inland
waters, and captor( dor horned. • •
The universal story of the negroes is,
that the poor it bites are tin xilling to fight,
told et rtainly ti , ere seers an un n illineess
somewhere. II ever Carolina des•
rraiiiin is to be matsilested, one, would
think it wentlil be now; they talk - in their
newspapers. and in the private letters I have
seen al hoisting ti,e black Il o gt 0 . • et
giving lior asking qiiartei• bti., • : •
ken a nomber of 'sorters. who seemed
-not averse to sub, itting" to t to late of pris
oners of war. I'l re are tw in Deanlort
District, alone eat ly 1 .000 slaves, whose
masters have Bed, and Deaulort, District is
but a small portiotr of the country at pres
ent in bur hawk. EviTry where the blacks
burry in drot es to nor Finest• they crowd
to sinail boats avowal our slitp4; they hur
ry to onr officers, from the cotton-houses
of their inavers, in an hour or two after
our gluts are fired. Drivers. field-hands.
house-maids. coachmen and body-servants.
pa tit hon their masters might be caught
here t were hidden, anu what were
eir force . As guides and Pilots, they
point out in what houses stores`of arms
. "Co, • P P t ant whe e
bodies of troops were stationed. In a
few hours the information is sometimes
The slaves not yet e caper': of course,
pretend to be faithful. but some said to
their masters an ctre•ses`'on the day
of the tight, 'The Yankees wild` k whip
ped, ilatvaa and MMus.' but all the while
they prayed and believed othetwiiie. So,
causilat - illasionsrif — • - eiad - e — t - in Charleston
papers to the fidelity th •r servants. as
ii it were a matte course, but, there 's
no labored discussion of a sUbject too ter
. rible for discussion. They
writer says :
As for my judgement —• may:not be worth
much—but 1 came hi ter to find all the
negrties attached to. heir masters and 1
have gradually observed a feeling of bitter
ness displayed by the blacks; Ist first there
- was only e!ation at -Weir' own escape; of
late his has been mingled nit!' indigna•
tion at tlie insane attempt tu fire difthem;
I have known of several instances where
slaves asked for arms to fire on their own
masters, (this was the cas wink Col. W hit
marsh Seahrook-s live stock ar Edisto;)
1 have known where slaves csisted i i
the capture of there masters; I ha . a e
times asked niVsellVehether the time might
not come when arming the blacks and reg
ularly drilling them as soldiers under white
officers, might not prove the only means
of averting the odious horrors of a servile
• insurrection.
The Colonial Presbyterian, which is
prubably the ablest paper published in
New Brunswick. espeuses the Federal
calls(' with a warmth which deserves uttr
grateful apprt ciation• In a recent artiele
it rim s:
•Tn us it appears much more difricalt
for a true British subject to sympathize
with the South than with the North, and
we are convinced that the principles enun•
ciated by the pro Southern Canadian and
New Brunswick press. would if practical
ly canted out. be pint to the safety of the
•Brit:ah empire. They are, in short, ut
terly seditious-and dangerous, contrary to
VI divine and human law. Curses are
win the only things critich, like chickens,
come home to roost.' Evil principles
bring retribution in' their train. To hold
that, apart from any exercise of oppres
Irian by a Government, creating a . moral
right of revolution, its authority is to be
cast on at 'pleasure or through caprice, its
`property seized; its courts of justice sub
verted; to hold that ull oaths of allegiance
to it may be violated without moral guilt
'or political degradation, is to hold that
civil government rests upon no divine
sanction or stable bas's. We maintain
waged in. this world than that by which
the Federal Government aims at suppress
ing the Southern rebellion and preserving
the nationality of a great people. As
British subjects, we resent any insult to
onr nation a flat. and demand an amends.
But internal rebellion is wotse than exter
nal war, to be an enemy is to occupy an
honorable position compared with being a
trititnr.' flow well it looks to ae e
thosewho are ready to 'Ay to arms to
maintain the how of the - British flag. in
the same breath denoance the U. States
far ming Wires ono man to wipe oat th
t repiiicich of Fort Sumter!.
• A young and beautifiii damsel . saving
taro In!eta. nod not knowing' which to
prietvr. settled the water by marrylog,tbe
- one •and - tiopirg with (Abet.
Tite lio7e ; 0 children is afirsinitukiiidi
cation 4 nral natiore-.4 pare; unworn
Ord psis kid' 'broil,
Has retorneil•frbin t.ho•CiiienWith
and nOineted Mock ot CiOde_
He now °trete fr silo al low prition
lion, -
Ropes Robe.,
GlEt irTp,sirorir Es
. (A `'superior kind;)
Txaces t
Knives', Fo!lis, Spoolle, &fr
, •
Sw cm3xenfi C uzi 12 12 co tvb
11 ; 111! FILLERS
On a new and improved plan. at low prices.
He invites his old. customers and the trade gener
erally to examine his stock before purchasing else
wbere.• H. BTONEHOUSE.
Nov. 1. .1 860
Confectionery, Fruits; &c., &c., &C.
MHE subscriber takes this !netball:if announcing
to t e people that fit has received at his 'Drug
store,' large and carefully selected stock of
'Chemicals, Patent Midicines, Paints Oile, Dye
Stela's, window ° (Ansa Putty, Tobacco, Emil; end
Segars, &c., which h e is now prepared to sell as
cheap as the cheapest and will assure his custom
ers that in regard to quality which is of the first hit
portance, his goods will compare with any in the
He has also a splendid assortment of Perfumery.
Soaps and
T9ilet .Articles.
of all kinds, consisting in part of the following, via
Band ro es.
Po des, \_ ,
0. ber and Bears' Oil
Extracts the Handkerchief, '
Lyo ' athairon,
But 's Cocoaine,
Benison's Ladies' Boai
oney 'oop,
Hotel soap.
Diamond White Soap.
Cranberries Raisins, Figs, Prunes, 'eking',
Dates, Citron , Lemons, Nuts of all Id ! d ,
and Candies of every variety.
Kerosene Lamps, Lamp globes, aid Brushes,
Kengene_Oil—Camphine,Alcoholuniiirg - plifid,
an'n tact any thing and everythingpat is usually
fou in a drugstore.
1 ankful ter kind favors and patronage hereto.
.re owed upon him, he solicits a continuance of
the same, and hopes that by endeavoring to please,
he may win the confidence of the people.
Physicians' prescriptions promptly and carefully
compounded at all hours. J. P. KURTZ.
nov .29, 1860
New Mil
nery Establishment.
HE undersigned would inform the citizens of
Waynesboro' and vicinity that she has cow
men e Milliner business, in Church street, a
few doors 'South of the Diamond. filie expects to
receive her roods in a few days. The ladies are
most respectfully Minted to give tier a call,. /Sit)
pains will be spared to suit the taste of all. By close
application end a determination to persevere, she
hopes to gain the confidence; as well as the support
of the community. She has made arrangentente_so
that she can receive new goodsweekly If necessary.
Please give her a calk • - M. C. MESSER,
Waynesboro', May 4, 'Q.
Breech- Loading: Repeater,'
THIB Pistol, for simplicity of construction,
pactness and durability, is superior to all oth
ers yet altered to the public. It can be loaded as
quickly as other pistols are capped. The load may
remain in the Pistol any" length of time without
It is the lightest pistol manufactured that
has force and is sate to carry. It will force a ball
through a one inch board at the distance of one
hundred yards. Weight only eight and a half ass.
For sale at BROTHERTON'S
May 2 ligrdware Store.
THE undersiged paving amenity taken the a
bove named House, formerly known- as the
"t.; lobe lan." takes pleasure in announcing to his
friends and the pnblic that he is prepared_to receive
and entertain Guests in a style not to be excelled
by any country Hotel. The House having been
thoroughly - repaired and newly furnished with eve
ry thing calculated to make his guests comfortable
—the public may test assured that they will at all
times had it in a condition suited to the comfort and
convenience of the ;riveter. His Bar is always sup
plied with- the choicest Liquors, and his Table with
the best the markets afford, and all other appliances
suitable and necessary for the accommodation of
man or beast. With faithful and obliging servants
and his own personal attention and supervision, he
will leave no means unspared to merit pnblic pa
The proprietor. seams those who as; favor him
his houses cordial reception, and that everything ea:
sential to the convenience and happiness of his
guests shall be attended to.
June 210880
ITIRE subscriber respectfully 'announces to his
I . friends and the publid generally that he•has o.
pened a Livery Stable iu Wriyneaboro, and is now
prepared tri accommodate the public generally whit
#l4 ' I*As
at the shortest notice, day or night.--
Persons desirous of hiring, either for
riding or driving. would do well to give him a call.
His stock has been selected with great ' eare as re
gards gentleness and. speedy traveling; and his bug
gies and carriages are all in good7 te ditiorr-
The above stock will\ lie kept at bitable of Dr.
John Oellig. Persons:loom s
l idlo please
spiplylp the and _
JRO 4 w ,CllO4Ol B O/4-
4:RIIIE assortnitlit- Viktfift M the
sign of the Big Red Perri. -
D. B. Roams.
-• ,
araleiqn all the variety 4 Alai;
trout lonkee Not!pna..Peileinier,yd . .
Liquors /or- -
purpose., - .'”
MILD tender hii thinks to the ccitnnsunitY.
no still 'sulk* the patronage of s Sonorous
public who want In d ia" line. Iniritnuilli
. has enhoged his stock SO el to be enabled to
answer all calls for anything and twerrytidng
ly toned in a Drug store, and has a thorough ac
quaintance. With the, hipline's) 'hi hope" to train the
confidence the-COmmunky. He will pay .par-
Ocular attention to fillingphyslchnue Naar:Oohs,
and more care and precauti on. used jet Waiting tip.
on chltiren than adult&
••v . •
nllio LIII MST ina
Choice Wines and Liquors for medicinal and
sacramental purposes, Patent Medicines are endless
in variety, including aU that have been mode up ico
this date and some that are yet in embryo. Also•
White Lead, 2 no, t, Whiting and Varnishes
for house building or• • a work, besides all sizes
of Mass. Commetcia I, No Fool. Cap and Letter
Paper always on hand, with variety of Envelopes
of different aims and colors.• Brushes, Combs,
Pomade, Fancy Soap, Hair Oil; Colognes, Essen
ces, Flavoring Hittracts, and namerous Article% in
the FancMine on hand and offered for sale,chpap•
er than ever offered before.
Also a large assortment of kerosene nil Lamps,
Chiiiiii4B,l4bades ar jells, and Koreans CHID
fill them.' A general •as .rtmene of Fruits and
Confectionaries, Tobacco and igars.
Oct, 1 I.'
URI clao
Should you ask me, should you
- Where to buy yoUr Stoves and
I would answer, I would Aell you—
"Go unto the fine new store room
Where the Big Red Horn, the sign i
There's the best book Stoves and Ti
All sold cheap by D. D. Russell."
[limn Me Swig
Va. HE undersigned informs the public in genera
la and especially those of his customers in want of
anything in his line of butiiness, that he has com
pleted and is now occupying his new and extensive
ly enlarged establishment fort the •
Manufacture and Sale
He is now prepared to supply any demand for his
Cook Stoties. gene - 1 Housekeeping Gooier and
Kitchen Ware, on nth terms as must,give entire
satisfaction. ,
liza-avcnia •
need are of the beat and Most improved kinds,and
giving been tried are acknowledged to be all that
an be desired as good cookers and bakers, and dre
• asily kept clean.
His own MANWPACTURED WARN is all made with a
vial and is warranted in all cases to be goad. He
also keeps a large assortment of fancy ariieles.
larkipecial attention is given to putting up
SPOUTING, made of the best tin, for houses and
barns, in which he has had a long and extensive es
Remember the ail
- Aug 9, 1860
- NE W
T"undersigned havin i ;leased the well-known
Coachmaking Eitablish en t of,A sex. Hamilton,
on Mechanics street, Waynesboro', respectfully an
nounce to their friends and the public generally, that
they purpose carrying on the business in all its
branches, and are now prepared to manufacture to
order all kinds of
Carriages, Buggies, Barouches,
Scorns Wagons, &c. &c., of the best material, and
made of superior workmen.
kinds done at reasonable rates, promptly and to , e
satisfaction of customers. •
COUNTRY PRODUCE, taken in exam ge for
work at market prices.
larPersonsdesiringarticlesor \ i , o • , the Coach
making line, are respectfully invited to give them a
call.. L. K. MORRISON,
Copper, Brass, Tin and Sheet iron
On Main Street, one door West. of Troxer• Dry
WHERE he keeps constantly on hand, an es•
tensive assortment of Housekeepers' Arti
cles of every description.
Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware, Japan.
ed Ware, Wooden Ware, Sad-irons, all sizes of
Iron Kettles, Pans, &c.
large assortment of Cooking Stoves,
Parlor and Ten-plate Stoves. Persons who are in
want of a good cook stove, will do well to call and
see his satiortment, as he is prepared to offer great
inducements, not only in Stoves. but in all the at
articles. You will fdid a large and splendid assort.
- ment - of - Tin — Ware - of - his - ownlnanufactuie=aZ low
prices. All those desirous of getting bargains would
do well to call at W. A. TRlTLE'S.llousekeepers'
Emporium. opposite Dr. Brotherton's office.
Rouse Spouting done at the shorted notice, and
of the bed Tin. .
Feeling thankful fo pas favors, he, invites his
friends and thipublic generally to call and examine
his stock. W. A. Tarri,E.
March 22 DAIIIIII. Tam*, Agent.
The-cheapest-article in the world. —Unrivalled
in Eco • esDanently Lustrous. The only
place . get it is ar BKOTHEarows.
m 22.
portant to ranners
r p E subscriber takes this method of innouncing
I of the Farmers and others, that he has on band
a lot of DWARF BROOM CORN seed. along with
some specimens of the corn This is an excellent
article . of Broom Corn, and should be raised by eV*
my one. Re lau also a fullassortment of fresh
Dams, Medicines, Chemicals, &c.
F. S. 1 im selling - Cranbenim at s*h cents per
cum. o ' Mar. 14
rof sate at the Store of W. if. attglitiaTolt.
no* 211
TIN Toys for sale at
Declo 'BO
ADIBB and Musses' ' oo
ILICk - Want and Cotton under shirts and Draw
at . - ' • J, W. Mannea.
Ps POW, is
~;.~ ~-~
Oaa 4
of the Big Red Horn.
Good, Store.
!mammy at
-46 tizoitidutirt . l.
1-- -
„MIMI siftetirtbarlaspaetially_ln,ft* , ibis : ea
lottblia "Oberon* •thlis he tea tea ,
ithi stock of Irittik; inti•ConW
ia --- aarka f. ,aidtt has or theflaest taitaannenttf
• Vritlf.t.,rit gic•pOtift
It . ' 44 • • 4
. ever bronekto Waynesboro"; with
NUTBe. RAISINS, iinumz.s,:flos, swEinr;
b.msotilisTtoir • Hl=
• ARS , • •••
ON -Es'
Ha has also on henti at airflows - the finest
Ake toocket *in itrotd. *kick *III -be served tt l i to
cintotniti_Filid; Boasted' or 8„1041: ';
Haiti .Prepare . &Wit" both Washa : . *
- botigh e a, and tudwies Alig. andariperior article
of ileac& Me sou, 04111bApple - Older,' viith Foidlit
article of Bologna nonsage, Boile d Eggs, and all
other artieterasoalreptdn first class Restaurants.
A gennincLartlele_O litiesiis fdi Sabi.
Nora . —I•IB.,#.IBHER.
MIRO Ifni 1
IfTllllll.undersigned lespectfutlfannounces to the
public generally that he is .still at the old
stand on Church Street, Waynesboro% Pa. '
he continues the manufacturing of Family
Buggies Barouches, Wagons, and eyet7 species
of vehicles usually made in such establishments.—
ills work is warranted to- be composed of the
best arm most durable material, and none but
the most experienced -workmen ate einploited.
lie has now on hand a number of Carriages, Bug
gies, &c., &c., which be will_ positively sell at
greatly reduced prices for cash, or upon a short
credit. By keeping a good stock at all times, and
always holding himself ready to supply the de
minds-of the people he hopes teretain and secure
a liberal share of patronage.
Repairing, Trimming, and Painting done''ln The
best manner, and at the shortest notice.
Lumber, Country Produce, etc., will be taken in
exchange for work. JACOB ADAMS.
N. B. The Books of the firm of J. & A. S. Ad
ams, tire in the hands of the undersigned. Persons
knowlhg themselves indebted are requested to make
immetliate_payment. J. A.
Nor' t. 1801. •
AIAVE now open for im
tion at their store on
fSuutheast corner of the Diem
their second supply of ' •
for Gentlemen's ware. T
stock embraces Blue, ; :ck
ancy o ith - TrPlidit.Finey
Satin Vestings, and all other goo,
and vests, of the most fashionable styles. Also—
Gloves, Cravats, shirts, collars, &e. dm.; with an as
Gentlemen are invited to call and examine their
stock of new goods.
rr The latest Fashio*p regularly received.
May 23 1801.,
- „ „
elbitatiritirArnmagge I on.
PIUS is ackno‘ledged to be one of the most ro.
markable of human productions that has ever
been offered to the American people. The style is
Chaste mid truly eloquent. The subject treated of
is of the most inspiring: "The United States in
Prophecy. For sale by J. F. K 1%.
L er I Lumber 1
TB undersigned offers at his Lumber Tar
Wa, nesboro', Pad the following variety of wel.
•ason .11 Lumber, at reasonable rates:
• asked Flooring Hairdo; 11, f, and 1 inch yellow
Pine; inch, bed Liningi I,and; inch White
Pine; inch white pine Weatherboarding: Spruce
Pine Joice and Scantling; $, i• and 11 inch Poplar,
Poplar Scantling; and , li Cherry, Cherry Table
Legs; Pine Lath and Chestnut Shingles, and
Chestnut Posts and Rails. Also, Turned Chair
Stuff by the Stand; Turned Chair Legs, Bent Chair
Backs, and turned Broom Handles.
ALSO, For. Sale, by the bushel or quantity, Corn
on the ear or shelled, Oats and Potatoes by the
' tf
DRAPER, . pii
l i Ras constantly for eaten full assortment of ti
1000D8 for Gentlemen'', ware.
!?'Latest i Latent City Fashions always on hand.
Waynesboro', Pa.
SPEClTUGLYidreiiihii serviel - WMFEIV
hens of Waynesboro' and surrounding country.
e is,prepared to perform all operations in Dental
Surgery an ri superior manner. Veethinserted from
one to an entire vet in the most approved and sub
stantial manner, and warranted no t . to be surpassed
for beauty and durability . Charges moderate and
all work warranted as represented.
N. B. Will visit residences when requested.--
Qffice, on Mechanics Street, opposite,the residence
of J.R. Welsh up stairs. , .
To CaStalistSer
1T Society will pay the following rates of in
tereet-perennum,on-all sums deposited in the In--
stitution. For 3 months, 2 per cent,; from 3 to 8
months, 3 per cent.; from 9 to 18 tuutiths, 4 per
cent; and over 18 months, 44 per cent. Fur a
shorter period than 3 montna the terms will be
made kown by `the Treasurer. •
Notes for discountshonld beheaded to the Treas
urer on Tuesday, as the Board of Directors meet
rgnlarly on Wednesday of each week, lit 9 o'clock
By order of the Board,
June 17'58 ISO. PHILIPS Treasurer,
The beetle use For sale by •
Nose E. IS. 'IIIOX Agt:
ILIRESH klackere at
jp Mar 28 *mamas. Bantam it Co'
relitd-Dried Peaches, pared mild v
ed at Amaaaaux.•• am V
AlBll.llB at -12 k and 20 Cents per- p•att • "C
oollit - Iry )
eiLOTH, Hat, Hair, Tooth and Nail 'fi •
kijustraceited and finial* my to by
WAINER. ' • May lB.
in tbe market•
Mg Rod thaw
G,,, 4. J. BENDER
ao be, had at this gigs of do
D Roam.
•:.; _.:.
~..-.„ ,„„,,... "
rOtt N DA Y .
i;` 4 '',44Tidi - .. :.'i.- - ':,
App pa"
Latest Improved Thr'eihei' 'Nee ciao
id Horse Fairer, driving either - by Gear
or Belt, 'all proished , :vompkte,
,eddy to' be •put oft Wagono,
1, the undersigned, ilMire to Call attention o
Farmers aad Thrimbermen of Franklin' and adjohf
ing counties to 0.• This Machine has 'been before
the puthe for seep yews, during. which time it
has given general satisfaction, Mid the patentee .
baling made some very importinit improvements
Which render it still more complete,. both for eked
separating , and .cleatiing, 'and also for ease of
draught and fast threshing. I take pleasure in re
commending it to the public, knowing that it will
give the best of satisfaction. lam manufacturing
those diferent aloes, as 'folloive:
No. 1 is 8 hone Power,will thresh and clean from
200 to 500busluds per' day.
No. 2 is 6 to 8 horse power, will thresh and clean
from 150 to 300 bushels per day ,
No. 8 is 4 to 6 horse power, will thresh and clean
from lOU to 200 hsmhele per day.
These Macntnes are warranted to do the above,
and do it Much better in every respect than any
other machine in use.' •
Grain having much light filth jail cleaned on Are
Machine is worth from 2 to 8 cents more per bush
el than when cleaned on any other separator, or the
common *ay of cleaning on hand fans. For this
reason there is not the eighth 'part of light matter in
the grain as when cleaned on the' riddle principle.
The blast acts freely on all the grain as it leaves the
whereas, when cleaned will. riddle that ad
vantage is lost
This machine does not return the Milan& as
most of the separators do. By returning filthy tail
ends alternately it is impossible to make merchants
grain,' Another important feature in this machine
that others of the kind have not, is the Self-acting
Blast Reg ulator in the fan, which , remedies all dif
ficulties in bad cleaning, blowing grain in the chaff
in big , speed or irregular driving, which cannot be
avoid .d in cleaning grain by horse power
Th' Machine is also more durable and less tedious
o anage than any other Separator and Gleaneror
common machine with shaker.
Orders to insure their being filled until harvest
ould be sent in immediately.
I am fully prepared to make to order and on short
notice Poitable and Stationed :
WHEELS, IRON 04..• .Tims, &c,
Stoves and Plow eastin: e :NO •
iron pipe or steam or wow 1d Brass cabtinge of
every descriptiOnf in a' wird, I'am do
everything usually done in a foundry and machine.
shop. Having supplied myself with the latest
proved machinery. such as Lathes, Boring, Planing •
and Drilling Machines, persons tan rely on having
their work done in the most satisfactory manner.—
I am also prepared to manufacture to order maw
"chinery for wood, such , as Tonging_ and I/roving
machines for flooring,JlK ce. Tenant tind_hlould.._
ing Machines, &c.
I also offer to the pub a new and vain
able improvement in toy ate m engines, made
within the hist year, viz: for t e economizing of
' fuel, and the regulation of speed, hich renders my
new enginet far. superior to the of engines.
All my machines are sold and warrantee. My
hams are all experienced workmen in this line of
business, and I use all good material, no that I am
perfectly safe in w.aztanting all Any work.
I am also prepared *ado repairing in workman•
like manner, on the shortest notice. Orders solicit
ed and promptly attended to. All orders sent in
for repairing must be accompanied with the cash
For particulars and circulars descriptive of ma
chine, address GEORUb PRICK,
Or Desist 013011111 , Proprietor of Territory and so
' - for of orders, iiiesneebour Franklin to. Pa.
pril 18—tf
THE 'subscriber respectfully informs the public
that he will continue the ISmithlng business
at the old stand, until 'steady. conducted under
the firm of Hawkerdc Cline. He is now prepared
to make to order Buggies,Carriages,Spring 'Wagon",
with all-work belonging to the
basinese,' at short notice and opattressonable to s.
He return" his thank" for the very liberal nage
extended, to the late firm, and hopes by promptiat,
tendon to business to merit a continuance or the
Pictures, Pictures..
THE undersigned takes this metlmpl of inform
ing the citizens of Waynesboro' In vicinity,
that he has purchased the Daguereian apparatus of
of Mr J. B. Rosser, and is sow impanel to take all
kindled Pictures at.the very lowest prices, , which
are guaranteed to be as truthful and life-like as any
offered to she public. He has just received a new
stock of common and fancy Cases of all sizes and
styles, vrhiCh he can sell very cheap. Pictures tar
ken fot72ls — emsts — which — can7be — sont - througlythe
snail to any P. O. in the U.S. for sit cents._ Gall ,
and ewnine for yourself whether you want work
or not; he charges nothing for showing. He will
be happy' to see you.
Room in the New Building, neat door Vs Bibbet's
Hotel, (up stairs.) J.H. WBUISH•
Nov 22
Readyantade Clothing
AS. ADAMS would respeettsUy inform bis
.p!troni and the public generally that 60 I-
returned from the Eastern cities mith - a general as•
•ortanent of Heady-Made .
embracing aU the latest styles of Coats, Pants,Vests,
Shirts, Collars, Necties,lSAsPenderh etc, etc 4 all of
whirl are well made. The public ars cordially in
vited to call and examine his goods, as ha is dWer
tennined-to sell at short profits.
He will cortlittue • , awry on the business
of Tailoringas Kerr - Persows &Siring gar
menu cm or made up sr invited to givrPhint
call. • -
Latest ns received wok*.
Oct . A. EL A.
1171118REA8, Letters Testamentary to the Br
ifT state of Barbara 8. Troxel, tate of the 80.
rough of Waynesboro, deceased. have Wen ponied
to the subscriber; sU persons indebte4 to-thesaid'
'Estate; !to totittestrvilo . - truthe huntodinto pay
and *Wee Minns chums or - donastik
- •ofriid decedent, trilltoake known; inane
without debar to , S. 8. TROXBL,
/Wain-Bw_ • Enemata
E and Burning k) always o, hand at Aug. . Kum'.
u }_=:~ : ~~ : ~-Y[:..a:a+_.w~.dss~n~_'t, '~` ~'~ . _...,., . >~ur.:• t„::rsa!:.~.a.a4,.;,u~pK~,
• imistiittaviiiiit t•" .."-=.- •'.- ,
- • ',UV W 4; EILAIILLTI :::. , .-, ~',',••
• • 0 , 1 ; " ' li - .1 .'',
- It ItAtt ' t
.41 4 0 it'd _A a : a l iVillti pt , ii ii l la
thrikuto the , - - OM.' . ' , Me' /#s# ..►ii/Al4ll/ -
rnotillis b I : Within the : yflt. ~
, . AllYg 18ElliEri_ W-0. TO Ilaost dues ion—
float' i . t aid, ma .boßiOnnat ibiwirtioni ,i,., centwi .
• t PiOnnt_iiiedielptimie4444'ww
'c • i'''''''' - r - "lie
1111011111SALII AiND MIAMI* 11111 Milli OP WE
tries, WAYNBSPA - 4'' .
Hu fief** got back lb bbsibedii," NA to
the 'orild stand)" /twelve! SW& :Op:, the
room now occupied may' and habil
returned from the city with a -fresh egg%
ply, which he has just: recejved,, &India
ting , of - „
. Preolklyoreigsr aiui , onustk Zr_nyPti.
A large and genera) assOrbriersi of Median* •
'Chemed's, Patent
Dry Paints and Paints ground in Oil, '
Oils expressed end distilled; - •
Twits green, preferred 144 dry,:
Confeetionariedi '• •
Liquor* of all Itlnde rot niedielbrif inirpOies,
Docks, stationary, fancy anitiniscallineous articles;
all of which be offereforial". Thankful for Omura
received and hopeful` tit their dOistioriance, he invites
.the public to call before prrechashig elsewhere.
Sipper efrue for *ale a lot Of beautiful shells.
Carbon Oil which will snit for Kerosene Lamps
warranted not to smoke, can be head at .Btoner's.'
Parraiin, Cryan'', and DeWitt, Oils; :,also Canal
phine and burning thridsis for sale by Slocum -
Stoner has a lot of barrels, kegs, jugs,. cane, ars,_
which be will sell very low. : May IS.,
Tit Rout Coming
tt . FIARBR hie removed ilia Restaurant and
Confactionery to the zoom formerly occupied
by A.!. Ham & bro., neat 'door to Tilde's Tin
ning establishment. The attentintt of the public is
again milled to his assortment of
Candies.".Nula„ Coniectionaries of all
hinds, and a fidi assortment al
Cigars and 7ohacco,
OYSTERS done dp in the •belt style, stewed,
roasted or fried. [Ap. 19,'60.
;Mentzer s Horse & Cattle Powder
M. STONER4ltaving purchased of Mr.
*Mentzer, the recipe for making the above
Lir-timed Horse and Cattle Powder, for Pennsylva
nia and Maryland, takes this method of informing
the farmers, driivers, dte., that he has on hand and
intends keeping a good supply always on hand.
Country merchants and others keeping such articles
fcr sale, would do well to supply themselves with a
quantity. He will sell it oft tommisttioa or foe i cash
cheap. Orders will be punctually attended to.
Oct. 6.
100 Samples of the latest Spring styles eau
be seen in the iloplt Store at. the Town,
Hall. Receiving paper directly from. the Montan
torero, the subscriber is prepared to sell at the vorg
lowest prices. J. R. WELSH..
Arit IS.• •
If to retuns-thanks,m 7 the the liberal,.
.pa age "he neeived dari • past, and
hopes by strict attention to b flt" T -1 s to merit is
condo ee of the sane. • All operation, in. the
dental line ' be performed in five most substantial
and satisfactory saner. He keeps posted on all,
the advancements and i mprovments of the profess.
ton, and flatten himself that as good work can be
had at hisoffice as at any , other in the Stale Arti.
fieni teeth inserted. time a single lonh_toa_foll-set
liValn all cases warranted nr, perform satisfactorily
or no pay; Terms reasonabbn
July 5,1860. •
&common Tatiana frond the Faculty of Princeton.
College. N. J. • - •
•Pamorrom, N. J., Feb. 26th, 1861.
The undersigned are happy to testify that pupil&
of the Fayetteville Academy, Pa. have maintained
a bigb standing among the recent graduates of the,
College of New Jersey.
President of the College
Professor of Greek.
Professor of Latin:
JOHN T. Durrtalio,, •
Professor of Mathematic.
Dr; Jacobs Allarbatigle. dc . d:tem
Celebrated 'American Liniment
• - ‹---:: . B ea st _ .
"For Titan and a”
THE greatest and'best external remedy ever on
Wed to the public. For sale by. F. J. Kruger
Druggist. Waynesboro' and by Druggists • the
county generally. llFTrieo2fr cents per ~!.... as.
Deeember.l3, '6O-4-ly
Hard Ware: ,IXat4 • ;. tizek
RESPECTFULLY inviter; attention to his -
m large.assortment of HARD W ARE, 0 11T-
Gans, Pistols, Oils, Paints, Glass, Hoes
&Aker, Spades. Sharpie, Forks, Itrilhos,,,Cedar-
Ware, Iron,Steel, Carriage Trimmings, riitf' a` full
Illoek p okes, Pollees. itowsaintwAhalls, ipomp.
A5e10,44., dro , all of which am( awed at eitretnet
ly low prices. Call and eilinirie far Yotirseliris.7-
Remember wo deal exclusively in this line, givieig ik
oar entire anti undivided attention.-' -- • [Ail. 7.
MEDI aul Boy's heavy Boots ancll - showit
Oct. 4 - Buono's.
I Fixtures at ,
k, — /—Mar - 25, ----- Asawcririllanntchir&Zota
AN excellent article of Syrup for 50 eta. per gall
at (t)cl4 Besoulea
and by special d
M. at. ISTON CH, Dr
11OR sale at the St.bhe &loon, by the pint
4 or quart,4'
r in the shell by the-bushel , half bush
et on pea.. • LroWDS d. FLOMIER. ,
Dec. 8 •
PEPPER and !?nrialder, ground & ungrours
nor 29 at.: , - Kerr
ARD CA/VB, at the s4s ‘
QTEEI., Mussels, Spades
laManare Drags, dte., ace:at
compeiition. Cali and see For
sprit •
uots, sold only as Medicine
rectioits of a Physician, bj
• gist May IL
Octlefßove. Apply at PRIOR'
LEFIDID Embroidered goods
cheapest. Pe& ei use. al
"OVID'S Geist
ili taiiikaillaii
7' -.-.
4 1 6.NT'a Shims. Arctic
Ufeomfortabis Aida. kieoid
II Nov Itit
at, 16 cen