Village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1863-1871, January 03, 1862, Image 4

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    (in anat.NDS.
A stoss,:a Ittidge ofsmiles,and tears, ,
bear mend, I clasp thy willing hand.
Anil gaze into thy smiling eyes
at aiding on hope's aublit strand.
Our spirit hantl4! how wild the thrill
How warm th • touch vvh'eli comes from ,thind
Like sweet bird-carreL, music fills
Th/a eager yearning heart of mine.
'Tie evening, and the placid moon
Throw many a siker beam o'er me,
While on the scented zephyrs come -
4 thousand kindly thvughts from thee.
The ?topic of the eingine bin.*
The odi r of tlO3 summer flowers.
The echos thrtiflkh the wildwooll heard,
Bind closer still these hearts of ours.
I ere thy smile, I hem' thy voice,
I close my ej es-while, feelings grand
Flow out, and make my heart rejoice,
• While clasping still thy spirit hand!
ThlOrthly form is far away,
Y kindred souls defy all space;
• In one short Mound they may not stay,
But wing theirsflight from place to place.
An thou art near,me, for I see
The wild wave of Ihy chi•stnut o haii;
I hear the voice, so glad and free,
And mark thy brow so high and fa-5.
Ah! are we not as mortals blest?
Bow strong the closing clustering bands;
How wild the joy, how sweet the reel,
While clasping still thy spirit hands.
—Arthues Home Magazine.
Tie Confiscation Bill.
The foiloieiug is the' confiscation bill
introduced in the House of Representa
tives by Air. Bingham, of Ohio, and which
has since passei
Be it enacted, That if any person or
persons within any State or Territory of
the United States, after the taking effect of
this act, shall engage in armed rebellion a
gailist the Government of the United
States, or shall aid or abet such rebellion,
all the property, money, stocks, credits and
effects of such persons. are hereby declar
ed forfeited to the Government• of the U
nited States, and the same are hereby de
clared lawlul subjects of prize and capture
wherever found, and the President of the
United States shall cause the same to be
seized, confiscated and condeMned. •
St:c. 2. .and be it fto tber enacted. That
such prize and capture shall be condemn
ed in the District or Circuit Court , of ) (he
United States having jurisdiction j the a
mount. or in admiralty in any district in
which the same may he seized, or hip)
which the same may be taken and pro
ceedings first instituted.
SEC 3. .Bnd be it furthered enacted, That
'the Attorney General, or any district at
torney of the United States in which said
Property or tilt cis may a`? the time be,
may institute the proceedingi of condemns
lion, and in such eases they will be whol
ly for the bent fit of the United States; or
any person may file ar. information with
such attorney, in
case the proceeds
shall be for the use of such informer
and the United States in equal parts.
Sk.c 4. .ind be it further enacted, That
every persqo who'shall engage in., or aid
or abet such a rebellion as aforesaid, shall
ftirleit_elLelaino_which such persons • may
have to the service and labor of any slave
or slaves. and the slave or slaves of such
persons shall he and are hereby declared
freemen. and forever relieved from such
servitude, anything in the laws of the U
ld Sr '
niteL ;tales or any States to, the contrary
Sec. 5. .8 nd be it further enacted. Thar
no person shall be arrested or surrendered
as a fugitive slave upon the order of any
persoA in the military or naval seffice of
the United States.
Old Dr. Strong, ol Hartford, whose name
is still a praise in the churches; lead an un•
fortunate halm of saving amusing things
when he meant t As when he was
presiding in a meeting of ministers, and
,to call on one of them to come
forward'and offers - prayer, he said:
Brother Cultou,
of Bolton,
Will you step this way
And pray?
To which Mr. Colton immediately an
swered, without intending to perpetrate
anything of the same sort:
My dear brother Strong,
You do very -wrong,
To be making a rhyme
At such a solemn time.
And then Dr. Strong said:
I am very sorry to see
, That you arejust like me.
The good men would not, for the world,
have made jests on such an occasion; but
they could plead the same excuse for their
rhymes that the boy did for whistlijg in
school: "I didn't whistle, sir, it whistled
A STRONG' STOMACIL-A westrn cattle
dealer, who rarely had the privilege of sit
ting down to meat with -a family. and who
had never been in a minister's house in
his life. was not long ago benighted and
lost in his ride across tie prairies, and
compelled to ask for lodging in any house
he could find. Happily for him, it was the
hbuse of a good man, a parson, who gave
him a hearty welcome. and, what was es•
pecially agreeable, told him supper would
soon be ready. The traveller's appetite
was' ravenous, and the moment he was
oaken to sit by. he complied, and without
Waiting fora-second invitation,he laid bold
of what hn could reach.
*-Stop;stopl" said the good man of the
hems; 4 , we are in the habit of saying
something here before we eat."
• Tbis hint to wait until the blessing was
'asked, the rough customer did not under
stand; but, with his mouth full, be mut
••Go ahead! say what you like! you can't
turn my stomach nowt"
A judge and counsellor 'being upo n
different terms, a china of the counsel's
_making his appearance at atelier wiih — hie
jaw terribly swelled, the judge• remarked.
this client of yin;rs onnid make
an Axcellent couosellor—he is all jala,'•
,Irhich set the...court in a roar of laughter
against the counsellor. On silence being
reitored the counsel• then remarked. 'My
lord, I think be would d k ke . a better judge
for bisjsw is all on ono side.' _ • •
. . ~,,,
.. _ ,_ -.......... .
'• 0 .
Dealer in all the ritty of Drugs. Medi
cines, rankee ions. Perlumery,
Liquors jor - Medidnal .
purposes. Oils.- -
__ 4 , e., 4tc..
W O a ly sti t il en s ti o e il r oi h t i t s he th pn at n t g t e he of c o a mmun 1
public who want anything in his line. nes • •
as he has enlarged his stock so as to be enabled to
answer all calls for anything anti everything usual
ly found in.a Drug Store, and has a thorough ac
quaintance with thiThlisiness, he hopeb to gain the
confidence of the ComMunity. He will pay par
ticular attention to tilling physicians' Preeriptions,
and more care and precaution used in waiting up
on chldren than adults.
1011161 ill DOMESTIC Ini
Choice Wines Oil Liquors for medicine,'" and
sacramental purposes, Patent Medicines are endless
in variety, including all that have been mode up to
this date and some that are yet in embryo. Also
White Lead, Zinc, Paint, Whiting and Varnishes
for house building or inside work, 'besides all sizes
of Mass. Commercial, Note, Fools Cap and Letter
Paper always on hand, with a variety of Envelopes
of different sizes and colors. Brushes, Combs,
Pomade, Fancy Soap, Hair Oil; Colognes, Essen
ces, Flavoring Extracts, and numerous articles in
the Fancy line on hand and offered for sale, cheap.
er than ever offered before .
Also a large assortment of Keroleia - flil Lamp-
Chimneys, Shades and Wicks. and Kerosene Oil to
fill them. A general assortment of Fruits and
Confectionaries, Tobacco and Cigars.
Oct. 11. •
Should . you ask me, should you wonder,
Where to buy your Stoves and Tinware;
I would answer, I would tell you—
"Go unto the fine new store room
• Where the Big Red Horn, the sign is;
There's the best Cook Stoves and Tin-ware,
Alt sold cheap by D. B. Russel"
[From the Song of Hiawatha.
c? HE undersigned informs the public in genera
kJ and especially those of his customers in want of
'any thing in his line of business, that he has com
pleted and is now occupying his new and extensive
ly, enlarged establishment for the
Manufacture and Sale
He is now prepared t6eupply any demand for his
Cook Stoves, geniral Housekeeping' Goods and
Xitehen Ware; on such terms as must give entire
Taa 'avova
offered are of the best and meat improved kinde,and
having been tried ,are acknoiledged to be all that
can be desired as good cookers and bakers, and are
easily kept clean.
His ownMANITIPACTUUED WARS is all made with a
view to the wants of customers from the best mate
rial and is warranted in all cases to be good. He
also keeps a large assortment of fancy articles.
lartspecial attention. is given to putting up
SPOUTING, made of the best tin, for houses and
barns, in which he has had a long and extensive ex
Remember the sign of the Big Red Horn.
Aug 9, 1860 B RUSSELL.
W FIR -31- -
Ooachmaking 1
' un , ersigne
Coachrnakin: Estatil
aving leased the well-known
Lhment of" Alex. Hamilton,
on Mechanics street, Way esboro , respect u y an
nounce to their friends and th public generally, that I
ey—purpose—earrying—on-the—businers in
branches, and are now prepared to nufacture to
order all kinds of
Carriages, Buggies, arouches,
Sprng Wagons, &c. &c., of the b t material, and
made oy superior workmen.
kinds done at reasonable . rates, protriptly and to the
satisfaction of cue rs.
COUNTRY ODUCE taken in exchange for
work at marke prices.
tar Persons esiring articles or work in the Coach
making line, a respectfully invited to give them a
call. L. K. MORRIISON,
Mar. 8. GEO. B. HAWKER.
Copper, Brass, Tin and Sheet Iron
On Main Street, one door West of Troxers Dry
Goods Store, -
WHERE he keeps constantly on hand, an ex'
tensive assortment of Housekeepers' Arti
cles of every description.
Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware, Japan
ed Ware, Wooden Ware, Sad-irons, all sizes of
Iron Kettles, Pans, &c.
Also—a large assortment of Cooking Stoves,
Parlor and Ten•plate Stoves. Persona who are in
want of a good cook stove, will do well to call and
see his assortment, as he is prepared to offer great
inducements, not only in Stoves, but in all the above
articles. You will find a large and splendid assort
ment of Tin Ware of his own manufacture—at low
prices. All those desirous of getting bargains would
do well to call at W. A. TRI'PLE'S Housekeepers'
Emporium, opposite Dr. Brotherton's office.
House Spouting dope at the shortest notice, and
of the best Tin.
Feeling thankful for put favors, he invites his
friends and the public generally to call and examine
his stock. W. A. TRIPLE.
March 22 Duna. Timm:, Agent.
AVING commenced the Merchant Tailoring
busiuess, in the room on the Southwest _cor
ner of the Pu blic ' Square, Hagerstown, takes plea
sure in announcing to his friends in Waynesboro'
and the airsounding country, that be is just receiv
ing a very fine selection of CLOTHS, CASSI
KERBS, VESTINGS, Gentlemen's Furnishing
Goods, and all articles usually kept by Merchant
Tailors., Persons visiting Hagerstown are invited
to call and examine his stock. larPrompt atten
tion given to all orders.
Hagerstown. May 3, '6O.
frilE snbacriber has a good TWO HORSE
WAGON which he will divan of on mason
able.terma novls-01 J. A ROYER.
Wool, and Cotton under iSlairta and Draw
era at • • J. W. Mu.Laa's.•
For sale . at tholitAiro of W. H. DamienToi.
L U , TH v ErN Aim adios at
T—i- Toys for sale 'at
Dee2o "
T ADZES and lure Voo •
_skirts at
OctLi • , ilasesa's
Fisher's Eating 'Saloon
001411 1 310110NAltir I
, .
inibsclibeY inforininiii — fiustons-
I: err sad the - public generally that he has re
cently.repletiiiiheil his stack et Fruit: find Coulee
tionanea, find has now the finest assoitinent of
DI E S.! „ .
• .
ever brought to Waynerbore..iviti •~
. GARS, TOBACCO, ete., etc;
0Y 9 T
He hits also on hand at all Unies the fluiret•Oiste'is
the market will afford, which Will be served up to
customers Pried, Roasted or Stewed.' '
He is' likewise prepared to furnish both Washa.
bough,. and Ludwig's ANC, and a superior article
of ttotch Ale and Crab Apple eider, with a rime
article of Bologna sausage, Boiled Eggs, and all
otherarticleti usually kept in first class Restaurants.
A genuine article of Vinegar always for sale.
Blond . Is.B. FISHER.
THE undersigned respectfully announces to the
public' generally that he is• still at the old
stand on Church Street, Waynesboro', Pa., where
he continues the manufacturing of Family
3 calif - Alma 0i)
Buggies Barouches, Wagons, and every species
of vehicles usually made in such establishments.—
His work is warranted to be composed of the
best ann most durable material, and none - but
the - most experienced workmen are employed.—
He has now on hand a number of Carriages, Bug
gies, ditc., dtc. '
which he will positively sell at
greatly reduced prices for cash, or upon a short
credit. By keeping a good stock at all times, and
always holding himself ready to supply the de
mands of the people he hopes to retain and secure
a liberal share of patronage.
Repairing, Trinuning. and Painting done in the
best manner, and at the shortest notice.
Lumber, Country Produce, dr.c., will be taken in
exchange for work. JACOB ADAMS.
N. B. The Books of the firm of J. & A. S. Ad
ams, are in the hands of the undersigned. Persons
knowing themselves indebted are requested to make
immediate payment. .1. A.
Nov' 1. 1881.
jAVE now' open for inepec
_ a tion at their store on the
!Southeast corner of the Diamond
their second supply of
dOC/DO 4 ,
for Gentlemen's ware. Their
stock embraces Blue, Black and
Fancy Cloths, Plain, Fancy CassimeresoElllr and
Satin Vestings, and all other goods for coats, pants,
and vests, of the most fashionable styles; Also—
Gloves, Cravats, shirts, collars, dm &c.; with an as
Gentlemen are invited to call and examine their
stock of new goods.
DrThe latest Fashions regularly received.
May 23 1861.
T H IS is acknowledged to be one of the most re
markable of human productions that has ever
, een otie ohe American •o , le. The style is
chaste and truly eloquent. The su , pict trea etro
is of the most inspiring: "The United States in
- Prophecyor-sile-by J. F. Kfl[J
Lumber 1 Lumber ! 1
THE nu . reigned offers at his Lumber Yardl
WaYn boro', Pa., the following variety of wel.
seasoned L tuber, at reasonable rates:
Worked Flooring Boards; -ft, ft, and 1 inch yellow
Pine; I Inch, bed Lining; 1, lft and 2 inch White
Pine; ft inch white pine Weatherboarding: Spruce
Pine Joice and Scantling; ft, ft and Ift inch Poplar,
Poplar Scantling; ft and 11 Cherry, Cherry Table
Legs ; Pine Lath and Chestnut Shingles, and
Chestnut Posts and Bails. Also, Turned Chair
Stuff by the Stand; Turned Chair Legs, Bent Chair
Backs, and turned Broom Handles.
. ALSO, For Sale, by the bushel or quantity, Corn
on the ear or shelled, Oats and Potatoes by the
I Has constantly for oak a full assortment of Sa l
GOODS for Gentlemen's ware.
rar Latest City Fashions always on hand.
Waynesboro', Pa.
IRESPECTFULLY offers his services to the cit
izens of Waynesboro' and surrounding country.
e isgrpared to perform all operations in Dental
Burgerjlll6 a superior manner. Teeth inserted from
one to an entire set in the most approved and sub
stantial manner, and warranted not to be surpassed
for beauty and durability. Charges moderate and
all work warranted as represented.
--- ii2
.N. B. Will visit residences w e • requested.—
Office, on Mechanics Street, o posits e residence
of J. R. Welsh, up stairs.
To Capitalists.
So will pay the following rates of in
terest pe annum,on all sums deposited in the In.
stitution. For 8 months, 2 per cent.; from 3 to 6
months, 3 per cent.; from 9. to 18 months, 4 per
cent; and over 18 months, 411 per ( cent. For a
shorter period than 8 meatus the terms will be
kown *by the 'Treasurer. ' '
Notes for discountshould be handed to the Treas
urer on Tuesday, asihe Hoard of Directors meet
malady on• Wednesday of each week, at 9 o'clock
A.M. By order of the Board, .
. • 7'58 JNO. PHILIPS Treasurer,
TirELEOR4PH FODDER curriats,
The bogie use Formals by '
ovB, : • - E. 8. TROXEL;
.141 RUSH Mackerel at
Mu 28 • Atunntadir, est
nEALCUEBr—Dried•Peache% pared and unpar
j— slot , - ••. Animation, IIsisDICTA Co'..
RAlBlfilrat 121 and 20 cents per pound at
noi29 . t i • Kuares
IA Hat Hair Tooth and Nairiltushe
instreceived and for sale very low by M. M
8' 'OPLEIIi Ma 13.
intim market to be had * at the sign of the
Big - Rod Horns D B. Kumla.
C 111661 Hl' II
4 , ... ". " • ' •r•
I . l ? l, 'lVittlqattii4l4o ,
-'1 4 5 . 1 - 4.':, • .
Latest Improved thresher atut Triple Gear
- ed Horse Power, driving either by Gear .
or Belt, all furnished complete,
,to be sput on- Wagons, • •
1, the undersigned, desire to men the attention o'
Farmers and Threshennen of Frankling and adjoin
ing counties to it. This Machine has been beforiP
the public for seven years, during which time it
has given general satisfaction, and the patentee
having made some very important improvements
which render it still more complete, both for dead
separating and cleaning, and also for ease of
draught and fast threshing., I take pleasure in re
commending it to the public, kno wing that it will
give rho best of satisfaction. I sin manufscturing
three different sizes, as follows: ..
No. 1 is 8 horse Power,will thresh and clan from
200 to 500 bushels per day. ____
No. 2 is 5 to 8 horse power, will thresh and ildan
from 150 to 300 bushels per day --
No. 8 is 4 to 8 horse power, will thresh and clean
from 100 to 200 luisbele per day.
- These Macninee are warranted to do the abeve,
and do it much better in every respect than any
other machine in use. _______-- -
Grain 'having much light filth in it cleaned on this
Machine is worth from 2 to 8 cents more per bush
el than whe cleaned on any her separator, or the
commo yof cleaning on ha kd fans. For this
reaso ere is not the eighth pa it of light matter in
the ain as when cleaned on t 6 riddleprinciple.
The blast acts freely on all the grain as it leaves the
shuts, whereas, when cleaned witL riddle that ad
vantage is lost
This machine does not return_ the.tailends as
most of the separators do. By returning filthy tail
ends alternately it is impossible to make merchants
grain, Another important feature in this machine
that others of the kind have not, is the Self-acting
Blast Reg ulator in the fan, which remedies
ficulties in bad cleaning, blowing grain in the chaff
in high speed or irregular driving, which cannot be
.in cleaning grain by horse power
This Machine is also more durable and less tedious
t o manage 'than any other Separator and Okianer,or
the common machine with shaker.
Ordeis to insure their being filled until harves
should be sent in immediately.
I am fully prepared to make to order and nn shot
notice Portable and Stationed
Stoves and Plow castings,also cast iron and wrought
iron pipe for steam An water, and Brass castings of
every description; in a word, lam prepared to do
everything usually done in a foundry and machine*
shop. Having supplied myself with the latest im
proved machinery, such as Lathes, Boring, Planing
and Drilling Machines, persons can rely on having
their work done in the most satisfactory manner.-
- 1 am also prepared to manufacture to ordor ma
chinery for wood, such as 'rouging and Droving
machines for flooring, Sulfate, Tenout and Mould
_ing_machines, &c.
1 also can to the public a new and vela
able ipprovement in my steam engines, made
within the last year, viz; for the economizing of
I fuel, and the regulation of speedywhich renders my
new-engines far superior to the old engines..
All my machines are sold under warrantee. My
ant.s are a I experienced--workmen in -this-line-u
business, and I use all good material, so that i am
ectly safe in warranting all my work.
I am also prepared toile repairing in work - m.
like manner, on the shortest notice. Orders solicit
ed and promptly attended to. All orders sent in
for repairing must be accompanied with the cash
For particulars and circulars descriptive of ma
chine, address OEORti E
Or DANIgli Ginsint, Proprietor of Territory and so.
Honor of orders, Waynesboro Franklin Co. Pa.
April 18—tf
TfE subscriber 'respectfully informs the public
that he will continue the Smithing business
at the old stand, until recently. conducted under
the firm of Hawker & Cline. He is now prepared
to make to order Buggies, Carriages,Bpring Wagons,
with all work belonging to the
business', at short notice and upon reasonable terms.
He returns his thanks for the very liberal patronage
extended to the late firm, and hopes by prompt at.
tention to business to merit a continuance or the
March 22.
Pictures, Pictures.
THE undersigned takes this method Of inform.;
ing the citizens of Wanesboro' and vicinity,
that he has purchased the Daguereian apparatus of
of Mr J. B. Reeser, and is now prepared to take all
kinds of Pictures at the very lowest prices, which
are guaranteed to be as truthful and life-like as any
offered to the public. He has just received a new
stock of common and fancy cases of all sizes and
styles, which he can sell very cheap. Pictures ta
ken for 25, cents which can be sent through the
mail to any P. Cf. in the U.S. for six cents. Call
and examine for yourself whether you want work
or not; he charges nothing for showing. He will
be happy to see you.
• Room in the New Building, next_ door to Bibbet's
Hotel, (up 'stain.) I. H. WBLBIP
=a Et zza zsa se t
VALLE subscriber, thankful for past pationap, still
solicits the same; and in addition to manufactu
ring ali kinds of workid
Material for Building Purposes,
inch as
I am prepared to furnish mU kinds of oak samba
for different purposes in budding, such as
AU of which will be sawed to order, at short notice
and upon reasonable terms. • -
Alsoonewing. by enrcn lar saws, of every
description done; Framing, 'Surfacing. Matching,
Flooring, &c., ska. -For further particulars apply to
the subscriber, at Factory. two miles southeast of
Waynesboro. _ • D. F. 00011.
'Jan. 17, 1801
mar & Co's.
12148 at 18 and SS coats per p►rtd at
3: now. 211. '
dec2o '6O
MAT 0 1 ' 11S.
lit 8
• ,
, - ' • OgAtzifiN
11110VARI - ,. CUTTERY -
tles,ratornedrfroarthcalliol with • Wife
and wan Wooed stook apse .
Helnoto offeu fur Bala at low prices: -
*lbw .- • Stool s
t Railer, • Azeei' •
Rope. r Robes,
ak i pAlt .
(A suiferioi kind;)
ItOlifillhOOS, •
Knives, Forks, Spoons ; ate.
/;X:t csk-ax QM va es, tri
On a new and himinreil 'plan, at ow-prlees.
He invites his old ettstoment a the trade goner
erally to examine his stock bet purchasing else
where. • H. STONEHOUBI:.
Mg, A IMES, 'll.`lllllll
Confectionery, Fruits, Ott., &c., &C.
T" subscriber takes this method of announcing
to the people that he has received at his 'Drug
store; large end carefully selected stock of
Chernfaals, Patent Midicines, Raints bile Dye
Smile, window Otass, Putty, Tobacco. Snuff, and
Segars, &c., which be is now prepared to sell as
cheap as the cheapest and will assure his custom
ers that in regard to quality, which is of the first im
portance, his goods will compare with any in the
He tuts dab a splendid assortment of Perfumery,
Soaps and . .
Toilet gaittieles.
of all kinds, consisting in part of the following, viz
Bandolirtes, '
Amber and Bears' Oil
• Colognes,
Extracts for the Handkerchief,
Lyon's Kathairon,
Harrison's Ladies' Soap,
Honey Soap, •
Hotel soap, -
Diamond White Soap.
Cranberries, Raisins, Figs, Prunes, Currahtis,
Dates, Citron, Ortinges; Lemons, Nuts of all kinds,
and Candies of every variety.
Kerosene Lamps, Lamp globes; and Brushes,
Kerosene Oil. Camphine, Alcohol, 11 uming Fluid,
and _in fact any thing_and_everything that is usually
found in a drug store.
Thankful for kind favors and patronage hereto.
fore bestowed upon him, he solicits a continuance of
the same. and'hopes that by endeavoring to please,
he may win the confidence of the people.
Physicians' prescriptions promptly and carefully
mpounded-at,all-hours- ' i,P,KURTZ.
nov .29, 1860
,! ery Establishment.
THE 'undersigned would inform the citizens of
Waynesboro' and vicinity that she has com
menced the Milliner business, .in Church street, a
few doors South of the Diamond. She expects to
receive her goods in a few days. The ladies are
most respectfully invited to give her a call. No
paity will be spared to suit the taste of all. By close
application and a determination to persevere, the
hopes to gain the confidence, as well as the support
of the community. She has made arrangements so
that she can receive new goods weekly if necessary.
Please give her a call M. U. RESSER,
Waynesboro', May 2, '6l.
AI Breech-Loading: Repeater.,'
rlB Pistol, for simplicity of construction, coin.
pactness and durability, is 'superior to all °th
ere yet to the public. It can be loaded as
quickly as other pistols are capped. The load may
remain in the Pistol any length of time without
injury. It is the lightest pistol manufactured that
has force and is sate to carry. It will force a ball
though a one inch board at the distance of one
hundred yards. Weight only eight and a half ozs.
For sale lit BROTkIERTOWB.
May 2 Hardwaie Store.
r. Jracob.s, Barham;la Sr. Yel
Celebrated American Liniment
"For Man and Beast."
lITIBE greatest and best extern(, remedy ever oe
J. lered to the public. For sale by F. .1. 'Krum!
Druggist. Waynesboro' and by Druggists in the,'
county generally. larPrice 25 cents per bottle.
December 13, 'Bo ly
Hardware! Hardware
RESPECTFULLY invitee attention to his prey
ent large assortment of HARDWARE, PUTT,
.L.P.RY . , Gump, Pistols, Oils, Pairs% Miss, Hem
Rakes, Spider, Shovels, Forks, Drizahes, Cedar-
Ware, Iron,Steel, Carriage Trimmings,with a full
stock ofSpntes, Felkms, *lnv, Bunny leant vrinfP
Axels, &c., &c , all of which are offered at extreme
ly low prices. Call and examine for yourselves,—
Remember we deal exclusively in this line, giving it
our entire and undivided attention. [Ap. 7.
The cheapest article in the World. Unrivalled
in Economy. Permanently Lustrous. The only
place w get it is et BROTHERTON'B.
March 22. • '
Important -to_ Farmers
jsHh Ambit:Tiber takes this-Method ofiumwmcing
of the Farmers and others, that he has on hand
I tot of DWARF BROOM CORN seed. *Wag - wit It
moms specimens' ofthe corn. This Mean excellent
article of Broom Coth, and should be raised by se.
my one. He has. also a full assortment afresh
Dings, bhdicines, Chemicals, dec.
J. F.
P. B. I am selling Cranberries at 1:
- Light I Lights! !
ris cheapest
trrd Light in use can be
6TONEHOUS Hardware Sum
ov 1
AGE*lBolol,o4o ' , '
'"D 'W.
Jive in tifiraieo — ; 'or tegiiii
three inotithlitioo ' titiriettlett of MOO
iticiiithcbetvithiwthe teem • •
ApirgirrittfillitltTitrAfei Wee, threibisim. •!.
tiara thr *rely' etibetrittent itepertieni 1111
.111rPeteit , emu:l";!lids itthir.eity efirertile.
meets to be paitt fteint.en espy, in advance.
firfeliElllol) pa, „
wizoulais Alf) itinizimaisi Itt tuttains OP null
Has,net only got back to his "old lomijoss,l but to
re - giolll -- m - mnir — arring-fitted-up-tho- -
room now occupied neatly and' hating
rettnnedltom the city with a fresh som
ply, which he has just received, concur !
Fresh. Foreign Ind Domegitle Wags,' '
A largo and, general assortment of. Meditinee, •
Chemicals; Patent Medicine, Dyestuffs,
Dry Paints and . Paintegiound in Oil, '1
Oilsiexpressed and distilk4 • • •
Fruits green, preserved and dry,
Cohrdetitftittries; •
Liquors of all kinds for medicinal purposes,:
Books, stationary, finny cud miscellaneous articles;
all,of which he offers for salad - Thankful for favors
received and hopeful of their Continuance, be invites
the public to call before purchasing elsewhere. '
Stoner offers for sale a lot of beautiful Shells.—
Carbon Oil which will suit for 'Kerosene Lamps
'reheated n 4 to amoke, can be head at Stonees.'
Parrafineerystal, and Benzoic Oils, also Camj
phine and burning fluids is for Cale by Stoner.
Stoner has a-lot of beliefs, kegs, jug. . cans, &o
WhiCh he will sell Very low. May la.,
- .11 A
WE have now about one thousand patterns of
Wall Paper on exhibition at P. Fourthman's-
Drug Store,which we wilt sell thirty per cent cheap
er than can ,Ire bought any Wherb this side of the
Eastern cities. Persons wishing to have houses
papered will do well to give us a call • before mak
ing arrangements eliewhere. Our work is war
Country produce token in exchange for papas
June 2,-tf
The Rail Road Coming
I - es . FISHER has removed is Restaurant and
Oonfactionery to the tooni formerly occupied
by A. J. Harn dc Bro., next door to Tilde's Tin
ning establishment. The attention of the publics is
again called to hie assortment of '
Candies, Nuts„ Confectionaries of all
. kinds,
and a lull assortelent of
Cigars and I obacco,
OYSTERS done up in the best style, stewed,
roasted or fried. ' [Ap. 19, '6O.
Mentzer s Horse & • Cattle Totvder
M. , BTONER having purchased of Mr.
lll..,Mentzer, the recipe for making the above
far-lamed Horse and Cattle Powder, for Pennsylva
nia and Maryland, takes this method of informing
the farmers, drovers, &e., that he has on hand and
intends keeping a good supply always on hand.
Country Merchants and (ahem keeping such articles
fcr sale, would do well to supply themselves with a
quantity. He will sell it on commission or for cash
cheap. Orders will be punctually attended to.
Oct. 6. -
100 Sample s of the latest Siring styles can
be seen in the look Store a( lb. Town
Hall. Receiving paper directly from the Manufac
turers, the subscriber is prepared to sell at the very
lowest prices. i, J. R. WELSH.
April 12.
Tlll. WM. D. LECHLDR takes this opportunity
Jj to return thanks to the public for the liberal
patronage he hvi received during the gust, and
hopes by striof attention to business -to-m-orit
continuance of the same. All operations in the,
dental line will be performed in the most substantial
and satisfactory manner. lie keeps posted on all
the advancements and iinproirments of -the profess
and flatters himself that as good work can be
had at his ofEee as at any other in the State Arti
ficial teeth inserted from a single tooth to a full set,
and in all case* warranted to perform satisfactorily
or-rm_pay. Terms reasonable.
July 5 1860.
Recommendations from Me Faculty of Princeton
College. N. J.
Plusanina, N. J.; Feb. 26th, 1861.
The undersigned are happy to testify that pupils
of the Fayetteville Academy, fa. have maintained
a high standing among the recent graduate* of the
College - of New Jersey. ,
President of the College.
Proiesior of Greek.
Professor of-Latin.
Professor of Mathematic
rpHE co-partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned in, the merchantiko business
has this day been dimple:sad by mutual consent. The
books of the firm are in the hands of A. S. Mann,
upon whom all persons indebted' are requested to
call and make paynietit CIL A.- ANDERSON:
Quincy, May 20, 'Bl A. D.;MONN. •
More Nevr.Gooa&
rillfri subscriber tenders his acknowledgements to
to the,public for the liberal 'patronage:extended
to the late firm, and solicits a continuance °Ethel".
tame: He has jail ; ,received, of
DRY GOO 1. •
.• • GROCER/VS, -• ; ; •
.111 R D'W AR g dtc.; itic:
Call and examine his stock before ' 'Mishearing' else
wham. '••. • A.S. MO. N .
Q . May 23,1861 • - • •
• bay's heavy Boom and /Shoes at
A N e
11, at
)1„........43.4etr A
Al El'
„dATED Liquors, *Ad, only as Mt
apecial directions of a Phy,sir% 4aa.,
.STONEK, proggiat . _ May 13
FOR sale at the St:Nichols* Saloon, by the
or quart, or in the shall by the bushel, balfba
el or peek: " • Lk:WU:IV. MILER.
Ire : 8
R and Corriander, pound ok-unilproi_
nov 29 at - Knave&
nEPPtit BAUCH at
Jr . sum 21
CARD CAN'S, at the alga at the
dec2o ,11. B. RI
tov e. Aliply at F-RIOE'itV Store
OctiB •
Amssagon. Summar t Col.
7ertictitof Syrup fix 50 et& per
Oct 4 _ Basova''
D Embroidered goods at
vets, Spades, Hoes;
D Ate., &c., at pricer that wi
.L and soo for yourselves', at
- BagraganieS