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. kifty Cehtsaf hak ,
mouths, sad if, delaypil. until ,
f the'veleTiarii Dollars will ioti ;
! enittive cents 'a~ditionaF will "lie
ths, taper is delivers,* brosisiorsist the'
Ira' ezpens. ,
ontinuiur Optional . wiik ttispablishsr ti .
, arresrage* itre raid.
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of h e ;,
k id e u we bo i n ts t o n e ar E ri l e i d iti e: d rl . y,
7 tl: h tl e is f u ti lt il e i r ,
mm e.t.a well . knoirn in thiticinintry,. is a
au lent proclamation of her Probablit `ii4 ;
*dates' to there the fortuttes of such a lash:
It t atifift from all such extraneous eit4id.-
.e .. tiona her life is the best cammeata%aakt
be son) the best illustration of what autilili.
in trOlti mould be ; she shared, wit it iOill , -;
Oil: bras ry, all the Wanderings anti no,e*
sit - so f er husband. Whether the ietrioi
111 ne t pant of some log or frame h#el,,
at ch to a trading post of the greats ikatb i
w:st, w re it was necessary for the bustiridi
to eke' p his quarters is his double miltd-
-cit • (lei ader and.oaturalist ; or as a 'sharer
'of •gat mato, bestowed upon him sititid tlie
im. tsin luxuries of European life, she vii
al art -me calm, 'wise, cheerful helm*, its
w-ll as itympathizer. A miltle relic °filial
aim ost exploded , school of matrons, arita-re4
tomisid the compact of marriage.cis issa
tr•d unlbn of purpose us well as life. PM .
sl• s ntitsetn to have aimed at a hi der
h tor - than that of being the wife ofjohnj.
Ai dulnk In this is her greatest glory ;• fitt
a °mann woman, with the feariatid:Witili..
Ne of enamor] character; wonld soon hail
fished the beginning life of his entliust.•
• pelt, 'inconveniences of the tinvel,.
red the lovely enthusinsin, which•
!di, when its accidents threw in his w.
g coveted, or entirely new specime:
' hen it b4came necessary for him to
Jacob's staff here and there, and to t!.
with his family amidst,.strange ass il
.ns for long months together , he caul.
i It the calm feeling that,, as the
d Onus own discovery, (the bird gift , '
ton,) his eyrie would be safe in the
strength of his mate, and open and
j him on his rearm •
11cilv many a dark hour amidst the .re
doirs of savage woods has such a " u
de forests luminous irith joy to him. _ r , n
ny gloomy defiles can be, passed ' o
1 uy , '..-ebld and -sudden plunges be en. -
I. ow many fierce; extravagant
fAced—hy that deee, abiding assu n
id* feels and knows that there is be:
• this a warm meeting place, a true
welcome,' and a hotrie ! Stime o t
st noble unpremeditated express:lbn
derness we remember; are to be fu ri.
birowaphy of birds, referring to I e; ti
1 " •
Flied- delight of such reunions
- ,
[The United gerrice Journal gives; t
e 1-
r • in g akrdnte of the Emptmr of Rnasia; n
of character and habitat] , I I
e is frequently met on foot inlbciall'eti It,
solutely alone, and theimmediitelitint : t
witicii lie tomes with big subjeettriif eve :7
s sometimes the °tension lot dra .
his affability, and (irovinght :
nature: The. etiquette of meet
ia•for men to uncover, and women
iegy. He returns all sulutittinnsi'ent
g that of the meanest of his stlb-
in_ fort
n: s of
in. him
t conk
jects. ;
It happened once, ns! he was thus torn]
i g aloe, that he! came up with a Freaiqh
m n nearly arrived at S. Petersberilh - wl ! hy,
i °nub re
of the
. ciprOcal consideratinns,
d i
r e . frern The m E a m il t p o em m r a , n d , te leas smoking Iris
li C i i ;
o cer'ii cap and cloak, s !passed bun; and,
b4wing, said : " It is not pehnitted to awake'
in the street:"
.1 I d "
i N i V is l i c y o l m " asked pn,
iion the .
1" his not contkidered'polit4o those who
walk 'there, and ii therefore foriidden."
." I respect authority and ob ey,," said the
rencliman. He . threw aw ay! hi , cigar arid
ntinued walking' by the side - ol the:ai4-''
p ed officer, and with French fatillty,'o.
t ed into ' conversation,. which he surd
4 iiefly upon the country, and the gtiverri
eat ; the Emperor giving him tutichlnfor.:
ation. He found that many persons Sala-.
"You appear, Monsieur, to possess alaige
said the Emperor.
A I,
2 T 4uT l n t l e iln y attn w ins a c i at ke 't; d -c o .t n " , the Frenchman telkiitt
and the Emperor replying. .
More salutations, uncapped betide 'end
low reverences, raised the curiosity Of the!.
stranger. - '- • , .
"You appear, 'Monsienr, to be a man 'Of
.nseisfuerire• here; I fear I have been 110o1 cefetrioniobely intruding upon your tithe
;patience. Surely you must be the QM?
nor-General." •
" I have been happy to. afford information
a stranger, but yoti are mi.tnkenin
ing to be the Governor-Genenil.ftf • •
Virhy• then din all•perisOnswhom vronstiet ., ,
• the your',' ••• ••,- - •-r '
Because I am their Einperor." •••.. , •1 d;••
,• , 111e ,astonished Frenchman itingcb ti
• snth • bisad venture, paid his:irilling•ltOto
. • aket-'' ' •
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4 .BOELLusa IN Tus-Ilsaes.o0110111Pra
• > stks."—Aa sneer of 'libellee*ifilldi
vskinteeks writsfririunt tkalle • ' - Tit-,
m a i
• . of Meals; under •date. - 0( iktii 1 '' es
lisnra:—"\Mnelvises , teen said ahoifisind- ;
=is the FL& o_tiiiiiiiiinieguissei***,
seem bst`litile otie re-:, troloork.t .
a bbtukeitare berdriallic) and ' ,l ug,
ith one s ciaMk.ealletieiellitiii ' pie'
64 , s 1044,psit aikidos tr A i %e-, , go.
ittiob v tiop i ihip 1 , 1 A ~,..c f .43. a, ,
, .
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A spoiler virinisiromr. ,-,
relit **l 61 .!iroul of
enittrutthiboty gait)* ftitittigiont, and
hOitiertied ItisfettatitilA tint 4 .6141 . eit"
• 'nfitha di length;
ladrlrho Wait
matiel*`" N
ina) situations.
it unit' steehug
ing 4411"
ted to make
basil no" lOW
ibt tnitc h ing' the
'flowed. fame,
.tittliy; but (time
maim' in these
iritth mull be
Ally in hive, hilt
te method in' it.
ion loot reached
let p rudence
obit in an exact
his Charmer !
don- her estate
Iniire valuable
it. F(ying, then
dwelling of his
declared his af
del.,' untie; heart
her to smile on
, But the
n to be ienliX,ed.
foune, had,
. ys., __i light above the
• ,
horizon!! ' Sy some means the young lady
ha'd' been ti prised of the extent of h!er lover's
euilosity 1 : {id, in the midst of hi'
uponflaniic s iand darts aud Qupo, he iiity
etii#posedlY l ,ldrew from her retteul a indult
like! of iiiodey and approaching h in, made
thii reply,: '''',' Although I may not profit by
ydur favorable sendments towaids ime, .1611
I iannot thiiik of your being the:l er on my
acpouut. ~• As you have been at ihexpense
°fit seardh I Inuit r insist on bein gallowed
a l
tiX,replised die am tint so eipend." $ o
saying, she put a billing into hTr lover's
i hMid, and bye — wee t his way. I .
Yamlist Dialedle is Me:
k 4 Mustang" favors his render'
e following graiphiep ctura of" Yan k
in the theatre :" . • , 1
October 8,---Last night we had an eccen-
tric scene atithe theatre. Between the piecei
the orchestra, which is really a very fine
°net gave mtltwo or three beautiful airs, and
concluded with a Mexican national air. As
soon as t i ry finksisedi the audience, being
mostly aterican4 called -fur Yankee Doo
dle ; but , this orchestra paid ,no attention.
They stem
iiii .
and rapped, as if they would
bring tbelt ; se dawn upon their heads, but
imilU the orcl tra heeded not. At length
the bell rang and the curtain went up, The
audience seemed fur_ an instant as if they
',. were willing to give it up, but at this mo
ment a ttill i kslab tided looking genius, who
e bore the appearance of ' being a real, thin
•f -ough-bred, patriotic volunteer of the first wa
ter, raised himself abant 44 WIC straight,"and
said—“ll often card that Yankee Doodle
was the. Anteric ns' fi ghtin' tune ; but as
the darned •etar nil ,Greasers kept, us busy
w ile We were gbin' that we coold'nt have
ti . even toi whi den link, I think we might
bye a link, tou of Uncle Sam's favorite,
if is only. go niake a feller think, of the
w ite eettlemetits." • This acted like an
el • tri'clidniek upon the audience, and they
ccimnienCed their calls fir Yankee . Doti
dl . 1 ' Thenetors appeared on she stage, but
a II they, continued to stamp and itallou.-;-
nontiCanette bowed gracefully, and smil
..witchingli, but it was no use, they had
d ermined; upon bearing our tuitional air,
a . wilting Could pursuade them (rota it.
.e arstotw • withdrew, the curtain , fell, the
o beaten crnnplied with their demands, and
I baliunceof the evening. passed off in ex-
Dent ',order. A Mexican gentleman, sit.
ti g in front remarked to his friend that it
a the beet illustration of- the American
c erecter he had ever witoested-that when
1 y once determined upon anything, neither
e firmnexe of-man, nor the solicitations of
man, could induce them to cease in their
• et, land that in ten minutes after or be
any efforts, you would think, from their
pettranci4 that -they were is !docile las
nibs, *ad itts harmless as infants. ,
Rosissicis.—rli is probable that oral! the
uses • which have injured the- health of
coned, tIJe principal lms been the piodi
, oos . otaltiplication of during the
lest century: From the cradle to the post
advanced lge, they read them with an ea
geitess the ; keeps them almost , withottt mo
tiehwnd wohnut steep. A young girl, in
steed of suneing about and pleying; per . pet
Dully - reads,' end at-' twenty, full of
vapory; instd 'of being qualified for thedu
.ties 0(14+1 wife or mime. 'These causes
*hich isifiWenct the physical' . eqUaliey,
fieenceihe!imoral man. .1 Ellie known per
votit °rho* sexes; itheiseeimstitution would
havetweit 'tobtiat, 'ltteakenedi-gnldually . by
too diving iWipressions of impassioned t'ri
tingit The - Meet tender tonienees hinder:
maqietee_lnstesd. of promoting ` them. A
woman while het. heart is Wirtited by law
glitieof loitit does net seek a heiebeede he- .
riontuet4 tie hosed* Thetio
of lei* imtiv!irm . lber ; butyl*
Ilueocei her imagtiatietit;--,Ttltsco. "
; - -,• A , • • • ,
- - yin' iihig
tifti***.: --
..„ -,itelSlll • —i•towne 11" t
I Arvac2--Ar-dthAigli il .e.aifilt,o7- —,::thoktio
.. ii
tati; rttgliiooo "4w,tilii4loltiriar
f t t ' ist Abe- licbdie 744;•tiitAtailiii-T-7' --7
tagliLtutttiiii ihi.,l l7l t att
1g riitfllt-igitid'llii iti fi l !; Zeit illitio,
*. isetic _. , if it4trui-0,04-!
" il' ' . 4rtai..—`“
' • fi t . :
1..• % i.m„ mium•
~* 11it "4. .., :
611169 11413V ‘ i : o' $‘ Wel filltitli9ll4,
i t
Milk illi t I.'lllll.
Aip r*' SS.
liker b . . • • . •-3 ille'. u s w,, , '''''. 'iiiioli:
Alte ll ., '-' ' - if; tbef 7r (iliiir Waits.ut
tailliallai'- ''''
lit kJ. " '" 7= .41-deilikiiv-7--,
riZol,_.„i.b6,'' ,o*-icerliiree. illair
... .----,,, 1
i..kietr° '
E l
s. -...7„.
.r.,....„ Irt ..F.:14, ••,.
.11- • .4,..,-!•. , 17.: ,1.•• ~ I
**ll ettiP 0110'4
.= = rnestopwririasssieti
irdbie-iitizeses:ipAii & 4 WE ! 16 , ‘' l ;
4 1 zi
. the Annual omitting ef,Congress iss4ways
Sp interesting eveo. l . The Rapressatetiess
ot,the Notes. sjid of .Ithe 'people COMO fresh
flow sheir ,e9oNtioseao to take counsel to.
whet for dm common toad. After an aa-
Wince of nearly three fourths of a century
at airee and ~iiidependent Republic. the
problem, an longer remains; to bey-oulied
whether man is capable of.self-premment.
Tice success of our admirable ryetein is a
complete refutation of the theories of shoal
in, other countries who maintain — that a fa-
voted few are born to ride, and thee the
mass of mankind must be governed byrfurce.
Subject to no no arbitrary or hereditary au
thority, the people ! are the only sovereigns
recognized by our,constitution. Nutnerous
emigrants of every lineage and language,
attracted by the civil and religious freedom
we enjoy, and by our happy condition, an
nually crowd to our ;shore', and transfer
their heart not less than•tieeir allegiance, to
the tiouutry whose dominion - heloisgs alone
to the s people.
Dlo country has been so much favored, or
should acknowledge with deeper reverence
the manifestations of Divine protection. An
ell-wise Creator directed and guided us in
bur infant struggle for freedom, and .has
constantly watched over our surprising pro
gress, until we have become one of the great
patious of the earth.
It is in a country thus favored, and under
a government in whicllrthe executive and
legislative branches hold their authority for
limited periods,'nlike from the• people, and
where all are responsible to their respective
constituentcies, that it is again my duty to
communicate with Congress upon the state
of the Union, and the present condition of
pblic affairs.
Iburing the past year the most gratifyi g
proofs are presented that our country
been blessed with a wide spread and uaiv
sal prosperity. There has been no pe
since the government was-founded, when
he industrial ,pursuits of our people h
been more successful, or when labor in
its branches of business has received•a f
with the
.er or. better reward. Front Our abunda
we have been enabled to per(Orm the ple s
ing duty of furnishing food to the starving
millions of less favored countries
It the - enjoyment of the bounties of Prov
idence at home, such as have rarely fallen
to the lot of any people, it is cause of con-
gratulation, that our intercourse with all the
powers of the earth, except rico, condo
nes to be of au amicable eh& cter.
It has ever been our cheris ed policy to
cultivate pence and good wi with all na
tions; and this policy battle steadily par
sued by. me. ,
No change has taken place in our rela
tions with "Utica since the adjouratuent of
the last Congress. The WV—in which the
United States , were forced to engage with
the government of that country, still.contin
I ues.
I deem it unnecessary, after the full ex
position of them contained in my message
of the 11th May, 1846, and in my -annual
inessape at the commencement of the ses
sion of Congress in December last, to reit
erate the serious causesof complaint we had
against Mexico before she commenced hos
It is sufficient on the present occasion to
say, that the canton violation of the rights
of person until property of our citizens com-
Mined I,)Y MCzico, her repeated acts of had
faith through , / a long series of yeas, anther
disregard ut folemn treaties, stipulating for
indemnifying;to our injured citizens, not on-
ly coustitutidi l ample cause of war on our
part, but wer e. of such nn aggravated char
acter as woidd'haire justified us before the
world in rearming to this extreme remedy.,
With an anxious desire to avoid a ruFiihre
between the two,countpes, we forbore fur
years to exercise our , clear rights by glee,
and contiticied
. to seek redress from the
wrongs we 'had itiffereil by amicable nego
tiation, in the hope that Mexico might yield
to the pacific conned, and the demands of
justice. In lbilfhope 'we were disappointed.
Our Minister of peace sent 'to Mexico was
insultingly rejected. The Mexican goeern-
Mem even refuted to hear the terms of ad
justmentirhich he was authorized to pro
pose; nnfi finally, under :wholly unjustifia
ble preteita, involved the two countries in
war, by invading the territory of the State
of Texas, striking the first blow, end
ding the blood of our citizens ou our own
soil. •
- Though . the United States were the ag
grieved nation, Mexico commenced the war,
and we were cinispelleil, in self-defence; to
repel - the invader, and to vindicate the mi
dmost honer and interests by prosecuting it
with vigor, until we ,eould obtain a just and
honorable peace.- •
• On-learning thathostilitieilad been (tom
menced,bY, 'Mexico, I'
_promptly enmniun
icated that lad,- accompanied With it-sue
ciact spited - sent of out 'Other eittleettioni
plaint agiiinse Mexice;'lltti• Congress ; -• nod
thatrbody; by th e eit'ef the"l3th of May,
1846 i deemed that 4,, by the act Of the'ltit
publib.Of•Meitice, a state of 'Stir ittiti be-
Wee!! - 'gwvittimeni '4od'the'Voited
dtchirine the *Si td mt.
.itst theiea *f.tii l itepublio oflllexieb;"
itadigitryt%pro, Wool foritoWoletiatiopi - gjo
't sped" Sod' hits
oft* witlegrSvoitiiiitiesirltyliyeArreak
thoOk*Oioitut , Vivi - 4406E040,431r to" the
,looott'siii-Soosteit iwitholloooo
tl!oitsil'iiiiiiii4 if I .**lii ' Wilt: 646
teilitiliiiedrby ',,;lrm",W, it WOres*ilf*
del*tlietO Witioir'mit shillifirit
•ffd*' eitii - pictillris,i'ilTfire
) bie4l piViiiiikiikt` ietinif iltigiftif
' ' W‘: 'Pi l eri*.rkhiAlliimilki ."' •
. . - 116410 ,1 01 ve kiVtit •
mi t ilai i l loj e ftio• t-. . . ', • , '",
1 416 4 141 / 41 ". . ' 04 - IP' • 4 lio
a d t iikivibit , • -it-- - - ,
I*kat re-4 61 t:111:i.. 1 ntff Lti e.VP- 1 "- •
.1 v- y, ,
1 • {. J ~ ~
-- -7-,- .0 1
4...itgrAT I
‘,... .
4 4 0 T
The' rapid and b !linkimpettnais elft l oir
Sluts, ant 'the 4,ast` stout of the' stied?,
.territory' *hick hid °retina and 6on.
qu ieti , fore that' loie of the' laiiesialon
of s, here f # known' io thet bodi r
Silica that tittie;"' 'war'hai beeu piper cu
with iricieisita e add 1' arngntti fi l
ed to state with 'l's Comm that citturiandi
uni7itowil admiration, 'llistofr preieritS po
parallel of so manyglorious victorieSichicv
ed in so Short a period: Onr• army, sign
iors and velrinteett, Mare covered themselies
with imperishable !inners. Whenever ; Ind
wherever tam forces live encountered the
enemy, thinigh he fawns in vastly superior
numbers, and often , entrenched in fortified
paiiitions of his own selecting, and of rem
strength, he has been defented. •Too much
pnt r ise cannot be bestowed upon our officer'
and men, regularsand volunteers , for their.
gallantry, discipline, indomitable courag e
and persive.rence, all seeking the post of
danger, aid vieiug with each other in deeds
of noble de ring. -
While .every patriot's heart must eiult,
and a justinational Pride animate every bo
som, in bholding high proofs of courage,
consummate military skill, steady discipline,
and humanity to the vanquished foe, .exhib
ited by our army, the nation is called to
mourn over many brave officers and Soldiers
who have fallen in d fence of their country's
honor •nd interests
thltir melancholly fa win a foreign land, no.
discharging their duty; and with their
country's flag waii 14 triumphantly in the
faCe of the foe. Their patriotic deeds are
justly appreciated, long' be remetn
bora by their Brat couatryinen. The
pare d care of the government they loved
and sirved should be extended to , their survi-
ring fainiiies.
I .
Shortly after 'the! adjurnment of the last
session!of . Congress, t e gratifying intelli
getice was received !u he sigma victory 'of
Buena Vista and of, Ole fall, of Vera Cruz,
and with it the stroacicastle 'of San 'Juan de
!Mon; by which it was - defended.' ' Believ
ing that sifter these and other successes, so
honorable to oitr wipe and iui Jisaitrous to
Melico, /he period !stns propitious to afford
bee another opporttinly, if she liought prop
er to embrace it, td enter into negotiations
for peace,! a commissibnet Was ittppOinted to
proceed du the headyna era of! the army,
with full !clowereatietter upon negotiations,
and to include a lust an honorable, treaty
; • ~.
of peace.;
He was not directed
ure;rturei t of peace, bin t
despatchlrom the Secret
United Sa tes to the Min
fairs of Mexico, in rep
fkam thellatter of the
1847, in: which the M ,xican government
or tit‘ *Mt Minion' , itlid of his
presenccat the henclOuarters df our army,
and that }be was chillied With full powers to
conclude, a definite treat of peace, whenev.
er the Mexican government might signify
a desire in do so. While I tvaS unwilling to
subject the United States to another
tart refusal, I was vet resoled that the
evils of the war sbOuld not be protracted n
day longer than might be rendered nbso
linely necessary by the
_Mexican goverti-
' Care Was takeroo give nO•instructions t..
the Commissioner !which cciuld in any way
ititerferewith our i . i l itilitary operations, or re
hi: our energies to the prosecution of the
war. He possessed no
_authority in any
- Manner to conttOl these tipekatiOns. 'He
Was authorised to exhibit his instrnctions to
the genern) in corriniand of the 'army, ; and
Cjthe event of a !fierily being concluded'un.dl
tified ern the part kif I4lexicii, - he was di.
rected tcl give him notice of that fact. On
the hapPening of ueh continge ncy , and on
receiving notice thereof, the General in coin. i
mond 'wait instructed by the I Secretary ofl
i r,
War to euSpend further opera ions until fur- I
tiler ordhrs. These instnictin s were given
With n view_to intermit , hostils, until the.'
„ i t
treaty thus ratified by Merit° ou ld be trans-
initted to Wathin on, and receive the a
of the govern tent of United States.
' The eommiitsio er was obi, directed, on
reaching the arm . ,, to deliverl to the Gener
id' in cOminatitto 'the nny,: the despatch
Which he bore fr the Secretary of Slate
to th e+ Minister of foreign Affairs, and, on
.ieceiving it, the weneral was instructed by;.
-the Secretary:of War to cause it to be trans-‘
Wthted to the coniMander of, the Mexican
forces, with a reqUest that it knight he conk-.
'municated to hisvernment;
l i The commisAi tier did not e ach the head
quarters. of the army until after another
'brillianfivictory ' A crowned our arms at
'Cerro atirdo. !
1.. The despatch which he re from the
ISetretery Of, War to the G neml in corn-
Ittiwid of the army; was rece veil by tlitteof7
il i;
fficer, then at Jai pa, on the 'seventh day' of
May, Viti, togit t er with the deepitch front
the Secretary'Of tate to the Mtnister:pf
'Foreign' Affairs if Mexieol, having,. been
itransmitted to hi from 'bet's Prot,. . The
r l ir
'coMmiseitiner' ar . - ved at th ' headittiiirtexs
tifilte atiny a feW days ad. - His'pl4s
enhe with the:nrthy and ltiii iplomaticelitti
niter were mad ktiOwit o the 'M exican.
goVernMent from Puebla, ott . the twelfth l of
hoe, 1847, by t to trembliOn' of ' the'
04ch from Ai •• Creta ty ' 1' Slittn - 'in ',din
I•Mitnistet: oft ore Affairi Of Blre o ni!#
'Mani, weekb ' a psed Oit iti ratl44 l ,lnd,
'We oVeiturva we: : tnadi s ; - npr • tins,ti'itry !tea.
int by = din 'Mini n priarnittint !ct.'ne4tiF . ini . n
'angodoinanfo r r: - ICC -,
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. ' ' I:We:ilia* 1 iiii 'lied its tniiiih '-' iipai ' mot.tU
, eitOtat; 'and • -di ' Oiiiiirniiiiiit it" iiii"iniet
ti'ltiti s itidadia ;' ',' taltati4.' o,nelkkiriiiit
IstitioiMeitid .t4i`, ' ain't, iiii s :ta ii t4 li
colonial inplrc , eta 7 : lt.l ItWaii 'Wig:,
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,ItrPie! ,; 431
MPami,JbOhelerata or
intr . requjretk tlp,:1701/`
"sniOn .
on of
it is tiell-Itnownithat,the
Which it is ,of ,
iti`sitisfitction. Of
dlsiws utOur,citizens agtii
only means b y
United Stites for the eiiiet
s 44404 to ihe'lliiited,_Stsi
of her territory.. Maxlen , I
pay, and no means of afth
indetnnity. 'we refuse,
taiti nothing else, - To raj -
refusing to accept it cess
would be to abandon all n
and to wage the war, bert,
ses, without it purpose or d
A 'state of war abrogates
ly existing.fietween the
p reaty of peace puts ati . en
der the authority of one ;
the citizens or subjects
they are provided,fin in its
treaty of peace whiCh Mott
existence of war, .Without,
demaity, would enable
knowledged debtor, and i
gressor in the wiir—to rel
her just liabilities. By
citizens, Who bgld just de
would have tui'rentedy in'
co or their own., governme
these citizens must &rive
peace, and bo treaty Whic
ample means tor dischnigi
can receive my sanction. •
'A treaty of peace shnul.
,difficulties betw een
. the t
an adequate -cession of t:
Made, by such a treaty, f
should release Mexico fro
Mid assurnetheir p,ayntvli
1414- IC'insfead of this,;
should consent to is,treoty
should again engtge
. to
debredness which just •
government and our citiz -
on her, it is notorious that
sessi the means'ed suCh
Frontsuch a treaty"no re
cipilied, but the. same irri
mints which-,have" beret ,
violation'Of Sitnilar
Pail of Mexico.. - Such
but a temporitry,cestannon.
out the restoration of the t
t ivhich it
the 'future interctiume bet,
'that Congress contem
The brave dead met
o make any new
as' the bearer of o
ry orState of the
ster of Foreign of
to one received
mt o r February,
on of territorial incletnt
pro:vision fo! the profecut
obvious. Cangiess could
when, in Ditty, 1846, the
Millions of +Mars, and. a ,
idenao employ the milit'l
military forces of the, Um
accept the twirl:cm - 0f oft
Jeers, to enable hint - to p
and when,Pt their lasi se'
artuy had invntlyd'bteiiit
tionel app ropriations an'
raising of 'tuldilional
pose—that no indemnity
from Mexico at
. the cone
and yet it was aeitain it
territory was acquired, p
be obtained. `.
It is further manifest, t
templatecl *Mafia, in
fact that, at' their . last .
passed, upon'thi Executi
,appropriating three mill
that express object.. This
'made "to enable the P
I a treety.of'peace , limits
the republic of .Mexica l
is the event that said tre.
the authorized agents o,
memo, and duly ratified
call for ihe
part.. thezenf?" The (Ai'
appropriation 'was diiti .1
severe! Messages "on- t . 1
commanicatedito tong I ,
proprietiens inrida:ka 1: I,
were referred to, were in l
ed in pert '.eintitideratio"
* touitianis end,the Mori
In like manner',,- a!,
insettling vrith hteeicii;:
ry eatinintled, at; great
amount orettr dentintie,
and that.the PrentptpaY
in part consideratio n fur .
—on theentielnicoti ',er
ifieation on liar ll,iik,'ln
ttiept*ill' her to make
ternary iiiivaitild :Ile:anti
tea= Siatei. Ind' aide)
conclude 11i0,k 1 11..,t.,Tc!
rieee t uari 410.:ii Pr', of
!tpprvif pikii.tsllo a ct
romp!. 144,14: t4e
; il)t4'id` 61 0,,h?
cur *eking ettO
igiV , '!iiiiiiiip i t
liti* P 0400 ,1 4:!
e i r illt!::0 1 0.
I l i t itc.o ra t#l4l
ado *On tuiiiiiiii
1 ,
bdi e si a ti
l i e -tj 4 £ ~. i
In'eh the ittilent,
ind ei!lnj tY
Mexico tosniake
king deteriia
it her, end, the
n reimburse th
ses of the war,is
es of a portion
is no money to
ing ,the required
W hir, we can Oh
Lt indemnity by
in . . of terriwty, - 1
4ust deands,
q all its e m xpen-i
finite object.
reaties previous-,
igerents, and R I
40 all claim; for,
committed, un-!
eroment against'
-another, .unless:
d terminate the.
ovicling for in-1
l nielf the trans:)
•ve herself frotti
ncli a treaty, our
iinds against heri,
er against Mexii
t. Our duty to
prevent such a
does' not provide
g these demand 4
111eict4 but to ill' other nations, ; that
„,,- take
rimed States wire Our dis to
vatitageit3eii . reild#44ir; ' Insisting '4(o\
wresting from her ell t lihillothir lorOvii.,"*!;\
inclUditig : ,many iif let 'pritterpal *twits, and
cities, Which we had conquered and liiild4iii
our military 461Peilott. but were, *Mint 'to- '
conelode a treaty in a spiritof liberality; Or , -
commissioner Was n atithoriied - to, stipulate
far tlie ieitornticin iir all'iia4ibeiennquiliti.
As the. territory 6 . , I. be ' t OpiiFed by thi:
boundekr proposed Might intimated tro b l!
i ti
of greater value ' bah a fair uivaleut to our
.oiisf demands, ou r commissioner was author= '
fzed mistipplate ortiii payment of such im d li.
ditional pecunia ry4otAnderiiiinti as mighf-bi
deemed reasciaahle., ''). 1 ' --, ' 1
l'hiitertiii of a triatificiroPemyht thit
tlciicittecniiimissioners Were *holly toad
misii4.\Jhey:negotititOis if kelica was
the victorious instead o f the vanquished
'party. i Th e, , must have: ,, ,
beta 'that their
ultimatum could never be , ticeeined. 'lt re
quired the UnitidAttiteir't4 dismembertei
as, h c yli . uirendertitt, \to Meilen that pett of
tbe terr itory
orthat'gtattliritig between' do
Nitecei-atidthe' MO Grande, included With=
iti'bet limits by her laws l '' hetVsho was an
independent i
riptiblie an beirshin • Weeitti.
neater!' "c t i ed i the Un tel `tied oiami L ited,.bl ,
0 1
ongress, as one orit:e 'Stit ell Of our
It Cd stains n '•pkovisin' for 'di PiTO,
let* Mexico of the just Oil s'ol'our z , -
It ~,o r o o t ool it i to l
r. ixicati t 'c'qt: 'a
for pijhrien:they may ha!el?,siistkined by: it
troops in the e l fifielvelii. w, le --
minded the - right' tor hleiticol' i t i ri leiVt ” A
collect; the Mesieiw f l de 'es' sti on '
imported into het; 'Otis while iti. our ini i,.
Occupation during the wai l ', a 'd
. the ow ti
of which had paid to ' officer, f 'the, TN
Siaiistihe military ,idntriliutio a 'WhicV '.
heed levied upon them ;,, "fiind it off '‘ ; itt
tide to the United Statii,l for ivileciii - :
cineideiatiOn, that pact ot'ltrri r emit' iis
l e
. 4yinglirih of = latitude thn•ty- 'Tow*
Simbiwore the unreasonaldi toil - sit ; .
lithe Meeicaneorninisilidriiii. '• ' 1
' - Thii:ieeSiOn to , die Vtiiiiii Steted by' a
ieo' of, - the: Pleynicia 'ef u .Sitif Mexico' ad
th:Citlifiiinias an'proppnidly, the torn
shiner of the United - States,lit; iris 'belie id,
Vroishilhe More in accordance With` the : -
Veuieeleinl inteileks'etimithiiiatiiiiii, I Mt
any MberCeisicitreCterrnorr which it jui
prohahleVeitiCo'cootdhit irahiced to in b.
' ''.lt i' . ,inviiiifest tk'ial Wlici,' have - Obeiried
,the •COnditiOn of the' Ble4con government,'
%it lotaareare fait: and iti' - 'inesent, that if
,hetelpikiineee should bii're shied: ki : iiiii..
ski . .o9ufa iintlitig - chli - roilei lipid 'aid 'get-
ern'these: 'Meilen ii oo: i tire ` 0" ii.iiiiiter In
iciveria these provinces 'l.ilitgiiiiiiti'dti,:at
ri distance of moreth it ''. ii - thousand Miles
Irom her capital, and, 'fi attemptedto is re-,
4dned'bT her,they . ad constitu t e but fee
aiiiheit'unie s ,' even no itiallyl . # 'inirt of
aiimin,iiii., - -- " - ,1 r - :.•.,--- '.2
'','Tiiii‘ s iVibUld ripe - Chilli ',, he 'like Caii'vith
Viiiiif r'iiliQirriii. Treletigtteity : cit
ria Earai4tin nations hail lung since direated
' ' e ' ' Mice
their attention to the COMM mud tropoti'
4itiii inivinci, and thitti can bit - littledwitit. '
that `the Moment the U nite Sietti ilia WV."
lineal:4! their"Prinerttl oe; ottpetinit Of it, 'aid
their ,c l aim to it as an- ind emnity , 'in wises •
would ;he' Side by ', *l'oiiiii, 'i toilo - rikver to
possess 4 ' , either by ctiOteiii et. p!irc.iiiii. - ,, It
he' forei g n 'government ilijUild' acgairifil , Je t
`titbit lifithese inciden t 'an li Ocpitidintlxiiiii
-li/finer:try gavirnment Wtjtil liotilb!.Pbaiii
:ifilditlied hytha inhabitant s ,. * -0:411:0 - toe
tigi!iti-4k, may remain in 9 r retakid_ ta:thi ,
outitrY, as soon as it shall . 6'66 a that.
.the 'United States have abandoned' it.: Such
l in
,a , goierhitient . viniild; WtOO • feeble '
.; g to
'initititojit iii separate indii*wdentneiltenoe,
iitid'Wonliffitiallf , becaMtitneezed tii; : : iii i
dependent 'Colony of sdnu4' more pivWeifel
State. 1 " : - .:
5 661 04 fi*7*"ig!' P o r • - rn461 4 4 .sere °-*/-*—
li as r a colony , or otherwise ea ., ia"*pl..
iatelt with itielf, ilie l iot,iiicipie - iteied ,by
i l itilltintNiaifile lit' 1 1 3 2 4 1, 04-.,'*effiresid
'in iiit grit annual ineitiliglr';:thin';uelotelii
,O#itti shill, : with our glib:lent; ti;petiaittati .
'WiilitailVt'es!afilititittnitaa*,COlOßy Ofr, tre.
iaitaliti: it 14 partof fii*NotO!,Amikrililli
i il
iiiiiiiii -e, musel:4l ihigiokioa. - 111:1:taaiii
liiinini. &Or ptindipli,.'W;fia..ryiattatas ma
- iiiii inn bylatiffori,4ll golirei7;:**o. l oo l4l
iiii "eilitt Other; Ware Me 'Sexl*iiii - re aid
Itiote.digliciilf than',.theti ut c, 'Whlele#:iiii.
a4 s 4lo '-.4 9 04 .: ':: -.-,, ' ' i ,, ' l ---
- .1 jA" i l "'..,f
'<TO: fiediAticee'i4( s .`N4i, Mei ie5i,:41 . ,11,
tilifakkiai''4*4att , iofOiliiiLliiii.** l-1 . -
*ifte'llifiticititifit4 . eridir rordeliiiWisdkr, ...
litti•ii itii; their itteiiiiiiiiiia.4. '',.
itifil,77,jiiiiiiifiiiiiring - glictiniiW...v
iiiiitti4.'46h.VleiejoptioJw.-.-,u - . ..-q. ,i, ,
settle all existinl .
o countrie)t.:
rritory shouldbe
e Unitid §tate#
ell bet. liabilities;
lo 014 own citir
"e United Stated
by which Mexic '
j the henry in!
1 ndestnnity to oq
T ' s would impose
she, does not 'mil
t undertaking.
ulf could be anti :
uting disappoint,-
ore a ttended the
1 tipulmions on chip
treaty would be
I. f hostilities, witb
ien,dship and good
i een the ;wo cousi-
1 4
, osteathe acquist
when it: nied‘
on of the 'war, is
net -isei =r•
, appropriated t+
'thorized theiPree
'end naSal'Wrid
ed.Siates, and iv
, cate the Wari;
siOn,,and after an
~ .they made midi
authorized the
for the sarne'pq
usion of *lie wati
at, if' no Moicun
1 . indemnity could
at Vongreal.con
ennity, -from ; ,t ie
an,act yrfts
as of dollars for
epproprintion was
sident to conclude
4oundaries, wit h
ob e 'used by him
ty, when signed by
the i R govern
by laexico„ shall
f the' satne,-or any
ctly,'iitisted in the
snb r ieci - which -
Sintibtr pp!.
'and 18(Xi, which
-nded„,to be -ippli
r, value
- etit of this,
we i
116 : . tb i'*- , 00,.!A 4 tvk, '