The people's advocate. (Montrose, Pa.) 1846-1848, November 11, 1847, Image 1

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I ,r9R 1 ,9 13 DT,10RA11N e g
BOYD,„, ,„
' NO/0 1 ' aide Of* , PublicAlruaL)
( 4 3#4P- 911.
gtfkarliiii4e; r, in
d Fifty' Cents if -not paid' within
it delayed mail afterilsi expira
%we- Niters *ill 3 •
cents additional will.
r is delivered by 6.41401 iittlie Tub
• -optionil.vrith Publisties4rn-
. Matte
Am t,hei.
'Twenty- 'ye
wbere. thtua •
hairs' 4 1ez •
; D I t
IFrom the Washington Tinton. -
• Rot PoeAO,Coge!bitiedl.
oicht itofapr:fif laying the folinnt
rses, • from the ganef a lady,•hektre
lAdon:, They are the rapidest
we have read for many a year,
litionth: •
• t ,
lug beautiful.
, iba.. teadi t re of
uisiimeutif -
`and rosby or. • • ing,pliced upon the same tower.:
an hick, are. inscribed the admirable
,nad . popsth‘. v of the, late high-minded - Francis
o this city.
n The ed banner,
long may it rave
O'siithalaind of efme, an d the home orthe brace.'
tiarthiesitteq the rime patriotic spirit, and ant I
expecriaeri in tbe, sane growing eloquence or dirt
• •4Z.1
timae. The bizhly respected and distinguish . ert .
tdet4, in Penvylvania, who encloses them to nal
• i airr,,," they w •re written for the Union at my re.r
, quest, for the p rpcose ofbriuging home to the' heartir
'Of our noun. - „en the principal` points in dispute
Isatirreen our g , vemment and the,Mexburnar a nd
with the hope ,at the simple truth, whet tulrl in
; rug, will aid i promoting a. prop7r public 'senti
ment in regard •• a vigorous prosecution 4 the war.
. The song. was • ritten by a lady who is as much
; distinguished fo her Christian piety , as she is for
'her talents as a • riter. In days of old the begirt of
rk ,„ rual , wa s ened, and by would not let, the
children of larva go. In modern times we have the
Am p ma d ness . hardness of heart. The Alexi
'cans will-not let the gallant sons of Texas enjoy that
'freedom and and .pendence te which they are enti:
tied. The deal yof tyranny will be the samonow
iihistlt was in of en time. There is an overruling.
Prcvidence in ,ease matters. Those who do not
sue it now, will re it after a little space of time."
iong, con the
!tyranny and bar.
And the trio G
and Reseca de la
%roposition to su*ndeito Mrxicatr
rity: the land beta en the '4ueces
I de:--the 'battle-fiblds ofe - Pato Alto
It may not b
Forbid it,
That land h.
• ! Forbid it, God !
that patriot's prize :
. tasted freemen's blood ;
Iwithin i 4 bosom lies.
Their dus
ess in resign the soil
.ur conquering feet have trod
way with tr,lotions toil—
be—forbid it God'
'Twere rn:
On which
Battling our
It rit,ay
!quis• h lands where now
1. and starry banners ware 7
The stripes
No, never!
Ve engrave our row
fallen brother's grave
tffin eve
,t sleep, (the al4ghteretl bra 3 ve
it beds of glory 9sst,)
footsteps of the slave
soil above their breast.
They could
Who in th ,
And feel the
Pollute th +
Rftici) the fi
!hi where RINGGOLD fell !
I here galkun Sra-sicss lies !
F felt his bosom swell
I t is death's agonies t•
The spot
Where Coca
Where brag'
The life
.and virtuous hearts poured out
dear to hope zuntlove,
eir dying shout
—and their God above I
limukiin in
Their co
By on
We will n
country acid our God,
yield That dear bought soil !
hearts with generOus blood,
dare the couquitrors toiL
We 6tiU hay
And some
On! To the
On: To
rescue ! Hearts of steel—
e rescue! Souls of fire--.
lood inflame our, tiesi
Let kindred
So cony=
• P
on where Taylor star.da,
land comparing might;
.1 where be commands,
taint cn: sacred right
iTe must p,
And God s
Ask Taylor 1 1
Asti leave
And this b
Shall eche;
/. retrace -his nay,
.'s conquest:to the foe !
lima from sea to sea,
this emphatic NO!
No, mover!
See: with h
She lifts h.
'This is holy ground, , -
I I ; baptized with patriot blood;
fetters half unTannui,
hands to freedom's God!
I Gad Shall she be free
re hearts press boldly on;
nor pause till victory •
ier olive garland °sk—
By freedom' I
Iluzza! b
&Ate home,
Shall pat
Till O'er that
lead to utmost parts ' ;
sheltering wing,* are spread. ' •
frieeinen‘ grateful hearts
lemrels in ttleir shade.
Oar Eitgiel l
And throned
Enjoys his
the parish of U
ing Their bOtte
rieVity over th,
. i
Byrrea. The farmers ,
r , ney, in the county of Abel '
,he folio - Wing methed:'of cut i .-
which gives it a great supp
of their neightiOrs:
its of ihe best common salt;
;.r, and one 'part of salipetfe;
gottiii; - and 'blend the wlible
t' e one ounce of this campii
n ounces of butter, work it
. ass, and clan it up for uk.
- ured_ with this mixture iiii 7
end . niarrowy consistence;
• nel' neve/. acquires.a brittle
stes 'salty. Th. A.nder4oti•
ate butter cured with the [a.
n, that.eti
has ,11. en kept direr ee,
s a s
swees at first." Wit
that buttet thus cured ie.,...-
Ore* week's 'or a month
to 'be used`:' it it be' oomier
i.are . tiat sufficiently 'blinded"
• .t etudes the COOtileeli o f ii iiis
be P l frPii*ed. ,, ilo 6 ,h,,toildkiri
.116 0 1 ., ' ' .•., i
-liiiiiitjrthii atteffitiOo:d!,eve
Antrata • . ,', '
14 ,1FR1-1 5 1re. '.lienaelli I 04
says.:" Spe ak ing or *
I i ,,,
e of a `story current on ili
thit shortly after Chap u l .
ztliiiitentletaiiik te1de 4 ,406 -
11tile - agaited - t# l l tik_nn - i
fitlioNsecalited Mid. Withi ,
, i ,,,,, vtiGivik e retrvi;Vt, '
, :lrike two I
otiti pirtof suli!
beiietheln up I,
completely ;
46011' to Si I ;
well into the , 1 ,1
The butter i/
pan 'of a iiell
and'fitte color,
hardness nor .
61 10; 44 1kilVO
t4t e:StiMini
yeard, and it
gnirei'anima be it.' !
to kited
&Mit is 13egint
with it.o and`
nitie'*ll th*l
Tije ihnve I
1 7,(lairy wows
g it •
ati r e"Whil
Trist, reminds
lath. It is sui
4 1 ,12 101ri,
i7T lei•'
t r • •
I^.l " •1. • • • G.-
• Cella/Mr
. :
, :, 1 * '•1: 10 etiein the 'New '4:jib:ails Tata.
1 TIIII if Nethlriltioli he itiiiiiiilaCpr
Ge'irk! Wasblagten.ffluillisifife, Nartia.4l •
, ,It mit no!, „ffithout epptioncof: ,stirpriie
! . ,and ttsittnisloent,, :elihnu, gb . „'forinerly,, well
prepared to m .ettif TFery where:else, flint u -
, 0,upt.Axpi r serable,clilapidatediate,
we fo und that, we bed wised at
ilenee of the, fa -finned host, George Wash..-
.114 ton. 1 - lenv-ns, what a sacrilege,!; l'h .
Ni4e- I
broken. ow n, ail , old. fi shertnnit'
Ihi • • -
k; ' - angleg . on Ah „gate, tit e.,per • cottages,,eo
either side, ten. toless,, anti falling to .pieces,
ittnattlernn ing at large
.to, destroy, the
last remnant .); everything Aqvgly.! ~ I '4
foriperfineiy . yelled road was. . changed to
tqalmost' ill 3 aSiti4le gully, obstr.ucted„hy
txtelts' i tind stou•s,, and reqtdring . .our driver
to use.all hisy . kill in avoiding a casualty..
A" Canadian (tads," covered with w,eedS
iind brukeo e . ber,,had taken possession of
the once , beat tiful. collie, with its. velvet
'down of gross . d samedeer skipping titre!
ilte thicket. ,e n every side we were met
With a nielane oly scene of ruin and neglect.
,Iti was impossi .le, we thoughtobin any civ
iliZed America. resided .here. A few ,inu
merits more u deceived is Approaching
some misertibl old tenements_ on the miter
Side, of'the en rt-yard, the . servants camel
eunning out to ell its that their-initster and
flintily were f in borne that day. We had
ri l ,
letters of Intr uction tram ,one of the i fitit ,
families in
.Vir 'nia, and expected, evett in
the abSenee of the proprietor, to .be, permit
ted at least to ss the, threshold of the old
mansion, but e were soon informed by the
housekleper 111 t no such privilege could bp I
granted - to anyne '.We had th us- reluctant
ly to content o urselves_with a survey of the
grounds. J.
The mansio of Gen. Washington stands
oma high ban •of the Potomac. ' Its sides
ere steep and rugged, and covered with a
detwe forest of rees, Immediately in front
the dark and = . ntbre shade is ( relieved by
an , ,avenue whi.blisis been cut down to the
water's edge. - swe stand on this high em
inence we see t e bribstworks of Fort Wash
ington, on the s pposite side of the river, and
the eye wandti over a vast succession of hill
snit valley far i ..the rear of the Maryland
shire. It is do this scene that Aurora pours
forth the first :.reams of her golden light as
she sweeps th Eastern Itoriztin.- At our
feet lies the mi d and tranquil P..tomac, up
onwhose bosom is translated the silver fleece
of the sky an dark overhanging trees.- 2 -
While pensive y gazing on this scene, all
nature seemed npressed with the quietness
end stillness o repose. But our solitude
Was soon invad .. In another moment the
chime of a, he I broke the melancholy si
lerice,, and a st • i mer was soon wending by,.
By general cus om the bell commences toll
ing. whenever , steamer arrives in front of
Mottntyertion. In a few moments the boat
lied' passled, • itb its, - hundred spectators
stretching thei eyes' towards this sacred
'---. - w a t erssubsided,
spot. ; the rash o f andtWc
echoes of the, ell feebly vibrating the air :
crowd The ha seen: Mount Vertion,a iul re
aliied a Satisfa lion which we were not able
to appreciate. - -
' We tamed a :tin towards the
_old eili fi e4
to fi x it perhap forever in our fancy., W e
saw before ps . plain - frame building tiv'i,
stories. high. . bread piazza runs uloug
the front side. What arrests the ettentiop
most, are the li tle windows, widely reinoted
apert, and thei small panes of glass. ' l 'l'hen
the appearanc, which the three queelittle
d4rs givato 11 e mansion. It would seem
almost as ; if tli ee,houses, had been s ored
up toe ther. '! e saw no ornament., ,Eve
ry, th ing is in I.e .plainest style. trpo I- Ulf
first story the, windows are provided wito
rctlinien blind:, but upon the second, this
appendage is d spe,nsed with. The, a
. ,
s' ide from ever y thing else, would
,tell that i t
*tts an old - Vir. inlet' s house.,, Itis here we
see that very u ful and ever Memorable in-
Vention of our, orefathers r the weathercock,
which is pl. - upon a little cupola., and
ottetching ow its:bead in ample stride,
makes; every i ug around it insignificant. s
;; At the edge- .1 the bluff is ' the summer
house. It was . nce It beautiful edifice. The
view, too, ir.l4 surrounding scenery is so
grand and mag ifwent, that we'feel deep re.
.gtlet in seeing i in its present dilapidated
condition. 'IL was..the favririte resort of
Gen. Washin oa during the evenings of
murner. ,- Acs , pealed sometimes by a
.criend, he wont. sit and converse-for - hours,
:otonalreqn • ntly. was he to he found here
laleue. in./ileac . editation, while the declin - 1
.rte` rayikof the] uni.gathered-up in their roue.
iplOsesture„., , like an Ontroabled- spirit
celnAy' tu.'rest t the known of night:. It wail
1 a atinment of -t e_lirtf halloweiVonwe than,
! any , othattWithl e .music and-harmony o'
his ,ttaulic, ' T,e thought.was already-seek;
nig : expressiosti from .our lips. '.i- Guild that
great spirifiefit a tO this midi favored haunt
and see the.,psi ink`tern down, :the stairs to
itie Idoine. d , yed,- -tbeweaft covered- with
dust,,and loon; links bloekingWp •tbe , way
:*.see. I lie uld 'titian lcateriag iiinhe-grou nd
from , neglect—, : •Ahe - once beantifuVfirm
.a . :ni de wildest'' , ;. well _in i ght her tu in. again
tte.-14eaveacto. , 11....selliding place from .thi
wiithPit ingratk . e . - .,,i,. :.. : , , 1
:..A..seilisot - . mpsnied ut to , , the 'vault:
*ii, were * f led talissilbroitokthe%Of ,
fild' , 4 -On ? , 'yard, 7.lisitie4 , thiPainell, , as' .
well the I_, t•wfas,alterksitelt repulsive, ,ifiewioversi - ;• , kli,covered - *ithf bettskaind ,
kiiirs-, and alai , Supposiarttarselves '.. fleet
'same Indian -, illirnaliki -et thtilienial , hitte-
',of ..ia..3lltiiican -.4tacienda, 'ear 'thin the';'.
4finclessifthir AitionktFather.,o Itepub..t*
dr iur
lip, we inqui r -. at several 4 helyt i,optield ~
fried ,
she gratre , , George Washingiao• liniat
m in ihir raider' b i lnienybetf iiir - lay iliat ' ihe
boy , tiiiii'noVnti e lin'informAts!'' SUN this:
lb Bier 'We ' nrd lot7:givy'il ' fi e4oo,
pliiileaVseti 'ill-Wk./W.OE lielifintielter,iik;
i'Alikiir*iiiii` liiiie'ffieiti4 iliinhtEe tieltiki'.
Atfiti Whit* 0i04)41 fi litidliibliiiiiitiM:
itiepeple of '' - -oiled gates, we da . t r
. .„ . .
.. , .
1 . .
~...._ •
T ._.•,,,::,..„_,_,...,............„0..•:..„
i,,,•".„.i.•,•,.,,,,,,:.;,,,• •,t(.1.t0 41;11i.„i'Eg,ittte.,. - gi , NK-z. - fttt - TiTi&imm,
~„. 0 , ~,,,,.„, ~,.„
~,, T. . ______—_______—. -- - ----- '' ---- s -. " --- ''' .---*----- ""'" ,- " ----
, '".:, -41 • , l 1. . 4'-i. i ~ ,). ~.-.4 , '
ft C:t., .i. : '; . y.! t'l, . 1 ' i..(13.!. ((i, .9, , ~.,. ~.t . ,,,
~,,,:„.., .„,..., .. •.-1 -., ~ _.. ~,.„ .. ~. ~ . ..
, . . . _. . _ _
. .... , . • ._ ~.., ~„
..,:. ~, r...i,.a . J. 41
~ :,, ~,, z. •, ~t n• tf_ P. ,r. I.,th tit ! I ; '.441 .! , .•-it.f , ! , . A i V ' .. J. - . ,1 .1 . , iu: i ' 7..,(_•, .r.
,:„. o!';._ 41 r.
,„ 1 1 n .
. 4. , ‘,.5t ft ,- ,i :I :4.fl i t ~-; g: - 1 t", •;/ ft ii 3 fr. ~ t 1 , 7.1,3 ri(f ,i' T crc.,.. li , fli-i (0 . ,' A -.4 ~,,ti t' • .:: PA:44 ?oi 'lt. , t, ''' as , # 74 ;'. A
. i't '4 ' E'. ' 1 ). -.-.,",, • 4411;i - i -..; i .
;,.; , ati*.ilik.l ' LC .t 1. kti ~,it 1 ati . 4 1 , l`t:' 4tA ~ 1,
- ~ f 's ii 4 - . r ' ' , e , ',. 1.“11 -, .:MA 7.: ", I. 1
ql: 'ir -';',' .... , ..-: :. . ..1; 4. ~xi i ~ .s,l' e, ',.. 1 -'' it .. ,i 41 4 :51V(' . 1
L - ''''''''' ''''' ~.44.i ir
' ',4;','...4,....„ 6 ,..' -...1i,'-,,, ,-, ~ t,,-.: ;-.; r, : -aril ,\ ,kf II 37. - 4.:;,4 ;1, '.. , .'''.3- il L'lz :4: !'l .4 i4 l ;e: ; , 7 Itt;il4iFf.,..;Y . --act t..:`tirt."..,4 104'1.k - ....PA It q 'P.': gO3 . ' , l -, fillit4.4;'ld l ..i
` ." ' -
",.: l''• 4, >. , .' 4..11 ' . , ' ,, 5 2i .i. : :' , 1, 7 1r, - 3L ' f" 1.1:1C.:::51 4 ; ti? , :lit ia , ;I 1,) , A. 4 ; 114:; :..,i v izi .'i1.,1:174 iJi• -. ) - 51 7 :731
.-,.i1t!.,,,,i L. ,`!,... YEIO i•Dirg-E RE NOEI.OF , OPINION+ AM, 1%1011
-1 •. .. - ~.:. .. S i ~. , I. ,•_!,,.:,:i #.7; ~.;,- „t„, ~ ; , • .... .....,..
N .,
. - 4,,,,,Q,,,.:, ~,,,,.! 1.3 -, = , , - . 1 .. qI , '-:;' , i ....,::, a, h , „,-. iii i. 6 ~.t. ki ,
i!,...: i r, ii,!, .1.,.-:.•,..4 ....-...„_,, ,„„,..„,„r,,.. :•,v. .1. avor li-3;,4E
ite.A pa L
d .ye
loos; la,
eld 'wit
lect— :-. .11
acts). , k , ait
agratk, .e. - ,11 , .
kat - . meanie,
-. . . led tops.
i . "yard,;Zeet
e if
_ t.4efaivalterit
l ale? , auppasieg*
Ili ~, ibli,,
I to
icon --.4eseienda, re
er AianelEadiery
i r ...
.of several aiteie. ,
ST,. GeS,MWu!l!i!'ol'
ler' b) - elu i iirlieff liv,e - silyijk
ato e lielortirei'lii!'' 04i.
rii 4 'era lot:liiiill
4/1 iiile4 ledii,iiirititieltel
l' li i i;e: Aiiid liiiirfolitEe la
n ol#'44ilialiibliiiititagi m
• ' .nuled tatea, we dweaefba s i
.. (ii
itticephagt qt tieurge l lyashinrito.n And
• ;his . 'l'ilfg;.litartlin. l4 cnryed f of the „ti
, fable iii "
the Am `
et tcap si,g,l6" 004. :14 . ;Pr
7ign pfd
6 01i qn, 40 ; : ',"ji;'44 . 1,140 41 ,4te'ciPP I ,Pf
its tenant foat; ; ine c op t pit, Qn
base itcliejtes.,
14:461114, to the • eiiecittprspf
Weshinifein by 'a rPhiltiAlhhia- 1n)0444-.
A t e ; a matter of mi e
;fife ~etreq. ?POI))) cc, TO, gildfk i nffr,fri,PPiqiq
a e,the sarcophagus
fs init'iftitiOn wife 'id' Geer
Wa7 l liciglON.4 l4 4,. MAY; AB,
.pkt, aged .7l
,yept7. vaalt,stands alioveihsgrennd,
;end' ts t - a:ent feo • high ky,in
of brick,' itithe.shariepf
• of an arch , v wit lopen, .
`the howeier, is ob,sjracted liy
the gates, which are constantly
They.are tniined of rails, for the e t i rpo r pf
0 1 5rmittiiii the - spectator to seethe sareopita
gi; bntfilte rails rif'theitiner gate intercept
- iag those'ofthe outer, this . oliectis., entirely
defeated. We were -Oen Ced
fre• • '
sh scene of neglect. The
Wat - rriaeh i ld
';greititheeye ! We feri,
of :cedar' from' a qieigliboringi tree; •Sirhose
brandies seemed spreading out with virtu
ous pride to hide so Humiliating a spectacle
from the gaze of the:world,: the vault, is a neat marblocibe
lisk, which appears 10 have been.,ereeted o
ver the grave of -Mrs.-;144. A.,Gontad, wife
: of Charles. Conrad,. pf New Orleans, end
grettil i oiece oft. ,Waahtugton.,.
.She , was n
daughter of Lenrisio,,very.respectable
portion of Washinitonlsdescendapts.- it is
the only internment .of any branch of the
family. t
Keturning to tots house, we sneceeded in
obtaining a oglit W.,. the:parlor op the , north
wirig. The servant in charge ofalie'house
made a compromise, , with us, that it : we. re
' mained'on the ,outside, she would ripen the
windors and allow us the privilege . of look- •
ing We.sal a. 'filthily picture,
from its being the only one in the room, I
will describe. a tableau Of Mrs. Jane
Washington and her elnidien, and occupies
abciut forty square feet of canvass. This
lady, it will be recollected, was the 261 e of
lohit Washingt9n, nephew' of George. On
the right-or Mrs. W: is her daughter, 11laria , 1
now Mrs. . Alexander, al . :Jefferson county,
Vu. She is tih ut fifteen years of age, \vell
formed, fine full face, and ,in her hands is
gnitar. ,On the left, in the. Wackgrqund, is
hei son,.Bichard, a sprightly-looking hid 'of
about eleveti,years ; near hint, in .front,No
ble Herbert, a nephew . of, Judge . IJ,u,Shrpti
Washington, .au interesting yonth : eit . seven
years. Immediately right is .. ,o:liy„ef
about fourteen
a 4, pi %pile
and insipid countenance, wilir'his Onss i
nrglige upon Herbert's shoulders. This
latter one is Gaston Washington, the pre--
lent tenant of the estate. The gyoup are
!ening attentively tit : Mrs. Was hington, wino,
1 seated upon an arm chair, with the Bible
upon her lap, appears to be reading aloud.
The visiter is surprised to find that with
the exception of the library, but little re
maias Of the - fisrniture of Washington.. ---h
line beenreinoved tithe house of Mr. Cus- I
I fis,.ol) the bank of 'the Potomac, opposite
the Capital. Mere are found many choice 1
paintings. lt is a pits that a change like
• this should have beeii'deemed necessary, but 1
the liberal mind arid 'polished character of
this gentleman, who is
.. a near - relative of
George Washington, is ik .. gratifying• assur
ance of the,stifety of " these sacred relics. Tire
parlor of the phi mansion has been furnished
by its present tenant, in the modern style.
We nre struck, however, kV the
_spacings- .
ness,. and , the richly inoulded wreaths adorn
in the ceiling. The beautiful marble tnnan
ter-plece was theyresent of Lafayette. It is
qrthe finest variegated Italian marble and
splendidly carved. The pureelain.;beartb
shine, magnificent in its virgin palenesS, is I
no* broken. While thus scanning the ; va
rious objects in the room, we could not for-1
get that many a day, "at the window upp,n
which we were, carelessly leaning, have sat
the wives of Washington and,franklin, end
around the,tahle in the eentre.of the room,
have heen the now King-of Prance, the ever
memorable J,efferson. the eider .Adams ' the
Promethean Prater,Pairick-Ilenry,the deep
and subtle politician, Hantilten,..,and :the
pure-hearted patriot,' tafayettel Now, all
is silence, decay; -and few years
more, and, the ,venerable mansion will, be
numbered among thethiags that were.. We
must snort .. see Moant,Yernqn, bet the-,old
trees . , vilinseheads have, fired the winds . of
a !hundred years, and be as hare Of human
habitation as Whe_n,the,wtxxls held primeval
sity! "
Is there tipthing„-hiesof this
place' o makek 'oar Government „ respect :
Shall Moutit Vernon heennie.,a,Wil t lerneas 1
Wetild2Such, itieetiebe,,afiltintqblatiOn. to
'depiiii r edifpiritl t heqe P.,3,X41111114e1l
'become the
.properly of the Republic. It
may 'then be the ; p o lilvir 4f : any of our citi
zens, as, well nell;reigners, to.find here hos
pitelititts equal to
- and the visitor receive s'eldet*nk Eke' el'Or
arid .ilident 'respeet: . ” Milli's& - Vernon' 'Shen hi •
be i dear 'to 'its as thi'MeeCit of the' Me
licintedans, and a
'soil dieti Vetier
atien:* Niiiir,:nP'scine comesto;it 'wltlioul. red`
O'er; 'netitriiner'letties denoun
ritebetirproprieloY *gents ' f io`"iiiiiiiia".in'ore
for thilatOici t ihridea l onibitiaritignUthili
the beastii:ilint i iivie driiiti'avel'..leltet it its
tritittehliaiiilethat ode : are illin : t'u'yctiminit`
the rerrininetorthe'
of , heir
reViketiCe . ti
i 1064 ' frignY Ira %IA lib' Ai' AO
,k!4iihs4 aris' ) 4lloo',
ji g
T heifirrOrlittailig i
ft JT
~ the feelings ef!haruaroy.,, *is „ o rpo•
n ,
my,llll sstlrsny rr ____
‘‘. : l) VE;h l )..?? ', iv ' .e.' i .44ilVt i. l 'l 4 l. 4ii .. 4;ii.4il ' il ' l4 ' . i tli 4 tVirel;-9
lainilLtfig co:ninon sympathies of 'his!. n 4
. ,
. .
6'1.4 Will not some action be... tniten by
ur tounyytrier pf te (mobilo whom tbese
acts arg unknown I ; . . ~ , e•
...'Jt. I.: ii - ib.7.ti1.1. ~ ,f -,:i.1 sft. ,, ) ' , ...1,,....•.1.'t - z 1
' '•
ortetirE . Hisiroltir - or!4litt t N.
„,moii49ii.,, , iiap.,ot , g4 . 4l4llTF,,ippliiite!
a' lie,,yeitr" o.49,...qtripiches of t ifej,inutlun
eatipt e .translation ~o( the Iliblainto! the
Opottesl. ' He w rota, ,a, ~paraplwase, i rt . verse
tm the yo.eit tit „lel),
.and a gloss upon' the
f ' pt'Xfit't e 7Y 4 7.4.l7l. 4. ti a . 4. - 1 7 ,5i, 5/V it t7 ;,.41 1 ; t ilFle f
IPti tL' lll: : 4 l;te t d. l3;l :" : li ..ij e Ll.l" : .l t Tip ee .:4 O ' f Y tt e's4. lEl : ll: :P iti lr4 " . * 7.7 7 : f ,
Dios!rjttien, Ints :
~ pm : $1,59 . 40 $ g . El lfrip
ridge ,6 : eriilitaili. tor",t)p.t6.•
: ) '.lt.i,F i liti.r44, - 4.:itii: f ' I NV i M one Of the, first . in, at
' 4`g l ;o4Pilie'`iiiiie.,"itsjit Wassriolten ail'eithe
i iiiiterl: rint,the W.litde,.bible, by Wickliffe,
ppenredin 100 and 1880., , . . .., ~
, „A, 19 iti tlig.year 140, was brtingbt,imo
liellotise, 'of „Lords, to forbid the use .of '
Etighslii3iblei„.liut it did not pass,. Ade-
Cree of }4nitidel Archbishop of Canterbury
o 1403.: pirbade unauthoriied.fler§mlqlo
nuislate any pit of the Holy Scriptures in
o English as well as 'prohibited theivedirty,
till approved of hy . the
ishopor a council. _
,Several persons were
turned for,reading te word of God.
. ,
in the ...fig, ..0.. 'Henry the . Fifth, a law
• as passed . , ! " Th at whoever should read
to Seripturei in , their' mother : tongue,
lionlii' forfeit
,lan,d,' rattle,
,body,;_life ,rind
' oods, - froM their heir :forever, 'a
enmeil lik i liereties•to, God„ . enetnie.l to. he
la t il i el e °l r n b it a itt.i ? e, ,
one. copy ulis .. se
rown,tind,MoSi . arrant traitors to the land."
.itetWeett 4491 and ,1493,: Faust,- or
austas wli o undertook the sale ofßibleS,nt
4 o g nis w h i tu is en ti t.77H; ll : ll :::, r u n i:
Seiteprodueed them
te;pnnted at Mayntz, in
. _ in ) cea r e ari:ri r. :. " F i olir s 4 n llo% , ev l v_ii w ii
kiLn ' ya i l t ica i ym ni e e tli: r .ll l ,:o e il l .i.zi
I , l , o, p l ini a cti t eu t
ti i i i g
a t
p i ,
1462, was the very first printed edition of
'ihe 4vheiel Bible in' any language,
he date and place of execution, and the
matte of the
, printer.
' I . The first printed edition of the Scriptures
in nay modern language, was in German,
in. the year 1467. The New 'Testament, by
Luther, revised:by Malancthon, appeared in
1531, William 'Tyndal, in 1535, 'printed
his' English Testament - at Antwerp ;! but
'those Who sold it in England, were condenin
d by Sir -Thoinns Moore 'the Lord Chan
celkir,-to ride with their faces to the - hoirses'
tails, with papers: on their heads, and to
iilirpwlbeir books and themselves into! the
fit* 'at Cheapside. Tyndal himself I was
i 4.. tioggi ed nail bunted.' ID's - flying prayer
i was, ..-Lord open the King of Englaind's
;eves." John Fry, or Fry„th, mind' William •
Rope, who assisted Tyndal iti liis Bible,
! were both burned for heresy.
' 1 • ': Crammer obtained n commissioW from the
king to prepare with the assigannc t oflearn•
ed men, a translation of the Bible.' 'lt 'was
o be printed at Paris; but the inquisition
Utterfered, 'and 2500 copies were seized and
Ilondemned to the dames. Some'• of these,
owever, • trough avarice, being !sold for
astc paper, by the officers who Isnot:drill
t nded the burning, were recovered, and
rought to England, to the great delight of
ratnmer, wile on receiving sonde copies, ,
aid that it gave him more pleasure ill:Mill
I a bad received terviliensand poUnds.t It
as commanded thnt a Bible be deptiiiied
i t every' parish- church ; to, be.' read by all
i ho pleased, :and permission given for per
. ins to purchase the English Bible fortlietti-
Ives and- families. ' . - I .
In the year 1535; Coverdale's folio Bible
as published. ' In the reign of Edward the
'.ixth, new -editions appeared. In Mary's
ign, the Gospellers, or reformersii'fNif a
road, but a new translation of the New
estament, in English, appeared et Glene
a, in 1587,, The first which 'had the disfinc
t on of versed, with figures aniteheilio dieiii:
A quarto edition of the whole Bible ksiis
, rinted nt Geneva, 1260,hy Rowland lane.
- New 'Testament. iifliVelch' , nppeared'ili
269; • the whale Bible :'l 1588, and "the
ngliSh translation called the, Bishop's,Bi
le, by Alexander Parker, irt'lsoB.' "It ivv,as
i '1582 that the- Romatv - Cathelie Bhetirsh
estament...appeare.d,'nnd 1609 and 1511 Y;
t tat their 'Downy Old. Testarrient was print=
d. in .1607 washegurti-nod ' in 1611Aviis.
ompleted, a tiew'Ancl:rtiore' . ctirrect traOsiii
t on, being: the Presettualdliorized ierslifn of
t to Holy Scriptures, by le9rned
. nit,. (fifty-Mutt , were lippai ii fed i y ich6„ibh
, m the IWO Uniter,sities. 'gltiseditiotOns
leen truly styled, .!,.uot ouly,,thp,glory of, the
r di, arid` the inher itance Of the.poor," j hut
t ie gaideof tite'irtiylircirif Pilgrim; the'lpes
s•norei grace;:bOlinetikland'jorto milii6is„
N'AuTiom.,. •Ssaszots.-4Whein Whitfield
reached dleforelthe.,,scormin .of New York,
• &bad the folloirmgc‘bold upostrolihe in his
s noon : •.• ~., ,•••.. ,' - 4' ',"l ••-•
•" Well, my •,boys,, we have rt .clear Sky;
• ,d are•-:. milking , a •fine• hhaderiiy over 4 cei
s . oath , sea,' before a :light breeze, 1 and!' we
s all soon, OM, •sight. , ef , landi, But *hat
• tesocthis sudden , lOwerittworthe heavens,
• rid that dark ncloudisiiiingf . from 'bentitidt.,l
e westerts:horizem it . Hark ilif•Do year-I'ooll
earths tow motoring•thunder e and see that
vid glare.of -hebtningl 11There is-a :StOrttr
± atheting!; ; fatery, Insole ills:duty 1' 'AV*
. em'arestriso and ditsh , agninst.the skirl l=••,;; ,
he air is dark tu The.tempest rages 11" Iii.
nits AM gorieJi•: , Thesliiplsfon , heri - benin'
lis I - i•What,sestill.l,,,, ,:,1, .ic , •-, , , s 1 .•J'• :I
I, It jasaidrint .the:sinsurpectitig• ttirs4rSi'
hied Ofgformer perils4an Asfedeeir,b - .lit'
nickby iheyporsgrellor Morle,"l. - nroge° l 'ili;
sited voices and utindsitand iiitelaittie ''' 1 ,
12'44 toikeiiTgl beistir :am; z i,,i it qt T
AiroNV . kitfuild, ,witlarbisfebartreteristic SO.: ,
tothrighd eatisestuess,iimmediritely e* Mil
.., iibuidiac.orkithoiailde• ipiiioll , triesicil Me
4 PlairdaudilnryiptilVhs tJaiskithititti rill;s
1 ~H ds , ' thiciensio triellis . l4dwrioiltii:
i oNipeobeated`chlakiietwa+eliatity iiiio
.. 1 , an.
r 1 . J fi ,i;St.
,I•airlitsmill -, - • • !,.. - ~ ,,,,i IT. -1 ri --
,r,-,,,t) „. 4 1,..-, 1 , LE„E ntv ;
•1 "T '," l' ' ' ' 1 -
'' it , 'fr: % ' - 1 fttpettriiiii
, , ,
.1 . , ,,, ; f"J •A‘Nit`l9.74
~ ' ' '':‘ % frit ': . 1:::' '. )
4 Thiiiiid " ~..i't ~ ,
. •
_.., ' 1 !flo -- ineissttudf
have falhip4o 61 10'Astao. m i l t u f ti t ,
Aim inish..thefervid entini i iii m t
.4 1 1!rfs:krlaii tough., neliftavelayi.licidily
Ictiist,4,,ficTs!Afitußiff INSt a ginA94,./ i te I my
m il a; natio:ally b,uy t eSts. fig iEl.Vtivitt,Aucth
.iiifti t aitiii iiiiihtir, tifoiiiiii some ill,
anal CiiiildirahlyFileiiiiderilia ilicitint l ii;: l
Igioti v 'could jietperforin'siti joiiintolliiiy ,
krliTtA 9ilj9. 9 ,6lWhere4 , lhoOld theribY: ead
materially .to cuir knowledge ,of the 'over in
taresitingnraturcs winch hev . efersflonga
time dediffneil l: iny - thattili . ts;bi d'Oy, , , , and fill
ed my dreams withilltunsatit iiiingek 'Nay,
had I a new lease of life presented to me, I
should' elibosei/fOr - it - tiveNerj; deauriation in
which 4 hove t teem engagel , ,,,,:', ",-- u;. .1
And, ,reader,, the life, which ,Llinytt led hos
been in some " respect a l singular ,
. Think 'Of n- Persen, intent ell snail 'pursuits
as thine. bave been; 'ttionseitni'elirry'ditiVn
from his couch on the alder-fringed brook
of somo Northern "valley, or in the midst of
some_ yet 'unexplored region 'in the WeSt, or
perhaps•on the soft-and wrirm; sends Of the
,Florida eltores,.and 2 listening tO the-pleasing
nieludieft of mingsters innoi&rable,,saluting
theinaguideent orb, fromwhnie radiant in
fl ueneelhe ei4Oiii res of tunny i'vorldli receive,
life and liglif;'' herreshed iiiiil're=inVignin
ted by healthful rest; lie , starts' iipotrlits feet,
gathers up his store of curiositiesibunkles
on his knapsack, shoulders his trusty fire
lock, says a kind word to - fhiwfaitliiiit dog,
and re 7 eurenienees his , puratiit of, zooltigical
knowledge. , New the morning is openi, and
a squirrel or a;ttout afford him ikrepast.- 07
Shook! the' day'lie"iiiiiii: he r feposie4 (Or_ a
:line; tinder the shade Of Some tree." .l- Tle
,woodlandJ.choriSters ngairribursvfiirth•into
,song ; and •he.,stArli anew , iolvander where
ever hisfancy pay direct him, or the, object
ilf his search may lead him in • pnrsuit.-,--
When evening - apliiii&lies, and the birds
are:seen betaking themselves-to their 'retreat
be looks for.setne place, cifsefety,nreets his
shed of green bOuglis, kindles his fire, pre
pares ins meal, and, as thepigeon, or, per
haps the tiirk? . .y . ,.,& i4s s tgakef venison sends
its delicious perfumes abroaci t ' s he enters up
on his parelniieinjotirreat,therem or k 131e,in 7 :,
cidenis and file% that - have "'chi& .un 0' his
ebseivaiien' daring Ale day. Deriti4ss'has
noir 'drawn litir'snble cortain'infer` , llnificene.
His repast is fintsited, and, l kneelitig on the
earth, - he 'raises "his soul 'to Heaven, grate
ful for the'groteciion that has been granted
him, and' the sense of the ,Diyine presence
in this solitary tildee. • Theo wishing a cor
dial gofia-ing,ht to sill near friends at home,
the American woodsman Wraps himself up
iir his blanket, itnil;'ero 11
,sing his , eyes FOO
falls into that comfortab le Sleep which never
fails - Iliiin' such occasions. • ,'
The celebrated Indine'iverrior, Tecum
seh, was in the . forfv-fourtlt• year of-his age,
when lie fell at the battle of the Tithmes.—
Ile was of the Shawnee tribe,' five reet ten
inches-high, well formed friritcrivity'and the
endurance of fatignee,• which he' was Capable
of sustaingr in a very extrativtlinary degree.
His carriage was erect mid lufkyL-ibis mo
tion quick and 'graceful—his eyes enetisi
visage.stern, with sit' air df taughti
netsin his countenance, whicit'arcilsa 'front
en elevated pride of siatilT it 'did 'not 'leave r
.him even in death. Hi.seliaquetide Was-ner
vous; concise, -•im pressiVe, and
sarcastic;" being of in citurh 'habit'of speech,
his4Oidi *ere few, but ..aliiiiyti;td the -pui
pose. Allis dress 'was plain; he never
known toindulgein any gaudy decoration elf
his person, which' is the general practice of
the Indians. He wore; on the . day of his
death,,a dressed ••deer-skiit coat 'and puma
loons."He could neither rend; ' nor
speak English. , " ~!
He was in. .every respect' a " savkge
the greatest perhaps :Ante the days tot' Pon
tiac. His rulinginaxittf-jd warwaeldtake
no - prisoners, , and' he"strictly adhered' icrthe
sanguinary inirpo•vs of his *Alf [lel neither
gave 'nor accepted quoitor. • Yet pdradoti
cal nis it' may seem, to the priiunett4 in 'one
instance; he - is 'Said have 'hatted his
tomahawk - in the head' ora ChiPpeuia chief,
whom he - fotitid actively engaged iti'MaSsa.
arcing some - ofDtittleretneti, after they bid
been.madeprisonert by'the anti 1h-
• , -li.had long been 'a favorite' project of this
aspiring C bier; to Ittnite the Northemv West-
ern Mid Southern Indianit;Twi: the iturpolie
of regaining their •entritry , air for'ai r the 06
hio.i Whether grand idea'origitinted in
his own or 14g trother'S 'or 9 tvals - snip ,
Bested- the British; Dist itinifiii4-but
this much is certain,"&t'elierisfietrthe 'Anti
%via " and itaMill.t's'isitid
Creek Indians;'to prevail titi tVer i'to'join .in
the undertaking: He was aiitiay i lOppo*
to the sale orb - 04W lends. , . - 11 a council at
Vineenheffite - 1810, TietOne - founA equal to
the insidious- ttrti ' in one
of his speeichehe'tirittlitutieed Gen.; Harri
son - 11e'svait,litnitittisC,eierys"bnttle
with the - Atiteriela*fectin the time dr Hit":
aterlifxlefehiutnitetf , -bf . lifetheitiet's.
was seven, 4:olfidtft u liid
sought theektitteet . orti*fiii....!?
"utes.beforki he rt'eefeetfthe'ffthilliii - rif 'COII.
Johnson to had'recfiieil' a "Ifi,
;ed with kwiifel q , ;
• , Wheri y
_Oth and` be'fpre : th 'treaty of
pent , * hefiedini
.heitititteputed Orio'rif ibe r btildOet of'lndia is
warriors. ;In the first tiettiflitiiiiitr
libatelttint down he ,o'i ifilft*fas=:
*do., He
* . W a
o f
,theiettlinA l a'46l tdfurd *
Aerk!iiih' , i#4610
eheit *I * ewe*:pviiii , Alyuld . '
,retwe4oo - -:lli‘ ruteott
wealth, although hie Outdating aid fob'
dte QC a
so .- In . 4trm E a'aro,fe 'to' idetti
!Mari stdOcieetly.._tes4itts,
doubts.** t* the certainly
'' cent
''" l- Viiiiikilitiliiiii4
In lloo *P 46 4,big ,l, :* , i , , l - . 1
" 11 H... ‘i i)4
nClea, hill4ootaOitt „rsinledr,
sv iss l itii v iii rtifti4mo i ti t , „ i
;4 1 104 • ,
41 . 1
is m'; sway with the d 41'hisilessie
ANI 4 bThlkin Isis heart, Peri. Wit
T°71111?,4-#o4clptilksl4er,'s s!.•l**, ri> ", I ;
E "' er t i 337 , 9b. ? 14 di' mom's l6kys ..' i,
- raileit tfililsiiii,,, u ,. tb ,, ,- - • ~.,;1 „ . ‘)r7: i
• -...-.,••%- s'a t „ .•1 • fir - 7,-- .
vaskiobmixo%ber 1,1 ~ 1 .., • t i ‘,
,„'..--.. ~,. , 7 T:kold?v:?•rp: t l
14" 43 41. 3 0-7 , iw tter / F e 11
Ts ficiAit eint kxin'liii• s ientle ''.
Consiniiiiiiitinni;l/Y144) . ly init. '
I n.
As !Imi werilicpth* *an seem . ital u ra . % , i,
For i lier : di*t tiniM obe qui& t-, 11
Eber, my kre. o ffs4l4),ct.Op e gr 474,
In friendsliiiiiiiliiiihal i iis faistan! in lam •
emeo; i tioy
:g r riAlY F ar lM l o 3 i4likeo l *o
Firm is hu own mpiniatiA Tig ,
1341;114 iie r sinikstorm; ihe
- He iiiierved imrial, 1104 14it , ‘
Chw i ujd n /d AIMC4' t # 6 ;4P.
waif ii thsoisai,JPe '
boating:tlossa.from bit
Nct loved.onemotv nQ 1 . usstlitsg
9.l l 4 l l wn it 40M
Delitt(deitititis• is.
Yet the4sii
ILivesicto marlosentat , when
Swatailtotitki ssymes,* may..
The 19114 sits tend I%A u. a
enter Ur
—l 4:""th'''Ail ii i ii' iiii'Mi;iii4e(' i"' /
respont -t e . . t yune, hu _ t
tit h N "0 'P - ' ' '' ' i ' i ' - ' '
ahOui :Air habits and:min slant' the .
of the "rna,gunnimuus-na pre! , ,',1,-,';.- ' l ,
The Mexican is never ithout his blank
et,:clinging.toit '-..with.ins giflarosiid ileuni-
Fable 'apace . of,purpti, ; tbey,arelnsepsr
able ,by , fiight apfl, dfty ; , thrhogh fnashhte
and storizi, befit ,ntid coi f . lie clings to his
blanket as, his, main - stn t4ough, iire. E L If
Metids - d4"4ii ' liimV' it I .h . 11 iirtanwg= *er r e
false, if the world frowils ndiookslcold'ap
°albite; im i can turn withconfidence to his
blanket and forget all besi es in its !storming
embince. .• Charity coy etli - a multitude
of sins"—so does ' iilkisi an! blanket, TAM
BIEN ; iS • iir:iiipAiCi. -fOr " ost.rty and rags
and a cloak ,for rascality . When-the Mexi
can, exer l cisitig his ulktiop I prOpetuiity,ofap
proprianng to himself Oh r people's _goods,
( 1 0
"'bugs" anythaig, Ms fait fultilunket hides
it ; whijn 'ha noes forth ri; sortie trnirderodi
errand with his. AeadlY 1 .ispons in his•gii
dle, his blanket conceals t' e keen, glittering
steel:; it is „cloak by day a d bed by,night.
A'pair of leather breech s, coarse cotton,
drimersi and shirt; stiff, !. 'saticluls and
a someone!), completes, r ' thet
le Mexican pelts
sini's dress on' Oidinary ;, , asinlisl 1112
is generidlyisomewliat. ion • in front; tangled
and shag&v, end rarely et eard . 4 or Irbil,.
kers are seen onhis, face. , hiscoutt!ry is
infested with Verniin—i e en eta alive
with the most repulsive kin . ; bile thefteadi
of Ole , women. suffers4:4n , t teir kindness
and assiduity to eachothe -n withitanding.
There is not a day, in the I ndetthat Ate
wo'ren do not hunt eadh t the :',s heads, eit , td
thi 'is 'not' confined to t lie' I e elniies Van,
m4intr. I haqie'seetr tilim ey ' inv
` ~ menet
erie perform the same o . ti e, bet , really
thetlitexica women seen) to erive'ns moat
c F , i
tiati#feetifm- from the ciper? leief Ili" Ittilt
eyS. f arenot, addicted . o pendering pea
Ple, and dais no slander" 11 '
tune of country and-the opie that such a
mime is_neeessary.:
le their manner of kivin ti.well as.every
thing elSo, the" Mexieins re iir behind the
t i t
aV4 Thpir' , direllings . or: all illileancriii
comfortable,' from . ' the •Ca e *cave ort - tioi
batiks - of the:Rio Grande ~ , t rude,: rough
iteu.stt efar)oll,s4,in, the Ci es-,1 406 p.opr•
qt, holles, pm _ -gee, den HY onr: 0 01115140
hie .ti - a; a pile of, skins,' fent Saddles nit'd
6 iiingi,' Wioiii4 of ', skins , '
'lli iiiii 4404 .
at ied , :irtimei, 'Materiel' a - the elitinikinii I
creelviviihNrater,:knseit` di pet,y of lamb
er breedltescand•reheggark a WA id Vl*
• int aPßttr.l l o A9“44 0 --..., 11 1; 111w--!°91111 1 1
.deubsofpaints and rnde rn men_;_ aeon
theiriiiiiidiToor'ii'inlinte'r to eltildrelf
41 , lioniWitii Rif
ty of rabhiilt. •--16
cam.; either-Mae;
ci!!tir. Ar
ti.t. irlik
a sort rim
tit' iii#l7;ifl hit
*out 11i8Y - iv
ing.corn, r wipthini
ty 4hiqsAlw l : . 4.
Illke,, 4k M.lf Mi t h
Ml' • fainily :coast
' rretkre c 11611%641
corn, tortilles, -.
c it n !PP. 9, -4,P 611 .1
, lad le# th e relit :
iiiiit; Merit
dr , rirfraisioAheck
Prih0110 1 4 1 0 41. .1 1101
40 VKAN041100)!
634 /' tatiega I L I , i 'Of i
114. a.. 4.4. r_ ,, _... ,
mow) iniviii,
liirtiiiiheii re!
I * r ip itvid , mie' sew
f.A144 1 0 1 . Auniiniiim
[ hi T E TA I NSIS
diatio so I are
for tie net at the
s .14184..,
•P' 0;411
. 'l4l
0.4 to
7 6 7: 1 1 1 .14 . r
i 36111'64 ni,
• btil thial4l .
4 0 S t • ; .`,
net 3"•,
icit2/es his !wing,
• thee liefee.