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    hOgrirrcteded .that mount 2 bitdielc o
, .
helped shell and measure the corn husk -1
led (ram'', shock, (which filled a bushel and
Iv half basket with ears,) and the unmeant;
lof-shelled corn was 3 pecks, 141. pints. 111
beliWd unload the whole, of the above .corn!
lit, the corn house, and kept the tally of the
number of baskets. The basket used. was the
'Roe from which weshelled the corn, and ten-
Sleavored to have the measure as uniform as
possible with that. The number of baskets
was 157, and 1 btishel of ears fiver, includ
ing the, basket shelled.
Messrs.. Cassrdy; Carpenter and Turret:
In your official capacity as " a committee
ou - the' varieties of grain," it is with pletuitire
that Ulm* the honor to make the following
statement of my admeasurement of Mr.
Rodney Jewett's Corn Crop, for your con
skieeution. At his re q uest, on the 13th of
dl, inst. iqriensured his whole field of In
ian corn, the whole area of which is 5 acres
land 88.7 square rods, or 883.7 square rods.
The whole field was planted in rows each
'way, with the design that each square rod
ebould contain .twenty-five hills, which
should also compose a shock ; and the whol4
w‘is cut and put up accordingly. Therti
were on the ground 31 rows of shocks one
iway,-and 29 the other; hence there were
-899 shocks-10i over what had been de-.
isigned. I have been thus far particular in
flsticisig his mode of laying out his ground
in rows that additional . improvement may
be elicited.
! The part of his field which lie selected to
compete for a premium, had shocks in rows
standing thereon, thirteen by.twelve, ma
king in aggregate 156 entire shocks. I ac-'
curately, with compass and chain, measured ;
he ground on which the shoeks.had grown,
including one half of the adjoining spaces',
between the rows on each side, the exact
area of which is is 161 12-100 square rods,
being 6 12-100 more
,thati the number ofl
jshocks. This variation was probably occas
ioned by straightening the rows on an ad
,joiiiing margin ,of the field; which was in
some measure irregular. I then selected
two shocks from different parts of the plot, !,
Of average appearance, from which, several
tr, was husked a bushel and a half basket
slightly crowning full, no difference in the
yield of the twO being apparent : - One of;
Which we shelled, and the yield was three
pecks and one and a half pints, weighing'
33 lbs. avoirdupois. According to the above ,
data, then, :the r whole yield of the 161.121
square rods tnuSt he 120 bushels, 2 peckim, 3 quarts, or 119 bushels and 3 pecks of
shelled corn to the , acre, the weight .55 lbs. i
and 10 oz. to the bushel. This statement
may appear to some to preclude credibility ;1
jtet it i- upr opinion, from the specimen, I
*aw,, an the 'saute or similar soil, a still
gmater yield might he obtained. Perhaps
ought state, that the above !tarried piece'-
of grond contaius no part of that fur the
.crop of which a, premium was last year a- I
warded. The kind of corn .is, I think;whati
is known iIS the long white flint. There /
*ere two other .specimens on the field, viz : '
the brown and Mimi - non yellow corn ; but in
4he cultivation Of the three kinds there was
no visible difference. Neither the brown or
ihe Yellow will
,yield with the white : still I
should say either kind will considerably sur 7
pas, our coin/nen yieldings.
1 Since penning the aboii statement, the
enti•-c crop, presented iu competition, has_
heen harvested, ply eldest sons having assist
ed in harvvfling the sanie.
.1 saw a part of
the corn mensuited in and . the whole counted
i irt, .he actual gross measurement of which,
( ; .1
as I had expevt d, surpassed my own corn
en.ation by one and two thirds'baskets full,
or one.bitsliel, o e peck and a half pint. I
Say I had expe ed• this result, because the
measure used was evidently above the prop-
e , capacity. i
N That I may d ample justice to my neigh=
bur nad myself, I would also say, that it was
4r,p.ifying to ha e the privilege of measuring
.11r. Jewett's co n-field : and of making cotn
potation for my - If and him.
; His last year's
+atement was, ome truly astonishing. If
any had doubts! of the fact, even I had as
any. I was pot, however, willing to be
lieve that my neighbor; who bad ever sus
;Med correct veracity, had given intentional
isrepresenuttion ; but I was, at the same
time, apprehensive that some unforeseen and
Unaccountable error had crept into hii com
putation. It did !Oak, really, to me, too
Much-like what we Yankees “ down east"
nsed to chuckle-over and call a up-country
stories." Littli! little indeed did I think,
6y yielding to welcome importunity, that
I was getting yank' into a fix for telling
9ne of those sto imicif wonder ! ! But it *as
even so. Ho ever, up or down, high or
ow, far- or n ar, my story is true,and I
lave only to ea that I doubt no longer
iis watralso trtie. With due consideration
the above is moist respectfully submitted. , .
1 1
1 Brooklyn, 04. 16th, 1847.
Thaiokogiving Day.
By the toll4wing proclamation of Gov. -
Shank it will he seen that he has recoin
mended Thursday, the 25th of November, I
as a day to be set apart for public prayer, '
!thanksgiving a d praise:
PF.NNSYLVAN A as .1 In the NM= and by
Ithe authority o the ContocOnmealth' of Penn
ylvania, Fran is R. Skunk, Governor of
aid Coninionw' alek. A PROCLAMATION.
Fellow isfreat and good.
it is our duty t. adore Xis greatness, toile
kootriedge His goodness, to. confess to Him
our sins, and umbly implore their forgive
luess. . it,is fit nd becoming that we should
do so; not only asindividuati;b4stS a Com
.ll‘Feakk 1 3 f reek cilizebs,':Otho, 'during the
'post year have received unnumbered , Idea
-14145-tit his lie di:
I •Under. his ardianship our free find:M
-.l6mm, founded tj - the wisdom oftheFathers
!of the Repoli! c have been preieried:to; us
hise: *My: enjoyedidl , ;our
and rock —pririleges,. and tbefright to
rworaltip-Gudi our-conseienCesdietateAWe
have been pre . sed
EntiirPritie," :iis'pkrtn(lo: ; o*lns, It4.lsPop„
ear l ueFfiy i -m ; .. has yiel ded .
'..return. The Atha ot-thetaith",bage,ll44.
gather in A andante_ .and
garners are fill witifihts;finest,ofthe,w
. 444;
tied of the des itute.-
a ily 6 Viincedow 'tallied an ,
Ipure and heave
,ly religions
ns an ordinance , unsullied
I with he State, '
• the oluniiiiy eVotion of
in ithi nghteou.indg;
have been -Inv , Ived in' the
of iritrt yet W. have not
I 0 fain nessof hea t, and the
a d nduet of o r soldiery;
r us ictory in t e midst of
lathy "
invigorated by
ichose iastituti . 1
by any llien
ehertithed .6 1
the peo ple, 'and
nteßta of God ,
direful ealimitT
been given up
hive wrought
In view of a
putridity tiir
to:be observed .
givirig to Alm..
zens! of this
that day from
assemble in th , '
' mighty, for
a i- r -rentier
Ills many ' g
judgments our
b e ieeeli him th
stared; end the'l'
he:continued to
latest generatin
of man, united^
shiire ikt hiti rie
Giien stn er m °
iif - thie_ State,
day of Oetob
en, arid', of th
'Br THE Gni •' •
I this ness, I do : hereby
25tii.d y of *unifer next,
s a.d yof soli n thanks-.
ty. , ; and th t the citi-!
.moniarealth do bstain .on.
II theiii-worldly av talons—
r respective plac g of wor-,
themselves . beforh the' Al-,
r sins,l individusil and na-;
11: im their -hearty hanks fort
Int mercies—dep cate the
1 :aggressions hay merited_;;
• t peace-may be seedily re-i
lessings we now enjoy may:
us and tnourg, thiwn to the,
, and !that the 'whqe family
' n' one vast brotherhood,muy
, est mercies. '
!. hand, and the Great Seal!
t Harrisburg, this bineteentlt
•r, in The year 00 . our Lord!
eight hundred ano forty-sev ,
• Common j urealthlthe seven-'
I .
!OR :
y of he conansohwealth
. ,
ea , exleo.
. enee from La Patria— Va..
d by Gen. ,s,cott.=-, Parl
n Arnty of 20,000W/cob
1 Coa li tion of the Mez can
, eningiof the Churches -Tln
-1,, nta ~linna-=-Preparingl for
' New President believed to
Mexican Intcl(i
lencia Meted:
, at Jalisco-- •
lected by the
tentions of S
favor Peace
Gen. Lane arrived at IPe-
. ETERSBTRO, V. 4., P ct. 22.
The New Or eans Picayune nd Delta,,
of the 15th, hay: been! received by ,hail; but!;
as their content: havei been anticipated' by
the Ledger's 0 -rland Express, limit send- ; ;
ing any abstrac from their columns. :1
The Comme ial Times, on the authority
of a correspond :nt of La Patria,' says that' !
Gen. Scott has orderer] the immediate and;
unconditional re ease cif Gen. Valencia, as a
well-merited re! and for his valor and patri
otism displayed .. t the battle of Chaptrltepec.,l
He remained q iet, at his hacienda, four ;
mites from the I apital.
According to : • veral letters, Gen. Paredes;
remained at the - apical, incognito, and hasl
witnessed all th: recent operations without
taking part in t em, having been! deterred
by the threats of Santa Anna. Nredes has•
since been in in imate communication with
the principal oiicers saved front capture,
and has now gone to Jalisco, to place him
self at the head 0 . 20,000 men, collected by
six of the Mexi : n States, that hild formed
a coalition to o pose Santa Anna!'
Gen. Quttma had caused all th,
in ;he Capital to be re4operied.
i c
A depatation f metichants - had' requested!'
Gen. Scott to e,, ploy every possi,le means
to re-open the co nmutnicatinn with the coast:;
To. this, ..Gen. :colt replied t hatlhe would:
immediately apily himself assiduously to
tine object, and 'e hoped, with success.
A letter publi bed in La Petrie, from, a;
:highly respecta e gentleman in Vera Cruz, i
dated the 2d in t., sayl that Gen. Santa An
na:and Reit wer endeavoring to prevent the
entrance ofthe d:: chment under Gen. Lane,
inttiPuebla. Sa , ta Anba had 3000 men tin
der him and Ge , Real2soo. It is also said.
that if he dnes rot suctceed in obtaining the
Advantage iii t, is enterprise, he Will retire'
to Oajaca and r st hinaself while augment
ing his forces in ithat State, which is in the
immediate vici ity of; Gautaniala. Santa .
Anna's lady is .'t this moment in a small
town in that ne khborhood. It is believed
that Santa Ann will tin this as in all former
euterprises - be u 'fortunate, and finding him-;
self lost and Ina ;.tted by the malfidictious of
his countrym6 oke refuge in Siain.
The Mexica Congress wag to meet at
Qtieretaro on tte sth,; at which date Pena'
y perm was to . there. He has appointed,
iDon Louis de I • Rossi, Minister of Foreign;
Affairs. It is . 'enertilly believed that his;
cabinet are' deco gii advocates of peace, and,
' would enter,on iegotititions with Mr Trist,
! yielding by; nec.Ssity tit' the demands of the:
American Corn : issioners. •
t do did of Santa Annalist"
kent i at Vera Cruz, where
the elms of his master's
I: nt of the same paper, who
• ' Cruz under date of the 2cl;
< a express had reached that
! Tho express rider 'stated,
fit ofistaning from Puebla,'
• . e 29th, he had beard sharp
hbori k heights, from which,
1 I nued to throw shells int o
:ould no doubt 'he able to
1 tion.' The convoy, undei.
•,s al ady at Perote, and .
4 : nett morning for Puebla.:
t11i0...- irk led f
dt is stated tb
been seen and s
he was prepari
escape from the
writes from Vet
says that a priv
city from Pueb
that at them.
on the night or
firing on the net _
Col. Childs con
the city, and
GOn. Lane, tiv
whuld march th
The abodes
La Patric
another 'thrj,
been one oil
a totileolhe
your health: .
mer mlt
aMt !will cu,
thOir) testimon ,
cc es iftkir
were are
'offoted Ml
- the I
lAura i z.-is mu,
Other Pulum!arY
$O O c o!"="if
yam ago.
kW': aserviel
e ree l imk
1011* MOW
rar7 .
11E subscriber offers 'the rst assert.
, .
!.‘ ok. tent of gennetlun fal , to his ens
totnersihtii he has ever brought iato this
village, - ennsisting as initial of attiring ttiery
thing that is called lbr addition, he has
aMed wood assoitment of VerPenters' &
Irokole,lill -of Which Will be• sold ve
ry cheap for reedy pay. •
Oct. 26, 1847. ' '-BENJ.'SAVRE.
; . •; • t t • • .
tkfill 1 Al WILL be paid in Goads for
v 4. J. " -2E gockA iabes,Jf'bro't
wan' by B. Sayre.
Oct. 26, '47.
L, goof EATHEßaatisortment kept
m- 4 tonstemly , on hand by . B. Sayre.
.Boots 4., ShoEs
ABPENDID assortment for men women
and children. of all sizes
. und descrip
tions _
, by B, Sayre.
AGRE AT variety of Cook Stoves, also
for parlor, shop and school-houses; &c.,
both for burning wood and coal. Persons
wishing to purchase will do well to call and
see his assortment before purchasing els
where.B. Sayre.
• •
MILL and Cross-cut SAWS, by
B. Sayre
PAINTS and Oil—Lamp and Sweet Oil
B. Sayre.
BUFFALO Robes and -Muffs, &e., by
B. Sayre.
CASH paid for beef hides, sheep pelts,
veal skins, &e. 13. Sayre.
'WANTED--Wbeat, Oats & Flax-seed
for which part cash will be paid if
brought soon, by B. Sayre.
P LOW castingeot all descriptions—also,
sleigh shoes, wagon boxes, fire dogs,
large kettles, &c., by B. Sayre.
Cash for Pelts.
1 5 000 PELTS wanted at the
cheap HAT and CAP
Store (one door south of R. Searle & Co's
Store,) for which the highest price will be
paid in cash, by Merrill &Root.
Montrose, Oct. '47.
Dr. B.—Those who want a HAT 'or
CAP will do well to call and examine our
large stock of Fashionable
M. & IL are not only determined to sell
as Cheap, but CHEAPER than any oth
er establishment in this county, or any oth
er county west of New-York. Give us a call
and satisfy yourselves.
Chambers' Miscellany
Edified by ROBERT CHAMBERS. Al tillOr of " Cyclopes
dia of English Litarature."
Via Elegant Illustrative Engravings. Price 25
' Ceuta per No.
DDLD. KENDALL & LINCOLN arehappy to an
nouneee that they have completed - arrangements
with Messrs. Chambers, of Edinburgh, for the re
pahlication, iq semi-monthly numbers, of Casa
antes Miscrt,LANT.
The design Of the Miszcztss T 18 to supply the in
creasing demand for :useful, instructive, and enter
taining reading, and to bring till the aids of litera
to bear on cultivation of the feelings and ander
! 'endings of tl.e peopli—to impress correct views on
important moral and social questions..-suppress eve
ry species of strife and savagery—cheer the lagging
and desponding, by the relation of tales drawn firorn
the imaginations of popular writers—rouse the file
ey, by descriptions of interesting foreign. scenes--
give a zest to every-day occupations - by ballad and
lyrical poetry—in abort, to furnish en unobtrusive
friend and guide, a lively fireside 'companion, as far
as that object can be obtained throngh the instru
mentality of books.
The universally acknowledged merits of the Cy
clopedia of English Literature, by the same author.
connected with its rapid lode, and the unbounded
commendation bestowedby the press, gives the pub
lishers fall confidence in the real value and entire
success of the present work. •
The publication has already commenced, and will
be continued semi-monthly. 14. ach number will form
a complete work, and every third number will be
furnished with a title page and table of contents,
thus forming a beautifully illuorated volume of over
500 pages of useful and entertaining reading, adapt
ed to every class of readers. The whole to be com
pleted in THIRTY srultscas, 'forming TER 'ELEGANT
Prom the M.Y.. Commeteial Advertiser.
We are glad to See an American issue of this pub
lication, and evisetiidly in sto convenient a farm.
It is an admirable compilation' distinguished by the
good Mat^ which has been shown in all the piblies
firma of the Messrs. Chambers.. It unites the useful
and entertaining. We hope its circulation here will
be large enough to4upplant. ;to a good extent, the
namby-pamby and immoral , works which have so
long been too widely-circulated.
Prom the Mercantile Janina!, Boston.
A most valivable work, °mei:that every one should
passess. Mired by -Robert ; Chambers. whose in
dustry and talent and uprightness are well know°.
and must secure for the workbefore us an extensive
circulation. -
From tke New York .Observer.,
A vast treasury of pleasant reading, which we
commend to families. ' •
Fios tke Christian World, Bostosi.
iThis is one of the most charming books that has+
fallen tinder our notice, for a long time. Indeed we.
feel that we must t 4 it it , moist cordial welcome. It
in•Eligland there art y more each works; let's love'
From the jWestfield Sterederd; '
We are prepared d o recommend it wi*V.resere,
to every horer 'tAited and Solid Liter*re.P
• Amiss the Excelsior,'Boston. ,
'Truly useful and entertaining work. No men are
better known than Messrs. Chambers, orgailiburgb ,
for their happy. Mot, of spread liztiasSleOde before
the publw--imd *lids done' 'Me, WM' c hap a We"
nerthat the became, it once'wideiipritad.
The - Boston' publishers deserve the
.thalki 'or all
friends of general edtmaticnt for the inter* tbriYhays
taken ArisaingAlit
inigiV Iworkaixthis sidn or the Atha-
ie. W
te &uit sthetitieoe l ' rewMided by the:
favor of thecititainthitY: ' • ' ' •
Nisi the Palisyra Colorist, N.
Our readers will bear as witness that'll* Ire not
in the habit of 4 , pdthse ipliscrinkinateo the peri
odical and serisipairwatiiiii‘f ilia! day, but so ha
rem& ate we, .fres Leh hodintiona lirfieWtor
sifordadoind frrn the chansetar theeditornod - Pub-
Coshed of ;his Miscellany, that it will pros
lagging and useful wort, and, especial' y Wuable to_
those who are.liessiagAitidesisading habits, Auld to
.patents wboAroaid,heattivatea cowed' toitoti their
this-we. cannot 'refrain from #fus iiead
vainwsialtiag attention to it.
From As Liiertiry Worli, New slink.
The dew* IRaceso;PflillstOssres Oydopedia •
of Xagfna4iteratqa has escounteektbs,olo#4te
to tiotnitionce reting this atasily popaAum
Its aim is mote Inkary aid pmaitimiVaiiii thiCl"
NEW. AlWEltttii-
doPedia. but it ii,cortiPiled With
adapted to the Wants of the people.,
Prow the Piraatical EdueettoK -
of this work, antra:ll - ,
from the first munber; We ire lea to evais: 4
a very valuable **lontatioh. IS will coltalti
eating memoir* and historical sketches, which
be useful , inittictive,and 'entestain' big th
the , influence of chasteliterattir* ever the feel
and the hearty of its readers, and be :a highly •
ble additkin to-public' and 'private libraries.
• NOM the N. Y. Reeorgfei. . 1
The character of the cootents, anti the rept
of its editor, will give it a wide circitlation. Its
signs is,'" in short, to furnish an unobtrusive frii
and guide, a lively 6reaide companion, as far aa
obt can be attained through the instrument
of books."
F'rons the Chroiwtype,•Bostort.
( This is deservedli i ' e a great favorite with the
ing public, suiting t taste of all daises and Ma
ive to all.
Fry hie Moiled States Gazette; Phikrdelp
'The antecedent works conducted. by R.- C
hers, have been received with deserved favor,
'this series promises to be no less useful and po
Prost the N. Y2lllbiteh. ,
This higly useful and instructive, eerie* app.-%
A neat and portable 'form ; three =Ober' of w
have already appeared, and sold at the low, pric
'25 cents each. For young persons . th e
and the rising generation at large, we scarcely
of a publication conveying so much 'knowledge
useful and entertaining nature , at al rice so wi
the reach of almost every pocket.
_ _ _
ra This work can be sent by mid to any_p!
the cott*ry: A ditebt remittance to' he publis,
:of six Dot.tans will pay for the end work: ,
;liberal-discount for advance pity- will !nearly
! the cost of postage on the work. Those
. bile' or More sample number can retnit them acc'
rr" Booksellers and agents supplied on-the
• liberal terms:
["'The ymblisber of any respectihble paper
riodicat oho Mill give this noticefasir insertions,
send 11/J the papers captaining it preview to April
1843, and lei/1 notice the numbers as they appear,
be entitled to the work complete. the numbers
be forwarded per mail unless othnrsrise direete
they are issued from the press. f
Publiithere, Bosto
Oct. 7
, %1%51
THE subscriber haring,disposed of his farm,
sell at public ?endue on the 11th day of
ember next, at his residence 4 mile tanath of Nil
rose, the following property, to wit
1 pair of Horses.-1 yoke of Oxen.
10 Cows-3 two year olds;-7 yearli
6 Calves--50 Sheep-7 Hcigs.
1 Pleasure Carriage-1 buggy wagon
1 Lumber Wagon-1 Falin,gMill.
1 Cart-2 two-horse lumbe Sleighs.
I Pleasure Sleigh-4 Plows--2 Harr.
30 to 40 tons of Hay, and any-'quan
of Straw.
1 Scraper, and a set of sugar-snaking
TERMS or SALz. All sums underislo, cash d.
Over that sum, six. mii.ndis credit, wp . th approve ,
earth - , will be given.
J05H1.7.4 SEAMAN
Bridgewater, Oct. 12, 1347.-7001
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby gi ..n to all pe
concerned in the following Es •s, to wit •
ELKAAAH TINGLEY, lateefi a Townsh -
Haiford, Darius Tinrict Exems
. Charles Ting! y,
UTIS SMITH, late •of the township of
Lake, dec'd. Sarah Smith, 4dministratri
11l LOAD BENNETT, late of 0111 , :fownshipof
burn, decd. Nancy Bennett, 4dministratri
That the accountants have seUledtheir accenn
the Register's Office in and for the county of S
henna, and that the same Will be irresented to
Judges of the Orphan's pour( at Nfontrose, on 11
dirt, thenth day of November , next,for eoutirr
and allowance.
H. FINCH, Regist
Register's Office, Montrose,
October 14, 1847.
WATER FILTERS, patent portable W.AO
CLOSETS, intended for the sic* and INII
MANCFACTURE and keep militantly on to
a large assortment of the above articles
gether with their Patent Improved Seismal
FIRE—PROOF SAFES, which are lio constructe
to set at rest all manner of donlitrts to their b,
strictly fire-proof, and that they Will resist the
of any building. The outside eases of these S
are made of boiler iron, the inside case of soapst
and between the outer case and imier case is a si
of some three inches thick, and is filled in wit]
destructible material, so as to make{ it. an imposs
it y to burn any of the contents inside of this Cl
These Soapstone Salamanders we ire prepared
do challenge the world to produceany article it
shape of Book Safes that' will as much I
and we hold ourselves ready at 1 times to 1
them fairly tested by public bonfi . We also
tinue to inanufiicture a large a ssn ent of our
mitten Air-tight Fireproof gafes.,Of which there are
over 800 now in use, and in every ' stance they , ye
given entirc satisfiwtionto the pore w , ich
'we will refer the public to a firav ~ e ntlemen • ho
have them in use.
Haywood & Snyder, Pottsville ;Iloseph G. ' •w
-ton, Pottsv il le ; ' Mr. William Carr, Doylestown Pa.
N. & G. Taylor, 129 north 3d 11141 A. Writ; .t &
Nephew, Vine st. wharf; Aleffauder Caror; on
veyancer,corner of Filbert and 9th sts.; Job , M.
Ford, 32 north 2d st,; Myers' Baal* 20 north . st.;
James M. Pool, 101 south'4th st.; pr. David Ja • ne,
8 south 3d st.; Matthew T. Mille 2 0 south , st.;
and we could name some biandre, of others, fit
Was necessary. Now we invite th attention . the
public, and particularly those in want of Fire- roof
Ades, to call at our store'beforelpurchasitig Ise
where, and we can satisfy them that they can et a
better and cheaper . article at our ttore than at any^
other establishment in the city. r •
We also manufacture the ordinary Fire ' roc
Chests,-,at very low prices, chea*rithan they cir be
1 E
bought any other store in Philadei hia.
Aug. 24,1847-62y1
S. , 13:. MULFORD
rrAVE now on, hand a b el l
Alawflnif i
A.A. ,GOODS labial they - will Yell as 'Cliedp a
ateirPesg• '
Prints—a large fiSSOent ' fr
0 1-4
to 12 1-2 .- ee' ii.
.' beauifol patterns an - :fa s t ,
Alseo-'‘-elotkirPrinted Xiiiwns, tl
, , a largetssprtnient tGrbOill
' - ;•ivien'eliininnei' wel =- 1 -itill.'
1 . ,f...r.,, .
sotd very eheap.
Woolsey 4',kN l renisefirq)etit 14
4roindiind: ciiiihed Sugar,
ranted pure; for 11211-2 '- is
.:, % ,perillb,J,,, , f..... 11, I , '13:ii:1) • )ofl "‘ '
'Yfillfigii t tliffir Taft* 4041:04111. 1
Bg t e l e r itt; ie. 1 ~ c ur :te g e 0
Best 4 0 • - . . .. '4e. b, 1 5 ?IV' 1.1 ti ‘
Medialiei l lii . per _ .
444 4su.csitarAWariloworgt4SPIC 17.
' • .
ritiviAtiviktillg* *
nig, FALL i S ock , ,
OF I s. just
!!Ir:e . 'rine at . .L. POS le; cOst
looking at. we can will sell Geode
sh realsua they can be found eat of New York
et 'Mart stock of
m assi s_ii tne o. rs and Ve
do • Btri . g vi De am isi
Ju ne
`, •
S liefrin i f
vets n Bleti a n d Oi s , e ft
ors. Boanet y
R band% F. ri viltesi_Gin a ps,: a
ci ol ki ngg , for 111411"; - 1"4 1 i .1
`Edgings,' the' best A i to i' lL in
Glovessmiclifosiery;"=Vii 4 ,
,A large stooc;of
woininz - ocs(
Worked Collars, very pi
(alto Ledies' Muffs
Travelling Bags.. Shawls
A large stock of
As n!at'a stock •
RY as can be fonnd.-
nearly all kinds (roma mill
let. GROCERIES, as u.
cheap. Iron, Spring-stee ,
Shoes. Dye-Stuffs and Dr
Lamp-Oils, good at low
Glasses, the largest lot. in
stock of '
Saddle dr Harness
Carnage Maus, OR Cloth,
And almost everyibing desirabli
We contidMitly believe we can
GOOD Gte•sliti, at low prices.
Have worked a revolution in' th
The genuine can only be found
which are warranted to be good,
satisfaction. Our customers wh
buy again—goal proof of their s
Thankful Mr past favors, we i
call again. ISAAC
Montrose, Oct. 12, 1847. • I
911-1 E subscribers have on han
assorted stock of LEATHt
Sole and' Upper Leather,
Skins; Patnas, Harness
which they are determined to se,
tory to purch&ers.
• ;
A large asortment, of all Boris a'
or quarity o and of 'oar. own
very low.
t Cash paid for Hides and
of produce s taken iu exchange f.
articles. . A
New Milford, Oct. Ist, 1947
• -
The Eight. Wonders o
HALLOO there, Dick—hul
Don't stop me, stranger, I
JOHN GROVES, the gresteit T
to cut me a.coat, for everybody
'says he is the best Tailor. He
Latest Fashions from the City,
to wait until everybody else is ; yini know that w.
man of as good' taste as onybod,
the man to suit me. I have he,
say that he can cut a coat to fit
may be his shape. Do you belie%
everybody. says must be true.
cutting disclaims all foreign aid
tare's' laws, and stands upon its
its. Why; I tell you he is as su
rot** of arithmetic. iVell, then
mendation, I will have him cot
have always had. such carnal be
such proof staring mein the the
crowd, and recommend to all w
taste and wish to be spited,
two doors beloW the Farmer's S
- e v MontrOse, Sept 30.!1347.-68
inter Trade.
°lit! of I
Where may be found a great va oty of
Broadcloths,.Plain and Fan y Kerse tneres,
Satinets, Kentuck Jeans, Tweedsi Ves
tings (a good assort ent,) some
rich figured Satins, Alerinosi,
Detains, Plain, triped
and Plaid Alpacas,
Partuattas, (a. new article •fi
es,) Orlean Plaids, Gringi
For the Fall and •
N OW being opened at the S
1 bil
- the
'hauls, Flannels, (wh
yellow,) i Satchels,
' Oil Cloth,
• r dr.c. &e. bun.
AU of which will be sold a lit
duin can 6 found elsewhere.
sept. 214 1 1847.
cgs 4 91 P Ulla
A large r hssortm_ ent of TEAS.
Te3-Coratisny's—some of whir
than the Diew York retail price
Y'DS Sheetings,'
2 90(0) . quilts, selling
the store of ' -
`; 'NEW 101 1 OF
Just recgived, and sellingeb
AFREqII tOTl—lnchtiling ii
a new article for this mar
ade, cake, pies, &e.,for sale by
ColllllSias .31hickiere$,
ituffi4 &c.
Sept. 11397. . "
" LOCK 'k - JAM
11 4 8 , 111 9MBJEfE'. V I
HE 4st reteiviiritteNe •
delpbut q fivorts of feethi •
are thefe jr r epare4 to doh:
the feney of the Patio* niajo,,die
CUTTING 7 (Ioge otrehortt,lo
giiief-eillisfaetiamil if ?pia loge
1; 1 74104 oPPwtte Dd &..
one door weiterefiesgiek . ,
Ortii+itleA: 4B 4 7 . `." I
E 3
r 5
; , (-111704/11:3111AXNAliA
rtiFitialf Terns of ih' Insti .. 1
''fi '' iii;: n .eiiZ a or ee li a . '' . l", ; lBl t ,', . '
!sot Uaivlrsity, N.,Y. , - ...
'?... ~, . : jr ,!; , A pr i d it s „ i phroit
1 11' 41110 1 4ing , , graihyl
' 'illit:o
-24iiite.- -, ;. • -,...- 1_,.. ,
Lakin Grams 4 * ) &-fm. pisigbor
ieacz: P 8 0 1 . 0 41 1,, y,PgWalvd , -4,'
t ? ra; ii}arveytng; Ge ometry;
_ills --,:-.: 'J.': '4. -, ::-.::'
all i k a F; Xt . - Chil;i:C.':: ;1
- = li . Pitill of.*.i.konLip :
t• , ,
-- ''' - qiiiiiii6e; Aug. 30, 11 'M 1 '
. 1
lbiLltftek tOketirgitil
Tgroboilibei ,- "woold inform I th e
that'lnt will`PaylolowentioSs Ito treks
of Custom Clotho .this ..41460. I 41140
rOr him With limit' puitona-ma* exPeet Pow
work done -inoelion, and well donsl ii ao
pay. : : : A. wau r 8-.
Silver LiketSig- B ' t -41131 "
di ' n
lop. 25 pie
, and PlaidsL
, atm& Cash
, heautifal col-.
ns. Flowers,
id Buttons.--
n and Muslin
'the iourkiy.—
tie)" knit Caps.
• - 1-
THE - subscritienrare now recei -
& Brie-Itail lload a largeaddi nto thsii/teds
of p00D5..,-wii tenders* gra soknowodps.,
rneuts to those who have heretofore out
cardiallYiariteiOtwho are in went • rsai 151Q0D14
Qt lOW prices Mem USA call. -
11 ' . F. B. CHAN LER &CO.
Sept 16, 180: I
- dr - 00 - 103t
Gingliatue, Al acct , PLsi~a , Prinw Dela*
Hd'kfin. But,trinic 1 • 14e04:841k,
Ribln* Sbeitings,piens; Oa
Fringe, Gloves ,; 'Pape,,Eloikles & ' E l y* and
everything atiCis than.,lo per centto be bad at
•- • • C *Ca t s.
Tea, Sugar, Noiasses, Fetus,: • • -
lager, Yutaka:kis, Cloves, COffee„ PoiS
and att;l"u 'ri iii ix .ll . 4 m i:id hen t e r a - 0 r paired Y " 111
notice. a '
•o• • •
• 0 414 & 1!
School Bos4a* a i nb i ti i every . ad.
11, !mk, Soak Toy . ks inal l tiehool
frin Tic ali kets ß r ib 4ranii•Beaks, Ink a Ink, WriVal
, Wrapping Paper, Wafers & Wax, teell
cils, Purse 110 0 ke, steel 'Pens, E 'elopes. Coeds, Black sand, &c., to be forum at 11 1
. 1 • C er &Gies. 1
Nails & Iro4, Butts & 'Screws, (ki p .
lery, Tucks, Ox balls, Glass & sae , &e., a t
• I, - c ar)co,„l
Ih exchange for.. Good s, cannel ,,' 110CIU4 fleeswas,
Grain, 014 Iron, Peisrter,Xopper .& Brass; Bauer,
P l `t*irns.. ,
Lad*Te arpet
f every variety.
•saw to a gimh.
sual, good and
• Nails, Horse
ugs, very cheap.
rice& Looking
town, A large
I - codfish, &c.
~ at loin micas.—
,it all who wish
Tea Trade here.
pt POST'S--all of
mid to give emire
. have tried them
.perMr quality.
vite onr friends to
ALSO—an apprentice co the trade—a lad
of 17 yearn old, of steady habits and good mopil
character, will receive good ento wenn*.
iF. 11.0 ler & Clgg
Sept. 16, 1847. 141. i
. ,
t t
400 Acres 4f: Land --15 D ere. improved.
To be Sold on Monday, N Ist, 1847. . ;
Bl' virtue (its an' order Of the 's Omit ' ;
and for the County Of S.; henna, I shall -
pose to sale bfr-Public Vendue or utery. on the st
Monday of Nov. ueit at; 2 o'cl P. M.• on t ;
premises ) all that, certain ;piece or Parcel of,land
term, late theiEstate of Eranitlin . Avery, Dee sl,
1 ,
'situate in the township of New old in said comi
ty and bounded on the North by ands of Solmmtra
Williams, on the Bast by landsof briel Everts, on
the South by binds of Job Tyler, deo the West by
lands of Jab Tyler and Jared Tyl . Said Farm lies
in a body, contains 400 Reim or reabouti, is well
, watered with livin,, ,, springs, ha's upon it anabitn
' dance of pine: and chestnut timbefor building aid
fencing purpeposes on said farm, ind also &full stip-
ply of - timbeli for fuel and o f purpose*. One
hundred and acres of said are :under a
good state oil cultivation--have erpon 2 goal or
chards, 1 lark!. dweiling house 2 es high and AO
by 40 feet With a wing, 11 large . ,a; 1041 feet
of first rate! cow-barns rior sh and considenabl*
• stone - well. ',Said farm ("net be • 'ded ;dm
heirs, and consequently mast be la to the hig ,
bidder. To ,`any person wishing ; prams such a
. property,. OK tnducements to a the !side are
great , The /foil is good and is s itko for Misdate;
pasturage Mid the plough i'' • ' (
TERMS OP SALE.-450 be paid idown =
$l5O to be paid on the
mfirm y ou of tins sale.--
Time_will be given for resi eof the'nurchase
money, whiuli will be merle Imo ' :at the time of
Adnkinistriflor of the Estate of Jr,
Sept. 6 , 1 8 e.,-65ta ' • t
• 1
gts 'OEM&
a .. large awl well
cousutiOg of
elf Skins, Kip
Leather, and
1 at prices satisfac-
sizes, of superi•
ufaeture, at prices
.king. Most kinds
the almvis named
MOSS cir.; SON.
. 9w5
the Wont
on—whiti's your
m anxioite to g et
LOR intim world,
. neighborhood
.asjust recaived the
:nd I am not going
Red and tome out
I am a
and Groqes is just
rd the moit of folks
any one, Whatever
• it? Yesifor what
A true system of
all Niedatipn of Na
own intrinsic mer
as the 'our first
lafter.yotir recom
put my cloths—for I
luck. but with
I will &with the
1 o care slant good
:i at the ik)r shop
- C. C.i WIIIGHT 4 _ C. R. ~ Elllll7,
HAVING bought the stock . f goods ofWea
-11-_,ver.Brothers de CO., an . lined* large ad- ,
ditions to tbepame, now invit itheir old friends
and customers, and the pub c generally, is
call-. and „examine their s. It is their
intention !to, sell at , priOs loirer than the
same stylel' i nnd quality of a 7 es mini be pur
chased 'at any other establ hment in Sus
quehanna County.
Their - stock embraces a la get assortment,
of " 1 ,
DRY GO_ , OS,:
. II
than has ever before,been o red in ihiame-
U ie
m] of country , ; and 'they ! lieve it will-lie
for the interest .of all wishin in immliase to .
call and eXamine - their Good end Priem
They have also an extensi eassortnientof
Groceries, Crockery, , Hardware,
Dye-4roods, Oils, P 'as, Orz. 1
which. tliey' are determined dell dell CHEAP
ER than any other Store in adorn Pena
l -
sylvania. 1 . - ' '' ,
always oriihand, and of the . ' queftty; . ,
Cooking,,ana P,arl r Stoites,
of the latest and best patte ;*
Tin Ware,, Stove Pipe, k 1 tiSteel, Nees,
and ?Jeers 4- Shoes o ali kinds.
'a ‘ ‘ - ittaN\ A l a I' -
very 'large assortme n t' f SOLE sad
•UPPER LENl'fllt, Calf ins, Il!ataisys,
SheeiY Skins,' Morocco 8 ns, Pink and
White Liiiinvi, and' i a gene , 1 issortinent of
Findings ;, iit, prices which d 'Y
itit! CAS H - Poo for IktilinfSt
Pelts, Wool; Ake.; and ritin, illuttitr, ,
Cheese and all kinds of . p . nal ' lakes -
exchange for Goodait cull Prima': '- :-
*,,,S DO pet fed ; t at" TR c" Jibe Neit :
ford Exchange.': 1 ,
New Blipord, Sept. 7,
.: 7 4 . . . -
r Ladiele dress
urns, Cia hems,
te, red qnd
arpeting o '
cheam fot cash
I , IFT 2 II
panding4he Pekin
will be ld at less
b y l
rillings, and Bed.
-markab y low at
J. Lyons.
'p at ~J.*". Lyon..
mon *,
et, pled tot lemon
/. Lyons.
THE **jot )o'.l!.i,rt amimui.
now fl g rereverel ' . bY Alt
weri*ver iti Nortkern rereee.
, gimes of combining c ei tet,•ceatero......,
end neatircoq will pl give IlireCalklolWll,
prove to tlopither th e ye q•- ,t tie* ere, to tie
with' the ! ea f t l x !,t ib !" & elule ' • '1 ''' ' I ..z. '
Eliiiiitei , :., Air,nght t `4O S_ r
Stanley*); ~,.-;. .do -,-...-• d 1 i
,Congress,,. , -., , 'r , •
~..4- 6 , 1 ;- , - i
di tti
liiiikiio 6 'elEi j :46 2 ' - ' : 0 :,..-': to
Viitoriiii-'i . ;:'-:'''' 44 P:'*...L 0
3ian4 4iimilertk : toves Of:
0 1 : 0 *: -, 00:T/HIli4 fteilrik ....'- = - 11 1 -:::'
Oitit COE S" , -Ili; •!'"!.
l i r
8 -
.4.4 : 0
viii i
Or magash4gila. : , •
Coal, obi 84.pista fiTat •,''' ' • r .l - ,,,• ,~• p1,.. - ,:: .-
5 k
lv * l -, • "; ,l gi * ki r, tt , i ,W
g ' x c i - t o f l i f l 4 i -j R --` :I ru f
. o.'.0 4 :i
i k,l;.r: r
, - r
d: -
6: l * - -
~ - ' i 1;,. '•,..a , c.., ' - it - .r. .
6'r - fork and. Phila.
Is, for 1847 , 43 and
k Alainde ; 64 as
Late. I •
e; and joartanted
t _ala s %V iOn
- 1
40 'wilt Inmei'
" m
0 n*Att
, site* IJ-I-
1 Itudimeuti,tis -
i c ' '. • - . niutii-t4 ,
i:4 4 -4.1-44,,.1..140
~•• ,i, Pos..,
' ,- C..:?.. '.!... :V:00
4iro 4 &
1. . ...... r .i..;f3.10
1'.:••••; : I , • '-i:!';' l 4 . ."- , '
.N. Avery; died.