The people's advocate. (Montrose, Pa.) 1846-1848, July 29, 1847, Image 4

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cosaattui rrUCLT POR - Vnr. PIOPLZ ' S ARVOCATZ
PhiladelibiLlsiala, ,c
Man & ideobardi par
- par
'Peodloanagup,kank Per
:11aadi mites . 25 dui
do. Par
Peuntyrii ai). Pit
Chester co at W
Montgomery co par ,
'.-- Farmers' b'k Backs co per
Fumes' bk p.r
Northamptonno sale
, Lackcaster bank tier
Fak bk Lancaster par
Lebanon 1 dill
liarrisbnrg ' 1 dia
Middletown 1 dia
Carisle 1 dill
-CSlambi& bridge par
.Nortitaraberbuxi par
Mears' bk rtsville ipar
Wy'g bit WilitesiVe 1 dis
Pitta demand iota) glls
‘1! certificates •.1 die
notes' .1 dis
To no Sale
York • • 1 dis
Cletlyab - 1 dis
Cisamburg 1 dis
Wayneideg 2 dill
Brownsville 14 dis
Erie 2 ' dis
Berks co bank no sa k e
Honesdale 1'
Bk finwfa co ais
Lewiatown 1. dis
tom bit Warren no )isle
West Branch bk 14 dis
Dinner Script. I 11:1300 dis
Lehigh co bk 3lldis
Lehigh Nav Script 10 dis
4th May issue ' 14 diis
N Y City bank
Clintonbk N Y 39 dis
Globe bank fraud
North River bk'g co do
City Trust & Ek'g el do
Wool Growers! bk dis
White Plains bit Ldie
Lewis co bk dis
Far. & Dro bk Buff 5 dis
Mrllere bk of Clyde 15 dis
Farbk of Seneca co 4 dis
Com bk of N York 2 dis
lAfayetto bank dis
N Y Bk'g corn 60 dis
Dry Dock bank - 1 dis
N Am Trust co 2 dis
Bank of Buffalo 55 die
Bank of Bmckpo t t
Hamilton bk 33 t.
Coto bk-Buffalo 53 die
All solvent banks dal dis
Country banks 44 dis
Except . bk of Colum-h
bit, Green co.
son,Middle disteni,!
Platrinarg, Niagara,
Wash and Warren,
Wash Man Co.
'Wayne co bank
Men and Planters'
• Del Co bank fraud
Ex bk Polteepsie do
Pottsdam Manuf Co do
Red Backs jal die
Mechanics' and Mannfisc
niters' bit Trenton par
Princeton bank par
Plainfield bank 37 dis
State bk at Camden par
Cumberland bank par
Mount Holly, par
Salem Bk'g co par
Monmouth bank no sale
N Hope Del Bridge I dis
Trenton Bk'g on old par
All other banks par
Far & Mech bank of
•4 Brunswick no sale
Hob Bk'g & Geo btoke
Washington Bk'g Co • do
Franklin bank do
Jersey City Bank do
Motuncnith do
N, J Manuf Co . do
Protec and Lombard do
State bk at Trenton - do
Bank of N Brunswick do
Mech hi Patterson do
N. has made arrangements with the NEW
YORN_PEION TEA COMPANY for the sale of
'TEAS in Binghamton, and can furnish his customers,
and the trade, with Teas at the same prices that the
Company charge for them in New York, which is,
at least, ftomlone to two stains cheaper on each
paned than the Grocers sell at. And in every case
where these Teas do not give satisfaction the money
will be paid back for them.
- Catalogue of Teas.
Young 'Hying; good,
do. • do. sweet cargo,
dn. fine cargo, 75
do. do. silver leaf, 100
Silver /44--aeldcrei sold even by large dealers, be
cause of the small profits made on itisale—is a
very superior Tes.
do. do: golden chop, 1 50•
Golden C/a:y—This is the finest Green Tea cultiva
ted in China. It is of the first pickings, and ex
cels all other Green Teas for the deliokcy of its
flavor, strength and arona. - Heretofore! this Tea
• has never reached this country except
lots to snit the purchaser.
flyson, fine, ' '
do. very fine,
Gunpowder, fine,
do: extra fine,
ski Writ fine.''
Hymn-Skin. good,
, ' BLACK .
Piing Yong, strong and good flavor,
Ning Yoarr—The grocers !argils at
111 t Ooluitts.
Oolong,arialacroas Black Tee, I.
Compare this superior Tea with that sold ' grocers,
dig +
as bang an Oolong
. Tea. The • ism°
°9lplain the Amara=
* too palpable.
°llll p s i
rt= • 75
li t'. • • de. extra V firm, ' . 63
liowqua's Mixture, a rich and highly Severed
Pekin Flower, •. ' • . 100
do: scented, I" 50
'NeFut Ultra, 150
Ne tss Ultra—This Tea is as fragrant - nd sweet
aa,a nosegay. ./t yields &perfume that trulyde
/*Wel. It is,of Garen growth, and tenor to
say thing Of ihniund ever sold in this try.
GP The aline catak!gue does not prise all
the varieties madOned in my assortnien 1 have
every variety imported, and every shade quid*,
axis in =gait , the riaost-futidirius pure . The
a bove Teas are all done up in Chinese , in
quantitiiirof * lb., 4 lb., and 1 lb. each.
, Recoreitradatient. I
- We Bateeilitild the Was inputted by ;
Tei CeentieWA/6 Old 77 Fait= street,
live will try *OW Olken. They are I'. I
delimit., Teas- are ever drank, and
wham". 011 . 1 1, 4 1'.10 61 "E Pest.
lon nig Itte Of. obiaieing at, all .!
tee.bY the ales
vrintleneko pripmviAimadad Tea
7? Fulton at. , rosy Wee itobably the *$
aid greatest vetttiuty. l , , of, • fine Green and B
of any . tele entientin United e
at ebituileno, eattirslcFrx,
*l et it Imo ham 7 0 1 0 11511114 ."
patatele, to cobtakituid Green sink She* ;
,uotilelleene soly'• visit the
- Pee:brio' Coopsay, 75vadrif
esjaiisinsaidira teas aa yos amid
— Pat thli•JO
.411.0441.. te/Witilkiektra....Tbo robe'
Under $5B - dis
All solvent Nags din
• MAME.'
Calais bankloa—
kgrictdtaral bank do
City bk Portland db
Damariseotta do
Pdanwntiletk - do
Stillwater Canal bkdo
Bangor Cora bk do
Westbrook bk do
Citizens' bk do
Globe bk do
Washington co • do
Frankford bk . do
All solvent banks dis
Bank of St Albans dis
Bii of 'Bennington dis
Alt solvent banks dis
All solvent banks I} dis
All solvent banks dis
Baltimore banks 4 dis
Pamlico bk * du
Mining batik 1 dia
Fredericktown dis
Hagerstown dia
Far & &Idlers' bk H r
gerstown broke
Westminster , •I dis
Wliliamsport f dis
Cumberland 1 dis
Salisbury broke
Franklin bank dia
Susquehannah broke
Millington broke
Frederick co bk Idle
Broken Mu various prices
Baltimore & Ohio Re
lief notes 10 ills
Bank of Delaware par .
Wirn & Branyw'ne par
Farmers' bk Del par
Union bank • par
Bank of Smyrna per
Under *52 dis
Washington City dis
Georgetown dis
Far & Mechanics' f dis
Alexandria dis
Bk of -Alexandria broke
Mechanics' bk broke
Franklin bank no sale
Merchants bank do
Ss bk & branches dis
Bk of Va & bra'chs 1} dis
Far blt & blebs 11 dis
Valley bk. & b'eh 1 dis
[Ur Wheeling lali dis
Wheeling p notes dis
All solvent banks. 2 dis
Small notes 24 dis
w All solvent banks . 4 dis
5 Small notes i dis
P Bk of St Maryill
Ocmulgee -
Monroe R
Phcenix bank
Exchan'e bank
Chat It bank
CeVr#bkof Mill
Get B'kg co
Amster B'kg co
solvent banks
All solvent banks 5a6 dis
.mall notes 8 dis
2 die
Solvent bk notes
Bank of Illinois 70 dis
State bank 50 dis
2 dis
Small notes 3a34 die
All solvent banks
All solvent banks 4a3 dis
1 All solvent banks lie. dis
Southern Life Bz:Trans
, pormtion Co.
$0 37
in small
cu. zi
- Pekin
if we
the matt
I them at
, 1111
- -d, ink
eaa. But
of the
10 Obtain
lab for.
Pann 75 and 77 Fulton rt. have im•W late this
market so m e ose hmdred4hamend dollonirth
ofithelneit grades Green' and Black Tea. rows
inlbeigekninallanidre, distiOLP to alLthe *molts
faney4seliagea thatiPhinens ingsninity , can invent:
las San to buy Tens it this grill esiabbah:g
ment,iand a luxury and ecinfort to drink them.—
nel n bea gliOd teas totl*. ttlfrVrettiil theliat
Sale Ws; `Country me nts tsi
to good_ can 400iNIS Ahem at this
place; . oa. , ;
ar Tito above TitAltare . ior ale by
Bole atient for Broome. County.
Bingiminton, may 11, 1.41174
lAA of Popular Medicines,
WIIO' keeps constantly on hand a fall sailors-
S of genuine DRUGS & MEDICINES,
of WW I will be sold CHEAP AS THE CHEAP
EST. •
Sank Sarsaparilla $lO O
4 , . salt theism remedyl 00
Roman . eye balsam 25
Indian 4 Panacea 200
Mciumat's elix of opi
um • 25,
Phittney's Pills 25 &37
Mcdfat's life pills ps a 50
dO Phoinis bitteps ,1 00 _ _
Sherman's med. lot's 25 Brandrcth'spills 25
do fever 'a ague do, 1, 00 Post's poorman's pills 12
do dinner losenges 150 Bedean's plasters •25
do poor man's plas'r 12 Libby's bitters 75
do Olosaonian 1 00 Nerve & bone rhea
Jayne's Expectorant 1 00 - matte liniment 50&1 00
do hair tome 1 00 Wilkinson's tamale
do tonic verminge 50 wound salve 97
do carmiruitive bale., 50 Thompsdn's eye water2s
'do sanative pills . 25 Hill'sUlaim of honey 12
Ndley's , pain extras- Cepaslia snu ff . 25
for 50 & 1 00 Hungarian balsam of
Hay's liniment for,
;life . 1 00
piles 100 McAlister's .
Washington elix. for ~_ mg ointment 25&50
dysentery, &c. 100 do hair oil 50
Cooper's corn salve 25 do toilet oil 50
Mars's cern salve 25 Segur's restorative 0145
Gridley's hilt rheum - Larbor'sex.lungwortl 00
ointment 25 Clove anodyne, cure
Rush's infallible pills 12 t for toothache :25
' Phelphetortiato pills 05 slimes syrup - 50
do restorative bitters Dr. Ford's pectorial t
Miles' tomato pills 50_ syrup' _ 75
FahnestoCk's verm'ge 25 o tonic cordial 37
Cheeseraina's Arabian do universal pills 25
balsam -50& 1 00 Hooper's female pills 12
Alebasi's black salve 50 Anderson's Scots pilli 12
do cough syrup 50 Godfrey's cordial 12
do pile pills 25 Bateman's pectoral
do cathartic pills 25 , drops 12
do plasters , 12 Thrlington's balsam
do feveraague syrup 50 of life 12
Window's balsam of Pacific oil 25 & 50
hoarhound 50 Eddy's rheumatic
Taylor's' balsam of tincture 50
Liverwort $1 a 1 50 Beautifying soap 50
Mother's relief 2 00,ffeeler's invisible ink 25
Fosgate's anodyne ;Conners pain extract's 25
cordial • 31. United States pills 50
Wister's balsam of L AVaterman's rheumat- •
wild cherry 1 001, is plaster 25
Resurrection or Per- lehapman's summer
sian pills 50 a 1 00i. cordial 10 &37
Jew David's or He- Brinkerhoff a restore
brew plaster 50 1 tine 1 00
Egyptian balm 50 1 0podeldoc, hard and
Fish's lily syrup 100 liquid
lAragleys panacea 1 50 lEdward's salt rheum
Dutch pills or lion of -, 1 ointment 1 50
the days 37:Medicated coughcaruly„,6
Bishop's iinti-bilious IWhite's salve 12
pills 1 . 50 1 Galatine capsules 25 a5O
Hitchcock's-balm of IVeg. pulmcm'y balsam 50
• health ' 1 001 - Brown's strengthen
worm tea ' 1 251ing plaster 37
do catarrh snuff 251Atercocra cankei drops 18
do niagneticodontica 501 do jaundice bitters 37 '
do hair regenerator 371 do spinal elixir 37
Parker's pulmonary Linn'stemplifebitersl 001
balm 1 00 do. Chiles° blood pills2s l
Le Baum de Ninon, Indian hair dye •50
or french balm of Webster's sarsaparilla 75
do :bilious pills 25
Oneida tincture 25
Gargling oil 50 &'l 00
Merchant's saraa'plal 00
Es. buchn & cubebs 1 50
Pyrian hair die 50
Dr. Hibbarda anti
bilious pills 12 a 50
Christie t i Galvanic Hunt's Rhea, liniment 25
Rings 37 a 1 50 Peerrs vertnifuge,ce
do bands • 150 dead shot; , 25
do plasters 75 Clickiner'ssugarcoat
t do magnetic fluid 100 edjoills 25
Austin's magical lini- Southern balm, for
meat - 25 &50 coughs, &c. 100
Brisk pills 25 Shecues pills 12
Root's rules:me oint. .50 Sc.:Ores acoustic oil 1 00
Parr's life pills - 25 M'Nair's acoustic oil 1 00
Upham'S elect:nary, Salts of lemon 18
for cute of piles 100 Henrick's strengthen
Moor's sass. of Life 40 ing plaster • 25
Bristol's sarsaparilla 1 00 Ilemsley's worm des-
Scndcler's accrusticoill 00 troying syrup 25
Coofer's etherial oil 1 50 Whittemore's Ameri-
Gridley's salt rheum can plaster 25
ointment 1 50 do vegetable syrup 50
German eye ointment 25 M'Callam's remedy 1 00
American eye salve 25 do 'lnd. veg.panscral 00
Italian chenhel soap 1 00. Wood's rersaparilla a :
Coral hair; restore- ' wild cherry hitters 1 00
tire ;37, 50 & 1 00 Tnasey's =vet*
Amber tooth paste 25 ointment es
Spanish lily white . 37 Oriental pills or soy-
Mooriak hair dye : 50 ereign balm 25
Erosive soap - 25 Vaughn's veg. lithon-
Henrick's sugar coat- triptic-mixtusa $1.4 00
ed pills. 25 Bauntng's body lices4lo ,
do tonic bitters ,' 25 Sand's iodide of sir
do sciatic Liniment 25 atiparnla 1 00
Brant's Indian medi- ~ Davis' painkiller2o37&sol
icine ; T 00
With many others not ennumetated. The subscri-1
her is Agent for most of the above medicines, and
was:ass-re esery article genuine. •
Binghamton, Jan..lB, 1847. 50Y1:
beauty 50
Smp's Indian plaster 25J
Sh's Hagar coated
Barthathmew's pink
J sick headache
remedy i 50
1 00-
1 00
1 00
rrHIS HOTEL Inuring changed Tenants, has'
.. been thorou gh ' repourwr and refitted, and
now OPENED for accoMmodationcd the pnblic.
The Proprietor p hiniself that the wants and
comfort of his ' shall be u well-provided for,
and attended to, is 17 railed, at this Hotel, mat
anyther in the county.
MP Two daily "lines of Stages from the wok
(tnnrning and evening, ,) *top at Ws Homo, (near the
Cluniango i lleaand one s daily leaves fie thi east,
(Sundays' )j limning in connection with '
New York & rie Radroad..-- . Alan,. daily stages for
Utica and Montrose,' and triweekly or CooPeti.
town, Fort Plain, Cardind, Mad ammo&
did: - -- .- E. ILA. YNSFORD.
fiIIiGH*MTON,: 'T.--Mity - 17, 184 t. 51y1
DRY I t DS, /cc.
Mi. pm-
4 . %
!ifFFEEA` s NEW, ':O14 VERY CHEAP lot fit
Spring- and,Buißmei Goods .
At joicaithatosasot. :1010t., KIPPPIsios
ina see them. *
montroee v may 27, 447.
CASH Pa kiisliPiis*beit 11444 1,1
• •
1.2 1-2 •
boaje °.?,irraia , gm ß la . 8A "7
11/41624;pricepticAYol ifoilir 64 Ei n V
TOVEll—vikew Sapp Us oiitei;od'lttito 1144 1
NiTioood Ountens4l#- E.134.E1. 1 1
S ALT-1 1 1/IAI ouPPIY.iot received by- t ,
, elosad
sia Con
i • - r e r
- d.:4 rixeMsg a bsusarlso lot of
Goods, •
Crockery & Hardware,
BOoks & Stationery,
.Groceries, Dye-stuffs, •
Nails, Fish, &c. &c.
Than* to friends for pail favors, be beeps by
selling cheap to receive a hrial sh of their pu
nier. tr Recollect, for CASH mast, bet not
to be undersold.
Montrose, May 13, 1847.
NV - ANTED, Geese Feathers, Butter,Bags, Beer
wax, Br.e. &a. J. LYONS.
May 13, 1847.
Gregciry's . pills ' 37
Fick . auger coated
, 25
Balm ofColmnbia 50.75
Hitchcock', anti-bilp
pill 25
C verts balm of life 1 50
Michael' freckle wash 50
_ 's NU • 25
LARGE Fam il y Bibles for 10s ; also common and
pocket Bibles, Testaments, Geographies and
'Amer, ~krithroetics, Gramtnars, Philosophical and
Chemical' Books ; Cobb's, Saunders', and l'own's
Spelling Book; Porter's Readers. A good Assort
ment of Toy Books and Tickets. Also, the new
Hymn Books for the Presbyterian, and Baptist socie
ties. Methodist Hymn Books; Blank Books &c. &c.
for sale by J. Lyons.
May 1.3, 1C47:
PATENT Pails, Brooms, Clothes Pins, Butter
Stamps . and Ladles, by J. Lyon's.
Ma 113.
HE subscribers are now receiving their
1 stock of
To which they invite attention. Most kinds
ofprodtice rec'd in exchange. They wish
it distinctly understood that they are not
anxious to sell goods 'except for PAY
DOWN. Mills & Sherman.
Montrose May 18, 1847.
RE •receiving their stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
Consisting in part of
Cloths, Cassimers, -. Velvet and Mar
sidles iVestings, J 4 inens, Bled. and un
bleached, Tweeds, Oregon and York Mix
tures, Stripes and Plaid, Woolen Substi
tute, &c. &c.
Plain and figur'd Delaines, Lawns, Jac
onets, Gingbams, Gingham Lawns, Faib
ionable Dress Silks.
A beautflul assortment from Eis to $5,00.
Parasols, Silk & Cotton, from 2s. $2,50
F ans, rich styles. Oil Silk, Worsted,
Linen Ildk'fs, silk floss. Silk Lace, Linen
Edgings, best soh in town. Brussels Lace,
Buttons, Fringes, Bobbilits, figured Muslin.,
Hosiery and Gloves of all descriptions.
B 9 nets, tabs, flowers; Ribbons, Skirts, a
new irticie. Pat. Leather Slips, Buskins, &c.
Nlevery, kind, Crockery, Hardware, Iron,
s, Steel Mill Saws, Log Chains, Tin
Ware, Fish, and Pork.
(Bought before the advance,) Saddle
and Harness Ware, Matte, India Rubber
Cloths, Floor Oil Cloths, Damask Car
riage -trimmings, Drugs, a small ass't of
staple articles cheap, German Cologne,—
Looking Glasses, a good variety.
We flatter ourselves the stock we offer
this Spring to our friends, is equal to any
we have heretofore offered, in quantity, qual
ity, and cheapness.
With our thanks for favors heretofore, we
tender our invitations "to call and see us."
Montrose May 17, 1847.
2 4,11%
rl B. CHANDLER & CO. are now re
l.'. calving a large and well selected addi
tion to their stock of Goods, to which they
would invite the attention of pbrchasers.
Their stock is now quite large, and they
are "determined that for Cash, Barter, or on
approved credit, they will sell at least -as
low as any establishment in the county.
Montrose May 17, 1847.
AMERICAN, French: and English Cloths
and Cassimeres, Satins and fancy 'Vest
ings for sale by Chandler & Co.
CLOVERSEED of the large kind; for sale by
kftintrosedllay 27, 1'247. Chandler &Co.
PRINTS, a good assortment, American
and English. Veay cheap.
Chandler & Co.
SIIMMER Stuffs. 'tweeds Drills, Bro
Linen &c. C. & Co.
n IN GRAM 8, Lawns, DeLanes, and other
Ajf Dmis Goods C. & Co.
O HEETINGS, Bro. aad Bleached. A
variety at Chandler & Co's.
T EGHORN and Straw Bonnets, plaio
1 4 1 and fancy braid. - Ribbons, 'Flowers,
&e. Chandler & Co.
Spa Axes , warnusted, for sale cheap , bY
box or single, by F. B. Chandler & Co.
20th, 1847. : •
GROCERIES, agood stock. Among the
rest the ha; and chcaput 'Tea and To
baccoin town. . Chandler & Co.
PARASOLS and Shades at
Chandler & Co.
TIARDWARE, Iron, Nail dr.c. at
Chandler & Co.
A f or no Apprentice to the Tin business. A
had 16 Or 17 year, old; of good moral china
ter, ha_will try to make old
and nen
net get nP tort/ in the leernin)lir 741 and good amour
"ll' P. B. Chandler & Co'a:
mon inse . , May 12.1817.
S= 20114-1841 4, by
b , ,A,111120114 - 1847: Mood* ek Co.
. •
Quell u cubutru, : toi. L•ino Mao* Alps_cas,
dp•-‘ • grafq •••V•Palt maivisfiff i
Feb. 3, kir.,
11110 148111011 101 1847.
COWN -7-4 inches high, .446 yeoman, bell at
at Ada, 1.16 front and rear, f corvel Ter f
oval, Sat. inches wide, front mid roar,
and 1 9-16 at aides. Bmniss—i of an inch wide.
The stoma new style, introdneedin New Yorkon
Saturday, March 6th, by Beebe & Costar, are now
ready and for sale by
Npra 8. , • MERRILL & ROOT.
00T8 & 8110118,• coarse arid of elm=
every (polity and pride, II
10,000 Bushels Oats, 1000 bushels Bye ' 100
bushels Timothy seeol, and 300 Firkins Bair' , But;
tor, for which the highest market price will be paid
bY Mills & Sherman.
June 3, 1847.
AT the ARCADE, fire Inmdred weight of OLD
INDIA RUBBER, for which the highest price
will be !mid. J. ETHRIDOE.
June 3, 1847.
Wool ! Trod !
20,000 it
WOOL wanted at the Stare
.1. LYONS.
Jane 1.
PtER !—Good WRITING PAPER at 111
~ and LETTER PAPER for 10 eta. per
Quire, for sale by - J. LYONS- .
June 1.
OFzevarvere,ticgterns'y j ust received,
June 1, 1847 .
WAYNE Co. Ploughs and Points for sale by
April 21. Mills & Sherman
ASTINGS, &c. &c. by E. SAYRE.
may 27, 1847.
BONNETS.—A choice selection —beantifol styles
—Linen Edges. Bestassortment in town at '
IN connexion with the following certificate
were handed to us the testimonials of
several highly respectable ladies, who have
used the Domestic Hori?.ontal Spinning
Wheel, and who concur in saying substan
tially, that they can spin with it seven or
eight run, (or about four day's work) per
diem, with as much ease as they can per
form an ordinary day's work with a com
mon wheel. The inference is irresistable;
that it will hereafter be more profitable for
the farmer who manufactures his wool, with
this machine to have in his employ at the
same cost for labor, one girl, than four girls
with the common stand-and-spin wheels :
[Peoples Advocate.
The undersigned, citizens of Montrose,
have witnessed with much satisfaction the
operation of a novel machine denominated
the " Domestic Horizontal Spinning-wheel,"
lately invented by Hiram F. Wheeler of
Springville, in this county. It appears to
us to:be a valuable improvement, in view of
the ease with which , it is used and the ra
pidity with which it executes. 'We doubt
not that our Farmers generally, with all
who " toil fuld spin" will approve it too.
Montrose, Susq'a co. Pa.
Col. Franklin Lusk,•
Hon. Wm. Jessup, I L,
Gen. D. D. Warner,
Joseph Williams,
Thos. Johnson,
lion. M. C. Tyler,
S. S. Mulford,
Henry J. Webb, P. M.
J. B. Salisbury,
Walter Follet t Treasurer.
J. W. Myers,
• E. Patrick, Jr., M. D.
Daniel Searle,
Wm. J. Mulford,
J. Lyons,
Wm. J. Turrell,
Isaac L. Post,,
Geo. V. Bentley, .
Wtn. L. Post,
Rev. John Long.
I? Rights will be sold on the most rex!.
onable tests to those who wish to make the
wheels, or- purchase, Territory to sell again
in any of the United States (except 011io.)
Those wishing to engage in a business both
pleasant and profitable will please call on
the subscribers in Springville, Susquehanna
county, Pa.
H. F. WHEELER, Patentee,
J. SMITH, Jr., Agent.
Springville, April 8, 1847.
THE subscriber wishes to. inform his
friends and former customers that be is
prepared to card Wool with despatch and
in the best style. will also take good
clean Wool in the fleece and deliver it in
good sound Yarn nt froth 8 to 10 cents per
run. Those having to hire their spinning
done, would find this to their advantage,
and save themselves the trouble of preparing
their own wool.
Wool will be taken to 'manufactdre into
Broadcloth, Flannel, Blankets, and shawls,
to suit customers.
Two hundred pounds of beech-nut Lard
will be taken in exchange for work.
N. B.—lt is expected that payment will
be made in all cases when the work is de
livered, either in cash or saleable produce.
Silver Lake, May 14%,18476
111 1 10411%
1 4 T the Shop of JOHN JGROYES, Tailor, two
XL doors below the Farmer's Store, the New York
Orbit and Summer Fabius/ for 180 ; and John
himself may along be foami there, reedy to a sess .
araa i i , pawnssa y kind of a snit the 7 nisy
choose to wear. It is a seltevicitmt fact that m en
must hive.elotbes, and the itubacriber flatters him
self that be can snit the taeWor every one who may
favor him with their ciiitent:'
Caning done on abort notice, and so marked, that
„ the wayfaring man thOugh.a fool may not err" in
making it u. ! ,
literebuitable produce mad cash ir7l beta.
ken for work.
JOHN ogova Taw.
Montrose, May 6, 1847. '-^1 esa
- •
nom PUbliiherfs of die People's Advocate, hay-
J. big the nee td an entirely new and modern a.
soennent of JOB TYPE, are now prepared to execute,
in a neat and satisfactory style, all rtinUof
at priors to suit.the times.
Printed on short notice, and in the best style of the
Art. _
Ear A. share of the People's patronage is respaCt
fully solicited.
Raj 9, 1846.
THE subscriber having withdrawn for the pres
ent from all connection with, the tailoring basi
l:less except cutting, will hereafter give his attention
to that particular branch exclusively. From a long
and succeesful experience, with recent improvements,
and a reirolar receipt of thi latest fashions, he has
entire confidence in his ability to please all who
may employ hint. To prevent-misapprehension he
would further state, that having worked lieretofore
for the sake of working, be intends in future to work
for the sake of the par, (except where charity may
dictate otherwise.) Those therefore who are able
to pay but always withhold, will please also with
hold their custom.
Shop ther the Hat Store, first building north of
the Stage house. . P. LIKES.
Montrose, May 5, 1847. 47m3
Wool ,Carding .1
HE subscriber having fitted up his torhinety
with the addition of NEW CARDS and other
fixings, is now ready to serve his old customers and
the public generally, at the following-prices, viz
On the delivery of the rolls, 3 Mi. cash '
4:s. blir
ter on every 9 lb. of wool—if charged . 5
'Brooklyn, June 1, 1847. 51w4
We have been informed by Mrs Mahan, (a grand
daughter of old Gen. Wayne) that she suffered sev
eral years from the growth of a large Goitrous Tu
mor, which besides great deformity, produced both a
difficulty of deglutition, and,,of breathing. Indeed,
she gays, the pressure upon the wind-pipe was-so
great, as to prevent her from sleeping in a recum
bent position, and often suffocation appeared ineli
gible. She also labored under severe indisposition
from LIVER COMPLAINT and, JAUNDICE, With a horii
ble train of nervous affection, for which she used
Dr. JAYNE'S ALTERATIVE, which She took- regularly
for six or: seven weeks, vvith occasional doses of his
Sanative and her general health was thereby
completely re-established, and now perceiving some
diminution in the size of the Goitrous Tumor, she
was encouraged' to persevere in she use of the At
szastivs, until every vestige of the painful Tumor
was removed.
We cannot speak too highly of this important pre
paration of Dr. Jayne, and for the sake of suffering
lounanity,'hope that it may become more generally
known.—Public Ledger.
To remove those troublesome and dangerous in.
habitants of the stomach and bowels, which so often
impair the health and destroy the lives of children,
use Jsr sz's Thaw VERMIPIIGE, a certain and safe
preparation for the. removal of the various kitlids of
worms, dyspepsia, sour stomach, want of appetite,
infantile fever and ague, and debility of the stomach
and bowels and organs of digestion. It is without
sot p
elm tion one of the most valuable preparations in
th vorld.
'reparefl only by Dr. D. Jaime, Philadelphia, and
sold on agency by :S. Mitchel & Co., Druggiats,
mon sense, that the natural vegetable prodocUons
of every'country are, if properly applied, amply suf
ficient for the cure of every malady incident to each
peculiar climate.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
of the North American College of Health, are com
posed of plants which grow spontaneously on our
own soil, and are therefore better adapted to our
constitutions than medicines concocted from foreign
drugs, however well they maybe compounded; and
as they are founded.upon the principle that the hu
man body is in truth
Subject to but one Disease,,
viz: corrupt humors, and that , said medicine cures
this disease on
Natural Principles
by cleansing and purifying the body; it will be man
ifest, that if the constitution be, not entirely "exhaust
ed—a.perseverance in their use, according to-direc
tions, is absolutely certain to drive disease of every
name front thelocdy. '
When we wish to restore a swamp or morass to
fertility, we drain it of the superabundant waters
in like manner if we wish to restore the body to
health, We must cleanse it of impurity.•
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pins
will be found one of the best, if not the very beet
medicine in the world for carrying out this
Grand purifying principle,
because they expel from the body all corrupt and
impure Immo* the cause of disease, in an easy and
natural manner; and while they every day •
Give ease and pleasure,
disease of every name is rapidly driven from the
The following highly respectable storekeepers
hive been duly appointed agents for the Bald of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills in Snsqueluuma
county :
Mills & Sberman, Montrose.
Ira Seotti Springville. •
L. 1-1. Woodruff, Dimock Corners.
Edwin Tiffany, Brooklyn.
A. Greenwood, Harford.
Jos. Dußois, Great Bend. •
R. L. Sutphin & Co. Summersville
H. Burritt; NeW Milford.
N. E. Kennedy, Gibson Centre.
Smiley & Curtis, East Gibson.
Webs & Co., Dandaff
Tarbox* Burrows, Rtishville.
James Comfort, Harmony.
U. Burrows &Co. Gibllon.
I. G.. Pride, Harford.
Chtnies L Brown, Friendwille.
BZWAilleOlt COUNTER/ITM V.-. The pub lic arnean.
tioned against the many sptirlogs medicines which
in order to deceive, are called by names similar to
Wright's Indian Vegetabls Pips.
The only original and genuine Indian Vegetable
Pills ha'e the signature of Wm Wright written with•
a pen on the top label of sac 4 box. Nque`other is
genuine.; and to counterfeit thh; is forggry.
lalr Offices devoted exclusively to* the sale of
Wright''i Indian Vegetable Pills; of the . North Amer.
m en C o ll e g e of Health, No. 2842 i t i seiWicli New
York; 140. 198 Tremont st. Mul-principal
'office, No. 169 Race st. Philadelphia. -,
To isecivr.-4arrz's Ezirecro r may,,.is without
exception the moat valuable prepamnon use,_ for
the above diseases. It cone rta Hooping,. Cough
into ti mild and tractable &yam!, and shorten' us
daratton i more than one hag 04 produces certain
and speedy recovery. - From • to one ,tea spoors
&01,01 Ortairily cure Croup • Infaits and young
m half an hone, ti •• • The lives of han
drail of Andrea will be say • • sumallyvby always
ng on hand wady for • • lanatgeney•
r Dr; JAYia, No. 8 South tHIRD' Wise% ii
to gilleatneethattiallsetirearrvaßsusin
01 0 14 Dehlos,;Oramitsiii thipbgl . !aWs,Chol ,
era Mos,llturrnereom*t,andether de=
welds tit he Stoma awl peels, in ninety
cases swi of . hundred, and in less than'half the
time than. can. be effected by any other ~. . •
It is extremely &Gnat ' and children .
_. . fin a l
of It. kis oquallyAir effeetivofor sdulb salfie' del.
drem . amiltthen the directions are: follow, Ind a.
cure MI not eficted, the nwiney will be c Y
returned. ' Price 2.5 t he
50 cts. s bottle. ,'
The following addition 4 testimony in f4r of Dr.
JATNH'S MEHICINZI lialli recently been lreceived
from a physician of high standing ut, Lauderdale Co,
Mac, tinder date of Augnst 9, UM.
" Dr. D. Jayne—Dar Bir—l am intilately ec
iptainted with some of 7pur preparation, and can
wifely . recommend tbetm Your. Expectriyant and
Carminative Bitham I have used extensive my •
I own practice , and I 'state *hesitatingly . I have
used no article, or combination of , that
I have bette r an swere d the purpose -for wh i c h they
' were Prepared than the above, &c. -i' • , '
W. W. JOHNSON, M. 1.,
Laudimlale Co. Jilin."
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne,Philadelphia, and
*old on agency bYlii• Michel ar4o., Druulata, Non
truce, where may be had'the ASINIHCAN t IiIR Dre,
warranted to change the hair to in beau ' Auburn
or perfectly Jet Black, without ambling or ' irritating
the akin.,
Lambertville, N. J., April 2 1 1847.
Dr. Jayne—Dear Sit- 7 -By the Mesabof God,
your EXPECTORANT has erected a cure in e a the
most distressing complaint. In Dece l as t, I
was seized with great severity by a 'yam of
ASTHMA; a disease with which- I been af
flicted for many years past. It was atte ' ed with
a hcalreess and soreness of the lungs d thr ea t,
together with a laborious cough, and c oin late pros
tration of strength, and worn oat with suffocation, •
-when a bottle of your Ekpectorant was *ought to
my house. At lint I thought it was n thing but
1 quackery, but seeing it was so highly rec mmended
by Dr. Going, with whom I was well ac minted, 1
was induced to try it, and in a few dlys it com
pletely cured-me, nor have I ever had an return of
the disease since. I have now formed sib high an
opinion of your medicine, that if I had but a few
bottles of it, and could obtain no more, li i wonld not
part with them for ten dollars el ert i ,
Yours respectfully Joio nt
Pastor of the Baptist Church at e, N. J.
From the Somerville, N. J. Whil.
Sometime since l called upon Mr. P Mason, 'of
Somervillejor Dn. Jsrirs's Celebrated Iffia Tease,
t o r e s tore my hair, which was then falling out daily,
I procured one bottle, and applied its militants ac
cording to the directions. When the bottle was ex
hausted., I discovered to my , great , , • and satis
faction, that the young hair was starting &some
ly : I therfore ptuthased another, and so , n !al I had
used three bottles, and now, as a cam , • ~ ation, my
hair is as thick as ever.
And what is more, surprising, nix , • was
not occasioned by sickness, in which Scase there
is greater hope of restoration—but was lihreditary.
JAS. 0. RODGERS, Methodist Minister,
-Mount Horeb, Somerset Co., N. J.
Prepar,ed only by Dr.. D. Jayne, Philmielpida,and
sold on agency by N. Mitchel &
i co..; Druggists,
Scott's Sanative .1 ill
TN offering this to the public; the prortri eter is in
." fiuenced by nosinistermotive; mere) desire that
all mankind may have the benefitof a retnedy which
his own circle of friends have only lied cipportunity
heretofore of enjoying, induces him t 4 enter the
areas of competition with the thqusants. Bat its
superior and well proved effiFy to all ases of re
cent burns, scalds or wounds ats in rheumatism,
chapped bands, and old aloe or"rdolint tumors,
ought to be known,and its general, use ill certain
ly make it the every day companiOn of e nursery
where casualties are so frequent.
From numerous certificates in hie po ssion, the
proprietor offers the - following: • •
This may certify that I have - used Mr. cotes San
ative Cerate, and believe it an invaluable cure, for
braises, burns, sores, Ste.
New Milford, March 12, 1847. 1
This may certify that we have used L. 'cott's Sari
atiVe Cerate, and we Idiom/ it to be a v noble rem-
edy for scalds or burns, and therefore ingly con
tribute our testimony in its favor.
• S. C. HAYEN.
' Franklin, Basil. co. Pa. Feb. 26, 1847 i
• t-
This is to certify that I have used Scott' Cerate„"
and find it the most efficacious remedy f O r burns; or
cbappped hands or lips, that I-have eve q` used, and
recommend it to all those who may be thus afflicted.
New Milford, , June 17, 1897.
Mr. L. Scott—Sir: I have had ample l t opportuni
ty of testing the virtre of your Cerate, and have
found it a most valuable remedk.
L. W. BINGHAM, M. 15.
New Milford, May, 1847.
lar The Cerate is put up in large and substantial
tin boxes, and for sale wholesale and *tail by the
subscriber akhis residence in New Milfiird, Banque
hiuma county, Pa. Price 37i cts.
Also for sale by the following agents 4 N. Mitch
el & Co. and .1. Ethridge, Montrose: Wr aver Bro's
& Co. New Milford: N. Cadwell, Great Bend. 2tf
Leonard: Scott Co*
The above Periodicalsarereprinted in New York;
immediately on their arrival by the BrilishSteam
ere, in a heautifil cleat type, on fine Ake paper,
and arelitithful copies of the originals--41ackwood's
Magazine being an exact fac-simile of die Edinburg
.. . .. .
The prices of the Reprints are less thin one-third
of those of the. foreign copies, and whtle they ere
equally well got up, they 'ISOM all that adiantage
to the American over the English readei. t.
For any one of the four Reviews, ' 14,00 4 year.
For any. Awe - do. S,OO 1 : u
For any three. , do. t,OO
'r ; "
For alliburlof the Reviews, ' :,00 , " t_
For Blackwood's Magazine,. - ' ,00 "
For Blackwood and the four lleviews,ll,oo . "
Remittances and Communications m .1. t be m ad e ,
in all ruses, !without expense to the Pub talieri. The
former may always be done through a •• ostmaster,
by handing him the amount to be remitted, taking
his receipt, and forwarding the receipt* Mail, pat
paid43. ;or the money may be r enclos ed= it letter,
postpaid, directed to the publishers. '
„* AU conisimicattans skosid be a eseed (pest
Pail , e; `. l
1 f
d the pu
Th 'llBl
truse, June 16/184'6;
;or' U
• j
ct Xxi-