The people's advocate. (Montrose, Pa.) 1846-1848, July 08, 1847, Image 4

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PENN. 51ft,..
Mau & Mec batik;;.; ; ;; . :
Penn toonninlitani
U s bank.notes23
Girard 'lei
Pennsyl'a do
Germantown , 1
Del co at Chesler -
Montgomery co
farmers' b'k Biacb co
Farmers' bk
Ettstoia ,
Nortbamptou • " ,
Lancaster bunk
Far bk Lancastler
flarrisliurg, )
Columbia bridge
Miners' bk
Wy'g bk Wilkesb'e lt
Pitts gdcman4otes 1
" certificates 1
" post noths .1
Towandano a
York 1 . 1
qettyabar b t ,
Chambersburg 1
IVaynesia'_g 2
Brownsville 16.1
Erie bank. no s
Honesdale . 1
13k Susq'a co 11
Lewistown 1
Lum bk IVarrepa no a
West Branch 6,4 , 1,1
Dom Cr Script 220a30
Lehigh co. bk , 37
Lehigh Nay Sclipt /3
4th May issue I 13
• N Y City bank'i
Clinton bk N -30
Globe bank'lre
North River Virg, co
City TrUst & IYk'g co
Wool Growers' bk
White Plains 14: 1
Lewis co bk
Far & Dro bk Buff 5
Millers bk of C i lyde 15
Farbk OfSen' ,, xa
Cotn bit of ri Fork 2
Lafayette bank .2
N Y Bk'g coraf, 60
Dry DO& bank 1
N Am Tuts:* c.ll 2
Bank of ButFalti 55
Bank of Brockport 35
Hamilton bk SO
Com bk Buffalo 55
All solvent balks dal
Country hanks; 'tat
Except bk of qolarri
bia, Green co; Had
son.Middle d,istr'ts,
Wash and Warren,
Wash Man Go.
Wayne co bank
bier and Planters'
Del Co bank ' frt
Ex bk Po`keepsie
Pottsdam Maxon Co
Red Backs. }al
Mechanics' and Manui
turers' bk Tilenton
Princeton bank
Plainfield bank,,, 37
State bk at Camden 1
Cumberland bunk
Mount Roily,
Satetis 'Mfg co r
Afonmouth`bank no si
N Hope Del Bridge
.Trenton Bk'g co old
-111 other banln4
Far & Mech bank of
N Brultvoick no si
Hob & Gko brol
'washinEae z Bldg Co
Franl‘lin bank
- Jersey City Busk
Mourn/mat •
N .1 hbinuf Co ,
Protec and Lontbard
State bk at Trentoo
Bank of N Br/Musick
Mech bk Patton
/• N. Y., MA, made arranaeureuts wish the NEW
YORK PEKIN TEA COMPANY, for the sale of
TEAS in Bingftataton,jand can furnish hi,6 elastomers,
and the trade, ;With T as at the same prices that the
Company charge for ern in New York, which is,
a; least, from One to vo shillings cheaper on each
pound than th 4 Groce sell at. And in every case
where these Ties do t give suit/action the money
will be Valli bik for em.
Cattalo eof Teas.
Youtig Hvson,!gooil,
du:, eat
tip. do. ;tile.
do. • dri.- ianter
Silver Leaf dory
cause of thelsmall
very sop:nein* Tea.
do. do. *olden
Golden Choe-- 4 This is
ted in Cituna. It is
eels all other
flavor, strength and
has never tdaehed
lots to suit the pure
Ilyson, fate.
do. very fine,
• do. extra fine.l
Imperial, fine
do extridfum.
Hymn Shittisifod f --
ling Yong, ako . ,. ng
Ning Fintr.illhe •
cal It Oolong.
-Oolong, a delinlons B
Cannon this Opetio . r
as being act poking
plain'aue the:clepep
Oolong, plattnido
En t elish Bretdasst„',
do. do 4 ex
Ilowana's miXture, a
rekca Flower:,
do. scented,
Ne Plus Mira',
Na, pies tilirrf:TThis
as a nosegay.i Ityie
lightrat It eau
any thing of theluni
O F ' The nhave eat
flos varieties et:Ono:Mei
very variety i4ll3orilk
.iind.esus.. sun tha mos
4 ButzltitiestaW, dl
4 4 1 even by large dealers, be
.fita made on ita sale--is a
chop, 1 50
the &ea Greett Tea cultism
of the first 13ickingt, and ex
; Teas for the delicacy of its
larona. .Heretofore this Tea
r .t. • country except Art am4l
k Tea, SO
Tee with thatsold byrr Ami ,
Tea. The differeakee urtoo
ion too palpable.;- 75
• • 50
I . 63
' and highly *cored
ea ssels-inspi ts
As &perfume
!eriegmwth ,
. - doesiot ~. m all
assuiS iam
in my f have
and effel7 of quai
T t
1 fastidious
oiisu Chosen in
” lind / Nee&
`Under 053- 1 die
r' NEW HA 'istuslt
r All solvent
• Calais bank " 100-.-
Agricul* Diral do
'City bk Portland.. do
Mercantile bk 'do
Stillwater Ciaial bkdo'
Bangor Cote llk do
Westbrook bk • do
Citizens' bk !
Globe bk do
Frankford blit
All .solvenhirdrs' d dis
Bank cif St Alinns la die
Bk of Benzeington dis
All Solvent banks di B
Allsolvent banks 4 dis
All solvent banks dis
Baltimore banks dis
; Patapsco bk 4 dis
; Mineral bank • I die
Fredericktown. di.
HagerstoWn di.
Far & afillera* bk Ha- •
gerstown . I broke
Westminster I aim
Williamsportl 4 dis
Cumberland j 1 dia l ,
Salisburyl broke
Franklin bank di.
Sasiinebannah broke
Millington broke
Frederick co bk 4 dis
Broken bkavtiriosui prices
Baltimore it is Ohio Re
lief notes :- 10 (Bs
Bank of DelaFe par
Wirn & Bran 'ne par
Farmers' bk el par
Union Inink par
Bank of Smyrna par
Under Os die
Washington Coy . ' dis
Georgetown dis
Fart Mechanics' 4 dis
Alexandria 1 din
13k of Alexandria broke
Mechanics' bk broke
Franklin bank no rale
Merchants bank do
[Ex bk & branches dis
Bk of Va & bra'chs 1 dis
Far bk & b'c;.s • 14 dy ,- 1
Valley bk & 'eh / I rv;
Wheeling lal dis
Wheeling p r4tes dis
An solvent lei 2 di s
Small notes I _ dis
All solve banks dis
j 2 dis
Ir Of St Marfa Sa—
Ocmulgee do
[Monroe B j do
Columbus I do
Phcenix bank' do
Exchange bank, do
Chat II bank ' do
Central bkof Mill do '
Georgia Ing co do
Rucker B'kg Oci do
All solvent banks
AR solvent backs Sa6 dis
Small notes 8 dis
Cincinnati 2 dis
Solvent bk notes 2 ais
Bank of Illinois 70 die
State - :_bak -54) dis
2 -die
Small notes &A dis
All solvent banks
I All solvent banks 203 dis
All solvent banks lia2 dis
Southern Life & Trans
portation Co,
2 dis
Ua l 'A il l i i=
$0 37
1 00
1 00
1 00
good flavor, 37i
en sell this at 50 ct 3. and
/ 00
I fitd sweet
Superior to
the Pekin
and if we
the mit
- theseig
'111 "8 161.
Pure .
Palma ,st
wee. Th er
..7014 . Btii:
_ ~Of, tin:
I ,` l l'eii Cots'
poi; 7t - • and• 77 Fulton st. have %sported inusthis
market some One hundred thousW digloM-irarth
of the Spelt grades of Green and. Black Teas grswi
hi she Oeleinal Binpire,l demo* in all - the various
fad Pi e k i Ses,Calt alteat•
hm is a privilege bay TeiEst 'Wrest establish.
meat, sail a Ihicuey andl:coinfort in drink
They set:toed tens only, and retail them at like
sale OisultrY !nerd* , 'who wish obroya
to seu good Tess, , -cats 411:**2111 - 613tain ' them at this
place, on seasonable ternis.—Basissriess •-
rir The above TEAS; are for allaikr •
.Bolis ens *Broome County.
Ping/11°14ga, may 11, 1847.
' 7 -
.of Popular Medicines,
illitTEth *tens - tonatainly On hind a fall wort.
merit of genuine DRUGS Qs MEDICINES,
of which sold -CHEAP AO THE CHEAP
Sands' Saienperilla $1 11
" alt rheum remedy' .00
Roman eye blastula 25
Indian Pin acea - 06
Mandan o.ix of op
- din i
Piiinney'a TRIa O 5
M?" . ' 25 5(
=frac life pills 25\ Micheal' freckle wash 50
dO Phondi 1
.tern 1 _ Lee's Iqlls • 25
Sherman's med. lot's - 2$ Brandrcth's pills • 25
do fever a ague do 1/ 001 Poses poorman's pills 12
di, dinner losenges V soiDedeaurtplasters 25
dd poor man's plas'r 12 Libby'. bitters .• 75
d 4 Olosaonian ~ 100 Nerve is bone rhea
Jayne's Expectorant I`oo Mat% liniment 50a1 00
di hair tonic 1 00 Wilkinson's tromatic
dd tonic: centrifuge 50 wound salve 37
di carminative bale. 50 Thompsdn's eye water 25
di sanative pills '25 Harabaln= of honey 12
Dalley's pain d extrac- j Cepaa li d snuff 25
ter 50 a 1 00 Hungarian balszun'of
1-10's liniment for life .
~ 1 00
piles 100 1 Mr a; kiw i .% a 7
, .
Wailingida dia. for ing ointment 25.50
dysentery. &c: 200 do hair, oil 50
Cooper's porn salve 25 do Watt oil 50
Mares cern salve 20 Sevitr's restorative pills2s
Gralley'sealt rheum Lalbor'lex.lungwortl 00
ointment '25 Clove anodyne, cure
Rosh's.' lible pills 12 for toothnche 25
Phelp tomato e ats 25 Climax syrup 50
do r torative hitters 25 Dr. FOIWS pectorial
Mil' ' toinato pills 50 syrup 75
F estock's verm'ge 25 do tonie 'cordial 37
beeseman'fiArabian ,do univ ersal , pills 25
,et is
balsam: 50 a 1 00 Hoopeeit female pills 12
Alebasi's black Salve 50 Anderson's Scots pills 12
do 'cough syrup • 50 Gotifrey'S cordial 12
do-pile pills 25 Batemait's pectoral
do cathartic pills 25 drape' •12
do' plasters 12 Turlidgton's balsam
do feitertagne syrup 50 of lite, 12
Winslow's balsam of Pacific o il 25 a5O
hisarhotutil 50 Eddy'. ' rheumatic
Taylor's . balsam of tincture 50
Liverwort 11 a 1 50 Beautifiingsoap 50
Mother's relief 2 OQ Keeler's Invisible ink 25
Fospte's anodyne ,Connel'apain eztracer 25 1
cordial, 31 ,United Mates pills '5Ol
Wisnies balsam of jWaterman's Amnia- •
wild cherry 1001 is plaiter 25 I
Resurrection or Per- Chapman's summer
wilt pills 50 t,l OQ- cordial 18 &37
Jew' David's or He. , Brinkerhoff"s rester-a
biew plaster 50; Live 1 00
Egsyptian'balm 50 Opodeldoc, bard and
Fish's lily syrup 1 00i liquid
Lonf i teY't panacea '1 50 Edvriulls salt rheum
Dutch pills or lion of 1 ointment 150
the day • 37)Meclicated cough candy 6'
Bishop's anti-bilions (White's salve 12
pills ' 50 Gelatine capsules 25 a5O
Hitchcock's balm of jVeg..pnlition'ybaleam 50
health 1 Ott,Browies :strengthen
do worm tea - • 251 in g philter 37
do- catarrh snuff 2.s'Atwood's canker drops 18
do ritigneticodnutica 50i do jaundice bitters 37
do hair reg enerator - 37, do spinal elixir 37
Parker's- ;pulmonary Limestenap.lifithitersl 00
balm 1 00 do ClalOse blood pills2s
Le Baum de Ninon Indian hair dye 50
or 'French bairn of Webster's saraimarilla 75
beauty SO do bilious pills -25
Rapp 's Indian plaster 2.5 Oneida tincture 25
Smith's sugar coated Gargling oil 50 a 1 00
pills - I. 25 Merchant's sarsa'plal 00
Bartholomew's pink t Es. Inicha & cubebs 150
syrup i • so F'yrianltair dTe 50
Spohn'ssickheathiche Dr. Hibbard s anti
remedy; 50 bilious pills 12&50
Christie's ,Galvanic Hanes alien. liniment 25
Rings 3? &1 50 Peery's vermifuge,or
do bands J 150 dead shot 25
do plasters `' _ 75 Cilckiner'ssugarcoat
do niagnetie.fluid 100 ed pills 25
Austin's 'magical lini- . Setnhern balm, for
. 25 a5O coughs, &c. 1 00
Brisk pills 25 Sbecues pills 12 •
Root's ringbone dint 50 Scarpa's acoustic oil 1 Oil.
Parr's lifepills 25 51'N.stes acoustic oil 1 00
Upham's electuary, - Salts •of lemon ' 18
for cure of piles 100 Henrick's strengthen ..e
Moor's en of Life 40 lug plaster 25
Bristol's sarsaparilla 1 00 lierattley's worm des-
Seaddees acousticoill 00 troying syr up 25
Coolwr's ethennl oil 1 .50 Whi tt emore II Ameri-
GriMey's salt rheum J cazi plaster -. 25
ointment, 50 do vegetable ,syrup 50
German eye Ointment 25 51'eallam's remedy 1 00
American eye - salve 25 *do Ind. veg. panaceal 00
Italian cite/fur:l solp 1 00 Wood's /sarsaparilla a '
Coral hair restura- wad cherrybitters 1 00
tiro •37,, 50;a 100 Tousey's universal
Amber Moth paste 25 ointment 2.5 .
Spanishlily white 37 Oriental pills or an , -
Moorish hair dye . 50 reign halm 25
Erasive soap ? 25 Vouglui's veg. Rhea- •
Henrick's siOr coat- " triode mixture stae. 00 i
ed pills ' ; 25 Banning's body laces $lO •
do tomc bitters 25 Sand's iodide of say.
do sciatic liniment ,25 , tintwills • 100
Brattes Indian atedi- 1
00 Dens' pain killer 2037 &50 I
With away others not ennnmenited. The subscri
ber is Agent f,t most of the above medicines, and
WARRANTS eaery article genuine. _ . .
Binglatitaat Jan. 18, 1847. L. M. 12.EXfORD.
MlNGlNAnroikg - ixkovito.,
T HIS MOTEL having changed Tenants, hi;S
been thoroughly repaired and refitted, and is
now OPENED for the acconunodationtif the public-
The Protitien# pledgee himself that the wants and
comforts of hal guests shall be as well provided for,
aud.attended to, in every respect, at dui Hotelgtsat
anyiotheis in the county. .
OP' Persons travelling by Stage, wishing to atop
at the BINGHAMTON HOTEL, (near the Chen
sage Bridge,lwill frot nal called for by any Ste
ges.unniug to and thispbice.
BINGHAMTON, N. Y. May 1?-,11147,. 51y1
' "
!!. NEW snAl VtilY CHEAP lot or
ISpring . , and Suin, met GOOllB.
Ai a L l t o paces. that au not Ma to nit. arm., e ,i n
426 7 er, 18474 •
ci4k: •e : mod boef.ildem,
tuo,tstrrs • Asir
. 43011 : 6419 1 1 ' - -
supply, ssesival -
• •
ter paupcowatopiciiiia-miivki ale
Q UGA.II Olart4. *rim& a impala*.
k 7 imor rad ide it rows:
Gregory's pills
fisk's sugar coated
. 25
Balm, of Columbia 5005
Hitchcrieles aoti-bil
iirus ppill 25
CoverVsfrm of life 1 50
Hauer Egfi
111 SAY'S.
. 5 ; AMY! GOODS 4z0;, , i •,;_
t •
;" • ,CNO.toi*Hardtt, _ -
BoOkeit Stationery,
'l.Thigattca to friends for :poet Eanwai tie he*, by
ea* cheap to receive a _
shy; of then: pat.
nniage. 110. " Recollect, for CASH at as; he is not
to be undersold.
Montrose; May 13, 1847 ,
VATAisral 0, Gbese Feathets, Butter, Bags, Bees.
wax, &c. &c. 11. LYONS.
tiktay 13, 1847. -
. • BOOKS. ;
ABBE Family Bibles for 10s; a 1 common end
1.41 pocket Bibles, Testaments. GeOgraphies and
Atlases, Axithmetics, Grammars, Phßosophical and
Chemical Books; Cobb's. Saunders', and Town's
Spelling Book; Porter's Readers. A good assort.
Went of Tuy Books and Tickets. also, the new
Hymn Books forthe Presbyterian, and Baptist ammo
tics. Methodist Byron Books, Blink books &c. & c .
for sale by f J. Lyons.
May 13, 1:37.
PATENT Pails, Brooma, Clotboas, Pins, Butter
Stamps and Ladlea, by ; Lyon's.
May 13. •
TIME. subscribers are now receiving their
1 stock of
i'o which they invite attention..i Most kinds
produce rec'd in exchange. i They wish
distinctly understood that they are not
i t
xious to sell goods ezetpt l for PAY
DOWN. Milbiat. Sherman.
Montrose May 18, 1847. I . -
osmo L. G::on 00.
RE receiving their stock of?
Spring and Summer :Goods,
4onsiating in part of
Cloths, Cassimers, Velvet and Mar
slel/es •Vestings, Linens, Biqa. and un
bleached, Tweeds, Oregon and; York Mix
titres, Stripes and Plaid, VlrtMlen Substi=
fine, &c. &c.
Plain and figur'd Delaines, Lawns, Jac
cinets, Ginghams, Gingham Limns, Fash
innable Dress Silks.
A beautfiul assortment from ris to $5,00.
parasols, Silk & Cotton, from Os. $2,50
sans, rich styles. Oil Silk, Worsted,
Einen Ildk'fs, silk floss. Silk Lace, Linen
Edgings, best ass't in town. , Wussels Lace,
uttons, Fringes, Bobbins, figtired
Hosiery and Gloies of all desei t iptions.
Bonnets, tabs, flowers, Ribbons, Skirts, a
dew article." Pat. Leather Slips, 13 u skins,
Of every kind, Crockery, Haniware, Iron,
ails, Steel Mill Saws, Log Chains, Tin
are, Fish, and Pork.
( (Bought befOre the advan,ce,) Saddle
and Harness Ware, Matta, India Rubber
Cloths, Floor Oil Cloths, Damask Car
riage trimmings, Drugs, a small ass't of
staple articles cheap, Gernian (:- Cologne,—.
400 king Glasses, a good cariety' r
viWe flatter ourselves the stock- we offer
tis Spring to our friepds, is equal to any
,e have heretofore offered, in qiinntity, qual
itfr,and cheapness.
tii With our thanks for favors hhretofore,we
nder our invitations ‘k to call and see us."
Montrose May 17, 1847. ( 1
.EI -B. CHANDLER & CO. are now re
l.' • ceiling a large and well selected addi
tion to their stock of Goods, to which they
Would•invite the attentimi of puichasers.
Their stack is now quite large, and they
a c determined that for Cash, Bilter;or on
a proved credit, they will sell at least as
1 w as any establishment in the' county.
' Montrose May 17, 1847.
.ME RICAN, French and Etiglishtioths
and Cassimeres, Satins and fancy Vest
gs for sale by Chandler & Co.
L6VERSEED of the large kind, for sale by
Montrose, fay 27, 1847. Chandler &Co
RINTS, a good assortmenti American
I and English. Veay cheap. •
'Chandler . &. Co.
ITMINER Stuffs. Tweeds Drills, Aro
Linen &e. C. & Co.(
INGRAMS, Lawns, t eLanis, and other
Dress Goods C. & Co.
HEETINGS, Bro. had Bleached. A
variety at Chandler & Co's.
EGHORN and Straw Bonnets, plain
and fancy braid. Ribliot4, Flowers,
Chandler dz Co.
UPERIOR Axes, yirarramed, wr mole cheap,
4 ri , the box or single; by F. B. Chsodl
`. prp 28th, 1847. er St, Co. bY
IiR..9CERIES, a good stock, ; - Among the
l istffie best aeapeit TO end To.. ca Chandltr &Co
I fr
ARASOLS and Shades at
Chandler & `.
ARDWARE, Inn); at
Chandler k Co.
"1- ' WANTED, .
BOIL' asAlt.Ammtice to tbe Tatitiosillese- :0,
lid A 6 or IT•r f aris old, 44 pod oiorol chan--
who lynl try to *mike Mass& useod umi ca t 6
iiiiiii l4: ::.:.- 11 4. 1. , f : _ 611.1k g ra tis 7 1 77 1847.i . i : 7 . 0:11241 . 3z . elleftlu
eoT. ,'
oi by
It co.
Likt , .:t:rovat*ieweasemor i a..
. .
: • t I. t ti' ~•
, ~
' - Ing, IP, 11110 184,
11110Wii-4kehiltil4gh, 546 emits, ;Bell at
*4,. at ei&mt;l46 nt.ina lean ; a 'alive' ..
Ti: A
oral, Sat. - l i-..1i Maas 1 ,1,, Stott sad Warp
and 1816 at a4ar. isalsoi-i Of an inch.lnaL
The.aboittae,w sty e , intro ht Raw Yothen
l i
thoardity,'Mareb 6th, by Bealre tit o ?gt,Virol ' 11 0 1 "
ready sod fisr ale * . t - I
___' - 1
_ __
. NFU O. ~J -1 - 1 .IWERRILL & ROOT.
1400T4 & 41 OR
X , averY.quentY all
10,000 Boaheia 1000 bushela. Bye, too
bushel. Timothy , and 800 Firkius,lDairy But
tor, for which the • t market price will be paid
& fherman.
June 3, 1 - 847. , . •
AT that AECADEj five hundred weiEht of, OLD
INDIA ROBBER,' for *hich the highest price
will 1* paid. t 1 J. ETHRIDGE.
June 3, 1847..,! .
wool Fro+
20 1 i 1!i i. wanted
t lfL t l i ggr e
' ER !—Good *RITDIG PAPER i at 12 14
e.., and LETTER PAPER for 10 eta. per
Quire, ‘.r sale by J.; LYONS.
(I .
F a 'airier) , of patens, jut rece ived, Istra for
sale very cheap by CHANDLER. & Co.
June 1, 1847. t
WAYNE Co. Pleughs and Points 14 sale by
April)2l. Milts Ba'sbermaa
' CASTINGS, &c. &c. by - 8., SAYRE.
may 4 27, 1847.
115 p ONNETS.—A choice selection—beintifnl styles
LP—Linen Edges. ' Best assortment iii town at •
• ' • !POST'S.
I N connexion with the following*rtificate
AL were handed to us .the testimonials of
several highly re.ypectuble ladies, !who have
used , the Domestic Horizontal Spinning
Wheel, and who concur in saying substun
tially,-that they can spin with tt seven or
eight run, (or about four day's 'work) per
diem, with as much_eage as they- can per
form an ordinary day's work with a cam
mon wheel. The interence is irresistable;
that it will hereafter be more profitable for
the farmer who thanufactures hid?wool, with
this machine to3lave in his employ at the
saw cost for labor, on girl, than; four girls
with the common stand-and-spin *heelsi:—
[People's Advocp.te.
The undersigned, citizens, of IMontrOse;
have witnessed with much satisfaction !the
operation of a novel machine denominated
the " Domestieliorizontal Spinning-wheel,"
nlately invented by Hiram F. Wheeler of
Springville, in this county. It appears to•
us to be a valuable improvement,in view of
the ease with which it is used and the" ra
pidity with which it executes. We doubt
not that our Farmers generally, with! all
who .‘ toil and, sOin" will approve it too - .;
Montrose, Susq'a co. Pa. t.
Col. Franklin
lion. Wm. Jessop,
Gen. D. D. Warner,
Joseph Williams]
:Thos. Johnson, i
Hon. M. C. Tyler, .
S. S. Mulford,
'Henry J. Webb,
Maher Faller, Treasurer.
'J. W. Myerii,-
E. Patrick, Jr., M. D. i
'Daniel Searle, •
'Wm..l. Mulford; ,
J. Lyons, ;
Wm. J. Turret!, ] lssue L. Pat,
Geo. V. Bentley;
lVm. L. Post,
Rev. John Long.i • -
'lir Rights will be sold on the Most reas
onable terms to those who wish to)makelthe
whes, or purchase Territory to sell again
in a ly of the United States (exci* 01#6.)
Those wishing tb engage in a business`tioth
pleasant and profitable will plea4e -call] on ,
the subscribers in Springville, Stisquelmana
county, Pm
IL F.- WHEELER, Pr tents
J. 81114TH, Jr., Agent' :
Springville, April 8, 1847.
I I 1
THE subscriber wishes to I inform his
friends and fonder customers that h 'is
prepared to card Wool with ilesPatch nd
in the best style.; He will also tioke good
clean Wool in the fleece and deliver it pl .
good sound Yaria nt from 8 to 10 tintslter
run. Those haiing,to hire thirP i Bolton lig
done, would find this to their advantage,
and save themselves the trouble ofprepourg
their own wool. r ' Ini
Wool wilt be fakett to rnanulisciure i to
Broadcloth, Flaru2eli Blankets, 410 shot IN
to suit customer*, i I
• Two hundred *mnds oflieech4ini L id
will be taken inexchange LevrOrk.
N. 13.—1 t is meted' that PoyMent , iril/
be made ip all cases when the,w44 is fie ,
livered, either in cash,or saleat4 *duct:
Silver ., , D1REL.11.11.44414,,, 1
Lake,a Slay 15,1847. i '
•..- , _ I litlitt i tib Itik t i- , l ' ,
Al' ainia thei 10 /111M .1
4 . O rs ff ' N G estoie R OV E: w , 474,1 *
„ .
Bprizicsad - Fadden* isr : left ; and Jahn
goeff may saws .ba found there, ready t o Thew
ore hie psalms
.. say, Bind Of s. sait they ay
elmse to' wear. tis it ielfasiditut Isit due en
mast bare clothen . rnsel; eta aftmealso Ilion -
self timid he ssat nut Os" tasteof every seseiwleo
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Cutting loos oft make, sad se lurked,
the An . war* - thosefrta *ld iiiitatit -
111 r: mall*
ken _ - "th llntb•tb••
Notarbse. May a 4847,
' -471 n
z - comae end kinS, of .almost
MILL' gr. 8B MAN.
~.--,..! -
„.„. ,; • '
. ::1 .n . ; - ,i'4 , -; ;1-4t.!!..-- - .31,;5.,,-11 ,f-. 1. -, 2..,-.
Trii gublattla's alba .Peptv;l4,e,'A.'Adataakto tart
1 ui the - age orate entae
~ . , , ilk
aortaieriferJOlPTYPE, ireVaarrpreatai l k e ei t ii4
in a aelliad tatidataaraxleii4kitidiro s /,' : - is,
. .
••' . JOB - PRINTINIPr:',7:
at priceit to salt thtiinei. l'-''' , ' i ' , .''''. , V
.Pi 4lll P lll, P4 B l BUAIIIEADs,-:..
' CARDS; . ' C#4 4 :110014 :
11iND1111444 . . Biiiiliiii r l&p. '
Printeti , on short notice, and in the huscitylo of the
Art i
A share of the Peoplei PUtrotuOls respect;
fully solicited. J-• ' , •$. ' .!
July $, •1846.
RE subscriber having Withdrawn' foii: the
T pm
eat from all connection with Abe tailoring beak
ness exhept cutting, will hereafter give his attention
to that particular branch exclusively. Erom 'long
and suceessffil experience, with recent* ~ ftoverilents,
and a r=egular receipt of thelateit hshOns, -he hiss
entire FOl/flacons' s . tn.his abilityito_please all' who'
may employ him. To prevent mialappriliansion he
would further state, that having Worltedlefetofore
for the bake of working, be intends in futtitetilwork
for the sake of the pay ; (excepnwhere4arity may
dictate btlkirwiie.) These therefore whir; are able
to pay but always withhold, will Pleape, also with-
hold their custom. • -
Shop ivcr the Hat Store, finit haildirig`north of
the Stage house. , - PaIINSS.
Montrose, May 5, 1847. . , , 47rna
TBl subscriber having fitted 1111) libiltiachinery
with the addition of NEW' CARDS and other
fizings,i, is uow ready to serve his old cui4ooters and.
the public generally, at the following . ptiCea, triz l •7
On the ilelivery of the rolls , 3 Ctrs. bit%
ter on rivery 9 lb. of wool—if charged - s;fita.
Brooklyn, June 1, 1.847. 51w4
Rheumniigin r Gout, it Tie folio
A respectable gentleman, called at opt office, as
he said to Wolin us, that he had been i iillficted for
fifteen years with' Rheumatisni or Golitinul occas.
ionallyiwith Tic Donloureux; that he'hOibeett fre
quently confined to his room for ntiono together,
and often suffered the most iotensfkand e.iieruciating
pains, but that lately he bad" been using.F r irsx's AL-
TiensTii , x, from which he found the tutrAticignal and
unexpected relief. He says be toned tikrmedicine
very pleasant and effective, and that he hiimir consid
ers himself thoroughly cured.—Spirit oftla nines.
LIFE! LIFE ! ! LIFE !!iv
" At 4 that a man bath will he give for Ids life," so
we find recorded in the most ancient *nd best, of
books, !butt as we see thousands dying: around us
with onsumption, Cronp, Con,gb, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Spitting blood, and and other Puhnonary af
lections, we are led to doubt the correctness of the
above assertion, especially when it isse:Wedlknown
that.a 4ertain remedy may be obtained , which al
ways arreatstbose diseases.
Dr. 3A TSL ' S'EXPECTOIiAST never iti , give re
lief, and cures after every other means; have failed.
This - can be and has been proved in thousands of
instances, where it has effected..radiciAxur es , after
the patient had been given up by all U4:friends and
physicians. -111
Thiiigh not recommended as a um vt,asal 4 'cure
all," have nevertheless proved superkir to every
thing of the kind, especially in Liver Coimptaint and
Dyspepsia--and when used in Conjunction with his
Tome 'lVermifuge or Alterative, will `trot fail one
time in a hundred of effecting a perraeruint cure.
Prefiared only by Dr. D. Jayne, Pliilarielpitia. and
Old oft , agency by N. MITCHEL & COI, Druggists,
Montrose, Pa.
Aso ;layne's CarMinative, a never failing remedy
for bowel complaints, colic, ,!te.
-1 mot' sense, that the naturalvegetableProductions
of ever country are, if properly . applied; amply suf
ficient for the cure of every malady incident to . each
peculiar climate.
Weight's Indian Vegetable
of the I , :ortli Arnericau College of Health, are aim
posed If plants which grew apontaneoisly on our
own soil, mid are therefore better ridriPted to our
constityltions than medicines concocted from foreign
drugs, however well they may. .be componnded ; and
as therare founded upon the principle . that the hu
man bridy is in truth
Subject to but one Disease,
viz: corrupt humors, and- that said medicine cares
this disease on
J.Tatural Principles
by cleansing and purifying the body.; it kvill be man
ifest, itlfat if the constitution be not entirely exhaust
ed--a perseverance in their use, according to direc•
flans, absolutely -certain to drive disoise of every
name from the body.
When we wish to restore a swamp or moms, to
fertility, we drain it of the - supemlimisl4nt waters.
in like mummer if we wish to restore the. body to
health, we must cleanse it of impurity.. II
Wright's Indian Vegetable - Pills
will befound sine of the best, if. not the very best
medicine in the world for carrying out this
Grand puralyzng prtizipte; -
becausS they expel ficito the body all 'aorrupt and
impure humorS, the cause of disease, in Itin easy and
nat u r a l mann e ; end. while they everylior • '
Give ease andpkarscre, l l - .
disease ;of every name is, rapidly sirivgn from, the
b9d.r. •
The following highly iespeeteble etorekeepera
have 'biaen duly appointed agents' forMe saje of
Wrightis Indian Vegetable Pills in. dasquetionna
r ills & Sherman, Montrose. j
Ira scott, Springville..
L. H. Woodruff, Dimook Corqips. •
EdWin Tiffany, Brooklyn. 11
A. Greenwood, Raiford. , i. , - •
.Tos.i Dußois, Great Bend.. -
R. 4.. SUrphin d Summers' r, Co. Sruer4lie. -H. H. lAUrritt, New l Milford..
N. E. liennedy, Gibson.Centre.'t
- .*!
Stride" & Curtis, East,Gibsou.i.
Wells. & Co., Durulaff..
Ta+ox & Burrows, Bushviffe.l •
• Jambs Comfort, Harmony.'
U. Burrows & Co. Gibson.
I. GI Pride, Harrold. , •,1 • .
Chalks L. Browoc-Prieudsvillej
AzwAßz or Cousuartris.!..,The pubkire mi .
tinned *afflict the tinny spurious medicznes Which
in tinierite - deceive, ere stAtid by totMei,laittultir` , to
Wrig.htti Indian Vegetablei • •
T,be Only origisolond. genuinelteirinitifyegetsbl n
PiPs hate the isgsature,orwra. wrigbkistrutoo wi th
spa'? of tbil top label of each
genii's:m.ll'nd to counterfeit deNia'fargoil! • 1 .
Ps' Offteee devoted ' exelonivitly , bit%
Wrighl e lndina.Vegetable PO* of ibis Mirth' Artser.
lean Col gei of Heath; No- 29 8 1,34-914-o#4* thew
York t Tremont Igt;
office, Nb 169 Race O. j;.
53“0 7 9 ; eanative - Ittlitel ''
. . ..=. ~, - -, ... ~.: ---..- t . „.
IrltalreiiM. this (0 ate vablic, thatimciaaateoricia;.
.L fineitied by nosialater uto(ive ; 1 a mere 4cjavaliaL
;dr a l i k oi n d mai lutie the beimfitere reekidar:#4l4l
i nsist
1 au mini Circle of frienditakiiial` baeltjapaiaity`
bliasaitOt of - calaybl6l, , %dim - in *as:min the
arena of maapetabal, with-the : „ LiSaailt
t ins
attPericOna wel lrONßkeirkac la 4 c43 1,-
iebt,t4rwiiisida - Pr vioWith,.. i'l!ff. - in ' ..1
chWed)taadaqiod ) olitaicaralifliatil: 'ttsaiii,r;
cm& tir ., A* 11 9 4 % aid* $‘1 044 .1 01 -
IT MIK # .0 11 ( 1 1.1 Of tiVal P4I O A-thlt
Mi 4 iol 4l ilt , 00 % 1 " 114 Nii.1 ,: -,z 0 '1
tor 11 -44
- ViaakAnPitlacaa ‘*iiificial4l-11k.,1401•20,ttr..*.
iii,pcisiirdo•korivb m o ...---., - , ~,,: ,
- irinia4(444)iiiirbei aid 16:100,Pla-t*O.
Ocrai_47, beliteia ais lax:44l e
tiri cur,.(,"
Milkect 1 1 610 -12 '1847 '
This may fortify, itia;,yrishase tired I.l4oott'a Ban
atiee-Corate, inilLviaktuiw it to tie a valuable rem
417 for soakar
aieute bWai, tberatfinoevellliaglpioa
°W. t,to9iliV#voer-•
Franklin Susi. ca R. Feb.-26 JAC
This hi tscardri-that treed Reote eerate,
and &tint the mcotiffleaciocui einuearyin ;hum , or
etili PP* bandirei:lWtriat r hive ev e r 'titled ! and
reecume s id it Taal; ilte
who ma ' y be thtuiliffheted.
• .
/It ) " Mitordilantii?"lB47.
~ .
. • -.
Mr. L Scott- 7 %ri, I liave.!ted .fLIPPIP 91:Tortani
-4...:0f twin.' the" Vittiii'• Or - otii Cerate; find hive&mid it 111 m ost vale4bleremedy. •-• '''-'-' •• •
:i• L W. BINGHAM, N. P.
New Milfoi dilisi;•l 6 47;'' - '
I*" The.Cfeiiitj. tapir up in large and auliaautial
tia - boxes, and. for sale wholesale wad. tete% by the
subeeriber at hie maideuce liew-igdfurdrausg,ao
hazoia county, Pike 374
' Also for sale by .the,followiug agents.: N.,lslitch
el it Co. atid J. Ethridke; Montrose': Weaver Btu's
& CO. New lifilkirdt.::N. Cadwell; Grestßetid. 2rf
~,.miscp44s.aoys Amos,
THEE TlPE*sirair OF nisToet,
com p r i s trfi3Onerakinfro.fructory outline
' of Unsversal - nistory, avienf, andvd.
derv, vied of seinfrate Histaies oy
- every prlncipatnation that exists, their
rise, progress, :present condition, 4'6
Author of the • ,, T.,,rPAillory of ka s owledge," , 4 Bloi cs lgrupti.
Treaswe' Literaq and Scientif
is Treasti4,!' &c., loch:cling
, ZDITED ZORN- FX3f4.2.ti ESQ.
The republicationtot Oisstiluable work has been .
undertaken partly oft account of the high .favor with
which it -hats ' been:l-received
.in England, but
chiefly in con*leratioit of its- intrinsic vtdue, arising
from the felieftons tidtkotimi . of 'the plan to a want
that has been king and { gerierally felt 'and from the
inagmentalid fidelity manifested in its execution.--
The idea of u - single work, of no cm
fortnidable-dimensint4 and at s price -which brings
it within thy reach of very moderate circumstances;,
a sufficient outline of the world's whole history, and
oittlinetiof the of every nation, is so
obviously judicious and appropriate as*); require no
eulogiinn. Every Petuin who cares , at all for the
acqnsition of usefidlattewledge mast 4eAire*to pos
sess such a genertd. - knowledgnofpastevents,.not on
ly in his own 'country but in all countries, as shall
enable him to understand the perventallY recurring
allusions that are found in almost any coarse of gen
eral reading ; bectuse fer ward of such understand
ing there is- alway k a serious diminution' both of
pleasure and pnifit. Oven in the, perusal of such
works as are designed chiefly for amusement. For
instance, most of Sir Walter S'Cott's nOvelS are found
ed upon history, and abound with references to his
total events and pericro%nres, wanted some ac
qurantance with w - hich detracts Egriodsly from the
interest and delight- they are so wolf Outlined to
awaken; and so at inost other works-belonging to
'the better class of what is called light literature.—
But the difficulty bas been to obtain, this general
'knowledge widinut ,#oing through 'many books, re
quiting a greater erpendittare of trine and money
than most persons are able or willing to afford; and
'to obviate such diffieulty 'hat bea the,purpose of
Mr. Maunder. '
•' His plan has the theiit of completeness, and is un
doubtedly the.:beet,:tistt'cootd have been desired.—
He gives first a gewiral sketch of ancient and mod
ern history—a rapid; intl. compreheusti," - v. birds-eye
_view, as it were, ofithe'rise and progress of nations,
the 'most important incidents of their career, and
their relations to eaCliother;.and after this be takes
up the nations seplarately, furnishing;A :concihe di
gest of all that-is mayfortant or desirable to know
concerning'eaeh, aid biasal/hi - dings Sort oiler to
the changes and evllntnthat were more briefly indi
cated, rather by thentesults than their incidents, in
the general sketch,' ,outline. .Thus the salient
points of history aremoght within ama able
cempass; and anbx ellent foundmium is laid for
more thorengh and lext l ensive reading in referoncetc.
any portion of the
_*cirld, or any epech of which 33 .'
complete knowledge May be desired. ,
In the execution; of .this•plan 'the author has been
very successful. Ifie notice of historical events, the'
brief, are lucid and satisfactory; and he - traces the
connection of effeclituld cause with singular acunien
and genera with mostl corrinaeudablelieedom front
partiality or bias; thus supplying a very good idea
of the philosophy ofbistory as well as the foctswhich
history records. Is . tt word,. the work will be found
invaluable to the gen#3l reader and a very useful
help to the 'student ',; ; -
Complete in two. Volumes, large octavo, with en
gn.wings, $4; An edit on in paper covers, complete,
imitable for roailiup43., , ' - •': . .
DAN 1t1;., AbEE, Publisher.
• _ ... .
107 Fulton street,
LeOitocd• Scott dic co's,
. • FORMN:
The above Terecabo are reprinted in
immeditifeliron: mrairival, by the ifritish;Rteata
eis,-in a beautiful dear typi, on fine •lvhite 'paper,
and are hithfal copies ef.theorighnds—Blackisood's
Magazine hohyg an esectfac-sirmiie of the Edinburg
edition. • f . • -
_Prices of the.,E,eitnino t ure , hisi th an one.t. d r a ,
of those of the foreigw,copieti,' and ivhiie they
i are
equally well gotupl , therniford all that _advantage
to the American over,:the Eagiish, reader.
;::TERMS; 1 •
raystarr RULDR XR ADT/1.14CZ.
F o r any one'of the (Out; Reviews, $3,01) a year.
For any two. - .5,00 ~4 4.
For any three,'. 7,00
For all four the tee 44
. 1
For Blaekihned'altuunts, ' • 3,00 r ".
For Blackwootland a four Iteviews,lo on
I Remittances and' onuttuoientions mustbe Made,
"In Mimi; Witheitt'expens, 0, 1 ihe rublishers.
former inaf idWayaine,done through a' roam:taster,
by handing him theMniniiitto he. reniitted, taking ,
Gtr receipt and Au-Warding the - reeeiptly
,paid; or the money stay be enclosed in aletler,
post-paid, di re cted bathe publishers, ,l
1 •-• • Alirevintnikatiatts *boat be bareisid eiest
LEONARD' sc.arrot6 004 Publishers,
• , 1/2 Fulton street,-Newtirk.
'OIIIIWI 11101111404 7- *Ythiiiiii*O",: i!tiOr •
r 4 11. 1 04 1 000.0itiT: WOW ,
L Tbe .*P 4 M II4 . O (*TVINIr4I44: it
jaherelittli iiii4 - 110 1. 44 1 FePn0Pioi, ilk the ,
r01.40 , 04 . 0010r,
FO/41 8 k
. .
4 1 . - S : -114444401:1010ga , I
t:'1*01110,;" 1)6141.!fi , 400 kt