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A i Fali, MHO bir. a PaaSher. : .
The ersey Shore Republican contains a
long n :ount of the death of Dr. RIENNALD,
forlllEly of Williamsport. It appears from
t he sta enient that he was a respectable
Garda phisician, and resided in Liberty,
Tioe . unty, Pn. He was found dead in
a stnnl valley of the -Blockhouse Fork deck
on Su !ay, the Oult. He had left his resi
dence, 'a the Blockhouse, on the Morning
- ..
of the : dof December, with the intention
of risiti..g a pntient who resided on Little
Pine', c ; ek. The woods through. which he
had to :ravel.were infested by wild beasts
of pr r py and it is believed that a panther
must lt ve attacked him, as he was most
shockitigly mangled. His entire face, With
'the- dheek bones, were turn off' ; the bone of
the tin. er jaw. was unbroken, but stripped
of all c overing. The throat, and' part of
t h e r i g i ' side of the neck, were torn away,
and till he erring was stripped ()tithe col
l a r hen* down to the bone of the right arm,
which tas at the shoulder laid bare. Tour
or fibe ibs were torn out, of his right side,
and nit nuance made through his body, in
the-di • don or region of the heart. His
gnn la! ix or eight feet from the body,with
one bar el discharged.
El. i is proposed to erect in Pottsville,
pa. an i sylum for disabled miners, and the
canal lc- d railroad companies have been
nti pe-
1 0
etle -by nearly. all the operators in the
region include in their rates of toll, one
cent pekon, to be appropriated to the erec
tion of ,
uch at institution. The proposi
tionsw i ; favorably received by both compa
nies, a t they have asked the requisite au
thority rf the Legislature to make such -ap
propria.ion. .
PRE: y GOOD FUN.-A Taverner was
heard t' say the other day that liquor was
the be-1 kind of property he held—,-if he
could readily get the cash fox: it, - he al
ways k'ew right where to turn it. -
For the People's Advocate
C ital Puutshatent--Ne. b.
To the ditors of the Ageocate :
I hay no wish to enter into the disc*
sion oft e controversy that is now exciting
our co munity ; but as-my opinions and
feeliags , re against the punishment by death,
offer f s the consideration of Biblical critics,
the full wing..; suggestions, with a full and.
fixed' de ermination of listening calmly and
pntieuti,_ to any remarks in reply ; but with
out SU cting myself to the necessity of yin
(heating my own views by further investiga
tion, or ; esearch.
To all the' arguments against taking life
for criut , it is replied: we have no option !
it is the ivine law! it is our duty, not Ito
speculat,, but to obey ! Let it be proved
that a andate lies issued and that is an
end of t; e controversy. This I understand
to be Jo Jessup's view. Now We hare only
to reme.iber, in such a case, that the Bible
is one tag and our notions telt another;
and as ire divisions of Christendom, and
even of 1 he Jews themselves, differ essential
ly, mid II claim to be right, and each sect
1, fund; d with cast research mid ability.—
lie that down the most will be far from con
tideat, . cause lie knows best how little he
does k ;w. _Theological controversies, pis
evide` t from .reading the book , of JO,
ed from the earliest ages, and wire
bare cx
with as much acuteness, as much
nitud, b
thought, and as much energy of
him and his friends, under the
be !dumean Emirs, as they have
ten:, o
in profcssingCliristendoin. Ju olge
f I understood him, insists that it
r guide in all our relations, social,
:,t1 political, and that it may he used
. in the days of Galileo. and
s, to retard the progress of science,
ar • and indubitable evidence is
ty - r bee
~ to . he
ma-al, a
7; (lIT as
C lamb
anal cl
award that they are nut contradic
ice: be sustains the divine, right of
'ors —'ll
, Iline r
the clergy formerly sustained the
ht of Kings; and he thinks psyco
id investigation ought
ourOgedn As the - titco st pious and
wound in : .doctrine, of all sects,, now admit
the ha iony of Scripture with the discove
ries of s , "aence, both sides should regard their
been cot: lusiorns with distrust; or, at least,
charity or each 'other should be inculcated.
In the r reek church the Bible is held to
sauctio , despotism, but not to require .the
OuttiOnittent of death : in republican eoun-
Ines it ii exactly reversed. And in England
where t crime of Tamar (Judah's 'dough- .
ter-in la ) wits -branding or burning in the
fiwe o foreltend ; it 'was , and I believe; yet
,s tit t, thatthe thmtnand, " let her be
bn ”. imply means, not burnt to death,
but titer y branded. Now whether the Scrip-.
tures ' ha e produced the practice, o r the le
„Till pin ce produced this construction of the
:!criptu , in thitse different countries, I
leave. quote , the fact to show the differ
ent %liel that site most learned men entck-
Lim. I 'ld, the doubts that arise as to the
enrretn ss of each or tiny of these constuc
tions,lw tdd snake me, extremely cauticius . if
I fver6 %member of the legislature, of -put
up; its jilopardy any immortal soul, without
the clemilit evidence of a'divirie iimndate.
The ey. Dr. Cheerer, who is the ablest
tiy,te a t I have yet read forthe punishment
of deittit admits that "Abe argument from
.'" cli f"`” 19 flowewitat !ignited," its *hole
strength ..pecondensed into a single . verse;
this Itee Bs - ,6,4,;t4e citadel of „our.orgunient,
caffutiat ing iiiid - sweenint ithe4rhole sub-
-- _ ..,eping 11,
believe Biblical eriticah generally,
t-iipabito. f c/earn.iss ind'fullnesr,
- ivao priligneisive froinHMoses to
not; front Adam to -.. Moses; and
1 - 11a1(. - ngier:.tmen Oaken - in the
$. or 'd i iiii- ;Ability “to- Wake,. wise
t ti, Dn . through faith in. Christ," by
isaasiMiAtatitis. litogressive now
lvllys hovel:me:l4nd yet are omuy
lof them iniolved,it obscurity; :but
iral impremicut or Man's imMtoSP-'
soothing to :our *lobes and , our
s led .tim,tti believcthif in them'ire
More Mai ciiktylcOlulnentatore;
groture ages. inny Aintw from th em
11ight than ouraehres,i ''TO go back
lippearts to we to lic '- icsoking,f4the;
tong the fiend: - --
- -
prfipkist.l thb: tytt4 o we co to
roAnelitlani : Ckto.,ix/44.:10i al
f which in the ihrigumlirou be,
tdmi t h
'PS ehitio
r” raid
. •
unto nil
a fin
Thor • a
_e •
our =en
hopes, h
may rea
anti dial
yet n
"Sheliding the blood of, mao,..litAcm,•his
blgod 'ltolliedi l i*: ! .:f . "bY :man iiii/Mattd - is, or
will, orldielFtekshed.;" , 'Now 1 o,ot must
be jobv i to - tis-io any' capaitity tktly,'tiyeb a
sentence` is,' ig ' the - English language,
scarcely. intelligible. It conveys no mean
ing, * and theretbre / our • tranislators thought
themselves justified in rendering it "Whom
sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his WOW
be shed." : And this is about sis.nntural, and
probably or near an approachlo the truth as
we shall get ? but it is not certainty.
verb in the last clause lof the literal trattsla
tion-is in the form used for eitherthe present
Or future indicative; it is sometitnes used
in this form instead of the imperitive, and
sometimes stands for it; but this is far from
from beingialways the case; and 'whether
it does here,. or has only _the force of the fu
ture, as it has in Cain's assertion, " Every
one thatndeth me shall slay me," depends
on the s u bject matter the contest. Of course
we cann y t tell, whether the sentence is a
I comma'
, an assertion, or a prophetic an
nunciati n. The phrase translated "by
man," i the Hebrew "h' edam," the word
" edam, ' preceded by the letter " beth,"
which, eons also, in, among, with, &c. A
very,dis biguished Hebrew scholar says the
preposit on "by" is properly represented by
the lett ' 4 ' mem ;" and if he is correct, it is
very do btful whether the blood to be shed,
is to be shed by man. John Calvin says,
the ren ering of" b' edam" " by man," is
"a for ed construction," arising from the
difficult es; 1 suppose he weans, in which
the sub ' ct is involved.
- The Septuagint,. Greek version, which
was ma 1 elabout three centuries before the
coming of IChrist, and, of, course, only em
braced he Old Testament, approaches ra
ther. ne, rer in a literal translation to our
commo, version, than the one I have quoted
from tlit Hebrew ; and it is not at atrial
probable that from this same source our
translation of this verse was obtained. It
would 'Mad literally, "He sheddeth (that is.
' he who sheds') the blood' of man for the
blood his will be shed." The Samaritan
copy ofttlie sante translation has it thus—
"for th.p man his.blood will be shed." The
presentiVuhr e' ate was published fi rst in 1590,
after Pepe Sextus V. had collected the most
ancieratlMSS. and best printed copies; had
surinnoped a conclave of cardinals, nod in
vited an assembly of all the learned ince
throughout christendom to their,assistance,
had pre,'sided over the whole hiniself. He
deciareil it to be the only correct translation,
and pit lisped it, with as severe n denunci
ation o t
all who,questioned it, as Judge Jes
sup !lei issued now, against those who differ
from On ; and-yet, only two years after his
death, pletnent VIII. published another,.
with in(re than two thousancrvariations, and
pronounced it correct; with the same anath
emas .lid the same sanctions. A literal
iranslaf on of the Latin Vulgate, in the case
noir' be ore us, is "Whoever sheds human •
blood, is blood wi ll be shed," making no
allusioqi“ to any agent. Martini's Italian
version4has it the same, There are some
eight o# nine different versions of this Bible
that cciijicide with his; one.of Michael-Ser
vetus, published in 1.542. I know that the
Vidgat I is not considered the best authority
by ,PrO l stout Divines,but asthe translations
of itJ trite all made without any reference to
this%qutistion ; no apparent motive existed
to depart from the truth, and surely in this
colour* and under our institutions, Catho
lics 'have as good a right to be heard as any
other sict—indeed many of them are as
zealouti for the death penalty as Judge Jes
' sup liilself. In DiOdatis' Italian version,
the verse we are discussing is ” the blood of
him wltn sheds the - blood of man, WILL be
shed oilman." The French Bible in corn
' shed
use, and 'Which Judge Jessup, if he is
a member of the American Bible Society,
asSists to distribute, has it in this way " who
will shid the blood of man, in man, his blood
will 4 poured out"— e vidently referring to
the mahner of 'the first lite-taking,-and not
to the who is to punislifor it: The
Hugtienot translation, which is probably the
edited, by Junius and Treinelius was
• lung Referred to this, especially by Calvin
ists, air being most consistent with their
views, math yet it Tenders this passage exact
ly the tame as the French Bible !•-4! 'Email.
uelSs*denborg renders the text, "He who
sheds the blood of man, in man, his blood
I shalltie shed ;" "placing the crunma, as it is
, in:the Trench version, after the worth "ire
arui." t Blaise Paschal who is, I apprehend,
a bait* authority than Judge Jessup, or any
1 •
other 4 have quoted, cites the passage as
IgiVfiii hi the Vulgate, and after discussing it,
,add) tips important conclusion: " This gen
era; piphibitiou takes from man all power
-oVer the life of man; " but still be is in favor
of tto !punishment: of death, and seeks to
jusifylliudicial executions, and war, by sub
r seque4t!divine emOrnands. Fabre D'Olivet
Lone of4fie, best schOlars in Europe translates
'the la 4 clause of !the sentence, - "through
man bill blood will be shed." The Manager
of : the fJewish sehotil in Paris, who has late
lypublished nue*, Version of the Old Tes
tament, makes it "wi ll he shed." If I ivas
Alit as hamed to ' fill a newspaper with theol-;
coy; Irrould mail:4lly these authorittes, but
here are ten or twelve distinguished Hebra
istir differing from nor common version, and l
not one of them Makes the ; verse a clear
comni imL , i
• I lipe,,it may trot be necessary : to appear!
ih . yout
,columns main, because the people
gienerally will be tired of the subject, before
theologians get halt through.
• L 1 . . z or. the People's Advoeate.
Metisrs. Editorsi: For the consideration
of your readers, plfine give the following a
place in your papi4 „ D.
The IwOrd ondisonsus Government.
IloMansl3th 1.45;," Let every map be
sntjeei unto the higher powers., For there
is ci power bat (if , God. ';'Whopover, there
foie, reSisteth the power,- -resisteth the or
didianle of God, and they that resist, shell
receive unto theniselves damnation; - For
riders Ore not a terror to gaol:Um:As, but to
the evl; Wilt thOu then not_ be ,afraid of
the p owers? Do:that which is good, and
thOulalt - have praise for the''saine::-,:Tor
*is t minister 0-God to -thee - Airjok
Bit ' TIMM, do that which is evil, iie . l riiid ;
foi:Milmareth-not-the- -*word ini vain ;-,, for
I. ls i ct i r - mi ll i l iter:a God, a revengef to az
eclit(443l upoWhin that doeth Evil".
Skakiall . atWa liasalle, a Jute diAtinki ;oh!
et6rilier se7s, " iiitt in the ecnisesofioy
inidinionntiwhliini perfect waiscriptiacof
*AI nOaref; 1 0 - 4 4 4 4 ilhii , ‘OPOqie:-sn'd the
iteArOf.niiil `government,,. kn- Igor Aini.i, a
dinplin in we find in the first six ieries of
, . ...:,
slot iotintry,- iMt'w
yto alf, , Alits aPtist A
he of civil anverei 1.!
fistilem k w _,
; and
c e of a truth wine!
en Itrthose who c ,
headers that th -
' Weis: the true. p
, i; individual ma L
ht of ;self-govern
r origin of personal
1 .etitc Capacity, de
, viol government:
his ordinance—
, The'delign of 1
, of societilie
o iod- . This pro
f r aa, and the t
p —slag evil the n,
i n : . timed with ye
d 'I., ri revenger t,
i s , c believe, is a
xt, ,nd although tl
• nt ' ler subject, it is
nu own- The i
, ec ' red 41 be God
h a , the instrume
not ,e rod of :disci l
of ,traint, nor the
y, t the sword,
r does he wea
nt 0,,116 person, or
the . • urpose of inti
fort capital pools
tt H., .ireth not tl
bar ' eri.too, in wl
bene, g the sword, .
flicti • of death. , I,
e ref , lotion of th,
nger : etectite wr
rum t :.; passage, t
lit w ' di the othe
of Go, t , :hed upon i,I
questions of
ject trefore
society 1 thee;
ortance it
Do we as'
nptures tel
made m
d for hi
It was not
helpmeet for; ini was pro
the origin ors' ' itty. D
for the origt , of gover 1
meets us ng sad info
God's ordina e—" the . I
ordained of ." And d
has God best ". ed on his
m 4
inent, the !PIO: to to
murderer? th '",en,wer is
Of the inspire ••iPaul, " H
sword in vain. 7...11V0y, the
when they • d(inileer thi
themselves to* carried o
of God's worikto ie left I
i l
wilderness of it del spec
to Voltaire and `
ercario I
pies of crimilitiAjurspro I
may have Mote Ind Pa
tors ? Why likirried
sy in pathy fur: the nn.rder •
danger of forgeticne :he .:.1
tnitted, and thectred he I
a Republican ddtatry li
magistrate is th# repres • 1
of the popular:* regnt
the mane of the merit
should also reme rth
inter of God for g to ,
is officially as we 0 per
ble to Him for 1 i• rid
went of death ha n itn
to a future stater: I: br)
speedily before I*h r o'
'infliction, the tnalOs:ra te
ter of the 'divine vikeni.
nod there retnainig no pc
send any otTetiderAym ev •
at. once for his criniiiii at G
Santa Anna at 8.2 LI
passed Victoria ikiiiu
The Clergy reftier
bution required- - t
to Anna projecte
et resigned—Ver
id, and but little It
Blockade invade 7 (
.Ship. :
WASIIIN7 4 , 1
Havanna dates to; t,
Charleston, furnish 4«!
Mexico, received by du,
et from Vera Cruz. 3
Santa Anna still tilez
with a force of 22, ID,
it is stated, had left h !r
had passed Victoria', r
was supposed to be ore ..
The clergy of Mex
tribute the eight mill
.raised by them,. and .1
against Santa Anna, ..C!
a pronunciamento agai"
The new Cabinet, It
all resigned.
Great jealousies ext.- .
ous Generals, and me.
organization prevailed
Vera Cruz was gi
3000 troops, and were
pecting an attack from
On ihe . 2ul of Febi
1000 men in the Castl4
Iy supplied with provi
formed thought that tl
be very feeble&
A number of vessel.
along the Mexican eimst
hie cargoes nt the varickt
Freud' ship { richlYfrm
tared after being once
The mail' brings. Ne%
the 11th, but they eontai
Explicatory or Mx.
SENA,Te. , —It is deeply n
majority of the Senate a
have felt'themselves so
communication which
in Washington Unioli,
&lune that certain , Sent
ntive to the Mexican'wa
to expel frowthe:Senat
erable editor„of the 117tti
Esq. It strikis wilts a' ,
on the part of grave Se)
vengeance on- tin-edito
should be employed in
to enable- =the itdatinini
the . war with vigor.. W
cAteg ntoti .oueive ; u
'we 'moat beertileiiep
we care not from Whet
winch him fw objec
thiviiimpleneent , alrstiriw
by our -WOOpirton
If draoitok kb l icither
.irei; (to . .use,the Aanguage of
their aged alother*llo ditlle&baluild Make
Ibis inquiry,) "in the land of the living t ,".
they, or either of titem p nize cainesdirreq nest
ed to communic;tte With that Mother, Whop.
at an advanced age, itt in straitened eireurn
stances, and needs assistance. Her Sons.
city some twelve years ago, .since
which titneishe has heard nothing of them.
IV" Printers would do an act of kindness,
by. letting this .inquiry go rouud.—Albany
Evening Journal.
rence., ti) any
!th tiliertiat
lays dawn the
ty, - according to
e Words another
never ought to be
i nsider man in his
- revealedl will of
ilosophydesires of go
frOm do v.
cot: Hence the
Hence the imag
e is the minister
this• institution is
' the minister of
dice is the protec
P i Pre al ss
st i :er o e f ig e n v t i y i.
gennce—the min
execute wrath."
tind exposition of
e author had in
perfeetli , applica
agistrate, who is
s minister; holds
t of punishnient.
llinarinn nor the
key of ote prison
he instrument of
it as a mere or
adge of his office ;
nidation, but for
iment of the °lren
e sword in vain."
ich he is present
hows that it is for
is not a corrector
Kinney, who traveled almost alone from
Victoria toTampico, a diitance . uf2soMiles,
in three days, narrowly escaped the strag
gling pafties of the Igesieans do iteVettil'oc
cusions. The Picayonesays of pith i
"He spent part df the night at the otd
rachero of 'Croz, wlire' Sanchez was
tioned with, twenty dragoons ; yet in the
morning he contrived' to give him the slip.
He also succeeded in avoiding Romano fal
con, the man who is reputed to have killed
Col. Cross. At Soto la Marina he found a
company of sixty rancheros. He rode 'at
once to the alcalde-, 'boldly told him that
Gen. Taylor had sent him on a few hours
in advance to prepare supplies, and by this
rush made out to come Off safely--the ran
cheros at once dispersing. Since the Mex
ican war broke out, he his ridden thousands
and thousands of miles through the country
almost alone; his favoriO servant, Catalino,
has been killed, he has been himself beset
and atnicked time and Eignin yet, by his
superior riding, his knoW i ledge of the Span
ish language, hyshis promptness and cour
age he has so far succeeded in-escaping."
criminal, but n
Our reason
ten, is, that 'with
ponions of the
L ,
t seines all the
r i volved in the sub-
CnEAP Porritoz..—We know not when
or where the experitnent of comparative
freedom was ever more successful than it
was in Great Britain under the cheap post
age system. The result it, that the annual
income to government &Om the mail service,
over all expenses, exceeds four millions of
dollari, although letters are carried through
out the iiingdotn for a penny, in advance,
and newspapers for nothing, and both are'
deliveredlO individuals, at their doors, with
out charge;
for the origin of
, us that it is God's
In a social being.
to be alone. A .
lided, and here is
we seek 'further
merit ? the Bible
:ins us that it is
Iquvers that be are
we again inquire,
'ordinance of goy
e the life of tine
FUNlX—'rjhe following table c.intains a liit
of the subscriptions to, the Irish relief Fund,
as fur as they have Wen announced :
Society of'Friends, Philadelphia, 88,977
Amount collected at Walnutst theatre, 500
New York City, 30,000
Pittsburg, ! 2,000
New Orleans, . ' fl
7,000 .;
Washington city, 1 . 200
Reporters ,in CongresS, 100
Hon. Richard Pakeuham, 590
Jersy City, - ' • 1,000 .
St. Louis,i4fo., 1,230
Rochester, N. Y., ' 363
Utien, 750
Church of the Holy Cross, Boston, 5,387
Society of . Friends, Hopkinton, R. 1., 350
Bishop Duane, New Jersey, . 100
Albany,. 1,040
Baltimore 5,000-
in the language
beareth not the
will Christians,
subject, permit
the sure ground
to wander in the
Infirm? Why go
o learn the princi
ence, when they
fur their instrue-
I way by mistaken
1., so as to be in
!rime he has com
as offended ) In
e Our own, the
i ntudve and agent
. He does all iu
wealth. But lie
t he is the "tnin
'n,'! and that he
%wittily accounta
ct. The 'Finnish
, ediate reference
ngs the criminal
, Grud,, and* as
cts as the minis.
'Take it away,
wer in society to
r great, to answer
id's tribunal.
F Rom ;S,AT A Fe.—Dreadful Suferi%
aid Dec:A.—The Boon's Lick (Mo.) Times
fir the 30th ult.,' mentions the arrival of Mr.
Merril, from Santa Fe, out of whose compa
ny, thirty in all , , whidli started the 30th of
November, three were frozen to death, and
several others crippled by frost. The names
of the men frozen ,to death were Barden,
Low, ''
and Thomason , from Buchanan coun
ty. The , company name in on fimot, and
were tifty-seven days on the route—about
tour hundred miles of the journey throtigh,
snow eight inches deep. _
is-. Gen. Taylor
arch to Tampico
rnish the Contri
tion against San
em--11rew Cabin-
!,., 1
4 t
feebly garrison
ce expected—The
# tore of a French
Fe). IR, 1847
lust. received at
*ntelligence from
'val of the pack-
lined at Sun Luis,
li. Gen. Taylor,
Sent position, and
6090 , men. He
way to Tampico.
lad refused to con
,required. to - he
i tl•- • inuch excited
4 voting to get up
CIVIL WAR IN MassAc.—The Governor ,
of Illinois, on the 20th inst., laid . before the i I
House of Assembly, the proceedings of a sI
meeting held in Mitssac; county. These
proceedings state that the Regnlators' are
still pursuing their works of beating, tortur
ing and akusitior, in esery Oossible'vsny, men,
women and cilildren; turning 'them out of
doors in the night time, and destroying their
habitations. The proceedings go on to say
that theyt have lost all confidence in the Le
gislature,l,and they c.llll upon the Governor
to come to their aid on his own responsibili
ty. Theiy threaten, unleis something is
done fur their relief, .to fake the: laws int o
their own hands. A portion of Illinois, it
appears -,?is always to be afflicted with laytr
lessness outrage— r the result of inibecih t
on the pain of the authorities of the *life,
who took no measures to crush such outrages
at the beginning.
'ls reported, had
between the seri
timfusion and dis
fled with only
tQy dispirited, ex
there were but
they were bnd-
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vANA.—A! project is on foot nt New Orleans
to establish a line of steamships between that
city and'Havana, Mid to continue the line
to Charges if ii should be found to succeed. J
Even running . to Chargei, it is believed, that
an would be done, as the
travel to the Pacific is increasing rapidly, 1
and it would all go through this channel in- l J
stead of round Cape Horn, or by the uncer
tain &neigh ' packetsnow in the trade.
RVIISOLLERS • FINrD.-- , ThMe cheers,' for
the ReCarder's Court in'
,ilticti! The Re
corder's Court . did a ;“latid.utfice. husinesS"
in the line of fining rummies in our city last
week, mid in e s upremacy iif ,
the Excise Law. The follaWinging are the
fines imposed, with the, lialtilify of imprison-
Mimi .for six monthsi if they are rnot . paid :
.Win. - W Ison,sso; P. Cassidy, $15:; - Win.
Kirklan ~
$5O; .la es Mapes, $5O; John
Adams, 0; A: W. Latour, 00, ;S. Com
stock,' 4 9; C.' Schmitt,. $7541 Wirt.i DO
vereatlA,,Ps ' ,M. Giber; $ 10; J. CI, Ames,
$10; annal -
,Johnson, $10; IL Glait,,
$10; Ev it O. Jowl. $25 ; John Meguade,
$25 ; A In Kenting; s l
i l
4 ;- D,, L,fing,„:400..;
r.. Moe an, $lO ;"W arner , Or.!0.11y..$110 ;
IH. Maid, 40 10. Total. . $599. Wilson,
who beads the Jir, Owl
,it trial, and the jury
.brotsgth him'in,guitlY Wi ( tlmitt being out five
Minutes, _ Theialieritersons all_earne, far-
Pleaa god Isi!L Tiiii -.7 1v. - ' - iii 7 iii -u n.
i ttiotkaak the Cou . it:atal, ttialietice' •
me. The decided °what& , chit ' ts,
der Baker, and the cold-wateteo; n!
lin thejuri,.bol, suggested --* e
Is anti ' loafers, that iiiei:,,* It
rill and heifer throw thettaselstis
iercy of the courrifstOittaititrialij It i
ht tO Xity that' bflirrg;RO-1 1 %;500P,
OP .caulikt jii I Pitd , :kiel*frr
apsay—are.reSpeetaWe- 'dratOti, 1
ward a
by surp
of Reco
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just as
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is but ju
base ; .;
bad co
mechanical liuriposei, t
tuiedt . vitui procured by a selle
ire lilt: Reidy. 'this is
ph tit iighl..aud Teimeiiiraj
Itch our Country readers m b T talk
on& AmOng, their , sseigh r&-r
-2 4 p, the Clergy find' Laity' othe
Dear Brfthren:—You aye d übtlesti
if Pemosylvalele; : .... . . .
h e,n made acquninted with. he so rowfu[
ti ings of famine and'sore stress which
a uow reaching ; us from
,clifr rept arts of .
E tope, but especially and a ve, aI, froin
u linppy Ireland. The visite ion is t once
s exttaordinary and so !wort hdin ' atito
c. I for special pyer to the Oil of iII met.
c (
~and also fur special libernlity on t e part
of till those who would do gal as tit y have
orOortunity. Pettnit me, the affec ionate
ly Oki recommend that the clergy of t, is Dio
c4e present the case of these afflicted stit
Hers, especially. that of the mishit g poor
offlreland, to the bonsideratim of th it res
plitive congrega6ons; and tit t a ntrilm
ti be made in each church .:t' same early
day, towards their !. relief. Sli tdd this.rec
onliamidation be f complied ith, I would
suggest the morniiig of the fi rs!' Sun in
ch, (being the. third Sundt, in lent) as
th time when this . appeal sb 11 be I made,
an when the offerings of tho ' who would
fi t
d ir
id ;
rvyh down
cethosuuperish,r 1
is o n ti
oeb e i l n j
ye s e adib t
i l
can e g
r b s
Il i i
o: f rn a d f at i
i l e a st
are n d
T r
imes Robins, ! Esq., Tre urer
C vention Fund who i after 41m co
tin , will make silch dispositio of tli
will be likely to tiecuro the ea lest of
git measure of relief.
• ! - AtiONZO POTtni t
Bietop of the Prot. Epis. Chin' iin 1:
WADI:I, Feb.:lB, 1847.
i. , • 1
n compliance with the atm ' *, the
hocollections in the Episcopal hitn.ll
Sl t
quehatinn coua ty, Pa., as llows
iniSt. Murk's Church, N. Mil rd, }i
149 A. Andrew's j" Springville, M 1
iniSt. -Paul's , " Montrosru 1
.to Blessed is the tnan that co sider
polir ; the Lord will deliver hiip in ti
"f krouble."—Ps.; xli, 1. 5
t.But . to do gOod; and to cmu
for et not ; for with such seer Gees
we l pleased,"—Pleb. xiii, 16. I
us t.
B. ' 1) BitEAnt, a di • areeble taste in te mot
ma y other unple tit symptoms, ari alwny
sal of indigestion. Vhen the food , instead
P m rly, Dissolved , iremainv in the tiltoinarl
be tines in
. .a tnann,er,putrified, a dilleterio
cal . Septic Acid,l isgenerated id the
wh h. mixing with the fluid of the ontli, i
not my to given, liad breath, but also
eau e of }wasting of the gumv.atiepo it of t
*I- yell ' teeth . Might' s I n di a' , eget
not- my cleanse the stomach, and ,owels 1
t i
bib: (is and putridhumors; and pelthe hl
the also rtstore the digestiveorg, to a
ton ; and are therefore rertOß, , ,to remcet
bi-- th, and preyentja premature dec yof ,
ember, the o*ly - original, and gennin
Ve table Pills have the written sigtature
Wright, on the top libel oreach bii.x.:§
.41 ,, duts for the sale of Wright's.lntlian VI
Palle Montrose, Mills‘& Shermtuii FM
get •ies see tulvertisement in anotherolurnl
Receipts torsi the Peoples' Advoct
. ,
For thevaiek ending Feb 23, .
G , ... , ° ee
.. i sl,ooipays ti
H. Sherwood;' . 1,001
rin rles P. Chase, ' 1,001 "
D. t. Lester, 1,003 "
Mgt.(' Jones. ' I,ooi • "
Chtfries Wrighter, , ' - 1,001 "
Ch`ies Barstow, r . I,no ',_.
H. V. Stone, 1.001 "
A. V. Harding, ;" 1,00 3 4"
Ric { and Blay, 4, •
1 '
1,007 1 - 1 ,
3e ntiah Martin, ' - 1,001 "
linlbn De Grafi' i' •.; . 1,01 "
Troy, Bradfor4 comity, ou the ' 'lust.
. Pnrker ,M r. tftrast P. Msrmiws. of.
... county , N. X.l, and Miss RzM4ct B.
e former place,', I
Binghamton'. l !N. Y. 0n11ie,9.0 1 inst.
r.. Sawyer, Amoltrr N.• Buta.sno 1p E.
.stns, both of Miontrose. . ;
N Friday, the f2th day of Mar ch. nex
House of Joseph 11. Woolsey, i 4 Jessu
at 10 o'clotk 11. 11,14 will be egad at
Yoke of.Qeeni 2 Corp.
Yearlingi,j • 9 Sheep - ,
Hog, • I. Bob-Sled
'lough, Harrow, Chains an,
usehold Articles;.
errns of Sale.4Five dollars am
t,.Six months t with interest
di. " -
H ' S! HAM
-a,' I LBS. H. SIS wanted it
ig Oth Feb. 1847. , ,
1 .1
( . .i Boxt. Thy 9, 1 1 Bby
I :and 10 14 Glass, ju
fo . pile by L QNS & - Ca.
sktontrose, F b 23,1847 .; ,. .;
. ..
LOVER-SEED, of the large ki
23, IC4!. •
S : *gimbal!" 1 'County, .
l' ILIBLIC NU pi is :hereby ' 'yen
• - .
1 pursuance fit:' l Writ off,P rtitio
f im the 'Orphan's Court ' ; '11 and'
C unty, and fii , the directed, in big'
1 ,1
held for making partition the
i• ..,.",,of Williti 1.,: Hohnes4 1 to of
t.' 1 ushiP. in, 4 05 1 -c.0 1. 14,5Y, iie 'wed
... widow -au& heirs; of -the. id ;
Imes dec'd;' on Wedneida the
"o • lklarcli:neut;:ot, :eleven:: clook
1 1 1
f : 11 . 0 0 11 , ok kiledirernikes ,iii- Gib- •
sl p aforesaid,. accordinuoit le eel
s tidily in "Wady, ease - made' 04 ;
.S • 41. 01estat*,18 1 ) 0 9 0 444 - dOs'i
ft o s, to isit:;,'Situatu'in- said ;
o , Mon, and- bounded 1)71 ads •,,
emietly on' ti e..-Engti o n - . 0 Itlqui
1 : , : , ,leadirii; . 04,,Citiiiiis 4 ;leek
1 t West by; hinds ofiWilliii Tye'
b :the - North - Pr; 'audio(' ,t me : i
!C - 'igtln'PO I 9 'nollninin !'oile`
A, , :shirty 'lie hor Abllre UM,
a . .urtenun 'l.;r4 - i' '' ," -...
, ..,_,,,, :'•, ..A.V.40 lt, ---.
alherilis, t l,.;
tAise,r :i1t.11341. f
- ' f tl4. ,
• I. .
ll l ost]
de w
eir in
on the
94 1 trL
ARE now receiving, Itivgc.nirisritnent. : o
114'.akt, anitAlrititer, GisiOi l , c ivh4,ll 04,
wil hell fOr„Cash,l3arter, or approieii;Cr,..
it, as cheari,ati can be boilibtAit• - towns";;*
Their assortment contitins'a full stook of
Goods 6 0niilli,iept in COuntty
D. 10;1846.-
COLE - n od :UPPER LEATHERRki aitlir
1,3 cheap ehoalth; by $-.'S.
SIMON'S I - Whites, and Burke &Sitar&
Cast Steer Ategl for sate cheap
-warranted first , rate, bY Mok
NEW -'6ooll:lltitT,l4F
WEare tin* t•dceiving large astiortjielit'At
wintei.dooaii; to which' e invite tW•ltttiiii‘''
tiou of our frieniiiarni the . ;
• DRESS - G;4OS4'
SUCH as Cashmeres, - De Lain., Plaidi;Alliseu;
fizea great variety jag reeeivellby • 1 . •
Feb. 3„ 1047
F ROM the enclosure of tbe aubieribdr, on or
the first of ICOverober last, five SHEirkgt,ole.
old Ewe and fourlastaprigpunbs. Whnever vvlit
return said Sheep, or give ' mfartaation wliere thez,Citia:
be found, shell be liberally rewarded.
PETER svaiks(ide.';',
February '3; 1847
v • 1074 S. Ve.l3 Vrt '
BY WARNER Bl.OTH:o 4 itg;
_Of Great Bend, Pa., J i
IS,OOO busbelts- Oars,
10,000 d0.,,18ye, ;
6,000 do.' 'Cora, -
1;000' do. Wheai; ..-
20,000 lbs. each, of butter, ellewie,'Lara, Tag
low, Pork, ibr Which tbehigbeat
price will be paid. •
Great Bend, Jan. 1247. *-
,ed to
.f the
eat as
td lar-
e will
,lies in
A GOOD aisOOmont of Iron.of n4 - ,lFizetk and' des!
criptian, . 13-40t1(11E.
rch 7
I ch 17
th the
e time
;xi B. 9I11141().14-1:ii
Doot S. Shoe Maker—shop hi Saarlea Block;: West
side of Publie,l4vehtte.
oil is
• It ;SEARLE (Sci CO3
A good assortment of Dry . Goodg, Onickneyt linydp
ware, &c. &C., Vest side, of Pabiio Avenue.
lng, and
;f tl i r ei re- n,
until it
S laid,
1 certain
he true
..t and
Dealer in Stovesi Hardwire, bry boddo ' Welk
aide of Public Avenue. -
LYOIS & CHANMERi . •• i t
Dealers iu Stationery, Dry;Q,
&e. &c.'—Eastside 'of .Public Af rennet
le Pills
from all
Sod, but
^e a bad
m teeth.
.111ERR.ILL & ROOT, t -
Dealers 'in 'I - iats; Caps, Furs, Plough. Paints,',.474-;"c•
West side of Public Avenue..
Stilt continues the Blacksinithingbusinesi In its 'Tail
ons branches at his old Stand near Kenler's sera
f Wm.
Attorney at Las-, at the obi office a fat''. rode wait the Colitt-tiouse.
. _ _
I getable
lather a-
Cabinet aud.Chair.Mal.hig: Also Sign. And. Nig
Painting, Turning paper . gin
Hang, &c.
liis old stand on Turnpike st. ' , -
No. 74
.•. A. CHAMBERLIN ; i ;
Attorney at Law, Offioe ocer-tite§tore of.L L> Post
& Co„ co • er of Public Aveone and "TurvOikia,t.
" 52
" . 52
.. 52
• " 6
Physicians Surgeons. Office,• west side lef
_the '
Public Avenue ortithe Store of R. Searle 3. co.
E. S. FAIT.E. - G. Z. Dtmo•s. .;
it 76
.. ,
..• ALNES *. LOCKE, '' --- r i
Yashiotuibl9 Tailors, - over Meiril S. Ro4,iiti IfaiStiore. 1
. ,
Groceries, ; Fruits,, Confectionaries; Druga,-1!4,
Paints,roils,:tutd.o., - necks..:
Fanner's Stnre: A genett;l variety of goodisalwiya
• ott door below the residenetiatJtidger
Post, .
:by Eld.
I ichols,
,LT Mc-
MACK &: ROGER ___ ilt
. .
Coach, Csrrisge,iind Sleigh Manufacturers, oil Twit-
Pikestreet;, tiflthei, old Bean.litcy itasid, are ready
to serve euStinners:in the most ratricdsti4of-the
nge. , .'l.Artitles in' ut li n e Tconstiiiiiii o'4 ifOr
sale, and reintinit done On short notice. , _
at the
. .
Dealers tity Goods, Crockery.,:Grocgtieit,liiinere
Togls, &c. &c, East sitie,:Eublic.Avcitue.
DR. 11. SMITH, , 1,
DEICTIgT- r —ets Teeth On dold:Plhteusiperfor;:s
all operatfOus on the teeth in the Leg. -Calk
'be found at -L I Searles' on .11dtsndays and Tuei.
days of each 'smelt.
Physician, Surgeon, & Accauchicr. -Beakknee-No.
9., Broadway, (-opposite tbiillitiitist Clanrch;) Jackson
*-• '
Fashionablo !Tailor—Two doors peloir?oe
Cheap „floc*, !bribe' Peciple 7 A.Publii 14st
Bide. I ;
0, 11
by 12
M. 1
I, for
e by
LER. t
ai 0 4;4'1431k
4iitifit4ll4 Pilk; OffiCe Cce*igthes4llllArthe
Crirt Tome
$?•',. 1 111 , ,, .V:i• 41,6- brie
' 4.' 5 4 .11iiivt•- - - wiel:- *Rif of ru l e.
, . Kiiglite, InTier• - ike,lBl4o or;,t§i 'M 11111 :- 92 , , ,z , --.—..,-. •
•''''VX - " r 4 ' JERitt, L
Dealer in try Goods, Deaneries, DOaltavt'r , = . l l 4, • -
and Bookbitalar..-leet ale of Pub l 44
el. OST
•<• , .. 4
Dc araWarti,
Tubho Avenue nett,
' -
the a pstlo:torem, 34,
Cill on us still o gi e ; - ! - 4 1" - Ii"''''
; •
-40 Run • retiah-t - t AVI„b 4O
'at - his - sUpg4 . § . 9ohortlietiinoug - h.:
where he will- be-happy te'wkiit on . Oustinners. •
ron Fonuars, and Flog,* Milikfiktneer*-40intat
tlre old'stititOrArl*' rtkid,6i9* of jr
'l 4;