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: i . poctro.
By B.44Utt. LOVER
erc is a certain German superstition that when
deu silence takes place in a comP4nY, a4.az44
tit v ibment,makes a circuit around ' them,' and
~ rs r person who breaks the silence- is supposed
r 1
e been toadied by the wings ofthe seraph. ts:-
.e purpose of poetry, I have thought two per
ask a prefemble to many, in illustrating this very
a tit
s., ful superstition. ' • ' ' , „
Wh i :en by the evening's quiet light
There iittsin silent lovers,
They: say, While-in such silent plight,
.S a angekp
rud them hovers;
Z Ansi further still old legendstell— ~
The first who breaks the silent spell,.
To say a soft and pleasing thing,
Hath felt the passing angel's wing,, l•
Thus a musing minstrel strayed' " ;--....i
By the summer ocean,
Gaffing on a lovely
With a bard's devotion:
Yet hislove he never spoke,
Till now the silent spell he broke,
The hidden fire to flame did. Spring.
Ftuin'd by the passing angers wing
I have loved The well and long,
With love of 'heaven 4 s'own making!
This is not a poet's song;
But a true heart's spealting:
I will love thee still nntired!..
He felt—he spoke—as otie inspired '
Thr words did from truth's fountain spring;
unacrakened by the angel's wing !
&Mice oe'r the maiden fell,.
Her beauty Indio- puking ;
And'by her blush he'knew full
The dawn of ieee was breaking.
It came like sunshine o'er his heart!
He felt that they should sever part—
She spoke—and oh.'-the lovely thing
lia4 felt the passing angel's wing.
Tile Child's First Grief.
iOh ! call my brother back to me !
1I cannot play atom: .
be summer comes with flower and bee—
Where is my brother gone I
.0 butterfly is glancing bright
Across the sunbeam's track :
care not now to chace its Hight,
Ohl call my brother bad;
.e flowers rim wild—tbe flowers we sowM
Around our mien - tree.: " •- • • •
ur tine is ariaoping with its load—
Oh call him back to me !"
He would not hear thy voice, fair quid ;
He may not come to thee; .
he face that once like spriK-time smiled, j
On earth no more thoul't see,
irose's brief, bright life of joy, -
ivStich unto him was given ;
—thou must piny alone, my boy !
Thy brother is in heaven."
And has he left his birds and flowers 7,
, 1
And Must I call in vain 1 • i
ind through the long, long summer hours;
I Will he netc.curteAnain 1.
hy the brook and in the glade,
Ard nll bur wanderings o'er T
! ir4htie my brother with me Owl&
had loved him more !"
• .
A 'CALL Olt MRS. POLK. ' •
i. 'a 4ecent visit to Washington,' I took
e :betty of walking to the Presidential
se, 'unattended and . unreeommendedl,
'din plain, republican style rang the eri.
4e bell, so/us.' Quickly there appeamd
tre thior a good looking, fresh complex.
•4d sertant, w'ho politely awaited y do
. He was not an Aratiicitn, at` in
*man, resembling an English= . , e*
in the well.known, brogue.:. Riii man
erNvas easy and unassurnMg, ind ic ating
iirity with the duties of bis office, and
diness to represent the good Will of an
•rican President. A different. character
o old Jemmy, the steadfast porter of the
al Ce during the reign of Andrew Jecksoo.
~ my seemed to have a kind heart, d'or he
bo;is an Irishman,- butAie was awkward and
niolisbed, not very particular in his•dress;
. 'overstocked with urtrinity of speech; fa'
• (sally when a visitor made, an, unncessa,rj
thition of a consciousness that lie tins
of the sovereign people, of right dematii
ito see his principal servant--the Pre4
t—or to.louk at th e . stately morns of the
' ite Douse . But when treated with reti
' dl Words, like his famous master. none
a more aeeommodating; He - always,
. k even, seemed to begrudges the time of
.-,President, and •,was•habitually positive,
h: a b .c0u1.4 :ay ,to ,the,caller:,t!•_,Tbe
r;sident is engaged with'the,Cobinet." ;.. i
1 ' : QM I see Mill Polk," leas the sign*
u, - ,.tit til
inIT put on'this ocension the Pot
t! 'Nis is not die regular- day , Whet'
'ilstrA' l he ~ • "b u t, :
, - ---7-Yes e°thPlatti's!rf .:4epitetl,
; —a' id' surveyed me with a k i.,,,i, 04
. not knowing exactly what to saynext,
1 , ' Lthserveil, " perhaps- - Mis. Polk will,
'tire 'me to ':iter private, parlor :Ili little'
e • li `l•!"T'cqt•l!anle -Orr 44-S!hfriied'
r- - ---7 ) of ---7;''l. replied . ,frii=rbid.
waif[ into ihe`•trestibule; -arid Wirth:dirt*
red through' a aside door, thilitilidekly ti.
• , , e d, and ushered me into.g.4srkiva
!he Iries of elliptical - ropmsdevoir4 tO
eren liiirpoiseir. , l l tiiiik'n t y 'leg Onime
he richly eitsitiotted.Vrignum . _ 11 44 .- Vittit_ .
' • i g -al pas* of the Aegis& I furoitimseettue
i' 1' P.ftti: 4ll iO4'4,4 l *,tig#o4J9 l , -,berJattli
.J, ,
t., -
Effie c:1 ,Ir . . 1
_,..._.. L ., cl.,
Uitnp * 11001r Men - Fr'ell Ur W
l';'s '''OriffiPPOtkrithtilWith4loll4,
'd' it kragefelt iiipplile off
givicofie. *a ol Alolol.,i,leitiMlG
er of a comrsTlp,—tWr.l**
• 4
111 0 ti •
•1;.1 ,
.-ri,i 1 .1i.i.iF.71 .:-1,1,-,41:21-i71:1:11'i
.= ei fi 4e EVERY DaI'EIiENCE I
: ~„. •
.. , ,
`Prilk'beant'hei'lnitto i rs' Meekly - , and iurelly
it^ii no mean eleVatitin :to ' bed the'Wife lof 'itn
iMperica,n•Prpaidint ;:an elevation to'Which
Aaiuty feid: atnhlembitiotts, rtspiratintic are
donhlle.stir!etlyi cherished in the ; biiisoitts
Offiigh"-mcp_ded,AWiericati 'fenutles, but which
°Olt tine nniflriftlithen can enjoy.
filni:, Polk; may'Atie considered a felicittuts
ispeel Mot of tha genteel American lockt.•who
without artificial airs, without any assumed
SlEiiellneas of mariners, witjmut any anabi
-tt,iSs ornamennt '.l dress, exchanges' the
'CoUrteiks of . priv r t life, and demeans her
self in public with! sincerity somewhat rare
in the current, cirOies of fashion. 1 canna
but; think that the:basis of her style of char
acter., is laid in, , a true and unaffected piety.
Stni t is regular in her attendance op divine
wohthip, and; lon the Communion- of .the
Laid v e Supper. In this conversation she
expressed her greet delight, among similar
things, in living recently witnessed,. and
welcomed the-admission of three or four in
teresting yonths to the Communion of the
;Chiprch (Prtisbyterian) of which she is a
member% I, .
I, -Ott looking at my watch, I found that
!more tha half an hour had glided Away,
land Apo! giting, I bade our lady of the
-White H use !r* by e. -a ndde pa rted.-- Co.r.
of the N. Y.' 09m. Ada.
t '
‘ i
! ;
PBY razn. CREEL!
'.ll - 6 sure your sia shall find you ouL.7-13imuc.
The folloWing story ish fearful continent
on the above passage of Holy Writ. h The
Writer feels that he has trodden (indelicate
ground. While penning a lesson fdr -his
young fellow' citizens, he has not itttempted
to bring any political notion into, disrepute.
He has striven to show up some facts that
were connected ;with that awful
'Were it not for the respect due to the riumi
!-verS of those, concerned , lie would have git
• •
en 'more beim', developments. With the_ par
tizan cries lof those limes the story bas - noth•
;tug to do. • Its moral - is the fearful .eonse
itiuenCes of youth,raising their hands in vio
lence againseach other.; and it is' well
known !heti t he direst part of that dratun was
enacted by lybuth, for whose acts no political
party was responsible. ' •
; j ' •
" Rank ler home, - Ned. Seven fingers
and three s ugs, will be about enough for
Brogan: : The deuce take Jack fur losing
the bullet rridulds, say." • ,
" Ditto ; forthenits my sentiments," was
the reply. Noir for the , Brogan." • The
y, °unman. raised !dailies* and fired;
" Bravo ! well done 1" exclaimed his
comrade, " how the, son- of the soil reels !".
This was Mo true:. ' The deadly weapon
had beets tootaithittl in its mission, and thy
Irishman fell dead' just as he raised hip
gun to perfottin for some other, what the
young rioter had dope for ; him. 3 fearful
yell broke•frem the 'king man, and, in a
moment his 'spirit was in - eternity.: De
spatched by he hands of an assassin him
self had gone to give up his account that
Bar from whose deqision there is no appeal.
Ned Can+n wls a stout young man,
`whose sole exiStence 'was centered in the
one idea, noimriety.° To gain this, eonsis
tmcy was barriei. Albiet hisfathiir and
mother were an liottes4 worthy and indus
trious couple, yet' he-was ashamed of them;
and that forsooth bkanse they were Irish.
Ned consideted hirrfself wondeKully patriot
ic in „embradir , n every opportunity in ,vilify
them. -•
Load again, 144."
• i" I can't , Vill, there's no ammunition."
"Then we mu4litake stones," was the
1 111 31 Y--: Wh44,Nedi l ; what's that .blaze I"
lurid light broke on the countenancepf
the outlaws, and a !momentary - cessation of
hOstilities ensued. f
1 “By the Pope, Will, it's old Augustine !
How the fire goes! 41.urrah t another mass
house is.gping to pat:"
Both the piing d esperadoes , yelled with
Saesilegiciwajoy ) as the . nobli; church of Sty
Augustine *tut rapiillY becoming enveloped
in flames.- . The noble tdifite stood in the
midst of thelney climtat, like en ancient
martyr. _High oveo,the curling • wreath of
Baines steal, the pillared dome., The while
ciiiiiiiini'that'siippcifted it shone in the red
fight,.as if indestruiStible. " Now a rumbling
crash itrikes - the ear; the Proof ,givei way,
and the beautiful thane, with its columar
drapery, sinks intoits firey;bed, lost to.mor
tal ( gaze. 4 loud cry rose on the sound of
the falling edifice, 4 titt as iimbolical of the
fie 'acid derkilnislion 'of that infuriate
.mass, , rhirkly Swelling; ascended the black
and 3tondy suloke:' The beautiful building.
was,agrievutni moment of man's capability,
when his Paision rap and ,reason slumbers.
The'lliscripthia front' Sacred Writ engraven
ou Ilia frontal-Wall, did' - not utterly escape
the scorching fire Viyet enou I . remained to
read,aulawfullesson to-stiy. Enna the pas
sion oflho 173 PPlefithad„nor:utirelY robbed
of moral susceptibility. _ , ,
' —. Williaitelftirliiii ! w h ose ' veritful history
,we are - aliotitiol'renord,'ha , ' even' in the
present tunauhf ', a l stntrk - conscientious
misgivings. :1 Aell Ilk the; ad wimp ofearly
religious Culture ; but by h" father's.deatli
be was early thrownot life' to provide for
l'ArnSeK.+ l ol , in e hic-ocintbatings [with the
World, heibeeme the,vietjat of its vices.—
Ala it44l4itni tit the - ' 01'60 "Tell, lili f i)liant
&I b voice nthe mit4exultauon ai loud
ni.ihe'ltst."'"Thisis tinftliirpriaing; ' 'Can
#sPiencs, though ‘ebity,still: , urged - nit. hini
--4. 1- !!!!9CIFTs,-* *Volt** :Necks: : Ili.
'ecialleiu!ntlY,WVlAbe nit#loolptitOnti.thtti
iiiildight *the* 411* efr4tollllV dit 4ll iit4
ethaiiiik iil*idelirifititi'itipid
lye OW Irber intinkiiiicpasikinedllY
00.. _ 4 , thlkitsiswhildisselFii; diiiiPP o : Bo6l l
4ndi , ',0.e..44.Rid1it0i45, , about, of -, the
rot:-.lie cirtille
6 1sity
buith *tipaliilhe 0 0.4 :Y 01 mi jt i oli f .*
ii#l , 7leLeid=l4itt.'tnltelotliioe-t o i left'.
tobttlitlithni 4 ilitrdikklfelif Mir intitiiii;lo
kliglaiwk- - fritinwreltotetiiike'tkit or visor
Itiktk. It went to his Soul like= en *pais
4411 z
, ~r
, ,
Ht• •:;.
OPpirorr IS, NOT A DIFOEItENCt PRINCIrO.44-3,rriltioid
expressioa of divin:
en, , He tensed in
orgoiwg home ;: be
.was yet 'irife;
eye; and trider , tha
ice , which acemitpa
suspicion )of fear fr
Fesolved tb " stiek-i
The tw . ti rioters
atedby ush of th
he appearance oft
to himself, Hurlin l
to his wife. 'They
young couple; but
since the , weddin !
lashed on his mind
ry of his Wedding,
drawn on 'him the m
of all the torth."
In the ,roo m of
Southwarik, sat a
trouble had marked
a cradle close by h:
uncon.scioils oldie
of its mother, who
candle was endeav
a bare sub,sistance.
ling. Matey an an
to the door. Her,
watching, land her
ty. A noise attrac
to the door. Wh
forbid thnk afiy h
Among thb ineessat
the poortotnan pi,
her husba d.
! , wrath.direet from Heal , -
is Career; he thought
the spirit of outlawry
I eoittimnion caught his
'strot e yr moral eoward
. •
nes guilt, he dreaded
I ro him , and thus madly
out.'' • •
:re accidentally sem
; crowd Occasioned by
le. military. :Thus left
, rekolved to Italian home
ere a young. , a very
one year Thad !elapsed
night.' , The 'thought
I . this - was The anniversa
tid• on that night he had
ledietion of the 4 ' Judge
I; obscure' building, in
young woman, whom
with premature age ; in
:r was a sleepinginfant ;
:. - wilt of its father or wo
y the light of it small
'ring, bysewing, to earn
This was Mary Hur
ious look did She turn
-yes. were • weary with
cart ached with mule-
A her attention again
t a heavy tread ! God
rm has happened !"
It discharge of fire-arms,
!tureilthe dead- body 'of
The (lopr opened
haggard face, I , onn ~
.. Why,' William
wife, us sl e sprang
him. `‘ hat has
and in entered, with a
! Hurling.
exclaimed the young
from her sent and kissed
ept you so long'!"
None ;of your.b
don't fuss lover me.
to kiss, th, re's the
brutal youtig'niant s
to love an# cherish.
The liehrt-strick
Said'a wit retoj
down, bu springin . .
eyes intently fixed , 1
it had piciured tis t
man, he exclaimed]
you foreign curse?
sinking into his sea
wife in altered ton .
me, I feel bad B
ing ; it seems that
ject is pursuing me
him V,' The-, you
spoke. • •
- The wan Tonkin .;
and involuntarily ej
~ Like a,.iigeri pou
the wretched man
Clutching her by
frail being -in his 1 ,
face turned lived al;
bold, and the poor
shwas, so sit down and
If you want anything
baby !" exclaimed the
her whom he had vowed
n . vrife took her seat, nor
. Her husband also sat
&mu his Sent, with his
n what hisitroubled spit-
I le image of a murdered
" Why gaze on me,
Did I d 0 it?" Then
again, liCiaddressed his
" .slary, don't notice
y head. is almost whirl
me bloody looking (b
-and 1 can't get rid of
g tiro trembled as he
!. wife, gazed intensely,
ulated •• is it murder!" .
ging on tilt prey, swank
n his helpless.
ie throat, ; he held the
asp till F i er once fait
d dark. Be relaxed his
mature fell to the floor.
" Good God!" e
double murder!
now luive.killed in;
claimed the ‘vretch," A
have killed a man, and
wife !"
He raised the lif.
f tears Kissed he
and her first words
"•God forgive. A
'less mass, 'and in a gush
Slowly she revived,
" Anteit,:Mary
for Ins soul is stained
" What," eagerl l
blood I 10114. Willi.
In a beiwilderinel
to pacify his wife.
that nothing was t
troubled him,; that
But all W no pun, . 1
concealed as well
harrassed her brew
infant woke,- and , 1
of its troubled niot
inci r much into Beta'
s dreadful night.
Williiam H urlia
him with l murder
destruction of ch
man. He wonder
endeavored to dro.
his crimes in intox
In his day dreams
had killed was 'el.,
darkness'of the ni)
the flames of St.-Al
asked his wife. " Not
m, say it is not blood !"
t young Hurling sought
_ Again he assured her
e matter ; .that his head
t would soon pass away.
, se. The young woman
!s she could the fears that
I t. At this moment the
1 1 ' us engaged the attention
•r. It would be going
!Ito tell the events of that
!, his conscience goading
I nd participation in the
was a wretched
d about, an idler, and
n all remembrance of
'cation. But to no avail.
the spirit Of the man he
r before him, and the
ht was ever broken by
Sitting in a ru
reading a morning
tied by a'. noise in
ortlie window, tin
fivers coridneting t
Ned, whom they h
of murder during t
ejaeukted the you
is up for i murder,
to God it had expl
spot !" And he s
ny, as he thought
to ensue. " And
killed her already.
or the harpies toil ,
my wife and child
peach me!"
Hurling d
, ..„
with it the,wansen
the dtill`liglo, io tb
uusly ,the listened
came and the hour
of the - bell,tO her i
,itied she henrdo t
stealthy, footstep.
,that.w!lB Puf.,his .
ileor'opetted . ntid
'icred. , Illey .
ipnisheit r „Yli '.'
ed under—theAU
ikiiiffiglstsiiiiid,tc! i
#Orn.i :7r j bn ...,
rmr iippbonsi 10.- i
;1 , i!:!“ , ,5 - et,WR'
)1( 1 . 14 ..e494i-jsr,-,
~Ir 4
The truth :nub
' cefOOM P.nprk,',
t ilOottitnurriir ,
9,t 01 0 1 1 1 n1401
'tient an 014 pp <
. hole in Kensington,
paper, Hurling was star
ie street. He looked out
, horror ! he saw two of
. prison his totupanion,
d arrested on the charge
e riot. " Good God !"
, g man in alarm. , " Ned
!nd I fared the gun—would
I. ded and killed me on the
ow his forehead in ago
. f the consequences about
"y Mary, I have almost
I 1 must, leave the city,
take mo, , and disgrace
I for I know Ned will im-
4hied.. Night came, and
stress ati4 her child with
it apartment. Anx
o every sound. Midnight
.Itwelse sentevery stroke
imipent 0,001. She imag-_
oise on the stairs, like
It coujd William.
manner. Suddenly the
ireral men, abruptly . en
d about.thb , roarn ,with nn
he'poar woman wakes
d Ww.searehetli and look
t Waivopiened., !One. of
aPuthervtl, The bird 1126
ing nP,t9.ithe..4frighted
goodtwomsa• we want
on ;important heel
nit tit/ morning; either. ;
0904 hoe* where
juittten ~ .aotwhereJa (10
d of the af
.0.0.4014410;1314Www You
bat: whet
• nalowitr.);;•;•:.
`ty 1
. PER 26, 847 , .
ed' at our coming here st:o late, it is not unit
mat for us to have night work_ on kande+
Well; fent)** -I suppose kt is no, useownitil
Tell-Mr: Hurling madam, we shan't* ver
happy to see him' in 'the /corning, tis twe
have a pennanerit.situation•imvie* for him:t
Thus saying the witty official departed 4ith
his menu • I
- ,
'Mary Hurling swooned • away, - -and; thi
screams of the affrighted' child brought' lit
some neighbors to her relief.
' in . a bye street in - Nevi l'lrork 'a :stranget
was seen ' gazing Wisi fi allyi at a baker's win
dow, as if he wanted food ) but had nat thi
means to procure it.' A 'Well &eased marl
•tilso stood looking in at , the window; :and
driven by want the first comer "picked hihis
'pocket of a purse. For the first time wai
William Hurling athief. 'Now crime becattiq
and what he oneewould have 'shudl
dered at, he considered now a matter of net
• cesrity. He no longer • had • any desire foe
work. It was irksome to him ; he shunne4
it ; and became a confirmed gambler : Mean
while his wife and child, ' were neglected
and atmost forgotten. •Of delicate
. fratnii
the mother brooded in misery over her childi
The long and weary nights, with their con
tinued anxiety, were fast 'bfeaking down 04,
tender _flower. Of William she hod not
heard any tidings, and whether he was litq
i ng' or dead was iiiiknciyru to her...„ Onci ,
stormy day, when 'her heart was fast fltilin4
within her, she heard a kfiock at the doors
It trio s
i. the post m an—her lieart leaped_for jOy,f r .
it might be a letter from her William—hut
on Second thought her heart failed herl
might be tidings of bis.arrest; She too l! _
letter, andlbethouglitthal l she bad not t b d
small pittahce necessary to pay for it.
44 Make itaste, madani,',' said the letter;
" catt't stay all day. 7
Be seated sir, for a minute, and I aril
try to borrow the money;' she said in
tone of one subdued with, grief, and itnmet
dandy hastened to borrow of some king
neighbor, nearly as poor as herself, the lout( ,
of 0 shilling,' letving at; postman. mutter'
ing something about people's having mono
ready in all. sncir , cases: She . succeed •
and snatched ;he letterrin a :deliri urn
haste. The postman slamming the d
lather; but his unmanly conduct was n'
observed. In haste she opened it and
read .
Dear Mary—Lam well, and now hav
settled down—should like to see you.
dare nut come to you as The law dogs won*
seem mei but you can opine tome. Ta
.the; rail cars, and•a friend with a White . h. t
.nnd drib coat will meet Ton at .!ersey Ci
wili.pi ke care of youj Enclosed is . abi I
lbe.fitre.' •kkiss far the tii the = ltala r,
W. H.. .
T. B.—Mary burn this immediately. 1.
The poor woman tied, and re-rend, th
hisied the epistle, and exclaimed—!.'than:
God, William is safe!". arid taking up Cl ;
child, she kissed it, saying .."there :.Bill
that is what Papa sends : to you! but the W
ier! oh mint I burn it 1" and she wept :
the:thought. Again shei'rend it and kis •
it, :then with a sigh Committed it to tir,
finales. i• • - t '
i t
Nary Hurling immediately set about g
Mg to her husband. She knew that del
would expose her ! to pursuit from the o -
cella. Early the next itibruing she was mi -
sing by her neighbors. !None Itheur she
she, was, or where she had gone. - Accorti
ing to appointmentihe !Mei her htiSbandls
friend. '
4 11 . How do yon do?" Miked . the man 60
was leaving the cars. '4, Give me your bu
" I am well," was the answer. "Is
myr husband's
She asked.
'" It is, the friend of lliam Hurling,
one who'll stick by him till death, too."'
His speech was coarse, and she lt:if
shrank from him in fent ; there was scan ;-
thing repulsive in the man, albeit he was -
terested in helping her tathe Best of his rihil
itias. As the man 'stooped to 'pick tip
haggage,, she involuntarily sulked. It w's
Netl---Ned, the very ►vin of her hasband.
"Oh, tell me!" she ejaculated; "how s
it pith my hushand!"
"Well, first rat —couldn'tbe Bette ;
fine times, lives " like !'a - gehtlemdcr,
means you shell a fine 'lady. Now, r(;'t
that news 1" '
They hastened to tt4" 'terry, which to
them to New Ynric; lind many and E ,
were, the .cogitations in her hasn't, ' " •
The interview of Mary Hurling With
husband' was on -affecting one. 'rhe you
wife was overjo:yed tu sellina agnin for Wl3 .
she had suffered so snitch.: Al a natu
consequence, she felt itesirOus to asceit '
her husband's oettiptitiiiii ;' but he 'Studio
ly Concealed it. - "William,"" said She' .
day, do tell me—what pity do: , It inakei.
so 'uneasy, your being out so late of nig
and always in Ned's aonrpany. You Irn
he'escaped from prison, and I cannot
think he is a dangeirotf tabu: %Why, d
j e
you know that he Wri, - put
,in learn*
MOyantensing for tali ,r t" ' ''.. . -
- " KnOw it t yes. l "Aiut •he isn't the -
innocent tiaa'that's had to break jail in
der 'to save MS neek. 'Wliatif I 'tads's'
at Southwark t• M$ Ofe `Wouln't "haw
worth a mmper. Havelchtirity; Miry. '
once' for all- T =Ned' if . 11Y: friend, ;mid d' ,
you•ever'slightt - 'MM. ?Oct as for' my b' ,
tiess--we are in :pan'tierOrp' an flint'
but death shill separate tin either. ''' : •
” Williatnl' must spealt: . '' It is but•a'
months since your cheiitian mo.thef d
and eadpiti forget kir llteisitig: her - POY:
Oh, William; • I hive *Seised rnatir ' , iv
nights In agony for. *1., , -'Da, Wiliam,; It
aWay fitim' Ned!'eati?W'' , Hvittie','
rtiin 1 • lei,bo.ii' ruiii'Y ti, 'ttia 'end • Mir
hoyft" "T the litde'bithe Aiittiait oti'itti t ni .
er's'lnpi: loidted obi iti maid - r'aild tdrii
while•thefa 4 her'sit'i t titsCaile*Sittirl./ I:
"ableto 'rep!, to 'I hi- ' 4,040 ilitiettlyAK
iiitioted.'lT , O:" 'Shiribiiiiiiiiiiii;'"W
far the latielifOufttwireiiihr ichilf i
*We caiddithAtbilit i r4didid t iat •,
Retain)* die' 'Rd tiit oi . i4Ar l er Yak'.
mothitivriwuthr - lor l / 4 1 • -lull . )
As ifitiiii.k l Viifilbefithiltibitet ,-.
..,. • •,..„.., , „,,,... „ ~., ......, ..,.,
.. ~., ,
„, ~...t, 'l4 •- II: •
• rW ' rt .
' 'Pi i • t:-. i (:,> .i. ',-.?
? -4, .'-, ; ~,• ,
~,„.,, ....).,.,,
~I ~,- • ~. , . 1;•.:1 t - 1:16 , 7, 1-,,,
ei , “ 2-4/
u Z :~<, t,:~is
rtc... 'I,
4 , Jll.l, i
tirtightyi , tlicit•
scat, and wit
hands grave
he held ,
death was on
Was the otilf
vivteliad m ip ,ni fiimphis .
1 theclotch . a:Nieeltisiitillain"
I'llia neck s chili weak; and
*, The :chit ‘iscreanied, 'gtill
ilia r- 'leg :1' i'Mpe 1 4tdmp !Of
heti fatieill ;i t' horrid gut?,le
mind - that aritd ler, 'Still
the wretched: tin-retaine n .s
bi (, his 'tiles
grairs: I The; ;
bare; recite • - of i tile •fearful
Words ccinjur dop ''' - a• t, hits nd Areadfid
•scenesitind i ' eedhis nisi . dwii' l lbe.atratsge
faculty of se ng• them illk-at once: L The
death bed Of- s-thothet; l*rad °Whoa, - the
'alit rder at Pf iladelphiaorddlite dying yell
of the murde masd4-thearthe: urid glare of
St: A uguatine: 'quill Abel is fel; ores 0 T•e
Lord seeds," r biliyariii tit ' '`'before • his
mind's vision, ithe'spirito the ordered as
sassin. This ' start! - ltd --,' and he re
leased bris gra#p; Silted hi wifbifell-from his
hands a corps* •The'tio . - lay on'the child
and sothenogit siotipe' 11' ts'sc-emos."1111y
.Godi" — exelatthed the este jailed man; clap. .
ping his' hands to fore4ad, !totem) , with
the cold sweat which told the ~,ssonyof his
mind. "Good God; I' havhkill d kny wife--
I am inad, 'i ! I itm mad l" 4tidlia dashed out
~, ll
of the inise. •1 ''• 'I
gati - ' ''' • •
' In a private room' - in ti bliog house
sat William .a d' Ned, the corm Cbe stly in
toxicated, ace rse torwhi lie ' sorted
to overcome 't e unbearab a log of con
science. Stroh drink pla s different freaks
i i
I ,
with its vietitns: Some it tnak i fools, and
others it transfisrms to rec - eta t gers. This
latter was the' Case with m. Hurlihg.—
Under the inflhence• of str ng d ink, he was
is madman , u bearable a — 'oti overnnble.:
.1 " Ned," hie Ughed,the nebr me murder
er, " I beliesi you are ithy 'friend. Lentl
nitt , a few doll rs." • •- • I • • ' •
• ki Why, of ` '. Here the, are.
How very dul !en this week. I
only got holds !iV u!),' , and only
fleeced him oft 3ut Come, time is
dull and heavj L a lolnd at whist,
and to make it town your V, and
I'll cover it wi
" Here goe
Will's motto.' '
. The cards ere shuffled deal, and serted,
but William's friend hal hitaself to what
he saw fit, no sods eu t meter, consider
inolse Condi on, of his pponent. Truly
is it said "th tender me les of the wicked
are creek" ed won bal' die -five dollars
.he had loaned to hisfrie ,le Ting him as
l ie
penniless as ' fore. M :to ishrenzy, th e
. I
inebriate spra sg sop. ••
"Ned, yin 're - ir'scon t lidrei
cheated me, nd now yo sou
you shall ne ne v er 'Client a y lin
:end th e - fee t'dttinktiiil iid,,
grasp the stiesiginati. ", nm
now don't play the foul w roth
The drunkard drew a ti stol
to'present,it to his frieii . to
!feat of dexterity tui'the mill
rested his pu pose. with : ti l l
the unerring aim of a iract
drew n poign rd and bur ed it
his companni ''','s bret, ' • t w,,
-hind entered e• heart; te Vi
William's ha d, and its ner
laut.piercing , rick, tell t the ,
mass.- L ,
The gambler, with fie' blot
immediately fled.. In the,mor
haunt he took up-a dailyipa
struck, he sawn sheriff'sladve
feriug -a reward for the ?nrres
Hurling for the murder o his w
also a companion whose escii
tallied with „INed'. 1 "„ 'hat
'murderer, "has Will -dime ft
Well, the sheriff 11 ;nadi him'
but not alive,,ll reckons' , " •
Ned Cannene :fled .th
must be told #nother time
Aria, Wil Jll
trade has b,
.f otte; 'grei
taro r. ,
, let's liave
fively•put 4
hatt I
then.' N
IPVILIIit of,col
. The most striking,ritu
in the Airtime, a of,Ameril
want of court v. , This
general equal t a y s, of right -
neation._—in tt.,,nrises:' in.
mouvaise lion ; or slipt ' s, /0
of our Englis t ance,strirs ow
.Gent it. A little,,refle . nn,
this defeat. Vlint do I .tnetti
and how is l th . wont, of it howl
A.t l 'i riviiite s since,,,a - v,ell
came to the ,' itfrior, fin took
pillage inn, f r the pim sian
Enedish itingunge. - To , ociltt
tion, he gene:ally prefer*d rei
of the t
receiving roo
ing in • nii"
d befog
hti .
pf i dle
j;klocitsi )le,
.. 'He Alien
; 1 44 and .1
lets were
wotaea cam
in the stage
coolest come
drew, chairs t
foot stoves
to heat them
or writing.
.3 The' wot
without app
the whole w:
of acknowki
imvi seemed
Lino cold, sea
P , Irlf!PC!!
Fol,44euted :
1- ,c4l=.liell
ttn i iclittini;
pwn Aiesid
inffer): 1 110:
Ish4 ths4l
,170, 'P 4 , 0
1 4-fle.pc
irer:llo. ", 1 141
;been: hers
lilt riot )VA,
OA 2 I M
;young m an
' - 9 1 - s °Ur Yffl
n profit•,t9, - ft
f rth.q. l lo , ,
iine .
i, 1 0;:-. w .
i fe.FgACAti ..
. a . ra l a,tnott
ni r?*•, , ; v,
ftl, Ike Are- ,
, y„genarttll
44e449.11„ :
! . rjr,avglil . ;
! at .nigitt;:.
!:.1 1 .:I.UPLett:
i : 419tliSte ' r
in!474 : :.
1 : Igiche, ~;,..:
c'' IA 4,00 1- ;...
r,„.,,e0i1it:::.• 1
A.4%.;i9n -: . i .
hat she e.l
and of
1: is 4;,i~e:±
1 1 + - ' . 4 1'1“:1 - •
g 1 .4
-,37 4
vet Bay die, is
you have
i Bering thief,
1 y again."—
an. effort To
e. ,1
ntl was about
1 ,a dreadful
I r's part at.-
: sed i I,ilitYLdw, with
to' the hilt in
s' enough—it
'stol , fell from
• with-a short,,
t te
oor a lifeless
d Oa his soul
ine, is n dark
and horror
tisemenf, of
of William
ife and child,
;plicin exactly .
, 1" cried the
tr hia ;ttifell
to-day, sure,
ybnt his.fate
u a
can ,
I' believe ! n
;set ! from-the
mton and ed
, ....
Part from that
WtiPAt we in :
goultl remove
u by enarteay,
lit do YP4 aklit
red foreigner
: allying in the
, where travel
; His writing
.When the
It.iging ',drive
datable to the
• :Wed the Are,
cy, brought
. in
tbe , best-liltice
ed:to.bia - own
1 .11 his reading
his eirilities,;
teo. Dia ring
:ived one word
ellititik you
oy don't take
o die, polished
that the
teolis, it alet
esottliwiqi,the. I
tare (
She Ash'm
taiterii •
• :.diedimAli'tki,
.r er
raistif iwifia
.r •
•• i
•1: i t
1; i
I 0ig2.00,111111..- HviiiV.A4v .
i I iti 0
ia i i ii a i ii. s itt e.. F= 34 l, l iv 4.ltwt,ir.tro 1
isil rt*elttifliWitiTiV. ' au* ) de ;
lirsaiit•Fistretir6 U66;att,i ii ktkik I
insin*l , o4, .1:1 - rorit ~%,
~b 11..,.;ei f f ‘qttil'fil yen i
~,Yearly,44missirmaYfil*** /01111044 4 " i
teratiOil talpilxi 4cee-d `,-= i,, , 1, - , ,
41i irtireplii4a , yrfailkiplistqliqiiiribile l '
,Heretatiajiiir:-:-.,=,bdtp:,, .trf,3 i iit r :s o i p l o I
:NO 1 4 1 03414 , - , 1:,, z f : 11 4 7' , P ", ' it .fierocqi amoe
09inte.carai, ,„., 4 add`' -,, ,i, ,-. 4 1 4 . Th ,,4,409 I
AU' baier ad4eitisemeip,s' limited at t ruot4iii =
riii e ct =, ‘ , :iftt,-itn . .:=3 7=ttle.,--tt- , .7=l:=P:let ut --k= , ,
, 11 : 411 thrirtiserintashoidebotimitigilittithIbitika p I
fifi r Ailimm!,l4*onsqvitedi 1.-tt.. &hie ~.1-f fi ,c.l 7i l t
wed Thal *air seatel4.iliii ireitOriL ,Alhilll4'
*proem: seat , *lieritseleeiritafitlyii Iriereirt. r w
'look. oriwahl OftelintrriedgenveiltillkAiMire,
with iii 1 .theasinxii oitteratieptietilliohletillite
Te n &lied ii andf. are reeeired'oeilithaiit iiiWilii•
sumo: 1 Avuid'isilieb' Aabodtfe6dint:•-0111„1
frietwhit: heart' mite; diepleiiiiot =ti nt
unjust :Me vetiallrairtolletwe lliii-,.
each:ale - Alfieri:and w ealiketawitedelitielre
is:in tinaitlantit t •the. tlly - 'ti tiveik k ll s
made:: , -These4 little icli a ' taartii4es.lilie
luaileit oir the' face - Of liiteaii riOptiltiiiiiillia
m i k
are like
-awe reeljratetelo,
uielfor either.-Miseed ' ' : 1.",f1'/
Lettert'fretribt - ttitillisiiiiitiF"'
.-ttr - .1 1 -ii - ls. i•
-,' E T C ; 1 4 1 4 13 - I .44 l 4lArCiliii!° 4 . 1:r4 i:
iOlie4 , ' : tiets4eii'lliiic i ''' .-,;-'
,itii . sop
,c Croix is in- nv
.4*,,,mpt. i :,03,41 4 . 7 - ,rf
`l.OresioOt4l that '.iviljki‘:: . alfcoo4%si gf k.t n •
vat itik . iio r ikt )-4._ j0adi:44.1044.1A0: '
-iiiiioi, isatiei..otAdoi 'tktio *.„ l 4. t e- i
iie..,'fi'',l7 . 4 - ,*e . 4fNiriii . t.: - *Oa g e p!1. 1 ;;AiOy
iniclti!iy between "i.he2tetillikes'in l ps . 4iio i i
'itridientiirea'nliniit"stt- Mini:lied ipap, ~I * --2,:
short distance fro ir this village are,twpls- ;'
iiiiite.flitic.filitiOahqt, "l!grt.;tfi'lVbeiijWc
iiioiii` . bingilleickiijjl9o3snt..4,y,b e :* ,,
ness, 94 1* *h4 1: .#4 1 ,-4 so'Oeir:p4emt :
more the tififteatitneel. Of,rdreSai.l:44Aitip
- iiiilit Theis; teeiiiiPije.s i ltiOnklielogata a. ,: h .
inarial,` kiive , been '6014 ifie - 14ters;osher a •
'kjitlial:':"*Ar-'.PAtt 114Ye:.9*I:eAtifoiticikit
•Siie'rifioCii previou s
. tt , Oa; /9,..4n1ti 1 , - 4 1, , At i
. the present *W./ll:motet, thelt,„naly3 r
lin nte ; ere:: rattlesnakes ' which ', ; altall*.ifflt l, '
their 4iiitiOYShilii . tir 'in:piens - of #4Rock,.. - 1
daring:ilia font " summer.., ' .4:4;kut 4 . it; t if 1 ;
liiiiiiigyildt . ilie iiiiild; ; irn " 00:: . witilec 4 46. :
'lilt - in'tlii4 leitY, death' '. 404: oi, - , - ,keitittoit
are ,ever linked ,together in' 'lsa,, aniulken ' - i
I''' '.- 'l' " '-‘'o' ' ....'-' .--
s.-i , ... 1 i0 : e1..-..-a l i ri.
•.- ' r "ciiilY;renitiiitiatitltheltett, Kitt !wa i f
one:night; tint I , piieif Al night :i , 2l' 1 h ope l .jtisircir
toTeas 'iiiiiie`. - A'perfect:"tnit . cist, isfiqrty;
'der - had furnished' t4' liidiaae ,rrAili i thii, .1
Water!: 'tied :rho elude , 'posso•Of theta ' , - i ams -
ierfecily mild , fur' j ifiiiiitiontiliAoor. ptrigfp,r).
makes' the 'floor 'lndian inieeridili,,fo4li
For warrfor a bets r:Filiice,'lhitt to I slee aj.
ihe'resibiti7ftifthif i• Vitiriditrr.' " Y .- - was,;
on thOth)or - ,4ile ,#kt lilt .cuttlf.tirfareilf;:-
occiiiiied a couple of Yeas in ,opposite cot-
nersof die only room in the 'h..ratse. 'Aid'
such horrible; yelliii4 4 'aiiii-rtiel76l4. ing ai I
tienidldering the firstlinilf. -.of - that/night' I,
con'Jieter-forget.,- ~T tein.oises•-- a revelstirreet-:' ~,,
.ly ; unearthly and devi ish. - Nowl)youliiglft •
bear, the clashing of -iknives,i, tmv. sotheilof tie i
.inotidespirete, lipiritsi .conie iSgetkerifieci,'
.figlA4 s iipd! now yot4miglit.Phear:this:4o.*fl - 1
hings,and.moanings,Ot a miser/dila! woareiri,'; . 1
-1!; skeexposed;oad-,aautilated iher tiodyvib '..
-PrelOteite i the nteinot,y, , of ' aildend litiatiatill .
nr).9441t1.4 ii ' •,- i- l i , ~,. 'i ',Li, i.-:i. .1-.-iitope
Bnt,there.was one incident; thdtilactaagy
in:Wl:limp hair. stand /out I ikeYlike . . tildllgtif :,
Ike pompine. , • Ishenld 'lmre/AY Wulf**
white- ,iiieople ~ of ithe- i vvildeniessi *fir i , •
chink of locking • : their. doors iat night:, aild
also that the Indiana ;
.of of this itigiattp - claitts ~
,it as a, :privilege toi4nter and/ . - degiartlifasitt .
,yeur.icabiit wheneveritheYiplease;crinditheir;i
intrusions are always /ooked - uinonliseartitt-: ; -
, ters*acureei:;, , ,,lt was somewhat oftwatid- 1 ,
oight i pa rid the Yelling - ofsiivagesto 'Patti ,I .
1 sphAikiell„, 1.. ;Iliad just -falleit: into , todote ,
. : wileii,ll was the - seetilthyrilieilisti
, 9f 9ni, cuhlindeor,lindi the trenitofainufßedi
fontsvpi. .:.. e , wait intensely dark; burl their
that it was an Indian, and tbist..iiiotnebOdyi
wns about to be muidered. The object in
the room made jest r noise- eihitigh to rack',
;4,41#0,1ma,- - then,ell, Ares -, perfetitlyritilk',-
4,#Sion4 ned:i.with -ihardlp ism a ysielecor
,breath in .my,Atody b -4•listill ! , /teo.! , lbitessiagi-,
(140 j; 11c4upliy;74711i*ed;,(nPoit:',4bi"PiP0*=1
Finally I slept, Yet dreained.idltitoodlosiy.'„
'Pm 4rif peep-01 ..da ‘ VkekireveroJairttlifisedi
',,,,,, 44 1 . 4),:l - flicee4 at, 'ln) , 'ddJ'itatVell
.0 1 d;k 10 9riiiIT,01.huge ; binds Xattiass.o4l64.7
ing 4iliki . ,deep slum :,like 41tiorpoissit4
first news thati4 beard - lidgeiartiONlOo .
The.-.• „
that . ..-
ih . e., door
~trasit 7 : io nen. Whin besigliteiki,
kile.deneg,lheini n he and , tha4sinedstsrlralt
at. at,tisornent irt - the,agordel afdiathl '4l`l.
' 1 . 1 .1_0,i-i, 6 l!f f fikiPPiseetii kleftthdlleld Airitiptil , .
iatt"el 4 .l;l l, l)!`irlstioe- 1 .i.“ ii , „kti.,- - 1140 :1- i tni v 6 1 .. .
4 „ 449, Sakiiki croistiaraptierilnes th&4ll.iiiii-;
ksslnii -atia its kiticiiiiiiii islet; ime 4.1'" veridf tom '
son 3 .S4lamq,iWiulai , .rtsetilo
pi,ke.;4pperiqrll: , ,f,,!, ..• t ha f.ll4 s) . Tt:
srijikA,tie tAet.throwili,iiliclgAttili
-I#sinetlacliiiiithese been Meths/ie*
riessngi,;,f9r i o,ceettry pailk,iitaq their v 4,.
frpiii4o„)4,e,..tkiick egainii.irsilliropraitiel .
P ,
':l7J'M''lii'er is only. diattaguistred_Ltfer.4ibeit*
:tertill,o,Ciiiiinintooni beatrowqrligLakeliii
iiiii;iiiriwßwy.fir4...:ui,Ves 44intitlirefeitivii0i
-,,cve.*l4c,-..anti ..fmrsimncied''.ifi,titrehilitiOak, ,
spOi 0 0:-.v.I ., Tik0i*ati*iivAair , tikut. 0 64W
- .oirit* 010gr.. ,-4, 4*onizigipliiirviltx . .0114,*
,„hi . 0 . ,0T yquk iii , tho.-hiostwbandiittiO)t. 1'
~.. , ,tv( - 14,04,0e; At tho:taketivisitiki ' -
_iii.4n) p#iOt,ursitiortnaihnsowhio . '': -
iki : qiii, it, 0/iFr;.Bilatolll,iittle trovaililliriVilat
e t
Ai1,.49!09/ 11 eilfialisi - tatt.-igithi offlsiiiinwitlitmi
.hiewlirokeit,by a- ritltSiAdlOOMOr
* 4 e-O:F4,f by.P4O. OE hillia**o44o4.-4, •
7.iiiliAt,yi.icii!",itif hisi4tatiejsinsitii . abiat:l 4 .
'iltiit ':;oloo,o', , ,f44lt.b*lkitk.lir,•.biki“Stitd *lt* .
`lniiiher,"whicli 2 ofeotirstatitaharistplia /Ttit
1 140* ifead - 4 4.44w-14 , - NvivtAir'
WYPOVIM,3O,O!.-I*,' , 1..c
4i. : }.* Siiiis.4,niiii
hatit ! . .ikthaP4iiiiiiiiii
ibs44ifti,iie * *** - - -4 W'
'.i .( 4*o o oilefrt i i‘" 4 l 6 '
I.4**iiit*Pkniit'ilo nn
r*OßliiriAntAkitalOg i
[loilisAtuk , ireirStilk•
. - i: - *:4ovirtdir#ktity*
T o ximogoi*ii.**lty .
_ iti jo i decv. , :oi l io. ow
*kiiMoroooo: ,
i4,iiiitOitief** ,- ,.40t 1--
.(414411bercijitii fthiei
iiiiate4,with this; iko'rti