The people's advocate. (Montrose, Pa.) 1846-1848, February 11, 1847, Image 3

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e el Tl
es, ti , llitkotild ye 'should understand -1
l i rethrg ' 4.4st,itlte . things which , happened
unt94 l let 1149 callen,Out rather unto the for
t hensac , ithe gospel," as is the abrogation
ot,llAe - . ... penalty.. -
'I 13 '' +tie 1004 lecture .of . the 2oth
.1)IL, in elO of the death penalty, and re
‘ia.y, win liiive a greater effect of augmott;
t. p e p
s to.tLle le gislature to abrogate
said la ,4 1
rather unto the furtherance of
the. ' f il I than anything that lies eVer
happen 4nong us in NOrtilefil Pennsyla-
D ia, exeeptthe two inflictions ()film punish
ment,of deist') at Montrose and Towanda. :.
'lt is 'notfor the most a dvanced in civili-
Oat!, fiO4others, to speak, write, or publish
their ratimitous views, tosthe personal prt-•
judiest..andin of any, because' of their dif
ferenr4ftt dents, as each-one, however im
pOrtitot,i 14_statioo, shouht"be privileged to
a d roca to,his p r inciples, as our learned Judge
did so 'ifteresting,ly the night of the '2sth
iii h 4 presbf
t y he punishmentterinn Chapel,
by death,
of Mont-.
roseo'A• 'b e half o
and-thougltl never heard an orator for or
i ti i i ist.suell a torture, F more admire and
afinlyleve* remain in favor of abrogating
aidlaw, a*,l have ever been since capable
of.:ftdroCatifig the saving of human life,
the furtherance of the gospel,7
and for wloe.h purpose, spore than thirty
year , 41 ,v, * - had a large and respectable
wel ing,in sthester County, Pa., and peti. 1
ti n wed cier . siate legislature to abrogate said
law and itistitute confinement, to whirl '
Gov. S.nyde4, and others, respeetivelfrespon-1
ded. Ii Stiqueltantia Cn. we have had liktl, l
n ieefingl niti petitions for years, and . I am
glad aunty store are petitioning in behalf o f
sa id reformA" unto the furtherance or
gospel," and. ant touch pleased your respect
able esMblislitefit, as all other printing
presses short d, is promoting such a human
ity. And tijay the advocates of - reform, of
every "do in governmetit, attend to thiS
Immo; 1 , 1 out controrcrsy with :malignant
spirits, pr vmalignant controversy, "look
gore," ianq adrotrac rational principles,
arch'? to ple gospel of our Savior, " Whi
came e nu tmdestroy men's lives, but to save
them;" 1.4 e it, Mi.) whichgracions words
should sopeteede the Jewish law, " blood
for blood," rid all other cruelty obstructing
the "finlheritice of the gospel," of 'pence on
earth and pod will to man. Thus thro'
mercy, demilierancco an, item of universal
chriStian hett.volence,is promoting so glo
rious a day, lithen " nothing shall . hurt nor
destroy in 4 the Lord's holy mountain,"
tag "not or 4 li ft up sword against nation,
nor learn canny More," as'our gOvernment
o so earrow6ally 'doing—but should without
oei.iy, ocit ottiv abrog-nte the punishment of
death for eri‘e, but order a retreat of her
armies from ihe soil and waters of Mexico,
an d n eeottateg an honorable - peace, its milli
ons atiTis, t unto the furtherance of the
9 in 3. 1‘; ISM
r. -
thc Week.. .'
Puce.—Th4 Washing-i
ce of the Journzil of Coen-
farce : ,,- ay' : i
.'' it airs the President has been deceived
.y his Mellicin .correspondents, he has a fair
prespet oil otiiaining a speedy peace with
lexica tarot ii the judicious appliance of
re three int :oils for which be tuvits. The
urn& that 14s reached us of afarorable re
ception' hi , tie Mexican Congress of our
paoposals fel' negotiation, is very likely to
he true. 6'ti it is not confirmed, as the
' Union sayS,- y late advice from General
Taylor. ' i
The Prothbilitv is, that through the cor
xmdence illicit' ha.: constantly been go
betive our government and Mexi
ca., a ,, ents, .4' persons in Mexico, the Alex
i:4r, Qiingtesi has been made tobelieve.that
z... ,, zonation gwould do harm to Mexico,
vg:h-r it ,ended in 'pence or not. Every
L.,,1..'i clelay4 our blow is a gain to Mexico,
:7,.c a lass irreparable to us. Though our
feces be Mo. Aithdrawn during the negotia
:,.;ri. yet it ;will amount to the same thin„
\n % , -Tv, nuipaitant enterprise will be under
taits=nu bhiving lip of Castle---no march
mr lo San 11.48. It - is-difficult to believe
that Make 4111 assent to the terms • propo
isl hr Mr.'Saier-L.the cession, to the Uni
ed States of tew Mexico and the Celifor
itaL She nip offer ati alternative plan, or.
6.' my kthje4t. may he to temporize.
'Rut supkise the Mexican authoriteis, or
'''me °' ..hdrrqingree to take the three mill
an, and cskehlie provis':ans _demanded by
the n'l'`,-,-ciwill not last a single month,
glees the IselferAp lu li e% or factions in Mei
ix!, end Millets the people concur iii it."
Gee.. Scl.ittlhas signified to Gen: Taylor
i intentiOn of taking corn mend of this wing
t the arts , #d I think he will move it on
'STarn , pr , *hen he gets ready, and 'from
tere'rhe ir 1 prominent place presented iv
n.' n itsO'ii - y is Vera Cruz. It has - been
st,e,4 of i rytiniich lately by Gen. Taylor,
ed Rune o his otEers - say he dreams of it.
believe' f . you before that he said, In'
General. eminent; that if they would'
and 44,- troop's to - Tampico, he would
rell tort‘illace kvith 4000 now 'in the
k'id, and wenll,l, after adding them together,
txston.and attack the city of' Vera Cruz.
We have lbein adVised here that the', is fa, if Vera Cruz, have dug 'a
ate nUI3I r ' ditches. in the town, and
.one.arti e ' uter edge is iet , tresenteens
r q 15 fee 2 ep, With. the same widtli;l:-
lull& n 4 Gen. Taylor's idea ..of'
'r.tar the oulin, and I have heard a ntim:
' of officer
•r ina#,46 to be done,
'sly by Jithpri,jtukiie*itir : , him the
1 0f cr' Ssiti last; g tits .d o it ie t ., b: e s o - ;
I :. t .A.;s l i" . l: h t av i e s
'b 1 the,laurelitAit wo n` in May
)oligb in the mair, - lo4riili him
,its i r alarm or as ,ttufriOit:' or left
• _ e a . Scritt.—N..a . :llee.
-., •' ' '4ll.- :-':'::,' -
-cisil. lserpliOxpedjtiiii.. - -
iivi'r' t, : #l44iel fu t in otii:laigyaPer ;
4 ..*..4.
.iiiediquifi -lo extriiiiiie the'
tmin l i . ti .v een lifo . ire Aiialesond
.adores. I ie[fitid - the following 419 r e.
l i e
*I acclnit of thisi hazardous rolifet-,
4 g in a let published im the N. Orieiass.l
as: ~
, ween 7 aid B eclock, P. 'M., Calit. ? '
1 gotio (' t Oriaoria)Nith,lo:**ouG
tr:"*ts . 1 4 less i of - tI ose*:4oOd,their
le, And . 1 pikek mules.-; Mutat-2c Itan
Itt tht... ' r ulars, and they come from
'Pt. May, t e ' are these.' .. .....4letWeeOlionte
'ellite, an i i . pres,iO4KAay ascertain.'
that A 14:: 40. At iiiis-.4.41•004-tkei
unt ikinii . . thger*ined I* Asamildie -
nature t itr 3 Aiacpwasititcont4l,o of two
companiesnr:dis+sonie794 . *Etierr.
On tipp+eitik : ttin thein_ciiMptio,
,etrefy traileted AlirtrApp est
'surprise. - A lieutermt_willt 1:2 men, acted
as-the rear gunrd-,. and guard nt - pa
mule's of the. Open and,. Who remained some
few hundred yard; iitt the rearl and in this
way they progressed ,slowly and carefully,
until they fount:ll°in. the. Pass, which was so
narrow that it .ivas with much difficulty a
single - horse could go-through it.. jut May
was 4 detetthined to tfaverse it find make
what; discoveries he could on the other side.
Disnionnting himself and, men, he led his
horse on the way, and after. experiencing
much difficulty in getting from rock to rock,
the 'eornmand eltituately - succeeded in , get
ting through. ,-On the right hand side of
this-pass there is a perpendictilai Cliff of
some 600 feet,-er - so high, as semi of the
m e n say, "that a man up there looked like
a little boy," • •
On" the lekhand, after 10 or 12,feet per
pendicular, there_ was a gradual slope to the
top on which an enemy could run down,
- fire apiece and then return. It is repre
sented As:being the most -dangerous puss to
a daring. enemy that is itnown„ and one
where a few determined men could stop the
adradce of tholisands. After going as far
on tht Tiler side as was - thought necessary
they iyrned to come back, and the main
body te — trueed therir steps with the same cau
tion (*served in effecting the passage. But
the rear guard were not so lucky in getting
Through this time, for it appears after the
Lietitenannt and
,§ergeant got through, a
large body mean , stationed themselves
on the perpendicular side, showered down
stones from the top so fast and so heavy,
that their advance was completely cut off;
and that they were either killed or taken
prismiers, or Made their escape to the other
side. seehisthat Capt. May was not taken
by suirise for he was continually urging
vigilance, and left his best bugler in the rear
to soupd the alarm in ease of accident, as
though hetanticpated an - attack.
A rumbling sound in the pass caused
them to halt for tide rear guard, but they not
coming up when he thought it was time for
thent to reach him, he wheeled about and
-wept into the direction of the pass again at
fullspeed. He shortly met the Lieutenant
sergennt and immediately demanded
of the. former, "Where's your men 1" The
answer of the Lieutenant was, "close at
hand," at the same tithe turning his head
around as if with the expectation of seeing
thetas, just behind him. But there were none
there. save the Sergeant, and the truth ini
tuediii.&ely flashed upon - the commander that
something was wrong with them. A squiek
as thOught, and the nature of the path would
I permit, they dashed off for the pass, and
wheti they reached it,
.found that a large
numbdr of stones had been thrown down,
I a nd ailcoi•erect trades of, blood along the de-
tile. They followed tipas fist as possible,
but it *as of no avail ; they could •make no
discoveries, nor learn anything of the fate of
their companions, so, they sorrowfully re
traced their steps, and arrived bete as above
I have given the'nbove truly, as it was re
'ported td
me, without emission or addition,
and itisthe received rind acknoWledged ac
:count of this uafortunafe affair. It may seem
strange, and wanting in detail ; but as it in
!volves Several delicate !points, I do feel war
t-rinteri surmising what may have made
out a good story, and therefore prefer putting
it down in its appakently unfinished recital,
rather than draw on the imagination for
what is behind. Iklny has put the Lieuten
ant under arrest, rind many blame him for
being in advance otitis guard when his post
{was in 'the rear alt. As to his travelling
on without discovehniv that his command
Ii was absent, will bA•re%dily credited by any
one wild) is familiarritli travel in a chappar
el country, or in ady narrow pass where two
abreast. cannot proceed.
In Corning through the pass, the men
were 'necessarily 15 or 20 feet apart--
Itheir safety demanded this—and with the
nois nil the stones; made by his own horse's
feet nod those of the Sergeant ' s horse; and
Coming down a declivity, it is not
strange at least to me,,that he did not. miss
Ithem • and as to his looking back to see
ithem, that may have been out of the goes
non, ailt is natural to, suppose he • needed
the:constant use of his eyes to guide his
horse over the wigged 'path. Military dis-
I Opline, , no doubt, demanded his Lir;cst,
1 but &aside should be ,i•eserved until the
whole statement of thd mishap. is made
1 known by some onekv.ho ivitnessed it. Up to
I this time I do not believe that Gen. Taylor
lis possessed of. more detail than is here set
I down.
It is not tbmight that any regular soldiers
of the Mexican army had a hand in the, bu
siness. 'Rancheros and banditti, actuated
more by plunder than - anything else, arc be
lieved tol•have cut theta , off, thinking proba
bly that4liere was morelpf value than what
they obtained. In the 'hands of such men
the fate.of the prisonet's iisdoubtful, though
they sioidd be 'peilectlY safe in'falling into
,hapds otan officer of the army.
I ,
Freat'Santit re and the Plains.
Simmtarcoltustotts.+The following start
ling nOws is ektraenid. thp St. Lonia Re-'
reille from the St. Jose "hs-Gaxettp/where it
appears:in' 44 'shapp o a letter from Santa
andii. the date Of NOV. lliii 1046: The
Reveille as we think with reason : i
" Wel placel 'no r lance whatever on the
rumor. A cit. has ne r yet betti occupied
by-Mt itivadin )force,.w thout,similar panics
beihg spread.A'itrrin Chinite, ,confine
ment,f i
aa lack 'of Stull conaforts;- we
think, W 11 sufficientlY• ccount•kgr any sick
ness win h ray preva' " We give it as we
get it. 1 3 , . : , : i fi •
1'...; iS ANTA
,E.,,lliOyi. 12, 1f .. 14.0.
• . ... 1 4 ! Z Therilat a Irtimor f in ! the
city t , by, tha the Splitiard.s have plann
ed thd . b * Pur no, ~M eal. used - ,by',. - the. ern*,
which ia said ', be the" cause of so many
deaths, ~;;Tire'- n ow etinsiiii .41 snare vege-
Othlesittitaticiv it/ no enough strength in
it to produce in nue& til t but just enough
tir.derange , t
,e,. 'Allgood :nrgantii7'itid' f!re-.
vent: i•Nielii 10.41 - operating ait:fho B pi.
.tern:. if ihe unior should prove true', it Join
ne4lifficodt to-prevent aOr of violence. If
leneothOtTeteltO, itiliffO:
'Something str/Ingelsteuts' to be" -„ ilia: mai
'tely, 4,10 pkviiiiii7l,4o l4 o i# llll _keenk I 'in ;
crettsWit iiPaleriningliati.t , s wi im , : dy :
:iplreir****ta 4 400 **l• o 4-. ,
- -:',Tfie r'Nfiro#ii4Oli, e Moir ":Eitot„ikr
l i
die ' l9 iiiirtitio'ifieltuon .141 1 Citilind ardaT
men Irma-Santa Fei' 'who left' the i cily on
~ ii 1
the 3d of li,evetn4er. ; Phi
from trilieplace,,ptii of th
lost three; men,•ithei were,
Late , laiiad 'mammoth*
dileans pai
ult., we: learn , the I arrival. at
Commissioner, Jose 4obira,
tan government, On his *a,
to negotiate for ah acknow
independence of ItheP.eni
furnished with . a ! passport.
Conner, of the, Gulf Squadr
According ,to information
biro, nearly all the towns tit
tan, with.* exception of It
ed with pampe ß Oy in , the .
of the Bth December, and t i
the 9th inst., it *as expec
ernment of Medirti Would st
dny,s,' as they could no lou
their troops the -will of the }
communication with the
The Yucatnnces have re established the
form of Government adopt-, . by them on
the 31st of March, 1841, at he period of the
first separation. The pre .ent Governor;
with a council of *ate, co posed of five in
dividuals, will (hied the ni ministration of
until the assembling of the hambers of the
Legislature. Sell* Llego, Pinclo, Aznar,
Quijano and Eclianove the present
council. The present Gove tor is allowed
fifteen days to reflect, wheth he will adopt
this plan of Government or .61. In the in
terim, Don Domingo Barret is charged with
the task of urging forward tl is plan to con
' Summation. The Yucatane sin their pro
nunciamento, say that the r Union of Mex
ico and Yucatan, under pres tit circumstan
ces, is of no utility to the Omer, and of
great evil to the latter; but he time may
arrive, when the iticorpora tit may again
take place. If nothing extra rainary hasten
that event, it is decreed that a (ingress be ex=
pressly invoked to take it int consideration
on the Ist of April, 1849. his Congress
to be composed of five depnti s, chosen from
each of the departmenrs oft e Peninsula—
tWenty-five in all.--;-Ledger.
FARDIN.—We copy the Uhl
g passage between these o a
Alton Telegraph :
At a hacienda, hack n few
Wool ordered Col. Hardin to
to prevent, as he said, the v
plundering the Mexicans. C 1
a 4ivard of a drummer, a bug,
which Gen. Woof seeing, E'en
nel, and demanded, the reaso
a guard being posted. The
" General, you have accused
of stealing ; and I Could not
other guard after that impu
Men than the one detailed,
Wool replied," I did not me
and you can tell tli'em so; it
ansas troops that meant."
" I cannot make this explau
men have heard that you sus;
stealing, of which they are ent
and it is an insinuation under
not rest." "Go brick, go ha
men, and say that themllit
clanticlence, and forithein ente
pact ; .but for their Office . is I It
was the tart reply all Gen. W
din said, " If this Matter pro,
I shah make it a Personal rin
tire to Tour quartert," iepliedl
" or I will make it 'it petsona
you." Such is the reported
between them-; and after .thei
the asperity was further Mere
der that corn in the ear should
the men, with handinills to g
occasioned much growling, an
meeting the General, proteste
order, and insisted that, until
bred (of which their is ennug
last three months) is first disp •
sumed, the men shall be perm
" And further," said the Col
order is attempted to he, enfor
men furnished with corn to e•
they were hogs, I shall march
itomediatelyen Wool s.
you can go home yourself as
• please: but your meh cannot,
go." - Col. Hardin replied, "
and, returning to his'regitnent,
to strike thOir tents and pack
His men Cheerfully obeyed, an
packing up; butGren. 'W. s o
fled them, and things thus, r
Ha'rdin has gained great popul
men, by the stand lie has take
I fairs.
From Wnshingt
SENATE.—The House bill,
post routes in Texas, was t•
- The Committee Oh Naval A.
n bill to separate the staff office
line in the -marine corps attache
my. - The bill was taken up
its passage Mr. Houston move
it to the Military Comtnittee,
tions to report it back with his
for volunteers, before offered a
hlkillouston spoke liet conside
&var of the -voltinteei. system.
Mr. Huntingdon inoved an .
VS the instructions of Mr. Hou
structing the committee .to , a
prottio authorizingloan certi
agreed to—yetis 18, ( nays 28.
to commit was like . ise negativ
bill finally paisedibir a' vote of •
3—Cilly, PorwiniaqbaTis i
. A coanitinication 'was recciv
Secretary of the Tr sixty, in •
Carieron s•rithlutiti o f the 7th
last, lt ; recornmend the follow
'of:dttfies,:Vii.:7tin. ' 1,, ten per
ten per '
icent 4 ~ eit4lo ,ii44:oosi
over foitr' .- dellotti,k, „YAM; tel
brown, hite s atiii:_:_ 001 .tifiit
.. cotton pri tii. - O4r . :tlit
siiii*ri yiiid; ire . per cent ' Col
printed, over twenty Ws t tlic...
fiveyer centi afidii iiintii. a
tenlPet.cent., : Thes
I.Becrettiti: eittniateis, 'w ill prod
' - 010.,: t
~ .'s.d4itional
•. -0. 7 0 4 .0 tlimAilis ie4 !Niles Q,. ie.
iiiiii;fSiiiricri,Ulo4,.etli i iiii'i
liottoi(goods, nor 'Ciaikiag•::.'n t gri:
I to
tc ,
I :::0 - ;:per.ffluare.i YP..y.,.o#'ti
!'-_. _ 4 00,(iiik(oriltitiQs:, _ :091111.1
i , 4 . 5 00;:! - Tfii` , !c,,,..44 ; '; 1 *.f
emiifiAiii.i - Prid ii -00*--
the free 1' , he reconmendir to. be taxed;
but noneof consequence. 4 -
The SOlatepas*ed into Executive
ancradjbuiped on the donut beitig re-oriened.l
• • • February 2.
in al ~ ,itttrted
4imihe'r they
.zeh to; death.
. .
in Vivaldi's'.
:ris of the 27th
that : place of a
from the -Yuen
to Washington,
• dgement of the
sula. He was
'y CoMmodore
SENATE.I--A Report..WllB received from
the War Department,. 'with .theJ annual 're
turns of the Miffiia pf the:United States.
On Mi. Dix's niotinia,ie President was
requested to transmit to t e Senate rill the
information in possession ' , f .
the departments
relative to 4he imported° pf foreign crimi
and paupers. . •
Mr.. Sevier called' up "li l it; bill appropria
ting, three Millions, and made a - speech in
its favor, swirl.- that the object was to se
cure a peade, the President being willing to
conclude a 4treaty if Mexico would • give us
Mew Mexico am) . Upper California. 4
Mr. Miller stated that the . object of the
war now for the first time evolved in the ef
fort to gain' possessionof New . Mexico and
California. r He could see no prospect of
peace by voting this money. The war
' would still go, and he'belieVed when 'all ex
-1 penses were paid it would be found toamount
to one hundred millions forthe year. .
1 . Mr. Berrien moved to postpone the bill
I until Thursday.
Mr. Sevier opposed the motion and Mr.
Calhoun spoke in flow of it. He thought_
the Senators on the other hand had n right
to ask it, as,ihey had shown no disposition
to prolong debate or delay measures, and
had consumed less time than Senators on
his owp side of the question. The . motion
to postpone was then agreed to—yeas 38,
nays 18. - -
•The bill to sell mineral lands in Michi'-
gan and Wisconsin was, then taken up,
amended and passed.- ,
; The Senate then went into secret session
or the executive business, and subsequently
froth Senor no
oughout Yuen
erida, had join
hen be left on
d that the gov
ecumb in a few
er resist with
eopte, as their
:sports was cut
~,, • i •
i ii
A LtiLIOUS CASE.—The prize piano,
w ich was lately awarded at the Chinese
3 otseum forAhe best conundrum, the pro
prictor refused to give up, because the com
tnittee were not unanimous. 111 r. Canigan,
tovvhom it Was awarded, has sued out a re
plevin, and the conundrums and all will be
brought up before court for decision.
i wing joterest
, cers from the
The London Shipping, Gazette estimates
that it would require a weekly importation
supply the loss of the potato cop in Ire
land, England and Scotland, up to August
or September next ; and with French ports
open, this quantity will not be obtained un
less prices should rise considerably, sons to.
draw food into the country and retain it
there. It is round that the starving millions
in Ireland are sufficient to consume more
grain than is tirriving in the different ports
of the Kingdom; that the mills throughout
the country cannot keep pace with the de
mand for Meal ; and that all the tonnage
which can be 'procured in the ports' of Amer:
ica is • insufficient to throw in a timely sup
miles, General
post a guard,
'lunteers from
• 1. Hardin sent
and a fifer ;
for the Colo
or so singular
.olonel said :
he volunteers
~rder out any
ation on my
' &c. Geu.
n your men,
•as the Ark-
Hardin said,
•tion ; for my
cted them of
rt.lly innocent,
hick they gill
k, sir, to your
lye the greatest,
tain great rea
1, ve
CoL Ray
, eeds further,
ger. "Re
the General,
matter with
State Ttorperance Convention.
The amine State Tempefance IConven
tion nasembled in this borough on Wednes
day last, and .iantinued in session until Fri-1
day: Gen. 241110 T GREEN, of lin ion county,'
presided. The representation Iron) differ-I
cut cettptieLtaa untiNally Large, ..441. -- -‘yem
pent miule-byt&-variour delegates before
the Convention, were (with a few excep-.
tions) highly encouraging to the friends of
Temperance, It appears that the , citizens
of nearly every county represented- are in
fSvor of so changing the license laws, as to
allow the voters of the several election dis
tricts, to decide at the ballet •box, whether
the sale of intoxicating liquors shall be con
tinued or not, Mid a large number of peti
tions were presented to _ the Legislature,
asking for such a law.—Herrisburg,Argas.
orris-al here 1
sed by an or- 1.
be issued to'
'nd on. This i
I Col. Hardin
i against the
Ithe .. flour or
on hand to
I sed of or con
ted to use it.
aid, " if this
ed, and my
t as though
them home
d, " Colonel,
soon as you
nd shall nut
.6" shall see,"
ordered them
p for home.
e way pad--
main. Col.
I rity with his
in these af-
Post OFFICE ItuLes.,-'Under date of the
29th ult., W. J. Brown, -Second Assistant
Postmaster General says:
" Now, as before the passage of the Post
Office law of ‘845, publishers of newspa
pers may transitnit their biHs for subscrip
tions due, free ;of postage, according to the
provisions of Sec. 156 of the-Post Office reg
Cobourg (U. ('.) Star, which that paper says
is from n reliable source, states that at Graf:
ton Harbor, one the North shore of Lake
Ontario, on the Bth nit., while the Lake was
r..11m, the wirulfrom the North, suddenly the
water receded in one immense wave 350 feet,
leaving the beneh dry for that 'distance ; it
then .returned four feet higher than usual.
This was repeated eight or nine times, de
crensing in violence till it finally subsided.
A similar occurrence, the Stile' states, took
place in Cobutii.g harbor in 1845; it suppo
ses both to be tie result of volcanic action.
1, 1847.
en up and
Messrs. Motions: Pleate publish the f(A
lowing affecting appeal from the Ladies of
Dummanway, perhaps it may ruse the
Ladies of Susquehanna to some 'united efibrt
for the relief of buffering Ireland.
airs reported
rs from the
d to the at
!nd pending
1 to commit
ith instrnc
i d rejected.
1 1 , b e length in
The Christina ladies of America are ear
nestly called on by their Irish sisters to
assist theta in saving alive, in 'fairOne and
its attendant pestilential diseases the utter
ly destitute men, women and children of
God-smitten Ireland. In former tines it
was said in Ireland thar the - bait poivtatoe in
the bowl was for, the widow, the fatherless
and the houseless wanderer', arid--'with the
hungry the Irish cottager was ev er ready to
share his last., But now there- i s not of to
divide: the daily morsel—it be_cven has,
such is consumed at once anti he his noth
ing left to save the starving aeighbers from 1
dyingat his door.
' Oh that our kirrienn sisters. - cipild ice
8 ~ ,
the laborers oh shur,niads, able bodied men,
scarcely clad, famillting with btin hunger with.
despair in their Once cheettiVface 'Stak
gering at they -work, yet stsrio r i g 't o
.par n
the meal whkelt i m to keep life I in, , hem. °
earn another hey, probably Navin tested
no food sincti4liaidifbtitore. Oh tat ;hey
could see, on the r pott,mortem :era ' iiistibu
of hutidteds who have died_ of clip', ier' - '9O
the, E9 1 44"! - litolhej i • - i!oik 4'ol ' t°'', the
Ins& iiii,!Ciligt - iit'it;:toirtichp:f4:: Food is .
I found, m .their,tem!fracte4 st
_, ' \ -(79111
iltatthey . could , 'ow the - fiiviceiii4 "Iliekto
stricken, fiunio. hifddla . ..efititker.friEeir
t of
4 :'dtiaji. c 'str
#,,!ith . e , i - # . 1 0 .i .,-l tc:l ~ i.
c- i • e
idk,sele e
,: were
. ! f;corpses 4 ,01 r, :whitk;#olj , ,y
have hotstretigil ip4ritrocx - icaol.
mother Or e Alyin g tit .hseri
!! '
• on, by in :
'lce out the
catee. Not
he motion
4 n
8 ,
3, tti he
3,i nays
ting tw the
.d frog the
apiy to Mx.
of Joripory
log increase
! pre,.p?stftig
e Vic;
twenty,tepif",t he
1(1'..:1 1 64.100d,
400 i; 4he
viioe - **
g xi.
the reams o f
emoed, not by*
eve , pen, to
one idiglity ellt
misq.': ' F .; 1 • - .As _
. lfyou, dear lady, in whose 14nd J
this "ay folk wo 'ld collect am4a:fr
and eighbors so 11 ~ haWever . g
aid +Ol save Man Jives in a 'poultry
the l e Lerd in right ous judgment as
erely stricken., a d cause the tdessi
thent ivho are rea' y:to perish. to ?rein
on ! the"' hdads of the dentirs the
motni price of !Adieu meal 'and i+oyisi
ever', sort puts it beyond the reitch o
poor le buy, -and those who, wo#ld ' g
give folthern from; the sinie caute h
.1 , the ir
4vr power_ • : • 1 ,
F4er. and ' other deadly i diseases
follotted in the tra rt Of famihe, nd u
some• extraordinabt aid '
,eai,t liekcttota
Ireluild must ,sooa. beco meone Avast II
housa. of the dyingl and the dead.
Dtinaratinway, County of Cork, a .
Itiland, DeceMber 28; 1846. y '
i 1 111sittra.41 D. coz,l
f IlAititlET griAtILDFIAkti
KArIARINF. A. Colt, ..
1 N M
.; 1
i emperns*ce Lechir •; ' . 1
Liel,tt; PURYEE will • lecture, oti, Sunday
•L 4
evening; Feb. 14thi 'ln Jeisup toWlislnp, in
stead'nf springiille, L :is announced trust week.,
3 j,
On iNLlnday evening, 15t11,1n Siringvine.
On ..Vuesday evening, Feb.rlettli, in liar
. 1 ,
R. .
ford village. - ' hs i
On Wednesday evening, 17th, ;.‘ t oz
... ,
s ichool-hopise, .in New :14ilfirrd and
evening of the same day at Gibsonllilill.,
On Fhursday evening, 18th, at Pundalr.
Tlin friends o f teinperanceand the putlic
generly, it is hoped, will,manifes that ,in
terest 4iiite mectiugS appointed abole, which
the satiject deservesand a general attend
ance by given to them. . i. 1
. k
Bir order.of the Contrrtittee. g 1
t • XI. S. BENTLtY, -
Febi 9, 1847. ,Chariman l
• Dv 5Pi rsAl is a weekTeCis of the digesti*e ore s,
and, li* every other Omplaint, is caused by im u
rity of the blood. The Imstric juice 4 a tit& pecu iar
to the sionlach, when socreted from bad blood is of
of a healthy quality; co quently toe food, ins d
of being properly dias. lverl, often ; 'ren4ns intdi
gested toll it imeemes nn manner spoile or u-'p
trifled iti the stomach .:. hence, bad hrea4 a disa
greetdoli taste in the month, especially first Wa
king in the morning, headach, giddiness, wness of
spirits asting of t iebialy, &c. •,i 1
il , r4 4v d4 !khan Vegilat4e Pins , are is .strunral
remedy !for DysPepsia,l because they cianse the
Aomacliof.all billions anil corrupt litimo4 said pu
rify the blobtl ; .consequently,ns they dri*-or.t the
root, or kintseOfthis and every Lithei mallidy, they
-ye abgitetitely certain en remove alb comblaints art
ging Tropp indigestion oryaßepsia. t. i
Itatnembr,.the only • • al andgenulbe I.n4n
Vezetatfe Pills have t w,riuen signaturi of Wm.
hi ; rigto
Wrightim the top label Of each boi. . 2 1 .
Agent* for the - sale of Wright's Itillian Vegetable
Pills in lontrase, Mills IS:. Sherman, Fok ,othei a
gencies irc - aclvertiseraelt in another, coluttia; i i
- •
‘; Kir eiits for the! Peoples,' Adrelytte, 1
.11'oe the week ..ending Feb. 9; 047.
. A . -- fittun - ell, - 4 ,s 4, Pad to No.Bo
Jo¢ titrier,• _ i: -- 1,00 1 " 80
F.iCoont , ' ' Lod 1 ~ 00,
As* lintlincilia, , i i ,50, 1 ~_ pl.
, .
'Stisqu, hanua CoinnY, ss:• 1 ,
PIIEgIC Notice is 'hereby Ovettl that
purWnt.e of a Writ ! of Pattitiotii issued
from die 'Orphan's Court in nd !for said
County; and to me dtrected, an inqiiest wilt
be heldifor making partition of the ieal es
tate • of: William Ho Ines, late oil Gibson
township, in said county, deceased among
the widow and heirS of the said illiaM
Holmed. deed, on Wednesday the Ist day .
of blnich l next, at eleven b'elock i in the
furenoo6, on the pre ices in Gibs° toitrit
ship aft esaid, accor 4 ng to the ac of As
sembly Di such case made and p vided,
Said re4l estate is bouaded andAese 'bed as
follows,] to wit: Sitinite in said t wnship
of Gibs, and bounded by.landio ' N. g.
lienneon the. East; on the South by die
,ding from Gibson to Jackn—on
the 3irett by hinds of William T. Cline, anti
on the North by land's' of Genige Birdsall
and Jolin Potter; containiti,..o. one l*ndrec
and tinily acres,.or 'thereabouts, #ith till
, .
N. C. iiiißNElff, ?
Shiriff's Office, i. t
11Iontro4e, F ett. 11,1847 ; c
:,'; i
IT IS WII T ,e.k .
T.N rill a BOOK OF Iv I'iTURFI A.
-i- mon sense,
thnt dlr. naturalnaturalvegetal
of eer? . (feuntry are. if plierly app .
ficieet fott the. cure of ever malady incident to east
peculiar trnmate. i ,,
i , , r • a i
iiiight's Indian'
I_ . , Vegetable Fps 1
of the .l'ideth American Co ege,of litialth, re co*
posed of 'plants which sgro, v spootaneons4 on our
Qwn;soil,l l and are therefore better adapted to our
constittnihns-tban roedieine4l concoctOltrodt foreign
drug!, h+ever well they may be conapoonkled ; antic
as they me founded upon the principle thift die htt- 1
maul:may is hi truth • ;
,4., ‘ [
• ISubjca to but 0; Pise r ;re i 1
viz: corrupt humeri, and that 'atila:.. ciii i cato C 12145
this disesiie ou , . 1.- .- ~ , i; ' •
i Natueal Peinciples ! • i . _.
• , ..i.
by cle 'ps tuid purifying: the body .; ;it vviß beio •
itest,ithet" it the constitunort he,not entirely 3 exhaus -
ed—l:apetseverance iu•theitl,fis'e, acCordir il iki di
n -
om, is alisolittely certain to 'drive dise • fev
namd fmttit the body. t • " i t
When .ive wish to restore, a sttramP, or •ttoratit4o
fertility, te. drain it,of ilitilaupertiliintainti *ate ;
in like maiintier if Wu wis to rig:din - die 'licitly .
health, .) mast cleanse it impurity .
f.T4iigbt's Indian gitabliPalli• ~ .
i r
will he foneof the beat , if not ithe feryt ,
medid#ne {be world for-
. 4rrying o 4 tidal ....-.
f. Geand purif,yufg principle; 1.• , •
because (hey ento - li. front. the, body •41
impure hpmois, the cantle lit to tin•tasy
natural ntannert and whilettheraYr*dal '' '
i , 3
~qiee,.e Sr and
. "ptiao4, l ri - - 1
disease o evle,4: ii" e is; - riPiCY,4TO')F9m 0
badyl; - •,; - .,_ ' 1. , - ..; r
L The 1 lowing 'n:, highlfr ipejiablni" etnAtemi
;have l i tipt*i.,d iy...40,6 .ggetitti-lo*L i tt
f ,
1 Weghts .f • i. Vegetitb • Pi111:44 .S
MOIR oSi.i.Sherman, lilr goose:: ~,,...... Isf; :-; ..,
Shtt , S e!itigiik 4 '! : ' " !,',l ' ';' " tll'
i L 1 0.44 W - OdrA 1 0,04:P01f r il t- , ! :.
'*•!LOitedlivigoi-11iiii ;,
rda , ; , ;,.
:Ifini:eitDOß'ciik-Geeii ,Bea d :q,.._
.'. ,RI 41§AlOirt* , C*1 POOtitil ::-,,,
nts t
; ',ll, *Diem, AeiChia .4:4 - 11: ; I;',,k ,
'lll4 AKeiniegy - ,-9i
- ' , .il s ' If4'.. "PkirSei'.E ' : . OW*. r' ..-- :.,
-..wia i ii
— TAU'. ;Bwirow4 . itiao.-, i.-. , /:.: It
Jeuiiei a tciiti it : tvi: 1. ~-i ::- p , :- :1 , --1-....
;.v .. fil l -.qt-•=0,11;4',,i!--L.l
•,••: -I. - '.....-: fv--• - • 4 • ' . - -1
t. l w
iTO , A nd ~ifieni,
~ qi agony of
land , 'an 'ln ; hears are
'Oti; - i'.!u Ufilte I D
e. - lan from such
L 6. Pricie - 11aifird:
Charlck &two, nee 0
Bzeratts prtoix*turrs!tl:llo
timed sparious
in order to' deeeive,sizer called by`
Wright's', Inaibliregetable Pills.
-Tiatkotily,Orkinal ienuiziO
Pills liare,theingnature of Wm W
a pen on the top -label of eachlan
genuine, itini.t.iii.counterfeit this la
tOffices-l'ilevoted asclusircl
Wright's IntliairVegeale
icon College of Health, No. f?..411 Gri
York; No; 19f>'Tremontst. Bbstc
office, No. 1691tace st. Philadelpl
n of
!e it
WE are tam receiving- a lag
wiutor .Goode ; to winch we,
tion of our friends and the public.
- ;DR E SS -G2 9
SUCH a 04h4eres, De Lain. ;
&c. a gret n it, variety just receive
MILL;tI- o.
FROM the enclosure of the tubsc
the fast ot'November last, fivj
old Ewe and fourlastspringLarnbs.
return said Sheep, or give informatio i
be found, shall be liberally rewarde4
ANY ettantil* ef Wheat, lye, C.
seed and e f imothy-leed, in etch
ik .
~,‘ mwse ," . - • .-
~ 74 :
.grept • Rend, ~. a., : _ : '
15 ; 000 ;-busbels ' ' Ati, ' -:
. 10,000- , do. ye,
. 5,0*. ' do. C IT; i. , .
'.. - 1,000 ' do: , hcOt, 7. --..
20,000 lbs.:ceath; of Butter, Ch se , Ilid;iali
low, Pork, for wh ch theghea'
price will be paid. . ' ' I '
Great Beud, -Jan.- 1847. . .
Feb. 3, 134.::
February 3,18474
Feb. 3, IBC:,
2t. GOOD assortment ig Iron of all, sizes and des.
cription. by- ' B,
molT49sp . BtanEss DIR CTORT.
' I: B. SIMMONS, I::
Boqt & Shoe Maker-=shop in Sea block; West
side of Fablie Avenue. • 11
it...SEARLE & CO
A good assortment of Dry Goods, Crockery, Hard
ware, &c. &e.,'West side of PublielAYenue.
Dealer in Stove's,' Pai.dware, Dry G.
side of Public. Avenue. I I
Dealers iii Siores.,•Tin-dare. StatioMry, Dry qpogp,,,
&c. &e.=-Ealltside of - Public Aren l e. • ' • ''-
Dealers in Hats, -- Caps, furs, Plough
West side of'Pnblie Avenue.
Still continues the: Biacksmilliing busies inlts
aus branch& at hit old Stand near Iteler'sTaierst
'' B. St BENT.L.Ei-F. "j , 1 1: ; , -
..-Utomey-ii.l. 4 ooo.lthe obi-Office a t feW
_ of tlic Coort-hqusti.
Cabinet and Chili' Making. Also Sign
Painting, Taming; Paper Hanging, c. Shop 112 1 .
his old Stand on, Turnpike st. '.l
A. CIiAMBtRLIN, ~..•-'
_Attorney, et Lavr,',office over the Store of I. L. POO4
& Co„ cerher_of Ilthlie Avexine =4 Turnpike sta
Physicians & Suigeins.. Officei west side of the
Public Avenue ovei the Storti of leSteatle ds C 0..-
E. S. Pilett.- ! Z
Fashionable Talofa , oN'e Merril & .13.4es1Jat Stizi. 1
GroCeries, Fruits, ‘Oonfec "ccurries, Drags , Medicines;
PaintS, Oils, and a ty of nick nneks. ''t
Fanner's' Store. : A gon
on hand. One door b
RAM*. RMER§; '• --
Coach, Carriage iota sletli'MarnifactOrers, on Torii
pike street; at the oldatinithley staid, 'lire iettay
to servtl,custoo,il2.theiriost terniedstg:leititle
age. Articles ukotOliaie cop./inwin on hand, km' sale, sale, and repair' one siio'rt noyce. r
• S.. S:littf l OßD dz gON:.
Dealers ill tory Goixl.orockery, Grroeeries, Joiners'
To•Jis, &c. &e:t astside Pablie:Avonae
DENTIST.-4. ets.teeth on• Gold Plate r sad performs
all operatiOni CIA the to in'tbe best style. Can
be found at L 1 28614460 Oil Mondays .and Isues.
days of '•
SitigecitOrgAtCsiutlier. Residence No;
2_, /3 roatlTiy; (ommitis tjo pltptist ChOrch;) Jackspa
City, Pal •- ' - • •.
Fashionable Ttidt)*l . :Two doors below ; the Fartner's
Cheap Goo,:14 for P'eopl'e—PubliC :Aiestiiii;
J, S. EEO - lON - NE. , .
Dealei in bry_Goaokjiiidwi,:ro, Cv4eries, .Crock,
arysiTianothi,,midv Qum Hemlock,
ritid 814 ,
- LEM O / sl ' .
hr B 0904111;
ade South di
Carrie ia at hit shop Id; to wait zon t !iv
fowl ) h iviii*happk • "
Iron fipeedetiZttg46l2'it
the ela stand .trartlie - retidei" Pisid
31,Y HS' - •
Ationseo to f ,Offic4 few rods j South of-tho
_ Court Muse: ,
1." .
. ,
,- F,Afiltp., i rus itt' —.
- Liii , ;•gffici) Eliet!iiteor thP-t. i . ,
at ' -, ans:Fs , sol(tPrd 4: -
e , ivitif tile tort x- • %,. . 4, •,, --,
, , ,-: .... 1 _ , ,;,-4.,,m,:•, ~ .„vt, v. i ,t.
,- - 1 -'--• ~.- .11,R.E , ILYON,, t , .-.: • . - - I*-f. , -• ---
ju te
Pusler in' Dry 134 diril: Gerica: Deo*, ifilkiq t ami,.. -,
and BOt4tl4o4ist;E:' '44 - . alPliblic Ail
'', - : : :.1844t.014' •
coiner of Pi Mentie
'..' ; ..) - i 4 ';'z-f
' l l 4- I..... Ar ffiliiffin of Store' in. th?,,C9UntX4„.
„,„..-...., -,::,... - . -
.•• ' • I.t..;.‘iirilickAutt% :.T.,11y1;-:-.^.-,-,c,i--; ~;;•:.'zri-,;.4. 7.,;
~ ..-;.,-43.1r1. 1 1, ~,. - - ---4,,: „ . .f. - 41,,..4 , ' 2 , ~,=,.•.,... • , - •• 1 '•,,...,.. '
''r=~ r~.
liititdiklarls calk
afiiai neflicieee-toilich
eittoliejle -
# r.-
Ana; Vegot:ble
Norm other is7'.;
? g ory; . -
to the sale of
he North limetw.q.
• norich it New ;
NI. • • '
• vit. tple
bet, an or %boat
SHEEP, 500
Whoever will
L where titer can
•• 3w3t
ru; 0104 Elszr
Toy Goads;
Points, Sze.-.
Nariety ollgoods - alwapf
ow the residence of lodge
&N,V 4 V roc
ri 274
„Trey- Ok i74, - *44 1 ,
a VIM jlOlll-41-'•;:,