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    ~,,JllO4 ye offered the frdlowiniti..„—f-t
Resolveo , That the Committee - ii(Wayri
end Prl
td td ', ' iiiiilliti thb Tiotii4soviding for'
Ad* s ale iha'eanala Ind railroads
owned bfi , = Commonwealth; or•such pert
erParte ate ' th ey may deem ettpedieet t*4
bill to ', • the conditioza of such sale,
without any price, and. to authorize
and revs* e Canal Commissioners to ad
vertise fier - eind' receive proposals for the pur
chase atitia same , from the time of the pas
sage of airth bill, until the meeting of the
ne xt LeglOature, and make report _thereof
to this bil i y on or before the 10th day of
Januruy4 a ; which was agreed to, yeas
55, nays. 14.
Thursday, Jan. 14.
On moiinn of Mr. Ross, the Senate took
up the joint resolutions initructing our Sen
ators and requesting our Representatives in
Congress' to vote for a bill granting free
postage Ow letters sent to or received - from
the volutileers serving Mexico.
After the tide h n amended, on mo
tion of* Ross,. so it would read - " Reso
lution foe . , the, relief of volunteers now in
Mexico,*%tbe 'said resolutions were read a
third timetanil passed.
Mr. Kline presented a petition from 150
individun(s of Hollidaysburg, limiting the
amount of land hereafter acquired by any
one inditiclual, to 160 acres; also, the ex
emption I:vf the homestead of any family,
from levy Sale, or execution, where the same
does not Occeed 160 acres, or aliened in any
way, excipt by the joint consent of the hus
band and; ;Wife, where such relation exists.
Mr. Thomas : four petitions for an act
to incorPi)rate a company to build a turn
pike road: from. Great Bend to the Abiogtou
Mr. Clark : one for the repeal of the laws
relating ' a itt docket fees, Sheriff's fees and
fees of "P t tothonetaries, and for an alteration
of the laWs relating to scire facies, &c.
tl)d ticuples alhietatt.
" Here Shill 'the Prem., the Peet)les rights maintain,Cams-oily influence, and ttubrited by gain."
MONTROSE. JAN. 21. 1817.
---------.,..-_, -,_-__- , .---
The Clique /Convention.
In purisuance of the Clique call, a politi
cal meeting was held at the Courthouse on
Monday :evening last, at which the proceed
ings ;yeti substantially as anticipated.. As
most of air worlhy Democrats have been so
frequentli • disgusted at the 'dictatorial and
arbitrary? management of the Fire-proof
Clique at their business meetings that they
do not atiend them, we ,will . give for their
amusemOtt, a correct outline of the whole
affair. inthe first place, their notice was
given only through the Clique Organ, the
mis-tramil 4 ' Democrat.", Well, there were,
after drat-truing up all in their power from
the Firejproof, the constables and jurors at
tendikg court, the outs, inns, and anxious
erpectatii of office, together with about
halta-dciAen hangers-on of the clique from
Montrose Red . Bridgewater, about twenty to
twenty-Ae; who could be relied upon to sus
tain anyjneasitre which their -masters, the
Fire-prakif Old Hunkers , might nr4se.—
The Preadinonished of the part they
were to perform, afia the Clique proceeded
to riinlie*ringements for organizing their
meeting4,' :This was done, at the Fire-proof.
Whethe'OMr. Reckhowe, who assumes to be
a kind offsigkr in one apartnientof the Fire
-proof, held the Court-house key in his pock
et until all the preliminaries were fixed up
on, we afinnot tell ; though we presume such
was the ;ease judging from his conduct on
former R i ni similar occasions. Thos. John
son, (the:late Sheriff, tivith the office of Rep
resentatite in expectancy,) was early at his
post to perform the duty allotted to him,
and noniiineted Mr. Reckhowe for Chair
man. Ie return for his fidelity, Mr. John
son wastliominated Vice President. M. C.
Tyler, 4 applicant for the appointment of
Associate Judge, was from motives of palpa
ble poli4 made another Vice President; A'
Mr. Gel, the Clique candidate for the next
Sheriffidky was also nominated. The fourth
and laselpleee was to be supplied, when lo!
Geo. - Faller nominated Mr. Smiley, of Gib
son, who was strongly (and reasonably too,
we troy) suspected of entertaining a doubt
as to the propriety of yielding a passive o .
dience ie all things dictated by ame • nary
Clique. g Whether the design o is device
will be iinsweredis another i testion. Here-,
upon Jcilin l H. Dimock , oved the appoint-.
Ment.ofli eommiue of five to prepare - and
submit Iresolutis is for the consideration of
the meelin Mr. Reckhow, though it w as
well u 1 • erstood by him that he was to select •
from' the-Jai-aft( and two-term surely, omit
ted to appoint the mover one of said commit-
tee. .ItTlws. suggested that such a . proce-
dure was unparliamentary and uncourteous;
m wheitit Was discovered that a majority of
The req4site stripe could be retained and the
mover 4bstituted -in place of one who- de- 1
dined sirving, the alteration was made.—
but welt the Committe with J. H. Dimwit
at their Several men were called up : -
on to ,:se... Ivy the time," and one or two
responded. The Codultittee at length' res ,
turn e d *ith A tolerably well got, nip •set, of
reselutitios o i which, in the main, breathed
the ride 'spirit. There Were, however,
some fery exceptiolar. After the Tariff of
11 346'reiio latioti had been read, Me Lusk Of
fered il4 fdlloWieg, which. though acceptal.
Me to three ietuliie of the Democracy of the
State, Aust be idted down by the Cliqug,
right o rgi es g: ' C
. " Reiolved, that the coal and irpe in* .
eats of ternusylvania rcqui'ee a aualiftelitiaty
of the 'tariff aloof 1846."
On the Off er o f dida resolution, Gett F l l-7 ; •
lee exell46 l 6d, Is j'ar for reducing the if i
. t:•. L. •
on cosh poo iron still kni e r V!. This a n -,
Peneeileaiga eenthieent fell orte the 464
I • ,- • . - 1
• ,
_ae • o'
o it
...tek of '
• s
.a i
d I ;er
~ , ,r
lift , every:l . well-wis: her , to: hirtax- Eiden and -
debt-lvantimiidi'' I ,: like au Aini ;', sound'.
from an : empty .`
- defeat4 ., ': As '';',a raioliitien was ' 'read de
nouncing the , gestic ,oc, n a o One
Term, Me.: Lusktiviell knoiviat that off6e
hoiden, hereaboids 'Affect to ”, despise" that
salutary principld, threw another tre-brand
among them by Offering the following:
• ii Renolied, thin We view with regret the
disturbing differences of opinion iti,the Dem
oolitic !party_upo questions of policy affect
ing the common interest, said that ive recog
nize ink the one tcrin principle applied .to of
having power to . confer patronage, a
key to the, union and harmony iudispensibletki
our success at the aeitt gubernatorial -elee
tion—a principki which, in seven different
messages: was advocated by Andrew Jack
son, wine% was littongly recomthended hi .
Thos. Jefferson;_ uld which receives the mi
qualified,sanctimis-of our now worthy Pres(-:
dent, James K. =rolk."
Eveti - 4 appropriate and purely dem -
cratic resolution Meat be opposed and co -.-
demned oy the newly - fledged politicians f.'
the Fire4roOf Oitioe. Mr. Streeter, no
holding the offine of Deputy Prosecutin -,
Attorney kinder Ole present administratio ,
i t
esteemed it his diny, in fidelity to his pa -.
mos, in 4 violent ; Speech, to denounce Jac 1--
son, Jefferson, Pak and all the worthy den
ocrats of i the State who have approved'a it
salutary one term ;principle, as Federalist:,
Whigs, Indians,Ar.c. &c. lie was follows d
by a similar and?t uproarious" speech from
his man-friday, y?iing Mr. Grow, denouticitig
in terms of the tOost bitter invective all ptn
riotic worthies Whether dead or living, w 1 o
have differed front him in his opposition o
the. one term principle—imagining, as °tie
would suppose ftom what he said, and Ils
manner of saying it, that all distinguished
patriots must necessarily' fall into utter in
significance behke his superior wisdom. A
ter a few scathing remarks by Mr. Lusk, in
which he severely-lashed those presumptn.
tins revilers of the mighty dead, and caluni-
Meters of pre-eminent cotemporaries, with
a Self-condemning nay that genuinely dem
ociatic and meritorious resolution was voted
down. In due time resolutions providing
foethe appointment of Senatorial and Rep
reSentative delegates to the 4th of March
Convention were reached. It seemed that
the democracy of IV.iyne and Wyoming
ec4inties had concurred in thc - appointmeot
ofl i b Ir.:Winchester, of Wyoming, as Senato
rin t Delegate. But, as that• gentleman was
socketed of being adverse to the designs of
the Fire-proof Hunkers here, some kind of
a 'rookery must be projected. So it was
proposed that . a, conference shobld be 'held
for the eorrectien of errors, ilk.c., whereupon
young Mr. Grow sprung up and modestly
nominated four 'Afferent Conferees. Here
upon Mr. Lusk' charged with another fire
brand, offered the following substitute for
die uncalled for resolution, loaded clown as
0. wag with Mr. Grow,'s candidates for the
. ,
Conference :
‘, Resolved, that this Convention confirm
the nomination of Mr. Winchester for Sena
torial Delegate from this district to the neat
4th of March Democratic ‘Convention, as
made in Wayne county and ratified in Wy
After the flurry created by this rightemis
(but to the Old Hunkers odious) proposition
had in a measure subsided, the Clique look
ing about upon their limited but sufficient
power for the time being, voted down the
amendment and adopted Mr. Grow's del
gation. Again impelled by native modestf,
Mr. Grow nominated Mr. Hartley for Rep
resentative Delegate, who, being the politi
cal protege of the mover, of` course was ap-
Ited with( di Thf
tion, notwithstanding Mr. Winchester is now
the duly authorized Delegate from this Dis
trict.' Such is the desperation of the rule
or-ruin office-holding and office-seeking Fac
tion in this county, that the People will soon
be' constrained to come to the rescue and ad
minister .a chastisement that will effectually
learn young presumptuous usurpers, and
cormorauts for Power, that due respect to
the popular will; is indispensible to the poli
tician's success.;,
The proprietzof instructing the Delegates
to the 4th of Mtirch Convention elicitedcon
siderahle i debti4 The Chairman of the
c om m i t+, iii .ii'very sensible and
hd prophet
ic speech opposed the measure.. ,l The drill
ed serge ! "ts advocated of the Clique aocated it with
the zeal 'f a 4 , 11-fed . and well-trained Sol
diery. he edit bad been sent forth from
the rOe-tirciof that the delegntioh must be
instructed for Francis R. Shiloh,' and it was
cordingly done. Some of the moreanz
pi and politically distressed Old l Hunkers, v
i owed, (and truly, we believe, atthat ' mis
ery loves company,') that they Would.rath
er be defeated under the banaer _of Old
Shank than suected 'with a nesil man for, a
candidate. This was just what the had sus
pected, in view of their palpable !dereliction
of political principle;
.Tbe unpledge4ami independeht Dempe‘-
rWeyi of the coUity will judge whether the
,dittsitorial Faction ; tiii the Fire4iroof, who
assume to muriutacts re 'opinions! and senti
ken4 Oi.the'peinilt, are the eze naive dpi g .
il,orats aiming usi or whether tho are eno..
tied to - the woe ttait'
ressoliableness - With
course is markrd who
suit the pOptilarlwill,
port - 413e cot ci4 kite
ocratic family; 4'eaTless
this tribunal we confid
pectfully sublit!the i
Fatal A
*bile it company
New Yokk and Erie
Wednesday of last.
endeatoring to ande
one of the number, a
from Syracuse, whosit, i
learn, was crushed by
of a large Mound of
stump. The tu ufort
about thiTty six! hou
that his family would
the day after his des'
and active kindness m'
tractors, De Grew, B
occasion, elicWd muc
ury note Bill, which w
day in CongresS, authi
to issue $23,060,000
and of denominations
The notes maybe red'
years from date. Thi
allowed to hale the
stock at their option, m
ient provisions 'pre mf
The Treasury iniptes i
not exceeding Six per
issued in lieu of them
upon the books of th •
stock may be redeem
the last of December,
also to be re-issued.
bill, the President ha
money if he prefers,
part at his own option
paid semi-annually, a
front the sales 4 the p
fur the payment of the
The balance 4 the bi
eteecution of the law,
terfeiting, 'manner o
The sum of 09,000
incidental expinse§ o
The Civil and Dip
differ much from the
mates for Congress
tress, $755,000 ; C
Officers, $39,000 ;
$75,000. •
soldiers, who distingu
battles in Mexico, ha
Lieutenants the si
good, but the principhi
to all-cases, and ever
unusual valor and
placed in the line of p
have a much better ar
case ; the officers N7O
courage,.who could b:
'tbe ranks would be fill
What a reflection it
character of the great
we did not know the
that only two persons •
hard fought fights tha!
worthy of promotion
many acts of individ ;
the men which hart'
o Ta
The J
gqi of Co
Irma to grant n
Vping this ierm,bu
the inhabitapts in the
the election in. Febuari
Licences• expire this
Delegates to the 4th
At a meetiog of th
ette cotinty, !held a
Uniontown, oh Tues
nary, for the : purpos
gates to the 4th of 11
to express the sense
several important qu;
before them. Col. R.
appointed President
vice President. and.
Joseph Fish,'Secreta
We extract from ii
tions the following :
That the maintenanc
of the Democratic fa'
the consideration of e
can only be sustained]
publican art act tol
and unanimity. Divi.
always be carfully av
up in the more impo
and triumph.] With
ty, we would irceom
delegates to ithe D:
which is to ttieet at
of March nealt, to no
for Governor and tl
who shall be :pledged
free to go for those no
are "honest and cape
unite the parh and th
perience, wei think,
Democrat s that this i..
there are sortie divisi . 1
parent, and that the.
And Whereas, Ult .
of the utinostiimporta l
democratic party,:at
it be time, that Ptnn-
Presidential election
ability she *AI, theo
.prize the freigstitu
inseperably doonee •
to be, with the sir •
prrty;.it. beciOneChs
ottlititqUl irsestioos
.test of a diauhtful cha t
Aidved;frhat •• '
or the propriety and
hieli their. pOlitical
ost studiously con
nd endeavar to gap
es of the great dem
of denunciatton. To
tidy appeal, and res.
laborers upon the
d Road, were, on
A, near Lanesboro,
I Incl a large stump,
(respectable German
r nom we could not
e caving upon him
Irth, followed by the
nate man survived
It was expected
each Lanesboro, on
h. The sympathy
nifested by the ran
i er & Co., on the sad
i, praise and comend-
j. Bu.L.—The Treas-
tui presented on Mon
nizes the President
in Treasury , Notes,
ns low as fifty dollatlL
ietnetl in one or two
‘-holders of notes are
l.ame converted into
d ample and enliven
de for this purpose.
e to bear an interest
eat and the stocks
s to be transferable
i s
Department. The
!;i:1 at any time after
867• The notes are
At the close of the
power to borrow the
nd in whole or in
The interest is to be
d the money received
blic lands is pledged
nterest and principle.
relates only to the
unishment for coun-
proposing, &c. &C
appropritited for the
roatic Bill does not
:stimates. The esti
-Members of Con
ntingent, $150,000 ;
enators, contingent,
hed themselves in the
e been promoted to
rmy. This is very
should be extended
1 man who has shown
• iscretion should be
omotlon. We:, Would
.y if this wit e the
i ld be men: of tried
depended upon, and
ed with better men,
mild appear upon the
hotly of the army, if
iractice that prevails
ram the ranks of thosd
have been thought
not distending the
gallantry among
~-.en recorded.
rt 1410 W in session have
Licences for Tavern
, awaitthe tiecision of
several Townships at
, next. Those whose
onth should beware.
'if Ruth Convention.
Democracy of Fay
the Town Hall, in
ay the sth day of Jan
-11 of appointing dele
arch Convention, and
of the people on the
stions which are now
r. R. M. Walker, and
les :
e preamble an resolu-
of the great doctrine
th, should be first in
ery Democrat. These
when the great Re
ether with cordiality
ons about men, should
ided, and swallowed
:it matters of success
hese views of our du
`end the nomination of
imocratic Convention,
arrisburg, on the 4th
mate our candidate
anal Commissioner;
to no man, but left
inces, who, while they
tole" Democrats; will
whole party. Past ex
. ill dictate to every
i the true policy: That
ns amongst us, is op
/. can and should be
on and harmony are
,ce, in the ranks of the
be present crisis; for if
Ivania will decide the
In 1848 as in all prob
' t becomes us, di , we
ions of our country,
as we believe them
.ss of the -.democratic
nbt Wperil such
as gubernatorial can
Fran sod Capt.
7. B. Diiyidaan; be aPPoliteif delegates to
the Detitlicratic.State Voiiiention, and !maid
delegates are hereby instructed, to' use all
honorable efforts to secure the nomination
o f a osadidate for governor, upon whom Abe
whole party can heartily 'units and around
whose standard cats cheer fully
With such a cadidate we must and we will
- ,
The Democrats of Greene county held a
meeting on the IKId nit!, and appointed Maj.
R. if. Lindsey, the Representauve Delegate
to the 4th March Convention, without in
stinetions. correspondent of the Phila
delphia K ystone says :—" Mr, indsey,
the kepresentative Delegate from this coun
ty, is the adVocate of , ONE Tram, and the
Senatorial Conferees a r e of the,same stamp,
which makes all things right between Greene
and Fayette in the choice of a Senatorial
(one term) Delegate."
The last Wilkesbarte Democrat says :
t , We publish the proceedings 'of the Dent
ocratic county meetin , which came off la
evening at the COUrt oust. It will be per
ceived that the ,p 0
ple have spoken,
and decided the issue tendered by the frehds
of GOv. Shunk. Our delegates to ' the 4th
of March Convention are now instructed in
fivor of the oke term principle, and a new
man ticor Governor. The friends of Gover
nor Shunk fought bard, but were over
whelemed by numbers, and fairly defeated.
They sought the issue and invited the strug
gle, and they should ; net complain of the
".We regret;lioweVer; to learn that after
the meeting adjourned, the exclusive , friends
of Gov: Shunk were nequested to remain to
organize another meeting. We suppose
they adopted resolutions expressive of their
own immediate opinions and views. Such
disorganizing efforts can have, and should
have no influence any where. The people
haVe spoken, and old Luzerne has arranged
herself un the side of the one term principle."
Dr. R. W. Christy was appointed repre.
sentative delegate, without instructions.—
Resolutions were adopted approving of the
course of President Polk, and expressing
confidence in the ability, and integrity of
Governor Shunk.
The following gentlemen were appointed
delegates to the 4th of March Convention.
Senatorial—Robert J. Fisher.
Representative—Col. John R"ankin, Dr.
H. G. Bussor, and Andrew M'Conkey.
Resolutions were passed complimentary
to the President and Governor, the Hon.
ins. Buchanan, Col. J. R. Snowden, and in
favor of the Mexican-War.
No instruction resolutions were adopted-.
The following, however, whirl was unani
mously passed, plainly indicates the views
of the meeting_:
Resolved, That the crisis has arrived in
the politics of the State, when it behooves
the Democratic party to act with great cau
tion and circumspection—that it is the duty
of every Democrat to lay aside all personal
feelings, and to unite harmoniously upon
alike eaudidatefor Ggvernor, for whom ALL .
The DemOcratic Conferees of Bradford
and Tinga counties have concurred in the
nomination ofionah Brewster as Senatori
al Delegate, with instructions to support F.
R. Shunk.
The Democratic meeting of Indiana coun
ty appointed Edward Nixon, Senatorial, and
William B. Black, Representative Delegate,
with instructions . to support Francis R.
Shunk. •
The Democratic meeting of Perry nomi
nated David Steward, Representative, and:
Thomas O'Bryan, Senatorial Delegate, with
instructions to support F. R. Shank.
The penineratie Convention of this coun
ty was held on the sth inst, Dr. W. A.
Smith, presiding, assisted by Michael Ma
guire, Wm. Rainy, James Magehan, and
Samuel M. Osnigh as Vice Presidents, and
Geo. W. Early'and Rees J. Lloyd, Secre
taries. - -
COL 44).4.eph McDonald was appointed a
Representative delegate to the 4th of March
Convention, and Edward Nixon, ofltidiana
county, recommended as Senatorial dele
gate. The delegates are not instructed.
Drawn for January Term, A. D. 1847
2nd WEEK.
Auburn—Thomas F. Ke llogg.
Brooklyn—James L. Adatos, Reuben 0
Bridgewater-William Shipman.
Clifford—Benjamin Ayeri, J. T. Lang
don, William H. Slocum, Solomon Bolton,
Dilton Yarrington, John Aytsworth,
Choconut--Joseph Bebee, John Clark,
Rowland Barton, Patrick Clnrk.
pimork—Andrew Young.:
Great Bend—John Gillispie, Seely Trow
Gibson—Lewis Brainard, Calvin A. Norse
Hanford—Orton P. Jackson, Walter
W. Wilmarth, William Wilsey, Elias N.
Jesnip—Henry Hewers. '
Lenox—William Hartley, Reuben Baker
James S. Robinson. : •
Liberty—Thomas C. Varibe.
Montrose-0. G. Hempsted, T. P. StJohn.
Newhfilford—William Ball.
Resh—Charlee Terry.
Springrille--Jamee Maelane, Jeremiah
&loci Lake—Mortimer E. Gage.
In eke Common Pleas of Sis t ivehanna co.
Jan. Tergt, 1847.
Second Wecii. . •
Lewis vs lU.dletown tp. in case 16 Jan T 1846.
BUffington•vs same " I'3 f'
Pendleton et al v$ same 1'
1 18 "
Boffiington et alive same!" . • 9 ..
Taylor vs Tnylori hi case, 56 Jan T 1846 * •
Canfield vi Warn* of al, erttsstiy 59 April T 1896
Smith & Booth vi. Sttton , at c 'et, 148 Ap. T.'46 .
coltish vs Dichlitstm, incase , 93 An T 1846. 1i
Carmicbiel.vs lir libi in CAM. 144 Aug T. 1446 . ''
CrswftWlLea r lit4lifitti iv:NI-Aug T. 1845 ~
Wells di Bard vs , i 4 debt ! '163 Agg T 1846
Canfield 444. .. , ' pock appei i lB7 Aihrr 1846
aryan et el gra , - *lnsult; Nov T 1846.
- Tesueriiniie
Lieut. ThraliE*ilrliaititieiui4glaws :
(lii Friday evening itextl - 22d Ois - . at Nevi
1 . 1 ' • 1
lifilltird.l ii
el . . 1 •• ! ' •
i...,.: 1
Sliturday eveniatand. Sandat,'•zid, arid
244, at Great lie4i. PL
titesday eveni4;.26tb; at taisbato.
i(tUdpesday and Thursday ee4(kang,4'79l,
?..., 1
atid.:3th at Jackson.
• I
kiiday and Saturday evening 29th and
.:. ~.
30t1), at Thome*. " . 4 I •
Sii . .nday, 3lst, in Herrick:. . i'l t i I
Btanday and Thesday, teb'ylliit and 2d,
at *bunt Masai* i . ,; .1 , !
: A
Wednesday, 3d,, t Gibson: 'i i
*iursday, 4th, at Harford. p i
Friday and Saturday, . sth iihil 6th, iat
Le4x. u ,
'.l I
',he TownshiP Committees and friends
of TemperanCe in the above iiiiSzied tosviv.
sill* are requested to make 414tablei
ran:genie:As for the meetings al4v: e notifi ,
andleirculate notice thereof. i!
By order of thesCommitee. ,?, •
' B; S. BENTLOY; Ch'n.
iiinuary 20th, 1847. fi I
t.. 3 I I
DOseussion of the Death IPZialtr!
'the Tkustees 'of the Presbyt4+_i.lurch
lia4ng kindly granted tbr i nse of their house,
the lion. Wm. Jessupew ill gite his views
upitn the death penaltyi at thqi place, pn
I.ltajiday evening lan. 25, at 6i_ olclock, at
which time all Who fe# an int9rest,itt. the
subkrt arc ,respectfully invited o attend:.
'.5 ' . C4H:I, DS , Cocoas, #NI3
GONSUMPTIpN. I W right's, W
Ind Vegetable Pills area must deligiTtful medi-,
rt r carry-Mg off,n cold, because they: experfrons
theolstem all morbid. and corruptllinmors,. (the
cause' tlif every kind of disease) in soOasy and nat
ural a *miner, that tile body is relieyedof, all its Ruf
fin-I,g Ids if by magick, Foul' or five 'of •id Indian
'Vegetable Pills, taken every night ot.gO ng• to bed,
will iii 'a sliqrt time remove the utestfa tinate cold
—4 the same time the digestive culans will be res
tur:d to a healthy tone, :Ind the bhiect aogompletely
putlfied, that inflammation of the lunO, cansuruption,•
ur any other form oldisease will be '; . abSolutely im ,
po:4i . hie.
t. ,
.1 1
fiernember, the only original and gel:Kline Indian
Vegetable Pills have the written signature of Wm.
Wqght on the top label of each b0x.: 3 2
Agents for the sale of Wright's Iniiian Vegetable
Pills in 'Montrose,. Mills & Shermank. Foe-other a
gencies see advertisement in anotheseoltimn.
G. BENJ. Sittrit is tcri . Sten with a An on the bottom
of ,ivory box of genuine Sugar Coat 4 Improved In
dia'n Vegetable Pills. Sone'dmilers are It'd into the
erriirnf supposing there is no ditTerentrk in SugarCoat
eOills, and therefore boy some worthlessimitution
bekause they can buy cheap. W .hal i l. enlighten
tht public everywhere in ilac4 mem after
th 4 are duly informed of the ra.scali .'- or these itni
tattles, every one of whomeither peren ally or tbrtmgh
others %might to obtain information oo' tiny business,
bsilsoliriting the agency of my Pilla.l,l A.Man in Al
bitlly mint in a minister to obtain, clatideskinely, some
knowledge of my Pills. Viip shall ikeat. of them'all
as they deserve. . 5
bfEce 179 Greenwich street, (large brick block.)
Pill Always ask for the Improved.hlndixt Vegeta-
WO s.
tis s 'Alld "see that G. Benj.' Smith 1,, ?cliffs% with a
pelt on the bottom of the box. 4
Isgents—N. Mifchel & Co. and J. rthkidge, .lont
roike. 1.1 li
Receipts rot. the Peeples' ;Advocate,
li For the week ending Jaft. 21; 1847.
lip. Lant.on
,71 , ,
$ ,93 Par to N 0.30
A:i9..a. s ibb..,o, - zi
(14q Sweet,
A. Newton,
NOthailiel Aldrich,
A4rcn IVakeinan,
n Sprintrrille on the .16th'ult., bsi Albert Beards
-14 Esq., Mr. DEN'smone STARK OKNicholson, Wy
oming cksto miss .4:3IAicDA-s..ariitiO.
;On Wednesday evening, 13th #1 st., near Hart
Like, by Rev. John Long, Mr. Consiiimes J. Cunt's,
- .
nto the inclosure of the Subscriter, on or about
a_ the middle of May, 1846,. a light • red Steer.
iihonld think said Steer was two matt' old past.
afarmony township, Jau. Bth, 47'
Comprising a grneral rodi dory outline
of Universal History, anc4 nt . and mod
;r4 dern, and a series of separate Ilistories of
every principal nation- that exists, their
rise, progress, present condili on, 4.c.
+thor of the " Treasury of knowlehe," " Biogreph
; ical Treasury}"” Literary aria Seientif.
is Trevory," &c., incltiing -
• -
The republication of this valuabls work Ms been
1 unlertaketi partly on account of thb high favor with
it has lieeti received ilk Eiagland, but
chiefly in consideration of its intrirfsic-value; arising
Ifoin the felicitous adoption of th 4," plan to a wan
dna has been long and generally lit and frpm the
Aniginent and fidelity manifested nil its execution.—
The idea of giving in a single vkhrk, of no very
f,irmidable dimensions, and at a Hee which brings
it within the reach of very moilerate circumstances, •
a9sufficient outline of the world's whole hiStory, and
similar outlines of the history fit: efiery nation, is so
cd)viotisly judicious and appropnats as to require no
Ouloginni. Every p..rson who cures at all for the
Ethqusition of useful kno,wledge milst desire to pos.
iess such a general kruntledge ofmst 6 -cuts, not on,
15. in his own' country but, in all Ouutries, as shall
iiable him to understand the.perdetually recurring
allusions that are found in almost ;My course of gen
tital reading; because for want of4ucli l understand
ipg there is alivays a serious ditninution both of.
Oeasure and profit, . even in . th of such
*orks as are designed chiefly for emuAttuent. For
instance, most of *it Walter Seott'ernovels are found
ell upon history, and'ces to his
iral events and perm:mazes, Aleut if some ac,:'
ptaintance with whicli detracts Orimisly from the
iOtereiit and delight they are SOi . yl:olll.tinalifled to
akeu ; and so of most other works belonging to
t better class of what is called tight !liter,riure._
ut the difficulty has been to obtain 'this general
Iteosviedg,e without geing throughk;may - books, re-
iiiiring a greater Expenditure of Anne' and money
than most persons are able or wink to afford ; and
tb obviate such-difficulty has been the purpose of
Mr. Maunder. - ~.! 1
_, His plan has the merit of completeness, and is nn.
iltiubtedly the best that could havit been desired.l--
He gives first a general sketch of Ancient and mod.
ern history—a rapid arid cotnpreVensitve hinds-eye
ew, as it were, of the rise and pregreiss of nations,
the most -important incidents ofp i e , :r carger, and
tiprelations to each other' and rithis he takes' :
yip the nations separately, furaishtiig a concise di.
gnat of all that is important or d trohle to' know
obncerning each, and thrill affordin a - sort of kev 'to
tic changes•and events that were, ore briefly'indi
t4ted, rather by their results than ' . eir incidents, in
ie general• sketch or outline. bus the salient
bits of bi_story are brought wi sin a matrigable
• mpass; and an excellent
-foun d ation is •laid 'frit'
ore thorough and extensive readhig itt . risferrineeto
. y portion of the world, or an) , . ch of *Nth. a
inplete knowledge may best 2.• i.• ' t• •
In the execution, Of Affitt phut *other Wiwi'
tery ottecessful, His *Aide of hlitiorient events lb&
•: • A - I
b .. militia aturMitiafadoev and it Ay lite
generally; , . - c!ka...._,...01vith r a =
d most c0....r....0 , -
partialitv ok.4)iaa; Au. anpplying , a v‘cyp
„the phnat4h,f °Mato* , ealivell aid>
hilOry. L . it.k !I 'mid , * ~ , o *. '_ Ai
invaluable the, gleam' reader a*a.rity.
help to theiMulent• ' • ' i, l , ~ , t ,,,,,:i , ,4 7 !•,
Complete in me voluzatts;,large iimp o : 7.441,4,„
gravinws4.- AtiAitle34 P 3 PP*? cervati4o4444,
suitable be:milli* lIE.
AD _-ZE _, Pub , :1 ,.
DANIEX. list v .k .
~._ .
P • ' / 7 FalbO , 41 ”; - ' ' 4 011 k..., 1,
. , ~
" .;130611.-THAT WILL,Surx yot,-,
. ..,
A ISCU,SSION on U. ivelial incl. betioliwki-11*. ;
'-'• Warie*and' 0. Fit .- gnat - pulilidiadlalhir
sale at the !Store of .1. L . . ; Monteuß.-'Pilefille
cent& ~,- • • I F,.. .- ..
.--. h.::
ipits AN
HE highest prices in
Furs, at the 014.
of Searle's Motel, -where
of differenb qualities,
thin Hats of the same
in Northern Penney's:
C: PS •-
jaisi receiv4d from Ni t *, •
Uec. 31,4846. ,
N. B.:1000 INIIUSE CATS w anted-
paid tar any quaatity SHEEP PELTS.
‘XTANTED-a kood
TT, gee featberaitaxmediate4- at Salistiaty'a.
Dec. - 24,;'46. ' • .
A CR . JOI3 assortinein of Iron of all aim and deir:
enptiou, Up f B. SAYRE-ff
II ()See.
•, ,.
T HE Subscriber ? ers for sale Ins_liousts and La
- 1- situated in the village of Montrose, known as ibit
old stand cif the Tompiertaice hotel, oining Ste*"
F. Keeler Hotel, here is upon , thelot a comma
dious stable forty bsixty fees, Which his . beet!
standing about four , l , together with-tuCholleik
and a good well of i v ter.
ter. PossessioWwill be prim
on the fiat of April next—title indisputable. For
farther partic,ulars en4uire of the subscriber on eisi
premises. , I STEPHEN HINDS.
Montrose, Dec. 30tb, T 846. .' 3w29
• J, B. SIM.NONS, , • .•
Boot & Shoe Maker hop hop in Searle's block, We
st side of Avetlue.
A good assortment of Pry Goods, grockety, 1110 d.
ware, Sic. &c., Wet aide of Public Avenue,/
SAY . RE, .
Dealer iu Stoves, H ware, Dry Gouda t lte., Wu
side of Public Ave ue.
Dealers in Stoves,
.Tin-wervOin4ioneiry, Dry Goode.
&c. &e East of Public Avenue.
Dealers iu . Hats, Caps,(Pursi Plough Points,
\Vest side of Publie Avenue.,
Still .continutta The Blackamithing busineaainits trait
ous branches at his old Stand near KeelertiTicratti
Attorney otLaw,.at the old office a few tads whit
oflhe Court-house' : /
CatilnersOid.Ohnir 'Making. , Also
Paintifig, , Turning,lPoper Hanging; &t.
his old ;land on T#rapike 'at.
1,09 " "5 5
1,0 "
IMO " " 84
Attorney at Law,. 100te over the Store of I. L Po*
& Co„ corner of Public Avenue and 'rumple ,
Physicians & Surgeons. Office; west side of chi
Public Avenue over the Store of EL &Mute '4 CcW .
E. S. Penn. j G. Z. Dumas.
. •
WE & LOCKE -• • ,
Fashionable Tailors, flyer Merril & Root's gat Shaul.
Groceries,. Fruits, Confectionaries, Drugl,.lttottlakinn,
Paints, Oils, and a ivariety of nick necks.
Farmer's Store. ‘ , eneral *ariety Oftttods idwa”
on hand. Citiae door belowslie residendeiquigto
liA{N . dL itOnigitA,l.
Coach, Cteriage and Sleigh' Manittnotaiere i , _ on Turn=
pike street, afthe old Beardsley stead, arl.
to serve custoiners in the most refined Style IT MO
age: Articles in our line constantk,',n..bio4 OR,
sale, Mid rePairingdone short n itre...
dama g e and Sleigh ,Alaker and repairer, may btp
found at his shop a few rods South of thultorough,
where he will lie happy to wait on Glutton**.
D. POST JR. - tfi •
Iron Foto:tilers, 'and Phnigit Meradacturess—gbop aL
the old stand near the residence of D. Post.
Attorneys at Law; Office a few rode Soirth of du
Court House.
ttorney int Law;'Office Beat side of the kithlip;
Avenne;oier the. Store , of S. S. Mulford & Son.
Dealer in Dry Goods. • Gruceues. books, fisissr,.‘s.
and Botdaliiritier--East RUE. of Public /olatie.
§Attntriit ;
Cheap. Goods for the •People--Publie Minn% bit - -
ISAAC L. POST 64..Q6. . •
Dealeni in Dry Gbods; Hardware, CrociguT i
corner of Public Avenue 'and
• . J. S. PEIRONNET,‘ .•
Dealer in' Dry Gboil4,liiciiiiiiii;tcrdcerieii*prodt.
ery, Timothy seed, Gum lieralock Acco....4*pikk
villa, Bust. co: Pa.
, .
Dealers hi Dry Gots °rackety; Vat* MINTS'
Tools, &c. 4ke., East, Ale : Public, ikvlstnite.
• •
IDR. H. SMI a - 11 . F •
DENTIST—Si ts,Teettl on 640 Vine sad
all opeiatiohn Ott the - teeth - in ;he hist atyM
be focuisi st LL Seartee Mmxiays and Theo.
days °leach week. -
IL- F. 'WHITNEY, M'. ft,
Physiciaib Surge* & Accouchier. 'Office
:4 Malop
Hal4 . 'e,; Jackson; Pa. - '
i. j° OVFA, •
111 L erli. belo‘ Iremeee
NEW , :600IIS AT 011E4Sqiii f
Th - ii nVeap - si Store t fi '2.. tl- 14 ,.'
, . in e uowi t y .,
~ CO on min d- ' .. 1 I s' . -"‘
n lee. . . •
1-;'----WAIIER BRADT. 1
L kk /
pileXiikii: f -1? .4f:. ~ 1 • • iir:` 4. t '1,,j1. 1
Paid f
t Pactory ,
-741:274 ::it
rlite . 4 . , • - 'l`t . '
be had arum it/
• trhave ever beet APMER
Ail% a mew stuck
31F,DIATELY, at this
MONTROSE B 18E 1 1118 . S ingEtTeir.
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