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    414 c peopleo lbuorate.
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Here shall the Press, 414.. enitle ' 's rfghtimainta maintain,
Unwed by influence, an hnbribed by gain." _ .
MONTROSE. por. 8. 1846.
Election, Tuesd4 Oct. . 13, 1346.
of Tiog4 county.
of Su 'a co.
of IVyo4ting co:
of Thkinson.
FOR AitalTol,
of Chiiconzit.
Whig Norninations.
of - St4q'a co.
of Wyiiing co.
of Tkentson.
of Springrille.
Liberty Nominations.
For' COngress,
GEO. F. lIORTON, of Bradford co
For Beprsentatives, -
JOHN 11I'KINNHy, of Great Bend
IRA KINNEY, idt Wyoming cu.
For Corninissioner,
THOIIIPSON PECttEl‘iS,ofßridgewater.
For leditor,
ABEL BOLLESi t of Rush.
For Canal COmmi.Asioner,
Wm. ELDER, E 1 of Philadelphia
To the Indepen4ent EelectOrs of
Susquehartnit Otlay:
F ellow- C itizens :--4:We have endeavored,
faithfully, as Sentiqls upon the Watch-
Tower of your rights, to represent through
the columns of the Advocate, your true in
terests. It now remains for you, under
standing the genuine
,principles of enlighten
ed democracy, and believing as you do with
Mr. Niles, 'C. S. Senator froni Connecticut,
that " the greatest liberty to the greatest
number, and the greatest good to the great
est number, is demecratic doctrine,"—be
lieving as did David Wilmot, twice, when
Mr. Reid was a call date for Congress, that
the one term principl# is soundly democratic,
and -knowing as you all do, (who understand
the subject,) that Mr. Wilmot, influenced
by Southern flatter} or awed by Southern
dictation, misrepres4ted us in Coagt-ess by
voting against the , atinterests of our debt:
ridden State, to ca your votes in accor
dance with your Chia . victions. If all will
vote understandingly and independently,
Ma. ROBE= G. Will Tr. of Tioga County,
the real friend of American industry, will
receive full two-thirds of the votes to be
' polled -on Tuesday aext. Rally then, and
as wortliy ;re emen,lvote for the candidate
who is ready and itilling to advocate and
promote your interests instead of his own,
and all will be well ~with us in the result.
If 'any one assert that Robert G. White
is not as.good and oitlicidox a Democrat as
Dr.. Leet, John Blapding, George Fuller,
Joseph Gaige or ay Dunmore in Rush
Township, " he is aqiar find the truth is not
in hint." ' To support Pennsylvania interests
is democratic. Tgoppose them, in us is
folly and madness.
Every Freeman of this Congressional dis
trict who is not so suckled with the fetters
of party,as to rote, bndfold, against his own
interests, and the interests-of Pennsylvania,
should turn out on ,Tuesday next, for the
exercise of a duty villich • is enjOined upon
him by 'every coninderation of patriotism,
and by every hope of%ture prosperity. The
crisis ia'a very imporXant one, and one which
may not soon again Occurin this district.
The Tariff issue i 3 now fairlykefore the
people of the districtilin the principles avow.
e if
d by the respective ,:candulates in the field.
On the one part, Mw White is pe firm and
unflinching advocate:of 3. rate of duties pro
tective- alike of our home industry and do
inestic manufacturef, while on the other,
Mr. Wilmot is the +wed champion of the
Tariff of $.846, ,a syst em of duties anti-pro
waive i n
,theirehar4ter, free-trade in their
tendency; and ruitiolis in 'their effect upon
every bianch of hinni-induitry:*
The contest is oz of principle ; and a
deep - ititerest - folt - 4 4 everf 'pardon of the
co2 . itry . for - the
. restOti . ,. , -The tiliple goes
whether the togr-Copgresaional ths
to_qt,..mip ostracise heeelf#fun, tile, Fpntillon
isaceapipf every othiiv p0t:4911.a ourcoin
nionwealth, isolibeeoftte, politically and inor-
Alyiten - integral portion of iSouth Carolina
or Georgia—or whether -she 4viil spurn-the
managing of demagogue leaders, and say to
the world lin a triiimpliant voice that she
yet has fee l ings in common with the North,
and intermits that may nbt'survive a Wreck
of prosper4y,in every other portion of our
comtnonwCalth. It has been loudly -and
triumplitto y asserted - by Mr. Wilmot and
his friends that his vote l on M'Kays bill was
in Oecorda 'ce with the Will of a majority of
hid constit ents—this we have denied alrea
• d ny it now, mid we are glad that
the issue i before the people in such a way
thit we in y soon know 'Whether we are not
Icorrect in our denial. IWe are under the
"'chef that Mr. Wilmot obeyed the instruc
tions of a few party leaders—that be was
the repre : • ntative of a party, and not of the
,people, eh• that, if unsuccessful for a re-
election i
amply pri
base betti
Mr. 1161,,',
with a tria l
whom be,
election a
We repe
and ahoy
issue is an[im.po taut one-.a contest between
foreign inerestsi, and die home induitry of
our own dandi—a contest in which all the'
desperate .means of an anti-American fac
tion will le broUght to bear against the peo
ple and tlieir best interasts. We therefore
call upOn y - ou, as, you vitlue your own and
the proSpOrity of your country, to rally in
the maje4ty of your might, in support of
RonpriT 0. WHITE, Esij., a Pennsylvanian,
in the true sense of the word, who will not•
betray yon, nor'barter away your best inter
ests at thci shrine of political ambition.
• Tariff !democrats, now is the time to
strike ! • 'you have lieen held in tcrrorum
long enough byte ambitious and designing
leaders ofithe party. Remember that White
is as good a democrat4s Wilmot, aye bet
ter, for th re is no democracy in the odiouP=
and unju t Tariff of which the latter ii a .
champion Remember that every democrat
ic menthe Of Con grt s'lig --- 'romour State, ex
cept Wil ot, are *WI qs, and will stand by
us in sue ss or deteat :' fear not being read.
out of the Party—apreem an has to do with his
own conscience only, and ho is no freeman
who truckles to paky leaders, or fears their
threats a 0 frowns Step out promptly from
the servii i ' fear of any clique or faction, and
strike for • ennsylvania and your own rights.
ilmot at Frientisville.
This re oubtable hero in the cause of hum
bugging enlightened constituency, has
been tmv fling about the County with two
or three.p4nsioned stoolifigeons in his service,
apologizing for voting against the interests
of the people of Sti - squehanna. On Satur
day last, agreeably to appointment, after his
Man-Fridny Sullivan from Towanda, who
precedes him, had rallied a little meeting,
one Sanderson, from !Towanda too, made
an introdirtory" address / in all fidelity to his,
faithless master. Mr. Wilmot followed; ind
made a leech in direht opposition, so far as.
coal 'and' iron are concerned, to what he had
said in hils speech on the floor of Congress,
and to the vote which , he there gave. In
Congress he was in favor of a specific duty
on coal and iron—here, -in Susquehanna
County hk. is in favor of an ad valorem duty ;
else, lie siqs, there is danger that gOod iron
from EuMpe will not pay sufficient duty.—
Away with such hypocrisy! Despise such
quibbling and prevarication for office sake !
Notwitlnkanding the grossness of his pen-er-
sions, th elicited great eclat from Sander
son and mith from Bradford County, and
Dr..Leet f that place, who, ever and anon,
with the •d of Judge Tyler, and a few oth
ers who enjoyed the sport, clapped their
hands most sensibly.
blk the whole, 3lr. Wilmot's effort there,
was ' a compound of egotism, Buck-shot
War, mitireptesentationtand perversion, most
unhappily blended. An the arguments used
by h, could have been overthrown in
twenty minutes, by any; person of common
understanding who understood the subject.
List oC Letters Beinnining is the
illoo4rose Post-Office September
ao, Ip4L6.
We tilis week advertise the uncalled for
Letters i# the Montrose Post-Office, agree
ably to the -act of Confess, passed March
Bth, 184, which prolides that it shall be
done in khe " Paper of. the town or place
where thO, Office advertiging may be situated,
having the largest circulation," &e. The
Prist-Office Department of course, see
us Paid,: notwithstanding the report that our
Post-Mater here alle4d, he should "give
the adverAising to FullOr Hempsted, any
Bewit of FaLsehOod and Fraud!
since it is evident that Mr. Wilmot will
receive itiAard run, the leading spirits who
have evthing at stale on his re-election,
axhibiF most extraordinary and nothing
zeal in h 4 behalf. Poor Col. Blanding pa
trols the+ircuit every quarter hour during
the day, from -the fire-prnof-to the Democrat
office, taping the post-ofee on his mine.--
Others 4 equally industrious, bOth in this
county iind. Bradford 4. Certain it is that
they ark terribly . alarmed for the suc
cess of championcl the great "excep
tion," ainld . we would Sot be surprised, if,
in thei r _ Jl3 P e ' Y oie ratiOn ti should resort to
fraud mid deception, to baiter up , their
waning 4 , lttise. Let the honest yeomanry
of our , climty beware -the'reprastmtations
of these desperate factio*ists.
his .own di4riet, he would be
vided for in 'ponsideration. of his
yal of their interests, and utter
,'of their wishes. Yet this same
of .
nctw covers his face ()Hough
k of brass, and insults the people
has injured, by asking for a re
t, felloWcitizens, fellinv democrats,
all, fellow Pennsylvanians, the
.i. : 1r00_11 AHEAD!
. ,
No state iit < the Onion has been more stead-,
fait in its adherence to Democratic priztei
, :f
-plea than !pansylvartia-ff... rinciples of the
old-fashioned Jefferson , d - Jacksonian
stamp. iNVO fear there' , ome, however o
in our nlids4 who would leave the old plat
form, and Olow hard after the new light's of
the _firetpro4f., Let them go.. They are
traitors to tlipi country and the Democrat
ic cause=forgetting the Keystone state in
their lova for South Carolina, and seeking
to reduce the prices of labor to the pauper
standard of r.urope--the two-pennies a day
of Russia, and the five-pence of und !—:
Even- that false and arch-propffir David
Wilmot,: crninot delude . the independent
,electors bf Northern Pennsylvania-into so
suicidal an
,!iiibandonnient' of their ancient
principles. IDavid, we admire your talents,
but do Soirspeet tos read such arreeliPse
over the Dolmocracy f Susquehanna' as :to
make therniforget that you, alone, of Perin
syliania's sons, discarded and spurned the
rights of her citizens 1 Why did you strike
at our dearest interests, and aim a-crushing
blow at :did! poor laborers Why did pal,
in defiance bf the resolutions of our time
honored Cciivention, crouch to England aad
yield up Idyll° territory from 49 degrees
up to 54-4Nand afterward give over Pennsyl
vania, houfr hand and foot, to the tender
mercies! of a aireign tyrant 7 The answer
is plain T —bKause your southern market de
manded it .' And doing all this, can you
ask the people of Susquehanna and Tioga
to go to : the r polls, like driven cattle, and vote
for such a reneg ade and traitor? You may
guillotine tote sturdy democrats of Bradford
as you 'please, but- here, on the free soil of
Susquelianim, you will find your political
grave dug so deep that even the hand of res
urrection "4nnot reach you. Even R. J.
Niven,. oud, of the clerki of the clique, can
'not save yOu, albeit with you must full his
ardent desike for the office of Prothonotary.
On Tuetiday . next, and give R. G. WHITE,
Esq., the Democratic Tariff Candidate for
CongrbSs, kuch a majority that the petty
" dough foOes" . of the di3-trict may under
stand theiti, position. Go to the ballot-box
with the cimsciousness that you are -free--
men—indiendent, intelligent freemen.—
Spurn front your presence with disgust, the
vile politic* demagogue (and' there arc not
a few of them in this county,) who would
attempti to influence your vote by threats or
promisq; in a word, take your own busi
ness info four own hands, and we will
cheerfully abide the result.
1*,000,000 Non-Producers.
According to the estimate of the Grow-i>
portion of he Clique, made itt the Court
house, pa i!Thursday evening last; " There
are, in the United States, but 897,000 per
sons engaged in all the various branches o
manufaCtitte, and 3,000,000 in agriculture."
Now, ifthi4 be true, will that expounder of
new dogintis inform us what occupation the
other 17,009,000 follow ?
When sfieakers make statements, such as
the above, before an enlightened audience,
there can 4e, no reliance placed upon the
inferences "which they draw, or respect he
paid to their judgment. We cannot so dis
trust the itikell4, - rence of the public as to be
lieVe thar
t :?_itch:?_itchdisplays of prnsuniption and
arrogancelvill have the slightest effect upon
their votesi; at the coming election.
This;satne youth is now traversing this
County, dOivering speeches an trying to
humbug tqose he deems ignorapt, into the
support. of the Anti-American Tariff of '46,
and wesopine he will be caught, if watched,
making statements equally gross, as the one
just mentioned—therefore we warn the pub
lic againsti i his misrepresentations, and vile
ThUrsiday Evening's Meeting.
Theo was an attempt made at getting up
enthusiosni in favor of the ,re-election of
David 'Wi(snot, in this Borough, on Thurs
day evening. of last week. Notice was
given, ierlally, on Wednesday, and Thurs
day morning published in the down-town
Organ,!thet Hon. David Wilmot, the great
champion of the Anti-Protective Tariff act
of '46, .would address the citizens of Mont
rose, at! chi Court-house, on the evening in
question. ;Expectation wagon tiptoe. The
Orgaiz gripders were trotting up and down
street, !drumming up the doubtful, in order
to strengtken their faith, as they felt sure an
attendance to the meeting, and hearing the
oraclesifrotn the lips of the Apostle himself,
.do, J., The Meeting comb off, but what
"a change came over the spirit ..or their
dream. 1" 1 True, an audience collected,
though huite a sparce one,a majority of which
were tke fiJrn adherents to R. G. White and
proteetion.f; . The excitement, (Oh, that this
record could be avoided,) was got up by force.
Twice or thrice, during the discourse,, hen
something '. l ,tharir was said, we heard a few
of those itho had received particular in
structions from the great guns of the Clique,
clap their hands, but this was done merely
as a piece f mechanism, wide:tut life or on)
Aftjri M. Wilinot had done, G. A. Grow
was calied on, probably to follow an ancient
Jewish !cuitom, the audience being well
druuke9 vtith Wilmot's political wine, that
which Vrasireorse (though worse was - need
less,) wits placed before them. Enthusiasm
then to4k lienite entirely and could n9t be in
duced, eitliier by bribes or threats, to show
its din4istied head in this vast coneourse.
Thus_passeid off this grand effort of the Of
fice-holders, . o fAce-e'xpectants, ana Demi
goguev, to wheedle the peoplq into the belief
'the David Wilmot, alone, is theirirul friend.
" The mountain labored and trough a
For the reo pie's. Advocate
unaccustomed to the use of the pen "; when
I look upon the present, and then turn back
and view the past, I cannot 'forbear, this
once, the attempt. For several years past,
there has existed, in the Borough of Mont
rose and vicinity, as desperate and graceless
a faction as ever polluted the political at
mosphere of any community, who have from
year p) year assumed the prerogative of dic
tating to you who should .or should not be
your officer* and such as they presiimed to
favor, and such alone, in most instances,
have been elected. We have gone into con
vention, and in a spirit of mildness-and con
cession, asked for reitrencliment and,reterm,
until ashamed longer ter ask. One year ago,
we presented our cause boldly before jou,
determined tothrow off the trawls of would
be-dictators, and , exercise - the inestimable
privilege of Freemen. No sooner had the.
first note of liberty been sounded, :carrying
dismay and alarm into the midst of the &YR•
ricious clique surrounding the Fire-proof,
than the epithets of Disorganizers, Traitors,
Barnhurners, Political-shuifiers, &c., &c.,
became the burden of their graceleSs print,
and you might almost look in vain • for any
thing else. The conflict finally Came, and
the struggle passed, not, however, without
inflicting a mortal wound upon that despe
rate Junto, the festering and nauseating cor
ruption of-which is weekly disgorged , throo gh
the columns of the misnamed Northern
Democrat. Democrats, can you look upen ,
such graceless efforts and "not be convinced
that a desperate faction is now straining ev - -
ery nerve to retain the high places of power,
in order to do Which, they would sacrifice
tneir country and its interests, and trample
its sacred rights; and institutions, .beneath
the ponderous hoofs 'of desperation. The
motto of this faction is " rule or ruin."
Whilst upon this.subject, let the advert to
the last primary Meeting in Choconut, at
which a number were present, and see the
course there pursued; after having-appoint
ed delegates, a resolution was presented, in
structing them in convention to support cer
tain persons therein named, which resolu
tion was opposed, bin being finally pia, some
two or three voted upon each side. The
chairman declared it carrieil, whilSt the op
posite side declared_ it a tie—nevertheless,
the house was overruled, and the resolution
returned as carried, because they.dare not
again submit it to the house. Democrats,
will you again submit to become the pliant.
tools of this central Clique 3 or willyou take
the field, ori the second Tuesday inst., with
" One Term" for your watchword, and
for your motto, " Is he honest? Is , he capa
ble '?" Say to thein in the language of free
men,-we will exercise that Heaven-born pre
rogative, regardless of fear or denunciation
from any quarter 'whatsoever. Yes, there
speak in a voice whose silent but reverbera
ting thunders shall cause that desperate
Junto to quake with fear. Four years ago
the Democratic .Conventili of this. County,
through its Delegates, recognized the One
Term Principle as democratic ; .but how
has this Junto treated the principles then
put, forth as the future guide to action ?
They have trampled them beneath their feet,
and becaUse you have dared to speak, the
mark of Cain has been placed upon -your
brows--your names have been rejected from
the Jury-boxes, and their Committees, -and
instead of being met as Democrats with your
country's best good at heart, you are de
nounced and insulted at every turn. With
such treatment staring you in the face, I ask,
can you again return like the sow to her
wallowing in the mire, or the dog to his
vomit?' Whilst I answer, for thyself, NO,
I trust it will be caught up, and on the wings
of revelberating thunder, echoed and re
echoed throughout the length and breadth
of this county.
With regard to most of the candidates be
fore you for your suffrage, on the second
. ( Tuestlay inst., I have nothing further to say.
Francis Quinn has been presented for Audi,
tor. Last fall he was consulted, and gave
his free consent to be placed in nomination,
on the -People's Ticket, for Coroner; but,
after having been visited by a certain politi
cal, office-seekitg Gent, not a thousand
miles distant, he saw fit to desert the cause,
and publicly witharaw from the conflict.—
Had he remained, I could not have given
him my support, for I did not deem him
sufficiently competent to discharge the du
ties of the said 'office, much less those of the
one to which he now aspires. Democrats
of Tax burdened, Susquehanna: can you,
will you trust the settlement and final ad
justment of your County accounts in, the
hands of guch a man? if you Will; murmur
not at the increased burden of taxation, for
it will be virtually your own doings. For
myself, I have sdunded the alarm, in t?uth
and verity ; and having discharged my duty
to you, I shall have no part nor lot in the
matter, except to deposit° my ballot, upon
the day of conflict. , In this I have present
ed nothing but the candid opinion of those
who are acquainted with
iFellow -Democrats: Having discharged
tny duty, to myself and you, I again lay
aside my pen, for. the present. -
Western Susq'a, Sept. 30, 1846.
QuEnfr.—Sliould like to know it,the press
eat .nowinatiori ,is the result of n. bargain
made in order to"nduce gip aforesaid can
didate tolwithdra* from that last conflict, as
his declination 4d nomination seem to be
the result of the slime Gentle labors.
" Sold to the Whiiti" seems to be
the accusation of thtse whoJ support the Bri ,
tish Tariff 4 . d - oppo s the American
Tariff of 1842. Now, for want of an argu
ment to account for a Democratic Legisla
ture and Democratic Memfers of Coogresi
sustaining the Fo4d and wholesome measure
of the '42 Tara,lhe friends of the Southern
free-trade British' . Tariff cry out " sold to
the Whigs !"
Can, it be posstble that all our great Men,'
except David Wilmot, have sold themselves
to the Whigs; aid if so, what was the price
paid ? who fur4shed the funds 1 and are
the Democrats O f f Pennsylvania so easily
bought 1 Sildb islandeis upon the honest
Democracy of liennsylvania should not go
unrehuked, nor ibdced will not. The Peo
ple know their interests and will maintain
ri For the People's Advocate.
Progres,ive Democracy.
"Olin and th4gs chang." was the head
ing of an article.:Which appeared in a neigh
boring print a f 4 months since, and wheth
er the writer alluded to his own political
career, which' it to fitly deScribes, or wheth
er to the party of which be is chief fuglc ,
man, lamat a loss to determine. That it
will apply to the latter, any one who is at all
observant, -icatinc)t fail to see. I propose to
notice briefly wins of the changes Which
has come over 'llle . spirits of some of the
would-be-leaders:.! of the D,emocratie Party
in this county 04 a subject which engrosses
much of the public mind—The Tariff.
That the Democratic Pt4ty from the time
of letierson, to Ivithin a tear or two past,
were. the firm awl unflinching advocates of
the principle of protection, with discrimina
ting rates of duties, none will deny. Even
down to 1542,' ,vheti the:present bill was
under consideration, our lace Representative;
lion. A. IL ,Rtiad, made one of the most
able and convineong Speeches of the session,
which was publiiilied in Advocate of last
week, in favor 4if that principle. Against.
Mr. RetuiN political orthodoxy and straight
forward and consistent course, none ever
have or ever can dissent.: Did -Mr. Rend.
faithfully expres.t the opinions of his party
in this district inithat speech? The answer
comes in his un4iiimous nomination and tri
umphant election within three-months after
this speech was:llelivered.,
That the Depiocratic far* entertained!
the Same pritteiOcs in 1844, I quote the fol-i
lowing emphatic declaration of opinions ex-t
pressed in resoltjtions reported by GEO. FUL-t
LER, and adopted at one of the largeit con-F
ventions of the.' ( party, held at the. Court.
House Jan. 15,1844, at NVllich Hon. 11:. La-11
throp presided.
Resolved, That we . favor of a Ta.4l
riff for revenue,discriminating and ritovecii
Ttv E in its.character and principles, sufficient)
to meet-the necessities of 'an honest and mail
nomical adminiitration otipublic affairs.
Resolved, Tlint although the present Ta 4
riff Law may 4, and_ doubtless is defective
in some of its p4irts, yet ;c1 -g believe that the
IT IS NOT TOO IfiOn.; • •
There is no mrsunderstnnding these resoi
lutions. 'We find nothing here of " BlacV
Tariff!" " Opflessing the poor man !" and
other clap-trap Iparadc4 of the Progrcssivet
Dcmocrac y- 7 --btii. as strong an approval ask
was ever uttered by the warmest eulogist of
the bill.
• At the succebdinff April Court we, find-it
among other resolutions, the following,
Were adopted at another ;Demoem' ticl4lceti
ing, called to refpond to 9m --nominations 041
the 4th of Manili State Convention, of Go-4I
vernor and Canikl Commil.:sioner. They are!)
as strong a cond;emnatiorti of the "horizontalli
ad volarum" prnciples as can r well be Milli
gilled. - i
Resolved, That a Tariff for reve nue adapt-ii
ed to the economical expenditures of Go=
vernment, with Ithe principle of " discrimtio
nation in favorlof American Industry and;
American Products" agd affording them
"reasonable incidental protection," is not{ ;
only sanctioned lby- Jon.. b practice of Gover nGovern-`; meat, but imperatively demanded by the inil
portance of the great interests concerned. l ,
Resolved, Tlfarthe increase of the Ttiri
by the present ,act was', demanded by tX
inadequacy of he revenge in-relation to they
expenditures of Govern*nt, and theiiisasi
trous operation .isf the 110DIZONTAI: : D VALO
REM system of cluties, under t'he oci n of the
minimum reduction of the Cornpro list Acc.
—that the duffs upon foreign /My:, Coal
Salt, Wool una other products coming ir4
competition with those' great interests of
Pennsylvania, ARE NOT niore than sujicien
incidental proteFtion to those interests.
At a meeting the Democratic ASsoCial
ft, , I
tion of that ste;rling Democratic township
—Lenox, July .8, 18441, the following ems'
phatic expression of sentiment, wholly a
variance with the principle of the British! ?
Tariff of 1846 as made. ' f
Resolved, That we ar in favor of.a judi v '
csous Tariff, sub!' an on ' as when added of
the Procecids oti the pu is lands, would bet
adequate to the entire ex i nses of the rederat z
Govermnent, add such a; one that iniporta4
lions would not ipterfere ' ithdbaerica'n man-;
ufactures. i.
1 . ,'.
Such were.* princiles under Which they
Democratic paity triumithed in the mama
rabic Struggle ot 1 844.11rhati's the Position.'
- k
of the party inilB46l. iI - need only quotq
the resolutions gdopted it the late Convert- 5
tiou r
Resolved, Tliat we hail the modification
of the Tariff nels of '42 he another progresi
dive step in rho 4igislation of our countr) , ; to
free labor from he unjUst exactions of tlim
monied power. !
l; Resolved, That George. M. Drill:
(Carless discharge of his duty, has
himself to the Dertiocracy.of the 1
tti entitled to the gratitude of. the
onsumers, who by the unjust legs,
142, are compelledfrom-dieir hard
swell the profits 4of a few brand;
i l Resolved,
1VC0 0 1)17.0 a re .
*nd faithful t
eats. His i
s ib the unjust
.0119„ meets th
;bestowed upo:
i . , If this is fil
A. J. D
;the ground olgy
Ivailia, I ca l
Of language.
011ictioiis of o
Ir. Clay wa i
ir . -ould he rep,l
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o cst
!Peen publicly
!!eould ever It
for s i
the old lunar!
;mow the he;
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ion thrown
he breezes
move, and DI,
er of course
deprived of t,
we now pay,
Whati Merel
Southern vis
their Northe
What the •
i.cis 3 shall
,rtisade aga
tug fir the
selves as too
exacting ma
NVhite Esq.,
regret mina
durse the co
A few day
31r. Wilmot,l
,places, atte
protective in
Hand that his
with the land
of Democrat.
Ifthat lion. A
against the- I
.his speech
That Mr.
first draven
oppose its p
amended, 14 1
coffee. Th
was sent to ti
but he vctoe.
1842, as the
introduced- 0
• his objection!
became a hil l
I ' , much talked
When Mr,
against the
he knew the
sertion, wou
against whic
a law, and
Wilmot vote
When rue
the one abo
political rep
perate indeed
min mad, tu l
nothing sh o
who di,trust:
ened constit i
sents the col
more worth ;I
The Socit
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my in Sus%
First Aonur
rough of M
day of Octo
Sheep, or
Pruit, - Vege
desirable to
invited to 11
of them, if'
them think
next sutteei
It is provi
hut member
funds shall
but this due',
annual cent
hope is io
will be adrh'
led, to be di- .
All comp ,
that dhe foil.
by the Botir,
servpace of
1. All all
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choose, sug
similar prod,
their specim i
noon previa,
may be cle
and laultalil
2.. Person
miums oti
hat in Hon. David '1
iresentative.true to In
the interest of his,
!dependent standiu
nd labor oppressing
ordial approval of t
Inin their suffrage.',
It ait nbSolute
cupied by the party
not understand the'.
, It iS literally fulfillin
I r federal op p onents, that "If
defeated, the Tani of '42
ale& or at least so f r modifi
oy- its beneficial effe is on the
in ' , nu believe that had the
mined in the last r solutions
acknowledged, that Ir. Polk
ye carried the old " itystone
be the effect of this i pmgres
e` on:ithe party, rem i ns to be
mile dread the .aband nrcient of
larks' of :Detimeracy. If. we
ist iiinovation, we now not
- end. Already we harainon,g
these new lights,.tl intima
e Inc {but -free trade +" free as
if Heaven" is to he; the next
ItECT TAXATION Illtisr as a mat
• folloiv in its train. Are you
k, prepared for this. Lust poor
4, tax.;ridden •Pennsy vania, be
e means of liquidati g her in
nd an addition equa to which
be levied upon her.. And for
to' - gratify the notion
onary free-trade the
is our duty at the p
e bid theiii God-spe
st our dearest inter
divid6als who lave
to do the bidding
ers. If we ennnot
Tariff eandirjate
mold' we el (have
sin;; at laomXathe
cable - Subterfag.
: since, as we are
it a speech at Rush
pted to shosiE- that
is features, is Anti.d
course is in strict
tarkslaid down by t •
, in this district, b
H. Read, now deco;
ariffact of '42, notivi l
behalf of its protectiv i
ad voted aptinst
Ip, is true; but still
otectihn. He wisliel
striking oft - the duty_
Bill passed both 11 1
llie President, for hi!
it. On the 22d
'records show, a ne
ty Mr. M'Kennan;
fbr Which he voted,
beihg the iilenti
against liy Mr. Wil
Wilmot said " Mr. 1
I 'miff of 18-12,and
_inference, drawn fro,
d be :anise one, been
Mr. Read voted neV
he one for which h,
• _against.
will kW') to subtil
le mentioned, to sacs
tationi their consent
1 4 Alarm has made
d his Madness runic
t of niter ruin await
. the intelligence of '
encyp. and wilfully
rse pursued by tho'
of praise than he.
ty for the advaneeme
the Mechanic Arts
d Domestic or RI.
eitanaa County, w
1 Fair f or Exhibition,
ntrose, on Tucsda
per instant.
Itaring Horses, Ne )
wine, and those hay I
ables t and Flowers,
Implements that it
introduce into tbe C,
Lin g
to Montrose
r, ,
A committee will ti 1
he aiviteror persons
proper, . and will re,
ddy. • .
,ed in the bye-laws,,
• and. riersonscontribi'
be competitors for
not pre-vent other pc ',
of tbd exhibition ; i
ibution .is only, fifty ,
ulg,ed that many nob
Itted; and thin anion!).
horsed' infuture exhi
It; „ ..,
' ...tors for premiums. a
, wing:Rules have bee
i: of 141anagers; and a
bent Will be reipiired:
intend to compete f
, 'II,, 'Truitt egetabl
r, coe.ooits, s ilk, &A
ctionS, are requeste ,
•ns oi ki die ground' in
s to; pip 'exhibition,
g :ted}'i't some apprap:
arranged 'by . -do:
intending to .compe
grieukural or Mccli
1 s n , md i oe n sat d i r , e
and, and
lation of
es of in-
ilC P o lni n t w
s d ti gem t:
Fariff of
lose who
ment of
the pre-
s of sonic
ribts and
d in their
is by vo-
ent them
of their
T 1
obert G.
reason to
than ea-
in formed,
and other
a Tariff,
I cegrdance
I e Fathers
sed, voted
I hstanding
e Bill, as
e did not
to see it
n tea and
uses, and
• sanctia4;
, f August,
Bill was
nd which.
al one so
end voted
o did I,"
this as
se the bill
er became
did vote,
a slaking
t be des-
him; for
the 'man
n enlight
t of Agri- .
al Econo
-1 I hold its
at the 136-
I the 20th
g Grain,
• - well as
would be
unty, are
t the time
to charge
• Ili biting
rn on the
dint none
tin n' to the
,sons from
n d 11S the
lints, the
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strict oh--
the pre
•ors, and
to' have
the aßer
that• they
iate place
• for pre-
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