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How to destnif the Canada Thistle.
I am an old In n, and not . much in the
habit stf r nsiing 4y pen, as you , will easi- ;
ty., g l iiesam6havint in my younger days'
been ,:more rein; arkable for plowing , : a
straight furrow.than writing straight linel;
but you seem to .tie very good natured, an I
hope : will let me tell my- experience s " as
they ;call it, abouf Weeds on farms ; which I
shall try to do aslAtriefly as pessible, trusting
that 'others may he the better for it.
In the July number of your paper, a" Ca
nadian Naturaliit7 coMplains with much
justice,_ o Y f the capessness
,cif farmers in suf
fering perennialSoted - weeds to take Os-',
sessipn of the sod' ) to the injury of the crops ;
and Says, if farmprs would be unanimouslin
their efforts to el rminate them even the
Canida thistle - ght be conquerea. It conquered., a
n ie
vile weed, whieh , ashes' - as many names ass
pickpocket (if Mpg 'a patriot, he will thank
me for reminding him that he is not a native
of this continent) ; and he Mies not wishlto
get rid of the un*elcome intruder more ear
nestly than his bother farmers on this side
of the St. LawrTce. But though they tip
peat to be indiff rent, on one point they are
unanimous, and Pat is, in lamenting most
freely that . indiv i dual care is of no use, and
that all should gn to work together.
Now I say, lettvery man weed on his
own side of the fence, if he can do no more,
and I prophecy that in a short time weeds
will, be as sure aiintark of bad - farming as a
broken gate, or 4 deed horse hauled out on
the common, an left unburied, to taint the
pure breath of)eaTen for miles around,
wasting ammonia enough to fertilize a forty
acre field. it
When I took ipy present farm it was the
worst in a circuit of ten miles, making my
house the centreipoint ; and now I alieve
it iglu a condi(ton to bear a comparison
with some of the best farms in the United
States—for instehee, that of George Schaeff
Esq., in Whiten Mr s - he about fourteen miles
(rout Philadelphia, which is much less
knOwn than-it ilhould be. There are no
weeds in ray fen 6 corners, unless you can
so gall a flue large clematis vine, which I
left to ornamenam old tree, with its clusters
of snowy IdossoMs, where the cows love to
stand in its shad on n, hot day—or an elder
bush or two, just) enough to give the old
'women elller floifvers for medical porposcs ;
or, perhaps, he and there, a cluster of
purple asters ant( golden rod, so disposed as
to 'show that tlint are left on purpose—but
no wild carrot (haueus carota), no Ben Sa
lem (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum), orb
rusted weed: - A i
Now the ivhol:6 secret of this beautifying
process is this ; 11,, weed on my neighbor's
side of the foncel;:as well as my own ; not a
weed is suffered ,M so, raise its head in peace
—for the prover 4 is true, as most proverbs
are, which says, " one year's seeding;
makes seven ye ars' weeding." I have a
good chisel firmly set in the end of a strong
cane, which I altvays carry when I go out
with my men ; acid I generally come home
pretty well tired frith the labor of cutting off
close to the groui#:l, every large tooted weed
I find in my. walk. One day when I had
been out longer ilMn usual, and had kept,
breakfast waiting, my granddaughter waS,
very =ions to know that I had been det4
ing on neighbor 4ackson's hill, a stony field;
that was hardly frorth cultivating. I told
her I bad been iteeding on my neighbor's
side of the fenceit-that- Jackson was sick,
and, I had foundAhe blue thistle (Echinum
rulgare) was beining to spread about here.
A friend of mine, itt-aTankee settlement,
not far from theiNew York line, conquered
the Canada thisi e in pretty much the same
way, when ne
,y; twenty years ago it was
~ f irst noticed thOe. He first proposed to
have a bee (a), find exterminate the intruder
at once, but it 10 not.take with his neigh
bors, who thought it would be -time enough
- when the weedqeame on their ground ; so
he, with two pilfer gentlemen, made it their,
but4ness;in their leisure hours, and when
they walked ou4 to cut off all the flowering
stems, when th could not take time to
~ destroy the tool; and besides conquering
the: thistle, theniained a victory over their
stupid neigh Ys , who now acknowledge
that they have , en benefited by his having
3 ,
taken the thine n time, for they fi nd that
wherevernecrl ed, the weeds will spread;'
e. t
and each one - tiocourages his neighbor to
weed On both sines of the fence. ,-,,
Jut!, 7th,180. J
(a):Lest anyl,jone should suppose a bee
means nothing Onore than the industrious
little insect by. Oat name, and as it is ' a
somewhat 'oak).- term, among sty Down
, east bretheren,l n'ill ";explain—but it shall
be .at it more creniont season.
Practical Fi.ict4 ;about Pork and
! i, . ! Ba - Cum - I -
What is the' si in teeight on inking pol 4
,bacort ?
1;1 is qtfestion is, often asked;
and'etery fartor, particularly in the West,
ought to know flow to,answer it. As a gener
al and safe ruls,, from facts within my own
kilayledge, I hive always contended that it
is better for th4urehaser to buy pork in. he
'hog, and make•this-own bacon, whin he can
do it for one half the price per pound, than
‘hihtiY it readyAnade. That is, if , pork is
usually worth 3Fts aria bacon " hog round,"
6ctS., it is bettat to buy • the fresh pork. I
ant writing'forithe West, and in the .Wes
teralaiiguage. ''.4 That your Eastern readers
maynUderstani I will say' that a " hog
round" means! hams, 2 shoulders, and 2.
sides-=--eaCollitieb latter the bona. shOuld
always he-taken, Jialways trim off ad die ,
belly foieemfor t ilard.. Barns and -.shouldera l
too i are well tiiipined; The method of salt
; ittroften astcm4hes some of the new end
' grattS froth pukeel land. Nobody ever
raadeflietter ba,ion for 'fifteen years - .than I
li:rite**, audJ never use'tr,,pork barrel.
ispritilde aboul 2 0z.., saltpetre and 6 lbs. of
N. Y.' salt to a liundred of pork, piled up
on a 'bench; oi in a cornerof the smoke
hoax', like a pik. of bricks. I let it lie about
ae manyday#4ifethe 1 . hams Weigh 'pounds
each--overhatiFng oiee. Then • harictp
awe . ). ifrom titlf - -fire, in a. very open airy
tunalte-house,apd inuilto if well with'
oryor other:sWjet wtidel.=` , Then draw loose
eotioti bags love* each joint,- and tie -round
the!string , byld - Abe-Meat hangs.' Do
thialiefire di 'es - Opine iti:;ibe spring, and -
Yogi 4 qa.Y../etlt 4414.14164.11109° like, aPci. It
t ieisti nine, la so. , or
many' years outhouse has notbeen without
f iy..-ofi o . li 113losr Oceitesit kind &meat,
a ")244**#'hilathrA0d tJ an
_ 1
al Offiviti bCiftlie;.
t • !t .
.1311 t to return "t. subject.. 04 the
4114fliteuary, 136, I killed' 6 lege
heave fe:kr and a alf old, and one eiout
half that !eke, of the Berkshire and Chide
breekfititened upon corn fed in the ear;
the quanta' , not counted, as it was..teo cheap
to regard that.
The'Calrowing table will .show the weight
of each bOg, and the weight of each piece of
input tut for bacon.
Hogs I Hams Shuelders I Sides I Heads
812 kw
29 "
30 "
30 "
29 "
27 "
,27 u,
20 "
20 "
. 321b6.
30 a
34 a
3 5 ..
34 "
29 "
30 "
24 /‘
19 "
v. 2 "
308 "
295 "
1644 " I 321 "- I 343 " 3:13 I 117
• • ,
Scrapidt.c.-21 lbs. of feet ; 213 lbs. of
sausage eat, and ribs and back bones and
trimmings off; 150 lbs. pf leaf lard ands fat
trimmings ; 71 lbs loss in cutting, and dif
fereOce in weighing (331 lbs. weight of
ham ; 348 ditto of shoulders ; 393 ditto 12
sides ; and 117 do. 6 heads :-1644 lbs.
This pork when killed was worth 3 cm. a
pound—l will say it would only shrink the
44: odd pounds in taking to market, at
wldcli it would amount to $4B. The lard
tried °it 120 lbs.,. a most' beautiful article,
.the scraps .not being much squeezed, as that
wonld rob the good wife's soap tub.
On the 28th of April, the bacon being
well smoked and driedovas ready to bag
up 4 ' I weighed it, and found that the 12
hams weighed 204 Ibi.lloss 27) ; 12 shoul
ders; 331 lbs. (loss 34); I am inclined to
think that an error of,lo lbs. was made iu
the weight of the shoulders, as I have here
tofore found the per tentage of loss about
the .same on these as on the hams. I will
therefore throw off ten pounds on these, and
we have 1,113 lbs. of !bacon and lard in
good weight and order, for market, which
at 61 cts.'a pound, which is a fair average
price, will come to $456. ' The heads and
sausage meat are worth one cent a pound,
$3.30 ; 24feet, 14 cts., will make an even
sumlof $73 ; from wltih take the $4B price
of hOgs before cutting, and it- leaves a very
pretty little sum to pay fora liar's worth of
salt and saltpetre, and the lit Ile troouble of
handling. • But it must be s nallzboned fat,
hog 4, as these were, to do it. In this case
t „
1 co' id sell the bacon and lard at 44- cts.
and e well paid for the trouble and cost of
making bacon, bediuse the heads, &c., are
wOrth much more than I stated in any
family. , 1,
The prinqiple pbjeutt in this statement is.
to inform tHose who Have had less experi
encriin the'rhattee than I have, whether it
is most advantageoulto sell their bogs fresh,
or cut and salt ; and for that purpose I have
endeavored to be 'accurate. Each person in
his own plaqe will judge of his own mar
ket and relative prices, and if his hogs are
riot so good as mine, make greater- allow
ance fo r loss and offal.
ill some one who keeps a pork barrel,
mak a similar statement ,a nd publish for the
ben tof your readers ;. SOLON Ronnisolc.
e C. H. (nom called Crown Point)
I Ind., May 15, 1846.
full 'nd frequent pulse, loss of appetite, de
'ect d' head, and a languid or watery eye,
with a disposition to lie down in a dark or
sha, • place, are certain marks, in all brute
ani els, of one .o tithe most frequent disease
wit which they to affected— that is, fever.
Th• watery eye, an inability to bark, or
bar ing with a stertorous hoarseness,indi
cate theapproacli . of madness in the dog.
Th elevation of the hair on tbe back of a cat,
and its not falling upon its feet, when thown
fro.: a moderate height., are the premonitory
sign• of that 'disease, which has long proved
fa . to that If pecies of animals both in Eu
rop and America. The tail' of a horse
losi g its regularity of inotion from side to
side indicates that he is indisposed, and the
p: in which the disease is seared is point
ed' int by one of his ears inclining back:
w: , to the side affected. The seat of
d . • 'se in the abdomen, where the signs
are incealed, may be known by pressing
the hand 'upon the whole body. When
the iseased part is pressed, he will mani
fest marks of pain.
medy for Cholic in Horses.,
NE of your subscribers Stavin; been so
, rtunate as to loose several . of7his mules
e colic, desires, through your useful
ication, to obtain some imformation on
-abject I will inform him of my treat
t in such 'cases which has -always
ed successful. As soon as "the animal
p by
• •
is • acked, *pare a strong decoction of
soo. tea, to which add half a pint of whis
k • ; Pour down the throat with bottle or
ho ' , and if relief is not obtained in a few
mites give an injerAion 'of soap suds, with
a gill nestrong dicoction of tobacco, and - a
litiJ salt *adde&—andif this does not give
reli i . , and an operation is not produced
front the bowels, repeat the injection.
n l
y general praiticels, to'have placed in
:he i lcutting and feed-house, a small box' of
i e, one of ashes, and one of silt, or a bar
elt f salt and water, which is much better ;
1 ' oats and Fodder are always dpassed
ugh the straw-cutter, and . beforel fed to .
animal's a small quantity of pickle is
Ved on, with' he addition of a large spoon-
Of ashes and liine: This is added once
Vice a week'during the spring and fall.
loon as I can procure a mill for gitiding
111' ; and corn; I shall apply the mixture
. -.._
to that feed w hich is mo re preferable.- il l
hat* pursued this course for the last six or:
eig t Yeats ; with succes, and • can 'redeem-1
mead it to..lnyr.lantier is- practicai,F
ancl i 'notilieorettealf„ al, hoidt-fainsing and
I PWriOge are la - aftea- asserted to byij
prejudieed anaiiniti:iniprOing faratersi
,r.iirkingr4So N. q., Jane t 1846. -.1,11.11,i1
. .. ,
Sp --iaawn CORN Bucsn. In stoppi ng at
Beitent's America filotelin, Albany, a few ,
sineei I donot Jumw When I relished
an 4 food 'better than I did some. excellent
.co bread, which* I found on his breakfast
644 " I was so yroll*ased with the ar
tialt4i,,as well as with`the general character of
lilt , - o.iiie, tbati Legged of him to" furnish
me ' ith a recipe for making it, which is as,
f4 ll ir e :7 - - '`,-; - .f../ ••:. 1• •.. ~.. • '...
obe 3 quarto of *ilk.; alb* 0000 egg!,
t li cii
mi irith-Indian web!, to thp consist/mete(
a 't' 'e.4 paste, Auld baktlirritku. strong beat:
Th . :pans used - for,talung! are tin , 8 jnebes
in: ' teeter, li!' iacheit' deep, and' li WO'
bev ed The above is sufficient for 7 loaves.
CORRECTED WESAf.T FOR ?HL t!ig9rtes, pakvoca,pg,
ibiladetybia bank, „MI
Man & 11fcc bank pit
MoyainttsinB bank par
Penn totivuship bank par
U s ban?‘ notes 25 dis
Gi ra rd do par
Pennsyl% do -par'
Gerinuniow.n Par
Del co Chester par
Chlsterpo ut W Chesterpar
MatdgoMery co par
Farineri b`k Bucks co par
Fartnerie, bk Read'g par
4gttm par
rtharripto no sale
Lancastir ba nk l par
Far bk Lancaster par
Lebancrd 1 dis
HarrisbQrg 1 dis
MiddletOwn 1 dis
Carisle 1 dis
Columbda bridge par
NorthuMberland par
Miners'A)k rtsville par
IVy'g bb Wilkesb'e lidis
Pitts g demand notes 1 dis
" cirtificates 1 dis
2.3 lbs.
• " Plot notes . t dis
Towaxata no sale
York 1 dis
Gettysbhrg 1 dis
Chain burg 1 dis
WaynesVg 2 d 6
Brownsfille 14 dis
Erie 2 dis
Berke al bank no sale
Honesdiite 1 dis
.Bk Stisq'a co 11 dis
Lewistown 10 dis
'Lam bk Warren no sale
West Binuch bk 14 dis
Dom COcript 20a30 dis
Lehigh Nav Script 15 dis
4th May issue 14 dis
NYCi bank dis
Tenth \Yard bk
Clintonilbk Y 30 dis
Globe Vank fraud
North [fiver bk'g co do
City Thug & Bk'g co do
Wool Growers' bk dis
White Elaine bk 5 dis
Lewis to bk 50 dis
Far & Uro bk Buff 5 du:,
Millersbk of Clyde 15 die
Far bk OT Seneca co— dis
Com bkof N York 2 dis
Lafayeoe bank ' 2 dis
N Y Blflg corn 60 dis
Dry Do§k bank 1 d 6
N 'Am Trust co 2 dis
Bank Of , Buffalo 55 dis
Bank of, Brockport - 35 dis
Hamilttin bk 30 dig
Corn blf Buffalo 55 dis
All solvent banks ial dis
Countri banks ial dis
Excepti'bk of Colum
bia, green co. Hod
son„Middle distr'ts,
Platsbnrg, Niagara, 2
Wasli and Warren, PT
Wash Man Co. r
Wayneke bank
Mer maa Planters'
Del Co, ':bank fraud
Ex bk Porkeepsie do
Pott-gdabi Maud Co do
Red 'Wilts fal die
Mechanics' and kluMfar-1
'.tares' bk Trenton par
Piincetian bank par]
Plainfield bank lat . ! dis
State bk at Camden par
CumbeOand bank par
Mount folly, Par.
Salem Bk'g co Par
MopmOuth bank no gale
N ll* Del Bride dis
Trenton Bk'g co old par
All othlr banks par
Far & Mach hank of
N Brimswick no sale
Hob -& G co broke
Wrishinkton Bk'g CO do
Prank bank do
Jersey City Bank do
Monmouth da
N J Ili4rof Co do
Protec Ond Lombard do
State at Trenton do
Bank of N Brnaswick do
Moth b Patterson do
FOit THE FALL OF 1846.
1' k c et en tetn77 .than ever offered in this
septi 3d, 2846. J. B. SALISBURY'S.
iv-E4T and elegant styles, for only- l 2 cents per
.111 . Turd, just received at SALISBURY'S.
sept 63, 1846.
lOH and beautiful patterns, just in at
giept. 3, 1846. , SALISBURY'S
CAHMERES and d'Lains, elegant styles, just
ntrived at SAILLS'BURY'S.
sept 3, 1846.
PLAIN, plaid, and striped Alpacas cheap at
#ept 3, 1846. SALISBURY'S
Iwo!vs and Boy's Brogans, at the reduced price
-LLB-If from 4s. to 12s. at • Baitsaintr's.
Sept 10,1846.
• n
A ‘ k
TUS received a lot of first rate Sole Leather; and
a/' it pill be sold amazing low—from 12 to 15 cents
per pOutal, at, • • Salisbury's.
sex+ 10, 1046.
A FIPSII - lot of prime Cl d.for only 4 cents
p 0 pound, at • • Salisbury's,
Sept. 10, 1846.
ROBES, a new styleof dress goods, 'net cattle at
#ept. 3, 1846. • • . SALISBURY'S.
. .
LATEST &tees, and amazing low at
fit. 3, 1896:
dirifall kinds very low at • Salisbury's
k 1 .14
P IIIN and stOppi artiness 20 per cent. cheaper
than ever. An, come at Satiabnry's.
iep 3:1846:-• -
Aalp and aPlendid viiiety ,rsa4l2, Velirec,"and
*tasted Veathirp, of this Fasition,just in
and very low at
3:t18.16. nnry_.
~ .
1 ,,
,1 - ,r . 1 ~,
A' *:avt seil i nit,te,l'elf„, c lipp er g at i t iY o ft
t re • 4. low prirolshoestjujceirme4at _ f
- dep '3,48416. - ' Baliehtu7's
. „
ar ii i n E s t
I'lo P* )01 l
l ebe forsny . - . 2464;RYiVn.andyli
!pt. 17.,.1046. T.
‘ solveit banks I die
• • MAINE: •
()skis bank 10a—
tEtiolltural bank do
City bk Portland do -
Damariscotta do
Mercantile bk do
Stillwatir Canal bkdo
Bangor.Coni bk do
Westin,rook bk do
Citizens' bk do
' Globe bk do
Washington co do
Frankford bk do
All solvent banks 3 dis
MLA of St, Albans die
Bk of Bedningon dis
All solvent bloats & dis
AU solvent banks dis
All solvent banksij dis
Baltimore banks # dis
Patapsco bk dis
Mineral bank I dis
Fredericktowa t dis
Hagerstown t die!
Far & Millers* bk Ha
gerstown 30 dis
Westminster f dis
Williamsport j dis
Cumberland 1 dis
Salisbury broke
Franklin bank i dis
Siuquehannah ^ broke
Millington broke
Frederick ix) bk I die;
Broken bks various prices
Baltimore & Ohio Re
lief notes 10 dis
Bank of Delaware par
Wilsnk Bratz pe w'ne par
Farmers' bk l par
Union bank par
Bank of Smyrna par
Under sss 4 di's
Washington City I dis
Georgetown tits
Far & Mechanics' 1 din
Alexandria dis
Bk of Alexandria broke
Mechanics' bk broke
Franklin bank no sale
Merchants bank do
Ex bk & branches lf ttis
Bk of Va & bneclus 1 die
Fur bk & b'chs 1 dim
Valley bk & b'ch 1 di
Wheeling lal4 dis
Wheeling p notes 14 dia
-11 solvent banks 2 dig
Small notes 24 dia
All solvent banks 14 dig
Small notes 2 dig
Bk of St Mary% 5a
Ocmulgee • do
Monroe R do
Columbus do
Phcenix bank do
Exchange bank do
Chat R bank do
Central bkof Mill do
Georgia B'kg co do
Rocker B'kg co do
All solvent banks 0
All solvent banks sa6.dis
Small notes 8 dis
Solvent bk notes 3n31 die
Bank of Illinois 70 die
Stain hank 50 [is
Notes o dis
Small notes 3a31 ills
All solvent banks
2 dis
All solvent banks 2.1a3-dis
All solvent banks dis
Southern Life & Trans
partition Co.
HE Pnblisher+i ofthti People's Advocate,.bay.
ing the um of an entirely neTrtind modern as
aortment of JOB TYPE, are now prepared to execute,
in a neat and xatithiCtory style; all Janda of _
at prices to snit the times.. .;
Printed on short notice, and in the feat style of the
rr A share of the People's patroitage is respect
fully solicited.
July 9, 1846. - DOW & BOYD.
N I. POST for the.benefii t?fichoni it may;micerft,
11 • . offers for'ale, at the Hat . Shop of the late C.
W. Tattle, a general assortment of Hats and Cape on
a reasonable credit to those who pay promptly, or
at a liberal discount for cash,
Aogusi 4„.1846
TA 4'k '' ) N l ‘Avrit, $ L- Ituu%Wgt%
HE subscribers'are receiving a large addition tot
their stock of Goods, which makes their assort-i
went equal to any establishment in town—which;
they offer at reduced prices for READY PAY,
July 2nd. 1846
Pu variety, from 11:l to 25 per ceut
1. less than last spring prices, by
B ,
ROAD CLOTHS from $1,374 up. Sutbiets,J ,
Cu,iiiimeres, &c. &c. by .
YOUNG HYSON Tea-6 lbs. fttr one dollar, byl
9 LUG TOBACCO at 6 0. per lb: by
IRON, Steel, Nails & Hardware, just received
SALT by the half dozen barrelsl,44 per barrel;
by - • , B. SAYRE.
p 4„,
A GENERAL Assortment (together with the vat*
ous trimmings) of the latest improved patent 4?
both for Cooking and Parlor, at redOced prices, by ,
AGOOD Assortment kept Mt Wind, (prices es - -
tremely low fur the ready; pay,) by
Produce and General Commission
Merchants, 43 Front st. N.Y.
PARTICCLAR attention given. to the sale 4f
Butter anthCheese. Refer to Messrs. Mills &
Sherman, M'ontrose, Penn's, who Will make liberal on Produce 'consigned to their care, an 4
pay over-the proceeds as soon as sold.
New York, July, 1646. Sly
.. .
P - ER . 4ON4 indebted to the subscriber , by Noie
or nook, for more than one year standmg, me
requested to call and settle, withotit farther notice',
as.circitmstauces require the immediate attention to
those old matters. B. SAYRE.
August IS, '46. , •
The Tariff and the People
HE Ilumers of Smarehannandotmty aireh i eretly
notified that the largest and heat assort-Meet ill
Ploughs and Iron Castings of every ;kind and varieiN - .
may he had fresh from the Furnace of
D. POST, JR. & CO.,
Cheaper than, the Cheapest, for Cash!
. 'Let it be understood that we Will Mit be undin ,
sold. We have, tOU, the largest assortment :if Good:
in our line, of any rottnkry in Northern Pent svlwil Ma, consisting of 11.011G1IS that will no up hill, and
dawn hill, and on the level—to don Plough's.
Wapre County Ploughs:, Wood's Old Patent, Side
Hill Ploughs, &c. &c. too numerous to mention.
Post & Co., will also furnish their customers with
Andirons of every size, with Wagon Boxes, Slay.
Cutter And Bob Sled Shoes, Dog-Churn Irons, Fan
ning Mill Irons, and indeed every kind of Iron Cast
ings that the fanner mid - hard-fisted yeomanry of the
County may desire. Then call at
Niontrose, June 23, 1246.
DRODUCE, Carl, and approvtd. credit may be
I- exchanged for Iron \Va ,at '
EVERY , kind of Mill-Trona, gol. and strong, and
made to order by D. IPOS , JR., & CV. _
A LL Pergola indebted to the late firm of R.
Ketcham & Co., will Save e*pense, and some
trouble, by " Renderinz unto CLesat! ivhatis Czesars."
The Accounts of ell. K. & Co.,' are in the hands
Montrose, June 24, 1846.
A NEW Lot of Leghorn and Stmw Bonnets, and
eleghnt Bonnet Ribbaus just leceived•at
• 24th June 1846. tiALISBURY'S.
. ,
500 Bushels Timothy seed; on or beforeAhe
20th .ed September ne*i„ on which the
highest price will be paid in ;Cash end Good.s; by
l - J. 8: i'BIRONNAT.
Friendscale July, 1846. ' , .
TfIitiETTLED Account 0 yours with &Estuary
-1J & Chandler must be settle 4 immediately, or
cost will be made . '3. SALISBURY.
June 4 24, 1846. - ' • •
-• Ou
TE -subscriber. renuns,4audui t to his friends,and
die public` generalty; for the i tibend patromge
he ba s s'receivedi during the papt Sornmer', 'arid res
pecrfrdly invites them tocalt and take a 'wield the
New and. epleigaij 1 r
he is now recei;• c , and which will be sold cheaper
titan eyer beGareniered this market.
sept. 3, 1346. . • • .
. .-
. • 'PAY VP ., .
r teubsctibt : r,.:, vinglciumil hi,
• ..., - lihop, is d esirous of squaring his
4, nobountil. - All WIMP, are indebted to
14 ix -hi m for. blacksmithilig, would, ~ c onfer
• i), ; a great favor , by PuYin up immediate
•, I . _ ly,, 1-le:dislilrgs to , econoteitra
4.640, biti, - tinlesi this noti ce is riniitly'latefided
:a l
to, be will be under the nechnity iir trying aimither
Plan to, collect liii4lues. - -i - I
,••1 '- ' '-11 -t•, ,I • PERRY , JENKS.
, *° 1 4,r,c 5 e , .4 1 “!q. 314. 0-4 6 ' I .
te.:110 .. Al . • : ,TH;l 8 k1 inapt,* to omii.iiioer.,
tirA4lk , *.F's: 7 .othed'ilitl'4:44l%,latkqUg
by thelittaietiotith. ' film, i " 0 - - - .90 ..'n't
is now. Made, ha-willrbe wider Mei • ciftoak
lug cos* inctirethsrina4/q. rm nlt tititig i - . , .- ?.
wept. 3, 1846. , : • PEA I' J :BEI.
....' , ' . 4 lIT basbeen..nrientl,y rePort
Ilteil thr, thicountniand
l is pm declar opinicatof hi r4 .4l,
, drae, that in t Ofl' Variety ..,i ryt is ii- -
til the '217 a 1 ,i 3 f 1 1 4 213 ,ana CAPS, at
KIM= & tares ' Hat Cap !atere.on the West
side of the Public 4tver,l In. hfontroole, exceedsi,any
thing of the k . foind ever ex t . .i"ltale in this rekrion
of country. Reader, db on ' discredit the moor'?
Rentember 'Ott Meet's .., onition: - ..
i Our do 'but are !traitors,
And make its lose the 1 .... tvve;oft might coini
AFEW Dcix. Patent 8 Hata l lr i t M. & Root% for
$1 a piece. Call ~, ex e.
' M. & EL.
CHIP HA ' for 8c at
, ~:;
. .1
11 GOOD article of Fur Hats for $1.,25 at t
,' ..
' ' . M. &11l,s. ...
LEGI4OIII4 Hata cheti4Car Ma" the cheapest
• •
• M. &
1113INGHAMT6N Plow Points (or . $0,44
JUt Side ill do.: • ss; . 130.
Also Wayne County points, it ' & li'S.
t '
eatE3 ton e mit. , zps o ori4, 1
t •
1 \
I li;) 41 ,3 , ' • i ili
1 211
• • 11 ~ i \
FOR Cash Butter , ile6wax,..Peabers, &c. ikte.,.
1: or approved creak, in Sittupthbabnu Count)l can
he had of
01 1 iti a n szi 9
who is alwayi on hand,. tat ready to wait on hose
who may please to fiivor tad
with a call. i.
J. L. also dairies on the Boos! BiNDuo business
where old Boas, Papers! &c:, Will be bound to or
der on short Notice. ,
Montrose, #a., June, 1146. , i
1 .
8-4 v.
20 Lbs. 9alaratus fo One Dollar.
1 I -
16 do near I
r d do i
1.2. i do Coffee d do - l
- 4 do r$ Hy eon ea do
12i yds shifetitt,.. most 0 inchds wide for $1 l
SLIMMER . `LOTHS at 10 ets per yarcil, I
quick‘or they will all be gone—ut the Cheap Store
of 1 . : J, LYONS.
June 23, :
. , l
UELLIC it. TOCU S I Do9l: '
LT AVE onliand for sale (cheaio as our neiglors)
JALa bette4 stock of Bring & Summer Goodsll
usual. ' _
FANCY I.4ess Goods t
PosP. ,
B oNNl.T.i_Le g hom i and Straw, at
4 ; • Posts
CLOTHS ;Ind CASSIIHEitESI ; (fm:lcy and Oain)
at 31 Poses.
SILK, Deqine and Lung Shovls, at
CraMuts, and Linen Ciambijcks,
a Post's.
_: i
1 - • Poscs.
11 'DK'FF4 and Ed e . .2*, at
; , Posrs
GROCERiES of every description (very ch4ap)
at P 149.
I RON, Steel, Nails, Shovels , Pitchforks, Scithes
at 1
VLOUR, 4 -
I °
•i . .
. -
, i . Po. 'O.
rpb.'-ware, f ' and Hanl-ware of every de
at - Post's.
4-‘lly GOKINCI Glasses, ea Txiiys,iat
C ROCKE China and Ghia's4rar e, at 4. •
. .
WOOL Wanted., i at l I'
110 EIS' GOtJDS expecied soup; at -
Montrose. 'June 15, 14.16. ' ' • 1
2 - '
F Lou 11, afid. SALT fdr sale t'y
1 .t L. - POST &00
ils ,
• .• ,
ii- -S1111{11:
, .
THE soberibers hav; noW oh hand and axle re
ceiving a 'getieral asso ' ent of Goods, which:4 they
otrer at a sin4ll advance or RE.4lr bilostPinds
of-produce rend in etch ge for Goods. :•
lilontrose,.Onne 13, 1806. f •
TALLOW: for sale by
. 1
• t
B UTTEll4.lrkiu s karst constantly on hana
20,000 e tality
MIL - 1.13.& SHERMAN.
Jane 14, 11346. . 3
. .
. THE / A RCADE I,' , •
z •
ID EC'l) tips Week fro city a fresh mak:inter
1. the
1.. t. eslie,s= !iopply of cries, which can b 0 pur
chased- af ta*sualli ch
t p rat consisting of On
ASCU, LEMON COCOAICTS, Fresh Raisins,'Srl. ,!.ici.
DRIED APPLES, a good article—riad flesh
sup pV of Flat MINI' REED, just r4eived
and for sales the • eacApg.
,Juno 30. g ' • !
aclhael in 41.71
1464 tact i
(1444 i t
Minari#4;;'.lnner 16; 46i`..
..:rf• ,
ing/Q .B ll ; aral fne,, 11 ! ilost
MILT4, ? k
flair received,l ' l . for
`ale_ b • 0 4
‘ ll 1 ,
wipoo• Hs.
'ig e Gint s*PO w
t -s
- 60.; Wain!, _ a ,
, thligta 6.ldred it , ..G .. Are . ; u; it Ira y
m(ti l li'lgib l xi ,,"' y -----17,A 'Nog' :1
04ftealingesi w ' - '7 , - i[ '" . —''ilr'''
I n
'44 15th r ' • i , ,'.- *, '
i - ''' 4
i 5 : per bfrrel~ at the .
ALT for iiale, $ t
.. 7-- Lag f . 4
. 1 ii, jot 26, 842,
Lille it
1. • .
MontrosePune 15, 1016
1%74 lian • • ....‘. 4 .
'.- Omara - Vb'irteweg
mi•iithme,suefulepuiiiiiacih, P.
,I. 5..1111F01111,i ON
DDEALE. llB ,Yrbelesale al 4llo Cuil, in DrY Goods
Grece n wes,Crookery, Ranf.Ware, Glassin,.. ,
&c. &c., offer adynnftges to :these 'ho wish to 14,
equhl to tiny store in the county. !Their assortment
is extensive and will'he sold at:prices to correspo n d
with the times;and the wants of purchasers. Fes
cash they will not be undersold!
Among tfteit assortme n t may be found a gram
riety of good- ..nothi--cmush,,, tiug of t
Broadclothsor every variety and color.
Summer Meths-4mq, striped and plain.
Cali oes--tbe best of the season.
Lodi Is' Cravats, , !MUNI Billow, Silk del.
vets, B ic Dress Mks,' 'be nil; other fashionable
trimmin for ladies! dresses.
La ' Dress Goods of every ivariety and suits.
hie for e season.
er. Gal& of Awry description, and in fact
every a 'cle usually iept in a Dry Good store.
S '.. ets, Cammeres, &c. &c.
June, 846-
lik/rOURLIN OE LAMES from Is. 6d. upwa r d s ,
forlsale at; I.' • MULFORDS'.
MQL.kSB : .ES.,:3s. 7 -ood saw S i mms and all other
Grhcerimi:equally as cheap for casli, at .
ONE new 4W,6.lmise' Lumber Wago n sale by
S. & SON.
assortmentkept constantly on hand and for sale
at Mann#ietnrera' prices, at • : lIIULFORDS'.
PANNING MILLS for sale at i
AN aisslwtmerit of Looking Glass e s for sale at
S IIEETINGS, CottotiTarn ; • &c:. 'cheap
at 1, : _ MIILFORDS'.
( — ARABS Seitimsi - ficythir Stones; Cradles and era.
dle Scythits,-Rifies, Rakes, Pitchforks, Sickles,
&c., for sale at ; MOLFORDS'. .
N , unusual ' l l variety of Staple and Fancy
ADruids may lie found at my :.Store on the East
side of the- Publid , Avrenne, in Mohtrose, where tle
"People' can purchase at very law prices for oath,
or exchange thmr produce to good advantage.
AN elegant 1;1181FM:tent of Ladies' Slippers and
Bu;ilun Shoes, very' low at ' SALISPURYI.
A LOT Of sPlerulid Dress Lawns, Dikes and
_L - 1.. petAl Cashmeres, at - 'BALI nyB.
.• f
ALAfRGE „and beautiful assortment of Dints,
veryloiA4 at • 'SALISBURY'S. !
A.. al ) -1 - it i: tock of
Slim ' Erier Ci t3.A L f tiD G lTAi and .
COB 'ED iiiirts, White-and DM
• r • b Morcene,at
1 • 'S'ALISEDRrii
• h
e S: bn ia w Sil ig tS ' 3"
Ilii 'D2l . l
A LO of fit; e y plain De . Lahr
cei red arid will be sold low,ut
poN, Steo,l'44M, Rods, and Naas, cheap it! '
1 f'. •' ' • ; SALISIMMYS.
i . •
0-HE PER:.Molistres than mur" . be found;ra
1.. i. at nly 34 cents, - with Teas,!! Sugars, Ire and
Tobago ' equally low, at . r SALIS O U TS.
Vl.. NB.
•-;••tren . Table and Towel Diem' and
. en Casting; a good assortment ofirisi Lin
en, at ,
~ .
T WE ES-4-A lot of first , rate Tweilm cloit low,
at -' ' ',.• . ''SAL4SBVE7'S.
, -
CLO HS.;-Tltroaa. Cloths, Casshneres arai l Stu.-
ne ; unusually !ow, at • • SALISBUIATS.
H OS 11Y.'-;-•A' large assortment of Miire4exid
*es Flosieryast very reduced prices it .•
m1...i at
ON Table Diaper and linen thlkffs.!low
L c ik a :: : ::: pu A : 11,111 i W eise A.L vaiere 7F .
:- Uii aneaTtria A .1(:).:
t -est Jae of the Public Aijenne, are, jit re
! 4 neW mid splendid:assortment ol;resh
tely - purcbased at extreinely low . pries for
it are,lincluced to sell them on as goo }terms
f the 'cheap, cheapest or Am.', shopsi*ont.
i vin ha s h bash for Gotids - will doriell to
t, Jhnels, 1816. I!
Goods /
cash •
11S any
Those h
Oa e us
.... i ,
Jus T - R ECEIVED pi'. Apply
_, •
MILL sAlys, x Cut Saws, at,
HAY RAKES, Forks undßeythea, at
1 t
• ' t STAIrfE
~_ . .
SUAEVER. STUFF for Boys, garpeting .at
' I ' ' ' .1 SEA E'S.
i I •• .
BOIS' 6+se mTi fore, ,and VaabrellHed ar
ts sforf a Rainy Day, at • 8 .r,'s
LAI4ES' Bennett Slippers, aad galiessesn abtm
daice, at - I SEALE'S
HARLIAVARE, Saddlery. Crockery, *es, be
/Mee inhuerons other articlek at •
July '1,a,...: 48"46. • • I SEARA'S.
. ___ :5 • 4
I' VAtHEIL—A•Pood assortment kept catstantly
-I_4 Onjhand Mid Sold as lowas can be line +{t in the
Connty,!•by 'l, .: - .; - B. MIRE.
, , ,
BEEI Hides, Calf Uos, &c.,.,wmated•by , -
' B. SATE. t.
m V . :3 ILBiO 8, for sale by : , ,
- 1 B. SAIII.E. '
W:NDO7itf, Sash, Glass,-anS i'utty by
__ •
MilLo4GHi—„llingbamtim Skinner's Baty mkt
JL - M fitkiiik egixidartinent kept conitittly
hand;: 'a fgeneral assortment of castings.'
Iron wait ed in pay'; by
.. . i - B. BAIRN.
QTO 61E1(1 Stove Furniture, goad assail"
LI 4 by, - f; ' . : : ~t. B. 13,A1'p ,.
Lath, Lby, i ' llli ! k ',r Phul ter ar i asa g,tra.
FIRE 11 1 geicangl lemons . ust received l b
A F SH inTPI'LYof Sumner Cloth's just
-01- ce 'ed q,; , , : . . , B. BAYR
110tiUT. E&.- The higkest priori paid, km Bu
'-LP all thrimgli the *Wm by B. SAYER,
. ' June: 0,'1846, - r. - ' , t ;, t •„ -
15 __.,_..p. : ". 717 ,... 11 d ! ,,
_ _
STOVES—new and ii
corpristing 'of Air 60E1
.4 ' - ~i • ri -,:... do ,
W hingto, ~ 7 do
(Id' liiinittoe,: . -:'
E.. Or- 4. - '''''`' ''' ' ' '
Coed; ; tiox;:aliti air lisett F
of on ' Ai...11e. 4.,...ciiiiiipi
euiai p . i*'fiviiiit. • . '
- ' MO T
5 , ..
_ do* Sok Tor - sale: .
, LittlNS
'Tune, 1846:t •
."r O RW J AND
Mugu 314114:1;0!
t l jnn i e d
.-AiimSo at a,4 3 -' - 9)4: Tal4imitiPa,gAt
littia!igVt,' •
1114 ',' •
PM ,1•111/M •
T.TA.via,ostriivea 'man 101
irlUbe?,lol4 as]
ms,ifk r miall-boprtiacf•
ived patte
oking , Btovi4
-do, 41
do do,
do I, 'do; •
tovegy 803ve LPs
r cash or imprcr;u4
#i# , .and sF:ii!‘
EEF:'' - :''":
for eili6 ,?' .:
di* oduno
T,`oci . Sagliiit**