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    , Tll, TAIPIF-Fr "A..-:::.,',f .
The-Dimocrad • of Pe:nsylvnnitt nnetinue
to speak out in i i positl i n tn. the ,provisions
of the Tariff o '46. ' , . . . •
The .Demoe4fic Convention' of . LycOnv•
i n , county adopt4d the followirttieSOlntionet
Resolved, Thilt the tariff. law .of 1846,
(commonly called M'fitty's - Bill,) - does not
embrace in its provisions "the elementary'
principles of jut and; fair proteciiou, us,
sa nctioued by 64 Democracy of: Pennsyl
ranei at the Pals, brit; on the contrary, its
whole policy itilltopinn,
~,. _
Resolved, Th,ur
t as citizens of Pennsylva-
nia, we have a onnoti interest - . one with
another, to unite, our endeavors in•all hon
orable ways to procurk a repeal; or,-such
a radical modifiePtion of the act of 1846, as
will restore to lie great interests - of this
Commonwealth,oiermanent and- ade'quitte
protection. 1 ,• •
Resolved, Thbt the Representatives- in
Congress from tills State, with the excep
tion - of Hon. Da id Wilmot; well and truly
discharged the mist repdsed in them as such,
von this mometOus question.
Resolved, Thdt as the ballot box inlhis
Government, is tae greatest lever of politi
cal power, and r4formei of abuies, we feel.
in duty hound top appeal to this medium, as
-the only sure so?rce q redress; and, that
looking to such Is:radical amendment of the
• new taritT, as will afford equal and just pro
tecOon to the interests of Pennsylva
nia, kre unhesitatingbi resolve to support no
candidate for office _ hereafter, who will not
furnish satisfactiwy evidence of the sound
uess of his faith ili this particular ,
The followingsresolutions were passed-by
te , Democratic convention of Centre Co.':
-Resolved, Thbt in accordance , with these
principles, we afire in favor' of a tariff for
rapme with iliscriminatidns within the
rftenue limit for protection, and that in the
adiustittent of the details or sttcb u tariff, the
Wiest revenuelduties should be imposed
upin iron and *tool, Which are articles of
_nett national importance, necessary to our
pre erity in pei t ice, and absolutely indis
pe*ble in war.; .. t
14olved, 'nib it has alwaystieen a car
dinal principle o 4 the Democratic party in
layittr duties upe(nimpOrts, that disciimind
non should he,mbde in favor of our own
inns 'factures. il l
Resolved, That in the opinion of this
meeting the late 'tariff act will . not afford
thareasonable rotection which our ciitp
zenwe entitled o, and that the course Of
OUTtenators and Representatives in stano-
ing kmly by the interests of Pennsylvanin,
deui ids and rk ; eil:es qur unqualified a
prob ion.
Ile Demmer+ Delegate Convention . f
Scl4-Ikill county, adopted the following i
Reolved,Th4. in levying our impost dil
lies lir revenue, love are in favor of extend
fair, and „even liberal protection fo
lanufacture: and wh'enever, by UntlD-
Liteislation,ihey are deprived oftbut kil
1, we standi ready to aid in repairing
or—that tithoogh we believe the tit
-1842 to hare been imperfect by, ri#l.-,
s leryinglclutiO in minty cases -tip
rily high; yet we 'believe that the
.1 tariff act 41,f 1810 will need alteration
Alrrection. 1 Thafbesides some minor
i of which • • iwe dsapprove, the great
nerest of 41 . '.'iir State in seine, if not all
wenches, #lll not be stridently prp-
That the same is also true to oar
I cite 'Coa4 and that the interests ,iiiid
of Pennsilvanin requrie at the bairns
-ext Con*css, that.- this evil shoil d
!died: a4l that the Democracy :of
oil county hereby pledge thernielv:es
it influe4ce shall be honestly exerted
nplisb this end.
rib ,
TI, emocrapc Delegate Convention 11
- Daup n county; adopted the following:
R lved, Thtit A Tnrifffor the protectli
of do, • stic labot,has. 'always been a favor
prince e with t4e democratic party—thq
was acticed-Washington,..Jeffersci
ilonr*,Jackson;and Van Bard
and we as 4emocrats itistain it.
ReAyed, Th* the tariff; cif 1846,.,dt
not ritect our -tabiii—Lthatif.'.does' enent
age t e paupeii labor of Europe —,lltati
mailed it wiltlhridg i dotia :.ffie„ ptioe mf I bor, d will not produce lands enoughii
niport the Go4rnraent—that it isan exppr
mem emanating from the niilifiCationlof
Sour* Cartilina; A which is calcalated4o, brifig. -
xir mechanics (Ind workmen 'to theleiellof
ite southern slave, and to bring Waystelof
- lace; taxes up/n the' doverinfdent' ott e
-nioa. t - 4..-
, •.; et
That the' country carincityeturn
e its prosperity; unfit ! , the British .taritriof
846 be repealed. '
Resolved, That with pleasure and prlde I
^e submit the zitune of the Hon. NATHAN-1
EL B. ELDIZED to the Democracy of ,
lenosylvania, believing that his, numiiiit•
tau, 4.s the ate* candidate for 4:wertifir,
vill secure the triumph of the Democratic'
4n Y• - . i -. 1 1 • . ' '11 : . 1
The Detnocritic,Deieente Convemiont of
:ionhumberlanp county,' adopted the fol.
resolution :
Resolved, Tlat the i Senators and ilia:tem ;
brs of Cotigre4 Of Pennsylvania who Voted,
aid by their efOctitnia manfully endeavared,
to defeat the odious Tariff bill or 11346,: are
deserving the viivrat , giatitude of every true
hearted Peantylvanian ; and :this:" - single
act has Placed 'Oleg' high in elution - and
respect of every man Win any regard
fer the prosperity of Otis country, the
'lnterests of the labOringcotniOnitA'i:
Sittatior itanscmit..
W e ask the ittention to the following in
wresting come ' nd ee betwelesksLiziundlier
of citizens of anvi k' ,au
mu. The rep Of en: C. is worthy of the
representative Of the true interests' of-Pettn-:
Yitania. - ti
bisni ii.r. - ,%/ing. 18, 1 4 8411 -
1' o GAN. &moil CA Lori :',, -, '.., . • ,- , t. , j:,
Dee Sir :--11' ' r'estent'' - ehartgelti - kid.
:Past and rk'l 41fiiic11441/edtlie4l:ll
- hon .. -hettiliii, ilthiliin,,o man, in
this states wit h apprelentlibujind dread of,
the results "
of it te plo - ocproperaiim) Orthe
sew systeth:',lk --"'
~"' I. ' ''':_`..:t '', . - '
To you,_ sir, wo,,t4nder" the- nhltittioil of
rueful heart for• the vatiiotHeo r tiae itnd
mak conduclyou displayed in yOitriolj4
. -
Ilk"; M elt e1,4111t ,:iakitig,tivery,ttbie,ffinngh
tint - clessfdl rest .tance-to tht . ruit*g!;:tif:the
I!l s iifish 'tariff ' bil ' - 0f . :" . '416.:' - ',, - While intltits,
wlin*lslfaildifs: '6,',iteii.lc4;_44l6 - bi6ii tu n -'
•ableith wiibstund the: nfluenceA:if - the remu.
,kidbave - . R 4nk - themselves,.
.* ' ; ' 9 0141 ! t4 allf eilres.sed by 'd demo
:crane: entiihr:tryin,the:WeSt, !' . . - Sh IoW 'that •
'the art dr.resurection can never reach
;theme, yon, sir, • ~.uilawed:by influenced and
„utibrilahl lky gann" have stood erect, the
able e lit - 110mi- of the ' 'peer • - h i boti n i - f um e s
• - rights, and.! of thd - great'inidr'ests Of thre - KeY,
1 g rot i t onte. This we: offer you as: the ef,.
fusionilof - :i•ivarm !hearts, glowing with recol••'
lections! fresh and ! ! verdatit, of all that you
havejlotiei !in the glorious cause of ' Protec
tion triour home! industry.
Desirmis. as ivelire i , by some ' public-de ,
'nlonstratian of our sense of your milts and•
l our state and' ttuntry's obligations to you,
Ave, your triend 4 and--ailmirera; 'of the ifori
! ••
iregioif ofithe county of •,Chltunhia, _without
idistinetion •of party,. most cordially invite
iron to Palitikekiritliabli. dinner id the town
. ,
!of Dativille,•-on. !the:, earliest day you may
!designate: AO mi - mesteartiestly and re
spectfttllyi entreat ihat - You:will' not deny to
;your hunicrous4riends here, the anticipated
pleasi t tre ?(;.meeting you face to face, at a
ifeati4l, la honor of your eminent public
!services and prirateiwortli.
• With great respect your fellow citizens,
Wra.lDonaldson, John Coi;per,
!.L:o4tlontgoniery, ' John C. Boyd,.
J. P. GrOre, Lewis Vastine,
1.1 r.. C. Horihn, Geo. Leebrick,.
ID. N. - RoWnover, John . 31'14itliae,
fSipiori P. IRase, ' Hugh M'Williants,
!Edw. iYouhg, Jonas Wolf, •
!Thos.! Webtiside, Henry. Crawford,
Thos. ! Shepherd, Thos. C.,Eliis,
John C. G rier, M. Fornwald,'
IDasi4 P. Davis, W. G. Gaskins,
N. - 4 1 ;Cayi 'Eli Trego,
hid. 'M'Rtynolds, W. G. Scott,
A. Joidat4 John D. Petrikin,
David Bhie, Jacob Gearhart,
John Groves, • Paul Leidy,
Joseph Mans, - Jacob Everly,
Sam uel!!Oaks, A. W. Frick,
.• •
Irani Derr, • Jno. D. Chit,
B. R. ! Gearhart, - • Oscar F. Moore,' ~
J.'N. ! Fisher; C. H. Frick,
Martin` WAllister, J. W. Sheriff, .1 ,
G. Mi Shoop, Jas. J. Stebbins,
W. H„.Haseoplug, Win. Delong, I
Michael Rissel, Jno. S. Wilson.
MIDDLETOWN, August 31, 1840.
GenVemen:—Your letter, inviting me to
partake Of - a public dinner at Danville, has
been received ; and, while I attribute tile
high honor you design to confer on me, to .
your kindness and the partiality arising
from entity associations rather than to any
merit i I May possess, or any services I may
have perOtrined, I am still profoundly grate
ful for it -
Such a public demonstration as you pre
pose is onIy• due' to. the statesman of high
reptiti , ition, earned by long and important
services rendered his country. I can lay
no claim' to such distinction. The recent
session Of Congress was the first occasion.of
my c'ennexion with public affairs. I had no
desire when I entered upon its duties to re
mainflonm in the public service, and' I haVe
now lila nibition!c..onnectz..d With-offutinl sta- .
Lion fart er than. to perfoim my .duty fear
lesslkan faithfully to the best of my abili
ties dari . ig, the continuance of my term. II
was My fortune to be in Congress whet - I.lllls
revenue I measure, which effects so vitally
the interests of my native State, was under
diScuSsidn, and connected'asi tun in ail 4ny
svmPath, es with her laborers and mechan
ics, Cco Id not du otherwise than oppose
withlall ty zeal and such ability as I have,
a bill sting . so detrimentally . their:, com
fort aidi itaPpiness, dal :through then] - the
l i
proskri,,it of :the Cdaintonwcalth. I only
regrr aP - Irty: exertions Were net :intim suc
cess ul: '.,,. . .
AY rule through life has been not to de
spond for the 'Last, hut to -look with hope
And himfidence to the future, and to "perse
verOnte the end" in a good- cause. If the
friends of domestic industry pursue this
course, we will compeLa change of this oh
noxinus, and•ill-dii,esteil law at the next ses
sion.Ll .A little reflection will teach the pure
but .Itaistaken men among its advocates of'
theitierror, and others will to yield.,--:-
Pennylvapia , has strong claims upon the
sympathies of. her sister States and ilieis
too iMportant to - tha interests of. the confed
eracy to permit any of them to continue this
Wrong upon her, , ..if she _resists it boldly,
steadily andlegally. '
. 1 0' may be serprised dint i South Candi
ne,•which in 18313 , wolddlitive de/troYed the .
Union but for the firmness of Gen. Jackian,
should no sooner, after his-death, fix upon it
the yery principles upon which she based
her - nallificationi, and while• we cannot ap
prove her threatened treason, we imay;with
profit folloW the example other determined
,peritiverance, • • We have-only to. be s trtie to
ourselves and we cannot fail to succeed in
procuring a repeal of this law. A-few
"months - will Slew the want-of Wiadoni in its
principles and..detailsitind - prove its failure
as alrevenneitditsuric . , - Tke ter t:nett who
iniveifores4lit upon ON- ail. of !wham v t!ei3y its
plitekeity r Will liiehalajy„: soon seek
.. titt*teuse
fo r - *s : change..: it thilftless,..iparsnas are
di '' nteitfe#WW I air . own.•sittiatiehii, and
e vieuti. Of ithe tFo - ' rity . of ~ibeitir,l * ere fru
g 1 neigh _ ..: '' . ,:., - ,,:N,. r meas t .#iic-4tates who.
do hot _sin •:;'.9s i tc•ht , _;,proarierf"l"3,,,tind Our,
Southern''ovi , .i4. - itizens-i - willl;,fnidAhat no
rednetion!" 4l,k:tariff iiiliaitifte.t)se*-rich,,
nor I;britiit.,,k4
~.cio*, tp.,,their::', - 4atiiiition.—
They maffetiiirdtblirprugre for a time,
but no •system of kw-a-which they can fore*
npoit usi ; will destroy. the ultimate prosperity
of Penuslylvan";`Untie we: - aectimOlieh: itii•
re a in a coolistitutiOna•-way,'w(l-'n"l4.
linalLe•.the•best of::this--law.;-.and by *relater,
eec4atayi'and more intense labor make If ? .
in some degree Ifor thiladO . eti .r ms'.i hitY : ,it
lakka,fri4l3, us and gives to the workmen:nl
fore r ign'countries, Theiftinnera of the-Mein
will;sew see that they, have been deceived
bY 'Pi& P - talaisef! AnillAiHniiirlie :,'"ke*:ir
6 .ol;l4farfdlg- 0 40 11 ; -and thii= iiisiesar4f
higher-pricea,-ithey will -find them-iredeced.
with:the "Projttration:cif the, botiii:Fniathel,
.11' Vitt) Tutmehecl them by - the nteinifaitn-
-4. 1
f i e * ,thew sevhis i llaving ~ th. t uij : !elyikei)
ethe i tititli 3 O 'the -old': fashioned 'deinuenttie
46.1400;';'11/!ltl',IgiittilturV; manufactures,, it.iii4liiiiii;.'l4 ibl.o4hipiip,o-ftilkri.''.ioii
tui4,ll,fr:depen'dnt-eu eueh'uther,We:uareirt
yeeitte.iiek ,th4l3 again acting with f h e i r
natural allies :efi . the'-North4ur thi 7 oln - pito
gocidr '1 -7:. 1....-4.1,,' .-: .• :1-:.... R. t , ..: _,....' 1 1.
.kWh -.Wittny thanks, dentlemen for die
, :
bone , you i ttintemle me, I,.pray lan .to ex
cuse .bO ,- -eceetituinceo. , it:. I : s hall ;some
• t ime lii.eithe ie.;itsiettiblitm of " : - C .: 44ress,
itpay f acCuiloibeii iftte ual visit ta,'Et:ifu int
bin cUMity, and it is t iny intention to spend
some] :iime---- about- Danville,- among :your
workltf:en; and in'your mines and maniac
teritiOd'irleaii such Picts find inierMation
ins meat' be useful In . the labor .of the next
, sessi4M and: I' ; au: tielpate while there, the
pleasec'e of taking sintny of you by the hand
at vietf L own firesides.
WtlPiei34imentis 'of respect, &e. dr...s.'
- , tl' , ` , •- SIiMON CAMERON:
To tessrs,:. Coo Per, 'Boyd, Montgomery,
, • Irlistbie, Donaldson, ketrikin, M'Rey
. milds, Grove and others.
Impo an News from Mexico. iftrne.
TheiNew York Herald has received from
WasliMston, • - intelli g ence from the Rio
Grande; - and
,the Cabinet at Washington,
whitili,! . if true, is very 'important. It is as
Ai edurier is now in this city, despatched
by Ge#. Taylor, from the American army,
and iwo are informed on the most. reliable au
thoriti that no proposals for peace, whatev
er, Bade yet bevn made - either by the
can vrlAnieriean Governments, or by any of
their accredited agents.- •
This, messenged left after Snnta Anna's
arrival': in Mexico, and after he had had
sufficient time to make advances, if he in do so, towards our government:
Th 4 news we hardly expected, but it is
all exPlained by the fact that Santa Anna
had given assurances to his friends that, in
returning to resume the command of the
army, dhe should most implicitly-follow the
public will and inclinations of the people of
Merieb, in regard to the war. He is now
waiting to learn the popularfeeling. This
is one item.
ThU second item of intelligence brought
by thi4 courier is that the Ministers of Eng
land, Prance and Spain, in the Capital of
Merieb, have given the gravest assurances
to Saila Anna that neither he nor his gov
ernment shall receive from them one dollar,
or the slightest encouragement in prosecuting
this war.
• ThiS arises evidently from the immense
damages which are flowing to the commerce
and *ling interests of those nations, which
are soseriously affected by existing hostil
General Taylor.
, Tho following is the reply of Gen. Taylor
to the proceedings of a meeting held in the
city of New York
I Catuaa„fro; Mexicg, Aug .14.
Hon..6eorge Folsuro .
1:14II SIR : The mail of yestrday convey
ed. tome your letter of the, 16th July, ac
companying a copy of the resolutions recent
ly adOpted in New York city and expressive
of the approbation of a large - number of citi
zens for the recent .services of the Army of
Occupation. Fee' those expressions 'our
warmest thanks nre due, and will long be
remenabered as renewed incentives to exer
tion in the cause of the country. •
Fo4our oten very complimentary note; my
personal thanks are also due. Permit nte to
say, it is a source of gratulation to me that
the mbeting refrained' from the meditated
muniiiations. For-the high office in gives - -
tion, have no aspiration. Th.: Govern;
nient . las assigned to me are ardurous and
respo ' sible duty iii the prosecution ofithe
existing war ; in conducting it with honor
to nay:en - wary, lie all my real aApiratioas.
It li with grert pleasure, sir, that I thus tic
kno'wledge the gratitude of the army for the
good Opinion and cheering approval of the
'citizens of New York city, with assurances
of ottri.4arin appreciation and my own per
sonallivishes for your own prosperity and
I.f. t
Isemain, dear sir, respectfully yours,
Major General U. S. A
Mormon Difficulties.
From the Sr. Louis RepuhPcan.
WiltsAw, 111. Aug. 30, 1846. -
Last evening I returned from the - camp
of thin Constables posse at Carthage, mid
to-day at 10 o'clock has been fixed upon by
the officers in command for marching . to
Nauvi.oo. The posse consists of about 300
men,twho are actually doing camp duty,
besideS which there are-about .300 mOre in
towniand about the camp who, it .is expect
ed will accompany them as SOOll as the pos
se colnmetices its march.
It is the design of the posse to march•to
day Within a few- miles of Nauvoo, and there
encatnp, and are ordered to be provided with
five ilitys!- provisions--together with spades,
shovels; axes, &c. to throw up intrench ments
in cake of need. The present move on the
part of the Anti-Mormons appears to be
marked with a good deal of determination—
they 'tire better officered than heretofore and
More.system is observable in their own
tionsi •
There are' various reports froth Nauvoo--
86=e that the Mormons will make a very
deteiAnined resistance,. mid others, that.the
re'sist'ance, will not amount to much. It is
stated by some persons from there, that
they !Can raise not more than two hundred
and- fifty tneti,, while the Mormons say that
they ;can raise a thousand, and that they are
constantly receiving accessions from the
otbekside of the river. These statements
are. riot believed by the Constable's posse, who
clutie that it is a part of the game of brag,
which has been very successfully practiced
in Nauvtio Heretofore."
Oise thn is certain , howeveri - there is a•
company 'l#4,nsiii*ho are drilling daily in
ISTaufoopierntratoky to defending the city
froniattack, as they say, but the teal motive
fOrtklis;'is'inOre likely to be, to create, an in
tere4 iwbehalf of the Mormons abroad-1-
the try of persecution is a favorite with
theul. • v. ;
• Titera is. no doubt but there. is Al .large
portion of the New:Citizens of Nauvoo sick
of tbOlorinons, but are afraid to avow
theirl sentiments_ from fear of_ being driven
from:, the city., 'have seen,ftve or , gx let
, • • 7 -
erst to this effect frtitn tnent . to the Governor,
beenif taken ,to Siitingaidjd'hy
jone gpiei itifinibe they
841446 Orptectiomot their lives . aad,o4-
eity , ffromAlie Morin Ons, and that '..bef4n
foecti:die-COntritet. entered' into with - 014 for
riiijkOe *ate.
Gfyieinail . Wright hae organized six ppw'
• 9f cav ahl, 4 1‘,16 sv v :itinti,j 6. *P7
. .amierthetquitri q
0 ell,.
41)e--khiratji -Ih2fith
R e meat o tco e r r y. - - A , -
= • •
t. ToExlstoat t liapettsi zN„Bosrpx.-tMa
ersodslainent the l ....nque otthe''dritata, a
he'eviti'whieli 'are allowed ,to exist *it
the walls of the theatres, and which to
greatly to . destroy Whatever moral effect t 1
stare in,'eapal4le orpraducing. If th d i
evirs could. be. rein-ayeOlt is,
,believed the
theatrical representations would be rend:
ed so innoxious, that atiy moral pens;
totild.attend theist with as little danger I
front any other . ptiblic. eillibition, :Bas it
has commenced the work of reform in th
particular,ond the city authorities nre bei I
strongly remonstrated tiOt to grant hectic .
in theatres, except on certain, coaditioti
These nre; that no intoxicating liquors sh,
be said in them.; and to etnct this, that - 41
Aril' ks ofany deicri Odin'. should be sold wi i
in the walls of the theatre. That no sep:l
ateeotrance should
.be-allowed to the thi l
row ; but that there ihauld he one comet
entrance: That boys and girls should n'
be niclinitted unattended by their parentsa
guardians. That no-woman, adult or you
should be admitted unattended.
' The subject has excited - much discussi;
before the Mayor and Aldermen, seve
distinguished clergymen .appearing for t
reinonstants: and several able lawyers for t
petitioners. There has yet been no descisi
but,. judging-fromthe !het that the then
in that city have been shut up once or twi it
.and some converted into chinches, we ,m
infer that themoial sense of the commun
is against them, unlesS they arc reformed. I
PaoortEss OF BosToN..-1 writer in •t 1
Courier gives a dark picture of the ret
grade of virtue in Boston. "In the •
ward," he says, " the overseer and asses:l
told me, there were ;pOO drinking pine
many of them kept by low and worthy
characters. It is computed that from 6
to 800 rum bowling alleys are in operati•l
to the ruin of many youths, to say nothi
of the boys educated 'for the House of
rection. As to .the billiard rooms and ga
bling places, they occupy the upper roo d
of the chief comers of many principal sfre:l
and . have their bars,, as .the usual appeal
ges of such vile places, and last, thou!
not least, licentionsnetis abounds as aco
mon accompairunenti of the foregoin .
BoSton is advancing boatyards certainiy
GEN. GAINB.—The Portsmoute (Va.) Al
Era states, that on Saturday week Ma '
General Gaines received thro' the Adjut.'
General orders from the war depar tmenti
take command of the eastern division, fix
hit headquarters either at New York, Phi
delphia, or Troy ; that the General has
lected New York as; the most import.l
point, and on Monday afteernoon set
from Norfolk for the post assigned him.
On the sth ult. the Ilatavier Dutch ste
ship, came into the Thames with 340 e
grants on board, front Germany, who int
tied to emigrate to the;United S:mes.
.T 1
are au instalment of . th e S0;000 emigrat
from the German Stntes during the pres
( 1 3
year. Next Morning they proceeded f a
London to Liverpool, Ifor the purpose of m
barking on board an American ship.
Dzo:rus ITEATi
'there were four i t New York on
Su.►day foon elretit of fie hem of the
w.•ather. Six unioibus horses fell death in
that city, on Saturday.
At Exeter, Mr. C. IL Cole met his deh F
oa the 17th ult., from, die effects of a . .x
-peace which he had accidentally swallo‘l ed
8 years before. After death, a post mortiem
examination of the boly took place, when lie
coin was found lodged in the right brolicl in - ,
;he lung being- in a state of complete g in
gren e, . .
It appears by tile report:ot the Secrethry
of the Treasury that $693,000 of theuew
Treasury Notes Haver already been issUed
under the act of 22J July last. The entire
amount of Treasury Notes outstariding lon
the Ist instant, was $1,093,864.
FaunAirrv.—A coachman lately died in
Poughkeepsie, who by his services in /me
family had saved $3,000.
KIDDER, 4ve'regret to learn, while on ;his
way frordWilkesbarre, to attend our Curto
on Monday last, met with a serious accident
by the upsetting of the stage, when about
three miles-above Tamaqua. He r6ceifred
several severe contusions on the head, but
it is to be hoped he will be able to take his
-seat on the Bench during the Court. Tbere
were eight passengers in the
.stage, all, of
whom were more or lyss inkired7 George
W Leuffer ; Esq., of Wilkesbarre , Engitteer
on ,the, who was sittiqg on
the box with the driver, .at the time of the
accident, sprang to the ground and sprOied
both' his legs, but it is believed he will soon
recover.,' ' Pkesiige Pink Pre*
Mr.j.John Audubon, the son of the didtin
guished Americen naturalist, has receiltly
n i
arrive& in England., for' the purpose of ' ta
king drawings of some specimens of A eri
can animals .in the cpllegtio n s in this c un
try, in order te coniplete the_ work on ,J the
qiiadrnpeds of America. J
T 4. ToatATo.—ThOtnai Jefferson 'tan
dolpb, the protege of Jefferson, in an address
before the A'gricullural Sudety of Albemarle
county, Virginia, delivered some time sinc e ,
stated! that 'Mr. Jefferson pould . recollect
when the toninte 'was cultivated a s an orna
ment 'to the flower-garden{' and deed
poisonouk ' .
in Maishchusus, Nov
The Rt. Abp. ,Riebgd. Plikenfinin,' 1 19
British Ministtit, ne6ontplynied by the Hon;
Spencer Pottiby,,forivett in Boston, from
Albany',' 6
AlbanY''3 onday evefillieittid:tokl°dil
tags pt tfie...Albion Hotel. : - •
Tfie N' e w I",o'fic ' Slate, Convention, a 4
lain*oti. the' frrit,Tnesday 4c4sCtoliei. 1 '
PAWER NF thief wilt
lately converted by listeniriplo_n. sermon
Mr. Pdoffit, tt Detroit, Mid 14 first proof of
tepesittnee ,was 'to return a: pocket-book
cdtitaining sloo t At) at, lett,. the '..a#..b4
f4 r e. i ..kAie must hate been new beginnet
in the business:- -Phi - to:goes:are not easie --
moved to,sttch 41iStiiiiy.
' lq* R OP.-Thus 047 this.,*ear
been, iemarkablY healthy, Ptirevidette
of ijeikirsltiver &us existed.
, , 1
•i, - 1 ~ ••, ~ .i: ..,.. . 4
The Bust - pie} annw Assoc!. non ot , iMwerse.bsts ill
meet* BrOoklyn on the - .:t. Wednesday and ol
lowing Thtiodity (die 7tb-. d Bth) of October 1 6.
The Oonnciliwillmeefit a o'cl on 11,Vedi y
moraine. ,Seii , icesiwill. C. umenc ,111, , WI-Past:lo.
It is tamed ilia t every s'ocid , will ' rep iimentaby
two ilelegaies'irho will Cii,'io ford; lied with ill - Inc ,
essaly statiStical informatien. Will. each clerkiihe
so kind as c:. !nuke out full and correct statistics •••
Strangers and friends from ri, distance will fine a
committee it the Chumh t. direct ahem to placei of
eutektainmont.t The publi: are respectftilly invited
to amend. i i 3: P. OILMAN, 6
Brooklyn, Sept. 10. 1C46 • _ Sliyudiu*Cler*
On the stli inst. by c. fierily A. Riley, fitr.
DAvto PATTEisos to Mist MARY , S. ROBED:00 v
bab of .resvti4 ,
Recelini for the 'eoples',.; Advocate, .1
, rot? thi week endi4r, Sept. :.7, 1846. LI-
Col. IF. Bailey) , $l,lO Pays to NoJS2
E. S. Warubr, i ... 1 . , 0, 44 61 153
EdWin G. Welib, , 1.00 " " 352
Tho's Slier t tocil, 1. 0 0 " ~A , 52
A. H. Dom, ',., •, • It 0 . 0 "
r . 52
D. ih. Lester, i • 1,00 " "I 52
G. F, Knapp,
.1 1,00 . " ". 66
EL W. Greatiell, . . 1, o "- " '52
Henry Edgi3t9 1,0 0 "
" 1:52
John Mclntoili, ' ' 1,00 - " " .sf.'
Jos. 'Godfrey, I - ' 1,00 " " 52
J. B. Cate,.! I . . I,QO 44 44 [ . 52
H. Dart, . i . • 1,00. -" ' 52
J. H. Henac 1
ick, ',0052,
C. C. Wright, 1 . 1,00 " " 52
Horce Errilth,; . 1;00 " '' t s2t
Michael l'oweis, • ... - 1,00 " "? 52
M. .it , lt, 1 t
, 5 0 ~ ~ 43 9
A. T. TmWbrklge, 1,00 " " f '', 52
Manley Blickingtort, 1,00 - " '- " 152
Wareer 114,14 n,, 1,00 ", " ' , .52
Ebeaezer Ally, - . I,OQ ' " "f 52
d • ,•
, r 1 . ;. THE MAIIKETS.'
. .
NEW t ORK, Sept. 14. 1846.
Whe'at floui, per barrel 1 $4,50 ra 46
Rye do Ido 2,50 ea 20'5
Cori meal . )do •
.1 • ' ; 2,62 fa 3020
Wtteat, per il btpliel . i _ , 0,95 .
fa 405 .
. . '
Rye, o ; 1 0,70 ID 0,0
. •
Corn 41o!
. 0,50 f 6 Oil
Barley, do • - '' 0,24 6 0 , 32
Oats, do; 1
0,30 6 002
Flat perlh. 4merican,. 0,03 fa 0034
Tidlaw, pet 18. rendeted, . O,Q7 ra 08374
Butter per lb..,Orange Co. - . I : 033 e 00. 7
do twestern dairy, 0 0;10 6 opa
4 .
Cheose,.per 11;,..0,06 (iv 007
Beef per barrel, mess, . 1 i ' 6,50 6 700
do f prime, 1• ; 9,50 fa sioo
Pork, per.bari,el, mess, - I'. '9,87461000
do. 'prime,, , 7,8746 800
Lard, per tb. i 4. ' 1 , 0,05/6.007
Halns per lb. lmoked A i 0,05' a 008
Feathers pbr I). live geese! • 0.27 6 000
Cos i, horns, perthundred, 2
8,00 612;60
• ' ,00 6 300
Americaps‘:oci,T, per 111. sa4on '; - 0.17 6 001
do + !' full IdOtl Merino 0.27 6 428„.
do : 4& I 'Sforino , 0,28 e 0;31
do : native i i Merino 0,24 6,t 026
"i q
• , lit EP It IN
o rN I D
THAT iheelicapest 1(4 of. G ' ever Wei, in
12 this Market, cap now'be foundat the sto' pf
21 yds! Calico for ne Do , Cash.
~ 1 10 .v h dsi Sheeting .1 do. I do.
2Q 1 s.lCay. Tohaceo. do. I do. 3
6i lbs 4 Young Hysdn Tea, do. do.
25 lbs.tCod-Fish, 1 • do. ; do. .f.
Shgar. Coffee, Molasses l l&c. ~i:. &c. 1
rlaib Maid, chuair•' ble,otnbre k"tripe
VP` A actbf,"l>elaineN, ashmeiles,-Ginghamil
nicue+, &e. &. Also, so. e elezjnnt Cashmere and
Dt.laiue Sfrac4l % ,, for sale Lyoba.
G OOD LsolJat Tea s'ellikg for Spg. Shillings, by
I 4
LA DIES' ;Slips at ?5,1 cents gals° Ladies'' and
Children's Shoes -=--; r .going cheap at the_itore
or ! 1 1 J. L . fois.
wept. '46: i ( .....
-- - ,
I BO 0 K.S.
TARGE Family Bibles , or lOsi also comtpott and
J pocket Bibles, ; Tes ' mefits, 4 Geoaraphre4 and
Atlases, Itritbmetic4; G ' minarsg Philosophical and
Chemical , Books; Cobb' • Saunders', and Toivn's
Spelling Book ; Porter's • ades A - good aisort
meat of Toy Books and Tickete‘lso, the new
liymn Bookstfor the Presbyterian; and Baptist ircie
ties. Methodist Hyttni B ; /
oks, Blank Books*.ci &c.
for sale by ; 1 J. LP:JP'.
sepr. 10; %Si. • I ..
PATENT h'sils,,BrOmts, Clothes Pins, B 4 tter
i Stain ps 'Mid Ladles. b)? t i .t. Lyon' s. srpt. '48.: , 1". • I 1
' . GROCrRIE§. . i
T ARGE stock of prim 'sugars! and more di that
-1...4 first Kitt Tea, just lint 1 Salisburi•l's.
sept 3. 34.8. i CI
• FL.KS 4
TI OR Mantillas and A roas t nhd Alpaca nions,
1' just in at • Sulisburyrs.
spt 3 i.
• i )
'VINE irssartment - of blt l et silk,4hrend and Cotton:
1. Edgihgli, just urrirea at. • If Solisburt's.
se a t 3. 1.3t6. - li , .; .
:. '.
NEW 00 IDS . 1 - •
FOR( THE, FALL; OF 1846.
2QPear ient. Oleo -'than. eyer offered 11? Ws
imuiret before, at - 1 " • i :
wept. 34, 84U. ; , J. A. 1341.1813UR1713..
GAL cos , '' , 4 r ,
- .1 ! • -
IVEAT j an# elegant sty, es, for cnry 124 centl' per,
1.1 yard, pitst received at ' qAI.3BBURV'S. •
sept. 3;4846. -.. ' . ' -
t •
1' A
- - • r: 'o , •
. 1 -
RSeptICH tit* beautiful lams, just in at s.
...4 1846. S 4 I.I.IBIIIIRtS.
Sept. 4
CASHMERES, tuid friegint ..stylek. just,
arrisibtklat 'IOALLSBURY'S.
mope. 13,i /tr. , .
LA:.1:1, a id
. .tiipe:tl_4l t ricasFbeap
P. 31 4 _
!ept. 1846. r , BALMER S
i . e ) ' BROGANtg: . . , ;!ii• :.I
AirEN , Oloa'Boy'al i vgani,iits'tlie reduce 4.. prite
ILL of fi•ora 4s. to t2s. t''. !! bat.isnuay's ,
Sept.. 10, 1846. „-- ... r: .
JPUST t..egiti'ed a, lot - 6 "diet into Salo teal'. and
4111- 1 04,0 sold ializi tg loii:--fitiiti .12 to . l: eentia
p er ' Nith4qtt '' - '''.' .I , . :' salLibove, l,
. 3 eV-..-1 0, 1 84 . ' 1.' , 4
—4 :
~• • l'l'''
;. COD , VISIt.:-F , 4 ' 'of '. •i;
A : FREi3I-(lgit of .piiirii s'lqOd•Fieli ' (Of 'tally t Omit'
iler•Pooltdr at :: ; 4:.1...:-. - ~ .Bilistin !it.:,;:-.:
,kcpt,44,.1a40 i . .. .. t, ~. • :1. :z ~...,..„ ~,I '.L.
i i
1 ''''l i''' '''AL Dieir -- ''' ':' '' ..-'
I{oltES,,a aow.b y , ,e of atl, goods, pot me at,
''- " ' '' t 1 1 - ' - ea: ' "
' '116;lot: 8, 1840. : ' ;1 i - '1 : , 04,Iiint4trs:- . . -
- C
' . Yi SSIAIF,REI37, -in::
7r - 4i: :. -stYtaii.afiaomtaiiik - taiiiiiv..t -
•JU ...- z . }K$3, -1846:1 ,1 ,1;c:i;:q -. L.:',11`Tiiiiiiiikkoiy'fite
' -. .
..r.j. 4 ,—, ....,_,,,•.,.,•:_,4..
.0.44 _ y0ty,19 , 4.,_.:-,!...,: bilakbay*.•
; .._ • , .., , ..-..,,,,
- i . . -. 7,; Z ,, i. ': ~,:. .. ...--11r, 4:::
PLAIN' eta Otinata 20 par 'ciiihaaiier
than eicr,just!cotia at. • Shliabury'at,
Oept. •
A 14;1.0 iety
Worsted. Veaiin'gii of tills Fall' Fluitr4oii4ig
and very, laiir at ‘. Stabibury'sil
sePt• -
stas , • silo .
A Great variety a the Lest soil quality oft
Gaiteis,r Iluskina," dad slippeis+itiso aIA
tremety priced aloes, jun - come - at %-•
Sept 3, laftet. • SalishurYW:;::'r
• 1 1 44 a.
HGHgS:I" Ifarket price . Hill be paid ,
- qdantity of Butter; Oats, Rye Cornoindrian•
nal at 1 Salisburfk -
sept 3, 1346.,-,• . r
i - • .., _ , . .
1 . , ...
. ...
lE . 111011- . . .-
THE , subscriber returns thatika his friendi arid
the - iisibtie - gerietidly, for the -liberal . ' patronage'
he has received` daring the Tian sumnter, ta4 rati?-s-,- L
peetfully in's-iteithenito.cali and take a fool at the.;
New and treendid . . 1 • t, • 1
LOT ` ,'QF GOODS,.::-.l' . .
he is now receivir*"-and whic.h Will beaoldithei‘ei-- ;
than ever hefore °tiered in thiiinarker. .- :.1 -.
1 . 7. LIONS: . , 1
-.•f PAY :UP
- - subscriber, oavinglesied
T Shop, deiiroils of squiltialr bil'•
accounts. All who are indebted .to
binifcir blacksnitbing, would coder': !.
41 P9), a great favor by payi,vi•itpinitiodisife;_
• , ly. 0 ileAislikes to role cosier etitre:
trouble, but, unless This notice is plvoiptlyittendek
to, he will be under, the necesaity bf trying anotber:::
plan to callect his dims. - ] ; H _
Montrose," Jime 30,'1846. 7 .•
Er . WrD THOSE indebted to the under'
Eir sr: .I). ' ;ssighed bae had , , wa - mit*'
by the above notice. Unless immediate settletnemt
is now made, be wild be under thelnecessity.oficiak
iug costs, indiscriminately. I'th licit joking.
• Sept. 3, 1846. .P-ERRY 'JENKS,
PERSONS indebted to the subicAer, by Noe
or gook, for more than one pear,standing; are
requested, to call and settle, %%ittaint farther notice;:".
as circumstances require the immediate attentimi to
those old matters. B. SAYRZ-
August Ip, '46.
Sept. 3,46‘
A GOOD Assortment *kept . on hand, (pricesi
e , !
' trernelY low for the ready payo by
B. SAYRE.. .f
. • HYSLOP .•
ProduCe ana - Gene' I Commission
Merchants, 4.3 Front st: N.
ARTICULAR attention given to the sale of- PRatter and. Cheese. Refer tO Messrs; Mil &
Sherman, Montrose, Pemea,lwho kill make •
advances • ,- Prothico consigned fo their care
pay overt .e proceeds tits sole l ! 1-51 . d. •
• New Y. k, I 5= 9
- J. "SI4tMONS; -
oe.:Clakershop Tuittpite St. One - 440 i
is S Wilson's stdre. - • 11
Boot & S
m est of
Hair Dresser-Achapiiii.Turnple 'lit. in
,inent orA.
Barber an
the b
.rttnent of Dry. (foods: Crockery, : lenl.:
&c.; West Fide lof Public Avenue..)!
A good
kaidware, Diyidoods, &c., W est :
ablic Avenue. . ,
Dealer in
side of
Sto-es, tin-wart; Stat . '
East side of Public A
Dealers •
&c. &c
MERRILL & R i l IT, , -
Dealers in Hats, Caps, Furs, Pioitgi Point's,
W 'est side' of Public Avenue. .
JERRE 'IX° $, -
Dealer in Dry Goods,: Gioceries, lloo)ts, Pape . r,ite;
and Bookbinder.-7ast.side
.SAAC-L. POST w 00:
Denlees Dry Geode, Harctwar4 Crockery, dte.•;.•
corner 4:lf Public Avenue and Tripile st.
an t ,
Fashionab "railoi=Tika doors below the F eel
Stoire. _ • Hi
S . .*t.TLFORD & SIDON. tt
Dry Gods, Crockery.Oroc4ies, Joiireri!
. &c. nit side PublicilAvetitte. • I
peelers inl
People—Public terms,
Cheap ool)as j i : or B .
• I . DR. A. SAIITXL • .
DENTIST—Sets Teeth pn,Gold.Plate.pad petimoi
all opeTtipes pn:the teeth in the tiest,.ityle: tretua
be, fowl at Gen' Warner's pn Mondays arid Tit*-',
dais Of itch 44;:••k..• • t
F..I . WHITNEY, M. 'D.
PitysTial,ST:ge* & Accouchio. Oficet,iil,L24r
Post ':
Coital; C'irriage aidrs
Sleigh.Mannfacture, on Tutu
pike street; ist..tlie old BeardsleY stand; axe -kvadf •
z l irti
to , serS customers, in_ the taostirefineastylp4the
age.. • 'cies in oartline constantly on hai.4 ,fiti._
sale, 4 repairing dorm on sbor. notiee. - I'' '
• • '
rticlee In mar t in.. _
(.1 repairhy , done on shop--
Cgria g e, and Sleigh- bleker.and repki i - Anity e A:lo-
found hia ahog a few, rids South of t e
IWhere lie will he hapil to Wait
I. • I TOSTI,JR; 14:
Finialeri, , antl=Plonilt lliusiifietnrent=l3Wii'-
the of ;ntinitl - neer Ltle tes . hleno of P.- ot.:i:)
• '
Attorney AL La *t'Offi c e a friw'rmiaiontbilf they
Caurknouse. -r. - Lusx. • ,`
r .'
r''._ W. 11 4W1XY:-.:'
CciOnies via
hiti old fitaininft - KOltiiVisirilc
Att" l 4 l it /474 at ilMild k 0t, 5 4 6 a few '
!cai" ; 76 Tai
of the'CoO#- • -
Cabinet Ind alilkilitaking,. 91/d -Fl74_
:railaing*lNMo4l - ET"
liia pl4 . :**talkili 'Turnpike 'at..
' ,er Store 0f,L1.L.1 Pea
U o, Aveurk
. _
to '
- 0( 1!rt4of • r
& Co!
•• • -
Li il
9Y Pr
I Ltit, 1 •
, nery, Dry ODods;