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Of 11
Quaint Customs' -that Prevailed
In the . Days Of Our. Grandfath
ers Faith!lly Chronicled by
Ye Editor of the Old•Tiner
Tattered 'Copy of the Sheet', Yd.
,low from Age, Sept' to the Ed.
itor of the "Democrat," who
Prizes It Highly
E are indebted to Mr. W.B.
+5 Walton, N. 1 - for
a copy of the Montrose ' Gazette," of
date March_r 5, 1.823. The "Gazette"
was .a predecessor of the' " Democrat."
It was edited by James C4tlin, and, the
number sent us by Mr. Mi;Cabe is of
four pages of five'eolumn: eT:h. The
sheer. being 75 year+ old is somewhat
discolored by age, yet the 'advertise
ments (as well as. the reading matter)
are interesting.. .
Philander Stephens,- sheriff, adver
tises some land for' sale. .
I. and D. Post, after waiting frorri
one to five yeari, they say -in their
advertisement, ask people to pay up. or
their accounts will be placed in the
hands of the proper authorities for
Harvey Curtis' a ivertises thKist
__J ^
~.. Lehigh .Valley Railroad • •
-. -baiichline front llontrwe to Tun • khan- . .passengers;• it; cars are alway: i.e:it.
. * -. , --. :.. t . t , ,..,... • 1-. ?i„,.. - -• .., .•.
.. be:: ii.
. .
MK C. - b - rant,sli - W3' ette tAltif-.: I
,'N • kt It 11 . t twirl in - irnin Neu , orls - -,, wc - 11 - l-allaited.. and. trains glide o r
:LW: , ralilr6ad floorranniiig•
- T -i; •
to - Tunkbannock. w . hi!o' It'll. xv
evt. i gt:- . - eli -. :;r•i - . he L••higli Valley p . a‘izenger. rateps ipt-ci .k large freight t i fiffic is
very ex tenSi - v - n.l•?a_!e in Sti‘ , q..o y•:t
'i:i:i 1.; a ;.., to: an f ..111 Mora :ow . pas , ingi -tione. paTt•cii;ai;y in the we of pecial- ,
county, ,s Of ene.i.tiniaNe value. in :he th.,;ii , 4l, tii.:ll' :hi i•,•ing 701% iv , a-1 Lynn,t ly cinistructed rt-fligi.,rator cars and in' '
section that it .penetrate nricl e---- - Sp : iiigi, , ,lie ;.id D i . 7 l the tiatip)rtation orinilk and other
pecially to Montrose.' As will b ,7 ' " 111 (2,;,.. are a great er. - iiven.tnce . to local! dairy pro:lL:et% waits, ttc., which are
from ; the half -tone engravin.e s•rinted pre-,.1,. and a's' t'le,city pc• - )p'e, part of: large induitrie.; along the .Montrose
in this ed.tian, the c ) npany rri lin rata, the 'iu•turncr.colorty owning homes lier,•J branch line. The road is of the,.great
!--.a-zier_y_. cred tasle .dcP)t in- NI) i:r,,-e and t: is offi.:iats of the cumpany are to; e-t pa,sible' .scrvice al-c) to Or local
It is aIWaYS. neat, clean and comfort - -
be corrq-ri•ulatcd upon p7ov ding a ser.i merchants- and marlirfac urers in re
able, And whic not a.;lar - e a 5 sonie .of
vie.: in with the high standard: ccivinz 1.1-aic evidenced by -
the de -
ots along . 'the. compan 's liri-es -of 'excellence such, patrons are used to ttle - activitv at th..t heal depots. The
p y
aid naturally 'expect (corn a systemi freight and passenger service on this
1 it is one of.the 1) st and most er2nspic- making a :.pecialty',of the best in .tail!bran:h are under .the jurisdiction of
J,uous buildfngs'in that part -of.. vle roxn roading that money can provide 11,.! NIeSFN R: G Mcl)owelt and • George
lin which it is located -Heavy passen- •.,fri c iali and etiipbiS'es are noted :on Ifieller respec!ively r. with headquarters
Iger and freight traffic is done . . over 11,e • their uniform courtesy-rind attention to, at Wilkes-Barre. ' .
D.,'L and W. Railroad
HE excellent passenger and freight
--- -train service of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and 'Western railroad hag
been of the greatest - aid toward building
up the parts of Susquehanna county
through which its lines run. end this is
.especially true of Montrose. - The
devision from- Scranton to Binghamton,
N. Y., takes in such towns in this
county as Foster. (Hop Bottom), Kings
ley, Alford, New Milford, and Hallstead,
on the main line•from New York to
Buffalo, and - Heart Lake and Montrose
on the-branch from Alford It is the
favorite and popular means of transit
fo l r tourists and visitors to rea4h MOnt
iOse. and in the very busy seison (Then
vilsitors and • the colony of- e summer
residents arenumerous) traffic over the
main line is heavy-and animated. - N_ln
Miss Loyise Jes;up's Beauti-
ful Montrose Residence
MON G.t he- be 4 n. end . most
honbred names in Sizsque
.13anna county history is tint. of Jessup
In lits early ; years Jessup, the
' elder, was one t,f the leading lawycrs of
Montrose. He established a home on
the east side cf. 'l' e- Green." tow
I ,.!,l4mument Square, and near it - a little
ore-story office. ;painted white. which
st.4l remains as a well-remembered
landniark. When his sfm. William. H;
Jeisup, became or proper age he tooktrP
• t, study of la*, was admitted to the
bar, and entered into - practice with his
father for Many Years aftekwards, be
coining one of the famous.lawyers not
only of Susquehanna conicity but :of
mill at Heart Lake; "having water suf- Charles Perigo, is far best loaf' or
fiatent to carry the mill at all seasons bread; Peter Herkimer:, $4 for greatest
of the year." - • quantity of maple sugar; Isaac : Smith..
B. Sayre gives - *nice that he "bas $3 for best quality ,- of maple; sugar;
just reeeive4ta stock of new goods, in , 'Joseph Butterfield, Is for greatest'
eluding about - z i ooo gallons of Whiskey •quantity of stone wall., Samuel Weston.'
(in jugs)." • 114 for greatest 'quantity of flax; , W. C
i A column is devoted to thelnancial Trate% S 4 for . greatest quantity of
statementana . awards of prerniumauf domeitie manufacture in one fatuity in
the agricultural- society, for the ye its :one tyear; Mary Packer. $3 for best
is2l-2 an d signed: "Myron Kasson. :half dozen worsted stockings; Eunice
Spencer Lathrop and„ Bela ',Nati.” i Parke. $3 for best yarn stockings; Ruth
auditors. - Chere was a balarice of $42. 4 Duer, $3 for best coverhd; Mary Pack
in the hands of the treasurer and the t-er, is for best quality of linen; Harriet
list of premiunis awarded is very inter= , and Mary Crocker. $a for second' best
eating. Among - others Jonah Brewster :‘ linen; Sophia Rice, $2 for American
was awarded $3 fir the - greatest 1 Leghorn , hat; ElisbaMack, • s2 ' for best
quantity of harvesting without spirits; i'fanning mill. -
Miss Rice, $s for a grass.bonner; Syl. -Of the three men who signed the .
vanus - Hatch, $s for best ',breeding ;'auditors' ; report above, Myron Kasson
mire; Jesse A: Birctiard; Ss for best was the grandfat her of ex-Prothonotary .
bull; Benjamin -:Hayden, 's3 ' for best,-Myron Kasson and a man prominent in
oxen;. Zebulon Deans. $3 for saws: the affairs of his day. . .
Daniel Lathrop. $4 for crop of wheat;! Ex-Repreeentative Bela Jonei 'came
Frederick Bike. $3 for greatest quan- , to Montrose from Connecticut in the
tit) , of cheese; William Ro-.s. $5 fJr best': early days-and buil , at the toot of
acre of wheat;.David Pog. $.5 for best Jones Lake, the first grist -mill and
oats; Robert H. Rose, $5 for bee; carding machine in this region. bring
(Oat ter acre of rutabagas; Jacob: ing the machinery from Newburg. N. Y ,
Dunn, $4 for best mare; Archie Mars through the woods. He was the grand
ss for best bull; John Grif fi n. $5. fo ' father of W. C. Cruser.
best cow; Charles Perigo, $5 for beak , Spencer Lathrop wm; the eldest son
yoke of- oxen; Robert I-I Rose. $5 f' r of Ezekiel La' of the earliest
beg ram; Putnam Catlin,' $3 for hes settlers at Lathrop lakes (now F.lklake).
ewe; William 'Ward Scfor best b a , t. , He was an uncle of 0. D Lathrop of
Eidred.e. $3 'fur best chees ; 'Montrose.
Peter Herkimer, $5 for largest quantit ' News from Veoczuela, yia Norfolk,
of maple sugiri. Erastus Catlin, Ss fo 4o days old, is played. up on the first
best woolen cloth; John Koisley, $ page. Civil war was raging in Brazil.
for second best woolen cloth; Samuo • New York, New Jersey. Pennsylvania,
Wester:L:Bs for best specimen of linen; Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina
Sylvanus S ' Nlulford,tlls for lzQst piece,were planning or executing F;.hernes of
of,:t.rpeting; James Dean, $3 forseol,p 2 ,d internal improvements by roads ani
-best piece of eirp.:ting,; jesee rian. Sher .
-canals Navigation of the Susquehanna
84 for best plow; Dalton Tiffany. $5 f o r was,provided for by a bill in 'congress,
best quantity .of stone - fencing; Miss John An crew Shulze had just been
grnaline Chapman, $2 for a straw bi n .' nominated to be the "democratic-re
net; William C •Turrell. $.5 . for hair - Publican," g >tremor of Pennsylvania
cloth; Sylvanus Hatch, - $ for best' William Crawford. about' to be hanged
breeding mare; Jes>e A. Birchard, 85 f o r,at Washington, Pa , for an attrocious
best bull; Almon H.. Read, $ 4 far best, murder when asked by.: the attending
coca; Benjamin- Hayden, $5 for best:,icleegyman , to confess his sins, drank a
oxen; Archie Maist, S 3 for he:t boar; of beer and dezlined the ministerial
Zebulon Deans, $3-.for best sow; David offices by, replying, "Mind rnir own
Turret], $4 for best crop of corn; Daniel; business. I will not make a.blowinz
Lathrop. $4 for best crop of wheat;: horn-olmyself." anct was launched into
William C Turrell. $2 for best potatoes; eternit y.
Frederiek Bailey,' S 4 for the greatest All in all it is a quaintold publication.
quantity -I cheese; rhomas Parke, s4' . but no doubt a true reflex of the times
for .best quality of ,lteese; . Allen Upson: in wW,ch it was published here in
S - '
,for greatest qiantity of butter;: Montrose. .
fa'A.,those residing . in Montrose. perms- There are numerous opportunities for
nent and transient, owe a debt of the location of , new manufacturing
gratitude to the - Lackawanna" for the plants and, other industries along the
painstaking accomplishments of the line of the "Lackawann," whose ad
management in providing st service mirable shipping factlties commend it
commensurate with the requirements of to all.. - The company maintains an
hundreds of well-to-do people who Industrial Department ( A. S. Learoyd,
flock here from early summertime. -assistant general freight agent. 90 West
reside here during the heated term and 'street, New York); whore purpose is to
make frequent trips to and trom Nev assist those seeking locations, and
York an i other cities. There is also specific information concerning not
- considerable "local travel between .only advantageous locations in Susque-
Scranton and Binghamton, and nothing hanna county, but other sections along
but the kindest expressions _are ever the company's lines, will no doubt be
heard concerning the hours and regular- furnished on application. The passen
ity of the service, the' comfortable and ger service for this territory is; under
luxurious coaches,.smooth tracks"; fait the immediate supervis!on of M. L.
time. etc. The freight "service is Smith, Scranton. Mr. Smith is well
eqt;ally as efficient and praiseworthy. and favorably known in Montrose. and
Many readers• of this edition of the his personarpopularity is co-equal withi.
" Democrat" may be interested in thp that of the splendid railway system he
material advantaes offered for settle-., tepresents in the capacity of division
ment and location in this county. passenger agent.
NOrthcastern Perinsylicania. In the . welfare. It is therefore'a matter of ex
meantime hehad built\ adjacent to the trenie pleasure, to our citzens that she
Jessup hornectead on the same side of remains here to maintain -the Jessup
Mounment Square one of the most home and keep open the beautiful house'
beautiful homes in Montrose, it having as t. reminder of her honored father,
been among the first brick re4idences who was prominent as a lawyer, digni
ere4ed ; here. He laid out spacious fled and impartial as a judge during his
groJuncls; tyltich were always kept in the imeumbeney of the bench,and a citizen
best of -, t - der, and here he and his es- who is remembered for his many , good
tiniable Wife reared a family of six ail= traits of character as well as success in
dren. four of whom survive, namely: the law, which was so great as to bring
William H. % Jessup, attorney in Seran= him client; not only from this county
ton; Mr.s. Albert Liesenring of. tipper alone but from neighboring counties,
Lehigh. Pa ; Mrs. William. Woodin of and to such an extent that he found it
New - York, and Miss Louise Jessup necessary at one time to open an office
of Montrose, who- now maintains her in Scranton, where he enjoyed a large
father's Old home in the same - weal'. practice and handled many Important
kept condition as during his life time; cases involving large amounts of prop-
While she is away part_ of the year vis- °erty, for corporations and big individual
sting friends, yet Montrse is her permit- operators in various activities.
neat residence, and she evvrtakesallye- We herewith 'present a picture of the
jr interest in her' native town and its Jessup residence,
sp e cimen 11?„ndsome Resid e nce and Historkal lLome
steads in Monroe
!,..,: i SOUTti SIMS STREET. •
. ,
;: - ,- • 1 . ..
' Ta m
1110 NTRCiSE, PA.
0. -
• '
; I