The Montrose democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1879-1926, February 18, 1909, Image 18

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ALLSTEAD is naturally one of The population aila whole is cultured ed peaks of great beauty. The town
the most beautiful and inviting and refined, The high school building derives i6Aame from the bend- of the
spots, not only in Susquehanna is one or the finest in the state; there river.
county but in.
this region of the United 'are , fine churches of several denomina•
States. It was organized as a borough tions
al community,
in :874, and was named for a-former It is quite a music BLACK HORN LEATHER
proikident of the b. L. & W. railroad. . Itthere being
a male quartet, - a
-good brass , COMPANY -
was createitliomGreat Bend township, and reed band and two Orchestras ' •
the village of that name lying across- .
among its mu s ical ' orga nis ations and . • -
,the,94.squehanna river and almost ins=
the people of the town and visitors are '
El eant Garm ents From Tan
:Ardiately opposite. frequently regaled with music of a high ~ g
The, town is situated on the apex of order, , ned Chamois - Skins :
• .
the well known fifty-mile ry
cue of the A i
good base ball team is another or- WHAT is without doubt the largest
river and is nestled amid the foot hillsindustry in Susquehanna county
ganizition. of whi ch . the citizens are \l' 7
of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The • a n d i t
justly prou d pro vid es en j oya ble •
river here is deep, wide and clear, and Black Horn Leather Company, situated
recreation during the seas n.
' in Great Bend. It is an establishment
it affords fine fishing and boating for that is fast gaining a foothold in the
the numerous visitors who go there' for The . shop3 of the D. L: &W. railroad commercial - circles of the United
rest and recreation in the summer., afford employment for a la'rge number • States and its products are so ekcellent
Black bass, pickerel and other species of men. many of whom have their and unique that, notwithstanding hurl•
of fish are plentiful in season and ' the ho mes in the town. • , . dreds of men and women are employed
and that the plant is fitted up with all
sport is so good that it has given much The • Hallstead Blue Stone Company kindacif machinery - and apparatus, it is
fame to the place. is a large enterprise, handling flagstone. difficult to , supply the demand..
In July. 1904 the corripatiy purchased
It was on the banks of the rivet in lumber, mine pr:Ops, , telephone and the keystme factory and, property
that locality that Susquehanna county telegraph poles. etc.. and its goods ar (softie thirty acres) in Great Bend and
r 9 : - .A'AV.-- 4, -Z. , x;..t=_ , ; -, •-" -- .. - • ..
..lINHE."County Herald", is the name
ral of the local newpaper, and it is
one of the best and-most enterprising
weeklieSin the county. It was estab
lished iri t 893. In 19oz it waspurehas
-' id by 14. Ira A. Thomas, who, being
a practical. newspaper • man, at once
established new departments and other
wise rejuvinated the plant. Besides a
fine job printing outfit, he put in ap.
- pamtus :. for t'ae manufacture of post
cards, acid has done a good business
. ever since, particularly in cards of the
beautiful scerierk. • • .an_d_around Hall
- Stead and Grea ••, d. . The "Herald"
building ; is per* the best anctnettest
kept burin f. n ,iishment in the town.
- I e intt.'•. -a • • -.n
system' d C. inels is. conducted
--- f - lhop
. - - 4 . -- • , upon lines e. re l l oheposite of the
), and the region sold throughout the Eastern states , moved the machinery and' other- ap - s li pshod i insio .1. ~
iln tzi which the
The present
interest. • t The town supports a bank s a silk plianc -. from ttrindt, Pa. average c o un t y ifk , per pant is
operikted. Lizif • 1 ., - ; thti47 i te ss
-mac mill, a coalple • f hotels, etc. . locatio possesses numerous a • valages
over t. t of the sit o • ..;z1 - let - Mr
, , -,
•X... . - . •''' t
- . '-'''''
r . •
- nisit . 7_' , , , .: u i: '}- rear. , -:- 6.6-ii a ... - ' .. -..-. •mg facil t in . ,
u T ne h?, , t r aerpecia d s: sebt7sies r n ' e. 4 ` i i , fr e t : 2 s i few o tO bet.,
.. _
compa • n was reorganizedr
array of shade. ,urns fOr- the Erie railroad was broken at
modically in tbd paper, but every busi-•
ses advertise spas
-x9oB. and its name changed- from the
and yards, electl tghts, a bountiful Great Bend in December, 1848.. Pennsylvania Tanning Company to the ness'institution in and:around-the town
Should advertise continuous! in such
'supply of pure water, etc., make it one and it was shortly afterwards fin- .Black Horn Leather Company, with
a - tmod horne paPea.--4-teiin t .atm . Y ged
of the "towns beautiful" in Northeast- i.shed to . Binghamton. The largeorthe following officials: W. G. Parke,
p . resident• Alfred Harvey vice-presi- '
ern Pennsyltania. .
• . industry in the town is the Black Horn by the manner-in which it. suppo.tsnits
local.p:e.t-s; neeert elers,
: the Herald ""
aent; B.' De Schweiniti, secretary
is pros emus as •it gets c nside able'
A fine driving park is tmaintainede • a Leather Company, formerly the Penn- Ralph E. Weeks, treasurer, and Nor! .
short distance from tuwn and race Sylvania Tanning Comoany, a detailed man H. Parke, general manager. :- 0u .., 0f t -
boo'tin )
v n e th rt e i r s u n i g se . , T rtg li7 lt f i liet t n t :
meets held at intervals are largely at- a;ccount of which will be found below. The principal industry of the corn:-
ra n nd ad
1. , i the manufacture of chamois
tended, by some of the crack stables of. The town is fortunate in having one of P an : s battles 'nef Halkstead eve v week year '
fancy leathers. As soon as the' - . _
race horses ; in the-East. The track is the best hotels in that region—the plant was ready for operation the man- in and year oat, and such faith:a se:-,
deservai tit*• un"int-d
~. _ Sipe) irt of i
one of the best known and many horses Keystone House, conducted by one of apemen' introduced improved methods
vice ail tl ' - '
it business concerns of the town
are; kept there through- the most popu l ar landlords in the coun- but 'adhered to the old, or French •
out the year.. - ty—P,sitrick J. McEvoy. There are
- troduced of ta n ning chamois skins, in- -
6 years ago, and which is the
• The D. L. e,z. W. railroad has large several stores in the town and a num- foundation of the present system of
interests in the town, it being the west- ber of comfortable huines, churches . of turning out chamois leathers that have
_ no superior. This company tan chamios
skins in pure' cod oil, obtaining a by
product known as Moellon Degras, and
it is - he only tannery in the world•us
n ' ink genuine New Foundland cod oil. to
• the exclusion of all ce.her oils and grea
ses, and they are the only producers
. of Moellan Degras,which is the oil press
. cd from tanning the skins and is used
for stuffing upper leather. The output
averages about 1200 skins a day. Ow the installation of new machines
;first settled,
unds with
era distributing print for its coal various ' denpminations. a good weekly
department; and the' company's shops newspaper—r-the Great Bead "Plain
located theie are the' mainstay of -the .dealer.". There . .is good water power
.near the town and there are consequent-.
Hallstead' takes much pride in its : ly excellent facilities for new rnanufac-
Railroad Young Men's Christian Asso--
'Luring enterprises. The scenery in and
elation. A handsome building has ,
around the town is beautifully devenif
been erected by the- association': an en-
' fied' Here the Susquehanna river
gravingof which appears in this issue,
and' it is.fitted up wits modern pars- rows around the bitse of a spur of the
phernalia for the upiift:§nd entertain- : Alleghanies, of which the lower .out
. a
went of its members. ' come is marked by number of round-
• .
r •
4,7-1;" - '
• -
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, -
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Liiib:s —,a.
• _ _ _
the•company now hasexcellent iacilities
for expahsion and it is otherwise a&
mira.bly adapted for becoming None of
the largest tanning concerns • in the
United States. - Its sales are increasing
at a rapid rate.
' Norman H. Parke, the general Man
ager, he
resided in , . MontroFe,
where he is well and favotkibly_,known.,
Mr. Parke very courteoiksly - detailed'
an attache to pilot the ''Democrat's"
representative through the plant, and
what was observed was a revelation.
Large and spaciou3 rooms present an
animated scene. Thousands of cha
mqis skins, imported from the markets
adjacent to the haunts of that black
horned animal in the Alps in. Europe,
are to be seen in eve, directionrunder
* going' the different stages of progress.
which finally result in a leather as ?oft
-- as velvet and so durable that an auto
. mobile jacket, a vest, or some other
garment.made on 'the premises by skill
ed women operatives, wilt last a life
time. This leather is washable (the
only one) and articles of apparel manu
factured from it are dyed in rouge,
golden buff etr natural, double black or
all white, brown, grepand other colors.
and being , suede finish like the finest
glove leather, are strong and durable
and are guaranteed to remain as soft as
velvet when washed. The Black Horn
Chamois Leather jacket for men, and
Norfolk jacket for women, is pronoun-
- •
ed.the ligtiteit. softest and most . stylish
leather garment evet made for the bodi
ly comfortibf sportsmen, automobilists„.
golfers, skitters and for ,winter driving.
It is as wrifin, as 'a fur coat , and as light
as a feat er—weighs a little over six
ounces._ 41. ' • •
Besidesitnanufacturing jackets, vests,
dr,awersadd what may be termed strictly
as garmetsis, the com any also turn out
large of leggings and spats,
socks, hespitai shoes, heel pro
tectors, Sager cots, mitts, foot slips, to
bacco. pditches, razor, knife, scissors,
comb, sabieaxid gun cases, money bets,
shopping ; a& hot_ vtatei bottle covers,
table - sitter Wand,*hat is one o:
the mostfpopulat articleson the market
--7-funnelS for gasoline straining. These
funnels Pave supplied 4 a long-felt want
at gars s - and:among! automebilists.
The funnels are cut at att angle so as to
hangfre all around.- A draw string is
provided,aasaLthewhole gives full strain
ing Turf ice inletead, of at apex only,-as
in the ease of a, piece of chamois bag
ged loosely into a funnel.
All tife above mentioned excellent
articles,aremadeirom the cod oil, tan
ned chamois skins and all are actually
The name of the company is derived
from the black horns - of the chamois,
and it will in all ; probability figure as
one of the hest known trade-marks in
Ira Al; Thomas's Model Print
ing Plant and Paper
everyone of which is benefited by the feet long by 44 fe(4:k wide and includes
paper either directly or indirectly.. Mr. .37,136 feet of floor space. They have
Thomas, the genial publisher and pro- dry kiln capacity tordrying io,ooo feet
prietor of the "Herald," was born in of lumber per day. Up-to-date ma-
Woodhull, New York. At an early chinery of the best type is installed
age he, entered a printing office in his 'throughout the plant, which eniblel
native' own and. mastered the rudi- the -company to pro:duce goods at a
meats 6f/the "art preservative of all minimum cost. They sell through the
arts." ;Moving‘ to Elmira, N. Y., he regular furniture dealers only, to whom
was employed in the composing room they are alwaysglad to send blue prints
1 , I
the '•Adve,r ;er" fora long time, of their line for selection •
inducted a job!office of his own , for . Mr, Harmes, the Irraitirer, is also tlhe oabni,laitty.alflotrimheeslscninowtshealml
mechanical deg.
while and later was foreman.of a large local manager. He is
-one of the most partment as well as handling the`vOl4
Orinting conce ri! for six years._He enterprising, energetic young business utrenous business of the office, ' Mr.
moved to, Hall tead in xBo r, wher he men in this section, and 'much. of the Haimes is -personally very popular ill
has since conducrd the - Herald."
success of is due to his Hallatead, where he resides in -a band•
unceasing watchfulness of the coin- some home facing the Susquehanna,.:
pany's interests and Tine executive river. .
I ,
Largest andl Leading Indus-
try i
rinallstead . . .
THE Ameriran Chair Manufacturing
Company is one of the important
ihdtastrie; of (Susquehanna county. lo
dated at Hall stead. It Was incorporat-
ed and beg* business in x 892. The
plant was rnOved to Hallstead in June,
igloo. i The cOmpany employ on an
maerage • abobt too men,. sometimes •
ore sornetiaies less, depending upon
lihe conditioo i_of business. The. Out
-11 utpiit is fror
,rod to, 200 chairs per •
ay, depending upon style, quality, etc.
hey make a /medium and high grade
ine of wood and upholstered
is,nosTi.misionchairsseliing from as low as Vr.75 for a little child's
rocker up to $2O for large, hand carvrd
pp eves in solid inohogany. Their largest
Selling market is in New Yo'rk city. and
n addition they are well represented by
their own sllesmen and have a large
trade establi lied in New England, the
Atlantic and !Paid& states. '.
I The officerSof the company a 1 : Pres
ident, Willis* j..Baad; vice,pr iilent... s
.._..-.,... -...-.06.01314.
allot trot-
Harrnesj general ialy.
(of New Yotk city. 01... A. P. Merrill is
the local director._A large portion of
;the capital is locate d in and abotit
Isteatthu t the majority is held by Scran
itora parties.
I The Concern use.; large quantities of
Imahb_ganil and quartered oak lumber.
!the Winer coming from Cuba. Central
l Ameia ea and Africa, and quartered oak
fram • Kentucky, Tennessee'and
tppi .
con.iderable quantities of such
Roca! woods a; birch, maple , and beech
\re als sed:.
o : o : o7o WOW• w ir•WirO w lirlrOWClCOW• w • irC4O - 0 •
a. a. A. AL Alk AL...a. AL AIL.A6JLAkAIIA
^ "
',:-`,.;.:Y--0,t7;1;;7;5 • -
''lk - f , Ag
1111411 94
The main building of ihe Mantis 422
O. it. not PmP . S . R oss •
Hall stead Blue Stone Co.,
Wholesale Dealers in
New York and Pennsylvania Blue' Stone,
BER, Mine Props, • PHONE
And Telegraph Poles.
Hallsteacf - Pa.
, .
r.s:f M r,..,5'.7 .:S
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...„2 " }.. , .a 2 .. f : . •, •.
..:,•. ',-.
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17 , , 0 ' -,..t` - . '
4,,,7., 0-fR+ -Po,..o7sr FC7 iir. ,_`,._ 1',.„.Z" ,Z . , ,:lf ,;..r.7 r r , 71- . :._, 7 - ; 4 7: 1
r r • , • . . . •
7 . 'k - ‘1 • • . - ,
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RED. sim l-4 0 N .• - - ...
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tHP—TOi-DATE . .
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,--ei- *C., C 6 6 t;ligga
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::.,:‘..--,': -•,;-:.:,:='-s.
_ '
' , -: - . ,.- fic';: : .:i' - - - .4.-:, - i , •;;:;i- , _-.-..
Halistead, Great Bend, Pa. Conklin, N. Y.
Cabs, Hacks,
eople Cisnied to All Sections at R,minable Rates
Bus to MA from Hallitead and Great Bend Meets all Trains.
~: y: ~i%Y
a t , t ttg.2 ..
• • •
'; , Y; ~ tii
Carryall and Cufiages.
• .
'' 1
faitick J,
.11(. * EvOij, . l'tip.,
Great Bend, Pa.' -
Comfortable, Rooms
Best Table of any
Hotel in, this
.'Steam Heat, Eleefrie
Calt Belta, - Vitst"..,
Class' Sample.
Rate, 01.50 Per IMY: