The Montrose democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1879-1926, February 18, 1909, Image 17

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    Vie Democritis Present Owners
and "Pro I rieiors.
Sixty' Years Old Under Its
. L .1. j Present Name .
PrHE "Montrose Democrat" wases
.tablished, .(as is . noted in Miss
:Black - titan's History crif Susquehanna
County,) more than,sixty.years. - - - 43: It
was first called tbe- - iwiepeitdent Volun
teer.lsaac Fungi' being the first publish
er, and the first issue dated NoVember
4, 18 14 t -ii". - Nvas. continued by him for
..:41 _,,....
r - ten molahs when Asa G: Dimock bought
the tress and started the 'Deniocratic
Volunteer, issuing only. one or two num
bersl !when• it was re-purchased by
George and Isaac Fuller and "restored
to Rpubiican prineioles". and •;to. the
'old name. The third volume Avis pub.:
lisheil :first 15 George Fuller alone, and
then-by'E: H. Easterbro , ks;the•fourth
and fifth volumes by G. Fuller, and the
sixth ; and seventh volumes by Fuller &
Rea - I.'lThe eighth volume began Novem
ber,.B,3B, under the-name of the Mont
rose yOlunteer. C. F. Read, sole editor.
!The ninth volume - was edited. by 'Read
& Turiell. May tr. 1840, Abel Turrell
• bought, Read's interest and edited the
paper -alone until May 2...1841,when the
. Montrose Volunteer and North Star-ap
peared with .A. Turrell and J. H. Dim
.i ock . editors: September 8. 1842,
Dimdc - sold to S.• T. Scott. May .25,
t843,' the thirtere,ntb Volume resumed
• the name of Montrose Volunteer, under
the sbl2, editOrship of Mr. Turrell.
Tantiary 25, 1 544, Abet Turrell and
George t=inier established the 11'nrthern
Democrat. in the 'place of the Montrose '
,VoluritL•er. It was a five-column folio, •
e.aehia.tre being only fifteen by twenty - -
orie inches Tanuary 2. •I 84 5.. George
Fuller'sold his interest 1( 4 ..1•,_ N. Bullard. •
janu9ry i, .(840, -Mr. Turret), who - fad
been principal editor for oboist . s even.
yearsi finally retired from the manage
inentrand sold his interest to 0. 11
Hempstead. Ty_.-riiimin -war lenlarged
'January S-, 17'..“), by Bullaistingtin
....,:tat-t-rrtl7T.s. column fdli•i: .\cr - :i.,7 - ..Yrip .. .
. stead i-aid ilia: he had 1 -- •: - •:011 a eler.;Y
man:bui 11:. p'elged himself toq:noit- no.
:man . .s tel:::ioll. lam:art- Is_ IS.; ri.' I" N.
Ballard 7 ••"fled . his rale.dict cry, and
G. , orge Fuller annouric e 4 that he had
attain ,;ti - rc,l - . t.: , '(-.: - .1 an interest in t llt!'pal C..r.
But Mr Ful!cr did not Make the posi
t •ri pc-rmanent ite and ticniti;,ucal
edited , : 1. - - third and fourth vol nines.
t‘. 11,n 1'111.•r ..:-istuld out uo l, i'lleninstead,
who 1 the .parier alc`,la.• for
:c . v.: rM year.., ln Tany,ary, i. 7 ni . . he
.eiiati.ic.:ll he name to Montrose Demo
,---ra::, ‘lic t s: ill :et:lints... l , About iS: r
mr- ', ,. shed Si l•••Nr , 11 -13. f'hast• • •-•rel-ice . d
- .I..zra - - • =•- •-•r -' -•
te - T
the paps -i• au. l ! a,,,, u t n ee
--.•,.-ar . , 1 ..!1,-,ln.-
h e ,-.;. ---,co, lii4ra 13 i ,
•announ.a.'d' tt, - .11 a-suined e‘ditordl
c.mtp...l of 1 1 1 - a re-r - ..•r
~....04.-'l , ql•:c .i', 1 :11-a7 - c
,-, , ,-a-; 1-,:i 1 .. ','.,::c- at thirrfirne.
ir,l% - ' :,;.- . :";. - :.o_ E. )1 Chase I , lll l .i. , : t ieri ,
ili..-. , , ,',...v;;1;i•t:17 - ;. - an' i in tb. , * , :itme issue 1-
B. 'l , lti,2l , lltim -- , . 1 A.z..T. : Gerrit .s.c..n an-,
n-ir-ai-i...) tile-in.,•elt•e , a' the •-uccessors.
They .:I.l'. - That7.ll-.--v - shail put. the pub
lic 11- - • p 17 • , ('-i.. n ~:,,f fito7F, s h ad infet-enee3
• tic ~ ..-1.:11 -, fr m them Eh:it :Pt• thy-ir airs:.'
Dc cenrber:••i7l 18; ,,• J. 1.3.- McCollum
. tr..!.niferred lit ;interest" to K..J. Gerrit
. son. who :-...,,iirried entire: •-•ontrol. The
.papc i r.was. a ,even-column folio 'at this
- time. having a9„;4tst. motto: "We join
ourse', l . - e.: to 'no- party - that -does not.
- carry i 4. 11a , : and 1:(.4..p step ti the mu
sic of;tie w'iole Union " ' Jarman. 0,.
1 1r. , .-:,. the firSs.numler
the tv. - entictli
.., v,t.. 1 1.0-r-t- ~ .- • - a ....s ;Teda-ed in site 'to . a six
co'ti Inin f01.h.),1 The editor explained that'
the (.rice of paper had advanced to twen-
Ix- ti:ve cent s per pound: and-that he had
clete t rinined to :reduce the i2.e of the
• .pap.trl rather than increase the I,rice.
The !paper continued in its ?educed fOrm
'until jalv
_l4.i'ot(x,S. when it age en
lar..;-,A to a seyen-equmn folio., .
Jule t.ti. iB.oc). Mri r Gerri , kon.aller ha.v.:
- in:.o , rien conneetc;dwith 1 he'naper thir
. teen! years. sold to .Etii , tsta 13 i-tawley.
Ap-i' 1 ,1.1 873. W. 12. Cruses bought on e _
halt:interest from Mr.aaWl4 The,.=
. nership continued until i. iB7U,
when Mr. Cruser ,old to Mr. Hawke,
M trl:ti i . 18Si , •W , -C. Cruser and Daniel
Brei•‘,.ster lionght 11- 1e4 ,!fte.,.. of Mr H a .„ . ...
Je,F.'tbe latte-. - '..-, bealtii ha-in , .. , _ failed.
- ' dri•July;iBS;,l4l. A 1..y . 0ns lie.u.ght Mr.
- Bre , it,*er l -, i-tteresu .and in Ncolsemher ;
281.•t1. Pon George :t. Rost Navin! i. e .:.
• . been e . i,•-ted to C 2712 - `c..,..,;.• purehacud
Lt - onS: in t'rest and the tiaPer was pub
lished' 1. , y ('riser ei- .Posj until January.
isii;.. l i ‘X: . . , .'"1l .Mr (:71'.F.' r :lure'- :LF.Cd
:MT. ,Yost; inter e st" and
. •eonducted the
paper rill Max' i. 7.004, when the
pi'esetit firm of Cruscrs & Gardner. con
sisting of W. C Cruser, Charles S.
Gar4ler and Ray I). Cruser.WaS formed.
Mr.ll."ruser has tlftis' barn longest in
acti to newspaper work in Susquehaama
county of any of the county newspaper
men!..; - ~,.. .
W..C. Cruser Wa-s born in Bridgewate
township near "Montrose. on -the lanm
1 nowlOecupiedlby 5. \V.Mott. When he
- was six years old. the family moved to
.Monrose. -- After' obtaining his educa
tion 'at Montrose academy he . learnt-I
the !kitting business. Jan. i iB7;, he
became foreman of the ;" Democrat''
, alike and April ',the sain year. he,pur
. ..
1 .. .
~'I I - • ' - ' . ~.
- 1 '
or. Lta sad- Children.
Vot Dui Yoillate Ahrats Bought
isig• the, -: ,y _ iiil -----...
.... zitett — .
. .
. . _., .. .
ch4,-d.a 'lest in the paper,
wheftii le more than - 03 years old.
7n r. Cruser 'told his interest to
Ha# y, -taking an extended trip
west. In 1891, with Daniel Brewster,
he re-purchased the " Democrat." as
mentioned above.
Charles S. Gardner was born in the
township of Bridgewater December 6th;
1870. He pursued his studies in the
district %Chools until 1889, when he en
tered the • Montro:e High School, under
Prof. James, and, althongh having en
tered the Democrat office with a view
to learning the printing and newspaper
buSiness at the commencement. of his
graduation ,year. and dividing his time
between the school and printing office,
was able to secure one of the class -hon
ors, -the',High School- Oration, getting
his'sheep-skin from that institution the
same year, z 592 . Upon completion of
his apprenticeship he was made fore
man, holding - thispoSition for ten years.
In January he relinquished his position
and equipped a' modern' . job -printinf..;
office in Montrose, and in May, t got, (the
same year) purchased an interest in the
Democrat of W. C. Cruser, the present
partnership formed an i the -two plants
.. As above stated, he became
a partner in 106.4 and has since acted in
the capacity of bUsiness manager of the
"Democrat." lie is a member olWar:-
ren Lodge; F. & A. M and the Modern
WoOdinm of America. • the latter of
which he. is secretary.
Ray. D. Cruser, son of W. C: Cruser,
Practically grew up in the Democrat."
office and is the superintendent of ;the
mechanical department of tly! plant
lle is a member of Warren Lodge F. &
-A: M.. and M Mttose Lodge.l. 0. 0. F.
and I. 0. 0. F. b'z'ind, He is a graduate
of the Montrose High Sc.hool.
The " Democ z rat " is . not only . the
oldest • 'newspaPer in Stt.quefianna •
county., but - is essential', a county
paper, having corre.sporidc'. ' ; in nearly
every town and villa:ze. in'
: •he county,.
and tie cort•pleti
'^nt mai7:tams a large.
weii.equipp,id job. printing - plant and
e , xtensive "business is done - in .
ealanderS and the mannfacturc of post
'car ls,•the tirm's trade in tile two line.;
es..tendia-g, to nearly every state in the
unioM under the • name , r,t the Cruser ‘
Calander ;
: A larr r e addition to the ".Denierat "
baildinsz has recently been ?atilt and
Ocarpied,and new minting material ad
ded; till to,day it is one of the tai - gest
andeomPlete 1 - ,rinting - plants in
N - ortlica , tern Pennsylvania
'This :illn , tiatit , d county edition of tile
•Thosc2 t..n.,age,t'7. at the Der.a.:crat office
at I:.;iti nom the tame
'vropritlte.P.l-44: ;•.
Etuart WatroUs,
NV4II P. Crati;er ; .•
E. B. Th.otni;.son,• •
C!:ttence Knapp:
- Fraak Talon, • •
•,! _ •
'Ed lit
Cwo'•-i.lna Lester, . •
111iss Anna Ilirney. •
• . .
Snyder, -st.enograplier.t.
Miss ,Maude C.::olev, .
-Miss TAlah.el Swacknzunmer,
Mary; Clemons. •
,L. I':
. .
.. • •
• • Consolid a tion of SChools.
in speaking to Prof, George A. Ste : a.rns,
county superintendent 'of School, on
the subiect t•clu:::.itichi in Susquelnin--
.na (iinnty. Lc was quite enthusiastic
over • the results, eonsolidation. : an 4 l
remarked; •
'iierriek town -f;:;, v. - as. 1 Lela_ :e, -the
first . district the state to tak.:•aelvar,-
• tag,e of the law permitt 4. - - -- Insol,idat
Brooklyn torn: followed
"The th:s district are. well
pleased - wk . :: the rc. , ttit o ; : , taillvd, and
are prepared to recute,by actual figures,.
one of the ::-: ften used Statements
made of other districts in op
roe f
that :all c! - ca:mot attend
SO well i - :l,r • iltw p1:111 a , under the
:rlsystem Lrf kei , T,er. the. :,113:3.11
- 13“) , Alyn and .Dirn(..7:..
n,:atelv :he,: ante narib
, percentage a...tenth:we in th.:
to.. ns• show; c•-: that such an
:yhjeet-ion (PR-s; not call)
••The ave. percentage of atteri
al-c2 sin ..yas percent;
Dir.:L.:eh:. p..:*l - ..!en - . It: ioos
S 7 and t‘o. re-pectivt.-ly
otht-r tre.vils where
. :he pan has been , tried, wholly-nepar
tially. the are equally as Satis
. fatt city." .
• We . vres ep ;in this edi• ion -an illustra
tion of the wagons used in Brooklyn for
gathering up childrea in that district.
It is an' unique i.,lioration upon the old
•• • •
Old:st Building in Montrose.
• •
When Dr; DUnton " boUght his farm
at Montrose. known as "Wayside;" an
illustratiOn of -which apoears in - this
edition, there was a little • farm shop
on. the place , which had been
to ! these many 'years It is said to be
the oldest building in all this region.
Dr..P..u.nton was so much' pleased with
it that he fitted it up for 'private quar
ters for.hiniself and occupies it as sleep
ing quarters daring the summers. Al
. though- it is one of the historical features
of this region, few people know of
it, "as such, are presume. .
Send this edition to your friends..
They will appreciate it. ff
' : 1 11.44+0444.4.+044444 - 41
.44,44444.444.40444 -
- -
XHE vilage of Alford is the jtinc
. i. ,_
1 ,-," tion of the main line of the D.
5.. , 5„,,,,:" - ,.i) L & W. railrt ad and the
Montrose branch... -A bird's eye view
of the - village appears, in the second
s..ction of this - issue, and from this en
graving it will be seen that the mous',
tain scent:rYaround the village is very
attractive. • . .
' Mr. J. M. Decker 'is the postmaster of
Alford. He also conducts a very pop
alaegenetal store, in which the post-.
office is located - . He has other inter
. .
:ests in the village _ and is one of the
principal real e ~tate holders.
East.. Kingsley
Miss Estella Stevens rtcaitiy visited
at W. W. Oakley's - '
A natriber from this place attended
the oystee sapper at -H. a Tinley's
Friday evening. :
Mrs. Wm. Benning- and san Ralph,
called on Mrs.
.Melvin - Tingley Satur•
Mr. and Mrs., Loomis and. Miss Neil- .
ie Loomis attended 'a Valentine social ,
of Kingsleys Feb. - 13th. . "
• Rugersaud James Tingley are busy
liariA,stin , . ice tor Watson and Jeffers
Melvin 's iingley recently . . made a
business trip to Danville and on his re=
turn stopped at ..,eranton to 'see his
daughter. Adeline, who is attending
the Oral 5,:.h0,,1.0i that place. - -
Mrs. .t. E. Tiffany who has been ill
~ .,r,tii erysiplasi. somewhat better.
. Wed. Feb. 3rd. being the loth. birth
day of-Mrs. A. M.: Carey, her many
rlynd.s.reint,' -- ;,led her w.tli a birtiOo
day postcard s-aLserand throup - this I
Fi v er sne . .1, isnot; 1.0 . E. - Xp:e,-- 1:..4. k. ClainiCs
for them in ; :.e.,f,..mownig verses:- •
These sm.all . iii4meat e, )o.i. have sent
Ciive to mymin..l a 5... e: i.:Jiitent,
T.:ey sp.:as: u.i love as 1.:LI:! as Heaven
9,l'ith all b st wisii , e,s ii.'t..
Twenty. eiviit tuella. far and
Eat:list:Lit a e'ird to brighten the;
'Ds L.oi. the card I prize so thu;h—
it 'sale I , .ive th..t. prompted :Lich;
.And it We meet - on earth no inure,
1 Pray We iiii.:Ct on ti-e Heaven short.
- .
stops itching instantly. etires, piles,
eezenia, talt iiio:Linl, utter, itch, hives,
herpes, r.ea.bics—lioan's Oiritineat. At
any diteg - store. -
- .
Brookdal e
.Ii i=s Anna Wright, relatives
in Susquehanna. .
J J. fingley has returned from BA
fast, : wacie ne, has been visiting his
daughter. Mn, H Chalker.
'Julia Mahone,, of . Lawsville, spent
Sunday at B Burns. • •
-Nli-ss Anna Duian kvascalling-on Hall
stead friends Saturdly.
Fred Tower. of - Lestershire, is - tile
gu; .t - o( Will Ilairi.&. •
:,,rsi-lalik Pope, of Binghamton, is
visiting her paren.ts,Aar. and Mrs. John,
McAdams. •
Mrs. Bert . .lXclrer- aid daughters
Helen, Alice arid Ethel, are visiting
relatives in Binghamton. •
' Peter bolan and James Billy" were
Bir-ghamton callers recently.
Patrick Ouigley who has been visit
ing at. R. Kelly's. lett for New York'
Tuesday. and will sail
..f...r Ireland t ruin
,place Wednesday. ' His many
friends here wish him a safe voyage.
Miss Julia Burns was in Binghamton
Saturday. •
One of the young men from Bra:l.ney
i-, to go hcnie,in the dark, that
accounts her those morning driVe, •
Joe . Walsh was a pleasant - caller at .11
D..olan's, SulidaY.. .
Mrs Leo 15'4h-h. of SAVer Lake, visit
ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Dolan.
Sunday. ' . . .
- • .
To reli•Jve the worst forffis of Rheu
matism. talc.> a tea.spoonfill of the fol
towir.r mlntuie alter each.ineal and at
bedtime: .
Fluid; ' Dandelion, one-half
ounce:. Compound Kargon! one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
These harmless Ingredients -can* .be
obtained' from our hOrne druggists, and
are easily mixed by shaking .them 'well
In a bottle. Relief is. generally felt
from the lint few loses. -
This prescription, - states - a well
known authority in a Cleveland rricirn
trig paper. ' forces the clogged-up. *in
active kidneys' to filter and . strain
.the blood the - poisonous
matter and uric acid. which causes
Rhetsmatism. ,
As Rheumatism' is not only the ..... t
Painful and torturous disease; but u.i_,-
gerous to life, this simple reelpi will
no doubt be . greatly valued by many
sufferers here at' home, who should at
-once prepare the, mixture to get this
relief. . -• . t
It Is said that a -person who would
take this prescription regularly, a dose
or two daily,' Or even a few times . . a
week, would never have serious Kid
ney or Urinary disorders or Rheuma
Cut this out and preserve it. Good
Rheumatism prescriptions which real
ly relieve are scarce, indeed, and wheir
You 'need ft, you want It badly. Our
clraggigts - here "say they wiji caw . ;
Slallply these Ingredients or make the 1
rattuse read,* to take, If any of our
replete sit pietas.- '- .
z., .
Brief Sketch of This Well.
Known Montrose Attorney
TILLER S. ALLEN, . one 'of the
proud: nt members of the Sus
quehanna county bar, is a native of
Stephensburg, Morris county, N. J.
He was born in 1854. and came toiSus
nqehanna county over forty years`dgo.
May, 1877; he entered the law office.
of Little & Blakeslee and at the April
term, 1879,;H as admitted to the Sus
quehanna county ball and at once enter
ed the firm known afterwaids as Little,
Blakeslee & Allen. ThiS arm ccritinued
upwards of t.N% o years, when Mr. Allen
became associated with 'George P. Lit
tle, father" of Judge ,Ralph B. Little.
This' artnership continued up to 1885,
when Mr. Allen began the praCtice of
his profession alone anal has s.) con
tinued. " •
In 1835 he was elected district attor
ney of Susquehanna county, receiving
a majority over bis Republican oppo
nent of over r,OOO votes' had running
ahead of the state ticket over ,z2,6cio
votes. For many years' be was chair
man of the . county committee and also
represented the party as 'delegate to a
number of state conventions. Le was
a delegate to the Democtfatic national
convention at - Chicago when William
Jennings Bryan was first'iiominated.
He was elected to the bprough coun
cil from a Republican atronghold in
zgos. After his term expiftd a vacancy
arose in the office of burgeas, and with
•ut his kof•wledep-jbe
.cpiuscil, which
vas entirely RepuWein,'nnanimousty
appointed Mr. Allen, burgess to fill the
vacancy—a compliment - ,he has always
appreciated. .
Mr. Allen is interested in firming and
eamery enterprises, sonic of „which
were instituted as xconvenience for,:he
farmers in the neithborhood surround-,;
ing the. creamery locations:
There was a great deal of talk of a
postal savings bill but congress knock
ed it out.
For the first time in nineteen years
Media, Pa. elected a 'pempctatic
Mayor, Tuesday. •
The "Democrat" is under special obli
gations to W. M. Post4and- Dr R. A.
Torrey for their'interestit* and Valu
able articles written for this special
. • ,
Miss Ruth Meeker has recovered from'
her recent illness. ,
.. . .
. .
Chas. Gibson is visiting at the home
of his pa - rents:in Herrick Centre, before
leaving for Chicago. .
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Van Antwerp en
tertained a fewjtiends at their home in
Oakland, .Monday evening. - i A ' social
time was had, during which re.fresh
ments.-were served, games, 'played and
music enjoyed: .
Mrs. Geo.: E. Cline spent, Tuesday .in
Mrs. W. S. .Mitchell entertained the
AVomen'S aid• society of the . Presby- .
terianchurch, at .her home.
The Oakland high. school 'Weld a Lin-.
.coin entertainment at the tongregation
al church, 'Friday evening. , The larg
audience was well pleased. :1 . .
LecCook."of japan, on .. . - in
Way. ho.
from :New York,....,whet _ • , Alas , ,iii ..
sometime. called or. , file .4 "., I .C :
4..: : ( CI 11 1 Pr i qbTai. : r• . .
Th, ' Helping Hand ,
".rust M. E. church, nil' hoid %I..e2:txr
tai 2, in,' lit. ( - The St 12: -. ..pvil,e iS..tvih Cir
cle.- in Hogan's 011 ra Hot.i. • , Wedr.;,:2-
dair t veni.,-4.
.• .
Mrs. John Hall •1 Ohl,land. who :2a:
been in the Sim(.':' H. Earairrierr. , (rnd
hospital fur s• rac time, has, red gated
hoe. le . ; . r . .
...1 . 1 - e Willing Helpers of the :venue
M: E. 'church will
.ir2ve an ,i22:..ertaiii
men; in the church .1:2 - 2.1.7‘. nigh
:Miss Efinabeth' M2tch4d, of Licsoms
burg nornard, is spending ,a - kw di.ys,'at
her house here.
Mesers..Frank Alai:land EdWv2i Perry
joined tje army recent is. and.ive.• left..
for Cuna. .
Mrs. 11.2ttie 'Loomis ( - ':f halls •I is
spending a. :e•..- days v.ith'.liev .:.ier,
Mrs. Procter. •.f . ()al.:land. : - ,
Miss' Cecil that' is c(..2nthie - 1.6 , ] - .,:hd
with grippe, at l',er home m ,t ftii.:l .--- '
Miss Addis ::i...:(2:,.ever cntertali.) :I: e
King's Datillit. - .. of Iln.
r...:i-.;-• , •-: -:(
church. at her home in ( (.21.:1_,.2,
day aitern(•.:22. • . .
Mrs. ili.nry r,.
her home 4'.11 . Drinker street. :-. '
Mrs. Alice .I'.."(r a :e has' !'enic.wedfrom
the Whitney house on Ea -4 lidgli street,
to the fiewit: . le2lise on Fast street.
Mrs. McCannon and dinighter of State
street. sr.e...t F:idav in Binghamton. •
Mrs. Alice Livingston'andri'.tughter of
New York, are sp nding some tim at
the home of her p - arent-, Dr.tinti Mrs:
W. - S. Mitchell. ,
Miss 'Bessie Williann. if j2ichmond
Hill,.L. 1.. after :spend:lig a l few days
with her grandparents :ri thi4lace has
returned home.
W. R. Gelatt and-stile of Scranton;
spent the Sabbath with their parents,
Mr. .nd Mrs. E: E. Gelatt. •
C. W. Summer end wife.- Ethel
Wnitnev and A. D. Miller, 'Attended
the Ponomis grange, frileriox..Feb. 3d,
Thompson grange SOS, will hold its
quarterly-4th degree dinner, Feb. 20.
Emeline Crier recently .re
turned home after spending game. time
with her 'grandllaupter,• Mrs:: Charles
Wrighter of Schei.Lctady:
A. H. Crosier and wife, A. E. ; Foster
and Wife, r, W. Lewis and', wile, at
tended the social at H. M. P.aes•
North Jackson. - • •
The hid,es' of the F. B. (lurch, held.
a p.,verty social at the G. Ati f, hall,
where mush and milk was serif
, The women trieiids of Mts. A. •E.
Smith made her a birthday •stirprise,.
Mrs. Ada Turrell visited- I . riends in
Lanesboro on Friday, 1. • .
" Mrs. Fowler of Niagara, spent Thurs.
day in town as the guest of 'Syron B.
' •
!• •
• Trc9 Vanßouter' of Franklin Forks,
Lab urchased a farm of F. B. Travis
i.tar i.awsvilie. •
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stanford were
Pleasantly surprised Wednesday ecren
tog by about twenty of their friends.
H. 0. Bullard and ramay of Hall
stead, spent Sunday at the; home of
Burt Bailey.,L,..
Philo E. Stanford is slowly improv
A crowd of young folks gave a party
at the Creamery Hall recently..
Mrs. Elizabeth Smithtas rented her
farm to Walter Craik, .for the.comireg
Elmer Whitaker is- visiting friends
at Bingliat4on. • •
A party was held at the' home of
Edward Lindsley, Friday night.
Mrs: Strong
Mrs. Estella Strong, widow of the late
Major E. P Strong of Starrucca; died
suddenly Feb 9th, 1909, the cause of
death being apoplexy.
Mts. Strong's death was entirely un
expected, as she bad been in excellent
health and bad not complained of feel
ing badly. She was nearly sixty years
of age and since the death of her hus
band nearly fourteen - years ago had
resided with her only child. Mrs E. W.
Downton of Starruca. Major and Mrs.
Strong were widely known in the east
tern part of Susq'a County.
Isaac Tewksbury.
Isaac Tewksbury, orobably the oldest
resident in the town of Brooklyn died
at his home on Saturday morning:
The calve was a paralitic shock. Mr.
Tewksbuzy was iu his 9oth year. He
was long and intimately connected with
the life of tha s community, in everyway
a useful and much respected citizen, a
man of sterling character, devoted to
his church (the M. E.) and its service.
He was also an Odd Fellow of long
standing.. The funeral was held Tues
day afternoon, Rev. Wilcox officiatinir,
The Brooklyn. I. 0. 0. F Lodge hail
charge of the service et the grave,
Mrs. Ainey.
Mrs fiariliet awl. widow of Beth
Riney deceased. formerly ,of Jessup,
died in Rush, Sunday Feb. 14th, 1909.
in the 74th year of her age. Funeral
at the home of her son. E. L. Ainey.
and burial in Bolles cemetery.
- Charles - Ely. • •
The death of Charles Ely. aged 77
years, occurred at his home in Brook
lyn, Feb...), Igen.. Mr. Ely was an old
and esteemed resident. He leaves a
daughter, Mrs Gertrude Peckham, and
* son, Walter Ely. '
• Mrs. Rhodi C. Carlin, mother of Mrs.
L. ,P. Loninis. of Bridgewater. died at
her home, inVilkes,Barre. Feb. 4,1909.
Seth, Abel.
• Seth Abel, a promin N ent resident of
Gibson, died. Jan, iB, ilo9, at the home
of her son, Herbert.
To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Sec - Rep,
Brooklyn, a son,
To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fe.rnan,
Hallstead; a girl.
To Mr. and Alia. W. G. Harvey, -Hail.:
newt a ion.
East Dimock
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rogeri, were
guests of Mr. and Mr:. Goy. Allen.
Robert Mien' attended the Junior
ex , s , rcises at Brooklyn, - and reports a
fine time
Mrs. Clayton' Brink recently returned
to he , home after spending some time
'in Philadelphia.
and Mrs. 0. A. Tiffany enter
tained the following at a dinner party
recently:—Mr. and Mrs. Harmon ,,.
and Mrs. Guy Alien, Mr. and. Mrs
ROy Dairour, Mi. and Mrs Alv.i Allen,
Mr. and Mrs. JO Bunnell. Mrs. Fred
Dean uw.i- ohn
cats will work for John
, coiling spring.
Walter . Newto;ii is working= for Ray
1 Green. . . _
Ht nry :Wall of Dalton, has, Leen
visiting here.
W:11 Foster and sister Were the guest
at 1 - ) . A Tiffa.W3 Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs . 6. t;ff a ny e..zlebrated .
their wedding- ann:versary .re;ently.
Mr. M EA. Setser, are spend
ing th . . week at Elk Lake.
Mabel Bunnell and Ada Senioi,
are keeping house for
. the forrnur's
uncle near Montrose. during the
sense of Mrs. - Letaie Main.
~Heavy impure blood mak es a mraidy
p;mply complexion, headaches, naußea.
Thin Hood . makes you
weak, pate, Burdock Blood Bit
ers makes the fluod rich, red, pun ) ._
ez torts perfect health.
Farm For Sale.
10 7,l,ere fetnn lu Spr:tg.vl.l.), rue zulle) routl2-
1..);))); t.f Parnrale. t itc. res clear).).l.lina
laud,) u , sr .01)101, ctitireli
rrrsil.e••y. I.9,r ) ze horn I.)sru,
ft... c;)vt•Otrti with' undergru,ocal
eq..b uudutterout-bulidit)g.s)
tirNt class ,trA)Citt))u. 100 peur..
peach, cue ry tihd Oulu trees .Excelleut) .
A b.trgalu for cash Cr on easy payments to
rigt,L party. _
Inquire of OWiliti. H. R. WlMimic, nopßot
tome 1'..., or C. L: yunScoten, Ntturney, Mont
rose, Pi.i. - - . - .
Bus,iness for Sale.
A good opportunity for a man wish
ing to 'engaga ih the mercantile busi
Dry Goods, 4irocerics, i oots, Sifocs,
.E e , Etc- •Ete
In a good location, o n ra il roa d, al ,d
doing a good business
Fur particulars address Democrat ol
lice, -Montrose, Pa.
A 9 Room House with bath, furnace,
electric lights,bard chicken house, large
garden and lots of 'fruit.
Another Nei I Room House with city
water and bath. centrally located, large
Also 3 Large Building Lots, , will build;
houses on them to buit purchaser.
Also 7 Room Cottage at Heart Lake
with furniture and boats, gasolene
launch: lnquire of
Claol`L. Stephc.ns.
2:.01 , 7F O,IBC(PAS"
t 05.7 .7:0
:i, :w.'.
'-'• 171. i
. •
Tred L. Norton, M'f g,
Binghamton,'N. Y.
St tiotiery
1 .
BookscAo . Toys
rokoNTßosi-, ......0 PENN'A.
TO":_ Cloei,'...oiit
. In order to turn all of our' winter goods into cash we
have marked them { all down 20 per cent. We do not want .
tarry them over, if you are in need of anything in - the warm
goods line you will find good values here. We have a large
stock of gloves andl mitts which will go at cost : -
Also four corduroy coats, Elieepsigin-lined,corduroy pants,
sweaters, some woolen overshirts, fleeced lined miderWear all to
be sold very cheap
A. full line of Staple Groceries on hand'as usual: "
Call in and get our low prices.
Having peat the .
past seven years
Perfecting a strain of White Wy ndottes
second to none; I have, four pens, the
choice of a flock of •300, i from which I
will sell eggs for hatchizig aft sr.oo for
15 or $5:00 per zoo.
W. M• Wl!mortis,
IL F. No.. 1,
Executor'* 'Notice.
Estate of Edward C. 74atcher, late of Hat:
ford, dec'd.
Letters of administration halving been grant
ed to the uoderpigned upon the above named
estate, persons liming claim* an , last said
es.ate will present them for payment, and all
those indebted thereto will Mat. Payment im
mediately to ' -
loa rep:), c.,ifentor.
W D. 13 'Alcoy, Attorney.
• Auditor's Notic e'
Io the Orphans' Court of Sit sgnetatnnit Con..
ty. Pa
In. the Estate of Martin Park, lire - of the
Township of Springville.
The undersigned.' an audit r, appoloted by
the Orphans' O.:upt rf Susiptehenta County to
rep'rt d•stribution of the fends In the hands
of E. A. Park. atircluistratoi, wi:l attPud
the duties of his appulutinetl. at his office In
the Borough o r!Montrose , on ,Tpesdity; March
oth. 1907. at I o ' clock , at winch . Vale
and place all persons int.r a stel in Baia fund
u.ust present thtir•clatzus Lc forever de.
barred front roan ng ot sn e..
• 31IGLSR'S... I.LEN, Auditor
, .sheri ff's Sale
, A
,tilt, of a we ,. I>f Fier} uel.t.i Issuet (mil
of toe I o“rT of ( ~ m ni at 1'1•a. of Su•qaell tuna•
l:Otlai ty, t•Lt.t...• of Pei a. y: c ptilH, /FL al to 11.0
ttilt LTetl 1 uul 2 Xpve e to publie tale tt th
l oaf t htutt-e to %lontru t uul
Saiurday• March 6, )909,
at one &do, ic p. .
m. et arp.
Au a t , tercan t inn ~parcel a .1 lot of land
4ituatet! awn being iu tLe tusk.). It ,) of Latts
top burt• .iehnuuu t m oty anti ..iate of etutt
syltannt s howl ed on,. tlebtrita d .10111 , 4 d, ILO
alt: I
t , i inventing at Ali trOn . trti.r near a melt,
In the F. 131. litte of 11t1444 .i •• if. quit., Haute
by La true•urreotan AN., drier tad 01•0 o.
'Nitre-, uotlll 00;0 y 1 Nue U. 1.. t, tt.Ut ill.
ttruledet \ , ..r.t. ne v. wy utno tt ,I, .ri.t. ity t • J
oz t.• 1 1111CITtill till rude. to 1 tr.? t c I•ner on the
eu,t bill ii. 4)11141'1.011's ere. s tit. ca Ic4/ • t.... 1. Ale
L. the euttie um•l alb g• the ete.s.t ,re of if r
Wu a creek. w uth, tv, nt% ,}13.3 t g•r, a awl
tattty MM. 1%6.. r •
-+ old uln ro, t,
Lo a O tto ilitt µLet and wirLl fence now coo
'tn. ctn.! nhalt, 111.. .a•Le iy 1:o 0 the lot
0 rein tiedt - Letett. tilt Ille t y Illte BJ:we' v.-Wu. a:A tkico fo “...i.,dc ~ t 4-1t. 4
0t: q t.l one T.. att . .. T - , i. J t t) • , an) t , til l
em o t 1 ue of 1 0 a.O t..{l i • i ',lli e., thence ,
ur 13 03r,.1•2 th three r. t.l ..e: -ilc, v• , T 1
t w
lAk uty,tx .11/at t-,ta" r) + t 11) , 1 tti - f
i)-1141,1 .: • t.ot 1) i 11.,, I l i 'Ut... X
Ituo reith o .0•2 F r h. 4 more
or le-.; In the a ptirt i 4. I
-"tat• ti , f +it t. , +gtt ‘l4l `u•l fut. re6t of 1
Ms. J,. on,. I ht ict au to t ,i t %try illet./11 trt
T•Att. Its I/10 MA 1 4 ,to V Sri •'-• n in Pr 01 en i
1U cry, ou the I.tul il‘co. a tl. tl 0 defru 1.1. lt t 1 nnodthe
r 1 ;;11t. and prtvacgee wat Lt tiact tov
t lli )1V t t ,-tie tt.... .tr %Iv t:,.. , A t old, ..t
of ,0.,
It , -elu'res fur the put., 445• li . ru rt. ad I
1 , r it, fur the it , . 1 % al % . ci atone
lum quarrY uti slid la!. O.) t ti e. Cr Mail to
ti (... u.ala shit , it ~ t the. It L .a. 11 1. It tin .
Alto any nut" all tt h in, att cl pip. liegcsi t)
talc: %%atr.r for any purp e whateter, front
any prlug, upon the I ut* u It. S. Stpt.res
or trom sand tiortor. I,,rtrk.l itdjulnltt, *alit
1at3,1. ttb sell 3sev,•ry ail Jail /I 'llloutni urti 'Urge
witkb. the , le:cut:lLlA • ~w lths nu,i cult %., t
tr Is cat tint to enjoy. ot O.•usping stoic , re- 1
fuse, diet -mkt other raut+l , ll to a and al) el oil I
or any u the 1 thi. lit cat .1 1t.. •-• •
bquttes, ..
tit , 11.,ItttIttliill& the otttrtitlist: ~.1)
butt! tiuorry.
Also all ri btand privileg e , wli LIL defend tut
ruby have/tut! eul >) to Lit 'dried .(Itl •It 1,111011
V1.111,113.1.U. b .gultrat f a (At, till Nb/4%, I. r
rua. Ir , ttll,4g [tutu rate.' lama ttlute decieticed
to the mato or p tale road tut Nicholson lot
p treetue t-..stone quarry. machinery, f.c
Seized and Liken so oz.( uttou at the suit
of It S.s‘ttiir,K, unit %it 11,11 a : q Arta %r, 11o.t,
Shield.. Jr ,f
Tale iiotlee-411 tads had coots inu.t be
td.l on day . . of .sale or deed wilr not be
S.nerlre Otlke, 3.lontrose, b roar y 11. W(9
S CoNE:LLS.Stn,riff.
Hit :BOwo.o tbte
Reference is here madelto price on many
lots of merchandise. This is the time for
retrospection, which brings to, light many
things that have accumulated: things of
which size are broken, things of cold weath
er adatability Here are mentioned but few
of the bargains—
Many Waldorf wrappers at 79e, ~SV4in •99c in plain
• of $l.O 1,:25.
Afany tailored, waists, all kinds • of cloth, at 49e up,
. from 1 5-to 1-3 off.
Many lace curtains from 1-5 to 1-4uff -
if bought ,quickly
• Still a 'good assortmeint !left of Ladiez' Coats at
1.3 to 1-2 off; children's coats at 1 4 off.
Fuca at 1 , 4 off; Skir:s at 1 5 off; Tailored:Snits
1-5 off. - .
There. are hal gains in*. ptess Goods and other
piece goods,
th 'Main Street Grocer.
In the estate orD. S. Powers, deed, late of
Lenox township.
• Letters testimentary having been grinateg
the undersigned, 111 persons indebted to salt
ea:ate an requested to mite immediate pay.
'meta., - and all persons having claims against
the same, are requested to presentthem wbib i
out delay. • . i
. 13 C. POWERS, Biceeutor.
Fancy Work
A plbasing assortment of
Thromedi Hats - throughout the
season. ,%
L. E. 8c B. T. =PFIRSON.
Montrose, Pa.
"14ig 4" Pam Poor:Roller
Fit s oily size , dooi•PHas rol
bi.rll),armg. Caliuor, jump the
hinged so animals
cznnat t;-rt,3-d it off. . •
price is Lirli-00.
H. P. ItEa,
Executor's Notice.
And complete line, of
Materials;\tO cut illustrates the
llarkiwz - tre suppii,..s- for
the farm. " • .
'Manure Forks,
Barn Shovels,.
Milk Pails,
Milk Cans, . .
lee Saw*
Cross. f eut. Saw**. • •
Keen •Kittter Axes;
Carpenier Tools,
Deep Well Pumps,
Galvanized Tanks
. and, Troughs,
Maple SugaiGoods.
bit hard