The Montrose democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1879-1926, February 18, 1909, Image 14

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• Ilistoiical and
Industrial County
. Edgion.
Crusers & Gardner, Niblishers.
• •
pride in occasionally fitting up a pair of
txtra - tOp-notcbers for sale. -A !Wei.
, 'men of the teams refertedlo isdepicted
• • - • . in an engraving in- this ism--
ea picture
One of the Finest Livery Es.. of a pair of beautifully, matched blacks
that are greatly admired every time
tablishments Imaginable . they are driven through the streets of
Montrose They are indeed beauties
E. of the best condUcted livery and they serve to show the trend of Mr.
and sale stables in this section of Harrington's idea of what a fine team of
the state is that, of W. A. Harrington, .horses really are.' His new concrete
-reached by the alley that runs between - stable is the largest and best equ:p
the „ Democrat" office and.. the Ma- ped in this region. It contains thirty
whiney Harrington is wide, stalls and four box stalls and is fitted
ly experienced in .the bisiness 'and gives up with all modern facilities for carry
his entire attentirm to it. He keeps ing on an extensive bus ness. It is
all kinds of stylish rigs and turnouts known the county over as "Harting.
and is prepared to hire out horses and ton's," lit very popular with persons
vehicles oil short notice that war- wishing rigs for entertaining purposes,
mi l ted to: ive entire sansfactii..n. He and the summer visitors are always
snakes a specialty of carriages, and delighted with the turnouts and careful
coaches forfuneral aid aedding parties service• they get at this model stable.
and his. turnouts Aire always in the Mr. Harrington was born in Bridge
hands of sober. caref4l and experienced water township and is the eldest son cf
drivers. Comfortable, clean stalls are the -Pie commissioner H. H. Barring
used for stabling stock and the soundest ton. After attending .the Montrose
and best oats, bay' and Other feed is°. high schoolhe engaged in the business
given with a liberal hand to all his, of buying and selling meats until about
animals, besides the best of attention in- twave Tears ago he entered the liVery
',the *ay of currying. cleaning, watering, business and has been engaged in that
,etc. Mr. Harrington takes pardonable line of avivity ever since. .
. .
That our water supply is as near- to
purity as any water can he is4borrie out
by the' faCt that we rarely if 'ever are
.aillicted with , any of the diseases. such
as typhus, - etc.,. which
,are popularly
supposed to emanate from impure or
contaminated drinking water. It could
- •
W, illard 111:13unitell r - Tot very well be impregnated with im-.
purities to any appreciable extent, corn
1 , 7 . 0 _ .. mg as it .dOes from living springs and
i, \
:. thonotary . a Lackark anna taktn intO % - the mains from under the
county, whose office is in. Scranton, is a stirfae of a clear lake. The supply is
..thus situated where no drainage from
Susquehanna . county native= all of his
?barnsand cess pools nor impurities'of
numerous friends here are proundrbf
any. kind can reach it. . - :
He was born inl3imock township.. tli's, .
' Besides the satisfactory. supply of
parents moved to Montrose that their
. good water for doniestic . purposes, Mont
children- might obtain an acadernic.e.du
caiion. • , -f rose is fcirtunate a h tying a good press
' After graduating from the. Montrose ure from the puotic hydrants for fire
high school . with,honors ' in 'lBO3. he en- .. protection, as the company maintains
precent an ecient service in re
tered Keystone Academy at Factory . -:
and: later - graduated from . -Bnck-• sat pt— an adva ffi ntageous featurethis
denced. by the comparatively low insur- 5
nell tniversity. • He is a versatile niind-•
apce rate which obtains-here. ..,..-
ed Man and a gifted speaker and - per- .. .
' The company was organized in t 893.
siitent debator.- yet always consistent
The pump-house was'•erected that year
and courteous. lie possesses a fine, ten-
and the Mains -laid as fast as possible.
or Yoke and is a member of the Schu..
Additional mains are being put in; at
belt Male Quartet. of . Scrton_ He
has had some very flatterin pOsitions, _present there are nearly eight miles of
offered him. as a soloist but has almay;,,T:PlPillg:. ' • . -
...rhO companr s principal officers .are:
declined td, adopt singing as a profes-
J. D.\Stocker of - jermyn, president; S.
Sion, preferring. to continue. to practice
law. . . •., W. Cook of Jerm3 - n, secretary; Thomas
E. Jones of Scranton,. treasurer. 'The
-Mr. Bunnell, sc;on, after- moving to - ----•,-• - -----”,- ..,---- -
directors are:, J 1 D. Stocker. William
Scranton, got into the , "political game"
WaTker_,of - Fort Washington, Thomas
arid at once demonstrated his great
E.' Jones, George G. Brooks'of Scranton
abilities as an organiier; 'He Was elect
and and S. W. Cook.
ed prothonotary of Lackavaiina county•
t . M. W. Dennison of Montrose is the
in 1907 and is one of the best and most
general superintendent. Mr:Dennison,
popular officials in • that - -county. The
while ever - alert for the interests and
canvas be made for the office- was one. of
welfare of the company. is' never un
. .- the cleverest ever. 'mown in that city of
mindful fit. the rights of consurnerand
'.., shrewd -politicians, and from that time
_be stands well in the community. -- .
~: oil he, has been :a dominarii - personage
in the Democratic- ranks. He is chair- ;',•••• " ' . • .
- ..
than of •the city committee and has 'lust The County Bnildings. =. .
.:. rine through one of the_ scrappiest cam- .'•
paigris ever kre,wn in a -municipal eft-e•-The .butiding used - by the Fire Corn
tiOn in the Electric City ' • • ... pany was built for ' a jail -in 1853. In
i Mr. Bunnell is of pleasing persOnality, 1867-8 the present jail was built by
and ever loyal to • and ;Candid with his Avery Prink: and - the. old one was leased
friends. He loves motoring and the
by theboro of Montrose for 99 years,
• Manly sports; has .a competence in this for afire station
life's goods; is upright in characterand - The. main part of the Court house wa
1 a , man of pronounced influence. • His built in 1854.5; the contract was made
•success is always of the greatest interest between the county commissioners, and
--. •to his Susquehanna county friends and -Levi B. Guernsey, Wm. .L. Post, I. L.
:. • admirers who have seen him develop Post,.W. H. Boyd and Avery. Frink,
-, • from a boy into useful manhood. . -- .contractcirs. .
Mr: Bunnell was married to Margaret In 1885 the addion was built by
• Irene Walls of •Lewisburg, Pa., a very - Boyd, • Corwin & Cooley, and added
• talented lady. They hale two interest- much to the appearance , and -thecon
- ing boys and the family live in a hand- venience of the Court house.
some home in Scranton. -He has also s. . _
• purchased the Old family - homestead at N-. . - -- • .
South Montrose; :. at . of SJ. 16 ,
entiment and . • • ' •
...... md..... •
love for The old place, and his family . ,
• -the summer -months. One of th e best known members of
Occupies it during
the Susquehanna county bar. is J. D.
. „ . .
Miller, 'of Susquehanna formerly
, . -•- . inecessfialinerchant in his home town ;
• • .
••' • , Thomson. Becoming impressed with the
: 1 New Milforciltas five churches as fol. , belief tbskt . bc would enjoy the praCtice
lOwi: Methodist Episcopal—Rev, :of la*. and he took up its study and in.
W. Johnson,- pastor;
. Presbyterian—i. due time was admitted to practice. Re
D. Hillman, pastor; iptist— Franklin sold an office in - Sus
Pearce, pastor; Episcopal—Rev. Heim,. --quelsantus; sad , has succeeded finely.
• Rector; Catholic—Father Mack. enjoying a large practice. . •
. . .
, - •
We are compelled to prin 1 the
Democratm a few hours late. o w, ng to
1 Copies of this edition of the '' DE to- the non-receipt of some of the ts' on
CRAY," *rapped and ready f fordnailing, titne. For this-reason we were obliged
may be had .at the Democrat office; to ,disappoint scme of our subscribers
Price, 5 cents. If mailed. i' cents. on the rural routes. etc.. / •
The Supply in Montrose Very
Satisfactory in All Respects
4 ,,
~, quantity in
_qualit s of
wn r. - village is per IP. efartii).the
most important features wring upon ;
the health'and general welt4iiing of its
people'. 'ln this respect Moutrx-e is for
tunate in having a bountiitil ;supply nt
clear, cool water, which is Obtained ti=orn
an intake in or near the middle of Jones
lake, where prenniat springs bubble up
and are sufficient in quantity to supply
not only the present population of our
town, but adequate for any reasonable
increase in population and growth for
years to come. .
• .
t,,-. .
, . *
. , .
~ . .
, , - -..-
4 .., onv ., .. : ..., ~.,,
, ~, , ,,t , .. . a .
1 - - 2-
. 0 r . . . . .
' to.Or v"t...., taut
. .._
. .
Montrose, Sus 'a Co., Pa., 'Thursday, February 18, 1909 28 Pages. Price 5c Vol.-69, No. 7
11,boinb was thrown' front an • ele
, rated train in New York. and six per
sous 'were injured_ by the, explosion.
This . Was the second attinuftt to de
i stroy.Jeseph Arono, a linker, who had
I received Black Hand letters. • .
William W. Babbington : A led in the
.1 Long island City hospital:: as the re
suit of. an infection of. the. band re- . -
"celved while decorating ti. chrlsitnas
tree with green chetuleals.'.; '
. . A : Bishop E. E: Hotta . of the Methodist
Train robbers held 'up a Denver and . .
Episcopal church south, wlts operated
Clio Grande train near Military June.- upon in a hospital In .Baltimore for au
tion, Ctilo.,' and after terrifying the Internal affection:" =i
passengers by firing tt• volley or shuts The Nev : York state public service
Slid overawing the .crew Of "tS3e.:lrktittl, - •TotonnSttkat -T0ted,,... - tit , -.'"-jfArif.4h67;:-Erie
wl-t revolve-6 forced 'the'••:tnitil,---_:-.littlt. ,ladritad• to'..lininn OtiOdi r ,l,MV'Addititiiuti ,
exini'•ssclerks to aid thent. •
4* :fvoiti,,g,::.-bcbd;*,l. •._•':.
...,.,• • ;::'::.:_;.! . :',.Ej:"l: ,:.• ' -: :
the sack - s-40'ixix . es tinalik eicnfOrt7lTite . Vtlitti.rtittitii7VM ( iit , '§"riii 4,- ::.
In. nu aittobile with - ti,CiAltv .. .esslf . U' . _ . •c4cl zorri -, " t4, : :...,AtiatigB7aity.*. aut I
booty. • . •:-..... •:.-., .......• - ItitattaiSti , ,' Nils; 7 - T -24 ,:.7 . f . 7
. , . . _.... . .
-‘t .1 he Universit,y, club, Philadelphia. • • • to - • - •
_ _• -
News of
A Week
Peragniphicflpotographs of the
Woitft Doings
113 . persims. all physichms. tendered
a banquet to I rr. John B. Deaver. who
had - succesfully removed the vermi
form appendix from every one in nt. 7 ,
teistance, including the waiters. There
was Just one appendix at the -appen
14.1ass u.e-r-r—Mbl Mt- /100
:hen'the business interests of - the , vil
ge have undergone nu me rc us chz•nge .
t the .:eVsonnel of those wh' Lon
m.ted its stores, mills and sh ips, un-
ii .
At p-e , cnt i ti--e three mercantile con • rose . and Tunkhantiock..• A large quan
'.tr us ‘..1- the place are or eratcd by ,•criir ' e - -• ". • • ' ti iy of milk is shipped. • Thisals i is the
jame.i A. Williams owns and eondUcts . shipping point for Auburn, •Auburi
.ne_of the largest and most important Ce;nter l and Elk Lake.' , Aboitt a carload
eni ra 1 stoles in the villigo He is a
rogressivc, pubic-spritcd young bici - *".. - ' 'summer
(4 butter is shipped ; 4rona Ylere eacit'e
' • ~..
ssn - .an and has built up a very rat bro , 1 t in ) - 4 '* ;
week in theseason , u s ) „--,
story trade. He succeeded E.: E. from these places. •APYThcs are' eicen- 4 :
nes and has been in bv-iness at the
me location about five years. .He is sh • •
sively grown in the township and large
are made -from herein the'
native • cf Harforct and very popular .
th all classes of people. . • fall. -
shipments 1 • -
• , . . , . . .
0. F. Maynard is at present the Pro- The farm buildings 'in tI4 neighbor
ietor of the oldest/established general hood haVe improved wonderfully in the
re in flarf y •
rd. .He deals in dr • ' • •
- last few years. and several 'pp-to-date
ds, groecries, notions, readY-rnade
thing, hats.-caps, etc., and carries a 'houses; have beent built int tci9l.• D. D.
e stock of goods, Mr. raynard• is a Layton has a new one•with 'all modem
tine of Scranton but has. lived in
rford nearly all of his life.. ' He is a • ,
improvements. R- L: Avery'' and E. W.
of T. lid. Maynard. Some four Lott have each remodeled houses:that.
rs Igo he bought out the establish- are an ornament la ,he town- : In If
nt from Frank Lott and has since modeling E. W. LOU destroy'ed an cld
ducted it with much success.landmark of :the town. Cyru
; . s W.
arty E. Miller; a native of Raeford, . ; h
Rata used to live; there and . before the
he proprietor of a very popular es- ,- -7- . .
ishinent dealing in general merehan. war his house w a wa u nder
... No young business man in Sus- road station for runaway slaVes. Thry
anna county stands higher
g alls
as. a -would, come from a' station between
hed and courteous gentleman and - • ' •
p-tosdate business man than Harry and Lagrange, in Wyoming coun.,
's./. l ll6l,liniiie-peu . tr, a nt to von „. ty.. a nktrosire . •they went to a Stk.'
+4.•••;' -, . •• - - ' , • - . -:..4 4,,, •
..., irx i vi ~. 2' -11.r;.:..z.:.•.:.'--..l.''ent-Its• ...,.......
I .Vote,and declared Wfiltant H. at
nt . Washington counted the :ahoi i4: - ,.. Utory - of the State Norrutil school
ilil ?nines - S. Sherman cl ef t,- ; ..d. ai r fs;r : 7,%'::7: - ..,... 1 ,- -- .7 . 7 ,1 ,,7 1 e - . 1,,c7 . -ttit . e . lief.
1 ,„7,, 1 ...• ITezn. N. Y.. thrze girl students. 1
!tl . z
.0 - vi..vt , ...;;;,;..... 4 ,,,„:,. , „, i,.,: 5 , ,.,:,!,,0i5,,,t4, , ,„„e„,.- -,,,, , ,..,,..,-404_ Ar r40."' 1 .
v(4,0t : 110 . *Or, 1 :-
, T .7i A.,,,-...„:,,, ,
,_, ! ~,,,:..,... , * ::-;_: ~:-:1,.--: , tlr;-•
.. ItS' ^-,*:, oft :iisar i3oto t atit.itakitiiit - . :-Aki4eif, Tk _ :W.! litiieliiiii ll'ini 1
the tits iaiicie4Acat'l taarrittPl 'AM.! lii<iiV , ' - i: :. iitV:( 4 ii"*.t ' 4 .!*terS ti.'
ty feet a.4.liistiliaingiy - foie sPier:Virt , 1 - - i' l 144 4 ' %''. '-- '4,:tikl4N4 '.I In If l .S . a
' , ---, -_,,• _.. -t , . - ..: - • t , w .:
Nets _ .'loPeki 'th -
.. - ,„, 9. gigi,..the-betiC:7<iffit*A&4ify:- . '''al . l"an-
Of7 - Itteliard Wheaten. thus preventinU ftliS oily and. demanded #7.000. HP
the aorta from bursting aud''sai - I_ng was OVerpowered and locked up.
the patient's life. .. • • lntiletnicnts against twen'ty-six rep-
Edna Wallace Hopper, the actress. resentativcs Of corporatimes clutMhu.:
and A. 0. Brown of the bankrupt firm them with • stealingc.valitable timber
of A. 0. Brown & 'CO. of New York. front =segregated pallan Malls in Olat
announced in 'New Orleans that they : !MIMI were returned by thi. federal
'were secretly married on Nov.:.'( by a' grand jury at Muskogee, ,01:1. •
juticeqf the peace at Freehold, N. J. -A i freight train on the LotilSiana
' Two prisolters escaped from Slug Railway . 81111 Navigati o n. 1 - 4,4mm:illy's
Sing prison, o ne i n lii a New York line ; wits wreekt9l near Baton Rouge.
motorman convhted of responsibility La.,,plungim: from a trestliothirty-five
fora . wmck in 1905 that killed twelve feet to tip• ground. killing tMe.and. in
passengers and the other a New York luring . six. -
policeman convieted7-of extortion. • Robert Tinton - and Fr.nik Fleming
Frederic L. Small sued Arthur H. fought .1 duel with revolVers in it
Seden. the former baseball magnate =crowded rt•staurant at Milton. 'Fla..
and bank director". for :,Z.ltaknoo dam- the latter tieing killed. A:coroner's
ages at Boston. alle!•ing that the latter jury exonerated Vinton.
drugged both- himself and wife and Leslie- Coombs, the nineteen-year
.er .
t. „ _
alienated his wife's affection old slayer of Harry Hosms. '.
- Five firemen were killed . and a dozen Lawrence' county. N. 1.. was put to
injured, two- faiany, by the toppling death in the. electric chair 'at Datum
ove • of a br ick.troll while they were morn prison.
•! -
fighting fire In the H. W. ,Johns Mari- The steamer Beinialif of the Talon,
vide ManPfacturing• • company at Mil- Steamship vomit:my was wrecked off
I wankce. Wis. : ' • - Cape Terawhiti, amltifty-eight of the
Mrs. Eva Smith Cochra ne. who died 1011' men and women.. on hoard were
l eav i ng an estate •of 55.090.1101 k, ' be- drOwned.. • . - • -;:
queothed 51.0041 to t . NO
11 of the :Mt em- Three hundred me, and wianot were
plityees of the Smith Carpet company b u rned to death all many wgte in
of New York. in whirl) she. owned Wed - in a. tire whk•it destroyed the
niu'eh'stis'it...• .114;res theater in the. city of Acapulco.
- .
* The Ncliroska staie,senate by a ma- Mexi-o. „
ii)rily of 1,1 !c Pg.:: 4 + 4l .ille 1-11 Tan geh'" )l The Hotel Claretabin at Sea Breeze,
'of eitiztoiship bill, - providing fin': the yis., one of the lamest resort hotels
estabbsnotent Ili the State university on the east coast. 'NV;IS destroy by
of ? , •1ut ,, 1 teajem-11 the duties of .. citi- fire and :25ft guests were rekuedY.
zens hip. * —An - Illinois Central railway, passen
The • S.1111•11so,tlian institution • .at - gei• train was wreekcol near: plrldi Vs;
Wa shiligt..4Lnuoit. the first award Of -boro, lit:. and six twi•ons - were killed.
the Laurie(- go.iti, me:lal for advancing. About thirty werc - Mitired ''" '
perodrornic seicnee - in its . 0 ppl lcH lion ; .- • • •
to Aviation .Ii Wilbur anti- Orville ' -
President I'ierce armoured at St.
'Louis that the NV:dors-Pier.* oil com
pany would pay the $50.000 tine :tud
tiled tither condition , : imposed for the
continuance of inisines:4 in MisNouri. ,
A hurricane from the gulf of Mexico
that swypt:i,otdslatta and Texas killed
three persons.ll%llmM Seven and de
stroyed raiinani tracks, anti telegraph
wires for miles in both 'states.
Father Carroll. ft;rmerly of Phila..
delphia; .. was'.eonseerated bishop of
Vigan with impressive ceremonies at .
the cathedral in , Maniln, Papal , Dele
gate .Agiuie officiated. • ,
Philippe Btrniu-Varilia, the - eminent
French engineer, arrived from Europe
and predicted the failure of Gatun dam
in - the Panama canal ,tin account of
the foundations. : -- ::.
• : The Alabama supreme court decid
ed that the new ,franchise tax law is
valid and that the tax must be paid
by the' railroad's who have' been light
brg it. • ,''-' .' .
The ferrious liberty bell, Which is
kept at the old statehouse id Phiholei-:
phis, cracked again._:_and the relic is
in danger of being split in twain:
lAndrew Carnegie presented the Cin
cinnati Public library with an addi
tional - $1.00,000, • having previously do
nated $lBO.OOO.
Robert A. Taft, son of the president
elect, was elected ,to memberkhip in
the Yale chapter of the Phi Beta
Kappa, . ._.-
. . .
CRIMES cart .Ellertin - ateNyard
shlps• of the North
• Gentian Lloyd fleet,
_nrest . tr b) ens
tolns Oilleet on .boar -1* lironprln
ussiiilleoche at 1.-lobolien,N, elrarg ,
te t i•e. . . .
• r.
A branch ,of the. Lehigh yalley rail
road passes through .here, and •Spring-.'
yille is : the chief. station.betcYpen
TORtIGN . Tbr9tig.ll tic efforts"of
L sPeeial
NEWS .OF cormaissii2u-
INTEFiEST. / e ' r to Verleineta,
protocol in settlement of the. matters I
Between the United States' and that
country its signiSi at Caracas, Three
American claims go to The Hague I
tribuald. a fourth was settled by Cash
payment. a!td the fifth wa 'settled by
tbe t'enezueltin government directly
.with the claimants.
A high northeast wind 'caused an
ice blockade - In Nfltgara river, and the
American fails ran nearly dry.' only ",rt
tiny stream trickling, Over the great.
precipice. Two men :walked from
Prospect point to Bath Island. tl6_ be
fag accomplished but twice before in .
the hiStory of the white man.
Edward' George Hugh Grosvenor;
aged five years, son of the Duke of
Westminster, died at •London
lag an operation for appendicitis.
King Edward .was gOdfather, and
the boy •would have: Inherited an in.
come of more than X3,00,0p0 a year..
:Dole. Tatiana Kotova, Once. pretmi
tient in Russian terroristicircies and
one of the organisers ot.the attempt
On the life of 'Premier Stoiypin at his
Island villa' died of Koitaftoz v
and e
Posure. following her escape from
Prison - near St.. Petersburg„.
The Turkish parliament:forrOKia
mil Psalm. the - . grand, vizier, Ain - re
sign through au :overwheinilit , vote
of lack of confidence. TIM sal an•wati
requested to appoint a prime sinister
posgessing the confidence of the pro
Armour & Co. of Chicago contracted
with the British gorernment fur three
years' supplies of gunned corned beef
under the supervision of British-army
Dineen. The first delivery of 1.000,000
Rounds will be made this sultuner..
The police at St. Petersburg Issued
a warraut for. the arrest of - Maxim .
Gorky: the Russian novelist, whose
book described the Intolerable condt
lions of life under autocracy in . litta.
Sin. Gorky is la Italy. 4
Witham . Marconi of the - literrohl
Wifeless company presentid.,.. , ittick
Mims with a gold watch .iwatch _ inrecet. :
lieu of his runt gt coil deceittiirCs i :
Abe :ix:mg-ton of: the loss , ef the , it4il44
. .
• • •
MArle Viragn . o-
won the natioital iti
nuor tennis champion
ship in. singles for the second consecu
tive, year, defeating' Miss 'Elizabeth
Moore in the tinal round of the annual
tournament at New York city 2 sets
to The contest was a most unusual
Ine, the score being 6: love. 12-14 and
, 7, i,
.1 Seattle *tight promoters wired' James
; . Jeffries • Offering to. put up a gutii
?nteed purse of .4200,0.10 .
for a tight
.:.• luring the Alaska-Yukon Pacitie‘expo
.-. Mori between him and Jack Johnson,
4he negro champion heavyweight. This
1 , 4r4 the second purse offered, the first
•timonnt being $12:000. 1 Jeffries is eon-
Aildering the, increased offer. •
4 1 John Nilsson, the professionalskater.
!-:-stablished new records • for indoor
• liCia4 'at St._ Paul, 31inn., covering
wo ;miles in 5-minutes 45 2-5 second's
!one - mlie in 2'minntes 30 2.5 seC
,III(IR Norval Baptic lowered the half
record. to 1 minute IT 15 sec
H. 'L. Trube, the . national mile cham
pion runner., made a new world's in-
Joor mile reeOrd at Madison Square
;arden, New York city, .covering the
listanee in 4 .minutes 19 4-5 setlondS.
Elliott Carr Cutler. 'O9, was elected
. - _ , aptain of the Harvard varsity crew
it Cambridge. Mass.. Captain Seve
rance having been
,forced to resign as
:he result of serious . illness. .
Dorando Pieta the Italitin.Marathon
runner. defeated Percy Smaliwoial in
t twelve mile race at Philadelphia,
Smallwood quitting in the eleventh
Vice resit/eon* . T. I%i .chivington of
he : , L a iaville American_ absgoetation
:1,.' ~..,4 t, ;•41 tentO: .- ahrtied Heitz • Peiti. to- 1
Ifili tu .c. ,- ; 0.1 1te-44hte for the souring sea-11
. ' 3 . 4 ‘.. ..i.-57,-;:,1. - :, - -,-:: ''• ..
_._-: ,- --
• )'• .' ' . -
- -' ..--•-- ~:,i; , :s. -;:is•no-2 - -;', ' • .
-.: - ..:-. - F ; r;:-" - .
DEAt iof,- , :ltercfautin-
,kt. Ilortig
-- OP 'NOTED of 'the firm of liurtig
& Seamon, theatrical
PEOPLE. - ',
managers, died at New
York after. suffering for three years
from a -malignant - tumor. Mr. Huitig's
firm owned and 94u - rolled theateis, in
-a: -- itomen: cities and towns through:int
the comOry. Mr. Ilurtig began life
a billposter for Barntutis circus.
George...l. Seabury. a well knoWn
chemist !and prominent In political cir
cles, died at Now Vork. aged, sikty
five years. He
.d - its an authority on
scientific - matters' regarding chemistrY
and was a delegate to the convention.
at Chicago which nominated' Mr. 'raft.,
11. E. Hoerring, state councilor and
(former premier of Denmark, tiled .at
i ropenhagen. Ile resigned as preniler
in 1914.1 after coneluding negotiations
between the united States and Den
mark- for the purchase by .the United
States of the DaniSh West Indies:
John - F. Russell. seventy-one yearn
• of age, an inventor
. Of .national • repu
tation, died of apoplexy at Springfield.
, 0. , lle perfected the • modern 'reaper
and devices for the development, of
the steam locomotive.
Congresstmln f)aniel L. D. Granger
of Providence. R. 1.. who , represented
the First district of Rhode Isiao: in
CongreSs during the Fifty-eighth.' Elf
-ty•-nint h and Sixtieth cOngresses, died
at „Washington.
/Marquis Erumannel-Henri Vioturnien
de Noailles, a former 'member of : the
diplomatic service, died at 'Paris. In
1572 he repreented his government at
Washington. , . •
Robert . N. Marvin
. died' at James
town..N.rY: He was the son of Rich-
Jtrd P.r.litarvin. for many years a; jus
tice of the New York supreme court.
Live , Stock Markets.
CATTLR—Dressed, Saloc. per pound.
CALVES—Common to ; prime reals,
In per tar. pounds; dressedi calves, , Sal e.
per pound for city dressed; and 7al3c. for
country, dressed
SID:11.7.1" AND LAMBS—Corranon to
prime sheep (411 ewes).
.$3.5 1 .1115.25 per I(K)
pounds; fair to ' good...tamhs;... S 7 54n.7.77,;
culls. IS; dressed mutton. 7alec. per pound;
dressed lambs. int.L4ll3c..
HOGS—Light and medium -, York
slate and Pennsylvania hogs, t;.17'..a7 per
lOU pounds, pigs included; country tit !ss
-111/.4a9c. per pound.
General Markets.
BUTTER Elmer and. unsettled: re
ceipts. 9.751 packages; creamery. specials.
30a30 1 4c. (official. 30c.); extras, r.41:.1P,tc.:
thirds t 2 firsts, 2'.'ailc..c.: . held, common to
special, , 22a9c.;. process, common to spe
cial, 18a5c.; western factory, 18aM4ic.:
western imitation creamery, 21a=c.
CHEESE—Firm; receipts,- 3.071 boxes:
state, full cream, specials. 16a1aic.; col
ored or white, fancy, 14 1 / I c.;. good 'to fine.
11.%c.; winter made, best, - 1.3 1 / 2 c.; common
to prime, lhalMc.; skims. full to specials.
Mall%c. •
EGGS—Firm: recelpti, 8,653 cases; state.
Pennsylvania and nearby, fancy, selected.
white, W.; fair, to choice. 366117 c.; brown
and mixed. fancy, 36c.• fair to choice.
11410 c.; western, firsts,
,i 40.; seconds, 33a
13 1 / 2 e. _
POTATOES—Fihn; domestic, ' in bulk.
per 190 lbs., 12.522.62; per bbl. or, bag,
112.10a2.40; European, per bag. $1.76a2; Ber
muda.'new, per bbl., i4.16a15.30;. sweet. No.
1, per basket, 81a1.40.
DRESSED POULTRY—Firm; turkeys,
young; selected, per lb.. 23c.; young, pOor
to good, 16aLlc.; capons. nearby. .r.ta.:rsc.;
western. 72a25c.; spring thickens, roast
ing, nearby, 18a24c.; western, 141:16c.:
fowls. boxes, 1baL.5 1 ,4c.; barrels," 14 1 ha15c.: .
old roosters, 110.1%c.•. ducks, Western, 16a
16c.; :peso. western, 10a12c.; squabs, Whit%
per Os., 31.24a4.15.
. .
George Esmay has got a fine h - rse
for sale., Re has two and don't need
but one. 1
The 'Erie Rail Road Co., is do'ng
a large amount of work on the rail road
culvert across the out etof Lewis Lake.
Putting ,in a new concrete arch inside
of the old one. as the old one was crack
ing, L
. P. Norton is preparing to move in
the Curtis house formerly known as the
Boswell house on. Lovers avenue. -
Tha.Uniondale Milling Co.,.seems to
belg a lively business these days
ty the., way the teams go to and from
Money buys the feed and the
tlie mart go.
iy " ti rg-r,..,..0u frt ber latound here. have
VittWestgatis .and hifinen have
tiing the:ice m .tbe ear- BY
the vior - Tref.** is ( quite an all round .
fellow in the - *taxa thingk toEell,
• d al, !pc h _as wagetteleig i birlat,
nesies; -blanket", whips. _robes; `farm
Ina plentepts. coal, brick, fertilizer
sha w, go-and see for youself.
telleverything. . <
The First National Bank
Smell as well as larger Accounts will:eshareleorned.
r-rk '
- A Full Line- of
General Merchandise
at Very Reasonable frices. .
0+ !Agent for Kernp & Burpee Farming
anclMeLaval Separators.
Lazatztaialausitas zuk.Azgagauzsilaui6
New 'rink. Feb. Hz-
We will receive your "on account subject to check" and furnish all nee
eSsary stationery free. If you hive never had a check account open one.
new. There is no better way of making payments thy by check.
. We receive interest deposits and issue either an Interest Past` book_ or
Certificate of Deposit;as you may wish Interest paid at the rate o 3
per, cent per annum on deposit ilellAree months or longer.
Cs'Hand let us explain anything you do not underbtan.i.
(1. G. 11011(41.1.T, President; HARRY W. SEAMANSAViee Pres
D.'W• Terry & Co.,
ra -
r [ Retrospect
February A5t,.1874., we began our Iminess career in
this ' illage. ..To those still living who can look
back to that time and the attendant conditions, the
changes and developements that have' °courted. al
though gradual in their process, are FO radical as to
be almost revolutionary. With but few exceptions
the heads of families as they then existed have pasted
from the scene of action and the descendants, quite
generally, .have succeeded them and are filling the=
places made vacant by their passing. It is a matter
of gratification that as a rule the friendship - and loyal ‘•
support given us by the fathers and . Mothers of-the \
present generation at the beginning of our business
• career here has been continued - and intensified by khe
passing of time. We have never been as well pre
pared to fill all your family needs as now { and* the
"latch string is out," .as alsOays.. •
• FI •
.• UST.•
, PAGE 'ONE. •
********•*.****-- 4-144.**
East Lenox ,
Mr. and Um jobn Shepherd ana son' ,
Howard, and Mr. .vnd Mrs. James Con-
rad, visi ed , at B.• H. Contad's. Sunday.
Paul Belcher and Leah &lancer,. spent
Sunday with Dar. atd Mrs. H.
hams.' • -
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie , Prank-
lyn. a son.
Bruce Belcher is spending a few
weeks with his parents. Mr; and Mrs.
I. S. Belcher. - .
Mrs. Eva Davis arid daughter Lura. •
have returned - from a visit with friends
in Bingham ton, Sidney: and Edmiston.
The Misses Polly and Maria Stiphens
are in poor health_atthis witing,„
• Alice Snyder isvery siCk with, typhoid
pneumonia 4---t •
Luella Snyder visited relatives in Car
bondale last week.-
- Susan Harding is *visiting friends in
For sate. . -=Fifty tons of good. baled
I.llly. Si s ;triton, on what is known as
`the - •* For pastime
iars c tt oa Mra; Eva'Davis
imulate an
a* .
allow a discount of
n above and 15 per ct.
lm our regular price. .
F. H. McINTYRE. Cashier.
of 35 Years.
411.1111111 11111 . 11 M 11 . 11