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    Montrose Democrat
Thursday, February 180909.
Litt—A pocketbook.-FloOr leave at Baillo
crat tillee and get reward.: Geo. Latitmer.
Dr. C. W. Brodhead. 'boraezdenti4t. will be
at home net week to :do dental work.
For ankle -Pair of b`ack colts; three and four
yea r 4 old. i s titers; Wen driven some Also
other horses. . John H. lantmei, Montrose. Pa.
ForSale-Sit slieplM p ippios three months
aid, Mee cues. . H. Crandall, Heart Like..
Pair of bay horses for sale." six and -seren
jreare old, weight 270) 11,0;.%;
- G. P. Stoekh Am, - Fankliti Forks. Pa.
For Sale - - Moine - thoroughbred Berkshire
hear pigs. Dam from Loyejoys herd:. •
J. B. Sheen. South Montrose., Pa.
For Sale ;A fine rabbit, hound. •
11 7 . W. Snorer, Spiingrilte, Pa., R. F. D. 2.
lion - me for Sale —postaesal tat. Wlll
be rented If rot, a dd. E. S. Warner.iiontrose.
Foe'sale ehear --qood work mare.
• W. C. fox, Montrose, Pa.
rot Sate—llylcuva of 15eiskeres situated 31-5
tulles west of Montrose. Will sell 11 for almut
the amount received for its_ products for the
past four years 'A g akar° of purchase
money can remain In place for a term of years
Good building+, telephone end rural mail.
E. C. Baldwin, Montrose, Pa, A. r D
Beebe, agent for the Sharpies T..b -
Lost—Gold -watch chain. finder will receive
reword it same is returni* to E. IL latelteage.
pile wanted at Springville H otel . Apply it
. .
ranted- 1, 431r1 or woman to aasist with
housework, in small 'family. To commence
about April et. Kra. E A. Smith,
Heart Lake; Pa.
gee will pay 50 cents" per hundred pounds
toraerap cut iron. 413 each Mfg. Co.. montrosp„
. Wanted--Girl for genCral housework. • Ap-
VI to Mrs. Barry Searle, $6 Lake. Ace., •
- ' - Montrose, P.
For Sale--Geod farm horse, also four tows.
Time given if desired. , ' F. E.Mll ard.
For Sale—One electric runabout In .go
eotnlition. Also a SO horse power Marino'
air eoWed, two-seated' car in first-clarm con
dttlon. H. E Frey . 538 Securioy Bldg..
Binghamton. N. Y.
Work wanted;--Steady work.' by day or
month. Married., °Wm. P. Stanton, •
Dimoek, P.
' Found—Lanies small baud bag. • Claim same
at Democrat office.
Crates for sale at :Hiekoles mill, Franklin
Forks. at 10 cts. each, till tut ther notice.
-For Sale —Pure bred Holstein bull - calves,
some from' Ad canoed R cocci ; some
will be ready for use InJully,
F yVtbster. Dialock, Pa
• Pair a e—A fine pair of
. oxen..4-yrs•old. ire 1
m itched and broken; weight, 2i,V lie. Atlilresi.:
E. C. Peek. Kinvley . .. Pa , 1
For Sat Farm G 3 acres. houses barn.
I.arfit lit acres. largo house: two barns. w.-;rou
hciirse, etc...both wet wa'e ed. Fine location.
.Mrs. N. L. Hollon. Wgalusing, Pa-z
. . . ~
For Bent—Farm of 145 , ae res, tn 'Forest
Lake. on route No. 5. handy to eraamery. In
caldre of J. L. Qualley, Montrose. ea.
-.. _
Rooms'for Rent—Second floor.
3. B.:Stephens. Montrose. _
For Sale —HanirriondTyrenrriter,t l . s
NatinnalCo,ll Segl,44.r. Price Iltrl Do. ori.trlnai
post 00. It. L Avery. Springvilte.
For Rent. Rtter April ltit, the store iniF
hy F. B Swish, Jew cr. " •
N liio'ulro3e. Pa
Highest New York. prices paid. -.tor. fresh
• eggs. •L. F. Potter,..k., Co ~Montrose. •
• Fine. Farm , - for or ' , 11i% near :Montrose.
Birch, dcitic• nil Neir 3li torfl.
aces, ct*; , . sot , - - . • . •
.T. " 240 -;. i s-4 •
FOl- house on LalLe A come; n y C
e Far Sfile--Vac , il;t witnin tcrii natilee.
of Pw c Atottice W. t.l. Cruse-r
• For - Aa.:e-- I !Pale holne . tir rcix. s.vven
in a e,cloo, twighbo o
rb..wa, on :t roain road..
barn and :In 0•(1 flitablir?. for chicken
abirw. +ell for .s6oa. Addresks Deurzierat °titre.
• .Moutro.e Pi.
li; -- 1)euel, of Rush, a
Punt: sale Feb.
Ting:ey. of Alford. 'was_
callirt ;,lor.trote friend, recently. •
Trrry, Heart La.lie, calle„d
Tuesday to re- . la6v for 11 . rs,d
W 1rId:
. .
GeD. W. Bayless, •of
lieart" 4- was among (nit - callers
—The I'. C. will meet with .11Ts
C. F Watrous at 7:30 ) eye.
—L. B Frii,lr was up from .Scranton
evc-r FiunciaV, 1.0 see - r;is Dr.
k, Is recovering froth a seripus
ill n.f , ss. •
aivert.i!=cs a sale 01
laotas.thild at the Hata: Hotel in
Lawton, on Thursday', Feb. 25 - th. Also
horses and cows,
—Papers receved Montgomery,
Alabama, indicate" that:tThere is great
interest in Dr. Torrey's 'meetings, there,
and the a! success is attending them
I !
Qn Monda-y S. A. Pettis celebrated
his'olith birthday; had calls from grand
children and great grand children, re
ceived many cards and letters frOm
friends. - .
-L , p: W. Terry and L:4. 'Avis. hare
purchased the general merchandise
store of \T. L Shadduch',& Co. at Law
ton The firm name *ill be D. W.
Terry* Co. _ •
—Leslie Clink, an eiriploy . e at Bor e
den's, got a fall Thursday,which resulted
unfortunately in a compound fracture
• of the leg. He was walking On a plank '
which. broke beneath him. and let him
fall. . ..
`Prof. „
—Prof. S. S. Thomas;of ' Springville,
' always an interesting. Writer, sends us
for the special edition ; an article al very
unusual interest in an historical; way,
giving indication of no race suicide in ,
Sl.;ringville. Thanks. , - - •, •
. -
--Owing to the large amount of spe.
cial 'matter in this, weele - s -- Derrio — c - rat,
home of , the regular departments are
not as full as usual, and' some are omit'.
ted ultogether,also sornecorrespondence
is omitted from varioustowns.-
'—Miss Fannie Read said good bye to
her many Montrose , friends last ::Mon
day and will not be in Viontrbse Again
for several months, ,as she intends to
tale a course in the Moody Bible 'lnsti
tute, Chicago. . •
—Dean Rogers, who ; recently - pur
, chased the L. W. Moody store at South
Montrose, has, a new ad today. fie in:
tends to let the 'people know hereatter
what is going on at that populaeSouth
• Montrose store.
—The Republican says the Farmers
1„ Bank advertisernent writer is unique.,
Whatever, that may_ be it seems to
rhyme with Mozambique, - Martinique,
Cbesapeak, Pike's Peak, and catarrh
in your beak. People With this latter
.seldom realize that it rhymes with any
- thing, unless perhapt it's a gasoline
motor, stuck in the mud t But cotnpli
' ment, or the reverse, the Farmer's Nat
ional is' all plumb, froth the type-
Wrighter down the whole gamut, fx
tuies and employes_
, —M. S. Dessauer has new adv. to
day. carpets etc.
• —The Library will b e . losed Wash
ington's birthday. ' '
=Giles Carpenter, of Hallstead, was
here tte other , day..
4 --Mrs. Wm', Beck entertained her
lady' riends recently. i
' '—W. H.. Austin, .of Franklin, was at
the county seat Saturda
i -
—With two 95 in it. r t . s yestr ought
to be-a great one for ba I bill;
—Jury commissioner. . T. Hillis of
Lawton, was in town M nday. •
' - ,
, —The banks will be c osed Monday,
Feb iz. Washington's b rthday.
—M - X 41. E. Bedell.' of Scranton,
was viiititig friends here ast week.
—Hon. and Mrs.: H. , '. Rose . were
guests at Judge Little's', 'st week.
—Will Ryan has pu based a house
from M.-S. Allen, on Ch ango stree t's
.—The vote on road t o in Franklin,
Was decided ,'..'No,“ Ono - t two to'one.
—B: Wruble, the sto4k buyer, was
nnarried•to a Pittston lady a few ' days
ago. h
. -
—Benj. Vandervoort, INew York, is ,
the guest of his sister,':lMrs. Bryce a
Titman. , .
-7 , 11r5. W. J. Maxey. fl Forest City,
has been the guest of_ t
- s. F. L. Leon
ard. here. - I i
-Extra copies of tod I. ny ,l s big Demo
crat at office 5 eta. or_ ik wrapped and
mailed 7 eta. i
'—Holstein Breeders *a meeting
next Tuesday. Feb. 23 . ;, at i o'clock;
election of o ffi cers. '
- 1 .• ;
—Mrs T. A. Robe ' friends are
glad to to know she is overing from
her recent serious fall. ,:' ,
- --
=Frank -Pepper, 22P er of the
' Auburn Corners crea ' was doing
business at the county - t SaturtEr.
ni tiag
=Nearly two tons o } i i paper was re
quired to print • tad y's Democrat.
costing one hundred d ot ars per tori."`•)
-- -' - -Our genial barber, • , L. Cobur6 ,
has secured the servi ' of Thomas
Curran, a first class bafbei of Scranton.
J. Lee, of Friendgyille, and C. S.
Valles, of New Milftirdt, attended the
State school directors' iTortvention as
delegates. _ „ v -tri• •
—The gentlemen's sutper at the M.
E. !church last night, - is largely at
tended and s thoroughly,,; enjoyed. The,
receipts-were over Szoo. 1 • .
----M rs. Elizabeth NicKeeby was snick:
en with paralysis, at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. T. S. Stnith, injess;tlP.
and is in a critical condition.
--Carlisle Smith's tw&lfth birthday
was :elebrated yesterdair d by about go
of - his hale friends at t4e - home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ailit. Smith.
. ~,,
—Read's reasonable prices have taken
another drop. His ad. - . ".palls attention
to a few.items on which reductions have
been made, as samples la - other bar
gains.' ',.. 4 , • .
t'' •
—The marriage of Mr.f Lottie White
Avery to John O. Horton, both of
this place, is announced, to occur at the
13apti,t church. Wedne.iday. Feb. '24.
r 90.9, at 5 o'clock. i..
—A meeting of tl'e t Committee will
be held nest. Monday, at' Binghamton,
to open the bids for the,. ontrose Bible
onic/ ‘-. ;It:: Audi t•:,riurn. 1 - ich it is t x
pected l treibirilt in it. Isrring. •
I t
r . 4
Ma..ey Jeri\itts will /pad the young
pe0i• c 1e!,,....: rneking=t4 at the! Presbyterian
chu:ch, Snuday evenine,Oeb. zr. Tht
t ,, p.c is; Pilgrim's •Po - )ness Series IL
The Sldugh of Despond, Ets, 09: 14, 13.
18 ; 49* -3. • tl• .
-I't is said tnere has '- , not - been' so
much call for houses tc4 rent in ten.
at i this. year, whilei, more houses
have b..-.en sold the past I:year than in
any prircding three yetkrs. liontrose
is all right as a place to ice. .
•—M - r. LP. Myers; of 1 1 1 - ilkes- Barre.
Wh o has spent seVeral wl" . &•s in Mr•rit
rose, in assisting- in geWn-,, , , out the
Democrat's srecial ceitiq,n, bss made
many friend= here. He lla thoroughly
t rained newspaper man 4.ll;much.exper
ience, and a pleasant a4id . courteous !
entlernan to do businessi,-with. .
—S. A. Smith, of 1 7 ar t .;Ilin, while in
town Saturday, give - ar. - Ipleasant call
4 i
and re - newed for his 'rnocrat. Mr
Smith. -we say with 1- 4 ret, is not a
Democrat, in politics; buty, - he takes the
Democrat for its ccunty.s -and genera'
news &c . and saYsit fills'a.p:a.:e none . of
the , other papers do. ':i ,
Our local W. C T. 1. - . .jobserved tag
days by ptesentir:,g thirt.i volumes to
the Free Library.. Thee Books are
published by the National! Temperance
Society, New York City, #nd are inter
,estmg and ' instructive,WThe Library
Association accepted the gift with
many thanks. K, -
—.B, B. ' McCain. Rur's . popular
merhant, Who
,has been 4 per'sistant
use: of printers'-ink, hasp
~ e en in bus
ness there 35 years an H in his an
noucement today he info s his many
Customers that he was
,' s ever so well I
prepared fo'r their wants', 4 nd at satis
prices as now. 4 1 ; •
—Thank Heaven, girls4for Mr. Ail
mar. of Juniata county; as'solely
through his oratorical effort or last
week the bill to increase tithe marri3ge
licenve fee from fifty ents to two
'dollars was defeated. 4 Ir. Ailman's
most effeetiVe argument Isms that be
was married ;oncehimselfli4nd that fifty
cents was all, the license las worth.
—The will of the late A : ;;W. Kent Wa.s
,probated by Recorder T irchard went
over from Montrose for Oat purpose.
But no inventory has been filed as yet.
The firt Memorial churchlof Brooklyn,
, is left $ r,OOO in trust.. '''be widow is
left $15,000 in additio4: to slo,ooo
pv , n just previous to h,..# death - and
all the near relatives are Qliberally re
membered. His two brof r ipers, W. L.,
cf Brocklyn, and J. L. Ketst, of. Boston,
are residuary.legatees. i 4
• 13bro Electi i'n " I
. , i
The following born offi. ,- were elect
ed Tuesday:
. , , I ,•
~.. ; 1
Burgess—W. A. Titsw - • h.
Collector=-W. V.. Hand Nc. • .
Poor Director—T. Al R rti.
Auditor—N. Warner. i .
Justices of the Peace - 7 2, . A. Davies
and M. H. Van Scoten. ' 1 1 ,7
.•. FIRST WAR ~!' - •
• cm:wen—J. C. HarringtO. • - -
Judge of Election—Herrtßrewster.•
Inspectors.,-0. LePrevas - t and J. L.
__ i i,J ' ~
. - - SECOND WARD. ..
. Council— C.:1.. Van Sc
' n. . .
School Directors—T. j. Davies and
,W. J. Baker. : - .- : rt. - •
Judge of Election--H. 14 - llack..
Inspectors—E. L. Burchi , and M. W.
Dennison. . '. .111 •
CotinCil—. .G. Fanclie' 1. and S. E.
Newton.. . ~ ,
Judge of Election—H. • l ' ayons.
Inspectors—E. G. Fo0:: and S. j.
Northrop. - .
Masonic Banquet
Make this Maik Tour
Brilliant Affair.. Place of Deposit . &Eichauge
The annual Banquet of Warren
Lodge No. 240, F. & A. M. and Warren
Chapter, was held at the Tarbell House. '': NATIONAL
Montrose. Pa., (Byron 'Horton, 'pro
prietor,) Friday evening, Feb. 12, 1909,
and was most brillilmt and successful '
affair.' a Capital , - $OO,OOO 00
it, may be that ;Some time yoii ►
Plates were laid for one hundred
guests, eighty being guaranteed Mr.
Horton, but in. the afternoon it was ap
parent. there was to be a 'large attend
ance and by the time the banquet hour
had arrived one hundred and twenty
guests had assembled. While the num
ber greatly exceeded that looked for,
yet Mr. Horton had enough and' to
spare, and is to be commended on the
genial. yet energetic way he set abdut
to care for his extra large comPany.
The menu was an elaborate one and
the preparation of the viands faultless.
The service was graceful and gave add
ecfcharm to the hour,
But the best part, (it all seemed the
best) was the flow of soul following, and
W. A. Titsworth as toast master, was
a success from the s art, and immed
iately dispelled only feeling' of ennui,
should anyprie have been conscious' of
such feeling—owing to the lateness of
hour--and both introduced , the toasts
and punctuated the intervalswith time
ly remarks and some mighty good
The oratorical.teature of the even
ing was by lion. R. B. Little, on
"Lincoln the Statesman." and the lof
ty and enobling sentiments, couched in
splendid diction. made an after-Nmer
speech worthy a. Depew. Ur. Little's
speech was replete with information re
garding Mr. Lincoln. his achievements,
his personal traits, hit unselfish loyalty
to principle—his stories. It was it real
gem. .
In Masonic 'History, W. D. B. Ainey
spoke of the order's beneficial and help
ful effect on mankind and its
great assistance in. working out
many of the moral problems of the ag
! es_ Mr. Asney :s always a great favorite
with Montrose audiences, and, he was
at his best this evening.
"She would be a Mason," was a most
humorous paper. faultleisly recited
by Mrs. W. H. Conklin. •
R. A. Zimmerman. oc Scranton, spoke
on "Free Masonry."
-- Rev. H. B. Benedict, always a tact
ful speaker with some pleasant and en
tertaining message for his hearers gave
a gem of a toast, 'Good Cheer,' being
its subject.
In "Our Dep.rted Brothers," F. - I.
.tt spoke feelingly of the two • merrt
•bers, whom death had claim during the
past year. viz. Dr. Ainey of New Mil
ford and-Edward Rose of Sil er Lake.
In addition to being- the iftst largely
attended banquet ever g t vsitrby the Is°.
ciety, it was also considered one of the
most enj-Table ever held. The cOrn
mittee'on arrangement are .be
gratulated, together with Mr. Byron
-Horton. who evinced consummate skill
in preparing and serving the menu •'
Music was furnished by I. W. Oak
ley. H. A. Lions, C. J Knapp, Paul
Sprout and Mrs Van Catnpen.
Lincoln Day
The interesting Program at.the
Montrose High School.: I .
song - llnerica Qcho.
I.lnc. a in. Sn: , , , :nzo. ..... .1 un'or.k.: ' • •
T t:e. , and ho - . 11 of. L'neo' n NI ;tarot O'Bri n
L'relln. - in 4 y.r nna StAtennnn, Milton ' .1
-cont. Culoninla i;eni , of t_bo irimvi. Sc.g . 1
Liu.:-,n, C in mrio , . of Fr , ..:•!ono....—Loui3o"' 0
N r ..' n tnir4.gflel(l to IV:o.tnngto... ueor4o Fii n
won;; -t-mtir II y.nn of t ht. 11,3nitole,
LAnc In. Ilia t.bri,t nn N i na. Bali
Ittei ration i itcoln's F,,,v ,, rit,- Poecn
Hitt 11 .1. Here
My t id ken tuck!: Mate QiiartiAtti
1 - 1 1 100 :4".1 Grant .Guy Well s.
.SiVihkrs fi•ortefi • f Lincoln Edith Miller
Anna rarafl
LILPDI[I N, t Mynah C;rubhhh.
):ti . . — Male Qqartette
L.itle-in. itqln.gol. , t:itiV , , .A m
Elt,,•rt I):lvitA
. .
tact from It ( , 1!) . 1 1 naugu'at addrep.
Iteeicutati u I.lneidit at ti'ettysharg.
Criarka Smith
•Siar Spangled Lai er, -
e;itrnatio:i. Line 31a.
"C.lpt tin: Aty Captain:
Mary Sparken
Tlei rti-i-etubly bail wits npriropri.itely decor
ated ler ttie .1 - utlikiris under tit , super , . i.lott!of
tint, .11.1.;re were m.iny v!...ltore,
uere were nlea entertalnrut , ',ut# in ha the
Apples and Potatoes Wanted;
. .
Will p:sy J. 40 per too 1 , :,r apes and
ow per bct "‹...t 6o 113. for p)t.tti,es at the
L. & M. Station Montro.:se, :Feb. 1, th
to 2 4 th. . ' Wm. &C. I.4.:Daylciti:
. Feb. i 5.-The pupils of the schct)l Un
der 'the leading of flay ,teachers, gaVe
very commendable eXereises on the otie
hundredth anniverary. of the birth of
Abraham, Lincoln, last Friday afternoon.
A' number of the old Foldiers were pre
sent, commander L. B. Whitney and
comrade P. R: Tower. were also beard
c,n theoccasion.
The many relatives and aeq' naint
ances of Mrs. Estella 1.3. Strong, were
-hocked last Tuesday morning on hear
ing of her sudden death,' at her home
in Starrucca, of apoplexy.. She had
many friends, and they gathered from
here and thti •surroun - ding country in
throngs. to attend her funeral Saturday
morning. A quartett from the M. E
church choir here, rendered some choice
ter. of Ne'w Milford, has
been with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. G:
G:AVitter, the past week. Fier miner
.has been quite sick:
There is to be a twenty-five cent chalk
talk in the M. E. chtirch, Monda) even
ing. Match i. .
John Brownell. in the northern part
of the township, is quite • ill again, and
his neighbor, Mil.: John Me:i'sengtr does
not improve as her friends hoped to see
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years, was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
louncrd it a local disease and prescribed
cal remedies, and by constantly fail
ing to , cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it incurable. Science hqs
proven er}tarr 11 to be a constitutional
disease and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney ,& Co..
Toledo. Ohio, is the only constitutional
cure Orb the market. ' It - is taken inter
nally in doses from ro a tea
spoonful. It acts direEtly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case it , fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials
Address: F• J• CH ENE Y & CO. , Toledo
Sold by Dniggists, 7sc.
Take Ball's Family Pills for const
Osteopathic Physician.
Office in Payne's residence, corner Maple
and Ctestnnt streets, Montrose, Pa.
4 will need , some aisistance that ;
4 this bank can render. lf you o.
are transacting Your business
4 with us you maybe assured of AP
our friendly consideration at all 0
times. We are atyour service 0
• . Officiate: t
W. J. Baker, Preaident; W. A.
10 Titsworth, Vice•Ptesident; C. F.,
:Prose, Cashier; R. 4 13eebe,Teller.
Tag Day, $1,500.63.
Returns from Various Towns
1 a
for Benefit, oflibrary.
Allen, Mrs. Chas., So. Montrose. $ 2.25
Allen, Marian, Montrole, 5.02
Avery, R. L.. SPriogrille.• 3.50
Bacon, Mrs. M. A. SniMontrose, .1.1 5 .
Bartlett. Abbie, Gelst 2.15
Benedict, Beitha, Matrose, 6.15
Camp, Grace. • ',p,l< 4 54
Cavanauah. Anna. Rulibtinro. .so
Chase. Mrs. O.' W. Dintock. - 6.55
Conklin, Montrose, 13 7r
Courtright. !" .20
Causer, Julie. 1,
-- 14 4 on
Curtis, Bessie, BrooklYis f - 6.50
'Conklin, Anna, So. MOOMOON .25
D o wns, Miry, Frinkliti Forks, 6 OQ
Duel. Lena, Little Meadows. 3.00
, Egleston, Lu.,^Gt. Bend, ' 19.00
(Collectors—Helen Krans, Florence
Hamlin. Maude Sparks,i Alice Sullivan
and Margaret Casey - )
Faucher, Ada, MontroXe.
Goodrich, Alma, Kingsley,
Harringtun, Anna, Montrose,
Hastingq, Jessie. it. .
Ifosttrman, J. S.
James, Annan,
James, 'Vida
Jenkins, Maxey,
Kelly, Thressa,
Keens. Nellie,
(Collector. Helen Burns ). 4
• La Barr, C. R., Kingsley, 8.00
Lonergan. Katherine, Montrose, 4 15
Lott, Emily, tr 8.26
L'me, A C . Fairdale, ' 3 to
Library 'ox, Montrose. 6o 75
(Library 13)/c was in response
to letters sent cut to people in
the various partn of the Co.)
Montrose High School. sundries, 4.00
Mc Keage, Maude, Ntontrose, _ .4 65
Miller, Bessie, EirchardVille, 5 15
O'Mara. Katherine, Montrose.. 3 to .
Page. Lena. Lakeside. 4 ;
Pe at, Mrs E. MontiOse, 3
Pickett, Amelia, ".
Reynolds, Mrs R., So. Montrose, r
Riley, Katherine, Montrose,
Ro-e, Mrs. Henry. Silver Lake,
Saunders. Ethel G . Elk. Lake
S sae , Ellen. Montrose,';
Smith. Florence, "
Smith, Mrs. J. T., ,
Smith, Bessie. Lenox, • • 2.2 5
itearrli i G. A , Itirford,' 5.70
(Cul t0rf;,...• - • 'rf . d''lF,nrythe and
•7 , 59
; so
lingleyi, E. lti,„ So L......
Tingley. G. At GibFori, . 4 1 5
Tits2, - orth. Liil4. s in, Muntrose. 24 62
Totten, Cora. - - . ' 5.35
Tutt'e, 'ld i.•S7lrinizville, - I 35
Vi,i3Ortia.le, F A ..P. , Tesl l ;il.?., 13-30
Walsh, Mary'. FrienJWllle. 4 o
Wi4iams, Laura, Montrose,
~ 6 03.
Thanking Taggers. and Others.
. Editors Dem,,crat: Will von allowme
1.112 - 911gh your paper. to - thank each one
%vho :helped to make t - Pur Diy" th
'2.rand stteces; :t Ha- - , proved to he.
o..mmit tee.. v,.11, ;;erred:-' 'faithfully.the
4olleetor3, Pf,.l Ilosterinan and his abl . i.;
corps of -teaclier, Prof. Stearn, NV. IL,
tkier who ha, - a;sisted- 11. - ;iit so many
WIIVS, • each 1%:::•.;er ;:ho worked with
heart' gond. and Yr,'!ur :paper for
lielpiflg ti in_every posible WAy..
We have z3 , ;2.-..,anda little more
may yet ix rcih in. Say we are
li i; put . it,mildiy,,' 11'. want to
c6r.grataJate each oone: upon the .splen
did-effort put iotth. put invi books
means seNteral traveling : librar (f.. for
Stara. Cv. Very cordially . •
.AusEs P. LITTLE:, Ch4irrnan.,
`Three Cents Postage.
The postag .3 on single r c vies of this
Special Edition of the:Democrat (.2S
pages) is three (s) cenk which must
be prepaid in full int - . trtinsmission,
through the mails to ans address in the
'United States, Canada 'Or Mexico. we
give this notice .that -people may not
lose their papers.,.
. - .
• • • DANCE.'
r. „.
• There will he a danie aj.„FriendsVille
the night of Washikionl birthday,
Feb, 22. for the bent of St.'Patrick's
chureh*,-Mici4letown. 4 - A chicken supper
will be served by theladies of the parish,
and a three-piece orPlestra_ will furnish
music. All are invi:ed to attend, and
a good time is assured. . • - •
: By order 4)'f the committee.
• :We have Onlargd our lunch rooms,
tint in the latest: ectuipment. Here you
can get a hot3ootlg.ome lunch, or meal,
on short notice.. F. F. SPROUT.
"Dr. Thimas' Electric Oil is the best
remedy- for that 'often fatal desease—
croup. Has beenfused with success in
our family for eight years.'..!—Mrs. L
Whiteacre, BuB'sl4, N Y.
Timely Bsinas Tips.
Fresh butter milk at
L. P. Potter & Co's.
New styles in ladies' neckwear. belts.
hat pins, buckles, Br.c., reasonably
priced, at. G.. R. Horton's.
• A splendid:line of sc. and roc. and
25C. goods at HOrton'S. Hundreds of
handsome and useful articles at saving'
„ ,'
TurnedporchColurans, $1.40.
South Montrose. Mill Co.
f..; •
Have lOu seen our fine line ofLadies,
?Aisles and Children's Coats ?
Fulljine of ladies' underwear, mur
and gauze. at . Hotfoot..
See the nevi' roc. handkerchiefs
Horton!s. Alst? new line of hosiery.
The Four Musical Artists, .
Court House, Saturday night
Come and enjly the finest
concert given in Montrose aud
help out the High School
Course: Tickets at. Morris'.
13ap_ereleor—Geo. W. Bayless. Dem 145.,
Collector—F. , Wells, Rep. 68; W. B.Steph
ens, D. 14d. -
, Auditor—G. F Decker. Z. 98; L W. Bunnell.
D. 103. 1 _
184ihool Dinoetorti- F. Z. Barron. R. 94; C. n.
Fawner. It, 84; 14.. D, Walla. B. 86: W. O. Plan,
Rit, JOilti McDonald. D. 97;4, F. Buttartabl,
D. 121; J. M.Bablwin. D, Mk; T. A:Grid/us. D. B.
Judas of Xlectlanit-e. H. Jones. R. IA;
Wattle , Leiria. D. leL
et illectione-d.M.ltobarta. 113;
Join ins t i reardaer. I 4. St
Tows Clerk-A. W. Chainbeffitn, B. ILL earl
Aldrich., 91. •
Town Tromenrer-Jerome Shannon, R. 96;
John 11. Crawls. D. 111.
Voce Dt.ector-A. IL Conklin. on both tick
et*. 183.
Men have special gifts and special in
clinations: It there are "natural his
torians,.! we have at least one in Sus
quehanna county, Pruf. W. L. Thach
er. of Harford, a man gifted as a histor
ian. and an indefatigable worker, who
takes great pleasure in searching for and
recording countless items of value to the
present and future generations, and
whose writings are always of absorbing
3.5 0
9 03
4 05
r 1 00
. 21 85
' )0.67
', SUFFERERS WHO SAY they have
^tried everything without benefit are the
people we are looking. 'We want them
to know from glad experience that Ely's .
Cream Balm will conquer Cold in the
Head, Hay Fever and obstinate forms
61 Nasal Catarrh. This remedy acts di.
rectly on the inflamed, sensitive mem
braves. Cleansing, soothing and heal.
ing. One trial will convince you of its
' healing poWer. Price .soc. All drug
hat', or mailed by Elk Bros. 56 Warren
, New York. • •
, . f
1 Mrs. hatherme Clarke s
i ßoarding House , 0
Corncr Church and Ch,rry Smet4
sso o,
Montrose * - -
Best of Aeco.mrnodations for
Visitorp -at ReasOnable Prices.
t •
A new line of elli..oes and ging;
" hams at 6 and 7 cents
• 20-7 0 discoUnt on all underwear
and 12 cent outing flannels
at only 8 cents..
BridgeNiater Elections:
Natural 'Historian.
Come. to Beautiful Montrose.
Write for Particulars.
lop Men's Shirts at 8 , 3 c.
soc. and 75c Legging 1 , 4 price. t
Gloves and Mittens. 20 % dis
oo Sweet:.Orr ex , rduroy pants
only Sa•so. •
I 0 % discount on all shoes.
A large and fine line of Ladies' •
Men's and Cr ildren's tine shoes..
A New anti Complete
Line of Groceries.
Try our mixed teas, 220 per
e l
t pound, s t lbs for a Sz.oo.
a Cali YouSFE 6
K ,14 clearly without , k4'
PA) strain? a
If not, better have 2,
V your eyes examined, and WY
YMA glasses fitted if neces „,
1171 ,,„' • No' Charge for •
Sclentlfle Examination. x , t • •
• MONTROSE, - PENN'A.. • •
".Z •ti***4l/**** ;"1.
Watrous' Store
Dress Goods,
94; C. B,
the Moq Attractive Wash CroO4s - . ----- ---
` Notions in great varieties; Ladies'
and Children's shoes.
The International Protective Asso.
ciation chartered under the Insurance
laws of 'Pennsylvania in'ioB7, recently
issuecra , combination policy for sick-.
ness, accident and death, that meets a
long felt need.
The piemiums are paid according
age and the - benefitk paid are from S$
to $l5 a week, the death benefit from_
S too to Um>. At the expiration'of five
years if no benefits are paid. seventy
five per cer.taf the m premiti paid is re
. -
This being a new Order .will profit by
the mistakes of thei old one. No gold -.
bricks are offered
The John's Quick! Lunch, T 133. Che
iiangci street, Binghamton, near t . e
depots and also con ~),enient to business
and shr.pping d;stricts. Fine r enu.
The Philadelphia Health Bread.' Quick
service—polite attention. Never closed.
Flower & Judd Prop'rs, Give them a
call.' , ' '
Sheriff's Salei l Retil *Estate
li} vf.tup nr • writ' r FMrl Twit. i. Ile l
out nt the C` curt of romMon 0f140.106.
hasten Cnuntr. St+lte of et.niylvai , i3. -
tn me dirt etetl,l will e1:6 , 1.4.10 WINO. t
tha-Cburt. liousi• In Mcmtro •tm
Saturday, Mairch 13 1909,
' at lo o'clock a. in. sharti. • • ,
The one-eighth intere4 of the defers lant,W.
H. Oakley, In all that ctrtaln en reel
of land situate andlying !In the township of Har,
ford. County of Susgnehistitiu and State -cf
Peniasylvants, bounded and drscribed as tot
lows. t.l wit— '
On the northwest by lands Of Harry Smith;
on the northwest by lands of t usene Conrad:
on the Southeast by !amis.° , F.Ligene Conrad
and-R. •D. McNa.Mara, tin. the southwest by
ndsot the•Drinkr e s tate r . - and Harry !•-snith.
emtainlng one hundred and twenty Six acres
of land, be the' same more •.n• less, with the ap
purtenances, one frame -dwelling house, two
barns, end other outbuildings. in•Jtly Im
Seised and taken In eteentlon at .the sult
of Edwin H. Oakley vs. W'. H. Oakley:., • .
• Tate Notice ..411 bids and .enits. rtili.t be
paid on day °t ante or deed will bet be ac
H. S. CCSRI-IN. Sheriff
nfflets, .
flA)ruary i 4, 12_n
The Grocery Marin Alas ready to serve yoa with best Groceries
lowest price. .
The Shoe Man: -• A full line of W. L. Douglass shoes for men; worn .•
and children. Call and see our fall:styles.
The' Dry Goods Man: A line of Staple Dry Goods, :Notions, Sweaters
Coats, Underwear, Hosiery,; also table' an b
' - . floor Oilcloth. :: , . . \ I
The Rubber Goods Man: Our 'Rubber Goods are the twilit MaptAci
nred and this year they are guarantee.
.. _ .
,The Bake Goods Man: The fainons Russell-Spaulding, Bake Goo.
, 'Fresh Every Morning.
' The Ftve .
and Ten Cent Counter: Contains many useful uticl •
of interest to the home keeps
Micl - WirJter Clea v ratlte. - ,52,1
A: Great Money Saving .:E,yent.,
the year and will prove of inestimable importance to economy
seekers everywhere. Nothing that brains and push and clever
Merchandising can - accomplish has been omitted to make it it
welcome' bargain event to all: On every floor in every depart;
ment you will find High Grade Merchandise at from 20 to 50.
per cent. less than the usual prices. -
3.50 Willow Rocker at $ .1.95 2.75 Axminister Rugs at $1.79
5.50 Steel Couches 4.95 7;00 Dinner Sets ' 4.89
25.00 Brass Beds 16.95 L 75 Nickleiamps 1.29
7.50 Library Tables - 5.35 2.75 Decorated Toilet set 1.9'0
18.00 Sideboards 12.35 All Lamps at '40%
This is the Big Bargoin-Buying Chance
COME. of the Year . - CO
The Fair
Aidd - digestion,
Saves the Women Work,
Makes Welcome the neat Hour,
Obviates. Fuss, Worry, Expense. -
Our Bakery Department will
Save you money:
Dress Trimmings,
Ladies Neckwear,
Muslin Underwear, -
White-Goods and
You will find
little less than elsewhere.
%T 4l
Aid ,
r e - r
LN •
This great.-tiale is as usual ofbring : the 'greatest values o
F. F. SprOut.
rice here, a
' Hiving engaged the senices'of So a
Otis; a well-known blacksmith, I, am
better prepared than ever to wait upon
my customers promptly and satisfalt.
only. Bring in your horses. Reason•
able. prices. No' scab work. • .
of Montrose. a
United Stares Government
DepoSitory '
CAPITAL • - $50,000.
SUR PLUt„(EaTned)sloo.,ooQ.
Wits•orgunlzed• to Vebroury. 1575, -and
Tiilrtf-Three. Y ars' ba.4 etematly endeay. '
to provide Safe Convenient, Satiety
canging fat-410es for tld. community •
maroon:Ting , umntry; with a degree lit Smece
that la iitteitted by our Growth; r , trength a•
104 Its!' of rontentel
The 'gamy lies Two •
In the Business Department you will find
the taelli ties for your Conbenlenee to be to •
iu a progyeAce, e , ..nervative. efficient Ban
tug Institutt 0 CI,
I he Savinze Department we pay t
pet' cent. INTEREST on ' all sums start••
three months or longer' •
Prlvite cafe Deposit Boxes
For Rent." :
If you we not, a customer we invite yon
become' one.
H. L BEActf, Pretident;
. H. F. MA.NERR, Vice Pres.;
Wtn. H. WARNER. Cashier.
N. J. North,