Northern democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1844-1848, December 28, 1848, Image 4

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very lop prices. :41011 iatirhim&to purelta.e are in,
-.That° call and et "roia-their-attick : = -PIPE--
"If good qsailit y, ii 11).)Pn`dak,,per pound;
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N • 4, 60023
_Embracing pro 4 b4l. of great arvaeiety of articles a sh
can be found t it ' an' iircire in thetou'fay, and kelected;
'is khey . hava beet' 'tin' much Caro. at Prc'aPik,• tow
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68011 YDS. Asittowli SHEETINGS
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qqalitf, „ti ets. per„yil. Heavy. 0151•. 1, ... per d. Extra
alesTity.7eets. furva!riby the piece.
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hand* Make in 'Mit r Cali.. Veit . Pants Coati 1 , .i
Orintaamotairery eacriptinn suitable for gentipme 's
wear, at prices to w th no revisonab'e maa can ohJeet
Na gairgara ma* , • awl be permitted to leave the
shnoldisitgilliCit Kir a. t i fit and fi nish
One Of Qs will vie New York every - Spring and Fall
end thug erre oar f ionabie ortrosie the henehtol what
WC talky there Riad 110i . ..tine "hoervidino W. have
eestefered the Fill g Winter fashions for 1819- 9 cam.
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et i . , Gating done i the beet manner kir Ready Pay.
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i n' slithi•ns for iii4S- 4 1. 1
Tusr girl* sIT a aboh - 4 P. A Locar. - r , snio” , ./i'r
Tailor. Wllo WI be happy to serve all eho may to
vor Tin With their r mugs. Work w arracteit uiferia
to done else* re
Gott* dons on attort notice and warranted to fit if
made upright. la "%tsp over 1 8 Salisbury's' Store.
September 13. 180.
No. 21Corilknd Street, New York.
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i'." . :! TBANOE ti a...11.,Z,, I. r•a , ttog tu repleatlell , Ivollr
i warOrnbes, ma be .10 e 1 ,•••Iv wca3 •in•nothderl its
r i very beet style , tal at Tilt j.u.W4 5.31 CasH PFLICtiI,
~ ,...c. a choice MPIVII4III t.• I%
tall mail Winter Garment.
the newest pat:sets. of superior male and finish, aid
ct the team underlain 3 equal in every respect to the
Haring adopted th. dish ritanclple, tiplin Which certain
.5...,. mistime; may b@;Telpee, and which.he'hia pnianed
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Mt% Ih' PIP 14.Atal 7.I:iOTZING i
IN dAtßlCA,,fr,em +eh gentlemen may deonod upon,
alli , tlng tbaatieaVellipatblibletnrily, as ree.rda ir .lit:,,, :
ik ,..sde • end veto& H l tare. atock • eruhraces OrVeCnATII
and CLOLIR hit the at'stsieeroved - It) lea. Dates. r Keck,
and other COSTS. Paintaloons of every desirable pattern,
nod the richest assn went of black satin, easaimere, and I
otwitityree orWintOe ream
The Fahey-Department
Embraces all the ne4„ and elegant •patteroa. a ,, d latest
and moat desirahie itylea of Fancy, Silk, and Sarin era
vats, Baspendera. illarnmit and illsiery, Starts, 11.nem.
and Conant. Carpet *age: etc. eta.
In addition to the Kbove variety of Snarly Made Arti
clog, he bas for salet the piece-or yard, at as we , prices
as can be found hie ernf the Atlantan cities, a beaus
ini amortment eithei4beat quality of
Ciatlis, Citatimerm, and Vetting,. -
ear Gentlemen cjn have their orders fined at a few •
brain nudge- and sent tri any part ••I the U.,ited•Statem—r ' Stoves! Stoves !!
and by aeliiiinf tel measure.. can ronaiotanthing on as '
B. en k SIDLES. & ( In w .uhl intortn their (nand,
L. -d terms as though they wore. re... n. ta, eaOret for ,
1... ..rosolvea. Ak.d.T.116 -2. C 11300TII :_F .9" Oh• nub ri. 3 vier. ors h.vo,now ou bawd a first
F. • ••1 8 11. 1849. ''-+,. .
~., N Y.
, tft•r. ameetmeiit oil stilVea.. , Aar. g th-ir stock are th.-
, .. ,
..t , the iwerr o rnitre of retrono±a.. which .".as• h.-en , .. .
ea- etri - I-i l'in far, many years. he Wrenn. ....f:een..”l; 8 ` 4 " I '' ).11 lin 1- " v " 4 R ' l"' ,- • •
K^! yle..llgMentl, tad ii. prom's' tea: en aims she'll . 7 . h .1 c5 ".... - : 6 '4. NI-n 4#4.
b 4 spared i lon 'his pa i d [ in furore r•
ion. in nri , V.u- to serve his ...,....... • .....
elatoteerten as favatrible term. as any .other house ic .., it.aact. and Kea y'' Jou ute .A•ea...
• It athh , 0 . [arse k. , :thL. ,
Lut*.criulo. .
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- - - ; elinDel 44 -- .. broceries. : D "able orr:.. i Ran r.r. r . 4... F. , ,.1-4, V.ctnry - . end a
Cip ' twis. cofms. , .,....T.bace. eta, also Teas host "f'' ^ ther k 'bd... 0 4 cal- brotra lw cancenience and
*0 in 'great valic4, some r , r, r.- 5 0 cts. par lb .l at t ch""P"t". H'welq r i coal rotten, Polio, and six plat.
e FR. el tr. en s. 3 Sto,.. in erent•avhay F.t,',,,ve ware" and ~-i; . ...i on ha-. 4 or
rood , rriad i ejto order On the inlet reasonable terms. They
10 0 evitt PlE. E drrints. that most be weld, and , gr .,
ng'itt Cl, per yd , /1 . 1.0 Cotton Yarn, Batts. ' request purchaser. 4 . partieularly . those who bpi
a for rash} V , can as ti,..i1l MI . *P.' intend to sell stoves or
Wick a....d 0. whiinii. Caeca and Tieltinth at- extremely ' ~,,, ..,1.„., .... .„....,„,i..,_,,, t‘ ,... 1 ,, h n ;,,,,., t .
.1- , er prices—lb" p*cea Paper Hangings, FI.II Mirth! , . 'Pt every b-wly•
7',:. Pa luvi tri.,t, . "1. 1,.. - .. ~.Lt„...
O ATE' t. -; 0 Yuji. fiffe,c,
- -GOODZ. S .
LriC;CAs: t tagbains. Broad Clns hs, Delmer;
...A. thorn vari.ti a.J rich and common C.lirne. 0 num.
it s irf e .D.nps ,ft ntit.n.n . 13 R L. •Ii• C".
CIOT TON Yari Carpet, do,. Bate. Wicking, Ro—
t , R 1 4 ,
RUN KS, tardet 'Bags, Bed tords, C,d.e :M
and ef,..iofte fr*lsslpbv . R R. L 4. (7el
F G oo D is
.13EN1LEY 11,L'AD,
E sogirreceirei their entire ate^k of
rr-nixising a mnaKiveatea variety fran i. r usu. 1v f ../04
ID a Country •tore 7 ;•+:101 of .hich o or% tr-r he most
txtmts ftlCok•h Collor P -or ..p00...1
r o,dlt. and pledge eine elvo. nat ta. nel rx.
sh. ti ackeral and dbad .0,14.1
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''!oil sod iwoM
v. i hi': , ,
.I)TS ii,TtriPs htithe. barrel uribe. of the twe• ooeith
sod very lows 4 AL 4
_ _
oli - Eixiiilt,4apper do. and Gad 61uo b.
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• 11,0 , POST - -
LTANEIost rec.4•..n tir vigor iseart meat offal and
ter nr•Peeel•Weretee• (0 all 4E401.
L ..does, ThOwn e harlannurinpelkincife....,ll'pset
r.gtuumcailitie • XGAilifZirlaii. 11,4'4
612111111, Roaii .B• , t4r.ets, winter tdtts•r/•,. spd at,
mottev.irolls4fa ll•v.G” , 4siirei. ,
• ries,
enOd asseetment dit very low pricey eitit for
per lb. canb:ltqltaitl37jrf. sweet Tee So . Niile for Sn
Iron from litn 5,411411.14151/ 1 04 , .. ortann.
A. rood •••ortui . 15f antehbel'un band end f-r
sale obosP W.: ; "' - ;; TP ';'off
------., 1
0.104001 1 1P00480 ( ftete
Q V 310 0, 1 krit444 1 0 1 , 1 00 )11 *
•J 14111t1 utituTerrtheiitiotice.
i''.ofi Ihr.4* ' '` Lovri liKiir Yolt.tkiciatiat a,
of tosiimillesir deck P. for INiritivitt . Slainve4
vifie. Martian*. • - ViditlnlikimktailiamPo- Mon
rue Work,. ~. . ~i ..exter4,..lo‘, Gabon
w.,,, a moan; .r . 414 fthrilliii Othreille, sr
.. ,I,_,V: ~. .:"atiti e 1 ?. - 71 7, 40S, 1 14 r
r o , . aliee pGkareleat
Jr, livig a t,. io ? - - tlMAlll:4lldivithilit tt.35 A
"0 ,; 3 r titS ~ Ift "" at74. .5. AO 4 P,11 7 .144,
er.....0 4., .. , 4:lloP.lll.,t, L. 11;
al n:1111‘; C . . . •• - .. 1- ,
he °way.' rihipa ik '
40/49r. . 1 010 t f --!-. .-g.:.
r. ies', chi 'ale,
r ytte r i.,,, ~Zirty 1 orperami
si bigogsslioar la! "la ita tar
, iele , Po Freleht ta
ken ),), the P - ara p r , '
pm' rave ..- • froL y r 5 'elor..!:". II M.
pEr taws Smite Ilarab. 14'4. Dan.
kitir.lAilifse boo ' , *2o4.oiiswibioatifi4- a;
*ammo on Mitifsiblip *MOIL& Chow
-YA4 • - t g
.c. rnt dat,
and iin ;.hallenee to ,a,..luce an;;; Miit; - fein the
I W' N ri'd !i l 'rettlitr;Pe l f s ttiTt i l l : I etirt, d i ttl e t:e h m e gal ::::
" 4 by P tili , }4 o ofiry.' vy:i ilim coop nee - to. th . eh I . :Fr:hire
11l !IMO :11,111 , 6rtroent of oar PreII3;CLITI Am tight Fire-proof
A 6 O l l. Whin!) thrir are over 800'now in nee. anti in rt.'
f r Y l4. i'ek,tha ; r have given entire - malefaction to the
porehe erii , ..f . which we will' refer the public torfear
! OnVe e n . vch 1 fiave them in nee.
' Nay On'ti le A..• dny . POttOViii.; Jninph G. Lawton.
Pott.vl a i air . William Cif*. D.) , IONIVIVII, P.i.: N. ft.
11. - I',C In , . I2SI north nt at; wharf; Aloainder Carer.
C nve‘ n er.coropr . of Filbert end 9th eta : John M [ford.
32 init 21 . 4 ; It , e ra Hash:2o north 34 et: Jattoan M.
P.lut I t Ir‘u , h 4ta .weer : 4)r. DePPIJ eyno. Booth 3d
.c.. ‘l4:tno a r %h ~..r 20 ...nth 31 at : an we &told
ovir P
,to Wiwi, •IN of .thAra It it.straa nen tory. Now .
‘‘.... I n v .. the ,ov.orion ar the po'lie. R 4 ptrtiCl2ltrty
t 1.,4.1 t' tart of F,re oroof Pees to cal a nor stony/ie. ,
'me pa I '1..t., en.nwhnr• m,o we ca oath, . them the j
0,. 4 0 ., c..r a n.*.r and CheProer •ro , -le et T story
..i nn j RtI R R I s . ....1 1 ... nrithllitneliOnt in 01 , M 7 I
mr,. .1.. 1f 1 n•itie'li -0 the noriino.l* Farr r....rnh..1.14 % ;
~, ", n* prie.", ...heaper than the) ran he nought e.
any noel r sto - e to Potladolph , •
1.1 win r VANS
I 4D ii4.N sE 3 W A TEtflpi,
Frb,l , . ,1848. fi fy:
! i l i r
'E; G.
it ti
i . '
n ,'
.: . 1 The Grand Purgative,
-.4.. i 5 r llttadetche, Giddiness, tlease4s; !tali
F,A . ' ',lthedmailitnt ilea (letirtburn, Worms, Ilysperion.
Satire* Ilioteta Marbus. , eintall OviJ att ndice. I'e:ugh.", Quito
sey. pai s In the back whimping cough . town. d weakness con
-suniptlo ,11 it. tialpitorton • I the ',part liver complaint rising In
the thrli t, ervsipAlati. deaf wee. •dmpery, asthma. haloes ni the •
skinf ir ra WI all kinds. colds, gout. gravel, female complaints,
net vous Amyl:tints. And a variety of other diseases artelny •
from lut e Mica of the blood, and obit filet ions to the orgaus of
• digietio .
• Exper once hag provedthat to only every shwas. o•lghate.
• froM iin moan's of the bketsi or dorangennems of inn diceetiv, , •
' i organs ,• and to roctire - health. , o' must .emove those ol,struc.
thins or restore the blood to its natural state.
, The aversion to taking Mellidne finnan elf:chili ly removed
by OL I itH F.ts-ER'SrVegeflible Nor:lave Pills. beta. otinpletoty
i eared.with a of pore svilltrSnear twhich Woad's
; tinckr6. tn. Internal int:retinue us a nut shell CL the keniii
t sad. ha , no taste 0 0 1, 4:dn. - , but are as ea ily, swallowed as
I bits of e ndy. Motorise-, they awl' her neauseale or gripe In the
lent:bran egree, but operat , equal ,
y on all the die used pa-ta pt
the eye 1 m instead of cohholng tliem..elcrs to and Vaekihe any
particul r legion Thus lithe I.ivo• be atfec:e tone ingredient
pall imple on that particnlara.o e jan.
_smil by cleansing at of
!any etc I s of nit fdi . tost it to its ilrifilral stale . An• ther wall
operitc. n the blood. and ren d
nweall 'mourn les In in roll*-
Hon ; eel il ea third will edectnalty expel whatever Impurities
1 maybane been diecharg d into the Ft •Inacii and hence Thee
strkt; at; the root to disease :mum e all impure Damon, from
thettodyi; open the pope ertemalli and imentaly :separate all
thretan and obnormuit partici. s I tom rho-chef. row thrift he blood
must be homuchlv mire—thus - •rircoring a free and neatihv Re- '
I Ono ta n 'ha lien t bongs and- Liver : and iltmeho thee R.: I
ISTat.IE HEAL, ill even wheat ala litl ie r mearis have failed. I
TA ~ tlerrtiath •ofthe above pan he oscerialfte,Vio C 1,., Vial
oral!' eta= .' indleeirtirtnes tree, pn.hise atad certain m •
' restating Health That tie p• oprletor binds himself to return the I
1 money td for them in all earn Where they do not give univer '
lasi witht ctionr -
• Retalll price.:lscartts Nebel. ri nelpal office No. G 6 Veiey
sties 11, IV W York
ipso- p i member Dr C. V. Cumtairtit' 'IS the inventor of Su.
' gar Coat Pills, and that nothing oft h. sort was ever heard of
• untt he ittmduced them In JIM; 1P43. u wha.ers ehnnld.
'tit fo , ataraya ask for I liciarteeteStteav rooted Vegetable
pgil t
Pins Illti • take no others. or they Will be tnade the victims of a
fraud: I - •
Ais '0 Ttfl For Susquehanna County. A. Turrell &J.
Ethridge' Montrose, E. Stapes, Parmenwille, 0 A. Eldridge.
Rojo. ly Al. Kurritt Sew Martini, R, L. Sutphin-Summers.
stille r ]. above„ Great fiend. A Picket, Ttnih P. 0.
--- •
• k lout •k)r-Paln Killer:
Syiurinus Arlieles A final !
NT7.. i .. „.
al .' :Is t Lia w krs o lit i s h ti ,, ce p l ,, ri b rur w va , t h u e a r b , l b e . r e, a .rt in ir K v il t l h e a r : and
use your t alit Killer In our Fa notion for the last tour
years; ft many of the rherue:s for which II is rwvimmended. an
PT deem • t Site tax best Family Reethre•ive tu use, and would recom
mend ev ry lam ilyto keep a supply on band, in Cale Or sudden
illness o ccident. -
Rev.. ar 'n Jackson-pastrirfli.t Reprint church-Ithata-Ittee.
flat Ott ack. pastor Rapist elmech , peach orclin d; Rachel
WilfPrh ' in Dudley, Ve Hastings A Bittcr-John Mobil!. ,„1 Li
ate erta ',PULP. Clark h ilipt'ase Ann Thee WAudit.? A Bon
er ii' (totting Rev Ja n stormeir pastor Buffalo Bev J Johnson
' Oswegti. , • . -•
I thelol ai V soen.
' 1 'ali fair , ndnewstpain K iller std have nontber. °berms the
• wroteti sligoattito of • I Amelia *son the label of each bottle in
black Ink- all tubers arecuumerfelte at d only calculated Lode
. et we. 1 Ow further particulars see adverikeethent In another col
wonltlfew bundl e d donate worth just received and for sale at
he Drity • sturr of N • itch. II e by A Turret! sole agent for 'Hon
, tone adjoiertato a udretail.
flew Goods;—at Turrell's.
ti:() U i' camaith«rem, ..atthrtim, aemthica,
etc...rand trinhhiniza. gi.•charnm, rnouthn de inn« ? ,
aipaceaii, a pod samnrimo4. fancy Ormta, sion«,pl
beim:1010 styles. E , irolture4alicri elan Work work -Cater".
frirst4ta. c.itue, yarn harr,lhr and mma
shawls cloak fringe ailk ai t ie hank's. cents- cash
mere. h l ll.ll NIA 210 - fancy cravats. oil cloth- car. i
perip4:llan.ole, abeeune.,)ord tick. cotton llama spie r
and thread combs, coronation cord, bock •kin
roitt«ea.4o,..telnar. broshem, Pocket book. end eralleti,
eta. etn., eentir% in. a general amoo.rtinetit of yankee '
t onm tabe kw...a and forka shears and ,
cf.& ijirtiotteatiii scsreera; hocks. OonellaliCtlal, - *Wien an.l
°tn.,. hard ear«, too homeroom oi mention. Loaf crumb
ed N. n awl other auOtirmk tnolanea.. tfp iii great ma'
ri...10. 0 . e . *thimble. riiiinSs, ami.ell" other kind, -of
A Lila: in Ili/tit:lnn tn tries ahnetta racers! assortment
, Mtaicit,s P.tuts, oils o(¢Ii Inds. dyn stuff.
st. d .tot.“ ware. mOsinal inornmeuts.
,erthetr2.. e , or-kg. ..stones etc etc. ten numernai ut
nrme ad of wwien will b e said ¢c r•-As that ceen tt (al
0•....01 Nnr. 164. 1-9413.
TII4IE 11. g 4.'0 "14.1 i4i , trt•no , 11 of vlf. if.. ever
ekr , S ..q•ale at Turr« Ws Also
.ut! *1'1414, @ultra, hie.. fiarine•tts. rtC .•• 1. , e^e.t0•.” . .,
Til H I. LS
E) , A ELM A.new4opi. I, L.eti..6• Alta 1 1 , ,
li•ro 8 4 .0421 Pin•, Purer }romp.. E.? Fi,13 , 5
• TU“ReLs.'s
... .0,,
0 ~tu e i I
PATENT Pale, Wooden Bowl., Mre BaPle•ts.
tr , tr - vriiii" - B.Arete 'ote .at B ft: t.-ar c • - 4.
. AIPAN Candle at ieki.,.; duo pane. match male.;
.1 -4 4,... ~ .r.::, ,• 4 - 4 ~,, 4,, R. RL.Ar r •
pot I ALi is ;Da bllOOl4, 4itta *eV Caps .01 the •lai et
tr.. 'HA -., 'I B R. I, 4. Cr
UFFS And Doan. ltfripets, Caps for
- 1" ---
11 1 .fi.'
t o ' IiEN IX, i r . 1g 1 , r
ic 7 , elitiArii: Bier .
- 4..aikeibOirtiilr'
. I . "
D ~r
*le Ikl
. xi L 6
4-t :,
ir_,_ L _ A tt;
... •'#l
UFFS And Doan. ltippets, Caps for i3liildten:
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g . She
EN IX, ilrirgi,'Xtrii Sieves, Stove
t,e*.felion'iwit; ' vr,vg
lettieket.4;i'es-P ''"llR. LYONS. Are cd
bcoffi: 'Nat • - •
ernt i s wAh l i o * 4 401 pritoi, in,ropapctiag .'kb a
womnefit aciatiois 4.1612 i ctir., *lngham.
dplimar*UisitidOoffir,duiliancoinf or
At Jae laiimiirSoillavjaptopired andlnit.ate
. _,t • • • -
iciio4 l sPristwoondig.irmetra_klplowfm Repo.
. fpope • 4:: 1? uoi.
'Altifitre, • largiottsmittott: vottraionp:-
F-Ctiodlist t Ckk.
100 yard. widoshe* tL ant:ties :best
„LT B C.IE Co, •
11 0 :1 ;t 1 "*"14V 1 iO 4 d, 46 ' 101' WO* ifeh
-141401)4010 0 0114 4:76000 11011 4 ,11 10 1 $ 00 4f
ink COL Votter;' mig 04011ruf.,014W; ***=,
*OA! , 01`• 1 4,V i rk.
ilemr , -,g,p
Rtreav aeotch , Medicdnel
Etilnburg purigkerfr
F t; u •
C.l II I • ;I:1W, 11 4 7• T 01.1 1 ! wiroC , lo , l.l[.4 l,, pgy
tiwr d , 4 n ••nii,seeinint,eni7rel d r '
.X . , 111(4 C/Perg.), Lisair tulip viwiiini,tuv afli,s,
th,„x,,R,ylhOig, 1,k1a6 41111e.11 , V11. swelling ye, gland.,
FLA corupt humors; spinal nffecti,,ne, crintivebniii,„
Rryiinelas, Iting"naphiinte. krenchitia, coughs, colds,
NarOugnees striatirag-COtiVvieilly children,
bsg~ j gust bleEodrialdia•ases, sta r and all dimme d ,
- arisupg from ia.lpi4eities of the !lined.
P. at np In Large' aisesses„
A.Fnor-a-remark,Olv befalth essneing medicine,. woks
Dever &raid discovered. This, _great compound is the
result i i fseven. years oureinitioie labor.. research, a n d
eipsritheie,orthat profound and seientilie ut”dieal soh.'
tar. rq:J•tru• 6 R 'swarth. M. D.. professor in the Elm
bare 4.e.d.ely Institute. -It WWI become the Riehlander's
onirehlitlosellefe; he 110 4 1 ,111 ; always in nos hobs«. as s
t•reve , isqllte:eFse.e.phiechin when Marine, In-any 01'
the aherti fare. hie retie :sp. aiiiml6.,,vlCsoon,berseth
tollea'llllo/104104 11 /4 0 P9pnier, atefitil•lecrefinc.i to,
li lettie4,i reaehel the anerieedeef eIP wag
000 •• thi trio &salvers: ThilliteiOtisliin re,
starer 7fiiireinteodeeneihietside of the: AVentieby.Dr
Ja oars A$ mt ..htlEkbrizoirlin had travelled In Eethwe
st4t4tfilialt 'llllonr. and became eceesened with its
reenartibits . .i .- 4.11. while. slatting the various h.rpitalsi
tre)4l46lllllolV'it roldiVirstaudard remedy It ii
highiy:?eoefmriiei , d by physict•na and gentlemen
thu highest standing cein!ryi. who hate used it
and piles* a full heel dee brink - op•+rstimi. role.
bratedaots it hiiceraeA4t now reched the , snor.
mocks .d ever
10,000 IIIerTLES.
Drgrors or tit. as a ~ 4194, 1 1, ainertly wales
a attltitelee. L. , the ) ears 1816 in the Elighlaorls
60.0snd. whed elleetpleti greatly previttlefi, thih
tneticihe earrd ober 3 000 oad cars whiNe were report,
- ed to tto.i'lKdioiotre ealletre at health There 11, net
ah•ll4 in Si tiand who would safer maw!,
to he td:weelt without this m• d•cone. b-cause i f It. justly,
eetiehr reou•atton as a Lirt KVlltt tie I tile C;lt
n VP Styr the last year reeeired stieh liberal
tie.. as wilt pay I.'r the first c-ut of ea poly hoe these pie
worrh4;fettil.-s who a•e •nown te be unable to ',raver.
it FlString • thti VO.I ear.. also. were resorted GI
n. C as h•rwe "seen rived h) its aorivalled
4.. •hown by the C J,.ar Reti,ater,
820 fasosof .-nro,,t • rtiv . um.u•tu,
Goo2.icElll,i crnorstileb.lity; .
4;1 reinale 0 033 0,ati a t, o f a ll ki w i s ,.
4718 1 , sks.fs of ay 14113 pLls,
4507.0%51es sen.ftt'S,
4 275*tfisearos of gidooys and dropsy.
997 4atk,s r n pti n.
Tne rev and our Agent,' to all part.
of , hr United i 13401) munition, in curcificaten
the host o , .galar end eye!) earpnrisenureilOndorte'l
icy .},i ime ,fi c , r ,, o f 1:491.11 the aut:
I:l`,,er rtirrs, (Veers, Ei•rysipittui, Pinuilles nu, the lac
err ,to e ther le , th nuair , otis caoes of rick fad orrvou*
oe t tia4h v , pains In the aide and crest. militeal efc;ctioes,
To Mothers.
Tlitcrneaieine, aa was ny Daniel O'Conneli!
on witnessing ita wouderful etrecf• in rest awe, w healtO
s , qPaintaune of bit who had nut been able to leave
n.-r raki, I" or thremOyeant. is deistred to ar4rk a Toff ! , u.
400 toile phlyll cal WWI being fit f e male. I It holds tbo-' .
.stun e l to WotEllin.that Father Mathew does :
th e Irrie Prpple--..-it is their regenerator and preserver."l ;
Jr bOufea re- [l.l—efaufts the Natural energies— ,
u0•1fiolf the r tfriuoratea and atreuethena the
nubs person—fa a WON rives new vigor and tone to the;
. Portier senors peculi•rty %dept.
..4 to h,a•r., wefts!) , chisoren • Mothersot ;
ems,tb•coositturoos 1,. should rio ne
t glimet the use o f
qvs p,,esious to childbirth. as it inviuorstes the,
systemi sno rousres it to meet that important ere, t, sod
„ ru.dyc¢ees prdotu,ta, aa otherwise retells be the case,:
th. ci uzing birth to oraikly children.
Soleil by Fowles e Sinclair sot. tgenta for the United ,
K.tnerlimn, at their Warehouse. Kit's
,Ediuburg, ht
brrttlnitand users for ships hospitals. etc
AII4ItICOLF; Act•79.—H P Vi n o 9O Atlahti 11
at., H tides. e•-h•rslsg 4,t for the r.ited r.itatas i.n. Hrit
. s h A, • . •.'
American Pree el 00 per bottle, with airiple - airectiona
f.r th 4 restoration health.
For'aale by, Abel Terrell, 'Montrose, Pole agent for Sas. ,
quebatal . ua co. augl6 i. 3 14 1
late Attavrican Improved
. Vegetable. illedicitve.
Tke Na‘ e , -nrerrl Fun - fy dl , rditine cora-karma; ,falual;
laj/ enental.nws lacid-nt the H.mae eit,a , lift, if
appthed; and approval guara:4ecd. tr tan'
Tat-luta - to piLLS are purely ylitipasia...
sciniumnt too pur4attvea--ann to their operation effect.
sally Old nigestinn, thereby securing all thepureosee for
vittchiiatui is introduced into the atomaeh—namely—the
Proe•-I,:uoti-lahment of every part of the s) stem ; giving
nansistkentAnd strensth to toe muscular fibre, parity
the otiod. and elasticity and etieerttitness to tt* temper '
and diatueition: that demons tratieg the propreithin
down :p . ri the American Improvtd lt‘geito Vegetable
Treetrtent. that ell namesen are easentiary the same.
son, tfinely attended to. may be cared by the simpleal„
procwei—merechnp and rev", attng the corn ~ch, or digea.
rum —4lbstintially the source On derangement) of all d
to 01 lingeriie oamolaiots—g , .oaral it °Pithy dyspet,
rheumatic and Whims •Ifectithia,
I.: r. l ) ~r oeiati• iileoPisara ILIT.,:t,IOnB ID their ht.
r, woutettalitel 10-rlrrni• g.r suck besot ache ; IpltnLinti 141
ti•e 'd art sir ir , esnlar ptiloatiou any form hafnium ,
Ciativeneaa—Al, lievluitteruent. or obstruction.
in th44l: atom. especially with c einaleii—then are re,Dal
110•I'ldiiiti .rve.l c , inert]
upon Ili per111.0 , ..t1 isitusricuct. u,III and an lt,ranahiy sue
whi• ‘.l town as a general fatuily ineilvine. in too
ikrupriptor's o wi3 family, ior a pert. d 01 upwards of sr*
teem 4 1.3511, and 4111 inlaid apostle:awe of tr,ll . •lipii•• ran
Is. 131421 Y other 'ainthr•, and by ~ urubtruss witty Plus.*
. the vim.. oerton.
A-r T•gl,t_
No roadieal c mai/mind has ever yeebr en presented the I
out 14,tve the •allten , n a h. it • r, it even at pt.d.c,,tld l -;
t.on ifi th‘s, under ta p-escniied u.e A. -a stand4 , ti
lamdP medicine it is at one, the snfese rh•opest. and Ind/
no, at .01 as the most err ferric. in the ~ and its
prnm4t VISO on the tir.tu , Ji.;au•.uul Ulne.ll, will ILIVa•••
bly e•Oe much sir!ktteefi, as well at gear expense. E!
ury flimd. should keep it ny them: sod no family win
io lac!, remain without it, after becoming acqatynited who
it, anti it. proper teltsinistratidn.
tr ['nal P.lls ern put up- in Fifty Cent and D.llar Park
ftges,zl,,eh chinuitulug three bezes,-nne of No 1 and tyro
2 pills—oath a pt , nonlet. ritunraelne a valuable
of eatise on disease, and full dire, thins for the nee of the
CV: The Relf Dollar package contains hetvertam mghty
and minrty, and the D eller pir•knaef•im tie., hundred and
irs.trOwe au kdrert and Goers: 3, Pills rendering them trio
cheryiast preparation extant!
130iintlton Street, Sun Building, New York.
CV' A dollar pack•z e ..I Hyer aPt I. 1. , 2uo ut be Al
terarive PIII, .eot POT' FELL. Men the General Depot.
to any address in the U. t 4 tated. tto receipt of st.. tree el
ezpense. Address the undersigned. Pr.trietor. pr
she nepot, as above p ,rE
Bord by A-.ntlei & Zeit I. Montrose ; E Tiffany. lirmk
I. ~ • - '
r IH blond, I) . wed , Ktoney & Sectertee. Sheave
.0 ins E. Font. Prorapton. Pa ; and H. L. Tritiett, Bldg
hamijou N. Y •
i Andrews' pain Met
plain fa Pain. retwf la me sick heal h to the work,
t balm is found it. the whabk human race, in
%Mi. a NAN* P in K 11.1.1. 1t; -
r l l ll5 l B la entirety a Vetietabie rempound el...posed of tweary
i Or different mareilletin & man Internal & er•einalrein-dy
forth} CUM 0 , 0 1.411 A-C Id:.painy-rtet v.ata and sick headaches.,
rheutflattructine-apr tn.-spin I alfertionioni . rater enoiptaints,
cholera iirobus-tootharri i..enip 1...2, , A1MP.pit01i, for f aen pane-'
bur 44(41116 Inner in theraer and b eAsi, On ie.-Dm e 4, toasior 1
alipat3t..Gent.Till ti . tit it . aatlittot-Ice Put up to., bottles for I
.4.-411tat,p . stain , es par host . 4.
Foilfun her particulate ari pamphlets to be bailor *very ac at
graiii crwtaining a bile( itatory of the origin, disicoeury a d
cood iniects or Andrews' Pine Killer, certificates of cure, dl r e
ThAtriumptm, isuczettinf A r•arewe Pali Killer in rentovi i
has Mai
that prriduredeninof minions of our raze, and the at
den, d eau" d ll bell 11l , 0941 item Rat tillkY Mid hlt
rsiloiooes occiiianioni ,Cll4re't tWrittliallY ''. ' bi-aUlki4llifing w
sell n/d PutJutittitillikit npurlous called Pais 4Ctit r.
Souni,havekapiteared wi, g i lt, 111 .01e0thhe iVill,illl . lain WI
itemise tor. the.ivetended • ithors with forr,ed certidesum, itc.'. ii
iletall remember I.Pat l indirsais' ilentiltial peln Kdlei has iltei
writtnealgriateiresifl. A drrive on the IlitiO_of , Path beetle ,i
hlaeleird,, final she . ask lot Palo' Killer build' for em
dft4l'aitilitiler aed iaaure-you est the genuine.
at N . Mitchelli rug &ore by A. 'rurrellanie seen} or,
Monnipse; wholesale retail, 4 Picket Bush; N. 1 -Sl titbit' kt
a %.,4414b;i111 ; i Lathru , springvilie-41. Burrows is Uo..G 4:
and, - .11 Surritt , new liford:--A otirbiiii Tunkhaonnek ii
gaffitt Lelayetilid, I y is, so ~ oiieo;l4 'Y.. Wholeiale '
i d
resift. ' Bold Iniill the ifincipal towns in the United Staten ad ,
caisii‘a. ~A llorders into be *dummied to I Assineart, Ith . --1
Tounikina Co:. N if. , . .
Administrator's , Notice' , •
t G wit me ii.horkted , to too estate of Jiteips t r
to At 4r eim it otto l lo; B , r 4 4 )7rrk r an d d enl iql e 14 4
those . ' L e v
, c : : lrie r e lli;11
or if Waits& itkolooi 461 'ltotii co' to•tiri.i.toi vh o Tf.,
toriititiarVi•jimmt . ' mifri vitits4t, Ad 40.1
ir, '.'.. : - ,'svAigle.: 4' - "_ P''''
-' ' ' 1 "' 1
. ...
1360.7 1 6 end Sbeee:l44ine en 4 Gemmel •
Millbent it eery low p► see: by ,r. 13„Q, c 4301
• impit.•lr..rarors watebal• imetri• (41 0
' tuficelea Pertgal,er7 atas b 7 g
.ANTED—Waft, 44 talkm- INftok iaaml
"aft whorArift,llo, Na " L /NO
Weakly Children.
Importfuit to , Owners., of lorsesl
Dillasy's,eelobrated,lleaye Cure,
, 2 „,,.* ~...,.,.,„ L.., ~„„
~,,,0 „ ,
f ,a*,..hutht.el efile-t in Preece aun
E i e lato tut trio lops t ',vela) pinta
i.,„..., ati4 Os s to , en Pa. ti 43 t
two prate oarloinitodthv rot it won
a... M.. U. • .-.... .. record In this co e ttry. ' I.l,oBv.lbre
the dtsease called the heaves flu be teglirded as ant*
"r"te malady. aml thousands have tearebed their store
rouse of facia. andt titedtheir inisediliret nobles in vain.
to find a remedy Sarah's affliction The great desidera
tum has at list Jeeetiattalued 'more than 2000 clamed
heaves, 1500 eases brehrmiecousbee t ed caddis, 1000 canes
of Catarrah and Nista Fleit. 1500 cases of Affection of
bnancidaltiabes and &mil. no eineslofthick and broken
wind, and 000 moles of inf lamation Of the lungs, have
neen cured by this entriordtriary re ' dy, Since its intro
ductron to the United dtatea..
billow's iuvaluible heave cu - es is iversally admitted
tai be a sure specific in these forintnithie disease@ ; and
a l l Thiele who have tested its vtrtne„ ts) , a fair trial lavish
encomiums unto, iti efficacy. It is tlot.only a fare and
speedy cure Mr the above diseases, hbi Will also be towel
u.etul in the Wanders, and given in season will' expel
bon or w• ruts it is POPO i _
Universal Condition ItTedteines
• It is sr...ET...tea CO th..1 , 116h1y cure the aunt cough ilt
one week sod will' generally ersolcsie the 11 ,i per
manently in two weeks, aod +reduce a flue glossy'ap
pearance to the hair ' and Improve iblever!, way the min
ditiOo of the hone. , Persona. who oarn valuable horses,
need not fear to albl/1/011Let It to thella as it is warranted
to be entirely free from any del-ternfus ingred•ent; and
the, sho uld
, aiwa‘• keep ooe or roerei papers o' tins PO.
des e. , heed, to "refer that tt may oeadmuitstered to 'loon
as the fist symptoms •., the Amatoe ip,ear, which wilt
hen slight cringe and difficulty lit, bristling. It must b•
coital obviou• io ever, p.reoh, that b repeatedly dr,vioe
horses through rain and'snow. they •ol cot.tract culls,
which if neglected. arid t.rmioate in the heaves.
G ~ ..if. . .- 1,•• a trial Itt.ll It aii ereontmenel itself
t_7 *l. 4t 'Mos —The astonishing nieces I/1 D1'1.t..0
Heave Cur. lot the ills' tWO ) e.t.a . the ilort. - r. &tee.
~a s induced several pets-um h. intitaile and cou kterh it t
it.,.d they even go so far as to c.titho thn ' whin, arrair,•,
it, 111 , ri endeavor then-ohs p a n ts : if t h., host. n ha as th e
olds centime article W. 'J.-elver tnat t Dlllota'll hesee
e•ire - la the lire , artieleol the kind ever introduced 1 „ the
Trot-ti 1 sssss and we hereby viper the sum of •-Orp
r ....1... D.,11%,... to ally pwaiin or persona who will
' b a t v. the colorer , . 21 ,7, db...e1l ar}imitations .
We titlttlll3 the curdle against elfeave Powdery, or
•Hnitve i to p . m nein, ' . hat have Cott e written signature
too, of each rapper,
, d It U, if , it no th Ise ware to
c l
ask (or -DOM 'is heave cure " irlir el careful.that and
see teat !,oti get . t, - as it is the only remedy that §oa can
dotterel upon to th Rely eradicate the above diseases
FOl , l it Grant, e rn, ropetetore, 32 pod Si Washington
arc et A hen.. N . y 2t, ,
r4' P ire 25 cents psr paokage-r- 1 a liberal discount
made to dealers\ • l
For sale by lien. W. ,
Few et, co 4 Owego . Toga cm
N .. general meet. ...r th e ' , OOP tt , l l of Tides alai
Ekuone, N Y.. aryl B•sdrord and ‘setiirposhasoos cos. Pa.
itc.n.z. & Liam) scours f klororofie•
Silence that Dreadfil cough
The Whigs are In danger. the work of lie dent -et has been
begun, the cough 0. consumption bath In t Ilse sou of death.
Are you a souther I Toordarlink child your idolali .,,, i *toll,
ly, Jo) , a now perhaps [outbid to her chudiber by a da -mous
cold-harp rile threat. her the shrwiltedlfillgera, tell the old'k
disease has itlntady gain-0 upon her-the funnel of her arp I-1
choral cinch pierces your soul , i • 1
Veen man, when just about to entertfife, disease sheds a
beau chilling blight over the tett prorpecti of the future—your
hectit cough ,lidßetie Moto Lenoir your "sent hope but you
need not despair. There ma balm which will belittle wound-.
ed tunas li is, -
Sherman's All-heali
WIM of Wm. H. Mu,
I yII, ,stall n 1 lti a.hitsool., Un. K 9
Prind.qp,a. Roe and Slott pt Vass
lwagit elle must dlr. r.lor bad ev,-ry .t
consutupi mit, and was so pp astune.d
man's Haltom wasps-en mud A cur-it
Mrs. Garrabrantarol . B•tifs Earl y wsott
lion by Ibis Ilal-am vilwn all ',the, min,
—she was reduced 1.1 'rum. Ur A.
[Broadway, ha. witneeNttritp eiT ca.satut
never toll. ni 4oieu. • lotting Blood, ata
elieci witty cured by Urn; Ralgani. It
wounded blood yelue'S or,hAp the nut
Rev. H urn Jon.. lOn arena.)
and •I Erection of 59 yeare eta
race• It at t ...... I ati I:te Othe
taken. lh. 1. J Heels •19 t•elnpey
law who was labordtg under co.alutnp: tort
afflicted with the Asthma. In botlream'
were coon restoring them to comfort abte
At.. Lucrets, Woly. liS hr oot yit El)
42 year,. shermanl4 Bat-am reheard hi
Collip4l/Iltirt'y well bed_ enabled to l eute
t•nwt, use.lf this fnedtrine Th., indeed;
for llnudh.. CnltLe, Sist tt blond, Llyer
bireCtions tbe threat, and eVrtk kitual
Price 25 cent. and $1 per bottle.
Dr. Sherman'. couch and Wnnu Loz ..
Plaster.sold as above
Dr Sher:nu:We Office is at ICS Nassa
AG E "I'S For Susqnebanna "nunttr
E Itaps Farmersvilie, tr A Eldriftte Itr
Milford. R L Sutphin SuottnersvOle,J
Turned and .1 Ethrldgn A.ontroeln
BELELIT r ha* ju.t rut•.'e •o 1 1
pen"! labortMc,ii Of
Sl ums ..Ithe ‘ trrut recent, at!, les. tog
terns to Au Tigki. Also. Stove Pi
store Tubeh, etc .to which tee w. of
coi.h purch‘seri and the public. at ]
at very for priceii for cash or approil,
- Doctor Yourself for !
Y maims of'
with upalinf
1:. e ery
tl If' ill anon!
By ll'
The titerh'
erisons enIV
.nse -need
Icvms of
Truer Tun, 11.
himmelf. WJ
....wt.-414e of the
.4 -. "04 with rme tenth the unit' es vi
getlerad routine .f private die&
the cerise of manhorvi's early decliol
on marr i age—hesides many ether e
tt arnuki
no be proper to ennmvrett
f"'" 4.ny person . sereliss 25 cto. d closed in a letter
ziu recalot• a cony of this h sat by knmil. or 5 e.o.ies will
he aee•tf.•• 61. A darrwr-rik.-.W. Y11:floc. N 0.152 Spruce
stre-t, Pcd• I
Wantid —ProurieLors of -
sod Peale's. In every town in the
as seenrs fir the• shove work
. 3 ,.
Dr. E. L. Soule'
THEME p.ll. ire purely vegetab
restore to healthy acti”n the d
and purity tb.- blood an d gi
th•Oqgb the entire •Vetrill. Thwy
edy for Old Liwr Complaint. or B
their various forma D•
gold. and Aego, And Pewee They
their opefation. luei perfectly co to
qf debilitated etinstitutunw,-and al
We have alwa",• takes
tine and Oullgioutt(4 , iig nurenedicin
tilen dope by De B ,ule irliperlOCl
fiot Co leave the.howela costive, w
~,h y °Till, pin now in Lila. •
re , rbee ,:e.nta Ver.hoz. with
tjaiesient —P. tithida wag asamait
whose hustuessit wasloseb and di
unction has been dissolved. and I
name,oo thtlboa. that were er7loit
mit up, and the name of the origins
Soak, gt. Co. is round no each box of
Di. fa. Imo &greys manufactured
8 Id in llinntrone by A.Tunwil
New Yilf. nl.,`right dr. B
P•tnw: Bronkhn 0 'A. Eiandffe:
074' P IF.sEit
'Hon. D. Wilmot -on' -
LA IsS. 0 ...7 . ip iiiiwr m 4 • ft, ..i new
the !await return:, 4 . B"ve 111
e ...mama Awl have again a cosi
varied as) les, t
. sephia pilserit toy
;Pad, satisfied that I c
an d expectations, and also send
Shanks for pastkrdsin.V.Tr.„ , 4
r SoismOing-likcinh Oisiniiit.... .
byinho Gr.ossa,:thp. oasis bow.tit
I Ileaription without in error.
N. B. 't
riciinift done on. the An •
pay is expecteil e in.returo. . . _
Sh o p imoridiasely. neer Elearle's
Montrose. Sept. 1848.
ClrOTatLeinimerror, Yeettuop
*Wm's; iStqwea, alkatifut to.
. - ' 7 ov 15.'11149 ' ' • r. It. V • r
Leei dris
. 14, lo w V l 4-1.4 ilkuttratiu ,
GwOokud far 414,4 7 , •
0 ZS ' 111.11#sta Int,toor
' n .ii the grand healing medicine, and le patty chring its
t thousands. The teeter of i s rettnuldlng Vic entire eon
'mutton it, that at is compounded of 22 distinct vegetable
properties, each root a remedy distinct by' itself.
• •
' "4 complaint of a Most Palatal character, Is .
1 '
and S.S.UtC follows be anew day 4 use of Otis artmclel it to
far bdhrr mac of hr rpre , parOt ion for eh+ , di.. , K. or lb , ”.‘Y
other dislve orteittattre: from impure Mod. Set, Pam
: phist. \
'This dips-w.f. is rnly one of the tiloOl : the aclion of
this medicine. Nom lmly that the rilet.; whether inter.
Wtti ,.,
nal or external. Will-le :red by its 1/.e hula tew wrsdts.—
t , limmdrods. perhaps we clan say thousandsi twee Issin per
, fectly curesi in the use of two or three bottled of this mil
ture, and as thin cure ol pro,duerd train the action of this
panacea upon the Nandi, it in more likely to be permanent
than any cure produced tfronS external remedies.
weak back, weakness n the Kidneys. &c., or inflamma
tion or 0.11111", is istasedi el.yl relit:red by ci_ fete days use of
this rnedietae, and a curP is always a result of Its tire. It
stands as - . ,
for suen complaints,,ant also for derang4nients of the fe
male frame, . 1 '
, .
. painful menstroations. , - No article has [ter bees offered
cusp: this watch woulouch this kind otrieranreruents.
It !nay be felted upona nue and elfingive remedy, mid
did we feel permitted too, so could give 1
as proof of ores .mt tilitstressing class of completints.
Bee painphlet 411 brio ea .1,,,n , deil,it tiled coarittinons
from the effect of mere v, will -nod the ',racing power of
this article to act immediately, and the peiecutou!s Mineral
eradicated from the sr4un.
The 21 dutheet pereprreers which cm:lipase this article,
manifest themselves itartieutarly to the application of the
compound, for the distressing etas, of complaints which
bead this paragraph: Ziff teatariestacrAidas Justa. sweet.
as 'Lira Af ....- - . 7.. i d
which in all diseasesotleterancernentsorthe feinaiii frame,
obstrerilioas, difficulties, painful olensinutlitme,, &C. has
effected a cure. This toot in indigenotip to our nod, and
found in. large quanunes, and an a uinal property
stands without :111 equal ; it terms one o the compounds
in the preparation; titian MLR whole is, the best remedy
ever given to a debilitated Pinata iit is d uce, and the are
tem will be reatomd to health by 'its use. •
will find the Muttrive Oopertitnof tins article
and drive such ilisease*lficitn the systene. See piirspnet
for testimony of cures in all diseases,• which the limits of
an advertisement will hot , permit to be' named herr.—
dor , au cm' , ih<" , . ....V iittuv contain Ulmer*, arutcertl6-.
eaten of high a stronger
I of the virtues of a inedil - iie. never appeared. .It is one
of the pees/ear featureslof this article that it sorer fails
to benefit i n any rase, cad if bane and muscle are left In
bead upon, Set the tinesiated and iiagerilie iasalid •
IPA: ON, _ .
and keep taking the me ic Me as long as ', re is the ha inn
; proveinenL The'propr tot' would
g Balsam.
was gtven up
and Itic4'lrilatsd
ark I irr fth-nd+all
, praianct he.ppln
tk phys clan;-1-Iter
No cured of ennsump-1
failed togive relict
I Larttle. Deottrit. 281
rl Asthma, watch It
ping as it may tie. is
I • colt the ruptured or
s imund aga'n
WIV cared of tough
mg. The first doss.'
...tome Ire had ever
gave it tom sister II I
and n another tv , rely
it- etrect• horn Orate !
litmitett iMm atsthmn
ir at niece, and she is
or eve!p attack by a
es the meat reentet
3mplattlis, and all the
tuft consumption.
,gee nod . Poor Nan's
G G Pride frarferd
klyn, tturritt Rew
buis Great Bend, Abe
airs new awl ■n
. Parlor sad Slop
'whine the new pat
e. Z ink, sheet Irnn,
Invite the atCaution
d which he will acll
d credit.
cents !
'no P .Ck•T Escu
. very ”1:1' ht. ••tau
~• IV a hundred en
private dicta
hope and form, and
of the generative
now arrived that
ng fnSm secret.
7. more become the
a ,, kery, as by the
contained in this
%hoot hindrance to
!. tut inti , note frieral. nodition to
e. it fully esolaini
. with ohsottratiolts
- ranttemPnrs or hien
r •t ,ttio public prints
g or Book stores
kited Btstrs. to ict
46 Gm.
~/,1 4 e,;44 r;
& Co
A 'l'
. _
Ilicitlye tergana they
l e it a healchy
sale and aarerern
wax Duca: , * 41 ad
. Headache. Omaha,
lare mild hut sore in
Mose ytmne and old
family medicine are
r e!tt ram in select.
which has Kisses*
I Tnev are sierra-me . d
I •
nicanece be said o
ail d ireztinna.
d with us for e time,
tribute. buttilat con.
se pill, bearing hi,
have bee. 'gather
progruner,Dr. B. L.
the gonoine plili
be Sovereign Balm
Ftiendsvills. C. L
poet; Barrnrd G. G
B ma. Wm Dayton
h e Provvlch
I n.„.. rydA v „,i
mericin Re of
tett myself .with Its
binifo nameir ,
o meet their vilifies
r then' my sincere
segue Is.. einre_ iete4
;• e sizaasato o f eye
t notice, and toady
Lwileas'breasX , ,Nl9ol
IL; C 14, 64' •bl 2
NT) &,c.o&,
lon this the
- 1 0FJPnirviffistArmo-
I 11111.1irik Co,
~aNFt ~
#~fr~'Rta~> .
, ..
- Sot Rialsweimm4 !Flit' ted 004 - I.' i
, •
Vegetable Lititoitilptle i'llllztaii.'
mars celebvated remedy ;is c,oniitsintly;inorcuilig its
1. fame by the Mitnylegresilt is making ;
1 ALL OVEl o tt s TZ i E WORLD. •
. .
It has now beconietAt If 'ne - fer tvisity - use, and
is particularly reconnoptuled for. 1 .
. . 'ORCOSY's 1 ,* :.
all =pa of this-complaint iintnadiatelv. relieved, nu mat
ter of how long stand) g. 'See Panipaet far testimony.—
This dbease in as Mei ul. as C 401.101-4. Itrethil slOie and
it .
dreadful progress of th malady! Ideating ths systole to a
degree which, renders lie Patient utterly unable to inons.
fauns one of its meal di tresdng !features. ,
' 1
i t no w yields to this to ttedya Physicians use 1 1 1 pub
licly and privately wit! perfect Roemer. Let any on who
has ever bad a symp u,of I)ropsY, of any characta,..
keep this. article by' and If:they would avoid the un
to performs the systisermad 4t the aoeutoututed rater
away, only to fill, up againrand tinnily cad to a dreadful
death, let them jiist they this remedy in lormsori, and a re
cover), 'is sure. Let then tryst at any stop; of this disease.
and a cure is certain, if they . will give it a fair trial.
and all diseases of the,Urirmxy rgaris ; foE these.disumw
ine complaint, it standri,ahrsi.: o other article can reli , ve
you; and the cures tetified to will convince. the mom
;--sir pawl; st.- ;
How many suffer tan . this painful complains , and fan
cyl3, were is ou cure. Y u may Musk you have gravel.when
there Is onlyrtndatilinat Mn—there may be ealculi—and yet
it may be hardly .forinhil—d may even le stone in the
bladder. yet you- are sure or a Cute in all b;.4 - the last
named disease. and if stone 6 the bladder dOen , ,tho.
by We aid of WO lUCtiiCille {di illiiatrilll4lo3ll.eauwil by it
will subside. and unietts the fairnationls of years stand
ing, the calculi is distlolved, and Nought away in tine
particle.. All stages ofthis disease has been cured by this
mixture. One of ths first Medical fuels vs the State al ,
N 0.11
New lark 10 carett:s f.sTitrit by this onedicinc. Std .
Pottliplatt. . . '
Fever and -4,yere, Bilibus Oise:ores—To ibe ,Great %Vest
especially ! , and wherever these complaints prevail Ulu
- medicine 'suffered. 1 - ; . 7 '
. t
as deleterious conipaull is a part of this raiders , ice ures
these diseases with - te Minty and celerity, and doer not
leave the system torpid.: .SSe PeesPelcf• I
So thoroughly does this miXture act iii this diseash..that
an immediate cure IC inade.! All other rhintitles are now"
set aside, as this great.metable preparation, safe, (for it
contains no poisonous,mineral,, which Is ; the basis.of all
other Fever /Vim Mid remedies.)
against a number of artticles txtuch cornp out under the
head of
as cures - for Dropsy, GraVelklee. They air fond for Roth.
ing, - and concocted to pill the unigary; i '
Their inventors itever tit rozht efeuring4' uch diseases till
this article had duo it: 4 r partietaisr udy of (he pan
phiet Le earnestly ...licit? .
Agents and all a ho se I the Snide are '
GLAD T, V inctr LATE •
gratuitously. Put up in 20 oz. bottles. at s^.l; 12 oz, do.
at 81 each—the lamer holding d 6z. more than two small
bottles. Lock out and-riyi i , et impured tip oa. Every bot
tle has "V a n etrn's Vegetable Litliontriptic Mixture,"
blown upon the 0191, kith terittrn oimiattrre of !•.0. C.
Vaughn" on the direencips, and .• G. C. Vaughn, Buttato,"
, essii,.d on the cork. None other are genuine, Prepared
by Dr. V. S.:, Vaughn, and sold at the Principal °aloe, ZIT
Main street, Buffalo, at iYholesale and retail. No atten,
two civet, to letter! oiled, post mid. Orders froinVegrat
tarty cassia - uteri Artnts:e.r.rep . lea. Poet; paid letter!, or
verbal communications ' selinting advice, promptly at
tended to. gratis. For le!by alt respectable Druggists in
the United States and C nada.
Also by .
~ . i .
Agents in thin .conntyl •BENTLev At. ReAti, Mnnt
roue; HENRY Bilwrr; New Alillord;; WM. T. BRAD.
LEY. Great Rend ; G. .: Nitre ilarfarri
' Six i earg , AO .
, ri - i HE children began to ry,. for slittin t alts t„nvenges„ The
.1 noise was not no loud at ,that t Ime, bid 0 has kept in- ,
creasing ever slime; and ar has bruin - e
ski great that-the
hr n(, hf. tittle 011.4 h. poen ttely be. tt,pped Dr ether-
twin lolopai !Iwo with the huh , soft. rendiand very , Much re- i
grecs trimany of them shoal d be disappolift d. Knowing the
vast benefit which has hern Conterred midis the culununity by
the Introduction to his orvitittablet I
W.; it k,41111; n NANVIP,V, 1
I.ozenges he made as the . have.otways lieen, fn order that
Pi s mo, who depend norm th ni;may'not'he disappointed m thfir i
•tioperti He knew when I e jcomtnenced itte. manufacture of
the Worm townies that' hey would supene•de the hPe of ev.
cry other vertmfaigeo petit . lAtzettgre is - very pleasant to • the
i i i
talte.apeedy In iteerecte: s[weli aifeenrite and the quantity
required to creme perfeCl i care is , tery Fninp, Them ,propert
ties in connee.tlon•svith th fact - the 'they ere.ardd fkir 25 arida
per bog. thus lacing theta. trot the reach of, the poorest man In
the land bits not only can id theta to take , the place or every
other verblifitge ever oder het alsolorendefed'theut 'poptilu'to
Ihecornsuptaity : • • • - •
• • • teorin -COVIMG cl`i .._
'continue (acute Cought,, . dilso /kne:orisumptinu, lt's, short
hew and iliffichtlY of breating,,and to her diseases id' thelturs,
with thetsarne theilitythe diti on their kir introd*Sfert,zod
the people have unw hewn e, persuaded by. 'actual , anttetienee.
that On the itereseton of: well'ht i Id; thi y ,havioniV.toatea to
either the bra. oilier ,o,i - ,:olletifillsitgents ii and pkg . ') it bog of
his cough telZellgeti, which are verYlcaavatallt. in carry in the
petite', Mid to take itreiv - khrbach therlay•Z Hy' Initial* 'this
cotanS , A#4ol4s ,often, e, : e'll th It 4 1 ,4040 1 e:4N the 'patient
ittenitlia bust ese— rh) it ' AS is itie:o o e°rill 4: the Lozenges,
that th eissandserperSoget; ho heel :usiediitheili:ltnt Weenie
afloat :t r y wit?! their eli ttwilini'Vee ; behelthout Merl., ~ •
- ' hei tu o r ei . nor relan's Vliiiitiir .
Metal tram:coo Jer' hetuallinailtpitieltalthe beck, ride
1 ,
and elu;st , humbaeu and N eakneasi Th an 4ny appliCatiOn that
has ever , een Made. An hil celeb ity of . he , rdastiq' hit In
erewd. hutortideef anal , ted.„llo4:. serifs f,have &mutated to
',..gonnterfelt tt i andpalin it, trnpen the Ats toning se gaga .
'testier& of dee:Paden. 'R, - shefthat , th true and genuine.'
P li t 4 tiL l ibiwewidPf.W.. ' .4 0 Pets - liMi leviers' ii , for the
ite tn
aurae*, and In every Caw. h' vtguathreol_r.tiberman f&teditt,'
ed obi:: back or thc ,_lll .r:ithiCtlie'sihoisseitredity ear*
right. Noneothe a aretteon Sc.ti I t h e rer e c t *hi n .... ----
'edit , .herman's Poor At t........ - 1
Named St. and yot
Remeriensfr thn - ni
Ahem WiLniettge,
1 soliMli*P.Nf A
MACE.. Parnieravill
liteneMilfetdi R. IC
Bend, A. Piece; .
libit... yqicadAi
!. I:litnal:arOlir
'** ll • l2 s 4 oP PAIR ,
'Vela% ' theqnsUiri ;0 .
p r howela--cracapa,
I mound*. epassea. bet
tat salisiutkoki)mg. t
I!, i , tiliiiii 44004
- • .
• s 11:L L AL.
The lets .estraordisery libmilel4o In the Wetief
lei he emir, Battu: is is oh they
if P.(salswtrr. sad telstcreated supaiar
ft estisi blittoitt amidst.% •
„intrg fag ! ;sioltrfliolf W deba
• tabs,* Mt Patient.
The fr•M:pealty abd superiority et this
over all °blur medicines is. that While it ers,,li cate , r 7C
dieeabli: if In/liesedes thtibody. it is one of the very beet
SPICING ..AND SlrSitat .51EDiciNES
ever knoier d eat ago u rines the whole unite/is ye
strethermAllo.pecton. hu; it creates new, pure and rreh
blood; • pelves' Posseased by no 'other in e ,liN„ . Aid
in thin lis• the grand secnit of tto wonderful success It
bas performed wit* the lait two years more abut 100,000
eures 'verve' eases of 4lsesee; at. least 15100 se e
enosidredt4urable.-„It be:slaved the
of mori-thass
10.000 Oltildnesi" the Put then seasons in the City of New
York alone , • -
11111,000 e of Gesirrol Debility nod woes
of,Nervesso It eerie.
Dr. TowocanTs fiersapardia insignestus the whole sync.
permnnently.i, To those crim hare hist their townier ectt.
by the &Nets of tuntlicole Or itotSscreliforr commuted In
youth or the excessiye. trniolgottea of the passions, es•
hiought on 11$ . physinal pro.trstion Of the nervous systent, •
lassitude, *apt of einhitiou, !ninthly; musetiont,premalvi.
dec o y and [iodine hastening towards that find divot..
Consomption,; can be entirely restored by the p.a ss
ant remedy. 1, This Slarimparille is fur ...perm, le say
n • igeroitini
As ft retied, and invirroutee the systetn, gives metirity
to the limbs) and strength to the Muscular system
moat extraordinary degree. ;
r Corowtssuption
0i5611114 end strtogthen. Consoniptuin &on he cured Prow
chitiot Coniotespriess, Liver CsatpWirt. Cobh Csiceri,
0011/As, Alittsou.. Spittong Wood, Soreuee to the 0,64.
Mai' Flesili; Night Ctatg , S, ni jieuit or p ro f„„
Fear:in:Wm, Pais in the &its, kr„, tenet Oss a y d 1 ..
y e
salmi. I -
1 11004. 1 a
ur4, 1517 .
DL fowl/ LNt)~l, iranl7," e r ani :lap savanna
1100,,Ansan the tneatta;i through, Pori titmi c e, 0 ( my
tidei 1 h.,. dot nereel.l ',lry 11114 a bar! death. 11 ha
curet wore. len'il•iveirse, At-lut I raised large nssio•
tier of 111.04 hail ui,riit Sweats, 4311 sas vestil 4ialirlita
unit mot reddeed, suit did not ditrda to lire c g hove 0017
used }r Sarsaparilla a abort flue, and arn ra. a
dernal chance Ireen_wirountt rii ate. I am now able to walk
all over the i city_ I raise sac Wool and to• cough ho
left tarr 'foil can well Imagine that l out theulifel for
these results.,• Your obi:di - mit aerrau, .
IV3I. 65 Catherine sr
This only mien(' morn -th..n ikour thooosnr, coonorith...
!mama 111141 TRW Sarsaj.ittlln hoe csmi. Tj
most severe and cans are weekry erndiestnl hr no
Jyrn, 4134 of this sisi.filits m Ow Luna
tie Ass to the
it this followidg lett•,
Sept.l4, isr.
Dr Trornsn'od—Desr Sir hale tatTered tr'rrilor .
ninn years wi(h the adetnilatistri cousiderabh; of - tue oar
f could lint eat, sleep or walk. 1 ial ifie mg.! fll,t-rnt..ixt
pains, and ..ny lout. were terribly *.W...2::•11. I 44.1 tl.sid
(our bottle. of vour Sarsaparilla, An& ther bore don• ma tom,.
th an ;stimulus :a dollara wortit . ofrood, I not Ao tnuctelotttcr—
solved I aoi e4tirels rnlieintl. Yon ire 0: inert. to use. th:d
for the benefit:of the sultiete.i.
Yours respectfollr. 1511K3 Cf:3IMINGS.
• Fewer !Arad Alru'w.
Dr Townstr , od's Sarsa.otri I. LitlAria djnl Ia acefl o f. t hy
&ills and Firer s•• 1 Arun. T..e in; letrr. is only
no. of hundrchla received front the South and
West of lithe Character.
Osweee. Mich.:oo3Pa. len
Dr Town•ati - d Dnar \ SHr—l ow:chased fo• my wife two
bottle...of Sariaprtrilla or your Agent. Mr. McNair: Of
macro), en tr'v it for the Fever nail ttetio'r t ban filititi
ed the firat hottih. it alpnearol to ware the blond. nod irate
Other day ...ken the Chills and ohs Lever Appeared. they
acre lescrinteint; ant before sit. had fini•ll-4 th• beds
she was nntirielY , relifoind. end oho eat ion .h b-iter 'than ins
ha.l beep befUrri she took the Arne. A lady that .bad been
very sick wall the Chills end feibtr; hut hod broke - theta
erft . iefloluinoi a nd was belt itt a very weak and distressis t
• state._ and troubled eareedierly with the. . Aro.. Cake ,
the effect it had on my wife, she nett eon procured a few
bottles, and it rentort;tl her to a 4.1 t. week. to complete
tirmith, i• ultim o t dnUEd unequalled in
diseasesincident to.shh -West snit if you think that tbi.etro
ntonikitien "Will be of use.:you treat liberty to use it if r u n
' • -
Dr. TowtreeniPs atussitterilla as 3 .. v‘rwriraiija and Sneed,
cure fur .in4ipteut Consumption liSerroneea, Prolapses
Uteri nr of the Womb . I":o ' stisenesr. Pdea. Lento..
Ahern or Witte. obstructed or ilifficult himristruetion, I.
cotittnence of ['rine, or ins obtittery rliecharce ihrrroC
stuP for, the Feuer it prostrating of the eptletll—LLO' matter
ebethea the *eclat of ethereill r.o11•C or :*..itise• pSoduced
by irrepularity. Mho!. Of nc , itiCtli. Notiti.l7; can be meta
burner:hip than Ile bonnet, frame.,
Pennine of rill.nenkripes soil lassitude, from takthp it . at
nee, become robust and g y laduerres.
aminertiatety counteracts the se:tan/Pasuess of tire re.le
frame, which . ill the r,reat coos.. of liarre,mr.s win
non he expecteri'of us, to ease, of t er detreate s eatere to
euhilni certificates of cure• performed. but we can zamsre
the. tifilict,ll. that huttarndi of eased boo. broil reporter! to
us l'itormanils of case, where fatuities luive been ninon.
ehilaren. alley Isbingta 'few bottles:of tinu invaluable iner!•
ems. bean /lieu blessed anti :hire. heialtlay otrmpring.• It
ha+ limo t.ortiva.rell iti refrcencv to terusliceo•
pleiuts N. remade who bus reason in soppose alts io ate
prose/dor tl nt critisel period. `. 'Firs' tern A T Aft:
shOuld itegteit' to toke'it, se it is. rt certain preventive for
any of the utthterCus sod horrible d•seases to *loch females
are subilect that time of life. Ti,. period may be do•
(aged far seyeral pearl. by wing this medicros Nor is
it lea waltit4tle for Mose Who are ettlisoanleing MelOrrle
hood. as it ya calculated to assist- nature by quietest.t
the blood still insigoratinc the sYstettn. Ihiere"Pri, this asedc
eine is inainttile fur all this delicate SION, to stock
ecotone era ellideCL
Grist Ilfleenimig is Mather. and Children.
It is the sifted and most effectual medicine for purilm;
the system. add relieving the sufferingsattendant upon child
birth ever...Simplex-ed.' It strengthens both the mother sod
child. Prevents; paitt and disease. increases and enriches the
food those mho, have used itthink, iit is indispenestils. It is
highly diefid halt bornee amt afterUnufinentsst, ss it preecnts
disgases 'euendaut untie- childbirth. In. Costireness, files.
Crionys, SweSittg of the, Feel, Deepondenev, Heartburn: -
Vomiting, Paint its the Brickinnt Lnins, False Pales Senior,
chart...nod Ini regulating the Secretions and eqnslizitty the
circuit. ion 't has no equal. The greet besety of this
„ne is is tdatisys.aete, and the teen delicate use n t ent
. :
. .. . i _.
\ : W.,.......4t ~.,,
- —( ll —N
.... ,
_ , -Scrolls a (*tired.
Thle eiertillaidei eaneltantety prase. that 'this - earnmarth
In hes itarfacCeentrel at er•the, lint allainEllt AMOu et
tfitlinoo.l. Three persons soled lin one home in unmet
dieted. -.' 1 ~"
- • :.. • . Three Chilrlrin.
ilr; Toirttetind't !twit. Bir.-1 have the pleasure teiofers'
g...that.thts!s of my children hem tweee.cuted_of the (trio
_.fig bS tie ,'ltft'tlf your excellent medicine. They were it
MatetViss7 aetereeY lOU bad um% have taken four ket
tles • it •00 them &weir. for whirl, I feel mytelf under
rat OblbrietiMe." , •
:.. I; -.Y6111.; r.lopeCtrl4/. '
ISAAC W. ' Me Woostet-st
Opkilosto "of 11 6 14•Iiimee.
Dr.,."rowloond. it eitittet doily reneittiot erttyte Deo
Phleimas in Mitrorem parte of the Volvo.
114 "'tin' 11 1 11 t Ive:,ther enamel:pad, Physician.
of. the City: af.ADMey, bays jO.uumerout cure Preocribed
Di. ToweirMA's ;Sonmpettlie; etid'heliete it to be one of
the Mort vOuhlrie orelOottinto is the market.
M 4.
.P. flitAii6. MA), J. WII.S. N.,J1.D., A. B. BR IbGl,
D,ii.' ,P . r.:Atatiovooßtv'w U. - , Arbay. Apiii,',ll ll .
Intl ' •
.... , _ -- .CAlliirlf
, Oirtnif.teV'thei ;treat oucielesdimmense- ipahv'or,DA
Tawoesur4,Baratparilla, la 4111111, of met ehe stuns fur. -
.PlorlY 'Ger tWeett-,: kayo ' eigh4iictif mi.itio? gd ir* P' frs " .
"gtri'M' ithoin;',ll4te*-4rigoi or Velum Clock.'ll l lc -. ..
They itimirely put- o up in,
tlialiore attape , l 1 .4t*11 1 4 ,
mune •Ltif them have - itideu/ithd.'ecird our iiirortOsoleute.
IlmiiiMAXisli: orirtblese;.,Meifolm s, i ot,ohpulit. he .rodo:
Nona VlOUilit'eutere aigiiiid by S. P. foritieed. ', _
/7 - --1,,,.'.P:r!•* , . ,- -; ,- 1 - - , :.q,‘21 - 7 T.:. i
PriociEiCOOlce.:: pi r)layi Stru t.,, .. 4n 8414113111.
4 ri ' 'lr: '1"4011:4- to.; e'lltirk, e 411oe.; kat' a
Seim Ai Neetblilleald'itreeL nil 'lpbig :it velum_
Drusghlt,. eatibeertz,- T v it
_come cegfieme; velum_
It. C0.;151' Cl6oolll , l9bithi. N. DI: Ce South' Pearl Stt•of
Atheal ; :iii4t-,lit- - .4...00 i lt oehl, Drugtiou I,o , Mn•r -
411621...._ts 11%P,Mileriihotst the Domed 'glom Wmclioilee,
50.'.:40.:e4eMm0.ji.,,1:,, ~., ; ~... f • • • ~. • •
--, ,
LAidilitlistrazoes Notice,:
wsitro...ttideboloAck;buiEssme ut.ii. 41, .V 4. 1 10.
jeAls:::.611111i 4111.i/ilia; "..deruo• its ritt Pr. 1 ID
14"glilillatillpifiiiini:in 41 ' thasittbilnkli ties*
. 1 0! 411141114.1110110.11104146t* t4 . 101'401 4 *I I s il l *
ia gto w l i n - 11,11''.14f,.-•:-91 L'43.11'.1317,#4411qt
'‘ . i4' •
Art' =
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