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e t he moo effeettve. - Let,ns
of:remote not only from the
ocean, but from dreads and Canals.' 1 tleit
. i .k,
if the duty 'iamb per cent. on the',i6ioq
arriving at. the'city of New-York or it( re . ra t
age, thak,Oity cud its neighborhood, tbYtthe
'Protective theorii should be more injured by
the imtartation than the interior of the *toil
the freight to whi i eh, on mady of - the artleleil
might add 20 pei l cent to the cost. raakingA 1
while enhancement of the price AO tier -Ant:
and thus operatiq as a double Cioteetia in
the interior corairared with the sesteitid. 'Noraif thelestrietite theory be tree,:the...residents
of thehttelior betut
e , better. protected , the tar
iff arallouglit.44l Arilp article operating 1
as ...404. 1 a 4 07,0 1 M. U l 4- be
-mere prosperous
*in ... the:Teal - dent lofti,leesbeerd. _ But_ the
6, #eraPi"Panetf: 'At*ltnet'unen the eeableid
im ps
bier st,eir k . : le*t_i.:4--ire retire from':4;
kaltent".4 l 4l4 ' 11 - Mit:filo ; ;till lower at
Erie, glefoilia;. 4iiiiii;•diicado, ap.a : Vas!dle,
wltilia,:thi price Athe fernier Buys is Pril . :.
o(*iontfook and nothing but the, fact
that ode; iOaliee'perin proportion they
are menOtEPtili:ra,iliet ' forage mili4et, ertableS,
hile, n 4 , O4nifurn s _the coippe!.ition.
,;I:4l,9,toitivejsysteni is agrariau and a war
iperap,. party. lt attemilts to. organize Faber
aßtrkntalbylas adding to the profits of one
PrOit Vy,reducfg that ef dnother. It, is hi-,
ecrawitij4Witht e security Or.pronts of cap-,
tA: ot'i#liiir.,,atifr hirkora whatever , deettoss
the Seentity,, or, pihfits of Oapital results in an ;
arliitrary and deeßotie power, and_if the pee-,
pin should' biome accustomed , to its exercise,
1°444 'for legtO 1 ieenppere and protection 1
it would terrains i n a,struggle, for the divis
ien-irad distrilrati by:Congresa r eviry-year, of,
t t
property, profits, : rid eepit4 tintong,the favor
'et classes., :So lelielatien of rain can change
the law of capita Wages -namely, that as
capital Augments4being the source from which
wages iie paid, 't ere will be ,on increased de
ntal:4'ldr labor, Old' a consequent addition W
it; ilisrard.,Capititand wages are the weights
ini.thti opposite sides of the scales, vibrating
nadir undhanging lam!, *nee ascending as
cal:ital, is augmented, and descending as the
wages, 'as
If, then, we would augment
es"everYl4, , er of mankind meat 'desire,
we must ncreaseirapital, which no tariff or or
gaPjaatiezl of labor. can effect, althOugh,it may
transfer . capital fidm one pursuit to-another, 'al
ways" 'crunielshilithe aggregate profits when
the transfer is forted by law.
- Thilbelief is eneous, that, as manufactu
rers incr e ase in n umber, skill,' capital and pro
,ducts, they will erpettutte High Tan'ffs.—
Whoa they attainthis condition, an` their fah-
Tics exceed the home demand, they will desire
Free Trade to open to them the f 'go mar
lett ' rh kfigiaad thisis now • the case, add
their, manufacturefs are the great advocates of
Free Trade, as otl manufacturers/a time will
be,..rard'altireatelynnite with all other classes
in desiring the abindonraent of all Tariffs and 1
Cadent Houses,la the repeal of all restric
tient: tut Counter . 1
* * * *
MI last tipor i trecommended the grant of
one section of la - for schools in every quarter
township ie Crept' This grant in each of the
new States, of ono section of the public lands
in each township. iris designed to secure the,
ben* of educatithite'all the children of that;
,This -41iject, has failed to a great::
extent, hiennne OCO section _ in the centre of il
trasziehip'eiit. ni%l square is too distant from
many ether, seetiOue to furnish a echool to which
all can reser% ant,tVhftause itikpecuniary pro
vision it is inedeinate. ,The grant, however,
of citieSection for every quarter township watdci l
be trate:lent, Whiletthe
,central locations would
be adjacent to `evetroftier section in such quer-.
. tee township, bringing the school house within
the'isranediateykieage of every child within its
Haiti. Coneressito some extent adopted this
recommendation, lik gra n tin g two school sec
hi etch-towithip, instead of one, for edu
cation in Oregon, but it is respectfUlly suggest
ed that even thus, extended , the grant is still
inadequate in amo unt i whilst the location is in
toonveetent and to 4 remote for a school which
all can attend. , This subject is again presented
to the attention 4 Congress, with the recom-,
eneadatien:that itjthallhe extended to Califor
oheited New ,Itfgo, 'and also to,all the other
rai n
nei_Stitn 40 'tortes containing the pub
lic dontaut.
• SeeretsuTef rr!udi Itipport;
The boigablepearetary has presented an
.able' and well written document, but every_
movement , of the'itrity, for the past year, is so
faitilliar if) Oar r4ders, that the Secretary : lids
but little of inter oat. to communicate.., Af , ,
. . „.,. . .
ter referrtng. to th closing operations in Hezi r
co, he states that . e peace establishment, when
-filled *Will 'alai:lint to 9,878 Offieers-and so
(liars; exelniii4 eqtfre enliited men of the 'ord
nance ; bat its itthal'intnemial'strength Will
generally fall tonlideribly belovi thia imithei r .
He details with 'gips!" elearneas the limiter;
and destination of our. troops at this - tinte,,andi
the litaprovenienti 'which they ii ‘ ny. require,, to
render' there More/efficient in the tong frontier
of our extended Oapire. ,
Ha ratiiiiwith greet p erspicuity and foree
to tibil Pnititimi4
fffairs in Giegon, connec*i!
with thertitilitary,Vrige—tO the movements of
troopalo', New, Piliftieck--so the amount anti
.distelitiiiii Of the contributions,, which we le7:,
led inMeriCii:dt.iithg ;the ,War.-,--to the •settle,
meat of .:641,iiko#1( fil the disbursing offieers
for . some r Ogilationa s ere yet to be Made,
by bi- I ,Aqii.rii4 'MA ecimPlialent to the
manner' ti 4litelt.tbentllitarYbirginel t ave diti4
charged, thekilll,P#4or , 4itie L L -:, lie *refers, ti t i,
the'ilitioyilf ntircsialo the megtial rats,
He relive to tbe import of the Chief Engmeei.,
and 'the itfettioli of the; plat* :Air . emitting . ;
fortilleatioltr; ittiltl te. the 'oriWi.tiition of -a
board, irliiek'“Piiiiiniii'sidert for 6rifoi
nia and °Pirstbi selecting th e -.PPM 01 *
foribis4eattoni ' 'of Ott's fur aiver eitiddiehT
Ine*.i.: le, ettiiildfa. :* iiPPOlNiajjoiis ' A*
the itiiity fii4 tba c 4t liamil,Year `ek.s4.
the'P*Oi N '
eSa-44ire O te-a,,n,", , - --lb O otitot S * t a a
i 4l4 l luTi*4lti S ik , ite
ews *V 4 7l.l-11,fallAiriii4 1 . 1 k. - tie l l
ties irni tiklnWi e f tei li WC ,)1 1 % . ', -$44 ...ii sl o:
madeitt ;iiii(t4l4,l* Of eitkitt.**; Sello;
tbees4,4*.::A, . .-AlllklP***7 'Chat
asheiga"`2 . #ooll.:` - a .
~11 10 1 8 the. iStleilliTh. i -
.40 7
, :Sit 4 Memo*
arm4 1 4:041/,... ' 1 11 0410414.10
aomiaria4ltricir Oiiir.ropi,, ~, .;-, • -- r'-'
' Wineoll6l4iiiie *rib 44 LiSS f.
Jew 4f, 10fiday — gfeiis ttilritgfr
theit — rsiitujiritb biii i* Oi O Oil iS d e r of
4 unir
this . 4 4sekillOwl .thil*clowne o
ke s• 1 I SlOSiA l fs , l'a*f.*li 4.010 1 :**
Lett ,
tiat laust - -_, :: k '
linweliwit Ale $4
'`..- -Pstihrgeng -• n - : 1 1
Mit — -: ),AveLfwel t iosetneiXell* Bergitark
Jet . 7,Riiidall, ;asciih It ingeo.oll, Henry,
tlay o nanitd Webster, inditutierouS other dis-Il
i t
tingti l- bedk . -Whigs will consider Fthetnielves;
liig '','ioiniislimentied tiy this notice Oittitel,orth, l
Ana • 4,..11.-,We tiliVl4r. Ingersolliin 'cook eye!
for I , l,oloettin Gilt TiliAr'!o:abii . bt„'lntf, Fe i
pre' me .;4 T ilti thit Ilini,Lavnlit or dome of tie!
othe --, Youn- Tay)or,, uteri of Philadelihiii will:
[ obis the place irhial . we supOose#lllr. lager-, 1
soil.tight receive: ) --Pisitniy/eptiott. .
aiecittiiit'ir Orille'lliavVi Itisport.. ,
-The Seeretary-of the-lititrfpreiietrari- - -td
obo 't.) report. A
very large portion of it is
usel . i to the general reader. The construc
tion .'f thelour steamships of war-, authorized,
by't !i dAct of Peugress.of 3d March, 134 f, is
iP, s* l .tisfuetory,state Of progress. .. _
..4 , ,errrare unfinished on the stocks, at - the
Beg+ ;,111,1avy Yardi o four ships of the rate of
7,4-g ' us, and two frigates of the rate 'of 44 q i
gum i •-• , • • '
i I , 00perations of the navy daring As late i
lA, i
Pi T 1 ; war are, reviewed, and deservedly
coy/ imaged. The report 'says that through I I
the c ; , cieacy of the navy not a single Auseri ,
can •,:ssel has been lost to her owners during
the ,', ar.
I `l' e -Secretary says,- . that the respect felt for
our i;ig, and the fear of our Navy, has alone
rest"fined foreign nations from the temptation
to mi'mbit depredations by the means - of priva , =
icers f 'I,
le dwells with peculiar stress on thoeffi.cien
cy "4 pecessity of naval schools, and strongly
rccot Mends an appropriation for that purpese:
He . sci recommends that the trophies won by,
onvn Val heroes, and now in the departmenti
at W shington, be placed in naval schools to ex
eitett m scholars to emulation.
TI j 3 construction of the Dry Docks ,at Phil
adelp . ia, Pensacola and Kittery, is4treated of
Tl!'. Prices stipulated to_ be paid for the
work 'complete,are at Pensacola, $921,937.;
at P4ladelphia, $813,70, and at Kittery,
$733't05; total, $2,463,574.
B the acts of Mirth '3d,1847, and August
3d, 1.48, $700,000 were appropriated for the
objet , and an estimate is submitted for $650,.
000 r the, next fiscal year.
Tit Naval Observatory and the valuable re
sult p 1 the labors of Lieut. Maury, and his as
sistati, , are alluded to in fitrong terms of com
mend ;tion.
Th . : connected lines in all their parts will, it
is ex , eted, be 'in successful operation early in
the e suing spring , and a regular communica
tion e tablished between New York and Oregon.
Th report `
recommends that authority be
given, o contract for the trabsportation of thel
mail , etween New Orleans and Vera Cruz, inl
steam hips convertible into war steamers. '
In e matter orthe hemp required for naval
use; t,: , o
6ecretarypurposes to invite, by adver
tisim t, the hemp growers themselves to con
tntet.l I
, Th, military contributions collected in the
Gu I: f Mexico , at ports, and places in the
mil ta i y occupation of the naval. orces, Amount
to 131,830.
The; eipenses orthe department for, the- two
fiscal year ending on the 30th June. 1845 and
i t
18-16,'; mounted to $14,967,036 09, and the
aggre'' te amount expended in the two years
endin 1 on :the 30th of June, 1846, was $2l,-
598,6, 1 16.—Scott's Weekly Paper.
r ' 0t
3 1 1
Ex ui.—One.of the most remarkable in
stancelyof the success which attends' well ap
plied . nergy and perseverence is exhibited irr
the c ' a_of D r . D..,44 44. 7 ....,-,-sf Ptatetteipeug
with hose advertisements the readers of the
Aegis" r are familiar. Illci Doetor, after spend
in ny years of his life in practice, and a
carefn investigation of the origin andeharacter
bf diS' sibs, applied himself to the preparation
of re edies, and the exeellence of his corn
poun was tested by the grateful thanks of
thous vitds who have proved the benefits of his ,
skill ful scientific knowledge. Hit are not
,'neck nostrums, but preparations result- ,
ing fr'im long and careful study, as they serve,
in an e minent . degree ; the good purposes for
which they were intended, success has followed
'the p oprietor's enterprise and labors. His
establishment -is new one of the largest in the
United States, and besides furnishing every
city, town, and township in the country with
.. . . -
-his invaluable medicines: lie ships, annually,
t i
imam se quantities to foreign lands. •
In he prosecution of his plans for bringing
his sp rifles to the notice of tIR • whole people,
Dr. J yne tras issued a Family Almanac, eon
tainiji certificates and testimonials of the-high
est 43 exacter. We see it stated in - the Ger
man wn Telegraph, that' last year, one mil
lion o the Almanacs were published for 1848
and al distributed . • This year, the deniand for
1849 a so great that two power presses, &iv- '
en by Isteam, are running. day and night, with
a don le set of hinds, And unable to meet the
dem '` d of the pnblit for - the Almanaet. • In
deed,' leases 8 - tartly-and M'Calla. who do the
press- ork have found it necessary, to meet
thew 'nti of the publisher to obtain a third
0 pr'ese 1 Two millions and a .half copies
.will lye - required for 4849, consuming from
twelvti to fifte - en thousand reams of paper, and
• ~
.- utcurrpg an expense, at the very small rate of
two nti; each copy, and we cannot see bow
- they:can be'furnished at so low a priee—of
fifty % thousand dollars .t.. This is wonderful ;
exhibiting, -is it- does, one of the most remailc
able instaeceaof enterprise en record. , • -
" Bui 'it must be remembered that•this large '
' smo, *Lich is 1 fortune of itself -is aptirely
given way—the - Whole two millions and a:half
Of Almanacs are gratuitously given taitter
: ihuniti, storekeepers, families and ibdiriduale;
with a vie* to their general gratuitond , distti-'
hutierf throughout the United-States. ' -.-. `
' -=
,Thl - positiOn of-Dr: -Jayne iaan .enviable one
-;;7debifTeillby hie own Oaaided energy indrie:.
try Mid' enterprise-Ldrairing largely from ani
ez 'veskeowledge t. of medical. junepradeitee ,
Ainik lie POw itandaattbe head of theilmetys-'1
*tie ,medicine fir fs. the mnias," .wbkh hire;
sot! yip** . : be *appalled i*
iforthe .dice see' severallyret ' , apart;
by 6 tiniirieice &tibia'. &Milled to eenfer,
'. . ei - butimte ,.- familyi,n, hihniliibla.benedtetf
t - e, if ' It - riatored, l llelltkldd prolonged ei .
, I,- ildi 1 :,---- ." .c- ATeilitioviO±Aiiider-'''' '' --' - '-'
I • 1.
' Ili
1, e= — Astl;tatio 0:-Lait 'nig% 1
.9x.f._ ~ , ..., 4 ~, ~ ~. . M. 0
fit4 0 147 41 u51e,r.fix4,4 1, 1044.4 1 / 1 1001ftre
4 * mi
0004 . 40 4 01 . 11 . 4 1 i 490•4 ;
l itlie h i 47i tk e ".k f 411 0 , 0 f 499.09_0.. for next
Atell - ' *M. , , Pifillebqt of ilboelibm,
ii k
Wilful 01e,1* 9Clietrii* aiiitibi_ pot.-
- ; ilal l ollo' 49 ?P: - 44atiibstill-T-. 400 ini
per...ooPFe)iiikystiaMi, --, Tb.
Saw - ill' i disinbilo o o.,4olo,looo ill tars
Ma .iimpliPi , ile*kirbaPo49oo.
Irma yin tia: 1404,14 obtijahliiool4l
..-74 - .-
-Hrlf ' , 71iiipPikorsliVic101
ri m* 0 sappi iiii of *kit;
a .
1008 1
- , eth to gresB,-----2dlession.
~i.l. f. •
, 1 1 4.iisuxivoroi, Dee; 15.
IL se Met'at ;the usial;hour this morning
and a er prayer end re* ding the!journal, the
' Speakir sammiined as ,:thefintt ding iu order
'the p4iate Willi on theidendee, whereupo n . the
House resolved itself into' . Comiiittecof the
Whos Ain Cobb' of Georgia in tie Chair, and
; rem
after ine time sipent r thertim, ro d ‘ and ieliort ' '' ' - -- :i . , :,,c' .
, Tw or. thnik hillswere ' then tionaidered—
I one, * the 'relief' of the'heini - of Varna* ind
Harri 4 led to considerable discussion, when on
motion the House .
adjourned over 611 Non
day. i i= , ''- ,: : ''''' "
In esterday's dispatch, I - should have eta
ted th ClAr: - IliitWoffeted is - resolution; which
wee aiopted;q3illing upon the - SeCretary of the
Tresaery to furnish the House with` tatements
showilg the - Wm - omit 0 coal imported under the
i teriffeet of 1842, arid - 'that of 1846, and he
=omit of revenue respectively receiied. under
bath. :4
, A
Monday, Dee. 18.
Sr tiru.—Sevaral petitions were presented
and referred; among them one bylfr Cameron
for tbe reduction° of the tariff, end One by Mr.
Sturgilen fors -reduction - of the 'rates of post
Mr.p Douglass presented a memorial from
Mr. 'C Reilly for kright of way to constrnct'a
telegra:ph to California.
Mr.Jlonglass moved to teke up his bill rela
tive td California for the-purpose of referringit,
and moved its reference to the committee oh
territdries ; carried 30 to 25.
Thti Vice President laid before the Senate
a rep* front the secretary of State.
Mr4Berrien moved its reference to the com
mittee-On the judiciary. -
• Mr.!:Dewns submitted a resolution instruct
ing th 6 committee on the judiciary to report
on thq expediency of establishing a mint in
Mr. Dix gave notice of his intention to intro
duce Aresolution to takeup the House bill ad'.
mitting certain Canadian productions free of
On !notion of Mr. Atherton, that portion of
the Resident's Message relating to the tariff
was referred. •
That portion relating to a Mint in California
and tWe national revenue therefrom, was refer
!red to4he committee on finance.
Mr.rftenton called up the bill giving Molars.
lAspinicall and others the contract for building
the Nunn railroad.
Mr.ilitenton advocated its passage by a for
bible speech.
Mrlßreese hoped the bill '
would be post
poned,jas he had reason to believe that more
favorable proposals would be offered from other
-1 parties;
Mr. Hale spoke earnestly against the passage
of the bill.
Mr.lrohnson opposed the bill, and gave his
reaso why he thought it ought not to be
• It wbs laid over. 1
11 Theibanbing bill was postponed, and after
nundrinnimportant matters were disposed , of in
hxecutive session, the Senate adjourned. '
Hottst.—Petitions upon various subjects
from several of the states were presented.
' Mr. Vinton reported a bill to supply the de
yelenck of the civil and diplomatic till for the
ear eliding June 31st, Is 9.
A Didion to reconsider the vote instructing
the coimittee to report upon New Mexico and
ealifornia,_ was agreed to.
Thelerritorial -bill, which was T.." -
clal ler Tor to-day, was then taken up for dit•
Mr. tobinson, ea .a., addressed the House
advers4 to the consideration of the subject at all
by the!present Congress, sand was in favor of
postpobing it -for the benefit of Gen. Taylor's
Mr. ?Wentworth moved to lay the bill on the
table. t.
ThOmotinn prevailed—yeas 105, nays 80.
Mr. Giddings asked leave to introduce a bill
authorizing the people of the District of Colum
bia, wliite and colored, to express by ballA,
their djdnion as to the further toleration of
111r4'hompron, of Mo., moved to lay the mo
tion on the table—carried, yeas 106, nays 77.
Mr. Rockwell, of Ct., moved- for a seleet
committee to enquire into the comparative ad-
Vantages of a railway or canal between Chtives
and Panama.
' Aftiir the Consideration of unimportant bu
Tuesday, Dee. 19.
I . Sx4TE.—Agreeably to notice, Mr. Breese
asked ind obtained leave to bring in a joint res.'.
l olntiod, which was, by unanimous consent, re
ferredito the' committee on the judieiary, ex,
I planathry of the law remunerating losses suffer
ed in the military service.
A tesolution was introduced by Mr. Miller;
'of 144 calling on the President for information
'respecting the rumored intention of our govern
'lntent lie purchase the Island of Cuba.
Mr4Berrien. of Ga.,•objicted to this resolu
tion. •*xl it, was on motion laid over.
,petitions and memorials
were presented, read and referred. One from
Mr. Grceely, on land reform, numerously sign-,
Led by f l ritizens of Now York state, which was
also referred.
At She close of this report the committee are
ibeing tailed upon for reports . ' 1
' it it generally conceded here that Mr. Crit:J
tendetilis to he the
___,SecretarY of State.
1 ' SENAva.—Mr. Miller moved to take up the
1 resolution he offered yesterday, calling upoti thei
President for information ooncering the tortes-I
pondetlee had with thegovertiment of Spain for
the putchase of the Island of enba. • ' :,
Mr.! l .l3eivien opposed the Iles°lotion.. `: He
'said aftli information;; if communicated toigbil
thought.that it infringed upon the Peraideet's
prerogative:-- , ' . . , . ' -
Mr. Mier stated Wu; iesiiioe,li.gom'elidgal
or ithi i initioiluesiou or the aid reiekiiiiii, boil
Inlaid . .ti Oki liii 4444 *4,4 14004
4 y l6.l3otaik soplitiod do'cliii44ii 'valid -61
jiesteidkiO_Doetoing the Itigraid across, the
r lllii* from; agree ici POsiiiseid th, soli. *
jet . w4_4o*.ted by kesaraLßekte?;*ol,,,:tl.3
Foote,; # ll .-„i nf . snd ."! , 4 l , i ia4d:Tiiiß t" 4l e l P4 l ,
Ini l 'int -- . ~ .i , .c'
i..l 4 tii4o4orkln4c_ --,,,',...Thi subject
#A 18 : 14 4,* 41 Y-44'40e. -,. ,-.. F. • 1 . "
4 ,,, kile‘moiiatreoidrod'irOsi the President;
i OM , 46 motion. the.Sehoe , ,wenkh4o 0 1 0 en
- es -*Moor. i llmtaftir j oa ctims!Pigli Lt ar ' lip ' . '
imouniii.,../ -,-.1 , 1 , -.4 ..,,-..,.•,. .--T-:,=---.. '-
. 111 Qui0 0 4Ptid*/)' 0611 . 6 . •
snit - meniii
"g i cigoo•4o ,l-40 Crefetrsik, , T-B...iffik Mils
olpaito4 - ISna IPPOPlist 4 4:-Wr 7 4.!
'`lf ' '' j'aigovit iiietinitiollattei
ir ..,, . , 11 , 1 1 610 /0/4 4111 :4114iiitittth
aiii,iiiii took 4 Mr, Ty** isialution re
, ~ ,
failing the Prcishtent) me e'_ .to various
standing iioniinitt*s.l it;
Severall atiembaents were offaiet, One by
Mr. Meade, of. Virginia , proposing to refer tbit
portion of thei - message reiating:to:the:elitab
liahment of teirrinrial : governinfMta t? a : Select
committee of itina, which, aftii . imue4ise
was put and 440; .
Another aiieiniskent was • u'fferid by Mr.
Cobb, of Geoegta, :pro:posh* to;infet that paa
sage relating talbe.teriff question to the com
mittee on agriculture )snd oennnercei,
This was waimly discussed btMeisrok . Cobb,
of Ga., Rumsey,'of N.Y., J. legerloll, of Y.a.,
Holmes, 8. C., Gentry, of Tennessee, Thomp
son,i44 Pa. , anctOthers...r
; Mr. Green, of Missouri, replied to Mr.
Thimpson, and teensed him of inconsistency in
hating supported Gen. Cass for President, and
now turning round and opposing the present
Mr. Greeley, of New York, &Hewed in a
plain, forcible speech, in which he advocated
Mr. Rumaey's motion to refer the Tariff portion
of the Message to the committee on manufac
- Mr. Marvin; of N. Y.,,folloied in a speech
of some length, in which he gave a history of
the last legislation on this subject. '
Mr. Fisher, of Ohlo, has - the floor on this
subject to-morrow. Adj.
Wednesday, Dee, 20.
pENAT.E.—Sundry petitions and memorials
were presented and referred.
On motion of Mr. Douglass ,the bill of last
session for the organisation of, Nebraska- and
Minesota was referred to the committee on ter-.
Dir. Downs bronght in a bill in olation to
the mail steamers between Now Orleans mad
Vera' Cruz, which was referred. .
The pilot bill, introduced 14 Mr. Dix, w •
called up, discussed, and on motion laid aside
for the present.
The Senate then proceeded to the considera
tion of the bill ,granting to Florida certain
water courses in! that state-4aid over, after
some discussion.
^The House bill, pensioning widows, was call
ed up by Mr. Cameron, of Penn.;and pissed.
The Senate then went into Extcutive Ses
sion, Adjourned.
Housn.—Mr. Vinton, chairman, of the com
mittee of ways and means, reported a bill carry
ing into effect certain treaty stipulations with
Mr. C. N. Smith Teported a bill for ostab
listing a government in California.
Mr. Greeley presenped. a resolution enquiring
into the expediently or practicability of employ
ing government vessels for carrying citizens to
California—referred to the committee on ,Naval
The House then went into committee of the
whole on the state of the Unioa on the Presi
dent's Message, and its reference to the various
Mr. his views at length; de
nounced Polk's administration.
Mr. Hunt touched upon the war, tariff, &c.,
and the mana gement . Of public affairs.
The commute rose and the House adjourned.
THURSDAY, Dec. 21.
SENATE..-Mr. Sebastian's (ArkansaCl.l. S.
S.) creilentials received and he,iook his seat.
..Mr. Bright offered a..resolution which was
considered by unanimous consent and agreed
to, calling upon the Bresiilaut for_the_corrfa-
Pondence with tlie Mexican Minister- ,
M. Clark otkro a _ v agai d i o i .4 ,tudg for all
existing treaties 'touching, our commerce with
Other countries.
A resolution asking for information respect
ing import dutie s , was passed.
Panama railway bill postponed until aftir the
The Senate were . engaged in .Executive ses
sion discussing the nomination of Lewis Cass jr.
is Charge to Rome. -
The Committee on Territories on Wednesday
Morning voted ,on the subject. of suffrage_ in
It was proposed to make suifra-ge universal.
A move was made to confine it entirely to the
whites. After an animated discussiOn it was
put to test—yeas 4, nays 4.
•Caleb B. Smith, chairman,`then gave, the
casting 'Tote in favor of excluding all but
MT. Ynlee of Florida, moved ; to, take up the
bill for compensation to the captain of the fri
gata Phila., at Tripoli, which was agreed to.—
Mr. Y. went on to speak at i pome length- in,
support of the bill,- and urged .its' adoption on
the ground of justice and equitY to the gallant
men who had . distinguished theMselvcs in that
brilliant action:
Several other senators gavel their. views sin
the - subject, when, without coming,to a conclu
sion the question. was postponed. .
After the passage of a few private bills, the
Senate adj.
Houss.—A pet ition presented from the mes
sengers employed to convey dui electoral votes
of the States to Washington, fhr mileage, was
laid .over.
Mr. Vinton reported a bill maleg appropri
ations for the 'fisW year. •
The bill from the, Senate, pensioning the suf
ferers by the destruction of the brig Philadel
phia, v v ras debated and postponed'. , •
The resolution instructing the committee on
the District of Coinmbia, was passed.
The cominittee. on printing reported in favor
of printing,in extra, number of .gmery'a report,
together with others respecting Oregon - and
California: The iuestion , was discussed, but
not decided. Adjourned. -
1 1 )17..Aorsilo . epi*o,
io will eyo4nally, : if,it. has Api 4440 •yrappeiiredi•
in, everything i n, re,lation,to : it bey ,.
comes deeply , interesting ..' We in, one
out exchanges,: `time !fade, • : gathered fr*.. / .1
_4i)( 1 00 relative:. 4.4 pros
gre4,of wolitrolOOfor to *.
polmuno, Tlig:4edicai,jc.Fmkt iminTedto,
says it hee,eo, prPOr:44,l3oT;44ieteepe eflA4
Oliolerk,o4or 1 . 8 M7
Thero.had ;!epidemic.
'wMehritorot out in the midot,ociialosjoembligel
:oriPagrimpip,Oeetril Wig AKIO the Ilar,
1772, : 4 4stroyiptthouiandiv.,444.4004ezingatot
rest; ousy . . hive liwn.itbetl44oo.-- 9er
firo:o444.lo6wlogii4tlair.Obo i loi4mu in. the !
diofloollibioktrOirood,Aoo.l4494ti Ulm!
pp./ ago, • • ! !
4101rf10ik,:144.0.1y-ot movol ! moOtOislif, ! ect:!,
.of , OinyitiON,foriii4l4w!OhlmotOiii !!
1 8174.!hkshoPeithet the OisgekikKy spread.
itg , thrOVel Atr.:0 11 44 1 40-o.t the yea l .seh r oli s h
Likwo,73.p„ - #.181074,,00 of . oOrtim,44
! ,in tili t O ACg 0nli3 Orkolo:. , !OlOoolliViki •
!le* of o•.•dogroOri : isont)i. • • Yik it )011 not iib
! ipuopiike9ttooliAikitio.464,44oyo4i_!'.
'.0 1 0 4 . 0 4 41 t#10 1 004!!!. r • •
7 ......:,:, t
'''' O no A thiise:. AA 'ltiagry- ,
whiett oeals i iePtill_' ,' '-gi.iille flmilapiti, wail yes-
Irday saldbited id" bindle on tki%cerogi-,
, o i•
edty, Grand add' ' 'altilt:ltOete."o. .., 1 :ii i
_, It'appliirs thiiiit - re Amaknaliii t aletiiimi l
'Geil*r, - ltaing at fsla'lo Ced* . i . traptjot2iiierf
1 ,3,' l!iel)s kheautifur.' *eh gii.. l aCil Ilia - tea r
i h
bet quarrelled - Whit bid.: - if3lidthed, left h i m?
and;has lined for so
... time with a Garmataew
Waned Fliidetio iir ma-Maris. 1 A fhw days
mined Narks and atistresicamitoili4-in .
thei 7 d,e'eo ddliteily of 4i'tousi"iii whieViestai2:
day's trigeily took Placa. 4i Marks 4i tailor
and worked at his tiada in 'the house. Early
yesterday morning Geiger called and wishbd the
girl to o with him; bu tt she refilled, add he
left the - lice. `.lAt ' l tibilet 'll. d'eleeli be lode
Tip in one of the Limit BieldwaYatageiadded=
tered the bdusa:' I . Id A fhwlniiinttesafteriaardS
a desperate and,deadiy straigle cominidee(Lbe
tWeen gaiks - and Geiger
.. Marks is ':,'Small,
tick iletl daik einnplisiii? iaaddlaint t ly t- Gel:
ter - is large, muscu lar ' a . handsoine. Both
ger ege, mused ar _
Were in the prime of life!; one WSS armebih
a shirt 'dirk, and the - other o dirk knifeoinii
both fought, desperately. I The woman screamed
Ifbr assistance, and sine Other persons living in
the house ,shouted mu der. A - young man
named Chase, wtr)was passing by at thq,
opened the door i , and On! the stair/541mi darks
covered ;with blood,f one!' vrrist cut'nearly off,
the ligaMents of 114 other arm cut dreadfully,
and numerous Oadli!stlii on his body.' Mr.
Chase's ifirst impulee: wits to puih the bloody
man front him, lest 4,i, should b:ci sup
posed to be cornered linithe' affray, bit the
next morocnt he caught the wounded'¶an
I hit arms. Marks never ; spoke, but being laid
down, expired in slew minutes. - On enteritig
the room, Mr. Cbas found Geiger id onb cot
per of it' stabbed in several places, and' in_the
agonies Of death, and the woman in: another
corner with a wound in her breast and aAother
under the left arm. ; Geiger was Been bb per
sons in the back yard 'in the act of stabbing
her. Whether be leas :biatielf killed bay` the
hands of Marks, or 'whether he %tabbed Marks
and the 'woman, and tbetillimsolf," is unkhown.
The ttin men died in few niinntes; the Wo
man wasi carried Ita_thellospital * but theie ire
no hope iof giving herilife. 'Capt. Tilley, Of
the 13th ward, tOok, into custody several we-
Men belonging td the hodse; but they wee dis-
Charged I by order oe the Cdroner.-/C Y.! Sun.
GOLD •MrsEs.--Trom an article in Harper's
forth-coming BiograPhical-Cyclopedia, we learn
that the gold minesiOf California were drat dis
covered by the Jestiits, about the middle 'of the
ast century. The Jesuits concealed their dis
covery from the Government, and the suspicion
that they had donelso perhaps had something
to do with their expulsion from. Mexico. In
1769, Don Jose Gaivez,lMarquis of-Senors un
dertook an expedition into California to ascer
tain the truth of the reports respecting the gold
lin the rivers, the soit and the rocks!: 'He
Was accompanied' bY the icelebrated Don Miguel
Jbse de Arenza, who, discouraged bF the ruit
less search of a few weeks, recommended the
'abandonment of the enterprise, and for con- -
tending that the ;Marquis was insane for pro.
I ; ceedmg was thrown intb prison, where be re-
Imained several months • ' Nothing at alLsatis
',factory, however,'appears to have.resultea from
the search of Galvca ; though the Jesuits dis
closed,. in Spain and in 'Franen„that th_el char :
11 Rea , iutrconeekliiient,'made against
, -them, were true.'
SLAVES.—Capt. - Kennard of ship Gabdwin,
from Calcutta, last from St. Heleha October
12, reports that a Brig of upwards of 400 Slaves
arrived at St. Helena in October, hating been
captured by 1T B. "3IL ship Britomait, on
the West Coast-.of Africa, without.enlors or
papers. She ha - been previously baarded
several times by 4 8.:4. ship Dart, when She
was always - represented Its the Americah brig,
Fredriea, with Americant colors and paws.-
She was taken at Conga, river,. at-whichi place
it appears she had been !delivered to Brazilian
purchasers. The ,cook,iwho was on board at
the time of her ca ure, was on board previous
to her being delive , ed to the Brazilians) She
was sent to St. He ens fad adjudication in the'
Admiralty Court. , Abont forty of the negroes
died on the passhg . - The others were init in
the depot, and whe in proper condition, if they
are willing, will be sent - to one of the Weat Itt.
dia Islands.
The vessel cap , red, if we; do not mistalttr,
was a British bott.m corillemeed -at RefiVirest
as unseaworthy, p, rchased by Amerieene, and
sent to'llio Janeiro, under a sea letter, and
thence proceeded to Africa.—Boston Adver
4TH OF JULY.— ' e f 9 Owing- extract fa from .
a sketch of a fund al ser .. on by the ,Rev. .40.1 7
ry - A. Rowland, "p • ache• in the Presbyterian
Church r at Baba i Pc. 4n the.oicasion of the
death of Jason To eY. Rag., an age(t.wea4l'.Y.
and much esteema citizen of liraynn Co4nty.:
" A curious incl mat_ leisured during of
his summe r
~ oxen ens: i Tie was in the,*.octls,
in what is how 84 quelianna ocuntY,,ignerant
that there was ahi man teing for miles around
, _ ,
him, when he and .nly b
,ard the,eraith of fall
-1 ing timber. A 4 eing+,i.,tfi.,i apetluimnee the;
noise proceeded, h discoiyaied men engaged in
falling trees... It ' as thimorMeg of the 4th of
i July; and, bavin no rving's, cliff at , hind;
surmountedrby a . : elveOunder, tlaeYibid Pia
pared,"the day
• pr lonely, thirteen, huge forest
trees, by cutting - hem ilniost" off ; andithon
thelnor,ning rem" enibrsi t tly* of the. indepak
denee of our 'oeun, jr4aM,a,,.tliaz gave a 4„,able:a
,with the beet AU asi at Ipbeir 4tatosal.: :,I.Ten
aftir'tr4e fell mit ithunderjeg noise, m; q uick .
atteceStieti, .one.:_fe i. each Inf the, • original sta ter
of tbis‘l)tifederanyli . and the
,spot.thmt , Clintred
U becemeithe - sitii of thei'donrfail4l.NAP pf
lIn"' 'l' ''' ' • •-•- - `,,
'-' ,Wir The Bt. ' ~0 11/` 1 ' MO** ifitikL*ll
elaini ta - l!, Uri. . ;.` i on — pl; theleld teiniory, l
ind''deminif 30 Wee . t; a Vi i i I : ore ' Wren
therefrojo. ':' An . 4:o4 l44. ** ll ' ll4 iiit 4 ilii
Silt,'' Lan', settl er4 " -'idien)::iibinielo`oo6
Mormons are; lite eit.''.'lbiin iii*viathifi
equally nub mines #r 14,11 flieenTered in O rO " w;
'Teem. The 30 I; r 6;01 , 40,iid-otoi, 310 i)
iiionali inipeOall lea r tntiniibliquelikg*
th ""
OROAllit 01 ir :. Wi l iiim a k b. , , ....46 . 0., 4 0 6 .:
lion's fropOintmentill, *OBI, thelbelovitartaßi•
pa/liken, *Whig4 are,. the -,seht,e3t- i air *id
dissatisfaction teal, lergek il oorevha,fe e r k .i•
*MP:At-Dot . 0 1): ' , ,his +iaan'ittaeleewlserei
The eolaplikint-ii. 'illat al srier,portiori.afbit
Wirt t bait bOOO 1'
twitoliell'upolvium' lol46
00 Fallebimititri 4. , . - ' ' " - '..: 111 1 13 4in1e ,- thit
mil ki e r, 1. . . Ithet . :Sillier .le:iprver,
*f ume
siametie* ho 1 f ' iiikikeie Wilk
special regard. 1 .' ' - I_ -
i i
--, ---------
. 1114 ~ ,imel far !NUL
Thfaer`_3,o4'^ Tribune of] th ,, r 12th Nor
fier,icoiltaiiisi hie 'following In it s ` ecomseee m.
intiele,lgeetedAoln the DePGoods &m e:
, 14,0tSife)i from Europe briny as i s oe.
ienno oti-41114rthei decline*" the prise of
potton.ti This rIl have a eotresponding eS e i
*on thhilemT4 math (ia4maluftetlizil
. pieiga' s' e their raw miter' at less pi et
Al 4 ale among many of oar /argot
irtainfi‘reti•te 'reduce theiate of war t
TWEXIIY-4/TVE per cent:"
---Is thiiiiteinlartainment to which the lam
ing masses of this countrLaty In be invited, '
the yery heels of
~n snot
,i,Tie . 0)7,1 The o
people Maaytessere)si;
creed tit T 54 titikeTb sy Iwo
threatened v? i ithleis Of emploiment it thy la
not de se, lie &Pteteited the iieet lehoesast
p.. P, in; therAnyof %hi 84ems. Ti.
land was, to teem with wealth, and the Mimed
in its tribute 4' the belie? weee!te be , 4l,,Sh&
naked, clothed, squilid poverty driven from Oct
our borders,:and Our whole people Wee •te'le
joiee with exceeding great j47,lbeesuso 416
success of the Protectors of laEin..... Ent hue
is t eir protection, • shown forth ' nmbeforwth e
shout of victory has-. ceased' , filling 'from their
Ii p It is agreed among our- l o s s ;
f UrerS to redeee the ritte,,lftliftee TWEN-
Tit- FIVE PO' 4 ccht• Oh h"fitile.:ennitiOng
a h
annonneemeot V' Why are th e rOy o i a ii it i ffthe
toiling millions thus suddenl yarreetee Why
co td-the y pOt have been earned through tho
phi ling frosts of
. a ruthless 'winter, ereitheis
high hopes were -,t
_he . , 3 4e4e11,e34_, their reVeli
nes turned lOW bitter 'llourrungl Why, Oh
why is it NOW-rieciamery*reiluce theirs/0
of leher-reilitY4o 4 cents t l ie*Rait ' A f
the principle protection 'As eplor e d t o l o g o
settled pruoll# el 'the la ~Onivatt by the
leadinf Whig,i - miriiiip, - ssia the fatbere of'
{ c h_ haviileoliriditht 'the government
shot4 l o l4 4trokit',94':_ri4l - atid the rich j se,
take ears'ottliiiseik whice t uilot thwkrrge o e
( Wh ig)** l6 fralirer*M" l l 7 40 1, 'lab foul ,
season i .-or at leastlor the com ing r r i o s or w i t h" ,
out dividends, and leave the ittoges4la hor at
its preient, > prise until the:protection - they my;
they are to'get is gr anted.
We submit this vie* of - Mit ease to Of: 1 1 1 ,4'.
ing manufactnrers,—Deri:rnisa:
. 1 , ~- • , - .
CROin) 1TX'41114.414.—A, gibtlemai yili 'lib
rived yesterday, *met from- Ca' .
infernos ,
us that - he-14nd at Panatestitt4 Ites,that- ; siz
thousand periiini,[niostlySeatii .iimerieses .
West- Indiansiwaiting for eonie** - to , the,
Gold Re'gia,',.Th4re were ita Seuslileibiliad
for .any ,nrice ; and thelgrestest ezcitetaenk
prevailedamong the 'finfiiitnnitiaaVeatureri:
The price of hiiard was sizilellila a dig i in the;
commonest negro and Indianilharchisglitiiiiiit
Ho also confirms every thing that hetibeen
said to the Geld-Begb'ep, , ind the rist : prid*
tiveness Of the ' mines. — l'itiiiii ' Wife pripiii
ing to go out during the wet
,Season, when ths -
valley is overflowed ; for' the - iiimOsis:4 email:,
ring the mountains and disnovermg A. roeb
from which the geld'is suppoSed to
washed: There was some- qiiiiiiiMiiiiiit'lthe'
mines, consequent upon the- aitivalizoftwiew
desperadoes' who' were ' Omderiog ' the 'Miners
of their_clotbing, ore, rations,l434c. It was pro
posed to Organize a temporary- tmtnitieiy*
the preservation of erilei itid 1 "the piiiiellifor
life and, properts. - ,- ,..r , -1 7 4 ..:.: (..w..lz--.51 , -;,1:
Our inforMant suggest:V - o,qm ,orlez 7:
- Is would finilit to them- ' itirest . 4.4tair ilk
Obsgres and eendaiTtif—tillaiwo:itcfir:
passengers new, waiting therik4s,:44itte
would prefer to:govound the'flese-Viitliii. tbia
spend moths in uncertainty 0, z 'atitiiitV‘
pence, waiting for vessels ndwp tlitt asset.
—N. Y. Sun,. • . 4-- - 4,: , ',.kA r, J,,, OM 1
~. -7...;',77. ,
GENERAL e1Vd ; 61 4 0 . -;: '7*3e/P i reW: dit*lti'
shall hear whithe'r:nr- sot i I:44iiileissii lo.:
been elected President of
,'tiel'' l,l ilreito*of:
hesitate to say:‘,th4,lri sino ' "VoiS'.,ftirliii
s y,
election ; for lie seems in b . ' Man of-ioteleet”
and discretion'itand is Inowh id be man :of
liberal feelinge.mi z high ceUrege.„ . A anigalsr
fact has come ; to light in regard to Tataivintel'
lately. ' In thn i ...intercepted . 'orreStiOinleks 'or
Lou is. billai4ll : lM4 family r ecently published
in the New York Herald,- , the Due IY4l,F,s*,
writes ,frok.tiliteii_;4 tolloiii'Aont Wort'
to his mothe*lbe Queen:. - :•• i i *, --"' 1,,,, - . ~'-. - 1
"If I were4b say
_plainly . *iat rthiiik t i , :
have as yet khOin. but one single-ls"!,=', 'limp- 1
ting 'Bedati and lamoriciere, ! jidiis344Llliit:
combinetion..cifpra — 'died and rntelliet4l4osli- • i
ties; of. ioldieribit, and statesureMilikilrbietl A i
sbeeld . desire 'te:see united in i`provincial Gei- - 1
ornor ;: but he, is, at this mordent, ' , wider . 4414
point of view,,-Wholly out of gm', Itiestiort-I, I
mean 'Catilteie : ilei,,Zeneveal 3 I:fiiiik: bowr.'
ever, that it will be. lditherilt ie evoierindrint I
him Field Marshal beforelenti f. l ,,forea*ese..., ~i . 1
Iconduit:is aliveys;pgfectly.jududeas astbei , :
orabl It . * uld be We' 40 Ulf ilenithi
. 9 ' ' 'Alia ' ' ''s
his career:; lie it yduui,' itai t6O*Orolitienkt
it'coald:only be retarded, end, that would he,
mY o P in i e k s : l 4o 4l etiti...);:ieemOliti' 6 *.r:
etoer upon lii,unirilluigli,. *grades ir*ie' h
his .gratitudii '-'fichilit ' Vii.'l4l;:. Ana. bilioiaillir -
rendered.ell thiiiiOrii dangero l is:-- , :"-"; "' ':,',.:-`.
WHAT. , - . : ,-- 4 ,-,.----------- .-- 1
_,,, ,_.„ ,',IOL, '
. -i . . - irTN , FR 1110*f,,i! ?L''A•irl::
Frederinl,4o ~ -• ~....,, y Newl,ii*liiiiis suppon6
ler of. T aylor' j. , ' Triune, thus hints. at - the
' dittoultiet M ich m us t- alFll4o,quk l pflr,. .A 4..,
minimllo9g : i 1 : : : : :: : . -- - - -- ii , --- - • - . -- .'L'''
' " The--President, we admit, Ira inLitm°,7 •
pesaibliiiigeise :ell 'cif his fr#tia!kiL,Pt :ir
sop - 2,0,00 ',it::.!ifiVo.,iiiiO not 4 : - ,4004 . ,.,...0r...i1,
bis*Pii-iiiiiiilioit* filiir:',.Alii*OT 'a l it /l i'
' be '''' l l ii i tin'ittereKtril'ilir-il l 'it. fo l liait 1 !:4.7;-
~,, e• ; - ... , '.; , -,.
„. Fa xeltlONorldqui. :4l Mitglabb 4ll44 ; 4l;
Unr , orthela*,:fiir thi lit - trier! litmewOw.q
ltiobmoniiiii. i , istizieitteat4n , the .1 - M'
H! made wfun cOnfelikalif-I4 pilk . t x- ,
A.-Ruirii # 7,-‘O4O ti iiip4-
. 6
~., , tar .,_ . , ! ifi,t -Oil ' '
Itp not: Tb. Montour Iron y51141 , -.
repairing !Ito 41 ,lbakr Imp yirisoos Air ii
_ -uOlOB
WIT .”: ill imoitro, ..-adflatitilio . fn
thIg.141111,18V:.-esii, .-, - ~.- t: wh a i ii.ii i ikty
--, , i• r , - , ~, L n
iNsPerl** llll 'o6 l 4:5,.. :'. ,-1 ' 1 .1 ' ' ` *4 ..
y r
aboutahint : acrd': hit -, .
~giii v rti,..
.. , .i.a 3. ''77, 7 '7' 4 - 4/
V n 'r kil i •1 5 P .4 411 . ~P arilikill to
... i Filimptrfiselm " — ii , Caiierkia:WaiNkl ,
ran di 'r
d ' 'R61141 4 ' 1 It isitiort.. l-
^ • VW A -ei
fii, • .. ,. ,: i ii i - ii ii et - it il .3 - - , n , ,i4 : 4 , 7t 0 , thi p ilii i i illOtT
and 4444tiiii f ti;i4 4 l 'inVA,CiaigVfiiiiTir
. e_ _. -, .4.)
weir--.. ,„'-'...'"' ,V43. 1 ,1" 1, i 7 4.171. 7'11 '.."4 ''.
r11.4;,V4410`4100401' 'I t-, ft . T .0 IA
illailnaldied* Ar,
4 .
er ' • t mat , 6,
' thirer '- " Ali* bin No(li ' ' - -4 1 / * '
tin t , - illi -'''. I . .L,f, Ithiiiiiii 4l
111* - ',,
'''A 4.. 14 1- i r .. c 1 *la
'' -
Allirmellimo, i , . -