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ThillredaY) July 8,1847.
DelietTatte Poininations.
jar If ling of our readers wish to see's
scathing extinguisher of the Register's "Fede
ral" homily, of last week, they will find it in
the AddreaS of the State Central (;Committee,
W invite especial attention to the ve
ry able address issued by the State Central
Committeend published in• our columns to
day. The ibemocratic Union says truly that
it " proves c onclusively . the identity of modern
Whiggery 4nd ancient Federalism, and traces
down their, Oinities frO'm the days of the revo
lution to titF present time with the same .eer
tainty that be blcied of the Saxon and the Gaul
can be traced through successive .generations.
It also expsses the predictions of the Federal
ists in such= manner as to subject them to
the derisioq,Eand contempt of all men not blind
ed by sometitrong partisan delusion!? .
Overwrought- EWort.
We do n6t design to indite a long reply to
the weak, 1 4 , two-column" piece of balderdash
about Pedei l alism which appeared in the Reg-
ister•last week, for the simple reason that it
is not rerired. That. that print already
writhes nmikr the challenges which we gave it
the week p4vions, and that it is aware that
the public inevitably recognizes an exact iden
tity of primAple between its party now and the
Federal par of 1812-15, is sufficiently clear
from its diZperate elf.irts• to shift its party
name, and ies brazen arrogatiop of the name
Democracy.' .. i Democracy I What impndente!
What a sol4ism ! Names are tut "arbitrary
things," we e now, and are given as the repre
sentatim d! any peculiar kind of conduct.—
" A rose bkany other name would be a rose
still " Thg Federal party of 1812 opposed
the then exting war with England, denounced
it as "Jim Olatlison's war," declared that it
was ",unnec - essary, impolitic and unjust," that
it was wbolb7 without excuse, and even' intro-
ked the curses of Heaven upon our arms should
they go fort to battle. The Whig party now
occupy the same ground, and, employ precisely
the same arguments against the existing war
with Mexien.- they denounce it as "Jim
Polk's war declare declare it to be " unjust, unrigh
teous and damnable," denounce our of eers and
ealdiess as i! invaders," "armed ruffians and
murderers,"' "adroit skull-breakers, roomer
and child-shyers" ike. 2 say that it might have
been avoided, and miach else from th t e sally
" aid and 4prnfort" vocabulary that brevitl,
forbids us tfi mention here. Such being the
fact--thifentity of conduct being so clear—
do we errjrf calling their party by the name
which it foriPerly marshalled under? Is them
wrong in thiS-?---, Does pot this correspondence
of principli• ; . i warrant—nay—fully ;justify - the
application :rf the original party name? We
arasurprisea that our venerable neighbor, who
doubtless wits himself, as he claims, "puking
and meiclink in his mother's arms" previous
to the era lawn tht descendants of , the toles .
•-took the nime of Fedendiets, as the rogue
changes Ins'` pame,, to avoid the odium of the
first—shottickbeeome so captious by being bail
ed with his appropriate cognomen. Surely be
cannot be ij earnest.
But the ",funniest" thing of all in our fun
ny" neighbir's extraordinary effort, is the fact
that he starts off with a rigmarole of the most
bitter invective because we have had the bra-
senness to stesignate his party by its pipper
name. FoObis be takes " eternal umbrage,"
owing us rfo quarters. But immediately fol 4
lowing this, ire find him landing that very prin
ciple which tie had previously repudiated, an
declaring Felderalisin to be but another name
for the pureelt devotion to apes eountryt Here
then, is a ay/logiam
L Major;—the editor of the Register, in 4
long, bitter tiliselaimer, denies that either him i
self or his pi:rty is ktoperly represented by the
time Federilia.
2. Druver r :—He arms that Federalism
but auothainame fqr the purest •devotion to
one's count 4.
3. Therefore, himself and his party are ent,
purely devoted to their country , but directl y
the reverse: , :
The sot lusion is unavoidable from our
neighbor's (positions, and we are sorry to say, it
is strongly Sorrobotated by the entire ecodue
of both his beif and his party. If bedoeurs at
this, let bin shift his position again, and• we
will endeavir to head his titere.
o.tir%ei4bor's continusil clamor about NI
sham andPuth having once been Metal*
to mine a folg by which b e may escape, may
pass foi whit it will avail hi& " No one denies;
that they wire once Federalists, (so were the
s, Webster, and nearly every Ores-,
ent " Wide leader who was old' enough t i p
epos the polities l stage in the " palmy diys"l
ef Federali*,) but we would insist thai be
mark this difference : be eantiot nine a man
erne segos Ferith the Democratic" - patty, who;
eye lea a *edentEst, but wbo willfrankly tell;
hhethat he changed 'his principles ; whit
on the othe4and we will name scores within
our neighbor's acquaintance, who were Feder
alists " to the hub"when that ' ism' was in it*
prime, who are now " Whigs," as he would call
them, and yet they will every one of them deny
ever having changed their principles in the
least. This will tell `the story at once which in
the Democratic, and which is the Federal party
proper, if he chooses to adopt this test. Dare
:he do it ? We shall see ?
I 71/101:ra
Catholicism—Federal Hypocricy.
For some weeks past we have more than
suspected from certain innuendos from leading
Federalists, and from the open avowal of sev
eral of the more unscrupulous of their Jour
nals, that an attempt - was abouCto be made to
impose upon and arouse the prejudices of our
Catholic population against the Democratic
party by proclaiming the existing war . as a war
of .religions—a erisadet against the Roman
Church. We say we have suspected such . a
trick, farcical and barefaced though it be ; for
we have already learnt that there is no game
or movement that can be- made available, in
furthering their party projects, that is too ig
noble or reckless to commend itself to the fa
vorable consideration of the Federal Whig par
ty. That the whole was a pieSe of transparent
trickery, a soulless, hypocritical device to fur
ther the 'most infamous of party schemes, and
that it would fall harmless, and finally recoil
upon its inventors, we have never doubted.
imong the papers which have shown, a hand
in v ithis hollow-hearted plat, it will be remem
bered that we have already mentionerthe
New York Express, and that, last week we
gaire an able expose of its iniquitous attempt
from the New Yoi-k Globe. To-day 'we are
enabled to give the response of the Catholic
organ itself (the Freeman's Journal,) the au
thorship of which is justly, o doubt, imputed
to Bishop Hughes. It was dri7NN out, as will
be seen, by the article in the .Express, and is
a just and scathing rebuke of the absurd, hyp
ocritical, canting character of that paper's in
famous device. That such a reply will be of
great force with the Catholics themselves, not
only by fortifying them against such wily at
tempts to decoy them into the very jaws of
their worst foes, but alio fire them with the
keenest indignation, we cannot doubt. But
to the Bishop's reply :
" The drift of the article in the Now York
Express is to represent that the General Gov
ernment, and the feelings of the country at
large,-actuated by the worst instincts of the
thrxplogicum odiu7n, are bent on the destruc
tion of the Catholic Religion in Mexico, and on
this bad imputation, he calls on the German
and Irish Cathelics - to save the Religion of
Mexico, and rescue the people of the United
States by opposing the actual administration
of the count . The hypothesis of the Ex
press is atroct a under every point of view.—
No doubt allow noes are to be made for the
weakness which is perceptible on all subjects
in its editorial columns. Still, it is altogeth
erAm in curable that an American editor should
imp° such villainy of design to the policy of
ur Government, to the Protestant spirit
o f his o co-religionists—that he should ap
p'eal to foreigners, by their country and their
creed, to step in and rescue these United States
—that he should make this appeal ender pre
tence of zeal for a religion of which he is the
feeble, constant enemy.
"0, if the Catholics, the Irish,, the Ger
mans, as such, were to rally on points of creed
and country, how the delicate sensibilities if
- tiJe Ezprrers and hjs colleagues would be shock
'esrat the idea of fixing up Religion with Pol
;itics ! - But yet, here is a direct, shameless ap
lipeal, made to Religion from the political camp,
inviting itito enter, as a welcome and important
element in a party strife. We do not believe
that the present administration of the Govern
ment have the slightest partiality for the per
sons fir the Religion of Catholics. We believe
them to be, more or less, in that mist of Prot
estant prejudice, which in honest minds results
from theirmot knowing precisely the true char
acter of what they oppi se. But it has never
entered, into our minds to suspect them of any
conscious design to use the civil power, with
which their country have' entrusted glem, for
the purpose of breaking down one religion, and
building up another, either at home or abroad.
Their own uniform professions, the proclama
tions, of the commanding officers in the field,
and their conduct so far, in orerence to the
religion of the Mexican people, refute the slan
ders of the Express on this subject.
• The only public evidence, slight as it was,
to the
,contrary, was a speculation in the
Washington Union of the 11th of May, which
has been disavowed by the Government: The
burst of indignation with which that article was
denounced by the secular press of the whole
country, is a strong refutation of the slander
uttered by the Express against his Protestant
countrymen, when he would - have us believe
that the freedom of America in the 19th cen
tury are carrying tin the war with Mexico, in
the same spirit as that which animated John
Knox and his followers in the Reformation of
Scotland, three hundred years ago. . We make
ample allowances for the prejudices of Protes
tants, whether supporting the war, or opposed
to it, but we are bound to say, that consider
ing the triumphant position of our arms in
Mexien, the character of our country will be
elevat.i)d in the esteem of foreign nations, in
conseeof the deference and respect paid
by our gallant
army to the religions rites and
worship of the Mexican people.".
The fund l iry Preis. .•,
Thit able and high-toned Democratic sheet
the Pegaryirxweas, reads the following admi
rable lecture to its country patrons. . It is ex
cellent advice, and we fear in too many. instan
ces will become a rebtike., That it is the duty
of members of either party to 'pitroniro their
local papering, and deo if able and &tall* 8,
tOake an acquaintnnee with some city paper,
ss a fact which is seldom doubted in theo
ry,, bow ersr mach .it may be eonticeened in
practice. But to the artiele: •
“ we Aram with Osum i that thillOWS•
p a per press [ the interior of this Suite, are
making an terns' ed effort to induce the pea_
pit of the various eounties to take the, local
papers. We hope earnestly that this itigges
tims wile warmly and widely mconded.—
We hope so t notwnly for the sake of tb smut.
try press, but also for the sake of the $...4
ood. The newspapers of both
interior, are generally conducted
Bind industry, and, with a few ni
ons, with taste, good sense, a
lourtesy. They deserve to be en
pe regard it as the duty of eve
arty to patronize his party or
Atte burdens of the political batt
ate.political editor. He is compe
to take the most unpleasant r
sod is often thrust forward to
n r
Of the contest entirely. He is
studious, energetic, and since
;kith a dependent family to suppo
gerous opposition to encounter.
.1 1
dnuntenanca and substantial as -
political' friends, and he should h
ate to this respect is to fail in a
tiften talked about by those who
4, and quite as .often neglecte,;
therefore, that the combined effo
tenor press will be crowned with
owe ever deserved it mare." I
Gonzv's LADY'S BOOK for JI I
ceived. It is a rare number, I
id, and if excellence of contribn I
dd with beauty, is a passport to p I
TBook" certainly has it. '
Gen. Taylor out at
The following important let
Rough and Ready, (says the
dill fall, like a wet blanket, npoi
Roos of those Whig demagogues
fibusing him, indirectly, for the
tiitken in so nobly fighting the 1
dituntry, have slight to appropri
'trill name to the'advancement of
themes. Gai. Taylor says, dig
gar , ' "IN NO CASE can I permit
par the candidate of ANY PAR
mar- myself to PARTY SCHEMES.'
We shall be much mistaken if
iot now drop Old Rough and 1
lot potatoe. For a man who
himself to " party schemes," is
iolitical schemers of the Whig p
The letter is watteii to the
Fincinnati Signal, and is a fran
eiipression of the writer's independ
ihiluences. We have taken the li
iiize one or,two sentences, to whic
r:eader's attehtion particularly d
igraa/ thus explains the circums
rew forth the letter
" The circustances
. inder whic;
ibg letter was received by the c'
4 arded as a warrant for its publ,
tilt it our duty, when the first d
*cre made in favor of General T
residency, to dwell upon the an
Oderable length. We were desir.
oT the suggestions continued it'
Aould meet the eye of General
Oerernre enclosed it to his addre:
lords of referenceio our position
itit. In reply to that communica
received the admirable and sign
4hich we take pleasure in lam.
r` aders."
Camp near Monterey, May
SIR : 1 have the honor to
iiccipt of your letter with the en
tAlitmial, extracted 'rum the'Sign
At this time, my public duties
iplly my attention, that it is im
:firer your letter in the terms de
iiirirresy, arid the importance of ti,
t 6 which it alludes, neither, indee
ilme, should I feel myself at libe
ibto the few and most general sub
:to policy suggested, by the article
iy own personal views were bet
411 the eLd of the war, when my
- i military chief, serving in the Bel
demmon enemy, shall no longer be
th their expression or discussion
From. many sources I have bees
on the subject of the Presidency, •
'ince neitLer_to myself nor to in
an officer of the army, by ackno
vein, as I have done to all that ha
the use of my name in this exal • .
ttiat my 'services are ever at the •
nt the couritq, and that I sm not
Sy that I shalkrefuse if the coon
tq the Presidential offiet; but t
4all yield to no call that does not
the spontaneous adion,unii fr
;talk's& large, and void of tlic sli,
ci of my own.
For the high honor and respo
such an4iffice, I take this occasion
have sot tl a slightest avirat .
lore tranquil and satisfactory' li
trnination of my present duties,
trust, in the society of my-family a
Mends and in the occupations in.
my dishes.' In no case can I
alf to be the candidate of any pa
iliyself to party schemes.
t With these remarks, I trust yo
the for thus briefly replying to you
With a high opinion and approval
tents and views embraced in you
1! With many wishes for your pros. ,
*great usefulness in the sphere i
tilents and exertions' are emb •
tti acknowledge myself,
Most truly and respectfu
Your obedient serf
Z. TA'
tTar 'EX.—We have observed i
"nal fact that in every instance
itt arguing with a Federalist, up
tional currency questinu, he will ru
gie Independent Treasury is now ii
We beard a fellow of this kind dicl
tday : " Your infernal Sub Tres
:In the country." The goose mu
that Polk vetoed the bill rem
tastes Argus,
stns of Bhighamton have subscri
dent amount of stock to ensure' th
lion of the Telegraph from Ithaca
Arrangements are being made to ,
Bile immediately.
Hon. Spencer Jarnagin, a distin
c ' Tennessee, his been read out o
4t saying that we bad ample ea
wlth Mexico apart from the mare
troops to the Rio Grande.
-FINALELAIME.—Not far from
44 yearly earned in Massachusetts
eMployed in the various factories
*oriel of straw hate, am. Abon
tikiles are thus snnwlty employed
Prt.tbe Lancaster Tribune cir lila, IS.
" We doult wish to take frnss old Prank the
word" honest," but what do 'rile Record* of
his life proVe Y - Besides mail similar ones,
we have no doubt a bill and reneipt something
like the following has been fikid away among
the public papers: x -
The Commonwealthof PennsOttreia,
To Fraticisiii. Skunk, Dr.
To five days services as Clerk dyiring
the Session of the Legbllatnto of
1843, at $3O per day, ; • $l5O 00
Received 'payment ining
F55., 1 11.. Snuitz."
This is a regular Josh stab, !for, under the
pretence oft desire to think Swiss hon..
est, as he Only is, if ever.* polio' officer was, '
a malicious Inuendo is trienped up along with
it, to prove !that be is dishwiest. Now the
whole truth is, that there r is nn such bill on,
record any where. There never was, andnev
er could be, because for the•services rendered.
there was no charge mao, either on the Com
monwe.altb, the contingent fun of the House ,
of Reiresentatives, or Major !Andrews, then
Clerk of the' House.
The whole story, withrt vatnish pr super,
ikons words, S* follow :
In 1843, 'after Gov. ! porter had removed
Gov. Slices from the offiee oMecretary. Maj.
Andrews, then Clerk of he !hue of Repre
sentatives, was taken ! _
No one was at hand aeceptiiile to all parr
ties and qualified to take his Blase—the then
Speaker waited on Mr. Shunk,kequesting him
to do so—he consented—fand !sated some 10
or 12 days. Andrews got web. and no one
heard any thing more of the transaction, it be
ing a private one, - until qiiite alt much to the
surprise of Mr. Sbunk all ant one else, the
House, as 'a mark of the ! high ?estimation in
which they held his services, unanimously vo
'ted him $l5O. '
rties in the
with ability
table excep
. exemplary
enraged, and
member of a'
m. Many of
are borne by
led frequent
ear the brunt
pile as often
e partisan—
`t, and a dan-
He needs thei
stance of hiss
we it.
plain duty— ,
lhould see to'
. We hope,
a of the to-i
iteeesa. No
y has been
11 embellish-
inps combin
. lie favor,the
r from Old
Y. Globe,)
the aspim7
who, after»
part he hail
iattlea of his
ate his fame
heir political
tinetly, that
myself to be
Y, or yield
Thai is the whole tale, ind iVe th}ak it needs
no comment.. Indeed we kn - ow thatevery mem
ber of all political parties lb the , Houle voted
for the resolution.—Pen4y/vOtian.
he Whigs do
eady, like in
!ill not yield
o man for the
_____ •
at the Capital comprise 540, as follows :
President Square, 83 acres;
Park 28 acres;
I Capital Square and Mall, 227, acres; other
squares, 202 acres. The GoVernment has ex
pended there, since the 4 y ar 2800, the sum of
$10,035,454. The Presi nt'sbouse and trea
sury building, each, cost,. 700,1000. The pit
ent office and general posf!•offien, each $50,000.
MILE AND STRAWESEEIES.;--Tilit two daily,
trains upon the Erie Itaiiroadi bring to New
York. Market 50,000 quirts (if Milk per day,,
giving the road a revenue igeho per day s and
making to Ail city a beinefiti of $350,000 a
year in the article of milkonly The quantity
of strawberries brought ' ,1 wnlthis week ex
ceeds 60,000 baskets a dlty.—Wci. American.
A BIG BONE.—In the prow of digging fOr
the foundation of a new building at the corner
of Nassau and Ann strees, laid, week, an im
mense hone was found at he d'epth of 17 feet
below the surface of the,ourol. It is appa
rently the thigh bone of fifa4todon, 3..feet 6
, / i.i.
inches. in length, and l weighs 28 -tbs. A
rusty bayonet of an ancieUt fisbion, was found
near it, at the same deptb,l,—S4i. American.
ditor of th'e
and manly
ence of Whig
• yto kalif
we wish thi
ected. The
I , the follow
. tor, are re-
cation. We
~ onstrations
I t
Sect at con-
P, , us that some
our article
Taylor, and
43, sith a few
[s a journal..
on, we have
I , cant letter',
before out.
BR TT ISU Post OPP reg. 4 - 7114. number diet
ters that pacts through the post office, annually,
for London and its environs atone, is 75.000,-
000. They' average four Inaba's In length, and
three incheirwitie. If thia-iimtense number of
letters were laid in a horizontal position, length
ways, they would reach to the trtent of 4,63 t
8, 1847. .1
ledge thir
sure of yout
of the .1.3t1i
command sb
lande d
b e le tost
t ----4- ,..-
Tun GAL LOWS.—Sir Envoi Reny, of Eng
land, has stated that sinew the 1 year 1800, no
less than fourteen persons' have suffered death
for crimes in that country, for irhielt it was af
terwards clearly shown tha they were innocent.
. sentiment's
E hare I the
i y, to entet
rots of pub.
in question.
• r withheld
against the
;n any mat•
THE ROAD TO Maxico.—The whole road
from Vera Cruz to Mexicti is piffled in a man,.
ner that streets in our citihs arii. The bridges
over the streams and ravines aj of solid ma
sonry, and excellent workinans ip.
se- The Mississippi Re t had an en
thusiastic reception at Nathhes.l Colonels Da
vis and McClung were fr croirned" by Miss
Gaines and Miss Montgothiry ainidst.the cheers
of the multitude. I I
d I do vio
' position aa
,e alluded t 4
ill and call
I prepared ti
i ry calls m :
r I can and
Icome from
will of the
htest °gem;
___ --
From the Penneylva ! 4f Monday we
gather later adviees from the City of Mexico.
hey extend down to June stb4 Gen. Arista
has been arrested and imprisomd.
On the first of June, all the natives of United
States were ordered to leave thel city of Mexico
for the States, of Jalisco lor Morelia, - or they
would be delt with according tel tlia law of na
tions. • 1 i
Bodies of the National Guards.are mid to be
on their way, and constantly arriving from the
adjoining States, and it is behaved that from
seventeen to twenty thod Itroops will be
concentrated:for the pro tion of the city.
te an
,The,Mexicans have cer in biformation that
Gen. Scott cannot expect reinforcements to a
greater extent than two thousand men, and
money to thesamount of 00,0(10 and nothing
more. , They therefore di it doubtful wheth
er he will march to the capital, and talk loud
ly in that city of marching! out ti? meet him.
sibilities o
Ito say, that
n : a math
, after the
waits me,
d particular
t congenial
'permit my
Ig , or yield
I will pardoi
whiph I do
'f thn senti ,
I • •
r entj in Ilk
wbidh your
[ l rked; I beg
LATER FlllO , , • • I PE.
By the Caledonia, whic arrved eat Boston
on Saturday, we have 1 daya later advice'
from &rope. The fall in ; readiltuffa and slight
advance of Cotton is all that Is lot' any impor
tance. Flour ha' fallen to 40s 4415; Wheat,
Ils a 12s; Corn, 48 als2s ; do Neal, 24 a 25,5.
The rumored reappearance or:the Potato rot
is not confirmed. I
I •
where yon
n the
know tb
the otb,
:ttry would
ted to bel,
New YOU.-111Ebeat ri Mr.' $ 7 ;1 110 104; MI 6 ". 4 1 a SCI "
sl. 2; itre. MO to $l. 10; Cum ? WM to 11,114; Outs, VC
Beef Cattle, es woo EX;mitt= t• $4 ; La.* It
to ,30. Butter se Ilsir dimmed' 'set Ova. .
Kumasi ; 0.4/ fumes —r to ID Berri. ; Woo Ile t 11111 i 21 418A Coma
eta.; OW. 34 e ta; Dried Apply ea.; Butter, NS 14 eta;
RUN B et& ; Tow' Cloth, 111 l. 0 5 lo IP
km4 its
UtiLla j aast . •
On the Bth ult., by Eld. IDavie" Dimoek, Mr.
E. N. Irma*, of Herirk, tai Miss BETSZY
DODOS, of. Terrytown,i balk of Bradforil
County. 1 I
In Montrose, June 246,i by Fid. D. Taylor,
Mr. WitLism BTIBB6IO, tci Mrs. &SAN
WooD, both of the 'born pla4.
The eiti
a BA
• conetiuo
that, phase.
put up tit
• wh w il
the part
1,, * for
. of oil
In Bridgeystee, on the 1 ' Dams
Bose, In the 43a year of his age. •
In this Bovongi on the evening 44680 hist,
of Consumption, Mrs. iFteocil A., wife of
Silas. Bahiffne end due** Am and
Ruth Hawk, aged 80 ream d 8 months.
0,000 I '
by fr ,
.4000 ref
111•eplar Oile' ladidrimph,. -
To Paamivs.--,liitiat's Ed4iaraiturel,.,ll':wkhoid
etas the most.valsahlil mini s :li is Om, fee
the Milne din:sees. - It converts) If Mimi' - hue
aid and traetablirdisowamild shot. iiithiratiew
now haw Gambill?. onifirodtwiti • seilkil•d Moody
. From. half twain too eili•• ed. , will air.
tainly tore Croup in in&its aid y 9 •1 11; charm. in
half a hour's tilos.' The lima( hoodr4o afehildroo I
will saved sonoall!r." by alwayalump' 'it as !wind 1
ready every eassiteany. F i
' Di: JAYNE. Ni. 8 South THIRD 'is will
ing to guarantee ftt his- CARSINATIVIIIpi". well
Cogs Diarrhea. Colki, Cramp. Grip' do, OW.
e ra Morbwi Summit Complaint. sad ogler derange.
meets of the Stomach and ilawals. it. ; nlnsty.nise
cases out of &handled. aed Mies than *litho lime
than can be effectedlby any NU T men, 1
It is initremell iialst. and 'children find of it.
It ie eh dally as orisal for snicks -as i ildren. and
slim fb e directions are followed , sod a iiiro is sot *
m it
fectedi tint meaty wiU be etwfelly retutneol.'_ hies ;
sanill 50 Ma: abort*. i
following additional : 4miesesyl • & eau d.
Dr. J tie's itaimnine has recently Mimi received from
a physician of high mending hi Langan* Co.. Him,
under ate of *upset,. IBA i
" D . D. Jayne..-Dear Sir4l am iMinsately se.
quain with some of your Preparatioss. and .can
safely mead Limn. Year Espeetortmt and Car.
minave Balsam I hairs need Mtensively; in my own
prat ' , and I state unhesitatingly that ;I havecnied
no art els ' or combitiation of medicines. that have het.
ter anSwered the purpose for - which they inn repaint!
than **above, lac., ?: -
W. W.l Joimesw: M. ix,
_Lauderdale Oa. Min."
Pre red only byj Dr. D. Jayne. Philidelphia. sad
sold agency by 71, MITCHELL di; CO.. Drug.
gime. outran Pt. 5
W re may be had the hunarcan Hain Du, war
ranto change tha hair to a tositutifulAuburn or
perfec i Jet Black, without attuning or i
rritating the
te l
• !
eumatimm, Covigh & Tie" iDom•
Acepectable geuttemarr caked at our MSc., as he
said. rM
inform no that Imbed been afflielied for fifteen
yeari with Rheumatism or Goot.• id lWeessionally
withlc Duuloureoz ; that. h 4 his bet frequently
coral to his room tor months together, and often
sufferid the mast intense and eleruciatinir pains, but
that tritely he bad been using Janm'a Awnnumvs,
from Which be foundthe most signal Umtunespseted
relief. He says he ifound the Medicine !ory pleasant.
and ..ective, and that he now ams Hers hiMself
thor gbly cured.--'Spirit of thl . Times.
. "
LIFE:- Lift !I.LIFE!-! ;
I that a man Math will he give fail& life,* so
• monied in the mostaneient and Owlet of books.
we see thousands dying around tie with Coo.
n. Croup, Cough, Asthma, BriuMnitie. Spit.
••• and other Pulmoortri affection! we am led
;he eorrectriese of the above mitcrtion. eePe•
ince it is an Well known that a cettsii remedy
obtained. which always. arrests those diseases.
Janta's &scummier never fails th give rehef,
res after every other mans have (ailed. This
and has bee. proved in thousands 'OW instance..
it has effected radical ciies. ItfteV the patiett
• given op by all his friend' and Physicians.
we fi •
um • •
mg bl
may •
and e
can •
iv he -
had •
• ugh not recommended as e universe] 6. el:mall,"
evertheless proved superior to every thing of
cl;especially in Livia Cineri.anre:awd Driver
nd when Used in conjunction with his Tunic
ffige or Alterative, will nize fail one time in an
' ofeffeci log a permanent cure.
d ouly by Dr. D. Jayne, Philadelphia, and
agency by N. Mitchell 4. Co.; Druggesta.
Pe. Jaynerrearminatiye, a new failing . remedy
welComplaint'', Colic, &.c.
Mu bbtrtisementis.
YOUNG 1./tDIES,: c
IS /1111011111teS6
rill • - • ,
A HE next turn will commence otti Wee
needar,Jely 7th. Grateful for the lib Mal pistronage
already - received. she would nspeetfußY hiker Pa
reelsd th e friends of Education gesertilly. that bar
r tni
achoti will embrace' the usual System of governa4ent
and • ellen., pursued in the Female Semina r'of l
Manschusetts. ' Good board can be obtiined on ma.
sonable terms in respectable families. :
Common English Studies. . k $2 50
Ri4ory. Botany. Nat. Philaso'y, Cheiststry, 3.51
Psi ,ting and Dewing, (Extra) , 3 00
Mu is on the Piano. French end Latin will be
tough if desired. '
. Wu. Jaunt J. W. Ramapo's,
Juinisine, Esq., N. C. Wassails:
Somas, it,. Eutaw 4. OMIT
Wrwa,, " Wr. itahab.
tram July 6. .
RZ = BRRI43L';O7
SALISIOURT most nutrejetfully an.
nouncettbal be m just moving a fresh
of • 6 ;
12001110, • •
y variety, Carefully selerteddithi which
11 sell as Mule as the
6 humbug.
IJ. B. S.. is , also the atilt mat in
nty, fur ibe Canes Tea PNIMAXT••••••
I . dames of procurini rum ?Eat alba,
had better give him *[ call.
nf ev
he w
,AS, Sugars, Codfish, &e. fice4 just open.
o sod vas cheap.
, Molasses at 2a ed
AMPULE!! Laws- OF 7..
U TICE is berebraiven that•thi Pamphlet
Lairs tor Susquehanna Count yi passedlby
iisisture of Pennsylvania s 1 its recent
have beep received, and aro ready for
ry to Mose entitled to receive their.
'3.• BLINDING , Posey.
ley's (MCP, llootrose,
rune 28. 1847.
fiftW AIIA%GEIUT4 , .
. : Subscribers baring ibis "ley entered
intWiEcirpartnersbip for dm ;practice cif
I 'the firm otasurn & l3Wtros, hereby ten
,ir profess* I services tOthe good pee.
, Lonestione a , vititiiiv will* the Sill
i . encetbat if in 4 inhume Mk& end a
.. al sttendano Ss, t business is a pus.
. public.potionve , t will elijoy •li
*are of the some. nose whOilemlufor.;
it is to need tinedmil- spenditnim, are kiwi.
give them si call. ' I
re and lodgings of Ow first , nalned of the
river the Engineer's cotek 014 4 glib* lat.
bis residence. J.-
bore :Suss 11‘ , /817. !
tar. a
r EtH poll fool WOOL 4t e 4• Hot Him
1 . •‘: W ll . - 1 1 ' Mite 474).
D •WN GOOD: :::.
r SEAT 'sty dhillkillibuid stripe
tudiria, I LinePh efflitibf `tat
f l
_ lor mkt
Milford rune 13F
T M. 1101,11LIMStmily
ZS oral O mid eat g r e w
lowed peke. .
pinvonsoi win Rai it lotto* mim~l.
WI Od emimine Gook Od prim Mao OW
purcbaie ilimwhevc,
N F#1 5 V W
Tim bit iiliihilllr 14 11111 . 1
7i 4 ry-boods, Groceries. igedlihri m.i L
rd t •"'"'"; , ,_ A_
Alfa, •
Thankful for pima fascism wanlo3ll,oo'
fully solicit the pausatire or Mgr I osilt
the ;Kadin senersllst, : so d will mkt ow"
them goods es LIM Or 'the stilieti 1* Ilie
ippMed creak as those sobs larns .
and drissllosrr•
X. C. 2Wir
N etzlianira foriond all Wads areallib
Thy , Agar,
Specie opelliktakiNgterimit
BY ~arc:lthi•
111NOUSLI DE 41N85.. lane. ii
/VA ,:ipleadid Gingham., fir 140110iii4
° f 11060.
"EIRI:BR' teat selling low ot 1 I
- ISiwo. •
ma lt Wit, it
C°SUGAR low at
'ISM. •• • • •
air ACKEE,, li bad l Pedaled ' liklinetit.
ill Caddish at • 1114
rPUSCAN.' Straw, Lea* tad LII.O
.=lll4 l
&ameba cheap at
NEW - . -CrOOM 1
. . AND MILLIN '.- -
Subscribers ant nceiving a: von si- ,
JL *hal stork of I, ,
which will make their lamortMeatitlfr_lint
pleat. and they are determined to 'Otis Wks
that will hcoatialictory mwelsaamo:
Gitwm, Tune 8 1847. . ,
CIBIII9P 3,311
1 25 PIEC bane E a s utus, wis ert tar=
u. S. Ir Ces.
A GOOD assortment Of Pioneek eft dew
&FL Boubeti,and Bonita Irimmingist
, - ' U. -44 CA.
otoer dress goods Very chesiiit •
V. B. .411 r Mk_
200 lbou'iv
OOLE.IIEATHER. *sty ailasp;44.,
0 Simla. Cad INsb, iMadrefoldirOPlNN.
Nails,...e: at 1 0.11410,1 k.:,
. PAIN2I 4. Mt .
1.011 1111. Wiiiie Leeci in Oil at bid yams
prOvhi s (the price lumiadvanced in Imulnilts)
Paris Green as Oil. bein quality,--mbidi kill
Much hamisaimer green thee ‘llltir heller• ...llbr
winduvf blinds. Om V i arniab..atta,
tine, Putty. Sze. at .j '-IL N. _4; Ces.
4 1.
50,4k00 rr i lw , " a"
abovelßearlea Hotet, for *bleb tali° lifilheek
price lilt be pouf by ; Aryl+
Any, liiiid of Fin Brag MeTelkba r .
Pain L. Sportveg ad Wag Hats, elm - Aka
gaiters Cbtkilili. Silk sat opt 6104' tad
Velvet Cain, also Cliihirem's ogle el li.n AIN,
20,04 H) Zs:""; wat
at dos Ms"
cilP 2l woo*-.
•• • ,
LE' 11;'1%?IlLSON ply *Wed
LY.I, 41' rit his store.
w ow Itot. of WCN3L4.:Ahe.ouriiiiiiilltpi"
&atm; Hessivas•i Flu sisgs:4oo4"
Grigint,TOw ChM, M=o, auclikkilel,*-*
dowse yOr Gkook. • • • ~
- I lialOrt - bilis
Illootrtip t June 8.
, • •, .
.LIST OF 1. 1 : - __ ETTERS . \
SUMMING In Ine rom umat i lii(Mlebi
RR , Wu; Pa. July Ist k Ml47. . .:
.',- - _
Ayres Squire Lyon Will ( meit.- ....):./1
Webs Mrs Bomb A Lynch Martin -, , ,
Buckley William
,Lewis Jimmie C '
Byrne limes Latbrop'Miii ---'
lbiaeoek Benjamin . ' Ilielotnent;
Bushnell Gee W. ~ • Mack Johlt- - • - t-:-
Boles James . - Miller Jeke • '
Brunson Lite Miles Parker- i '
Boyd Plt ; - !, , hawelitalifit -__l
Bennett Edward A Moony Stameinielf,
}Miry Mdie Miry A McMillen Jamse - -
Conk D J Oleaemil i ~, it
Catlin 0410 L Forma Misalipiabedi
Cotonou Rev II IL Pitch Benj L, . -
Choreic, lire Louisa Perkins MN` `' 0
Cole Mimi Pen:Belli Pinney Himsey,lk -rf.Lz.
Clemormfal Pickle. T fi
b i ek
Cbeiritstrlie Mary C Perm Cheri", ,
Chamberliollies Robyl)att Likynni,
illame3r:Mimearoliite _Peliniteir PI i..".., , ,
Dolowsylairam Bialgelc il l t ra. 1 r,.[' ` ,'
Drieland Edward such
Dein Jodi* . - ' Mit illiaiL - 1 - ') *- 11' :,,
Miele MiieJ C , lbebudeimiellmilk; ,
Evan iMartin- Ikropbois P.1...44 .;,,
Fullir'Mr NottonMart.‘ -
roller WO. Metekla BIM* WelV I '''''': = '
1411 11 0 Übe, . atone Km wNA
Guordlllllo, ' Sig* Maslas
Geer 'DOM ' - *Mb' En Wilein I '
liltollietat IP H -, Tucker illtswi fr -. '
Magog Bobeorto A -fr ritt.l*-140-j ..?*4
_, . V II u 4% •
HMO4O •,;tt:
Hogen - Mielin ' - kat I.- '
Hicks Oise 111- ,. heilltle '" "
Hine /obi Toffy 'Eli* la I ,!=-,
a•rver , 9 11101 1. ,'Welligera! , *
Holbrook 1 Mil a' nn Dr.--
Jbalmy Maiimel , Pl - emweOM
Howard 41u *is , -Willow Gall t - fi t h, ~
kek. l 4 ll WI Walborn lk,
Jnebant Tbilitee a - ' WAN* -
Kid* gfiliMal .- - WO* '''.' o . , k , •
itenfitiss -• . ;NOM Or ina - .Jf-,$ ','