Northern democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1844-1848, June 24, 1847, Image 4

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The Mari wave. -;
It is a-place *hens te4tr thought
Itaiobseleie" vigil beeped; ;
his aplace.where ko love
its hope, still weerth ;
The vanished light of sill s life .
That tiny spot enclapdb, • •-•
Where followed by a thousand dreams;,
The little one repotiolth.
, It is s place where thattkfialnees
Its tearful tribute j(tveth,.
That one so pure bath left a world
'Where so much soriew liveth
. .
• Where trial to the hewity heart
- Its constant cross presenteth, '
And every hour Some firma retains,
For whieh the soul tepenteth.
It is a place for Hope to rise i
Wirt other brightneas waneth : -. .
And, Om the derbies! of the grave
; To learn the gift it ineth
Troni - hiM, Who went' a on the earth
Undying love still w:t
Trona Him, who spoke tbose„blessedwords—
`-he is not dead,•htit sleepeth !"
A ilevter.
There's not a heath,ihowever rude,
But bath some little
To brighten up its stklitude,
And scent the evining hour.
There's not a heart, owever east
By grief awl sorrow down,
Bat Lath some memory of the past,
To lei° and call i s own.
ble story, vouched for an true, is told in
'4 ll agoir paP 4
The ..kdalphi Theatrethat city was veil
and the pleasant play of x l he " llattle-of Sedge
moor" *as in course of terfonnance. A fa
vorite actress, Mrs. Do Bourgh, was upon the
stage supporting one of 4e characters, when a
tall military man, in one iiof the stage boxes,
gazed wildly about him, dtl starting up from
Jaunt loudly excleimck. My wife, by Heav
ens 1 my Eliza I" Of mime astonishment en
sued, and an explanation fook place, which re
sulted in the discovery that the gentleman was
a Lieut. Lewis, and that he was in trdth
the lady's husband. 'He bad been on foreign
service for many years, an, was now accompa
nied by the lady's son, a 4ne fellow of two and
twenty. Each believed tie other dead, and
the lady had married a Mi. De Bourgh, who
bad been detui about eighteen months. Soon
after this a. most • agreeable 'denounsent took
place,.for the united and f•happy pair availed
'themselves again of the Ininefit of clergy, and
no objections being i .madei by the church or
State, these two persons, ;whom the fortunei
of war had put asunder,' )were re-married, in
the presence of a larg body of rejoicing
friesda." •
GOCID ADVICE.—IIow, 4r., in bis sermon of
LA week, gives the folloiring very excellent
advice to the yonngladie of this flock : The
berme, bright-eyed, rosy=cheeked, full-breast
ed, Winning lass--who + darn a stocking,
meal trousers, make her ewn frocks, command
• , _
kregiment of pots and keitles, feed the pigs,
*bop wood, milk cows, wOstle with the boys,
and be s lady withal: t company," is just
the sort of a giri; 'for zany worthy :man to
marry—but you, yh pinipg, moping, lolling,
screwed-up, wasp-waisted, putty-faced, coif
sumptior-mortgaged, medic-murdering, novel
devouring daughters of Fishion and Idleness=
you are no more fit for matrimony than a Pul
kn s to lock after a faMilt of fourteen chick
The truth is, my dear girls, you want, gon
may speaking, more lilxity and leis fashion
able restraints—more kilciben and less parlor—
more leg exercise and lesiSofs-, 7 inore - pudirmg
and less piano—more *mess and less mock
medesty—more breakfast; and 'less bustle.—
Loosen yourselves a little I enjoy more liberty,
arid less restraint by fashion—breathe the pure
atmosphere 6f freedom, ait'd become something
Dearly as lovely and bestial as the God Mes
tere &signed.
' A,young lady having entered a dry goods
store, politely requested t 6 be shown a certain
attiale. An impatient clOk in a rough manner
Oshersi her .wishes.- ; • •
" What is the price ?" Sulked she.
"-Three dollars:" was the unceremonious
SY• •
Three dollars !" exclaimed the maiden in
how very hip yetis prices are!"
They're cheap ennuet, if you'll only ima
r.aarwas the stOs
-"Wetlin' may wiap eup for me,- and I
wilt take it," said the lady
The article was acao4gly packed, and ta
, lemg it in her hinds, she tas leaking the store.
-But the alarmed clerkrrihning ifta her es
- claimed, "Madam, you h4ve not paid me!"
! yes, I have, if lou'lls o itaa : gi!le
so !" - she archly replied:
$11 , 07/ED UETIIRN cc, MIL COK.ET or 1556.
=lts long since as 1751,! Mr. Richard Dun
-borne, of Cambridge, of Ommuting the de
'mum of the comet ofl2lo found thetifiao'aist
ilarto-those of the eometpf 1556, that, he wail
1 147F:011e conclusion flat 7 the .two ,were idea
tied, and that its return tnigh be expected 1-
bekt 1848. Feb,sequent;inveatigations which 1
been made differeet esteenomers, cen
ilrat - threetkelution sn there is; therefore,
geed reins to look for the
the eemotAtikNg . the ye#: 1848, eitlies#:cit
if this event , vicidd
..-14140 ytiar:'e a r n a /aW f s Aie
data —Sslli~ttsn ' s Join; :ataY•
follairbog ioullet*Sited - Of*. all
hr* Ile ' he leeijr-eite ) Fillie t e r oStice.
0 0 Wig Ptg**A"
- 'tam ' roPketik
•• • 4
emceed Dr- trukthl,P!.
i‘ Do ama„iut Teptace*
' The Pastof Oetho ' . iSbyteria
Old thoily,l44.,,ex' ; I ;.ged a s
with, one of the minister ;'; the. ;I
and his horse Itkor loostdming I
was missing on undai orning,
stoned sonMlittle ezeite m ent in t
England viliagO. l " Whe .the eler
ed his o'ol thO ni :g, .whic
that I kneW whori .1 . , 7 t find
23, v. 3) a little4ellowj' mped
oat, 't I can .441 iyoni a i r --he's in
ties birn, I,iiirlhini there not
hour ago 1" '; The olergy p an had
a few monlenti - ; :fore hi could p
.....; • ; . • l I
Yaitizi Bo brito.—'What
i s
for board? sited a tall*reen D
as he walked pl i to the sr of a
hotel in New Yerk—' 1 i tdo
board and -lodgings?' 1,.
' Pike dollart4' • , I
Five dollars li That'i too mile
pose pout allewl for the! times
from dinner and supper?r
'Certainly—thir . ty-thirty and
for each meal.' ,
Here the eonlersation ended,
kee took up his i ,quarter4 for two
ring this time he lodged and brow
hotel, but did not take either di.
per, saying his businessldetaine.
other portion of the town:
At the expiration of two we d
went up to the bar, and said—
' Wpose we settle that' siecotm
in a few minutes.' 1
i ir • I
The landlord 'ended is'bill.
• TWo week's!board at s.s—s
' Here stranger,' saidlthe Ya
'how SO, Sir t t
' You've ma a mistake l—p.
ducted the tunes I was absent
sapper-14 4343.2 mode per 4
at 37 1-2 centweich-10 50.
got the fiftir :cents change that's
take a drink and the balance in ,
News-Bet WIT.— gentle
one of.onr ty ferries the other 4
eosted by o f those p4eipitat •
are to be fo iiii in shoalsiabont,
places, wit 'l3ny Balwer's la
only twos filings i!' " The gentl
to have a lat
gliwith thelitrehin,
am Bulwer,lmayself!' Off went
Whispering to another, a a little
cited his wonderment at he info 1
to impart. Eyeing the ! i mretend,'
' Pelham' w th a kind 4 awe, h
him timidly, and, holding out a ,
modestly, ' Bily the—' WOman of
You arc- not Mrs. Ellis ?' a
proposed sale ,wa effect4—N.
The wise man basj• his for es, no less
than a fool; but it has! been id that
in lies the difference--the folli•s of the fool
are knottn to the world, „put Are hidden
from himself; the follies.of the r: • are known'
to himself, but hidden. from the world. A
harmless hilhrity, and a hnoyant and ,cheerful
I -
i*,not uncommon e}►neomitants of genius
'and we are never more leceived, than when.'
:we mistake gravity, for:lgreatness, solemnity
for science, and pomposity for erudition.
'Where 4id you come ; ' from ?'
to begg in the hie of Wight
' From tlie'decil.'
' Wklt i 4 going on there?'
Much t h e same u hiere!
•What's flirt? 1 •
' The rich taken in; ati'd the p
An obstreperous hnsband,'eon •
ing his wife: upon being admo.
judge that the wife was the !ea
plied—" Thep if she is the weak
• •
mitsn'tcarry so Much mak"
KEEP A*AX E. —A ?leepy
sometimes engaged in popular
the Minister use the words " sh;
mortal coil" tarted up, rubbed
Amaal k med,," bold on—it,'! my d.
Do you-sirarit a work,.. prac
'No of cotipo not. 111 am
and have pienty of that 'at home
ii,Westerii editor yritill sto ' , I
the lams relently enacted again.
of deadly !weapons apply Ito doct
pills in'tbeir pockets.
An hearing
houto treating exclaimed,.•" Bo
a ginn'to tread! Be jabimrs, r
I've' been wanting a !broil) this
" Yon look rather tia4" as
mord:to - the pancake.
" 1..w0u14 take that e l an ins
Pane4!.."#...Teit had: no( been
Ai French paper raentiOndian
frona fittuaUfra, which hits at •
delis po of eiTtlization u to refuse
oaks night eap
- Thetis iiirihnne
of/ 36 kesPait"rherelleiaYs , I
is M t •tiitieli -ill Tice
- .
ed.' ,
ottveitiset' saw is
Parr. pra baits tiijet able
Way in good maw,'L.,
, „
. ,
letsHhin g tos )43,1!
#lo l 4i
uPPIA-. 4 0,10$ ft 41 ; 0
F+rTiiau=-sot snake
All;ateha l le i _b# l 4o at
a Pak trwie i ng- . •
Clairol' in
ort time ago,
FB.CLIAMOLER. &CO . are nowtereiving
11' . a, large skini well selected addition to their
stock of Good, to wnich they would invite the
attention of pupbasers.
Their, stock is now quite large, and they are
determined thlit for Cash, Barter or on a ppro
ved,credit, the t will sell at least as low as any
establishment n the County, • ,
Montrose, Mb , 2(3k 1847.
1 -
he night, and
which wea
-1 a quiet New
: • ~ n titter
was, "Oh !
I ' im
p -acid cried
!Deacon Lit
,. ore than -an
Ito sit down
. eel
PARASOI4 and Shades at
Chandler; & Co's
Tr FIE subsctiber is just receiving from New
1 ,11. York, a Iritrge and well selected stook of
Sprlns Si, Sommer Goods, •
otevery tariety, which he offers for sale upon
the principle of " Quick sales and Small profitt" ,
Brooklyn, gay 12. 1E147.
co you charge
' boy,
second rate
k a week or
F!81 - 1.—Swilrd and Codfish, Shad and Msck
'eml cheap by.
. • Bentley 4- Read.
but I sup
am absent
LOOKI NG Glasses & Plates of almost every
size just 4ened by
Bentley k Read.
a. half cents
id the Yan
eels. Du
fasted at the
ner or sup
him in an-
THE membrs Of said company are hereby
notified tfiitt the Director. of said company
have levied a ax cf 25 per cent on their pre
mium notes, to_ iay,a loss by fire which occurred
on thei2th of March last post, in Towanda, to
the Messrs. Mircurs. Alt the members are re
quested to pay l in their respective assessment.:
to M. S. Wits4 - Treasurer,_ by the first of Au—
gust next.
By of tho Bonn] of Directors
M. S., Wilson, Secretary.
he again
I'm ioing
H,MW 80(ODZ.,
lie, ' this is
aux, lautz 02231 33a 3
THE subso§bers are now receiving a large
and desirable stock of
'ye not dc
.m dinner and
y-28 xneals
f you'i_ not
duo I'll
• srattirp & SIINIMEEt GOODS.
which were tuOght for Cash, arid will be sold
for the same n 0 cheap as can he b,,ught in Nor
thern Pennsyl/ania. Our friends and custo
mers, will pietist!, accept our thanks for their
very liberal paitplage during the pass year ; and
,any Thing wanted in our
line for the yesr to crime will be furnished itivrn
on The principal of • Lire and lei Um." NOT
TO BE UNIRSOLD.' is our' moon, and we
intend stlictl to !Where to it. All kind's of
Country prodtete received in payment, us well
as ,Cash, Old Bayer, Flaxseed and Beeswax.
4 ? , Bentley 4- Read.
Montrose, May 20, 1847.
n crossing
dai was ao
i venders, who
11 our public
work, sir
I man, willing
W hy,
the lad, and
distance, ex
ation be had
d author of
ROADCLOTH S. Tweeds. Merinnes, nna
faney.Caasimeres, Stitinetts, Jelin's, Ves
iings. and Sunimer Goods, of n great variety,
just opened anjd selling right try -
Bentley 4 Read.
BON NETS' iI and 7Bonnel Trimmings, Silk
and Cotton Parasols, drs...
, ninphlet; said
ngland,' sir ?
EIIBROIDREtD. figured end Gingham
LAWN Moulin De ',aim's, Item Is
3d. to 2.5. pqr yard, English, Irish and A
mdrican Gingte:ims, Oregon Paid, and a sp!en•
did lot of calicties now opening by
• Bentley S. Read. •
ARDW Ott and Crockery—a fell stock
14 Bentley 4. Read.
course the
. Times.
BROOMS, Palen' Pails. (common and Ce.
Oar) Butler Ladles and Stamps fur sale
right by
CLOCKS, aJ full assortment. watcha, Jew
elry,Bl4ky'a celebrated Gold Pens, 4-c.
Also Bag Twist, Steel Seeds, Purse and Bag
Clasps and trittunings.
said Wilker
IRON and STEEL.—Swedes and Eng. it'l—
led IRON. Drag Teeth. Band, Hoop, Round
and Scroll IrOn, Cast, Garman, American,
Spring. and gtg. Blister STEEL.—Alit4all
Rods—as cheap us the cheapest by
' Bentley 4- Read.
TINTER Sperm, Refined whale, Linseeil
Vl' • and. Olive OILS of the purest y
Also, Paints of every cufur and debcription,
warrantecl to give satarfuetion,and Will be sold
very low by
'CIA out!
"F r • of beat-
Shed by the
er vessel, re
r vessel, she
OF all kinds just received—first in market—
and will le sold as cheap its the chesprst
Montrose. April 15. 1847 s
deacon, who
es, bearing
e off this
is eyes, and
cal speaking,
. ,
HE Subs4iber is now receiving and offers
Tfor sale * new and detirable suck, of
at prices which cannot fitl to be satisfactory to
all who desire great bargain& fits stock com
prises i full ai4ortment of
G Roe EKI:E.S. 11.4RDWA RE,
1• ' , 11N- wAxte , visit. &C.,
all of which will be sold at unusually Ipw prices.
;,-* J. ' i4OnS.
Mayl3, 1047. ✓
N. B. No charge made for exhibiting googs,
tberefOre acm't<, Alio give us
? a call before pur
chasing elsew ere. J. Lyons.
WOODEN? ails, Butter stamps and Ladles,
II V tlothesi. ins, &c. &c. ati' J. Lyons
100-1:104 fresh Eggs, warned for Goods
nest*reek at 8 eta per dozen.
May! 5. .j, .J. Lyons.
arried man,
ow whether
the carrying
ti who eitrry
moo was a
' Mexico is
glad of it
ny a day."
e tea-kettle
t," said the
• • ming it::
I nrang outang
, so high a
to ileep with,
CA' DLESii-Home maoufac:ure. fru Eale
t - 1 - - J. Lyons.
T i t. subsciiber having withdrawn for, the
1 • reseniNM all connection with the tai
Writ* tinsine, except cutting, will hereafter
Tec i n
give hie intent" nto that particular ( branch ex
clusively: F! ' ' a long and successful experi
receHl4 t. Improvements ends regular
' i t:the illstest fashions, he 'has entireeon!
fide' in biksbility to pleate all who may
emplii ;him. l'o'prevent mislipprehension he
would further t ate, that having worked hereto
fore for then is of workiag, he intends in fu
ture td work *Awake of the pay ~. (except
wherelcbaritylar dictate at.herwise.) Those
therefore Who re Iblato pity'but always with.
4141, 0 T t i1l ,ril . eiso Withhold their custom.
Rh over`tlie Hat Store, first building, north
of the Stage lixue. P. LINES.
.. Illotiti SI 5, 1847. 20,3
~.„_... ose,
.„ 4 ............,_ 4 ,_. '
' .P.4.31bE1F #4271, 1 :. .:, ..- ,_
(rim! ) , Mid, and in any quantity,- very
iirir at ll Wlif. M. P 081; 6. C 0...
. 'ti
'the Srprds
be 1184411 -
as exchange
for a small
tht IL Y.
-- • 1 - •
• not -
, -
.1110 f, 1114;21d
—t -
Snegluehanna County
Bentley Read
Bentley 4. &ad
Bentley Se Read
Bentley 4- Read
G 0 9 ColS.
HBURRITt is now reCeiv ng an , exten—
. sive and select\asstirtment f
to which he would solicit the atteation of his
friends and the Public.
His stock as usual will comprise la ge and
full varieties of Fancy and Staple
Dry GOods, - •; Groceries, Crockery,
Hard Ware, Hollow Ware, Stony Mitre,
Iron k Sled, Nails, Medicine.%
Paints ; Lamp 4, Linseed oi4 Fish,
f_ Palm' Leares, Ploughs k Castiiigs,'
• Grind Stones, 4c., I
all of which will be sold on the moat favorable
terms, and at the lowest bash, Barter of Credit
New Milford. May 20,1847.
WitbEHßLioAsHisli G twine x t v , er s e ral
theiy un , e , r n st e o r t
Taylor of Montrose," ill-rules all . inds of
work in his line of busines% in a littl . better
style, and at as fair prices as nhy oth r Tay—
lor this side of Mexico ; this is to inf rm all
who have, or may i ,vor him with ineir custom
that he has just received from New itork his
usunJ variety of
and is now prepared to wait upon Ge4tlemen
when it shill suit their convenience.
May 50, 1817. I 18-3 m!
spring Fashion fort 1347.
CROW N-71-4 inches high, 5.16 yieoman,
;tell at sides. 1-16:front and rear, 1-4
curve. Tie—s oval, flat. BRIM—I; inCheb.
Wide, front lino rear, and 1 9-16 at sides.—
BINDING-I.l4ofan inch wide.
The above new style,' introduced jn New
York on Saturday, March 6th, by Beebe:St. Cos.
tar, are now real), and tot sale by
April 8. . MERRILL & RQOT.
---- r
Vto Done Oublico.
WHEREAS,, Nature, having furnished to
the head id -Man. rm covering, sOtlicieni
to protect it from the Winter's storm,inr the., .
burning rays of Summer's sun, it ts [mold high-1 The GrApr-Vine: Cradle.
ly essential to his coal-tom and beiluiv,ithist he'll , _
provides himself with scme human fubrie calcu ; HE under Signed takes ibis method of in
!sited to supply the deli, limey. A sid i Whereas {arming the public that he is now engaged .in
pruden'ed require:, that esirry one, shintild pur- t manulitcluritigi one of the most useful instrti
chase such artic'es us it ey may need ! , where vitents tor cutting grain, ever offered in ma rlOt.
those equally gaud, can be obtained of the law t": 14141 structure of this Cradle is such . as to ea
est prices. thtrelore, DE IT KliiiWN. to thd mini b 1 - able a man to ut his- gr.. in writ much less la
;nod; of Susquehanna Csiunly, and ad otherstior than is usually required —the'repv alriaisi
whom it piny concern. that *changing the Ipisk inimpl,ensure. A, saintlier Uf
WM. M. POST, & CO. ! • I.:elt.zens , f this . iounty,• - who have used the pia
,6e 41ring:the past seasm, (whose 'immeli gain
Have established themselves at the old stand,
be glen if re:erence is desired) hesitate not tn
tine door . ..south of the FARMERS' STOREi witeril
they intend to nvsnufacture ili , d keep coustantl pronounce it superior, by - filly pe e r cetit., to air
instrument of Ike kind they ever u:ied.
sin hand, HATS of every descript ani. in adds- instrument
opportunity of exaini lbw the strucft4e
lion to their unusually large stock ot Hots now .
Oil hand, and manufactured at their establish; and utility of .6te instrument will' Shortly he
meat, W. M. P. & Co. h,,w, j ust ~,,.,4,1 from given.' They Will be offered for 841 e by the
NEW I:c4RR. a full supply of SUMMER I I A'F:-.;i flrst of May. arall the principal stores and pub
Si. CA PS. which gives them the m-st eitteristveP lie places throughout the country. .
and varied. assostmesit tif Goods in their isise.l 'Prilectissoqiitmording to the artitle.:l
ever offered for sale in Northern Pennsylvania 4 F,,e a common article, (scythe included) $4 00
All of ;which Will be sold fur CA , II or READY 4 Do Wire Rimed &c. do 500
PAY TWENTY FIVE PER CENT Under. the usual pi i.,„ Do Five teeth +vt unlined do • , 5, 0
cis. " ' Do Teeth plated da 1 6 0
Montrose, April 2,9, 11347.
li . -G. S. AMES.;
A ND- every style of Otter. Be a ver, 4 trio
Brush, Cussimere," Moleskin, Ample
Muskrat, and Coney LIATs, of all shapes. s
colors qualities and pric es, from 81,00 to S 5.
at the Hut & Cap Depot. 4
WM. 51..P0S T., 4' Co.
FINS and Bays.gonbie and single brim
LVI Leghorn, also,. American Erigl44l and
Coburg draw, also American' Rir land flats,
l of different qualities, for sale cheap at
WM. M. POST, 4- COs.
Mk DOZ. Meru: and
. Buys. Silk, Linen and
41,-/ Cotten Glazed Caps, of new and beau
tiful' styles, cheaper any other estab
lishment, /nay be found itt
Wm. J'IL Past. & Co's
PLAIN and tancv , made of light cloth, and
suitable for suinmer, ilt
' - Wm. M. Post. ¢ CJs.
PUBLIC NOTICE )lt hereby aiien that in
pursuance id a Writ of Partilion issues from
the Orphans Court of said County, and to me
directed,an Inquest wilt be held tor making
p:irtition of the Real Estate of Jabez Hyde.
lute of Rush township, in said County deceased.
among the widow and heirs of the said Jahez
Hyde deed. on Saturday the 31st day of „July
next, at II o'cl”ck in the eorentmn, on the prern
ices in Rush township aCcording to the act of
Aisembly in such case
.'made rand provided.
Said Real Estate is described as failows to
r The ,Homestead'—containiog one hundred .}
sixty one acres, sixty mil- and five tenth per -
ehes,—. The Samuel Hill Lot,' adjoining the
shove. and containing twenty three acres and
thlrty six rods, and • Thd Austin Rowell Faint,'
crintairung , one hundred acres, and on which
there is a dwelling house, horn and tanliou,.e,
each of the above tracts:being situated in the
township of Rush a tbresn,td.
N. C. WARNER, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office,
• Montrose, May 26, 1847.
"NUTTER, Socks. Flannel, Tow Cloth, Rags,
L. Beeswax, Olit Copper; Old Pewter, Grain,
of all kinds and Eve's eAsn.will be readily taken
for qny of our Gpods.
VIII ANK MILLER'S. celebrated, Leal 'her
Preservative and water Proof Oil Blacking
..jilist.the thing for this weather, for sale. by
Bentley 4- Read.
I N exchange for Goods.%ggs, Beeswax, Tow
Cloth, Flax, Butter, Dried. Apples, Raga,
Grain, Old Pewter, Beans, &c. &c.
A _
GOOp asiortment of IMies' shoes, slips
gaiters, buskins,Chiloreos' shoes.. cacks
Palm leaf, Hats, goys cap's, Umbrellas; -Para.
Bola &c.. Jug la ding et J. Lyons.
splendid Putterhs just received and selling very
cheap for cash by J. Lyons.
AFULt.assortmem ortone Ware this day
received, aid will bidold cue.,tp by
Feb. 1 1,11347..
SH" VINGS, Bro. and! Bl e ached , a' variety
at '
DRAWN G90.1),3 ;
GRE: i r vasie(y of Isees, thirred and *ripe
111. MU' de, Irish Linens, iaaaaatta, Occ, at
THE Subscriber would inform hi s friendk.
arid. l hetnat he bus purehased the
slit)" former l y occupied q P. Jenks but mote
recently by Mr. H. Patrick, a few.rods west of
the Court House; where he-is now carry ing On
tte t h e above business in all its brunche s . He se,
lil.its a share of the , public patrona g e
Montrose,..lan; 20, 1847.
0 7.31:1 CITAIIM.• , OLI) EITORE.rt
®!ti C-oolrs anti litlil Ones. 1
T of A , ,
the Subscriber NO. 6. Turh.
Ake street, may. be found a general assortmebt
ofVoods. Good goods and at the lowest pric4s :
—Consisting of
rho' GOODS,;, oaocOtEs,
I , LoUcirs, \BooTs AND - SHOES-
Silob4it and findings &c. - ,
' ' Al. S. WILSON.
, , !
Montrose, Mitch at 1847 . _ !,... ;
ilalley'N, • • •
1,1111 for Sore Eyes, \ Cuts. Swellings," Burris,
Bruises &c. &c. just received and ft,ir sale by 1
• Bintity. 4. Read. i
- .
DR. Segues Restorative Pills. ',Dr. Spoon. ,
er's Hygeian, dp.• Lee's, Hooper's, and
omen°, do. Also,, Dr. Rafferty's,-Family
- Medicines. censistinglot Balm of alletof;.-Worni
Oil, Vegeirible Pills, Eye Water, Strengthening
Plower, Embrocation. &c. &.c.
For their superior excellence and great use
, ,
fulness, these medicines are entitled to a place
in every family. Try them.
OPODELDOC. Dr. Jayne's Vermituge, God
frey's C0r .. 0 la 1., Covert's Ira I in of Life, Ca mph4r,
Horehound, Paregoric, Licorice, &e. &c., for
le by J. LYONS
April 8, 1847.
(iacluding Shaker's.) dust upeaed and 40.
ale by . J: LYONSL.
Mardh 10, lag. • i.
BENTLEY & READ, have this day receii
ed an addition to their stock of Druis,
Medicines r Dyesityrs. ¢c. gtc7 ,
roa keg,thetir winter assortment complete,- a ado
which they intote. the attention of their •' friends
in Susquehanna county. Physicians. and otb
ers supplied with-every article in our line at Is
low a rate as at- any other establishinent
Northern Pennsylvania.
Montrose, Dec. 9, 1846.
WISTEK'S Balsa' of Wild chary. sar.
pas Acmeslic Oil, World's Salve, Jtiyu
Expectorant, Vermifuge, Carmtintfave, BniSilo).
!V'S Sarsaparilla, Dr. (11'Nfunn's*r
Opium, Balsarn of Life, Bullnial's Oil Sot,
Briti4h & Harlem Oils, lUoffats Phenix Bate
lihumar's Wistar's Cough Lozenges, .unit
runny others ofihe popular medicines of the
day, foF Bate right by
URE winter straineil, Fall
(ra_37llN Refined Whale OILS, alio,
Linieed and Tanner's d0,,,f0r sale
cliepp by
supply just- received,,slsd, Bled Bak add,
Purse Clasps, Slides,
Diicussion.on Unive.rsath
‘Varren, and 0. e raser
for sale nt the store of erre
Price 12it cents.
A./ meta just opened, and i
J4ADIE'S Buskins, Slippers and Gaiters
also a large assortment ot Children's shot!
Bentley &Read. 1
(I,II.OCEKIES.—SugUr and Molasses very
.cheap, Tobticen. Tens, Ruisings,i Cone,
Chocolate. Zartes Currents, Peppet, Spice,
Sideratus, Ginger, Soap, lortllards Snuff, Co •
gute'a superior ,Ctmdles, &c.....just l received,
and for sales, lolv by ; =
• Bentley $r ?mod. 11
i .
E4THER.:—Soie end Upper Lestber—ilio
L Cull skins just received. and for stile by
Bentley 4. Bead.
! ,
ii , MERICAN, French`find Enilisti Cintis,s
11l and Coisimeres, Satins .and limey Vest
legs for isale ,by, !
J.' Lyons.
rianr AM/MARV:6
T the Old Stand Lyons di Citandlei.
.4s. may be foiled P. B. Chandier, and Robel:
4;1 Simpson. whO have entered into partnirahi
under the firm of,P, B. Oh,tandier e & Vc4 Thep
Will, endeavor qt atl timer to be in readiness ,'o
attend to. thaw who may favor them: with
diil. - 11
.11 The - rentainitiglatock of 111 9r.TGwaill, G
Cedes, Tlaware.ollloip
Glass, 4111,c - act.; Which r e - h aye,o q . haml r wi ,
be sold qus
nually tow:
;Chandler 4. Co's
COA=D t;313Z12 U) 4a
Gibson. Feb. 611!, :1847
Flouetis & for fqte
April 21.
' ir- -- - r-, .1..,. ---- ;
. ------- , e•d-- ,, 1. ~.
... , 6.. 1 %.1. 4 ; , ...... , .i..........., :'
111 11 11 11 II N'l E ll P.llll. 11 11 11 li 1
4......... , ...,,,..........,
Tha..Ainieritrana Inspenveit
1 !flick's/1 Vigellsablo litiedielse k '
rntiEsE Pills are lone tot the - 4,4 Medical; :
iii Compounds,in Mei at the ' pp:tient day: ;
/ts a common family playsico fur adieinistnai en
bn. all temporary tompiainttof tile stomach end,
owels, head.achei cads, ar.c., thigy may be : l
rally depended upon, tied a_prompt bse.of th e m
On the first appearnue of balispeottiOon will it. ,
,iiariably sare'mucksicitnesi. Thep are pee e . :
harly adapted to all cases of weakngssanilgea,:
Loral detail ity--a iti derangement - of ;the system, i
Und eXpecially with leinalea—and alsteadt uni.
sinterr, pted use of them, in strict iconformity.
with t e directions Yvtltvery soon iistore the i
organ' of the stomach itei their natutel tone and.
limier, and regulate the. bowels, ai,tl renovate
the whole system. • ' '
There is no disposition .to give extravagant i
itomininilalions of them. What is here Elated,
Os fite'Ciasult of cetual . experience }.vith them,
'hod that„through.o peCiod . .of fifteen years. I t '
is not supposed, 'or pretended, that they vd
tasst ihe deacil neither are they denignell to b.
lased us freely as we urni.otir FOOD: , ISU6h isnot
iishe true purpose of maieine. ka only appro.
'priate office is to assist nature in iestoring the
System to a proper tone and aetioNwhenua e .
i Ycidably, or throtigh carelessness or excels, it
becomes deranged. Many are r.ayelessi and
lence need this alai.; And-the mese,careful are
liable to irreeulnrities 'of -the system. It d
i ieedle#s almost to , nay; that a prompt Use a
#afe and effective remediesi, on the drut appear.
(knee rif inness. is the part of wisdoih, trrs4
'is Medicine th e • P r oprie t or knows ihtse Pills to And. he is certain that in f'o'rty nine ca.
ties out of fifty, where-a bur trial its made ac.
teording to the directions, they will; be used a.
t..2:1111 118 a standard 'medicine. /fe has neap,
I' an initance,.where they Italie been thus
I.''iseit, in which they have not met With UNOIL.
:)Fm ED 'A rrnovet. ! .
;i Noklerou.e. testimonials may
,belseen at ti e
!, I Clenerril-Glfice of sale. • and references will is
:',kiven to substantial living witnesses of th eir
l',valuable curative properties. '
The Pills are purely vegetable, rare of tan
kinds, stimulantand purgative, Orifying the
,blood, and produeing a, health,' action Itlreegti
lithe emire7sySterri ; are it valuable 41nti Billions
I ,lllled icine;i nil emir-619y useful in all lingering
I.irimpleintii=Weakne*General Di-bility.Dy s .
nepsy,polmonary Meet Mai, LiveriComalairtr,
'Rheumatic dad Spasiendie -Affections, Female
Complaints, Palpitations, iitc.l e
Ito Fatall y,
-.. Mean. , i
, 1 , 1 They ilia put up in FIFTY CENT and
( 'DOLLAR PACKAGES. each havii i ig ii nmipti.
Met embracing a yalinitrle Treatise, on Disenhe,
with full directions for . use. The ~Pollar pad,
liges Sire the - cheapest to the purchilser. They
1 Puny be ordered through britegistri giyingihe
Street-r i nd No. of the General" Depot.
- f,ritrl. Wholesale and Rein 1, at
I ''% - c , . 140 1 F altonstrce4 %Second Floor, A: I
Between Nassau-street and Brionittray.
K As yint value Health—Try tikemt.4l -
U 3" The r i hove- Pills Rre silso fdr 'pale at . the
!Are of BENTLEY & READ, of tfii4
1 HE Subscriper.vOultl infirm
,!the citivin i
nt NI out ri-i-e Heil vicinity . , that he Ijai jiiiit It.
:wined !tont Ili - titinti an - Nen? Yorlq ivith
i . 9
$.15 000
;worth Al Dry CamtlF, which have been pinchn,
tt.l hir Rich, since the ri.d action of; tild — rartif`!
ti.rtvil I he rohl from 25 to 50 pair 'cent, Ina
LI, fl ,
Rpm's, prices:,
ERC AN TS inttpirticular, find it to
inlet est, to atittexattline his stock, h...
Ilor e Visain g New Yor:kl as he chafident,
!•,I..vanta l !es are such lagto eta, ' hint to r 6
lat better terms titan they can duy in Nrcr
Fork. Call and satisfy' yours-thres; at the Eat
..end of Exchange Buildings, Braghitintort-
, T 1 as lir
Tin NW ing; Pans. P ii!t,
WPM , Dippers, Cote and Tea Pigs, Bakers,
&c. &c.. at who!esltLe.or retail, at gviml•
ii, reduced prices, for bale cy
• 3., VON'S.
April 1
NEW and ti sortnient of iPloughs find
L 1 Plough Casting. of the most niiproved
tructi,,ii, Just received, and , for snl of Ion: lin.
ces by H. BURftl-fT..
r New 1
..litforti, Aprit4th, 1 '
J. If.j!DIOCK,
Attorney at Law,—Has removed his Office t
Turopike . Street, one door &kit of B. T. \
Case's Office, and ,three doors West of the
Register - Prinfing Office.
G. A. 'GROW/
Attorney, at Law—Office on Turnpi e two
doom East of Bentley dr, Read's Drug Store.
Montrosei.Alay 20;1847. ' '
ENTIST—Sets Teeth on Galli! Plate inJ
dues all Dentist work in the best style. All
i work warranted. an be found a 1... .Beetle's
on Monday, and Tuesday of each Week.
'Bentley ct Read.
ArtijiS &. SHERMAIf;
[j)enlers in Dry-GOorla,Proceries. 'l4O- weft
trockeryi• Iran, Nails, fish door
below Judge Posa
• , E. t.I.F.E.ANY
be. Di . y-Gooicl4, Grtr..eri7,l Hardware,
&d‘. Brooklyn, Stisq'a, Co., P -
Physician a
1 change, Spn
P.A.R [7 DtMOCKj
Physicians and Sturg&tns, tilentrose.Pa....olo
ce over R. Searle,4l,C ks Store, ,'
poach, Wagon ..& Sleigh Nutectarer aod'
Repairer—Shop on the Will ie \ rre Turn-
I pike, a tetw 'rods below the
1 . C t • TYLE4
peeler in Dra tindsa. 'G rocer j es ,i H er d I
I Creel we. Stone it WI
ware, is. su m o below t e
Court Putilio:Avenue.
Varney:a at ,Lewe.,4fruee One 0 00 6 ' bap do
Farmers' Store.
Chandler h Co. 1'
Ytorney 44 A c V,It . 1, .TURK
R i fa4 ,
910313ePpr taW.,—Office. fo At
Store of L LA. Peat ni Co., in the room former'
,Ij Irozecipied by Hiory-DrittkOr.
i ItENTar 14- REO
,Dea in Fancy an _ Sitap el- elf Goods,Wit
' ,
;Medicines, -Tont"; nn42,4lye-intilfei Croi •
ilartlwitok,Grcseeries,._laxiking GI.WI.
Clock., Watches,' Maslen' ,liiatramenls, 30 1 w•
`4311Y.' Tin and ,tilionOVitris
&el-01)410ot culottlin old Gond of Baader
& Mitchell,
E ir croons
PLO U Vila%
- 13itsfacin earDs.,
Surgeon—Office over the Eir