Northern democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1844-1848, January 21, 1847, Image 3

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' itk e :Fiji/kmeat wet , unpin' toutis
Ult. ''' • •' ' :-'' . . ,
."8 4 00 08 1 -414 " a ?' - ~. r. *PIP of
*. t st ar itk l ) 44-1142thm of ourl.
,: , „ - lts . Shuith, and,
loa fili*iholit iiiii*Adere4odon, it
lola tielngs7 etthe - - Dehiom4
fi-PetniA* 6 4 4 o l ' thit'lle Deletib=s3A
oa. steoviiiiiithiT i: - iiidiiii, iiii instrtota Iti
--- Idol& - die Col*Taittialiio
WWII at` ifigaialift. f ie 4th day of )6*
Col: 3 WiAil4 . i mired to Bias OA thin'
voilohitien sWirinibstltute the following,:
Respreedli-.Thatil.oikt Delegates to thefith
4 4fMarnhtrifitaint** 0 4 111 - 4 1 1 14 1 slitat"
a% free Pi. fell *Pi* Among the Dtae-'•,
gate, from offer sections of the State,f thit it::
would Iff,palltic, and expe dient for the party,;
so eommitaili new *date, fresh from the;
ranks oftheteoplc, they are hereby retom-1
mended to do so; having . a due regard to tli
dawn' sof Northe rn Pennsylvania, and to thel
'peculiar °platten of every candidate in relation;
to•the leading question of the day. •
Which after some discussion by Col. Dim-:
oc k in.aver, R, and ; Messrs. Fuller and Leet
against its adoption, the amendment was reH
Intel. j
~ 1
- CA Lust il offered the following resolution;
hich:was injected.
Iteselra4That the duty on iron and coal'
• the Tariff - Of 1846 needy modification.
i ,ResoftedsThat this meeting recommend
Psi holding of a Senatorial I Conference, for the
appointment y a Delegate to represent this
Senatorial Thitrict in the Convention to be
lield at Harril; burg on the 4th of March next,
..*ll that Hafioyllier,_ Lorin T. Farrar, .l. T.
Line" snit Edwin Tiffany be and are here 7
,by appointednferees we the-part of •Sunne
henna to met i the conferees' of Wayne and.Wyr
caking, at DWlslaff on Monday the 18th day of
Pebnmfy *w r it. ,
Col. Lusk Uloved to modify by substituting
the followhitgi
Re.sohied4Thatthis meeting concur in the
appoint:nit:tie S. S. Winchester, Esq., is Sen
-30141 Dele , te,-from this District, to the: 4th
•of March Co nation,
After some,discussiom the amendment was
lost , „,I'.i " .. I
Resolved-4 - That Win., Hartley, Esq., be, thel
Representati,Wdelegate to the 4th March oin,-
"won frenlis county, and that tits conven- •
• don coiner im he appointment of Judge Jayne
from 'Wyo. _-
Rao/red—ghat the proceedings of Ibis
meeting lie ptiblished in. the Northern Demo=
•erat, Wayne 'County. Herald, Wyoming Patrol,
Washington 3Jnion, Pennsylvanian, and the
Democratic 16,idon,at Harrisburg.
i• ISAAC RECKHOW, President.
• 34. C. TYLER, .."
dos. Jonssoi,
0., 3L GERE,
411 s . SMILY,
. Daniel BrovsteT, f
0.41. Grail?, f Sec':ys.
TenaperiSsee Maas CalmestUon.
IN pursuer* to a previous resolution, the
friends of Temperance, from all parts of the
county, asseMbled in Mass Cravention at the
Presbyt *erra' n Xceting House, in the Borough
of Montrose, oh Tuesday the 1.9. th day of Jan
uary, 1847, fot the purpose of taking into ccn
, sideration the evils of intemperance, and devi
piing means to errest and suppress this common
FvTogof mazo.
Motion, title Hon. WILLIAM JESSM
chosen tRESIDENT; URBANE Beano sr. s,'
$ Tuoiteriersos, SIMEON TINKER, ALSON:i
Ttstiwr, L. Mem, F. M. Wittraers,i;
- Doer: E."l4l3ansixkor., Jesse Fates, Wd,.
I ALISON MrDY, Vice Preesidents, and J.
I . :S. Pal Mer a nd Albert Chamberlin, Sect'yr,; ,
' The Committee appointed to prepare and ar-
Imp) the business for the Convention, through
;11ELT Cheirurad, Hon. Geo. FULLER, reported
he following Rreamble and Resolntionrwhich,
a fter being folic and ably , discussed bj• Judge
Jessup, Lieu4Duryee, Rev. Mr. Miller, Eld.
A. L. Post, Gko. Sanderson, WM. J. Terrell,
B. S. Rintley,P. A. Grow and J. T. Richards,
Esqrs., and ostlers, were unanimously' adopted :
WnsezesiThe history 'of the past, as well
as the experimer of the present, concur in this
testimony, that the =lnfect:we, vending and
lase, as a beverage, ofalcoholic liquors, are not
only useless, bid serious® detrimental to the
pranperlty and happiness of all concerned. The
' hot that, three=fourths of the misery, poverty
and crime in the land, are the legitimate re
sifts Cif 4 - derrrirerr, I.llce, is ,recorded in bold and
legible 'characters, . upon the walls of every
alms-holise, jell. aYtd penitentiary in our land.
1 rbe united terOmopy of the most, eminent Phy-
Ariaisns, has ebfiblisned the fact, " that the use
4 intoxicating do as a beverage in health,
was always unnecessary, and never safe,"
thatrf6e natural effects of alcoholic drinks, was
to prerse oid disc* and death. The use of in
nks, har been the fruitful mite of
:pritiste mdfsrini--iit Inu; wrungtears of bitter
sisAtli from the suffering wife, and brought
dowerthe gray hairs of broken hearted parents
toile? , grave, it)ms , hurried its thousands to a
premature 'end, 41.64 it hais filled the prisons and
ponibouses of Orland, and has broil poverty
.whatrlete in ffigittfsd profusion. And Where-
As o krtaeting that rfbe taw which legaliies apd
Amstalne a tralfie &ight with each Loaded"-
I,tde 1 Clieriget tra atteaded by Consequences . o
ffiatigin'tbeir — effixts, should be =candidnat° y
repealed. 2lo4oeitisa that the law ought '
;restrain this , tra altogetber,leteept, for w
ipeses of u 'radieilisend the arts, rests upon prin
riipletasFhb iikiiinnutable as those which
from the - badger the prosperit, the heppiness;
n a y the yeti e , • -It ee of the . y . politic;--
A n d berievbig :' , lst the sale of, intoxicating"
drinkk Ski es* other subject of police, rega-.
lab% is ,within pc scope Of , legislative control,
shallit punish' *ad= the mile of Unwhol
-073/IP. sests.frogi tbo butcher's stall; ne said
tted -drogsfsete.the Alw4 , lloOary's ehel.—=
Autalual the ago of Bombe i f oo high and eat
;,,I;so7d . p..prisilege'ito be: , .'. _ - , or modified,
,whila i _fike law deolares-the - , , ~ _ of ardent
4104 re,yeriiire, if it produces . * 4, arness, may 4Yate bands 'upon a Si; i , which does
aslutoporrwpt_iociety, to: , . '' ‘ y the public
rem and.mai* mime; t., ' . all other eau- .
Askaataltiesd, lastrfanszabit intaduthelome-
Ibmilifibia Oa*, sake Yu lib feeds np-;
Pl* vitals - 0 0 , 0. 1 tuk t . ' ilakel Kb'
"big iNif alsiotho, , ,tbe, -er,4he mad
-1.'.1311ek #W44 1 * * 10 4 : , :- : ' . '
Tu l a
,_._,, / - ' Tjioll64ll3l; tits=
3n=. '
Vie. . , i s. 4,3joite,-,peitlogiiiir.i
40014**44, 4 h. ,'"'"-'- :4i:l4i-11e/dual
.fouiddiciAbiteioi-Poss4 . e*Sia; nni Ailigto
:ImbeffitAcoliswin lierhiOltai , elivairer
"li l l l 4o**# o4 ** 4o 4l . !"ooo64lre 2 ,6 ; 003!
5i140:044#344P.461e,3*J004110 at ' -
tonool:47wwyrogirn; AO: . y 1 140 'f_ig k
ft, lifeitOxid .minty fn' others '• : ,
. -., • .
. ~, : 1 i traffic •;iiiiikqueticin,
llipinis b everage, is a eirditi‘eiftlinda
"SP,* Piciralk. tOrrliPtingr cruel, O S
tire and triurder ,
ova in its effects.. 1,1, . I ! i :. .
Rafru/1074Thaithe iirliolii ' iiyiltean:l ' 1i442' i
sint!nlieilintileittuetive a - trailkili. ''''
Itirrniigaiiiiieuriblivimmorel, '. - I -I-; - ''' l r
l* , 461414 GOlaadiloiriabit Of
ought at Oiee4eret hreitir ta be '''' ' ''' frAm
4 41,
cnit , gilit* boobs , iit beintinldipf',' :'' '_ : ..
Nitiiiilaralhi-iiKeibl bilitilibitiol "... POn - '
bibieliiiiiikelompt Or issedi - .;. - ..:; . '' V' '1 i '
- Ibilelial- - -Tbat, that bor iLeseett: at :'
iiiiii.itoerStataleitialat :. ~
gaiiikieriat. Qiiali, or • NO:Sek"-:- - of auto. , ,
drki, - to the vote of Ile tree, we bilie*
be foimded uginieorreetprinciple, analhundl I
republican in it character and tenderief,is
recognises the' people as the legitimate naive
of power and the right and: ability of the Ma
jority to govern. : . , ,
' Resolved—That as the mile of intenicatiii .
liquors, to be used as a beVerage, ten ds ',/,O th
increase of drunkenness, paver:nun and icrim
no men has Or can have, A moral riglit.pur
sue it'; and if any dopursite it to the in ul o
the pnblie, the people- havi a right, a dit '
their 'Solemn duty, though them -ediuni f
'and just legislation, to protect-themselven an.
their Children from its manifold evils. . - 1
Resolved—That the legislation which for
bids the sale of intoxicating liquors, as a boy
erage where a majority of the people so Willi
would not deprive any one of Ins righte, he
would merely forbid hint to violate the ;right:
of others, and deprive him only of the leg.
right so to do. -
. Riplved—That the friends of tempnrari.-:
in urging the people to the unprejudiced; coo
sideration of the "No - 13ale,"..miestioii:, •.:
Prompted bytfingkof benevolence and phi-
lanthropie me 'yes; desirous only of the be:
intereats of society; and not wishing to 'affee '
the interests of individuals, only - as they tend;
:to disturb and injure the general good: - '
- ReOlred-LThat we ask our opßonents to an
Open and candid discusston of this subject o
;" Salei et No Sale" of atoxicating liquorit that
when we-canvass the votes at the approaching
election, the sober second thought of our citi
zens r4ay be fully expressed. ,
, Resfaved--That public opinion lairlY and
legitimately expressed, ought and should goy
.;ern in this, as well - as all other matters regtiki
ling the government of a democracy, and we
believe no good reason- can be given why the
:;traffw in alcoholic drinks should be exeMpted
:from the operation -of the general principle
Xrule ?'
Respired—That the restricting or prohibit
ing the sale of intoxicating liquors,' can slot be
deemed an act of wrong or injustice to the men
engaged in that traffic; since abundant and
well attested facts, shew that,not only the deal
ers, bit especially the tavern keepers, have
generally failed to acqiiire that
,wealth Which
is theit only motive for continuing in the hied ! .
hem, but vast numbers of the* have been -a
-i mong the greatest sufferers frois intemperance,
lin their persons, families and property.
I :=
Resolved—That this Convention have entire
f Confidence in the practi4ibility of the refornia
tion of the most degraded drunkards, and Would
arneztly recommend, in view of all that has
been accomplished/in Opens of the land,i that
ito pains' be spared to raise all this unfortnnate
class from. this ' , .degiadation„ and bring them
back to be a hie sing to their families and to
tire world. .
Resolved . — at the hope of the temperance ,
r . eformation is • • the rising generation, and this
Convention real ends the formation in every '
tows Ship whoa . district and 'neighborhood
(li t=
throughout the 'aunty, of juvenile temperance .
associations, an the wide circulation of join- .
ile,papers and tracts, to instruct the youthful
I *id, and 'semi the millions which are coming ,
after us. . 1 . 1
'. Resolved-4liat while we regard the vote to
be given at the; approaching election* on; the i
"No Sale" quesfion, as of the highest iMpor ! ,
trance, considered in reference to its influence
upon the temperance movement ; _
yet we *mid 1
caution our friends, that in making strong ef- :
forts to bear immediately upon the vote to be
! given, they do not neglect efforts which ;
they have been accustomed to make te force 1
on the cause of temperance generally. 1 : i .. i
', The Convention continued its sittings until i
'llnirsday noon, each session being opened by I
prayer by some one of the different clergyinen 1
present. The spirit of the delegates 'which ;
were in a ttendance from all parts of the Conn-. 4
ty, gave the most. - cheering assurance that the ,
traffic in Rum is a doomed busbies, and that 1
the time is not far distant, when men will cease
to beemie drunkards " according to law." I .
Committees of Vigfience for each Towniihip:
Were appointed, A list of which will be given
next week. ,
On Motion—Resolved- , -That this Conien
don recommend a Young People's Mass Con- , ,
tention to be held in Montrose on the 4th day
of July nest. • . .
; !On motion—Resolved --Thatthe thanks 'of
this Convention be'iendered to the President
[for the able manner in which he has presided
over its deliberations; aid also to thePresliy
terian Congregation Of Montrose, for the Usei
of their beam
Vic Pres'ts.
motion of M. L Mack Esqr.—Resoteed
—Mt the thanks of this Contention be t'em
dered to the citizens of Montrose for their hos
pitality te'theit brethren in the cause, in attim
dance from the different parts of the CountY.
lisolved—That the proceedings of this COn
reMion be signed the officers and published
in lhe different pa Tin the County.
(signed by the 4cers as above.)
[ 4 What haw beam .of are Tad"
! , :
1 ..4111.813 f"—Pm • , hosier.. i
]-'What has become of it ? - • it's goon to
thander-rrior perhaps it's joined th : volunteers,l
and gone to the Rio Grande, and ..,: , Meal-
1 mod; -. At any rate it's among the ~*-,:' 'g,l
and:one might is well attempt to hunt er,t. a
1 federalist in Middle Smithfield. township, a 41119 1
fteekfor this fermium, and defunct idol of the
[ tlideril''Porty. This same tariff was - at one
time the sons and body of federalism—it m*:11
thiliarde-piirpose the eider barrel did in 1549,
(thengli,withlesasOirit,) and had not theE ,
,„„„:"kidioilaiaion .wiadom of the people
1 vailektliWiptat t*y.of " PIFK nil ,
, trt3l69,L'AsiglWatiltbe heard ringing tiwisigUtliti!
land o i43iiif iii , noW:.dea4l—aa dmid-lia
. 11 , 0 fr
Morgan :POO!, 00(0010 we knoirat bok,
1 and:was aiiiiiitv interred without 1'• - •044.41'
'ind- wilt no Paged parson to breathe
'amenl over Its grave. ' It . bif 100 .
forever, Oith4fivelt *be - alai*. eDieCiv l ol , l
itifoitiii*l**l44o : .-0,900. .161.0: -,: :40
1 * 0 *. i044 ..i.0 01 1 ,1 4 1114 ' ' ' - :I t e
9 . ii,e , Oisitioy:is:iiii- :
,- . ' -.. *Os 4-4, '.. :„:••
..5 1 :4101:.0***111:1(eiiriliWilii. .....
•:: • • it*it 4ll .oo4:**o::****ii 4. *
. 1 4 0 14 4 6.061. 1 6 0*Siiifrigoi it iii**l poor
61. inctied;that Wili 'hot 16,14, both ways.
Oils mountains of and ars selling higher .than
ir—lron 'is in daisimi, 'sa d a:lnfinite; to
1 ,•
prices; ,sitid*Fanners are reaiing
. t reward from theiil - bited and boundless
(*.cti,-which theirhoneat 'toil and labor doubly
F: v.
: eit—rhile the Alanufactirer is reaping all
, can ask. Dray branch of laminas is pros.:
us, and we can feel thimble' to God that
into li is the cam. Those who, expected there
to Make political capital mit of the tariff
plight - as well "bang up their *Mee? because
Prima*, are detennthed to ; try the Tatilfof
ill4o, aid me how it works. ijf it, suits them.
t let well enough alone ;" if Mit, it oan easily
be aznended.—aptoit Argusi
3 Mire ritter from Elroy..
.The.packet ship Atlas, front Liverpool on
the 6th ult, arrived at New York on Friday.—
do from the commercial intelligence, the
news' is unimportant. Cotton lama firm, grain
improved,and the Iron trade was brisk:.
! The impression was rather general in Paris,
that a Carlist insurrection in Spain was
!, 1 In Spain, the flew elections are going on.—
From Portugal, there is no news.
A Genevease journal says that . AuAtria has
demanded from the Papal, goVernment, the a
*mint of a debt contract dUring the Neap
litan war, thr . eatening, if it be not paid imme
diately, -to occupy Ferrara andAccona.
The great tenor, Dupree,' is on the eve of
retiring from professional life.
There's peers to be no abatement in the
tOgit"opular movement," (the run for fire
firms,} ) all the provincial journa;b3 bearillg wit
gess to the unprecedented briskness in the gun
si Louis Phillippe has - wyittoo to his holiness
the Pope, recommending more • titoderation in
his progress of reforms.
Pewylvanla Legislature.
Correspondence of-thd Weekly Paper.
Hangman uo, Jan., 15, 1847-
On Saturday hat a variety of petitions, reso
ace:.; - Were offered in 09C House, and
tie Bill, reported by Mr. Halt, to exempt the
Sheriff of Philadelphia, for deporliting his books
iit the.Protfmnotary's office, passed finally. A
bill to punish bribery was reported, and sever
al other bills of minor importante read, repor
ted, &ie. In the Senate, petitiOns were pre
sewed din various matters, and a variety of
bills introduced and resolution's of thanks to
Ake Army of Occupation laid over till Mon
On Monday, in the Senate, after the presen
tjition of sundry petitions, the: resolutions of
thinks to Genera l Taylor were passed unani
nfously. •
the House a number of petitions were
presented. Mr.. Bowman offered a resolution
I to exempt the property of married women from
liability for the bail debts of their Husbands,
wldch was adopted. Mr. Fereou introduced a
bill providing additional compensation to the
Pennsylvania volunteers. Mr. Lyburn called
p his tariff resolutions, when the House ad
' , Tuesday, 12th—In the Senate there was
business of importance transacted to-day.
lln the House a number of petitions were
resented, and sundry private bills read. An
'fort was made to repeal the 52d rule—which;
'Alone(' considerable 'discussion.
Lyburn's Tariff resolutions were tt
`iiiken up, when a number of amendments were
a ffered and adopted. Upon the' final amend
eat, which was, that the Senators in Congress
aei instructed, and the Representatives be re
4ested, to support the measure of increas
ng, the duty on and Iron, the vote stoatl
yeas 57, nays 39.
The resolutions, as amended, were under
I ,ussion, Mr. Bingham on the floor, when the
a!mse adjourned.
!Wednesday, petitions and memorials were
resented--and seveial tills reported. Among
bcse lit Mr. Darsie 'read in place a bill an
heriting the Sandy and Beiver Canal Corn
y to borrow money, which was taken up
iid passed. Mr. Darsie also reported a bill
plementary to the act creating the office of
4ato Printer. This bill defines more partticu
ily the former act. On reports,
charged frequently three times. This. bill
quires the printer to print a certain number
',copies. Mr. D. also introduced a bill regn
, lug and defining, more particularly a law of
5.(43, under which the State was defrauded
aat of nearly auction duties.
Thursday, 14th—In the Senate, the Judici
-7 Committee reported the following Acts,
An Act relating to =deified lands.
!An Act for the suppressicui of lotteries and
a tier purposes.
An Act preventing the sentehces of convicts
Airing during the winter months—all of
Bich were passed.
, Resolutions-were introduced instructing the
:Oaten in Congress, and requesting the Rep
aentatives to vote for an appropriation of land l
t a the volunteers, and to increase their-pay.
Oonse.—Mr. Cooper, the Speaker, conclu
. a his speech in favoi. of the Tariff act of '42.
galienes were crowded.
TO-day in the Senate, .the Committee on
'itance reported a bill relative to auctions.,
a a bill Foviding for the cancellation of re
emotes of certain banks.
number of private bills were passed.
A report was received from the State Treas
. concerning defaulters.
Hoesx.—After the disposal of several local
a s, the Tariff resolutions were again taken
a a iMr. Knox speaking when the House ad-
i a *tied.
lAt a meeting held it the (lout,. Rouse for
.I)nrpose of organising a Washingtonian So
0, the following prpeeedirtga were had :
W the, undersigned, believing that the old
• 1 • , ions of the Temperance Society have ,
, • hin their turn accomplished , the end for
s i'h they were designed, and that the time
i inow come, to arouse the' dormant energies
o ti,, former friends of _temperanew--to awp
c.n, . *riterest in the minds of those who oak
d lierto t none, and to give a ' de* imptdie
* thein, iiise c ir organisation is necessary ; sod
is *o can b, testimony of the happy result
films, every here attended the Washing
'• .. , Beromers, aam encouraged tol hope
411 - sime bleithi will be leStaireition ni ;
OS . $ll inarfrienda *ad , eighbors--do Otie-,
P i . . :Dadopt the foil** Pledge ead'ece4ititip,
, . , , Itiodro• \ '
oillecul**.eltok alro* that% we Mil
6.,,, bolosibilititiess, 110 , Info ILIUM
t ,177 4 ; 10 0 . • that ire wilt IN4 rovoklthila
itiqficie. - 4:44)-,. *
10 ( e i r j o j ii iii V 444 4101-I.* _SR, wal,
`I *lin diOlislOtiillinee OWl l5l i 0 1 09 W
koo. 3l l lll Ftl'. j ' .
~~~ >; v ....xF: ,r. ~"~Yak:a.S:t.? %.a~7;ua'a~t^vtb~~':~sii;,:~~,M~r
. .
.; • "'', * Costatlttfillow ;-,.;• :" '' ' '''
1. Aitt.l. l This 804etit . be ituoint as the
Montrose and Britian* . Wi s hingtonian 80.
ifity. The r• ~- • i 4'; N
LArt. 2. .•• ... , • - so4*ty shill
a i l Piegidenei fOUr V . ": 4 ••+. ..• dental _ a : C4i
wilding Secretary,. aiid
ik :'.. iniling- .• : .. --.
:.1 1 .4- . lsNostiter midi an.•Aaecutivel 0 , ~ ,' , • -
063 t414- 4 7: e Mrtill4ll of the : . . ety, wlio
1 1 shall,
~ be aected , . , at he tion 4
t tud mi3e Z. $ of ;the
godiety, ands' easel of &pliancy* any Stated
meeting of the society. f'• ; / . ;
Art 11.; Itihall. c 4e the dntykof the President,
when ptesati . t;to thi 'and society to order, l
te.preside over all delibOrtiontr thereof ;.'and
ill aii*Of.his 'ilibiterice, tie same duties Shod_
devolve apOnthemellresidenta. 1
Art. It shall ithe duty of the Treasur
erdi to receive - 4.nd * bin*, Its may be direeted 1
by the soeiety;ittY !fun& of said society, that 1
may come into ikt handi by contributions or
otherwise, and'to *Belk his accounts to. 'the
Executive COmmittbe fof their approval at 'the
annual meeting of the society, and without such
approvtd/icr account shall he passed.
Art./6. It shall he the duty of the Secreta-i
. ,
tare to correspond With other societies in re
latkin to the great interest of the Temperance
cause, to record , all the proceedings of the So
4iety, to take charge of the books, to give no- ,
Lice through the public papers and otherwise" of ,
all meetings; and to'cautle the insertion in said
papers of whatever pr4ceedings the society)
shall direct to be
. publiShed, and to present
the bill for said prtntin4—if any , charges be
made—with their oWn appended, to the treas
urer for payment. :.
Art. 6. It shall he the duty of, the Execu
tive Committee to call uketings Orthe society
at whatever time and place they may think
,neeessary • to selects peakers for the year;
to tier t h e accounts of the Treasurer, and at
the annual meeting to, present them to the so
ciety for their approval. ;`: The Exeoutive Com
mittee may, at any time 'hod place, convene the
Board for the transaCtiinf.of business.
. .
• Art. 7. The Board, consist of the Pres
ident, Vice Presidant, !Treasurer, Secretary
and Executive ComMittal .nny five of whom
shall consist a louratitfotthe transaction of bu
Art. 8. Any perion tiPon signing the pledge
and Constitution shall bpeome a member of
this society.:
Art. 8. The Society Shall hold its annual
meeting at the Court 'Hause in Montrose, ou
the evenirqs of the thirdNonday of January, i
in each year, for which ockasion a speaker shall
be selected by the Exemitive Committee, eith- ;
er from the Memberi or from, abroad: Quart
erly meetings shall be held for the transaction
of business, and for other purposes, on the
third Mondays of April, July and October in
each year. ; a
Art. 10. There shall be a Committee of Vig
ilance and tenet; consisting of five members,
whose dutyJt shall be tai remonstrate with a
brother who may haclh-fallely from his pledge ;
to visit and. elieve, if necessary,' the families of
the inebriate,''tind - the expense thereby incur
red shall be . submitted to the Treasurer for
1 •
payment, and: embodied in his report.
Art. 11. 'ittily meinber. who may unfortu
nately violate his pledge,' shall be visited by
the vigilance Committee, 'who shall endeavor
to reclaim him to his;antY i ; and if their appeal
fail, upon full proof that he has thus violated
his pledge, his name shalf, be publicly stricken
I from the rolls of the society.
Art. 12. The first thirilin order at all meet
ings of the society, shall he reading the pledge
—for this is the watehwotd and Banner under
which we have enlisted-4.nd an - invitation- byi
thiv-President to all whom present that -have
not done so, to Sign it, andan inqUiry made by I
him whether any brother fallen from his'
pledge, and if s. measures arc to be ' taken to
i ,
bring him back f possible'.
Art. 13. The Society ;imay. frm time to
time, enact such By-Law i for, its governmeht
as they may think necessary and the exigen
cies of the ease inay require, not inconsistent
with this Constitution.
Art. 14. Thin Constitution shall not be a
mended except by Consent of two-thirds of all
the members present, 4nd the notice of such a
mendment shall be given nt the next stated
meeting preceding the In§eting at which it is
proposed thus to amend the Constitution.
The preamble and constitution being read,
was adopted, article by article, and finally re
ceived-the unwed ois app oval of the-meeting
as a whole. After which, in pursuance of Art.
2, the meeting proceeded tti the election of of
ficers for the ensuing year; which resulted as
Vice Presidents, -
Recording Sec'tv, '
A. 011A3111EILLIN, ESq,
Cor. Secretary;
Executive Coin
~ 1 • Wsl. dEssim, Esq.
• • . •' , .MirtoN.Morr;
. _
Coro. of Vigilanco amt,Reliof,
•- ! T. t. ST. JOHN,
• . - C. 4. ClntllB,
I -' „ B
, , I ; • . LiE9ItGF. BACKUS.
- B. 4 BENTLEY., Esq.
i ,
The meeting being thusOrgauized, was feel
ingly, eloquentlyl and ably; addressed by his
Heuer Judge Jessup, folloWed by Mr. Duryee.
The profound attention With which their
marksh were r spe tively redeived, was not only
a compliment to: ese elmalpions in the Tem
perance cause, bu conelusite evidence that up
en this imports nstibject, ,t'.the audience were
right aid ready.; , ' f
Oa motion of ', ~ T. Biehitills, Esq., Second
living resolution
Intim he printed
rotaries, and that
take meanies
adnit, person in
drawn. to serve at
F &nog.
Bum, Joe. Chi*
liworib Sohitiein
Seeein D
-114 1 3Preon ,
. 401;fflie
. •
• rt
h r
•! •
Ger Wad; Si . n Gll*ii,riadif idie.i
if otdk i TionP .liett - EttaiN. - *anti: Wat.
"i ert
' .::-1=• lac yet,Wiii is ' c irifli am * ;-. ,---
ip; etiry t telitiiii. -, AI ' . '-'
.I , etn , s; Wine infly,' "- 4n - bakiiij it fisitiMethas.
Libertiilhommr-CM tirix4 ' '4,7- '
Fargf 3lll,4 " . le ' ",* '°4 :T iii r at td . ', .
y ibet,
wit, %Warm Lit, - - .),. • '
;-Charha,ll:eff,r,.; `,.:, 'l'' .: i, l' ',., A _
SI viirltAiketll4l*l me eig it: ~ ...,
1 tOnivini' rlam - ' WA- : 7 - 3irethiail Ifontits — lit2.-
• iffivilailliimieffilie, , like i tii k ~ 4
' l6 kEitimEs, - Dec;'loi,h 18.14 r:
Hon: Win. Jessup ' ; I'l' - i '-- • ••
, ' DEAR Sl*: .
~,,,' ' -
,-.- - -1 1, i:Theatildett otiCholilli
ing the " penalty of death - fOem e c rime " k...tilil
irecently _, beer agitate& i(i: this
a lecturer has. been, Oeli4Oree in** of OA I
Measure, by Mr. C. C. Ihnieigh.:- . - : (*.
The undersigned for tbemselveb and: on be.
lhalf of many ofthe citizens are deairens of hai-..
ing youi opinions on the : questiotOnnd there.,
fore most 4espectfully ' ,request . (if eonsiiit'enti
'with your engagements)'#.publiw ., expresti , i:m•,of
your views on this Subject at . uch tinie rand
place an may'beinost convenient
• t . With high regard it, remain ; } ;; . : :
~ • . ' Irma very revectfolly,
.'" .T.P. St John, i:t 5 '--Wm. jl.* Post,; i
' A: Chamberlin, •.• ri „
-S. I.3.l;Mulford,l ” '
J. B. Salisbury; ; 1 Walter Pollet.
J. Blanding, • ;- - .k. (eo. Puller; t •
Benp S.'Thintley. .• - , i
, .
, .
-Mii.stramin; Dee. 2,2 d, 1846.
GENTLEMEN: ~. .s , k :
Your note of the 10th inst., :ask
ing oine " a public expression of my views'"
on. the :subject of the repeal of Abe "death
penalty " 14 the crime of murder; recently ag
itated in this connuunity,i, was reeeiied'on my
return from" - 11Onesdale. II have !not the time
amid the claims of paramount importance which
are at present laid upon Me '
to vim the subject
the full consideration which at the present Mo
ment it demands -before this coMmunity !but
from variods reasons I am - constrained to yield
to your request and will 4liver my view's upon
that question' ea Monday i evening the 25th, of
January next, at the Court Ilcitme, or any
other convenient - plate, if that tin e andlilace
I should suit your convenience, or at any other
`you may suggest more coavenienti!
I Respectfully ) } Yours, :.
'r. %
T. P. St John, A. Chamherlin,
J. B. Salisbury, J. Blailditig,
B. S. tentley, , - Wm. L. Post,,'
' S. B. illuiford, • Walter Follet,.
Gee. Puller, 'Esquites.
The trustees of the Presbyterian Church, h 'r
ing kindly granted the use of their, House, the
Hon. 'Wm. Jessup. Will give . his Viers upon the
death penalty, at that place on Monday even
ing Janunry '2sth, at half past slit, at which
time all who feCl an, interest in the subject are
respectfully invited to attend. ! i
Temperance Lecttltes.
, Lieut. DuityEr. will leetUre agfedlows:
• On Friday evening next,!, ?2nd inst., at New
Milford. ,-
On Saturday evening & Sunday ;23ti&24th
at Great Bend.
On Tuesday evening.L.266 ; at Lancsboro.
On Wednesday & Thursday evenings, 276
& 28th, at Jackson.
On l Friday:& Saturday '.evenings, - 24th &
30th, at Thomson. •
On Sunday, 31, at IlerriCk.
On ' Monday and Tue4day, &2d . 4
February, at - 3fount, Pleasant.
On W4dnesday, 3EI, at CAbson..
. On Ifhtersdny, 4th; at %rford.
On Friday and SaturdaY,' sth F. 6th, at
. • -
The Townshiii Committees, andi friendil of
TOMpetllllCe generally, are requested to make
proper arrangement% for tho meetings above
notified, and circulate notice thereof •
By order of the County Committee. ..
Jan. 20, 1547. •
New York illarkets.--VWo - W as
last quoted. $0.15 a 1.20.. aye, 85 eta. Corn,
71, a 74. • Coals, 36 d
,40. Wheat Rota .$5,42
a 5,50 Mesa Pork, Ohio, _510.25; a 10,40
Prime , - $837.1a 8,59: Beef Cattle, $5, 86, a 7,
for choice lota. Tallow ; Sa, 8 1-2 o.ts;
SO cla. , Rye. SO et.. Ostr„,'" 25 Os. "41/oekillet,
35 cis. Tallow, 11 ets.• Butter,;l2 m '.
a. Ls ,
8 eta. Pork , frestt.,s cts. Haw. tot $7. Dr i ed
apples, 60 cis. ,Beaus, 88 et.. Fl z Seed; 88 a $l."
%A1M:X . 40,9
On Wednesday evening, I3ttrin4t.,near Heart ;
Lake, by Rev. John Long, Zr. • L'omatrus
On the 20th bY Bev. bound, Mr.
GEORGE W. RonciEns, of Bridgewater, to
Miss AMELIA GAY, of Brainttim, Wye
fining Cu.
In 'Middletown, on the 12th Inst., 71AlitlIA F.
daughter of Dexter and Fanny ''. Marshall,
aged s,years, 11 months and 13 days. ,
OF Dried A pples for' alo by . .
Brooklyn, Jan. 19;1947. • •
MilA4 . lll/822 3 / 1 01122tif a
rri HE *ili!sprsber :would infocrn his . friends,
and ;he pikb.lie,thilt. he. has ptohased the
shop fortnerly neurned by P.; ; Jenke; but, more
re eendy by Mr. H. Patrick, .11 ifeor rods west of
the Court House, where he ii-now cafrying .on
the above!business all. its branches. ; Helm.
licits a stM re.of the publie'psitimeko.l,
Montrose, Jan. 28, 1847.
A( EtrLENDID intof Pan. Bietpunta.
, Pik pAcCis; CAtisiviittra - unit.Ps:4lpm;pit
reeiheed„,and bog/gilt that
can sail 'their, 25 pe r
, Cent kin titan thnne'bottithii
in thn t•ilENTLEY*ifixtvp-1
liiontrami lam 20.1847::, .
&my, supply , of Puise,and ,Bsi; .11v_osti plain
pod isluUlptt alsc4`o - S. Chiosnd, Nods
otirtsff & IMENEREE,:frosb: ;
IL/ list by, BENTLEY $ll I
VRE6II rO l l Brin' TAl4owt I
y4A9gcs foe id 4 by. ,
- 3PitiOrik,72:
vu l aw*Da.mlcawasA.
mtlESE..Pilis ai 01?,e,
As a COMMIT family
In alt.!tempoiariconiptithiniir
bowels,„:llead , nelie f ' . 104 1 ,..!
ruilt4SPeqdootta ! li ld*P'
oh the first appetirin, Oilifld
variably stare Much .Chattiii.,
liarik4depted 0110 Otess ' lif*
eras - debility=kiny,dertingerniefal
antliesifecially with' tensaleir
Ibterruptediustk:of:',thelptiAk t i
with Me.directiAns sitll -- ..IMITTtI_. _
organ, o f , stomach'thes n their
*cl i en t :and. regulaiehe'lliiiW#l4;:.
the - whole system;'-': '''-;.':-...' • :--- .:f.."
There ii,:nordispirti liin'te ,-- giSt
coMMendatinns of tiiiiii... : l While'
iiithe , :result.ef scion) - experiee
and Mattbrough a. period!' Of fit
is sot; supposed, or Oeten - ded,
' taise,the , dead; neither are the
used as freely di we ,t/Se * , ;_-F•ci
the_true_ purpose of Mkt icitits.,.. , ,
priate entice is ;to miiiist tiptoe ii
s*sleta loefiroper. iiiite - and ILO,.
vcid4blk,- aethrinighteareleatentiw
N.:curries iteranged t i c Many - sirei- - 7-e.
beke,need this airf.,'l Arid thistnest
liable irregularities of tna „ay
nPeiltrat - almost te'"iiiY, 'Mat iv:o
safe end efftiiie ieOlaies; OW 'the
a ore of itine‘s, is ihelpart of iris"
a M e dicine the Proprietor i knows
be.,j And he is certain :
ses not of fifty, where a 'lair trial.
cording to the directions, :thekt.will
gain qie a.. standout toed itilne. ';',i
knoi t a an ' instance, where; lits'Yiili‘
itsedk)n Which the y qava not met Wi
',' Ntinieroui, testimettials { may beti,.
.Generat ptlice of sate; otpd4eferettisla ..
givelloisutisiantial wan; witnesses of
valuiible.curative priiiterties.. - ~ , ,- •
• The pithtare_pareiy vegetabl e .; are
kinds, stimulan t and purgellre'littlifl
blood, and_ produclatia healthy ;action
the entire - systeM ; are a valuable. Anti.
Medieine, and eminently useful li
comptaints--Weakness, General
pepsyTulmonary Affections, Livei
Rheumatic and Stui#iodic AffeCt
Complaints, Palpitations, dm
No Fe l niiiii'afier a fair trial, wit -
... I Ahem. '4
ThSy are put up lie Firm cgi
DOLLAR PACKAGES., each h4vOiga
Cet anihrieing a vahlahle Treatise' or
with full diretions for use. The Dull
ages nre the ghee petieto- the pinibatei
may lie ordered throtigh• Nagged% gi
Street:and' N0..0f the tGeohnil • -
141. , .As Tula' valste )thealtii-rTry,
Sold, Whalesaletand - Retail, t
'No. 140 Figthit street, Sect nd Poi*, 14
Betiveen Nassau-Street - enit Droadwa?
SIX The nbove Pill 0 are aisci for tale
'store cif BENTLEY - 4 READ, of thii-
NOTICP:is hereby given-tn
debted to ,the ite.or WILMAM
BIAN Aecetiled, late , lf the Toshipi&
Milfora, to ninhe immediate lti
,payspent, tits
persotis hiving any claims against acid'
are requested to present than to the int
UR!AH CLlNTON..gavesdin
New' Milford, Dee. 23, DM.
OME is herebi given to.all';periW
1. 1 1 diihted to the estate 01 ABRAHAIe
deceased, late "of Auburn Townitil
immediate payment, and an:
claims'agamstsaid Eitate
sent them to the sillasMibers fciejetti
•A. S. LO
Antatth, January, 14, att:
THE Subseriher woUld inforai the clii
of Monirose and vicinily, that he has just,
turned from Boitoni an New York, with 1
• „ t...i.4t,.
worth of Dij d i t,ocle, which
\ tT
have beenlPorehlfel+4
ed for Cash, si ce the , reduction of theaiiifili'
and will -. be sold from 25 to 50 ~ per ‘ . eent. kfaxv77.
than Spritie , pri4es. . -, .....,4,t i .tf.05,
mktic El ANTS in particular. will i 'find i 110:,:
their ineerest, td call and examine his 5t0cit,,4044
tore visiting NeW Y9ri ; as hels , ionfident o .,,hieV,
advanta'ges are such as to enable` : ! . him le telf:'i - '`' , .
on better terms than they ‘ can buy in liew z• i
York. Cliti and satisfy yourselves, all the telt
end of of Exchtinge,Buildings. , • _
~ H - '-'l .l O
, . f i it: J WISNER * -:'' :,...x .
~ Binghamton, Sint. 17114.1816. 1, I , :-`--- -11
" . A •
- 7
1 4 --- : ,: s • . ••., ' k
ADiscussion on Untver,sitsm, netweeexut. ,
Warreh, arid 0. Praser, just,pub_Ostied4r. L. --
for sale at the store of Jerre Lyons, iliontrnie.,
Price 124. cents. ' , . , I',
, ..
ri Am —itgen'4,l3opsantl Infant's 'Cam fat, 4.
received and for safe by •= '. , ,:. - ....,
1 , J. ISONV., -' '-
Large Fainily Dibleg,lor,,B"
els. •-. C..- -in i
,•:' 2 -,'.. ,m0n and Porket iihiai Testametise
Deem* . , ,
pities and A111114'4 Arithloetimi. Grammars. phi:. =: ,
Ins o lihrt,and ChOnietr4, Spelling '" .B!..)0k1, - ;„iiid „„,,-.
Porter's ;•.11.0811Crel Top Books and , -Tieltlnip ".
Blank Bbolty,
til9o, spit Nem Hymn - "Book it l ,‘ ,
ihe Preilfylmian Wnil. , antilit Stkeiittlyq.:4o ~
Metliodiit Ilyinn Pool* going _altian_ si - '4' *h. ' ; -
Store of, - ;- -' 1, 1 4 .T.,LiroN,- , .'
Sept. 10.1840: ', ,
arl ODFISII:—A ;oriole Inl just, roseil:ot*
IV for isle elieup by IIBENTIZT:,11 'mak- t
Dec 16,1846. ; [ - - ----•: "Li -.4
. - 1 --
~ ; - --;•-•-4-,----,...,' . ...
~.,,•1 ._
1 • _:-..,-; filislnay io4eolll'l'4', "' , .5:4;::'2`..rf: -. „. _
", ` . .- - : ...- ' - f dd - -: -- g l i l :
rriti t! Red , —Ci
escSePricil%' Atitit' s -2 .1,1110.107:4 ,
• ,11.' iisinil'i'igikirtir, { ;•o* -- 44 1 4:4
afro. W." 11 11111" sit
elloillralk.DOci 2.441146.' j --- 1- , `5,- - i4l*ti., '?,-A
. ' 4, - ', - ;•;. ~.. -4r5,.,,,z,,„.:‘, - ;:*0:,.1
,- ,:--„,'•-1-: t iiiirp*4,-,-,•--1
af t -COOK ' :
T aziONiloptvoia keiwilitli4r - '
1 0 4-t__,' ,l • l k,Te, to.hlPrn.94ftiond..# - -
'.4e9po : ir bit re*.i-%
I 11•1
Ctii lOren'a ehoga and l slip!, a ga4assartilientk
for ettle cheap by
Nov. Oh. 1840.
rono mar.
1 1 41
.i- 1 ,, .. L- ~.- t
.-.. - ,,,:, 7 z-, - :; , _
::-,' ,- , ::. i:ve
I.? ii.:fi.7.---"-
rsEClrrtiws mrrids;'
4-.i. 1 :943 .
1,-,..;,-i...1:;.' , 72 , i - :::.:..7,:c.. - ,...