Pike County press. (Milford, Pa.) 1895-1925, December 06, 1895, Image 2

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Fhidat, DKcr.Mnr.H fl, 1H95.
officr, niioww'a nriuumi, broad nr.
Entered nt tlio post ottlce. of
Milford, I'iko county, PemiHylvaoi',
ns second-class matter, Novi-riilier
twenty-first, IKttn.
Advertising Rates.
Oiicsiiunrctclght lines ),imn Insertion -HO"
Koch stibsispictit Insertion ,iVi
HpsIupisI rutin will In fiirnlshisl itn ap
plication, will Is tillnwd yearly adver
tisers. Legal Advertising.
Court Proclamation, .lury nnd Trlnl
List for several courts mt term, Fil.au
AtlmlnlKi rotor s mill i,xccuior s
Auditor's notices
llvoi-cc Modern '
Slu-rHT's sales, Orphans' court.
Ciuintv Treasurer's wiles, County
tni-nt iiml clis-tinn prPH-hiimitlnti charged
liy the spltun.
.1. ii. run r.Mra. l'rm.ifiiKii.
Mllfonl, l'lkc County, I'm,' .
1395 December. 1895
Su. Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa.
JL 1 2? 11 13 ii
15 16 J7 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31
fir 16
l. Moon a a. m.
A Third n 8:09
V Quarter O a ru.
First 0:21
Quarter a x a. m.
Tl.p following ft itement from tin
columns of the Fiiiimciiil News of
London, England, conlains much
f(MMl for thought on the part of nil
patriotic Americans:
" Practically every inny that
was subscri tied here toward the re
cent American loan litis lieen (jot
hack throutrh the expansion in the
cxp irts of woolens and worsteds
lint t he Unit il States has not con
fined her increased purchases to
those articles. Last month she
houfjht less mw wool than in Hcp
temlier, 1 HIM, but had to pay more
for it. She took more cotton pioi'os,
more iron, more alkali, mid more of
sundry articles which neel not bo
sjiecilled. In Home instances the
rapid urowth (,f j, preceding
months resulted in a slight check in
Septemlicr, hut in all these oases the
tlgnre of the nine months show a
hig advance in 1H1I4. On the .other
hand, we have imid n good deal less
for American whe:it, flour, hacon,
hams, cheese, tallow and cotton, to
mention only those nrticles in which
the contraction is most apparent
The fact that the Argentine Republic
heads the Unied States in rosxet
of maize is not without significant!.
Thus t'e trade balaneo iKitween the
States and this county is moving
rapidly against the former, and it
would require n large and regular
transference of wH-nrities from New
York to London to redress this ten
dency nntl restore the former post
Hon. And witli India, Argentina
and Austra'in keeping up uud even
improving their position as pur
veyors of wheat to this country,
with Argentina sending more us the
United States sends less tallow, it
will not lo easy for the Ameritms to
regain tneir old tooting in our
market. Last month India and
Argentina sent ns more who it than
the United States, and Russia, and
Roumania together also topped the
Americans figures. Those are nil
fa 'tors that must l borne in mind
in judging the outlook in the United
8'ates, and it is unfortunate that
they are ho consistently overlooked
in that country itself."
This is not tho testimony of
Ameiiean prottctionists. It is the
statement of a leading English
authority on financial subjects, and
a staunch advocate of free trade
Fx cliange.
Oeaaral Market.
Nn To. Dec 8.-FLOUR state and
WMtra quii. but ateady: city mllla petenta.
tHUKM k winter pa teat, $3.Stk.70: clt milla
clean. ti.lt): winter uratuhta. J.l JU0J.I&.
WHEAT No. t red opened Hv. lower under
foreten selling, bin spring wheat reoelpta and
lnditf t-rent cable and rulml quiet all the innrn
Ibir: lieceuitier, ajaeuu.; January, tti.'i
B ll-lur.
t 'OKN-Ka. S ruled dull, but ateady: Decem
ber. 34 -lt(awlw'.: January. M 5 loa.M-h,c
OATH Ko. quiet but (airly ateady with
corn track, white, alale, 24425c.; track, while,
weatern. ti lX'.
HJKK-Steady. new meaa, $.5010; family.
LAKD SUady; prima weatern ateam. 6.au,
BL'l-1 KR-rirm; Mat dairy, 15021c; aula
creamery. 17o2c
t'HKKaK-tjuieU aUta, Ume. TSi410&; amalL
tlMitt Steady: "lata and Pennaylvania, 214
inc.; weatern, 212Jc.
bLUAK Raw firm; (air reflnlnc. Sc.: can
trliuiytl,Ml teat. UHc.; mined Arm; crushed,
ftfic.; powdered, 4,ci.
TURPKNTINE-Staady at miaaic.
WOLAbJiBS Firm: New Orleaua. XeiiMc.
H1CE blaady; donuatic, BTwtec; Japan.
TALLOW-Quiet; city, 4 (-Mc.( country,
HAY Steady. Ulyplng. TUarSe.! food ta
choice. eU&sic.
It Dleeweeee Onr Vorclaa Itelntlnna and
Our Financial Affairs The Itrttrement
and Caneallatlota of Clraenbaeka Advlied.
Reeommanda Band fsanea,
WASIlt0TO, Deo. I). Tho president's
messnRO, atthmitted to congress at noon
today, la about equally divided between
the treatment of foreign mid flnanclnl
subjects. It Is a voluminous document,
oontalnlng a lieu t in,ilo0 wnrils, mid ills
enspia at iength the mnttors In which tho
Amtiiicen people ere now especially Inter-
estcH. The following extracts cover tho
me ft important matters regarding foreign
alTalrs: '
The customary onrdlnl rolntlons belwr i'n
this country nnd Franco hnvn been tindis-
titrbod, with the exception thnt n full ex
planntlon of the treatment of John L.
w slier hy the expetlltKumry military nn
thorltlns of Franco still remains to bo
Riven. , Mr. Waller, i- formerly United
states consul nt Tamntavo, remained In
Madn.gn.scnr nflor his term of oiliee expired
and was nppnrently successful In procur
ing business concessions from tho flovc.s
of grentnr or less vnltin. After tho occti
pillion of Tnmatnvo nnd thedeclan.tlon of
martini law by the French hewnsnrrested
neon Vnrlotis chnrges, nmoug them thnt
of onmmmilontlng military Information
to the enemies of France, was tried mid
convicted by a military tribunal nml sct-
Vencod vo V0 years Imprisonment.
' Following the course Justified by ahull-
dent precedents, this govornnient request
ed from thnt of Frnnce the recortl of the
proceedings of tho French tribunal which
resulted In Mr. Waller's condemnation.
This requast has been oompllcd with to
the extent of supplying a copy of thn olll
elnl record, from which appear tho consti
tution nnd orgmilntlon of thn court, tlio
chnrges ns fonniilnted, and thn general
course and result of tho trlnl, anil by
which It Is shown that tho accused was
tried In open court nnd wns defended by
counsel. Hot tho evidence adduced In
tipport of the chnrges which was not re
ceived by the French minister for foreign
affnlrs till the first week In October has
thus far been withheld, the French gov
ernment taking the ground that Its pro
duction In response to our demand would
establish a bad precedent. The efforts of
our emhnssndor to procure It, however,
though Impeded by recent changes In tho
rVoneli ministry, have not boon relaxed,
and It Is confidently expeotcd that some
satisfactory solution of tho matter will
shortly bo reached. Meanwhile It nppcars
that Mr. Waller's confinement has every
allevlntion which tho stnto of bis health
and all tho other circumstances of the
case demand or permit
The Venezuelan Dispute,
It being npparcnt that tho boundary
dispute between t.rent Jlrltalti nnd the re
public of Venezuela concerning the limits
of Ilrltlsh (Jtilnna wns approaching nn
ncuto stage, a deflulto statement of the
Interest and policy of tho l ulled Slates
as regards the controversy seemed to bo
required both on Its own account and in
view of lis relations with tho friendly
powers directly conccrnod. In July Inst,
therefore, a dispatch was addressed to our
embassador at London for coniniunieat ion
to the Ilrltlsh goverutueur, In which tho
attitude of the I lilted Hlati'S was fully
and distinctly set forth. Tho general con
clusions thoroin reached nnd forintinitFtl
are In substnnco thnt the traditional mid
established policy of this government is
firmly opposed to a forcible incrensu by
any Kuropean power of Its territorial pos
sessions on this continent ; thnt this policy
Is as well founded In principle ns it is
stmngly supported by iinincrourf pnro
dents; that as a consequence tho I'lilled
Htates Is bound to protest against tho en
largement of tho area of Ilritlsh (iuiiinn
In derogation of the rights and against
the will of Venezuoln; that, considi'rlng
tho disparity In strength of Great Drllalti
and Vone.uola, the territorial dispute be
tween them can bo reasonably settled only
by friendly nnd Impartial arbitration, nnd
thnt the resort to such arbitration should
Include the whole controversy and Is not
satisfied If uno of tho powers concerned is
permitted to draw an arbitrary line
through the territory in debato nml to de
clare that it will submit to arbitration
only the portion lying on one sldo of It.
In view of these conclusions, tho dispntch
In question cnlled upon the Ilrltlsh gov
ernment for a definite answer to tho ques
tion whether It would or would not sub
mit the territorial controversy botweon
Itself nnd Venezuela In Itsontlrety to Im
partial arbitration. The answer of tho
Ilrltlsh government has nut yet been re
The Cuban Rebellion,
vuu. K'U .a.e.y ii ur. U , , )B .,,,.,,, ,,, mir mmy Bn(j
ri.urreot Ion, In lo.ne reapec more active nlTol,tnK our ntOIm rt,dlt nnd niono
than the last precedlnn revolt, which oon- tnr ptrurittt h
tlnued from 1MH8 to 1S78, now exists in a ; -..i,,-i' t ain i.,.f .,
large part of the eastern Interior of the
island, nicnaolng even some populations
on the coast, liesldos dormiging the ooin
murclnl exchanges of the Island, of which
our oountry takes the predominant share,
tills flagrant condition of hostilities, by
arousing sontlmental synipnthyand Incit
ing advebturous support nmong our peo
ple, has entailed earnest effort on the part
of this government to enforce obedience
to our neutrality laws and to prevont the
territory of the United States from being
abused as vantage ground from which
to aid those in arms against Spanish sov
ereignty. Whatever may be the traditional sym
pathy of our countrymen as Individuals
with a people who seem to be struggling
for larger autonomy and grentor freedom,
deepened ns such sympathy naturally
must be In behalf of our neighbors, yet
the plain duty of their government Is to
observe In good faith the recognized obli
gations of International relationship. Tho
performance of this duty should not be
mado more dllllcult by a disregard on the
part oi our citizens of the obligations
growing out of their allegiance to their
oountry, which should restrain them from
violating as Individuals tho neutrality
which the nation of which tboy are mem
Deri Is bound to observe In Its relations to
friendly sovereign states.
The Armenian Massacres,
Occurrences In Turkey bavo continued
to excite concern. The reported massa
cres of Christians in Armenia and the do- 1
velupmcnt there and In other districts of :
a spirit of fanatio hostility to Christian
Influenoes naturally excited apprehension
for the safety of the devoted men and
women who, as dependents of the foreign
missionary societies In the United States,
reside lu Turkey under the gunrimteo ot
law and usage and In tho lcgltiruuto per
formance of their edaoatlonal and reli
gions niisslun.
Our ministur has been vigilant and
alert In affording all possible protection.
We have sent ships as fur towaid the
rtolnts of actual distiirhnneu as it i-i onsi-
Die tor llieru tu go, where nicy otter icuina
. to those obliged to flee, and we have the
promise of other powers which bHve ships
In the neighborhood that our citizens as
well as theirs will be received and pru-
tooted on board those ships. On the de
mand of our minister orders bavo been
Issued by the sultan that Turkish soldiers
shall guard and escort to the count Ameri
can ralugcoa. . .
Tba National Floaucra,
The president discusses the flnanclnl
condition of the oountry, which be regards
aa a subieck of more concern than anv
! other that oan engage our attentiuu. lie
review. ntlcnKih tho n.oneliny J...1! -r .,f
My of the l"--n;in'e(if IkhhI.-i. n i if ' h
n rettieily for ve-rTtt (l.Mii tu; i ;. 1 t
(ollnwlliu lire tlin pnlicnt r-i!l!t'l i'l l!i
portion of the ilei iino'lit.:
'I'I'O riitoiut!' ti X rin !e"'( mt j ( nl'vt"i
Of nllver llV tl.e ac.vttl-lll.K lit. I II' !
nod nnn 'Tli1:ite( Ity Iim- i1' :-j . t
nml heerlie.sq i' our ror-i " o ' ,
for morn I linn l.'i ).irr. tl:'ttt''-i oi:r
liitlittr tie fliiiM, nr. r-r :i I ' i
tll'roiid In our lintill' !:il rl 'i'l ' !
rillnilnnt 'Ml In ilir.tr. . r;.' m
loivt) lit'ell reri-nl 'V ' 'M : ! i ' I i1 "
the lawn wlili Ii forri '.1 t n .:; i- i'..i'
upi1!! t he room rr.
'J' he I III n ti : 1 1 1 1 1 - rr f'lrp'i r ' 'I.
fltllllllti tlo lr evlri nin ll'.'l mi 'in
lienellceol rllert, full tor ; horl i f
thn iiiiitH iiirv i vll i T "i i v. hi. 'i '
n 1
i r
ni n revuii or Id". initiii'" m
Vised II tin ii i i . i T r:;KMl M-;il n.
. A i:"loc,lT Hlic!r''feil.
I mil eonvlliccil the oi ;v lit'- .":-ih fi rl
prnet Si :ihle reino.lv 'ir enr Ii.iMi-i H
follllll III tllil ti'l i-i "lent: llii.l ( tlir i'll'lil'i'l
of our I niiiil :-'-ile i'l..:, ("iiiinntiiy
pnlled prei'tili-i' I -i. unl I1'' M'l'liiielinit
tren-oirv noti Ik o.'il l y t'oi ti.ivi r-inmtib
in payment of Hilver piirelnin ii lilnler tho
net of IS'.pIi,
1 lielleln tllll fotlhl lie (ilHe Hvollly n"
COll1illMirit liy the CM'llll tcro of theHe rintea
for I lllleil SlaleK lintnls of miiimII hi well
B Itirtin ilenonilnat lour. henrliiK n hov rain
of Int. riwi. Tin y nhoulil In lonp; term
hoinlfi, thnpt InrrePisinr; their (lesirnliillly
ns Invrnlinenft. mill lieeintue their pay
tnetlt eotlhl he well popilponeil 1o n period
fnr reinoved froio prep-out financial litir
deim and perplex II lea, when wllh Ini renpted
proipcrlty timl reHonrenn they would ha
mori) iMiPtlly mot.
To further Insnrn thn cnneellittlon of
theen note nnd nlno pripvtdu ft wny liy
whleh gold may ho roUcd to our onrretiny
In Ihiii of thimi, n fealoro In the plan
shiptihl lin tin nuthorlty plvvn to thti neern
fnry of thn tnianry to dlmiofio of tho
hondq nlirond fur gold If nefiepmry to eotn
plelo thn ooiiteinplnted rediinptlon nnd
eaneellatlini, permlltliiH lilni to line thn
prorendu of aueh liondti to take up mid
cnneol tiny of thn notes that may he In
tho trensnry or that may ho received hy
tho government on ttny account
lnrrraa of Hunk (irfmlntlnn.
The currency withdrawn hy tlin retlro
mnnt of the United Stntos tiotesnnd treas
ury notes, nmountiuR to prohalily leas
thnn f I Mil, illill, 000, mlKlit o suiiplled hy
inch poltl tin would ho used on their retire
ment or liy All Increnso in tho circulation
of our national Imnks. Thnuith tlio nfx
Krcpnte capital of those now In exisleneo
Rtnoiints to infire llmn pJiiii l.iMtii.oiin, thc.r
ontstaiidlnfix circulation himcd en lie'nl se
curity atnipunts to on'y tihotit i liMi.oi'O,
000. '1 hey nre anlliorlcd to issue no'rs
nniountlti li !H) per cent of the liomN de
posited to secure their cirelllat ion, Inif in
no event hcyoi'd I he amount of their capl
tnl Hioelt, and t lay are oldicd to pay 1
por cent lax on the cireulatlnn they Issue,
I think they should ho allowed to Issue
circulation ciiial to the par value of tho
liontls Ihey ilcposlt to sepiuro it, and that
tho tat on their circulation sh'-old ho re
duced to one fonrlh of 1 per cent, which
would iindoulitedly meet nil I ho c.vjicii.'iu
tho pnvortimont Incurs on their neeouiit.
In addition they should he allowed tosuli
Btltutc or dejioiit in IIpmi of t he Imnils now
reijuii-'M! ns s-'i'tn I'y fur 1 1-i i c ein 'i .ni'in
the-!" Itich w.i old lie lr-M I .('.r 1 !i t :-
J'.ise or re! II' !.: I lei I Ii t '.I .-";t I ;
lltul 1 1 1 '!-'lt v i. i: - -i.
Tim I Millie ill. t: ! i';: f.ii- ;. if l!i--y -sired
to aai 1 tin r.i n' ; p. . i . : ms
Of law tllll-: III . I'it:."t, l ie.'i'l ; m r;l ' ,!i i-
tloll in a'hlil.iiil to 1 1 1 t. ; . ' ::! ' tr.-fl
inn, nntoti'ilitot to t V, ' , v l;l ii
would nearly or i)h;,:m ' ;:' I i i i .: r '.ey
proposed to lie imp e'l d. . 1 r.'W i ", I
filiould cen!i.l nl ly i ' j i t i :' ! -!
I M fr Hal le'iel .liapl m; t . '. i : l-i '-' :il-
ird avail t :ii'iii.- ; . . s nt ,; i - ;l 1-
coma(.-eini ! Is to 1 -p i i : i : i ; id
pniiiiill.v illl ii y v i lium i:i .i , L ly i v
ory curri ney need.
I'm E'er Aectl'OUlnte I f-'::y.'r.
I do mil iiv'.rf.i.i!: !!n f-ft tli i li;.. c.tn
cellc.tion of the 1 1 . :t ' :.i y ir I s i. e-;1 un
der the sil ver p uri h:i t:.;! ;u l ( f I Jwucld
Icnvo t ho tri a- u ry ill 1 'ie ni 1 e . p. i -':;:i
of sullieirlit Sil-.r, ire-l U'!: 'ur :ii.e:i'.T ',
to coin ne'i 'ly t i i .l:i "I in i ip'll.lnhl
dollars. II. is v.i.Mliy ef e.wi ;iili at ion
wheiher iliis mij.'l:! ivii, f . mi linn) tu
time, l:o (onveii.'l i to I 1 t i r -i or frac
tional (oln-aml siewly !';!! i.'il.i clreuln
tlon, as III the jmhnnenl of the 'e.-relary
tif tho treasury the lieciasities of thecoun
try should requiri'.
In tho present fi'iuro of our dlfliculty it
is not ensy to undi r-tand how tho amount
of our revenue rei eipts directly nlFGcts It.
Tlio Important, question Is not tho qnnn
tity of money l-i'ceivcd in rovenuo nay
ments, but I ho kind of money wo main
tain nnd our nlilllty to continue In sound
flnnnolnl cpindition. Wo nre considering
i...i.tin., .. ..oi
people's representatives 111 tho congress.
who nre charged with the responsibility
of Inaugurating mensuros for tho safety
and prosperity of our common country, to
promptly and effectively consider the Ills
of our critical llnnlieliil plight. I have sug
gested a remedy which my judgment ap
proves. I desire, however, to assure the
congress that I am prepared to co operate
with thorn In perfecting any other meas
ure promising thorough and practical ro
llef, and that I will gladly labor with
them In every patriotic endeavor to fur
ther tho Interests and guard tho welfare of
our countrymen whom in our respective
places of duty we have undertaken to
lleliner Found Galltj.
I.ocRI-oiit, N V., Deo. S. The jury In
the case of Joshua S. Helmer, ex-president
of tho wrecked Merchants' bank, re
turned n verdict of guilty, with a recom
mendation for clemency. An appeal will
bo token by the defense. Tho indictment
upon which I !o: mer wns tried charged hi:a
with having willfully deceived the state
bauk FXimiluer as to tho condition of tho
Merchants' bank on Sept. Ill, lb'.3.
Itecafver For a Street Railway,
TiiKXTOK, Deo. 4. Judge Green, In the
United States court, has appointed Wi
liaii) h. Dayton of tills city receiver of tho
Ashury 1'erk and llelmar Street Hallway
Four I'copla Drowned.
I'nins'niwv, l'n., Deo. 2. Four persons
wero drowned In the Monoiigahel.t river
below Urown-vllle yesterday. John Pick-
ur, -Mi!s 1 .in. in Stevenson r.nd Mr. and
Mrs. Mel
llowns il
woro n
'ir hoini
. too c!
U 1:
in a skuf. '1 :
cr .liitees
UP P-tl.ll.l, a
throwing th.
i y e:
J; (..
-i ti.e
pi ,i'.l i
it.) la. : ji v
I. ll I. i.) i
eg, d ,.0, HI :
Chiiuiiiil v...
with a hoi i ii.
In d. uth lm r
acid. He lii'i.i
in nwful iij.:,.
yol at l!
: tli J to 1 1 .
y a f '.v i.i
Khct ItbiMiclf In tho IIcmiiI,
(il.OVKl.iVlt IK, X. Y , Nov. '. 7...;
Frank, Jr., i -'y. iirs .... known .ill.
Zen, coillloilte.l Miiei lo I 'y ,,t'ii ; hi,,,.
self with u revolver in the l.,.i,. i Ln.k
left lioiee at., ..icoc y in pn l , iritd, 0!ij
no cuusu is n.-a'ijocd for (l.u deed.
1 1 it.
r ti
r: yoii'i ii-
nn. v
11: i
a !-
rind Arfl
I Willi
I.I l .ir tec
"1. 1."
I' I'l ' 1 i
J 1 1 1 I . : i
ti.;.u I .'
01 v "V
t'l'l Ml"
H'f I .
111.' e
I ' y
The 'l
lller fi
,' t I '
el :
ll I"
'"illy wuh
ml ward an-
i fob: mi l
e of feer "
i Ii I
1 aliooiiiii i
ipiie lues i
e '.'ii ' Illl of .
r ( arinb hue! look his
I that he bad received
o from I ' t lea slat iter
n ti
that. I. trunk Iteirrs and .1. W. U.vylilll
would appear tor lllldrelli nnd I'lato re
spect Ively. i
'1 hey requi'sted nn adjournment until
2 p. in., which wns granted, nnd (lie pris
oners were taken bank to Jail.
Long before U o'clock the courtroom
was crowded again. Tbi-ro wero snvcral
railroad wltnessi'S present, nmong them
being 14. II. Walter, conductor, mid Wll- ;
Hani Ilrecklnrlilgo, brnkemnn of tho
freight trnln on which tho wreckers rode
FIi:i fUtlKTOI.. TirKorxiitK iiihumid,
to K'inui ffdin I'ticn nlndit, (wo wn-Icn ho
firn v:rcfli nfTfurrcd, wlicn .((ist'ph
;: rlfiims In 1-nvn I ecu lnviti-d to join
tlm wr"f '. ' i'' i.i tin ir f? K in
'J'lifTO Wl-in re -I'Mt .i. '. T JcV IHiMm,
rotuhiotdr, n nil 1 'ml i n:i ; TIsomk.s, licud
truiimiMii i f ihn v. r i !.. t tin'?).
Wfilvi-il l in. Inuf
'J'l'd )r(' (iT)"T H V-Vfn
court, nml t n r; n
lin l'.-m'-bt into
sr. -1 1 t-.
pp. pn
cut. Mr
tere-t of
who iilei
J. Savlen
"I .'i p
the c I'M
re - vm '
t In
ed : : .iii. TI..
I 11 I- t I'M ll
1 1
..i, and .).
m.M, and :
i et. in p' p
' 1 !
ti '
111. I
'I 1
I'l' to U an I'
;.i i.
mi;1i not
tlll.'llU viel.H:.'!. be W.is
giv. n
to ns:-ii
iationwith a wild set of
.iters and soon full Into their bad
Joseph Wilkes, who was not connected
with thn crime, was held .n a witness,
lie is also In years old.
Shot While Hantlnf.
F.TSA, N. J., Nov. 29. Charles Domas,
2 years old, wns shot nnd probably fatal
ly hurt while hunting in the woods near
his homo. He has been sent to the Hnck
ensack hospital, although it Is not be
lieved his life can bo saved. The boy took
his father's gun and started to hunt rab
bits. About three hours after ho left home
he was found lying In the woods by Frank
lin Henrce, shot In the stomach. The gun
was accidentally discharged.
Rsllrond Accidents In Pennsylvania.
H APItJHIU'UO, Dec. 2. The returns to
the department of internal a flairs of the
steam rnllronds operating In Pennsylva
nia shows that l,5:t persons wero killed
and 10,()iJ7 injured by them during the
fiscal year ended June :iu hut. Of those
killed wero passetigi rs. 4 17 enipbpyees
and 1, 107 other persons. The pas;;c.ip.:iirs
injured numbered lilJ; employees, b,:jltl;
other persons, l,ti Itf.
Throat Cot and Use Turned On.
CAXANOAHlt'A, N. Y., Nov. 80. F.d
Concannon of V'lotor attempted sulcldo at
the (.'anandalgun hotol. Ho wns found In
his room with his throat cut and tho gas
turned on. Ho will probably die.
Literally Torn to l'lcces.
Ilt'n-t.N. X. Y.. Dec. 2. Charles
BHie, oi'i il wascMiii-bt li. rween two
roii.is in a rai'er mill at Phi n. cut at:d
lilci.iiiy to: u to picci s i:i t:.u i..ui In aery.
Tlmr (lay,
Grir.in Jphn.it.'ii, a :
i of Albert Sidney
JohnsT.in, ti.e not
dltd at l.o.s A !;-:
loip-i Jiiiii::.,
.1 Coiii'cdci'ato general,
.. .1 t, w.h instantly
..: t ! ; . i i'."l ii -bur nnd
kliled in tbc J
r I
;i l .
Pa! .
X. i
ha. i
cd :
i ..a. up.
el lit, UM.I..M "ill'',
i f car.!
at r.or.e
d in si :'"ii'4
I.i . l:j i iiit-
aii i .
I... .
ch :
1 . .
an i
bo: i
s.j l:
p. -
n v 1
t 1.0 !
1 ii.
a p.'
U:, I.
CU ti"
i.i.. J.
Pi P.
'it h
all c
ii6 d
a flvn slow
in,- a lo.ss .f
ro iu the Luti'.l-
y pe,.
, Ki V.'
.Mary I'
thu first wotu-
an luwyer iu New Jersey, maiiu bcr Uis
nk -x fc4,
sioiinl pop-niaii -o In thn orphans'
'n I ..Mb.lh.
It'tifntir, bo was convicted In
i of fiends In rnnueetlon with tho
. Ilipi'oent company, was sentenced
ei .' p' pel P MI'V It tlile.
I'i- l'n". i nkaoiTi, nged An, was
I by I h i tlirewiiig snowballs In
' ' i . I pipe. I'M" h y ball bit him
""ve li, nod he fell (lend.
1 '.' fur 'J'huiiias A. Osborn for
i; ' i ' . :. I I ii "I mi n big bundle of pe
, i by ,,oiiii Kniisans request
" i :e iniiiil ncPlon In the Waller
I : V. : worth, rld' H mm ot Knrl lvr
r . 1 I ii rintiMl to thn dentin tho
I' .if ' -'Ui'itoi tiui'ln vnffiiit bf the
i ii ni" ir A tjr.TMon Horthwlok (now
I. : 1 li'iimHi j to tho hniifte of lordn.
N ttnrilii?. Not, JIO,
( nii:t. 1'Mwnnl Tnnf7, formnrly prlmo
n ifii t. i'nf AiHtrln, dlml on hit ent-nto nt
1' I- i-li ino, lit lloliorntn.
I!i-i!;i'i!imm WIIMntn H. Klrhnl.tor
wiim iMitnutly klllrd while nt work In the
Oni'iilf. nml Wcntorn rnllrond ynrd nt
Mhldlotown, N. Y.
1 .lnii'ph W. Hcnnhnni, (Virncll'i creek
left h.'ilf hnnk, hne honn ohneon onptnln at
tho rornoll footlinll oloTon fr lHim.
(iovornor Morton hnn rncnlved word
from thn Attnntn nxpoiltlnn nhowlnff thnt
Now York tm boon nwnrdrxl a gold niodnl
n n flltdninn of honor.
ChnrM MrKlnntrpy of CJrennpnrt, N. Y.t
filed n oliilni nnliiHt the ntnte for f:.,0.m
for (himnifMt ntli'Knd tro hnve bnnn natnln
rd lijr liitti, nrinltiK from thedonth of itook.
Mm. ln lnlvoly, who wm dlvorond
from tho Hcv. Mr. Hnlvnly of Chlrnnn n
nhort tlnin nn, wne nmrrlod to Wllllnm
Al''v:mdir, n ton I rat n to donler at Hnntn
Ji n !inrn. n).
luriilnr. tin ft.
!T..n. .T. A. MrKi'iiln, thn t'nltnd ftfitci
Itiinistcr, h:ii nrrived nt lilnin, IN.ru.
A itinll triv'n Htrnrk n wnRim oontnlnltiK
thn n i cfH.'iiH nt Air I. Inn .Iiinotton, O.,
kliliif m'I i.f tln-iii.
A n i nidi'iriio of mi-nHlpn hnn liroknn out
nt. U o iiiiymI ntntlon In Nnwport, It. I.,
nnd ulnv.d thcrii ro 15 vihvS in thn hoe-
pp i.i.
At Auburn the jury In tho enso of Pnm-
tiel (Jlllett, charged with wrcoklng the
Homo C.ntral bank, rendorcd a vordlot of
not guilty.
President Clevclnnd hns nppotnti'd Hen'
ry II. Koloff of l lah assoclnto Justice of
tho supreme court of Utah, vice William
Smith, deceased.
At tho llepubllcan rmions Saturday
nbrhl I nonius H. Heed of Mnlnn was
iicapim iu ly nomlnntcd for speaker of
th" b"ll
i f representatives In tho Fifty
I i: ;' li i iili,;i I'-l.
I: Ip ii A. W. Waymnn. next to Fred
P.- ' i t he ablest colored man develop.
i I ; i; " I titled Htntes, fell, strlckeiiwlt.il
i i :i, at his homo In llallimoro and
i.i a i:.v inititites was dead.
Tuestlny, lice, 8.
( 'iM ial ('. II. T. Collis was sworn In
p- i "p.itii-sio.ior of public works of New
Yi '. i .:y to succeed William llrookfleld,
T.: i-IIC'l.
.i;r..ii i UecUwIlb. n prominent nnd
W'..: !iy citizen of Oswego, N. Y., tiled at
Ye "i, whither he had gono on account
of i. . 1m .ilth.
i .' Iriiler, tho chncr,!nto minufac
t - I'. mis. ha Itopj'l.t' tlio Ishind of
ti, in t be .--I tpoy of theHr. I nv
i !. i li ie'i, for l.otiu.tiOi) francs.
: . .- init h of UfooUlyn, a pnssen-
' i n t . ! i p i en rivT steanif r rarato
j , . . ':. :.'.i l puiciile by jumping over
1 : i i he li".U. v. as parsing (,'oxsacklo,
.1. It. i;ri",vMer AV ' , tho rarrlngo
i' , : i nnd lii .ilers of New York, havo
i. - I. I inbil tP'S, f'.'iio.i'ilH; nominal
ii- - f.. I. A: ; ni-tlial assuts, f 7H,-
i i r e Cerbicti, n woll known phy
F" !, ' ' ,-Mii I r.Miii'ih.'o, was found lying
. ...-r in front of n mirror In a dy
I, .:., i.. with a self Inllloted bullet
, . 1 i.". h'n bend.
,'.t N".;ii Paltimoro, O., a fire was
r .n '1 by the explosion of natural gas,
tl r iviii - l iin ..ehlman glass works,
v illi a bun of r.n,0U0. The watchman
v. its i.'itrto d to dutilh.
Weilnesdav, Iiao. 4
I- Ire In Indlannpn'.is destroyed the busi
ness pltiies nnd stocks of five wholesale
hou-es, entailing an estimated loss of
$.'.1,111, (100.
I.awi'i neo Bur, who had noted as secre
tary for nine large Mormon building asso
ciations in Philadelphia, has disappeared,
with a shortage of $M5,0ll0 in his accounts.
The president nominated Kufus W.
Peekhaiii of New York to be associate jus
tlco of tho Pnltud States supreme court
to siieci ed the late Howell K. Jackson of
(iovernor Morton has appointed Judge
Milton II. Merwin of Uttoatobeappollate
judgo in thn khlrd depnrtment of the state
of New York and Henry A. Childs of
Medina In tho second.
William Porter of lirnttlcboro, Vt, was
arrested nt South Farmington, Mass., hy
Special Detect ivo John A. Moloney of the
3!.p't')n nnd Maine railroad for an alleged
attempt nt train wrecking in Vermont on
Oct. -mi.
It is statnd In Washington that tho gov
ernment will immediately accept the Am
inen ram KatHhdin without penalty, not
wi: !,.-,:iuulin;r tho vi'ssel had failed to
lii'ike tiio 17 knots an hour required by
the (ontra. t.
A Genesee ranoty Farmer Kllla Bla Em
ployee, Mistaking Him For a Burglar.
Uatavia, N. Y Deo. . A terrible
tragedy took place at the house of Willis
Pronghton, looated about three miles
south i f Corfu, In the town of ilurlcn.
iii-ou-ihton was awakened by a noise in
the y o '.l, and seeing a person coming to-WM-
d t ',' house took him for a burglar,
in i : i- .iip himself with an ax secreted
1:: :f in tho woodshed. When tho man
ti ."i the s'.icd, iiroughton struck him
r. I
i s ..ii tho head with the blade of
intl.cting fntal wounds. When a
m- secured, Jlroughton was horri
Ibul the supposed burglar was his
1...1M, William lattining, aged 0
. .1
-tl by a Woman Kuiployea.
, X. Y. , lira. 2. Mrs. Helen
: fu of Attorney I'harles Ilarnes
o, who has been separated for
-i i. em her husband and who
.:r. time has been employed by
on iS: Co., dry gooils mer
: ii'tpii, ns ciul.ier and olerk,
.'. n il to have systematically
mm or' ov. rll oou. ticven thou
- cm ii. which she bud on depos
o ii'.d Syrfieu-ie, as well as
.ii ' ..1 dollars' worth of dress
f .
! i't
..u recovered by the district
"c.u Mock l-'arm to lie Closed.
.' I-''p ii. X. Y., Dec. 4. Sevonty
s I . pi ibo Packman stock farm
; " .1 to New York last night to
i i.. -1 wi.li. Aiiothur sulu will
. m x weeks beuce, when the fa-
: :c :'.Mi-in w ill be clused down, and
Pvr wi.l leiire.
B:ioarck 111 Again.
, Xov. 28. A Berlin dispatch
i - it Prince Bismarck la suJlurlng
u, ai i with nuuralgltt, and that the attack
is scveiu uud has cauaed the aged state
mau much loss of sleep.
two llnndred Rtand nf Arms Aeenred - f:na-
ey's lrt Followers 1'rred to Join the
New Movement Qneer Operations In
lie Vlrrrlnla Mountains.
A Washington gentleman who fins
pent n week hunting np in tlin llhin
ki.lgo, in the vicinity of Front Itoynl, is
nnllinrlty for a must Ittloresiing story in
regard to the present wlierealHiuts nnd
operations of Curl Urowno, who beenmn
("iinspiciotis ns thn aid and son-In-Iuw nt
fjuxey, Ihn lalKir agitator. After marry
ing t'oxcy s diinghler and making bin
homo for several weeks in Washington,
whore bin htign figure, clad in deerskin
Riirmenls, Ihsiiiiio a fan.iliar street
siglit, Urowno betook liimsnlf to Vir
ginia, and, it Is said, became the bosom
Colorado nnd confidant nt (Jnptuln (I. (!.
I'nUett. On the mountain farm vthern
('nlleti bnllr bis hotel nre several old
abandoned log bouses, nearly fallen to
Ihn ground. In one of tliesn llrnwnobns
mailo Ins homn, and, nieunlnig to ton
Washington sportunan, is Htiiigly on
V . '1:1 rr.
sconced tliere, with very cmnfortublo
gnrroniidings. Pnrsning his nititnilo for
onrirntnre and sensntiotinl pnnipbli'teor
Ing, Browne lins npnttcd (lie inoniitain
rotidsidos nnd woodlaiids Willi bis pocnl
inr liiindbillN, cxborting tlio inountain
cers to rally nronnd bin Ftanilitiil and
become soldiers in Ibo nrmy of indus
trial protest nnd reform.
Tho simplo niimle'l inoniitain folk, to
whom a few words written or f.rintcrl
on white paper nro its magic, hnvn to
sponil. d, timl many of them Imvo onroll
ed thcmselvos tintler liiH coiiiiiiiiikI. For
several weeks they Imvo til tende d regu
lar drills on nno of tho level mountain
benches, vliero Ibo motley nssonibliigo
of lank nnd Mvarthy niipuntaincers, un
der Browno's pompons leailersliip, litivn
been perfecting thenisolveH in Ibo liitin
nul of nrms nnd tlio movements of tlm
A Hingular thing told in this connec
tion is the t-tutenirnt of the station apont.
ut Itivorti n that llrownea few days ago
received ViOtl stanil of arms, wilii iiiilo
a largo mpjily of nmmtinilioti. Win nee
tlieso gnns rninn or fur what nso they
are to bo pluccd in tho bands of Browne's
company of mountaineers is thus fur a
mystery. Some residents of the commu
nity believe that (Juptnin Cnlleu baa ko-
cuicd these rifles, nnd it is thought that
when the mountain recruits hnvn been
gnflioiently drilled, an effort will bo
mudo to tender their services tu tho
commander of tho insnrgent army in
Cuba. Ciillen has sent out a large num
ber of nicely engraved invitations to
pcivplowho might bo inclined to syinpn
thizo with tho Cuban cause, soliciting
contributions of money und firearms,
and some connection ismippoHod to exist
between this action on his part nnd
Browno's enlistment of men. To 1 he
mountaineers, who are nt this time of
the year idle and ready for any kind of
sport, the advontnro is doubly inviting,
and they seem to begetting a great deal
of fun ont of it.
Browne hns kept in correspondence
with many of the famous army that
mnrched into Washington in May of
1HU4 and has sent out to thorn thn sumo
invitation which has been given to the
mouutaineers. These notifications assure
the old followers of Coxey tluit if they
will come to the Blue Ridge they need
have no concern about rations or a place
to sleep, and that a full supply of arms
and accootorinonts lias boon provided
for as many of thein as will return to
the old cause. So far, it is said, none
of the old followers of Browuo and Coxey
has mado his appearance. The well
to do pooplo of the neighborhood, whilo
they look upon Browno's operations with
tho nioiiiitainoers as a good deal of a
joko and nniko no special objection to
it, do not look with favor upon tho us
sonibliug of Coxey 'a old forces iu thoir
vicinity. They are therefore keeping a
close watch on Browne's operations, and
the county and municipal authorities
bold themselves iu readiness to squelch
Browne's Quixotic undertaking when
ever it threatens to bring upon the
towns of Rivorton and Front Royal the
prospect of an invasion by an undesira
ble and lawless body of men. Wash
ington Star.
A Third Gavel For Hpeaker Keed.
Speaker Reed has received a third
gavel with a history. It was presented
by Representative Hilt of Illinois, uud
it was made from a fragment of the
chopping block used by Abraham Lin
coln in his rail splitting days. It was
tho intention of Mr. Hitt to make, a
formul presentation to Mr. Reed at the
enuens on Saturday, but hu observed
that Mr. Reed was more or less embar
rassed with a riches of gavels and ac
companying remarks on that occasion
and withheld tho Lincoln gavel und
quietly presented it when congress
It Will Bo Somebody's Waterloo.
Amoug the strange coincidences of his
tory none is ntrunger than that now pre
sented in Maryland, where a uiuu
named Bonaparte is fighting for the sen
Btorship against a man named Welling
ton. And it l.s.'ke as if Waterloo were
joiug to be avenged.
Dycha Thinks lie Can Reach the North Pole
Professor Dyche of the Kansas uni
versity said the other day that he had
practically decided to make an attempt
on the nuitu pole, having received an
otter of assistance, but he declines ta
name the source of the offer. Hu suys
that, given plenty to eat, he will got to
the north pole as easily as he got within
boo miles of it His present plan is to
go north along the west coast of (Green
land and then niuke a dush for the pole
by sledge or boat.
Notice til' liinii ponitioii.
Notice Is hen-hy given that an applica
tion Will be uncle to the (iovernor of the
State of P.'UliKvlvnnla on Tuomlav, tho
171 h day or DeccnilH-r. IN'.i.-,, at 1 o p lock, p.
to., by W. K. Cipok, Itii hard Ihtrlolieno,
F. F,. SIiptwopsI, ('. A. Diislnlpci-ro ami Kd
ward Cook, under the Act of Assembly of
the ( 'ointiionwealt h of Pennsylvania i-n-titled,"An
aid to pp'oviph' for tin- Inct.r
poralion iiippI rcgohitiipti of p-ertain eorpoi'a-
ii. .os, appp-oveo ,pi ii -.".i, is, i anil ttii sup
plements tln-rp-to, for n p-harler for a cor-pppp-nt
ion lip be called, ' The Ciiii'ii Teh'
phoup' Company.' " whii h corporation is
to Is- forioi'd for the aiirpos,. y constrop--liog,
malitliiining mill Ica-inir lines of '
ti-l. -graph for I hi- private usi-of hub vi.b oils,
llrtns, corporations, municipal or ipther
wise, for general business ur for the traos
ap'tion ipf noy business in which rbi-tric
fori-e over or through witvs may be ap
plied to any useful piirpiise.in I hp-p-ount h'S
ol wnyiti l.ap-Uawjitpiia anil 1'ikp-. in tin
State of Pi-niisylvaiiia. Aoilforthis ppir
p..se to liavi', pp.sM-ss anil p'lijoy all the
rijhls, iH'iietlls anil privih'v'i's litpplcr Un
said Aid ppf Assp-niblv and il s supplement s.
IIOMF.H idtKKNK, Solicitor.
IIppiip silalc. Pa., Nppv. Isn,,
Orplum' ou rt Sale.
IJy virtin' of nn tmlor (if tin- Orii
liiins' (Vmrt of tin- County of l'iku
flu. lioroiimftor ili'sp'i ilii'il iviiI oKtntd
of ( 'lirisliiiii (lit, ill coitsi'd, will lm
cxposi-il to iulilio still, by vonilito or
outcry on
SATCRDAY, I)!; KM HKR II, lsiir,,
nt 'J o'clock in (lie afternoon on tlio
promises in 1 icliiwnni townslii),
Pike county, I'.'ntiHvlvimiii, two
pieces, parcels or tracts of lanil situ
ate lyine; anil lii'iiur as nfpiri'saiil, the
one boHtidotl anil descrilieil as fol
lows, liein part of a tract of land
surveyed on a warrant from the
In nil ollice of l'p'imsvl vania to Sam
uel Mp'fJaw, tilt- part intended to
1m. conveyed is lmtted and bounded
ns follows: l!i'e;iuninv at a wliito.
oak stump and stones a corner of
H ibert K. Van Htten's land south
sixty di'.'rees east sixty-twit percbes
to n stone tbenee liy other lanil of
Ciimiiiiii:'s anil Vim I'.llen niprtli
forty-two and oni'-b.ilf ilpe-rees east
i'itrhty-1'.nir peri In s to a stone,
tbenee by lanil of Cornelius Van
Ktti'it norlb seventy doo-ives west
sixty-live and oni'-balf js'rcbes toil
stone, tbenee by lanil of Harrison
Drake sontb forty-two (lejrrees west
seventy-two jii'rcbes to the jilaee of
iM'tiinninv;. Containiii"; thirty acres
strict measure, and beim? the siiini!
lands conveyed by William C. Cnni
niiii";'s et. n.' et . al., to Christian
Ott by tli-i'd claleil :.':id of March A.
1). lK.-2 recordi'd in tin oilii'e for re-
cordino; d Is, etc., in and for tho
County of 1'ikc in 1. H. Ill, tnifi
V7 A-c.
One other trai't situate as aliove.
and boiinih'd anil described as fol
lows, beiiifr iart of a larger tract of
land surveyi'd on a warrant to
Martha jMi-t law, the part intended
to Imi conveyed is bounded lis fol
lows: Hevcinnintr at a white oak a
corner of .1 . W. Kilsby's land, tbenee
by same north forty-seven and one
half di'e-ri'os west forty-seven
perches ei"(bt links to stones on lino
of O. P. Van Kt ten's land, hence by
s nne SPinth nineteen anil three-quarter
decrees west ninty-five perclies
twenty-five links to a stake and
stoni c irner online of S. Van
Etten, Jr., thence by same south
H v.'itty and oiu'-lutlf deri-es
P ist one hunilred and twelve
perche-i to stones on line of InnilJVf
It. K. Van Ktten, thence by hhiiiii
north nineteen and one quarter de
yrees east forty-lour jierchos seven
links to stones, thence north fortyj
two ileffi-ees west sixty-live perclies
to lM'uinnini. ( !ontaininij fifty acres
and sixty-four iierches strict nii'as
nre lie the same more or less, anil
lx-inij; the same land which H. IJ.
Van Etten by deeil dated lxth of
NovemlsT, 1 K57, recorded in the of
fice for recordintt of deeds in 1). B.
21 iaire 211 solil and conveyed to
Christian Ott. Of the above about
thirty acres are improved and in a
rood state of cultivation, lialancn
wcll-timlicreil. On the promises are
a i'ood house, barn and other out
lmililiiiK-t. (iixsl on-hard and small
fruits, a stream of water runs
thrtmj-di the farm.
one-third cash one-third in six
months, and balance with interest
in one yejir ; deferred payments to
he secured by bond anil mortjjtmn
upon the promises so sold.
ABItAM 1). BROWN.Trustee.
Milford. Nov. P-'th, 1SU5.
Audi tor's Notice.
Estate of Frank Deneirri assiL'ned
to Samuel Turn for tho licnefit of
creditors. In the Court of Com
mon 1'lcax of Pike county, No. 00.
bceenilier Term ls'.il :
The undci-sii'tied aipointiil hy
said court '-auditor to make distri
bution of funils iu hands of Samuel
Turn assi'Miee, as shown hy his ac
count filed, to the iMirtiescntitlcdantl
report same to tho court," etc., will
miH't tho jHirties interesteil in said
estato on Monday tho Uth thiy of
DiM-enilxT A. I). lMlo, at two o'ci(-k
p. in. of said day at his ollice corner
Ann and Third streets in tho Uo
lounh of Milford, Piko Co., Pa.,
when and where all such lmrties nro
required to uttentl, present ami
prove their claims, otlierwiso they
will lm fori'vcr debarred from com
inK in upon snitl funds or shurinfr
theivin. Hy. T. Uakku,
Milford, Pa., Auditor.
Nov. 11, 1SU5