Pike County press. (Milford, Pa.) 1895-1925, November 29, 1895, Image 2

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FltlllAY, NoVK.MHKII 2!, IS'.).").
Entered lit tho post otlice of
Milford, Piko county, Pennsylvania,
as scoond-elnss matter, November
Advertising Rates.
Onosipiareteluht 11 ties). one insert ion ffl.is
Kncli suhi-ipient inset-lion -------
Reduced rates will be i m ulshed en ep
plication, will Ih' allowed yeiii-l,. inker
Legal Advertising.
Court Proehiniul inn. Jury and Trial
List fnr several courts per lei-in. it. Ml1
Administrator's mid Kxoeutiii's
notices H'1"
Auditor's notices I (KI
Divorce not ics -,f,
SIktIIT's Wilis. O.plian-.' court ri!.-i.
County Treasurer's sales. Couiily st : 1 '
mold innl election priielul'lnl i-itl i ha! .veil
by the sijiiMri'.
.. II. Vim i:ii ii. Pi in is:; hi:.
Milford, Piko County,
A Redeeming Feature "My dwi 11
ing is bounded on the north by pis
works. on the south by an india-rubber
works, cm the west bv a vine
gar nianuf'actory, and on the east
by a glue-boiling establishment."
"A nice neighborhood. L inut
"Ignite so ; but it h is on:' advan! -ngo.
1 can always tell which way
the winds blows, without 1 'inking at
the weal her-"ock."
Those readers of the papers who
have observed the daily forecasts
made by the ccntlenien who sit in
comfortable uarter : on top of some
high building, who are styled f'-vo-casti'is.
and who send out every day
n statciui nt f prol-tibilil ies, for
which tho government 1 ays a ootid
round sum in salaries amiot have
failed to remark the almost unvary
ing preeisi' n with which they miss
it byn mile or so. For h-stance, the
'rediction for Wednesday was "rain
or snow followel by f; ir v.enlher.
Local snows 'Wednesday and high
westerly winds with cold wive."
Just recall the facts as to the v. dith
er that day.
Now in view of this we desire to
make a few suggestions. J 'ike
i ounty is celebrated in ti e number
of her ponds or small la.ki s, these
could be usedto excellent advantage
if the scheme we propose be at1pt d.
Let the government abolish the
weather bureau as now ci list i nch d.
It owes Pike county a debt not only
of gratitude,but of more substantial
recognition for tin-manlier in which
she stood by it with a majority,
small 'tis tine, when the whole
country, except Tammany, went
hack on the present administiation.
The views and opinions cf our pio
scnt M. C i n tho great nuisiioiis oi
finance, trade and foreign policy,
which have been so widely dissem
inated in his speeches and throuuh
the editorial columns of his paper,
are hardly in consonance with those
of the present Coiuiross, and how
ever it may be charmed by his elo
quence, it will seal cely be iersu idei';
by his loi.de, in view of the vole in
the country, to adopt his ideas or
those subjects, hence his possibilt iei
for usefulness in that direction may
ho curtailed. Now let hini hit rod ui i
a hill m I empress asking for mi ap
propriation of four million dollars,
in view of the state of the treasury
this could not in fairness be refused.
to build a largo government ohs. r-
vatorv on the High Knoh in ihii-
county. Let the hill provide for t hi
employment of several goose-hum
prophets of national fume and dis
tinction, and let the ponds i f i'iki
count3r lie used in which to raise the
goose to provide the hones. Thi
prophets coald live on poose meat
and so reduce the expense cf board
mid as water is almost an uul.nov. n
article of diet to the -'g-.o'it un
washed," thehx alien 1 the obsn-ivn-
torv would le no object urn. Cur
mi nil.cr of the Logi.-Jatuivi l I'lnied
himself lo the people ami immortal
i.ed his name bv bis strinuius
effort to emancipate the slippery
and the sportive si.cKcr, aim i u
finallv succeed in having a law
passed in New York Kl.ite, lookii
lLat end, but tin) tyranr.:, ;!! nctioi
if the fish wardens Vackcil by the
eiinions of anstocratie attorney
renerals, practically neutralizid the
beneficial effects of tho bill.
The establishment of theobserva
lory at the point sujpesu'd would 1m1
central. Tho lartro liiulxr tracts
if tho county would furnish an
abundance of poles, ur.il telefirnpl
w ires could radiate in all directions
ever which the p .inostications
could hourly be si nt. This location
ills i mibt have u tendency to crowd
out that odious monojxily tho D. Ci
Tail; as.socintien,ar.i!"Piko" who for
some tiino has been in unxlest re
tircment miht Ihi induced to alum
don the liauntsot tlio i niiive smlter,
euil ticii pt a situation on top of tin
observatory. If ho could not deter
mine (lie force nnd di reel ion of the
wind by the method fu-4 iueiiti"iii d
lie conlit by ''wotting" bis finder
mid holding it up iworlain il with
rcnsiinal'lo certainty. And lie could
also look down in disdain on the
domain-', cf the aforesaid odio'is
patk. The erection of this building
and tiio co'ieincnt large onliay of
mnne;, , the steady employment it
would -ive to a gnat number of
"hungry and thirsty" people would
be of incalculable
Ilelilociacy of l'ikc.
liy all tiicaus let u
wind and weather
ish.'d ami endowed,
accomplish this sche
in giving his r.ami
heii.-ht to the
bin e this
f.irforv e
u v.in
a liviiientl
boost in tb
direct io'i of post n ity
Wn!'. ti e i-e. cut
I to
111' '(
Mut'Iiley fr.ithi-rcd l is 1
chicki ;is under liis v. her at
vemher elect ion.be m u -I ha
ill ii ni Hum
it her a lot . i
s f aril-
else t i
!(-? i:
e foN.'-i
ort ranijilo
ill be c.vpi
nt j;, publii
i had c:
i. .1, i ,r
.: I'V 11
I II v.
a -,n:i
i: v.a
?i i i i'o
the u,
r.-c '.'it elect i
x-( '.ii:;-r,'s-;ni.si
iih-r's corrupt
inociatie rin
ltl.lv. Fn-e l r. s;
Tiii:im: isn't mm ii of
,he lemo-
tin- ti-ne
nil ic piivty now, anil o;
ie ( h
r r.ch li.L'.hiii
iri y v- ill be r.i ) 1
: no: v. Fro - 1'
Not Opi-n, hilt V.'.lf,
ur itsc j' ' jji j.
Hcavy I.dm In Sltlini nln tn tcntrnl and
South Amerlra Wlii-nt l:.iinrtii De
crease In Quantity Rial Value Costly
Ohji-ct Lfiscn to I-'arini-rM.
Ituvi-tin- kiinliies:) to (tivi-mn v.-hatevi r in-
'urnaitinn you can n i-'iirilinif tin- Inis of tho
Bnuth Anil I'l-ntrnl Ana rii-im llnur trade to tlio
llileil States, with tin- exti nt of the less in
flunres mid the cause. lienjiimtn K. Foeht,
Lewi.-liuri.', I'll.
Wo pliully comply with onr cmre-
nnnilent's request, us onr export trade
ia Hour is of Fiii-h importance, to faim
prs, to mill owners nail to (rinisiKirtn
ticn compniiics. TaliiiiR tlio vix years
from 18IK) to lHflj in onr pbipmoiils of
Hour to Central American stales, to
South Amiiii'iiu countries, to Cuba,
Puerto Kico mul raiiiti) D.miiii!;(i, it ap
pears that our total exports of flour to
all thoso countries increased from f,:S,
000,000 to $ll,(US,:l!l in 1M2. The
treuMiry llj4nrrs for lH'.ia, liowevor, fhow
an extraoriliaary doorcase in onr total
exports fair tho last lisenl year, 7,!2i;7,-
81(1, bi-uis over if -I , olilt, OuO less than we
expurteil in lo',i3 to tlio tiiiiin countries.
Willi Central Aiiar.caa coiiiitnas our
(lour exports have fallen off about !J0
per cent biiioe 1WH; with Cuba anil
Puerto Kico tliey have ilcereasetl neaily
juo half within tho year; to Brazil onr
shipments of flour decreased by nearly
100,000 ill Ul'.).a, mill to all Houth
American countries tho lu.-s exceeded
Coming down to n still later period,
wo linil that our exports of wheat dur
ing the months of July and August,
1801 aud lH'.lo, wi-i'0 ys follows:
Iit'BUKiji op M n i:at rxronTru.
July. Aiatu-t. Total.
ltd 5.r;.u;o ti.rMys n.iei.i in
IMiii il.KL-Kl 4.-1..W H.ilJ.llsO
Loss tn 1"5 ....l,2Nl.J7 I.SM.UH 6,!,M,i.5
VA1.CK Oh' WHEAT I: l-l ill TKI).
July. .M-,-iot. T.itat.
ISM f:.:i,"-','s; .",,iii.i,'.is js...v..::i
iku n,;;.i).hn s,.u,iuii 6,i'ii,mh
bosainlCM.. HUl.t-sl tJ,lxi liTM.Bisi
It FCenis that iluriiiR tlio first two
months of tiio current li. eal year wo ex
ported fi, .")(!", 000 bushels of wheat less
thuu wo exported minus, Hie correspond
ing months of the previous year, tho
money loss thin year bein;? $'2,?-U,iil:i.
Hero nro tlio figures for hour:
BAiniKiji oa- Ki.ocii r.xpoiiTia).
.lulv. Ansnst.
ISM l,U(i,:.L't l,4-'i.l-:H
ISi !.;!, 1.10 1,11-Vlil
Low In 1!T3 iTi',.h. ll".l.:'-7
VAI.I KIIV ri.ui.-n E-Vrnia tU.
Jslv. Au,:nt.
1V4 Jl.JhV :l .,,l.Mi.i:-7
lslio U.-luV.-iu 4,0sa,lll
Lass tn IK.. l,urs,toil l,ina.S;4)
Dni'iiif; tho fiist two months uf this
fiscal year wo sold in foreign marhi-ts
641,173 barrels of Hour h s than iu the
eamo period cf lH'J-1, this year's money
lots lioiii!? (1,043,2!!) us uKain-it n lo.5s
of (2,714,013 iu cur cxpui t trm'.e of
Aiiii'i'icau wheat.
Comparing tho mouey vah;es cf our
wheat mul Hour exports for tiio lhbt two
months of each li.seal year wo have
biii-ily the following lcsnlt :
V.heat. Flour. Total.
181-4 .t'j.t.sMOS V. l.'i.i tl) H7.Mii,ia
ia c.ai.bia 7,i.s:,.i,i ui.iii
Total Iohh in"
1M J2,T44.r42 n.f.a.ifl 4.b7,C41
It cannot Lucluimcil that t'ie (iormau
turitl is u new tiling. It laid bieu iu
force o year ut the close of last August,
nail tlic-ro fcheuLl fcuu ly liavo Ixn-ii time
fur us to nap m ane uf that goliluu har
vaet that was luumi.sed ua when tho
wall of iiioKctioii was btukeu iluwu unil
T 7 V -
V."0 wrrd f ii:oi',vT to rr,:f'i eir.t into the
TiiiiikclM ( f (l(wo;lcl. t"iif,n(iain!t'ly,
howeve-r, in tin" ' f ear wlicat innl
flonroxju rt trr.d'-ti; ( ;i'y p"l(i( n lii:r
vpst lias be n a lom of $ I,(;si,!i4l in n
conplo of iiinriliis m i-"ai):;n'fl with
trailf trmif.1': t' d ill (t.t Kuan ratmanili
ticfl n year cn lirr, i-c.Vti) (lxre wni any
bicru'li in (ho wnll utiil bi-forn wo omM
li t oursf-lvra ou(, into tltn liaulcctH of
tlio worlil, but yet v. hiln y 0 f till mau
nfjod to K' t there.
A Vn.T' 7 tit to Crock.
Tlip IVi lCiff In V
The liuaiiif ; i r-'
linvo th.it I ii" fi ' " 1 1 :
lldai'St, acil (h it th( i-n
Fin cc ;-sf ill luvilllh 1!; !
FVHtcin. Til in 1,! ic f i.-
the -in 1 1 1 ry bo-"i-r
li:i.-i ili mo his
euii l'i no more
a the pr itr-ef i vo
In ii dim: tri ner-
al, innl is Hiviiirly inli'-iulK-il in tlin
fai t Hint bol'n hoii-e.j i f 1 l:o jaitinnnl
congn ss ni'd l-.-i'uIilicaii antl M ill lcsist
uny cfi'i'it t ) f ni flu r :i.-;-.il tlio tariff
lic.i s.
I'roni tills c'l-iili! inn, w'nieli all fair
liif-n nni::t it'half, t!:o n-i:iiif;i'-tiirrr ifl
ciieiiu:i:,"il to i'o a bis mills whii'li
iiavn l-i'-'ii ni b i-7 Kill ;:t, anil liiisitK'SS
enterprises i f ail kinds uro ciicenr:i;,retl
for thf- s:uao reie-ea.
Tlio fi-clin;; ia l'i iiiiKvlvania is f;rner
nl that (Vi!?its will remain Iti pub
lican anil that :i.iy, "I"! -.'inby or
Keeil Will In' C'll l 0 ,1 1 7' i ll at, winch
will insiivn i::i i ia of pr.jsp' lily by prc
Pervinj? t lie j-iiili fiive r lomr-ii; s cf tlio
Wilsi n bill ini'l rr-fnael in;,' thn-:o por
tions i f t!m McKialiy Lev whieh pocni
net p.-"aiT foriinr iao-.clvi' s ar.-l labsreiA.
I-AAC li. J'.llOWX,
Kri'tarr Xutif:i:! AiTairs.
l-t :l Hill of A:iit
Iiio i i,ii.np; v-'in- v. in s
laid !);v.ire
Pi:oviP!-:rcK, N-iv. St.
t'nlt, whn chai-;:.-!! hi-i' hi:
Cull; of t n o I raln-a rial 'i
s'aimiot P.
::1, I'leyiiU-nt
t (iiiMi:any,
vrilh lear
(i'liiliiy. I si tn liave an ab-
ul llo lliver:-!'.
by tiinsii wh i i
, .n-
l,-i'i h.
1 imPi-erJ to
'Si'lrl i llt, lll-
."i.-afier tho
-a .l;.s.a (N.
tere.-l s at 1 a- l - IK,-rnliae-,0
of liio uhiii;
i nt li
11. ) hi-arira.'.
Tiai iiivi'!i-o lia.q
to Illul Will tit- Fell-'
Inntl retina iipini 1 Ii
proviilo, or ;-:ou:ol Li
h:--:i niaifalily n,irer':l
ht t't i lil 1 he I '.hiide Is
e e,-i :n nti nf lefli--al to
'rt of that Gult. iVuill-
IW.r-.' Ki.I.AHr.l.'I CO
Kftf seriously ininii-.d to the
respond ent
Bi-jll bo aiii :: d. 'J iv
h" -.r-ii iat :oiM of t he
air. d ia a complete
past, few djy? have r
tLloment of tiio wl-oie Coir family s an-
dal, ineiii.lin an d'-rreemejif, of t!io with
drawal of tho ; ' -'.Hi.tjuu uit a.aint Mil
lionaire Van Ah n.
Colonel Co will retain tho family
mansion in J.vietol, and tho iMHiry pay
ment to tho wil'o v. i 1 1)'! a j-i'io of money
to be paid in f'.ll hi i i !( men and at oi.co.
IJoth sale i.xpir ri .e ; i-1; vi ion at tiio ro
Bult. Mr. Van Ai 'ii is sn'd tn have n'iroed
to tho paynienr of a l.beial f.eni, larguiy
to tHcapo bcin; drajrm d in'o cmivt.
The Anncnl'iii Aro :i Dire DUtroas antl
I'rjjfiitiy .'oeil Ail-ituncf.
Ki:w y::U, Nov. ill. 'II; n civlild nnd
Chri-tian world i.- lion or sti iolii-n over tho
report a of tlio mu: s.icro of Armenian
Chrisiians hy tho Turks. In addition to
tho tie -Intet ion of 1'fe, v. hob vi'.la roa havu
been burntd. all tho proei ty In ioninff
to tho Armenians has bct n destroyed or
conlis',ateii, und tho Furvivors mostly
men nnd women have been 1. ft to ctarvo.
'iho dirilre s !s t-o v.idespr.id and tho
riumbiX in a iir.l i.( e I of t ven a crust- of
bread ho !;i''; i tl.'.i r.iii-f nencits havo
been e :-.!.; bli.-lu d in I. nnd oil a:-d N ev
Yori;, a.i'i i n a; peal is n a!e to tho Chris
tian world f r aiil. '1 ho New York com
motio is i::a:-a t) of iu n liko liihhop
Foi'u.r, Artlib;.-hop (' "i i.:.:n, Moi i is K.
.Tesiip, 1'ii v. V. ii. 1'. Fautu-o, .le.rnh If.
Sell U raid IN v. I'a-.dT. K.irr.-ll. Spi-neep
Trik, 7 l'.uo cm ei, N"i7 York, is tho
treasurer, and eon. r.'iotion furv.arilcd to
him w ill bo dihii ihiK'.d am-mi tiio Ar
menian eii::'i rer.s t!ir.:u)i a mix"d rom
mi-sion of A 7:i; i'i( an mis aonarli;, Kc
liiih t'Uitaulw and o.hi ra.
Secra ICubliiii4 S'.,(ti-a Ili. WiTu unil lhau
liituHcif ut Tiiriinp.
pri:AN ion, , y.i.v. Su. At Thrinip,
a low n.ili'S n
Kiiot n:,.l i.ii
1 11 of illTll, t;i'.'i-,l I'.illlhillS
ly .viiii.'.'.i ,1 Li.i v.il'o unil
jif. llu UioJ v ii in u shurt
ti i;: o.
Tlio woiiK-ii v. -.i lirnii-'it to tba I.nrl.a-wii!-,!:.-!
li.i-;il'al hi t:ii- ti'y nml is ilyin,.
'1 lio sh 1 1--ii -,t -.1 1 r-. -iii : uf n (iii:r;-i'l
an ii in ri-rr. J ia ti,o iit.i;,,i::u u( lv,,iurt
liiuwn ' .iiin.-, w ini, ii issaiil, liail ;i'.lvi, L'd
Mi-a. Ko'jiiin.i in l.-.ivt? ln-r huitjund. lttlj
bina liihi h h-.i, nl.- iliii iu:J inibSL J h'.g
aim. llo ili .i t-i,t ii l.ul.tt i no hia wife's
LiaJ. i-.iul i-h,i fi-11 i :u iinsi i.iiis.
Hnliiiiiia t!i:-.'MT ii.u ,-i-lf ii-iun Imr bciI
cutibstiil ami is-.' 1 . l:or. Tiu-u lie rut,o
hihI sent ft Imlli.t into his Itniiii. Mo was
65 jvnrn (i!il, n inip,-ntiT .y inulo uuil
cll rLiui.li U in lliu viliar,'j.
Ill, l. ir.i I. Iliiis.,ir Asa.iu
l'liii.Ai.i.i .1 mi, Ki,v. C I. Hichard
Mati-lio.-l, lha ii.u- i::iii:,l:t -J ai-lor, umila
lii. lc;; i i .ili.r., j iiji-.n 1 !u sl.-i,'j nfiur un
aiisiiiuoi.f vrii niumlj!!. '1 lie j-li-.y wu
''licllU 11:1.1':'-, . 1, " aiul tlio l.'iitiilliut
Irmt li.-.a i.iKi :n wa-, iTnwil.-il lo llic
Uiiim. M. ALui'li id 1 uAt-il lint Bliijlit
cH'i-i-t u( l.U luiij iiu:usd unil (ihiyvil tiie
tliilicult jiart al uuil us cyit.
f- ' -o- ,,.- J
7 j;"v.-..-
"S' : . 1" - - - ,
V'- ilV
hKsTJJUirnvK fjues.
A Million !nltfir Wnrth of T'rnpfrty r.
utrnyrd In Hip Vi-ti'rii Mnlropollt Y.x
prntilvo Klren In Uro' Ulyn, l)anbnry nnd
(IiirA;a. Nov. 2 Tiro hmhvi out on
tho plth Honr of t!in Kxcotlor Ithick, nt
17i C;mnl Ftrnct, nmiiilcd hy Knicrih &
Co., ft nthor n-novntoM.
Twii Tumil rr-tl fjirls and r0 mm nml hoya
v7iTi' omi'lnyi '.1 in tho hiilhliiif?. hut nre
))' wvvfl tn hnvoffraiiotl r.Uvo. WiiIn ton;
ni'iiiiii'S all tho upper HntiM of tho I. in'
At rn'-t vtpi vrcro fililao, and t he flmmts
fiprcrl i.sp'i'.ly,
j'"ivi iniint'1!! Ircr tho firo nto Ha vrny
thru-'.'jh the iirt? wrtll inht tho oiirlit sttiry
huii'i.n (K-r-iipii'd ! tlio Kjiworrh Pifino
rotiij'nny v.wd tho h'hohrr iV (.'jirfjur-villo
I.ii hn;.rrnphin roir.pnny. Tho firn then
fprrnd ti tho l'iiitiiTif; north, 171 f'nn'il
flti-ft-t. Tin's l.n i 11 1 was octuipif d by tlio
(vl) iM p.'ii fixture works, tlio Kurll
Vi;;iH ciiinpaiiy, ClminlKTfl trirk Ma
chincrv roniiif'.riy nml n ninilMrtf citluT
Tin' 'iiir-s thfii phofc nrror,. tho alley
1'iv.;i:il t'Untan rtrcct nntl i;rn jt.vl t'lio
cif-'lit ptory ttiii Uli rifjr nt K'-l to 174 Linton
Htf-tt ht'UiDfiitiH to Wnrn-n Hpriiif 'r. Jt
v.'.is nrcapitil hy tlio ( lovoland Ynrul.-h
r";p; ;ttiy, Jvim lion nntl Slipper compa
ny, Srhunli Hro.1 Shop rnmpimy, Tnppir
it iiobiiifion, hook hi n tiers and printers,
nnd n mimler of other (IrniP.
I'art of the rnt.f aiul north wall of tho
r.v',-i"v l-niiaiia f"H mi fan roof uf ti.o
I!iTi''iir J.'aiiery eoT.ipnny'fl lu:ihitn;r, at
l'!:(-li;7 C'n'inl slUM-t, rau.intr cnynwlr nlilo
(hiin.'iiro. Kirnnen who with wnrkissw f?n
tiio street nenr tlio latter r. rnet'.irp, rur
rnwl c-:ci;k'i1 beiiif; injured hy fallitift
I'nc 3 i e tinner bakery luiiidinfr, a four
ptery Rfnicrurc, wris next rcachi-il bytim
i,neeq. 'J'hn firemen fihanthmeil the V,k-c-'N;
r bp.ildinf? nnd cnileavoveri tu k:ivo
tiie primrer ljuihl'iii. A p-ipojjno tanlv
in tho !!fii?Ti(T huililin cxplndt-il, blow
ing tho btiildincr to pieces. No o:i? wnn
hurl. Tho total loss is plaeed nt JiW0tO0O.
rive KHtrI r.r.i Srvcr:tl lnjnrcil,
CitK'Aco, .v. 'J.E. Tho interior of tho
KM'.aPtro buiiilinu', a seven Firy Mruc
tnre. at tho rorner of Van JJiuvn and
jT.iriiilin flrerM. was destroyed by firo,
entailing a Ua of f-:i7."t,0oa upon tho owwi
ors aiid tenants of tho building and rr.us
iv.'t ihf- lo-;H of fivo lives, tho t?. tal iniury
r-f two rnd the slight injury of nix other
p'.v r'i:, who aro ni'perti'd to rceov.'r.
'J ho (K r.d aro Lien tenant F'at rirlt J.
O'i'oviiieil of K'line Company No. 2 and
P:p:men fnr';n Slieriick, .lolin J-nwns
al ii t:-'trr i'enderL'a.-t.
'J lie f'r. inen v.'ero crushed by falling
(b-lris, Kiitiu Lr.nilfintf junipi tl fr;in tho
foi rih rto;y window. Shi vrna in.iiired
Int : rnally and died at tho ( 'otniy luispiial.
TJio fa; ally injured nro Jb-viy Noil,
jun ped ffi'ui tlio fmirlh story window,
iiHii-nany iniuiiil and J "ft arm broken;
Ne.ihi Timer, junip' -i fmai iiio third
Bun v winlow, interiiaily injured. VuiU
wiii dio.
'J'rni falhiwin' wei o ('Vereomo by smoke,
br.L will renver: A;.;.Mo ('lain, Olc;a I fi
lar, llattio iiiTimnn, Ktlnn Kittcvt., Mary
i-'lnk, Daniel .MeNally, driver rt No. a en
gine, buried beneath tlio debris.
There we: o 17 tonantn in buildir,?,
but many of them were ap r.ts of casern
iiianufaeturers, and their lo.i-u's will bo
small. The heaviest lo?ors are:
Knhn, Nathan i Kiher, owners of tho
buiMiinp, glud.dOU; 1). JI. Arnrdd Co.,
f'oliiiu' (supplies, CU.IHIO; S. liosetibng
8c (.')-, taiior.s' Hupidie, 5,0'. .; Siotn
l'eii r.-', v;huie:-alo elot hii:p, "', l''- ) : i'if-;id-hu.-t.
Ja-o-.V Co.. cotton and vo.:U i -:m .ds,
'o00; S. ) Stryker, dry yr.-.d", 'toil.
Tlin lalanro of tho loss was divided
hiih iii tlio many small establishments iu
the building, tiio losses running from a
few hundied to OJO.nuo.
nii.lnlclit lllii'n In Prooltlyn.
i;i:ofiKi.Y', Xnv. 2:1. Kiro wai ili.'-n?-rrul
in tho Dn Soto ii'artiiii-iit house, ti
il.n:l)!n four f-ti-ry Iiuiliiin in Xusti-anil
avi'iuio .-Hid llnlsi-y i-tri'iir., npposito Ilia
liiris' l!i;,'!i m l.ool and in a fasiilonalilo
liiv'iiK'iiicrnl. Tliu firo slartcil in tlio rol
)ar. and in n fvw launuattfl tlio entiro
huildiii. wai iillid iiysnioko. Of tho lijhb
fiimili,-,! of-cupyitii; the lvuv-o hul few
iiicinhoi'S ivi ro awnke, hut all wi-re nrnus
c 1 'iiiif-kiy, and tho police say that ail tlio
tiisan'.R havo i-ron acc'imnti-il for and tT.at
tia-ro iT.-.-i ii'i hiii of lifo. Consiiiijr.iiilo t:x
i ili'iiirr.t i.tti'iidi-d tlin rosu'im liy lirrnitin
of Mm. lii-or.ro K. Morson and !u-r 7-v.T-i-kR-oid
l,ahy from an a; artiuciit on tho tliiiil
Hour. The daiiiniio to tlio Iniiiilinsr and
coi:tr:it3 is isi iinalid at alioi.t .ti.uui).
Fir at Dutiliiii-r.
Danhui.y, Conn., Nov. 2.1. Haw'u-y'a
li'O' k on Main nnd KoelctM streets wn
tliistroyoil hy lir-.-, tho firo Blurting in lio
hurn'a iiiilli:ii-ry I'-tiihlisiimunt on tho
Ktroi't Hour. .cn rnpidiy did tha liami-n
sjin ad to thn ail ioi ninff stores anil thfl ti n
nni'iin ovrrliead that, tin- ti-n:illti had lit
tle warniri'.'. ri-suliin in twovory n.irrow
escapes In-m ilenlii.
Among tlio lirn-.s burned out aro the
Ilawley jiImi mai .c, i-uoin'n grocery,
liimii'a niaiki-t, lazellll:l..i,r'8 liai-lnT
Fh- p, Dunlin' p!umbln eslRl.'.iplmienl,
llikcn.aii'n Fiilinin and tlio (.'oi.uru milli
nery establishment. Tho loss i esiinmtct'
nt f lutl.OiJii.
Valiiiililfl Sitwmiil Ilnrnnd.
Mr.KiiMIVKK. Mirh., Nov. i!3. Tho raw
niill of tlio Menntiiineo Hiver Luiribi-r
company at. l'a-t Marinetio was toially
ih s: v-r.-i d l y ln o I liin niornin, also al:n:it
L'.iii.ii.i'tO feet of limit -c r o-.vntd bv tho
liiiriiietto I.umlnr cnniinny and M.-irl-Ili
tliiallil .Mil.nliiiii.'e lio" -.-i ll. a)l.r. Loss,
it'.-'l, oi-ii; in-nii-.ini e, nonr. 'i ho n.iil had
jil- cei.-i d l.a- llie i,' a-oll.
I-fre on ht:it,-n I.,l;iai!.
Pout Kh iimon'i, I., Nov. 25. Tho
hir,.;,! eievaii.r and milks of tho Kiev.-itina
nmi Milling c-oiii.any, nvnw! by Quiiiian,
Travis l'-'., were to-.aily destroyed by
lire. Thurauboof liio liio was an explo
Biou in ii:e ii i.r i f tiio biii'ding. No ono
ca n r.:-, oai.L h r i in- e.-iplosion. Tho loss
Is c.-.'.iaiauil at iV,iio; partially covered
Ly ii.-:;,laUL-o.
D ineroualy Ii-jtirfd liy Fire.
1--'iia'.:'iii I--, Nov. -!- '1 ho homo of
Wi'.i'.am Nelin, eoloi-eil, curlier of North
ai:d Misii.uri hi reel s, wan destroyod liy
lire. N'liin aad Ills wifo ivero badly burn
id. '1 he i I'-'.er cannol recover.
jYctoriiiiixly Had A ppolutiitent.
LiiM-:' '. Nov. 27. A liisputeh to The
Ti,a -s fii'iil l'i-,l--:aiitinoiilc Bays lihat the
no!.iii,al:ini of I'.nvcr Jieyad inules-arif at
O'liu ii,:,:
treise as
L. -in--M.
William i
was din:
Hani, on
ricoii thi'
liou-j a!
kuiie. 1
;piu lu.s produced an unfavor-
i.iiii.n, ih ioral'lo i'l tho i-.-ilio
i:uv oilieial U ran.itieally
,.t:au and uouriuua for uia vo-
S-. il'i-l Id l luurrl.
i. r ii.t.F, N. .1., Nov. 21. .Taims
:i, a I:o::'(h'r at tho home of
:,, , ii, t wo mil, -3 ease of thi place.
and ipairrolcd wiih lioyd.
aasl inyjaie both colored. Uar
, :i: .hLil lo kill iiod and hitf
ii. , r-"t, lli'.vd iu u cuiier of the
J cut ii.iii in tho neck wilh a
iii. il ibeu iiillid a revolver and
Hid livo she'll into llarri-.on, tlllmn Inni
ilisuiiitly. liii.-d has not been urroi,tcd.
llo chums ho' tihut liairirtou iu self Uo-ieiiao.
ShoruTs Snle.
Hy v'n ie i,r a writ of Venditioni K.x
i inns a ocd out (if the ('mi i-t-of t'ommon
I'leaso! I'ike County to ine directed 1 will
Si'll at Public Sale on
) I I! I DAY, IKCK.MHKB fl, Win,
at I o'clock hi the nfterP'K.i at the r-her-ih
t iiHiis' In t'ie H. innitrh of Milfonl:
,AII fin- fiillowinij (li-m-riboil pioi-e
IuitihI innssiuiKu or traot of land iri-vil.'iri-s
nnd restrirthmN n licri'inuf
t -r (Ic.-rrilicd sit na lyinejnnil lmiiig
in (lm Tinvnsliiiis nf Milford nml
DinLTinnn in tlio County of l'iko niut
Stiiti- of I'i-iiiistvlviniia, Ili'foiinin;
iiiiini-li iti-ly nlmvc the tnouthof tlin
Saw rivk on tin- Di-laware river
tlicti'-n nnrtli sixty-nine decrees west
nbimt eii;lity-two iHTx-hes (N. fi9
di-i,'. XV. h- to corner Hixteen
and a Imlf feet Konthenst of the line
surveyed for a jmlilio road lending
fnn n the house of Henry Humes m
Milfonl to the jmhlie road lending
tnvm Miltonl to htroudshurK in
LbHimm townshi) the snid lino
Ix in.' the i-'-ntre line of said road.
til Hire smith fifty-five derrees west
sitivn and a half feet southwest of
said ci-nfei' line twenty-two jierehes
(S. .'ildeg. W. 22 p.) to n eorner
aiul to lands late of John H. Wal
lace, thenee south forty-seven and
one-half degrees east thirty-six and
one-half n-rclies (S. AT',, deg. E.
is.) to a eorner, thence north
t-vi-nty-niiie and n half degrees east
two inida half jicri'hos (N.2S1 deg. E.
'.'."u) to a cirner, thence south
fiivty-nine and a half degn-es east
twelve nnd a holf H-nhes (S. 49-J
K. 1'.".; ps.) to a corner, thence
north sixty-i-i-'ht and three-fourths
deirrees east sixteen porches (N. (ir
?4 deg. E. Hi s.) to a curner nt oi
near the northwest corner of tin
Oi-ist Mill, thence son Mi eighty-one
and n half de-rrees east twenty-Mint-IKTi-hes
(S. Sl deg. E. 29 jis.) ti
a walnut tree for a corner, thence
south one and a half degrees four-
ieen anil a nair pe -cues (S, 1 i-
ile'r. W. I t t-2 lis.) 1 1 a stone eornei
thence north eight v-one degree
cist Ihiriy-six perches (N. S del'
K. :i " ps.) t i low water mark on tin
I tela ware river in a direct line to a
large lmtienwood t "-e on the .Tei-n--shori',
and thence nj) the Dela
ware river the several courses and
di stances thereof to the place of lie-
uiiiiiiii:-. i onrain ig ii.nmi, sixte, n
acres lie the sa no more or les,
also the privilege if theuse of wati r
and t !i right the -i-to as owned 'y
the sai l John C Mott immediately
hi-fi.ire and nt. the time of his de
c; ase that is . to say that, the said
party ot the second part their heirs
and assigns may and shall have the
right and privilegd of all water
taken from tho lower dam on the
premises hereby conveyed as now
erected and from tho race except
tiie use thereof as granted and con
veyed to Jacob Klaer by tho said
John V. Jlott and wifo by deed
dated 22, Scptenilier A. li. lHlif!
and recorded in Deed Book No. 27
page 1 Hi and may nnd shall have to
tiie said second part their heirs and
assigns all lionolits of said Jacob
Klaer's liabilities covenants and
agreements in said deed in rela
tion to expenses in maintaining and
repairing said mill dam known as
the lower dam and the raceway lead
ing therefrom nnd for the same the
said second part their heirs and as
signs hereby have all rights and
rights of action as fully as the said
John C.Mott might or could havebc
loreandat the timo of his death eith
er in his or their names or otherwise
to compel the performance of the
covenants, agre,-mentsand promises
in relation tliereto.also tho equal un
divided one-half right to tho limita
tion in said deed not to dam the
water or hold tho same ujMm the
1 mi reel of land last descrilied and
conveyed in said deed to tho detri
ment or injury of tho said saw mill
or any mill Ik-Iow. ' Also tho right
and privilege- of tho use of water
from the dam "known as tho lower
dam " is hereby limitodanil restricted
as also the said dam itself to use tho
same with tlio dam as now erected
or any hereafter erected at the
licighth as the same now is and no
higher and only use nnd havo the
same so that tho back flow shall not
at any tinie l.-j greater than is nl
lowed hy the present dam. Except
ing and reserving out of tho pieces
and pve.nisi's hereby conveyed any
portion or part thereof conveyed by
Henry Barnes and wifo or by Hor
tense liarnes to tho said Jolin C.
Mott a ml now in fence. Also ex
cepting nnd reserving nny part
there: f now in fence and owned by
John Gooding, Henry Gooding or
any of them. Also excepting and
reserving any part thereof now in
fence in possession of John Snyro.
Also excepting and reserving any
part. tueiM'.f now in fence and in
posse si. ni of Pearson. Also excep
ting and reserving any Mirt thereof
now lii li uce anil m possession ot
( l. D. Berhle. Also excepting nnd
reserving therefrom nil that cer
tain pi "in or parcel of land lieing
alu nit one hundred and four foot in
front of the public road leading
from JTiiford to Dingmans, nnd two
li midred and seventy feet, ill depth
c iiiveyed by John C. Mott and wife
to .lac.ib Klaer, 22nd of Koptemlier,
A. D. 1 suit and recorded iu Deed
U.xik No. 2", page 102, and excep
ting and reserving the free use and
ri-'ht nf traveling over anil upon a
cerlain public road leading to the
Delaware river near and by the
house of Jacob Klaer in which he
now resides und tho right to land
In nit or boats and scows for the
going to and returning from tho
land and premises late of tho said
John C Mott iu Now Jersey and
for all tho purposes of tho same and
tho uses of tho land lute of tho said
J.ihn C. Mott, adjoining tho above
d est l ibt-il aud up tho Snwkill creek
is limited and restricted so far that
no saw mill shall or can bo built or
erected tliereon. On tho premisesand
npliertnining thereto is an excellent
saw mill site with water power, al
so three good dwelling houses, la rge
shed and shop anil two barns. This
pr i,erty lies adjacent to tho Bo
rough of Milford anil comprises
I ait, of what is known as. the
Si ii-l ami takcu In execution iw the
properly o( W. K. Kidgway and li. K
Rid(rway nntl to lie sold by me for rnnh.
Daviii I). Nkwman, Sheriff,
Sheriff'!! office, Milfonl, Pa , Nov. II, I si ft.
Mid-iffa Sale
By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias
issuiil out of the Court, of Com
mon Pleas of Pike county, to mo di.
rooted, I will exixiso to public sale
by vendue or outcry, at the Sheriff's
office in tho Borough of Milford, on
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said
day nil the following deseriliod real
estate, to wit : All that certain lot,
tract or iiareel of ground situate,
lying and lieing in tho Townshi) of
Palmyra, Piko county and State of
Pennsylvania, lieing part of a tract
of unseated land surveyed on a war
rant from tho Lund oftlco of Penn
sylvania granted to James Duncnn
and numbered on the Commission
ers' Books, ninety-two, situate near
the waters of Blooming Grove, ail
joining lands of Henry Darragh and
others nnd being tho eastern part
of one hundred nnd thirty-seven
acres surveyed on of said tract,
bounded as follows: Beginning at
n stone corner, thence by lands of
Philip Dickerson north ten degrees
east ninety perchen to a stone cor
nor, south eighty-ono degrees east
thirty-five perches to a stone cor
nor, north ten degrees east ten
H'rches to a stone corner, south
eighty-ono degrees enst fifty-six
ix-rohes to a stone corner, thence by
Joseph Brown and land surveyed
to Henry Darragh south ten degrees
west one hundred perches to a rock
oak, thence by Erasure Smith's
land ninety-one perches to the place
of beginning. Containing fifty-four
acres and one hundred nnd eight
iMrches. Alson certain tract or lot
of seated land situate in the Town
ship of Palmyra in the County of
Piko and the State of Pennsylvania
containing fifty acres of unimproved
land heretofore assessed in the name
of Augusta Cook nnd adjoining
alKive ilescnlM-il lands anil bom
part of tho same lot or tract in the
warrantee name of James Duncan,
No. 112. Also u certain tract or par
cel of land situate in Palmyra town
shi). Pike county, Pennsylvania,
surveyed in the warrantee name of
Nelson'B. Kerkendoll and numbered
on tho Commissioners' Books of
Piko county as number eighteen,
containing fifty-four acres and one
hundred and fourteen iH-rches and
adjoining the said James Duncan
tract and land above described. The
whole comprising one farm property
and containing in all about one hun
dred and sixty-two acres more or
UlHin said lands are erected a good
two-story frame dwelling house ;
two good barns and wagon house ; a
never failing spring of water is near
buildings and tho projierty is well
watered. There is a fine orchard on
the promises and excellent small
fruits ; also a good stone quarry ;
and of tho land about forty acres
aro improved and balance well tim
bered. Seined nnd taken in execution as
the proKrty of Nelson B. Kirken
dall, dee'd and will lie sold by me
for cash.
David D. Nkwman, Sheriff,
Sheriff's office, Milford, Pa,, )
Nov. 9, IK;).-).
Orphan's I'ourt i-ale
By virtue of an order of the Orp
hans' Court of tho County of I'ike
tho hereinafter described real estate
of Christian Ott, deceased, will lx
exK)sed to public sale by vendue or
outcry on
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the
premises ill Delaware townshi),
Piko county, Pennsylvania, two
pieces, parcels or tracts ot land situ
ate lying and being as aforesaid, the
one lHiunded and deserilicil as fol
lows, lieing part of a tract of land
surveyed on a warrant from the
land olliee of Pennsylvania to Sam
uel McGaw, tho jmrt intended to
bo conveyed is butted and bounded
as follows : Beginning at a white
oak stump and stones a corner of
Roliert K. Van Elton's land south
sixty degrees enst sixty-two x-rches
to a stone thence by other land of
Cunimmg s and Van Etten north
forty-two and one-half degrees east
eighty-four jierehes to a stone,
thence by land of Cornelius Van
Etten north seventy degrees west
sixty-five and one-half porches to a
stone, thenee by land of Harrison
Drake south forty-two degrees west
seventy-two erehes to the place of
beginning. Containing thirty acres
strict measure, and lieing the same
lands conveyed by William C. Cuin
niing's et. ux., et. nl., to Christian
Ott by deed dated 2:td of March A.
D. W)2 recorded in tho office for re
cording deeds, etc., in and for the
County of Piko in D. B. 19, page
457 &e.
One other tract situate as above
and bounded and described as fol
lows, being part, of a larger tract of
land surveyed on a warrant to
Martini McGaw, tho part intended
to bo conveyed is lMiundeil as fol
lows : Beginning at a white oak a
corner of j. W. Kilsby's land,thence
by same north rorty-sevon anil one
null degrees west torty-seven
perches eight links to stones on lino
of O. P. Van Etten s land, henco by
s inio south nineteen and three-quar
ter degrees west ninty-fivo perches
twenty-five links to a stake and
stone corner online of S. Van
Etten, Jr., thence by sanio soi.t
s venty and one-half degr.ies
e ist one hundred and twelve
perches to stones on lino of luml if
tl. li.. van Jetton, uience hy sanio
north nineteen and one quarter de
grees east forty-four perches seven
links to stones, thenee norm torty-
two degnos west sixty-five orehes
to beginning. Containing fifty acres
and sixty-four porches strict metis
uro lie tho sanio more or less, and
being tho same land which S. D.
Van Etten by deed dated lsth of
November, ls57, recorded in tlio of
lice for recording of deeds in D. B.
24 age 241 sold and conveyed to
Christian Ott. Of the alxivo about
thirty acres are improved und in a
good state of cultivation, balance
well-tnnliered. On the promises aro
a good house, barn nnd other out
buildings. Good orchard and small
fruits, a stream of water runs
through the farm.
one-third cash one-third in six
months, and balance with interest
in one year ; deferred payments to
lie secured by bond and mortgage
upon the premises so sold.
Milford. Nov. 12th, WIS.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of n writ of Venditioni Kx
intiiis issued out of the Court of ('otunion
I'l ias of I'ike eountv to me dh-i-i teH I will
sell at Pllhlle Sale 'on
FRIDAY, DKCKMBK.R, ft, lxiir,.
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the Sher-
lll s nllloe in tiie Hol-onsth of .Milford:
All that eertnin town lot or nnn-el of
land siluate in the llorollli of Milford,
I 'ounty of I'ike and Siateol Pennsylvania,
on the corner of Ann street and' Blnek-
licrry alley and mimlicrcd on t lie map of
said HoroiiKli throe hundred and twenty
(il-.'ii) heinu sixty fis-t wide front and rear,
and one hundred and sixty fis-t in depth
and the same premises conveyed to Sloses
Del rick hy deed from Kuitna Louisa Huh-lial-il
and husband, dated on the L'llh of
ilune. IS?:.' recorded In Dis-d Hook No. SI.
pnife 4US &-e. Improvements,
(il 1(11) DWKI.I.lXli II 1)1 SK A XI) BARN
Sei'ed and taken in execution as the pro
perty of .Moses Detriek and to he sold hy
ine for cash.
DAVID I). NKWMAN. Sheriff,
Sheriff's olliee, .Milfonl, l'a., Nov. II, Iwft.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias Is
sued out of the Court of Common I'leas of
I'ike enmity tn mo directed 1 will sell at
Pillilie Sale on
nfij o'clock in the afternoon at the Sher
itT's odice in the Horouili of .Milford:
All that certain lot or phve of land sit
uate and hointf in the Township of Pal
myra in the County of Pike and State of
Pennsylvania, hounded and descrilied as
follows, to wit: Herinninft at a stone
eorner on the south line of lands of Joseph
i kiiisoii, lormeriv ine iitnn or (, union
Pellet, thence alonir said line cast one hun
dred and seveiitis-li i-ods to a stone eorner,
thenee hy lands of Minnie (lahrmann
south ten derives west sixty rods to a
stone corner, thenee west ulonu the lands
of the said Atkinson a distance of fifty live
rods to a stone eorner. I hence ahmir the
same south fifty six dejrn-cs west forty
rods to a stone corner, thence hv the same
west thirty four rods to tho line of the
land of li. X. Kilhini, thence hy said Kil
lain's land north ten di j.'i-ecs cast eighty
throe rods to the place of In-grinning con
he the same more or less.
Ahout twenty aeii-s of the ahove land
hnprovi-d,. hiilanee wood land
on llic premises. Seized and taken inexi-cu-tion
us llu- property of Charles Miller and
i Ilium r isher and to he sold hv me lor
DAVID D. F.W.MAX, Sheriff.
"herilT's olliee, Milford, Pa., Nov. 11. isinl.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an alias writ of Fieri Facias
issued out of tin- Court of Common Pleas of
Pike county to me directed I will sell at
Piihlie Sale on
at 2 o clock in the internum at tho Sher
Itf's olliee in I he Borough of Milfonl:
r II those two certain town lots situate
in the Borou;rh of Milford. County of Pike
and Slate of Pennsvlvnnia, froiitinir on
Broad st reot. Iieinif town lots numlx-rcd
tlms- hundred and thirtvsix and three
hundred and thirty seven (iiiia and IMT)
eontainininir each lot, forty feet In width
liy oneliuiiitrediindeiirhty feet indepthex
tendiuir fiiim Broad si roetto Blackhcrry al
ley ill said Borough of Mill'ord. Improve
ments, (il)Ol) DWKI-I.IXU HOl'SK & BARN
Seized and taken In execution as the pro
perty of Wilhimcne P. Khlrcd, Mary K.
Poiilon, Wilhiinene B. Townsend anil
Charles DcKay Townsend and lo lie sold
hv nil- for cash.
DA VII) 1). NKWMAN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's otllee, Milfonl, Pa., Nov. 11, lssfi.
Auditor's Notice.
Estate of Frank Denegri assigned
to Samuel Turn for the beni lit of
creditors. In tho Court of Com
mon Pleas of Pike county, Xo. (10.
Deeenilier Term 1SU1 :
Tho undersigned appointed by
said court "auditor to make distri
bution of funds in hands of Samuel
Turn assignee, as shown hy his ac
count filed, to the parties entitled and
rejHirt same to the court," etc., will
meet tho parties interested in said
estate on Monday tho llth day of
Decemlier A. D. 1HUB, at two o'clock
p. ni. of said day at his oflico comer
Ann and Third streets in tho Bo
rough of Milford, Piko Co., Pa.,
when and where all such parties aro
required to attend, present and
prove their claims, otherwise they
will bo forever debarred from com
ing in upon said funds or sharing
therein. Hy. T. Bakkh,
Milford, Pa., Auditor.
Nov. 11, IN',15
Notice of Incorporation.
Notice Is lien-hy kIvi-ii that an applica
tion will ha iiiade to the (ioi'ernor of thu
State of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, the
17th day of Di-coinhcr. IKIii'i, at 'J o'clock, p.
in., by V. K. Cook, Richard Dusililierm,
F. K. Sherwood. (1. A. DiisinlH-rn-and F.d
wnrd Cook, under the Act of Assembly of
tiie Comiiiouwealili of Pennsylvania 'en
titled, "An act to pmvide for the incor
poration and reitulatiou of crtnin cnrjxim
tionw, appmved April :..!, 1N74, and thcKii)
plcmenis thereto, for a charter for u cor
IKiralion ts lie called, The Citizen Teh
phone Company,' " whieli csirixirntion U
to lie formed I'or tin purpose oi construc
tion, maintainiiiK and Icumiik lines of
teleiirapli for I in- private iiseol individuals,
llrius, corporations, municipal or other
wise, for iieueral business or for the trans
action of any business In which clcctrio
I'oi-oo over or thi-outdi win-s may lie ap
plied to any useful purpose. iu the' conation
of Wayne. Lackawanna and Pike, iu the
Slate of Pennsylvania. And for this pur
pose to have, Missess and enjoy all tho
rights, hcm-llts and privileges under the
said Act of Asseiiiblv and iissupplcmontH.
HOMKR (iRKKNK, Solicitor.
Ilonesdale. Pa., Nov. S2. IMA.
111a Strung Mlulun,
Hiiury Sliull, au old aud wealthy
farmer living- near Auburn, Ind., hug
just left for Montana on a strange mis
sion. Several days ago he had vivid
dream, iu which was pictured the exact
spot where some miners, pursued by In
dians, hud buried a lurge auiouut of
gold years ago. At first the old gentle
man paid uo attention to the dream, but
the memory of it clung to him so tena
ciously that he at lost made up his
mind to investigate the matter and set
his miud ut rest. Cincinnati Enquirer.