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Super Crossword DEFEAT | wmswmsre: img Crossword
ACROSS 46 Personina 89 “If 1 Only — 129 Not at all 37 “You Light — 83 Leaning ep
1 Count every fam. tree Brain” conscious of Life” Tower of — ACROSS t ga aE i BB 8 57 Big
penny 48 French for ~~ 90 Hitchhiker's 38 “Beauty — 84 Spot of bliss arges 3 i
7 Thrashes “kings” need DOWN the eye ...” 85 Pupil’s place continent
12 Errors 52 Arab VIP 91 Aerobics aid 1 Humane org. 39 Despotism 87 Lhasa — 5 Humpty TE
20 Less than 53 — Bator 92 Santa —, 2 Dirt clump 40 Inmate 88 “K-K-K- Nt Dumpty
three- (capital of California 3 5K or 10K 45 Fits together (classic 8 Carnet
dimensional Mongolia) 93 Silverstein of 4 Wise to well song) P
21 Blue Grotto’s 55 Citrus- kiddie-lit 5 Strong, buff 47 Yolk holder 89 The woman style
island flavored pop 95 Desert papers 49 Bellybutton = 94 Johns — 12 Like a
22 Eamings on 59 Of neural refuges 6 Hedge variety University superinten-
the principal firing points ~~ 96 Inits. on a clipper 50 “A Mighty 95 Indecent dent's
23 Certain 61 Rival of Card’s cap 7 TV overseer Fortress — 97 Class-cutting
custard pie Hertz 98 Talking- — 8 Actress — God” 99 Bird with ear apartment,
25 Uncommon 62 Miracle- — (lectures) Flynn Boyle 51 Fake tufts : often
instance 63 — degree 101 Formin a 9 Cloudless 53 Brigham 100 “Prove it!" 14 Couturier
26 Base in 64 O'er’s catalog expanse City’s state 102 Summers, in Chanel
DNA and opposite 104 High-ranking 10 Comprehend 54 Miller beer Marseilles 15 Food
RNA 65 Fracas senator 11 Son of Jacob 56 “Welcome to 103 Was hasty 00
27 Adams of 67 Drug from 109 Actors Erwin and 31- the —" 104 Cheek tooth closets
photography poppies and Gilliam Across (2010 film) 105 Totally love 16 Top-notch
fame 69 Group with 110 Keats piece 12 Former 57 Totally lost 106 Knee 17 Years on
29 Hardly ruddy eight “Fresh 111 Game with Earth orbiter 58 Rapper Artis reflexes end a7
30 Gallery- Aire” albums 108 cards 13 Astounded Ivey, 107 Having a key ) 2
funding org. 74 Coral colony 112 Opa- —, 14 One on the familiarly center 18 Disposition 75
31 Rachel's member Florida fence 60 Letter-writing 108 Apple's 20 Tine
biblical sister 75 Skewered 114 Fugitive 15 Itsy-bitsy buddy instant- 23 Belch
33 Stinky meat dish in 119 Actress 16 Lob’s path 61 Dutch brew messaging . : ;
sprayer with peanut Bracco 17 Reeves of ~~ 66 May gems program ge Sonained Carolina home ; 33 Actor Ving
a luxuriant sauce 122 Bleached “Matrix” films 68 Of lung ~~ 113 Fitto — 9g cape 13 Kermit is one 34 President
coat 76 Macabre varnish 18 Ruhr hub membranes 115 — mater 28 Hammarsk- 49 Census data 19 Blunders Harding
36 Bit of rock 77 Vocalist ingredient 19 Fajita meat 69 “Water Lilies” 116 Said “guilty,” jold of the 50 Take to court 20 Third deg. 36 Damon or
improvising Yoko 124 Little Rock 24 Bluish color artist say U.N. 57 Navv-related. D1 Paper Dillon
41 Gun rights ~~ 78 Free — bird locale 28 USPS 70 By itself 117 Part of SE 29 Incites Y per " ;
ap. 81 Waikiki 125 Gnu growths piece 71 African land 118 Cave sound ; (Abbr.) quantity 37 “Peter Pan
42 Make blond, necklaces 126 Snare 32 Small grills ~~ 72 Bog plant 120 Soul singer 30 Cistern 22 Gymnast pooch
B aye 82 Bot back, as 127 Evens 34 Smell ; rs Sid Wels ne > eS DOWN Korbut 38 Work like —
indows or osses roots mountai - : — —E. Covote ;
Unix, briefly 86 Situation for elsewhere lake 79 Trotskyite’s 121 Siam 35 Catry a Y 5 1 Dadaist 23 Holder for 39 Shee of
44 1949 Peace a short- 128 Latin abbr. ~~ 35 Actress opponent annex? 36 Medi painter cream glass
Nobelist handed ice for “and the Deborah 80 Essayist 123 Title for an Mediterra- 2 Aegean, e.g. cheese and 40 Renaissance
John — Orr hockey team following” 36 Heads out Rand atty. nean island 3 Hostel lox family name
TT EBB FB FE 8 [9 [10 [11 12 [13 [14 [15 [16 [17 [18 [19 37 Jellied 4 Goto 25 Victories 43 Junior
incendiary 5 |reland 26 Wicked Olympics
2 40 Listener 6 “Gosh!” 27 Sodium org.
SE 41 Firstperson 7 Movements chloride 44 Savings-plan
42 Bakery 8 Shrimp dish 29 Caspian acronym
offerings 9 Hula- — feeder 45 Water (Fr)
47 Ziich 10 Zits 31 Afternoon 46 Former fast
48 North 11 No stay-at- gathering flier
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GO FIGURE! bv tinca Thstie
The idea of Go Figure is to arrive
at the figures given at the bot-
tom and right-hand columns of
the diagram by following the
arithmetic signs in the order
they are given (that is, from left
to right and top to bottom). Use
only the numbers below the
diagram to complete its blank
squares and use each of the
nine numbers only once.
* Moderate * * Difficult ¥ 223457 8°9
ilo GO FIGURE! © 2013 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Average time of solution: 66 minutes.
The following Back Mountain real
estate transactions have been re-
corded in the Luzerne County Office
of Recorder of Deeds for the week of
April 22, 2013:
Theodore J. Jr. and Patricia A.
Fisher to Jared A. and Julie Marie
Vedro, Cliffside Avenue, Kingston
Township; $114,200
William H. Lewis to Candace Marie
Fenstemaker, Hunlock Township;
Randolph H. Propos (executor),
Margaret T. Propos (estate) to
Richard and Lindsey Johnston,
Kingston Township; $442,950
David H. Coral (agent), Toni A.
Crevo (per agent) to Edward J.
Ciarimboli, Jackson Township;
John E. Halbing Ill to Thomas and
Leslie Wilmes, Dallas Township;
Senior Citizens Centers sponsored
by the Area Agency on Aging for
Luzerne and Wyoming Counties offer
hot noon meals Monday through
Friday to people 60 years of age or
older. Donations from participants
are gratefully accepted and needed
in order to expand this program.
The following is the menu for the
week of May 6:
Coverage Area: The Dallas Post covers the
MONDAY: Pork riblet (BBQ side),
coleslaw, corn chowder, whole wheat
sandwich roll, crackers, grapes and
apricots, margarine, milk and coffee.
TUESDAY: Mother's Day luncheon -
Stuffed chicken breast, glazed baby
carrots, broccoli salad, dinner roll,
white cake, margarine, milk and cof-
WEDNESDAY: Herbed fish, broc-
Back Mountain community which includes the
Dallas and Lake-Lehman School Districts. We
try to get to as many events as possible, but
staff and space limitations make it impossible
to cover everything. If you have news about
your family, town or organization please send
it to us and we'll try to get it in. Photographs
are welcome. Send them two ways, by mail to
15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 or by
e-mail to E-mail is
the best and most timely method for submis-
sion. E-mailed photos should be in
format with a resolution of at least 200 dpi. The
deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon. prior
to publication. Corrections, clarifications? The
Dallas Post will correct errors of fact or clarify
any misunderstandings, call 675-5211. Have
a story idea? Please call, we'd like to hear
about it. Letters: The Dallas Post prints letters
of local interest. Send letters to: Editor, The
Dallas Post, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA
18711. All letters must be signed and include a
daytime phone number for verification.
coli and cauliflower medley, parsley
boiled potatoes, potato cheese soup,
whole wheat dinner roll, coconut
cake, margarine, milk and coffee.
THURSDAY: Bag lunch
FRIDAY: Apple pork chop, scalloped
potatoes, brussels sprouts, whole
wheat dinner roll, peach crisp, mar-
garine, milk and coffee.
The Dallas
news + FAX 570-675-3650
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Contact Diane McGee at 970-7153
The Dallas Post has a variety of advertising rates and programs.
The Dallas Post satisfies most co-op ad programs and offers creative services at no charge. Combination rates with
The Abington Journal, Clarks Summit and the Sunday
Dispatch, Pittston are available.
Do you believe dreams come
true? Emma does and she know
it's just a matter of time before
her dream of a new home comes
true. Could you be that excep-
tionally kind, compassionate
person who can make a miracle
happen for a special cat (or two)?
Emma sure hopes so! She is
1-year-old, spayed, up-to-date on
shots and microchipped. She is a
little shy and so sweet.
You can visit Emma and her
friends at
974 Lockville Road
Dallas, PA
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and
Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.
Other hours by appointment
Call: 333-5265
Email: questions@bcfanimalref-
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Dallas Post is published weekly by
Impressions Media, $25 per year in
Luzerne, Lackawanna & Wyoming
Counties (PA), $29 in NJ, NY and
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states. Periodicals postage paid
at Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701-9996
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change to The Dallas Post, 15 N.
Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
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