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Sunday, December 9, 2012
Joe Butkiewicz
The Dallas Post
Community Newspaper Group
15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18711 ® 570-675-521
Diane McGee
Dotty Martin
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins mascot Tux is shown here with
Ben Carpenter, of Shavertown, a past story hour participant, who
enjoyed last year's program at the Back Mountain Memorial Li-
Tux will visit Library
Mike O’Brien, Tux and star play-
ers from the Wilkes-Barre/Scran-
ton Penguins hockey team will take
part in a Christmas reading pro-
gram at the Back Mountain Memo-
rial Library.
All ages are welcome to attend at
5p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 18. Space is
limited so families are asked to call
the library at 675-1182 to reserve
The players will talk to the fam-
ilies about the importance of read-
ing, about being a team player and
about their careers as professional
hockey players. Tux will then enter-
tain the children with his antics as
the players read to the children.
Wear your Santa caps, bring your
memorabilia to be signed and get
ready to have some fun reading and
singing with the Penguins.
By Samantha Weaver
* |t was British biologist and author Richard Dawkins who made
the following sage observation: “When two opposite points of view
are expressed with equal intensity, the truth does not necessarily lie
exactly halfway between them. It is possible for one side to be simply
* |f you're like 20 percent of American women, you think your feet
are too big.
* Did you ever wonder why we say, “I smell a rat” when we sense
that something is amiss? The phrase dates back to a time before
effective means of pest control, when it was not uncommon for a
home to be infested by rodents. If a rat died inside a wall, the resi-
dents wouldn't be aware of it until the smell of the decaying body
became noticeable.
e |f you'd like to have a festive New Year's Eve but don’t want to
deal with the crowds in New York City for the iconic ball drop, consid-
er heading to Mount Olive, N.C. Every year the town hosts a cele-
bration in which a 3-foot lighted pickle is dropped into a barrel at
* Ancient Romans believed that a sneeze was the body's way of
expelling evil spirits that caused disease. Thus, if one tried to sup-
press a sneeze, it was regarded as an invitation to illness and death.
* The 14-foot model of the Starship Enterprise that was used dur-
ing shooting of the original “Star Trek" series is now displayed in the
During a recent rainstorm, this Blue Heron decided to wait it out on the boathouse roof at the home of Pat Giordano, of Harveys Lake.
"YOUR SPACE" is reserved specifically
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they'd like to share with fellow readers.
Submitted items may include photo-
graphs or short stories and should be sent
via e-mail to, by
fax to 675-3650 or by mail to The Dallas
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Information must include the submitting
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Items will be published in the or-
20 YEARS AGO -1992
The Lake-Lehman High
School Band again set a new re-
cord at the Atlantic Coast Cham-
pionship Tournament of Bands
Competition held at the Lacka-
wanna County Multi-Purpose
Stadium at Montage last month.
man is the
first band in
the 20 year
) history of
ACC com-
petition to
win 8 titles.
It was also
the seventh consecutive win, an-
other accomplishment no other
band has ever done. Along with
the Group II title, the band also
won specialty awards for Best
Percussion, Best Music and best
30 YEARS AGO -1982
Association of Trinity United
Presbyterian Church in Dallas
recently entertained at a Christ-
mas Tea. Featured at the Tea was
the singing group “The Meadow
Larks” from the Meadows in Dal-
las under the direction of Don
Williams. Planning committee
members for the Tea were: Bar-
bara Barakat, Meryl Davis, Ra-
chael Hale, Mary Moses and
Catherine Bolinski.
Dallas Intermediate School re-
cently held a Foul Shooting Con-
test. Finalists were: Heather
Langdon, first place winner; Sue
Wells, first runner up; Jay Che-
rup and Phillip George.
40 YEARS AGO -1972
Eleven Dallas High School se-
niors were hostesses of a formal
dinner-dance last Friday night.
They are: Barbara Schaeffer, Car-
ol Britt, Jan Bigelow, Patricia
Rosnick, Nan Pfeiffer, Carol Sip-
ple, Patti VanEtten, Brenda Gel-
schleichter, Mindy Bloomer, Ma-
rilyn Miller and Julie Evans.
Scott Neyhard, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Skyles Neyhard of Trucks-
ville, and Robert Baird, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baird of
Trucksville, received their Eagle
Scout Awards at a Court of Hon-
or held at the Educational Build-
ing of the Trucksville United
Methodist Church.
50 YEARS AGO - 1962
Kiwanis honored Dallas Area
High School football team, West
Side Conference champions, at
the weekly meeting last night.
Speaker was James Moran,
Coach of King’s College football
team, and the entire Dallas team
was there.
Three members of Trinity
Youth fellowship, Beth Pillarel-
la, Beth Burkert and Sarah Bobo,
attended a two-day Youth Fel-
lowship Rally of Lackawanna
Presbyterian last week. They
were guests in the homes of
Westminster Presbyterian
Church families in Scranton.
60 YEARS AGO -1952
Back Mountain Town and
Country Y.M.C.A. added three
new board members to its offi-
cial roster at their meeting in the
Headquarters Building in Sha-
vertown on Tuesday evening.
The new members were an-
nounced by Chairman LW. Le-
Grand as Dr. Carl E. Hontz, Rev.
Robert d. Yost and Herbert A.
Smith Jr.
The Senior Class of Lake-Nox-
en High School will present their
senior play entitled, “DANGER-
Willie at Work” tonight. Richard
Patton is playing the leading
role. Other members of the cast
are: Jessie Armitage, Virginia
Price, Carol Bialogowicz, Nancy
MacMillan, Shirley MacMillan,
Thelma Burkhardt, Frances Ste-
fanowicz, Joyce Martin, Ernest
Phillips, Carl Gailey and Robert
70 YEARS AGO -1942
Fred M. Kiefer was elected
president and Fred Hughey was
made vice president at the reor-
ganization meeting of the Dallas
Township Board Tuesday Y
Donald Coughlin was re Vi
as solicitor.
The State Liquor Control
Board has approved the applica-
tion of Robert Hislop Jr., for the
transfer of his liquor license
from the Dallas Inn to his new lo-
cation in the Tally-Ho Grille on
Main Street. Opposition to the
transfer developed when a group
of local citizens disapproved the
location of two liquor places on
Main Street.
Information for “Only Yester-
day” is taken from back copies of
The Dallas Post which is 121
vears ago. The mformationgs z
1s printed exactly as it i) )
The History Channel
e On Dec. 16, 1811, the great-
est series of earthquakes in
U.S. history begins in the Mis-
sissippi River Valley near New
Madrid, Mo., when a quake of
an estimated 8.6 magnitude
slams the region. The earth-
quake raised and lowered parts
of the Mississippi Valley by as
much as 15 feet and changed
the course of the Mississippi
® On Dec. 10, 1915, the one-
millionth Ford car rolls off the
assembly line at the River
Rouge plant in Detroit. Be-
tween 1908 and 1927, Ford sold
more than 15 million Model Ts
in all; they initially cost $850
(about $20,000 in today’s dol-
e On Dec. 11, 1946, the Unit-
ed Nations votes to establish
the United Nations Interna-
tional Children’s Emergency
Fund (UNICEF) to provide re-
lief and support to children.
Only two countries have failed
to ratify the treaty - Somalia
and the United States.
®* On Dec. 15, 1973, Sandy
Hawley becomes the first jock-
ey to win 500 races in a single
year. Hawley achieved his his-
toric win aboard Charlie Jr., in
the third race at Maryland's
Laurel Park race track.
e On Dec. 12, 1989, hotel
magnate Leona Helmsley re-
ceives a four-year prison sen-
tence, 750 hours of community
service and a $7.1 million tax
fraud fine in New York.
“All football and
sports shows, espe-
cially the Steelers.
They're doing fair but
could be better.”
George Ondish
“| like westerns, the
‘Godfather’ and come-
dy but there's very
little of it on TV.”
Vivian Ondish
“I like ‘American Pick-
er.’ | like seeing all the
old stuff to see what
it's really worth.”
Mike Rolliman
"NCIS," a Navy crimi-
nal investigative ser-
vice. A detective ser-
vice, | go for that.”
Val Rothrock
“‘Inkmasters.’ It's
about up and coming
tattoo design artists. |
like to see who has
the coolest ones.”
Corey Monk
“Right now ‘Nashville.’
It's about two country
singers, one young
and one old, trying to
find their way rol
Elizabeth Stanton
Harveys Lake