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Sunday, September 2, 2012
Jack Owens, left, of Shavertown, Oakdale School alumnus Joe
Malak and his wife Susie, both of Dallas.
one-room days
lassmates who attended one-room schoolhouses
in Jackson Township gathered for a covered dish
dinner on Aug. 12 at the Morris home on Jackson
Church Road in Shavertown. Coordinated by Helen
Franklin, the reunion was open to students from Cease-
town, Oakdale, Rome, Hillside and Mountain schools.
ah Sg
Hedwig Kupersmit, left, of New York City, and Hedy Zbick, of Sha-
vertown, attended the one-room schoolhouse reunion party.
Ceasetown School alumna Melba Shelva, left, and friend Joan
Herman, of Wyoming, arrive at the reunion in Jackson Township.
Ceasetown schoolmates Ruth Briggs, left, of Wilkes-Barre, Margaret Schrama, of Jackson Township, and Helen Franklin, of Jackson
Township enjoy the one-room schoolhouse reunion. Franklin, whose mother was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Jackson Town-
ship, organizes the reunion every year.
Books remember loved
gut, presented by Kevin Rose
In memory of Frank E. Wadas
Jr., “World Atlas of Dog Breeds”
by Dominique DeVito, present-
ed by Dorothy K. Wadas
In memory of Edward Garner,
“Dogs” by Tim Flach, presented
by The Fannick Family
In nemory of Fred Krohle,
“The Power of Habit” by Charles
Duhigg, presented by Joseph
and Carol Hayer
In memory of Marlene “Ma-
rie” Coyle, “Dearie’by Bob
Spitz, presented by Albert and
Carol Schickner
In memory of Joseph Sabales-
ky, “A Natural History of the Pi-
ano” by Stuart Isacoff, present-
ed by Leonard Sabalesky
In memory of Ann Stine, “En-
glish Cottage Gardening for
American Gardners” by Marga-
ret Hensel, presented by Sally
Rothstein Steven
In memory of Paul Gritman,
“Off the Beaten Path”, present-
ed by Dolly and Dave Hoffman
In memory of Nancy Row-
lands, “Best Borders” by Tony
Lord, presented by Jean Eyet
In memory of Eva and Peter
Kolchin, “At Ellis Island: a histo-
The | following memorial/
honor books have been donated
to the Back Mountain Memorial
Library for the month of August
In memory of John (Jack)
hnson, “The Beagle” by Diane
organ, presented by Raymond
and Lorraine Navroth; “Bone
Dog” by Eric Rohmann, present-
ed by Raymond and Lorraine
In memory of Lloyd Kennedy,
“The Reluctant Entrepreneur”
by Michael Masterson, present-
ed by Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hufford;
“Legions of Rome” by Stephen
Dando-Collins, presented by
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hufford
In memory of Andre G. Susa-
nin, “Philly- The Way It Was” by
Oscar Israelowitz, presented by
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sallada
In memory of Eva and Peter
Kolchin, “Naming Liberty” by
Jane Yolen, presented by Barba-
ra and Dr. John Kolchin
In memory of Dale Gless,
“The Complete Private Pilot” by
Robert E. Gardner, presented by
' Susan Stravinsky
In memory of Cecelia “CC”
Besecker, “Slapstick or Lone-
. some No More!” by Kurt Vonne-
ry in many voices” by Louise
Peacock, presented by Barbara
and Dr. John Kolchin
The following books are in
memory of William Hufford and
are presented by Mr. and Mrs.
Ira Hufford, “Dream Team” by
Jack McCallum, “Double Cross:
The True Story of the D-Day
Spies” by Ben Macintyre
The following books are in
memory of Eleanor Lily Ayers
and are presented by Nicole Sut-
ton, Keira Radginski, and Re-
agan Bombick Hynick, “From
Caterpillar to Butterfly” by Deb-
orah Heiligman, “Muddypaws
Goes to School” by Peter Bently,
“The Very Hungary Caterpillar”
by Eric Carle
In honor of Dr. Anthony Mus-
sari on his birthday, “The Film-
maker’s Eye” by Gustavo Merca-
do, presented by Ellen Mondlak
The following books are in
honor of Sue D’Emic, Frontier
Communications and are pre-
sented by Jessica Matushek,
“The Big Book of Small Busi-
ness” by Tom Gegax, “How Win-
ning Works” by Robyn Beninca-
Many new books are added to shelves
at Back Mountain Memorial Lbrary
Tilly Bagshawe, “Exit Plan” by
Larry Bond, “Phantom” by Ted
Bell, “An American Spy” by
Olen Steinhauer, “The Helios
Conspiracy” by Jim DeFelice,
“Castro’s Daughter” by David
Hagberg, “The Last Refuge” by
Ben Coes, “Running the Maze”
by Jack Coughlin, “The Magic”
by Rhonda Byrne, “By Starlight”
~The following new books
. have made their way to the
. shelves of the Back Mountain
' Memorial Library, 96 Huntsville
' Road, Dallas, for the month of
August 2012:
“Sneaky Pie for President” by
© Rita Mae Brown, “The Inn at
Rose Harbor” by Debbie Ma-
comber, “The St. Zita Society”
. by Ruth Rendell, “The Last Vic- by Dorothy Garlock
dm” by Karen Robards, “The NONFICTION
: “The Admirals” by Walter R.
Columbus Affair” by Steve Ber-
ry, “The Risk Agent” by Ridley
Pearson, “Bloodline” by James
Borneman, “InGenius: A Crash
Course on Creativity” by Tina
Rollins Seelig
“Never More” by James Pat- “Sneaky Pie for President” by
terson, “The Inn at Rose Har- Rita Mae Brown, “The St. Zita
bor” by Debbie Macomber, “The Society” by Ruth Rendell
Kingmaker’s Daughter” by Phi- REFERENCE
lippa Gregory, “The Last Vic-  “Physicians’ Desk Reference
tim” by Karen Robards, “Sidney 2012”
Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark” by = LARGE PRINT
“Creole Belle” by James Lee
Burke, “All Summer Long” by
Susan Mallery, “The Age of Mir-
acles” by Karen Thompson
Walker, “The Last Victim” by
Karen Robards
The Fallen Angel” by Daniel,
“Shadow of Night” by Deborah
Harkness, “Cronkite” by Dou-
glas Brinkley, “Wicked Busi-
ness” by Janet Evanovich, “The
Next Best Thing” by Jennifer
Weiner, “The Sandcastle Girls”
Chris Bohjalian, “The Great Es-
cape” by Susan Elizabeth Phil-
“Deadly Pink” by Vivian
Vande Velde, “Artemis Fowl:
The Last Guardian” by Eoin Col-
fer, “Tiger Lily” by Jodi Lynn
Rappers Lily Matthews, left, and G
race Washsey meet up with the Witch, Evelyn Toennes,
Take the Stage Players’ production of “Rap-Punzel” at the Back Mountain Memorial Library.
from show
Six cast members, (none older
than 9 years of age) rhymed their
way through the fourth and last
of the plays for this summer by
the Take the Stage Players.
“Rap- Punzel” was a funny and
“pun-filled” version of the classic
fairy tale.
Rappers, played by Grace
Washsey and Lily Matthews,
didn’t miss a beat narrating the
story of a Wife, (played by Sarah
Gurzynski), demanding vegeta-
ble greens from the Witch's
(played by Evelyn Toennes), Gar-
The doting husband (played by
Alex Metz) picks the greens for
his expecting wife and is caught
by the Witch. As punishment,
when Rapunzel is born, she is re-
luctantly given to the Witch for
the husband’s crime of stealing
the Witch’s garden greens.
Rapunzel, (played by Julia Ma-
cey) grows up in a tall, ivory tow-
er and soon a Prince (played also
by Alex Metz) appears and wants
to save Rapunzel. But the Witch
has heard them speaking and
cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and ban-
ishes her to the forest
Julia Macy as Rapunzel is shown at the top of the tower during a
performance of “"Rap-Punzel by Take the Stage Players at the
Back Mountain Memorial Library. From left, are Evelyn Toennes as
the Witch, Lily Matthews as Rapper, Alex Metz as Prince, Grace
Washsey as Rapper and Sarah Gurzynski as the Wife.
The Prince, stricken from the
Witch’s magic, is soon discovered
by Rapunzel and her tears wash
away the “bad” magic and all live
the library.
The shows were held recently
on the auction block at the Back
Mountain Memorial Library in
Dallas with proceeds benefiting