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Sunday, August 5, 2012
Many Back Mountain students
earn academic honors at LCCC
Luzerne County Communi-
ty College announces the fol-
lowing Back Mountain stu-
dents have earned recogni-
tion for outstanding academic
achievement during the
spring 2012 semester.
To qualify for the Presi-
dent’s List, a student must
earn a 4.0 cumulative grade
point average. Students who
attain a grade point average
between 3.5 and 3.99 are in-
cluded on the Dean’s List and
those with an average be-
tween 3.25 and 3.49 are in-
cluded on the Honors List.
Joseph Bagi, Shavertown;
Seth Brakefield, Trucksville;
Janelle Evangelista, Hunlock
Creek; Mary Geiser, Shaver-
town; Michael Hage, Dallas;
Amanda Hartman, Dallas;
Christopher Jayne, Shaver-
town; Jesse Jayne, Hunlock
Creek. :
Also, Eileen Kerpovich,
Trucksville; Daniel Kuligow-
ski, Dallas; Alyse Kuprionas,
Dallas; David Little, Dallas;
Kathleen Moyer, Dallas; Car-
lene Musselman, Dallas; De-
nee Nichols, Hunlock Creek;
Sebastian Nicholson, Dallas;
Deborah Price, Hunlock
Also, Mark Swick, Tunk-
hannock; Jeffrey Taylor, Sha-
vertown; Annie Van Scoy, Sha-
vertown; Amy Wagner, Hun-
lock Creek; Anthony Walaitis,
Harveys Lake; Ryan Warner,
Sweet Valley; Lindsey Wil-
liams, Sweet Valley; and Me-
linda Wright, Sweet Valley.
Elizabeth Aciukewicz,
Trucksville; Michael Baloga,
Dallas; Kaitlin Bartley, Dal-
las; Nicole Bencho, Wyoming;
Brooke Blase, Dallas; Kurt
Broody, Shavertown; Jessica
Brown, Wyoming; Janet
Brucher, Hunlock Creek; Brit-
tany Bubblo, West Wyoming;
Holly Cieczko, Shavertown;
Callen Clark, Sweet Valley;
Robin Cook, Hunlock Creek;
Michael Cross, Harveys Lake.
Also, Brenda Daniels, Dal-
las; Michelle Davies, Sweet
Valley; Amber Davis, Wyom-
ing; Richard Davis, Wyoming;
Amy Dixon, Dallas; Veronica
Gavel, Hunlock Creek; Keely
Glatz, Dallas; Robert Gro-
blewski, Sweet Valley; Jesse
Hauze, Sweet Valley; Ann
Higgins, Shavertown; Nicole
Huntingcut, Shavertown.
Also, Justin Kendzor, West
Wyoming; Gerard Kiah, Tunk-
hannock; David Kinney,
Wyoming; Amanda Kocher,
Dallas; Erin Koscelansky,
Wyoming; Kathleen Laskow-
ski, Hunlock Creek; Matthew
Lutsey, Hunlock Creek;
Meghan Martin, Trucksville;
Kimberly Mascioli, Dallas;
Milissa McGuirk, Wyoming;
Robert McLaughlin, Shaver-
town; Brooke Miller, West
Wyoming; Tyler Morgan, Dal-
Also, Amanda O’Brien, Dal-
las; Tasha Olszyk, Monroe
Township; Stacey Petro, Hun-
lock Creek; Amy Rader, Dal-
las; Elizabeth Redan, Tunk-
hannock; Karen Renard, Dal-
las; Robert Savage, Wyoming;
Alan Saviano, Harveys Lake;
Cody Sharp, Tunkhannock;
Brandon Smith, Shavertown;
Maggie Sorber, Dallas; Ni-
chole Spudis, Tunkhannock;
Luke Stearns, Dallas; Ashley
Sutton, Dallas.
Also, John Thompson, Dal-
las; Maggie Tibus, Wyoming;
Ivana Tomasino, Dallas; Lau-
ra Volch, Dallas; Brandon
Warner, Sweet Valley; Ryan
Wenrich, Wyoming; Ellen Wil-
liams, Dallas; and Randy
Yeager, Hunlock Creek.
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Ilyas Boyce, Sweet Valley;
Dylan Brandt, Wyoming; Kay-
la Bucci, West Wyoming; Ma-
deleine Bunavage, Tunkhan-
nock; Michael Chinikaylo,
Wyoming; Andrew Gialanella,
Dallas; Robert Gionfriddo,
Shavertown; William Haller,
Also, Breann Kingsbury,
Hunlock Creek; Michelle Lle-
wellyn, Wyoming; Megan
Malkemes, Dallas; Sara
McGovern, Wyoming; Angus
Mead, Shavertown; Lauren
Murgitroyde, Dallas; Brittany
Rice, Dallas; Michelle Rinus,
Shavertown; Jennie Rushnak,
Also, Tia  Sagliocolo,
Wyoming; Dylan Smith, Sha-
vertown; Melanie Socash,
Wyoming; William Sod,
Trucksville; Suzanne Somers,
Dallas; Hallie Tripler, Har-
veys Lake; Samuel Van Horn,
Dallas; Mitchell Wiernusz,
Tunkhannock; and Corey Wil-
sey, Tunkhannock.
Our New
Do you show silv
when you smile?
The Class of 1954 of Westmoreland High School held its anniversary class reunion at the Lake-
side Skillet, Harvey's Lake on July 28. From left, first row, are Jean Monka, secretary; Pauline
Spencer Griffiths, Elaine Saunders Swan, Diane Dobinick Hall, Margaret Ferguson Swartz, Jo-
sephine Krispin McGuire, Jean Broody Azar. Second row, Ted Jones, Bob Davis, Bill Allabaugh,
Charles James, John Baur, Dave Vann, president; Marshall Downes. Third row, Gene Bobeck, Don
Hinkle, Andy Duda, Bob Bolton and Jim Dolhon.
the gray out,
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Because we want the best for our families, too.
Heart & Vascular Institute?
New E.R. and Heart & Vascular Institute
Wilkes-Barre General Hospital's new E.R. is more than twice the size
of the previous facility, and offers private treatment rooms and
streamlined care. Our new Heart & Vascular Institute provides some of
the most advanced heart care in the region. These facilities represent
the largest capital investment in Wilkes-Barre's history. But they are just
the beginning of Commonwealth Health's long-term commitment to
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