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    Sunday, June 17, 2012
| Finding bargains at Harveys Lake community sale
Residents have variety of
reasons for participating
in community-wide sale.
Kathy Zionkowski just wants
to get rid of her stuff.
The Harveys Lake resident
and her husband are planning to
move to Florida in the fall, and
after several yard sales, there’s
still plenty to chuck before the
big trip. :
“We're liquidating,” Zionkow-
ski said as she arranged a few
suitcases during the Harveys
Lake Community Yard Sale on
June 8. “You don’t realize what
you have until you go through
The borough sponsored its
first community-wide sale this
year. In past years, it was spon-
sored by the Procter & Gamble
Credit Union, but the company
decided not to continue the tra-
dition residents have grown to
Zionkowski usually participa-
tes every year, but this will be
her last — maybe.
“I love Pennsylvania,” she
said. “I have children and grand-
children here and my mother’s
down in Allentown, so maybe
we can have an apartment or
something for three months out
of the year.”
Zionkowski knows that not
everything at her sale will go —
for some shoppers, just getting
out of the house on a nice day is
the goal.
“Some people just come for
the view,” she said, looking
@ the lake. “That's OK,
00 »
Around the corner, Patricia
Conrad, of Kingston, got to
work unloading odds and ends
at her Sunset Terrace summer
“I have a house in Kingston —
The borough sponsored its first
community-wide sale this year.
It was sponsored by the Proc-
ter & Gamble Credit Union in
past years, but the company
decided not to continue the
tradition residents have grown
to love.
it’s an old house — so a lot of this
stuff comes from the attic,” said
Conrad. “I'm retired, I'm 65
now, and I'm just clearing out
all the knick knacks.”
Clothing, glasses, toys and dé-
cor lined tables in Conrad’s
yard, most of which were la-
beled to cost about what one
might feed a meter to park for
20 minutes on a city street.
“I made about $180 so far, and
most of the stuff is a quarter or
50 cents,” she said.
Conrad said she’s trying to de-
clutter her space, hoping to only
keep what she needs “to live
“I only need 10 glasses, in-
stead of, say, five dozen,” she
Others hunted for bargains
during the sale, which went on
for three days and included
about 20 stops.
Michelle Mackenzie, of Har-
veys Lake, recently moved to
the area but relished in the sales
happening during the weekend.
“I am a yard sale enthusiast,”
she said, clutching a grocery
bag filled with unique goodies.
Mackenzie is a self-pro-
claimed artist and enjoys find-
ing old toys and making them
into something new.
“It’s basically a surprise every
time you stop,” she said. “It’s
cool to look through other peo-
ple’s things and think about the
story of what this object’s been
Mackenzie picked up stuffed
Carianne Nelson, left, of Harveys Lake, purchases a pair of sports pants for running from Tara Birt, right, and Gavin Ruger, at a yard
sale on Carpenter Road in Harveys Lake.
animals, a small wooden house
and a few other items at the
Schickners’ sale on Second
She had enough to choose
from - four families gather ev-
ery year to unload their clutter
into the Schickners’ driveway.
And why do the Schickners
hold a sale every year? To raise
money to shop at other yard
sales, of course.
“We just like bargains, and we
look for gardening things and
we like to redecorate, so what
better way to find things?” Carol
Schickner said about the favor-
ite pastime of her and friend,
Louise Maisele.
David and Dolly Hoffman, of
Hunlock Creek, weren't looking
to make much money from the
“It’s just another excuse to get
together with friends,” Dolly
Trinity Presbyterian Church congregation held a luncheon at the Irem Country Club at the conclusion of the church's 50th anni-
versary worship service. The receiving line participants were, from left, Connie Page, Rev. Chase Page, former interim pastor; Rev.
Roger Griffith, current pastor; Linda Griffith and The Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Smith, General Presbyter of the Presbytery of Lackawan-
50 years
Trinity Presbyterian Church,
Irem Road, Dallas marked its
50th anniversary on June 10 with
more than 170 members and
friends attending a special ser-
vice of worship, remembrance
and celebration. The service was
followed by a luncheon recep-
tion at the Irem Country Club. In
March 1962, Rev. Andrew Pilla-
rella, founding pastor of the
church, conducted his first ser-
vice at a nearby school. On June
10, 1962, more than 125 charter
members were taken into the
& embership of the church.
wy 2ight charter members, who are
still members today, attended
the worship service and lun-
cheon. Rev. Roger Griffith now
serves the church as its pastor.
Charter members Windsor and Meryl Davis, left, receive certificates from Rev. Roger Griffith,
representing their 50 years of membership at Trinity Presbyterian Church.
from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednes-
Mark Keller,of Dallas, checks out a tool set at a yard sale on Sec-
ond Street.
Bids are sought to
resurface Gray Road
The board of supervisors ap-
proved a motion Tuesday to ad-
vertise for bids to resurface a
portion of Gray Road.
The township was awarded a
Luzerne County Office of Com-
munity Development grant to
complete the project.
The project was originally tar-
geted for Patla Road, but Super-
visor Stan Davis said a timber-
ing business is supposed to per-
form work there this year.
“We didn’t want the fresh
pavement to be destroyed by
big trucks,” he said.
Secretary Terry Davis said
the township is scheduled to re-
ceive about $100,000. The bids
will be awarded at the July
About 4,430 feet of Gray
Road will be affected. Stan Da-
vis hopes the project will be
concluded before the 2012-13
school year begins to avoid
complications with bus traffic.
The board also approved the
minimum municipal obligation
for pension contribution to the
Pennsylvania Municipal Retire-
ment System.
The township is in the proc-
ess of switching its pension sys-
tem from the Pennsylvania
State Association of Township
Supervisors program to the mu-
nicipal retirement system.
Stan Davis said this is be-
cause the administration fees
were less expensive with the
latter system.
The next Ross Township
Board of Supervisors meeting
will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday,
July 3 at the municipal build-
- Sarah Hite
Last tax payment date is June 26
The last day to pay the 2012
county\boro taxes in Dallas
Borough without incurring a
penalty is Tuesday, June 26.
The tax office will be open
charged a penalty.
day, June 20. Office hours for
Saturday, June 23 have been
Payments postmarked on or
before June 26 will not be